Wonder Ch 01 Part 1  

By Dave 933

Wonder Ch. 01


1) The following is a work of erotic fiction.

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3) This story contains depictions of sex as a healthy, non-degrading activity that consenting adults engage in for fun and pleasure. Don't expect non-consensual or overly fetishized activities within.

4) Inspired by a story or two by Mild_Mannered_Author, this story is intended to exist in a very similar (or the same, if he's okay with it) universe where the Justice League has a tendency towards the members of the Justice League 'helping each other out' when times get hard. But that's not happening in chapter one; where a new guy gets to be the hero... Just be patient with the set-up; hopefully it's worth it! If you enjoy it, tell me so, and I'll keep working on chapter two.

Dr Richard Redding looked at the vitals on the monitor. Stabilising. It seemed she was going to pull through. The woman appeared ancient; her skin wrinkled and paper thin, breasts flattened by age and gravity, hair grey and sparse. Her metal bracers and tiara looked absurd on her diminished form, and he began to carefully, almost reverently remove them. Her armoured top had already been torn off by violent hands, and her knee-high scarlet boots now followed. Naked but for her blue-and-silver-starred briefs, she lay taking shallow breaths as he watched her bruised chest rise and fall.

"Now what?" he murmured to himself.


That evening, she remained unconscious, although now it was his doing; painkillers and sedatives keeping her asleep to heal. He had put on one of the hospital gowns, covering her withered body from neck to knee. He had finished removing her uniform, and the now very inappropriate lace thong she wore underneath. Tubes went into veins, administering saline and an antibiotic cocktail to try and prevent her dying of an infection. A crash behind him as the heavy door smashed into the wall, the door handle deepening an already well-worn impact crater.

"Oops!" came Rylan's voice. "I forgot"

Redding glanced at the man standing in the doorway and shivered. He was tall, strong, and physically pretty much perfect; and he had left fingerprints in the metal outer door handle because he had no idea how to control his strength.

"Hi," said the doctor. "Checking up on my patient?"

"Yeah, well. Like you said, if she dies, we may be up shit creek" said Rylan.

"That's right," said Redding. He was pretty pleased with that bit of work, as otherwise Wonder Woman would probably already have been torn limb from limb by the three scumbags who had stolen her powers. "She's stable now. But her skin is like tissue paper and she's vulnerable to a chest infection with those broken ribs. I can't promise anything. "

"No problem, doc." said Rylan with an evil smile. "But if she dies, you die ten seconds later. Just bear that in mind... "


Two days later, she finally woke. He heard her barely audible croak, and turned away from the window where he had been watching Delgado flying between the trees with increasing confidence. He was only smashing through every third or fourth tree now.

Redding walked over to her, and held a paper cup of water to her lips. After drinking slowly, she spoke weakly.

"Where are we?"

"Some small island on the Pacific coast with an old fort on it." he replied.

"You were at the museum," she said flatly, but he recognised this as a question.

"Yes, but just as a customer. I'm a doctor - I persuaded them not to kill you, and so they dragged me along with them, to keep you alive. "

Seeing her expression, Redding started again, explaining in a bit more detail. How the museum of ancient antiquities was displaying a traveling collection of ancient Roman artefacts, and how raiders had burst in as he viewed them. Wonder Woman had been on the scene in moments, and had been effortlessly rounding up the men when one held a little girl at gunpoint. In the second or so it took her to act; already holding a man in each hand, the third had struck her from behind. There had been a blinding flash and roar of flame, and when the smoke cleared, she was collapsing and the men attacking her threw her against the wall like a sack of sand.

Redding had run over to help her and realised she was badly injured and somehow old; and convinced the men to take her hostage instead of killing her.

"The guy who hit you from behind had some sort of gold gauntlet," Redding finished.

Wonder woman nodded. "It had a large ruby on the back of the hand."


"A device of my brother Hephaestus," she said slowly. "It was intended to enable a God to channel a portion of their divine power directly into a mortal."

"It seems to have... overdone that a bit?"

She smiled, and for a minute, Redding saw her incredible beauty shining through the aged skin she currently wore.

