Wonder Woman Trapped in the Mansion  

By BigBoob 58

Wonder Woman

Hello. The following fan fiction borrows characters freely and without permission. Since they aren't mine, they revert to their natural state of existence at the close of this story. The Chiken and all related concepts first appeared in a story "I feel like Chiken tonight". Again, although I didn't ask permission, I also didn't copy the concepts in that story and I encourage you to seek it out on this very web page. Likewise Sensi-material or something exactly like it appear in an old Batgirl fan fic. This is another series of stories worth seeking and reading and again, I'm using the concept but with different intent and I thank both of the creators for their understanding. This is an adult themed story and is posted on a free web site. I have no intent to make any profit from it. If you post this somewhere else, please let me know so I can pay my latest bastard child a visit.

Chapter I - The Rescue.

She hovered over the three story mansion for nearly fifteen minutes as she studied the one hundred year old structure looking for any unguarded entrance where she could get inside the foreboding walls. The roof was pristine and the angles prevented anyone without mountain climbing experience and specialized equipment from using this as a point of attack. The walls were recently tuck pointed and despite the red brick construction, lacked any sort of foothold or handhold for any person taller than Ray Palmer in his alter ego. She considered calling him in but the death of his wife and the sudden death of his successor left him in a state of mental distress.

Her invisible plane could not be seen nor could she as long as she remained inside and the engine was is muffled so she could fly as close to the structure as she dared. The wind was calm and she swooped down alongside the third floor and tried to look in the windows. The windows defeated her. The design prevented anyone from seeing inside. She assumed that light could penetrate but some optic magic allowed the inhabitants to maintain their privacy. As she made another pass, she noticed a vehicle leaving the grounds. Her key eyesight identified the truck as a grocery delivery service and she tailed the vehicle until it put five miles distance between it and the mansion. She landed the plane five minutes ahead of the path of the Grocery vehicle and transformed herself into her civilian identity of Diana Prince. By the time the vehicle drove around the sweeping curve, IADC agent Prince was in the middle of the lane and displaying her badge. She waved the driver to the curb and hopped into the van.

"I need to ask you a few questions about your last delivery," Diana said to the twenty four year old partially balding red headed man behind the wheel.

"I really don't know much about the Jacobsen Mansion," replied the driver.

"Any idea how many people live there?"

"No," he replied. "This week they only ordered a thousand dollars of groceries. Usually it's quite a lot more."

"They must be feeding an army up there,"

The red headed driver shook his head. "I think we handle the meat. One of our competitors handles the canned goods and vegetables. One time we showed up on the same day and the girl who let us in was very embarrassed."

"It was that obvious?"

"I probably shouldn't say anything," the driver replied. "But the people who let us in the pantry are never clothed.'

"They walk around naked," Diana asked innocently. She was well aware of the type of place that the Jacobsen Mansion was but she didn't know anything about the driver.

"She was wearing some really kinky stuff," he responded. "They all do, at least the women that open the door. I've never seen a man in that place. I didn't get the account until old Eddie retired and he suggested I might want the gig. When I showed up the first time, I nearly lost control. Now I just enjoy the view. You're not going to mess this up for me are you?"

"I don't care what people do in the comfort of their own forty room mansions but I have an assignment to locate a missing young woman and my information points to Jacobsen Mansion. Before I go knocking on the door, I want to know as much about the residents as I can find out." She paused to clear her throat. "You've been helpful and on behalf of the government I want to thank you. Is there anything else you can tell me?"

"Only that the door is always locked," the red head replied. "They eat enough for twenty people most times and they pay promptly. The commission is fabulous and I hope they're not crooks."

Diana opened the door and hopped out of the van. She shut the door and waited until the van was out of sight before she twirled in a tight circle and transformed into her super powered alter ego, Wonder Woman. When she stopped spinning, her right hand drifted to her magic girdle and tugged it to insure the shiny golden belt was secure. Her left hand fixed her tiara. For a time, her sisters had deposed her mother as Queen and she lost the royal insignia of the crown princess. Then her JLA teammate Batman provided her with a plain copy of the head piece. It wasn't as flexible since it wasn't made of the magic golden metal in Hephaestus' furnace but it served most other functions and the weight felt good on her brow. Her red bustier tightly hugged her rib cage and the golden accents that doubled as armor made her healthy bosom more noticeable if that was possible. Her shapely hips were covered by the royal blue hot pants she favored at this time of year and the field was littered with five pointed white stars too numerous to count. She wore mid heeled red fashion boots since they were the most comfortable footwear available. She tried sandals, dressier and higher fashion boots, Go-Go boots and regular heels but these were the style she returned to. Her Amazon sister Lyssandra made all her footwear, at least for her heroine self and Lyssi liked making these more than any of the other styles.

Her invisible plane rested where she left it on an open field that sat thirty feet lower than the roadway where she just finished her interview. The plane was flying back towards Jacobsen Mansion and arrived in two minutes. She took another quick look at the grounds and then she flew a quarter mile away just out of sight of the highest point on the building. He cockpit slid open and the wind pushed her hai straight back. It felt great and she lingered a moment before standing straight up. She directed the plane to return to Themyscira after she disembarked and then she stepped onto the left wing. Wonder Woman could fly, well she could glide with the wind currents and didn't need to the plane to take to the air. The reason she kept it was that it allowed her to remain unseen as she approached a given destination and it could fly faster than she could and longer. She could conserve her strength when she expected to be in a battle. Today, she needed the stealth aspect and since that part was complete, she left the plane and she saw it change course and begin the long trip to her island home.

She landed softly in a field on the other side of a natural hill and began her approach to the rear of Jacobsen Mansion. The sun was setting and the rear of the Mansion faced west. Batman and Steve Trevor would approve of her timing and her use of the setting sun to conceal her approach. At the edge of the Mansion grounds, a ten foot brick fence, made of the same style brick as the Mansion's walls stopped her momentarily. She crouched slightly and launched herself into the air. Her foot touched the angled top of the fence. Yet another security feature. A typical fence had a narrow but flat top. This fence did not allow that small respite and she didn't allow her full weight to land on the inverted "V" before she pushed off and settled into the lush green grass behind a tall evergreen. She quickly closed ground and dropped to her belly before crawling around the tall tree. She looked at the building and noticed no lights in the windows. There was no evidence that anyone was inside. She rose to her knees before standing and moving slowly from tree to tree as she neared the rear doorway.

The back door sat underneath a canopy supported by four white pillars. It was solid wood, possibly oak, and varnished rather than painted. The handle was old gold, faded and effete in several ways. Now that she was close to the windows, She noticed strong bars on each window and realized this wasn't a feasible entry point so she made her way to the pantry door where she observed the grocery truck earlier in the day. She tested the door but it was solidly sealed. Her informant usually proved reliable and Wayne Enterprises covered any property damage for which she was blamed, but Wonder Woman wanted to avoid leaving evidence of her presence unless it was needed to rescue Melody Oxford. Melody worked in the State Department as a Foreign Operations liason. She tracked the activities of specific operatives. Melody also had the reputation as possessing the best body in the entire Civil Service. She hadn't shown up for work on Monday and her roommate didn't know where she was. Her family members and her emergency contacts didn't help and the matter quickly migrated to the desk of Prentice Concepcion, the Director of the I. A. D. C. for resolution,

Two of Melody's operatives were in serious situations and the time it took to adjust their contact information would probably prove fatal. Concepcion summoned Diana Prince into his office at 10:30 AM and assigned her the case. Before she got out of her chair, data pertaining to the use of Melody Oxford's personal history, recent credit card use, and habits were uploaded to the palm pilot Diana carried everywhere in her secret identity. Forty minutes later, she was rousting one Ernie Finch, the owner of a singles bar where Melody last used her charge card. Finch recognized the picture only because his regular bar tender called in sick and he filled in. He couldn't remember when she left but he thought it was right around midnight. He gave a description of a blonde man who stood about six foot three and was rather stocky but not overweight. The man dressed in leather accented clothing and Diana tried to remember the name of one of her recent antagonists. It took five seconds before she recalled Isaac Jacobsen. Jacobsen lived the life of a fourth generation millionaire with a perverse world view. He had a lot of spare time and used it to satisfy his sexual needs. His partners weren't always willing participants. Rumors about a privately maintained group of predatory operatives were unproven but probably accurate. For a long time, Jacobsen shadowed Wonder Woman and at the conclusion of an awards ceremony only last year, he succeeded in removing her magic girdle and chaining her wrists. Diana shuddered at the memory and thanked Bruce for insisting on training her to deal with such a situation. Jacobsen thought her helpless and paid for his carelessness when she kicked him in his cock with enough force to disable him. By the time she freed her wrists, three of his goons showed up and hustled him to a waiting SUV. Her normal strength was insufficient to break down the door where he'd tossed the golden girdle and she was obligated to contact Clark for help. She confronted Jacobsen but he claimed that it was one of his look-alikes and that the man had fled the country. Jacobsen introduced her to six such body doubles and she had to admit that she couldn't tell them apart.

"That's why they're part of my security team," Jacobsen spat. "It keeps my insurance premiums under control."

He had sidled up to her and offered her the opportunity to spend the night together. She controlled the temptation to kick him again and left in a huff. Now he was a possible suspect in another criminal act. She used her hand held device to display his picture and showed it to Ernie.

"Yes, that's him," Ernie said without pause.

Back on the door stoop of Jacobsen's Mansion, Wonder Woman stood and as a matter of habit, placed her hands on her hips. The sun was completely down now and the air started to convey the evening chill of early April in the Northeastern United States. None of this affected Wonder Woman despite her skimpy attire. Her genetics allowed her to comfortably operate in any climate on the planet including underneath the oceans as long as she retained her golden girdle. If Isaac Jacobsen was holding Melody Oxford, she might be enduring unthinkable tortures. While she flew towards the Mansion in the early afternoon, Wonder Woman ran a check on Jacobsen's recent history. He owned ten patents and each was for some form of involuntary restraint. She actually shivered as she looked at the displays on the screen. Her career had been interrupted a number of times by evil people who bound, gagged and otherwise abused her. It occurred to her that she might be able to slip inside when the other grocery supplier arrived but she had no idea how many days that might be. Time worked against her and she couldn't think of another alternative so she made her way to the Mansion's front entrance and grabbed the oversized brass knocker. She banged it three times and stepped back from the large oak door. Her hearing picked up the sound of footsteps and the door creaked open. A grey haired man poked his head outside the door and looked at Wonder Woman in amazement.

