WW’s Honeymoon  

WW's Honeymoon



Written: 11/8/07 - 12/22/08

Revised: xx/xx/xx

(Wonder Woman, M/F, reluctance, consensual sex)


Wonder Woman awakens to find herself married and in bed, on her wedding night with no memory of her courtship or marriage.


This is an adult story, containing sensitive material of a sexual nature. If you find such material offensive or are underage, do not read further, but please bypass this story for one more suitable for you.

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Although birth control is not used in this story, in 'real life' every reasonable adult should know that he or she should behave responsibly when participating in sexual activities and he or she wishes to avoid unwanted conception and the spread of disease.

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Chapter 1: The dream.

The dream, and it had to be a dream, was sweet but unnerving. Diana didn't have erotic dreams that often, and they were always disturbing since, in obedience to Amazon Law, she was committed to a life of celibacy and chastity.

Still, erotic dreams, like this one, came and bothered her. Her mother had told her to "put them out of her mind when she woke up", but that didn't really help.

In her dream, a man's hand held her breast and gently squeezed her nipple. Diana felt the nipple growing erect in response to the touch. She tried to will herself awake, but was unsuccessful. Since she couldn't rouse herself, she leaned back, pressing against his chest and enjoying the stroking massage of her naked breast. She knew that her bustier had been pushed down and her breasts were naked and totally available to her dream lover.

His hand left her breast and slid down her stomach, skimming over her blue, star spangled briefs and cupping her pubic mound. Since she couldn't fight the dream, she whimpered, embarrassed that she was enjoying the touch. After all, this was taboo in her waking life, which made the dream all the more pleasant, even exciting.

She moaned approvingly as his touch began to really stimulate her, and she pivoted her hips into his hand, separating her thighs. His hand slid up and she grunted with disappointment until she realized the hand was sliding inside her briefs.

Diana's heart skipped a beat as flesh made contact with flesh. HER DREAMS _* _NEVER*__ WENT THIS FAR! Never had she dreamt of a man stroking her slit. She was breathing fast. She was afraid as his fingers separated her nether lips and found the entrance of her very wet vagina. She gasped as his finger began to enter her and the gasp became a moan when he actually reached her hymen. It hurt! He pressed further and the pain increased.

Diana's eyes sprang wide open.


"Stop!" She screamed, grabbing the hand and awkwardly pulling it away, as she clumsily struggled to escape from the arms that held her.

"I'm sorry, Diana, Honey," came a soft reassuring voice from over her shoulder. "I know you don't want to lose your virginity to a finger. I don't want that either. I just got carried away!"

Fully awake, and finally disengaged, Wonder Woman succeeded in pulling away and rolling off of the bed, frantically pulling her briefs back into place and literally stuffing her breasts back into her bustier. She was shocked that a man had actually touched her like this! Her Magic Girdle of Strength was lying next to a small book on the dresser, so she grabbed it and fastened it around her waist. With her costume restored to approximately its normal condition, she turned to the man on the bed.

He smiled as she straightened her briefs, still pulling her costume back into place, which only showcased her regal and sinuous curves. She was dazzling and lustily beautiful as she always had been: tall, muscular, and sexy as hell! And her beauty was enhanced by her blazing blue eyes.

He noted the briefs of her usual red, white and blue costume arched up revealing her hip bones, and the top did not quite cover her bulging breasts. Absently, he wondered how she did it. The top of the bustier was skimpy, revealing, suggestive, and, yes, the revealed flesh was distracting but he had never seen a picture of a nipple slip. He wondered how she did it. Did she glue her top up? For a moment, he fantasized of WW gluing Velcro to her skin and using that to keep her breasts hidden. Yes, he reflected, cleavage was any woman's ultimate weapon!

"Who are you? And what are you doing? What's happening here?" she demanded, eyes wide, focusing on the slightly paunchy older man in white silk pajamas leaning against the headboard of the bed, the shirt unbuttoned down the front. He looked to be of medium height, probably shorter than Wonder Woman, with white hair and a bulging stomach that was still somewhat less that a 'pot belly'. There was a moderate amount of white hair on his body. The obvious tent inside his pajama bottoms began to wilt.

He gazed at her with a slightly confused expression on his face as he hesitatingly tried to answer her questions.

"I'm your husband. And we are . . . that is, I thought I was . . . about to make love to my wife. After all, this is our wedding night. Who did you think I was?"

Now it was Diana's turn to be confused. The absurdity of his statements overwhelmed her. "Husband?You can't be my husband! I am not permitted to marry! I am an Amazon Princess. I cannot just marry a man! Who _* **_ARE*__**you?" The inflection as she spoke of marriage seemed to leave a bad taste in her mouth.

He stared at her in disbelief, and after a long, confused pause, finally said, "Those are almost the identical words you said when we first met, and even the same inflection."

Wonder Woman was dumfounded. She had no memory of EVER meeting this man before.

He rose from the bed and went to the dresser to pick up the small book Wonder Woman had noticed before. He opened it and studied the first page for a few moments before he handed the book to her.

As Diana read the form in the front page of the book, he returned to sit on the edge of the bed. The form in the front of the book was a certificate of marriage, filled out and witnessed. Wonder Woman, Princess of the Amazons was named as the bride and the wedding was dated as October 12.

"What is the meaning of this?" she demanded. "This certificate is dated October 12. That's some six weeks from now."

Chapter 2: Courtship, engagement and . . . .

Astonished, the man asked, "You don't remember? No, apparently you don't. What is the last thing you remember?"

"I remember the award ceremony with the mayor, and . . ." Wonder Woman paused. She wasn't sure WHAT she remembered.

"Do you remember being hit on the head?" he asked.

Wonder Woman strained to remember. "Yes! There was something like that . . ."

"Do you remember anything that happened since then?"

"What do you mean, 'since then'?"

The man patiently explained, almost as if he was telling a story to a student. "The ceremony with the mayor was six weeks ago. At the end of the ceremony, you were accidentally hit on the head and knocked unconscious. You were brought to my hospital and I treated you." He paused. "I was your doctor, do you remember that?"

He faltered, as if he were admitting an impropriety. "As crazy as it sounds, from the very beginning, there was a chemistry between us. I thought I was in love with you from the very first moment I saw you." He dropped his eyes and looked away. "Of course, probably every man alive is in love with Wonder Woman, or at least her image. But when we met, I felt it was something more than simple infatuation. I doubted that I could live another moment without you. The next day, when you were released from the hospital, and since you were no longer my patient, I asked you when I could meet you again. I asked you to meet for a cup of coffee and you agreed. Then I asked you for supper. One thing led to another and two weeks ago, I asked you to marry me. And you accepted.

He studied the astonishment and disbelief on her face. "You don't remember any of this, do you?"

Wonder Woman shook her head and thumbed through the book. After the certificate, the ceremony of marriage was printedand Wonder Woman noticed that apparently she had promised to 'love, honor and _* OBEY_*_her husband. She also noticed the passage from Genesis where the woman is told 'your desire will be to your husband, and **_HE SHALL RULE OVER THEE.**'

Closing the book and returning it to the dresser, she asked, "Why can't I remember any of this?"

"I don't know," her husband answered. "This is not the way amnesia or hysteria usually works. You're not showing the usual signs. Maybe the tension and fear of getting married has caused a temporary hysterical amnesia causing you to forget the past six weeks."


"I'm using the medical definition of that word. Medical hysteria sometimes causes amnesia. And sometimes causes a person to do things that are not 'proper', that they would not do in their normal lives. It can even cause multiple personality. But that's outside of my specialty. I can't give you an answer."

Then, hopefully, he asked, "Do you remember _* ANYTHING_*__that took place between us? Or any of the feelings we had for each other?"

Wonder Woman shook her head. "I'm sorry."

He pondered for a moment. Then he suggested, "Maybe you could call your mother using that radio in your tiara. But remember how furious your mother was the last time you talked. She accused you of 'foolishly letting yourself becaptured', and for allowing yourself to 'become intimate with a man.' That was the last time you talked with her. You said you had never seen your mother so angry or upset."

Wonder Woman nodded. Although she remembered nothing of the conversation, she knew that her mother, the Amazon queen, would be furious at Diana's decision to marry, especially if it had been to a man not chosen by the queen herself.

Chapter 3: Wonder Woman call home!

She moved to the corner of the room as if to seek privacy, even though she knew that he couldn't hear the communications through her tiara, and Diana sent the mental signal out. After a short pause, she felt the responding voice in her mind. Diana recognized the timbre of her mother's voice. But there was static making it difficult to hear clearly.

