Wonder Woman vs the Justice League

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Sex and bondage.


This story contains material of a sexual nature. It may contain explicit descriptions of sex, bondage and non-consentual sex. If you are at all offended by this kind of story, or under the age of minority, DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!!

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Diana cooed softly as she felt Superman's warm body surrounding her, with only her legs outside his muscular frame. She kissed his warm lips, her fingers running down his invulnerable back, as his powerful hands caressed her rigid nipples. The bed beneath her creaked slightly as he placed his full weight on her body. Her blue eyes widened as she felt his enlarged manhood pressing against her muscular yet silky thigh.

"Oh Gods Kal...I have waited so long for this," she sighed in his ear as she kissed his neck with her full red lips.

"Diana," he answered between short breaths, "I have wanted you for so long. You are everything I have ever wanted. You are gentle, kind, and loving.

You have eyes bluer than the sky, a smile brighter than the sun. Every time I would see you, I suffered a longing that..." "Shhh.." Diana said, putting her finger to his lips. Her eyes were half- closed, dreaming of what was to come. Kal smiled, knowing they were about to share a moment they both had dreamt of, but never dared mention.

She felt his hand glide down her body, sending a tingle throughout her sensitive form. Kal passed his hand over her moist vagina, sending a jolt of pleasure through her mind as he pressed a finger along the length of her womanhood. His hand ran down her thigh, as he took his penis in hand.

Diana trembled with excitement as he guided his penis upwards, skimming it along her thigh. Her hand reached down, softly touching the knobby head of him, smiling as he let out a short gasp of pleasure. He was larger than she had imagined. A brief moment of concern passed through her, but disappeared instantly as she felt the tip of his penis press against the lips of her vagina. She held his penis also as they together guided it toward her moist womanhood.

"Oh Kal...I lo..." she moaned, as her words were drowned out by a loud, intermittent buzzing sound. Superman stopped, and looking around to find the source of the blaring noise.

"No Kal, don't stop!!" Diana screamed at him, trying to be heard over the buzz. "Kal!!" Suddenly Diana lurched up in the bed. The room was dark, with only the clock to be seen. Her arms were wrapped around her thick pillow. Her head whipped around, searching the empty dark room. She was alone. She sighed, and fell back onto the bed, hugging the pillow close to her sweaty, trembling body.

She reached over, and opened the top drawer of the nightstand.

With a quick motion, she turned off the buzzer to the Justice League Signal Device.

The room instantly became quiet again.

"Oh Aphrodite..." she sighed, "why do you haunt me with these dreams?" Diana slowly slid her powerful legs together, realizing she was sleeping with them far apart, the end of the pillow buried within them. "My goddess...you know I can never have him, nor any other man," she said softly, with an edge of disappointment.

Diana closed her eyes again, gathering herself to get out of the bed.

Another emergency somewhere needed the Justice League, and she had to help.

"Oh Kal..." she murmured softly one last time.

Tossing the pillow aside, she forced herself to her feet. She stretched, her fingers reaching up to the ceiling, her powerful, athletic body taut as she lifted up on her toes, her head dropping back allowing her long, curly raven hair to cascade over her tight bottom.

Finally finished stretching, Diana walked into the bathroom to prepare.

Wonder Woman landed on top of the tall building with the grace of an Olympic athlete. The wind whipped her dark tresses around, as the moonlight glinted off her tiara and the golden double-W on the bustier which cupped her high, firm, bulging breasts. Arching high over her hips, her satin star-spangled tights dove down between her thighs, passing between her legs, and returning back over her high, muscular buttocks. Dangling over her right hip, the coils of her golden lasso glowed with an inner magic. Her long, sinewy, tanned legs reached down, entering her red boots just below the knees, her calves enhanced within the sheer boots by the three inch heels that sent her height over six foot.

She instinctively knew where the Justice League teleporter was, despite its invisibility. She had used it so many times, it was almost commonplace for the heroic amazon.

Without hesitation, Wonder Woman walked over to the teleporter, her lithe body showing the inherent power of her amazon upbringing. As she stepped onto what appeared to be a non-descript spot on the roof, the amazing amazon slowly disappeared.

As the interior of the satellite slowly came into her view, Wonder Woman saw Green Lantern walking toward her. She easily stepped out of the teleporter, her heels clicking on the hard steel floor.

"Good evening Hal," she said, smiling at the green clad hero.

"Good evening Diana," he answered, a serious expression on his face. From the middle finger of his right hand, his Lantern Ring glowed slightly, announcing it's inherent power. His light brown, wavy hair passed down over the left side of his mask, his skin-tight, green and gray costume showing every aspect of his wiry body, including the vague protuberance showing between his legs.

Wonder Woman smiled inwardly, knowing the effect she had on most males, although most of her colleagues had been able to restrain any signs of physical reaction to her. Outwardly taking no notice, she walked over to the huge monitoring board and looked over the enormous variety of security and communications equipment. "What's the problem Hal?" she asked.

Green Lantern walked up beside her, pointing to a screen. "About ten minutes ago, we had an unauthorized person teleport up to the satellite," he said, pointing to the alert still printed up on the screen. "We have no idea who it is. Batman and Aquaman are looking around the satellite right now, while I stay here watching the teleporter and the board." "Maybe I should go see if I can help them," Wonder Woman said, starting to turn and head toward the hallway.

"No!" Green Lantern said quickly. "No, they shouldn't have any problems.

Batman can find anything,...um...and I am sure nothing could escape him in here." Wonder Woman looked at him for a long moment, her sky blue eyes staring into his brown eyes. "No, I really should go see if I can help them," she answered, turning and walking to the hall.

As she walked away, Green Lantern held up his right hand, a look of concentration on his serious face. Suddenly a huge green fist fired out, shooting across the room, still attached to his ring by a tether of green energy.

"UNNGH!!" Wonder Woman grunted in surprise and pain as the fist slammed into the small of her back, smashing her against the steel wall. As the fist dissipated, she fell to the floor, her breasts and hips leaving an indentation in the steel. She pushed herself onto one arm, her other hand pulling her long hair back from her face, as her blue eyes looked up at Green Lantern questioningly.

"Hal? What are yoNO!" she yelled as she swiftly rolled to the side to avoid another hammer-like fist which crashed down, forming a huge crater where she had just been. Wonder Woman jumped to her feet as Green Lantern formed another hand, this one reaching out to entrap the amazon.

A look of determination crossed her beautiful face as she suddenly leaped upward. Her hands braced against the largest finger of the energy hand, pivoting her graceful body, as she flipped over like a gymnast, her boots now hurtling down on the hero.

As her voluptuous body arched downward, Green Lantern suddenly formed a large shield in front of him. Wonder Woman's boots hit it, deflecting her to the side, sending her sprawling and sliding across the smooth steel floor. Quickly she spinning around, she saw an odd, green energy field forming between her and Green Lantern. As Wonder Woman looked on incredulously, a green duplicate of the amazon princess formed. It's hair cascaded down like her own, it's muscular body similar in every respect.

Gaping in stunned disbelief, Wonder Woman hesitated just a moment.

Before she could regain her equilibrium, the Green Lantern version of herself reared back, and sent a fist crashing into the left cheek of the amazon. Wonder Woman's head snapped around violently, her dark hair splaying outward, landing across her face and her full breasts.

Remaining rooted to the spot, Wonder Woman teetered, stunned. Her head slowly returned to center, as she tried to regain her senses.

Green Lantern sent a pulse along the green energy trail leading to the simulacrum. Blindingly, the duplicate sent her other fist forward, smashing into Wonder Woman's temple just below her tiara.

The heroine's head wrenched in the opposite direction as the powerful blow hit her. Saliva spewed from her mouth as she fell to her knees, her incredible body tilting to the side, her head hanging low over her breasts, her eyes half-open. Her hands dangled at her sides as she reeled, looking as if she were about to fall to the floor. The green simulacrum reached out, filling one fist with Wonder Woman's silky dark hair. Without any sign of strain, she lifted the dazed amazon completely off the ground like a trophy, the heroine's red boots hanging inched off the floor.

As Wonder Woman slowly regained her senses, her green clone wrapped her arms around the amazon princess, locking her fists in the small of the heroine's back.

"Auggh!!" the trapped amazon cried out in pain as her green twin squeezed.

Wonder Woman arched backwards, tossing her head in pain, as her legs straddled the waist of her captor. Wonder Woman slowly raised her hands, pushing at the emerald amazon's face. Slowly, Wonder Woman's superior strength began to push her nemesis' face back, weakening the grip on the heroine.

Small beads of sweat began to form on Green Lantern's forehead as his will strained to hold on to the powerful amazon. His brow furrowed, as a refreshing pulse passed from his ring to the emerald amazon. Under the arms crushing Wonder Woman, another set of arms suddenly appeared.

The extra set of hands swiftly darted up, and wrapped themselves around Wonder Woman's full breasts, and crushed. Immediately, the amazon princess cried out in pain, and grabbed at the hands molesting her. Her hands wrapped around the emerald hands groping her as she was again crushed against her simulacrum by the hands in the small of her back.

As Wonder Woman strained to pull the hands crushing her breasts, her antagonist began to change. Its hands became bigger, encompassing her aching breasts completely. The long green hair became short, as the emerald tiara became a mask. Its chest flattened, and widened, its waist pressing her legs farther apart as it expanded. The legs also gained more thickness as it slowly turned into a duplicate of...

"Lantern!" Wonder Woman groaned as she struggled with the duplicate of the hero. "Why are you..." she started to say. Suddenly her blue eyes bulged as she heard a tear. She tried to look down, but was unable to see past her enormous cleavage, and the mass of hands and arms.

The Lantern duplicate formed a third set of hands. They reached down and around the amazon's hips, and cupped her tight buttocks. Green Lantern, with an evil smile on his face and sweat covering his body, formed a large penis on his duplicate, directly below the struggling heroine. It quickly expanded upwards, poking through the vertical tear in the amazon's star-spangled panties.

Wonder Woman jerked as she felt the unnatural presense slowly parting the lips of her vagina. "Lantern! What are you doing!! YOU CAAAAAAAHHHHHHHGGNNHHHH!!!" The amazon princess screamed as the hands on her ass and breasts jerked her down over the green penis. It drove inside her relentlessly, parting the helpless heroine until she was filled completely. Her red boots shot straight out, her powerful body arching in erotic agony. The emerald penis inside her slowly expanded, filling every crevice of her womanhood.

Wonder Woman's hands dropped to her side, and her body gave a jerk as the penis retracted just to the edge of her vagina.

"AANGGH!!" she screamed again as the it again drove deep within her body.

The hands on her breasts began to knead her mammaries within her tight bustier, causing it to tear slightly down the middle. The huge thing inside her again pulled almost out, then immediately rammed into her, then out again, and started a rhythmic pumping of the helpless amazon.

Her toes within her red boots twitched uncontrollably, as did her fingers, her arms hanging down weakly. Her head thrashed around, her hair splashing all about as her eyes clenched shut tightly, her mouth open and gasping for air. She began to emit high pitched moans as the penis within her mercilessly hammered away. Her nipples stood erect within her bustier as her breasts were savagely groped and kneaded.

"Ohh...Gods...no..." Wonder Woman panted erotically, her tanned body glistening with sweat. Her swollen, sensitive vagina rebelled against her as it sent pulses of pleasure shooting the length of her body with each thrust of the huge emerald appendage.

