The Future Escapades of Wonder Woman

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Diana first became aware of her nemesis while she sat typing up her most recent action reports for Steve Trevor. After so many years hiding behind the façade of Diana Prince, it was refreshing that Steve knew her alter ego. Recent events caused Steve to return from retirement to replace Sarge Steel as director of meta-human affairs. Steel was a good hearted honest man who made one mistake and was replaced by Doctor Psycho in one of his ethereal disguises. Psycho made the lives of all superheroes especially Wonder Woman living hell. Now, Psycho was in jail, Steel was assigned to Gotham as liason to the GCPD and things were back to normal in the newly renamed department of meta activities where Diana Prince worked. Despite the urging of Steve and Etta, Diana continued to dress in her frumpy outfits hiding her natural assets; today's oversized pants suit was a perfect example.

Queen Hippolyta and her surviving subjects barely controlled Transformation Island while Achilles and his band of Olympians controlled Themyscira with Zeus's support. During the temporary lull in hostilities, Diana decided to touch base in the office and clean out her in basket. Trevor could only list her status as 'on assignment' for certain lengths of time before the auditors started asking questions.

As Diana finished printing the third action report, she began to feel warmer than normal. Being an amazon, she was virtually impervious to temperature adjustments so she paid little mind to the warming sensation until the subtle pressure on her breasts increased to the point that she moaned audibly. Diana felt her breasts being massaged and firm gentle tugging on the tips of her bosom even though no one else was near her office. Her confusion was magnified by the pleasant feelings that her breasts transmitted throughout her body. She struggled to stand and try to escape the attention her body was receiving when she felt new pressure between her legs and at the opening of her shapely rear. Diana was further gone then she thought, thoroughly enjoying the ministrations and she struggled to reach for the zipper at the rear of her outsized blouse when her PC flashed a quick burst of light and the word file was replaced by the image of a dark haired, thickly built man.

"Sit down Miss Prince" the man instructed in an accented tone. "We have several things to discuss, such as your current situation and you don't want to be distracted or lose consciousness during our conversation."

Barely able to comprehend the voice emitting from her PC, Diana allowed her knees to buckle and she settled back into her chair. Her legs splayed open and her underwear pushed its way into her moistening slit. This increased the pleasant sensations and she moaned in response.

"You seem to be enjoying yourself" the voice from her PC observed in a mirth filled tone. "My research led me to believe your race prided itself in its ability to abstain from such pleasant pursuits."

Diana was unable to respond. The conservative pants suit she'd worn for its loose appearance now magnified every curve on her body. Sweat spots and other moisture appeared on a large percentage of her body and she could barely stop moaning or focus her thoughts. She started to slide out of her seat, stopped only by the sudden appearance of a collar around her neck which kept her in the chair.

"Whether or not you remember this, I feel disposed to tell you that your outfit was developed in the Rigelian system by a race of people who consider sexual intercourse to be beneath them. They reproduce using test tubes and the like and developed the style of outfit you're wearing to relieve their sexual tension. You should be proud that you're still breathing. The client who provided this suit told me no human could survive five minutes wearing it. You are in your fifteenth minute. Outstanding!"

Diana glared at the screen as the voice continued taunting her. Her pantsuit was so tight that she was unable to move her limbs and the collar kept her trapped, facing her unexpected opponent.

"I am known as Grimbor the Chainsman." The voice continued and a filter on the screen dissolved revealing the man behind this trap. Grimbor was a stocky man, not fat, but thickly muscled with a human appearance. Grimbor was dressed in matte leather, his shirt opened to the waistband of his deep brown uni-suit. His face was nondescript and betrayed no hint of his age besides slightly graying hair at his temples.

"My family has specialized in the art of confinement for several generations. My father and brother wasted a lot of time battling the Legion of Superheroes. They both live in a prison called Takron Galtos. I don't care to share that fate. I've specialized in satisfying the legal needs of rich clients and I no longer need to seek out people to please. Lately I've been bored and to fix that, I started looking through the earth's archaic internet and came across several images of you. You are extremely beautiful and if the records are accurate you don't have any major impact on the affairs of earth for the next two months."

Diana was furiously trying to resist the messages her body was sending to her mind, but she knew it was only moments before she completely lost control. Despite her determination not to embarrass herself in front of this evil man, she could see no escape.

"I calculate that you will reach orgasm in the next twenty seconds. When you awake, read the email I'm transmitting to you. I look forward to our first encounter." Grimbor smiled and than his image vanished, replaced by the standard Department of Meta-Activities homepage.

