An exception to the rules.

By Barnabus

Started: 3/24/04

Written: 6/11/04

Revised: 7/21/04

(Wonder Woman, M/F, Romance, First Time, time travel.)


What was Wonder Woman's first time like? If her only sexual experiences were being raped, wouldn't she become jaded and cynical about men and sex?


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The story is set in the 1940's. Since the Internet hadn't been invented yet, the various stories referred to were 'published in the underground press'. In modern times, the Internet has largely absorbed the 'underground' market.

Although not mentioned, birth control (i.e. the 'rhythm method') is used in this story. In 'real life' every reasonable adult should know that he or she should behave responsibly when participating in sexual activities and he or she wishes to avoid unwanted conception and the spread of disease.

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Chapter 1 - I meet and talk with Wonder Woman for the "first" time

I was excited! It was Wednesday evening, and I was about to meet the famous Wonder Woman! My boss had been invited to attend the Chamber of Commerce '(Wo)Man of the Year' dinner, where Wonder Woman was to be honored, but he was scheduled to be out of the country, so he passed his invitation on to me.

Wonder Woman has fascinated me ever since I had first heard of her. Since she appeared, I have followed her adventures, constantly fascinated by this phenomenon. She was certainly a marvel! I have read whatever I could find, and my fantasies were piqued by the various 'underground' stories of her rapes by various villains. I even read those silly scholarly dissertations by that Professor who wrote about 'Ancient Amazons in Modern Day America' "

As I stood in the reception line waiting my turn to be introduced to the Amazing Amazon, my mind returned to the big question. If she came from a society composed only of women, and if she had never been exposed to men before she came to America, how could she possibly handle sexual situations with men when they occurred?

Of course, Wonder Woman is always portrayed in the media as the paragon of virtue, the perennial virgin, the absolute role model for an entire generation of young girls and women. But there have always been rumors of her being captured by Criminals who sexually abused her. And there was that long period of time when she had been the Prisoner of the Nazis. (I find it hard to believe that all that time as a prisoner, and all they ever did was sit her in a chair and ask questions.)

Details of these events officially were never made public, but speculation buzzes. It is

completely improbable that she has escaped from these perils with her virtue intact. In fact, I have created a catalogue of her (probable) rapes. (And, it's completely possible that at least some of those underground stories about her might be true.)

I have been a rape-counselor, and being somewhat familiar with the post-rape syndrome, I still found it amazing that she was able to function after the sexual traumas she must have endured.

Wonder Woman was the ideal guest-of-honor giving her undivided attention to each person introduced to her, shaking hands and exchanging a few words with each. I was next in line, and I gazed at this beauty: her hair as black as night framing the classical beauty with her striking and angular cheekbones, searing brown eyes, and pulsing lips. . .

When my turn came, I stepped in front of her with a silly grin on my face, extending my hand to her as the hostess introduced us.

She exuded a striking passion and sensuality as . . . .

Wonder Woman froze when she saw me, her jaw dropped open.

"Wonder Woman . . ." the hostess prompted after a pause, jarring the Amazon out of her amazement.

The Amazon Princess glanced at her hostess, then stared at me again, making no attempt to shake hands with me.

"You're Barnabus!" she whispered.

I was shocked. No one knew I used that name! It was a pen name I used when I published certain 'underground' stories of an 'erotic' nature; stories that I really didn't want to have traced back to me. I had never told anyone of these activities, let alone the name that I used to insure my anonymity.

"On occasion, I have used that name," I stammered.

"I will remember your face until the day I die," Princess Diana whispered. She grasped my still outstretched hand with both of hers and held tightly. "You promised me we'd meet again, but after all this time I'd given up hope of ever seeing you again!"

Suddenly, she became aware of her surroundings, and had to resume her duties as guest of honor. But still clinging to my hand, she pulled me close to her. "Please stay until I can get away from these people. I never did have an opportunity to thank you."

And with that, I was dismissed as she turned her attention to the next person in the reception line.

I wandered over to the bar, my mind in total disarray. Obviously, she knew me. She had even called me by my secret nom-de-plume. But I had never met her before!

Slowly, a thought dawned on me. Was it possible that I hadn't met her, but she had met me before!

I am a scientist, and work on some highly sophisticated projects. During my off hours, I had a couple, possibly three, hobbies. For my own entertainment, I write erotic short stories and publish them in the 'underground' marketplace (under the pen name "Barnabus"). A second hobby, more of a pastime than a real hobby, was reading and learning about Wonder Woman, who fascinated me.

My third hobby . . .

I felt a sinking in my stomach. Is it possible? It couldn't be! It was simply a violation of the laws of physics, or at least it was so far outside the current understanding of the laws of physics as to be plausible. You see, my third hobby was an attempt to build a time machine!

* * * * * * * * * * * *

When the reception line finally ended, Wonder Woman found me at the bar and took my hand to lead me to a corner table. She started talking, describing how indebted she was to me, and how she really appreciated what I had done for her.

"You were quite right when you said the 'sex education' I had received on Paradise Island was woefully inadequate." She paused, gazing almost lovingly into my eyes. "You were a wonderful teacher, so kind to me! You were so gentle! You carefully explained everything to me. And then . . . " Again she paused with a wistful look in her eyes. Blushing, she dropped her eyes and whispered, one word tripping over the next.

"And then, you showed me what loving sex between a man and woman was really like!

"You knew how afraid I was, and you were so gentle with me. I was scared to death! I still can't believe how careful you were trying not to hurt me. I had never met you before. And Yet I truly believed that you really cared about me . . . not only because I was Wonder Woman, but because I was a human being!" Her deep blue liquid eyes gazed into mine. "Again, thank you!

"I was sure you were exaggerating when you warned me about what those criminals would do to me or what the Nazi's would do when they captured me. But everything you said was true! I was raped for the first time three days after we met. I don't think I would have survived if you hadn't warned me in advance and helped me prepare!

"Although you had told me to report what happened between us to the queen, I put it off because I was afraid to face her. Then after I was raped, I was so demoralized I had to return home and talk to my mother. And although it took a while, eventually everything worked out all right with her, just like you said!

"But most of all, I've been waiting all these years to . . ." Diana paused and looked at me, " . . . apologize . . . for what I . . . said . . . to . . ."

Slowly, realization spread over her face as she observed my blank expression. Her face clouded over. "You don't know what I'm talking about, do you?" she asked.

Apologetically, I shook my head.

She looked at me for a long time. Then suddenly, her eyes widened and in an apparent non sequitur, she observed, "Your beard. It has a single thin streak of gray in it,"

"Yes," I responded. "In my family, once the gray starts in my beard, within a year or two most of my beard will be entirely gray. I've been thinking that maybe I should shave it off."

"Please don't!" she blurted out emotionally. Then she collected herself and tried to speak normally. "It gives you an air of maturity. And it's rather attractive."

She gazed at me for a long time. Gradually, Wonder Woman began to put the various pieces together. She gazed at me thoughtfully. Finally she came to a decision and she began explaining to me.

