Wonder Woman: REVENGE  

By Apolo Sputnik

WRITER: apolo_sputnik

CONTACT: apolo_sputnik@yahoo.com





It is an honor for another chance to write for the legendary Wizard's Lair. Thanks for looking at my Wonder Woman story and considering it as a contest hopeful.

This story is a continuation of the 1970's Lynda Carter Wonder Woman TV show. It takes place during Wonder Woman's third tour of duty as the Amazon Ambassador to Man's world. It takes place 50 years after the third season (the last season) of Wonder Woman aired. That was all the back-story you'll need. I try to explain the rest as you read along. It is part of a bigger overall story, but this is still a self-standing story, with a beginning, middle and an end.

This is an adult story. It is crude, rude and should not be read by anyone. Still here? With that warning said, please take your shoes off, and relax.




Kenichi knew she was now in the building. His archrival. His enemy. The Amazon Ambassador to man's world. The one they call Wonder Woman.

Today, Kenichi would finally destroy her.

Today, he would have his revenge.

He did not intend to end her physically. His thirst for revenge went beyond hate. He wanted to own her. Make her his slave for what she did to him.

He had been freed for several years now. Instead of living his life, he spent his time studying this Amazon adversary. In his quest for knowledge, he stumbled across a dealer on the black market selling files.

The Nazi files dated all the way back to the Second World War. In those files were elements of a transcript taken when Wonder Woman's sister, Drucilla, aka Wonder Girl, was taken and interrogated as a Nazi prisoner.

Drucilla confessed to the Nazi's, in her unconscious drugged slumber, that an Amazon Princess had the means to give herself to one man. The Amazon would have to transform into something called the "Amazon Bridal Attire." And if, the ritual was performed correctly, the Amazon would have her powers permanently erased. And, best of all, the Amazon would be bound to that one man for the rest of her existence. In short, it would be the end of Wonder Woman!

Sadly, most of the Nazi transcripts were lost. He did not possess any more information on the subject. He needed to unlock the secret of the Amazon Bridal Attire if he was going to have his revenge.

He needed to capture Wonder Woman. Interrogate her. Unlock the secret of the Amazon Bridal Attire. Then make her perform the ceremony with him. It was a crazy plan. But decades in jail allocated him the time he needed to devise such a plan.

And now, after years of planning, she was here. He finally lured her into his trap! His moment of his revenge was finally at hand.

Of course, Wonder Woman was unsuspecting of his trap. And why would it be otherwise? He had been meticulous in every step of this operation. She was not suspecting anything. She would be assuming he was just a common thief. By time she realized otherwise, it would be too late for her.

He watched in eager anticipation, staring down the hallway where she was trying to sneak up on him and his men. He smiled as he watched her. She obviously had no idea she was being watched, as she tried to stealth her way into the heart of the warehouse. Sneaking in the shadows. Careful not to make any sound. Arrogant as ever.

Kenichi had four men working with him. Men he met while he was in jail. Men who also held a similar grudge against the heroine. They embraced his plan. They pledged themselves to him, just for the chance to make the heroine pay for not only foiling whatever plans she thwarted, but also for getting them all locked away.

His heart raced in anticipation as she came closer. She was so close now. It would only be a matter of time before he would be able to taste her tears as he defeated her.

She was upon them. The shadow of her curvy womanly figure emerged from the darkness into the light. She was alone. She was so confident in her ability to apprehend him. No back up. No reinforcements. No one to come looking for her while she fell into his trap.

Kenichi was already up facing her as she showed herself. He could tell that she still had no idea that this was all a set up. And that made him smile. His four goons got to their feet at her arrival.

She just stood there, staring at her opponents with no fear in her tone or body language. Hands on her curvy hips. Her black hair radiant. Her skintight patriotic Wonder Woman costume glistening like a star under the bright warehouse lights. She was a star that was about to become extinguished.

"Do you boys want to take a trip with me to the station?" She said with a smile.

"How did you find me?" Kenichi barked, trying to hide his sarcasm.

"You aren't as smart as you think you are," Wonder Woman boldly pronounced, placing her hands on her hips. "It was very easy for me to find you with all the breadcrumbs you left at your crime scenes. Now, are you going to come quietly? Or do I have to get tough?"

Kenichi did not want her hurt. But for his plan to work, he had to know something. His entire plan was based on a theory behind those bracelets. The bracelets had to be tested. If his theory was incorrect, this would be his only chance to escape. "Shoot her." He ordered.

Wonder Woman got into a defensive stance. Two of his four guards removed guns from their holsters and fired upon the Amazon. She raised her arms up, and each bullet bounced off her bracelets as if the ammunition were a wad of paper.

Kenichi smiled. Excellent. He pointed towards the Amazon. "Finish her!"

His four guards ran towards her.

The heroine arrogantly sighed. "I thought so."

The four guards stopped in front of her. "All we have to do is remove your belt, and you're going down."

The heroine tried to hide her shock of their knowledge of the golden metal belt she wore around her waist. It was the source of her power away from her home on Paradise Island. How did they know? It didn't matter. If only they kept their mouths shut, they may have caught her off guard and succeed in de-powering her. But now that she was aware of their tactic, she would never let them get close to her belt. Silly boys.

The first guard grabbed her wrists. Wonder Woman broke his hold of her, and tossed him like a rubber ball against the wall. The second one tried to do the same, with the exact result. And the third guard too. Don't these silly boys ever learn?

That's when it happened. The last of Kenichi's guard managed to sneak up behind her. Instead of reaching for her belt, he fell to his knees and grabbed her by her ankles with authority. Shocked, the heroine simply whipped to her side, breaking free of his hold, and giving the goon a spin kick to the top of his head, knocking him out cold.

She looked down at him, as he lay unconscious before her. She didn't mean to kick him so hard. He just…startled her! She could see he was breathing, and that he was going to be okay.

The first goon distracted her by showing himself to her. It was enough of a distraction for the second goon to come up behind her, and grab the belt that was around her petite waist. With a tear of Velcro, he whipped the belt off her, de-powering the Amazon. She gasped.

"OH NO!" She cried out. A wave of fear and frustration at herself for letting her guard down swept over her at once.

The third brut attacked her from behind, seizing her under her arms, and locking his hands behind her neck! He had her in a full nelson! She struggled to break free.

"UHHHH!" She cried out. He was just too big and powerful. Without her belt on, she was powerless against him!

"Let…go…of me!" She demanded.

The first goon showed her a long syringe. She gasped at how long the needle was. "This formula was made just for you, Wonder Woman. I imagine it will be even more effective on you now that you are without those super powers."

Wonder Woman struggled to break free. But the brut was just too strong. He was getting annoyed with her flailing, so he lifted her up a foot off the ground. Without her feet on the ground, she had lost any leverage she had, and was easier for him to detain.

It didn't take her long to realize how pointless her struggling was. She quit moving around. The goon approached her.

"Now. That's better. This won't hurt Wondie…not too much!"

He got within striking distance, and reached out to jab the needle into her. She kicked up as hard as she could, knocking the needle out of his hand. Her second kick caught him right in the throat. Even without her super powers, she kicked him hard enough that she forced the air from his lungs, and he was instantly out cold. His limp body slammed into the floor below.

The brut carried Wonder Woman over to the wall, where he slammed her against it as hard as he could, pinning her.

She let out a cry.


She was now sandwiched in between the 360 pound man, and the wall he was smashing her against. She was completely unable to move. The only other goon still conscious ran to the pinned heroine.

"You're going to pay for that. Keep her legs pinned against the wall. But arch your back, and pull her back with you." The second goon ordered. The restrainer obeyed. He pulled her back, while he pressed his weight against her legs, pressing her legs harder against the wall.

The goon reached over, and grabbed a handful of her tit. Her arms struggled to slap his groaping hands away, but she was too well restrained, and could not reach her assailant.