"Lantern...don't...not to me..." she gasped. Green Lantern's smile only widened as he began to force his duplicate to drive into the dangling heroine even faster. The hands on her tight bottom pulled her down viciously, the hands on her breasts pulled them wide, then pressing them together, widening the tear down the middle of her bustier.

Wonder Woman began to tighten up, her mouth open wide, her eyes clamped shut; the only sound in the room being her wet vagina sliding stickily on and off the huge emerald penis impaling her from below. The all- American heroine started to thrash wildly, her legs and arms flailing as her head rocked back and forth, throwing her silky hair all over her face and chest.

The hands on her ass and breasts lifted the helpless amazon upwards until the knobby head of the penis retracted to Wonder Woman's swollen lips, then savagely the hands pulled her back down over the enormous rod, eliciting an erotic scream from the dangling, raped amazon princess.

Suddenly, Wonder Woman's blue eyes shot open wide, her hands grabbing her head. "Ohno...OhNo...OHNooo....NNOOO!!!!" she wailed, her voice reaching a higher pitch with each cry of ecstasy.

"NNOOOUUUUHGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!" The amazon's orgasm crashed through her like a wrecking ball.

Green Lantern grunted as he strained to keep the energy penis within the amazon as her vagina squeezed it in the depths of her orgasm.

The simulacrum, with a violent jerk, impaled the raped heroine completely over its penis. Ignoring her screams of agony and pleasure, it pulled her buttocks apart, tearing her satin tights down the middle.

Without hesitation, it prodded a finger deep within the amazon's anus.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHGGG!!!" Wonder Woman screamed as another mind- ripping orgasm exploded inside her powerful, raped body. Every muscle in her voluptuous body tensed, her eyes shut tightly, her teeth clenched. Her breasts heaved, as the hands surrounding them held them tightly, holding Wonder Woman up, keeping her mounted on the huge penis beneath her.

Wonder Woman's muscles slowly relaxed, as she collapsed, hanging weakly a foot off the floor, held up by the hands on her breasts and buttocks, and the huge penis buried deeply under her belly. Her emerald rapist began to slowly thrust in her again. Her eyes half-closed, her mouth slack, Wonder Woman cooed and moaned as she slowly rode the green man.

The hands on her rear lifted her almost completely off the penis, then relaxed, allowing gravity to pull her back down over it, her warm sheath utterly engulfing the large emerald appendage.

Wonder Woman weakly reached up, pushing at her attacker as he continued to thrust gently.

"Still not finished?" Green Lantern asked sarcastically. "You will surrender to me amazon!" he yelled with an unnatural malice.

Suddenly, the penis within the heroine began to vibrate.

"OOHHH!!" Wonder Woman burst out as pulses of pleasure shot through her. The hands in her back released her, and filled themselves with her long raven hair.

Green Lantern closed his eyes, one hand on his bulging penis, the other hand controlling the ring raping the powerful, helpless heroine.

Abruptly, Wonder Woman's head was jerked back. Floating directly above her was a huge, disembodied penis.

"Oh dear Gods," Wonder Woman murmured as it remained over her, making its aim clear. Quickly it dove, aiming for the heroine's gasping mouth.

Instinctively, Wonder Woman jerked her head down and to the side. The huge penis rammed into the side of her tiara, and crumpled like an accordion as it struck the golden surface.

"Of course," the amazon princess mumbled. Her trembling hands reached for her lasso attached to her belt. Wonder Woman felt her toes and fingers beginning to quiver as the vibrating penis deep within her body tried to pull another orgasm from her weakened body.

Wonder Woman uncoiled her lasso. She began to gasp for air, as the vibrating penis pushed her toward a last, defeating climax. With a flick of her wrist, her golden lasso floated across the room, piercing the protective force field, and landing around Green Lantern's shoulders.

Lantern's eyes immediately opened. Instantly, the penis within the heroine enlarged tremendously as she was driven down over the enormous penis.

"Lantern! Stop using your rrraAAGNNH!!!" Wonder Woman screamed as her vagina exploded in pain and pleasure. The hands on her breasts squeezed crushingly as the finger in her anus burrowed deeper. Wonder Woman's and Green Lantern's wills fought; her trying to speak to command him, him trying to finish off the heroine with a last orgasm.

"Lantern! STTAAAAHH!!" the amazon cried out as her breasts were twisted violently ripping her bustier in half. Her fingers trembled as she barely held onto the lasso. She arched backwards, her body tensing again.

"Lantern!" she yelled, fighting down the orgasm with the last remaining vestiges of her will. "STOP USING YOUR RING!!" she squealed as her body bent upwards, her breasts higher than her head.

Suddenly, Wonder Woman fell to the floor, passing through a green energy field that quickly dissipated as her rapist disappeared. She grabbed the end of her lasso with one hand, her other hand propping her up.

"Don't move!" Wonder Woman quickly commanded Green Lantern. Still trembling from the effects of the multiple orgasms, the amazon princess slowly got to her feet. Wobbily she walked over to the lassoed man, keeping her golden lasso pulled tight. She paused, looking herself over.

Her bustier was torn down the middle halfway to her belt, but it still covered the nipples of her breasts. Her satin tights were torn vertically, starting just above her pubic bone, down between her legs, the tear ending just above her anus. Her muscular body was glazed with sweat, the satin tights around her mound drenched from her orgasms.

"Now Lantern," she said to the masked man, "I don't know why you did that, but you're going to tell me." "Yes, I will tell you," he meekly repeated, controlled by the magic of the lasso.

"Why," Wonder Woman started to say, then paused, as a shudder passed through her, "why did you try to rape me?" Green Lantern grinned as she said the word 'try'. "My mistress commanded me." "Your mistress?" Wonder Woman repeated. "Who is that?" "My mistress is..UNGGH!!" Green Lantern reeled as a black object suddenly slammed into his forehead, sending him toppling to the ground.

Wonder Woman spinned around, holding up the now unconscious emerald clad hero with her lasso. In the doorway leading into the hallway stood a man in a long black cape and cowl, with two points above each ear.

"Batman!" Wonder Woman exclaimed.

The Batman held out a hand as the batarang flipped back into his hand after bouncing off Lantern's temple. He slid it back into his utility belt, as his hand disappeared under his cape.

"Batman, what is wrong with him," the amazon asked with a nod at the unconscious hero slumped within her lasso.

"You will find out as soon as I overcome you, woman," Batman answered menacingly...


Wonder Woman spinned around, holding up the now unconscious emerald clad hero with her lasso. In the doorway leading into the hallway stood a man in a long black cape and cowl, with two points above each ear.

"Batman!" Wonder Woman exclaimed.

The Batman held out a hand as the batarang flipped back into his hand after bouncing off Lantern's temple. He slid it back into his utility belt, as his hand disappeared under his cape.

"Batman, what is wrong with him?" the amazon asked with a nod at the unconscious hero slumped within her lasso.

"You will find out as soon as I overcome you, woman," Batman answered menacingly...

"What?" Wonder Woman said in surprise.

Suddenly, Batman's right hand flashed out from under his cape, and pointed an odd looking gun at the amazon. Batman levelled it at Wonder Woman, and fired two shots.

Instantly, Wonder Woman's bracelets flashed, easily deflecting the two bullets. As the bullets struck her indestructible bracelets, small grayish gas exploded from them. The momentum of the bullets carried the gas forward, surrounding the heroine's face.

Wonder Woman jerked backwards as the grayish gas wafted past her, invading her nose and mouth. The room seemed to spin, as the Batman became a large, dark blob that grew larger every second. She wobbled, placing a hand to the side of her face, her eyes glazing over.

Batman leaped at the dazed heroine, his black cape billowing around him, as his muscles flexed, driving him forward. As he took the dozen steps between him and the amazon, with one hand he deftly pulled out a black pair of handcuffs.

Wonder Woman, dazed, swung a fist at the caped crusader, but Batman easily ducked under the crushing blow delivered by the befogged amazon.

As her arm fell to her side heavily, Batman slapped one of the cuffs around her amazonian bracelet.

Batman pulled the entrapped arm back as he darted behind the wobbily heroine. His boot lashed out, striking the back of her knees, dropping her to the ground.

The amazon princess reeled as the fog in her mind deepened. She fell to her knees as her left arm was pulled back by the cowled figure. She could feel herself slowly slipping into unconsciousness. As Batman swiftly moved behind the heroine, Wonder Woman reached out with a quickness that surprised the caped crusader, and grabbed a fistful of his dark cape. With a flick of her powerful wrist, the amazing amazon hurled Batman across the room.

Batman crashed loudly against the wall, collapsing to the floor.

His hand grabbed his side, as pain filled his face. As he prodded gently on his side, he could feel the two broken ribs. He remained on the floor for a few moments, trying to regain his equilibrium, as he glanced back over at the amazon.

Wonder Woman's head drooped downwards, as she fell, only staying up on her hands and knees. She shook her head, trying desperately to stay awake. Her breasts dangled down, almost falling out of her torn bustier.

Her right arm buckled, causing her other arm to collapse. Wonder Woman fell to the floor, her voluptuous body sprawled awkwardly. She tried one last time to get up, rising up just far enough to raise her head and breasts from the floor, before collapsing back onto the cold surface.

She remained on the floor, the only movement in the amazon's athletic body being the slow breathing of her sleeping form.

Batman walked up slowly on the fallen amazon, limping slightly.

He kneeled down, pulling the cuff back, bringing her arm with it. He then grabbed her other arm, and cuffed her bracelets together behind her back. Batman inwardly sighed with relief, knowing that the amazon lost her strength when her wrists were bound by a man.

His eyes flowed over her body, noticing the tear down the center of her rear. Between her legs, and outside her right hip, was her Golden Lasso, its coils spread out. He tipped Wonder Woman to her side just enough to unbuckle the lasso from her belt, and pulled it out from under the sleeping beauty. As he picked it up, he could feel the power coursing within it.

Batman stood back up, and stepped over the heroine, straddling her incredible body. Kneeling down, his cape covering her rear and legs, he pulled her wild, curly dark hair into his hands, and tossed it over Wonder Woman's head, exposing her neck. He slid the lasso under her neck, and wrapped it around. He continued to coil it around Wonder Woman's neck, finally stopping when he had went around ten times. He tugged on it, making sure the lasso was snug, but not tight. Tying it off to keep it on her, Batman stood up, holding the other end in his fist.

Walking around to the front of Wonder Woman, Batman reaching into his utility belt, pulling out a small canister. He kneeled down again, getting a thick fistful of the princess's dark hair, and pulled her head up. He glanced down at her peaceful face; her eyes closed, her tiara gleaming, her mouth slack and hanging open.

Batman glanced over the amazon's body again, his eyes going over her tight buttocks, then glanced down again at her gaping, slack mouth. A smirk crossed his face as he lowered the canister to her face. With a brief hissing sound, he sprayed a pale white gas into the sleeping heroine's face.

Wonder Woman's head jerked immediately as the antidote invaded her lungs, but Batman's hand held her head still. He put the canister back in his belt, and gripped the lasso tightly.

"Wake up Wonder Woman," Batman growled.

Still very groggy, Wonder Woman tried to grab the hand in her hair holding her up, but the handcuffs on her wrists held her arms behind her, stealing her great strength. As her vision cleared, she saw the lasso in Batman's hand, and followed it down. It pressed against her chin as it went down to her neck. Her throat tingled from the lasso's magic.

"Stand up, woman," he ordered.

The command blasted through Wonder Woman's mind as she quickly got to her wobbling feet. He pulled the heroine toward the huge meeting table that dominated the opposite side of the room. Wonder Woman followed stumblingly, her heeled boots noisily clicking on the floor.