"All right, you're a scientist. Your name isn't Barnabus, but you use that name sometimes. You have three hobbies. . you never told me the first one, but I suspect that you're the Barnabus that has been writing those silly 'underground' stories about me." I could feel my face turn crimson, and she was sharp enough to recognize that as a confession.

"Honestly, Barnabus," she began in an almost exasperated voice, "How many times do you think a girl, even a superheroine, can lose her virginity?"

She shook her head in disbelief before continuing. "And where did you come up with all of those crazy ideas? 'Passion Fever Dust? ' 'Steve's Unintentional Commands? ' And the very idea that I would go to bed with Steve just to gain his forgiveness? And that whole 'voluntary enslavement ' scenario? Really, Barnabus!" Again, she shook her head.

"Anyhow, you also spend a great deal of time studying me, which is why you know so much about me. And for your third hobby, you're working some sort of machine in the basement of your house, but you can't get it to work. You're stymied! Am I right?"

Everything she had said was true, but I refused to admit it to her. I had never met her before. How did she know so many of my secrets?

Her eyes widened as a slow realization spread over her face. "Your machine . . . it's a time machine, isn't it? And what took place between us hasn't happened for you yet, has it?" My shocked expression answered her question.

She reflected, "And we're experiencing an anomaly of time travel. I was there and I know what happened. But you haven't been there yet. Does that make sense?"

"In theory, it's possible. I've thought about this possibility, but I never seriously considered that it might happen," was my answer.

The idea of going back in time and having a fling with a younger, less experienced Wonder Woman had, at best, been a nocturnal fantasy. But I had never considered it a real possibility. But apparently it had happened. She had called me 'her teacher', and apparently I had done a good job 'teaching' her.

Wonder Woman rested her chin in her hand and gazed at me thoughtfully. Finally, she came to a decision.

"Your machine WILL work. Simply go home, and reverse the polarity on your induction coil" she instructed with assurance. "Then run your test on it. You will test your machine by setting it to go backward one minute, but you will have to change its location when it 'arrives' at it's destination. That test will show that it works.

"Then, you can go back in time and have an encounter with me. You will be my teacher." She paused to ponder for a moment. "You'd better wait and get a good night's sleep before you come back to meet me. You'll need it!" As she said this, her eyes took on a distant look as if she were reliving a past experience.

Then she continued giving me a specific time, date and place where we met in the past. She told me how I would use handcuffs to bind her (depriving her of her Amazon powers), and then would bind her with her magic lasso and take her, blindfolded, to a mountain cabin. She described the cabin in detail. It was a retreat that I owned and used occasionally.

I reflected on the date she had given me. "You had only been in America a couple of months at that point." She nodded agreement.

"And I was green as green can be. I had started my work and I had done some elementary crime fighting. The newspapers were beginning to take notice of me, but the police weren't quite sure yet. I had to listen in to the police radio band to find out where I was needed. When the complaint was called in about the break-in at the warehouse, the police were too busy dealing with 'higher priority' items to respond, so I moved in to investigate the complaint. And there you were!

"I hadn't encountered any real villains yet, or any perverts. I didn't have any idea of what was coming, although I worried about it! I knew that rape existed in this world of men, and I had even prevented a couple of rapes by then. And gradually, it occurred to me that someday I might get raped, and I wasn't sure that I could handle it.

"Without your gentle and considerate introduction to love and sex, I doubt that I would have been able to survive the various assaults I have encountered. Some of them were quite brutal. I have come to appreciate the gift you gave me. Thank you."

Wonder Woman sighed. "I suspect you are the only person in the world I can really talk to about sex. And I have a great deal I'd like to talk with you about, but I'm afraid we can't really talk until you've returned from your trip.

"I'm sure you can figure out everything else that will happen between us." She smiled, almost as if she was anticipating something. "I hope you make your trip soon!"

Wonder woman assumed a businesslike fashion, as she reached over and took a pen from my pocket. She wrote a telephone number on a napkin. "When you return from your trip, call this number and leave a message for Diana. I will return your call as soon as I can!"

Abruptly, she stood, but paused.

"There is no need for concern about pregnancy when you make your trip. On that date I was nowhere near my fertile period." Her eyes narrowed. "And at that time, you told me you had been tested for all venereal diseases and were 'disease free'. Is that true?"

Astonished, I answered, "I guess so. I just had my annual physical exam, and just to put my mind at ease, I had the doctor order the full spectrum of tests for VDs. This is not something I normally do, but for some reason I had done it this time.

"Good!" she smiled. And she turned on her heels and walked away. I watched her speak briefly to her friends and the hostess. The hostess stole a quick glance at me and seemed to ask a question. Wonder woman gave a curt answer and almost immediately left the party. And I was left with an incredible sense of loss.

Chapter 2 - The 'induction coil' and preparations.

Once the party was over, I quickly returned to my home to I sit down at my drawing board and recalculate the effects of changing the polarity of the induction coil. I would like to say that her suggestion 'made everything fall into place,' but it didn't. It didn't make sense! But then again, time travel doesn't make sense!

Finally, I decided to act on faith. I switched the coil and set the time of the destination of my machine and positioned the arrival location to the other side of the room. Then, nervous, I paused to sip a glass of water. While I was drinking, an exact copy of my machine materialized across the room. It now existed in two places at the same time! There was only one thing I could do. I walked over to my original machine and pressed the button. It disappeared.

I was so excited that I couldn't sleep well that night. Thursday morning came much too soon, but I got up and went to work. I'm afraid it was a lost cause. I couldn't take my mind off of Wonder Woman, and simply could not concentrate on my work! Around mid-morning, I went to my boss and made excuses about 'not feeling well' and took the rest of the day off.

I was still nervous when I arrived at my home and stared at my machine. Apparently, soon I would use the machine to go back in time and capture Wonder Woman. I would take her as captive, to my cabin where I would 'teach her about love and sex.' Rape was not something that I could conceive, so I would have to use my 'powers of persuasion'. But I am a scientist not a debater, a thinker not a motivator. Could I possibly do what she said I would?

I was eager to go back to an earlier time and to meet Wonder Woman. And the idea of me having sex with Wonder Woman almost made me swoon. But I had always been systematic and methodical. I knew it was foolish to rush into any situation or start any task without doing the proper homework.

Reluctantly turning away from my machine, and went up to my bedroom to retrieve an old pair of handcuffs from the nightstand that I had bought in the throws of a fantasy, but had never used. I sat on the side of the bed pondering how to handcuff someone quickly before she realized what was being done. After a few attempts, I began to learn how they worked, and after a drop of oil or two, I began to learn how it would be possible to use them to capture Wonder Woman, provided I had the element of surprise and she didn't see me coming.

Stepping to my files, I withdrew the earliest records I had concerning Wonder Woman. Over the years, I had amassed a large file of newspaper clippings. Beginning with the first published report of her, I carefully read each article up until the 'target date'.

