Mile in her Stilettoes  

By Abashful1

Wonder Woman

Disclaimer: This is a fan fiction written for nonprofit enjoyment of adult superheroine fans. Wonder Woman, Justice League and other heroes, heroines, and super villains use in this story are the sole property of DC Comics.

Summary: This story is set prior to the New 52 in the DC Universe. After reading Wonder Woman: Joker's Play Date by Blacknite13 (one of my favorite authors here) I was inspired to write this story set in the darker neighborhoods of the already grim city of Gotham. Of course, any story of Gotham City is rife with corruption, but this also has one of my favorite story elements, mind control.

The crowd surrounded them like a stormy sea about a foundering sail boat. This was the fifth place from the Narrows to the Bowery that Wonder Woman had come looking for clues to the deaths as well as the epidemic of complete mental breakdowns of Gotham City's homeless but while each place was teaming with transients in their makeshift shelters, this was the first that had anyone willing to talk. Even here, the heroine got nothing but noncommittal responses to her question until one old man spoke. As a young woman denied knowing anything about the last person checked into Arkham, old Jesse shouted out "Quit your lying girl. You know as well as I do that that young fella talked to Andy and all the others that disappeared. He shows up with food and clothes for us, but it's just a trap I tell ya! Its bait for us to nibble and before you know it, you're gone too."

People surged out of their hovels and joined in the conversation. Some tried to discourage the old man from talking as they shouted "What the hell you think you're doing pal?" "Jesse, don't you dare speak ill of that nice man!" "Man, don't tell her shit!" Others tried to discredit him to the heroine "Don't listen to the old coot lady. He'll lie his ass off." "Yeah, ask him about the aliens that visit him, that's a good yarn too." Still others confronted the Amazon directly "Who do you think you are lady?" "You're all nice and helpful when you want something, but where are you when we need you?" "Go on back to your palace 'Princess'. We serfs don't need you or your snooping around here!"

Wonder Woman tried to get the old man away where they could talk in private, but he just shooed her away "Hands off young lady! I didn't give you no call to try to carry me off. I'm not afraid of these folks and anything I can say to you they can hear. I'm no sneak. These are my friends and I'm not budging!"

The Amazing Amazon shouted over the din "As you wish, sir. Please tell me what you know." It was hard to hear over the yelling, but soon old Jesse outlined how the man first showed up with food and supplies. He talked to all the people here and seemed to really be trying to get to know them. The guy seemed nice and sincere but always seemed really interested in helping the people with crippling addictions and psychological issues but it was the most desperate cases like the crack addicts or the terminally ill that he really spend the most time with. Those he took to the side for long private talks. Some left with him and never came back, but those that stayed never spoke a word about what was said. After hearing the stories Diana asked "You wouldn't happen to know where to find this young man, would you?"

Jesse nodded and pointed to an old abandoned factory on the shoreline "Andy was a good friend, even if I knew I had to watch my stuff around him. You know crackheads… Can't help themselves. When that addiction kicks in they would steal their momma's eye teeth for a hit. Anyway, before he said his goodbyes he said he was going to the old Dixon Systems factory over there. If you're going there, best be on your toes lady. No one that's left here has ever come back!"

Wonder Woman grasped the old man's hand as she prepared to leave and said "An Amazon always does, my friend. Fare well."

The factory was almost a quarter mile away, but that was barely a hop for the powerful superheroine. Soon she was standing over an open skylight looking down on the abandoned factory floor, but this facility looked anything but disused. While the exterior windows were all painted black to block unwanted eyes, inside the lights were on, the floor was clean and there was fairly modern equipment running. It was obvious that someone, whether intruder or not, had set up residence here.

As she leaned in, she could hear someone talking off to the right. As the sexy Amazon changed her position to get a better look she spied a man in a lab coat making notes into a recording device "All the work of the last year has lead up to this moment. I can't begin to express my thanks to those that selflessly helped to test the process but now we are ready."

He was a man in his late 20s of moderate height and build. His full, dark brown hair was neatly cropped in a conservative cut that made good use of his natural wavy hair. His ice blue eyes and lighter skin tone were offset by his dark, neatly trimmed beard. From his look and vocabulary, he was obviously an educated man well in tune with gentlemanly fashion, but as he approached a large apparatus to his left, the heroine's blood ran cold. The handsome man continued "Our subject is resting comfortably as she process continues. Soon we will know if we have success or failure."