Before she knew it, he had lowered the satin red and gold fabric that housed her breasts, exposing her naked tit. She struggled to break free, but the lower half of her body was still smashed against the wall. And her arms could not reach him.

"Don't touch me!" She cried out.

"What? No one has done this to you before?" He started to fondle her nipples, until they perked up and hardened. She fought against his unwanted touch, but she could not fight off his attack.

"NOOOOOOOO!" She cried out.

"No one has done this. But they all wanted to." He continued to fondle her. Her white skin jiggling with his aggressive touch. Both hands then attacked her breast, groping, stroking, squeezing her. Her beautiful face grimaced with disgust against his molesting hands.

"Please! Please stop!" She begged. She wanted to break free. Deal with these vile men. But without her powers, she was totally helpless!

"Too easy!" Kenichi barked from high up on his tower. He had watched the entire battle. "Strip her."

The man let go of her breast, and had reached behind her trying to undo the zipper to her red bustier! Her heart sank, and she felt like crying for the first time in her life. She was an Amazon warrior Princess! How could this be happening to her?

She heard the zipper being undone, and the confinement of her tight satin top had suddenly gotten free from her body. She gasped again as she felt the red satin slip down her body.

Her attacker glared deep into her eyes. He was full of lust. She didn't like the look he was giving her. If she didn't get out of this situation soon-this man may intend to take advantage of her!

She could no longer look into his lustful eyes, as it started a chain reaction of fear inside her. She looked at the ground, and fought to break free from the beast of a man that held her so firmly.

It was then that she noticed her attacker had her magic belt hanging out of his pocket! Her heart pounded rapidly. It was her chance to escape! All she had to do was touch the belt, and she could get out of this…

Her tits were now fully exposed. Her attacker was completely enthralled with them. It was the distraction she was waiting for. She turned her body towards him, showing her breasts to the glaring man. Her red top fell to the floor.

Wonder Woman wanted to cry. No one had ever done this to her before! She was so embarrassed! And so angry. She had never been topless before, nor has any man ever seen her naked breasts before! It was difficult to endure her feelings, but she had to. She had to play this man. She had to use his lust for her to lure him closer.

"Do you like what you see?" She asked.

He could only stare. He leaned over to her, and cupped a breast with each hand. She felt his hot breath on her neck. It made her want to puke.

Just a little closer…

She lured him in closer, by sitting still, and letting him have his way with her. She knew he wouldn't be able to think straight. And that's when she would break free!

He continued to molest her. She fought all the built up foulness pent up inside her. She wanted to scream in disgust with each pinch. She just took it. She needed him to be distracted.

And now, he was close enough for her to reach her belt…

Her hands lunged. She grabbed hold of the belt, and instantly felt a surge of power flow through her body. Before her molester realized what happened, she was able to get a leg free, and she brought up her knee into his crotch with such force, that the man screamed in pain, and passed out before he even hit the ground.

It wasn't a normal scream. There was something inhuman about it…

She didn't have time to think. The big man behind her was already trying to get her belt away from her. He was strong. Incredibly strong! But he was no match for Wonder Woman now that she had her powers back.

"LET…GO…OF ME…YOU…ANIMAL!" She demanded.

She finally managed to brake free of his grasp. They spun to face each other. Wonder Woman put her belt around her waist. She was topless, and it was as much of a distraction to her as it was her attacker.

He lunged out, and grabbed her in a firm bear hug. The two jerked across the room, each trying to get the upper hand of the other. Wonder Woman's naked breasts were pressing into the man's stomach, and she could feel the bulge stiffen in his pants.

He then head butted her. He smacked her with so much force, that it twisted her tiara around. He did it again. And again. He realized on the third time, that he not only knocked her tiara off, but he knocked her so hard that she was incoherent.

He let go of her, and she fell to the floor. He cradled her, and sat on her belly. The weight of the massive man nearly crushed the frail princess, as she gasped for air.
He reached under himself, and got a good grip on her belt.

If he was any faster, he would have de-powered her again. But her hands shot out and held on to her belt with dear life.

"NOOOOO!" She shouted, still seeing stars.

It took so much effort for her to concentrate. Even with her super powers, she was still vulnerable. And this man hit her head so hard, the world was still blurry to her. Everything was spinning out of control. But she could not let this goon beat her. It wouldn't be long before the others awoke, and they would over power her in this state.

During their struggle, the topless woman's breast shook up and down like a plate of Jell-o. He reached over and grabbed a nipple with his free hand. The heroine shouted out in pain.

Amazon magic could be tainted if she allowed a man to touch her. Now that her belt was on her waist, her magic powers were in dire peril if this man continued to touch her womanly areas. They were sacred. Forbidden. The Princess' Virtue was the key to the magic that gave her super powers.

She was losing this battle. The longer he touched her breasts with her belt on, the more of her powers would dissipate. She was nearly knocked out cold by this man, and was still fighting consciousness. Her powers were fading. If she didn't do something fast, it was all over for her!

"Let go of your belt, or I will see if your nipples are elastic!"

"AHHHHHHGGRRRRRRRAAAAA!" She cried out in pain as he upheld his threats.

In a moment of determination, she kicked her leg up as high as it would go. She was super flexible, and was able to dig the tip of her pointy boot into the back of the man's skull.

She got it on the first try.

He was knocked silly, and the heavy man fell on top of her. Even with her powers, it took her several minutes to get out from under his massive weight.

She was dizzy, but feeling better. There was only one left to go. The boss, Kenichi. Without his goons, he should be easy to take down.

She got to her feet. She put her red top back on, zipping it up all the way. She then picked her tiara back up, and placed it over her bruised forehead. Amazons healed quickly. She knew the pain would be gone soon.

She looked at the four goons knocked cold around her. She managed to defeat four men! FOUR! Men who knew one of her weaknesses-and they were still unable to defeat her, the Amazon Princess.

She paused a moment, walking over one of the men. She noticed all four guards were carrying the same metal rings. What in Hera were those for? It didn't matter. Her job here was nearly complete.

Four goons down. Now, there was only Kenichi. She spun around to face him.

He held a device of some sort in his hand. It was a remote control of some kind. Wonder Woman ignored it, more pressing matters on her mind.

He clapped. "Good show. Nice breasts, by the way."

"How did your men know about my belt?" She demanded.

Kenichi just laughed.

Wonder Woman shrugged. "It doesn't matter. You're going to jail for your crimes. You can come peacefully, or end up like your goons." She started walking towards Kenichi, when he pointed the remote at her. "It's about time you found me. I've been leaving those breadcrumbs for you to follow for months. Now that you are here, my time for revenge has come at last." He pushed one of the buttons on the remote.

A humming sound erupted behind her somewhere.

At first nothing happened. Wonder Woman rolled her eyes, and put her hands on her hips. She was about to make another snide comment, when she felt as if she was sliding backwards. Whatever device Kenichi had turned on, was slowly dragging her away from Kenichi.

In seconds, the unknown powerful force had seized her, and was powerfully sucking her into its grasp. Her boots scuffed as they fought to get a grip on the floor, as she was dragged back thirty feet or more. She noticed the same powerful force tugging at her belt. It even tugged at her Tiara and bracelets. A look of confusion crossed her bewildered face. She tried to walk forewords against the force that seized her. It took every ounce of her super powers to stand against the powerful suction. She managed to take several steps towards Kenichi, despite the power of whatever vacuum was trying to suck her away from him.

The rings the guards were carrying were ripped from their unconscious bodies, as were the guns in their holsters. Like dirt on a floor being sucked by a vacuum cleaner, the rings and guns flew past Wonder Woman. In trying to evade them, she noticed she had two of the same rings around her ankles. The one guard grabbed her ankles! He must have slipped them on her! What were they? What was happening to her?