<Diana, why are you calling me? Is everything all right?>

<I'm fine,> Diana responded automatically. <Apparently, I'm in a nice hotel room for my wedding night. The only problem is I don't remember anything for the past six weeks. I don't know my husband. He's a stranger to me.>

<I disapproved of the marriage from the very start,> the voice in the receiver spit back, <but I honored your wishes and even gave you the respect of coming to your wedding this afternoon. Now what could possibly cause a bride to call her mother on her wedding night?>

The inflections were not typical of her mother. Obviously QueenHippolyta was grossly displeased, which would be as to be expected if her daughter had married without her consent.

<Like I told you, I don't remember any of the last six weeks,> Diana whispered to her mother. <The only recent thing I remember is opening my eyes a few minutes ago and he was trying . . . trying . . . to . . .>

<Diana,> her mother interrupted, commiserating with Diana's difficulty in finding words. <It's his wedding night too. And he has every right to expect to consummate his marriage, and normally tonight would be the time for the consummation to take place,> her voice dropped noticeably as she added, < . . . unless the consummation has already taken place . . . before the two of you married . . . >

There was a pause and Diana could envision her mother trembling in anger. The voice of her mother continued. <I never thought I would have to explain this to you, but sex goes with marriage. It's assumed to be part of the contract. I guess I should have had that 'mother/daughter' talk with you before you got married, after all. But I was so disappointed that you were leaving the Amazon life style to get married . . . I'm afraid I have neglected my duties as a mother.>

There was an audible sob in Diana's voice. <Will I still be Wonder Woman?>

<It's a little late to be asking about that. But we will talk about it after your honeymoon.> The static in the connection seemed to increase. <Who knows, perhaps this will be the method of providing for the next heir to the throne of Themyscira.>

Wonder woman sensed the implication that she, herself, had been removed from the succession of the throne.

<Will I be falling under the influence of man's world . . . ?>

<"You committed your allegiance to the world of man when you got married this afternoon,> the queen replied, coldly. <I expect you to honor and respect your queen and the Amazon Law. But you are a married woman now. Your primary duty is to your husband. Have you consummated your marriage yet?>

<I . . . don't think so . . .>

<Under the Amazon traditions, the marriage is not completed until it has been consummated. Therefore your principal duty right now is not to be talking to your mother, but to complete your marital obligations to your husband.> And the mental connection between Diana and her mother was broken.

Diana stared into the corner, stunned. Had she been so much in love that she had defied her mother and married without mother's consent? Apparently so. This action was unthinkable to Diana. And now, Diana felt abandoned by her mother. But nonetheless, her mother had given her the courtesy and respect of attending her wedding.

Diana had never heard of any Amazon tradition concerning the marriage between an Amazon and a man.

Chapter 4: Background

Diana took a deep breath. Apparently, by royal command, soon she would have sex with this man, thereby completing her marriage. By doing so, she would solidly remove herself from beneath the protection of Amazon law, severing her ties to the Amazon community. By choosing a man over her heritage, she had effectively expelled herself from the Amazon identity, her birthright.

She must have been very much in love to commit herself to this course of action.

Diana dropped her eyes, bewildered, feeling abandoned. Suddenly, without warning, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She froze. Her slowly beating heart was abruptly pounding like a jackhammer. Then she remembered where she was and turned back to her husband. She was fully half a foot taller than he was.

"May I ask what she said?" Diana's husband asked.

Bewildered, Diana returned to the dresser. "She said that we are married and that my duty was to consummate the marriage immediately."

"Consummate the . . ." Heshook his head. "I haven't heard that term in a long time!" He hesitated a long time before he asked: "Do you remember anything yet? Anything about us?"

Diana shook her head, leaning against the dresser, warily glancing at the pajama-clad man standing beside her.

"Would you like me to tell you about how we fell in love?" he asked

"Oh, yes!" she answered, eager for some sort of reasonable explanation. "What happened?"

He smiled. "I was in love with you from the first time I saw you. It had been long enough since my wife had died . . ." Diana noted the word 'wife', ". . . .that I was wondering if I should begin easing myself back into the 'dating' network. Then, meeting you changed everything for me.

"I found myself loving you all the more as you told me all about your strong principles, even your refusal to consider marrying a man . . . yes; you told me that over dinner . . . how ardently you were committed to the Amazon Code and the Amazon way of life. Still, I just wanted to be near you and to know you. And at the very least, I wanted to be your friend."

Wonder Woman was fascinated by his words. Being _*<i>_Wonder Woman</i>*__ was a lonely life. It would be nice to have a friend or two, something she couldn't enjoy as Wonder Woman. She believed every word he said. If she _was_ his wife . . . maybe he could be her friend as well.

Hesitatingly, she asked, "Were we . . . intimate . . . ?" Amazon law prohibited her from permitting a man to touch her . . . or . . . panic surged through Diana . . . or Gaea forbid . . . impregnate her!

"After we had been 'dating'," he paused and smiled, "it feels so strange to be using that word at my age. But after we had been 'dating' for about two weeks, you let me to touch your breasts. But, only through your bustier!"

Wonder Woman gasped at the thought that she, an Amazon princess, would permit such a liberty.

"You admitted that in the past you had been mauled and molested, but nobody had touched you as a lover. Ever!"

<Had she said that?It was true, of course, but could she have said that?>

"It wasn't until we were engaged that you permitted me to unzip your bustier and touch your bare breasts," he whispered, almost reverently.

He smiled again and continued. "I know it sounds like a cheap, adolescent romance, but as my hand stroked your breast, you sighed and said you would do _*anything*_ I wanted! . . ."

<She couldn't believe she had said that! Could falling in love create such a change in her values? The way she thought about things? But then again, as Diana Prince, she had seen this before when her girlfriends 'at the water cooler' had fallen in love and promptly changed their positions on some of their most sacred beliefs.>

"Even though we were engaged," he continued, "you reminded me once more that you were a virgin princess, even though you would willingly do anything that I asked, you begged me not to take your virginity until after we were married."

"And . . . did . . . you . . .?"

"I have always respected your devotion to the Amazon way of life and I assured you that I would never take advantage of you in any way."

He paused, and looked deeply into her eyes. "I honored your request although as our love grew and intimacy between us increased, it quickly became more difficult and placed a severe strain on our relationship.

"And, no," he added, "I never touched you below the waist! That was one of the reasons our engagement was so short."

He smiled at her. "Quite frankly, after the wedding this afternoon, we were both extremely eager to get to the hotel."

The very fact that he concentrated on her eyes, and not her breasts, seemed to indicate that he was in love with HER, and not simply with her body parts.

He stopped and looked at her as though drinking in every detail of her face, her eyes, her soul. He whispered. "I've never known anyone like you!" He stood and reached out a hand. She moved to him and allowed herself to slide into his arms and he kissed her, very gently, but very possessively.

Listening to the way her husband described their whirlwind courtship, it appeared she had fallen head over heels in love with him. Then, why, when he kissed her now, didn't she feel like her entire body was melting?

He was certainly no knight in shining armor coming to rescue her from . . . from what? From her strict, regimented law-abiding life as an Amazon Princess? From her life of celibacy and purity? . . . . And . . . loneliness . . . and . . . yes, she admitted, since she had entered the world of men, to rescue her from a life of sexual frustration?

"I have to admit to a certain amount of impatience," he admitted. "I didn't want to wait for our wedding before we . . ." he paused, "and I don't want to wait any longer now!"

Diana gave a long shudder. She looked up at him with hopeful eyes. "I don't remember anything that took place between us. Would it disappoint you if we waited . . .?"

It seemed he was looking into a great distance. "It would be just like my first wife. . . ." Diana's ears perked up. He had mentioned something about his wife before. He continued. ". . . She always had some excuse to put me off, to delay. I was always starved for sex." He looked up at her. "We talked about this, you and I. Can you remember that?"

Diana shook her head. "You're wife . . . tell me about her . . . "Diana realized that they must have had this discussion before, so she added, ". . . again . . ."

"You've forgotten everything?" Diana nodded her head, sadly.

"I was married for 35 years when she died."

"I'm sorry."

"My wife was passionate and loving before we married. Then she became cool and distant. Generally, she would refuse my approaches for sexual intimacy. First, she didn't like sex at night because she couldn't sleep afterward. Then she didn't want it in the morning because it made her tired for the rest of the day. We never had time during the day. She told me that if I didn't ask so often, she might be more willing. I stopped asking and our sex life became even less frequent. Finally, she told me a woman needs cuddling to put her in the mood. I spent the last several years of my life crawling into bed and cuddling with her. She enjoyed that, but when I put my hand on her breast, she said she didn't like being mauled. I became hesitant to suggest sex for fear of being rebuffed, and she accused me of not being aggressive enough. Every effort I made had the same result. And our sex life became almost non-existent. The emotional pain from my enforced celibacy was considerably worse than any physical discomfort I might have experienced.