A beautiful young woman laid peacefully in the high tech equipment as it hummed and bathed her in a rainbow of light. Her head was strapped in a metal helmet with its own patter of circuitry and probes that flashed in tune with the lights but even through the face plate, Wonder Woman recognized the woman. Her name was Tina and she was a prostitute in her early 20s. The Amazing Amazon had encountered the girl many times. She was a sweet and energetic girl, but quite submissive to men. In the four years that she had known her, Diana had tried four times to help the girl leave this life behind her, even going so far as taking her to a Central City women's shelter to recover. Each time the girl was right back with her pimp within a week. It seemed that while her mind recognized the need to change and the spirit was willing, her resolve could not stand up to the wiles of the flesh.

Wonder Woman's blood churned to a full boil as she watched. This poor girl was defenseless against a predator like this scientist. Whether a hooker or not, it was women like Tina that were the core of the Amazon Ambassador's charter here in Man's world. This fool may have thought the girl a nobody… Someone he could use as casually as a toothpick, but the rage in Diana'aheart demanded answer for this atrocity.

Glass sprayed across the factory floor as Wonder Woman smashed the skylight in her haste. The scientist turned in surprise but it was too late as the Amazon grabbed him by the throat and jacked him off his feet. The man gasped "Wait… It's not… What you think! I'm helping her!"

Diana shook him like a rag doll as she growled "Of course you are. Like you helped Andy Russel to a complete cognitive shutdown? There are at least four others that have died and a dozen that are in similar degenerative states. Were you helping them?"

Fury flushed the face of the scientist as he growled back "YES, I WAS! Andy's crack habit had seriously damaged his heart. It was only a matter of time before he took a hit and his heart exploded! The same goes for everyone I worked on up until now. Each one was either dying of some incurable disease or their addiction had damn near killed them already. Each AND EVERY ONE knew EXACTY what the odds were of success and failure. They chose the chance of having what little life they had left free of addiction over even death or coma. It was their choice! And, I'll have you know, for every setback, there were 50 that were cured of their addictions. "

The Amazon's feral sneer never left her face as she unfurled her lasso and growled "Well, whatever your goals and excuses are, I will not allow this abomination to continue. I will wrap you in my lasso and you will tell me how to help this poor girl. You had better prey to Zeus almighty that she is well."

Before the heroine could put the mystic coils about her captive, something wet was placed over her mouth and nose from behind. The attacker's timing was perfect as the Amazon sucked in a breath before she knew her danger but as Diana's head began spinning, the attacker clamped the rag tightly and hung on for dear life. The Amazon dropped the man and tried to spin about, but the attacker rode her back like a monkey. In the meantime, the scientist grabbed a heavy light stand and rammed the flailing heroine in the midsection with all his strength. Normally, this would not have had any effect on the powerful Amazon, but with the large adrenaline rush flowing through his veins and the chloroform in her system he was able to get Diana to expel a large amount of air and cause her to gasp in even more of the intoxicating chemical.

As her vision quickly fogged, the heroine tried desperately to dislodge the person on her back, but while she tried to grab at the legs locked about her midsection, the man caught her hands in her own lasso. Diana gasped as the lasso's power flowed through her body while the man cooed gently "Take it easy Wonder Woman. Relax and breathe nice deep even breaths. That's it… Nothing to fight. Just relax and let the Chloroform do its job."

As the Amazon flopped lifelessly on the floor, the scientist dropped the lasso and lunged for the assailant. As the couple hugged warmly he spoke "Thanks Tina, I was so worried that Wonder Woman interrupted the process. Are you OK?"

Tina smiled excitedly at the man and cooed "Hell yeah, hun! I never felt better and no need to thank me. You know I would do anything for you Peter!"

Peter smiled warmly as he hugged the girl again but he quickly let go and grabbed something from his medicine cabinet. As he turned back to the heroine, he placed a facemask on Wonder Woman and said "This mask has enough chloroform to keep even her out for a couple hours. It will help us get out of here, but not much more than that. Within an hour of her waking there will be authorities looking for us worldwide and we can't leave anything here... It's just too dangerous."

Tina looked down at the helpless heroine and smiled wickedly as she replied "We don't have to leave anything and we'll be long gone before the authorities even think of looking for us." As the picked up the Golden Lasso she continued "We have all the tools we need to make a clean getaway."