Diana felt herself explode in a cascading series of orgasmic spasms which lasted several minutes. She passed out just as her pants suit began to resume its normally frumpy appearance. While she recovered, the material in her outfit absorbed the stains sparing her the need to explain anything to her coworkers.

She recovered slowly, hoping at first she'd had a bad dream. Diana nearly convinced herself that she'd imagined the attack when she noticed the little icon on her screen. She clicked on the blinking image and read the message twice.


From: G@3100.unv

Subject: Challenge of Honor

Agent Prince,

It is my pleasure to issue to you what your people call a Challenge of Honor. I propose to battle you one on one. You may use any weapons you want. The purpose is submission and the first of us to admit defeat will be the loser. When I win, my prize will be your willing company for the next two months until history once again records your participation in significant events. Should you prevail, I will abandon this century and any other in which you live and I will deactivate any traps such as the one your endured this afternoon. Fail to accept my challenge and I will take you by force and keep you for the remainder of your existence without regard to the consequences this has for the established time line. Because of today's ordeal, I do not expect you until Friday. Our battle will occur in the abandoned castle located 20km north of the border of Scotland and England. Your invisible plane has the coordinates. Be there at sunrise.

Grimbor, Master Chainsman

Diana called Steve Trevor and quickly met him in his office.

"Of course I'll approve your leave Diana" Trevor said after she explained her situation. "I can attach you to an international cooperative undercover operation which will cover three weeks and then you'll need to recuperate for the next five. You're sure you only need eight weeks?"

"I hope I'll only need the weekend Steve" she replied blithely. "I'm not that bad of a fighter."

The old friends both chuckled and Diana returned to her apartment to prepare for the upcoming encounter.


Wonder Woman felt rested and fully recovered from Grimbor's first attack. She was en route to the coordinates Grimbor somehow placed in her planes guidance system. The flight lasted two hours and concluded with a soft landing in a pastoral lea 150 yards above an old time brick and mortar structure that looked in desperate need of repairs. Prior to landing, Wonder Woman circled the area three times carefully checking for any traps or signs of danger.

She walked in from the landing site slowly taking in the entire scene and making notes of possible escape routes or strategic places should she need them later. She circled the castle's moat looking for the easiest entry point. When she reached the land side of the drawbridge, the wooden plank lowered itself, kicking up dust as it settled.

'Bruce said that sometimes the direct path is the best' she thought as she crossed the rickety surface and entered the inner courtyard. Empty punishment stands, wooden with holes for a head and two wrists stood unused on the left side of the open area. The right side included a dunking seat leaning against a long dried out well and some unoccupied seated punishment stands with holes for each limb. Wonder Woman went to the door to the keep and gently touched it. The door swung open and she entered, pausing to allow her eyesight to adjust. The interior was reasonably lit and she could detect no surprises.

Grimbor appeared before her emerging from the darkness where he had observed her entry.

"I'm pleased that you're on time." He said in a slightly sardonic tone.

"You left me little choice" She responded. "No amazon can refuse an Honor Challenge."

"And you accept the rules of my challenge?"

"Yes. I beat you senseless, you surrender and I never see you again" Wonder Woman replied exuding as much confidence as she could muster.

"In the slight chance that I defeat you, you will agree to remain my companion until your presence is needed to satisfy the historical records of my time." Grimbor replied.

"Your terms seem severe." Wonder Woman observed," What if I tire of your company?"

"O.K." Grimbor parried that thought with his own, "If you can manage to leave, I guess I can accept that."

"Then I agree to the terms of your Honor Challenge" Wonder Woman said dryly. "Let's not waste time."

The opponents circled each other visibly probing for any obvious weakness. Sensing her opponent's slight misstep, Diana leaped directly at him in a determined effort to end the conflict quickly. To her surprise, Grimbor neither ducked nor made any effort to avoid her tackle. Her confusion vanished when she collided directly with the brick wall behind Grimbor after she sailed through his holographic image. As she lay in a pile of misdirected limbs, Grimbor approached her and grabbed a handful of her lustrous mane of hair and tugged her head up off her shoulders. Clearing her thick locks from her neck, Grimbor placed a self-securing collar on her skin and smiled at the loud report of the device snapping closed. The sound restored whatever energy the amazon retained and she quickly shrugged her attacker off her prone body sending him tumbling across the floor of the room. She seized the moments respite to regain her feet and finish shaking the cob webs from her mind.