"In many ways, I felt our life together become an empty marriage, although she seemed to be satisfied with it. I had been starved for physical love for so long that I had forgottenwhat it was like. I spent more and more time at work and devoted more time and energy to my hobbies of ham radio and electronics."

He looked at her with longing eyes. "You and I talked at some length about my wife's refusal to be sexually intimate with me. When we got engaged, you promised that you wouldn't refuse me and that you would give me however much sex I wanted or needed . . ." His sentence dangled in the air. "It probably won't be that much in your eyes, considering my age.

His age? Wonder Woman was in the prime of her life, although, since Amazons have a long life expectancy, she was somewhat older than she looked. She studied his white hair again and estimated him to be well into middle age. He could be in his 50s. Or he could be a young 70. Or he could be anywhere in between. She also remembered that as men grew older, frequently they become less able to . . .

She put the thought out of her mind.

** Section Break ** begin part 2

Chapter 5: Foreplay.

Apparently, Wonder Woman had some promises to keep. And even though she didn't remember making them, Amazon Law required her to keep her promises. And by marrying a man, she had implied some rather specific promises about her wedding night.

She stammered, "Shouldn't I change into some pretty lingerie instead of my costume?"

He paused. "Since you can't remember, I'll remind you.

"You wanted to wear a white satin gown on our wedding night: white to symbolize your virginity, but when I asked you to wear your Wonder Woman Costume, you agreed. Are you still willing to wear your costume for me?"

"Do you want me to?"

"I do! It would mean a lot to me!"

"Then I guess there is no need to change clothes."

She went to the dresser and reached behind her to unfasten her belt.

"No, don't!" he interrupted. She froze. "Let me do it."

He moved up behind her and slid his arms around her waist. Her long hair fell loosely over her shoulders and smelled faintly of shampoo. Nuzzling her hair aside, he kissed her shoulder. Lovingly, she put her hands over his and leaned her head back against his. When his hands briefly ran up her body toward her breasts, she dropped her hands to her sides. He cupped her breasts, then using his hands on her breasts he turned her so she was facing him and moved her beside the credenza. She found herself gently backed against the wall. He was probably half a head shorter than she was even without her boots.

"I think I would like to take off your tiara," he stated simply. "I don't know how you talk to your mother using that thing . . . but the thought that she might be eavesdropping on our . . . _*_consummation*__ . . . makes me uncomfortable . . ." With both hands, he gently removed the tiara from her head and examined it. "I'd like to take a look at this some time. Radios and electronics are hobbies of mine." He gently set the tiara on the credenza. Then, confidently, he turned his attention to Diana and took her in his arms. She put her arms around his neck and their lips met.

Wonder Woman hoped there would be something familiar, or even exciting about the kiss. There wasn't. Oh, he kissed well enough, but . . . it just didn't feel like the kiss of a lover. His hand caressed her back before it sank to stroke her bottom, gently grasping and squeezing her manipulatively.

Again, he ran his hands up her sides, lifting her arms over her head where he could hold both of her wrists loosely 'pinned to the wall'

There was no feeling whatsoever that she was being overpowered. It was more a feeling that _*_HE*__, as the husband, was taking control, taking his place as the head of their family, asserting his authority over his wife. And Wonder Woman, his wife, submitted to her husband's wishes.

Pinning her hands to the wall with one hand, he kissed her again and he let his free hand fall to cup her breast, squeezing it possessively, finding the nipple and pinching it.

Diana flinched and whimpered, complainingly at the minor pain of the pinch and he dropped his hand to her waist, sliding it behind her back to find and open the fastener to her magic power belt. She felt fear as he fumbled with the fastener to the belt. She wondered why she should feel fear with her husband. Surely, she would never marry a man she couldn't trust! The belt came loose and Wonder Woman felt her Amazon power drain from her body. It fell to the floor beside her.

Still holding her arms 'pinned' to the wall, he kissed her cheeks, her chin. Diana was still uncomfortable with his kisses. They hadn't spoken much, which is probably not surprising since this was their wedding night and they were in their bedroom, but, fleetingly, she wondered where was the 'chemistry' that had made her fall in love with him and agree to marry him.

He kissed his way down her neck and throat and was now kissing her chest immediately above the trademark eagle insignia on her costume. As he kissed her chest, he found the zipper running down the front of this costume and was inched it downward, his hungry mouth devouring every inch of flesh with its kisses as the zipper lowered and more flesh became available.

When he reached her nipples, he released her 'pinned' wrists so that he could use both hands to cup her breasts as he alternated kisses and sucking between her magnificent mammaries. Diana whimpered, her hands encircled his head, cradling him, hugging him to her bosom and pulling his mouth more firmly to her nipples.

Wonder Woman had always been curious of the world of man. For all her life intimacy with a man had been taboo: totally forbidden. She had been warned repeatedly not to become intimate with any man lest she fall under the influence of a man's world.

Now, after a brief ceremony (she presumed) and the signing of a certificate, all those years of conditioning were suspended and suddenly intimacy was permissible. Not only permissible, but assumed, expected, even _*REQUIRED*_. How could her thought process change so radically, so fast?

He kissed her breasts and nipples, slowly working the bustier down, gradually kissing more and more flesh as her glorious mounds were fully revealed. He continued kissing and sucking, one after the other. His hands returned to the bustier, unzipping it the rest of the way. It also fell to the floor and he beganfondling her like a woman deserved to be fondled.

Sex had always been strictly prohibited to Wonder Women. She was a guardian of purity, so sex was always a forbidden concept. But even now, Diana felt the primal lust of the centuries-old sex demon flowing into her. It was all happening so quickly.

Diana was surprised at how vulnerable and helpless she felt standing virtually naked before a man. Her body was responding to the stimulation she was receiving, but where was the excitement, Diana wondered. Where was the thrill of being touched and kissed by a lover? A husband? She felt mauled and used and even resentful that her crotch was getting damp and her nipples were growing larger and harder in response to the stimulation he was providing. And in the back of her mind, there was something about that marriage certificate that nagged at her subconscious.

Now was the time for her to slip his night shirt off of his shoulders, but rebelliously, she didn't feel that she could actually join in on their foreplay. He lifted his head from her breasts and smiled as he, himself, peeled off and dropped his pajama shirt.

Sliding his hand gently around her waist, he wordlessly led her to the bed. Every virgin bride approaches her wedding bed with fear or with eagerness, and undoubtedly with a host of other emotions. Wonder Woman, feeling very much likethe reluctant virgin bride she was, tried to hold back but he was insistent. Like a lamb, she followed his lead. If Wonder Woman had fallen so deeply in love as to be willing to abandon her Amazon upbringing, if she had this whirlwind romance, why wasn't she eagerly approaching the consummation of her marriage? Where was the 'chemistry'? Why was she filled with fear and reluctance? She didn't want to do this!

But this was their wedding night. She had seen her own marriage certificate, and her mother had specifically instructed her to consummate the marriage immediately. But there was nothing attracting her to this man. What had happened? How had she married him? And . . . should she . . . let him . . . ?

At his leading, she lay on the bed, her delicate hands regally but demurely lying on her stomach. He took his place beside her, briefly studying her trim and fit body, obviously the result of arduous exercising and good genetics. Strikingly sensuous and sultry, she had an ethereal and untouchable goddess quality about her. Even so, his hand again caressed her large well formed breasts. She still remembered nothing about their relationship and was exceedingly embarrassed and uncomfortable as he again stroked her breasts and explored her nipples. Diana hoped and prayed that she would feel something as his hand caressed her, something that would ignite some sort of passion within her, but there was nothing. Although repulsed by his exploitation of her naked breasts, her feminine instincts came into play and she lifted a hand to support her breast, holding it steady as he began sucking on it.

His hand slid down her stomach and she flinched as it slipped inside her blue, star-spangled briefs. She cringed as flesh made contact with flesh. But this time he began manipulating her mons and she found herself whimpering at his touch, her body reacting and actually becoming aroused. She moved her knees apart giving him better access to her womanhood. Her chest and nipples heaved into his mouth, her hips rose into his hand, the dampness increased and her breath came faster. She burned with embarrassment as she realized that he might actually bring her to an orgasm.

He withdrew his hand and his lips left her nipples and kissed their way downward. Using both hands, he peeled her briefs down her incredibly long legs and cast them aside. Naked except for her bracelets, she looked down at him as he slid off his pajama bottoms. Docilely, she glimpsed his now erect penis below his protruding stomach.