Diana basked in the warm glow of the most erotic dreams she had ever had. Her breath came in gasping heaves as wave after wave of lusty passion flowed through her body. Her erogenous zones were on fire as her dream lovers took her again and again. Heroes, villains, politicians, even every day men had their way with her over and over again. As she furiously fingered herself while her free hand mauled her supple breast, her dreams grew stronger. The men took her three at a time and before long, she wasn't sure if it wasn't she who was having her way with them.

As the last mind shattering orgasm shook her to her roots, Diana finally awoke from the glorious delirium that held her rapt for so long. Although her form was sheathed in her own sweat and cum, she felt delightfully energized and ready to face the day.

As she rose from the cot, she realized that this was not her apartment and she quickly inspected her surroundings. She found herself in a small room with just a cot, chair, and two doors. The first door led to the hall while the second was to a private bathroom. She signed in relief as she found her uniform neatly hung on the back of the bathroom door, complete with her belt and lasso. There was no mistaking the authenticity of the objects as their familiar pulse of power passed through her on touch.

Since all was where it belonged, her first order of business was getting cleaned up. Soon the Amazon basked in the heat of a well needed shower. As the steamy air fogged the glass door, it seemed to clear her mind. She remembered the 'abandoned' factory and the mad scientist performing experiments on people he deemed expendable and her fury rose again. As she crushed the soap in her hand, Diana growled "There will be a reckoning, bastard; for you and your accomplice. This I swear!"

As Diana left the factory, she realized that it was just after dusk and she had been out for over 10 hours. Still they could not have gone far as they had taken the time to clean all the tech out of the place first. Wonder Woman smiled wickedly as she reached for her JLA communicator. The heroine purred "Let the fools discover that even the Flash is not faster than a radio!" but as she touched it, a strange sense of anxiety washed over her. Images of police road blocks and heroes scanning every square inch of the countryside with super-vision, telepathy, and magic made her shudder in terror. As she forced herself back to a calm state, she realized that she just crushed her communicator.

Wonder Woman snarled in fury "It makes no difference! I will not be denied!" With a leap, Diana landed on the factory roof and began making her way to where she left her invisible jet. She didn't make it two blocks before the sound of police sirens startled her. As she looked at the flashing lights moving at high speed up the street her heart beat like she was in an all-out fight with a Kryptonian. For a woman that had never known fear, she was beginning to get quite well acquainted with it. A deep breath cleared her emotions before she said "Here in the Bowery, GCPD are frequent sights. All I need to do is find a cruiser and have them radio in the description of my perpetrators!"

Again, sheer terror shook her to her core. Visions of corrupt cops arresting and booking her like a common street walker flashed across her eyes. She saw herself locked away in the precinct without her belt or lasso and surrounded by slutty whores. The cops would sneak in and make the girls perform for them if they would set them free and before long it was her turn. As the image of a fat ugly cop fucking her with a night stick while she deep throated him disgusted her back to reality. The Amazing Amazon held her head as she moaned "Merciful Gods! What is wrong with me?" After a moment she looked up in realization "That drug they used on me… It must have some emotion manipulating properties, like Crane's fear gas. That must be it! Well, I am an Amazon warrior and will not be conquered by such subterfuge!"

Diana stared intently as she judged the distance from this roof to the next building across the boulevard. She needed to cross it to get to her jet, but it should be no problem for her. As she looked she noted the prostitutes working the street and realized that the next building was the Chez Ritz; the hooker hotel that Tina had worked in before that maniac experimented on her. Again rage filled the Amazon as she began her running start but as she took her last step, another police siren went off and spoiled her concentration. Her moment of fear caused her to misstep baldy and before she knew it, she smashed through a fourth floor window and directly into the reinforced concrete load baring column of the 120 year old structure. The building was old, but it was built in days where craftsmanship mattered and it fared better than the panicked woman that struck it at 40+ miles per hour.

Wonder Woman's head swam with distorted visions as she tried to rally her thoughts but it was a sexy man's voice that first broke through her confusion as he laughed "Damn girl, what were you thinkin? Did that dick head Earnest talk you into trying his crazy building jumping bungee thing? And what's with the Halloween costume? I mean you're killin it with those smoking hot curves of yours but shit like this could get yacapped in this neighborhood."

