Diana's Isle of Torment  

By A.G. Poe

Wonder Woman

The wake of a passing boat slapped against the piling and the weathered dock planking

Gulls circled tirelessly above. Diana took a deep breath. The mid morning air was invigorating.

Diana and Barbara Gordon, a.k.a., Batgirl were once again working on a case together. An informant, who work for Barbara, had told her of a huge robbery was in the works, and it involved several countries. The informant knew it was to be in the area of San Diego, but not much more information could be provided. Babs informed Wonder Woman, and the two Superheroines meet and formed a plan. They would split the city and look for some leads. Babs

took the upper half and Diana took the bay area. Going back to her hotel, Diana decided to observe the area as Diana Prince so as to be able to move about more freely. She put on a yellow

sun dress and carry a camera and move about as a tourist. That afternoon, she was scanning the fishing boats, and snapped a few pictures. She spotted this dark good looking fisherman loading a boat. “Now there’s a hunk of man.”she sighed, as she leaned on the deck railing and watched him

He was working stripped to the waist, with his muscles rippling. Big Jim Portola was aware of

this beautiful woman watching him, her eyes following his movements. “Now there’s a beauty

I could work on.” He leaned back against the aft cabin bulkhead, and lit a cigarette. “God she

looks sexy” he sighed, “But bad timing”. Then she did something that changed everything ,she

snapped a picture of him. “Damm, he thought, “ Now why she doing that?” Diana turned and clicked off another picture, holding her appearance as a tourist. Jim saw it different . Diana lowered the camera to change the focus , noticing a shorted heavy set man pointing in her direction and talking excitedly. She raised the camera a second time, and a third. “Pardon Miss, a voice said as Diana jumped , not realizing someone was behind her . The Cap’t , he say’s you should maybe come aboard where you could take better pictures.” Diana . Glancing towards the boat replied , “Oh , thank you,” she said as she glanced at the boat and followed followed the lumbering crewman to the boat. “I’d love a few pictures from it, and then be on my way.” Once aboard , that for a fishing boat, there were no large bait storage bins on deck, and most of the gear was unused. Getting curious now , she began scanning the boat , taking more pictures, “Welcome

aboard the Midway Queen Miss,” As big Jim tipped his hat and shook Diana’s hand .

Diana felt a tingle as this handsome, rugged man took her hand. “I hope I’m not keeping you from your work.”as she smiled . “No , not at all.” as he looked towards two men on the deck , and gestured with his eye’s toward the open hatch. They disappeared inside. “It’s not often we get such a beautiful looking woman like you aboard on the Queen miss.” Turning a bit blush, Diana replied, “I’m sorry, my names Diana, Diana Prince. and is there more to Captain?”Still holding her hand , “Yes, Captain Jim Portola...Diana, at your service.”

“And what do you fish for ,Jim?” she asked. “The queens rigged for lobster mame.” he replied. Pulling back her hand, Diana glanced at her watch. “Oh I’d better hurry along, I’m sure your anxious to leave.”said Diana. “Not as anxious as you must be .” thought Jim. “This way miss,” Jim gestured and led Diana at the same time ,with a firm hand on her back ,through the open hatchway hoping she wouldn’t notice the urgency of this move. “Is it always this dark inside the boat? Or do you cover your windows, I mean the portholes, when you get ready to sail?” Diana stepped into the center compartment, and spotted the two men who had left the deck, and disappeared below.

They were standing in the center of the small room, with ready hands . Diana stepped backwards and wound up in the captains arms He pinned Diana’s arms to her sides and wrapped his hands on her chest, feeling Diana’s huge breasts as he did. One man covered her mouth with a rag, soaked with Chloroform.,as she tried to scream, she inhaled a good dose of the Chloroform , causing her to feel weakness. Jim, his hands on her tits, and smelling her perfume, could feel his crotch tingle some and began gently squeezing her breasts. Diana’s feet faltered, her eyes rolled up into her head and she went black, and she slumped in Jims arms. “What we gonna do with her Jim?”asked the voice of Joe Viviano, “You know with the... stuff, and all. “Or take her out and dump her at sea?”

“We gotta take her with us, don’t see as we have a choice.”said Jim, as he pulled a cloth from the over head locker. He stuffed a ball of it into her mouth and tied the other half around her head as a gag. “That stays in till we are well out of the Marina.”he said. “And now get topside and get us the hell otta here. Jim finished tying the knot at the side of her neck. He fumbled beneath the bunk and found some soft rope, and taking his knife from it’s sheath, he cut four pieces. Careful of bruising ,he tied both her ankles together, but not before running his hands up and down her firm, long ,long legs, up to her thighs, God she’s beautiful. real class stuff, stuff that doesn’t notice people like me “Been a long time since I had a piece of ass this fine.” as he yanked her dress down some . “No sense exciten’ the boy’s , specially Joe, he gets a little kinky about women sometimes .Jim now set about tying Diana’s wrist’s together, pulling them with a length of cord above her head and tying the cord off at the bunk’s end .Doing this pushed Diana’s huge breast upward ,pointing them straight up. , God , what great tits, as he cupped a breast in each hand and squeezed gently, rubbing the nipples between his fingers, and tight too, can’t be more than twenty -three, or four. Jim then let one hand slip between Diana’s legs to get a feel at her pussy. He moved her panties to one side and tweaked at her cunt lips. Jezzz, she’s tight and moist too. Too bad about her ,as he got to his feet. She was in for a rough go.

Nick had just released the last line when Jim came back on deck. “Hold ‘er Joe,” he called , “But be ready to gun’er if I say so.”

“Ey,ey, sir.” he replied.. Men on the dock now waved the queen off, with Jim wondering, “If anyone only knew what was really in the ships store crates.” “See ya’s in about a month “ yelled Jim, and lifted a gnarled hand in farewell. Jim approached Nick and said , “She’s tied to the bunk, so remember, never untie her bonds, she stays bound,” Nick nodded., “and she is never to be alone, understood ?” Nick nodded again . “Ok, now go get the drugs for her and we can get started.” Diana’s arms hurt and felt numb, and her feet hurt too. Her arms strained in their sockets each time she rolled. She realized she was tied to a bed or bunk. She tried to break free, but as Diana Prince it was useless. She tried to wrench free of the cords which held her stretched tight to the bad.

A man’s head appeared in the doorway. He stared at her hour glass body, breathing noisily. His eye’s studied her body, moving snake like from her face down over her curves to pause at the joint of her legs. Her previous struggling caused her dress to ride up her legs, exposing her panties. Diana read the lust in his eye’s and knew she was in trouble. Diana wanted to yell out ..stay away, but the gag only allowed, “Mmmssmmyyy.” She could see him holding and rubbing his crotch as he walked towards her. “My god ,no ,no, stay away from meee.”the words screamed in her brain. Joe was at the bunk now, reaching in and rubbing his hands along her huge breasts ,squeezing hard. “Mmmmmgghh” she moaned in pain, which caused a grin from him.

“Wow chickee-baby, you are stacked, Ol’e Joe’s gonna enjoy these babies.” as he used his fingers to pinch on her nipples. Diana tried turning away from his hands , and received a smack across her face. “Stay still baby.”leering down at her. “No one will know deary, and I know you ain’s say’en nutten all trust up for me, chickee-baby.” Diana’s head swung left and right with hope of help or escape. “What’s the matter baby,” as his hands worked her tits hard. Diana winced He pinched her nipples harder. Tears formed in Diana’s eye’s Then he started rubbing soft and gentle, as Diana calmed some. He started kneading and massaging the huge , firm magnificent breasts. “See baby, I can be nice, just give ole Joe a kiss and maybe he’ll stop hurt’en, huh ? Little kiss?” Joe laughed as she tried to turn her head away from his lips and he let his lips slide down to the soft indentation at the base of her neck. Diana wiggled beneath his hungry lips. Joe held Diana’s head still and licked into her ear .Licking and sucking. Diana felt a shiver down her spine. “I think I’ll just have me a little fun,” he muttered into the soft skin. “You like that chickee-baby? You want ole Joe to have a little fun ,don’t cha?” His hands cupped her breasts up hard and kissed the converging balls of flesh. Diana heard the top button snap off under the pressure and fall to the deck. His tongue licked her open bits, Diana shivered at the wet touch.. “You like that , huh,”mistaking the tremble of her body for the hint of passion he sought. Diana shook her head from side to side, but Joe only laughed and reached for the other buttons. He undid them slowly, one by one. “Mmmmnnnnnnn.”she squirmed on the bunk, tossing her chest left and right to shake his hands from her. He pulled the free material open. Tears were running down Diana’s eye’s. Even on her back, Diana’s breasts stood proud and gourjouse under her bra..Joe licked his lips and poked at the bra front and the clasp gave way to open the fleshy tits to his view. “Owww chickee baby, you are class, real class meat baby, wow!, what tits you have,” The nipples were a pale pink and stood up temptingly in the middle of the larger blush circle. Round, firm globes of meat, clean and fresh and ripely tempting. He fell upon them like a hungry animal. Diana pressed down hard into the bunk to escape his mouth, but hands were mauling her tits and the wet mouth gnawed on her rising nipples. Diana was feeling the sensation in her tits now. She was telling herself not to feel this tongue. But was losing the battle .She knew she felt a wetness between her legs. She was hating her body because of betrayal. Tears still flowed from her eye’s.

Joe felt her nipples harden and knew he was getting to her and he got more aroused and felt his fat stubby cock grow hard. He was determined to fuck this bitch to orgasm. Using one hand from her breasts, he reached down to pull at his Levi’s and let the thick cock rise comfortably out of his groin. Diana saw the movement and knew what it meant. Her heart pounded wildly and she pulled at her bound wrists. “Don’t touch me!!,” she shrieked silently,


Joe couldn’t hear her thoughts. All he cared about was the pretty toy on the bunk. He reached for the rumpled skirt and jerked it up, exposing her long sexy legs up to her panties. He ran an exploring finger beneath the panties leg band and wiggled the finger like a Gartner snake looking for a hole. Diana squirmed and moaned as loudly as her gag permitted. “Mnnggghhhee.” Joe was only aware of the swelling cock that throbbed and stood hard out from his body. He stroked his cock slowly til rock hard. He pulled his finger from beneath the elastic band and tugged at the panties waist band. He tried again, and again, and finally with a low animal moan, grabbed the band between his big hands and ripped it apart. He let the ragged ends fall to the deck.

Diana closed her eyes and shuttered. She felt him poke at the dark curly thatch between her legs. Her stomach rippled.,her pussy was now wet all over, her body was giving in and responding to this animal. Then his finger slid easily into her, “Aaaaeeeeiigh” she moaned. Her legs went tight and stiff. Joe worked his finger in and out slowly, Diana rotated her hips and arched her back. Joe began pumping the finger faster. Diana bucked to meet his thrusts .he pumped faster. Diana was about to cum when joe suddenly stopped. Diana broke into a sobbing cry. “Not yet chickee-baby, not yet.” Diana felt pain and total shame and disgust. Joe began working the zipper of his tight Levi pants, “:God damm!,” he muttered, “I could work the fucking thing with one hand if I had to take a piss,” as he fumbled, “never mind chickee-baby, I’m worth wait’en fer!” Diana heard the zipper, and knew he was taking out his cock to use on her. She knew this battle was lost, she knew she couldn’t stop him now . She hoped he would get it over with fast, and then , maybe she could get free. There was a hard paw on her chin ,turning her head from the wall and back to the man at her side. “Here chickee -baby, don ya wonna see what ole Joe’s got for yer? Huh? Huh??” Diana twisted back hard. “Open your eye’s slut.” his voice was hard.. “I’m gonna fuck that pussy and you gonna like it too.” Diana glazed her eye’s at him.. He moved a step closer and waved his cock in her face. “See, baby see!?” Diana eye’s widened in surprise, Joe grinned lecherously and gave a series of tightening muscle contractions .

Diana felt utter repulsion. Joe again dropped his hand to Diana’s wet pussy, and circled his finger around her cunt lips. “Aaaaggghhheee.” she moaned as the tingling returned with his probing fingers “Ah, ah ah” , she panted, her breasts heaving now. “Scare ya, chickee-baby? Does a cock that size scare ya?” Joe looked down at her tight pressed legs, held firmly together by her fear as well as by the ropes which bound her ankles. Now how could a guy get his cock in there? Jim had tied her ankles and she couldn’t spread her pussy even if she wanted to. There was no other way, he would have to untie the girls ankles at least. She may kick a little , but Joe knew he could handle that. He fumbled with the cords which held her ankles. Diana’s eye’s flew open when she felt his hands on the ropes. There was hope, the ropes were off her ankles. Then she was jerked roughly around in the bunk so that her legs hung over the ledge and her cunt was left vulnerable.