"Mr. Jacobsen didn't tell me he was hosting another costume ball," the elderly man. "And where is your escort. No woman ever comes to this mansion by herself or willingly for that matter."

Wonder Woman was intrigued and she realized she had one chance to get inside the door so she paused before saying anything.

"Well, never mind the mutterings of an old goat," the grey haired man said. He pushed the door open wide and gestured for her to enter. Wonder Woman walked over the threshold before her luck changed and she heard the door slam closed. Two bolts clicked in place and the elderly man was at her side faster than she thought possible. He placed his right hand at the small of her back and slid it down towards her buttocks. Before Diana could protest, he slid his hand inside her royal blue hot pants and down to her rear entry.


"Just making sure you're properly plugged," he explained and Wonder Woman turned red in embarrassment. "You don't seem to have anything here." His finger was probing the small muscles that guarded her bottom and then he withdrew his hand. Wonder Woman didn't react as he spun her around to face him and his adventurous hand was down the front of her hot pants before she could utter a word. His finger quickly found her pulsing lower lips and the tip of his middle finger rubbed against her growing clit without any preamble. Wonder Woman noticed the art on the walls as she endured the probing digit and she realized that the pictures all depicted bondage acts. Some of the images were especially brutal and she gasped as the combination of the images and the invading finger registered. Then the hand was gone as quickly as it had arrived and she realized her breath was labored.

"This is completely wrong," the elderly man said. "You aren't properly dressed and you're neither restrained nor stuffed. Master Jacobsen will be extremely upset."

"Would it be possible for me to see Mr. Jacobsen?" Wonder Woman asked as her voice finally returned.

"Not dressed like this," the man replied. "That outfit may be acceptable in public, but it isn't allowed here. Mr. Jacobsen's female guests must follow the appropriate rules and you aren't doing so."

"What if I changed into something different?"

"I suppose I could ask him if he has time," the elderly man droned on a bit. "He did bring home a new girl this morning and he likes to make sure they're settled in. If you promise to put on the outfit I give you without complaint, I'll finish your preparation and take you to the Master."

"I can't allow you to restrain me," Wonder Woman told the man and he smiled at the thought. "If you can lend me something that doesn't confine my arms or legs, then I promise to put it on and make any adjustments you require."

"Fine," he said and he started to walk towards a small room Wonder Woman hadn't observed before. She followed him and he led her into an unlit room. When the lights went on, Wonder Woman stopped and became motionless. The room overflowed with a great number of women's garments and very few of them looked comfortable. The racy pictures on the walls were a good indicator of what was in store for her. The elderly man had his back to her as he rummaged through the variety of scanty panties and revealing bras so she quickly spun counter clockwise and held the spin an extra few moments. When she stopped, she was completely naked. She looked for a place to sit but there wasn't a chair in sight. The elderly man straightened and as he slowly turned, he said, "You should take your clothes off."

He eyes bulged as he beheld the undressed brunette and he nearly dropped everything he was holding. Then he composed himself and crossed the few steps to where Wonder Woman used her hands in an attempt to cover her breasts. Her hairy patch served to hide her lower entry and she blushed as she reached for the first item that the man handed to her. It appeared to be a pair of thick rubber circlets connected together and barely attached to two thin cords.

"What is this?" she asked as she looked the garment over.

"It's known as a loop bra," the gray haired man told her. "Please put it on."

"I don't think it will fit," Wonder Woman replied. She held the rubberized loops in front of her firm breasts and placed her nipples in the holes. The rubberized surface easily fit the lower end of her breasts and the elderly man looked at her with disgust.

"Keep pulling it on," he instructed. :You promised to wear whatever I provided and that's not the correct way to wear your bra."

Wonder Woman tugged at the thick tubes and the surface rolled up her breasts and began to spread to accommodate her large size. She continued to pull until the rubberized tubes touched her torso. The material began to shrink and squeezed her upper breasts gently. Her usually sturdy breasts were more prominent than ever and poked straight out. The old man smiled as her nipples pointed straight at his face. Wonder Woman took the thin hanging cords and tied them together behind her back. The man moved behind her and untied the cords. He pulled them tighter and retied them making Wonder Woman's breasts more obvious. She noticed her nipples had become very excited and the color was the much deeper red they became whenever she was aroused. The elderly man reached over her shoulder to display the next part of her new costume. The panties were royal blue and were more of a garter style than something that might cover her body. She took hold of the panties and the man released them. Then she stooped forward and lifted her left leg which slipped into the appropriate slot before she reversed the process and had her legs in the scanty garment. She slid the silky panties up over her thighs and pulled them in place. Both of her lower holes remained exposed allowing her companion to appreciate her new outfit.

Diana looked at the old man and asked, "What is your name?"

"I'll answer this question but I must warn you that you shouldn't be speaking in this house unless you're spoken to first," He said before inhaling noisily. 'I'm called Felix Mactavish by my friends. I've worked for Mr. Jacobsen for over thirty years and I enjoy what I do. You need to finish getting dressed so I can present you to Mr. Jacobsen and return to my duties."

He fell silent and went to a different part of the room to select her footwear. Wonder Woman's new boots turned out to be shiny patent leather thigh high fashion boots with five inch heels.

'I won't be running away while I'm wearing these boots' she thought. After he pulled the boot's last forward and exposed the inner part of the heel, Felix grabbed her ankle and she lifted it to allow him to position the boot at her toe tips. Her foot fit inside and he unrolled the last of the boot and smoothed it along her leg. Despite herself, Wonder Woman felt a tingle in her nether region. The other boot was in place and she teetered as she stood in her new shoes. Felix's bones creaked as he rose from his knees and he was quickly poking into a different corner for a bit before he returned. In his hands he carried very fashionable gloves. The gloves were soft kid leather and as black as her boots. They seemed to be a little tight and Wonder Woman observed her muscled arms through the material. As she admired her gloves, Felix grabbed the underside of her left breast and lifted it even higher. Her nipple was very excited and Felix looked at the reddened bud closely.

" You've been pierced before," he observed and Wonder Woman found herself blushing again. "Was it painful?"

"It was excruciating as I recall," she replied. Felix gently massaged the bottom of her breast which led her to become slightly moist between her legs. "I don't think this is part of our understanding," she stammered as he continued the slow rubbing with his left hand. Then he displayed his right hand for her and she recoiled as much as she could manage without falling on her butt. Felix held a small weighted clamp and he placed it on the hardened red nub of her left breast. He tightened the clamp until he saw the telltale hint of a tear in her eyes.

"Do hold still," he instructed as his right hand closed on her right breast and began to finish the process of exciting her other nipple. When he was satisfied he placed a matching clamp over the bud and tightly screwed it in place. The pain was sharp at first but this wasn't the only time Wonder Woman had endured this style clamp and she knew the pain would subside. As she struggled to accommodate the latest physical test, Felix left the room. He was back in less than two minutes and he carried a four foot long leash in one hand and a paper bag in the other.

"I really don't want to wear a dog collar," Wonder Woman said.

Felix looked at her and he made a shushing motion with his finger to his lips.

"I told you not to speak unless you were spoken to first," he said. "House rules require a penalty be paid."

Felix wrapped the leash loosely around Wonder Woman's neck and returned to the wall where he obtained the nipple clamps from. He returned carrying two balls that dangled from short thin silver chains. Each of the chains attached magnetically to the base of Wonder Woman's nipple clamps and tugged at her large firm rack.

"Your first offense so simple one pounders will be punishment enough," he said. He walked a circle around Wonder Woman as she teetered on her heels and stopped when he was face to face with her.

"You don't want to be collared?" he half asked and half stated. "You don't want to be chained. I can't imagine why you came here."

He threw his hands in the air as if resigned and then he smiled. "You may be pleased to know there is only one more item for you to wear before I present you to Mr. Jacobsen."

Felix's hand slipped into the pocket where he'd kept the nipple clamps and he pulled out an item Wonder Woman didn't immediately recognize. It looked like two small round balls attached to a thin flat sheet of plastic that was not much wider than two rulers sitting side by side. The sheet tapered in the middle and Wonder Woman watched as Felix pressed two specific spots on the bottom surface of the new device. The balls deflated and receded into the thick tubes upon which they sat.

"You appear confused. I must assume you haven't seen this particular toy before," he said. She nodded in response, unwilling to risk further abuse. Felix was on his knees in front of her and she watched as he pressed the end of the plastic board against her flesh. The short tube on the inside slid onto the top of her lips but barely penetrated her and she felt his hand slapping her inner thigh gently. She spread her legs apart and he pressed the rest of the plastic sheet against her flesh between her legs and then he used the attached belts to connect the upper ends of the plastic sheet together. The second tube rested just outside her anus and barely was noticeable. Felix released a small metal ring from the outside of the plastic sheet and attached the leash to the ring.

"Follow me," he said and he pulled on the leash. Wonder Woman struggled to walk in the fashion boots. The only thing that allowed her to keep up with Felix was his advanced age and slow gait as he led her out of the dressing room and over to the stairwell. They slowly descended to the first basement and walked into the center of the open room. Wonder Woman was amazed at the various forms of confinement in the room. A Spanish Horse sat next to a modified exercycle. The exposed support beams featured a multitude of hand and ankle cuffs. There were a number of devices and only three were occupied as the pair made their way to the dressing stand where Isaac Jacobsen was placing a variety of bondage gear on Melody Oxford. Melody's hands and feet weren't confined and she didn't seem to mind as Isaac placed a number of different gags in her mouth.

"Excuse me sir," Mactavish said as they stopped ten feet from the hard working Isaac Jacobsen. He looked up and saw Wonder Woman trailing behind his butler. His face filled with a wide smile as he recognized his newest guest.

"Have you brought me something Mr. Mactavish?" he asked and the butler handed him a small device that resembled a remote control pad.

"Thank you," Jacobsen said. "You can get back to work Felix."

The butler moved away slowly and Jacobsen approached Wonder Woman. She shied as he reached out and gently stroked her breasts.