Diana smiled seductively as she looked the handsome man in his rugged face. From his looks she would guess he was originally from Southeast Asia but his accent told her he had been here since he was a kid. His well-muscled body put a tingle in her erogenous zones, but not nearly as much as his bad boy looks. His feet were clad in leather biker boots over his torn jeans. His skin tight crimson tank top hugged his solid torso so tightly that she could clearly see his six pack abs through it. Gold chains and rings adorned his neck and fingers. Best of all, his long hard cock rubbed enticingly against her swollen pussy so wonderfully, even if her uniform and his pants were in the way. As he straddled the reclining heroine's hips, he moved his crotch so enticingly over her it drove her mad with longing. She wanted to say something suggestive, but suddenly realized just how much liberty he was taking with the Amazon Princess. She mustered all the indignation she could, but it sounded more like a meek acceptance of the situation "Umm, thanks for the concern, sir, but why exactly are you perched on me like that?"

The bad boy laughed so erotically it melted what was left of her defiance as he replied "Hey sweet cheeks, I run this place. The name is Slash and only my girls work here. I figure a hot babe like you drops out of the sky into my ho hotel and it's a gift from God. You're just too hot to let get away!" He leaned in close before he purred "Face it baby, it was meant to be. You're my ho now and it's time for your new job orientation!"

His words had a strange effect on the heroine. She had never felt so complemented in her life and his desire made Diana happier than she could ever remember being. Still, she was a role model for millions of women and couldn't allow her desires to deter her from her duties, at least not until the pimp kissed her. As his tongue explored her mouth freely, so did his hands explore her plush sexy body.Wild erotic energy pulsed from her tits as Slash expertly fondled them. Her mind screamed for her to resist but her body was awash in primal need as she returned the lusty embrace. She could taste the cigarettes on the man's breath as they shared their passion and while it would normally disgust her, it only made him even hotter to her. In fact, for the first time in her life she actually craved one herself, but she felt like her life was spinning out of control.

As Slash released her mouth and started to nuzzle her neck, Diana found the will to speak as she gasped "No… Slash… Oh, GOD! I... I can't… Mmmm… Stop!"

The heroine's head was spinning now. She never wanted anything more than to just give in to this man. To do anything he wanted, but she was an Amazon Princess and that required far more restraint than to fall into that erotic trap, but she had to giggle when the man replied to her pleas "Yeah, baby, I know. I know. I can't stop now either. You are just so fuckin hot. I want to fuck you day and night for ever and ever. But you know what the best part of being my girl? We will be fuckin over and over again for years and years to come. Promise!"

Of course this sex addled male would think that she was coming on to him. He probably never had a woman resist his embrace before, but her will was making a comeback now. Diana cooed "No. Not that. I'm a… Ohhh…" Diana arched her back as Slash massaged her damp clit. The erotic sensations practically shut down her brain but still she tried to continue "I'm a hhhhh… A hhhh…"

Every time she tried to talk he flicked her clit and pinched a nipple which acted like lightning bolts of lusty heat overloading her brain. The effect made her stutter, but he finished her sentence "Yeah, I know. You're a *whore*. You're *my whore* and you love it, right?"

Her head lolled back and forth as she tried to concentrate "No… No… I'm an Ama…. An Ama… Ama…"

He smiled wickedly at the slut as she melted at his touch and continued his playing "Right, you're an *amazing* piece of *fuck meat*! You're an incredible slutty bit of *cock candy*. You are *so* made for fucking, guys will be lining up and mortgaging their houses to fuck your fine ho ass! You're gonna love working the street baby."

It was insane how much she loved his words. She should have been insulted and rife with rage, but instead she was enjoying his appreciation of her hot needy body. Her mind fought for control but his maddening foreplay was winning the battle. He moved down to her right nipple and chewed it between skilled teeth as he continued his adoration of her other tit and clit. Now the feeling was so intense she could not resist any longer. Her mind drifted into submissive acceptance of her conqueror. When she stopped trying to talk, he let her bask in his attentions for a few long minutes before he continued his pillow talk "Come on, sexy, I want to hear you say it. Tell me now that you're my ho and you love it!"

Diana was on pure sexual auto-piolet as she purred "Yes… YES… I'm your whore, Slash. I'm your whore and I *love* it!" Even with her mind on hold, she knew she was committing to something but she didn't care right now. It felt wonderful to please this man. She would do anything to earn his acceptance. She needed to obey him.

