Brightest Night  

By Arson Jack

Part 2- Brightest Night

Wonder woman, Mongul, Scarecrow and all other characters in this story is the property of DC comics.

Circe tried to wriggle herself from underneath Diana, but foreseeing this Diana quickly incapacitated her hands by stepping on her hands face down on the ground. This move immobilised the witch as she couldn't use her hands to crawl or to summon any spells, the amazon showing she meant business tightened the lasso around Circe's neck. Wonder woman knew even if somehow Circe could miraculously summon her powers all she had to do was to pull the lasso harder to make her unconscious.

"Got to say lover, I nearly made you my bitch", said Circe admitting defeat. "What do you say, let me out and I will treat you nicer" said Circe laughing.

Ignoring the witch's dark humour, Diana asked, "All right, start talking Circe. How did your spells become so powerful and why come here?"

The power of the lasso made the witch answer the question. "The effect of magic spells are doubled in this place, the power of magical items are also increased. The Gods created this planet at the beginning as a power source just in case they were threatened. This planet has since long been forgotten, Sinestro plans to use the power that contains within this planet to not only defeat the green lanterns but also rule the whole world."

That made sense Diana thought, her lasso somehow made Circe answer quicker than usual this means her magical items such as the lasso, and her gauntlet, her girdle etc. can be used to defend against magical enemies. "Who else apart fromSinestro is on this planet?" she then asked?

"Sorry Diana", said Circe smiling, "I erased my memories of Sinestro's partners with a spell just so you would be surprised and unprepared just in case you beat me."

Diana then got off Circe's back and asked, "So I assume you also forgot the location of where the magical power source is held".

"Good girl", said the witch sarcastically.

Diana then pulled up her bustier to cover her breasts, but her privates where still showing. "Use a spell to repair the damage you have done to my shorts" said wonder woman threateningly.

"Sure", said Circe and then cast a spell that repaired her shorts, "you know you look much better without the costume, soon which is how you will be", said Circe with a smirk.

Diana then came up with a plan she knew was a bit risky but the only one could now think of, she smiled down at Circe lifting her up of the ground using the lasso and then brought her slowly towards her as a lover. Circe was gobsmacked with Diana's actions their body was now touching each other Diana slowly brought her lips to meet Circe's. Circe not seeing this action in Diana before didn't know what to do, when suddenly Circe dropped to the floor unconscious. Diana had distracted Circe to push a pressure point, she could have tied the witch up with the lasso but who knows who else she might have to face. Diana then started flying to find this mystical object.

After a while she started to wonder whether the other green lanterns were captured and if she was alone, when suddenly she a cave that was guarded by two yellow lanterns. This had to be the place, no doubt. She quietly landed on the ground, preparing to take down these common lanterns. She then picked up a rock and threw at the opposite direction to ambush them from the back. The lanterns hearing the sound started to fly towards the sound, Diana saw that the two lanterns were completely different to each other; one of them was a large bulky alien who stood much taller than Diana herself. The second yellow lantern was a human but looked very weak and lanky.

Diana decided to take down the stronger one out first; she rushed at him and hit the alien with a strong punch to the back. Diana then realised that she had underestimated her enemies, the two lanterns were none other than Mongul- a self-proclaimed warlord, who can stand toe on toe with Superman and, Scarecrow aka Dr Jonathan Crane- one of Batman's most dangerous foes who was capable of immobilising people via his fear gas.

Mongul was a hulky yellow warrior who became obsessed with ruling the universe; he was about a foot taller than wonder woman, and was well known for raping woman whom he had defeated in a battle. Dr Crane was a tall and lanky psychotic man, who like Mongul took pleasure in subduing and bringing fear to others. However he was just an average man, and physically was no threat to her. They made a formidable pair and truly belonged in the "Sinestro corps".

Mongul who seemed to be agitated with the punch quickly changed his expression to a happier one, "Well, well. Nice to see the heroine Wonder Woman pay us a visit, we were starting to think this was going to be too easy."

Wonder woman took a defensive battle stance preparing onslaught, however the two villains just kept admiring her athletic body. Scarecrow's eyes looked as if they were trying to undress her; she cursed herself for ending up in such a compromising situation. She noticed that bulges were forming on both the villains private parts, she realised these psychos were turned on by her and would ravish her until they had either tamed or killed her.

"Wow Wonder woman you look delicious, I wonder if you juice taste like how you look", joked Scarecrow.

"You can want all you like Dr, but all you are gonna taste is my fist", said the Amazon.

"Ooh, feisty", said the warlord. Both the villains then looked at each other as if they were concocting a plan.

