Batgirl and Robin  

By Ann Douglas


".......and on the social scene, Gotham's best and brightest will be found at the Gotham Civic Center later tonight for Mayor Caruso's Annual Children's Benefit. The premiere event of the season, women the city over are still vying for a last minute invitation to what promises to be the most exciting night since......"

The voice of the radio announcer brought a cheerful smile to Barbara Gordon as she again let the warmth of the overhead shower splash across her breasts. Not only was she one of the fortunate few who would be going to the Mayor's Benefit in a few hours time, she would be escorted by a member of the short list of Gotham City's most eligible bachelors. - Edward Kendall. In fact, when the current list had come out last January, Kendall's name had appeared right below those of Isoruko Yamaguci and Bruce Wayne.

Edward Kendall was the rising star of the City Council. Well educated at the finest schools both in this country and overseas, the 32 year old was both handsome and charming. The great grandson of "Black Jack" Kendall, Gotham's legendary turn of the century Mayor, Edward Kendall was expected to be a front runner in the next Mayoral election a mere two years away.

Running a soapy washrag between her legs, Barbara recalled her first meeting with Ed a mere four weeks before. It had been a Friday afternoon and she was waiting outside City Hall for her father, Police Commissioner James Gordon. As was their custom, they were going to have an early dinner together.

Barbara was greatly surprised when Ed had come up to her and introduced himself. She had seen him before of course, having attending many city functions with her father. He told her that he was a big supporter of her father and the job he'd done with the Police Department over the years. When James Gordon had finally appeared and told her that he'd be unable to have dinner, Ed had quickly offered to take his place.

Rising the last of the shampoo out of her hair, Barbara would've been hard pressed to remember what either of them had for dinner that evening. All she could recall of their first date was how deep were the blue of his eyes and how he never seemed to take them off of her. That and the fact that he had asked her out on a real date the following evening.

One date led to another and it wasn't long before Barbara's name was linked to Ed's in the gossip columns. Truth was that the image of a couple didn't really match the reality. It seemed like there was always something that got in the way. As one of the city's shakers and movers, Ed Kendall was always on 24 hour call. Then there was of course, Barbara's somewhat unusual hobby to add to the problem.

Given the current state of her personal life, again mostly due to the rather unusual way the 23 year old redhead spent most of her nights, the last month had seemed almost like a dream. Barbara's last relationship had ended almost nine months ago, her lover finally getting fed up with her many sudden disappearances. She truly hoped that this time, the relationship would have a more promising future.

Drying herself in front of the steam covered mirror, Barbara took a few moments to take stock of herself. She carefully examined the tiny mound of red hair she had so carefully trimmed before getting in the shower. If things worked out this evening as she planned, Ed would have a more than ample opportunity to appreciate her handiwork.

Next her attention shifted to the image of her upper body, particularly that of her soft firm breasts. While not exceeding large, they stood on their own without support and even she had to admit they were near perfect globes. She played with the pert nipples for a few moments, smiling as they sprang to life. They had always been very sensitive and given her current state of arousal, it took only a soft touch to bring them to erectness.

It had been quite some time since Barbara had enjoyed the feel of a man tight against her. There was only so much satisfaction she could get from her fingers or the small battery powered vibrator she kept hidden in her night table.

Lately it seemed like every sensual touch sent her hormones raging.

Most people still tended to think of her as the skinny little girl who had her nose buried in the books when she graduated High School five years ago. The conservative wardrobe she wore as the Deputy Chief of Research at the Main Branch of the Gotham City Library held maintain that image.
In actuality, ever since her first day in College, Barbara had spent as much time in the gym as in the library. The result being a lean yet muscular athletic form.

A form that unhappily, Edward had of yet only had a sampling of. Hopefully, tonight that was going to change.

Remembering the limo ride home from the hockey game a few nights ago sent a warm flush through Barbara's body. Ed had a passion for hockey that was second only to his passion for politics. During the special exhibition game, Barbara had watched the normally reserved Councilman jump and shout like a little boy. It was a fire she was determined to keep burning as the night went on.

It had been late and the night was warm. A few kisses quickly led to more adventurous actions and it wasn't long before Barbara's dress was down around her waist and Ed was partaking of her delights. Surprised to find herself as horny as a high school girl, Barbara had her hand down his pants and was unzipping them to demonstrate her oral skills only to be interrupted by the loud chimes of his cellular phone.

A rather large water main break in his district had brought the evening to an abrupt end, leaving a rather aroused Barbara forced to take of herself that evening.

Smiling at herself in the mirror, Barbara was determined that tonight would have a much different ending. And it wouldn't be in the back seat of a limousine, no many how plush. She had already reserved a room for them at the Carlton Arms, one of the finest hotels in the city. A late midnight dinner with herself as desert.

"Babs, honey." the naked woman said to her reflection in a mirthful voice. "You are definitely a woman who needs to get laid!"

Once in her bedroom, Barbara carefully laid out the gown she'd borrowed for the evening. A stunning emerald gown, it was far more than she could've ever afforded. It had been a gift from once of her closest and oldest friends, Sara Lynn Collins.

The outfit was rather daring, and Barbara was certainly not was well endowed as Sara Lynn. Still, it would make the most of what she had, especially after her friend had it altered to fit her. Barbara had protested at first but Sara Lynn had insisted. After all, it's not like I'm going to get any more invitations to all those society functions, she had proclaimed. So if Barbara didn't take it, it was going to wind up going to Goodwill.

Barbara smiled at the thought of this designer original handing on a dummy in the window of a second hand shop. Sara Lynn would've done it too. she had that kind of sense of humor. That's why they had been friends for so long, ever since they had meet in freshman year of high school. In fact, it was Sara Lynn who was responsible for her getting the coveted job at the Gotham Main Library right out of college. Her father sat on the Board of Trustees and wouldn't deny his little girl anything. That was of course before Daddy's little girl had announced to the world that she preferred other women over men, sending a shock wave thought their social set. Most of her friends had deserted her, but Barbara had stood fast. A few snickered that it was because the mousy librarian had her own lesbian attraction to the knockout blonde. In truth, Barbara simply didn't see any reason why she should lose so good a friend simply because she preferred bedmates of the same gender. Mentally, she reminded herself to write Sara Lynn a thank you note it the morning, letting her know how the night turned out.

Laid out next to the sheer green outfit was a pair of the sexiest bra and panties Barbara could find. They were expensive as well, but at least still within her means. The bra, what little there was of it, would be near invisible beneath her evening gown. The real benefit of it would be when that dress came off. Likewise, the panties would barely cover even her tightly trimmed red hair, not to mention the open slit in the center.

Putting on the lingerie, Barbara quickly realized that both pieces were as fragile as they looked. As much as she had paid for them, they would probably only last a single wearing. Well she thought with a smile, they only have to last until morning. The smile turned to a wicked grin as she amended that thought to only "halfway to morning."

"Beep .... beep ... beep .... beep ... beep..."

"Oh damn!" Barbara said out loud as the unexpected sound of her beeper suddenly sounded from her night table. "Not now."

The Senior Administrator for the Library was away for the weekend and it was Barbara's turn to be on call. Hopefully, it was something that a quick phone call would take care of.

Quickly she crossed the room, picked up the beeper and looked at the digital display. Her green eyes opened wide when she saw the message.

"Oh shit, not now!" she exclaimed.

In appearance, the small black beeper was like all the other Waynetech pagers carried by the library staff. But if you were to take it apart, the microcircuitry would tell a different tale. Aside from being coded to receive messages for Barbara Gordon, a secondary circuit had been installed to allow her to intercept messages sent on a private unauthorized frequency. Coded so that only the recipient would understand the message, the translation sent a chill through Barbara's near naked form.

For a second time she scrolled the message, until there was no way she could ignore the meaning. It was an emergency signal. A simple two digit code followed by a set of coordinates. Built into the small unit was a receiver for a global positioning system that was accurate to a couple of hundred feet. What she found surprising was that the end of the message was missing. There was no sender id.

"I guess it could be a mistake." The redhead said to herself, knowing full well that she didn't believe it. It was just a failed attempt to allow her keep the fantasy that her evening wasn't ruined for a few more seconds.

There was no question of her ignoring the signal. No thought that someone else would surely respond. That decision had been made two years before on the night of the annual Policeman's Costume Ball. The details as fresh in her mind as they had been that cold night.

It was going to be a surprise for her father. It had started out as simple as that. Image the look on the Police Commissioner's face when midnight came and the mask of the girl in the Batgirl costume came off to reveal his own daughter. Wouldn't that be something.