She was still a virgin. She could not help but stare in amazement. Of course, she had seen men's penises before, both erect and flaccid. As she battled prostitution and white slavery, on occasion she had burst in on couples copulating and sometimes had not been able to resist staring at what she saw. What she had seen was fascinating, but Diana was always an Amazon Princess.

Now, she was a wife looking at her husband for the first time. He was not very long, but he seemed awfully thick.

Diana was afraid, terrified! If she had fallen in love deeply enough to be willing to abandon her Amazon upbringing, where was that 'chemistry' now? Maybe, she rationalized, the fear of sex was ingrained in her . . . her fear of making love for the first time . . . of losing her virginity was interfering with any feelings of love she might normally be experiencing. But if she was so much in love, why wouldn't she eagerly be looking forward to the physical expression of this love?

His face moved between her legs and his tongue separated her nether lips and glided over the entrance of her vagina. She jerked and gasped and shook as if she had received an electric shock as his tongue passed over her clitoris. Grossly stimulated, she still felt nothing emotional for him, but his tongue was certainly doing a number on her body. It seemed her body didn't care whether she felt for him or not.

Chapter 6: Consummation.

Firmly positioned between her legs, he began to kiss his way up her body, and, nervous as she was, mentally she prepared herself to give up her virginity. After all, this was just a physical act. Nothing would change. She would lose her hymen, but she'd still be the same person she had been before, wouldn't she? She wouldn't be any different, would she?

His mouth and hands tenderly explored her body, pausing to kiss both breasts and sucking on each nipple momentarily as he slid upward. She put her hands on his forearms, almost embracing him. His weight began pressing down upon her, holding her firmly to the mattress beneath her. Diana liked the feel of human skin-on-skin contact. He tried to kiss her on the lips but she turned her face to the side, so he pressed his smooth cheek to hers. Distractedly, she noticed that he smelled of shaving cream.

Then she felt him touch her. She tensed, drawing her hips away from him, clamping her thighs around his hips.

"Is something wrong?"

Wonder Woman's eyes misted over. She gave a strangled sob and although she said nothing, she felt that he was taking from her something that he had no right to: it was not his to take. He was asking her to give him something that she was not willing to give up. She pulled her hips further from him.

"You still don't remember?" She shook her head.

He sensed her reluctance. "You saw the marriage certificate," he whispered. "Doesn't your husband, have the right to share your body? Do you have the right to deny it to him?"

"No, of course not."Tears began falling from her eyes. "Even my mother told me I should consummate our marriage. Why can't I remember falling in love with you? Why don't I feel that love now?"

He _*_WITHDREW*__. He _*_ACTUALLY*__withdrew from her. Wonder Woman gave a sigh of relief. But she was absolutely unsure of what to do next.

"This is our wedding night," he whispered quietly in her ear. "It's MY wedding night. And I have no desire to rape you, or take you against your will.

"I've already had one marriage where I was starved of sex for 35 years," he stated bitterly. "I don't want another marriage where sex is denied . . . Do you want an annulment?"

"No!" came her immediate response. "But can't we wait until my memory returns?"

"No!" he declared emphatically. "I won't wait! I've waited 35 years. I'm not willing to start another 35 years of celibate waiting. I'm not sure how much longer my body will let me have sex before old age catches up with me and gives me that ultimate insult of impotency. I'm not interested in having a 'trophy wife', even if she is Wonder Woman. I'm more interested in having a real marriage, complete with as much sex as we can have for as long as we are able."

Angrily, he continued, his voice rising, "Do you want to throw away a possible lifetime of happiness with someone you love . . . ? Do you want to leave me? Do you want to call it quits? Do you want to forget all of the wonderful promises we made to each other during these past six weeks?" he continued, almost ranting. "Or maybe, you've changed your mind. Maybe you're suffering from 'buyer's remorse!' Maybe you don't want a fat middle-aged husband after all, and you're choosing an incredibly sadistic way to get rid of me! How cruel!"

"Nooooo!" Wonder Woman wailed. You've been kind and gentle with me. You seem to be an ideal husband! And since I loved you enough to marry you, I don't want to simply throw that away. But you don't know what you're asking of me. I'm an Amazon Princess . . ."

"A <i>_* VIRGIN*_</i> Amazon Princess," he corrected, "and you chose to be my wife. And you asked me to respect your virginity until after we were married. Well, I've kept _* MY*_ part of the bargain. . . ."

"I don't know what to do," she whimpered.

He took a deep breath, closing his eyes. Apparently he was struggling to regain control of his temper. Then, more quietly and more composed, he continued. "You married me. And during that ceremony, we made certain promises to each other. And in the weeks before we married, you made other promises. I'm asking you to keep your promises to me!"

He ran his hand down her bare side. "Without your power belt, I could use force and take what is mine. Then, at least, I would have that brief memory before <i>_* I*_</i> demanded an annulment." He was still on top of her, pinning her to the mattress. Even without her power belt, she could probably muster the strength to push him away from her, but she didn't have the heart to do that.

"I know," she pleaded, "but you seem to be too kind and gentle a man to use force on a woman . . ."

"If you hurt a man enough, there's no telling what he might resort to."

"Can't we, at least, wait . . . maybe until tomorrow? And see if my memory returns?"

"I waited 35 years with my first wife. And now you're asking me to wait . . . 'UNTIL TOMORROW'? ormaybe 'NEXT WEEK' . . . . Or maybe . . . "

"Stop!" shouted the Amazon Warrior. She reached out and drew him to her. "I'm not sure I can do this . . ." she gasped out, holding him tightly against her, her breasts pressing into his chest.

His arms enclosed her warmly. "This is our first argument. I hope that making up is as sweet as our argument was strong."

Her entire body quivered as she sought more words. "I don't want to refuse you . . ."

"I understand," he replied gently in her ear. He lifted his upper body so he could gaze at her face. "You are so beautiful!" he observed. "You don't _* HAVE*_ to do anything," he assured her. "Just relax. I'll take care of everything. Leave everything up to me. Let me do it."

Somehow this didn't seem right. It was as if he hadn't heard anything she had said, any of her concerns. <_*If she didn't feel right yielding to him, was it right for him to take from her?*_> Still, she could understand his position. After 35 years of a basically celibate marriage, obviously he would be impatient. And understanding his frustrations during their courtship, she might well have promised him whatever sexual fulfillment she could offer.

His tone of voice sounded so reasonable, so logical, so accommodating that she couldn't find a response. She looked up at him and their eyes met, his eyes smiling and confidant, hers wide, fearful. She was a little discouraged that he had completely missed the point of her concerns. He was still positioned between her thighs.

Diana obediently, she tried to relax. She spread her knees wide and her heels found their place behind his thighs.

His warm weight pressed her hips downward, growing heavier on her, pressing against her sensitive mons. Again, his manhood touched her. They stared intently at each other and he pressed between the petals of her nether lips to the entrance of her most private of places. She whimpered as she felt him slide past the dark curls of her fine-trimmed bush and slowly, effortlessly separate her inner lips for the first time. He moved into her, filling her, her labia stretched and opened for him.

She forced herself not to resist as he advanced. She knew she was wet, primed for what was to come.

He took his time, savoring the moment, slowly moving past her lips, slowly working his way into her. He seemed to be tender and caring, carefully watching and listening for signs from her before proceeding further. Her muscles tensed and relaxed continuously but she allowed his slow but steady progress into her. She gasped once more and her eyes widened even further as he encountered that most delightful of roadblocks: her maidenhead! She groaned and he paused, but he didn't withdraw. The pain resulting from the pressure against her hymen remained. Her breathing became ragged, her body began to tremble, maybe with anticipation or maybe just out of fear. Her big eyes, looking deeply into his, were afraid. He pressed deeper and she cried out again and tightened her muscles and legs, momentarily stopping his progress, her eyes blinking in shock and panic.

Breath coming rapidly, she grasped at the first thought that came to her mind.

"Shouldn't you be using a condom?"

Diana knew that she had been in an infertile period of her cycle at the mayor's ceremony, but she wasn't sure of her status now.

He smiled and kissed her nose. "We talked about that. But you said you wanted children,"

Like so many women, Diana secretlylonged to have children some day. It had always been a secret desire of hers. And having children would more securely bind her to her husband, assuring her separation from the Amazon world*.* But the thought that she might return from her honeymoon pregnant disturbed her.

He continued, ". . . and so we decided not to use any form of birth control when we got married.We're doing things the old fashioned way. We will make love and let nature take its course."

