A World of Pain  

By Alias the Rat

Wizards Lair Contest 2009
Wizards Lair Contest Winner

WARNING: This story is fictional and is not intended to portray any real persons, living or dead, nor is it at all intended to encourage the type of activity portrayed here. It is strictly a fantasy/parody, intended for the personal enjoyment of those who appreciate female costumed characters in fear for their life or the violation of their body. The story describes and/or hints at graphic sexual situations, including bondage, violence, non-consensual sex, and other elements unacceptable in certain communities. It is NOT intended, nor is it at all suitable, for minors. If you are under the age of 18, or if this type of thing offends you, you shouldn't be reading it. If you are a person who does find interesting the material described above, then I invite you to enjoy this story.

The story contains characters of my own creation, but also characters who are the property of various established comic book companies. Those characters are used without any permission by the owners of those characters and are included only to offer a fan's expression of those characters in a situation that would not be seen in mainstream comics. This story is strictly done for non-profit enjoyment by other fans interested in this adult genre. This story may not be moved to, or included in any website that requires payment for content.

Car-rah held her udder over the bowl and massaged her tit to get the milk to dribble into the container. Her breasts were very tender and they hurt as she worked them, but she had her duties to perform, even as the pain in her back and swollen belly told her that her time of delivery was very near. She milked one tit, than the other until she had produced the quantity her Master expected.

One of the other slave girls took the bowl and moved very slowly and carefully to the laboratory. There was a hint of fear in her eyes. Once a slave had spilled some of the valued liquid, and the Master chained her to a wall for three days and had her whipped until she finally died. During that time, all of his slave females were forced to watch, and in some cases, participate in the torture. He made sure that all of them were aware that the exotic fluids he worked with were worth much more than their lives.

The young blonde woman thought of this as she struggled to stand up, wincing at the pain in her back and legs. How much longer could she go on with this? The infant mukadah inside her would have to emerge very soon or she would find it more and more difficult to to keep up with her duties. The Master had tortured and punished her in the past when she had been remiss in her tasks, and she trembled to think what he might do to her if she was unable to obey.

She felt a sharp cramp in her belly, not the first of the day, and at first thought she merely needed to urinate really bad. But the pain became sharper and stabbed deep into her, making her double over. She fought to stay upright and struggled down the hall to the doorway of her Master's quarters. She knocked, and suffered silently as she hoped he would not make her wait there too long. Finally he cried out, "Enter" and she slid open the door. She took a step into the room and had to lean against the door jamb to stay upright.

With head bowed, she spoke. "Master, I beg your leave to report that the time to deliver has arrived. I have produced for you that which you expected of me." He reached to a table and lifted a small bell which he rang three times. At once a quartet of beautiful young slave attendants arrived and helped Car-rah along as they moved her to a table in the work area.

They lifted her carefully up onto the table and moved her legs apart and up onto the brackets that would hold her in the proper position. They strapped down her ankles, thighs, arms, wrists and forehead. She sucked in air and fought to manage the pain caused by the fetus trying to escape its place of confinement. Cerion Vokarious, the most noted mage of the world of Harian, was the master of everyone in this structure and he stood nearby watching every step of the process.

Numerous slave girls surrounded the table to assist in the procedure, with each one knowing the task to which she was assigned. Two of them used silver spoons to catch the tears from Car-rah's eyes and deposited the fluid in small flasks they held. The birthing fluid that came out of the woman's body was also collected and saved. Another pair of servants held dull tableware knives that they scraped along the body of the woman in labor to collect sweat off her form.

All of these essences would go to the Master's workroom where he used them to concoct potions and salves of great power. Finally, after several hours of excruciating pain, the product of her womb emerged from her tortured body. The large infant tore her birth canal, and the attendants hurried to collect every drop of fluid that emerged. A slave tied off the cord, snipped it and carried the placenta on a silver tray to the Master. She knelt down and bowed her head as she held the prize up to him. He smiled at the offering, knowing that once the material had dried and been processed it would be a powder of great sexual potency that would be worth a great treasure. One of the slaves pressed cloth saturated with enchanted salves into the tortured pussy to stop the bleeding. The infant mukadah, something not quite human, cried out and all the women in the room shuddered.

Although the thing was the product of Cerion Vokarious' seed planted in the womb of Car-rah, powerful magic had altered and changed the being to something only slightly human. In the doorway, a mature slave named Jolena stood with her hands and legs trembling. Her breasts were large, and swollen with milk, and her face was bone white. The Master looked over at her and signaled her to approach.