The newspapers had made no mention of the date she had given me. To complete the context, I read forward a couple of months. She was no mention of her for a couple of weeks after the date of our encounter, which caused one minor editorialist to wonder, "And what has happened to Wonder Woman?"

A couple of months after that, I found the first report indicating she had been captured and apparently raped. It seemed that this rape wasn't particularly brutal, but still she had been raped. The story indicated that she had rebounded from her attack to capture the wrongdoer. Apparently, she hadn't been incapacitated by the rape the way so many rape victims are.

And I wondered if that was because I 'had been such a good teacher'. Then, I remembered her saying her first rape occurred three days after we had met. That incident had never been reported.

She had admonished me 'to get a good night's sleep' before I made the trip. So, although it was still early afternoon, I went to bed and slept soundly until about 5:00 PM that evening, when I awoke refreshed and alert.

Eager to continue my experiment, and much to nervous to stop for a meal, I carefully selected my wardrobe (essentially a thief's costume consisting of black jeans and a black turtle neck sweater, all bought off the shelf at a department store). Then I went to my machine, reviewed everything I knew about what I was about to experience. I tried to think through to see if I could anticipate anything that might go wrong and how to handle each situation.

And finally, I set the coordinates on my machine, took my place . . .

. . . and pressed the button!

Chapter 3 - Wonder Woman's Capture

I arrived in the same small storeroom in my basement. Everything was exactly as expected. There was even an earlier version of my machine on the other side of the room. A quick check proved that my home was deserted. The clock on the wall indicated I was right 'on time', and I found some newspapers by the fireplace that indicated that I was at the right date.

I quickly gathered up the equipment and clothing I would need. Opening the hidden safe in my basement, I stashed all of my 'modern' identification and money, taking out some money from the earlier time to put in my pocket. Then I started the pickup truck I kept stored in back and headed downtown.

I drove directly to the location Wonder Woman had described and found a dilapidated warehouse district. Prudently, I put on a pair of white cotton gloves to avoid leaving any fingerprints where they shouldn't be. The warehouse I sought was exactly as she had said: the front door shaded by some trees and there was a recess by the front door where I could hide and would be invisible to everyone unless they knew exactly where to look. Removing the handcuffs from my pocket, I rehearsed my movements several times, and ran them again in my head many times more. Then, still wearing white cotton gloves, I called the police from the corner pay phone.

Immediately I moved into my hidden recess, handcuffs 'at the ready'. The wait was interminable! It almost seemed as if she would never come. Finally, Wonder Woman alighted on the street not far from where I was hidden. Carefully she looked around, and seeing no one, began her approach to the warehouse door. She was constantly on the alert, but didn't notice the area around the door itself. As she approached the entrance, she reached with her right hand for the doorknob.

Immediately, the handcuff snapped, capturing her right wrist. Shocked, she reached for the cuff on her wrist. Anticipating her action, I snapped the other cuff around her left wrist. She froze! I could see the shock on her face as she felt her Amazon strength leave her, her hands having been bound by a man.

I took advantage of her momentary paralysis to snatch her golden lasso from its holder at her hip and looped it around her. Immediately realizing what was happening, she began to thrash and pull away, trying to escape.

"Don't resist me!" I whispered, and immediately the fight seemed to drain out of her body. "Stand still!"

I tied a slipknot in the lasso and pulled it snug around her waist. Then I slipped the end of rope through the arm of a trench coat I had brought with me, and slipped the coat over her shoulders, buttoning a couple of buttons. Thus, she remained handcuffed, her Amazon power gone; she was bound by her golden lasso, which forced her to obey any instructions I gave her. A floppy rain hat on her head and her identity was completely concealed from anyone who might see her.

"I don't know what you have in mind, but you can't get away with it!" she started. "Release me at once and . . ."

"Be quiet!" I commanded, and her lasso required compliance. I blindfolded her with a plain, black cotton handkerchief and took her arm and led her down the street to where my pickup was hidden, and we both took our seats as I kept hold of the golden lasso at all times to prevent any attempt at escape.

I drove in a round about route to confuse her if she was trying to remember how to repeat the trip. We eventually pulled into the driveway of my cabin. I led her inside and sat her on a sofa, telling her not to move and to make no effort to try to escape. Then I went around closing all shades on the windows to eliminate any 'peeping toms' (although there wouldn't be any at this location) and more importantly to prevent her from seeing anything outside that she might later identify. The cabin was isolated and surrounded by trees, so it was unlikely that she would find anything to recognize in any case.

Finally, I picked up the end of the lasso and told her to stand. Removing her blindfold, hat, and the coat, which I set aside, she was restored to her to her normal costume. She blinked a couple of times and looked around the room.

"You may speak now, but please, no lectures about how I should let you go and you'll even testify in my favor, or perhaps forget everything that's happened so far."

She glared at me. "Who are you? And why have you captured me. Where am I?"

"I am your teacher," I responded. "Right now, you are with me, and you will remain here until I release you."

"All right, 'teacher'", she responded sarcastically. "But even a teacher has a name. What's yours?"

I had to smile at that one. But of course, there was only one answer to give. "Call me Barnabus."


I nodded. "It's a name from the Bible. It means 'son of encouragement' or 'one who encourages.'"

"And you're trying to encourage me by kidnapping me?" She asked.

"Yes, strange as it may seem," I responded.

"Now," I continued, "these are the rules you will follow while you are my guest." (She snickered a bit at the word 'guest'.)

Carefully holding the rope, I set up the ground rules. "You are not to attempt to hurt me or attack me in any way. You are not allowed to leave these premises until I release you. You may not try to escape or contact anyone outside except in the case of life threatening emergency. After you leave here, you will remember everything that happened here, but you will make no effort to learn anything more about who I am, nor will you try to seek me out in any way. Do you understand and agree?"

Through tight lips, Wonder Woman responded, "The lasso requires me to obey your commands!"

I felt sad. "Commands? I'm sorry, but yes, these are commands." I released my hold on the rope and let it fall to the floor between us. She noticed the action.

"I will not force you to do anything you don't want to do. I will not use your lasso to make you do anything against your will. These are promises, and I make them without using your lasso so that you may choose to believe them or not as you wish.

"After you leave here, we will meet again, but not for a long time. When we meet, it will be in a public place at an occasion when you least expect it."

Then I picked up the golden lasso. She visually stiffened as I took hold of the rope. "I'm returning your golden lasso to you. However, you are never to use it against me. If I ask for it, you will return it to me, even thought you may suspect I will use it against you."

I moved to her, untied the lasso, coiled it and handed it to her. She looked at it with astonished eyes, then returned it to its place at her side. With a questioning look, she raised her wrists before her.

"I'm sorry," I responded. "For the time being, I must keep you handcuffed. This guarantees that you will only have the strength of a 'normal woman'. When you accept that I am your teacher, and you are my pupil, then we will be able to dispose of the handcuffs.