Pregnancy! It was not something that had ever been part of Diana's life. But her mother had suggested that Diana might provide for the next heir to the throne. Sperm made babies. And the image of being filled with millions of sperm, each sperm competing to find and an egg and make a baby excited and frightened Diana. And she felt a flush of anticipation at the prospect of being _*<i>filled</i>_*__ with _*<i>his</i>_*__ sperm.

Diana began to grow eager, looking forward to the life of being married to a man . . . to _*<i>this</i>_*__ man . . . of having sex as often as she wanted . . . or as often as _*<i>HE</i>_*__ wanted . . . whenever . . . wherever either of them wanted . . . of having babies.

She would be living the life of a real woman . . . a _*<i>normal</i>*_ woman . . . She could forget the constant responsibilities of being a superheroine. She would be keeping house, washing dishes . . . waiting for her husband to come home - - - meeting him at the door with a cocktail in hand - - - - - - - - - -leading him to the bedroom - - - - - -

There would be only one bed in their bedroom. That way all he had to do was reach out for her whenever he wanted her.

A spasm flashed through her vagina and labia. She felt a vague wonder that all of his firm manhood could be accommodated inside her, but she was committed to surrender herself fully to the experience, to _*<i>HIM</i>*_. Her apprehension was quickly passing. It was as it should be. She began to relax her muscles. He was her husband, and she longed to possess him fully. And to be fully possessed _*<i>BY HIM</i>_*__!

Wonder Woman was jolted out of her reverie. _Pain, _*<i>real</i>*__ pain shocked her back to reality as he pressed against her hymen. She moaned, her muscles tensed and her quivering thighs clamped around him, impeding him.

Try to relax," he cooed. "I don't want to hurt you."

"But it hurts already!"

"Relax. It will be easier on you."

Wonder Woman willed herself to relax and he pressed infinitesimally deeper, further depressing her hymen. She groaned as the pressure on her hymen increased. It felt like she was being split in half. There was no way she could receive a penis as thick as his inside her!

"It hurts. I can't do it! Maybe if you did it quicker . . . ? . . . get it over with . . . !"

"You told me you wanted to experience every possible sensation of making love," he whispered in her ear. "You specifically said you wanted to feel every inch of me as I entered you. And you wanted to feel me cum inside of you."

Wonder Woman was panting. _*She couldn't believe she had said that. But if she had made a decision to enter marriage, thus, a life of sexual activity . . . and if they had talked about it . . . it is possible she might have wanted to experience every possible aspect of it . . . including --- she couldn't even repeat the words in her mind --- including . . . what he had said . . . *_

It was hard to change her mind about something when she didn't remember what she had promised in the first place. He backed off an inch before, very slowly, he pressed just a little further into her. The pressure increased. So did the pain! Her head fell back, her eyes squeezed shut and she let out a long cry of agony and tightened around him again.

He waited. Calmly, _*_sadistically,*__ he wanted her to feel every stroke. He wanted to see her every reaction. Her beautiful face was a combination of fear, pain, amazement, and maybe even a little anticipation.

She finally began to relax and slowly lifted her hips toward him. He pressed in further and thefragile tissue of her hymen starting to give way. She almost gave a croaking sound as the slow, agonizing tearing of her maidenhood made her back arch! There was pain; he was big and he was stretching her. She couldn't stand it! She tensed up, withdrawing into herself, pulling away from him.

It hurt like hell! Almost delirious*,* Diana's eyes squinted,her vaginal muscles involuntarily clamped down around him once more. A deep groan, almost like a death rattle, escaped from her lips. Desperately, Wonder Woman wished to wake from this dream, this nightmare of agony. Was this the necessary prelude to the "marital bliss" of every woman's dreams? Two huge tears filled her eyes.

Still, he was breaking through. He paused, savored his victory, relishing the pleasure of her virginal tightness. He enjoyed his slow, but sure penetration, his taking of her virtue, her chastity, his theft of <i>_*her virginity*_</i>. She was his. All his! He waitedfor her to recover, waiting for an indication from her that she was ready for more.

Unfocused tear filled eyes stared at the ceiling as Diana lay panting, quivering around the penis imbedded part way inside of her. The incredible pain she had felt only moments before was receding, although it still hurt. Her mind, all but shut down from worst pain she had ever experienced, recognized that her panting caused her body to move . . . and even that infinitesimal movement of her womanhood on his manhood proved that her deflowering was not completed. She may have wanted to feel every inch of him as he entered her, but losing her hymen a millimeter at a time was more than any woman could endure.

She dropped her hands to his hips, grasping his buttocks, and, taking a deep breath, she forced her muscles to relax, then, with determination, she pulled him toward her and thrust her hips forward while dragging him deep into her most sacred place, skewering herself on his penis. She shrieked as the huge shaft plowed into her body tearing through the remains of the delicate tissue,shredding to ribbons the remnants of her maidenhead.

With the agonizing loss of her maidenhood, Wonder Woman's mind reeled and, again, her muscles clamped down on him. She barely heard her husband's satisfied moan.

Her shriek as he entered her was satisfying evidence that, in fact, _* _HE*__ had been the man to take her virginity. And to top it off, she had done it to herself. It was her action that had broken her hymen. He was pleased that she had joined in to do the deed . . . _*accomplishing the consummation*_. She had provided the actual thrust that surrendered her cherry. She had handed over the physical proof of her innocence. She had given away her virtue.

Once more, he paused, savoring the pleasure of her virginal tightness. Wonder Woman was extremely tight as he might expect from an athletic virgin. He sensed blood trickling around his cock.

Her virginity was gone. Her lover's knot had been pierced. Diana's hands flailed, flashing to his hips. She wanted to grab him and push him out of her. But she also wanted to welcome him inside her, to be a good wife for him. Finally, she threw her arms around him holding him tightly to her. Still panting, she forced her hips to go limp beneath him. Rapidly breathing, Diana lay beneath his bulk and gradually the pain subsided. She knew she wouldn't have to live through that again, that she would experience the loss of her maidenhood only once. Tears overflowed her eyes.

There was still the nagging feeling that she had been raped . . . forced to have sex without her full agreement, even though she was married and this was her wedding night. He had not used force on her. Absently, she wondered if sex between a husband and wife could ever be considered rape.

He waited patiently for her to recover as her body adjusted to the new phenomenon. She would indicate when she was ready to continue. And sure enough, after a long pause, she slowly raised her hips, her spasming vagina drawing a little more of him into her.

Diana endured a little more pain as he withdrew an inch before once again slowly pressing deeper. She could honestly say she felt every inch of him as he entered her, her virgin body receiving and, she hoped, welcoming the mammoth cock.

There was definitely a hard, male instrument sliding further into her and Diana felt like she could have swooned. The enormous member worked its way in and out, slowly but surely pressing deeper, confirming that she had been sexually conquered. Diana was sure that she sensed at least a tiny trickle of blood that would be proof positive that she had had been a virgin when she married him.

There were tears in her eyes, but she began to smile and move slowly with him, holding onto him, feeling a man's sex penetrating her body for the first time.

Their pelvic bones met. Their pubic hair meshed and she realized that the two of them had truly become one. And despite the discomfort of their initial union, their bodies fit together perfectly. Perfectly joined. Perfectly coupled. The intimacy of mating with her husband was surprising. Although she was not experiencing the super heated sexual fire suggested by a few of her girlfriends, Wonder Woman's body was becoming somewhat tingly. She released a long slow breath of air, and after a moment, she opened unseeing eyes, which slowly came into focus through the tears. The remaining tension in her vaginal muscles relaxed.

"You're really in me!" she whispered. "I guess I'm no longer a virgin!"

He smiled and kissed away her tears. They stared directly into each other's eyes. He began slowly rocking back and forth, giving her a chance to acclimate to the new sensations she felt. Each thrust drew a grunt from Diana. Instinctively, Diana slowly began to lift her hips, meeting his thrusts, her hands beginning to stroke his back, her legs gripping him, urging him onward, faster, harder. He responded by quickening their pace, pounding harder into her with long steady strong, strokes. Her breasts bounced each time he drove into her and she began moaning. She was able to receive his thrusts more easily, so she must be generating more lubrication. He was breathing faster and growing larger inside of her and her moans were increasing in volume.

He raised his body slightly off of her and glanced downward, seeing his shaft sliding in and out of her. She glanced down also and they both observed the streaks of blood on his penis before, once more his manhood disappeared inside of the warm, wet folds of her pink treasure. Seeing her virginal blood smeared on his penis furnished him the final proof of her innocence: that _*_HE*__ had been the man to deflower her, and this goaded him into a frenzy and he drove himself powerfully into her with a sudden ferocity, pressing in and pulling out, only to ram home once again. It was no longer soft and sweet. It was real sex now. He jack-hammered into her now and unexpected satisfaction began to well up inside her. Diana matched his rhythm. Then with a last set of hard thrusts, he clutched her to him as he pressed his throbbing member deeper than ever before. His eyes rolled up in his head, he uttered a loud moan shooting his seed into her.