"Yes. I suspect that another of his other creations... interfered. My bracers - they affect my divine abilities. Reduce my powers to levels less threatening to the world around me. Make me more 'human'."

Redding nodded. It made a kind of sense. And there was no doubt that between them, the three men who had been previously simple thugs now possessed his patient's superpowers. Strength, flight, invulnerability, beauty... They had become 'godly'.

They were also increasingly egotistical and confident. Back in the museum, they had been off-balance; too scared to cross the line from thugs to killers. Now, he wasn't so sure that was true.

"They want me to keep you alive, which is good. They think killing you would bring Superman down on them - or maybe even worse. Is it true that you're the daughter of Zeus?"


Two days later, Redding put their plan into motion. Wonder Woman - although she had asked him to call her Diana - had recovered a little, but was still in a lot of pain, so needed little skill as an actor to play ill. Blackcurrant juice gave her lips a blue tinge, and he had mixed up some fake vomit from leftover food and drinks.

After calling out for a while, Rylan had appeared, and had swallowed the apparent deterioration hook, line and sinker. A few minutes later, Delgado appeared, still wearing the golden gauntlet. He hadn't trusted his 'friends' enough to leave it lying around. After explaining that he thought she was dying, Delgado literally hit the roof.

"If she dies, you die! She's a fucking goddess, you little shit! You know what that means! You told us yourself! When she dies, other gods find out! She goes to the fucking afterlife and tells them exactly what the fuck happened! So you save her! "Yelled the huge ringleader, hovering between the floor and ceiling. He drifted down to stand in front of Redding.

"I don't know if I can! She needs a fucking miracle! She's got the body of a 90 -year old, with pneumonia and bad circulation, and half a dozen broken ribs. Her magic bracers are supposed to make her twice as strong, but with two broken wrists, I can't get them back on!" cried Redding. "She needs a fucking ITU, not a camp bed in an old prison".

Diana slowly gasped for breath, her withered chest rising and falling slowly.

"Look, just take her to a hospital on the mainland," said Redding in a calmer voice. "She might pull through; or if not, you guys can just disappear"

Delgado wasn't listening. As expected, the throwaway remark about Diana's bracers had sunk home. He slipped off the gold gauntlet and picked them up from the counter. They were far too small for him, and he began trying to stretch them; but there was no way even he could make an impression on the indestructible metal.

As Delgado focused on trying to stretch the bracers out, Redding took a step back. The trace on the monitor became erratic as, under the sheet, Diana started slipping the oxygen probe off her finger. As the noise drew Delgado's attention, she disconnected her heart monitor with tiny movements of the other hand. He drew closer to her, crying out in fear and despair.

Redding took his chance behind the distracted villain; quietly slipping on the gauntlet. As Delgado turned back to him, Redding grabbed the man-god's wrist.

A bolt of sheer power ran through Redding's body, grounding in his heart. It felt like an unending orgasm as it surged through him; his vision whiting out. When it was over, he saw Delgado falling limp at the end of his hand; his body weak and withered. The villain dropped the enchanted bracers, which clattered on the floor.

Redding felt amazing. Powerful, surging with energy, like he could do anything. The sound of the distant sea echoed in his ears. Looking down, his clothes were ripped and torn, his body slabbed with muscle. He looked at Diana, looking at him with wise but ancient eyes.

"My God," whispered Redding, still a little drunk on the power.

"Well done," said his patient calmly. "You have taken my power from him - and more!"

"I didn't mean to leave him so... so old and weak." said Redding.

"The transfer cannot be controlled, under the influence of the bracers." Diana explained. "Leave them. Come here".

She reached out a wrinkled hand. Hesitantly, Redding reached out with the gauntlet. Would it be so wrong to keep the power? Think what he could do with it!

No. No, the power wasn't his to keep. He took her hand as gently as he could.

This time, the power flowed smoothly. He could feel it draining from him, returning to its true owner. Before his eyes, Diana faded away; her skin lightening and smoothing, filling out. Her hair thickened and grew; her hospital gown lifted as her breasts swelled against it. In just a few seconds, Diana the old woman was gone, and Wonder Woman returned. He staggered a little, and sat heavily on the floor feeling lightheaded.

She spoke, her voice rich with strength, and yet gentle and smooth as silk.