Joe leaned in and gave her pussy a soft wet kiss. “Aaaggghhhh.” no! no!, I can’t feel, I will not feel .screamed her brain, then he sucked her juices into his mouth. “Ggghhhaaaaa”she moaned. then he stuck a stiff tongue up into her wet hot, lust fill pussy. “Ggggghhhhhhaaaaaeeee” she screamed into her gag, wanting a release from this passion in her loins. She felt her legs being pried apart, so far that her bones felt like they would break. Joe lifted his face out and moved his groin up to her pussy. His stump brushed across her cunt hole drawing a whimper from Diana. “Uhhhhhmmmmmmm.”, no! no! She struggled, but the cock head kept searching it’s way to her wet warm hole. She sucked in, she felt it hard and hot at the entrance of her pussy. Joe’s mouth found a bare tit and sucked the nipple into his wet hot mouth and bit down on it, “Ggghhhh.” was emitted from her mouth Diana tried to pull back, but his strong grip held her legs tight. She kicked violently with her flailing legs, but her position allowed her to kick only the wooden base of the bunk, as Joe searched for the treasure hole. He loosened his hold on one leg and slapped Diana hard across the face with the back of his hand. “Damn it to hell! Hold that thing still.”

Diana felt the sting on her face, and knew it was of no use to resist much further. Right now he was stronger and struggling only brought pain.

Joe pulled her legs apart once more, and with one hand guided his cock to her wet pussy lips, and slowly rubbed it up and down her clit. “Ghhhhaaa.”she moaned , and lifted some from the pleasure she was now feeling. He was now painting the head of his cock with her juices, and also rising her want for more. “Mmmmmnnnnmmm.”as her head turned. “Now chickee-baby, I think your ready fer ole joe, so listen good. I’m gonna loosen the gag, and one yell and I’ll strangle you right here and how. Got that?” Diana nodded. Joe pulled the gag down, and she spit out the rag ball. “ Now lets get fucking chickee-baby, lets get fucking.” The width of his body spread her thighs further and she groaned in pain, “Owwww”, which he mistook as her pleasure, as he then pushed in against the parted lips, he pushed again, now entering her easily with her cunt now wet and hot, and plunged in hard. “Aaaahhhhgggghhh, “ she groaned. “Owwwww , Christ baby that’s good! What a tight pussy chickee-baby,” as he penetrated her soft pussy to the hilt.. Diana trembled under the first wave of pain, tears formed in her eye’s.. Joe pulled back, almost out of her pussy, then back in slowly, building a slow easy rhythm .he leaned forward and nibbled on her ear .his tongue inside her ear.”

“Mmmmmmmm.”she moaned as her legs fell flat on the bunk. Now that the cock was in her, the pain eased. She was horrified to find her cunt lubricated now, and her own body responding to this crude animals touch. Her breasts were tingling and she knew her nipples were hard and swollen. Small waves of warmth rippled upwards from her cunt, followed by another, then another. The pain was now replaced with pleasure.. “Uugh,ugh,ugh,” she grunted back. There were just hot waves of need as the fisherman was now fucking her in earnest. He looked down and watched his fat cock slide in and out of her now sloppy wet hole, “slurp,uggh,slurp, ugh,slurp, slurp , ughh.,” she sighed . Diana’s body was now responding to Joe’s fucking. She gave in to the pleasures of his cock. Her back arched as much as her bonds allowed, “Uggh, uggh, yesss, she hissed. And began to meet his pounding with hers, “slurp,slurp,slurp.” She was now fucking back. “Uuuummmhhheeee.” she cooed . “Yes chickee-baby yes!!!”joe hissed and leaned down to suck on her lower lip. “Mmmmm.” she moaned, and opened her mouth to return a kiss of passion, her tongue now dueling his inside his mouth. “Owwww, baby, you are hot!! I’m gonna cum inside you chickee-baby, and then yer gonna clean and suck my cock!!”Joe said hard. Diana just moaned into his mouth, still kissing him. Joe increased his pounding, “Uuuggghhhhh,” Diana pounded back. “Slurp,slurp,slurp , Ohhh god, oh god, fuck me you freaky bastard, fuck meeee.” Joe pounded harder, “Ahh, ahh ,ahh ” He felt both her and his orgasm approaching. He felt his surge of semen in his cock. Frantically he pounded into her pussy as hard and fast as possible. Diana felt her stomach ripple with the increased thrusts. “ O w ow, ow, I’m going to cum you bastard, Aaahhhgghhheeeiiigghh.” she screamed as she let loose a huge orgasm. “Aaaaagggghhhhh.” the first spasm rolled through his cock. “Oh, oh, oh, he continued pounding as more followed. “Aaaggghhhheeee.” sighed Diana as she raised her legs and wrapped them around Joe’s waist to squeeze him into her more as the hot cum caused another orgasm. He had done it, he took this girl before Jim did. He looked down at the spread eagle girl surprised she was breathing heavily, her tits rising and falling. Joe straddled her chest, and looked into her glazed eye’s. “ Here chickee-baby, finish the job,” as he presented his cock to her mouth. Diana, now fully humiliated ,slipped another notch and open her mouth to suck his fat cock, covered with her juices. She licked the now semi hard cock back to his balls and then suck the cock back into her mouth . “The ass, chickee-baby, do the ass and ass hole too.” Diana, completely submissive now, sucked and sucked. hard..

“What’s going on down there.?” yelled Nick Katopolis. “Just tak’en my coffee break.”

Joe laughed as he put the gag back into Diana’s mouth after pulling his cock from her mouth. He pulled his zipper up and patted Diana on top of her head like a puppy dog doing good. “On my way up now nick.”said Joe. “Well common with it now, Twenty-five million in gold needs a lot of attending to before we reach the island.” Several hours had passed since Joe had left her alone and humiliated. He didn’t tie her ankles after fucking her and she could scotch herself into a comfortable position.

Twenty five million in gold aboard?...get to the island ? Diana mulled the words over in her mind. They had stolen gold, these men were criminals, or perhaps they were smuggling the gold out of the country? She may have stumbled onto the smugglers that her and batgirl were hunting, and was now their captive. “What a darn pretty sight.” Diana slammed her exposed legs together and flashed a look at the open doorway. Big Jim leaned casually against the sill, his eye’s cast on her open chest, her tits were exposed and her dress was up to her trimmed cunt .

Diana wondered how long he was there watching her in her near nakedness. She turned her body slightly towards the wall to hide her breasts and vulnerable body and looked back at him She pulled her legs up close to her chest for more cover. Her eye’s widened as he stepped through the door and came towards her. No, no, oh, not again. She thought, and shook her head hopelessly side to side, closing her eye’s to the sight. “Hold still.” he growled at her softly . Diana felt his hands working on the knots and the gag fall free, as she worked her aching jaws. He untied the rope holding her to the bunk head, but her wrists remained tied. “ Here , drink this.” He shoved a cup in her bound hands, stepped back, and frowned at her. Jezzz this woman is beautiful, he thought as his eye’s stared at her bare tits as she drank. Diana drank deeply before she realized it contained wine instead of water. The other ingredient she never suspected. She choked momentarily, then quickly returned the cup to her dry lips, sipping this time. The wine was warm and bitter, but it was wet and eased her parched throat. Diana saw his glare on her nearly nude body, but the need for liquid was greater than her modesty. Jim was now engrossed with Diana’s beauty. Been a long time since he had a class woman as her. Never saw a body so perfect. When empty, Diana held the cup out, and he took it. “More?” as he raised his eye’s from her perfect breasts. Diana shook her head no and now tried to fix herself as good as possible with torn cloths and bound hands. “Can you untie me?” as she held her hands out. “No! He replied, “ You will be bound always and not to be left alone .that’s final.” Diana opened her mouth to speak, but he said . “Did Joe hurt you?”

“Hurt me? He raped me!!! Her eye’s flashed, “Of course he hurt me, did you think I enjoyed it?” then replied, “No, I ‘m not hurt. What do you care.”Jim snapped ,“I don’t really ,I’m

just sorry you got mixed up in this. You took pictures of the Queen and the crew and me and we just couldn’t be sure. So here you are. “What’s going to happen to me? You going to kill me ?

Throw me overboard out at sea?” she asked without hesitation. Jim Portola scowled at this beauty, and saw anger, not any fear in her. “ It all depends on you missy.” Diana’s eye’s looked up. “Here it is. The rules. You are to be tied at all times. You do everything everyone tells you to do. You will never be alone. Behave, you survive. If not, I may not be able to save you from them. Too many even for me. Any questions? Diana glared, her eye’s were red with fury. “Yes! Will those Gorillas maul me?” Jim turned and left the room. Diana slumped in the bunk, now feeling very tired, and weak, she was lightheaded, the wine, IT WAS DRUGGED. She lay back and fell into a deep sleep.

Diana opened her eye’s to the sound of Gulls. She realized she was in a room on a bed, and completely naked and still tied down. The room was dimly lit and a small window allowed some light in. She heard noised and turned her head to the door. The talking got closer and the door opened. Joe stepped in first, followed by Nick, and Jim with a small man. “Hi missy,” said Jim. “You ok?” Diana just stared at them. “This is Louie, the owner of Rock Island.” Louie grunted. “Ok missy, now starts your survival test. Ahh , by the way, what is your name?” “ Diana

she whispered, “Diana Prince.”

“ Ah , Ok Diana, like I said , survival, now four men will leave this room. The other you will entertain for his company. Any questions?” Diana remained silent. “You choose who’s first or we draw straws.” Diana lifted her face and gritted her teeth, swallowed, and meekly said , “ let’s talk this over. You don’t really think I’m going to agree to what you just said , do you?” as she stared at the men . Diana knew she was trapped. She needed the right opportunity to act. “Remember the rules missy.”said Jim. “And survival, so choose now.” She lowered her head and meekly said , “You!”

As the other men left the room, Diana felt a weakness and seemed that everything was gliding along slowly. Something wasn’t right. “ Oh!” she jumped as Jim reached to untie the rope from the bed rail. “ Didn’t mean to scare ya none, your just so damn beautiful, I needed to touch you some..” Diana touched her head , as to try to get her thoughts. “ Jim, what did you do to me ?” Jim scratched his face some , smirked and said , “well missy, we been shooting you a sedative to calm you down some and make you a little easier to handle.” Diana stared into his eye’s and Jim continued, “and it also contained a strong Mexican aphrodisiac to help you along with the “entertainment.” Wide eyed Diana yelled, “WHY??” Jim chuckled , You will be enjoyed and you’ll like it too, that way no one gets hurt, so just relax and enjoy til this deal is finished.”

Diana realized at this point resisting would be uses less. She slumped back on the bed.. Jim saw the fight in her give up. He ran his hands gently up and down her back, learning the curves of her body. He put a hand to her face and ran his thumb across her lower lip. Diana turned her face away. He then leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead. Diana didn’t try to fight him , but didn’t turn away either. He went lower to her lips now, and pressed hard against hers. Give his lips pleaded silently, give!! She didn’t take it . Ok, Jim thought, big Jim is back. This is just another woman to be banged. He squeezed a breast experimently, Diana moaned, “Ohhh.” Jim kissed each bare shoulder, he buried his mouth in the soft curves of her neck. Diana felt it , she itched, her torso swayed precariously. Jim felt her shudder and put his mouth to her lips, she kissed back. Jim knew this beautiful naked body was soon to be his. He stared at her dark matte of curls as his cock sprang hard between his legs.

Diana lay with her head propped high against the hard pillow. She watched him rise and undress. She knew it would only be seconds away now. He stood now naked. His magnificent cock stretched tight. Her eyes were fixed on it. She admired the crude display of male rut for it’s savage beauty,.oww had it been another time , another place. He pressed his hard cock against her thigh, and lowered his mouth and nibbled at the pink nipple, pulling it into his mouth. “Ahh”,she responded. Diana felt she was watching her seduction without personal involvement, that is til the tingling started , the nipple hardened and a wetness formed between her legs. “No!!

No!!, I can’t be liking and feeling this .”she thought.

Already the first hot pre cum oozed from his cock, and smeared across her leg. Jim shifted his position, and worked his mouth to the curly thatch of her cunt. He slid his tongue along the clit and Diana’s body jumped alive, “Ummmghh.” He pressed his face in and licked inside, as her cunt lips began swelling to his tongue that whipped her cunt and cunt lips to life.