Diana heard and felt him gasping and shuddering before he collapsed on top of her. She lay there beneath him, still moaning, but breathing fast while he was gulping for air. Both were drenched in sweat. Her heart was palpitating. Her mind was racing, but going nowhere. Her whole body was reacting to the loss of her virginity: her first actual act of sexual intercourse. She had felt his shuddering, but she wasn't sure that she had actually felt him cum inside of her.

Nothing was said. He lifted his head and their eyes met again. He leaned forward, still fully imbedded inside her and kissed her deeply. She accepted it, kissing him back. They both had done their part. She basked in the reality of her situation. And now that HE had actually completed their consummation, she simply let his warmth, the scents they had generated, the absolute bliss, do their work. Gradually, the tension eased away, drop by drop.

She had done her duty. The marriage had been consummated. She had performed the 'marriage act'. She had given him everything. She had nothing else.

Why did she feel this way? shewondered. This was her wedding day: It should be the happiest day of her life. She began to tremble and she started to sob, quietly.

** Section Break ** begin part 3

Chapter 7: Afterglow. And . . . 'his virginity' . . .

He held her in his arms as his penis gradually softened and finally slipped out of her, releasing telltale wetness over her perineum. Then he rolled to the side and watched her heaving chest as he continued to hold her until her sobbing subsided. Eventually she reached up and embraced his shoulder, pulling him closer to her, snuggling her face to his chest. Embracing each other, he ran his hand over her sweaty body. Diana was still going through the mental adjustments. She was no longer a virgin. She had voluntarily surrendered her purity and innocence.

No, that wasn't correct. Marital sex was pure. There was no purity lost from sex within the confines of marriage. She hardly noticed his hand caressing her and stroking her breasts.

"I can't believe it!" he whispered to no one in particular. "I just fucked Wonder Woman." The comment was incongruous and somehow inappropriate coming from a husband, even though it was their wedding night.

She looked at him, feeling ambivalent about his words. "Was it good for you? Was it all you thought it would be, fucking Wonder Woman?" she
said in a regular tone, picking up his use of language.

He nodded, still gazing into the air. "It was! And even more!"

Diana turned her attention to something closer to her.

"Am I pregnant, now?" she whispered into the soft, white hair on his chest.

He kissed the top of her head and whispered back, "You'll have to wait a while before you know that."

Lying next to a man in his bed, Wonder Woman felt strangely worldly and mature. She realized that by the modern world's standards, a woman would be considered silly to hold on to her virginity the way she had. But she was and always had been an Amazon, and yielding her virginity had never been a consideration for her. In a way she was pleased that he had coaxed her.

As Diana thought about it, she realized she'd never whole heartedly accepted the absolute requirement of abstinence from sex. She had always wanted to experience the wild, uncontrolled passion available only between a man and a woman. Whenever she permitted herself to think about it, she hoped that someday she would be able to take off her belt and experience the true, physical love with a man. Apparently, that day had arrived!

Diana snuggled her face against his chest. She was married now. And apparently, under Amazon tradition, the marriage was now completed. She knew that newly married couples had sex often, and she became aware of his hand fondling her breast.

She gave a deep sigh. "Now that we've made love, we can fuck again." She knew that now she was using crude descriptions of their actual activity. "But I'm afraid I can no longer give you my virginity."

He smiled and turning his attention to her, embraced her. "I understand," he whispered. "I realize the first time is an important event for a woman."

Diana inhaled deeply. "You have no idea _* how*_ significant it is to an Amazon Princess to be screwing around!" And she hugged him closely, beginning to enjoying the 'dirty talk'. "I'm glad it was you. My husband. My lover." She said the words, but she wasn't sure she meant them.

"Would it be asking you too much" he asked, "if I asked you to take my virginity now? Are you ready?"

Diana frowned and looked up at him. "I don't understand. How can you still be a virgin after we. . . ?"

"I'm referring to a different kind of virginity," he whispered. "I've never had a woman take me in her mouth and . . ." His words faded out.

Diana's body stiffened at the suggestion.

"I really would prefer not to," she responded.

"We're married . . . there's no reason why we couldn't . . ."

Diana didn't want to outright refuse her husband on their wedding night, so she chose her words carefully. "I know that whatever married couples do consensually behind closed doors is up to them, but I've been forced to perform oral sex on criminals in the past and I've always hated it."

Her husband gave a deep sigh before responding. "It seems that we have to revisit everything we've discussed and every agreement we've made. I'm feeling frustrated. Let me explain once more. My wife always refused to perform oral sex. And when you and I talked before we were married, I asked . . . no, I begged you to give me a blowjob, if for no other reason than I requested it as an act of love between a husband and a wife. So, once more I will ask you to let me make love to your mouth. It's an experience I've never had. And I can't think of a better time to lose my 'oral virginity' than my wedding night."

"We talked about it before . . . ?" Wonder Woman asked, hesitatingly.

He nodded. "You were reluctant at first, but then you agreed. You said you would do it because you loved me and you wanted to do something for me that my wife had never done. You said you wouldn't do it often but you would do it for me as a wedding present."

His plea had been simple and elegant, Diana felt moved. The words had a ring of truth. They were something she might do with a man she really loved . . . It was something she had thought she might do with Steve if he asked . . . but only because she had loved him so much.

Now, she was wondering if it was her responsibility to make up for all the shortcomings of the previous wife. She also realized that a woman in love with a man might agree to things that she otherwise would refuse . . . if for no other reason than she loved him.

In truth, Diana had daydreamed about being married with Steve. Sometimes, as she waited for sleep to come, she had daydreamed of Steve making love with her. And she had permitted herself to imagine all sorts of permutations of lovemaking in her daydreams, knowing that daydreams were just that: dreams, probably never to be lived out, never to be reality.

Wonder Woman had never liked giving oral sex to a man. She hated it! It was always so demeaning to her. It had always been a symbol of a man degrading or humiliating or dominating her. But she knew that many men, including husbands and loving boyfriends, as well as brigands and other miscreants, enjoyed receiving oral sex from their partners. Indeed, she had heard from her girlfriends that oral sex might be considered simply an alternate method of making love. It was making love, but simply using a different orifice.

She could feel his hand on her shoulder urged her downward. She swallowed hard as she slid lower in the bed, her face moving closer and closer. His hands gently grasped her head, pulling her toward him and she kissed his damp, flaccid penis. It had shrunk considerably and now was almost reduced to being a large, rounded bump positioned above his scrotum. Almost immediately, as if in eager anticipation, it began to rise. Shuddering, she kissed it again.

Even though she couldn't remember feeling any real attraction or love for this man, she _*<i>was</i>_*__ with her husband and it was her wedding night. And he _*<i>REALLY</i>**_*__**wanted her to do this for him. She couldn't refuse!

Wonder Woman whimpered as the cock brushed her cheek. Again, she licked her full red lips, took his rising member in her hand and looked up to meet his eager eyes. Feeling an uneasy tightening in her stomach, she gave him a reluctant smile and guided the stiffening manhood to her lips, slipping it in, feeling it rising to full attention in her mouth. He moaned with pleasure.

Closing her eyes, she enclosed the growing shaft between her lips and tried to embrace it with her warm, moist tongue. At first, she tried to ignore the damp taste, which she knew was a combination of his semen and her own fluids. But somehow, she found the taste enjoyable, maybe because it was _* _HIS*__ taste, _* **_THEIR*__**taste. To her surprise, she sensed a response of submissive ecstasy from him, not the domination she expected. If anything, he was almost docile as the vacuum within her mouth stroked his manhood. She closed her eyes and sucked. Wrapping her lips around the shaft she began to pump his cock in and out, doing what she was expected to do.

Indeed, although not a virgin when the night began, Wonder Woman had certainly been an inexperienced partner. In truth, she was much more experienced giving blowjobs than actual sex.

His penis straightened and quickly began to swell. He exhaled a pleased moan. As he pushed deeper into her mouth, she began using her padded tongue to stroke the underside of his penis with sweet, passionate motions. His excitement was growing much quicker than she expected and she realized how eagerly he had desired this thing from her. She wasn't surprised that as he possessively, but lovingly seized the hair at the side of her head pulling her onto him preventing her escape. It was intense, but too good to stop.

He pulled her deeper onto him and soon she had his full length in her mouth. He gasped a pleased moan, knowing he was about to explode, his cock swelling as his orgasm grew rapidly within him. His hips began thrusting and there was no turning back. Wonder Woman was ready for his climax. Her tongue worked more fluidly, driving him onward. Still clenching the sides of her head preventing her from backing off, he came, shooting a large load.