But fate had a way of intervening. Enroute to the ball she'd had car trouble and because of it was a little late. She almost didn't notice the limousine pulled off the road. When she did, there hadn't been any thought of ignoring someone who needed help. She'd been brought up with a strong sense of public service.

It turned out that the car wasn't broken down, it had been forced off the road. Barbara had stumbled into an attempted kidnapping. Without a thought for her own safety, the girl in the purple and gold costume jumped into the fray. The hours spent in the gym and dojo paid off as she quickly dispatched two of the five assailants. To both her surprise and relief, the intended victim and his chauffeur suddenly came to life and overcame the remaining thugs. Not the sort of thing she would've expected of a man of Bruce Wayne's reputation.

Barbara couldn't believe the incredible rush she'd gotten during the fight. That and the sense of satisfaction that she'd made a difference.

It brought to mind a night when she was 16 and spied into the library to see her father conferring with The Batman. The teenage had been totally infatuated with the dark cloaked crusader. He stood 6'2" with a physique that no amount of Hollywood padding could duplicate. Barbara sat there in the dark, listening to his deep tones. Her father had described The Batman many times to her, but no description could match the reality. The people of Gotham were of many minds about the Darknight, but no one could ever question the fact that he did indeed make a difference.

The memory fresh in her mind, she didn't hesitate when the millionaire playboy had ask her name.

"You can call me Batgirl." she'd said with a smile before disappearing into the night.

Yet to this day, she had never really understood the silly smile on Bruce Wayne's face as she said those words. It was as if he was enjoying some private joke.

"Might as well get this over with." Barbara said to herself after pausing for the few moments it'd taken for all those memories to rush through her mind.

The call to Ed Kendall had been both brief and loud. The Councilman was somewhat unsatisfied with Barbara's statement that an emergency had come up that forced her to cancel their date, and no she couldn't really explain what the emergency was. During the brief conversation, Barbara got the distinct impression that Ed was more upset that he had to go to the dinner solo rather than being concerned that she had some sort of unknown problem. When his car passed into a tunnel and cut off the cellular signal, Barbara let out a sigh of relief. Tomorrow she'd make it all right again.

Dropping the phone back on the cradle, Barbara immediately pulled her city street atlas off the bookshelf and opened it to the coordinates contained in the emergency signal.

"Craig and Yvonne." she said to herself and a manicured finger traced the outline of the intersection of the large map. "Only about a mile from here."

Leaving the book where it lay, Barbara quickly began to change clothes. Already, her mind was shifting gears, putting her into what she always eferred to as her "combat mode".

Quickly replacing the delicate underwear with a solid plain white sports bra and panties, Barbara walked up to the natural brick rear wall of her apartment and pressed on a loose brick on the bottom row. With a soft sliding sound of brick against brick, a small three foot section of the wall gave way. Behind it was a small room leading to an abandoned freight elevator. When the building was built back in the 1920's, the first floor had been a notorious speakeasy. The hidden room and elevator had been used for storage in case of a raid.

About the size of a walk in closet, a function that later tenants had used it for, it was just large enough for a small changing table. Hanging on a hook on the wall was a modified version of that purple and gold costume she'd worn to the costume ball.

Quickly she donned it, enjoying the feel of the soft lycra against her flesh. The costume itself had been a gift from The Batman after she had helped save the life of an visiting official last year. Identical to her original costume, both the cape and key parts of the costume itself had reinforced sections of a lightweight kelvar compound. As effective as the large bulky vests worn by Gotham's Finest, the material was incredibly expensive. Barbara had once figured it out and if she'd paid for the costume it would've been over five thousand dollars. Stored in a foot locker under the table was a duplicate suit. She sometimes wondered if Batman actually paid for the outfits or someone made them for him free. Perhaps someone he'd helped at some time or another.

Adjusting the gold utility belt around her waist, Barbara then reached for her cowl which rested on a Styrofoam head. Inside the cowl was a shoulder length red haired wig, of a color just a few shades darker than her own natural hair. Just another part of the illusion. Once that was securely in place, she took a final moment to check her reflection in the full length mirror attached to the wall. Batgirl was ready to roll.

Closing the small brick door before heading down the freight elevator, Batgirl took a fleeting last look at the unworn gown draped across her bed.

"Another night, Babs." she sighed to herself.

Two minutes later the Bat-Cycle roared into the warm night air, exiting one of the maze of interconnecting alleys behind her building. Her gold and purple cape flapped in the breeze as she headed toward the waterfront. Batgirl loved the feel of the wind in her face, almost as mush as she normally loved the vibration of the powerful engine between her legs. Tonight, the oscillation only helped to add to her frustrations. Turning into a side street, she tried to concentrate and focused her thoughts on finding the source of the emergency signal. She suddenly remembered her father mentioning that The Batman was out of town for a few days. Could the signal be some kind of trap? Should she call for a police back-up?

"I guess I'd better decide." she said to herself as she pulled her cycle to a sudden stop.

Once, long ago, the neighborhood was a bustling center of commerce. That was in the days when Gotham Harbor was filled with ships bringing goods to and from the far corners of the globe. Now all that stood in mute testament to those days were two long abandoned warehouses on opposite corners. Each had a few lights showing through dirty windows. The signal could've come from either one.

Pondering her decision for a few moments, Batgirl decided to check out the situation before hitting the panic button. A faded sign over the closest building read Pennyworth Imports, as good a place to start as any.

Cement blocks sealed the main entrance, so walking through the front door was definitely out. Not that she had ever planned that approach. The four story building had a fire escape, but it looked too dilapidated to even hold her weight.

"Guess I'll have to do this the hard way." Batgirl said to herself.

Removing a small but powerful air gun from her utility belt, Batgirl fitted it with a grappling hook and silk line. A soft pop filled the air as a powerful air cartridge sent the three sided metal attachment high up into the air until it cleared the upper ledge of the dark building. A quick pull on the line sent the hook skidding across the roof until it attached itself to a drain pipe. After a hard tug which assured the purple suited heroine that it would support her weight, she took a deep breath and began to walk up the wall.

Pausing at the first lighted window on the second floor, Batgirl glanced inside - the room was empty. Quickly she moved onward and upward.

Batgirl had lost track of the number of windows she'd spied into over the last few years of nocturnal patrols. How many windows and the secrets they held. But among the hundreds, two would always stand out in her memory.

The first occurred only a blocks from her own apartment. She was climbing over the rooftops on Douglas Street when she realized she was passing the apartment of her supervisor, Donna Latore. The temptation to look inside proved too much to resist.

Imagine her shock when she spied three women laying nude on the living room floor, hotly engaged in a demonstration of lesbian lust. It was all Batgirl could do to pull herself away from the large bay window when she recognized the graying woman in the center of the threeway as Donna. She had never been able to look at her since then without having that image come to mind.

The second had been just a few weeks ago when she was crossing the balcony of an exclusive west side apartment house. She'd spotted a figure in black coming out of one of the other apartments and had taken off after him. At first she'd only glanced inward for a second, but what she'd witnessed caused her to stop and look again.

Sitting on the couch that faced the balcony doors was a boy who couldn't be more than 16 years old. He was totally nude. Kneeling in front of him was a gray haired, heavy set woman who was equally naked. Forgetting for the moment all about the burglar, Batgirl watched for the longest time as the 40ish woman took the boy into her mouth and performed an energetic oral act which soon erupted in a messy climax. Then, her face covered with the milky white residue, the woman kissed the boy hotly, replacing his now softening cock with a more than eager tongue. Before vanishing in the night, Batgirl couldn't help but note that both boy and woman bore more than a passing resemblance to each other.

Only a week later, Barbara was reading the social pages of the Gotham Times when she saw a photograph of both of them, this time impeccably clothed. The caption read, Mrs. Diane Worthington, shown here with her son, Roger, was one of the Mothers of the Year honored by the Daughters of the Revolution at their annual awards dinner. It was almost a half hour before she could stop laughing.

Her thoughts again turned serious as she neared the third floor and the second lit window. Inside was a table covered with an empty pizza box and several take out cartons. Not that unusual, it could belong to a watchman. Some of these old building still had them to help prevent squatters.

That idea quickly faded when she saw the dark shape of an uzi machine pistol hanging over the chair. Not exactly standard issue for a rent a cop.

Batgirl jerked back and flattened against the ledge as a shadow passed across the window. Her move was instinctive, sudden enough that she was sure she hadn't been seen. She waited a few moments, then carefully peered inside once more. There was no sign of the dark figure and the weapon no longer hung across the back of the chair.

"Maybe I should called for that backup after all." she thought to herself.

Her hand slid down to the compartment of her utility belt to were she normally carried her batcomlink. All she had to do was switch to the secondary band and the emergency signal she broadcast would also be picked up by the police.