"Batman," Wonder Woman gasped out, "what is happening? What are you...." "Quiet," he growled, causing the heroine to immediately grow silent. He pulled her next to the table. "Now, kneel down." Wonder Woman dropped to her knees instantly. "My mistress has commanded that you be humiliated, and I must follow her commands." Batman, with his free hand, unbuckled his utility belt, and tossed it on the table.

"And you shall be," he said, as he pulled down the codpiece of his dark outfit.

Immediately, his flaccid penis slid out in front of Wonder Woman's face, its tip pressing against her tiara. Her blue eyes widened as she tried to rise up, move away, just do anything.

Batman could see the struggle in the amazon's face. "You'll do what I tell you to do Wonder Woman. The lasso around your neck won't give you any choice." Batman sat down on the edge of the table, and placed his free hand on the back of her head. "Now, Wonder Woman, open your mouth," he growled.

Batman slowly pulled her forward, toward his penis.

Wonder Woman leaned forward, opening her luscious red lips, and let the semi-rigid penis slide inside her warm, wet mouth. A voice in the back of her mind screamed at her, telling her to stop, but her will was utterly shattered by the lasso, compelling her to follow Batman's command.

"Now, suck on it. Hunger for it." Wonder Woman felt a surge within her as her every sense centered on the member within her mouth. The heroine slid the penis far within her mouth, her nose buried in his pubic hair as his testicles curled around her chin.

She could feel his manhood hardening, stiffening within her mouth.

Slowly she drew off it, stopping just at the knobby head before she again pushed herself deeply over it. She could feel every vein in the member as her lips caressed its surface.

Batman let a low groan pass his lips as Wonder Woman completely engulfed his enlarged member, her tiara pressing against the black material covering his rigid abs as her hair curled around her face. Looking down, all he could see was a glint of her golden tiara amidst a mass of shiny raven black hair that completely surrounded his crotch as her face pressed against him.

He leaned forward, trying to push himself farther within her, feeling the head of his manhood grind against the back of her throat.

Wonder Woman gagged, her nostrils flaring as she tried to breathe through the pubic hair in her eyes and nose. His hand held her in place, his penis slowly working its way down into her throat. Batman slowly pulled on her hair, and her head, back, as her lips tantalizingly slid the length of his penis.

"Now, Wonder Woman," Batman said, releasing her hair from his fingers, "suck me. Use your tongue, your lips, everything. Because," he commanded in a dark undertone, "you can't wait to swallow every bit of my cum." As her lasso stamped his command on her enslaved mind, Wonder Woman groaned. Instantly, she sucked his rigid penis within her mouth, her cheeks compressing, her tongue teasing its surface. Immediately, she backed off, letting the length of him slide out between her lips, as it glistened with her saliva.

Batman quickly grabbed her head, jerking her over him again, and pulling her a few feet across the floor with him as he sat on the edge of the table.

"Now, faster Wonder Woman." The amazon princess scooted with him as she gagged again, his penis grinding into her throat. As his command, she began to bob her head on and off his penis. Her cheeks compressed each time she sucked him in, her bright red lips extending outward as she retracted. Her breasts bounded within her torn bustier as she moved faster and faster, on and off, in and out.

Batman leaned back on his elbows, a grim smile on his face as the unwilling amazon buried her head in his crotch. His penis began to throb, as his precum oozed into her warm, inviting mouth.

Strings of her dark, luxurious hair stuck to his glistening manhood as Wonder Woman jerked herself onto him over and over. Repeatedly, she devoured him, the lasso driving her faster and faster.

Suddenly, Batman visciously grabbed another fistful of Wonder Woman's hair, and rammed himself deep within her. Wonder Woman gagged violently as the heroine's throat bulged underneath her chin as he drove down.

"RRGHH!!" Batman growled, his entire body spasming as he came.

His seed fired into Wonder Woman's mouth, robbing her of her oral virginity. A moan passed from her, as the voice in the back of her mind cried out helplessly.

Wonder Woman gagged and gargled as his discharge seeped down her throat, filling her mouth. Soon, the cum began oozing from her lips around his penis. "Swallow!" he groaned at her, jerking on the lasso still in his grip.

Wonder Woman made strange gurgling sounds, then swallowed heavily, gulping down his discharge. He continued to come, his grip on her hair slowly weakening. The amazon slurped it down, but the cum still oozed out slowly around her lips. Batman jerked her head back and forth violently, her hair whipping around like a doll's. She could feel his cum sliding down her throat into her stomach, but she could only gulp down more as it shot into her mouth and throat.

Batman collapsed on the table. "Lick it Wonder Woman," he said in an exhausted voice, "lick it all. Clean me." His word hammered into her mind, as she leaned in, rolling her tongue along the length of his shrinking manhood. Her lips slid off his penis, as her tongue licked. She looked like a black cat with a shiny tiara as her tongue went over every part of his penis, cleaning it until nothing remained but her saliva and strands of her hair.

Batman lay on the table, an odd mixture of smile and grimace on his face.

His free hand went to his side, his other still holding the lasso.

Wonder Woman, kneeling between his legs, looked up at him as she completed his last command.

Wonder Woman blinked. Her mind began to clear, finally free of any command. He lay on the table, breathing heavily. The heroine blinked again, shaking her head, trying to clear his sweat from her eyes. Her entire face shined from the sweat of his crotch, her chin a pale white from his cum.

Suddenly, Wonder Woman jumped back, rolling across the floor. Her lasso jerked from Batman's hand, and he quickly, and painfully, sat up. The amazon rolled to her knees, seeing the lasso free on the floor.

Ungracefully, with her wrists still cuffed behind her back, she got to her feet. She knew she didn't have her amazonian strength, but she still had the grace and athleticism of an Olympic athlete.

Taking five quick steps, looking awkward with her arms behind her and her breasts protruding, Wonder Woman approached the weary, exhausted Batman. He grabbed for the lasso around her neck, but she had expected that. Her red boot lashed out, striking him in his side.

Batman groaned in pain, falling to his knees and grabbing his already injured side. Wonder Woman aimed carefully, and slammed her boot into his temple, sending him collapsing to the floor.

Wonder Woman stood over him for a moment, as the silence in the room was deafening. Assured he was out, she kneeled down next to him. He seemed relatively unhurt, just unconscious. Jumping up, she walked over to the table, next to his utility belt.

Suddenly she heard a humming sound. Looking up, her blue eyes full of alarm, she saw the teleporter glowing...


Suddenly Wonder Woman heard a humming sound. Looking up, her blue eyes full of alarm, she saw the teleporter glowing. She spinned around, her damp hair flaring out.

Wonder Woman stood paused for a moment, unsure of what to do. Her face shined, glazed with sweat and with Batman's seed on her chin and lips.

Her red bustier was torn down the middle to her belt, her breasts bulging out, her nipples barely hidden inside the cups. Her arms were cuffed behind her back, forcing her breasts out even farther. Her manacled wrists, bound by Batman's handcuffs, had stolen her amazonian strength, leaving her with the strength of a normal, athletic woman. The starry tights she wore were split in the middle; the tear beginning just above her pubic bone, going down over her bare vagina, passing between her legs, and ending at the top of the crack of her rear. Her legs trembled slightly from the treatment she had suffered at the hands of Batman and Green Lantern, her legs glazed with sweat, her red boots damp around the white fringe. Around her neck her lasso had been looped ten times, the end trailing down around her feet like a leash.

She knew she was helpless against whomever was about to materialize.

Glancing down at Batman's unconscious form, an idea leaped into her mind.

Quickly, she fell to her knees. Looking at the hero's bare crotch, a shudder passed through her incredible body. As vague forms began to become visible in the teleporter, she swallowed her revulsion, and tossed herself onto his body, tossing her hair over her face. Inches away from her lips, she saw Batman's flaccid penis, still oozing his seed. Wonder Woman closed her eyes, and opened her red lips.

The hum of the teleporter slowly increased, then suddenly ended.

She could hear the sounds of feet walking into the room, but didn't open her eyes.

Flash and Elongated Man followed Green Arrow out of the teleporter. "I told the mistress that Wonder Woman would be difficult," Arrow said over his shoulder. "Look what that damned amazon did." The three heroes looked over the scene. Green Lantern lay on the floor by the monitor board. Wonder Woman, stained in her torn uniform, her lasso trailing under and around her body from her neck, lay on the Batman's bare crotch.

A long, rubbery hand reached out, as Elongated Man grabbed a handful of Wonder Woman's silky dark hair, and lifted the amazon's head up. She hung from his hand, her mouth agape, her chin and lips glistening with Batman's white cum.

Elongated Man's nose began to vibrate eerily. "I sense a mystery." "It's no mystery Dibny," Green Arrow said gruffly. "She hammered Lantern before Batman and Aquaman got her. Don't you see the cum on her face? Looks like she did Batman in though." "Aquaman must be getting the stuff to dress up Wonder Woman like the mistress wants," Flash said. "Maybe I should take her down with us." Green Arrow shrugged. "Well, let him. Let Aquaman finish his own work." Elongated Man dropped his grip on Wonder Woman's hair. She fell limply onto Batman, his wet, flaccid penis in her left eye. Revulsion passed through the amazon, but she didn't move. She knew she was finished if the three men knew she was conscious but helpless.

She heard footsteps approaching her. "I'd better take her with us," Flash said, stepping over the amazon princess. His hands reached under her waist, lifted her up, and threw Wonder Woman over his shoulder. Her feet hung down to his waist, her rear and torn tights high in the air.

Her heavy breasts lolled down toward her face, pressing into his back.

Her hair dangled down to the floor, covering her face.

As Flash followed the other two men, Wonder Woman peeked out through the dark tresses surrounding her head. She could see between Flash's legs as he walked.

The three heroes carried their female prisoner to the stairs, and headed down into the satellite's lower areas. They went to the next level down and stepped out of the stairwell into the hall. Walking just a few feet, they stepped into a normally empty storage room.

Wonder Woman peered through her hair and Flash's legs again. The normally empty room now had a two tables; one long and padded, the other short with various containers on it. Flash carried the heroine over to the table. She quickly closed her eyes, again pretending to be unconscious.

Flash tossed the amazon over his shoulder, and onto the table.

Her hair covered her face, her hips pushed upward by her bracelets bound under her.

Her breasts rolled to their natural positions in her torn bustier, her legs sprawling awkwardly with one boot hanging over the edge of the table.

Green Arrow looked around the room. "Where in the hell is Aquaman?" he cursed. "This is his bitch to dress up." Flash pushed the hair from Wonder Woman's face, some strands still sticking to her face. "I'll take care of her." "There's still something.." Elongated Man muttered.

Green Arrow stabbed his elbow into Elongated Man's ribs. "C'mon.

Flash will handle her just fine," he said with a chuckle.

"Yeah Ralph," Flash echoed, running a finger down between Wonder Woman's full, firm breasts, "I'll be just fine." Elongated Man nodded. "Okay Flash. Just be careful with her." Flash nodded at the two men as they walked out the door, and down the hall.

Wonder Woman could hear them enter the stairwell again, leaving her alone with Flash.

The voluptuous heroine knew, with her wrists bound, she was still no match for Flash. So, she kept her eyes closed, but her ears strained to follow Flash around the room.

Flash opened a container, and pulled out a white, rubber ball, with two black straps coming from each side of it. He turned back to the sprawled amazon princess, holding the ball in his hand, his face twisted in a lascivious grin. He placed a hand under Wonder Woman's neck, and lifted.