"Very nice," he observed and he called after the butler who was starting up the stairwell. "Is this number four, Felix?"

"Yes sir." Was the reply but the butler kept going, Jacobsen placed his hands on her hips and looked into her eyes.

"You have a reputation for kicking people,' he said and he grinned in an evil way. He pushed her legs together and Wonder Woman realized she couldn't separate them. Then he grabbed her left wrist and moved behind her before grabbing her right wrist and pulled both arms towards his body. He pressed the fashion gloves together and Wonder Woman's arms were stuck together.

"Your accents have industrial strength Velcro imbedded in the material," he told her. "From inside the boots and gloves you don't have the leverage to free yourself."

Jacobsen's hands grabbed her breasts beneath the clamps dangling from her nipples and squeezed them tightly. She gasped at the unwanted attention and both noticed the change in the air as the aroma of her arousal spread.

"You aren't as prim and proper as you present yourself to be," Jacobsen said. He released her breasts and pulled her body close until she lost her balanced and leaned against him. His hands found her plump rear end and he began to rub her roughly. After a few moments, he pushed her gently and didn't let go until she managed to recover her balance.

"Why would you walk in here and allow this to happen to you?" he asked. "You don't strike me as someone who would just give up at least not without a major battle.'

"Your friend on the dressing stand works for the government," Diana blurted out, gasping for breath as she spoke. "She is involved in a very sensitive project and the security of the United States depends in some part on her ability to do her job."

"So you expect me to release her to you just because you ask nicely?"

"Yes," Wonder Woman replied. "Tell me Mr. Jacobsen, what is your net worth?"

"Over twenty million dollars," Jacobsen replied. "It's a matter of public record."

"If Miss "Oxford doesn't return to her desk in the next six hours, you're likely to be worth twenty cents," Wonder Woman replied. "I doubt that that will buy you lessons in the Chinese language."

"That excuse is so stupid it must be true," Jacobsen said. He raised the remote and pointed it at Wonder Woman. She didn't understand until she felt the pressure inside her lower entries. The balls were penetrating her and there wasn't anything she could do to avoid it. They weren't large enough to fill her and they didn't need to be. When the pressure caused by their expansion stopped, the vibrations started. First the one in her rear pulsed and she tried to lean forward to escape it, This allowed the front invader better access to her pussy and it sprang to life. The ball was soft enough to fill her and spread against her inner walls. The vibrations worked her mercilessly and the pungent aroma became stronger as she surrendered to the invasive device.

"You have no control at all especially considering you are such a superior woman," Melody Oxford said from her seat on the dressing stand. While Isaac was abusing the super heroine, she started to remove the sexy clothing Jacobsen had dressed her in.

"Ike, I think I really need to go," she said in a soft coquettish voice. "I totally forgot about that thing and it is important."

Jacobsen looked at his companion and he lifted his finger off the remote. Wonder Woman's stimulation slowed until it stopped. She managed not to fall to the ground and she was sweating extensively. Jacobsen ignored her as he assisted Melody off the stand and helped her to remove the last of her outfit.

"I need to catch a shower," she said to Jacobsen. "You have about twenty minutes to play with your toy before we leave. I'll try to make some time this weekend but if I ever see her here again, we're quits." Oxford stomped off and her feet fell heavy on the stairs as she made her way to the bathroom Jacobsen provided for her.

"You have nine lives," Jacobsen said to the Amazon warrior as she trembled in place. "Since I have no desire to learn a new language or work for a living, I'm going to let you leave with Melody. However, we are not through. Before you go, I want you to do one more humiliating thing for me. After I get you out of this lovely costume, I want you to go and stand in that tube."

He pointed to a floor-to-ceiling tube located in the far corner.

"You'll remain there until Melody returns and then you can get dressed and leave." He removed the clamps first and then he freed her limbs before unrolling the boots and gloves. She rolled the tight bra off her breasts while he shimmied the crotchless panties over her wide hips. After she was naked again, she walked directly to the tube. As she approached it, the side slid open and she stepped inside. Then the tube closed and she stood in the middle, staring at Jacobsen.

"Why am I in here?" Wonder Woman asked.

"I have no obligation to answer your questions," Jacobsen replied. "And you seem to feel that my rules don't apply to you. When you return, I will address your second offense as I see fit. Oh and you wll return except it will be on my terms."

Wonder Woman stood with her hands at her sides, glaring at the blond man and studying his muscular body. 'If he wasn't such a cold bastard, he might be an interesting companion' she thought and then she tried to flush the thought from her consciousness. When Melody returned to the basement, the side of the tube slid open and Wonder Woman emerged. At that moment, she wanted to make Isaac Jacobsen pay for the humiliation but she also needed to get Melody Oxford to the State Department fast.

Wonder Woman assumed the standard position and began to spin. The flash of magical lightning obscured her for a moment and then she was fully dressed in her preferred outfit. Her hand adjusted her tiara as she checked her magic girdle, It sat above the widest part of her shapely hips as it always did and her star spangled royal blue hot pants covered her for the first time in quite a while. The golden armor of her bustier rubbed against her sensitive nipples but she shook off the sensation and started for the stairwell.

"We had better not cross paths again Mr. Jacobsen," she said. "You will regret our next meeting."

Melody stole a kiss and then fell in step behind the heroine. They exited the front door and Wonder Woman hoisted her companion in her arms and leaped into the air. She landed on the wing of her invisible plane and mentally directed it to fly to the state department. She was pleased that this adventure was finished.

End Chapter One


Isaac Jacobsen worked a few keys and the image of the naked Amazon Princess filled his screen. The image moved in a circular motion and displayed her entire body from every horizontal angle. He shifted the angle and enjoyed a thorough view of her from below. If he chose, he could enlarge the image and count the hairs covering her lower lips. He shifted to an image taken from an angle above her head and stared at her shapely shoulders and the top of her breasts. When he completed reviewing the images, he saved the file and then downloaded a copy to his zip drive. Then he exported a copy to the mainframe at his place of business. The moment the file uploaded, it was imported into a highly secure drive and converted into the special computer language used by this drive's only active program. Wonder Woman's body would be measured and the results used to manufacture the bondage toys Jacobsen intended to use when Wonder Woman returned to his mansion. He knew she would return because she would need to protest her secret identity. Once he matched her face from the scanner booth to the face of her other identity on the internet, he would compel her to submit.

If that plan failed, he had two other plans in the works. He rubbed his palms together and then he logged off the work station. He shut the lights in the basement off and instead of going up the stairs to the main floor, he pressed a well hidden stud and a part of the walls separated in front of him revealing the elevator. He stepped in and selected sub basement two. None of his publically known girlfriends knew of the existence of the three lower levels. None of the women who discovered their existence ever enjoyed that knowledge.

Chapter two: The Last Days of Diana Prince?

For Wonder Woman, the rescue of Melody Oxford was nothing more than another successful mission in a series of successful adventures. Melody completed her essential functions and the United States was spared embarrassment and loss of life. In the next week alone, Wonder Woman helped avert a nuclear holocaust, saved a kidnapped U.S. Representative, completed ten hours of monitor duty for the Justice League and managed to present an operations report to her boss that didn't mention her presence. The was one of those times when she used her golden lariat to alter Melody's memory of the evening's events and the Oxford woman spoke highly of Special Agent Diana Prince's actions.

For the first time in three weeks, Wonder Woman found the time to enjoy a leisurely bath. She rested her head on the rim of the tub and allowed her lengthy hair to dangle towards the floor. Her shoulders barely peaked over the bubbly surface of the tub water and the remainder of her body was submerged in the refreshing hot water. The bubbles originated from a special soap her Amazon sisters developed and the concoction cleaned her and removed her body aches at the same time. The tray she used when she wanted to read was still stored under the bench that sat against the north wall of her designer bathroom. She laid flat in the tub, her eyes closed and her breathing keeping time with the Beethoven symphony that her stereo system was pumping into the room. She really needed this and the fact that her body clock was telling her that the hour she allotted for the bath was nearly over was the only stress Diana currently felt.

The curtains which were stored on the left side of the tub between the edge of the porcelain and the wall came active and began to surround her tub. As they closed, Diana quickly weaved her luxurious hair into a bun and pulled the small shower cap over her locks. The shower head sprang to life as soon as the curtains finished containing her and sprayed the soapy bubbles off her many curves. Wonder Woman stood up and rotated slowly to allow the spray to completely cleanse her. Then the shower head stopped and Diana reached for the large towel hanging from the bar and dried herself off.

She walked from the bathroom to her bedroom and shook her head vigorously to remove any evidence of the bun her hair had been in during the rinsing cycle. She stopped and glanced at her naked body in the mirror. Her hair flowed freely and would until she finished dressing. Then she would strangle it into the mid-back length ponytail that Diana Prince wore every day. She opened her lingerie drawer and pulled out the large uncomfortable flesh toned brassiere that man's society forced her to wear. Her superior physique, like all of her sisters, never needed the artificial garment to maintain her body. Her mother and a few of her fellow heroines explained why she needed to wear the hated under garment and she still hadn't gotten used to the process. She slid the metal clips in place and her breasts were confined….again. Her panties also were flesh toned and they were her preferred bikini style. She slid them home and took a moment to walk to the full length mirror and examine herself. She pulled her garter belt on and took a moment to flatten the upper garters before she sat on the edge of her bed. She pushed her toes into the right nylon and smoothed the fabric as she positioned it on her leg, Then she pulled the left nylon on. She stood and snapped the back garters in place and walked into her closet. She had three styles of white business blouses and four copies of each. None of them were fashionable and most had long sleeves. She selected one with a higher neck and decided to put it back and go with the most revealing style. She'd been extremely prudish since her visit to the Jacobsen Mansion and she needed to get past the experience. Then she put on a black woman's business suit. As her co-workers observed, they counted on death, taxes and Agent Prince wearing a black suit to work.

Diana Prince rode the Metro to work and enjoyed the three block walk from the station to the building that housed her cubical at the I.A.D.C. . One time she'd been accosted by a mugger. When the District's Police Department found the mugger, he was in severe pain and unable to describe the bitch who thrashed him so completely. Today, her walk was uneventful and pleasant. The temperature hadn't broken seventy and the humidity hadn't either. As she stepped off the elevator, she draped her ID badge over her neck and made her way into the I.A.D.C. office.