"Although, I captured you, believe me, you can trust me and you can say anything to me that you wish, and can ask me any question you wish."

Wonder Woman looked at me for a long time. Finally she asked, "How is it possible that you know so many of my secrets?"

At first, her question confused me. "Oh! You mean, how do I know that if your wrists are bound by a man you have no more strength than an ordinary woman? That your Golden Lasso of Truth" (again, she cringed when I used the correct title for her rope) "is not only unbreakable, but if a person is bound by it, he must answer any questions truthfully and obey orders given to him?"

Slowly, she nodded.

I continued, "If you really wanted me to remove the handcuffs, I could ask you to remove your Magic Girdle of Strength."

Wonder Woman almost went into shock as this secret was revealed.

"Or, I could make you my slave by defeating you in battle, and . . . ."

"That's enough!" she gasped, raising her hands in a 'stop' gesture. This last suggestion brought scandalized terror to her countenance.

"And that is what you fear most of all!" I concluded.

She started trembling. "You know so much! Do you plan to blackmail me? How did you learn these things?"

"Can you believe me now when I say I'm here to be your teacher?"

She was afraid. Really afraid! I knew too much, and I had easily captured her and brought her to this house without great effort. Whereas she was free to move around, she knew that she was bound by the instructions I had given her using her golden lasso.

Our relationship had changed. Initially, she had treated me with contempt. I was 'the enemy', an aggressor, someone to be captured and turned over to the police, but certainly not someone to be taken seriously, since so far in her career all of her enemies had been overcome easily with a little cleverness if brute strength and her golden lasso didn't work. Adding to her confusion, I had returned her golden lasso to her, although I had forbidden her using it against me.

But now, her demeanor had changed.

As if, she were testing the limits of her freedom, she stood and walked around the room, looking at the books in the bookcase, admiring the fieldstone fireplace, pulling open the door to the entertainment center, and finally moving to the kitchen where she poured a glass of water and took a drink.

"What makes you think I want a teacher? And what do you think you could teach me? And what makes you think I want to learn whatever you want to teach?" She asked.

"Answering your questions in order, 1. You don't want a teacher, you need one! 2. Obviously, I know enough about you to know what you need to learn, whether you want to or not. And 3, you will learn what I have to teach because your very survival depends on it. But you just don't know it yet."

"Very dramatic!" she mocked as she returned to the living room and placed her water glass on the coffee table. Facing me, she attempted to take her 'power' pose (which didn't work very well with the handcuffs in place) and glare at me with her most intimidating stare.

"And just what must you teach me that is so important that my 'very survival' depends upon it?"

"I will teach you about what you want to learn most of all. What you need most of all, what you desperately desire, but also what you are most afraid of!"

"And what would that be?"


Chapter 4 - Wonder Woman resists me

She stared at me with wide blue astonished eyes for a long time, her mouth gaping open in unbelief. Finally, she collected herself. "There is no need for us to have any such discussions. I know everything I need to know about sex now."

"That is not correct!" I interrupted. "Your career in America has only lasted a few weeks. So far, you have only encountered petty criminals who were easily defeated. None of them have caused any threat to you, although that group of bank robbers gave you a run for your money." (I was referring to her most recent adventure where she had foiled a bank robbery, but had almost been overcome by her opponents, triumphing over them more by luck than by skill.)

"But the longer you stay here, the more people will learn about you and your weaknesses.

"Soon, you will be captured, manhandled, abused, and even raped by some villain or a group of miscreants. Are you prepared for that?" (I had a specific date and the event in my mind as I spoke, but warning her about this particular problem wouldn't help her in her preparations for the abuse that was yet to come. But then I remembered her telling me that she had been raped three days after our meeting. I knew nothing about that event.)

"Don't be ridiculous! I'm Wonder Woman. No one can capture me, let alone . . ."

"I did!" I interrupted. "I am a lone, middle aged man, not in particularly good physical condition who easily captured you with a single pair of cheap handcuffs. I kidnapped you and brought you to this cabin. If I wished, with the help of your magic lasso, at this moment you would be stripped naked, lying on my bed, while I . . . . . "

"That's enough!" Her voice was on the verge of hysteria. "You couldn't! You wouldn't! Certainly no gentlemen . . ."

"In your line of work, you are not dealing with gentlemen!" I stated flatly. "And as to whether I could or would, let's find out! Give me your golden lasso!"

She began trembling, and obviously was doing everything she could to resist the command I had given her about returning her rope to me if I requested. Her hands were shaking violently as she held out the lasso for me to take. She started sobbing, and begging. "Please, don't do this! You mustn't. I . . . I . . ."

"You can relax," I said. "Please try to calm down." I returned her golden lasso to her. "I am not going to rape you! But are you convinced now that it is entirely possible a villain could capture you and with the help of your lasso, take advantage of you any way he wished?" She was so frightened she was close to shock, so I wrapped a woolen blanket around her shoulders. Carefully, I put an arm around her shoulder as we sat on the sofa, and held her as her trembling slowly abated.

"But no one knows of my lasso and it's power."

"In time, everyone will come to know many of your secrets, such as the things I have mentioned tonight. They will learn your weaknesses and will exploit them against you!" I said. "The only way you could avoid that would be to return to Paradise Island immediately and never come into contact with the world of men again. But you won't do that!" I continued. You're here to stay. You will be here fighting evil for years, regardless of what happens."

Still trembling, with downcast eyes, she whispered. "No one will ever rape me." She knew that she was in denial, but she still resisted my words.

"Wonder Woman, Diana, . . . " Her eyes quickly darted to me. I even knew her given name! I clasped her to me, hoping to reassure her. "The time will come! And you will be raped. Do you think you're ready for that? Do you think you can handle it? You've stopped rapes by stumbling on them in back alleys. And you've spoken with women who have just been raped. You know that a raped woman has the tendency to shut down, to give up! You cannot afford that and still be effective as a crime fighter.

"If you were raped tomorrow, would you be able to handle it?" I asked. There was a long pause. Finally, she shook her head.

"Will you let me help you get ready?" I asked.

She didn't answer, but looked at me. She seemed to be studying my face, and I realized she was memorizing my features, so she would be sure she could identify me next time she saw me.

"Your beard," she observed. "It has a single thin streak of gray in it." She was commenting on a distinctive feature, helping to commit it to memory.

"Yes," I responded without thinking. "In my family, once the gray starts in my beard, within a year or two most of my beard will be gray. I've been thinking that maybe I should shave it off."

"I hope you don't!" she answered. "It gives you an air of maturity." (And it's also a rather distinctive physical characteristic to help in identifying me, I thought)

She lifted her still handcuffed hands. "It's obvious I must remain here and listen to your babbling." Certainly she remembered my instructions forbidding her attempts to escape or leave the cabin. The handcuffs were a painful reminder that her strength had been reduced to that of a 'normal woman'. And as long as the handcuffs were in place, I probably would be able to overpower her if it came to a matter of physical strength.