Her head lolled back, her mouth opening.

Flash wedged the gag between her teeth, using the ball to push her mouth open even farther. "When I make you cum in two seconds Wonder Woman, I really don't want to hear you scream." Flash pushed the gag deep into the heroine's mouth.

Grabbing her arm and leg, Flash rolled the heroine over onto her breasts and stomach. Gathering her raven, curly hair, he pushed it to the side.

Flash grabbed the straps to the gag, and buckled it behind her head tightly, forcing the gag even deeper into Wonder Woman's mouth.

Flash stood up straight, looking over the amazon's incredible body.

Placing his hand on her rear, he rubbed her firm, muscular cheek, almost moaning as he did. "God, as soon as I get your arms boxed," he said aloud to himself, "you're going to cum about fifty times in ten seconds." Wonder Woman felt the handcuffs getting hot as Flash rubbed his fingers against them, slowly melting the metal. She could feel the metallic cuffs heating up, the chain joining them melting away under the incredible friction of Flash's fingers.

Suddenly Wonder Woman pulled her arms apart violently. With a deft, quick move, she turned her body, smashing her fist into Flash's temple.

He hurtled across the room, crashing heavily against the wall, slumping down to the floor, unconscious. The amazon jumped to her feet and pulled the cuff from each wrist, easily snapping the titanium. She quickly unwrapped her lasso from her neck, looking over the small table.

One container held ballgags, another ropes of various lengths, another strange, black, scorpion shaped plastic devices, with a long, thick protrusion attached to the underside of each one. Wonder Woman coiled her lasso up quickly, snapping it onto her belt. Still looking over the various contraptions on the table, the heroine reached up behind her, fumbling at the straps of the ball gag under her hair.

Suddenly, her hands and wrists were pulled together behind her neck as something thick lashed around them. Instantly, her great amazonian strength disappeared again.

"MMNH!?" Wonder Woman shouted into the ball gag in surprise. Her arms were jerked over her head. Looking up, she could see a blue and red tentacle wrapped around her wrists.

"I knew something was wrong!" Elongated Man said with an evil grin. He wrapped one rubbery leg around her strong leg, looping around her thigh, around her knee, and surrounding her red boot. Bracing that foot, he lashed his other leg around Wonder Woman's other incredible thigh, coiling around it like a snake. Pulling her leg out wide, he braced his foot on the floor.

With a grunt, he lifted the captured amazon up into the air, the heels of her boots dangling two feet off the floor as Elongated Man extended his rubbery legs.

Wonder Woman tried to pull her arms down, but without her amazonian strength, even Elongated Man was stronger than her. Twisting her head around, she looked over her shoulder at her captor. She loudly mumbled some words, but they were incoherent with the white ballgag in her mouth.

Elongated Man wrapped his other arm around her waist, using it to help hold the superheroine high in the air. His neck stretched around in front of Wonder Woman, her head turning to follow him. His face, normally with a goofy smile on it, was twisted in a lustful, hateful smile.

"My mistress wants you devastated before the enchantment, Wonder Woman, and I will do as she commands," he said, inches from her face.

"MMHNGH!" Wonder Woman yelled at him through the ball gag. She strained against him, her muscular outstretched body flexing. Elongated Man struggled with her, but his flexible bonds twisted with her, keeping the heroine trapped. As her struggles faded, he also relaxed, beads of sweat on his forehead.

"Enough of that stuff!" he muttered loudly. He pulled his head back, looking over the beautiful amazon's outstretched body, starting at her glistening, gagged face, looking down over her barely hidden breasts, across her trapped waist, and past her torn tights to her widely spread legs. His eyes stopped on her vagina, visible in the tear in her blue panties. His tongue slipped out of his mouth, and stretched and circled across the length of his face, with a loud slurping motion.

His rubbery neck reached downwards, until his head reached her opening.

Wonder Woman let out a sudden, muffled squeal as his tongue touched her womanhood. With a sturdy stroke, his tongue went the length of her vagina, sending an incredible pulse of pleasure throughout her body.

"MHHHhh..." Wonder Woman gasped into the gag, as she felt her body react to his tongue. A tingle shot the length of her spine, exploding in the erotic centers of the entrapped amazon's mind as his tongue lashed over her clit.

It slowly enlarged as the rough tip of his tongue began to slap at it.

The superheroine's head lolled back, her hair cascading down over her torn, starry panties. Wonder Woman's china blue eyes widened as Elongated Man pulled her legs farther apart. His own legs, already spiraled around hers, stretched out farther, as he slid his feet apart, forcing the amazon's red boots away from each other, until they pointed out at forty-five degree angles.

As her vagina slowly became wetter and wetter, Elongated Man twitched the tip of his tongue directly against her clit. Wonder Woman closed her eyes in concentration, trying not to let him affect her; at the same time, her clit slowly enlarged, her vagina opening like a pink rose.

Slowly, Wonder Woman began to perspire, her nostrils flaring as she breathed.

Elongated Man's tongue began to move faster, bouncing back and forth over her clit.

The arm wrapped around her waist tightened, as his hand reached out, stretching upwards. He grabbed the edge of the bustier covering her left breast, and, with a quick motion, pulled it down with a loud shredding sound. His hand stretched around the amazon's breast, his fingers surrounding the firmness of it completely.

Wonder Woman heaved as his hand began to knead her tender breast, her nipple hard and visible through the thinly stretched skin of his hand.

With steady strokes, he pulled, compressed, twisted, and generally rolled the hard, full breast around in his grip. The superheroine's fingers tingled far over her head as she weakly pulled at the fleshy bonds around her wrists. Her breathing became faster, and harsher, as a thin line of drool escaped out the corners of her mouth around the large white ball in her mouth.

Elongated Man looked up at the amazon, her head dropped back, hair rolling off her rear as her hips angled upwards, her legs pulled out, boots pointing outwards, her nipples rigid. A lustful smile filled his face. He looked back at Wonder Woman's puffy vagina, as her legs on either side trembled with passion. Slowly, purposefully, he stopped working on the helpless amazon's clit, and pushed his very long tongue between her swollen lips.

The trapped heroine's eyes bulged as she felt his tongue snake inside her dripping vagina. "NHHHHhh.." she cried into the gag, her teeth digging into the hard plastic material. Her body arched as she shuddered violently, his tongue sliding and stretching deeper inside the amazon's hot body. Her fingers became claws, her toes again twitching inside her red boots. Elongated Man's tongue, almost infinitely long, finally hit the bottom of her vaginal tract, and pressed against her cervix.

Wonder Woman began to fight for air, her nostrils flaring, as she sucked air in around the ballgag, drool and spit shooting out as she forcefully exhaled. Her blue eyes were becoming glazed and unfocused as she fought to breathe in enough air to support her helpless, erotically tortured body. She quaked uncontrollably, as he forced his tongue into her womb.

The amazon clamped her eyes shut, an expression of utterly pain and pleasure on her twisted face, as she felt his tongue deeply embedded under her belly.

Reaching her womb, Elongated Man pulled his tongue out an inch, then drove it inside her, smiling evilly as she cried out in response. He undulated his tongue, letting it roll through Wonder Woman's vagina and inside her womb.

Abruptly, the amazon became completely still, her eyes still tightly shut.

She quivered, still struggling to breath. Elongated Man drove and twisted his tongue far inside the heroine, bending it up and stroking her G- spot, trying to force the helpless woman to cum. Wonder Woman began to thrash, chest and hips bucking and flailing, slowly at first, then faster, and more violently. He groped her breast, twisting and kneading her as Wonder Woman's passion built up like a steam valve ready to blow. Her mind reeled, the room non-existent in her passion-filled, oxygen-deprived head. Suddenly, everything around her seemed to explode in a burst of light that filled every pore of her body.

"MMNNNNNHHHHH!!!!!!!" she wailed into the gag as she came, her vagina sending destructive ecstasy the length of her body, overwhelming her pleading, helpless mind.

"AANNNNNHHGGGGG!!!" Elongated Man screamed as her vagina crushed down on his tongue with all the strength of an amazon's orgasm. His face contorted, looking exactly like the female he was torturing. He tried with all his strength to pull his tongue out, but Wonder Woman's orgasm gripped it in a vise of steel.

His grip on Wonder Woman's arms weakened, as she pulled them loose. Her body flailed wildly, completely out of control as her hands went down to Elongated Man's head. She beat on him without thinking, nothing existing in her mind but the explosion of light and unearthly pleasure than inundated her, body and soul. She screamed and screamed into the gag, her thrashings slowly fading.

Elongated Man strained and pulled, his tongue flailing and twisting inside Wonder Woman, which sent more crashing pulses of driving pleasure through her body. His tongue jerked outward in short, inch-long tugs as her vagina crushed down on it relentlessly, each tug eliciting a new cry of ecstasy from the superheroine. Elongated Man's cries of pain became less, as his head was being beaten by the wailing amazon.

Suddenly the two crashed to the floor. The room was utterly quiet and motionless. Wonder Woman laid on top of Elongated Man, her nostrils flaring as she gasped for air, her eyes closed, deeply unconscious. Her body was glazed with sweat, her legs sprawled awkwardly out around the hero's head.

Elongated Man sprawled under the amazon, tongue still inside her vagina, head bloodied and bruised from her flailings, arms and legs stretched and twisted around the voluptuous heroine's body.

The room was completely silent, except for the harsh breaths Wonder Woman fought to take in around the ballgag still between her red lips.

Slowly, her eyes blinked as she took in enough oxygen to revive herself.

Her hands came up to her head, gripping the straps on the gag, and easily snapped it, letting the gag fall out of her mouth to the floor.

Wonder Woman started to roll to her side, and suddenly let out a squeal of surprised pleasure as Elongated Man's tongue slid out of her very tender vagina.

"Dear...Gods..." she murmured to herself as she rolled to her side, moving very slowly. Her eyes were half-open, her body quivering, as she carefully pulled her arms and legs from Elongated Man's stretched appendages. Her hand went down to her abdomen as she fought to get to her feet. As she took in deep breaths, her amazonian strength began to flood back into her powerful body.

Slowly Wonder Woman got to her feet, her legs still trembling slightly.

She glanced down at Elongated Man, his face bloody and bruised from her wild pounding. Her powerful, voluptuous body glistened with her sweat, her uniform even more tattered that before, her left breast completely exposed.

"Oh Hera..." she moaned, every step sending tingles throughout her body.

She glanced back at him on the floor. "What did you mean 'enchanted'?" she asked him in a breathy whisper, not expecting an answer. Shaking her head, she peered out into the empty hallway.

END of Part Three

Wonder Woman versus the Justice League, Part Four

Wonder Woman walked carefully down the hallway, her heels clicking quietly on the hard steel floor. Her amazonian strength and power was slowly overcoming the trembling in her legs, her body recovering from the violent treatment she had endured.

She paused, and glanced down at her tattered uniform. Her left breast was exposed, as the cup of the bustier dangled down over her ribcage.

The other cup was intact, but only covered the nipple area of her breast. Her star-spangled panties were torn down the middle, from above her pubic bone, through her legs, and up above the crack of her anus.

The material around her vagina was a very dampened dark blue.

"Got to get out of here," she murmured to herself. "Get some help against all the guys." The amazon stepped lightly past various doors, glancing in to insure the emptiness of the rooms within. Finally, she reached her goal, the emergency elevator.

Suddenly something struck Wonder Woman in the back of the head, knocking it forward, her dark, raven hair splaying across her face as she stumbled forward to her knees.