Kenichi aimed the remote one final time. He pressed a button, and the force dragging the heroine intensified tenfold. In an instant, she was lifted off the ground, and was flying blindly at 30 miles an hour. She noticed she was being dragged towards a wall behind her. She tried to brace for impact. Her legs spread wide, her arms apart, trying to brace herself until-


Her body slammed violently against a flat wall and she screamed out in pain.


The force of the impact slammed the back of her head into the wall, and it nearly knocked her senseless. Her Tiara was ripped from her forehead. Something was smashing her breasts, and her tummy. And then she realized her arms and legs-which were spread out wide before her, were pinned too. Stuck against the wall.

Was it a giant piece of human flypaper? What evil trap held her so?

She tried to pull away, but she could not move. Whatever this device was, its power was even greater than her own! She could not move, as if some invisible glue bound her to this wall. She was restrained her against her will, held by her wrists, her waist, her ankles, her chest and even her crotch.

She looked next to her and noticed the metal rings and guns that belonged to the goons. They were suspended to the wall all around her. She looked down at her ankles. She had the same rings around each ankle. What the hell?

The Golden Eagle on her chest seemed to have a mind of it's own, coiling around her 36CC breasts, and squeezing them like a python would a mouse. As if the gold eagle wanted to push it's way through her flesh, to get to the wall behind her. In the process it was crushing her bosoms. Her chest was on fire, in a world of pain that she never felt before in her life.

She cried out in pain, "AHHHHHHA!"

If her breasts weren't so firm, if she was not a powerful Amazon Princess, she knew her mammary glands would have been completely crushed and destroyed. But her scream was muffled, as air was being forced from her chest, leaving her practically breathless. It was the belt around her petite waist. It was squeezing so tightly against her stomach, that it was nearly suffocating her. What the hell just happened to her?

Kenichi slowly approached her. He was applauding.

With a nasty grunt, she struggled to break free. It was no use. Her arms and legs were not moving. She was slowly being suffocated and her perky breasts were smashed. Even her crotch felt as if it was going to explode from the force.

But the force of what? What bound her helpless against this wall?

"You noticed the rings we put around your ankles." Kenichi watched her powerful muscles flex as she renewed her valiant efforts to break free.

He smiled. "You can't break the rings my goons installed on you, just as you can't break Feminine."

Feminine? How did this man know about her belt being the key to her strength? And how did he know about Feminine-the metal Amazons mined-indigenous to Paradise Island, the metal used to make her bulletproof bracelets?

He liked the look of shock on her face. He liked that she tried to hide her fear of how much he knew about her.

"With the addition of your metal ankle cuffs, and thanks to your Amazon bracelets, you have metal on every one of your appendages. Behind you, the worlds' most powerful magnet. It's on 5% strength. The magnet is powerful enough to crush the metal you are wearing…with you still in it. Lucky for you, I don't want to kill you."

Wonder Woman's jaw dropped in astonishment. All it took to defeat her was a magnet? It made complete sense. It was an obvious solution to control her. She snarled in rage at being defeated so easily.

"You wanted to get caught. That's why you let me find you."

"I wanted to get caught? No, Wonder Woman. The only thing I wanted to catch was you. You were my intended target all along."

"How do you know so much about me?"

"Oh, we've met before, Wonder Woman. Before I get into that, let me say getting information to defeat you is easy. Anything can be found on the black market. Including a detailed book of the secrets of Wonder Woman. A book that originated during your first tour of duty to Man's World. A book the Nazi's call, Operation Fraulein."

Wonder Woman's eyes widened in remembrance of her various torments in Nazi hands. They kept records of it? And those records still exist? How?

"Seems the Nazi's biggest discovery was your ultimate weakness. Your virtue." Kenichi reached down between her legs. His fingers rubbed her crotch through her skintight star spangled satin shorts. She grimaced as he felt him violate her womanhood. In seconds, her belt began to glow blue. Her body grew weaker with each touch. Her body struggled against her restraints to break free.

"STOP! STOP!" She demanded.

Kenichi ignored her cries and continued with his assault. He felt her body temperature rise. He saw her body convulse in a futile effort to escape. But above all, he saw her suffer. With each violating touch, she grew weaker and weaker.

He reached out with his free hand to stroke her thick black, flowing hair.

"Uhhhghhh…uhhhhh….who….uhhhhh…who are…uhhh….you?"

Kenichi smiled evilly at her.

"Who I am is irrelevant, Wonder Woman. You should be more concerned with my objective."

He stopped his molesting, and walked away. The moment he stopped is sexual assault; she felt her Amazon powers slowly return, just as they were slowly drained. He smiled as he noticed her tiny, panicked breaths. Her belt, her own source of power was slowly suffocating the struggling, helpless Amazon.

The irony was more than he could bear. She was only alive because of her powers. And yet, it was because of her powers that her red, white and blue Amazon uniform was slowly destroying the heroine. He loved to watch her struggle against her own inevitable defeat. Of course, he wasn't going to kill her. He had plans for her.

"You still don't know who I am?"

Her brain was starting to shut down. All she could think about her belt slowly crushing her, trying to reach the magnet between her and her belt. There was her breasts. The golden wings of the eagle on her chest were ringing out her bosoms like a sponge.

"N…n…n…n-" she started.

"I'll take that as a no." He finished.


"Why am I doing this? To enslave Wonder Woman. Make her feel how it's like to be a prisoner for the rest of your life!"


"I am the outlaw with no name. The man who could take any form he pleases."

In an instant, Kenichi turned into a cat. Then a mouse. Then he turned into Wonder Woman. And finally, he turned into the man she once thought was Cameron Michaels. Finally, he turned into his barbaric cavemen form. Wonder Woman's eyes widened in terror. *

*(Wonder Woman Season 3: The Boy Who Knew Her Secret)

"I defeated you! You were sent to jail for your crimes!"

"YOU were responsible for sending me to prison. For over 50 of your Earth years. But there was a rebellion in the galactic government. Even your beloved Andros* was powerless to stop this new shift of power. The leaders of the new government saw me as a hero-not an outlaw, and set me free."

She gasped in terror. She knew what this meant. The Skrill were also free. And they won their war to overthrow the galactic government!

"I can see it in your eyes. You know Andros is now taking my place on that dreaded prison planet. You know the galaxy is now under Skrill rule. My goons? Skrill. I met them while I was in prison. Once I was freed, they agreed to help me enslave Wonder Woman."

*(Wonder Woman: Season 2: Mind Stealers From Outer Space)

Wonder Woman's jaw dropped. How could this have come to pass?

"Oh, we've met before, Wonder Woman. Before I get into that, let me say getting information to defeat you is easy. Anything can be found on the black market. Including a detailed book of the secrets of Wonder Woman. A book that originated during your first tour of duty to Man's World. A book the Nazi's call, Operation Fraulein. How many tour of duties has Wonder Woman been the Amazon ambassador to man's world?"


"Three? It will be your last."

Wonder Woman shivered in remembrance of her various torments in Nazi hands.

"Seems the Nazi's biggest discovery was your ultimate weakness. Your virtue." Kenichi reached down between her legs. His fingers rubbed her crotch through her skin tight satin shorts. She grimaced as he felt him violate her womanhood. In seconds, her belt began to glow blue. Her body grew weaker with each touch. Her body struggled against her restraints to break free.

"STOP! STOP!" She demanded.

Kenichi ignored her cries and continued with his assault. He felt her body temperature rise. He saw her body convulse in a futile effort to escape. But above all, he saw her suffer. With each violating touch, she grew weaker and weaker. It took more effort for her to keep her concentrating on her neck to keep neck from breaking, as the metal Tiara she wore across her forehead tried against her will to beckon to the call of the magnet behind her. The sight of her moments away from her own death was very…stimulating.

He reached out with his free hand to stroke her thick black, flowing hair.