Her eyes grew big when the first spurt of his hot semen sprayed forth. She pulled back in surprise, despite the fact that she knew what was going to happen, but quickly recovered and dutifully sucked and gulped, making sure he would finish in her mouth, swallowing all she could but some of his cum dribbled down her chin and onto her naked breasts. She still didn't like doing it, but she loved his responses, his gentle moans. Surprised by his pleased demeanor, she was willing to tolerate it. She was with her husband, the man she loved. And he had asked her nicely. And, she noted, she could _*definitely*_ feel him cum when he spasmed in her mouth!

Wonder Woman had to admit, it was a different experience with her husband. She had participated of her own free will. She still could not say that it was enjoyable, but it might be something that she might consider again . . . if he asked.

He was very appreciative, thanking her profusely as, once more, he gasped for breath. And Diana was pleased. Diana had done something for him that *<i>SHE</i>* had never done.

Chapter 8: The night continues

He drew her up the bed until she was lying beside him and he held her in his arms as his breathing slowly returned to normal. It felt nice, Diana thought, to be held by someone who loved her. She didn't mind as she swallowed hard, fighting off the sense of nausea as the taste in her mouth slowly receded. She was not troubled by his sweating hands roving over her body, and it didn't bother her when his hands began fondling her breasts. After all, they were the hands of her husband and the two of them were sharing their conjugal bed.

Diana was a married woman now. She was no longer bound by the Amazon Laws. She could go wherever she wanted - or nowhere at all: do what she wanted to do. All of those years of responsibilities were behind her now. She smiled with contentment as she allowed her innate sensuality to come to the forefront of her being, thinking about how foolish she had been to ever worry about all those responsibilities. Now she had new responsibilities . . . and those included responsibilities to her husband.

After he had had a fairly lengthy time to recovery, he turned her over onto her stomach, spread her legs and lifted up her hips. She did not resist and rose up on all fours. Diana knew what was coming as he separated her cheeks and liberally applied a lubricant to her rectum.

This was her wedding night . . . _* their*_ wedding night. Diana remembered stories she had heard about non-stop sex on a wedding night. Tonight seemed no different than what she had heard. She would do whatever he asked. And it was becoming obvious that their first night . . . and probably the rest of their honeymoon . . . would probably involve a lots of newlywed sex.

"It seems like you are asking for everything on a single night . . . our wedding night. . . ." she whispered.

Sheepishly he smiled and momentarily paused in his application of the lubrication.

"Maybe I am," he whispered back. "But I'm a nobody: an overweight, middle-aged man. And you are Wonder Woman! You could have any man you wanted. I guess I'm afraid I'll lose you, so I want to take advantage of every moment I have with you, and . . ." his eyes dropped sheepishly, " . . . and do everything I want to do . . . before you leave me."

I'm your wife," she whispered rising to a kneeling position. "We're married. I'm not going to leave you." Diana turned to take his cheeks between the warm palms of her hands. She found herself becoming attracted to this earthly, coarse, carnal man. "You're my husband!" she whispered in his ear. "I'm not going anywhere. You're not going to lose me!" She took him into her arms in a warm embrace.

After a long embrace, Wonder Woman found the tube of lubricant and put it in his hand before she resumed a kneeling position, presenting her anus for his use.

She was pleased when he put on a condom before he took her anally. Anal sex had always seemed dirty to her, and his use of a condom made it seem a little more acceptable. And suddenly he was inside her again. The condom was cold as he penetrated her and her bowels engulfed him. It hurt, but he was not pounding her, just sliding his penis in and out slowly.It was a different kind of pain than losing her virginity, not as sharp or severe. Besides, he was her husband and she would obey him, so before he could start pumping she began rocking back and forth onto him. She was learning that it was fairly easy to bring him to a quick climax, and this was no exception to that rule. One of his hands softly held her breast, gently rolling her nipple between two fingers. His other hand found her pubis and softly explored her private area as he slid in and out of her rectum.

Wonder Woman had been fucked in the ass before. It was an activity that didn't do very much for her. Once, a villain had taken her like this, taking pains to caress her breasts and gently stroke her clitoris, and after a great deal of teasing, the villain had brought her to a tremendous orgasm. But her new husband was nowhere near as skillful as that villain had been.

But she let her husband have his way, dropping her shoulders and face to the bed to improve his angle of penetration and the two of them quickly established a rhythm. She was glad he had provided the lubricant, but it was taking him longer to reach a climax. It was probably due to his age and the fact he had already climaxed twice tonight. But still, he performed like a stallion when he deposited his load of his semen in her bowels.

As they recovered, he excused himself to go to the bathroom. When he returned, she slipped from the bed and stepping awayon wobbly legs took her own opportunity to use the facilities.

When she returned, she snuggled into his arms. He was handsome, sophisticated and holding her dizzyingly close to him. There was comfort snuggling in this man's arms, and the close proximity of their bodies showed her that he had washed himself after their anal encounter. This pleased her, knowing that more sexual encounters would follow.

But there was still a disquieting uncertainty that never seemed to leave her. Diana remembered that marriage certificate. There was no way she would have voluntarily come into a hotel bedroom, alone with a man, compromising herselfif she were not married to him. He had taken her virginity. No, that wasn't true. She had _*_given*__ her virginity. And she had permitted him to take her other ways as well. Indeed, she was giving her entire body to him. She _*_had_*_ to be in love with him! She just couldn't remember . . .

She nuzzled into his warm embrace.

Wonder Woman didn't know exactly what the signal was, but she sensed his desire and was more than willing to respond to his subtle urging: rolling onto her back and opening her thighs. She looked forward to giving him pleasure.

He paused to admire her."I like the way you look . . ." he observed, surveying her naked body lying beside him. He caressed her breast.

The stimulation of his insistent touch made her eyes go misty. They began to smolder with secret promise. This was her wedding night, an occasion filled with expectation and hope. But so far, sex with her husband had not yet been the really fulfilling experience that she had hoped for. But she had accepted him as her husband. And she was determined to be a wife for him.

"There's lots of territory to explore," he continued, "and every inch is exquisitely packaged." He kissed her again, lovingly, slowly and deeply. Pleasure spread from her lips through her body and even straight down to her toes. Her sumptuous body felt desire and heat, why couldn't she feel trust as well? She would settle for a glimmer of the affection they must have shared these past three weeks. He _*_was*__her husband.

This would be the second time they had made love vaginally. Her skin was slick with sweat, and she was hot and ready, offering no resistance. This was the beginning of a lifetime where she would share her body with him: her husband.And she wanted to bring him pleasure and satisfaction. They had done this before, so it was not a new experience for her. She was cooperative when one knee moved between her thighs. Diana not afraid any more, but she was still a little nervous, which was probably typical for a new, recently virgin bride.

His hand slid over her throat causing a tremor in her.

"Are you All right?" he asked.

"Oh, yes. Yes."

His hand slipped around her arms. She gasped when his mouth found her nipple and he stayed there, flooding her with sensation. He was steering her and she rose to it.

One of her arms was around his shoulders, and with her free hand, she sought and found his semi-tumescent maleness. Lovemaking between a husband and wife should be a two-way street, and it was time for her to take some initiative. With the arm around his shoulders she drew his body over her*.*

He covered her like a mountain. She felt him growing harder in her hand as his weight settled on her, flattening her breasts against his chest and he leaned to kiss her passionately again. She was becoming engulfed in what he was doing to her. She longed to idly abandon herself in his arms. Indeed, she basked with inner turmoil like the crashing at the bottom of a waterfall.

There was nothing to seal off this world. The sky was a sample of how far she could go. Her universe expanded to the horizon. She felt everything, every emotion in her. She was never more herself, and yet she never so altered. She never felt more like a woman that she did now. Still holding his manhood, she directed it between her glistening purple lips, lips that were full, firm and slippery

"My body is yours, husband," she sighed.

And she gave a slight moan of contentment as the penis that was becoming so familiar, even becoming part of her life, glided into her hot, ready and receptive body. Releasing his manhood, she embraced him, her fingernails dug into his back. She tilted her hips beneath him, liftingherself in an effort to line up her womanhood with his penis, trying to make his entry into her easier for him.

She was damp, her vagina still wet from the semen he had deposited there before. Diana experienced no discomfort, although she**WAS** still a little sore. She suspected the soreness was from the unhealed tears of her ruptured hymen, but it was little more than a minor inconvenience and didn't bother her that much. And in spite of the pain she encountered, she gave herself to him completely.