"Director Phlange wants to see you in ten minutes Diana," the receptionist told her.

Diana acknowledged the order and scurried to her desk to stow her briefcase and check her email. She struggled for several minutes because he password didn't work. She stopped when she noticed the clock and she hurried to Director Phlange's office. The short balding man was in the hallway a few yards outside his office and he gestured for Diana to follow him. Although he wasn't the friendliest person, the fact that he made no small talk worried Diana as she easily kept pace. They stopped outside the Human Resources office and Phlange finally spoke.

"Please give me your ID badge Agent Prince," he said and he held his hand out. Diana pulled the chain over her head and placed the badge in Phlange's hand. He held the door for her and she entered the HR office.

They went to a conference room where they were joined by Susan Anson, the Director of Human Resources.

"How are you today Diana," Ms Anson asked her and she replied with the standard, "O.K."

"We wanted to talk with you about something General Trevor found on the internet this morning," Anson said. "Actually his son found it and brought it to the General's attention." Anson had a lap top in front of her and she spun the device around. Diana was stunned by the full length .gif of her completely naked. She instantly recognized the tube where Isaac Jacobsen made her wait for so long.

"Have you had a change in a relationship recently?" Phlange asked her. "We know that things like this happen when relationships end badly."

"Well sir," Diana replied, "That's not even me." She waited until the video showed her back and said, "Please freeze that."

Diana stood up and pulled her blouse free from her skirt. She unbuttoned the lower part and pulled the blouse clear of her back. Both Phlange and Anson looked at the butterfly tattoo that sat low on her back. The bright red wings featured gold and blue specks and the same ink was clearly absent from the naked brunette in the video.

"Should I show you the lower part of this good luck insect?" she asked coyly. Anson frowned and Phlange squirmed uncomfortably. He was also struggling to free himself from beneath the glass covered conference room table.

"Keep your shirt on Agent Prince," Anson ordered. "In fact please tuck it where it belongs and take your seat."

Diana gratefully followed that instruction and sat back down facing Phlange. PHlange avoided eye contact for a few moments and nearly fell on his back as he finally extricated himself from the table.

"When we saw this we became concerned," Phlange said. "Despite your stellar record, it would only take one poorly chosen sexual partner to turn you into a double agent and the effect on National Security would be disastrous. You are so close to making Associate Director. This would seriously impact our image."

Diana nodded and accepted the non-apology because she knew it was as close as she would get to a real one. Anson let the video run and Diana watched herself on display for the entire world. The only thing that bothered her was the upcoming call from her mother. Finally, Anson snapped the top of the P.C. shut and pulled out a notepad.

"That woman could be your twin Agent Prince," Anson said. "You must understand that I am required to follow the I.A.D.C. procedures relevant to this situation. You're on paid leave effective at the conclusion of Internal Affairs investigation. Agent Price should be up here in ten minutes."

"What does that mean?" Diana asked.

"Well you need to take a lie detector test. Then the agency requires a physical examination and a thirty minute Mental evaluation. Afterwards, I believe you will be interviewed extensively until a resolution is reached. Before Price arrives, you need to fill out these documents that authorize a background check. Both Director Phlange and I believe you but we must protect the agency and the country."

"I understand," was Diana's reply. She took the pile of paper and studiously completed the forms. She knew that a small off the books division of Wayne Enterprises would confirm the facts she presented on the forms. Her handwriting was steady and betrayed no anxiety. She calmly followed the voluptuous agent Nina Price to another part of the building and submitted to the tests as required. Then agent Price escorted her to the front desk. Her photo was taken and her access privileges were revoked temporarily.

"I'm really sorry Diana," the young blonde told her and she embraced Diana tightly. "Hopefully this will blow over quickly. The bastards should have asked the people you work with. We all know that there's no possible way you could look that hot."

Diana moved through the open door quickly before her temper took over and once she reached the sunny sidewalk, she inhaled and held the fresh air to savor it. The process had been quick, and it was only two thirty in the afternoon on a warm sunny day. Diana Prince decided to make the most of her unexpected free time. Her mother would either see the video or discover it soon enough and she wanted to get the inevitable scolding out of the way. She thanked her mother for the foresight in having her get the tattoo as a method of concealing her identity. Diana's body was similar to Wonder Woman's but it wasn't exactly the same. Diana Prince was a magical construct of high end Amazon science. Her bruises would not appear on Wonder Woman's body and the tattoo would fool almost anybody. Still, Wonder Woman needed to get home. She walked down the street from the I'A.D.C. building as fast as she could hoping that nobody was near the alley where she went to transform herself to herr super powered self. She reached the alley and found an old fifty seven Chevrolet pickup parked across the mouth of the alley.

"Diana…Diana…" called a familiar voice from behind her.

She turned and watched as Melody Oxford hurried towards her. She was frustrated by her inability to turn into her more powerful identity but she couldn't afford to ignore anybody in a position to help her and Melody owed her for the rescue she accomplished three weeks earlier.

"I just heard about your suspension," Melody said and panted as she worked to catch her breath. "I needed to tell you how much I appreciated your help. You saved an undercover operation that took three years to set up."

"It was my pleasure Melody," Diana replied. Diana hoped the shorter blonde woman would leave but Melody made no effort to depart.

"Can I buy you a drink?"

After she evaluated any number of reasons to decline, Diana accepted and the women walked a little further down the street. When they reached the corner, Melody pointed at a bar across the road at a place with the sign "Players" posted in large letters over the front.

"I've heard interesting things about this bar," Melody told Diana. "They just opened here, but some of my friends in other cities swear by the good times they have when they go to this place."

"Is it some sort of franchise thing?" Diana asked.

"That's what I read," Melody replied. "Look the light turned green, let's go."

When they reached the door, Diana attempted to pull it open, but it didn't budge.

"Are they closed?" She asked Melody Oxford innocently.

"No, they like to restrict access to people who are comfortable around bound companions," Melody said. She reached into her purse and produced a black leather posture collar and a pair of handcuffs.

"I won't put those on," Diana said as soon as she realized what she was looking at.

"If you don't put these on me, we can't get in," Melody replied. "You've already seen me in much stricter bondage than this. Could you please put me in these so we can get inside? I'm thirsty."

Diana took the collar and opened the two straps that secured it. The inside was polished smooth and fit perfectly on Melody's neck. Melody held her shoulder length hair away from her neck to allow Diana to position the leather against her skin. Diana threaded the straps back through the buckles and after assuring herself that the device wasn't choking her friend, she secured the loose ends. Melody held her wrists in front of her and Diana snapped the chrome bracelets closed. A small thrill ran up her spine as she finished confining the thin wrists. Diana noticed a short three foot leash dangling from the front of the collar and she took it in her left hand.

The door opened and the hinges creaked. Melody giggled and Diana started inside the bar. A short brightly lit hallway led to the main room of the bar. Diana was relieved that most of the customers wore street clothing. She observed that everyone was paired off and one person in each pair was restrained. Melody's confinement was mild compared to some of the chained people. At the right side of the spot where the hallway met the main area, a short table stood three feet high and someone acting as hostess stood at the side of the maple table.

"May I direct you?:" asked the woman, but it took five tries before Diana understood the words. The hostess was gagged by a bright red rubber ball the size of a golf ball and it made her nearly incomprehensible.

"We wanted to get a drink," Diana said. "Is there a table or booth available?"

"Is this your first time here?' asked a masculine voice and Diana noticed a blonde man standing behind the hostess. She was beginning to have second thoughts about the whole drink thing when she noticed the man scowling at her.

"Yes sir," Diana replied.

"Well at least you have proper manners," the man replied. Diana looked at Melody and noticed she had her eyes pointed at the floor. Then she returned her attention to the man. "Did you decide to bring your friend or did your friend ask you to take her here?"

"My friend suggested this bar." Diana replied.

"Are you a member of any of the recognized bondage societies?" the man asked and Diana shook her head no. "I can't hear your brain rattle. Please verbalize all answers."

"No sir." Diana replied. She didn't need this on top of the crappy day she was already enduing.

"You're just going to get your drink and leave?"

"That is our plan sir," Diana replied.

"I suppose there's no harm," the blond man said. "My name is Gareth and if anyone asks, I am your sponsor for the evening. Please hold out your wrists."

Both Diana and Melody held out their left wrists(Melody held out both as she had no choice) and Gareth placed white ribbons on each woman's wrist. The ribbon fit flush against their skin and would be cut off on their way out the door. The ball gagged woman started out from the hostess desk and Diana noticed that she wore hobble chains. She could take no more than a two and a half foot step and she took a while to escort Diana and Melody to a corner booth. Diana slid in and expected Melody to follow, but Melody lowered herself to her knees. A topless male waiter in tight leather pants appeared as the hostess hobbled back to her work station.

"What will you be drinking this evening?" he asked.

Diana requested a glass of white wine and Melody nodded so she ordered the same for her kneeling companion. When the waiter returned, Diana's drink was in a thin stemmed crystal flute. Melody's beverage lay in a n open bowl and the waited placed it in front of the kneeling blonde.

"Cheers." Said Diana as she lifted her glass and Melody bent over to lap her drink out of the short bowl. They drank quietly and said nothing. When Diana was finished, the waiter returned. After she declined a second drink, he presented the bill and she paid him in cash along with a satisfactory tip. The ladies returned to the hostess desk and after the ribbons were removed, they departed. The afternoon had lapsed into the early twilight and Diana was relieved since she didn't want an audience as she removed Melody's handcuffs and collar.

"Did that interest you at all Diana?" Melody asked as Diana finished releasing her wrists.

"I'm aware of the lifestyle," she replied. "I don't find anything enjoyable about it."

"Perhaps you will learn to appreciate it," Melody said. "I think you have a promising future as a slave."

Diana scrunched her nose and looked at the shorter woman. "What do you mean?"

"I read your action report from the night you pulled me out of the Jacobsen mansion," Melody said. "I know you rescued me and I know the report indicates that that is what happened. However, my friend Isaac swears you were never there. His manservant Mactavish remembers preparing a woman dressed as Wonder Woman for presentation to Isaac, but he never saw you. Therefore it is logical that you are Wonder Woman."

Diana clamped her lips together tightly and considered her options.