They both starting speeding towards her, Mongul started throwing punches trying to land a blow on her while Scarecrow created yellow chain projection that he kept flinging at her. Diana kept dodging the yellow chain and at the same time kept blocking Mongul'sfists with her silver bracelets. Mongul tries to punch her face with a jab which she ducked and tried to counter with an uppercut, but Scarecrow caught her hand with a yellow hand projection and said "Uh, uh", and took the full force of Mongul's knee to her abdomen.

As she fell on her knees the giant tugged the hair hard and picked her up and threw her at Crane saying "catch", he then caught her in his giant hand projection and started to squeeze her all the while laughing. Diana quickly freed herself from the giant hand and flew at him with both hands locked to beat him into the ground, Crane quickly formed a shield that protected him from her initial blow. Mongul then flew into her back quickly and crushed her into the ground and started to pummel her face into the ground saying, "calm down, my lady", before the giant punched her again Diana quickly caught his right hand in her armpit and then picked him up dropped him to her right side. She then held his right hand on top of his head and repeatedly started to kick his back to kidney area.

While wonder woman was occupied by Mongul, the Scarecrow slapped her big ass with his hand as Diana looked behind he kicked her in the crotch which completely caught her off guard, "oops, my bad" he snickered. As she bowed her head in pain he elbowed her back and caused her to land face first into the ground, because of his power ring this move really hurt her and even caused a dent on the desert ground, he quickly picked Diana up via his power ring and threw her up.

He then caught her in mid-air using a Nelson hold, and started to lick her ear canal. Diana realising a trap saw Mongul rushing at her with his fist, she lifted and threw Scarecrow at the oncoming behemoth saying "Get off of me, you pig". She then kicked Crane at the stomach, a kick even Mongul who was behind him felt. All three of them then crashed into the ground, Diana knew she got herself some time by taking out Crane for a while. She went towards the unconscious villain and tied him up with her lasso.

Mongul started moving from underneath debris and lifted the rocks off of him; he then stood up looking for her. Diana using her warrior rage approached him head on and both the powerhouses started to trade and dodge punches. Mongul was starting to tire while her Amazonian endurance was giving her the initiative to end this battle. Mongul then formed two sets of heavy weights on Diana legs to slow her down finally realising he needed the help of the power ring to defeat this bitch.

With Diana unable to use her legs and tiring, Mongulquickly grabbed onto her bustier and repeatedly started to punch her abdomen to return the favour she gave him earlier saying, "Hope you like my moves, there's plenty more where this came from". Unable to endure any more punches Diana flew backwards to avoid it which caused her bustier to tear from her dress.

Mongul was for a second distracted by those juggling breasts which caused him to lose focus, which in turn caused his weight projections on her legs to disappear. Diana kicked Mongulat his chest with her leg which caused him to tumble backwards; she then flew at him and started to punch him at the sides to tire him out. Mongul in turn grabbed her left breast and started to squeeze to make her distracted. He was surprised by just how firm the breasts were eventhough they were big, Diana was hurting due to the Mongul's hand squeezing her. Mongul realising he found a sensitive area which affected the amazon started to squeeze her other breast as well.

He picked her up by her breasts and started to knee her crotch repeatedly as he held her legs in place using his ring; Diana was helpless to protect herself as she tried to remove his hands off her breasts. He then pulled her towards his body and started to bearhug her draining the air out of her lungs. Mongul was turned on by her struggles, and also by her breasts that seemed to get bigger as it was crushed against his chest. The monster then started to lick her face and neck as if she was his property.

Diana knew she had to do something soon or lose everything. She felt his huge manhood poking into her thighs, this enraged her even more she then started to headbutt him. This hurt Mongul a lot due to the golden tiara that started to make him dizzy, Mongul let go of her and tried to fly away. Diana started to rip of his armour and clothes and then began to punch and kick at his unprotected back.

Scarecrow who saw his comrade being stripped of his armour had to act quickly; he untied the golden lasso using his ring. He then quietly approached the battle raged amazon and dropped his fear gas at her feet. While Diana was preoccupied with clearing the smoke, Scarecrow took Mongul out of the gas's vicinity. Crane knew that Wonder woman would not be affected by the gas for a long time like his other foes but will hopefully distract her long enough for them to turn the table.

Diana started to hallucinate after a while; she saw both Mongul and Scarecrow much bigger than they usually were coming at her. They were starting to rip off her clothes; Diana was covering her breasts and her crotch with her hands. Diana began to block and punch at her mind's illusions, only tiring herself in the process.

"No, no please don't rape me, I'm the princess of the amazons" she kept moaning.