"Work with me, Honey," he whispered. "Thrust in when I do."

She obeyed. And she began to enjoy it. Having given up her earlier reluctance, Diana yielded to him, without reservation. Maybe it was her hormones or maybe her instincts kicking in, but she raised her hips to meet his, helping him to press even deeper into her. Her huge breasts rolled forward, almost hitting her chin as she rocked forward and backward. She couldn't believe how wonderful, how __*<i>intimate<i>*__ it felt having a man deep inside her. Her Amazon training told her she should fight the erotic feelings of pleasure. But the woman inside of her loved it! She was becoming much more passionate, more sensuous. She moaned again as he grazed her clit. She wanted her passions to flame, to lose herself in ecstasy, but it wasn't happening. She wondered if she would experience an orgasm.

He kissed her neck and nuzzled her ear, his breath tickling her hair, making her moan.

"This is what you were made for," he whispered, pressing into her. As one, their hips moved together. She entered into it, full-fledged - every nerve tingling. Only in another person's arms could this happen.

He noticed her response and was obviously pleased.

It may not have been the glorious experience she had hoped for. Their lovemaking was slow, and their hips moved leisurely. Wonder Woman thrust her hips into his, forcing deeper penetration into her womanhood. There was slight discomfort at the depth of his penetration, but it was obvious that he enjoyed her participation and encouragement of his plunges into her.

His weight was heavy on her but she liked being embraced and she held him in her arms, too. She decided she liked it face to face. As his thick instrument stretched her, she enjoyed seeing his face, the slight frown of concentration, the intentness on what he was doing.

It was the first opportunity she had taken to study her husband's face. True, he was no longer young, but there was character in the lines of his face, the darkening beneath his eyes, his bushy eyebrows, a strong chin that was being hidden by jowls that were barely present, but would probably become more pronounced as he grew older, the rich smile lines. He had a good face, a handsome face! She liked it.

His cheek was smooth, and once again, there was a slight scent of shaving cream.

Even now, there was no thrill, no excitement, no fireworks. Still, she and her husband made love. Her body belonged to him and his to her. His strokes were gentle, and she _* _wanted*__ to crave his touch as they continued to rock passionately. But Diana had confidence her memory would come back, and with it the love she had felt for her husband. And if not, maybe she could _* _learn*__ to love him. Obviously, there had to be something about him that had made her fall in love with him the first time. All she had to do was find it again.

There was a change taking place in her viscera, growing as he thrust into her depths. A climax maybe? It was nice, and she tried to let herself go and let it grow. It felt hotter, more erotic, as something, almost ominous grew in her innermost being. Instinctively, she began looking forward to it. Hopefully . . . . She leaned her head back and sighed in delight. Without thought, she brought her legs up around his hips.

She may not feel love for this man, yet, but her body was certainly growing accustomed to joining with his. His hand caressed her breast. His solid cock slid in and out of her womanhood. He was speeding up. She wanted nothing more than for him to cum inside of her, and to _*feel*_ him cum inside of her. She held him close with both her arms and her legs as his breathing became panting and his thrusts increased. She clutched him to her as he pressed into her as deeply as he could. "I'm cumming," he gasped loudly, his breath erratic, his body convulsed, and once more his seed poured into her. She cried out, clawing his back, her toes pointed toward the ceiling. She dwelt on the sensation. She closed her eyes and his wonderful heat filled her body. She wanted her world to disintegrate into streaks of light, to be buried in the shards of the illumination. She wanted her world to dissolve into a mind shaking orgasm. Even with his warning, she had felt his convulsions at her labia but she still was not satisfied that she had actually felt him cum inside of her. Maybe there simply weren't nerve endings there. She suspected that her own climax might be eminent, but not yet achieved. Although she had not yet climaxed, somehow she was sated.

Maybe next time!

Consciously, Wonder woman tried to milk every drop of semen from him before he collapsed on top of her and lay there panting. Diana gasped for air, sprawled out spread eagle beneath him feeling almost like a whore. But she remembered the old adage . . . _*behave like a lady in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom._*

He knew when her arms relaxed around him that she had given him something far beyond what he had expected*.* In addition to an hour of effort and a quart of sweat, she had given him her surrender!

** Section Break ** begin part 4

Chapter 9: Champagne?

After a few minutes, he locked eyes with her and smiled.Both of them gave deep sighs as he rolled to the side and they lay beside each other.

"Wow!" he exclaimed. "I don't think I've _*ever*_ had it that good!" Diana was pleased with the complement, that even in her inexperience, she was able to give him enjoyment.

"I think that deserves a glass of champagne!" he stated. "We've both earned it".

Champagne! What an appropriate way to celebrate a new beginning! Wonder Woman watched as he rose, picked up his silken pajamas and a bathrobe. Before he left the room, he also picked up the wedding book from the dresser, and Wonder Woman absently wondered why. Then he stepped into the other room, carefully closing the door behind him.

Wonder Woman looked forward to a glass of champagne. The past few hours had been a period of sexual discovery for her. She had been taken into a world of experiences she thought would be forever denied her. And while she was waiting, she welcomed a few moments of quiet and rest. She heard a muffled noise that sounded like a door closing. Then there was no sound from the other room. She waited.

And waited.

Somehow the world around her grew darker. Being removed from the actual physical contact, the satiation faded and a dark suspicion seeped through the haze of pleasure, a suspicion she didn't want to inspect too closely. It centered around _*"her husband's"*_ character and her lack of attraction toward him . . . and there was something that was not quite right about the way he treated her.

Finally, she got up and put on a bathrobe and opened the door to the living area of the suite. It was empty. A quick look around and Wonder Woman realized there were no suitcases. The only evidence of occupation was his bathrobe carelessly thrown over a sofa. There was an ice bucket with an unopened bottle of champagne on the counter. The refrigerator was empty. Other than that, the room appeared deserted. Her husband was nowhere to be found.

Wonder Woman opened the door to the hallway. No one was in the hallway either, but there was a complementary newspaper on the floor outside the door. The headline read _*"**Wonder Woman Beamed!"*_**with her picture was below the headline. Picking up the newspaper, she glanced through the story of her being honored by the mayor and how she had been accidentally struck on the head and knocked unconscious. The newspaper reported she had been taken by ambulance to a hospital, but the newspaper was unable to obtain a follow up report since every hospital stated she had never arrived in their emergency room.

The date on the newspaper was September 2.

A disturbing suspicion began to form in her mind. Using her fingertips, Wonder Woman examined her head. There was a definite bruise and swelling there. She thought back over the afternoon and realized that her "husband" had never specifically said he loved her. And there was that strange comment he had made about how 'he had just fucked Wonder Woman'.

Wonder Woman's lust filled dreamy afternoon was becoming a nightmare.

She remembered that he had taken the wedding book when he left the bedroom: the book with her wedding certificate. In fact, when he left the bedroom, he had taken everything that might have indicated that he exited.

She returned to the bedroom, found her tiara and put it on and, using the special radio, she called her mother.

Queen Hippolyta answered cordially and asked her daughter about the bump on her head.

Diana responded mechanically that it seemed OK and it didn't bother her.

<And how was the ceremony with the mayor?>

_<_It was what you would expect . . . _.>_There had been no mention of her wedding. The conversation lagged and finally the queen asked, _<_Why did you call, darling. Is something on your mind?>

Diana hesitated and asked, _<_Did we talk earlier today?>

<Why, no,> the queen responded. <There was a great deal of static and interference on this channel. There was absolutely no reception until it cleared up about 15 or 20 minutes ago.> There was another pause as Diana recalled her "husband's" comment that his hobby was radio technology and electronics.

With a mother's perception, Queen Hippolyta asked her daughter, <"Diana, what is it? What's wrong?>

Again, Diana visualized the marriage certificate and suddenly she realized what bothered her about it. She had been identified asWonder Woman, Princess of the Amazons. That was the title commonly used in the press, but her correct title was Diana,Princess of Themyscira. Diana would have used her correct title on any legal document such as a marriage certificate.

Wonder Woman squeezed her eyes shut and sat on the edge of the bed. <What is today's date?> she asked her mother.

There was a pause and her mother replied, _<_September 2nd.> It was the morning after the mayor's ceremony!

There was a longer pause. Finally, Diana took a deep breath. <I'm coming to Paradise Island, Mother,> she said with determination. <We need to talk,> and Diana broke the connection.

Diana felt semen seeping from her vagina and rectum. The dried semen on her face and chest itched. Looking downward, the folds of her bathrobe had fallen open and she saw traces of dried blood on her inner thighs.

Looking away, Diana realized she was truly fucked.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The end

* * * * * * * * * * * *

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