"Amazons are forbidden to be intimate with any man," she said "If you're going to teach me about sex," I saw the slightest hint of distaste flash across her face. "Is our 'class' going to be a lecture course or a lab course?" I could hear the fear and tension underlying her question.

"Both. I will explain things to you. But there are certain things that you must physically experience to be ready to handle them in different situations. Also, intimacy may include sex, but sex does not necessarily reflect intimacy. We will do things that some people might consider 'intimate', but I would rather think of them as lab exercises, just like you were in school again."

"I cannot consent to anything of this nature without the consent of the Queen."

"We don't have time to convince your mother." Again, she glanced at me, wondering how I knew that she was the queen's daughter. "Soon, I must leave. And it is necessary that I instruct you before I go."

Again, a long pause as she contemplated her hands folded in her lap. She knew I was right. She had been living in mortal fear of being raped, and I was giving her hope of a way she might be ready for that event. Finally, she seemed to come to a decision, taking a deep breath, but still not looking at me. She spoke in a tone so low that I could barely hear her.

"Do you want me to take off my clothes?"

Chapter 5- the lessons begin

I didn't answer. Instead, I took out the keys to the handcuffs and removed them from her wrists. I could see her appearance change as she felt her super powers flowing back into her now that she was no longer bound.

With my free hand, I tilted her face into a kiss. She was stiff, unyielding. She didn't resist or pull away, but it was obvious that she had no intention of kissing me back. I wondered under what circumstances she would kiss any man?

At the end of the kiss, I released my grip and purposefully moved to the other chair, giving her greater space between us.

"Now, tell me everything you've ever learned about sex between a man and a woman."

At first she hesitated. But she knew I could force her answers with the golden lasso, so she answered my question. I was appalled at the lack of general knowledge she had been given. Admittedly she knew the basics . . . the man provides the sperm, millions of sperm, and the woman provides the egg, normally one egg at a time. The sperm and egg combine and a baby grows. But she wasn't quite sure how the sperm was delivered to the egg. And that was where her knowledge ended.

Obviously, the sex-education she had received on Paradise Island was woefully inadequate. She hat been taught nothing to prepare her for life in a man's world and was totally ignorant of the reality of emotional interactions between a man and a woman. She didn't realize what a powerful influence sexual attraction had on the relationship between the sexes.

I wondered what her mother had told her. Having bourn a child herself, Diana's mother must have some knowledge about men, unless she had been raped. But, no! Diana was not an only child! She had a sister, Drucilla. Apparently the queen had more experience with men than meets the eye!

I suggested we continue our discussion over supper.

As we prepared the meal together, I began to give her a lesson in sex education, how a man's sex organ became erect, hence the term 'erection' and while in it's rigid state, could penetrate the female body. And if he received adequate stimulation from his female partner, he could climax or achieve orgasm where he released millions of sperm into his partner. And if one of these sperm located and joined with a receptive egg, the egg would become fertilized and attach itself to the female's womb and a baby would grow.

My lecture went on much longer than I expected, rapidly moving into a discussion of erogenous zones, and how a woman's clitoris was generally her most sensitive area.

Finally, she began to ask questions, admitting to herself that she really needed to know more. She confessed that one of the bank robbers in her recent adventures had groped her, almost sending her into a state of shock. She confessed that she knew that rape existed in this world of men. And she realized that someday she might be the victim and she wasn't sure that she could handle it. This worried her, and she had no one with whom to talk about it

The uncomfortable stiffness as we worked together grew into a non-threatening camaraderie. After everything was ready, we sat down for a comfortable, relaxed meal with ongoing casual conversation. However, Wonder Woman was never fully able to relax and be herself because she knew where our evening was headed and she still was quite nervous.

When dinner was over, we left the dishes and took our coffee cups to the living room and sat beside each other on the sofa.

Of course, the standard 'virgin's objections' surfaced. She didn't want to get pregnant. Unfortunately, I allowed my impatience enter into my answer.

"You are nowhere near your fertile period. At this period of your cycle, pregnancy is not an issue and you know it!"

She still didn't know how I knew so much about her, but she acknowledged that what I had said was true.

"And.... I don't want to get . . . a disease ... "

"Again," I responded. "I'm not sure if the Amazon physiology is susceptible to normal western venereal diseases. But in any case, I have recently been examined by a doctor and at my request, he tested me for the entire spectrum of venereal diseases and came up negative."

The evening developed into a slow, gentle seduction. Both of us knew what was coming, and I was willing to take the time we needed, gently encouraging her as she overcame her fears.

When I ran my hand over her perfectly formed body, she shivered in response. She stiffened as I removed her bustier and cupped her soft breast, caressing it, teasing it, squeezing it. I reveled in her vulnerability, her helplessness at having placed herself in my hands. Her body became rigid as I sucked and fondled her breasts, but nervously she relaxed as her nipples grew larger and harder and she recognized her body's response to the stimulation. I removed her golden belt, then lovingly, the rest of her garments. When I touched her, she whimpered. Her body shook and soon was arching into my hands.

As might be expected, Wonder Woman was the reluctant virgin, hesitant even to the very end. In her fantasies, she expected me to 'ram home', the way she had read in porno books and the way she had imagined it during her 'sex education' classes on Paradise Island. Instead, I waited until she was fully lubricated, then eased into her slowly, gently, almost lovingly as I made love to her. She was fully aware of the entire experience. Obviously her hymen had been lost much earlier, probably as a result of her athletic activities so she didn't seem to experience any pain. Instinctively, her body clutched me as I entered her She questioned the heady musky scent that filled the air, embarrassed to find that she was generating it.

She didn't know what to think. She had been captured, bound by her lasso. She had anticipated she would feel like a cheap whore when this happened, but now she was a mish-mash of confusing emotions. She was much too nervous to even approach a climax. After I climaxed, and withdrew she gazed at me with astonished eyes.

"Is that all there is to it?"

A less secure man might have been crushed by this question, but I accepted it as a straightforward question from an inexperienced virgin not yet acquainted with the frailties of the male ego.

So I nodded. Then I smiled as another thought entered my mind. I whispered to her, "I accept your apology."

Wonder Woman gave me a confused look

Responding to her question, I said, "Yes and no. Yes, that's all there is to it, and no, there's more. For us, at least, it's a beginning."

"A beginning?" she asked. "Do you mean you intend to do it again?

"Yes." I responded. "We will make love again in several different ways tonight. When you are in criminal's hands, not only will your captor have sex with you, but also there may be multiple men in his gang who will also want to have their share of you.

I also explained about the fragility of the male ego. If she made comments like she had made to me to a criminal, he would undoubtedly become angry and take his anger out on her, probably by beating her severely.

We cuddled for a while, talking in generalities, and she began to relax. She had given up her virginity, and it hadn't been particularly traumatic. She began questioning some of my compliments to her and the endearments I whispered to her as we were joined, but gradually she began to accept my words.

"Even if those things you said to me aren't true, I like hearing them," she concluded, nestling her face to my chest.