"You lost your I.A.D.C. protection today and nobody will miss you for a while," Melody continued. "I don't think you want your dual identity exposed. The Department of Homeland Security would spend the next ten years filing charges against you."

At this point, Melody stepped closer and Diana started to get nervous. Her mouth was dry and she tried to think of some way out of this predicament.

"You're going to help me," Melody said in a low tone so only Diana could hear her. "Isaac Jacobsen is selling women into slavery but he isn't paying the required percentage to my Society. I was assigned to catch him in the act and allow us to seize his operation or at least force him to make the correct payments."

"If I help you, will you promise not to reveal my dual identity?"

"No," Melody replied. "My associates want to use you for a while. If I threw away this chance, I would lose my standing. Besides, I'd enjoy using you myself."

Melody placed her finger over Diana's lips and shushed her.

"You lost Wonder Prince," she said and her facial expression changed to a menacing stare. Diana slapped her hand away and decided that there was nothing to be gained by keeping her secret since Melody already knew so she positioned her feet and arms and started to perform the magical spin that triggered her transformation. As she had her hands in position, a gnarly male hand appeared over her shoulder and a dirty handkerchief covered her mouth. The hand clamped over her nostrils and mouth and pressed hard against her. She smelled the sickening odor of chloroform and resolved not to breathe until Melody punched her just below her ribcage. The involuntary reaction was to inhale deeply and the fumes of the sleep inducing chemical filled her airway. Diana's eyes rolled backwards and she leaned into the unseen man whose hand was robbing her of awareness. She saw a strip of duct tape being placed over the makeshift gag and then additional strips were placed to secure the foul rag. Her legs faded and she collapsed into the unseen arms. She barely felt a second pair of male hands lifting her legs and she was totally unconscious when she was roughly tossed into the back of pickup truck. The cap was shut and locked and the vehicle took off. Nobody on the street bothered to notice her abduction.

When Diana Prince woke, she was in an unfamiliar room lit by low power vapor lights that barely allowed her to see where she was. She struggled to sit up but she overcame the residual effects of the chloroform and a few kinks from laying in a bad position for a long time. The person that drugged her made no effort to see she was comfortable while she was unconscious. Diana stretched her arms and legs and almost had her muscles loosened when she realized she wasn't restrained. She got on her feet and made her way to the nearest wall. Diana examined the walls closely and looked at the two light fixtures. She couldn't detect any sort of surveillance devices. This puzzled her and it made her think about who could have kidnapped her. She remembered Melody Oxford telling her that she was Wonder Woman. Since she wasn't tied or chained, she assumed that Melody couldn't be responsible for her abduction. As she approached the door, her hand slid into her hair and found the lock pick that she kept hidden and she started working on the aged lock. As she probed the keyhole, her other hand rested on the knob. She slipped and her hand squeezed the knob and it rolled loosely. As she hit her butt, she pulled the door open. She quickly got on her feet and crouched low using the door as a shield. Nobody came down the unlit hall and she held her position for almost five minutes. Then she stood and exited the small room. The hall was narrow and she covered the distance in less than ten strides before reaching the stairwell. The stairs creaked as she climbed and the stairwell had no windows so she kept ascending. Her logic was that she could fly if she had the chance to transform into Wonder Woman and if her captors didn't know her identity, they would watch the lowest floors in order to keep her under control. She finally reached the top of the stairs and saw the floor number on the door. She was fourteen stories above the level she started at and she tried the door. It was locked and Diana didn't have the strength to bust the door down. Another examination of the immediate area failed to disclose any cameras or other spy devices. Diana found the widest part of the landing and began to spin. As she transformed, a magic bolt of lightning obscured her from anybody with normal sight. She slowed and stopped. She felt for her tiara and was satisfied it was in place. Then she tugged at her magic girdle and made certain it was secure atop her shapely hips. Her hips and upper thighs were covered by her traditional royal blue hot pants. Her upper body was barely covered by her famous form hugging boustier with golden armor accents strategically situated to provide protection. Her strength flowed through her and she relished the increased power for a moment before she placed her palms flat against the plain steel portal. She pushed steadily, increasing the pressure until she heard the hinges begin to squeal. Then the door fell away from her and fresh air pushed into the opening. Well, fresh for the part of Washington D.C. where she was standing anyway. She leaned forward, exposing only her head as she looked for any cameras or observers. There were no witnesses to her escape. She walked to the edge of the roof and leaned carefully against the three foot high wall that completely bordered the rooftop. She was on top of a building located at the border of a low rent residential area and a very smelly industrial park.

She paused to consider whether she should look for Melody in this building and then she decided to make her getaway. She would use the Justice League database to determine if Ms Oxford was missing. She launched herself off the roof and rose to a safe altitude before gliding to the apartment building where she lived. She was thankful for the light fog that covered most of the neighborhood where her apartment was located and she landed softly and quietly behind the tall sunflowers she planted every year to provide privacy for her arrivals and departures. Her apartment was silent and dark. She relaxed and entered the access code on the keypad that kept her balcony door locked. It slid open as it always did and she entered the great room. She pulled the door closed behind her and immediately walked to the front door to collect her mail. Her landlady removed her mail daily from the apartment mail box downstairs and slid it through the old fashioned mail slot that Diana installed in her door. This prevented her small post box from becoming overstuffed during her extended absences. All her bills were paid by a secret branch of WayneCorp but she insisted on tracking the expenses and paying Bruce back for the utilities. The pile was small since she had been home for the last several weeks. She noticed a box amid the pile and realized it was too large to fit through the slot.

"How did that get here?' she said in a low tone to herself.

"Mr. Jacobsen instructed me to place it there," said Felix Mactavish from his place in her recliner. "He told me that you would be expecting me."

"Hello Felix," Wonder Woman said to the elderly servant. "How did you get into this apartment?"

"Apparently you focused so intensely on Mr. Jacobsen's slaving activities that you ignored his legitimate enterprises," Felix replied. "His family made their money in home security. Lock-Tight Shoppe holds a market share that would be deemed a monopoly if enough congressmen decided to look into it. Fortunately, almost all of them are supported to some extent by Mr. Jacobsen's PAC and they are smart enough to avoid biting the hand that feeds them."

Wonder Woman sighed while she listened to Mactavish's reply. She looked for the other people who must be in her apartment and she listened for sounds that didn't belong. It took her a while to realize the two were alone.

"Ms Oxford is back in the basement where she belongs," Felix said. "You will be joining her after I finish preparing you for your visit. When Isaac's agents recovered her and her took the plain woman she was talking to, they heard her mention that she knew your other identity. By the time we reach Mr. Jacobsen's mansion, he may have removed the gag from her mouth long enough for her to share the name."

"So why are you here waiting in the dark?" Wonder Woman asked, "What do you hope to accomplish?"

"The woman who lives here is a loose end," Felix replied. "She knows enough about Jacobsen's other interests that she wrote a fairly convincing report on the "rescue" of Ms Oxford. Isaac wants her brought in for questioning. That can wait for my next visit since you are a much bigger catch."

Wonder Woman's hands balled up into fists and her elbows bent slightly to allow her fists to come to a rest at her hips in a familiar heroine action-ready stance. As she looked directly at Felix Mactavish, she started to sense an odd feeling in her body. The emotional wave was building slowly and seemed to be generating in her groin.

Felix broke into a smile and he shifted in the comfortable chair. Then as if he reached a decision, he started to get to his feet. Wonder Woman tensed as he straightened up and she mentally readied herself. Despite his appearance, Felix Mactavish was her enemy and she remembered that any misstep against the elderly man would be as troublesome as an error made fighting Hercules or Ares. She thought to adjust her stance to repel any attack but her hands just dropped to her sides as Felix walked towards her.

"You shouldn't fight me," Felix said. "You've already spoken several times without receiving permission and you will be very sore after I finish the required punishment. If you don't cooperate, you will regret it later."

Diana tried to lift her arms but her limbs hung uselessly at her sides. She began to sweat as Felix moved in front of her. His smile was hypnotic and she wanted to erase it from his face. Her arms refused to respond to her brain. Worse, her lower body was pulsing in a very pleasurable way and the combination of helplessness and pleasure was confusing her as badly as Melody Oxford's earlier revelation had done.

"You should turn around and face the wall behind you," Felix said in a neutral tone. Wonder Woman wanted to ignore him but her feet did exactly what Felix told them to do.

"Before you place your palms flat against the wall, show me where the zipper catch is hidden," Felix ordered and Diana reached behind her bustier to locate the top of the zipper. She lowered it the length of the zipper head and then she placed her palms flat against the wall.

"Lean forward so your weight rests on your hands," Felix ordered and again her body responded. His gnarled hands reached around her red top and began to pat her armored breasts over the material. With each tap, she felt her nipples become excited and she knew they were filling with the blood that made them grow prominently. Then Mactavish's hands moved along her body until they reached the lowered zipper. The sound of her bustier opening seemed loud and Felix didn't rush as he unzipped the red and gold top. When the zipper reached the base of her bustier, he pulled it free and pushed the loose sides forward. The bustier slid forward away from her breasts and hung on the end of her teats gamely. She didn't need to see Mactavish's face to know that his smile was wider than before.

"Use your left hand to pull your top off," Felix said and Wonder Woman grabbed the bustier as instructed. "Now fold it nicely. It's part of you and will increase your sale price. You may use both hands but when you're done, put your palms back on the wall."

Her nipples were ruby red and solid. They jutted out from her firm breasts reflecting the excitement she felt. Wonder Woman could not recall feeling this level of ecstasy before even when she was being fucked. Yet Mactavish barely touched her and she couldn't understand why she was in this state.

Mactavish's body leaned against her back as he removed her tiara from her head. After he set the golden crown down, he lifted her unruly black hair from behind and spent a moment examining her neck. He placed a finger at the base of her skull and slowly traced the surface of her skin with the tip of his finger, descending along her spine until he reached the spot where her butt cheeks separated. Sjhe felt a thrill and a surge of electricity as his finger was removed from the upper part of her royal blue hot pants.