"Oh shit!" Batgirl said to herself as she held the small transmitter in her hand and pressed the transmit button.

Long seconds passed as she watched the LED display flash red instead of green. The batteries were dead. She was on her own.

"Mother always said there'd be days like this." she said to herself in a false bravado.

With a shrug of her shoulders, the caped woman pressed away from the ledge and continued her journey upward. Her original plan still held, the best place to enter the building would be the roof.

The lock on the roof door was so rotten that it only took a hard kick to knock it open. Silently she made her way down the stairwell, taking a few moments to familiarize herself with the layout of the building. This came in the form of an old fire department evacuation plan that still hung in a shattered case on the fourth floor wall.

The top two floors of Pennyworth Imports was all office space and from the look of the layers of dust on the floor had been unoccupied for years. The third floor, the one on which Batgirl had seen that shadow consisted of one room offices that lined a balcony set up. If you stood at the railing you could look down at the vast open storage area of the first floor below.

Stealthily, Batgirl made her way around the balcony perimeter, staying low enough so that she couldn't be seen from below.

Half way around the perimeter, Batgirl could hear the sound of voices below her. They were too unintelligible to be understood, but gave her a direction. Practically crawling, she moved toward them.

The voices became clearer and louder as she neared what had once been the loading dock. Clearing the last corner, she was able to look down and see the speakers.

"Robin!" Batgirl exclaimed under her breath as she spotted the red and green figure handing from an overhead support beam.

The Teen Wonder was handcuffed and gagged, but he didn't appear to be hurt. Batgirl removed a small pair of high powered binoculars from her belt. The glasses had been a gift from her father on her last birthday after she had mentioned that she was planning to take up bird-watching. As she brought the expensive lenses into focus, Batgirl wondered if other crimefighters suffered from lack of funds as often as she did.

"If I ever write my memoirs," she mused as the image cleared before her. "I should call them How to be a crimefighter on a budget."

The image of Robin now closed to within a few feet, confirming her original impression that he was unhurt. The crossbeam he was handcuffed to was just high enough for him to be suspended two inches off the floor. Some sort of soiled rag had been shoved into his mouth, cutting off any protests he might have made.

Three women stood around Robin and Batgirl turned her attention to the oldest. As her features filled her field of vision, she recalled an entry from the bootlegged copy she'd made of her father's crime files.

"Ma Parker." she said to herself as she matched the gray haired woman with her mug shot.

Searching her memory, Batgirl recalled some of the facts that appeared beneath the mug shots of Sarah May Parker. Age 54, first arrested in 1960 for her involvement in the death of her husband Peter. Twenty-sex years her senior, the well to do businessman had managed to sire two daughters before he died from the bite of a poisonous spider. While she had managed to avoid a conviction, it was enough for his powerful family to get her excluded from his estate. In the town they'd grown up in, the law was whatever the powerful Parker Clan said it was. Two months later, she'd appeared at the payroll office of Parker Industries and robbed it at gun point. Over the next thirty years she'd amassed a record that including armed robbery, kidnapping and extortion. Eventually, her daughter's followed in her footsteps.

On her right and left stood younger women who's resemblance left no doubt that they were her daughters. While Sarah May had been a rather attractive young woman, transforming into a hefty older woman - both daughter's had skipped right to that stage. Large breasted and husky, they looked like either could fit right in with a gang of longshoremen.

Both were armed, as was Ma Parker. The short haired brunette on the right, who Batgirl would later identify as Betty Sue, carried a sawed off shotgun and a small snub nose revolver in her belt. Her sister, Mary Beth, preferred the more powerful 45 caliber automatic. Slung over her shoulder, the long haired sandy blonde carried a M-16. She'd spent 6 months in the Army before being tossed out with a dishonorable discharged, taking from it a preference to military hardware.

The absence of the uzi she had spotted before reminded Batgirl that Parker had later had a third daughter, one which would be in her early twenties about now. She had to have been the shadow upstairs. Until she was sure where she was, or unless she could get all four of them together, the crimefighter would have to bide her time. Hopefully they wouldn't do anything that would force her to move prematurely.

"For a punk kid, he really is kind of cute." Ma Parker said as she stood next to Robin. "Wouldn't you say so girls?"

With loud laughter, both of them agreed.

"In fact, maybe I should find out just how cute he really is." she added.

Parker took a step closer, blocking Batgirl's view for a moment. At first, she thought that the older woman was planning to unmask the Teen Wonder. Then when she shifted, the mask was still in place. A look of concern filled Robin's face and as Batgirl's magnified gaze dropped downward, she saw why. Ma Parker had her hand down his green shorts.

"My, this is impressive." she said as she massaged his cock and balls.

Both daughters moved closer to get a better look, again temporarily obstructing Batgirl's vision. By the time they moved, Robin's shorts were down on the filthy floor and his rapidly enlarging cock was filling Ma Parker's hand.

"This gets better and better." she quipped as she stroked the organ back and forth. "I bet you're enjoying this, aren't you?"

Robin remained silent, but the magnified view in front of her told Batgirl that as much as he was trying not to, he was enjoying it.

"I'd bet he'd tell you how much he enjoys it." Betty Sue said. "If Mary Beth hadn't shoved those panties in his mouth when she tied him up." "Hey, he's got nothing to complain about there." Mary Beth laughed. "He's getting a real taste of honey. I wore that pair all week." "And frigging yourself in them every night too." Betty Sue added. "Hey, it was that or one of those oily rags from that barrel." chuckled Mary Beth.

Imagining the residue all over those panties, Batgirl wondered if Robin might not have preferred one of the rags.

"He may be the Teen Wonder." Ma Parker remarked. "But he's man sized where it counts."

With than, the older woman bent down and took his now fully erect cock into her mouth. Batgirl watched in fascination as his member slid in and out between her lips. A quick look at the expression on his face attested to the woman's oral skills.

In a way, it reminded Batgirl of the night she'd watched Mrs. Worthington and her son. Robin might not be as willing a participant as Roger, but it was obvious that he was enjoying it just as much. Listening to the cheers of the two daughters, Batgirl also became aware of a dampness between her own legs. It'd been quite some time since she'd had the taste of a man in her own mouth.

Just then, Robin exploded, sending bursts of hot cum into Sarah May's eager mouth. Joyfully, she let it fill her, using her tongue to savor the tangy flavor. A large stream of whiteness spilled out over her lips and down her chin. Letting his semi-hard cock slip from her mouth, she rolled her tongue over her lips, licking them clean.

"Mmmm, the boy is definitely prime choice." She grinned.
"Look at that, he'd still got half a hard on." Mary Beth noted as she pointed to Robin's cum covered cock. "I bet he's all ready to go at it again." "That's why I like them young." Ma replied. "I'm next!" Betty Sue called out.
"No way!" Mary Beth responded. "You always get to go next. Besides, I can tell that he wants me. Don't you Robin honey? I bet you can't wait to taste those pussy juices for real." "Bullshit, if he hadn't been looking at my tits while I was changing, he wouldn't have even gotten caught." Betty Sue countered.

Pulling her T-shirt up and over her bra-less mounds, she bounced them in front of the captive Robin. Batgirl figured the girl had to at least be a 38DD.

"This is want you want, isn't it Robin baby." she said.

"This could get ugly real fast." Batgirl thought. "If one of them decided to end it with a bullet. I might not be able to wait for daughter number three."

Part of Batgirl's decision to rush into what might be a precipitous action was the realization that despite the fact that the scene that had just occurred could be classified as rape, she had enjoyed watching it. In fact, it had turned her on immensely.

A handful of small glass capsules filled her gloved hand, taken from one of the compartments in her belt. Any advantage of surprise had to be pressed as hard as possible. If daughter three appeared out of the woodwork, it could all go so very wrong, so very fast.

Batgirl's body tensed as she slowly began to rise and counted off the seconds until she would spring into action. If she could just get them a little closer together.

"Maybe I should just put a bullet in his head and that'll settle it." said a strong voice from the other side of the room.

Batgirl quickly dropped flat as the third daughter walked into the room. Peering carefully over the edge, she took stock of the new arrival.

"Oh shit!" she gasped. "She must be at least six feet tall."

That was only where her astonishment over Ma Parker's baby daughter began. She was six one to be exact, with a body that was a cross between a movie star and body builder. With the best of both, the result was a powerful muscular form. Her platinum blond hair was razor cut in an almost military style. She was wearing cut off shorts and a tank top that seemed two sizes too small. Firm hard breasts pressed against the too thin material, the nipples visible even to Batgirl. Despite all of her training, Batgirl looked like a skinny school next to her.