Diana mooed and cooed , “Oohhh!!, Ohh!!, Ohhh goddd!!” as her head shook left and right

“Like that, huh.” he asked softly. Her head shook no, but her eye’s and the lift of her hips

and arched back, as his tongue raked her pussy, gave her away. At the next high point of her body, Jim plunged his tongue hard into her wet cunt. “Aaahheeiiwhhh.” she shutter. This wild woman skewered on his tongue would now even fuck a gulls beak, he could do what he wished with her now, he rubbed her wet pussy with his hand and gathered some of her juice, then slid his strong hand under her ass and began rimming around her ass hole. “Aaaggghhh” she moaned as she rolled her hips and arched her back. Then Jim, stopped a half inch out of her ass hole , slammed the finger up as far as possible into her tight hole in one motion. “Uuuggghhh, oh Hera,O, God!! Nooo. She shrieked. His hand held her down, his head into her cunt and the frantic goddess was nailed to the bed .Diana yanked at her bounds, her back lifted from the bed, but for all her strength all her passion and lust filled body ,she was crucified on the end of his tongue, and the finger up her ass hole. “Uuuggghhhh, ssoooo gooodd...yesss ....yesssss owwwww gods.” she sighed ,as the contractions ripped through her loins. “Uggh, Uggh”she whimper , and Diana ceased all movements and lay exhausted. Sweat on her body, her tits rising as she panted for breath.

Jim pulled his tongue from her hole slowly. He raised up and moved forward above her still body. He positioned himself slowly and deliberately above her cunt. He leaned forward and kissed her hard on the lips and she tasted her juices on his mouth. She kissed back with passion.

Diana wanted to mate. Jim left her lips and whispered . “My turn now missy!” as he rubbed the cock head along her wet and now very hot cunt. “Owwwww.” she sighed ... “But you gotta tell me ” he taunted, as he inserted just the tip of his cock head. “Ooowwwww.” was her only response. He stopped moving, “ Tell me now cunt , or I stop now!!!!” he snared .

“ P P Put it in me ,ppleaseee”she whispered

Jim smirked, “ She’s mine now,” he whispered, as he pressed his cock in a little deeper into her pussy. “Owww, yes..yes, go ahead and fuck me.”she wheezed. “ Not yet missy,” as he pulled out of her. “No! No!, put it back in ,please.” she sighed .Diana was now panting, her tit’s rising and falling. “You want it that bad missy? Then you do it, you put it in .”Diana sunk another notch lower in her humiliation, as she lowered her bound wrist and grabbed his now slick cock between her hands, and guided his spear to her cunt lips. “Ah,ah, there,” she lifted her hips off the bed and slide Jim half into her. “Please, please , now fuck me.” she pleaded. “Ok missy,

Now I’ll take over.” Once , twice, and then the head squeezed home, he drove his body down and pushed the huge fleshy spike to the hilt in one plunge. Diana’s head went back as she yelled , “Uuuggghhhrrrrggghhh.”and pushed up to meet his plunge. “God!!, you are tight you bitch.” as he drew out some, then shoved back in . “Uugh, ugh, ugh,” as Diana began pushing back. Jim continued slowly, in and out , in and out. Diana arched her back and thrust back up into Jim’s spear. “Uugh, slurp, uggh, slurp, ugh, slurp.” as she fucked back. Jim lowered to her lips and drove his tongue into her mouth and the two lust filled adults dueled with their tongues. “Mmmmmmmm”she cooed.. Jim now grabbed a tit and pinched her rock hard nipple. “Ggghhh.”

She sighed . “Uugh, ugh ,ugh, fuck me you bastard, deeper ,,harder.” Jim knew he was close, never has a woman made him feel this kind of passion.

“Ahh,ahh, he stroked her long, deep, and slow. Diana felt her pussy sending tingles up her spine. Her stomach was tingling again , she was building to another orgasm, and she knew she wanted it, and sank to yet another level. Diana raised her bound wrists and dropped them over Jim’s head, and pulled his lips to her’s and gave him a kiss of passion like no man has ever felt before. “Mmmmmmmm” she hummed into his mouth and again began a duel of tongues with his . Jim grabbed her head and kissed back, mashing her lips. “Mmmm”,he moaned . “Uugh ,ugh, slurp, ugh, slurp,” as the pair increased their speed. “Ahh, ahh,” wheezed Jim. “Uugh, ugh ,ugh. Pushed Diana.

Then Jim let his control relay and within seconds he could feel the mainspring of climax winding in his gut. Now he fucked slowly , deliberately , building tension in his balls . He continued to saw his long thick cock in and out of her beautiful pussy. He was half raised off her body so he could watch his cock disappear and reappear , wet and wanting .Jim’s gut felt the surge was near, but Diana charged first, as she surged up into his cock, “Ohh!! Oh my god, I’m gonna cum,,,fuck..fuck..I’m gonna cum,,FUCK ME YOU BASTARD..FUCK ME HARD, DEEPER, Eeeeiiiiaaahhhggghh”her eye’s closed. It began, the wild race of hot liquid from his balls up the underside of his swollen cock to the fat shiny head and out, out into the warm waiting pussy. “Ahhhssss.” he pressed in deep and hard and held still as the cock gushed into her.

“ Oh gods!!Ahhggghhh, I’m cumming again.” her eye’s burst open and her toes curled. Then Diana slumped and lay still, her bound wrists still around his neck. When Jim’s body had stilled, he kissed her gently on the lips, and whispered into her ear. “That was love making Diana, not fucking for sex.”Diana turned her head away. Then he pulled the pillow from beneath her hips, drew her into his strong arms and rolled her body still tightly connected to his, his cock still screwed to her, and they lay side by side in the night and slept.

Diana was awake, the next morning when nick pinched a needle in her butt. “Ouch! What was that?” she asked wide eyed. “That was your daily booster.” nick chuckled. Then Louie entered the room and asked if the chick can help some with chores in the kitchen? “ Up now babe, do as your told and everything will be fine.”said Nick. “Can you untie me ? Asked Diana as she held her wrists out. Anything is better than these ropes .” Nick looked sternly at her , “ No deal babe, ropes stay, and did you say anything was better ?”as he leered at her . Diana just stared at him, “ Well almost anything.” as she walked to the kitchen, and started doing dishes, then cleaned pots, doing anything to keep her busy and try to find a way to escape. She needed time to plan. From where she stood , she could just see to the open sea. She studied the narrow slit, but there was nothing to see but a thin strip of blue water. No wait! There was something moving in her line of vision, the bow of a boat, a good sized boat. She could make out a flash of figures.

Figures in white uniforms, “ Of course” she thought, It was a Coast Guard Patrol Boat.

Diana noted the time as 11:30. Thoughts of escape or rescue pounded wildly in her head. Now she needed a way to set up a signal, but she needed to remain free. She couldn’t keep the smile from her lips, as she realized too that Louie had been eyeing her suspiciously all the while.

“I still it’s a waste of time going out every day and pulling them god damn nets skipper.”

Growled Nick. “What you say Jim, we don’t go out tomorrow?” Diana listened carefully. “Nope, we turn out as usual ‘bout 8:00.” Diana moved about the table, working slowly. She wanted to hear all she could. Suddenly a hand was working on her breast, squeezing on a nipples. She gasped as she pulled and turned away. “Gonna’ have that for desert, I am.” nick chuckled. “ so hurry up with yer chores, I’m getten’ tired of waiting.”

Across the table, Louie’s eye’s snapped fire. He’d fix that busty bitch yet, he’d fix her fucking ass but good. Diana decided there would be no more talking about fishing tomorrow.

Jim’s word was law, and there were a lot of dirty dishes to be done and she was glad for that. It would postpone the trip upstairs and the loathsome night with Nick the Greek. “ Hurry back honey baby, I’m saving this desert for ya.” as Nick grabbed his crouch. As Diana looked out the window, as she finished all her chores, she could see the sun ready to set and call it a day.

Then she felt a hand on her shoulder as she turned to see Jim. She felt a chill from his touch. A nice chill.” Common’ missy, it’s that time.” and continued to lead Diana up the steps to Nick’s room. “You really going to let Nick do this to me ?” Diana asked .Jim looked her in her eye’s, grabbed her by her shoulders , “ No choice missy, I have to ” He then pushed her in and locked the door. Hi! Sweety, replied Nick, “ been wait’en on ya .”

Diana leaned back against the locked door, and watched with horror as Nick began to remove his clothing. “ Yep! This gonna be a night you remember.” as he yanked his pants off the set free his big cock. He stroked the head of his cock with his hand, “ Come here baby ” then crooked his finger at her . “ I wonna see those Gorgon tits of yers again.” Diana didn’t move.

Louie had worked Nick over good last night, like never before. The little fag had done it deliberately so he couldn’t get a hard on for the girl, the bastard. “ I said come here woman.” his voice now harsh. Diana knew she had to do this no matter what repulsion she felt. She walked to within three feet of the nude man. “ C loser baby, I can’t reach ya out there .” Diana moved to within two feet. He crooked his finger his finger and she was a foot away. “Uh , huh.” he nodded “ It should just about fit .”

Diana had a feeling of cold sweat breaking out all over her forehead. She hoped he didn’t mean, ..but he did as he pointed to the floor, “On your knees baby, lets wake up the monster.”

She sank to her knees and sat back on her heels. Nick awed her beauty, which couldn’t be hidden even in the candle lite room. Mother of God, It was going to be a long night . Nick stepped forward to straddle her knees slightly, gaging the distance so that her mouth would just meet the head of his cock. It was about two inches too high. He splayed his feet some . “Ahh, just right.” he grinned as Diana moved her head to one side , to avoid contact. “ Ok honey baby , he’s all yours . Lets see how good you really are!!” Diana turned her head even further away, almost ready to gag. Nick cuffed her beside the head. “You wonna play games baby? I know lots of games. Which one you wonna start with ? How about this one ? Nick grabbed an ear in each hand and twisted upward.. “Owwggghh” cried Diana in excruciating pain. He turned her face to his loins, then shoved his heavy hips forward , mashing the flaccid cock against her lips ., and again the Princess of Amazons refused to open her mouth.

Once again the strong hands twisted her ears, and she cried out in pain “Oohh! Sstopp.”

Nick leered, “Open baby, open fer daddy.” Diana’s mouth parted slightly. Another twist and it yawned open. He gazed at the open mouth in front of him, then very carefully he raised up on his toes and dangled his limp cock over the center of her mouth and lowered himself down off his toes , his cock settling in her mouth. Diana made no move . “ Now, we can do this one of two ways, baby,” he threatened “ You can get with it and suck my cock, and we’ll get on with the rest of it, or I can tie you down across that bed and do the same thing the hard way. Name yer poison.”

Diana felt the fight suddenly drain out of her. She closed her lips over the soft cock and listlessly poked with her tongue. She needed time so as to signal the Coast Guard. Nick watched the raven haired beauty as her head began to bob up and down his cock. “Ahh! Better baby, much better .” Nick took a hand from her head and began working one of her tits firmly. His prick was coming to life. With his other hand on her head , he began a rhythmatic pumping of his lower body. He could feel the white teeth against the bottom of his cock. “Mmmmm, good baby, rub it good.” as he pumped a little faster, and his hand continued to play with her tits and her nipples.

Her lips slid over it’s full length with each plunge forward . Diana was gagging and choking on some of his deep thrusts. Nick grinned , “good , baby good, the monsters getten’ to yer now .”

Nick wanted her to swallow his cum like Louie did. He closed his eye’s as he pumped in and out of her mouth. He moved a hand down and passed it over her pussy lips. “Mmmm” she moaned as she pulled her hips back some. Nick knew she was wet. He slowed his thrusts and began the long slow grind home .

Diana was trying not to choke on the now huge monster in her throat. It wasn’t fat , but long. The cock pushed against the back of her throat and slid down the sensitive passage of her throat. Diana was feeling other things too, a tingle in her stomach and lower body. She knew she was wet and the feelings she has felt before. Her head was now bobbing up and down his cock freely.. “How can I be enjoying this .” raced in her mind . Each time the cock reached her throat, she would have to swallow, or choke, and she knew the flexing of her throat muscles was going to be her downfall. He moaned each time she swallowed, “ Mmmm, baby mmmm.” Her contractions were milking him. He pulled out and coated her lips with pre cum. She could taste the beginning of the end. He painted her lips like applying lipstick . His other hand was rolling her nipples on her tit’s . Diana was now panting as her excitement was growing. This monster bastard had her ready for mating. Her pussy was hot and craving for a cock to fill her and put out the fires of passion in her . “Mmmmm, slurp, slurp, slurp..” as she sought out his cock and plunged onto it again of her own accord . “ God she is sexy.” thought Nick. As Diana was now sucking him to give him pleasure. “Don’t go hungry baby , go ahead..eat it ..enjoy it , eat it

good.” He swirled his hips and rubbed his finger tips across her pussy, her sloppy wet pussy that was on fire . “Aaahhhggghhhh.” she sighed and sucked harder. “ Eat it baby, eat it.” he cooed,

“ An when it’s ready to cum, I want you to suck, suck it real hard, harder than yer’doe’n now, when it cums suck it clean off my cock. Hea?”