"You should loosen this golden belt now,' Felix said and Wonder Woman's hands revealed one of her greatest secrets to the observant man as she unlocked her magic girdle. She brought the golden artifact in front of her body and folded it in the proper way to store it when she didn't need it. She turned to face Mactavish in the hope that her breasts would distract him long enough for her to escape whatever hold he had on her. In her mirror, she noticed the bulge in Felix's pants. It was evident that he appreciated her gorgeous melons but his concentration held and his hold on her didn't fluctuate for a moment. She handed him the small bundle of her source of strength and without being told, returned to her position leaning against her wall. She heard him drop the Magic girdle in the pile of her uniform parts as it clanked against her tiara. When he returned to her, he slid his thumbs inside the upper edge of her hot pants and he tugged firmly. Her hot pants slid easily down her legs and she closed the gap between her feet to allow her pants to pile at her ankles.

"Pick them up slowly," Felix ordered. "Fold them neatly and add them to the rest of your uniform."

When Wonder Woman bent over, her butt cheeks parted and Mactavish enjoyed a clear view of her nether entries. He smelled the scent of her arousal and noted the tiny amount of moisture as it formed on the ends of her pubic hair. As she placed her hot pants on top of the other parts of her uniform, Felix instructed her to sit down. Then she endured the process of having Mactavish remove her uniform boots one at a time. She was seated in the same chair that she discovered Mactavish in and she was completely naked.

"Do you know where the tenant's bedroom is?" asked Felix.

She nodded affirmatively.

"You may speak to answer my next series of questions," Felix told her. He was standing close to where she sat and towering over her. She looked helplessly at the man and realized that despite his minimal weight, receding hairline and general lack of strength, she was completely at his mercy.

"Have you ever been in her bedroom before?"


"Are you lovers?"


"Why would you be in her bedroom otherwise?" her elderly captor asked.

"Because I live here," Wonder Woman replied.

"How do you make the money you need to split the rent?"

"I work for the I.A.D.C. as a field agent."

"Is this where you lived in your secret identity?"


"That's good and it explains a lot," Felix replied. "Even better, I don't need to make another trip to this foul city."

Felix rubbed his chin a moment and then he instructed Wonder Woman to get the box from the floor in front of her doorway and bring it into her bedroom. Wonder Woman picked the box up and used every bit of willpower she still had to gently shake the box. The box was large enough to hold a blouse and weighed very little. Wonder Woman walked down the hallway and entered her bedroom. Felix was behind her and instructed her to place the box on her bed. Then she was ordered to get into bed on top of her comforter.

"Open the box Wonder Woman,' Felix ordered and untied the twine holding the lid in place. She dropped the twine on her night stand and removed the lid.

"Pull out your new clothes," Felix said and Wonder Woman lifted the first item from the box. A pair of crotchless blue panties and a matching open cup bra, both in fine leather constituted the top items.

"Put them on," Felix said and Diana struggled to pull the flimsy panties over her hips and in place,. The leather bra was small for her but the cupless design allowed her to secured the support strap in place. Her large bosom spilled over the front of her new underwear. Her naturally firm body prevented her from sagging sloppily.

"Now lay flat on your back."

Wonder Woman lay in place and watched as Felix removed his own garments. His tool was surprisingly large and it looked functional. He crawled on top of the prone Amazon warrior and pushed her thighs apart without much force. As it had the entire time, her body responded to his direction and he thrust his pulsing member into her moist lower entry. She lay helpless as he sawed back and forth unimaginatively for a long time. Her body responded to the invasion by exploding in a symphony of spasms and moisture and she thrashed about while Mactavish satisfied his urges. He kept going for over an hour and didn't seem winded when he finally pulled out of her and stopped.

"Your body is nicely responsive," Felix said as he began to pull his clothing back on. Wonder Woman began to cry as she thought about what she just endured.

"You're probably confused about your inability to resist me," Felix said as he looked over the naked woman laying the bed he'd just left. "For a strong warrior such as yourself, this must be extremely frustrating. Ever since the night you barged into Mr. Jacobsen's home, you've been at my mercy. Have you ever encountered the Chiken?"

Wonder Woman nodded her head.

"The massage you endured during that encounter was quite possibly the most erotic experience of your life before tonight."

She wasn't sure if it was a question or an observation so she nodded yes again.

"It was also the first step in the programming process." Felix said. "In my youth, I studied in their secluded headquarters and I retrained my fair share of women. Once the Chiken get their hands on a woman, she's finished. I noticed the signs on you during your visit but I couldn't do anything since Master Jacobsen is not an initiate. Did you consider why you allowed yourself to be stripped and put into that bondage outfit? You didn't have a chance."

Wonder Woman tried to remember what was going through her mind but she couldn't think past her current predicament. Felix pulled a thin collar out of the box and after Wonder Woman sat up and cleared her hair from her neck, he put it on her and closed it tight. He snapped a leash in place and let it dangle between her large breasts. She looked down and noticed that the ruby red tint of her nipples hadn't faded. She still felt highly emotional and confused.

"I'm going to get your uniform." Felix said. "You can put it on over your new outfit and then we'll put the last item from the box on and head back to Master Jacobsen's house."

He returned carrying her uniform and she put it back on. The underwear she wore made it uncomfortable but she couldn't complain. Felix showed the last item in the box to her and she wanted to scream. He gestured and she stood up and walked over to where he sat. She turned and presented her arms to the elderly man. He placed the leather tube at her right hand and shimmed it along her arm until the top of the tube was at her armpit. Then he put the companion tube on her right arm. Once her arms were contained, he bent them at her elbows and began to thread a thick leather strap through the eyelets attached to the exterior of each sleeve. Each sleeve had its own strap and before long, her arms were doubled up behind her back. Her hands rested below the collar on her neck and Felix pulled her hair forward to expose the collat. A silver metal clip dangled from the collar and a similar clip was attached to the newly upper end of the sleeves. Felix attached the clips. The natural force of gravity and the weight of her arms pulled her torso back and thrust her breasts forward. Her large breasts became even more prominent. Felix grabbed a handful of each breasts and began massaging the vulnerable orbs through her uniform top. Even with the protection her uniform provided, his massage technique was effective and her body responded. She'd come so many times in bed, she lost count and her reaction to this latest series of spasms was on the level of shock.

"We have a very long drive," Felix said. "I've wanted to fuck you since you first arrived from your hidden island. When I was younger, I used to read about your adventures in the newspapers (Editors Note-a newspaper is the product of processed dead trees and specially blended ink that cost about 12 cents and reported what happened yesterday factually. Some years ago, these became extinct in the same way dinosaurs did. Nobody knows why. People examine fossil remains but the actual cause of their disappearance remains a modern mystery.). Although you resemble your predecessor, you're too young to be her but you certainly are as beautiful. Tonight was the culmination of my life's desire. The fact that you will be available to me for the next three months is exhilarating. Now we should go. My driver has been parked in front of this building for the last fifteen minutes. I tend to get bored when I travel long distances. Hopefully you have learned good oral skills."

Felix escorted Wonder Woman to the waiting limousine and he pushed her inside. She stumbled as she tried to sit and landed on her knees on the floor of the passenger compartment.

"You are really eager my dear," Felix said as he worked his way into the seat, His knees creaked audibly and he labored to get comfortably seated. Then he loosened his belt and lowered his zipper. He looked at Wonder Woman and she struggled to her knees before crawling between his legs. He grew hard before her lips touched the tip of his penis. She blew softly on his member and then plunged her head forward and engulfed the firm member between her ruby lips. She bobbed up and down along the increasing length of his manhood. Deep within her mind, her true persona screamed at her to stop. Her body wasn't responding to her wishes and instead she continued to orally service the elderly man for a long time. Finally, he allowed her to pass out.

She felt someone slapping her ass cheeks as she lay flat on the floor of the limousine. The sun peeked over the trees on the horizon and the familiar sights of Washington D.C. were long gone. She opened her eyes and tried to move her arms but they were still contained in the solid leather sleeves. Mactavish's hand pulled her up from the floor by her unruly black hair and he spun her face around so she could see the small television set in the back of the middle passenger seating. Her face was on the screen and Mactavish obligingly adjusted the volume so she could hear the woman who was reading the story.

"…revealed that the renowned super heroine Wonder Woman also spends time as government agent Diana Prince. Prince is reputed to have access to very secret information and an investigation of how she obtained the required clearance will start this morning at nine AM. Attempts to contact Wonder Woman, Diana Prince, or I.A.D.C. director James Sicking were not answered. We'll continue to cover this story and bring you more details as they become available."

The television went dark. Tears welled in Diana's eyes and she turned her head to look at Felix Mactavish.

"I didn't tell anybody yet," he said. "I suppose your friend Melody must have left a failsafe in case she disappeared. We will ask her when we return to the mansion, provided she isn't gagged."

III Extreme Training

After a six hour trip, the limousine pulled onto the driveway of Isaac Jacobsen's large mansion and easily navigated through the same doors that prevented Wonder Woman from getting inside three weeks earlier. The limousine pulled up to an interior door and Felix grunted and groaned as he exited the vehicle. Wonder Woman lay on the floor in the spot she had occupied since learning that her dual identity was exposed. Two buxom women got into the passenger compartment and tugged at her until they managed to pull her out of the vehicle. The women were completely bald and dressed in the type of leather clothing that only a bastard like Isaac Jacobsen could appreciate. Each wore a skin tight white camisole that hugged their torsos from their waist to the bottom of their large breasts. The garment incorporated a support feature that thrust their bosom outward and their nipples were decorated with various objects dangling from the tight clips that caressed the turgid pink fleshy knobs. Their pussies were completely exposed and accented by the lack of visible hair. A small plastic device rested atop their lower lips. These devices were sin toned and difficult to detect unless you were being lifted off the floor and happened to glace at them as you were pulled to your feet. Their bodies were shapely and they could easily be her Amazon sisters except no true Amazon would ever completely shave her pubic mound. On Themiscyra, the size and thickness of one's mound was a sign of status and importance.

Once she was back on her feet, the baldies placed an arm under each of her confined upper limbs and steered her through the doorway. Felix was waiting by the small elevator, holding the door open. The bald women paused at a hand signal from the butler and he grabbed a handful of her bustier He pulled it off of her breasts, exposing the still ruby red nipples and drawing a reaction from her escorts. Felix's fingers were magical as he tugged and twisted her rosy buds in a practiced sequence. Wonder Woman could feel her ability to control her limbs returning as he concluded his ministrations.