Watching the professional, no nonsense manner in which she walked across the dirty stone floor, Batgirl quickly sized her up as the most dangerous of the three daughters. The black uzi was slung over her shoulder, hanging within easy reach.

"If you're through playing around, you might like to know that I checked the upper floors and the buildings clear." she said as she neared the rest of the group. "You worry too much, Debbie Jo." Betty said.
"One of us should." Debbie Jo replied. "The little asshole here had a transmitter in his hand when I caught him. He might've gotten off a signal before I smashed it." "If he did, this place would've already been crawling with cops." was Betty Sue's retort. "Do you see any cops?"

The exchange just reinforced Batgirl's original assessment that next to Ma Parker, Debbie was the most dangerous of the foursome. The other two daughters were just muscle.

Batgirl couldn't get over how physically different Debbie was from her sisters. Then she recalled an item on the bottom of Ma Parker's file.

It had been one of the most sensational crimes of twenty two years ago. Harold Swartzenberger, the rage of Hollywood action films had disappeared during a morning exercise run. For two weeks, the bulk of Gotham's Finest had turned the underside of the city inside and out without finding a clue as to the whereabouts of the former Mr. Universe. For all their efforts, all they had to go on was an expended tranquilizer dart at the scene. No ransom note, no demands, no communications of any kind.

Then, following a lead turned up by then Lieutenant James Gordon, they had finally found Swartzenberger. The star had been found nude, tied spread eagle on a bed in one of the seedier hotels outside the city limits.

The actor was somewhat reluctant to say what had happened during the twelve days since he'd vanished. Sarah May Parker, on the other hand, was more than willing to proclaim to the world how she'd sucked and fucked the former weight lifter all that time.

"Hell, sometimes we'd do it three or four times a day." she yelled out before they slammed the door of the paddy wagon on her.

Unwilling to risk the damage to his career once the Hollywood tabloids got hold of the story, Swartzenberger refused to press charges. Hopefully, most people would just assume it was all a publicity stunt and ignore Parker's story.

Unfortunately, those dozen days of passion had left Sarah May pregnant, giving credence to her story. Sarah got child support and Swartzenberger's career never reached it's potential. In all that time, he had never seen his daughter.

"Hey Debbie, want a taste?" Mary Beth asked as she ran her finger along the length of Robin's cock and scooped up the remnant that Ma Parker had missed. "I'll pass." was Debbie Jo's curt reply. "Don't know what you're missing." Mary Beth said as she slipped her finger into her mouth and sucked it clean.
"I'll bet if it was the Bat-Bitch hanging there, dripping pussy juice you'd be quick to lap it up." Betty Jo snickered. "Maybe...." Debbie purred with a smile. "But I can think of a lot better place to do it than a filthy dump like this."

The dual thought that such a phenomenal beauty such as Debbie was both into woman and as such was also interested in Batgirl brought mixed feelings. The thought of her being in Robin's predicament caused a cold chill, contrasting with the rich warm rush radiating between her legs. The thought of a sexual encounter with the likes of Debbie Jo was almost enough to cause her to consider expanding her sexuality. Of course that would be if she could separate that perfect body from the person it contained.

Dismissing all this from her mind, Batgirl again jumped to her feet. In a single fluid movement, she bounded over the railing and into the air. As she flew, her hand swung around and sent the half dozen glass capsules ahead of her.

"Robin .... Starburst!!!" she yelled out as she dropped over the railing, a split second before the capsules detonated into an all encompassing whiteness.

Controlling her leap off the balcony, Batgirl was able to deliver the full force of her 110 pound frame in one single blow. The impact point being the center of Debbie's chest. The amazon hadn't been blinded like her sisters. Unlike them, she had looked down not upward when she heard Batgirl's shout, preserving her vision. Even know she was swinging the uzi on her shoulder into play.

Knocked backward into a support beam by the sudden blow, Debbie lost her grip on the uzi and watched helpless as it flew across the floor. Her head banged into the beam as well, causing a few moments of disorientation. Moments Batgirl put to all too good use.

No sooner did she hit the ground, Batgirl dropped to what looked like a push up position. Pivoting on her open palms, she spun her muscular legs around in a wide arc, sweeping Mary Beth off her feet.

A partially blinded Ma Parker had pulled her pistol from it's holster and was trying to take aim at the rapidly moving intruder. Try as she could, she still couldn't differentiate between Batgirl and her daughters.

No such concern entered Betty Sue's mind. Although as visually handicapped as her mother, she wasted no time in bringing her shotgun into play. Aiming in the general direction of the blurry forms, she let off first one, then both barrels.

A cry of pain filled the air as the spray of pellets found a target.

"I got them!" Betty cried out in triumph. "You got me you stupid bitch!" came the reply.

Betty recognized the voice as belong to Mary Beth. Her sister had just leapt to her feet after being knocked over by Batgirl, only to step right into the line of fire.

Even as Mary Beth again fell to the ground, this time clutching her left leg in agony, Batgirl moved against Ma Parker and Betty. A hard tossed batarang slammed against the side of Ma's head, bringing unconsciousness with it. Betty joined her a few heartbeats later, the result of a devastating right hook and left cross combination.

Batgirl took a moment to breath, only to have it cut short as a strong arm wrapped around her neck. Debbie hadn't been as stunned as she though and was already pressing the attack. If was only a muffled warning from the still bound Robin that gave her the precious second to protect her breathing passage.

Locked in a choke hold, Batgirl pressed back with all of the strength. She could tell it wouldn't be enough. Ma Parker's youngest was just too much bigger and stronger. If only she could get a little more leverage. All she needed was a small opening.

"I'm going to rip your fucking head off bitch!" Debbie said as she pulled Batgirl backward.

She took another step back and then suddenly loosed her hold. Batgirl immediately took advantage of her unexplained error and sent her right elbow as hard as she could into the larger woman's chest. The blow was enough to free her and she pulled out of the killer grip.

Spinning around to an attack position, Batgirl suddenly understood the cause of her assailant's distraction. As they had moved closer to him, Robin had swung up and wrapped his legs around Debbie's neck. He didn't have the leverage to hold her, but as he pulled himself against her from the left side, Debbie found her face pressed against his exposed crotch. The strong pungent smell of his manhood and the taste of his cum stained cock against her lips sent her into a panic. Instinctively, her only thought was to pull away, ignoring the need to keep a tight hold on Batgirl.

Debbie grabbed one of Robin's legs with each hand and pulled them from around her neck. She was spitting the awful taste from her mouth when she suddenly remembered Batgirl. Too late she turned her attention back to her captive, only to be met by a flurry of fists.

A brilliantly executed judo move sent the larger woman to the ground, face first. Before she could rise, Batgirl was on top of her and pinning her arms behind her as she slammed on a pair of strong steel handcuffs.

"You fucking cocksucking bitch!" Debbie called out over her shoulder.

A smile crossed Batgirl's face as she let out a deep breath of relief and made sure that all four of her adversaries were indeed down for the count. She found Debbie's curse somewhat amusing.

"Don't knock it unless you've tried it, honey." she said just loud enough for Debbie to hear her. "You're going to pay for this!" Debbie again cursed out as she struggled helplessly against the bonds. "Maybe, but now today!" was Batgirl's reply.

Checking Mary Beth, Batgirl was relieved to find that she had only superficial leg injuries. A few inches to the left and she'd have caught a lot more than the edge of the shotgun blast. She pinned her hands behind her with the same plastic restraints she'd used on Ma Parker and Betty Sue.

Using the handcuff key she'd found on Ma, Batgirl freed Robin from the overhead beam. She tried not to watch as he composed himself but she had to sneak one last look. The young man certainly was impressive.

Ten minutes later, a phone call for assistance caused the old warehouse to indeed be swarming with members of the GCPD. Led by a cigar chomping Sgt. Bullock, they quickly led an infuriated Parker Mob to waiting Police vans.

"We found the Batmobile out back." Bullock said to Robin. "Looks like one of the harpies put a few rounds into the tires for laughs." "Great." Robin muttered. "This night is getting better and better." "Don't sweat it, kid." Bullock growled. "I've already talked to Chief O'Hara and he's sending a flatbed truck over to take it to the Police garage over on Barnaby Street. Batman left two sets of those special tires you use over there just in case he ever needed them. They'll have you back on the road in about an hour or two." "Thanks." said Robin. "Meanwhile, we'll be glad to give you a lift over there or down to Police Headquarters. " added Bullock. "Nah, I'll get there on my own." Robin said in a tone that said he really didn't want to be around the men of Bullock's Strike Force right now.

From the funny looks they had all given him, and the sly smiles on more than a few faces, he knew Ma Parker had told them all about the blow job she had given him.