Pointing to the thick circular metal collar around her neck, she screamed at Grimbor. "I thought this was a fair fight between us Grimbor."

"It is," replied the chainsman. "I am a master chainsman as I said when I introduced myself. Chains, bonds and restraints are a natural part of me. Judging from how nice your latest piece of jewelry appears, you also are a natural in restraints."

Grimbor chuckled as Wonder Woman instinctively reached for the cold metal collar that confined her neck and she tugged at the restraint with all her fury. As her wrists neared the metal, her Amazonian bracelets became magnetically attracted to the collar. Suddenly she was battling to keep her wrists free from this new peril. Her swift movement towards her neck betrayed her as the momentum drove her bracelets directly to her new collar and they clanged loudly in place. As her wrists became confined, her Amazonian strength drained from her body and the sudden reduction in her strength caused her knees to buckle. She fell to the dirt floor in front of her enemy fully aware she'd lost the contest and quickly becoming afraid of the consequences of that.


Grimbor rolled the sobbing amazon onto her back and lifted her left leg to his shoulder. He slid her red boot off in a single motion and placed a shackle tightly above her ankle. Dropping her left foot he replicated the process on her right ankle. The shackles were not connected but the futuristic technology prevented her from lifting her legs off the ground by herself. Placing his hands on her shapely hips, Grimbor flipped the increasingly helpless amazon onto her face. His practiced hands worked their way over her magic girdle seeking the hidden clasp that held her power source in place. When he found his target, he manipulated the catch for several minutes until the girdle burst open, relieving his captive of any remaining strength and all of her hope of escape. Grimbor set her girdle on top of her boots and turned his attention to her bustier. The clasp mechanism was similar to that of her girdle and proved little challenge to her futuristic enemy. Grimbor slid his fingers inside the waistband of Wonder Woman's blue tights and he smoothly slid her out of her the last piece of her uniform. He replaced her bracelets with shackles that already featured attached metal loops on the exterior. Once again, Grimbor rolled the beaten woman onto her back, this time in order to collect her bustier so he could store it with the remainder of her uniform in a leather bag. He paused to appreciate the naked charms of his conquest.

"Time to get you dressed to travel" He said as he extracted a small calculator sized device from his tunic. "Your Amazonian heritage suggests heavy shackles connected by thick chains, but that would give you no hope of escape and I want you to believe you still can escape. It'll add to my pleasure as I enjoy you whenever the spirit moves me." Grimbor mused aloud as he rummaged through a box full of his favorite devices.

He placed a pair of gold bands midway on her upper arms and a similar set midway between her elbow s and her wrists. Flipping a switch on the calculator forced the bands on each arm to join effectively rendering her arms useless. Next, he pulled a large leather sleeve and laid it open on the ground before maneuvering the passive women to a position where the top of this sleeve sat at the base of her shapely rear. Pulling the sides together, he laced the sleeve tightly closed, immobilizing her legs. Then after taking a few moments to replace some toys in their container, he slung the amazon over his shoulder, activated his personal time travel device and the pair disappeared from the castle.

Because she wasn't a practiced time traveler, the journey proved exhausting and Wonder Woman remained unconscious for several hours after her captor brought her to his private moon in the year 3035. When Diana regained her senses she attempted to stand up but found herself incapable of the act. Her neck was secured by a bright blue collar that covered the entire length starting just under her chin and extending slightly past her shoulders. Thick collar supports on each side forced her to stare straight ahead, limiting her view to the oval doorway ten yards in front of her. Her arms remained confined by the yellow bands that Grimbor applied back in her own time. Her hands were no longer visible, contained in small royal blue leather balls that were situated just outside the range of her peripheral vision. Her elbows were held up by thin chains that were connected to the horizontal bar three feet over her head. This horizontal bar was ten feet long and was supported by two extremely sturdy metal pillars that were firmly anchored in the floor. She could see the reflection of the thick gold belt that encircled her waist starting just below her firm bosom and extending just above the point where her legs extended from her torso. Thick bars connected each side of her new belt to the nearest support pillar effectively limiting her movement and holding her in a standing position. The front of the belt left her womanhood fully exposed and accessible. The shackles on her wrists and ankles remained and whatever force the ankle shackles had that immobilized her remain ed in force. She didn't struggle, preferring to retain her strength for any possible escape opportunity.