Diana was too lost in her sexual nirvana to realize it, but the pimp had already stripped her and had his long hot dick ready for action. Her legs were already apart to give her lover unrestricted access to her cunt, but now that he thrust his bitch tamer deep into her hot twat, her brain was fried. She began spouting what she knew he wanted to hear "Oh YESSS… I'm your ho baby! I'm Fuck Meat! I'm Cock Candy! I'll do anything for you! I'll work the street. I'll sell my body. I'm yours baby. I'm YOURS!"

For two hours Slash fucked his new girl every way he could and she not only accepted it, she reveled in it. As he took her to the shower, he explained the realities of her new job while they cleaned each other. Soon she was dressed and made up for the street. Her gold spandex tube top showcased her amazing rack like a neon sign. Her matching stilettoes made her glorious ass and tits stick out all that much more and her black fishnet stockings encased her long legs sexily all the way up to her crotchless garter belt. Of course, her skin tight black leather micro mini skirt barely covered the garter belt let alone her exposed virtue. There was no mistaking what she was going to be doing on the street either, at least based on her heavy slutty makeup.

By 10:00, Diana was on her assigned corner with Slash and eagerly looking for action. It didn't take long for someone to stop with a hot babe like her on the street. Before she knew it, a sedan pulled to the corner and rolled down the passenger window. Without a glimmer of resistance, the addled Amazon slinked over to the car like a minx in heat and she could see the effect it had on the man. In a slow sexy motion, the new ho bent at the hip slowly so the drooling man could savor the view of her world class cleavage sink into view. Once her gorgeous face was leaning into the car, Diana purred "Hiya Tiger. I'm Di. Lookin for a date?"

The man fumbled for his wallet as he stuttered "Holy shit! Oh *fuck* yeah I want a date. What can I get for $100?"

Diana could see the wallet and could tell he had over $300 in there. She smiled a crooked little grin as she pretended to think about it, but she knew what she was going to say "Well, sweetie, it'll get you one hell of a humming blow job or maybe a quickie, but I can tell a big stud like you is too much man to get off that quick. Normally I would say $300 for a good hard *fuck*, but tell you what… For $300, I'll give you the hummer and a real good hard fuck." Di massaged her ample cleavage as she cooed "Whatchasay honey? Do ya want me? Do yawant to take me long and hard?"

Slash had to chuckle at how the newbie worked the guy. He was use to his ability to make honest women want to be his, but she acted like she'd been doing this for years. As the man handed her the money, both Slash and Di were satisfied with her instincts. As she got into the car to guide her first john to the parking for the hotel, she winked at her pimp. The Amazon within still slept, but the whore was having the time of her life.

For over two weeks, Di was the toast of the Bowery. She worked the mean streets at least 12 hours a day, every day and was already Slash's best ho. In fact, she was having so much fun it took a full week before she even remembered being Wonder Woman, but it was more than three days after that before she cared in the least about it. Slowly her senses began to return but she had to admit she had very little shame in turning tricks. She had to face it that her body was in dire need of lots and lots of hot sex and this was a great way of getting it. On top of that, she absolutely adored Slash. She craved his attention and admiration like a drug. That man owned her body and soul and not only did nothing she ever knew make her happier; she wouldn't have it any other way. No, the only thing she regretted was how easily she was conquered.

Di was a very different woman than Diana had been. She was, for lack of a better term, far less couth for one thing. She swore like a sailor, acted like a skank, drank like a fish and smoked like a chimney. Her once heroic views had also taken a sharp turn toward the clearly criminal. Her deep attraction to bad boys and the sheer army of both ex and future cons in Gotham had provided her a vast education on all matters unsavory. Better still, many of those skills she had already practiced to perfection. She now gladly rolled customers that didn't show respect. She picked pockets, helped to blackmail people and even stole a couple cars in that time. If it was something Slash wanted, she treated it like a commandment from the Gods and had no moral difficulties from there on.

The unabashed whore smiled contentedly as she lit her smoke and eyed the street expectedly. It was early afternoon on a bright sunny day, so johns were a bit scarce but she never lasted long on the street without a nibble and it was very, very rare that she didn't hook every nibble. As she looked back at the Chez Ritz she could clearly see Willow playing with the boss. The gold gleam from her hip told the former Amazon that they were playing 'hapless heroine' and in a minute Slash would put her on her sexy ass and fuck her silly; after tying her up securely first. A lot of the girls get off on it but Di was just as happy he didn't play it with her. She didn't need reminders of once being a prude. No, she was much happier celebrating her great slutty new life instead.