She did so, with tears streaming down her face. An attendant had wiped the blood and other fluids off the mukadah, and she held it up to the terrified slave. As the creature was moved to the hanging tit, it sucked at the food source and took in all the milk that was there. But then the tiny mouth opened and its bared teeth dug into the breast, tearing a chunk of flesh away. Twice more this happened, with the slave screaming at her treatment. The tiny monster stopped, and she stood there holding it for a few minutes, sobbing in pain and feeling the blood run down her body. She opened her eyes and looked to the Master, hoping that just this once she might be given mercy. But the stern frown on his face erased that hope for her.

Jolena shifted the thing in her arms and brought the mouth up to her other tit. Again it sucked greedily at the milk in her before it savagely bit and tore at her flesh. She repeated her cries of agony, and another slave moved swiftly to catch the infant as Jolena fainted and collapsed to the floor. She was dragged out and bandaged by a couple of the attendants.

Cerion Vokarious smiled at the savagery. The creature had been born with the proper blood-thirsty attitude and would grow to be another fine mercenary for him. He ordered the thing taken to the nearby complex of buildings where the mukadah were raised. After that he also left, and the remaining attendants carried Car-rah to her cell and laid her on the floor mat. She would be watched for a couple of days while she recovered from her ordeal.

Superman entered the lab and went to see what progress Ray Palmer was making. The scientist had a pile of material on the table in front of him, and some of the components had been re-assembled into the device that had been smashed. Kal-el asked, "How much longer, Ray? I'm getting really worried..." Palmer looked up, and with a little pause, replied. "I have half of this thing back together, and it should not take too long. Once this is done we can figure out what happened to your cousin when Luthor hit her with the beam from this weapon. We can tell it was some kind of dimensional warp field generator, and when it hit her she was thrown into another dimension. Don't worry, Superman. We will find out where she went. It's only been thirty-eight hours. You have to be patient."

Superman sighed. It was hard to be patient when he was so worried about his only blood relative. Supergirl had thrown herself in the line of fire when Luthor blasted at him with the unit, and had vanished in a crackling pocket of energy. Superman had managed to capture Luthor, but the device was smashed in the fight. The biggest worry for Kal-el was the problem of time and space. He had a little experience with trans-dimensional mechanics, and knew that a few hours here on Earth could be days or weeks where ever Kara was trapped. He hoped she was alright...

The blonde woman had been allowed a couple of days of rest to recover from her difficult ordeal. She slept most of the time, allowing her body to heal and her energy to return. She felt fortunate to have this time to herself, as a reward for serving her Master so well and providing another soldier for him. This was not her first pregnancy, and each time she was inseminated she suffered the six months while the magically enhanced being grew inside her.

She felt pride at being the only slave who could produce mukadah of such exceptional strength and endurance. She was happy that her special skills made her property of great value for him. She did still have to allow one of the servants to milk her breasts every eight hours during her rest. There was no rest for her udders, even during this time. She had been milked or milked herself several times a day since a little after she had arrived in Harian.

During this time that Car-rah was allowed to rest, the Master was in his workroom taking the strange components and cooking, mixing and altering the fluids to form potions and salves of great power. The tears were added to a pinch of powder and the sap of certain trees to make a liquid that could return the sight to eyes that had suffered from age or injury. Her sweat was one component of a potion of strength. Her milk was the basis for an elixir that was an antidote for any poison. That same milk mixed with other essences and rare oils became a balm that allowed people of the nobility to maintain clear, supple youthful skin. King Felicalm of Gordorn paid a large coffer of gemstones every year for the salve that allowed his fifty-year-old body to appear half that age.

The golden haired wench who Cerion Vokarious had captured so long ago had been the basis for the Mage's wealth and power. For that reason alone, he was kind to her and beat her only once or twice a day. After her first year in his clutches, she had learned her place and now totally bowed to his will. Normally a man would never allow a slave to exist in servitude for too long. Old slaves were used up and killed, not allowed to stay and be coddled. But he would make an exception for the blonde who did so much to increase his status.

After another few days of going easy on the damned thing, Vokarious had her brought to the workroom, where she dropped to her knees on the hard stone floor. She bent forward until her forehead touched that floor and spoke. "Master! I beg you to allow this worthless slave to beg you to accept her gratitude for allowing her to serve you in any way you see fit. If there is anything I can do for you, merely express your wishes and I shall comply."