"Thank you, Richard." she said as she sat up, long smooth legs sliding out to one side of the bed. She stood and stretched; her now glorious body arching back, breasts thrust towards him. He could see her nipples clearly through the flimsy fabric of her hospital gown, and looked away; a little confused by the contrast between his memory of her and the new, revitalised reality.

"Pass me my clothes," she requested as she began unwinding the bandages that has hidden her (actually unbroken) arms from view. She moved quickly - by the time Redding turned back to her, she was pulling out the drips he had placed in her left arm. The skin sealed up instantly over the tiny wounds.

Redding passed her pile of clothes over. The pants and thong went on beneath the gown, which she then tossed idly to the ground. Naked from the waist up, she was a glorious sight, muscles rippling in her flat stomach and arms; and her magnificent breasts swaying as she slipped her metallic bustier on. Redding stared, then blushed and looked away.

Strong fingers took his chin, and gently but firmly turned his head back.

"You weren't so shy when you were bathing me," she said with a warm smile. She wriggled, her generous breasts settling into metal cups.

"You, err. You weren't so - so gorgeous!" said Redding. He felt like a teenage kid watching his friend's mom changing - scared, horny and totally unsure what was going to happen next.

Wonder woman slipped her golden tiara on, and then asked him, innocently, "Will you help me with my boots?"

Redding knelt down, holding the knee-high red leather boots up, one at a time. Wonder Woman slid first one, then the other slim foot and strong calf into the red leather which stretched tight around her muscular leg. He gazed up for a moment, and admired the statuesque beauty towering over him as she looked down with a sly smile.

"Now, whatever you're thinking... and I can see that you are... hold it for a while. I've got a little overdue justice to dispense!". She strode over to the door, saying "I'll be right back," and vanished in the blink of an eye.

Redding stood cautiously. He looked down at his hands - still healthy, young - more so than usual, in fact. Whatever had happened to such the life out of Delgado and Diana had not happened to him. He walked over to the single cracked mirror on the wall - and gaped.

In the cracked mirror, he saw a version of himself that he hardly recognised. Taller, younger, more handsome. Redding was in his forties, and more than a little out of shape - or at least, he had been. Now, he had a chiselled jaw, a full head of hair, and - confirmed when he pulled his shirt open - the physique of a Greek God!

He buttoned his shirt up slowly. He looked young, but as though he had spent his lifetime training to get in shape, which he never had. Somehow, he had retained some of the effects of Wonder Woman's powers that he has absorbed from Delgado.

He looked about the room. A heavy wooden chest of drawers stood against one wall. He lifted it with a single hand effortlessly. A broad smile crossed his face as his new reality began to set in.


Redding's ego-boost took a slight knock just a few minutes later, as he found himself being carried like a child as Diana flew them back to the mainland. She had returned from hunting down the other two men with eyes glowing, and the golden gauntlet smoking slightly.

"We can leave now. It'll be fastest if I carry you - you don't mind, do you?" she said in her warm, sexy and strong voice. She slipped on her indestructible bracers.

"Um, no - of course not" said Redding.

She scooped him up with such speed and dexterity that he didn't even notice her golden lariat slipping around his ankle; and the warm fuzzy feeling, he put down to the effect of the woman carrying him.

"So," said Diana as she left the ground. "Tell me again how you came to be caring for me..."


Somewhere short of an hour later, Wonder Woman flew down to the rooftop penthouse of her San Francisco embassy. Redding had talked most of the trip, coaxed with a few leading, but open-ended questions by his beautiful inquisitor. He'd pretty much told her his life story, and she had seemed genuinely interested to him. She was a good listener, certainly; and her eyes seemed to drink your soul as she watched you talk.

Wonder Woman put Redding down, discretely removing her lariat at super-speed. Redding didn't notice a thing, just feeling disappointed that the flight was over.

She strode to a glass door, and activated a palm-reader by the door, which slid open smoothly.

"Come in, Richard." she said, offering him her hand welcomingly. He took it, and she smiled, one eyebrow flickering slightly. "Time for us to see what this has done to you, Richard. My powers have left their mark, I think."

She led him into the luxuriant apartment, reaching up to slip off her tiara and toss it onto a low table.