"UNNGH!" she cried, as the blunt-headed green arrow ricocheted off the buxom heroine's head, bouncing into the elevator. She quickly gathered her senses, as she heard a distinctive twang sound.

Spinning around, Wonder Woman deflected the second arrow with an amazonian bracelet, sending it bouncing into the elevator with its twin.

Shaking off the first blow, she got to her feet.

Green Arrow, at the end of the hall by the door to the stairwell, quickly reached into his quiver, pulling out a different arrow. As the amazon charged at him, he bent the bow back, and sent the arrow zipping toward her.

Her blue eyes zeroed in on the arrow. The head was different; a small, metallic head, of an odd design. "Not again!" Wonder Woman thought, as she nimbly dodged the arrow, as it whizzed next to her right ear. Behind her, she could hear the gas arrow explode as it struck the back wall of the open elevator. Before he could get another arrow out of his quiver, the superheroine sent the heel of her hand into his forehead, sending the archer flying head over heels. As he blearily tried to get to his knees, another blow struck him in the base of the neck. With a grunt, Green Arrow slumped to the floor.

The amazon princess stood over him, then glanced back at the elevator.

She rolled her eyes as she saw the cloud of gas within. "What next?" she muttered. Quickly grabbing the unconscious hero, Wonder Woman dragged him into the weight room next to her. She set him gently in the corner, and headed back out, closing the door behind her.

Gingerly, Wonder Woman headed back down the hall, toward the stairwell, trying to remain as quiet as possible. Carefully, she opened up the door to the stairwell, pausing to listen. Hearing only silence, the beautiful amazon stepped inside, and began to move slowly up the stairs toward the monitor room three floors up.

The trip seemed to take forever. She reached the first landing, still enveloped in the utter silence of the satellite. Cautiously she continued up the stairs, the short distance seeming like miles.

Suddenly, she heard the door at the very top open, and footsteps announced the presence of others in the stairwell. Between the rails of the banister, she could make out three people. One person had thick legs, and was wearing blue boots. As they moved, she could make out green skin! Beside it was a thin, female leg, wearing black, high heeled leather boots. Behind them both was another pair of masculine legs, wearing greenish-blue boots.

Wonder Woman paused for a moment, slightly stunned at the sudden appearance. Quickly collecting herself, she leaped up the ten remaining steps in one powerful jump, opening the door to the hallway of the floor below the monitor room.

"Get that bitch!" she heard a female shriek as the door slowly closed behind the amazon.

Wonder Woman glanced up and down the hall, not sure she could take on both the men coming after her. With only a moment's hesitation, she ran into the kitchen area. A large, heavy oak table was in the center of the room, with matching chair around it. To one side were various appliances and cabinets, to the other side was a large wall with various pictures of quaint, countryside scenes. Instantly, she turned on the oven, and each one of the four electric burners. She turned around quickly, her dark hair splaying out, as she looked around the kitchen for something.

Opening a cabinet, Wonder Woman dug through the various items; flour, sugar, spices, and other stuff hitting the floor.

Suddenly, the door to the kitchen just exploded open, the shattered remnants hitting the far wall in a dozen pieces. The superheroine spinned around, her hair cascading down over her exposed breast, as she looked toward the door.

Blocking most of the door was a massive, green skinned man, his muscles bulging incredibly. His bald, enormous eyebrow ridges frowned down over his black eyes. The Martian Manhunter put his arms on his hips, an arrogant, sneering expression on his face as his eyes took in the tattered amazon. "Will you surrender now woman, or force me to crush you? My mistress does not demand that I break your body, only your spirit." Anger filled Wonder Woman's visage. Instantly, she gripped both sides of the refrigerator, ripping it from its cul-de-sac. Lifting it over her head with blinding speed, she hurled it at the Martian Manhunter.

The appliance crashed into the alien's massive chest, sending him flying backwards out of the hall. He smashed into the opposite wall, the refrigerator collapsing atop him like an accordion.

As he tossed the refrigerator aside, Wonder Woman stood just inside the door to the kitchen, watching. Suddenly, a man in a gold-leaf shirt, green pants with matching gauntlets, and blonde hair and beard. He wasn't nearly as massive as the Manhunter, but his body was taut and wiry. Before she could react to the sudden apparition, his boot lashed out, striking her midsection just below her breasts.

The voluptuous heroine doubled up, as she tumbled back, crashing into the back wall of the kitchen. As Aquaman rushed at her, her foot came up, kicking him in the midsection in return. The blonde man was lifted off the ground, hurtling across the kitchen, landing against the wall, falling down on top of the sink.

Wonder Woman quickly clambered to her feet, looking up just in time to see a huge white object. The refrigerator collided with the amazon's upper body, driving her back. The appliance drove her deep within the steel wall, her lower body protruding under it, her arms and dark hair appearing around the sides.

Dazed, she pushed the destroyed refrigerator off her, pulling herself from the amazon-shaped cavity. As her vision cleared, the Martian Manhunter came up to the beautiful superheroine. As his huge fist struck her cheek with a violent left cross, her head twisted as if about to be ripped from her shoulders. Her long, raven hair exploded about her face as her incredibly body twisted violently, sending her hurtling across the huge oak table, crashing into the chair at the end.

Aquaman shook his head, getting off the sink. He and the Martian Manhunter reached the stunned superheroine at the same time. She dizzily got to her knees, supporting her upper body with one hand, the other on her forehead.

Her hair hung down around her head, hiding her face, and keeping her from looking around as she strived to regain her senses.

The Sea Lord reached down, grabbing Wonder Woman's lustrous hair close to her head. As her hand shot up to grab his wrist, he pulled her up, arching her backwards.

"ARGHH!!!" he roared as she squeezed his wrist with all her amazonian strength, his face contorting in agony.

Rearing back, the Martian Manhunter hammered his huge fist into Wonder Woman's temple, spinning her head around, jerking her head from Aquaman's grip. Her tiara twisted on her head, the near invulnerable metal denting under his knuckles. She slammed headfirst into the steel wall, making a cavity from the force of her head hitting it.

Wonder Woman hung from the cavity limply, her arms dangling at her side, her tiara on askew on her head, the right side of her face enveloped by the wall. As Aquaman rubbed his sore wrist, the emerald skinned alien grabbed the barely conscious amazon, and pulled her from the depression in the wall, and lifted her up. The amazon princess vaguely felt her athletic body hoisted into the air, her boots dangling down, her struggles feeble as she strove to gather her senses.

As she blinked, her struggles in the Martian's grip getting stronger, Aquaman came up behind the beauteous heroine. Doubling up his fist, her face contorted in anger, he drove his fist into Wonder Woman's vulnerable back.

"ANnnghhh!" the dazed amazon cried out, arching her back in pain.

Seeing her helpless and at his mercy, the blonde hero smiled grimly.

Rearing back once more, he drove it into the back of Wonder Woman's head. Her hair exploded outward in like a black cloud. Her entire body lurched in a massive spasm at the blow, then became inert, as she dangled unconscious in the Martian Manhunter's powerful grip, her head hanging down low over her chest, her dark hair covering her face.

The two men stood for a long moment, gaping at the incredible heroine at their mercy. Her long, tanned, muscular legs dangled limply, her red boots still swaying slowly. Her entire body glistened with sweat from the struggle, her long, curly hair cascading down over her breasts.

The Manhunter walked to the long side of the table, and tossed the unconscious beauty atop the hard oaken surface, her body bouncing atop it.

Aquaman went to the opposite side of the table, looking down at the amazon, her dark hair cascading down over the edge of the table.

The Martian Manhunter stepped up the opposite side, his strong hands gripping her creamy, tanned legs, pulling them apart, and stepping between them, glancing down at her red boots, swinging and dangling over the edge.

Reaching down, he took her belt in his hand, and, with a quick jerk, pulled it loose from her waist, causing Wonder Woman to jerk upward, then flop back down atop the table. Tossing the golden girdle and attached lasso aside, he then put his thick fingers under the top of her starry tights. Slowly, he pulled down, the sound of satin tearing filling the room as the two heroes watched in eager, hungry silence. As her shredded panties tore away, her incredible abdomen and crotch became completely exposed.

Aquaman leaned over the amazon, his bulging crotch touching the top of Wonder Woman's head. He gripped both cups of her bustier, and violently ripped it in half down the middle. He released it, letting it lie under the helpless amazon.

The two heroes paused for a long moment, gaping down at the incredible body of Wonder Woman, utterly naked except for her boots, bracelets, and dented tiara.

The Manhunter, nodding at Aquaman, put his hand to his belt buckle, and easily released his belt. Patiently, he pulled down his tights, his enormous green penis bounding out. Stroking it in his powerful grip, his other hand searched Wonder Woman's vagina, feeling the wetness still within from her previous treatment.

Aquaman caressed the amazon's beautiful face with the back of his hand, and he too released his belt, pushing down his pants, allowing his penis to pop out. He glanced up, and gaped at the Manhunter's huge member. He glanced back down at his own appendage, normally slightly larger than others, then back at the Manhunter's hugeness. Aquaman estimated it at easily over a foot long, and three inches thick.

An angered, agitated expression appeared on Aquaman's face. He released his manhood, and put the hand under Wonder Woman's neck and jerked upward, tilting her head up and back. He pulled her toward him by her neck, until her head leaned down past the edge of the table. His other hand wrapped around her jaw, forcing her mouth open, her red lips parting invitingly.

Aquaman puts his rigid penis as the tip of her lips. Then, his face contorted by anger, he drove it into her mouth, up to the hilt, his balls curling around her nose. Wonder Woman's throat bulged as his cock drove deep within her. The back of her head clunked against the side of the table, as her mouth helplessly engulfed him. Her face disappeared in his groin as her hair curled down around his legs.

The Martian Manhunter, with two thick fingers, opened the lips of the amazon's moist vagina, scuffling his feet forward, holding his huge green penis in his other hand. "Aquaman, we must wait until Wonder Woman awakens.

Then we can do as our Mistress commands, and continue her sensitization." Aquaman retracted his penis until the knob of it was just visible, then drove it back down the helpless amazon's throat, her amazing body jerking again. "So, wake her up." The Martian Manhunter looked down at his thick penis at the gate of Wonder Woman's vagina. He looked back at Aquaman and shrugged. Gripping his massive member, he leaned forward, slowly parting the unconscious woman's nether lips. As he nudged the head inside her, he put his hands on her hips, and began to push inside her with more strength.

The Manhunter could feel the luscious heroine's hips groan and widen as he relentlessly forced his huge member inside her sheath. He could feel the heat rising within him as his manhood was slowly engulfed by a woman.

It had been a very long time, he knew.

He continued to push himself within Wonder Woman. Her vagina stretched wider than it had ever been before as he forced himself ever deeper. The heroine beneath him began to move slightly in response to his slow penetration. He reached up, grabbing Wonder Woman's wrists around her bracelets, and held her arms motionless in his powerful, huge hands.

The Martian Manhunter glanced up at Aquaman, nodding. The Sea Lord wrapped his fingers deeply within the superheroine's long, dark tresses, pulling her tightly over his penis, holding her there. Her red lips were wrapped around it, her throat still bulging. In position, Aquaman nodded back at the huge alien.

Gritting his teeth, the emerald skinned hero suddenly drove his hips forward, thrusting his massive organ deep within the amazon at his mercy.