"Uhhhghhh…uhhhhh….who….uhhhhh…who are…uhhh….you?"

Kenichi smiled evilly at her.

"You should be more concerned with my objective, Wonder Woman."

He stopped his molesting, and walked away. The moment he stopped is sexual assault; she felt her Amazon powers slowly return, just as they were slowly drained.

Again, she fought to break free from the magnets. She looked over at her arms, her hands clenched in a fist. Her biceps pulling away from the magnetic wall with all her might. She arched her back and used her ass as leverage to push her tummy away from the wall. Sweat dripped from her forehead.

He noticed how the gold wings spread gallantly across the heroine's breasts were bent like fingers, crunching her breasts like hands squeezing water from a sponge. Her breasts were literally being pulled away from her body trying to reach the magnetic wall behind her.

Below that, her gold belt of power was collapsing against her tiny tummy, constricting as it bent inward, trying to force it's way through the tiny wall of flesh between itself and the magnet. He smiled as he noticed her tiny, panicked breaths. Her belt, her own source of power was slowly suffocating the struggling, helpless Amazon.

The irony was more than he could bear. She was only alive because of her powers. And yet, it was because of her powers that her red, white and blue Amazon uniform was slowly destroying the heroine. He loved to watch her struggle against her own inevitable defeat. Of course, he wasn't going to kill her. He had plans for her.

"You still don't know who I am?"

"N…n…n…n-" she started.

"I'll take that as a no." He finished.

"Why are you doing this?"

"I am the outlaw with no name. The man who could take any form he pleases."

In an instant, Kenichi turned into a cat. Then a mouse. Then he turned into Wonder Woman. And finally, he turned into the man she once thought was Cameron Michaels. Finally, he turned into his barbaric cavemen form. Wonder Woman's eyes widened in terror. *

*(Wonder Woman Season 3: The Boy Who Knew Her Secret)

"I defeated you! You were sent to jail for your crimes!"

"YOU were responsible for sending me there. For over 50 of your Earth years. But there was a rebellion in the galactic government. Even your beloved Andros* was powerless to stop this new shift of power. The leaders of the new government saw me as a hero-not an outlaw, and set me free."

She gasped in terror. She knew what this meant. The Skrill were also free. And they won their war to overthrow the galactic government!

"I can see it in your eyes. You know Andros is now taking my place on that dreaded prison planet."

*(Wonder Woman: Season 2: Mind Stealers From Outer Space)

Wonder Woman's jaw dropped. How could this have come to pass?

"I am here to enslave you Wonder Woman. Tell me, what is Amazon Bridal Attire?"

Wonder Woman never looked more terrified in all her life. She could not disguise it this time. He fed off her fear like it was the best meal he ever ate. She would never tell him about the Amazon Bridal Attire.

The alien rubbed his fingers over the golden metal belt that was slowly collapsing inwards on the heroine's stomach.

"So hard to imagine that this stupid belt is the source to your Amazon Powers. Your inhumane strength. The only reason why you defeated me so easily. The Nazi's had the best detailed files on you and your sister, Wonder Woman. They actually discovered your belt works like a magnet. Much like the one holding you prisoner right now. You are powerless without your belt. The Nazi's concluded that your home, Paradise Island, emits an positive flux energy, and your belt is a negative conductor that attracts that energy, allowing you to use your powers away from Paradise Island-as long as the belt is in your possession. I knew if I were to face you again, I wanted to do so on an even playing field. To face you without the use of your Amazon powers. I am going to enslave you. But, before we get to that, there is the issue of permanently destroying your ability to use your Amazon Powers. To insure you cannot escape. And to crush your spirit."

Her anger at what he knew-how he was now judging her-and her people, gave her new strength. "I am an Amazon Pr…P… Princess. The history of my…my people is the true source of my power."

"Whatever. I could just remove this silly belt from you. But I found a way to permanently remove your powers."

Cameron showed the Princess a small metal object, the size of a penny. "I had alien scientists create this device. It will slowly de-magnetize your belt, rendering it unable to attract the energy from Paradise Island, leaving your utterly powerless." He placed the penny like object onto her belt. She tried to move away from the device. Her body slithered like a snake, but the magnets held her in her place. Her attempt to escape was futile.

It stuck to the belt as if it were glue. "The trouble is this device takes time to demagnetize. How could I keep you at bay long enough to render your belt worthless? The solution was an ironic one." He smiled, tapping on the large magnet behind the struggling princess.

Wonder Woman looked down at her belt, knowing the device was on her. She could feel it slowly draining her powers, as one can slowly feel the drowsiness ensue after a long day. It would take hours for it to drain ALL her powers. But it was working. She could already feel it!

"All you have to do is reach down and take it off, Wonder Woman." Cameron laughed looking at her bulletproof bracelets that pinned her arms spread above her head.

"You are…st…sti…still a coward!" She proclaimed.

Cameron punched her in the belly as hard as he could. She cried out in pain.

"The only thing keeping you from being crushed right now is your Amazon powers. Once you lose them, the magnet will crush you."

"Cheating is…is the…the only way you'll…ever defeat me!" She proclaimed. "You would never win in an honest fight!"

"Honest fight? You, who uses Amazon Magic to increase her stamina fifty fold accuses me of cheating? I lost decades of my life rotting in an alien jail on a shit hole planet because of you, bitch! All because you are the one who cheated! Sticking her nose into someone else's affairs!"

He reached out in anger, and started to strangle her. She coughed franticly as his fingers dug into her throat, slowly squeezing the air from her lungs. "I could kill you now. But I want you to suffer, bitch." He continued to squeeze, until she started turning blue.

Her body thrashed to break free, but the magnets held her too well.

"Uhhh!" she muttered in pain.

He then let go, laughing. She struggled to catch her breath, feeling her powers slowly fade.

The alien caveman walked to the needle that was nearly injected into her earlier. He returned to the helpless heroine, showing her the needle.

"This is the Alien Mind Control Toxin which almost made Diana Prince forget that she was Wonder Woman. Remember this?" Cameron Michaels asked, with his arrogant grin.

The caveman injected the heroine with the needle. She struggled the entire while trying to resist, but she was too helpless to even budge from her situation. Fear was starting to take its toll on the Amazon, and her eyes widened in terror at the thought of what was being injected into her.

He grabbed her by her hair, and shifted her head, forcing her to look deep into his eyes. "What is Amazon Bridal Attire?"

"Never…I will never tell you…mind control is ineffective against an Amazon."

"Silly bitch. I know your Tiara protects your mind from magic, or narcotic invasion. But the magnet ripped it off your head. The alien mind control drug will invade your consciousness. Without your Tiara, you will feel the assault of the hypnotic drug I injected into your body."

He could tell by the look in her eyes that his plan would work. She tried to hide it from him, but he saw past her bold defenses. He knew she was in dire fear for her life. He soaked it in. Her defeat gave him energy. It was all he thought about in prison. It gave his life meaning. These moments of seeing her helpless, tasting her fear, having her know it was he who was going to enslave her, gave him the most refreshing moment of his entire life.

"NOOOOOOOOO!" Wonder Woman cried out.

The serum was starting to take effect on her. She could not resist the power of the serum.

He could have used her lasso to achieve the same effect, but the magnet had glued it to the wall and it was not coming down until the magnet was turned off. That was not going to happen until the heroine was de-powered, which defeated the purpose. Besides, this was about her pain. Watching her struggle.

"Ahhhha!" She cried out again. Her brain exploded in pain. It was so overwhelming, that it even made her forget about her breasts that were being smashed, her crotch being crushed or her belt that was suffocating her.

"Amazon Bridal Attire. Tell me about it."

Her muscles tightened, as she renewed her struggle to escape. Sweat covered her body. She pulled with all her might to break free. But her own bracelets held her too firmly to the wall. Slowly, she managed to pull her arms away from the magnet for a moment. They flung back again, slamming against the magnet with a violent thud.