"Master Jacobsen needs to tame you himself," Felix told her, heedless of the bald women standing beside her. "I've suppressed your Chiken conditioning for the moment so you can enjoy your visit to the fullest. I recommend that you don't speak unless you are given permission. Try to enjoy yourself."

Felix pulled her bustier up and signaled her escorts who pulled the zipper tightly to keep it in place for the moment. Then they guided her into the elevator and the doors closed. The last she saw of Felix Mactavish was the broad smile on his face. The ride down was slow and uneventful, Neither of her escorts did anything beyond maintaining their hold on her captive arms. When the elevator stopped, she was propelled out of the cage and into a well lit room that resembled the basement she encountered Jacobsen in earlier. She was frog marched to one side of the room and then she endured the removal of her tiara and golden girdle for the second time in under twenty four hours. The bald women were meticulous and took great care with her belongings. She noticed a mannequin standing just out of her line of sight and as the bald women determined she discovered the figure, they turned her slightly so she could look at the grey plastic thing. Then they pushed her closer until her feet rested atop two red "X"s painted on the bare floor. One of the bald women grabbed both of her arms and the other repositioned herself directly behind Diana. Diana felt the women's hands as they began to loosen her hot pants. The royal blue garment was tugged until it moved and then the cold hands of the bald women grabbed the waistband and pulled. Wonder Woman's wide hips resisted the effort to remove her hot pants but did not stop the process of stripping her garment off her body. She lifted her feet to allow her bottom to be pulled away. Her lower body still had the blue crotchless panties and her bushy pubic mound provided a direct contrast to the visible lips of her captors. The women looked at her and then at each other and giggled. Diana wanted to ask them what they found funny but she remembered Felix's warning and kept her tongue. She felt the same cold hands as the other woman rubbed the smooth skin of her back until her fingers reached Wonder Woman's bustier. Then Diana heard the familiar sound of the bustiers zipper being lowered. The bald woman took her time unzipping Wonder Woman and when she finished, she held up Wonder Woman's top in front of her as if she was taunting the restrained Amazon heroine. Wonder Woman was surprised that they were so careless with her bustier as she saw it being tossed at the feet of the mannequin atop her hot pants.

The next confusing event was when both of the bald women dropped to their knees and grabbed hold of Wonder Woman's legs with all the strength the bald women could muster. Wonder Woman heard the grinding of gears. It took a moment to realize the sound originated beneath her and another moment to identify the pole slithering out of its storage slot in the floor. The top of the pole was shaped like a large penis and Diana immediately tried to move herself away from the rising pole. Each of her captors now held a leg close to their chest and between their large breasts. With their free hands, they worked in tandem on Wonder Woman's unprotected pussy. The bald woman holding her right leg was spreading her pink lips open and the bald woman holding her right leg had her thumb rubbing at the front of her entry. The attention was mind numbing and Wonder woman felt her body betraying her as the flow of female juice started to trickle. As the juice flowed, the thumb found easier access and began to penetrate her deeper. This increased her production of female juice and her hole was well lubricated when she felt the warm tip of the rising pole arrive at her lips. Both women now pulled her puffy lips apart and the phallus entered her. Her body jerked and spasmed the penetration deepened. When she was fully impaled on her latest invader, the bald women stood up. They worked in unison to secure straps around her upper hips. The straps were anchored to the pole below the portion invading her body. Even if her powerful female muscles could expel the invader, the straps would prevent her from succeeding. Diana was out of her mind with the flow of ecstasy that her invader imposed on her.

The bald women left her to struggle while they carefully fitted her uniform onto the mannequin. After her famous uniform adorned the perfectly sized plastic piece, they noticed that Wonder Woman retained her red boots. They took turns lifting one leg at a time and forcing the plastic invader deep inside the struggling heroine as they removed her footwear, Then they took their time putting Diana's boots on the mannequin.

'This can't get much worse,' thought the struggling brunette just before she learned that it could. Wet lips covered both of her teats and she felt the soft bites on her ruby red flesh. For a short time, the color of her tits restored to the normal deep pink. Once her invader became active, her tits returned to the ruby red color they presented when she was stimulated. The biting wasn't vicious, rather it was enough to tease her tits to become harder and the interspersed tongue action sped the process up. When her tits became rock hard, they were released from the attacking mouths and left exposed to the warm air in the room. She tried to focus as each of the bald women held up small containers and politely showed her the white cream in each container. Then the women acting in unison, dipped their fingers in the cream and pulled out small dollops of the substance. Wonder Woman was helpless to resist as the cream was massaged into her exposed tits and over the entire bottom of her large breasts. The sensation burned at first but she refused to give her assailants the satisfaction of making her scream. Then the substance cooled and she felt incredibly horny despite the continued stimulation from her invader. It was as if she hadn't been fucked in months. The contrasting sensations were driving her crazy. She watched in horror as two wide tubes were pressed against the ends of her breasts. The material of these tubes was flexible and the bald women rolled the material up her breasts until the material nearly touched the point where her breasts originated. She noticed small pipes at the base of her newest sources of discomfort and then the ends of the pipes were filled with two long hoses. The hoses had about a three quarter inch diameter and provided the suction she began to feel.
The tugging on her breasts added to the pulsing of her lower probe and she found herself orgasming again.

At this point, Isaac Jacobsen appeared in her line of vision. He walked a full circle around her as she continued to shake. She exploded in an additional orgasmic reaction to her stimulation and he looked on appreciatively.

"I watched as my servants prepared you," he said to his incoherent captive. "You didn't make much of an effort to resist. I think you enjoy this sort of thing."

Wonder Woman tried to respond but she was too busy experiencing an additional orgasm.

"I told you that you would come here again and I meant it," Jacobsen said. "Now you're here until I tire of you and then you will be sold to the highest bidder. It will be my pleasure to help you learn your true place in what you call Patriarch's World. You no longer have an alternative. Your organization disowned you, both of them actually. Diana Prince is a wanted fugitive. Wonder Woman is disgraced and no longer a member of the Justice League. Even your mother issued a statement repudiating your actions. At this moment, I'm the only person who finds any value in your presence. Everyone else wants to punish you without providing the pleasure I'm allowing you."

Diana tried to respond but her body betrayed her again. Jacobsen gestured and one of the bald women forced a tube in her mouth and squeezed the bladder to force fluids into her mouth.

"You should swallow that,' Jacobsen told her. "It's a specially designed protein fluid that will sustain you until you acquire the proper manners that will permit you to eat a normal meal."

He motioned and the tube was removed, Then he squeezed her nostrils tight and placed his other hand over her mouth until she consumed the clear substance. Her stomach felt better before the next orgasm claimed her. The tube returned and she willing sucked at it. She drained the bladder of its contents. Jacobsen made a mental note of the first sign of Wonder Woman accepting her helplessness. He made a motion with his hand and the pole in her pussy reduced its vibrations and extracted itself from her pussy. She sagged a bit as the straps around her hips were removed and the bald women once again took control of her confined arms. Jacobsen detached the hoses and rolled the tubes off of her breasts. He rubbed her breast flesh for a bit but it wasn't like the practiced massage of his butler. It managed to excite the fatigued heroine despite the amateur nature of the rubbing. Wonder Woman was steered to another part of the large room and she saw a shower stall directly in front of her.

"Clean her up," Jacobsen ordered the bald women. "Felix will be down with her next outfit shortly. Leave her pubic hair alone for a while. I think my guests will pay for the privilege of removing it. And use the skankiest makeup in the medicine chest. I want her to look like the tart we will help her become."

Wonder Woman was still shaking as she was escorted into the white tiled stall. She looked at the shower head and found it was shaped like a large penis. She decided it wasn't a surprise considering the other décor in the room. As she examined the water spout, she felt a pinch in her shoulders. She watched as needles were pulled out of her body and then the sleeves that confined her arms were loosened and removed.

'Now is my chance,' Diana thought and she tried to lift her arms without success.

"It's a curare derivative that Master developed," one of the bald women told her. "Your arms will be useless for at least a day. Now get in the shower stall."

Diana stepped in the porcelain adorned chamber and was joined by both of her escorts after they finished removing their skimpy attire. The three naked women were bombarded by a stream of hot steamy water. Wonder Woman's body was covered in rich lathered soap and the bald women rubbed the cleanser vigorously. These women were familiar with what they were doing and Wonder Woman experienced yet another orgasm although this spasm was lesser than her previous climaxes. Her depowered body finally was spent. The bald women spent a lot of time on her poor pussy and sufficient time on the rest of her. When they shut the water off, she was completely clean. Her exertions left her too weak to try anything like escaping so she waited for her next ordeal.

She was allowed to lay flat on something that resembled a medical table and as she lay, her eyes closed. Wonder Woman was fast asleep and didn't see Felix Mactavish when he brought her new outfit. The baldies decided to dress her while she slept as much as they could. When they shook her awake, she was fully clothed. They needed her to hold her head still while they tamed her wild hair into tightly laced pigtails. The long pigtails were gently laid in a circle atop her head and then the her hood was pulled into place. The hood was made of the infamous sensisuit material. Her entire costume consisted of the hated cloth. A perverse scientist developed the material which magnified any contact the wearer made with almost anything else, such as other people, surfaces or wind if it was fast enough and it translated the contact into sexually stimulating impulses. Her friend Batgirl was the first heroine to endure being dressed in this material and the experience nearly killed Babs despite her insatiable nature. The bald women looked at their work and smiled. One of them gestured and she sat up. Her arms dangled uselessly at her sides and she got to her feet with difficulty. Neither of the women touched her but they pointed to the floor length mirror a few feet from the table where she had reposed. She found that the material covering her feet was not the Sensi-material so she walked without experiencing any effects. When she saw herself in the mirror, she knew she needed to get out of this costume as soon as possible. The costume covered her completely with only her face exposed to the air. The material hugged her and displayed each curve and nook of person. She looked at her pussy and could clearly see her puffy lips pressing against the material. Her rock hard nipples strained against this new container. The majority of her costume was a red matte color but there were several gold spots along her upper body and the color changed to royal blue at her waistline.