"MMMMNHH!!" Wonder Woman screamed into the penis inside her mouth as the erotic pain shrieked from her groaning hips. Her deep azure eyes shot open wide, as she tried to pull her arms loose from the Martian Manhunter's powerful grip. Her legs wrapped around his wide midsection, her red boots sticking straight out as his knobby head slammed into her cervix.

She reeled dizzily under the twin intrusions. Her fingernails dug into the oak table, huge splinters peeling up under her powerful gouges into the shiny surface. All the amazon princess could see was a set of testicles resting against the bridge of her nose, sweat dripping from the dangling sack into her eyes. She trembled under the two men, as wave after wave of pain-laced pleasure shot up her body from her vagina and hips.

The heroes looked down at the helpless thrashings of the amazon beneath them. Slowly, the Manhunter retracted his huge member embedded deeply within the squirming amazon. Wonder Woman wailed again into Aquaman's shaft as the agonizing friction from the huge green rod ground against the walls of her sensitive vagina.

Wonder Woman's nostril's flared as she tried to breathe during the slight pause as the Martian hesitated, the head of his penis just inside her. As he began to push back within her, the heroine's mind reeled again, as a sense of complete fullness screamed from her overstretched sex. She cried out, the vibrations of her voice echoing along the length of the penis trapped in her mouth.

Aquaman raised a hand to his forehead, wiping the sweat from his brow, as a groan slipped from him as the vibrations of Wonder Woman's voice teased his penis. Wrapping his hand in her long, silky, damp hair, he slowly pulled halfway out of the beautiful amazon's mouth, and slammed his manhood back in.

His sweat splashed across her face. Wonder Woman could also feel the perspiration flooding down the Manhunter's body onto her thighs and crotch.

The room seemed to be spinning around her dizzily, the only concrete things piercing her awareness were the hugeness filling her vagina, sending incredible waves of erotic pleasure and agony through her, and the faint presence of something hot in her mouth.

"MMNHHHHHH!!!" she suddenly screamed wildly into Aquaman's blazing rod as the Martian Manhunter abruptly drove himself deeply past her cervix and into her womb. She writhed under the massive green skinned man, as two holes were gouged out of the table under her held, twisting hands.

Wonder Woman's entire world seemed to turn red. Her mind seemed to ooze out her ears as she lost all sense of being. Nothing seemed to exist in her universe but the incredible feelings of pain and pleasure that exploded every second between her legs and under her belly.

Aquaman's eyes suddenly shot wide as he released a very loud moan.

His throbbing shaft was suddenly being caressed by Wonder Woman's tongue! The amazon's cheeks compressed as every molecule of the surface of the rod in her mouth was touched by the warm, wet surface of her mouth.

Mindlessly she sucked and caressed his penis as the amazon princess had never done before.

A muffled cry slipped from Wonder Woman again as the Martian Manhunter began to slowly grind in and out of her amazing body. The huge alien gritted his teeth as his massive organ pushed around inside her incredibly tight sex. Tentatively, the superheroine began to gyrate her hips in time to his thrusts, accompanied by her muffled screams of ecstasy.

A fog covered the beautiful amazon's mind utterly. Desire and ecstasy smothered her spirit. The only thing Wonder Woman could even think of doing was to drive herself deeper onto the green penis and suck on the other penis between her lips.

Aquaman's face twisted with erotic pleasure as he started moving into the amazon princess' face with hard, driving thrusts. His testicles slapped against the heroine's chin as her throat bulged with each forward movement of his hips.

Wonder Woman could feel every vein in Aquaman's member as she fought off her gag reflex and concentrated on sucking and caressing it. As his knobby head reached her lips, she ran her tongue over the tip. Then he would ram it back into her mouth, slamming her head against the table, sending small chips of wood flying into Wonder Woman's long, raven hair.

Her long, tanned, muscular legs were spread almost straight out, forced wide by the Martian's wide body. With slow thrusts, the alien hero slid his glistening manhood in and out of Wonder Woman's excrutiatingly stretched vagina. His enormous member ground into her, sending blasts of painfully erotic pleasure shooting throughout the body and mind of the amazon princess.

Wonder Woman's body compressed as the two men thrust into her simultaneously from both ends. She moved her hips in time to the powerful thrusts between her legs, eliciting groans from the Martian Manhunter. She closed her eyes as Aquaman's sweat flooded down over her face. She could feel his legs quaking as he pounded into her face.

As her arms were released by the Manhunter, Wonder Woman reached up, wrapping her hands around Aquaman's buttocks. Her long, muscular thighs were gripped tightly by the Martian between her legs, as her hips were lifted up, allowing him to ram into her even deeper.

"MMMNHH!!!" she wailed into Aquaman's penis. He groaned in reaction, jerking her head forward by her long dark hair. He suddenly stiffened.

His face became still, as he felt the liquid passion rising up within him. One last time, he drove himself deep within the amazon's mouth and held himself there.

Wonder Woman's flushed, bright red lips wrapped around the hilt of Aquaman's sex as she felt the first burst of semen soil her throat. Her fingers twisted and clenched on the Sea Lord's rear as gurgling sounds came from the amazon's throat.

A malicious smile crossed Aquaman's face as he heard the amazon princess gag on his first shot of cum. A loud groan of release sounded from him as he began to pump into her mouth again, letting her drain him completely. He released a hand from her hair to wipe the sweat from his eyes. His face paled as his hips stopped thrusting and began weaving.

Wonder Woman gulped harshly as Aquaman's orgasmic juices flooded her mouth, swallowing the saliva and semen mixture. She could feel his remaining hand in her hair weakening as she held him up with her hands on his ass. She worked her tongue over his penis as she twisted her head enough to sense the pleasures running up his sex. Weakly, the Sea Lord began to push at her head, trying to get her off his shaft.

Slowly, Aquaman's penis slipped from her lips, as the hero collapsed to the floor. He weakly tried to stand up, but failed, falling again. He remained still, his skin sweaty and red.

Wonder Woman pulled her head up from the cavity in the table and looked at the man between her legs.

The Manhunter watched Aquaman collapse. With a violent jerk, he began ramming his massive organ deeply within the amazon.

"AANNGHH!!!" she wailed in intense erotic pain, her body arching up, her hands twisting into claws. Up until now the great green alien had been taking the heroine gently, but now he began to drive into her, twisting his hips in wide circles. His huge sex thrust far within the amazon princess, each drive forcing his manhood just a little deeper.

"Great Hera! Stooooppp!!!" Wonder Woman screamed. Her upper body flailed on the table like a wrestler in a leg hold, her screams echoing around the kitchen. "Plleaassse Joonnnn....stttoooop!!!!" The Martian Manhunter's eyes narrowed. He impassively watched the helpless, penetrated heroine flop on the table, her breasts bounding with her, her dark hair splash around her face. He held her still by her long, tanned, muscular thighs pressed to his chest. His penis continued to drive inside her, reaming her tight vagina mercilessly.

Wonder Woman tried to reach up for him, but every thrust inside her body sent her flailing backwards, her amazing body arching upwards in erotic agony. "DEAR GODS JONN STOPPP!!!" she wailed helplessly.

A grunt finally slipped from the hero. He could feel his semen rising within him. It had been so long, he knew. He watched the heroine under him with an odd satisfaction, as his glistening sex drilled her.

"NOOOO!!!" Wonder Woman screamed as she felt a quick stabbing pain as his precum slipped from his sex. "NO! NOT TO MEEE!!" she cried out as her hips continued to gyrate in time to his thrusts.

"Nnnhhh..." the hero breathed as his orgasm passed through his body and into the captive amazon. He held himself within her taut sex as his body quivered under the strain of his passion.

"OOOHHHHGOOODDDSSRRAAAAAPPINGGGMMMEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" Wonder Woman wailed as her entire body turned a bright red, every pore of her body oozing sweat and sexual tension. Her incredible body suddenly jerked, her blue eyes widening, as his first shot of semen barreled into her body. She fell back weakly, her body jerking with regular bounds as the Martian Manhunter's sperm pulsed within her. Between her orgasm and the sex firing within her drove her consciousness from her, as everything around became dark...

Wonder Woman slowly woke up. The first thing she sensed was an incredible pain under her belly. She puts her hands toward it, but something was on top of her. Slowly, her vision came back to her. A large, bald, green head was lying between her breasts.

Slowly she pushed the Martian Manhunter's sweat-covered body off her.

She gasped as his flaccid penis slipped from her vagina. The heat in the room was stifling. Gingerly, the amazon got to her feet.

"Dear Gods...so weak..." she murmured to herself as she managed to turn off the oven. Wonder Woman straightened her tiara on her head.

"So...still conscious?" she suddenly heard a man's deep voice say.

Slowly she turned toward the door. Looking at her bare, glistening body stood Superman. "Great Hera..." she murmured as he slowly advanced on her....


Wonder Woman leaned against the countertop heavily. She couldn't stop the trembling in her long, tanned legs. In fact, her entire body was quaking from the repeated violations of her amazing body at the hands of her friends and comrades. Martian Manhunter and Aquaman still lay on the floor where they had passed out, victims of their weaknesses to the heat that filled the room.

Wiping the sweat from her eyes, she turned off the stove and oven next to her. But her sky blue eyes never left the figure standing in the doorway, whose own blue eyes watched the naked superheroine. The eyes broke from her gaze, and slid down her body. Her tall, beautiful body stood nude before him, her only clothing being her high heeled red boots, her tiara, her bracelets, and the thick coating of sweat that made her voluptuous body glisten in the faint light of the lounge.

"Superman...?" she said hesitantly. Wonder Woman knew she was still very weak from the ravishing to which she had been subjected. Every muscle in her body seemed to quiver at her every movement.

Superman smiled pleasantly at the heroine. "Yes, Diana, it's me." He took a couple of steps toward her, whipping off his cape with a quick motion. "Here, put this on." Wonder Woman paused, looking utterly perplexed. Without resistance, she let Superman wrap the cape around her bare shoulders. "You're not..?" "Controlled?" Superman finished. "No, I was freed from the control by Zatanna. She's upstairs freeing Batman right now." Wrapping the cape tightly around her, Wonder Woman let herself be led toward the door by Superman. "Who did this to me..us..?" Placing his powerful arm around the Amazon's shoulders, Superman answered, "I don't know, Diana. Zatanna is upstairs trying to figure that out.

But, I promise you, we'll find out in the end." Wonder Woman only nodded, at last letting a feeling of relief flood through her exhausted, ravished body. She let Superman half-carry her to the steps.

With every step down the stairwell, a tingle shot through the Amazon from her vagina; a reminder of her treatment under the Martian Manhunter. Despite her great pride, she leaned heavily on Superman's body, letting his powerful frame support her, almost sinking inside his presence. She couldn't remember a time when she wasn't so relieved to be with a man.

As she walked down the stairs, her oversexed thoughts drifted back to her dream. How she would lie with Superman, her sex damp with desire for this ideal man. How he would love her with a gentleness and power no earthly man could surpass. How she would drift away on an ethereal ship of purest pleasure...

Wonder Woman glanced up at Superman. Her head was leaning on his shoulder, her long, dark tresses curling down over his massive chest.

She could smell him in a way she never had been able to before. Nothing had ever made her feel this way. She felt so...strange. The tingling in her body seemed to be doubled, but it was no longer uncomfortable. Then she realized; it was animal desire. If Superman should try to take her now, she would not resist. Wonder Woman knew she would not.

She glances up at Superman. Being inexperienced in such matters, Wonder Woman had no idea how obvious her desire was. But she knew how she felt.