The air in the room chilled slightly as the door parted open in five parts allowing Grimbor to enter her cell. He carried a belt over his shoulder that was modified from its original purpose of holding multiple daggers. In place of the weapons, were an assortment of stuffers, vibrators and dildos and Wonder Woman's stomach became upset at the potential for her near future well being.

"Finally among the living" smiled Grimbor as he set the belt down at her feet. "The historical records claim that amazons were fierce warriors, proud, strong, virtually unbeatable in combat, and yet here you are wearing a costume of my own design and awaiting my pleasure." He smacked his lips as he circle the frame that held Wonder Woman motionless.

Despite her best effort at self control Diana began straining at her bindings, twisting and straining to no avail. Her bonds remained sturdy and unmoving. She refused to speak, preferring not to give in that much to her captor.

Grimbor bent over and selected a thick stuffer from the belt. He held it to her lips and ordered, "Open wide." Diana clenched her jaw, refusing to take the obscenely shaped object in her mouth. Grimbor waited for several moments before speaking.

"O.K., I tried to be helpful. Let's do this your way."

He reached between her legs, seeking her lips in the base of her hairy pubic bush and after finding his target, spreading the slightly moistening entry with his fingers. He positioned the large stuffer at her puckering opening and traced the rim with the tip of the stuffer, circling her multiple times until he noticed a trace of her excitement building. Repositioning the stuffer, he began pushing it into her progressing partway and then withdrawing before reentering her and pushing slightly further into her unwelcoming womanhood. He withdrew the stuffer several times, each time reinserting the phallus slightly further inside Wonder Woman's increasingly slick tunnel.

She lost control and began moaning in response to her invader and her moans grew louder with each invasion. Grimbor noted that her resistance lessened with each plunge and he finally decided to push the stuffer in to the hilt.

Wonder Woman screamed as the invader fully entered her orifice. Grimbor moved to attach the straps that protruded from the base of the stuffer around her hips securing the stuffer in place inside hi captive. Even with her magic girdle, Diana doubted that she could eject the phallus. She moaned loudly berating herself for her lack of control with each echoing sound. She felt herself getting sloppy as her love juices increased in response to the latest addition to her captivity.

Grimbor placed his hands on her heaving breasts and he began massaging her generous mounds. Moving clockwise on her right breast and counter clockwise on her left side he pushed her breasts into her ribcage before latching onto her nipples and pulling her flesh as far from her body as he could maintaining a gentle touch as he did so. Her nipples became hard as diamonds as his fingers played her flesh like a musical instrument. She began to quiver and pulse as he continued his attention to the finer points of her anatomy. Finally she was defeated by the combination of her rubber lover, her skilled captor and long decades of abstinence and she came hard. She went off like a string of fireworks for several minutes before she settled into a dopey hazy half conscious state.

Grimbor released her bosom and stepped back from her allowing her to slump as far as her bonds allowed.

"I think I'll leave you to get acquainted with your new friend." He announced as he collected the belt from the floor. "You need to get a little bigger down there before you're suitable for me. Tomorrow we'll try on the next size up."

Grimbor hung the belt on a nail located out of her line of sight. He paused staring at her confined figure with her firm breasts, hardened nipples and plump rear and he was pleased with the picture he had created. Then he left her and she knew it would only get worse he returned.


Based upon what Grimbor told her during their encounter in her own time, Wonder Woman knew she wouldn't be a captive forever. Apparently some futuristic rule required Grimbor to return her to some point nearer her own time where she played such a significant role in the course of her adventures that 31st century historians remembered her deeds. This was little comfort to her in her current state as she struggled to keep up with Grimbor as they marched down a very lengthy hall. Grimbor was dressed in his standard uniform, a body hugging dark brown skin tight leather jerkin that covered him from his neck to his knees. He smelled clean offering no evidence of their one sided wrestling from the previous evening and she thought to herself that it was unusual for him to clean up so thoroughly if he intended to make use of her again. Her time with Grimbor taught her that he was indeed the master chainsman he'd claimed to be and if he didn't intend to use her, he probably was going to confine her in another of his many bondage devices. She desperately wished she could see his face in order to read his mood, but she no longer remembered the last time her head hadn't been covered by one of Grimbor's many bondage helmets.