The bald women gestured at her and Wonder Woman quickly walked in the direction indicated. She knew that if these women touched her, she would be in a world of trouble and pleasure. The trio piled into the elevator and they rode to one of the mansions upper floors. When the doors opened, Isaac Jacobsen was on hand to greet her. He grabbed her left arm and rubbed it firmly. The sensation was muted by the same drug that rendered her arms useless but she felt the tinge of ecstasy that her costume promoted.

"My new friends, I wish to present the guest of honor for this evening," Jacobsen announced to the other six men in the room. Wonder Woman saw Melody Oxford and noted that Melody was wearing clothing made of the same material as she wore. Two men were toying with her as they took turns rubbing her back and her front. Wonder Woman could tell that Melody was having trouble with the overwhelming sensations her suit generated.

"I see you noticed our mutual acquaintance Ms Oxford," Jacobsen said to Diana in a low tone. "It seems she was sent here as a representative of some consortium of white slavers to bring me into line. Until she identified herself, I had no idea that such a forward thinking organization existed. I made contact with one of her associates and set up this get together to settle any issues they might have with me. I didn't realize that my hobby was so well regulated. Now, I've paid my dues and my arrears and I will become a member in good standing once I pass my initiation."

Wonder Woman stared at him blankly. He reached for her lower body and his hand landed atop her pulsing pussy. He rubbed her through the Sensi-material and she felt another burst of sexual tension build within.

"My initiation is fairly simple." Jacobsen said and smiled at the weakening heroine. "Although any female would do, I need to demonstrate dominance over a beautiful woman and mastery of certain techniques. You will assist me in the process by submitting to me this evening after dinner. Dinner is in ten minutes so I need to make you comfortable. Later, I'll make you uncomfortable. Follow me."

Wonder Woman trundled along after the master of the house. They walked to the head of the dinner table and Wonder Woman saw her next destination. Behind the dinner table was a modified iron maiden and the door was open waiting for the next occupant. The device was stripped to a bare metal skeleton that would allow anyone locked inside to be fully displayed. Wonder Woman stepped into the device (the opening was at the rear) and Jacobsen instructed her to lean as far forward as possible. She compled and he walked around to the front of the device.

"No no, this will not do at all,' Jacobsen said. "Come out of there for a moment."

Diana backed out two steps and stopped. Jacobsen stood in front of her and placed his hand on the material at the base of her neck. He found a small loop and hooked his middle finger in it. Then he tugged and the front of her suit separated from the remainder of the garment. When he finished, a large part of her body was exposed. Her breasts were fully visible and she saw that her nipples were a deeper red than before. Her exposure included the entire front of her well toned belly down to her pubic hair. Jacobsen used his right hand to insure that her front entry was clear from the Sensi-material, then he directed her to reenter the iron maiden. She complied and leaned forward as previously instructed. Then he loudly slammed the two sides of the rear part of the iron maiden shut. The device closed as it made contact and Wonder Woman found that the fit was very tight. Her breasts protruded from the front of the strategically placed iron bars and her pussy was fully exposed to anyone who cared to look. The seven men gathered at the front of her new cage and exchanged comments about their captive. The iron maiden was hoisted high enough to allow the seated men a full view of her as they sat to their meal.

"In case you care, you should know that Ms Oxford is being punished by her associates," Jacobsen said to Wonder Woman as she swayed slightly in the elevated iron maiden. "She was assigned to punish me for failing to follow the Restraint Society by-laws and she failed to do so. Additionally, she failed to identify you so you were allowed to slip away since your former secret identity was deemed of no consequence due to your advanced age and generally unattractive appearance. You will get to know each of these men in their turn but for the present, you are my personal toy. Now if you'll excuse me, it is dinner time."

The men gathered at the table and enjoyed a four course dinner while Wonder Woman watched helplessly from her cage. She saw each man stare at her from time to time but she could do nothing about it. When the main course was consumed, the men rose from the table and gather in a semicircle beneath Wonder Woman. The iron maiden was lowered and each of the men stepped forward to examine the captive Amazon warrior. Most fingered her nipples and a few stuck their fingers in her twat. The last man inserted his middle finger in her pussy up to the second knuckle and wiggled it a bit. Her juices flowed in response and the man smiled at her.

"This is Master Pettersen, Diana." Jacobsen told her. "He's the current CEO and you will pay him a visist in approximately six weeks."

Diana smiled weakly and Pettersen pushed his finger in her mouth. She didn't need to be told to lick her fluids off his digit and when she finished he extracted the finger and dried it in her hair. Jacobsen took turns introducing the other Restraint Society board members. Then Felix and the two bald women moved the chairs from the dining table into a semi-circle. As the men took their seats and Melody was placed on her knees in front of Pettersen, Wonder Woman was uncaged and Jacobsen used her arm to steer her into the open area in front of the seated assemblage.

"My task is to make you submit to my control without the use of any chemicals or other persuasions." Jacobsen told her. "To achieve his, I was given a list of toys from which I was able to select three items. Your costume was my first choice. My second choice was a set of ben-wah balls"

Jacobsen held up a pair of two inch wide orbs that were attached by a short chain. He reached around her and began rubbing her back. Her body responded by producing the inevitable lubrication in her pussy and she couldn't stop him from inserting the balls inside her. The balls were fast acting and irresistible. Wonder Woman felt her sexual need build quickly and Jacobsen forced her to walk while preventing her from adjusting to the latest invaders. She was fighting stimulation from within and without and she was in danger of losing the battle. Jacobsen paraded her in front of the seated bondage masters twice before stopping in front of the kneeling Melody Oxford.

"Lean forward and place your hands on Ms Oxford's shoulders." Jacobsen instructed. "Normally I expect silence during a whipping but you may feel free to scream."

Jacobsen had a bull whip in a coil and he lay the elongated leather device on Wonder Woman's back. The contact with the Sensi-material made her shiver. He slowly uncoiled the whip which further stimulated Wonder Woman as she leaned on the kneeling blonde's shoulders and she almost pushed Melody on her butt. When he pulled the whip off her back, the absence of sensation worked Wonder Woman in a different way. The six seated dominants watched as Diana's lower lips puckered and moistened in reaction to the unwanted sensations. Jacobsen flicked the whip and it kissed her left butt cheek.

"Eeep!" Wonder Woman squealed in response.

Then he pulled the whip back to get a full backstroke going before he brought the whip forward full force. The leather strap landed full on Wonder Woman's back and she struggled to avoid screaming. Jacobsen bounced the whip off the floor three times, hitting Wonder Woman's rotund butt cheeks on the upswing each time. Tears formed in her eyes and her mouth contorted but she remained largely silent. Jacobsen stepped towards her and he set his hand on her firm hip before moving it across the Sensi-material towards her pussy. His fingers reached her pubic hair and he grabbed a handful and yanked. This made Wonder Woman scream at last. He released the matted hair and rubbed the excess female juices on her lower belly. Then he reached for her moistened opening and found her clit. He pinched her magic button and her knees buckled. Melody was struggling to support the weight of the inclined brunette heroine.

"If you let her fall, I'll whip you twice as hard as she's getting," Pettersen said to the kneeling blonde. Oxford made an extra effort to support Wonder Woman's weight and Diana tried to reduce the amount of pressure she was inflicting on the kneeling blonde. After a lengthy squeeze, Jacobsen released her pink knob and moved back to allow him to whip Wonder Woman again. He lashed her ten times in succession and she finally began to cry uncontrollably. While she sobbed, Isaac grabbed the front piece of her costume from the chair where he dropped it. He told her to stand up straight and face him. When she obeyed, he put the Sensi-material piece back on her to completely cover her body below her neck. Isaac grabbed her wrist and pulled her a few feet away from the seated guests. He made certain her costume was secured and then he ordered her to walk in a circle around his new associates. As she started to walk, the sex toy in her pussy worked its magic on her and the Sensi-material tormented her exterior. Wonder Woman was losing control and she slowed perceptibly after completing her second circuit.

"Do you want to stop Wonder Woman?" Isaac asked.

She looked at him and weakly responded, "Yes".

"If you stop walking, I will resume whipping you,' Isaac said. "You can't possibly survive in your current condition.. Keep moving."

Wonder Woman forced her feet to take more steps but each one took longer than the previous step. Her costume was wet just below her waist and her fluids were beginning to leak through the seams of the costume. The dominant males watching her fell silent, amazed at her capacity for abuse.

"Wonder Woman, do you want to rest?"

"Yes," she replied.

"Yes what?"

The air was still and the tension in the room was palpable as every eye stared at the struggling heroine. She clearly was fighting herself but her body was already surrendering.

"Yes …. Master Jacobsen."

The Restraint Society board members stood one after another and led by the CEO Pettersen, they approached Isaac Jacobsen and shook his hand in turn. When the last man completed congratulating Jacobsen, Pettersen cleared his throat.

"We will contact you in a month to get a progress report," he said. "You are the most promising member ever and we look forward to a long association. We're also eager to take our turn with this slut."

Jacobsen beamed brightly. He clapped his hands and Felix Mactavish returned to the room leading a group of handcuffed red heads.

"Tonight the bimbos are on me or rather under you," Jacobsen announced. "They're each virgins for the moment. I'm sure you brought the cure with you. Please make yourselves at home in my dungeons."

While the men examined their new companions, Jacoobsen collected his new slave and picked her up. He used a fireman's carry to tote her to his private elevator. Subduing this female had been a lifelong goal. Despite the late hour and his fatigue, He wanted to get started as soon as he could. Before she passed out, Diana, former I.A.D.C. agent, super heroine, and crown princess tried to figure out how she ended up as lowly slave. When she woke, she knew her life would be changed forever and there was nothing she could do to prevent it. The fact that no one she knew would help her either finished the final remnant of her spirit and succumbed for the first of many times.


Cue the narrarator: "Is this the end of our heroine?(Editor's note-No, as stated at the start of all my stories and most other stories, characters which are not mine are borrowed without permission. Once I'm done abusing them, they revert to their regular selves with no lasting effect of their visits to these pages) Is she destined to spend the rest of her life as a slave to cruelmasters? (Editor:See previous note). Is this the end of this story?"

Actually, I had some stray thoughts of how to continue this episode, but the ending seemed natural. Like other things in Scarlet's entertaining web page, any attempt to continue this saga is in the hands of the reader. Please send your thoughts to R_burrows@Sbcglobal.netwhether positive or negative. All writers appreciate feedback.