Diana couldn’t say anything, but she nodded her head. His fingers playing with her pussy had her hips grinding to meet his hand, wanting more . She thought about begging for him to enter her and give her relief too. Nick sensed her arousal, and now played his game too. He slowed his fingers and Diana moaned , “ Mmmm, noo, no.” and sucked him harder. Then he stroked he pussy lips again. Diana got the message, suck hard , I stroke .Diana looked into his eye’s and sucked hard, “ Yes baby yes, yer mine now .” Diana felt his loins twitch. It was beginning. Oh God, he was going to empty into her mouth, down her throat. Could she do it ? Will she do it ? Nick felt the twitch too. He knew it was close too. He slowed his thrusts . He wanted to feel every bit of his cum to the end of his cock. Then he pushed down her throat, here it comes, he thought , here it comes

He could feel the hot semen rushing out of his balls and up the bottom of his long cock.

Then he timed his move perfectly, and shoved three fingers up into Diana pussy and slammed and pumped hard . “Eeeeeiiiiaahhhggghhh,,,,god I’m cumming, cummmming” she screamed as the orgasm ripped through her. He stopped all motion, his cock down her throat, her head held still. “Aaaaggghhhuuhh.” he yelled , “Suck it baby, suckkk it goodddd, suck you bitch suck.”

Diana sucked , and sucked hard too, as she lowered her arms under his ass and with bound hands pulled him from the ass into her mouth hard, and sucked, and sucked . She hated herself, but she wanted it . Now that he was cumming in her mouth she wanted it and swallowed it too.

SHE WANTED IT . She sucked at the long cock and swallowed it’s gushing waves of hot cum and moaned , “Mmmm, slurp, slurp, slurp, and sucked even harder, turning her head left and right. Her arms still under him holding him as tightly against her working mouth as possible .

“Suck you whore , suck.” Diana not only sucked him dry, but continued lick and clean off his spent cock. “Good baby good, now do the balls and my ass hole too.” Without any hesitation, Diana went under him and licked his balls and began to rim his ass. “Ugggg. Baby yessss., we gonna have us a long nite.”

Diana awoke the next morning, but this time in Nicks bed, and again tied to the head board. She rolled some to the side and felt she might be sick as she remembered the things she did with this sick monster of a man. She knew now those needles had drugs and aphrodisiac’s in them. She would never do those things on her own. Her pussy lips felt raw and swollen still. She had to get off this island and bring back Wonder Woman to deal with this scum. Joe entering the room broke her thoughts. He began to loosen the rope from the head board, and was preparing her needle. “Must you?” asked Diana . “ Bosses order’s chickee baby , see him .” Finished, Joe led her down stairs to start her chores. She needed to find a way to get away from Louie. Diana buzzed through her chores and finished everything that needed to be done. She walked out the front door and began to sweep off the long wide porch. She had to know where Louie was. She walked to the end and , YES!! There he was mending the fishing nets , as big Jim had told him to do at breakfast. “Better hurry that along.” said Jim. “Ya never know when we might need them.”

“Hell Jim, with twenty- five million in gold we could buy a whole boat load of nets, even six boat fulls!!” grumbled Louie. “That may be true, but,” Jim paused, “what if that jap boat doesn’t show up? We’re right back to hauling lobsters.”gruffly Louie yelled “It’s gonna show up. quit say’n that .” Diana had heard more than she expected, “Hmm, a jap boat, these have to be the smugglers we were searching for.” She knew she had to hurry. She was bare naked and bare footed, and the rocky climb was cutting her up. Being bound didn’t help much either. It was taking longer than she had anticipated to climb the sheer cliff. Her watch showed 10:53, seven minuets, she was almost there. Diana sank lower behind the windbreak of rock, and looked out to sea. It was time, her watch read 11:00.

Diana clutched tightly the broom handle and cloth for a make shift flag, this being all she could think of to attract the Patrol Boat. She would have to raise it high and hope a sailor aboard would see the flag or a naked woman waving it. Her watch now read 11:25, and still no boat. Her hand shaded her eye’s from the bright sun. the watch now read 11:45....

Defiantly late now , thought Diana,.as a sound behind her made her jump and whirl around. The sound of a match being struck against a rock. Jim sheltered the flame of the match from the wind as he lite a cigarette. Diana leaned back against the rock, and the broomstick with the tablecloth flag fell from her hands and rolled over the edge of the sheer cliff. “Shit! Shit! Shit!” she cried, her eye’s showing a little fear.

“You aught’n to had done that .” his voice was quiet, too quiet, and smelled of violence.

“Sure hadn’t aught’a done that .” Diana trembled some. She had been so careful to stay in his favor, hoping he would somehow protect her, but that was now gone too.

Diana’s arms ached and her feet were numb. The ropes pulled her hard up against the cane chair back. She had been tied to the chair for several hours now. She shook the flies from her head and listened to the men talking . “Hell’s fire skipper, can’t we just take her with us on the Queen?” Jim slammed his hand on the table, “She tried to get away once, what’s to stop her from trying it again?” Nick rose and said , “ We been yakking it over for an hour, what are we gonna do with her skipper ?” Joe grunted , “Don’t see why we can’t use her pussy til we’re safe.”

“I have a suggestion.” said Louie. Everyone turned to Louie and the room went silent .

“Well, spit it out Louie .” said Jim. “Sure skipper, it’s simple, just include her in the deal with the chink’s, they’ll tame her ass, and we’re otta it .”Silence fell. “Yea Skipper, we fuck her good first, then sell her off to the to the slant eye’s.” said Joe. Jim pondered a second or two, looked into the room where Diana was tied, “Ok, done, but she stay’s healthy and unharmed .”

Diana had gambled and lost. Her only hope now was to chance getting the ropes off of her. She willed her mind to do their bidding meekly and hope for one of them to make a mistake .

Jim and the other’s entered the room, “Untie her from the chair and see what we can work up. Leave the hands bound. Maybe we can work on a double fuck now too.”smiled Jim. Joe walked over and set about cutting her free from the chair. Diana felt his hands slide across her naked shoulders and pause on a tit . He leaned over the chair and opened his mouth onto the other tit and sucked on the nipple. He sucked , and sucked hard .Diana willed her mind to feel nothing.

“ Stand up,”said Jim. She didn’t move fast enough, “I said stand up!!” Diana ross to her feet and stood naked but proud, before these men. Big Jim took Diana in his arms, held her nude body tight against the rough cloth of his clothes, and dropped his face over hers . His lips covered hers and he forced his tongue deep in her mouth. He kissed her passionately for a long time, mauling deep thrusts and drinking in the sweet taste of her, yet it was an impersonal passion, hot, full of physical need, yet ,he was like a great sexual machine driving his excess into her, a robot in a cold world full of empty cunts..Nick looked away from the struggling woman , and then towards Joe, who was already out of his clothes and short stroking his enormous cock. “Come on Jim,” Nick whined “This was supposed to be a three- way, remember?”

“ We can’t even reach nothin’ with her tight up against you.” Joe remarked .Jim slowly raised his mouth from hers and Diana gasped for breath, her huge chest heaving. He pushed her naked body from his arms and she almost stumbled. Nick and Joe haggled over her body in lewd terms and loud voices. “What the hell difference does it make? If yer gonna double fuck her, both yer goddam cocks are gonna be in ‘er!”

“Yeah, but there’s four of us, what about that ?”said Nick. “Four, hell, Louie ain’t interested in no girl, are ya Louie?” Louie shook his head violently, “No, no.” Diana forced her eye’s away from the little man, but Louie was conscious of the hands at every entry of her body. One man stood behind her, his hands around her body, holding her by her tit’s, rolling the nipples to hardness between his fingers. Another had his hand on her now wet pussy and worked a finger in and out of her, while his other hand was rimming her ass hole, causing her to pant loudly .Diana was getting heated up already.

She shuttered at the invasion of their fingers, here , there and everywhere. “This ain’t working out very good .” complained Joe. “Yeah, your right.”Nick agreed. “What we doin’ wrong ?” “Well for one thing, If you both quit grab-assing long enough to get her up on a bed , ya might be able to get to it.” said Jim. “He’s right ya know! Never thought about that, I’m kinda new at this group crap.” grinned Joe. “Yeah, me too Joe.” said Nick, as he loosened his finger from Diana’s ass hole and slowly, reluctantly, rolled his other hand away from between her legs with a pop. Diana’s body sagged in relief. “Common chickee-baby,” Joe grinned, his arm around her naked shoulder and his hand still squeezing a tit. “Let’s go find us a bed, where we can really get down to the action.” He propelled her toward the door. The four men surrounded the bed on which Diana lay, naked and ready. Louie stood behind Nick staring first at her open pussy, and then at the men who were about to use her. She was indeed a goddess, a woman of pure beauty.

Nick nodded toward her open legs, “ It’s smorgasbroad .” the laughter was loud and slurred.

“Well you guys can play pinch titty if you want to but I ain’t gonna stand around no restaurant without tasting the meat.”Nick fell to his knees before the foot of the bed and leaned across between her legs until his mouth was aimed at her V. Diana closed her eye’s and clamped her jaws. It had begun. She knew when Nick buried his head between her legs, it would trigger the animal passions of the others. In seconds, she would be ravaged and raped and gang banged.

She had promised herself last night after the debasing hours with Nick, that she would close her mind and keep control of herself. But she had no way of knowing the extent of the drugs that were in her system now, perhaps in this way she would not react to the awful stimulation of their open mouths and heated huge cocks. She was ashamed, this time , she promised herself she would not think, she would not feel. Big Jim watched Nicks hungry mouth at work, suck and release, suck and release. Diana lay still, Nick was warming to his task. He had slid his arms under Diana’s spread eagle legs and pulled her into comfortable contact with his eager mouth. All he had to do was lean forward an inch, an inch, and he could rub his nose in it . He knew the others were watching him, but what the hell, sides’ he kinda got to like the taste of her pussy last night. Nick leaned closer and breathed deep. He kissed the ruffled pubic folds. It felt damp and mossy soft. Her whole cunt was like a dew dampened flower that would open wide under the heat of his body. He wanted to drink her nectar, he opened his mouth and leaned forward that last inch. “Ohh goddd.” Diana thought, “I can’t ..I must not feel.” Diana moved beneath Nicks demanding mouth, fighting against spasms which were beginning to thrill her unwilling body .Nick was burring his long tongue in her cunt .The contractions were beginning in Diana’s stomach again. Nick debated with himself, should he suck her off?? No! no! The bitch is fighting it, she’d probably go wild-ass mad if they double fucked her and that would be good too. Yeah! That might be even more fun . He sucked at her slit, once ,twice, then raised his head and grinned at his companions. “She was cumming, why’d ya stop ya dumb prick?” Joe growled “Time to double fuck the bitch.” said Nick. “ H ow’s the best way to go about this .?” All three were looking at Louie, none really expecting an answer. “Who want’s the bottom? Nick asked , grabbing Diana and pulling her upright. “Jim you ?..Joe?” the two men shrugged their shoulders

“Your stacking the deck Greek, what do you suggest?” Jim asked. “Well, now that you asked me, I see it this way. Joe’s got the biggest cock”, nick began, Joe’s the biggest around too, and there may not be room enough for two cocks in’er if one of em’ is his. So why don’t you and I double fuck her Jim, and Joe can get a blow job? How’s that sound ?”

“Ok with you Joe?” Jim asked. “Yeah sure, I ain’t never had her that way yet, anyway, so I’d be pleasured to feed her at both ends.”Jim nodded. And moved into position on the bed . He lay full length on the bed on his back. His long cock thrust high over his loins. He nodded at Nick, who swung Diana around by her shoulders and pushed her toward the bed. “ Mount It honey babe , and lets get this show going.” Nick urged. “You know, sit down over it.” Numbly

Diana obeyed, she straddled Jim’s lean tan body and sat poised uncomfortably above his knees .

“You can’t cut the mustard down there gorgeous.” Jim crooked his finger. “ Come here!”