As often happened here on the street, a cop car let loose a siren and screamed down the boulevard. She knew that Slash had every cop in three precincts on his payroll so there was nothing to worry about. Even if one did pick her up, it would be for show and after a quick suck and fuck with them she would be back on the street, but she still was terrified of the police and superheroes. As the anxiety washed through her, she caught another gleam of gold coming from Slash's office and suddenly she realized what had changed. Di growled "Why those dirty mother fuckers! It wasn't the chloroform! That shit wasn't spiked with fear toxin and aphrodisiacs. The pricks just used my own lasso on me! They made *damned* sure I would be a skanky whore! Son of a bitch!"

Di wasn't quite sure what she thought of that. Part of her wanted to give them freebies in thanks, but there was a long forgotten part of her that was flat out pissed about it. She didn't like people fucking with her mind. Her body, oh hell yeah as long as they paid or Slash wanted it, but not her mind. As if to distract her, a sports car shifted over into the parking lane for her and the slut smiled again. Time for work now, but later she would be fixing this shit.

It was 4 AM before Di came back in for the night. It was over 14 glorious hours on shift for her and while her twat and ass tingled deliciously at the good use her johns made of her today, it was her anger that fueled her on this late night. There were only three girls left working at this hour and they all had customers upstairs, so now was her chance.

Slash's office was right next to his room, but Di wasn't worried about that. The loud dance music and excited laughter coming from his room told her that he had Shelly, Christi, and Tania in there getting their freak on and it would be another 3 hours before they collapsed from exhaustion. She had to chuckle as she quickly worked a lock pick to open the office. As a heroine she would have been clueless at how to do this, but the whore had this down cold. She knew that Slash didn't even have an electronic surveillance system in there. Thanks to her constant contact with bad boy criminals, she was now quiet expert in how to spot and evade them if necessary.

As Di opened the office, her Amazon eyes had no problem finding her way around the dark room. She quickly found the closet and the object of her quest. With an evil grin she held the symbol of purity up to her slutty body in front of the mirror with satisfaction. Her deeply made up face looked great to her over the symbols of her office as she purred "Mmmmm, this does look fun. I think I look a lot hotter than Wonder Woman, but this bitch needs a little makeover. That neckline could use a major dip there. I can't even see a little nipple for Crist's sake! And the crotch, that needs snaps for fast access."

Perverting her old uniform seemed so hot to the slut, but she wasn't here for that. Not tonight. Di put down her uniform and began to strip. She wasn't sure how she felt about this, but once she removed the commands she would probably want to start her old life back. In any case, she would likely have to leave here in a hurry so she decided to put her uniform on now.

Soon she was fully dressed in her Amazon Champion uniform and standing in front of the mirror again. She took the lasso off the belt and looked at it for a minute. There would be no going back once she did this and it took an enormous act of will to go through with it. As she synched the lasso about her waist she felt the power surge through her and her throat grew tight. The beautiful Amazon fought past the lump in her throat as she forced herself to say "I command you to disregard the commands given by the scientist and his ally when they captured me."

Wonder Woman felt an odd surge of terror pass through her as the lasso's power washed over her. It was obvious that the bastards did do something to her as she felt that something was changed, but her feelings didn't change at all. She still felt as slutty as ever but suddenly a repressed memory played across her mind like a video replay. In her vision Tina was sitting in front of her smiling. The young girl waved as she spoke "Hi Wonder Woman. I guess I owe you an apology. You see, the man you were threatening was my big brother and I couldn't let anyone hurt him." The girl looked down sullenly before she continued "I know you always tried to help me and honest to God I appreciate it but you have to see, we had a pretty fucked up childhood. Our parents were loaded but were as warm as an Artic breeze. Peter was brilliant so he tried to get their love by harnessing his brain. By the time he was 23 he had 3 PhDs including psychology, neural systems, and electrical engineering. On the other hand, I played mommy's little dress up doll. I followed her lead in fashion, social matters, and everything girly. Thing is, neither of us did very well. Peter got shipped off to university at 9 and well, I got sexually abused by Dad and Mom's friends. I was so needy of attention from men that I was easy prey. Just tell me I was beautiful or desirable and I'd do anything for you. After one of the assholes exposed me to my parents, who blamed me, not the pedophile prick, I ran away from home and ended up here in Gotham. I was a dumb kid lost in a strange city and that is where Slash, my pimp, found me. Anyway, in no time he had me so hooked on him nothing could make me leave him for long."