He ordered her spread out on a table that had been cleared for the purpose. She was spread and tightly restrained. He moved close and stuck a couple of fingers into her cunt, assessing the condition of her body after the ordeal of birth. He was pleased at the extent of her recovery, but shouted furiously. "This is pathetic! You are getting soft and flabby. I should grind you up to feed the dogs, not waste my time here!" he turned to the other slaves. "Get to work! We may yet salvage something from this bloated carcass."

Several slaves crowded close to the table and bent over Car-rah. Fingers stroked her thighs, breasts and face. Tongues licked her pussy, tits and lips. The slave grew aroused and panted deeply to draw air into her lungs. She moaned and twitched on the table. As she grew hotter and hotter, her clit began to lubricate. The Master moved close to the table and put his fingers into her canal, probing and stoking her to add to her sexual excitement. He found the spot inside her where stimulation brought the peak of ecstacy. She began to pant and cry out as each touch inside her pussy drove her more and more to the heights of passion. Finally she shuddered and stiffened from a deep orgasm that gripped her entire body.

Her vaginal fluids spurted from her clit, but one of the slaves had been waiting. Like she had done many times before, she slipped a bottle into place and captured the liquid. Car-rah lay their panting, trying to catch her breath, but the Master again stimulated her g-spot to drive her to come. More of her fluids were harvested. They would be mixed with herbal essences, tree sap, and varied powders to produce a potent sexual elixir for men who wished to prolong their stamina. This sold even better than the fertility potion.

Cerion Vokarious picked up a steel dagger from the tabletop and pressed it against her neck. "I cannot keep in my service an old woman who has passed her time of usefullness. Are you still useful to me?" Car-rah felt the blade, and the Mage drew it against her throat. But there was no harm, as her skin could not be pierced by a normal weapon. Then the wizard took a silver dagger with a bone handle from a scabbard on his belt. This was an enchanted blade, and he sliced her shoulder to draw blood. A slave caught the blood as it dribbled. This fluid too would be a part of a concoction of the wizard. After a small flask was filled with the blood, a salve soaked cloth was pressed to the wound which quickly closed and began to heal.

The Mage had grown in importance in the ten years since the strange blonde woman had appeared near his castle. She had appeared out of nowhere, looking dazed and confused. She had concealed part of her body with clothing, a serious crime for a woman anywhere in Narion and she had dared to resist the commands of a man. He had been shocked at the extent of her power, but once he saw her vulnerability to magic, he subdued and captured her easily. Questioning and torture had brought no information of her past except for her name. And the discovery of the special qualities of the fluids that could be taken from her body assured that she would never leave the castle of Cerion Vokarious.

One thing he took from her were the horrid mukadah. The recent birth was the fourteenth monster that she had produced, and nine of them were already full grown and serving their Master in the world. Exceptionally strong and able to shrug off most damage, the mukadah were parcelled out in the world as the most efficient bodyguards that anyone could hope for. Kings and other royalty considered themselves of great importance if they had one of Vokarious' creatures as a protector.

But Cerion Vokarious had a long range plan. Once every ruler had a mukadah at his side, the creatures would receive orders to slaughter the man they were assigned to guard. Mage Cerion Vokarious would be the new ruler of all of Narion, and every royal concubine, be she a queen or duchess, would be assembled to serve as his great harem. He would be the king of all kings.

Superman blinked into existence in a small grove of trees that stood near a primitive road. He staggered a step and shook his head. The dimensional transport device was quite jarring to someone doing a shift to another dimension, and it took him a few minutes to straighten out his thoughts. He had been braced and ready when Ray Palmer used the device on him, and still he barely kept his wits intact. He worried how confusing it must have been for Kara when she had been put through this while totally unaware of what was happening.

Once he felt alright, Kal-el glanced about to get the lay of the land. He tried to use his telesopic vision, but it wasn't working. A quick test showed his other vision related powers were also missing. He tried to leave the ground, but the ability to fly also was a skill he had lost in this dimension. Next he bent down and picked up a large stone at his feet and squeezed it. It shattered, and he ran a sharp-edged piece over the back of his hand and along his costume. He was happy to see he still had his strength, and his skin and costume were impervious to harm.

He went over to the road and looked about. The path was smooth and paved with gravel. Not too far off he saw small primitive huts, and further off a large stone castle. Besides what he could see, there was something he sensed in the air that disturbed him. He had encountered this sensation in the past and knew it meant there was magic in use on this world.