"Suit yourself, kid." Bullock said as he turned and followed the rest of the Task Force out the door.

Robin stood there a few moments. watching them leave. It had been one screwed up night. And it wasn't going to be any better tomorrow night when Batman got back and heard all about it. No one would have to tell him, it would be the but of a dozen jokes in every police bar by midnight.

"I'd offer you a ride, but where could I take you." Batgirl said as she stepped up to him. "I guess we could always go out for Pizza." he quipped, trying to put his worries behind him. "I haven't eaten since this morning." "I do think we'd be more than a little conspicuous in these outfits." Batgirl smiled, remembering that she too had missed dinner. "I guess there's always takeout." "I've got a better idea." Robin responded in a burst of sudden inspiration. "Come on." he added as he headed for the Bat-Cycle.
"All right, were to?" Batgirl asked as she slid behind the handle bars and motioned for Robin to squeeze in behind her. "1939 Kane St." Robin said as he slid in behind her and put his arms around her waist.

Again speeding though the night, Batgirl noticed that the vibration of the cycle between his legs had the same effect on Robin that it usually had on her. She could feel his erect cock pressed up against her ass as he pressed tight against her. She had to admit as she smiled under her cowl, it was a nice feeling.

Pulling up to a long row of brownstones on Kane Street, Batgirl slowed in front of 1939. It was only a half mile to her own apartment, a section of old Gotham that had seen a new life with an influx of young urban professionals during the last decade. A four story walkup, a sign in the front yard identified it as being renovated by Waynecorp, a subsidy of Wayne Enterprises.

"Do you live here?" Batgirl asked in a confused tone. "Not exactly," came the reply from behind her. "It's sort of a safe house. Better take the cycle around back."

Parking the gold and blue motorbike in the empty alley behind the building, Batgirl watched as Robin covered it with a large gray tarp hidden behind the garbage cans.

"That should hide it." he said, satisfied that it was hidden from casual observers. "I supposed there's a back door." Batgirl said as she looked up and down the alleyway. "Not exactly," Robin said as he pointed up to the overhead fire escape. "But there is a back window." "Right." Batgirl replied. "The story of my life."

It only took a minute for them to reach the third floor landing. Robin paused at the large high window and reached into his utility belt for a small electronic device. Batgirl watched as he activated it and then ran it along the outside of the window frame. An audible click filled the night air as it passed over the lock.

"It also deactivated the alarms." the Teen Wonder said in way of explanation as he returned the small unit to his belt. "After you." he said as he pulled open the window.

Batgirl's first impression upon entering the small three room apartment was that she'd been there before. It was impossible of course, but it was all so familiar.

"Well, what do you think?" Robin said as he closed the window behind him. "A lot better than eating off the back of your bike." "It's nice." Batgirl said. "You might find this funny, but I feel like I've seen this place before." "Deja Vu, huh." Robin laughed, as if he was enjoying some little joke.

With that he walked over to a small coffee table and picked up a small neighborhood phone book. Opening it to the restaurant section, he scanned a few ads.

"What do you feel like having?" he asked. "Italian? Mexican? There's a really great seafood place about two blocks over." "That'd be fine." Batgirl said as she picked up a small stack of mail by the front door and examined it. Mostly it consisted of bills and such. "B. Ward." she said as she read the name on the phone bill. "A friend of yours?" "Actually, that's the name of some second rate actor that was on this really lame superhero show when I was a kid." he said as began to dial the phone. "I found the name in an old TV Guide and put all the utilities in his name. Couldn't really put it under Batman or Robin, could I?" "I guess not." Batgirl mused.

Her attention was then caught by a R.J. Nickels catalog resting next to the mail. An identical mail order book had been delivered to her apartment last month. In fact she'd been flipping through it just the other day looking for a new sofa.

"That's it." she said to herself as she quickly flipped though the pages until she came to the one she was looking for. "I don't believe it, you bought the whole room."

Robin grinned as he looked at the two page photo in the catalog, identical in every way to the room they were now standing in. Right down to the framed pictures on the wall.

"It was easier that way, we have twelve apartments like this scattered across the six boroughs." Robin explained. "Really didn't have time to shop around and decorate them all."

Without realizing it, Robin had confirmed Batgirl's long standing belief that Batman had to have a great deal of money behind him. A quick addition of the prices in the glossy photo put the cost of just this room at almost six thousand dollars. And they had twelve apartments like this. As Barbara Gordon, Batgirl could just about afford the rent on her apartment, much less pay for apartments that were empty most of the time.

The buzz of the intercom interrupted anything Batgirl might have wanted to say. Robin walked over to the wall and pressed it.

"Seafood Delight." said the voice over the speaker. "Come on up." Robin said. "That was fast." Batgirl commented as Robin pushed the buzzer that unlocked the front door. "I've ordered from there before." he explained. "They know the tip increases the faster they get the food here." "Another casual reference to being used to have money to burn." Batgirl thought. "If you'll wait in the other room, I'll pay for the food." Robin said as he pulled a bathrobe over his costume and tightened the sash. "Sure, no problem." she replied as she stepped into the adjacent bedroom.

Closing the door half way behind her, watched from behind as Robin removed his mask and answered the door. If she stood were she was, she'd see his face as he turned around. As simple as it would be to explain as an accident, it wasn't something she could bring herself to do. Instead she stepped back into the room and awaited Robin's call.

"Dinner's ready." the Teen Wonder called out. "Page 215, I see." Batgirl said as she walked back into the living room. "What?" a confused Robin said. "The bedroom, page 215 of the catalog." she said. "Oh yeah, right."

The two made themselves as comfortable as they could. Capes and gloves were draped across the couch, utility belts piled on top of them. Sitting on the floor, the food covered coffee table between them, they ate and discussed the life of a crimefighter.

"Has anything like this evening ever happened to you before?" Batgirl asked as she took a bite of her broiled shrimp.

Robin stopped in mid-bite. The expression on his face told her that she might've made a big mistake asking that question. It was obvious that tonight hadn't been the first time.

"I'm sorry, I really had no right to ask something like that. I was just curious. I apologize."

Wiping the food residue from his face, Robin look across the table into her rich green eyes. He sat silent for a few moments and then said.

"Do you really want to know?"

Batgirl nodded in agreement.

Once he began, it was hard for him to stop. Batgirl was sure that this was the first time he had ever really talked to anyone about this aspect of his career.

He told her of his loss of virginity to The Catwoman. Of his encounter with Jessica Taylor, an encounter that had been repeated several times before she moved to San Diego. He even admitted to a male experience he'd had when a young thug had performed oral sex on him while guarding him. An act he had reciprocated.

Batgirl listened intently as Robin talked. She wasn't put off by his story, not even his revelation of a same sex act. After all, more than a few times lately she'd been wondering to herself that perhaps she was missing something by not at least trying the charms of a sapphic relationship.

What she found interesting was that in all his experiences, tonight included, there was a aspect of submissiveness. Of a helplessness that increased his sexual satisfaction. The look on his face as he talked mirrored that he showed while tied up back in the warehouse being serviced by Ma Parker.

Batgirl could feel a renewed wetness between her legs as she visualized the stories he had just told. She could only guess at what Jessica or his male lover had looked like. The Catwoman on the other hand was a know criminal. Batgirl had even encountered Selina Kyle after her return to Gotham and a life of crime. In her skin tight catsuit, it wasn't hard to imagine what she would look like naked. The image of that naked body atop Robin, riding him, taking his cherry - fucking him - was almost too much to bear. She suddenly realized that her breathing had become labored.

"Has anything like that happened to you?"
"What?" Batgirl said, her mind suddenly dismissing the sexual images that had occupied it. "I asked if anything like that had ever happened like that to you.?" Robin repeated.

Taking a deep breath to calm herself, Batgirl was relieved to realize that Robin hadn't noticed her state of arousal over his tale. If her costume weren't so reinforced, she'd be afraid to stand up, sure that her pants would be covered with a large stain.

"Once, in the very beginning." she began.

It wasn't a story she liked remembering, much less telling someone. But Robin had bared his soul and she could do no less. It was funny but she'd never considered the idea that a male hero could suffer sexual assault. Up until this moment she thought it was something that only heroines had to worry about.

It was only a few months after becoming Batgirl. She'd tried tracking down The Joker, not realizing in her youthful exuberance how far out of her league she was. Of course she easily fell into his trap.

Bound to a gurney, rape was the furthest concern from her mind. The Joker had a reputation as a homicidal maniac and Batgirl feared for the worst. It was only when he dismissed his gang and climbed atop her helpless body that she feared she'd be raped before anything else.