Diana knew better to refuse. She knee walked slowly up astride his body on her knees until her cunt was directly over the tall cock that sprang between her legs. She felt his hands on her waist, pulling her undersides, pushed and slid easily into place between the swollen cunt lips. She gasped at his touch. “Ggghhhee” the opening was wet and ready. She began to hate herself for it

Jim’s big hands held her hips firmly possissioned astride his upright cock, and with phenomenal strength of his arms , he moved her body up and down just enough to press the massive head of his prick in and out of her pussy. “Mmmmahhh”she moaned in her throat. He bounced her lightly up and down so that the lips, which moments ago spread over Nicks face, now spread over the head of his cock, swallowing it again and again. The watching men licked their lips and waited for him to drive the spear home. Jim wanted this beauty to remember this fuck forever, he wanted her tamed. With a sudden pull downward, Jim shoved his throbbing cock hard up into her yielding cunt, the now hot and lusty, sloppy wet pussy swallowed it whole, and would beg for more. Jim’s cock had broken Diana. “Ei..ei..Aaaggggghhhh..Ei..ei.”she screamed as the cock drove up to the hilt in her pussy. Her fists clenched, she was feeling again , but didn’t care. Her eye’s were glazed and she chewed her lower lip as her hips ground rapidly over his cock. Diana now wanted everything they were doing to her . She was lost in a sea of lust and passion and they were just beginning .Jim smiled knowingly , “Shove a good hard cock in their pussy, and they all purr like fucking pussy sluts.” Diana knew she failed.,the fire in her belly and the itch in her pussy had taken her reasoning. She knew she would fail when that Greek’s hungry mouth touched her pussy and sucked. She was ready to do anything they wanted when he stopped. She was ready to cum when he moved away. Her body was in spasms when he stopped, and left her wanting, wanting everything.

Now, impaled on Jim’s spike hard cock, she knew she would be satisfied. Shamed by her own primitive reactions, she knew she wanted his cock, and wanted if badly. She would beg if need be Diana’s lust was driving her to new passionate heights now, “Ugghh,.ughh,..ughh,” she grunted as she rocked back and forth over the stiff cock. She didn’t notice the gesture behind her back when Nick motioned Jim to pull her forward. When the strong arms pulled her down over his body, she bent willingly and planted her lips on Jim’s in a wild kiss. “Mmmmmmm” she moaned. “Mmmmmhhhh.” She felt the hard cock pressing and pushing against her insides, then gradually bending from it’s base to allow her to lay forward, her tits ground into Jim’s chest. Her nipples were rock hard. “Ohhhgghhh.” she moaned as the unnatural angle forced the tight hole to open wide and Diana could feel air flowing past her cunt lips. Then she felt something else. She raised her head and started to move. “No!..No!..Not that...Not there..nooo.” She wanted to resist, but Jim’s strong arms held her against his chest, and his huge cock nailed her to his loins.

Diana felt the smooth hard skin of Nick’s hungry cock poking at her ass hole, as his thumbs spread her ass cheeks.

“Noo!..Nooo!...please...nooo!” She pleaded and struggled, but Jim held her tight. She could feel Nick’s stubby fingers prying her buttocks apart, “Please,..please don’t do this. Noo!..no!” she begged.. “ Jim, Jim...I beg you ...stop him. Stop him ...please!!!! she pleaded. “Jim, anything, but please stop himmmm. She sobbed. She could feel the cool air move across the puckered ass hole. Diana tensed, but the probing fingers slid past and paused at her back door, feeling , checking it’s size. “OOOWWWwwwww.” she sighed.. Then Jim took her face in his hands and opened his mouth to allow his eager tongue to enter. “Mmmmmmm” Jim moaned into her mouth. Totally tamed now by this man, Diana reacted to his kiss, and opened her mouth to his and allowed his tongue to duel hers, “Mmmmmhhhh” she sighed back. She mashed her lips to his. It would only be moments before the need for sexual release would drive her mad upon his body, and she would know no shame in her contortions for self satisfaction. She was going wild with lust and passion. She sucked his tongue as it was a cock in her mouth. “Uugghh..uuggh...ugh..fuck...fuck..fuck me hard ,Jim. ugh...ugh...harddd.” she panted

Then she felt the new intruder, Nick’s long hard cock was knocking at her back door. She let the sweet tongue lay still in her mouth, and for a moment, thought only of the hard cock pressing into her body. “Ohh god...ohh god it hurts..it hurts... take it out .please ..take it outtt” she screamed aloud. Her ass would split open from the cock. “Owwww...please..nooo” but the cock pushed harder and half was in her rectum. “Ggggrrrrhhhh” she grunted. “ Relax some Diana, let it happen , relax your ass muscles.” cooed Jim in her ear. Nick eased out some, and Diana relaxed some at the same time. Then Nick pushed in again hard, sending his cock to the hilt up her ass hole. “GGGHHHAAAHHHH.” she yelled and pounded her bound hands on Jim’s chest. Nick paused to let her get used to the cock in her shit chute, then nodded to Jim, who started to again fuck her pussy. Diana sighed some, “Ahhhh” and slumped forwards some and squeezed on Jim’s cock again. “Uuhhhgggg.” she moaned. Now Nick started moving too, slow and easy. Her head went up again , but not from pain, from more tingling. The two cocks were now moving and fuckng her in a rhythm and her tiny opening was stretching to the long cock .as it made it’s way up her ass hole. The two cocks inside her at once was thrilling her now, driving her deeper into lust and passion. “Uugghhh...ugghh...slurp, slurp..harder and harder...the three fucked with passion. Sweat dripped from Diana’s brow, her body glistened. “Harder...fuck me harder...deeper...ohhhh god I want to cummm.” she pleaded “Uugghh slurp...slurp” Now Nick pulled almost all the way out, stopped...paused, then slammed it home all the way and his balls slapped against Jim’s ass. “Ggh...Ggh...Ggh.Aaaiiiieeeegghhuuuhhhh” Diana screamed as she came with a vengeance. The ass fuck brought her to orgasm, one like she never had in her life.

Nick had to hold tight to stay in her ass, she bucked so hard. Diana fell on Jim’s lips and kissed him with a passion he never felt before. “God, this woman is a wonder to believe, she’s so fucking hot and sexy.” as he kissed her back. Jim and Nick continued to fuck her, as her orgasm eased some . Her ass and cunt squeezed both cocks. Every inch of her was full of hard cock, packed hard and tight in every crevice. She could feel the hungry throb of their cocks from both holes. Never has Diana ever felt this way. She was in a sexual bliss. “Ohhh god....you bastards...fuck me...fuck meee..hard...deep, gotta feel more, don’t stop you bastards ,...don’t stop, Uugh...slurp...ughh, slurp, oggggg yess.” It was too wonderful to describe. She never wanted this feeling to ever stop. She felt she wasn’t getting enough. Somehow she needed more.

. Diana raised up on her arms to get more leverage, she needed more movement from these great cocks which stabbed at both her holes. “Ugh..uh..ugh ...slurp...slurp...ugh..more...more.” she pleaded. Joe had been waiting for just such an opportunity . He had watched Diana straddle the skipper and sink down over his tall hard cock and swallow it whole into her wet pussy. He had watched Nick open her ass cheeks apart and shove his long cock up into her ass hole, sinking it clear to the hilt, with her loving it. He had watched , intrigued ,as this beautiful woman, who hated their guts, surrendered to the thrill of the passion and lust they were giving her. She was moving, sliding her tight body, and pumping her tight pussy up and down Jim’s hard cock, and then pushing back to milk Nick’s cock that was up her ass hole causing her orgasms. She screamed obscenities, she begged for more, she orgasmed and continued to fuck. This woman was mad with sex and passion .Joe watched and came to realize it was the drugs they were giving her daily. “Shit, this bitch could die here on us. Will we kill her with sex ?” She was so wet with her passion, her fluids occasionally dripped liquid out of her cunt to run across Jim’s body. Joe grinned happily. She was so goddam hot and horny now she’d fuck a gulls beak. Joe stepped up to the bed and carefully placed a bare foot on each side of Jim’s broad shoulders. He lifted Diana’s body with both hands so she rested on her bound wrists and her head was between Joe’s legs by his huge cock. He watched her hour glass figure of a body move over their cocks. “Ugh..ugh ..slurp, slurp ugh” , working hard to fuck hard, and she never even paused when he held her face in his hands and offered his thick stubby cock to her lips. “Slurp,..slurp”..as she fucked Jim’s cock... “Ugh...ugh..ugh”....as she pushed back to Nicks cock up her ass. “Fuck me.

Fuck mee! She cooed “ More cock... more cock you bastards..fuck me ..need more cock..fuck meee.” Diana was lost in a sea of lust and passion and still needed more. “Gawd, !!” said Joe. “This broad is really turned on, look at her fuck these guys brains out...she may kill them!!”

Diana saw the huge hard cock before her and never hesitated as she open her mouth and plunged down on Joe’s cock., and sucked it into her hot buttery slick mouth “Mmmmnnhhhaaa” as she sucked. “Oooommmmhmmmm, good...good”..she hummed on his cock It felt good!. Her mouth slick as butter rubbed up and down, her hot tongue licked over his cock with quick dart strokes .Diana needed to be a slut, she dropped the cock from her mouth and lowered her head and began to lick Joe’s ass hole. “Gggghhhaaaa” he groaned. “ Owww, you slut bitch .he groaned

her tongue went up his ass hole. “GGGHHHAAA” you whore slut” he moaned. Then she rose and plunged on his cock again and pushed her head to his hairy stomach, his huge cock buried deep into her throat. “Mmmmm...ugh..ugh..slurp...slurp .ggghhhaaaa” Diana was now a fucking , sucking machine to three cocks at once. Joe was gonna have trouble, real trouble, holding back with this sex goddess, never did he ever see a woman so possessed with sex and passion like this broad. Deliberately, he squeezed a few drops of pre cum into her mouth, and she whimpered at the taste. “Mmmmmmm”and began sucking hard, then sucking for all she was worth on his aching cock.

At the foot of the bed Louie was nearly out of his mind. The scene before him was maddening. He rubbed his small hand over his small cock and sobbed deep in his throat. He needed Nick. He watched Nicks brown ringed hole wink as he fucked Diana’s ass. Louie ran his hand over Nick’s ass gently. Nick’s fucking of Diana’s ass continued. Louie poked a finger into nick’s little hole, “Get away from me you little bastard” Nick growled. At the sound of Nicks voice, Joe’s eye’s saw the situation. He grinned, arched his back and thrust his cock even further forward into Diana’s slurping mouth, “slurp....slurp...slurp”

Louie slid off the edge of the bed, his pride crushed. Tears welled in his eye’s. “ Nick, let me just rub it against ya, just rub it against yer hip, that’s all I need”. Nick didn’t answer, he was now pushing his cock to the hilt up Diana’s ass as she pushed back to meet his thrusts. “Harder Nick..harder and deeper...make it hurt lover.”Diana wheezed. Louie looked at Joe “ you Joe, will you help me?” pleaded Louie. “But out kid, can’t ya see we’re busy fuckin the classiest broad to set foot on this rock, ya dumb bastard.” Louie buried his head in his hands and sobbed. Diana was only vaguely aware of Louie’s need. She was aware only of the uncontrollable thrashing of her own sex crazed body. These four were all one big sex organ all pushing all fucking, all sucking at each other. “Ohhhhhh’s, Aaaaahhhh’s , Ugh’s , Ugh’s, and slurp’s slurp’s” were all the sounds. All the cocks in the world were threaded into her body. All the terrible need in the world was pinned up within her. A lust and passion filled her like never before. “Uugh...uugh...slurp...slurp....uugh.” on and on she fucked and sucked like a slut and high classed hooker. They had tamed her to their whims

A fire burned in her womb, scalding hot and dreadful. It would burn her to death if she didn’t put it out with their sperm. She was nailed to the cross of her passion, and she was burning at the stake, burning ,....burning. Beneath her Jim was pounding harder and harder into her wet sloppy pussy. “Yess! Jim...fuck me good..Uugh...uggh..slurp..slurp..”she cooed , as his long strokes were stoking Diana’s lust for more. Nick was pounding the smaller tighter hole. “Uugh..uggh..Owwww..Nick..fuck my ass you Greek god...fuck it deep you bastard...make me cummmm.uggh..ugh.” Nick pounded, in and out, in and out. Her pleading was increasing the action of the two cocks between her legs, nearly driving Diana insane with desire ,lust and passion. Diana raised herself onto her elbows and slammed her head up and down Joe’s cock now again in her mouth, she pushed down so hard her his cock was in her throat and her face pressed against his hairy body. Mmmm....ahhmmm“ she moaned on his cock. Turning her head left and right, she was sliding his fat steel hard cock across her tongue, faster and faster, sucking at it’s juicy slit with each plunge. Droplets of salty liquid slipped out on her tongue and she swallowed eagerly. “Here it comes chickee-baby”.he panted. “Suck you slut..suck hard..suck hard you cocksucker....suck mee harddd....Ahhhgggghhhh.” From beneath the split of Joe’s heavy legs, Jim watched Diana’s eager mouth nursing the fat cock. He saw Joe’s heavy sac contract and jerk and knew the sperm was racing for her mouth. The sight of the man pumping his cum into her mouth started his own race for release and he felt the scalding hot sperm shoot up his cock and explode in short blasts into her hot wet cunt. The Greek Nick, seeing Jim’s cock shoot off up her cunt, froze in her ass on one deep thrust and showered her shit chute with a gush of hot cum. He could feel the hot sperm spreading like hot grease in a frying pan in her ass. .Diana’s guts were on fire and the walls of her womb jerked with the terrible pleasure..pains of passion. “Ohhhhggghhh God...fuck me ....fuck me hard....must cum, you bastards are killing me.