That could be a serious problem. The structures around him looked medieval, and with the addition of magic, this was a common type of world among the dimensions. He would have to be very careful as he looked for Supergirl, because magic could be very dangerous to him.

He began to walk down the road towards the distant castle. Whoever was in charge there would be the best source of information about the vicinity, and might know about a strange young woman who had appeared here in the recent past. Ray had said Superman would appear on the target world in the same spot where Supergirl had been transported to.

The problem Kal-el faced was not knowing how much time had passed since Kara arrived here and where she may have gone since then. As he moved along, he noticed a small group of people working in a nearby plowed field. He was surprised to see that a half dozen naked women were kneeling, apparently pulling weeds. Was nudity the norm here? The was a man by the women, and he was fully dressed. Kal-el noticed the fellow was holding a whip.

The group were looking over at Superman, and suddenly the man cracked the whip, ordering the women to get back to work. Kal resisted the urge to do something about this, because he didn't know anything about what this world was like. He had to avoid getting involved in anything until he knew more. And most importantly he had to find out about Kara.

He approached the gate to the castle, and two guards crossed their pikes in front of him to bar his way. Superman held his arms wide with palms up, signifying he was unarmed. He spoke in a calm manner. "I wish no quarrel here. I travel in your land only to search for someone I have lost. Please extend my request to your Master to allow me to speak to him about this matter."

They kept him waiting for a short time while a third guard went to pass along his request. Finally, Superman was allowed to enter, but as he entered the structure, he was joined by a pair of massive muscled figures who flanked him as they went to the great hall. Here Kal-el saw a man sitting on an elaborate throne at one end of the hall. This man wore a rich blue robe embroidered with gold stars and symbols. Relaxing around the throne were a handful of young women in the nude. All of them were obviously subordinate to the man on the throne.

Cerion Vokarious stared at this stranger. The odd clothes he wore seemed familiar, and then the mage realized they were similar to what Car-rah had been clad in when she had appeared so long ago. The wizard concentrated mentally and began to sense things about the visitor. Great strength and toughness could be felt in the aura that surronded the man. And his life force was very similar to that of the blonde slave. This one came from the same exotic world that she had originated in.

Superman spoke. "Sir, I am Kal-el and I ask your courtesy and your assistence, if you would be so good as to help a traveler. I search for someone who came to this area in the past. I..." His speech stopped as he got a better look at one of the slave women to the right of the throne. She was blonde, and her face looked like... no, she was older, and she looked so worn down! She could not possibly be... "...Kara?"

Car-rah gasped at the sound of this stranger speaking her name! On his costume he displayed the "s" symbol of slavery. He must be a master from some other realm. She cringed. He knew her, she probably once had been his slave. She recalled nothing of this, but the fact that she had escaped from this stranger meant he must have been a bad master.

The mage stood and extended his hands toward Kal-el. "The slave is mine now, and has been mine for some time. You cannot take her back, stranger!" Cerion Vokarious faced his adversary with confidence. This one would be as vulnerable to magic as the woman had been, and would be destroyed. The fingers of the mage sent streamers of blue glowing energy towards Kal-el, but Superman spun sideways and rolled to avoid the attack. Guards rushed towards him, and Superman grabbed one of them by the leg and threw the man at the Mage, who went crashing to the floor.

Other guards came at Superman, and he sent them crashing away easily. He took a step towards where Kara cringed next to the throne, but then two of the massive bulky figures he had seen came at him. Each was extremely strong and shrugged off the hardest blow that Kal-el delivered. He did not know that the mukadah that faced him were half as strong and nearly as tough as he was. But he had planned in the past for the possibility that he would face enemies who were this strong. He had trained with Batman, learning combat skills for just such a possibility.

The two mukadah were tripped up or knocked down when another blue energy blast struck Kal-el's right shoulder and numbed part of his body. He saw the mage was back up. Another blast came his way and Superman picked up the unconcious mukadah at his feet with his left hand and used its body to block the magical attack. Then he threw the thing at the wizard. Cerion Vokarious dodged to the side, but while he did so Superman rushed at him.

His right arm and shoulder were quickly recovering from the blast, and he reached the mage before the man could get up. Kal-el smashed him in the face and punched him in the belly. Superman knew he was fighting for his life and probably for the freedom of his cousin. Cerion Vokarious went down and lay with a bloodied face, barely breathing.

Kal turned to face Kara and extended a hand. "Kara! I came here to get you..." The blonde slave stared at the stranger and her heart pounded. She ran up and crouched over Cerion Vokarious and sobbed. "Master, get up! Please save me!"