In her worst nightmares, she could still see the small chalky white cock, surrounded by green pubic hair that Joker removed from his purple pants. Straddling her waist, he had proceeded to play with it, masturbating it to it's full five inches. Barbara sometimes found it astonishing that at that moment, on the verge of being ravaged and perhaps worse, she wondered if his smallness was the result of the chemical bath that had transformed him into The Joker. If so, that might've been enough to have driven him mad.

Bracing for the worst, she was confused when the tall man suddenly shot his load, all over her large yellow bat-insignia. A chilling, echoing laugh filled the air as he smeared the small residue across her lycra covered breasts. Then without so much as another word, he jumped off her and left.

After she freed herself, a still trembling Batgirl had made her way home and burned that particular costume in her fireplace. It was almost a month before she could bring herself to put on her spare and venture out once more into the night.

"Damn." was the only response Robin could think of.

Batgirl decided to change the subject. Reaching behind her into a small pocket of her cape, she removed the handcuffs she'd freed Robin from earlier. They were a real old pair, over sixty years old. She'd saved them to give to her father as a present. He had a large collection of police memorabilia in his house. There'd been a Gordon on at least one police force somewhere for the last four generations. Barbara had broken the tradition, but somehow she felt she was doing something better.

"Those cuffs gave me a lot of trouble." Robin said, taking her cue to change the subject. "I tried every thing I could remember Batman ever teaching me but I couldn't get them loose. They're impossible to get out of."


Batgirl grinned in embarrassment as she held the opened cuff in her hand. It had taken her less than thirty seconds to open them. The key was still in her cape.

"I don't believe it!" Robin said in a shocked tone. "How'd you do that?"

Batgirl smiled a little brighter. Her little ruse had worked. Robin's mind was now totally on the old handcuffs.

"Don't feel bad." she offered in way of apology. "There's a trick to it." "What kind of trick?"
"Well here, I'll show you." she continued as she again manipulated the old metal joints until they again popped open. "See, its not all that hard once you know how to do it."

Robin looked closely at the restraints as Batgirl went through it again, this time a little more slowly. As before, they opened easily.

"Can I borrow those?" Robin asked. "I was planning to give them to my a friend of mine. He collects things like this. In fact, he was the one who showed me how to open old cuffs like that."

Batgirl wondered if Robin had ever been to Commissioner Gordon's house and seen the old collection in the study. Many nights when she was a child, her father had explained the pieces to her and how they worked.

"I'll give them back, I promise." Robin said. "I just want to use them to run a trap simulation when Batman gets back. "A trap simulation?" Batgirl inquired. "When ever one of us runs into a difficult trap, we do a reenactment to see what weaknesses we overlooked and find ways to avoid it in the future." "That's an interesting idea." Batgirl noted. "Makes a lot of sense. Tell me more about it." "Well, if Batman were in town, we'd run it tonight while it was fresh in my mind. But as it is, I'll have to wait until Monday to do it. "You couldn't do it without him?" she asked. "Well, I'm not supposed to do it without a spotter. Kind of like working out with weights. You should have someone there in case something goes wrong." "Hmm." Batgirl mused. "Would I do as a spotter?" "I don't see why not?" Robin replied. "After all, you certainly did better in the original than I did. But why would you want to go to all that trouble?" "Well, first of all, I think its kind of an interesting idea. Secondly, I had originally planned a pretty late evening so I didn't get up today until the near side of noon. So its either this, going out again on patrol or seeing whats on the cable." "Ok, if you really want to." "Then it's settled." Batgirl smiled as she rose and took the paper plates she'd been eating off of and tossed them into the trash. "How do we go about this?"
"Well, normally, if it were possible, we'd go back to the original site." Robin explained as he dumped his own trash. "The only problem there is that it's still a crime scene and we might run into some of Gotham's Finest or worse the Press." Batgirl added. "Exactly." Robin agreed. "The second option would be to recreate it in the Batcave." "Then I guess the Batcave it is." concluded Batgirl.

Silence filled the air for a few seconds until Robin said in a almost shock filled voice. "Take you to the Batcave?"

The tone in his voice reminded Batgirl of that of a maiden who'd just been asked to surrender her virginity to a stranger.

"Why, is that a problem?" she asked. "No, I guess not." he replied somewhat sheepishly. I'd have to ask you to put on a blindfold while we drove there. It's one of the rules." "I guess I'm not driving then." Batgirl quipped. "No problem, I'm not afraid of the dark." "They should be done with the Batmobile by now, we can swing by the Police garage and pick it up." said the Teen Wonder, a little more relaxed than before. "Good, lets clean up the rest of this and be on our way."

Propelled by the awesome power of the Batmobile, they soon left the city behind. Speeding down dark country roads, Robin found himself stealing looks at his companion every chance he could. At one point, they'd stopped at a railroad crossing just outside of the city and Robin quickly lost himself staring at her.

Her eyes were hidden by the blindfold, but Robin studied every exposed feature of her face. The curve of her face, the soft pinkness of her lips, the blush of her cheeks. Dropping his gaze downward, he examined the outline of her pert breasts in great detail. Both Selina Kyle and Jessica Taylor had much more impressive busts, but neither had ever occupied as much of his thoughts over the last few years. The 17 year old couldn't begin to count the nights he'd masturbated to her image.

His cock was so hard that it hurt, but he couldn't tear himself away from her. Only an hour before, he had shared his most intimate secrets with her. He hadn't ever told anyone what he'd told her, not even Batman. Had it been his imagination or had she really been turned on by what he'd told her. He couldn't be sure.

"Is something wrong?" Batgirl asked as she automatically turned to face the Teen Wonder. "We've been standing still a long time." "No problem." came the reply as he quickly shifted the car into gear.

The sound of airbrakes and a sudden deceleration told Batgirl they'd arrived. She could feel the car turning on what she guessed was some sort of turntable. Then the sound of the drivers side door opening and padded footsteps rounding the automobile. Finally, the sound of her own door opening.

"You can take the blindfold off now." Robin said as he opened her door.

Batgirl blinked a few times after she removed the blinder. The chamber was dimly lit so it took only a few seconds for her eyes to adjust. Curious, she turned a full three hundred and sixty degrees to take it all in.

A feeling of disappointment filled Batgirl as she took it all in. The chamber was about the size of a small auditorium, with a small row of computers against the wall. To the left she could see an auto maintenance area. Not exactly what she expected.

"Let me get the lights." Robin said, a broad grin filling his face.

As Robin threw a large wall mounted switch, a loud clang filled the air. Unseen banks of high powered lights exploded to life, banishing the encroaching shadows.

"Omigod!" Batgirl gasped as the dark shadow she thought a wall vanished in the light.

The room she'd been in had only been an antechamber. Beyond it was a vastness she couldn't have imagined. The ceiling was almost beyond view, hidden in the few shadows still remaining. From where she stood, Batgirl could see a scene that looked like it had been lifted right out of a George Lucas film. The cave housed a complete laboratory, including sections for chemical, forensics and electrical analysis. A sophisticated array of computers filled an entire section, all tied into giant fifty inch screens. Opposite them stood a vast communications bank, monitoring the networks and a multitude of radio frequencies. In the distance, Batgirl could see a trophy room, a fully equipped gym, and living quarters.

"Unbelievable." Batgirl said as she finally took it all it. "Well we call it home." Robin replied as he walked into the inner cave.

Robin quickly moved to the communications bank and pressed down on a small intercom. Batgirl watched as a small red light came on in response to his action.

"I'm down in the cave." he simply said. "Batgirl is with me." "Understood sir." said a crisp English voice.

"Let me guess, that was the butler." Batgirl joked.

The sudden look of concern flashed across Robin's face. She had meant it as a joke but had hit too close to home.

"I'll be right with you, I just want to check a few things." Robin said.

While she waited, Batgirl watched the six row bank of television monitors. They were keyed into the three major networks, CNN, Gotham One and a local station. On Gotham One, the city's all news station, Batgirl recognized the backdrop of the Gotham Civic Center. Curious, she turned up the volume. She recognized the woman with the microphone as Carol Wilson, the station's society reporter.

".... the beautiful people have turned in force for the Mayor's benefit tonight." Wilson said. "In fact, I think I see one of Gotham's best coming up right now."

The camera zoomed over Carol Wilson's shoulder and focused on the couple headed for a waiting limousine. Batgirl's eyes opened wide as she recognized the handsome well dressed gentleman. Her eyes then tightened in anger when she saw the woman on his arm.

"Councilman Kendall, how nice to see you again..." Carol began.

Whatever inane comments the high priced clothes horse made after that were lost as Batgirl concentrated on the big breasted bimbo to Ed's left.