Cuddling became caresses, and caresses became passion. I coaxed her, trying to lead her to new depths of sensuality, trying to find and open repressed feelings of sexuality that I suspected were hidden within her. I had seduced her body, now I was trying to seduce her mind and spirit to supplement the experiences she felt in her body.

As we made love again, she told me she felt her nipples tighten and wondered out loud if her body was beginning to enter into what was going on. Was this sexual pleasure she felt creeping into her? She was becoming more and more sensitive as I proceeded. She told of an indescribable swelling within her innermost being and her tension increased. And she achieved her first ever orgasm with a man, which was (if you'll forgive the pun) an eye-opening experience for her. She admitted that she had never imagined the thrill of discovering the feelings of carnal pleasures, concluding, "I guess that wasn't all there was to it!"

As the night progressed, we spoke about other forms of sexual expression that took place between men and women, including oral sex, manual sex, anal sex, and sex with multiple partners. She knew about some of the activities I described, but was confused by some of the others. "Why would anyone ever want to 'fuck my tits'?" she asked.

Eventually, the lecture ended.

She moaned my name and acknowledged that her clitoris was probably the most sensitive area of her body as I performed oral sex on her and led her again to a glorious orgasm. She choked and gagged as she gave me oral sex. I flooded in her mouth, then proceeded to spray her face and tits, ordering her to swallow the cum in her mouth. As she was gagging, I rubbed my cum over her face and chest, to her great dismay.

Then we talked about what had happened and how it made her feel. She was angry, humiliated, and felt betrayed until I pointed out that criminals would do this to her and that was exactly the reaction they desired. It is a form of humiliation, domination. Wonder Woman said it made her feel so dirty. But I also pointed out that semen is probably the 'cleanest' of bodily fluids. And she began getting things into perspective.

"Why did you make me swallow it?"

"I'll give you two answers for that. A rapist would demand you swallow it to prove his mastery over you. A lover would want you to swallow as a gesture of acceptance of him."

"Would a lover make me do that?"

"Probably not. But he might ask you. And then, you might agree as an expression of love to him!"

"Why did you rub it all over me. It still feels sticky, even though it's dry."

"A rapist will probably do this. It seems that it's a badge of ownership. You are forced to wear your 'master's' semen. He has marked you as his own."

She thought about this for a moment. "Are you saying you have marked me for your own? That I belong to you now?"

"No," I smiled. "I am here to teach you, not to claim you."

After that, I went on to point out to her that no one can force another person to become a slave without the 'slave's' permission. It may become your choice to accept death rather than slavery. But it is still your choice. In order for a person to become a slave, she must allow it.

She tolerated anal sex, although she didn't particularly enjoy it. I started with straight anal sex, then found her clit and stimulated her as I pumped into her. We climaxed together. Afterwards, she admitted that she felt a little sore, but wasn't particularly uncomfortable.

We talked about feminine lubrication and I warned her that when criminals abuse her, she might not be lubricated and this might cause her some (possibly severe) discomfort. But I reminded her of the healing power of her belt.

We compared the relationship between men and women and of a loving, consenting relationship vs. an abusive, uncaring, even sadistic relationship.

"Rape is not a crime of sex," I explained, "but rather an expression of control and power. It can be one enormous mind-game, an attempting to establish domination or supremacy of the abuser over the victim, depersonalizing the victim and forcing her into submission or perceived surrender. It is an effort to make the victim feel worthless, where her only value comes from being his willing victim. Some men think rape establishes an ownership relationship over a female. They think that if they can rape a woman, especially if she is brought to orgasm, that this in some way breaks the woman's spirit. A man can use rape as a method to extract revenge. A rapist or abuser will use torture, intimidation, harassment, humiliation and name calling: He may call you Wonder Boobs, Wonder Cunt, maybe even Wonder Fuck." Diana's face colored at some of these mis-uses of her name. "He may try to generate shame or guilt using nudity, displaying and degrading the victim publicly especially before the opposite sex, or forcing the victim to perform or appear to perform homosexual acts.

"Rape is a crime of hate. It really has nothing to do with love and loving sex.

"Domination can be exercised by either a man or a woman, and you may be raped either by men or by women," I concluded.

Wonder Woman cuddled comfortably in my arms. "And just what is our relationship?" she asked into my chest.

"Well, I certainly didn't rape you," I responded. "Also, I didn't defeat you in battle. We have shared physical sex, but I prefer to think of our relationship as a teacher giving a pupil necessary education in areas she will need to know. Also, you need to be aware that there is such a thing as a loving relationship between men and women, one that can be loving, pleasant, passionate, and absolutely enjoyable to both partners in every physical and emotional sense."

Wonder Woman gave a deep sigh. "That kind of relationship between me and a man is forbidden to me by Amazon law."

"I know! But it is necessary that you know that there is another side to sex than what you will experience during most of your fight against crime and the Nazis. If everything you know is what you learn from the criminals and Nazi's then you will grow a completely jaded outlook toward the relationship between men and women. And that will damage your outlook and cause your entire mission to become jaded and ineffective.

"As for us, as much as I would like to have you as a lover, it's not possible. I have only a short period of time left. After that, we won't meet again for a long time. So your relationship will have to simply be that of a student attending a seminar, receiving necessary instruction. Afterwards, you and your teacher will go your separate ways."

Again, she nestled her face to my chest. "Why do you have to leave? And where are you going? And why do I feel the way I do about you?"

"I'll tell you the next time we meet," I responded. And it is perfectly normal for a person to feel infatuation with his or her first sexual partner. But you can't build a life on a first impression. And in any case, both of us will soon be going our separate ways."

We cuddled more. My hand found her breast and she arched her back, pressing herself into my hand.

"I suspect our lessons are completed," I whispered, and she gave a disappointed whimper as she took her hand to press my hand against her breast. "There's probably nothing more I can teach you right now. It's probably time for me to return you to where I found you and release you."

Grudgingly, she agreed. And we disengaged from each other, then we sat up on our respective sides of the bed, but we both were hesitant to get dressed.

"Wonder Woman," I whispered.

"Yes?" Neither of us moved.

"I know that you are not permitted to share intimacy with a man . . . "


"But . . . would you be willing to . . . have me administer . . . a final exam?"

She turned to me and our eye's met. It was difficult to keep the pleasure out of her eyes as she made every effort to keep a straight face. "Of course, any competent teacher would end a training session with an examination. Thus he can be sure that the pupil has properly learned the subject matter."

The final exam was magnificent, both of us orgasming simultaneously gloriously. We both moaned heavily, savoring every spasm of my penis and every contraction of her vagina. It was a truly satisfying event. Afterwards, we lay motionless, still entwined, still joined together as our breathing returned to normal. She whispered to me, "I cannot imagine a more enjoyable experience! I'm sorry you're leaving. I don't know why you must leave, but I will treasure this memory. I know I can't enjoy it on a regular basis . . . in fact; I can probably never enjoy it again like we have this evening. But I will treasure the memory. Thank you!" Her very countenance was glowing.