Her sex seemed to scream at her, as she began to regain the wetness that had been forced from her earlier.

Casually, Superman glanced down. His usual, pleasant smile beamed down on the aroused heroine. Then, oblivious to her needs or desires, he looked back up at the stairwell.

Wonder Woman gave herself a mental shake. What was she doing?! She knew she shouldn't be thinking such thoughts. Taking a deep breath, Wonder Woman leaned even more against Superman, thankful for his kindness...and lack of understanding.

As the hero and heroine stepped back into the monitor room, Wonder Woman shook herself from her reverie. Batman sat in a chair at the meeting table, with a small, attractive woman hovering around him. She wore an outfit much like that of a magician, her short dark hair curling around her smallish face. On the other side of the table stood Flash and Green Lantern, looking the worse for wear, but conscious and alert.

"Are you okay now, Batman?" Zatanna asked him.

Batman grunted an answer of affirmation.

Zatanna nodded, and turned to Wonder Woman and Superman. "Oh, Diana! How are you?!" "Zatanna, I've never been so happy to see you in my life," Wonder Woman answered with utter relief. She was so happy to see another woman after everything that had happened.

Zatanna gave Wonder Woman a reassuring hug. "I'm so sorry this has happened to you. I'd do anything to make it go away..." The Amazon Princess smiled wearily. "I just wish it had never happened." The young sorceress stood up on her tiptoes. "Are you worried about the possibility that the guys..um..well...impregnated you?" Zatanna asked uncomfortably.

The tall superheroine's sky-blue eyes widened. "I hadn't considered that..." Zatanna nodded. "I can kill the..um...sperm...if you wish, and it will be by a simple spell." Wonder Woman whispered back. "That would be a good idea. I don't want to take a chance. I would be ruined if I were pregnant." Zatanna patted the amazon on the back. "That's okay. Let's step away from the guys, and we can take care of it in a minute." A tired smile crosses the face of the beautiful amazon. "Thank you, Zatanna." Zatanna smiled. "No problem, Diana." Putting her hand around the taller woman, the younger woman led Amazon Princess to the far side of the room by the monitor board.

"Just sit down here, Diana, and I'll take care of things. Just close your eyes, and let the magic flow over you." Wonder Woman sat down in the chair, covering herself carefully with Superman's cape. "Anytime you're ready, Zatanna." Nodding, Zatanna raised her arms up over the exhausted amazon.

Closing her eyes, she began to recite some odd, mystic words.

As the roots of her hair stood on end, Wonder Woman looked up in surprise.

Zatanna's magic came from reciting words in reverse, not in true mystic incantations...

Suddenly a blinding blue light filled Wonder Woman's eyes. Her amazing body was encapsulated in a crackling aura of blue magic. The chair beneath Wonder Woman shattered, its splinters scattering across the room as her voluptuous body tensed and thrashed uncontrollably in the power of the magic.

Wonder Woman could feel the magic entering her body through every pore and opening. She tried to resist with all her being, but her body seemed to be unable to fight off the magic inundating her. She had just been too weak, too distracted by the events of the day to pick up the tell- tale hints. Zatanna never called her Diana, and she missed the clue.

Through her azure-covered eyes, she could see her male colleagues watching her struggles coldly. She twisted and thrashed in the magic shell around her, struggling horizontally to the floor. Slowly she could feel her body resisting the magic that seemed bent on invading her Amazon body.

Zatanna held her hands out, as blue currents of magic electricity shot out and swarmed around the helpless heroine. The young heroine's face was contorted into an expression of hatred and concentration as she floated Wonder Woman high in the air. "I informed you that you would pay dearly for crossing me, Princess." Zatanna began to morph, even as Wonder Woman twisted helplessly in her magic. Zatanna began to get taller, her body filling out more, her clothes changing. She ended up a tall, elegantly evil women, with long, curly, dark violet hair, wearing a dress that was low cut, and high cut up each side.

Around her neck and wrists were many bands of gold. She wore golden sandals.

"Circe!" Wonder Woman gurgled between clenched teeth.

The sorceress laughed, a deep throated, evil laugh, as she kept up the flow of magic tendrils holding Wonder Woman helplessly. "Yes, little Princess, it is I. My revenge this day will be complete." Wonder Woman remained silent, her gaze contemptuous of the sorceress.

She steeled herself, as her body began to resist the magic like it normally would have. She knew that Circe never would have had this advantage on her if she hadn't been so weak...and raped...

"It's too late to resist me, Princess," the sorceress chuckled malevolently. "I may not be able to force my magic into your body now that you know who I am, but you were weak, and I have a foothold. Now, to finish the spell, and have you." With a gesture from the sorceress, Wonder Woman began to float toward Circe. The cape slipped from her body, revealing the bare nudity of the amazing Amazon. Only her tiara, boots, and bracelets still touched her skin.

The Amazon Princess kept her voice silent as she floated next to Circe.

Her teeth were gritted tightly together as she strove to resist the magic Circe was forcing into her body. Wonder Woman could sense that she had stopped the flow of magic, but she had already been affected by a large amount during her weakness. She had no idea what Circe was doing, but she knew that she must resist.

The sorceress guided the imprisoned amazon next to her and brought her into an upright position. The heroine's incredible body twitched in the magical blue nimbus. Her hair-tossed head turned back and forth as she fought against the magical field holding her helpless.

"Whatever you are doing, Circe, is bound to fail! When the men are freed from your slavery, you'll meet justice." Circe laughed heartily, a deep, sinister laugh. "Indeed, Princess? Perhaps I shall, but you shall be used as no amazon has ever been used before I am finished!" As she spoke, Circe ran a glowing finger down the center of Wonder Woman's body, letting it slide down between the superheroine's breasts, over her firm midriff, and past her hips.

Wonder Woman's sky blue eyes glared at Circe as the sorceress touched the Amazon's body. Suddenly those eyes widened as the blue nimbus around began to force her long, tanned legs to spread apart. "Circe!! What are you doing??!" "Surely you didn't think I would merely surrender because you started resisting my enchantment." The sorceress slid her finger over Wonder Woman's still wet sex. "Now that you are properly sensitized, this will be a simple enchantment. An aroused Amazon is an easy target." With a sly glimpse up at the Amazon Princess, Circe pushed her finger inside Wonder Woman's vagina.

Wonder Woman stiffened as she felt the intrusion. She tried to force her vaginal muscles to keep Circe out, but she was too weak from the vicious rape that Martian Manhunter had inflicted on her. Deeper and deeper she could feel the finger slipping inside her still-wet sex.

Circe's eyes stared at Wonder Woman with obvious humor while the heroine's own blue eyes widened. "You may be able to resist my magicks from outside your body, but can you resist from within?" Circe's smile faded as her face twisted in concentration.

The helpless, spread-legged amazon rolled her head back slightly while her vagina slowly spread open around the finger inching its way inside her. She could feel Circe's knuckle slip inside her slippery, sensitive sex. With a final jerk that elicited a gasp from the captive heroine, the rest of the finger slammed inside Wonder Woman, the remainder of Circe's fist hammering against the amazon's tender labia.

The evil sorceress looked up into the Amazon's wide, amazed eyes.

"You'll not be able to keep my magicks out...when I am inside of you!" Circe cackled. A blue crackle of magic starts at Circe's elbow and slowly began to descend down toward her hand.

Wonder Woman started struggling with renewed vigor, her eyes watching the magic moving toward the finger deep within her sex. "Circe, stop! How can you do this to me? A woman shouldn't do this to another woman!" Circe laughed coldly. "But you aren't a woman, you're just a accursed lesbian. You and your sisters, licking each other until you scream. You don't know what it's like being with a man. So, I'm going to force you away from your lesbian ways, and make you always desire men." The sorceress looked over at the group of heroes, and grinned. "You will always desire these men. Anytime you see them, you will desire them with a will that is overwhelming." The Amazon Princess' eyes widened. Her vagina tingled as the magic began to enter her. Her naked, tanned body trembled, her blue eyes rolling up in her head.

"Didn't I tell you, my little Princess, that you will have to come so the magic can control you?" She grinned maniacally. "I think you'll enjoy it." The blue magic slowly disappeared inside the superheroine's drenched sex.

After two seconds, her eyes widened as a blue nimbus glowed from them.

Two seconds later Wonder Woman screamed as the magic-induced orgasm hammered the length of her body. An explosion of azure magic burst from her sex, the glow filling the room. The heroic Amazon's body stiffened, her head fell back, her amazing body arches upwards, and her loud wail echoed around the cold monitor room.

Circe let out a long, frigid laugh as she rammed her finger ever deeper within Wonder Woman's vagina. The helpless heroine released a cry of utter ecstasy as her body lurched in sexual slavery to the magic within her.

Suddenly, without warning, Circe jerked her hand away from Wonder Woman and let her drop to the floor. The amazing Amazon collapsed in a heap.

Pushing her long hair back, she looked up at Circe. She was free.

Nothing holding her, no magic bonds, no lasso. Slowly standing up on wobbly knees, Wonder Woman glared at Circe. The sorceress stood still, her evil smile twisting her face.

Wonder Woman balled up her fists in rage. She reared back a powerful fist.

Then, out of the corner of her eye, she saw a flicker of movement.

Glancing over, she saw Superman. Her hands slowly went limp as a wave of desire washed through her. Her blue eyes slid over his massive chest, the big S covering his muscular upper body. Licking her red lips, her eyes moved down across his rippled abdomen, past his belt, and finally rested on the huge bulge in his tights. Her rage ebbed as the passion filled her. With a cry of lascivious despair, the beauteous heroine launched herself at the Man of Steel. Her hands went to his belt and quickly tore it from him in a burst of strength. In a second, his red tights were around his knees.

"Great Hera..." the Amazon Princess murmured as Superman's huge sex bounded out from his red tights. Her knees gave way as she fell before his penis.

Reverently she took the huge shaft in both hands and guided it toward her full lips.

"Stop her, Superman!" Circe suddenly shouted. "Slap her away!" Instantly, Superman reached down and filled his hand with her dark, curly tresses and jerked her off his sex. Lifting her high in the air, he calmly watch Wonder Woman dangle, her hands holding onto his arm to relieve the pain. The heroine twisted in his grip like a black cat.

With a loud THWACK, the back of Superman's hand struck her left cheek, sending Wonder Woman hurtling back and plowing into the group of heroes.

The Amazon finally came to a stop, her legs, arms, and hair sticking out from the pile of heroes. Her face was buried in Green Arrow's crotch, with her other body parts in various places on the assorted heroes.

With a cry of lust, Wonder Woman grabbed Green Arrow's costume and slammed him to the floor. With a loud shredding sound, the material around his groin ripped from him under the hands of the lust-filled amazon. With blinding speed, the heroine pulled his sex out and began to run her hands over it, helping it grow even larger beneath her. "Oh Hera...dear Gods...oh yes..." she murmured hungrily to herself while her hands worked magic on the thick sex beneath her.

Lifting her lithe hips upwards, Wonder Woman positioned Green Arrow's rod under her. With a groan of desire, her hips slammed down as she impaled herself. The archer's cock punched deep inside her dripping sheath like one of his arrows into soft wood. Her athletic body arched backwards, her hands going to her breasts as she tweaked her own nipples. Her eyes closed, her mouth dangling open, a thin line of drool rolled out the side of her lips as she was overwhelmed by the sensation of the man within her.

"All of you! Take that Amazon slut!" Circe commanded.