She pulled her arms away again, pulling against the power of the magnet, the resistance threatening to beckon her arms back to their prison at any moment. She brought her arms together and one by one, undid her bracelets. Once removed from her wrists, they flung back and stuck to the wall behind her.

Without her bracelets, her arms were free from the magnet's power!

"No!" Cried the alien, who grabbed her arms. With her Amazon powers, she managed to push him to the ground once. He recovered quickly, and managed to hold each of her arms in his own.

Using the mass of his entire body weight, he slammed her arm against the wall behind her. He tried to bring her wrist back towards her bracelet stuck in the magnetic field on the wall above her head.

He nearly succeeded, but Wonder Woman managed to break one hand free. She saw the remote to the magnet, and took it from his possession. With all her power, she tossed him to the ground again. She turned the magnet off. Her body, the rings, the guns, they all fell to the floor.

She put her tiara back on. Instantly she felt the Amazon magic form a wall against the hypnotic drug. The Amazon Magic in her Tiara helped her once against the Pied Pipper. It would save her again.

Her breasts were so sore. She fondled them a moment to insure they were not permanently damaged. She picked at the little demagnetizer on her belt. It was not coming off.

The caveman got to his feet. The Amazon faced him.

"I defeated you once before. I can easily do it again."

He lunged at her. Wonder Woman smacked him hard, sending him flying to the ground. He got to his feet. Wonder Woman arrogantly approached him. When she was in striking distance, he picked her up, and spun around in a circle.

The heroine wanted to laugh at how easy he was to slap around. But something was wrong…

By spinning around, he was going to force her to transform back into Diana Prince!

It distracted her enough, that she didn't feel the cavemen pull her belt from her until it was too late.

Blue light surrounded her, and with an explosion, she was back to Diana Prince.

The caveman threw her to the ground.

She looked down at her attire. She was wearing a silk mini red traditional Japanese dress with a slit all the way up her thighs. And long stiletto heels. She had to break a date off with Steve to bust Kenichi. She looked good. It was too bad they broke it off. She knew it took him weeks to build the courage to ask her out. She prayed he would have the courage to ask her again.

Diana ran to the belt. She bent over to pick it up. She was forced to turn into Diana Prince without her belt. The only way she could transform back into Wonder Woman was if she had her magic belt in her possession during the transformation. Her hands grabbed the golden metal belt.
But, before she could stand up straight, a voice rang out.


Bent over, holding the belt in her hand, her body obeyed the commands. She froze in her tracks. The caveman got to his feet and approached her. "Clever girl. Too bad you forgot your mind was acceptable to the Mind Control drug as Diana Prince." He came up behind her, looking at her ass. She was the most beautiful creature he'd ever laid eyes on.

Seeing her bent over like this made his two alien penis' as hard as a rock.

"Diana Prince does not normally dress like this. This was for a special occasion. Was it a date?" "Y…yes."

Diana was appalled how quickly she answered his questions! As if she had NO choice in the matter!

"Do you love this man?" "Y…yes. More than…more than any…anything." "Do you have…sexual feelings for this man?" "Y…yes. If he asked me to…I would give up my Amazon heritage…to be his…his mate."

He ran his hands down her strong, silky legs. She quivered at his touch, but did nothing to stop him. He ran his hands up her thigh, feeling her soft skin under his touch. Her hips were curvy. Her waist so small. Her legs so firm and powerful. And her ass was the sweetest piece of meat he had ever laid eyes on.

"Get up!" He ordered.

Diana did so, clinging to her belt. She had to transform in order for her to be a recipient of the belt's powers. And she needed her Tiara to overcome the mind control. She had to find a way out of this. She had to find a way to transform back into Wonder Woman.

"Face me." He ordered. She did so without question. Her mind was open to any suggestion he made.

He could just try to get Diana to forget that she was Wonder Woman. But that trick failed him once before. He knew there was a better way to enslave Wonder Woman…forever.

"Now you are to think of me as the man you love. What is his name?" "Steve Trevor."

Diana tried to fight it for a moment, but the drug was so powerful, that before she had a chance to react, her mind was already replacing her memories of Steve with this beast.

"Uhghhh!" She cried out, trying to break free of the power that he had over her.

A moment later, her eyes opened wide, and she embraced the man before her. "Steve!" She cried out. "What's going on? Where are we?"

She broke from the hug, and looked down at her belt of power. "Why…why am I holding my…uh, Wonder Woman's belt?" The man she saw as Steve took the belt from her hands. He tossed it in a plastic trashcan next to her.

"You were about to tell me about the Amazon Bridal Attire."

"I have to ask you to be my mate. To give up being an Amazon. To give up being Wonder Woman."

"You just offered. Now, how do I enslave Wonder Woman, forever-against her will. Against YOUR will, I mean."

His demands overrode any alert she may have had. Without question, she nodded.

"I have to turn into Wonder Woman again-but change into a Wonder Woman costume no one was meant to see. Except the man I am to give myself to."

"Your Amazon Bridal Attire?"


"Okay. Once you transform into Amazon Bridal Attire, how do I enslave Wonder Woman?"

"You must mate with me. If you do so while I wear the Amazon Bridal Attire, during the mating process, the Amazon Bridal Attire will administer a magic into my body that will slowly erase my Amazons lineage from my blood, and bind me to you-forever."

He smiled as he took her into his arms. Aroused, his two alien penis's slithered from behind his linen clothe, like snakes on the hunt.

"Let's mate."

"Wait…I haven't changed into the Amazon Bridal Attire yet!"

"I am going to loosen your tight pussy first. Now spread your legs for me."

Diana did as she was told. The first snake slithered under her panties, between her ass crack. The woman cried out in shock as the strong, slimy creature forced its way into the tiny hole in her ass, spreading her tight cheeks far apart. It plunged inside her deeper and deeper. Shocked, the heroine let out a yelp.

Before she could react, the next snake moved her panties aside and dove right into her pussy.

They pumped in and out of her independently, like a pump drilling for oil.

"Ohhhhh! STEEEEEVE!" She cried out.

"Do you want to serve Steve for the rest of your life?" He asked while pumping and grinding her. She was in such a state of ecstasy, that she could only nod her head.

"Are you willing to enslave Wonder Woman to the man you believe is Steve Trevor?"

Again, she could only nod.

He slammed her against the wall behind them. He pounded her so hard he knocked the glasses off her face. His hands grabbed her massive breasts and molested them viciously. Her hips were gyrating as he smashed his sex organs deep inside her.

She bit her lower lips, overwhelmed with pain and pleasure.

He fucked her for several more minutes, until he felt his ball sacks filling with his seed. It was time to make the final deposit into Wonder Woman. It was time to enslave this Amazon Bitch.

"Let's make you my slave."

Diana's breathing was heavy as the snakes exited their rabbit holes. She took a moment to gain her stamina, and put her arms out to her side. She twirled around, and a bright blue light engulfed her, followed by an explosion.

The light faded, and she stopped spinning. And Diana Prince now stood as Wonder Woman-but now, her costume was different.

The Amazon Bridal Attire was similar to her Wonder Woman costume. Skin tight bustier. Long boots with heels, and a puffy mini skirt with panties underneath. She had on long gloves. And, everything was all white. Her legs glistened in a bright shiny white panty hose that seemed to glow. Her hair was in pretty bouncy curls. Her tiara was white too. Pretty long ribbons fluttered about.

He had become fully erect with his two alien penis' at the sight of her. She stood there a moment, as if waking from a deep sleep-or nightmare. The caveman noticed she had her tiara on! It was slowly protecting her from the alien serum that was invading her thoughts!

He ripped the Tiara from her head, and tried to throw it in the same trashcan. He missed, and the cold white metal fell on the dirty warehouse floor.