Uugh....uggh..slurp..slurp..Uhhh!!!!fuck me hard” Suddenly, three giant burning cocks were pounding inward and the searing hot sperm entered her body at every opening. Her thirsty pussy gulped up the milky stringy liquid like a dry desert and her mouth hungrily sucked at Joe’s man-tit cock, until it’s last drop oozed forth on her tongue, and she swallowed and swallowed , and swallowed, then continued to suck, to lick, and clean off this rod of passion. “Slurp...slurp...slurp” Then came the spasms of her own climax. Diana’s head lifted from Joe’s cock and her back arched and her head fell back.

It hit like a terrible storm, “EEEeeeiiii!!!!ggghhhhhaaahhhhggg...I’m cumming...I’m cummming..you bastasds...Oooww God, ...I’m cumminggg hard...Aaahhhggggg”. Diana bucked so hard the Greek fell back, his cock popping from her ass. Time after time, after time,after time, the passion whipped her body. She looked down into Jim’s face, seeing her tamer, and with bound hands, cupped his head and leaned and gave him a kiss that could draw thunder from the skies. Her tongue showered kisses all over his face and mouth. The men held her body and helped her through the endless thrushes of her passion.

When her body finally stilled, the hands let her body sink to the bed. The limp tools slipped from her body. In seconds, she had passed out and fell asleep, drained ,yet so full, satisfied and totally exhausted. One at a time, the men stirred, hot and sweaty. They quietly ross and moved off the bed, but not before they noticed Louie on his knees by the bedside, fists clenched and tears dried on his face. The faggot stared into the wide open cunt of the sleeping beauty, starring at the cum juice which oozed from the clit between her legs, and dampened the corners of her mouth, and his own hard little knob throbbing like a button sewn to his groin.

Diana lay in bed totally humiliated, and degraded....a shameless slut. All the horrors of what she did and what she felt completely devastated her . She swallowed cum and liked it, she was double fucked and wanted more. begged for it even. These men have made her their whore, their slut, a sex slave. They have tamed her to do their bidding, and like it and want more. She knew now it had to be drugs making her do these things. She knew now what she had to fight.

She had to take back control of her mind, or lose it forever to these freaks of nature. She had to somehow get her hands and body free of these bonds and have Wonder Woman take control. Then she heard it, the sound that shattered the silence of the foggy dawn, the deep snuffle of a man clearing his nose and the rasp of callused fingers across a two day beard. Diana’s eye’s opened with fear, thinking the men were back for more sex.

The bulking figure of Joe Viviano stood beside the bed, leering down at her with blood shot eye’s, his pants and shoes were in one hand, his dirty blue plaid shirt gaped open. “You ‘wake?” he asked in a hoarse whisper. Diana didn’t answer. She didn’t move. Through the window the sky was just beginning to lighten, but here in the room it was still shadowed with night. Perhaps he would think she was asleep and go away. She tried to breath normal. He bent over and peered into her face. Was she awake or sleeping with her eye’s open, he wondered. He looked closer and realizing she was awake when her eye’s widened at his proximity to her naked body. He nudged her in the side..hard. “Answer me when I talk to you, bitch!!” he growled. “ I said you ‘wake?”

“What do you want?” she hadn’t heard the door unlocked. He must have been quiet for a reason. Maybe she could work it to her advantage. “What do you want?” Joe grinned, “ Now what do you think I’d want standing here all bare assed naked? I got me a piss hard on and I sure ain’t gonna use it for no goddam fishing pole ,baby. Specially not after last nights performance you gave me with your tongue up my ass hole. God woman you really are hot once you get turned on.” He reached down and yanked the covers back. Diana shrank from his touch, drawing her knees up to her stomach in a sub

conscience effort to hide her pussy from his searching eye’s.. “Don’t be like that, chickee-baby, all I wonna do is warm I’m up in that bake box of yours before he has to go out in the cold and go fishing” He laid his pants and shoes on the chair, the flannel shirt flopped loosely from his shoulders as he bent over, resting his weight on his short strong arms. The bed creaked beneath him.

“Straighten out those pretty long legs baby, and lets see if it’s still there after that hot session last night.” Diana drew her legs into a hunched position and didn’t move. “I said open up them legs!” he cocked his hand, ready to slap her face. Diana still wore the paint red welts of his first slap on the boat. Reluctantly, she spread her legs into a Y. “That’s better”, his eye’s were on the apex of the Y and his thick tongue whipped out to moisten his lips. “That’s much better.” He spoke without taking his eye’s from her huge breasts. “I brought ya something, chickee-baby, I brought ya something nice and fresh, I just grew it this morning.”

He had his thick cock in his hand and was sliding the foreskin back and forth, first hiding the shiny bulging head, then revealing it’s blood fed enormity. Then droplets of pre cum seeped from the stretched glans. Joe shoved his heavy hips forward and his big cock bounced just inches from her face. “Still plenty of life in the ol’ pecker, huh baby?” Then he frowned as she inched away from his swaying cock. “Don’t try and get away from me girly, ya want I should tie more than your wrists again? Like on the boat, so ya can’t get away from ol’ Joe? Ya I should, huh?”Diana shook her head. “You want I should wake the others and we do another three way fucking and sucking again ?” His lips rolled tight. “Jim’s usually got a hard on in the morning that even Louie wouldn’t wonna face, and the Greek, Ya wonna suck his cock after he fucked your ass silly ? You name it baby, and I see ya get it clean up to here!!” Joe made a motion with his finger across the hilt of his bobbing cock.

“Name yer poison chickee-baby.” as he slapped his cock in his other hand. “Name yer poison.”..... “ Don’t...don’t call the others.” she murmured in defeat. “I’ll do what you want.”

Diana then spread her hour glass figure out on the bed, waiting for him to fall on her . Joe stared at her beauty....God , she is a goddess , he thought, then snapped back to the task at hand and fell to his knees beside the bed. His big hands closed around the nearest breast and pressed at it’s base. The plump globe squeezed upward, forcing the tit to reach up towards his mouth. He carefully charted a circle of damp kisses around each breast then raised his head to stare at the hard tips on her tits. He poked at them with a stubby finger, breathed on them, pushed them with his tongue. “I’m gonna eat those things.” he muttered, “Eat them clear down to the ground.”

He opened his mouth and sucked the nearest nipple, drawing the whole mound deeper and deeper into his mouth. There was a lot left uncovered. His jaws moved up and down on the fleshy hill as he started to chew. Tears came to Diana’s eye’s, but she knew she must not cry. She tried to think of ways to distract him from pain in her breasts as he chewed on her white meat tits.

She put her bound hands on his head and ran her fingers through his hair. It worked, his head lifted from her tit and he grinned at her. “What’s the matter baby, getting to ya already?” Diana managed a sick smile, wondering if a psych. could work on this ape. It was worth a try. “Joe.” she purred in his ear. “A girl loves a big gentle man. When you’re gentle with me it really turns me on. “Like this baby, like this?” and the tongue lapped over her body. Diana shivered.,she despised this animal Joe, encouraged by the trembling , lathered about with his tongue making

wide sweeps across her stomach and moving lower and lower to wet her loins. “Oh ..No!.no!”

She thought. He was going down on her. Not that, don’t do that..anything but that, no..no. She couldn’t seem to control the terrible want in her when they did that. He pushed his tongue into the dark curls and searched for her love box. As his tongue swiped across the all feeling bud, she jumped. “Aaahhh, ohh God, feels good” He muttered something she couldn’t understand with his mouth pressed against her body, that sent the lizard like tongue into her pussy again. “Oooo God!!” she sighed as she arched her backup into his mouth.

As Joe wiggled it deeper and deeper, but not deep enough , he realized the position was awkward.. He grabbed her legs and whirled her around on the bed until he faced directly into the parted pink lips of her now sloppy wet pussy. He sucked on her cunt lips, all the while working his shoulders until one leg raised up over each shoulder and her vulnerable hips pushed up into his face and offered her pussy to his mouth. “Here pussy, pussy ,pussy” he muttered, as the hairy edges spread open and he feel in . Diana’s eye’s flew open and she brought her bound hands up to cover them. What was she doing in this hell hole with four sex crazed men, no...animals clawing at her body, and eating at her insides like wild pigs. She heard him slurping, slurping between her legs like a hog at a feed trough. Diana tugged at her bound wrists at an attempt for freedom, they held fast. She heard the horrible slurps from this animals mouth as he ate away at her pussy. Her head turned left and right as to shake away her inner pain. She couldn’t stand it any more .she couldn’t take it any more.




Joe’s head popped up, his mouth still open, the wet saliva glistening on his cheeks. He stared at her in agog. Then hate filled him as he realized he had been fooled by her soft voice.

“Okay baby.” His own voice deep with anger . “If that’s the way you want to play, okay!!!”

Diana knew she had ruined it. She would pay dearly for that out burst, her heart beating wildly.

Joe slid out from under her and pushed her head down hard on the bed. He reached for the . length of rope that hung from the bed rail. Diana kept her eye’s shut. She didn’t want to see his broken grin. She felt this was easier. She felt her arms lifted back to the bed, where they were secured tightly. “Open those baby blues slut, yer gonna see what happens to women who try to play games with Joe Viviano” he snarled. with a sarcastic sneer. He crawled over the bed and settled in a squat over her pelvis, wiggling his fat pouch into a comfortable position. He lowered himself on his knees until the hard cock lay on her stomach, it’s wetness leaking from the blood purple head, She looked down at it, because she knew she must, and it reminded her of fat slimy slugs crossing a clean walk. The mouth of the thing, the slit at the end, worked open and shut as it pulsed with every heart beat lubrication squirted out a drop at a time. How in Hera’ name could she have ever willingly sucked and licked that horrid cock? How could she have possibly wanted to swallow it’s loads?? But she knew she did these things, and she knew she had liked it and always wanted more, and when stimulated strongly enough she would open her mouth and suck it and eat it again. The shame and humiliation in her soul was agonizing.

Joe saw Diana’s eye’s as they focused on his man beast cock, and smiled viciously, “Yea” he thought,...she hates my guts, but still craves for my cock, ha..ha..ha. Joe then put a thumb and forefinger around the base of the blood fat creature and slapped it repeatedly against her stomach.

“That’s how the nigger boys do it baby. Did ya ever see a black boy’s cock? Biggest goddam thing around. Wish I’da known about it when I was a shitty assed kid. I’d have had a dong by now that a cow couldn’t take.” he continued to slap the cock on her belly, thenhe would hit her cunt lips to. “Mmmm”Diana moaned and arched up some. He hit the slit again ,,,again..again.

She “Mmmm” whenever to cock hit her clit.She threw her head left and right, she bit her lower lip, and repeated in her head,..Do not feel..do not feel, DO NOT FEEL.....

Sometimes the juice would splatter from the slit and leave little wet dots across her stomach. He slid back a little, scooted his knees along the outside of her body, until he had finger room. “And when they gets a woman, they beat it until it gets as hard as a crutch, and while they’re doing that, with one hand, they play with her hot wet black haired pussy and ass hole whit the other. He shoved a calloused finger into her pussy, between her legs and wiggled it roughly.

“Aaaeeeaaiiiee” she moaned, as she unknowingly licked her own lips. Diana couldn’t move, the ropes held her firmly, as she shifted some. She tried to escape the relentless finger by pushing her hips deep into the mattress, but the jabbing finger moved with her . There was no place to go.