Within seconds, Martian Manhunter filled his gigantic fist full of the superheroine's dark hair and jerked her head back. Using his other hand, the heroic alien pulled down her tights and stepped in front of the flailing, lust-filled woman.

With a groan awash with passion, Wonder Woman attacked the huge green penis before her. Her drooling lips quickly propelled her head deeply over his thick organ. Her lips stretched as far as they could around the enormous sex. Her hips slammed up and down Green Arrow's shaft while she fought to take the Manhunter as deeply as possible. Her throat bulged with the thick penis down her. She could feel every vein in his shaft.

Flexing his mighty muscles, the Manhunter jerked Wonder Woman's head forward. The trapped amazon let out a muffled squeal as her face slammed into his bald crotch. His rigid organ drilled down her throat, the knob visible by her larynx. Wonder Woman gyrated wildly, unable to breath.

Panic began to fill her, even as her passion grew. The sensation of the two shafts inside her sent a thrill through her luscious body that increased even though she couldn't breathe.

The Martian pulled her head back, but more gently this time., allowing the lustful Amazon to inhale quickly before his sex slipped back down her warm, wet throat. This time Wonder Woman sucked deeply on his manhood, while her amazing body slid on and off Green Arrow's shaft.

"Harder, damn you!" Circe screamed at the men. "Fuck her until she's dead!!" With that, the Manhunter jerked the Amazon Princess's head forward, again drilling his rod deep down her throat. She released a stifled squeal into his manhood. A hand pushed down on her back, and, in response, the Manhunter fell to his knees, pulling the helpless, horny amazon down with him.

Her long, dark hair fell over Green Arrow's face. He pushed it aside, then, revealed beneath her silky tresses, he saw her full, firm breasts.

Without hesitation, the emerald archer arched his body up and took in her right nipple in her mouth, his teeth immediately going to work on the morsel.

"Mmmnhhh..." Wonder Woman groaned into the Manhunter's penis as her arousal grew that much more. Her nipple became instantly rigid in Arrow's mouth.

Her hips continued to slide over his cock, her juices flowing down into his lap continuously. Green Arrow's hips arched up to meet her, ramming himself faster and faster inside the heroine.

Behind and above Wonder Woman, Batman pressed his boot into her back.

Slowly she lowered, her head following the Martian Manhunter's sex, her hips arching upwards as she continued to impale her aching sex on the hero beneath her. The Caped Crusader kept her pinned with his boot while he dropped the codpiece of his costume, releasing his trapped erection.

Kneeling down between her long legs, Batman took his sex in hand, and guided it toward Wonder Woman's pert anus.

"MMMNNHH!!" the heroine shrieked into the alien's sex as Batman slowly pushed inside her rear. Her cries echoed along the Martian Manhunter's sex, which sent thrills of pleasure slithering into his body. He held his rigid organ still and pulled and pushed Wonder Woman over him repeatedly, her dark hair splashing back and forth.

With a low growl, Batman punched his penis past the heroine's powerful buttocks. With his sex fully inserted, Batman begin grinding himself in and out of Wonder Woman, joining with the rhythm of the other two men.

The three men thrust and pulled on the trapped, impassioned superheroine with abandon, their sexes impaling her, driving Wonder Woman insane with lust and desire.

Wonder Woman's body turned a bright red, and she began to shudder uncontrollably. Every muscle, every sinew tightened. Her eyes clamped shut as her body got very still. The three men paused to watch the great heroine struggle against the impending orgasm that would demolish her.

"MMMMMNHHHHHHH!!!" Wonder Woman wailed helplessly as the pleasure exploded within her as if a grenade made of pure sensation had just detonated in her brain. In reaction to the incredible vision of Wonder Woman's gyrations, the Manhunter slammed her face into his crotch with a loud groan.

Suddenly Wonder Woman felt sharp, stinging pains deep in her throat as the alien hero's sperm fired into her. Green Arrow kneaded her full breasts violently, adding to the pain as his own cum launched inside the Amazon heroine. Her face twisted in a mixture of pain and pleasure, Wonder Woman thrust and flopped wildly between the three heroes.

Manhunter held her head in place with his powerful hands, holding his penis absolutely still as the Amazon Princess gyrated around it, sending more sensations of pleasure rippling through his massive body.

Eyes ablaze at the sight of the luscious heroine beneath him in the throes of agonizing pleasure, Batman rammed his own sex as deep as he possibly could up Wonder Woman tight anus, and let out a low groan of release as his cum fired inside her also. His gauntleted hands gripped her shapely hips roughly and pulled her up onto him, as Green Arrow pulled her down by her breasts, while the Manhunter held her head high to his own hips.

As small part of Wonder Woman's mind shrieked at her to fight, to even kill these men that were molesting her, but mostly her mind reveled in the sensation of the three organs penetrating her inner being. As the three heroes came and fired there semen into her, she exploded again with mind-shattering pleasure, letting out muffled cries of passion into the Martian's sex. With the Circe's magic having twisted her mental processes, Wonder Woman felt like nothing more than a common slave to these costume gods-on-earth, and wanted nothing more than to please them.

As the three heroes finished dropping their respective loads inside the lovely, sweat-stained Amazon, the Martian Manhunter jerked her off his sex, and pulled her high in the air, held aloft by the two hands on her head. Wonder Woman squirmed and twisted her legs around, her thighs coated with her sexual juices, cum, and sweat. Her hands reached out toward the Manhunter with supplication as she dangled in midair, impassioned moans slipping from her wet lips.

With a toss, the Martian hero tosses the lascivious Amazon toward the feet of Green Lantern. Coming to a stop after rolling across the slick floor, Wonder Woman looked up just in time to see a huge emerald hand grip her hair and jerk her off her feet. Her boots dangled inches off the floor, as her body hung in the air by her sweaty locks. Still full of desire, the wanton heroine reached out blindly toward the emerald clad hero lustfully.

"Now we'll finish what I started earlier," Lantern growled.

Putting his hand to the insides of her thighs, he pulls her long, tanned, muscular legs apart. Wonder Woman's boots reached out to him, pulling Lantern closer to her by hooking her heels around his waist.

Lantern, without any resistance, allowed her to pull him, and, taking his organ in hand, slipped it just inside Wonder Woman's drenched sheath. Wrapping his hands around her taut hips, he jerked her down over him.

"Ohhhhyyeessss!!" the Amazon Princess yelled she was filled again.

The energy hand in her hair dissipated, as Lantern held her in the air, impaled on his rigid sex. As he pulled her onto him, her head rested on his shoulder. Before her was a huge red 'S'. Looking up, she saw Superman. Just beside him, with a hand on his massive shoulders and one on his bicep, stood Circe.

"Oh Gods Circe! Give me Superman!!!" she begged the sorceress, her hands reaching toward the Man of Steel.

Circe laughed mockingly. "Oh yes, I am quite sure you would like this male the most. The perfect specimen, isn't he?" Her hands ran over Superman's massive, powerful chest and across his rippled abdomen.

"Please Circe!!" cried the Amazon Princess.

Circe only laughed evilly. "Oh no, my little amazon slut, I have someone much better for him," she answered as her hand ran over Superman's belt and past his bulging crotch. "Lie down, Superman," she commanded him.

"NOOOO!! Please!!" Wonder Woman cried out as Superman laid down on his back.

Circe laughed once more at the passion-filled heroine, then looked past her. "You, Aquaman, fill up her ass while I fuck her dream man here." Almost immediately Wonder Woman felt the knobby head of Aquaman's penis touching her damp anus. "Circe! Please, give him to MMMEEEEIIIIEEE!!" she screamed as Aquaman's hand gripped her lithe waist and rammed his cock straight up into her ass.

"Pull down your pants, Superman," Circe commanded the Kryptonian, oblivious to Wonder Woman's cry of pain. Obediently, Superman pulled down his red and blue pants to reveal his enormously rigid manhood, which bound out, held down only by his indestructible pants.

A smile spread across Circe's face at the sight of the Penis of Steel.

Her hands began to untie the straps to her gown. "This will be a pleasure I have not had in eons." Wonder Woman tried to say something, but only let out a wailing moan as the two heroes pounded inside her flailing body mercilessly. She could feel another orgasm building inside her thrashing, sweat covered body.

"Ahh...Gods...no...Suu...ahhhhhHHNNN!!!" she screamed as the two rods in her sent her over the edge. Her head flew back, sending her long, dark, wet tresses into Aquaman's face, her breasts pointing skyward. She flopped and gyrated wildly as her cum gushed from her taken body. As if she were only a inflated doll, the two men continued to hammer her ass and vagina.

When Wonder Woman's passion slowed down enough for her to open her eyes, she saw Circe atop Superman, her hips slowly gliding up and down his amazing penis. "Noo..." she murmured exhaustedly, her head drooping to Lantern's shoulder weakly, bounding with each thrust under her hips from the two men.

Circe had a evil smile on her face as she saw the dazed and raped Wonder Woman watch her make love to Superman. "Yes, Princess, enjoy the sight, for this will be the last thing you see," she laughed. "Now, all these men are going to rape you until you die. Either your heart will stop, your mind will collapse, or they will tear your body apart. Either way, you will be fucked to death!!" Circe rode Superman slowly, letting his cock sink deep within her sloppy sex, but only getting half of it within her. "All of you!" she shouted at the other heroes. "Rape Wonder Woman! Do not stop until she is DEAD!!" With that, the other heroes went toward the double penetrated heroine. A small part of her mind tried to fight the impulse to pleasure them, but it was quickly suffocated by the lust that inundated her spirit. Her hands reached out for them, her left hand surrounding Flash's sex, and other hand caressing Elongated Man's. The four heroes and one heroine surged upwards as another orgasm nearly drove the superheroine unconscious. Her breaths came raggedly into her gasping breast as yet another orgasm hammered her down.

"Yessss...my dream come true. Wonder Woman dead, and an incredible orgasm," Circe rejoiced as she felt her own passion rising. She could feel Superman close to ejaculating his otherworldly seed within her.

Suddenly Circe's eyes widen in pain as Superman's precum shot inside her.

"Oh no.." she muttered as Superman lifted her up into the air as his orgasm overcame him.

"AIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!" Circe screamed as Superman's cum fired into her vagina and out her back, and on up through the ceiling of the room. Over and over the same thing happened, riddling Circe with holes as Superman's sperm drove through her body, the ceiling, the bulkhead, and into space.

As Circe collapsed bloodily to Superman's chest, the lifelight in her eyes dimmed. The heroes began to shake their heads, almost instantly pulling out of and away from Wonder Woman. Her feet fell out from under her and she collapsed weakly to the floor. Around her stood the heroes, mentally freed from the control of the now-dead sorceress.

"Are you sure about this Diana?" Superman asked.

Wonder Woman nodded. "Yes, Kal. Look," she said, holding up her hand.

Her fingers trembled. "Circe may be dead, but her spell is still trying to control me. Part of me wants to attack you and make you love me, but you know I cannot do that. Giving in would destroy me." Superman started to put his hand on her shoulder, but stopped himself.

"Yes Diana. I know. And, you know how horrible everyone feels about..." Wonder Woman raised a finger and put it to Superman's lips. "Yes Kal, I know." A silence fell over the two as they both looked down. Superman kicked at the rocks at his feet absently. "So...when will you return?" Wonder Woman looked up at him. "When I no longer feel this...compulsion." Superman started to say something, but only nodded. "Goodbye Diana." Wonder Woman looked longingly at the Man of Steel. "Goodbye Kal." With a last glance at Superman, Wonder Woman headed out to sea, back to her island home.