Instantly, all memory had been erased from her mind of the entire struggle. The hypnotic drug completely controlling her consciousness. She thought she was with Steve, and that she agreed to pledged herself as his slave. This task that she was about to perform was the most dangerous ritual an Amazon could make. She could only perform the task once. And if she had pledged herself to the wrong man, she would be unable to do anything about it. She would never have Amazon powers again. She could never again defy the man she pledged herself to. She independent thought would be gone. And she could no longer become Wonder Woman. This ritual would make her an obedient slave. Forever.

"I give myself to you because I trust you Steve. Once you take me, I will never be able to disobey you. I will believe everything you say, and you can mold my mind at anytime-as if you will always have me bound in my own lasso. I will be yours to command, forever. It is a sacrifice an Amazon must make if she is to choose a mate. And I choose you, Steve."

"Whatever. All I want to know is, after we fuck, that you will NEVER be able to turn into Wonder Woman again?"

She shook her head no, her hair bouncing. "No."

"Your powers?"

"Gone. Forever. My free will too. I will belong only to you."

"If we screw while you are wearing this white costume?"

"Yes. If we were to mate while I wear this costume."

"What if you are raped while wearing this Amazon Bridal Attire? Will it still eradicate Wonder Woman?" She stared at him with a confused look. The question was odd, and it shook her a bit. "Only if I was raped wearing the Amazon Bridal Attire. I will never have to worry about rape, Steve. This is a one-time ceremony. I am offering myself to you now! I willing surrender to you, as your mate!"

"Let's fuck. I want to enslave your ass, Wondie."

"Do you want to impregnate me now or later, Steve?"

Shocked, the beast shot her a curious look. "What?"

"If you want to impregnate me now, I have to drink your semen before intercourse. This costume will accustom my womb specifically to your sperm. It will act as an incubator-and if I were to drink your semen now, the costume will instantly ripen my body, and I will be ready to bear your child. It will then only take one drop of your seed into my womb to insure you a child."

He looked at her perplexed. Her eyes were so blue. As he gazed into them he felt as if he could gaze into her soul. She was so innocent. So sweet. So beautiful. So pure. How he wanted to penetrate her. Violate this pretty creature.

In spite of himself, he found himself unable to refuse the offer. The thought of violating this woman, of filling her with his seed was his greatest fantasy come to life. He never wanted a child. But the offer was impossible to resist.

And, to top it all off, the thought of destroying Wonder Woman by knocking her up, turned up the heat of his libido in ways he never knew possible.

He rubbed her belly through the white satin corset. It was so tight on her firm tummy. She was so petite, so thin. It was difficult to imagine her pregnant. Her swollen belly spilling over, her breasts larger-and fat. But to have the woman he hated most be reduced to nothing more than a breeding machine-his personal breeding machine, was the most excited he had ever been his entire life.

"I want to impregnate your tight ass. Get on your knees, bitch. Show me why the Skrill call you Wonder Whore. Give me the blow job of my life."

Wonder Woman, under the control of the hypnotic drug dropped to her knees. The two penis moved independently, excited by her approach. She was confused by the two penis's. She knew two dicks on one man was not normal. But for some reason, every time she thought about questioning them, her mind became so cloudy that her thoughts were long forgotten.

She planted her face in front of the throbbing snakes, and they brushed against her cheek. Her perfect red lips opened wide and she buried her head into his crotch. She took one penis into her mouth. It was too large for her to put it into her throat, so she licked it up and down like a giant lolly-pop.

"You are to like the way I taste. It is the most delicious thing you've ever tasted!" He demanded. The drug erased all other thoughts she had, replaced every experience of food she ever had, replacing those thoughts with the pure delight of sucking the alien's cock.

"Hmmmmm!" She exclaimed in excitement, sucking in the flavor and swallowing as she licked and sucked the dick. Her fingers caressed the massive, inflamed throbbing balls.

The second penis rubbed down her neck, and embedded itself deep into her massive cleavage. The white bustier held her massive breasts so firmly together that she was practically spilling out of the costume. It wiggled around the soft flesh of her overflowing cleavage, leaving entrails of cum streaking across her naked flesh.

It dove into the cavity between her breasts, and tried to work its way inside. The penis was long, and muscular. Powerful. And it still had difficulty penetrating the open door between her two bosoms. She stopped sucking and looked down at the penis as it plunged deeper and deeper into her cleavage.

"Uh…uh…Steve…that feels…so…uh…" She was getting off on it. She bounced up and down on her knees, realizing she was helping the penis pump deeper inside her.

Looking down, the creature nearly bust a nut in excitement. The visual of her in that skintight white costume, on her knees, his shaft touching her quivering full lips. And the black curls of her hair. Bobbing up and down. He grabbed a fistful of her hair.

She looked up at him and smiled, continuing to bounce. "Steve, I love you!" She said with a smile.

"Shut up and suck me off, Wonder Whore."

She went back to sucking his cock. Her tongue worked hard, as she sucked up and down his long muscular shaft. "Faster, bitch!" He ordered.

She obeyed.

She was making loud slurping sounds as she worked harder and harder to get Steve to bust his nut. She felt both dicks throbbing. The one in her mouth, and the one down her shirt.

It felt so good. The penis tasted so nice. Steve was finally allowing her to give herself to him! She was so excited by the romance of it all, that she felt her vagina tingle.

She thought of the first time she saw Steve. It wasn't Steve, but an ancestor of his, back during the Second World War. It may sound odd, but the Amazons believed in soul mates. Of incarnation until the soul mate finally finds the Amazon, to rescue her from her service as a sister on Paradise Island. To most people, Steve's Grandson wasn't the same man. But to her it was. She believed in the Amazon folklore about soul mates.

Steve. How she loved him over the decades. Now, on her third tour of duty as the Amazon Ambassador to man's world, she was determined to end her tour by finally allowing herself to join with her soul mate. To give up being Wonder Woman forever. It's what all Amazon women desire. But only a small handful will ever make it a reality.

Even though she was the Amazon Princess, even though she was Wonder Woman, she secretly wanted to be bound to one man also. Not just any man, but Steve. And now, after long decades of waiting, it was finally happening. Her hormones were in high gear. She couldn't wait to take his seed into her womb, to have this man strip her of being an Amazon Princess forever-she wanted to spend the rest of her life in service of this man!

After all the tours of duty, of all the service as the Amazon Ambassador to man's world, she deserved this!

She got more excited, and she felt her panties getting wet with anticipation and excitement. Just then, she felt the cock recoiling. She withdrew from her sucking.

"Steve…it's about to explode!" She proclaimed.

"If you want to get knocked up by me, Wonder Woman, then take it all in. Suck me off to the last drop."

The heroine obeyed. She opened her mouth wide, and the giant cock fired sperm like a water hose deep into her throat. She gagged at the size of the shaft in her mouth, stretching her lips out wide. And the hot, oozing blast of fluid fired deep into her throat caught her off guard.

It was firing so much cum, that despite her best efforts to drink it all, she found herself gagging on the excess. She had to pull back. As she did, the sperm continued firing, soaked her chest and spraying into her curly black hair.

The second penis shot its load off them, blowing sperm down her chest. It soaked her entire bustier all the way to her skirt and panties.

"Steve, I drank more…more than enough to make you a child. I can feel my body altering even now. It feels strange to be fertile…"

He looked down at his enemy and smiled. He grabbed a fist full of her hair, and pulled her to her feet. She just looked at him with her innocent baby blue eyes, and they fluttered at him. He nearly got lost in those eyes. She was so beautiful that she was softening his rage and thirst for revenge with each passing moment.

He looked away, collecting his thoughts. He was here to destroy Wonder Woman.

He wanted her to suffer.

"Do you posses your Amazon Strength?"

"No. My belt is not around my waist-" He cut her off. "You will obey me. I want you to remember who I really am. You will no longer see me as your precious Steve Trevor but as my real identity! Look! Remember!"