Tina paused for a minute before she continued. As she brushed a tear from her eye she said "Well, enough of that. It's water under the bridge now. Anyway, Peter knew early on that I had… Problems. He used his great brain to try to help me. Each time that you moved me to a woman's shelter, he met me there and used his psychology skills to try to help, but it was never enough. Still, he had a damn good diagnosis of my issues… Extreme sex addiction, addictive personality, low self-image, narcissism, submissive personality, wild fascination with bad boys and criminals, crippling fear of police, moral ambiguity, self-medicating and more kinks than the Karma Sutra, to name a few." The woman stood up and turned a full 360 in front of the heroine as she continued "But look at me now! I had the balls to stand up to Wonder Woman. I don't even crave a cigarette anymore and you know I was a heavy smoker. He did it. He made me right; like I should have been from the start."

The former hooker took a more serious expression as she continued "But there is something important you need to know. Peter never used the treatment on anyone that didn't know what he was doing or what the odds were. These people knew they didn't have much time left on this Earth and they felt strongly that the chance to spend the time they had left with a clear and unaddictedmind was well worth the risk. You know what happened to the ones that died or end up in Arkham, but do you know what happened to the others? The ones that no one ever saw again? They went home; to their real home. They spent their remaining time with loving family. That is why no one saw them again."

Tina walked closer to the heroine as she went on "Now I have to tell you what we did to you. Peter didn't want to do this but we needed a good 24 hours to make our way out of here and we couldn't leave the equipment behind. Could you imagine what Slash or a supervillain would do if they got ahold of this? They would reprogram anyone they wanted. The whole damn town would go to hell in a heartbeat. If someone with some tech chops found it that would be even worse. They could make hundreds, even thousands of those things. No one would be safe. Anyway, we needed to buy some time so we commanded you to find any excuse to stay in the Bowery for at least 24 hours after waking up. We told you not to use or even think of using your lasso for that long as well. We commanded you not to consciously remember that we used the lasso on you until you used it to free yourself but when you did you would remember this message."

Tina continued "Still, you must have noticed all sorts of strange feelings and urges. Those are not the fault of the lasso. You see, you needed a distraction and I thought that you would learn more about life on the street if… You saw things through my eyes. I thought walking a mile in my stilettoes would be a great learning experience for the Champion of All Women. I mean, how can you represent people you don't understand? Anyway, I talked Peter into this and if he wasn't certain the Lasso could undo it, he never would have agreed. We used his treatment and imposed my disorders on you. The only thing is the machine can only be used once on a person so it can't cure you like it did me, but your lasso can."

Tina disappeared for a second as she hugged Wonder Woman. When she came back into view she smiled "I know it's been a struggle for you but we added one last command with the lasso before we left. We ordered you to use all your will to oppose the urges. We know you're stronger and more moral than either of us so we have no doubt you'll be successful in resisting, but you have to use the lasso to set your mind back the way it was. Don't wait too long to do it. Weird shit happens in Gotham and the longer you wait, the more likely some psycho will mess things up. Anyway, this is the last time you'll see either of us. Good bye, hun and good luck."

As the vision cleared, Diana found herself staring blankly at her reflection in the mirror. The heroine took a deep breath as she realized that it wasn't her weakness that conquered her warrior spirit. Tina and Peter didn't mean her any harm, but their actions caused the Amazon's life to take a wild, drastic turn. The woman chuckled as she looked at her salvation already wrapped about the waist and knew what she had to do to fix this. She smiled brightly as she looked in the mirror and said "Di the whore is the real you; not Wonder Woman, not Diana Prince, and sure as fuck not Diana of Themiscaria. Live it, love it, and nothing can change it, not even this fucking lasso. From now on the Lasso has no power over me."

As she felt the power of the lasso wash over her for the last time, Di lit another cigarette and took a long drag off it. She smiled evilly at her reflection as she thought 'One girls junk is anotherstreasure.' Tina may not have wanted her 'demons' but they were absolute blessings to Di. The randy whore smiled wickedly as she coiled her Lasso and strutted over to the door to Slash's room. With a kick she sent the door flying open and said in a sexy growl "Hey bitches, I'm Wonder Whore and I'm here to rock your world! Anyone wannaplay hapless heroine with me?"