Before he'd encased her head, she noted that the leather bore the royal blue color of her uniform pants complete with white stars. She uttered no complaint as she stumbled along after Grimbor since he'd made a habit of keeping her mouth occupied by a rather sizable penis gag. He tugged on the leash which connected to the chain that dangled between her breasts. The chain was anchored by two extremely firm nipple clamps with sharp teeth that bit into her soft flesh at the widest part of her vulnerable titflesh. Despite her ordeal, her breasts remained as firm as ever proudly jutting out from her chest and even suffering from the tender mercies of Grimbor's current device, they remained perfectly formed. Her lower region was not so lucky. Since she regained consciousness in her first cell, she'd been plugged up by a series of devices which steadily increased in size and widened her until Grimbor was satisified. From that point forward, the only relief she got from manufactured stuffers was when Grimbor took the time to probe her womanhood. Her current dildo was the widest he ever forced into her and her insides chafed slightly as she hurried after the chainsman. The device was another of this centuries technological advances as it created its own moisture to minimize the discomfort of its presence. The stuffer was anchored in place by her skimpy panties, the base of which included a gasket that held the outside of the dildo in place. The panties were a variation of her gold and red boustiers colors and fit tightly against her waist courtesy of the futuristic material that formed the waistband.

At her shoulders and thighs were four bright red bands which Grimbor installed shortly after taking possession of her. The bands responded to one of his hand held devices and served to remove her ability to control her limbs whenever it pleased Grimbor.

The hallway echoed with the loud sounds her bare feet made as she clopped along after the contrastingly soft sounds that Grimbor's ancient style footwear made as they completed their journey through the cold passageway. Her body retained it's innate capacity to withstand extreme temperatures but the breeze she encountered during their walk affected her more than usual. Being separated from her belt was steadily robbing her of her powers and abilities. She could only hope that this trial would end quickly.

The pair stopped walking thirty yards before the end of the hallway in front of another telescoping portal. Grimbor revealed the keypad and entered his access codes allowing the portal to spread apart. He jerked the chain more sharply than he'd previously done and pulled her into the chamber behind him. Because of the bands at her shoulders, her arms were completely unresponsive and she entered the chamber unable to stop herself as she stumbled after her master.

The room like most of the chambers in Grimbor's estate contained only the objects necessary to Grimbor's purpose for the room and whatever occupant he chose to fill a specific place. Wonder Woman used the limited vision that her helmet allowed to inventory the contents of her newest cell. She saw a harmless looking modestly padded chair set upon parallel metal runners, an extremely thick dildo mounted on sawed off two by four, the two foot high table upon which the sex toy sat, and a box leaning against the far wall of the room.

"Sit" ordered Grimbor as he pulled her toward the chair. Since she didn't move fast enough for his purpose, he placed his hands on her shoulders, spun her and pushed her into the waiting chair. Wonder Woman braced herself for the inevitable sexual based attack that must be forthcoming, but the only thing that happened was Grimbor dropping the leash and exiting the room. Diana held herself perfectly still. During her captivity she'd tripped many laser based sensors and she was still sore as a result. Her internal clock was so screwed up that she no longer had any idea how much time passed before a slot in the ceiling opened and a small screen descended to a level directly in front of her restricted view.

The screen filled with the image of Grimbor's face and it took the full extent of her self control not to scream at the smiling man in front of her.

"I thought that we might try something different today" Grimbor announced to his captive audience. "This room is a death trap. Make no mistake, despite my duty to return you intact to your own time at the proper instant, this death trap is real. When I conclude my explanation, the air in this room will be evacuated. If you're still here, you will die. Over the time we've spent together, your powers have diminished to such a level that you no longer can exist outside an atmosphere." Grimbor paused and smiled at the seated amazon. His view of her firm bosom showed that she was breathing heavily, either to take in as much air as possible or because she was experiencing increased fear. Neither really mattered, he just enjoyed the view for a few moments.

"I am not evil in the truest sense of the concept so I did leave you an out. Somewhere in this room is the key to your escape and survival. Find it and you have the means to escape if you can determine how to use the key correctly. I'll even give you one more thing to help you. Try out your arms, stiff as they may be, you can use them. Good luck."

Grimbor's face vanished and the screen now displayed a bar graph. The label indicated the oxygen level in the room and Diana could hear a slight woosh as the air began to escape. She calculated from the decreasing level of the bar that she had twenty minutes to secure her freedom. First she tried to pull the bands off her arms and legs but she quickly realized this wasn't possible. She did remove the clamps from her sore tits, tossing the chain into the corner before resuming her examination of the cell. She still had seventeen minutes or so and she could feel no hidden panels on the door or walls. In the next three minutes she determined that the floor was solid with no uneven places or possible egress. With around ten minutes remaining her eyes caught the thick dildo seated by the wall silently beckoning to her.