I experienced a pang of guilt. Diana had been a virgin when I kidnapped her. I had been her first, and with me she had discovered the joy of sensual sex. Right now, she was like putty in my hands, and it would be a simple step to "drawn her under the influence of the man's world," my world, or at least to keep her in my bed as she learned to spread her wings. It was deep regret that I recognized that my job was completed and resolved to bring the evening to an end.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

She was blindfolded as I drove her back to the place where I had first captured her. As I pulled over to the curb, I removed her blindfold. A final thought occurred to me: I had two more topics to cover.

"Diana, you will have to report what has happened between us to the queen."

"I know!" Wonder Woman replied. "That frightens me, too! I've broken too many taboos and laws."

I nodded. "Keep in mind, I did not defeat you in battle. Also, it was with great reluctance you submitted to my teachings: you did not freely give yourself to me . . ."

"But there were times when I did . . ." she interrupted.

"Perhaps," I responded. "But I'd like to believe that that was due more to my skill as a teacher that it was to your weakness or unwillingness to live up to the Amazon codes and laws."

Diana gave me an askance glance. "You don't think she'll fall for that one, do you?"

I smiled and briefly met her eyes. "Maybe she will. There's no way to tell for sure. But whatever happens when you meet with your mother, everything will turn out all right!" (I had noticed her stiffen as she wondered again how I knew that the Queen was her mother. . . another secret . . .)

Wonder Woman took a deep breath. "I'll choose to believe you. You know so many secrets about me, I almost have to believe you know the future and how things will work out."

She said it as a figure of speech, but she didn't know how true the words were that she was speaking.

She sighed. "You know everything about me. I know nothing about you. . ." She hesitated before leaving. "Will I see you again? I may need an advisor if . . . when bad things happen to me . . ."

"We will meet again," I answered, "but not for a long time. And when we meet, it will be at a time that you least expect it. As for having someone to talk to when bad things happen, I cannot help you for that one. I've given you knowledge and experience to prepare you. You'll have to find other confidants to deal with them when they do. And believe me, regardless of how aloof she may seem, your mother knows and understands much more than you give her credit for. She should probably be top on you list of confidants."

I took her lasso and put it around her shoulders. I needed to be sure she would remember my next instructions. "You are to remember some things about me. The time will come when you will need to know them.

"First of all," I continued, "Remember the place that we met, the exact date and the time. You heard the call on the police radio band, but there were no policemen in that area. That's why you responded to the call.

"Secondly, I came here to be your teacher.

"Thirdly, I'm a scientist. My name isn't Barnabus, but sometimes I use that name. I have three hobbies: the first . . . well, we'll skip the first for right now. The second is that I spend a great of time studying you . . . that's how I know so much about you. And third, I am working on a . . . special machine in the basement of my house, but I couldn't get the machine to work. Someone suggested that I reverse the polarity on the induction coil and that made the machine work. I only needed a test run and the machine would became fully useable."

She nodded. "What's an induction coil?"

"Just remember the words. You don't need to understand. After making the change, I tested the machine by setting it to go backward one minute, but I had to change its location when it 'arrived' at its destination. That test proved that it works."

I could see confusion in her face. Obviously, she didn't understand the words I was saying even as the golden lasso was committing the words indelibly to her memory.

Suddenly a new thought occurred to me. "Do you have any lock-picks on your person or any other way to open locks or release yourself from the handcuffs?" I asked

"No," she responded.

This answer surprised me. But then I remembered she had only been in America for a few weeks.

"As soon as it is convenient," I ordered, "you will take a course in locksmithing and learn how to pick locks. You will practice picking locks until you are proficient at it and in the future hide various lock picks on your person. Do you understand this?"

"I understand."

I removed the lasso from her shoulders, coiled it and handed it to her.

" Now our time is up. Go!"

She looked at me for a moment. Then accepted me at my word and nodded. In a moment, she had left the pickup and was gone.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 6 - back to the present

I timed my arrival back in my own time to be just an hour after I had left. I realized how fatigued I was. I guess being a teacher to a superheroine uses up a lot of energy. After I had established I was in the correct time and place, I set my clock for the next morning and collapsed into a dreamless sleep. When the clock went off in the morning, I realized I was still totally exhausted, so I called in and took a sick day from work, then collapsed back into bed for several more hours.

When I finally awoke, I felt rested, but hung-over from so much continuous sleep. It was early afternoon Friday. I purposely took my time to shower, shave, and eat a small, but nourishing meal. Then, I sat down at the telephone and called the number that Wonder Woman had written on napkin.

The phone was answered by a nondescript female voice. Somehow I knew that tracing down the phone number wouldn't produce any information. Uncertain of what to do, I finally said, "This message is for Diana." The polite voice on the other end of the line asked for my message. "This is Barnabus. I've made the trip!"

What should I say next? No matter how 'improper' it might sound, I decided to state things the way I felt them. I continued my message: "Wow! Yeah, definitely, wow! My phone number is . . . " and I gave my number.

About 30 minutes later, my phone rang. When I picked up the receiver, I heard a voice on the other end that was immediately recognizable. "It's me! You've made the trip?"


There was a long hesitation on the other end of the line. Finally she asked, "Do you want to see me again?"

"Most definitely! And if you need someone to talk to, I'm available now."

"Would you like to get together tonight to talk?" she asked.

"I would like that more than anything!" I responded eagerly. "But remember! It's been several years for you. But for me, it happened last night "

"I can live with that!" She responded. "I'd like to come to your cabin for dinner! But . . . um . . . I still don't know where your cabin is."

I gave her the address of my cabin and directions about how to find it. Briefly, I wondered if she would bring the police and file kidnapping charges against me for what I had done 'so many years before'.

"7:00 o'clock?" she asked. I agreed.

The line went dead.

I did some shopping and prepared supper. Punctually at 7:00 PM, there was a knock at the door, and there she was. In addition to her regular uniform, she wore her formal cape of red and blue generously sprinkled with stars. From my studies of Wonder Woman, I knew that she only wore her cape on the most formal of occasions. I felt embarrassed since I had dressed informally, without even a tie. She presented me with a bottle of fairly good, vintage wine.

I invited her in. She entered and took my face between her hands, gazing at me as if she hadn't seen me in years, which in a way was true. Then she kissed me gently on the lips. I took both of her hand hands, and kissed them. Then I helped her remove her cloak.

We talked casually as she walked around the cabin, examining items she hadn't seen in years, and reminiscing about the earlier time she had been in this cabin.

Soon, dinner was ready. I had selected a vegetarian dinner with fried sliced mushroom steak. It was quite tasty, even if I do say so myself.

During dinner, Diana returned to the apology she had tried to give me a few days earlier at the apartment.

"It's been bothering me for years . . . how insensitive I was that first time." She looked at me with a worried expression. "Do you remember it? Our first time?"