"Have you looked in a mirror, Richard?" she asked in teasing tones, with a sly smile.

"Yes - and I see what you mean. I seem... younger? Fitter, certainly..." he replied.

"I think that I should look into this - thoroughly evaluate the effects. The touch of a God's power can be dangerous for mortals." she said, leading him into the bathroom. She leaned against the wall, regarding him with her knowing smile. "Let me see what I've done to you. You'll need to take off your clothes," she added with a wink.

Redding was more than a bit surprised, but oddly unshaken by her request. He felt calm, despite the sudden request for him to strip. And given just who it was asking him, and the fact that she was looking at him like a tiger looks at a day-old calf, he would normally have expected to be more than a little intimidated. But he wasn't. He was confident in a way he never remembered being before. She wanted him - he could sense it - and he wanted her. This was just the dance before they began...

Redding began to slip off his torn clothes. They were already in bits, actually; and he wondered vaguely how he had stayed warm during the flight. The shirt and vest fell to the floor; Diana fixing her gaze on his now muscular chest. His shoes and socks followed. His hands went to his belt, and didn't hesitate. She wanted this. So did he. The trousers hit the floor, and he kicked them aside; thumbs quickly coming to the elastic of his boxers. He watched her eyes as he pushed down, freeing his lower body from the increasingly tight garment.

Wonder Woman's eyes fixed on his cock as it hung heavily between his legs. Redding could see that this had been enhanced along with the rest of his physique, and wondered how large it would become when fully hard.

"Impressive, Richard" she said with a smile. "Truly, the Gods have smiled on you. But you still haven't bathed for four days - the shower is there." She gestured to a large cubicle with a broad shower head up high.

Redding walked over to the shower, enjoying the sensation of being watched hungrily by such an incredibly sexy woman. "A shower would be good for both of us, your highness. Don't you think?" he replied with a wink and a smile.

Her eyes sparkled with her smile as she regarded him. "Impudent mortal! My sister Artemis once took a man's head for spying on her bathing!" she said with mock severity; but her hands were already going to the side of her metallic bustier.

Redding stepped under the water, enjoying the warmth of the water as it ran over him. He took a pump of soap, and began to lather his chest as he watched Wonder Woman steadily remove her revealing outfit; quickly demonstrating how much more there was to reveal. Her large breasts now had hard, swollen brown nipples and swung heavily as she pushed down her briefs to reveal a black lacy thong.

Wonder Woman stood by the wall, almost naked but for her bracers, lacy thong and knee-high blue boots. Feet apart, she was strong but sexy, her body the epitome of muscular femininity. She had not a scrap of fat on her perfectly defined abdomen and thighs, whilst still possessing large and beautifully shaped breasts that owed nothing to the surgeon's knife. Her face was beautiful, with naturally plump pink lips, a small nose and blue eyes; all framed by tumbling jet-black locks of wavy hair.

As he watched, she suddenly floated up in the air, spinning to lie on her back in thin air five feet up, lifting one leg straight up to begin removing her tight boots whilst showing off her magnificently sculpted form. One boot removed and discarded, she raised the second leg to do the same. Finally, she lifted both knees up to her chest as she slipped her thumbs into the waistband of her thong and pushed it off. He gaped at her; stripping sexily for him, admiring the firm curves of her ass as she pulled off the thong.

Completely naked now, she lowered her legs and reclined as if lying on an invisible bed and slowly rotated to display her marvellous body as she stretched; lifting her arms above her head. Legs together, she still concealed the treasures between; although a small puff of dark hair was visible even now.

He gaped at the display of the Amazonian Goddess as she stretched and floated. Her breasts were impossibly buoyant, her divine ability to defy gravity somehow lifting them (but oddly, not her hair) as she levitated. She rotated back to a vertical position, her feet settling on the ground enabling her to walk towards him, legs scissoring sexily as she approached. As he had suspected, a small growth of black hair concealed her pussy, but was trimmed neatly into a vee shape.

"I hope that you can wash me with such care and attention," she said, raising an eyebrow. His hands had drifted to his crotch and were slowly soaping his engorged cock.

Wonder Ch 01 part 1