His heavy thighs pined her to the bed. Diana repeated....don’t feel....don’t feel. But her hips arched up into his probing finger. “Aaagggghhhiiieee” she moaned, Diana hated herself, she was feeling, humiliated , but she was feeling .Joe removed the finger, and showed Diana how much she was really tamed. He presented the finger to her lips, “Suck it bitch..be my whore.” she suck the finger with tear filled eye’s. “Mmmm” she moaned . Joe continued talking, “then when the black boy gets his cock up,” he leered into her eye’s, “ he really lets her have it.” as he heaved the fat cock up into her wet pussy. His 230 lbs jammed hard into her helpless body, again ...again...and again. “Uuuugghhhhaaaa” cried the Amazon. A gurgle in her throat. The cock wasn’t long, but it was fat and hard as granite. She closed her eye’s wishing it were a dream. “Look at it..look at it bitch, that cock is your master.” he growled and slapped her hard across her cheek. “Look at it baby, cause that’s what got you tamed, that’s how ya get it when ya cross ole’ Joe.” She forced her eye’s open to watch the rape. He molested her pussy, teasing it , rubbing the clit as he sawed his cock in and out between her legs. His body grew hotter with each thrust, Diana shivered, hoping it was from Joe’s warmth, but as tears rolled from her cheeks ,she knew it was her own ravaging body responding to the passions she was also hating. The more she thought about it the more she responded . Her back arched up and tilted her pussy to receive his cock into her deeper. She grunted, “Uugh..uugh..slurp..slurp” rising to meet each thundering blow on her pussy. His balls slapping against her ass hole rising her lust and passion even higher.

Joe knew he had her now, she was his to do as he pleased. He wanted to hear her beg him.

He sneered as he lowered a finger and circled her ass hole. “No...no...please not that too., please no..no.” but he eased his finger in and whispered. “The Greek made u cum from an ass fucking you cunt slut. Wonna try again my whore?”Diana arched her back and growled, “Aawww gods, yes Joe, make me cum,,,anything , just make me cum anyway you want ....fuck mee.”Diana was again wallowing in savage sex. She was now begging the animal man she hated to fuck her . She clamped her eye’s shut as tears rolled from the corners, trying to close her mind to the early scene. Now trying to just feel, and not to believe Joe’s finger piston in and out of her ass hole, Diana held her breath as she felt the ripple in her stomach. She stiffened, arched her back and walled.... “ Fuck I’m cumming you bastard...I’m cumming from another ass fucking ..Aaaeeeuuuiiiee”Joe’s hairy body was moving faster now too. His fat cock pistoned in and out of her body like a locomotive gaining speed, each driving harder and more brutal. Diana threw her head left and right, her raven hair flaring about her face. Her eye’s were now glazed. One orgasm was not enough any more. She wanted more. “Uugh..uugh..slurp..slurp.” as she fucked back up at him now. “More Joe...give me all you got you bastard. Cut me loose and let me fuck you like a woman.” Joe snarled back. “Fuck you bitch, you stay tied, you messed with me once too often. And yer still gonna fuck me.”

Joe continued grunting “Ah.Ah.ah.ah” each time he stuffed his iron cock into her fragile cunt. “Gghhhaaa” she whimpered as she arched and her back left the bed. “Gggrrrhhh. You fucking animal..yes .yes..fuck me harder you bastard..take me..take mee!!!” Joe could feel the inner folds of her pussy gripping the moving cock, and holding it tight. “Owww you bitch, fuck back.. Fuck back.” Diana fucked back.”Uugh..ughh..slurp..slurp.” Now Joe was ready to bring her down further, more humiliation for her. He leaned forward and began kissing her lips.

“Mmmmm”she moaned Joe kissed harder, and Diana kissed back harder .Then she shot her tongue out and licked his lips and mouth. Then she leaned up to give him a kiss of passion and lust. Joe stuck his tongue in her mouth and Diana sucked it and sucked it like she would his cock.. “Mmmmmm” she moaned on the tongue in her mouth. “Aaagghhyea baby, yes...use that mouth, and when I cum.,yer gonna lick me clean and fuck my ass hole with you tongue, ya hear?” She heard and it sent a thrill through her as she began to tighten her buttocks and flex the muscles around the base of his cock. “So....so..Aaaggghhhh. Baby,,,fuck back...fuck back...here I cum.” he cried, like a wounded animal as he heaved himself into the spread- eagled flesh. His great bear arms wrapped around her hips and forced them hard against his jerking , thrusting cock. Diana thought her body would burst from the pressure of those terrible arms. But when she felt the hot sperm shoot into her pussy, it did burst. Her womb exploded, sending waves of hot fluids from her twat. Her orgasm met his white hot cum and mingled, mixed and welded into one

Diana lunged up and kissed Joe as hard as her bound body would allow. She laced his mouth and lips with raw passion “Gggrrrraaaahhhh” groaned from her throat as ripples ripped her belly in a huge orgasm like she never felt before. She bucked up and froze, squeezing his cock.

Then feel back on the bed with a glaze of lust in her eye’s. She now knew she was totally tamed by these men, and wanted more. Joe, breathing heavy also, lifted his body , straddled Diana’s head , and presented his wet sloppy juice drenched cock to her mouth. With out hesitation, Diana sucked the fat tool into her mouth and began to suck him for her pleasure. She sucked, then licked the spear clean, then ran the tongue up and down his now semi hard cock. To his amazement, she licked his balls and sucked one into her mouth and rubbed her tongue on it.. “Owwww...ye chickee-baby yea.” Then she continued licking to his ass hole, placed her mouth over it and shoot her tongue up and in and gave him a tongue fucking as he yelled . “Owww, go you whore go,,, godddd, don’t stop.” Diana knew these bastards had her well trained in sex and well tamed to their magnificent cocks and love making. With her tongue buried up Joe’s ass hole, she suddenly heard, “ Now isn’t that a pretty sight.” his feminine voice was slimy with disgust and he starred at the hairy cock of Joe’s ass being licked by the raven haired beauty. Diana couldn’t even turn her head to look, but she knew what she would see. “Get your ass off the bed, slut, and cook some breakfast for us men .” he cracked. “Awww shut up Louie, she doin’ such a good job on my ass, them lobster pots ain’t goin’ nowhere’s.” as Joe started dressing. “Your forgetting something Joe.” Louie squeaked. T hat Chink skipper is coming and we gotta have the gold ready for when they arrive.”

“ Yea,” muttered Joe, “Almost forgot, ok baby, move your butt and get us some food.” he replied as he untied her from the headboard, leaving her wrists still bound. “She’ll need something to wear for the meeting too Louie, fix her up.”snarled Joe. “Sure” came Louie’s sadistic reply. “I’ll see that you get something lady, something that you deserve.”

“See ya in about two or three hours.” Diana heard Joe’s harsh voice call from the beach., then the sound of the diesel as the Midway Queen pulled out with all hands aboard. Diana tugged experimentally at her bonds, which bound her wrists and ankles now too. They were taking no more chances with her now . The door knob turned slowly and the door swung open, with Louie standing in the open doorway, his dark eye’s bright with excitement. There she was, the bitch who had caused all the trouble in his life. The woman, with all her statuesque beauty, the first woman who made him wish he was a man, all the way. He stood silently staring at the naked body tied to the bed. Her skin was flawless, her body about six feet tall, her breasts were a 38 D or up and a waist as thin as could be on any woman. she indeed was a goddess to any man .

He had never touched it , but was sure her skin was soft. He watched the men handling her last night , and he wanted to touch her. He had wanted to use her as they had used her, but they laughed at him. It wasn’t his fault he had a little prick. He stared at her dark trimmed pussy

between her legs. He rubbed the front of his pants and felt the dull ache of desire . He was built like a man ,he could go over to the bound woman and get relief. Diana watched the flow of emotions across Louie’s face. She wondered if he’d hurt her ? She wished him away, to leave her alone. He didn’t have enough to rape her, but his eye’s were so wild at times they frightened her .

Diana watched his eye’s flow over her body. She knew he was gay, he liked other men .

But there was something closely akin to wishful thinking in his eye’s. I wonder if he’s ever known a woman she thought. Louie moved silently through the door and closed it. The hotel was empty. He walked to the edge of the bed and began to remove his clothes, slowly. “ What do you want here Louie?” asked Diana . “Put your clothes back on and get out of here now!!” Louie just grinned back. The bluff didn’t work. She could n’t stop him all tied up as she was. Louie began to rub his hand over his knob. It was throbbing, he wanted to feel the relief a woman could give a man. The relief he had never known . “Do you know”, sitting on the edge of the bed, “that I have never let a woman touch me?”. he sat, hands folded in hid lap.. Staring , Louie reached out firmly toward her breast with one hand hesitantly, then touched the firm full tit. He squeezed it gently,

experimently, seeming surprised he did it . His hand forced the firm tit up in the air and the nipple pointed temptingly towards his face . “Owwwwww” Diana moaned.. “No! .no!. I can’t take much more.” Her thoughts ran rampid, but her juices began to flow. She was again losing control of her body. He reached for her other breast and squeezed them both at once. The twin buds stood proudly high above her now sagging tits. He examined them carefully. Diana twisted at the bonds that bound her wrists, but the sailors knots held true and seemed to tighten when she pulled on them. Her ankles were tied too, but they at least were not attached to the bed rails. She doubled up her knees and swung them up to her side, covering the matte of dark hair that curled between her legs. It didn’t matter, Louie’s eye’s were intent only on her tit’s . Diana wanted to say something , anything to stop this weasel of a man, who wanted her breasts. “Stop it, you horrid little man.” She shouted, “ Stop it! Don’t touch me!” Louie didn’t seem to hear her. His head moved slowly down over her body , and he placed his thin hard lips around the nipples of her closest tit. It was firm, and he nibbled at it with his lips. It wasn’t soft at all the way he thought it would be. He tightened his lips around the blossom and pulled upwards. It gave and lifted up into his mouth. He released it, and it returned to It’s normal shape. He cocked his head and looked at it. Louie looked at the naked woman so close to him. She looked so good. It he could suck on her tit, like he did his mama, maybe he wouldn’t feel so upset. He put his mouth over her tit again and sucked. It did feel good. He closed his eye’s and sucked again

With his eye’s closed, Diana felt almost like his Mama used to feel. Suck..suck..suck..

Slurp..slurp. He felt the skin of his cheeks sucking in each time he puled at her breast. His cock felt good too, there was fresh blood in it’s small hard head, and it felt alive between his legs. He sucked, slurped sucked, as he rubbed his legs together . It would be nice to rub it against her . Louie lifted his mouth from the girls tit, and stared at what he had done. One breast was still firm with it’s dainty nipple unchanged. The other breast was different . The nipple was no longer small or pink, it had filled with blood and was responding to his nursing mouth. It was fat and shiny tight and the nipple stood up three times the size of it’s twin. Louie stared at it. There was a small drop of milky fluid welling up in the tip. He leaned forward and swiped it up with his pointed tongue. Diana’s eye’s were closed and she was breathing heavily. Breathing like she had been when the guys were working her over. Louie felt a tinge of pride. Maybe if he did what the other guys did? He slid his small hands over her stomach, feeling the skin warming from his hands. He ran his slim fingers over the hunched up knees . As his hands neared her pussy, he felt her shiver, and he felt a tingle run through him. Was that what happened when you made love to a woman? Tingles? He tried to push her legs down. She resisted. Then he wormed his fingers between her legs and found her wet pussy and stroked the enlarged pussy lips. “Owwww..God” shivered Diana as she relaxed and opened her legs . Now his fingers worked her pussy as she raised her hips up to meet the tingling starting again . Her pelvis began to rotate, she was sloppy wet now. “Oooowwwwaaahhhhhiiiieee. Yes..yes”, as her legs opened even more. Louie never realized that this beauty would do anything he chose at this point. Even faggot Louie could tame her now. Louie’s mouth on her tits had already started the terrible chain she no longer seemed able to control. These animals had her tamed and trained to react to their perverted sex. She responded to whatever they wanted from her, suck..fuck ..or double fuck. Tears welled in her eye’s as her stomach rippled with pleasure, and her pussy craved for a cock in her . She was ready to mate. As the mans hands worked her pussy, and his mouth her tits, she knew she would want him as she had eventually wanted the others. She spread her legs as far as the cords about her ankles would permit, as she rolled beneath his hands and tried to open her legs. Louie felt a new excitement as his hand rubbed harder between her legs, distorting the cunt lips. He felt the wetness og her eager cunt on his hand. The throbbing lump at his crotch was painful. Now his cock ached. He rubbed his cock in time to the beat,.. beat...beat., of his tiny cock. Diana arched her hips and humped up into Louie’s hand. “Ah..ah..ah. ah..make me cum,” she whispered. He wanted to know, he had to know how it would feel to cum in a woman ,...this woman . His slim fingers began to work at the knots which held her legs together. There, he let the thongs fall to the floor and took Diana’s ankles in each hand and spread her legs wide. “Mmmmmm, yes fuck me .” he heard her moan softly as she arched her open pussy. “Yes!..yes!!..fuck me hard, ,hmmmm, ahhhhh.” she moaned. Louie stared into the ragged pink opening of her pussy. It was the first one he had ever seen this close up. He wanted to taste it, as his head flew open mouthed into the pulsing welcome of her wet pussy, and twittered around her wet pussy lips.