Superman put a hand on her shoulder. "Come on, Kara, we have to go." Car-rah could imagine no worse fate than to be taken away by this strange master. She heard the Mage groan. He was alive! But helpless. The invader would kill her Master unless she did something.

Her hand went to the bone-handled silver dagger in the scabbard on Cerion Vokarious' belt. She drew it and turned quickly, burying it deep into the heart of the man who had come to steal her away. Superman stared dumb-struck at the fatal blow that his own cousin had delivered, and could not even ask why she had done it. Then he collapsed to the floor.

Car-rah bent down and put her ear to the chest of her Master, and heard his heart still beating. She recalled some of the things she had heard during her time in the castle of the mage, and sent other slaves to gather balms and potions from the Master's laboratory. She gave him the magical healing aids that he needed to recover.

He woke, and marveled at what had happened around him. He looked over at the body of the stranger, and recognized it as a valuable source of material. He managed to fight through the pain in his body to get a spell of time suspension about the corpse, and he told the slaves to collect all the blood that had been spilled by Kal-el.

After a short time, he was nearly recovered from the injuries he had received in the battle. He turned to Car-rah, who was still at his side tending to his needs. He realized that she had saved his life. Now, Cerion Vokarious was ambitious, but not evil. His treatment of the slaves in his household merely reflected the ways of the world he lived in. But he knew he owed Car-rah greatly for what she had done for him.

"Slave, I acknowledge you have done me a huge service in stopping the invader and restoring me to health. I wish to reward you for this. Think carefully, Car-rah. I shall give you any one thing you want."

The golden-haired slave stood with her mouth hanging open. Slaves did not make requests of their masters, it was the masters who were given anything they wanted. She could hardly comprehend such a boon. She would have to think about this. At no time did the idea of requesting her freedom enter her mind. She was a female, and on this world, the concept of a female who was not a slave was unheard of.

Car-rah stood there, quite shocked by the offer her master had offered to her. To decide on a boon, with no restrictions, was overwhelming. She worried that if she asked for too much, Cerion Vokarious would grow angry. Yet if she requested something trivial, he might feel insulted at her suggestion. After all, this was to be payment for his life.

He saw her confusion and spoke. "My devoted slave, take your time in considering this. It is an important choice you must make, as neither you nor any other female will ever have such an opportunity again." Then he turned from her and his attention was switched to the examination of the body of his dead foe.

After a short period of pondering the matter, Car-rah finally realized what she would like to have more than anything. "Master, I have decided. I beg you to forgive me if what I ask is too much." He smiled back at her. "Now Car-rah, I told you that you could ask for anything."

The blonde slave took a deep breath and forced herself to speak calmly. "More than anything, I would like to have a daughter to bring up in your service. A child I can spend my years watching grow to adulthood." Having put her desire into words, Car-rah grew worried. She now knew that she passionately wanted this and she felt she would be crushed if this was not to be.

Cerion Vokarious was startled by the request. He had never considered such a thing when he wondered what she might ask of him. He did owe her his life, and was serious in promising her anything in his power. Many years ago, he had considered breeding daughters from her, but knew that they would never be as exceptional as their mother. Each child would have been only have been half the person her mother was.

But now he thought of the body of the invader. The man had been obviously of the same origin as Car-rah, and the Mage knew he could still extract a small amount of viable sperm from the cadaver's testicles. With this, the daughter of Car-rah would grow to be her equal, capable of producing the best mukadah for the Mage's service.

"I shall arrange for your request to be done. My magic will cause sperm to enter your womb and grow as a female." Indeed, he thought. this may be very useful. If she had a dozen daughters, in a couple of decades these offspring would be adult slaves producing many more mukadah at a faster rate. And all of the children would be sources of the precious fluids. Doing this would delay his plan to conquer, but he could be patient. A skilled mage, he measured his lifespan in centuries, not years.

So Cerion Vokarious used his magic to bring this about, and within days Car-rah was with child. This time, the pregnancy was allowed to run naturally and after nine months the blonde slave gave birth to not one, but two daughters. She loved and raised the girls, and they were followed by others. The mage, having a new respect for the woman, made the slave and her girls at home in his castle. And Car-rah and her girls were very happy for all of their days.

Author's note: I hope you find this little story entertaining. I tried to create an ineresting scenario, that you would follow with a wish to know how the story would turn out. If you have any comments, i would very much like to hear from you. Drop me an e-mail at therat4040@yahoo.com.