'He spent several days, I think, adjusting me for his own well endowed member,' she thought. 'Could he mean for me to impale myself on that thing?'

She felt the passage of time and realized she needed to make a decision. She was certain that the sex toy was the key. Grimbor certainly had video surveillance available so he could enjoy whatever she did to save herself. She tried to lift the device from its perch but the dildo was secured to the table and she lacked the capacity to lift it. She prepared to squat onto the tip of the monster when it occurred to her that Grimbor tended to prefer her on her knees. With that thought came the realization of just what Grimbor wanted. She knelt in front of the giant member carefully spreading her knees to allow a full view of her virtues. This reflected a painful lesson that Grimbor taught her during the initial stages of her captivity to never block his view of her most private region. She leaned forward and lightly bussed the tip of the dildo with her lips before recoiling. The awareness of her limited time propelled her to return to the dildo and begin to encircle it with her lips. She tried to inhale as much as she could before her gag reflex forced her off the end of the toy. She immediately resumed engulfing the thing in her mouth. She began bobbing up and down on the dildo taking as much of its length into her throat and working it for all she was worth.

Wonder Woman felt the time was close for all the oxygen to be gone so she began furiously deep throating her newest plaything. The imminent danger sped her actions and she built up a speedy rhythm working the member for all she was worth.

Unexpectedly, the monstrous veins on the dildo began to pulse and contract slightly. Being inexperienced (at this point in her adventures) she was completely surprised when the tip of the member parted imperceptibly and white fluids erupted all over her face. Part of the fluids got into the narrow eye slits of her hood and caused a burning sensation. Wonder Woman fell backwards on her buttocks completely embarrassed by the explosive sex toy and bothered by her attempt to escape. She did notice that the air leak no longer was happening. The bands at her arms and legs unsnapped and fell off her body.

She rolled the material of her hood upwards off her head finally freeing her hair and face. She spat out the gag and tried to clear her throat or at least eliminate the taste of rubber from her mouth. Wonder Woman wobbled as she stood up then she examined the room again but with a clear view for the first time in a long time. The only thing in the room that hadn't been involved so far was the box leaning against the back wall. Despite the fear that her recent experiences filled her with, she approached the box. Opening it, she found her uniform complete with everything but her magic girdle.

"It's better than anything I've worn in a long time" she said aloud to nobody in particular, just happy to hear her own unmuzzled voice.

She stepped into her hot pants and quickly fastened her boustier in place. She sat in the chair long enough to slide her boots on and after primping her hair, she restored her tiara to its usual place. She checked the box again for her magic girdle but found nothing.

'The only thing I need to do now is get out of here and find my way to Grimbor's time machine and get home. Maybe my JLA friends can help me with this guy ' she thought.

At this point, the portal spread open and Grimbor reentered the cell carrying her magic girdle. He eyed her for several moments, drinking in her image as if she was about to go somewhere. He casually flipped the girdle to her and she caught it almost greedily.

"You know that once I get this on, I'm going to kick your ass?" she growled as she hurried to secure her girdle at her hips.

"I suppose you mean to beat me just like you did in your own time" he retorted as the loud snap of her magical power source settled in place.

She moved much faster than he remembered and grabbed him by the neck lifting him off the floor.

"Any smart remarks before I beat you senseless 'master'?" She snarled as she cocked her arm back in preparation.

"Just one thought," Grimbor replied. "When you put your girdle on you closed the circuit on a one use time displacer. In five seconds, you'll be back at the castle. See you next time."

As Wonder Woman faded, Grimbor noted the look of surprise on her face. He landed on his feet and used his hand communicator to summon his staff to clean this room. Then he made his way back to his library, eager to calculate the next time he could safely bring Wonder Woman back for some more entertainment.


Diana awoke in the outer courtyard of the castle and quickly realized she was back in her proper place in the time stream. She vaulted over the wall and sped back to her invisible plane. While she ran, her tiara buzzed, indicating the Justice League emergency signal. She touched her insignia and said:

"Go Ahead."

"The Secret Society is acting up again Wonder Woman" transmitted Barry Allen, the recently restored Flash. "We need you in London. How soon can you get there?"

"See you in fifteen minutes," she responded as she climbed into her plane and began to prepare to take flight.

The end of this chapter. Whether or not there is a second chapter depends largely upon my writing muse, any public demand, and the benevolence of fine folk like Mr. X who post these things.