"I know her." she thought.

Then it came to her. That was Elizabeth David, they'd both gone to Gotham State. Of course she hadn't had those massive breasts that she so prominently displayed back then. Back then, her main asset had earned her the sobriquet "Blow Job Betty."

"......and that's why it's important for all of us to lend the Mayor our support for projects like this." Ed said as he answered a question. "Now if you'll excuse me, we have a late dinner reservation at the Carlton Arms." "And a special desert." Betty giggled like a little girl. "Carlton Arms!" Batgirl said in shock. "He's taking that bimbo to the Carlton!"

A rage flushed through her body at the thought of Blow Job Betty sharing the bed she'd reserved for Ed and her. How could that bastard do something like that to her.

"Is something wrong?" Robin said as he reentered.

He scanned the overhead monitors, half expecting to see some disaster in the making. Instead he saw only some guy hanging on to one knockout babe.

"No, no problem." Batgirl said. "I just made a mistake about something, that's all."

Shrugging his shoulders, Robin led his female counterpart into one of the adjacent smaller caverns. Equipped as a combat training center, it was relatively easy to set up the trap scenario. As they secured a crossbeam in place and attached the old handcuffs to it, Robin couldn't help but notice that Batgirl seemed much more distant than when they'd first arrived in the Batcave.

"Are you feeling all right?" he asked. "What?...." she replied, quickly shaking off her melancholy mood. "I'm fine, really. I guess some of the seafood didn't agree with me, that's all." "We can forget about this, you know." said the Teen Wonder. "It's really not all that important." "Don't be silly." Batgirl laughed. "We're all ready to go. Now climb up there and remember what I showed you."

After a few seconds hesitation, Robin lifted his arms high over his head and allowed Batgirl to secure the restraints around his wrists. He pulled on them a few times to test their strength, then nodded that he was ready. Before he had started, Robin had secured a gag around his mouth for the sake of realism. Of course it was a lot cleaner than the original.

Batgirl shifted a few paces to the left and slowly turned the crank that raised the crossbeam. After a few turns, Robin was just about the same height as in the warehouse.

"Ok, the clock!" Batgirl called out as she watched the giant sweep hand of the wall clock pass twelve.

Robin went to work instantly, a look of determination and confidence on his face. Agile fingers played with the tumblers of the old bonds, duplicating the sequence he had been shown earlier. He tried it once, then twice, but still the bonds failed to spring open.

His look of confidence changed to one of confusion as a third attempt failed to free him. Silently, he turned his head in Batgirl's direction in search of an explanation.

"Oh, did I forget to mention that you can change the tumble sequence on those old cuffs." Batgirl replied to his silent question. "After all, what you really want to learn is how to figure out the sequence, not just mimic what someone else showed you."

In frustration, Robin tired a variation of the sequence, then pulled fruitlessly at the metal circles around his wrists. He was angry at his own overconfidence.

"I can let you down if you want?" Batgirl said.

Robin shook his head no. One way or the other, he would get out of this on his own.

As the minutes ticked by, Batgirl had a chance to really study her younger compatriot. Strange how she never really noticed before what a fine tuned body he had. Muscular, yet lean, the sort of body a champion swimmer or a acrobat would have. In fact, based on some of the maneuvers she'd seen him execute over the last few years, Batgirl wouldn't be surprise if Robin had some sort of acrobatic background.

Following the lines of his body, she watched as every muscle seemed to tense as he tried to get free. Powerful legs stretched downward, trying to give him just a little more leeway.

It was then she noticed that indeed every muscle had come into play. Pressed tight against the confines of his green shorts, his cock had risen to a full hardness. Spurred to life by his exertions, his member was no less impressive that when she'd it only a few hours before.

The memory of his young manhood, erect and exposed brought a now familiar tingle within her. She knew that when she got home, there wasn't going to be enough batteries in Gotham to fulfill her need. Thinking back, she now recognized the emotion that had filled her as she watched Ma Parker swallow Robin's prize. It hadn't been anger, or even disgust - it had been envy!

Glancing at the clock on the wall to check Robin's time, Batgirl noted that it was a quarter to midnight. The late supper at the Carlton would just be drawing to a close. Ed and Liz would be on their way up to their room just about now. No, not their room...her room. And her bed!

Jerking her head away from the clock and back to Robin, her eyes opened in disbelief. The Teen Wonder was still hanging from the beam, but his familiar red and green costume was gone. He was naked, his maleness fully erect and beckoning to her.

The purple and gold clad woman blinked a few times then looked again. To her relief it had all been an illusion. Robin was fully clothed. But was it relief she actually felt, or disappointment. She was so confused, her hormones were overtaking her judgment.

Later on, Batgirl would be unable to recall what actually was going through her mind when she took that first set forward. Like a sleepwalker, she moved forward seemingly without conscious thought. Robin was too preoccupied with his predicament to notice, that is until he felt the waistband of his shorts being pulled away, then the warm soft embrace of Batgirl's gloved hand around his young cock.

Robin's eyes opened in mute astonishment as he suddenly looked down and saw the Darknight Damsel cup his balls and give them a playful squeeze. The she ran her long fingers up and down the length of his stiff cock, causing it to grow even harder. Even if he hadn't been gagged, no words would've issued from his lips. He was in a state of shock. His first thought was that he was imagining it, that this couldn't really be happening.

That idea faded as fast as it formed as Batgirl suddenly dropped down to her knees and tongued the tip of his cock, licking the small drop of pre-cum that had formed there. Then she ran her tongue down the length of his shaft and swirled it around his balls. Up one side and down the other, following the trace she had left with her fingers a few moments before.

Reaching the base, the dark garbed woman sucked on his balls, taking first one then the other into her mouth. Then she let them both slide free and moved back up his now wet shaft.

In a sudden fluid motion, Batgirl engulfed the full length of his shaft, sliding the young manmeat all the way down her throat. She let it slide out slowly, then swallowed it once again. A fire filled her as all her pent up desires centered on the taste, the touch, the scent of the young man before her.

No way he was imagining this, thought the Teen Wonder as every touch of the redhead's tongue sent delightful sensations across his helpless body. He could feel the rising eruption building in his balls, knowing that it was going to be impossible for him to hold out for long. Part of him wanted to delay the inevitable, to make it last as long as possible. Another part screamed to unleash all the power of his young manhood in one explosive salvo.

Truth be known, Batgirl wasn't as good a cocksucker as Ma Parker had been, or even as good as Selina or Jessica. But for all of either woman's skill, neither had been the object of his boyhood lust.

Watching his cock slide in and out in those final moments before he lost control, Robin could see a look of total rapture fill Batgirl's face. A look reflected on his own.

As soon as she felt the first drops of warm cum splash against the back of her mouth, Batgirl deep throated Robin's cock and swallowed the steady stream as fast as it came. She'd almost forgotten how much she loved the taste of a man in her mouth, and this time it had a special flavor. In a strange sort of way, it was almost incestuous.

She held the softening cock in her mouth for a few long moments, savoring the tangy taste. Then as the sudden sexual fever faded, she led it slip from her mouth as the realization of what she'd done hit her.

"Omigod!" she thought as she stepped back and rose to her feet. "Oh God, what have I done?" she repeated to herself in a silent horror.
"Robin, I don't know what I can say?" she stammered. "I don't know how I can explain....."

The look in Robin's eyes caused her to pause. She had expected to see anger, hostility, a sense of outrage. Instead she saw a deep longing, a desire, a hunger that needed to be filled.

"You don't want me to you?" she asked in a soft voice.

Carefully, she undid the cloth gag from around his mouth. She let it fall to the floor as she repeated the question.

"No." was Robin's quiet single word reply.

A smile filled her face as she stepped even closer to the bound boy and kissed him. As their lips met, she could feel a passion that was reflected in her own soul. Her eager tongue pressed against his as they took turns sliding into each other's mouth. A second kiss followed, then a third and fourth. Batgirl reached up and with one hand, freed his hands from his bindings. Once freed, they closed around the woman before him, pulling her as close as he could.

"Why don't we get you a little more comfortable." Batgirl whispered in his ear.

A soft snapped filled the air as Robin's bright yellow cape drop from his shoulders onto the floor. Then, one by one, Batgirl undid the laces that held his red vest together, until that too joined the cape on the padded floor. Lifting the green shirt he wore underneath, Batgirl exposed a strong, lightly haired chest. Gloved hands stroked well developed muscles, taking a moment to tweak the small nipples in the center.

"I'm glad you like that." she said. "I've got a lot more that I think you're going to like."