Both the villains started to recover and waited at opposite ends of the heroine to finally take her down. "So the bitch afraid of this, well this will be interesting". While Diana finally came to her senses thanks to her magical items she saw both the villains ready to go again.

Mongul started to punch again and again at her breasts and abs while avoiding her punches, and then Dr Crane used his hand to rip off her star spangled shorts. When Diana tried to get him by swinging her hand he just ducked and kissed her on the lips. He had finally fulfilled his fantasy to kiss the most beautiful woman in the universe now all he had to do was to fuck her.

Diana was surprised and tried to punch him again, but by this time she had begun to slow down. Crane easily avoided her punch and slapped her, her face in the opposite direction straight at Mongul's chest. Mongul grabbed her hair and out her head in between his thighs, he then easily picked the tired heroine by her legs onto his shoulders and then pummelled the heroine back into the ground. Diana was now barely conscious, she was in an awkward position her legs were still in the air resting on Mongul'sbody while her waist were deeper into the ground than the rest of her upper body. It seemed like her breasts were being crushed between her head and her abs.

Scarecrow stepped over the amazon and pressed both her breasts all the while making a honking noise. Mongulgot up laughing realising his victory over the amazon, causing her legs to drop onto the floor. Diana was sweating heavily, her hair stuck on her face and her breasts moving up and down. Sweat was running from the top of the breast to her belly button, most of her clothes were ripped in the battle.

Scarecrow then lifted her up by her hair and pushed her slightly. Diana was barely standing up herself and was finding it hard to balance herself. Crane then picked up the lasso and easily brought her hands behind her back and tied the rope around her hands.

Diana eyes were still filled with fight as she looked at Mongul who was now completely naked in front of her, "Defiant till the end, well that's gonnachange after I'm done ravishing your pretty body". He then tore the rest of her clothes leaving only her girdle. Mongul moved closer, his penis was now fully erect and was about 15 inch in size. He kept smiling smugly as his penis kept brushing in between her thighs; while Crane was also naked and stood behind her started to massage her waist and her started to squeeze her ass. He then began to rub his penis up and down her ass crack.

"Well wonder woman, you're now going to live your fears." Crane said while moving her hair that was stuck to her face, to the back.

Diana was completely angry with herself for ending up so helpless. She got overconfident with herself and that that her powers would increase a lot as she reached closer to the magical power source. Maybe she had to get much closer to the power source, until then she had to somehow control herself or even survive against these bastards.

Mongul was towering over her with an evil smirk on his face, holding his big, thick dick with his hand. "Let's get down to breaking you, shall we!" he then quickly stabbed his manhood into her vagina. Diana screamed at the top of her lungs, she felt his thrust lift her up of the floor. Mongul held her thin waist by his hands as he started to drill in and out of her, he was now taking out all the frustrations and defeats he faced against her in their previous battles. His thrusts had the strength to take out even a green lantern cause now his own powerful strength was increased now thanks to the yellow ring.

Crane was gobsmacked by how powerful wonder woman was fucked; she was like a doll that kept shaking uncontrollably. Sweat kept flying off of her body and her hair kept moving up and down as well. She kept biting her lips, her face were facing up into the sky with her eyes closed trying not make her pleasure known, or as if praying to her gods. Either way her body was now fully covered in sweat which made her look even more delicious, today no god was going to stop the Scarecrow from dining this feast. He then used his ring to levitate and reach her ass.

"AAHHH!" Diana screamed as she felt a stick stabbed into her asshole. She turned back to see the other psycho villain Dr Scarecrow had also joined in to humiliate her. He smelled her hair, and then pulled her head back with her hair and started to kiss her neck.

She couldn't take it as both their dicks were inside her body, invading her narrow private places. Lots of Sweat was now running from her body as both the villains kept ploughing into her; meanwhile Mongulwent for her left breast and started to suck on the nipple and his other hand started to fondle and rub her right breast.

Diana was starting to get aroused by these monsters, the thought itself made her sick. One of a disadvantage being a powerful woman was never properly finding any real danger and pleasure, so she had subconsciously let herself go; her heartbeat was rising and her vagina has started to cum. She was starting to feel dizzy; all this sexual activity was starting to drain her energy.

Diana then started to have the biggest orgasm in her life, her body started to convulse and shake. This only further encouraged both the villains to drive quicker into her. After they cummed into her they threw her into the ground. Diana was breathing rapidly and was semi-conscious, though she was happy these psychos had stopped playing with her; another couple of minutes and she would have definitely lost her mind.

Mongul said, "we aren't done with you, we're gonna take you to the boss".

Diana was dragged into the cave via her hair by Scarecrow, not knowing what awaited her.

To be continued.....