"Like it was yesterday!" I responded, smiling widely.

After a moment's hesitation, she understood my meaning and blushed deeply. "Well, anyway, I want to apologize for what I said . . ."

"Do you remember our first time?" I asked.

"Of course!"

"And do you remember what I said next?"

"It was something that has never made sense to me. You said something like, 'your apology is accepted.' But that never made sense because I never . . . ."

Slowly the realization came over her. I had accepted her apology years before she made it. And now it made sense to her.

"I guess my apology has been extended and accepted?"

I nodded again.

Once again, she whispered, "Thank you!"

As we finished dinner, Diana filled me in on the 'follow up' of our 'training session'. Fearfully, Diana had delayed returning to Paradise Island to report to her mother. And three days after our meeting, she had been overcome by a villain and raped. The rapist had escaped and the story had never been reported in the newspaper, which is why I had no record of it. The rape so demoralized her that she reluctantly fled to Paradise Island to talk with her mother, the queen.

When she met with her mother, she had told her mother about the rape, which elicited great sympathy from her mother. Then Diana told her mother about everything that had happened between the two of us and everything that had been said. Queen Hippolyte had been furious with Diana for 'foolishly letting herself be captured', and for allowing herself to 'become intimate with a man.' Finally the queen had dismissed her daughter. Diana had never seen her mother so angry or upset.

Two days passed before the queen called for Diana to return.

Diana had spent those two days thinking, first, about the rape, but then, second, assimilating that experience with what she had learned from me. She decided that she was not at fault, and incorporated the experience into the rest of her training, mentally preparing herself for the next time that it happened. And she knew that it would happen some day.

During the same two days, the queen had spent much time in thought and speaking with the goddesses, and had come to the conclusion that 'that man' (meaning me) had been correct. The queen recognized that the 'sex education' and other training provided on Paradise Island was woefully inadequate for an Amazon being sent into a man's world in modern times, and that the additional 'training' Diana had received, indeed, may have been necessary.

Thus the queen had granted Diana an 'exemption' from the law forbidding intimacy with a man covering the time Diana had been my prisoner.

When our dinner ended, we took coffee in the living room, and Wonder Woman started talking about more recent sexual abuses she had experienced. She had learned and could handle most of it without too much difficulty. There were a few experiences that were still lying heavily on her soul and she just needed to ventilate and pour out her fears and frustrations. I was amazed at some of the things she had experienced. It felt like I was taking a bath in a cesspool and I could offer little help other than to listen to her and comfort her and hold her head to my chest as she wept and asked, "How could anyone to that to me? What would lead anyone to be so cruel to another person?"

Our conversation went into the wee hours and light began dawning in the East as she finally wound down. It was obvious that she had been saving up many things for my return and talking them out had been a necessary catharsis for her. But somehow I knew that this was only the first of a number of evenings of conversation she would need.

By the light of the breaking dawn, Diana and I took the dishes to the sink. Moving behind her, I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her neck. She put her head back and leaned into me before she turned in my arms and put her arms around my neck. We shared a long, languorous kiss. During the kiss, I slowly raised one hand to her breast.

I felt her stiffening as I cupped her. Then, just as slowly, she lifted her hand placing the palm against my shoulder and pressed me away ever so gently, but ever so firmly. It was probably the tenderest, gentlest, kindest refusal I have ever received. I moved my hand around her into an embrace.

"Are you sure you want to say no?" I asked. "I had hoped you'd spend the weekend with me!"

She nodded. "Yes, I'm sure! And it's not that I want to say no! But I am an Amazon Princess. And I am under the law forbidding physical intimacy with a man."

"But you said your mother gave you an exemption from that law!"

"That was when I needed you as a teacher. And you were as fine a teacher as any woman could ever want. But that area of instruction is completed. I still need you as a teacher, but in a different way. I need you as my counselor and advisor. Unfortunately, these roles do not include any sexual contact. Are you willing to fill these new roles for me?"

Wonder woman's perspective had changed as the years had passed. She spoke with a confidence she hadn't had when we met earlier. She was secure with herself and who she had become. There was no need for reassurance or encouragement. It was a pleasure to see this confidence in her, but it also struck deep disappointment in my heart. Because now she was a complete woman, where as before, she had been an insecure child who I knew I could bend to my will if I wished. Now, the freshness of the child was gone, replaced by the beauty of maturity.

And I knew that whatever 'powers of persuasion' I had would be useless against this mature beauty. Although I still could demand her Golden Lasso and use it to command her to do my will, the eagerness, to learn, the willingness of youth and inexperience would not be there. Although I could force her to comply, this would be rape, and that was still not within my being.

Wonder Woman was her own woman now, experienced, and very aware of her duty. I had no business trying to interfere with that duty.

I was disappointed, to say the least. After all, it had just been one day (for me) since I had taken this beautiful, willing if somewhat reluctant virgin upstairs to my bed. But my role then had been teacher, not lover.

I nodded my head accepting her terms. I could see the relief in her eyes when I nodded and she rested her cheek against my shoulder.

"Thank you!" She whispered. "I really need you in my life. You know things about me that no one else knows: you even know things I haven't been able to tell my mother. I'm sorry that I can't be your lover! I'm sorry that it's forbidden! And I'm sorry that I can't offer you any hope that it will change."

She moved back and our eyes met. Then she said the five words every man hates to hear: "Will you be my friend?"

Chapter 7 - Now what?

A week ago, Wonder Woman had simply been a hobby. I had kept a scrapbook of clippings about her and never imagined I would meet her.

How many things can change in a week! We had gone from total strangers (for me) to intimate confidants. And for her, she had met the man who had introduced her to sex and love years ago. And now, she had a 'Dutch Uncle'/Father Confessor that she had needed for years.

But regardless of anything else, I knew that I had a relationship with Wonder Woman that no one else in the world had. I was sorry our relationship wouldn't include sex, but somehow I knew that it would last for years and be much more rewarding in the long run.

I helped Wonder Woman put on her cape and we stepped out onto the porch, pausing to admire the sun rising over the mountains on the far side of the valley. She turned to me and kissed my cheek giving me a warm hug.

"There are two more things I have to mention to you before I leave," she said. "I told my mother that I had finally met you again. As you know, she was furious after our first encounter. Since then, she knows what I've gone through at the hands of various villains and aliens, and she is grateful to you for your wisdom and consideration. She thinks you are an exceptional, extraordinary man."

Wonder Woman smiled as she recalled her mother's specific request. "She has asked if she can meet you."

I was astonished, but how could I refuse. Wonder Woman said she would be in touch with details.

"You mentioned there were two things . . .," I prompted.

Wonder Woman's eyes dropped as a 'cat that ate the canary' smile crossed her face. "The queen has determined that she needs to send two more Amazons into the world. She has long since admitted that the training provided on Paradise Island is incomplete, and that these Amazons need to know more about men than they can learn at home. She would like to ask you if you would consider participating in their training before they are sent into the world of men . . . . . "

The end

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