Leaning forward, she stretched out her tongue and caressed his nipples. It didn't take long for them to become erect. Kissing each one, she drew them inside her mouth and sucked gently. Too often, young men freaked if they found themselves enjoying activities that they associated as being things that guys did to girls. They often associated such enjoyment with some sort of latent homosexuality. Thankfully, Robin seemed to be beyond that.

It didn't take long before Robin was wearing only the black mask on his face and nothing else. Reluctantly, Batgirl stepped back from his embrace and took a few more steps back.

"Mind if I get comfortable too"? she grinned.

First went her purple and gold cape. With a wave of her arm, she tossed it atop Robin's own. Next went her boots and gloves, followed by her utility belt. Then, with slow, deliberate movements, she unzipped the back of her body suit. Carefully, she pealed it off her body, aware of Robin's eyes following her every move. Finally, she stood there in only her bra, panties and cowl.

Unclasping the back hook of her bra, Batgirl wished for a second she had worn the lace green pair she'd left back on her bed. Then she reflected that they'd never had lasted through the earlier fight. Freeing her breasts and letting the plain white bra join the growing pile on the floor, she rubbed them a few times, restoring her circulation. The sports bra was normally a tight fit. The matching panties quickly joined it on the floor. Then she hesitated.

The beats of her heart quickened as she reached up and undid the snaps of her cowl. She started to lift it, then paused once more.

"This is my decision." she said as she looked right at Robin. "It's not something that you have to reciprocate."

Then, with a sudden, quick gesture, the cowl and long haired red wig that defined her Batgirl identity dropped to the ground.

"Well.....what do you think?" Barbara Gordon asked as she struck a pose. "I know I'm no Catwoman but......" "No....." Robin cut her off in mid-sentence. "You're much more beautiful." "I bet you say that to all the naked crimefighters." Barbara laughed.

Robin could only think of one way to prove he meant it. Without hesitation, he reached up and pulled off his own mask. The look of recognition on Barbara's face was instantaneous.

"Dick Grayson," Barbara said to herself. "How could I not have recognized him before?"

She'd been introduced to Grayson at a dozen charity fund-raisers for the library, how could she not have recognized him? It wasn't like he wore a cowl and wig like she did, that she could've understood. It was like someone putting on a pair of glasses and all your friends thinking you were someone else.

Then it hit her that every time she'd been introduced to Dick, he'd been with his guardian, Bruce Wayne. When you had such an impressive hunk as the millionaire chairman of Wayne Enterprises in front of you, it was hard to notice the kid with him.

"Omigod!" a mental voice screamed in Barbara's mind as a curtain rose and the obvious suddenly became clear. "Wayne is The Batman!"

Bruce Wayne was The Batman. It seemed so unbelievable. Who would ever have thought that a playboy like that could be the dreaded specter of the night. Then again, who would've ever thought of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl when you stopped to think about it.

She flashed back to the night she'd become Batgirl. To that silly smile Wayne had flashed at her when she'd told him her name was Batgirl. Suddenly his secret joke made sense.

"Something funny?" a confused Dick asked.

"Sorry," a beaming Barbara said, a wide smile on her face. "I just got the punch line to an old joke. I'll explain it to you later."

Barbara stepped forward and took Dick by the hand. They took a few steps together, then she asked...

"With all the caverns you have down here, is there one that has a bed?"

Of course there was. In fact, it was a perfect recreation of the master bedroom of Wayne Manor above. Complete with a oversized four posted bed. No R.J. Nickels here. At that moment, Barbara couldn't care if it was a storeroom with an army cot.

Laying across the satin sheets, the two adventures slowly, gently, explored each other's bodies. Soft kisses, gentle strokes and quiet words stretched minutes into a half hour. Starting at her neck, Dick kissed his way down to Barbara's breasts. he covered them with soft pecks before demonstrating the skill he had learned at the hands of his other lovers.

Barbara moaned softly as Dick played with her nipples with both his hands and his mouth. Artfully his tongue traced the outline of the small pink circles before pressing his face deep within the valley between. His tongue licked every inch of exposed flesh, planting kisses along the way. Barbara slid her hand under her left breast and lifted it, guiding the nipple into his mouth. Dick eagerly took the offering and delivered the same pleasure she'd given him before. He quickly shifted to her other mound, all the while continuing to stroke her body. His hand slid down to between her legs and he gently caressed the soft red haired mound.

Barbara leaned back on the bead and spread her legs, inviting Dick to further take of her delights. Continuing his tongue and lips journey down across her body, he quickly reached the center of her sexuality. He planted a kiss to the left of her pearl, then the right, before spreading Barbara's moist lips with his fingers to exposed the excited clit within.

A loud sigh escaped Barbara's lips as Dick made contact with her love button. Whatever his other shortcomings in the art of lovemaking might have been, it was quickly obvious that he was a first class pussy licker. Spreading her legs as far as she could, the 23 year old rolled her head back and closed her eyes, loosing herself in the warm sensations radiating out from her sexual center.

Barbara's cunt grew wetter and wetter with each passage of her younger lover's tongue. He slid a finger inside her, adding it's motion to the rhythm he'd established. Faster and faster moved both appendages, saturating the surrounding red hair with sticky girlcum. And with each repetition, both the waves of delight and loud moans that accompanied them increased as well.

"Oh yes," Barbara yelled. "Lick my pussy, you've gotten it wet. I want to cum!"

It wasn't long before she got her wish as she felt her body tense up and eruption of fire explode between her legs. Cascading waves of passion ripped through her quaking form as the byproducts of her eruption covered Dick's face. Ever since the night he had first sucked Catwoman's pussy, Dick had loved the taste of a woman's cum. He eagerly lapped up as much as he could.

The oscillating surf that gripped her had barely crested before Barbara quickly shifted into an upright position and pulled Dick to her. She kissed him hard, tasting her own fruit in his mouth. Again and again she kissed him, alternating those deep soul kisses with ones on his cheeks. Kisses that cleared the sticky residue that covered his cheeks.

"I want you inside me." she panted in between kisses. "I want your cock in my pussy!" she said in a much louder voice.

Pushing the younger man down on the bed, Barbara spun around and mounted him. Her back to his face, he was able to reach up and take hold of her breasts. With a firm grip on each soft mound, Dick played with each nipple as she began to ride his ever hard cock up and down.

"Oh yes....yes!!" Barbara panted as she felt Dick's manhood fill her again and again. It felt so good. It had been so very long since it had felt so good.

Pinned down by her weight and the force with which she slammed her sugar walls down around his pleasure pole, there wasn't much Dick could do but lay back and enjoy the ride. Not that he was complaining of course. It seemed to be a familiar pattern by now. In the end, he always seemed to become a mere extension of his cock. It was the position in which both Selina and Jessica had always used. They had always needed to have the dominate role. Just once he'd like to have it be different.

As if she could read his mind, Barbara had the same exact thought. Part of her mind flashed back to the conversation they'd had earlier. It only took a second to make a decision.

Pulling herself off him, she jumped forward onto the length of the long bed. Spreading out her arms and legs she lifted her crotch up into the air and invited Dick to enter her on his own.

The 17 year old didn't waste a second. He rose to his knees and took a firm hold on the front of her legs. With all the force he could muster, he pushed himself inside of her. Again and again, he felt his balls slam against her body as he pushed harder and harder.

"Deeper....deeper!...Omigod...yes!" Barbara yelled yet again.

Beads of sweat ran down both their bodies as they began to rut like wild animals. Long gone were the two cool, logical crimefighters, they had been left behind in the pile of costumes in the outer room. As she felt each new thrust of Dick's cock, Barbara thought of the countless nights he'd masturbated thinking about a night like this. A thought that must have been on his mind as well. It drove both of them to a state neither had ever approached before.

Breaths came in labored short gasps and Barbara felt her vision blur as what had to be the most intense orgasm of her young life set every nerve of her body afire. Bright lights flashed before her eyes as she soared above that plateau she had only dreamed about.

Then as quickly as it had occurred, the sensation began to fade. Her vision cleared, and in the silence her heartbeat began to slowly return to normal. But the memory would never fade. It would be something she would remember night after night.

Collapsing on her stomach across the bed, Barbara felt Dick lay down across her. He was as exhausted as she was. Sometime during her brief journey into bliss, Dick had caught up with her and sent a hot burst of whiteness splashing across her ass. Her eyes half closed, she reached back and wiped her fingers across the gummy film. She lifted the cum covered fingers to her lips and licked them clean. An action that brought a broad smile to Dick's face before he drifted into a deep sleep. Moments later, Barbara joined him in the sleep of the contented.

The morning dawn would not only bring a new day but a new team. A new Dynamic Duo - the team of Batgirl and Robin.......