Wonder Woman's eyes widened in terror as the man she thought was Steve faded into the hideous gnarled shape shifting caveman she defeated so long ago!

What was happening? How did this thing trick her so?

She realized she was in the Amazon Bridal Attire. Her eyes widened in terror. She couldn't let this thing take her! He would destroy her! She had to change into one of her traditional Amazon Warrior Costumes before it was too late!

She broke free from his grip. She put her arms out to her side in a desperate attempt to transform out of the Amazon Bridal Attire.

"STOP!" He ordered. Her eyes widened in terror as she found herself unable to resist. She just stood there, like a deer in headlights. Not moving, her arms out to the side. Her body twisted. One more second, and she would have escaped! How did this creature control her with a word? Even though she was wearing her Amazon Bridal Attire, she was still Wonder Woman, and impervious to mind control!

It was then, out of the corner of her eye that she discovered the shocking truth to her predicament. Her belt was hanging out of a trashcan, and her Tiara was lying on the floor. Without her Amazon Tiara, her mind was an open playground to anyone with magic or mind-altering drugs! And without her power belt, she was powerless! She could feel her head getting cloudy, as the alien mind control drug ate away at her consciousness.

"Originally, my goals were simple, Wonder Woman. I came here to enslave you. But now, now you will make me an heir!"

Wonder Woman had to think quick. There had to be a way out of this mess. If only…if only she could recall how she GOT into this mess. Her head was so foggy. Whatever it was he was using to control her now must be blocking her memories! She didn't know how she got in the sacred Amazon attire, but if he did anything sexually to her, it would be all over. She had to change costumes! But how? She was under his control!

"Wouldn't you find my Wonder Woman Ambassador costume more appealing?" She asked, hoping to get out of the white Amazon attire. "My Ambassador costume has a tight little mini-skirt…"

"You're little Virgin White costume that you're wearing now is already equipped with a skimpy Mini Skirt. I am not interested in your little tricks to escape. I am only interested in two things. And both of them can be achieved only while you are in this white getup of yours. Let's get to business. Now that you are breeding ready, tell me how to Destroy Wonder Woman."

She tried to warn him off. She tried to tell him to fuck off. But she could not. She was completely under his control. She blinked her eyes rapidly as she fought not to answer him. But it was a battle she would not win.

"Once you penetrate me, the costume will emit a white light-you must mate with me until that light is gone. Once the glowing light around me is gone, my Amazon Magic will be broken, and it will be impossible for me to become Wonder Woman ever again."

"How do I make you obey me forever?"

"Once you rid my body of my Amazon magic and heritage, I will be bound to you, your slave-forever."

He looked at the skintight costume. "You said you have to remain in the costume for this work. How am I suppose to rape you without taking it off?"

She opened her mouth to speak. She fought to not tell him. Tears ran down her face as the words came out anyway. "It is a magic Amazon fabric. Your penis will slide into my vagina as if I wore nothing."

He lay on his back, his erect penis standing straight into the air. "Get on top of me. I want you to be the one to initiate the destruction of Wonder Woman."

Wonder Woman took a step foreword. Her body was walking over towards his towering dicks against her will. Just like the time she was forced by a telepath to walk into a land mine. Despite her internal struggle to oppose him, she found herself standing above his two penis'. Her legs spread apart, stepping on either side of his body as she positioned her vagina above his two wiggling snakes.

"I…I…I can't let you des…sstroy Wonder…Wonder Woman." She muttered out. Her body swayed side to side as she stood in place. Her body getting two commands. One from Wonder Woman, the other from the hypnotic commands of her enemy. Wonder Woman fought to get back control of her mind. But without her Tiara to save her, she was going to lose.

Still, she managed to fight it, preventing her body from squatting down. She knew if she did, his snake like dicks would slide deep into her. And then, it would be the end of her as a heroine.

She was Wonder Woman! The Amazon Princess she-she had to fight it!

Despite herself, she felt her athletic body slowly slide down. Her legs split open wide, slowly squatting. She was breathing rapidly in a panic. In moments, the head of the penis was pushing against the lips of her womanhood.

"NOOOOO!" She shouted defiantly.

She closed her eyes to concentrate. It couldn't end like this! It couldn't!

"Come on, Princess. The sooner you sit on my dick, the sooner we can impregnate you-and destroy Wonder Woman."

The Princess obeyed the order. She fell to her knees. The force of her fall allowed the erect dicks to plunge through her magic panties under her thin white mini skirt, lodging deep inside her sacred cavities.

"Those are some WONDER-ful panties you have! I think all females should wear those! Nothing like easy access!"

She felt as if something exploded inside her. The debris of energy spreading out across every limb of her body. And slowly, the energy that once made her invincible was dying. It was fleeing her body as if a fading memory that you can barely recall.

This was going to be the end. This is how Wonder Woman would be eradicated from the face of the world! She cried out in fear as she had never cried out before. She had not one, but two dicks inside her! One in her vagina, and the other up her once tight ass.

She tried to pull herself up from sitting on his crotch. She only managed to get and inch or two off the alien's hot, sweaty body. But it was a little victory. Even still, it was short lived. She could feel the two snakes slime their way deeper and deeper inside her. She froze like a deer in headlights.

Was this the way it was going to end for Wonder Woman?


"You had this coming to you. Ever since you intervened in my apprehension. You had this coming, bitch! No one is going to save you now!"

He reached out, grabbed her arms, and pulled her all the way down, so that she would take both throbbing members all the way in.

She cried out. It was either in pain, horror or delight. He did not know, nor did he care. He watched as her body started glowing. The total destruction of Wonder Woman was at hand.

"Ride me bitch!" He cried out. But her mind was fully aware that she, Wonder Woman, was moments away from being erased forever. She refused to participate.

"NO! NO!"

The alien was aware that the belt, her source of her Amazon power was not on her. She was just a weak human. No match for his alien powers. He got an idea how to speed up the process. And to watch his mortal enemy die a slow, agonizing death.

"I give you back your free will, Wonder Woman. You may try to escape me!"

Her mind snapped out of its trance. She gasped in horror. She felt her Amazon heritage begin driven forcefully from her. Her body convulsed as she tried to pull herself off him. Her hips shook furiously. Her massive breasts bounced wildly.

She tried in vein to get away. He held her so tight; that there was no way she would escape. Instead, she was only speeding up the process! But she didn't care. He wasn't going to erase Wonder Woman without a fight!

The cocks pounded in and out of her during the struggle. The glowing light fading with each invading thrust.

"NO! NO! NO!" She cried out, trying to break free.

In her struggle, she managed to pull herself free of his cocks.

But it was only for a moment. Her temporary escape only angered her rapist. He let go of her arms, and grabbed her curvy hips. He then pressed down on her, forcing his way back inside.

Again, the light began to fade.

She stretched out one of her long legs, and kicked her white boot into his face. She kicked him so hard, and caught him off guard enough, that she managed to break out of his grip again.

She pulled herself off his two mounts, got to her feet, and put arms out to her side. She had to get out of this costume! Or he was going to destroy Wonder Woman!

She managed to get two spins in. One shy of starting her transformation phase. He was on his feet, and grabbed her wrist, stopping her from spinning.

"I don't think so!"

He pulled her against his body. Immediately, his two carnivorous anacondas were looking to plug her holes. She could feel them prodding around her crotch as the caveman alien held both her arms, holding her tight. She closed her legs in an effort to keep them out.

The two of them struggled. She trying to break free, and he trying to get his sexual organs into hers. Despite losing her Amazon powers, she put up a gigantic fight. If she were to lose, it would truly be the end for her.