“Gggghhhaaaaeeeeiiii” Diana shrieked as the hot mouth did it’s sucking, and her body thrashed on the bed. “Gggggghhhhhhaaaa” she yelled, the hot flesh unaerated with pleasure as his quick tongue sprang inside. “Mmmmmaaaahhhhh Yes Louie! Yes Louie!....like that”. Diana was lost in her lust and passion again , like it never ended. “Do me ...do me ..yes Louie !!do me....Owwww god!! Do me good ” It felt like a million chewy nipples, Louie thought, all rubbing against his tongue.

He tried to touch each one separately, reaching deep inside the warm, now sloppy wet passage. Diana writhed in his open mouth. “Ahhhh, yes Louie, the finger Louie, the finger, put it in me, ahhhhhh.” He wiggled his tongue harder, stretching deep into the debts of her pussy. No wonder the men went wild over eating pussy. It was thrilling, good, and smelled good too.

“Uuuuggggaaahh, Louie ...my ass... my ass hole..finger fuck my ass hole Louie....please ...please, put your finger up my ass hole”Louie grinned with pride, she was begging him like she did the others last night. “I’ll fix ya up slut,” as he slid a finger up her hole and wiggled it.

“Gggggaaaaahhhhaaa, yes Louie...yes ...so good ...feels so good...do me harder more....harder” as Diana arched her back and fucked back on his fingers now in each hole. “Owww...fuck me ...fuck me...please .I’ll do anything you want...just fuck me hard.” she moaned , as her muscles of her cunt tightened around his finger and her ass cheeks squeezed the finger up her ass. He heard her begging to be fucked. He knew it must feel great to fuck. He loved the tight little hole with all the muscles squeezing .he sucked her pussy again, just like he did the men. No wonder it drove them wild. He wiggled his small darting tongue deep inside her and played his finger in her ass hole, and felt her muscles tighten and squeeze at him...OH GOD!! IT WAS STARTING!!!

Diana urged and arched her back as she sensed her orgasm coming . “Ahh...ahh...ahh..yes Louie, suck me good ..suck me good .I’m close Louie ...I’m gonnna cum...Mmmmmmfinger my ass harder...give me an ass orgasm...finger he hard ..ahhhh please harder Ohhh god” she begged .

Louie felt the burst of warmth in his balls, felt them contract and start to split apart, and then felt the wonderful, terrible rush of sperm begin. He jerked his face up from between Diana’s legs and scrambled frantically for position. “Nooo!!! noooo!!! don’t stop now” he heard her say, “for God’s sake you little faggot, don’t stop now, I was almost there, suck me you bastard ....suck me. But Louie’s mind was busy with his own problems. Only seconds ,,,,seconds he pushed his meager body between her legs, pushed, but the tiny cock wasn’t long enough to penetrate into the wet pussy. He slammed her legs apart, heard her groan with pain, and pushed into the open hole.

It’s head was only touching her cunt lips, and he couldn’t insert the inch long cock past the mouth of her pussy. It wouldn’t go! Seconds, only seconds, frantic, he took the tiny knob between his fingers and pulled at it, trying to jam it into the wet snapping hole. He wanted it to be surrounded by flesh, not just teased. “Let me in” he screamed, and it happened, one split second, his hand was full of cum. He stopped his desperate movements and stared at his cum spurting cock. It spewed it’s fluid into his hand again and again. He kneeled like a small hideous gnome between her spread legs and stared at the cum dripping through his fingers. Tears, spilling down his face. Then he cried openly in great wracking sobs. He pounder the stakes into the sand with grim vengeance, bringing the mallet high above his head on each stroke and slamming it’s wooden head brutally onto the stake. Sometimes he would sink to his knees and sit for a moment staring at the stakes and laughing long and hysterically. He began with a new stake until there were four deep buried posts in the wet sand. He threw the mallet across the sand and laughed . Then the laughter died, gurgling in his throat, and he whirled to face Diana

Diana felt the painful jerk of the ropes, nearly pulling her to her knees. She knew better than to speak . When he had untied her from the bed and led her down the stairs with a rope knotted about her neck, she had demanded to know what he intended to do. He had yanked the rope, jerking her neck viciously, and only laughing .Diana felt the painful tug of the rope again and was forced to her feet. She looked at the stakes and shivered.

He meant to use them ,somehow, to torture her. She followed the rope, stumbled over rocks, nearly falling twice. He halted and Diana looked down at the stakes and trembled some. “Louie , listen to me , please.”she pleaded. “Shut up bitch!” As he raised his hand to strike her . “ now lay down.”, as he stretched her out tightly, spread eagle between the four stakes, her wrists and ankles tied securely. The half crazed Louie stood above her, still naked as she. Slowly, he crossed himself. “See Mama, I remembered, girls are haughty and I will only play with little boys. God will punish the naughty girls.” he spoke into the wind. “See Mama,” he pointed down, “I will help God punish the naughty girls.” He turned to return to the hotel. Diana tried to move her wrists, but the ropes held tight. She tried to lift upward with her hands and feet to pull the stakes out of the wet sand. There was no leverage, pinioned as she was, stretched like a drumstick under the sun.

Diana ran her tongue over her dry lips, parched lips. The sun was baking her dry. Then she heard the crunch of footsteps as Louie returned with a pail in his hands. “The birds .” he said , “are hungry, I feed them, they are my friends. He waved the pail in the air and from nowhere several Gulls appeared, swooping and sailing overhead. “I’m gonna let you help me feed the birds.” as he moved above her, and emptied the pail of chopped fish pieces all over Diana’s naked body. Diana closed her eye’s and turned her head as best she could. Louie turned and walked slowly back up the beach, swinging the empty pail and singing tunelessly.

“Louie!...Louie!!!” Diana screamed. “For God’s sake, don’t leave me here like this, the birds ...Louie....the bird’s!!!!” The whistling softened with the distance and soon she didn’t hear it at all. She strained to raise her head.. “ Louie!!!!!!”

There were several gulls on the sand around her now. One gull ventured close to her left wrist and picked at a piece of fish about her wrist. She shook her head, and the gull fluttered a few feet away. Diana lifted her head, looked around herself for help, or a weapon, or to find a way to free herself. There were now nearly a hundred gulls along the beach. Soon they got brave when they realized she couldn’t stop them. Then it started....first one ,..then two,... then five,...began eating the smelly chum Louie had deposited on Diana. One bit on her toe, then her ear,...then her left nipple on her tit, which caused her to release a parching scream.

“Aaaaggghhhheeee....Louie!!!!!!” as the gulls dived at the girl’s naked body. “Pussy, pussy, puss...Diana has a pussy.” Startled, Diana turned, Louie was back. “Louie please, let me loose, these birds are going to kill me, please Louie ,......please .”Louie cocked his head to one side and with a wild look in his eye’s...... “Bird’s???”Diana saw the crazy look in his face, she need time to talk to him , convince him to cut her free. She reasoned she had one weapon left...her body. “Louie ,...Louie ..look at me Louie, you want me ...you want my pussy? I can make it good for you Louie. look at my pussy. Eat it Louie ...you know you want to. Set me free and eat my pussy., LOUIE.....LOUIE... I’ll suck cock...I’ll suck your cock Louie....set me loose Louie....please I beg you” Louie’s head cocked again, “cock???”

“Ohhh, Louie, I’m hot for you. rub my tits, you like my tits...kneel her next to me ....I’ll suck you off...please I beg you cut me loose” she sobbed as she tugged at the ropes and lifted her head some. Louie looked up at the sky... “Look Mama, this girl wants to play with me. I like her Mama. I’m gonna be a good boy and let her play with me. She can suck cock for me..I’ll be a good boy Mama....a good boy.” Louie kneeled next to Diana’s head. It was time for her to act and act fast.

Louie’s nub cock, an inch long, was inches from Diana’s face. Diana leaned left and stuck her tongue out and licked along his crotch, trying to concentrate on his nub cock. “Help me Louie, set me free,..cut me loose and let me suck you proper.” Louie ignored her talk and straddled Diana’s face, and lowered onto her mouth. “Mmmmmm” she moaned on his small cock. “Ah..ah..ah..” sighed Louie. Diana’s tongue was now rolling his cock in her warm, buttery mouth. “Mmmmm” she continued .Louie’s hips began to push his cock into her mouth. It began to enlarge...and twitch...Diana bobbed her head up and down, trying to draw his elixir into her mouth...Louie was breathing heavy....Diana dropped the cock and said.... “ Cut me loose Louie”

He looked down, smacked her face and ....“Suck me whore..suck me.” and pushed his cock back in her mouth. Diana sucked and sucked hard .his hips moved more...he felt his cock expanding and pumped into her mouth faster. “Aaaahhhhgggghhhh...ow..ow ..ow” as he shot a load into her mouth. She swallowed and knew she lost.....she was still staked out. but she continued to suck,

“ slurp...slurp”...and lick and clean him off. “Slap”, a stinging blow hit her face as Louie jumped up.... “Yes, Mama, she’s naughty, I’ll come home.” as he rose and turned to the hotel. Diana strained at the ropes. “Louie,...Louie..come back...Louie please come back as she broke into a sobbing cry. Hours later. She was still baking in the hot sun and birds had returned. Three birds were at her right as she watched their movement. “Ouch, ohhhh!!” She yelled as one from her left got her tit. Some blood appeared. Another bird got her hip....more blood. She thrashed, she humped up and down on the sand. They still nipped here and there . She pounded for what seemed like days, then slumped and lay still. She had no more strength left to fight, as she drifted unconscious.

Groggily ,Diana opened her eye’s. there was nothing but darkness. Then came the harsh cry of the gulls outside the open window. Diana bolted upright in the bed, her arms flailing about over her head, eye’s closed and shrieking..... “Get away....get away from me....get away.”swatting at imaginary gulls. “Whoa...whoa..” came a soft voice. “I t’s all right ,it’s all right, calm down Diana , everything is ok.”

“ Easy Diana...here drink this. ” as she was handed a glass of water. “Everything’s ok now.” Diana eye’s opened slowly, her body ached and had bird bits all over her torso. “ Batgirl?.

But how? What.?happen ? ...how did you get here...when ?” asked Diana. “Drink some and I’ll explain it all to you. Diana gladly sipped , then drank down the water as Batgirl continued. “Well, when you didn’t show up or answer my calls, I got worried some and went to your hotel room, which was never used.” as Batgirl spoke, Diana leaned forward and the two friends hugged

one another. “I sensed something wasn’t right, so I back tracked you to the docks and Barbara

Gordon, found out a woman fitting your description was last seen boarding a boat, the Midway Queen, which shipped out a few minuets later. I checked with the Coast Patrol and it was a lobster boat that we traced to this island, Rock Island .about two miles off the island coast we saw , it was an explosion , it was the Midway Queen, it went down with all hands aboard. And no survivors. I doubled back her to search the island and found a dead naked little man.”Diana looked up. “Louie..”.Batgirl continued, “Well he was at the base of the cliff, either fell or jumped ..I continued towards the building and found you naked and staked out. I brought you here hours ago. Now , my dear Diana...you tell me what happened here?”asked Batgirl. “That my good friend , is a long story.”said Diana. “I’ll tell you all about it on the way home.”Batgirl rolled her eye’s and replied, “Oww, I just can’t wait.” and whispered under her breath. “Her stories are so boring .

A week later, Diana , fully recovered was reading a newspaper clipping...

Los Angeles [UPI]- A twenty-five million dollar gold stash, stolen from an industrial combine last month near San Diag. was recovered by the Mexican Coast Guard five days ago and returned to Ambrose Inc. An unidentified woman, who had been kidnaped by the highjackers, led the authorities to the cache which was buried Pirate- style in ten feet of sand on Rock Island 20 miles south of Tijuana. Officials would not reveal the women identity.. Three of the high jackers were found drowned a half mile from the shore. They were identified by the woman. Their names were: Nicklas Katopolis.. Joeseph A.Viviano, Louis Svalado, and James J. Portola. Portola was the captain of the twin-diesel fishing boat, Midway Queen used to transport the gold from San Diag. to the island. The woman said the men went out to meet buyers on another ship to make arrangements for the transfer. She said the gold was buried for fear of a double cross. Divers at the scene recovering the bodies found indications that a bomb had been planted on the Midway queen, officials said.

Diana dropped the clipping down, and felt a chill up her back remembering some of the horrors from that island and those four monsters .but knew she would never forget the other side of her that they exposed to her.