Frustrated, the caveman reached down, and he grabbed her ankle. He tried to force her to spread her legs. When she fought against him, he grabbed one of her breasts. He squeezed with all his super alien powers, until the heroine was in so much pain, she let him take her leg. He lifted it high in the air, above her head. She was now standing on one leg, in high heel boots, on her tip toes. In doing so, she had lost all sense of balance.

With her leg up high, her crotch was vulnerable again. The two dicks hit their target immediately, plunging inside her.


Her pain was music to his ears. He thrust his hips, rocketing his dicks in and out of her. Again, and again, she felt the dicks violate her sensitive womanhood and anus.

He held on to her ankle, positioning it as high as he could. He let go of her breast, and wrapped his arm around her back, grabbing her shoulder from behind. He then used his leverage to push himself all the way inside her.

Her light was dissipating, fast!

The penis rammed so deep inside her vagina that she nearly passed out. The shaft was so wide…and so deep inside her. He thrust his pelvis violently into hers. Her pretty curls bouncing up and down with each unwelcome violation. He looked at the pretty ribbons in her hair and laughed.

The bright light was getting dimmer and dimmer.

Tear rolled down her face. She cried out many times during the attack. Her end was nigh.

"I am going to cum soon…momma!"


He laughed as she cried out in fury.

She never felt so weak in all her life. So weak she thought a gust of wind would tear her apart. So weak she thought she was going to die.

The alien watched her pretty silk mini skirt sway side to side during the attack. Her massive cum-soaked breasts bouncing so hard they were making a pounding sound as they slammed down on her chest. Her body was glistening with sweat and cum. Moments from being destroyed, she never looked so sexy in all her life.

She was staring in shock that this was happening to her. The Amazon champion! She could not believe this was the end!

He lowered his head and their eyes met. His eyes full of mocking victory. Hers full of spite, fear and rage. Then, he presses his lips to hers. She tried to pull away, but he was much stronger than she was.


His alien tongue rammed down her throat. It was so long, it went in so deep, that she was instantly suffocating. He was inhaling, sucking the air from her lungs. He would do this until she was about to pass out, and he would let her fill air into her lungs. Then, he would nearly suffocate her again.

The Amazon Princess, for the first time in her life, never felt such a threat of helplessness.

Tears fell uncontrollably.

Wonder Woman had moments before she was erased from existence. The glowing light was fading fast. Every second that passed, she grew weaker and weaker.

In desperation, she tried to throw him off balance by lifting her one free leg off the ground. But he was so strong, and he had such a powerful grip on her, that he held her in place as he pounded her ass aggressively.

She took her free leg, and with her near inhuman flexibility, she tried to dig her heel into his back. He saw what she was trying to do, and smiled.

He quit sucking the air out of her lungs. He reached out with his one hand, and grabbed her free ankle. He lifted that leg high into the air. Both legs were above her head, and as he pinned her using his body weight, her arms were pinned by her own muscular legs.

He then spread both legs apart as wide as they would spread.


"The lights nearly faded. Say goodbye to Wonder Woman!"

The heroine tried one more time to break free. But, as she did, he locked lips with her again.

"NOOOOOOO!" She cried out before he sucked the air from her lungs again.

Her eyes fluttered with drowsiness. Her head spun, and her body never ached so much in all her life. He felt her body convulse as if she was being electrocuted. She cried out in pain and horror.

The last bit of light faded. There was an explosion, similar to the light during her transformation process. Only this time, it was a white light.

Then, the light was gone.

He felt her body fall limp. Her eyes were open, she was still conscious-although barely. She was so weak that she had become paralyzed.

It was over. Wonder Woman was enslaved!

"Time to knock you up." He exclaimed.

Her eyes could only widen. Her jaw dropped to scream in protest. No words came out.

At that moment, both snakes exploded cum deep inside her fertile womb. She gasped one final rebuttal. Even though her body was unable to move, and lay limp in his arms, he continued to fuck her until he deposited every last drop of his potent alien cum inside her.

"Uhhhh! Uhhhhh! Uhhhhh!" She muttered under her breath with the final thrusts. Her curly sweaty black hair full of bounce.

He let her body fall to the ground. She laid there, limp as a doll, covered in his cum. She had a blank stare as she looked up at him with the same baby blue eyes. But her spark, her spirit-was dead. Gone. She laid there motionless as if she had become a inanimate object.

"Wonder Woman?" He asked.

"Gone." She replied. "Wonder Woman is gone. Forever."

"Your powers?"

"Dead…just like Wonder Woman."

He rubbed his two penis', one in each hand. He then ejaculated all over the fallen Princess. She laid there motionless and took it.

Sticky residue sprayed into her face and hair, and gobs of the excess ran down her back. She cried inside thinking of herself, lying there, a helpless ordinary woman, with cum drying slowly and sticking to her soft peachy skin.

"Who are you now?" "Your slave, Master." She replied. He knelt down beside her, rubbing her flat stomach. "Does our child grow inside your womb?"

Her eyes were gaping with fear. She didn't have to answer him. He smiled by her reaction. It was over. He had finally won. It was worth all the terms he served rotting in jail just to see the look of horror on his enemies face at this moment.

"I will arrange for a transport back. Wait here."

"Yes, Master." She replied.

He disappeared.

She thought a moment, and then a ray of hope hit her. She still had independent thought. She wasn't supposed to. She was suppose to be his mindless slave. Something went wrong in the mating process! But what? She should be a mindless breeding machine by now!

She noticed her costume. Her nylons were glowing again! Wonder Woman wasn't dead after all! But how?

She didn't have the answer at first. But then it dawned on her. He fucked her without her belt on-nor her tiara. She didn't have her powers! In order for the mating process to render Wonder Woman powerless forever, she had to be in COMPLETE Amazon garb. Luckily, her Tiara and Belt were removed before he fucked her! For that reason alone, the magic spell didn't destroy Wonder Woman.

Without her Tiara and Belt, she had no way to physically overpower the alien.

She had to get to her belt. If she had it, then she could fight that beast-and make him pay for what he did to her. She had to make him pay. For TRYING to destroy Wonder Woman. For TRYING to make her his slave.

She found her belt. She picked it up and put it on. Her Tiara too. She put out her arms, and transformed back into her Wonder Woman garb.

The caveman returned, oblivious to his failure at enslaving Wonder Woman.

"Why did you change?" She heard his voice, and spun to greet him. She realized when they last met she was wearing her Amazon Bridal Attire.

"The Amazon Magic has permanently left me. As it did, I was forced to transform. All that remains is Diana Prince."

"Why didn't it change you to Diana Prince?"

"I don't know."

He walked up to her. "You didn't call me Master."


She punched him in the gut, sending him falling to the floor.

"Looks like you failed." She exclaimed.

He tried to get up again, but Wonder Woman beat him down. The fight didn't last long, and she knocked the caveman silly.

She turned to apprehend his goons-the Skrill, but they were missing. They must have escaped during the fight.

She took off her Magic Lasso, and tied it around the caveman. "Wake up." She ordered. He obeyed. "Can you take me to Andros?"


"Then do it." Wonder Woman ordered. "I'll deal with you later. You are going to pay for trying to enslave Wonder Woman."

"Save Andros first?" The caveman asked, under the control of her magic lasso.

"It's no fun being under someone else's control, is it? Yes. We save Andros first. Take me to him."

The two stood up. The caveman turned on this transponder, and the two disappeared.

The four Skrill goons came out from hiding.

"Wonder Woman was nearly defeated by the caveman."

"But she wasn't. The caveman shape shifter was just a pawn. He brought Wonder Woman to save Andros in the prisons. Wonder Woman is trapped. Now we will have our revenge."

"She is still wearing the demagnetizer."

"Good. In time, her powers will be gone. And she will be stranded on an alien prison planet…for men. Alone, and powerless."

The Skrill laughed. Wonder Woman defeated the Caveman. But in doing so, she evoked her own doom!


Hope you enjoyed it!

WRITER: Apolo_sputnik

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