Wonder Woman meets Sabina Mistress of Escapes  

By BigBoob 58

Usual thoughts. I'm borrowing characters I don't own but like to abuse. This story contains minimal original thought and several adult concepts. I make no profit and I'd prefer that this be only reposted on free sites. If you do post this somewhere, please let me know at BigBoob58@hotmailcom.

Wonder Woman meets Sabina Mistress of Escapes

Diana knew one thing for certain and that was never to trust Guy Gardner and not to participate in any of his schemes. In periods of inactivity, members of the Justice League sparred to keep their edge and practice skills. In one such session, Wonder Woman found herself matched against the former bar owner in a mock survival exercise.

"Say Princess" cajoled the bowl cut red headed Green Lantern, "Let's make this interesting."

Fearing what followed, Wonder Woman asked the question anyway. "What do you have in mind?"

"Nothing like you're thinking" retorted Gardner, "If I outlast you, you go to dinner and a show with me, my treat."

"What do I get when I win?" She asked willing to play along if only for the sake of team unity.

"I'll take a week of monitor duty whenever you want me to," replied Gardner, well aware of the Amazon's distaste for the recumbent activity.

The teammates took to the air as J'onn Jonzz announced the terms of the sparring session.

"The idea is to remain airborne. The last one to touch ground wins."

Both heroes nodded their assent and the Martian adjusted the air currents in the room to simulate several adverse conditions. The degree of difficulty increased although neither Diana nor Guy showed any sign of difficulty staying aloft even as the conditions became severe. After several minutes, Gardner realized that he couldn't maintain his willpower too much longer so he did what he usually did, he cheated. A mental command caused the ring to send a near invisible tendril towards Wonder Woman's power belt and unlatch the clasp. The lack of the additional power did not cause her to land by itself. The timing of the drain combined with the sudden shift in direction forced the Amazon to the ground. Once she touched down, the room returned to normal and Guy Gardner landed next to her carrying her power belt.

"I'll pick you up at 6:00 tomorrow evening Diana." He crowed as Wonder Woman snatched her belt out of his grasp. She scowled as she replaced her power source.

"I imagine I should have expected something underhanded out of you." She said with a rather menacing look on her face. "Do I need to wear something formal, or will I need to stock up on one dollar bills?'

"Funny Princess, I'm sort of surprised you'd know about something like that. Anyway, I suspect you don't want to attract the kind of attention our costumes cause so I figure we could dress nicely, go to Clancy's Steakhouse and afterwards take in a show I've wanted to see for ages. There's an escape artist who's been wowing the masses for almost a year. We might learn something from her."

Diana left the room without another word. Gardner laughed, he was well aware that there was no way Wonder Woman would stand him up.

The next evening at 5:55, Guy Gardner arrived at the JLA transported located nearest Clancy's and prepared to wait. He wore a basic black suit with green lapels and cuffs accented by a lime green tie. Guy wasn't sure why he'd dressed so fancy but he assumed it had something to do with the goddess who walked up to the transporter moments ahead of 6:00.

Diana wore a basic red gown comprised of shiny sateen material. The gown practically glowed as did the matching ruby 3" pumps she wore. Her accessories included a fine pearl necklace and her usual bands of submission. Because of her influence as Wonder Woman, no one might suspect that she wasn't just another believer in the Amazon heroine wearing a faux pair of bracelets. Guy appreciated the irony of her outfit and just appreciated her appearance in general.

Dinner passed uneventfully as the two teammates shared observations about recent cases. Guy drank copiously while Diana restricted herself to a glass of wine. At the conclusion, Gardner hailed a cab and the date moved towards the escape artist's show.

Alighting from the cab, the 'couple' was greeted by a sign indicating that the evening's show was cancelled. While Guy fumed, Diana merely observed "It looks like our date is over. Thank you for a wonderful time."

"Not so fast Princess" Guy spoke rapidly. "Let's see if we can do anything to correct this situation."

Grabbing her forearm, Guy dragged Diana in to the theater where the emcee was just beginning his announcement to the audience. Flashing his JLA card at the security guard, the pair quickly gained the backstage area. Guy stormed towards the dressing room of Sabina, Mistress of Escape. Knocking on her door loudly, Guy demanded to speak to the star.

The door cracked open and the pair was beckoned into the dressing room. In the star's chair facing a wall length mirror sat the raven haired star of the cancelled show. Sabina wore the opening costume, a jewel encrusted silk outfit which barely concealed her large nipples. Both Guy Gardner and Wonder Woman noticed the extreme rigidity and size of Sabina's rosy red buds and her pale outfit did little to mask her charms. There was barely enough material to contain her massive bosom and the thong style bottom fit tightly to her skin leaving virtually nothing to the imagination of the currently drooling member of the Green Lantern Honor Corps.

"Oh baby you just have to put on your show tonight" wailed Gardner almost in pain. "I can tell that everything I've been told is true."

"Truly I wish I could Mr. err…."

"Guy Gardner at your service" He announced as Diana colored trying to contain her embarrassment at his antics.

"Well Mr. Gardner, I can't go on because I have no assistant. My co-star and close associate Ms Bezique stalked out of here in a rage ten minutes ago and without someone to tie up and to tie me up, there simply is no act." Explained the star in voice Diana felt was a little too contrived.

"How long will it be until you get a new assistant?" asked Guy in a somewhat begging tone. "I travel out of town a lot as does my date and I don't know when I'll get another chance to enjoy your uh…act."

"If your date was willing to go on stage, I might be able to put on a basic act."

Before Wonder Woman could utter a syllable (such as "Go to Hell!"), Guy quickly said "Diana will do it. Uh you will do it won't you?"

Diana glared at her escort with a stare that would have reduced him to atomic matter if she possessed his ring. His audacity robbed her of speech momentarily and Sabina rose from her perch slowly circling the well endowed Amazon.

"OK Diana, if you're willing I believe we might perform a basic show. Since you're saving me the trouble of all the refunds and ticket exchanges, I can make this worth your while." Sabina said with an unmistakable edge in her tone.

"I'm not really short of cash" replied Diana. "Besides I'm not really certain what sort of show you perform or even if I approve of it."

"Well" retorted Sabina,"If you don't want the money for yourself, I could make a sizable contribution to the Wonder Woman foundation which you seem to support."

Self consciously Diana rubbed her bracelets and covered them with her hands. Seeing how much Guy was in heat and figuring that if she was in the show, she had a slightly greater chance to avoid getting his drool over her gown, and even better spend less time in his disgusting company, Diana agreed to try and help Sabina with her act.

"Good" purred the star as she quickly scratched a note. She pressed the note in Guy's hand and pushed him towards the dressing room door.

"Be a dear and give this to the emcee. We should be ready in thirty minutes." She said as she slammed the door in Guy's face. Gardner raced to find the emcee before he could empty the theatre while Sabina beckoned to Wonder Woman and ordered, "Follow me."

Diana was surprised by how quickly the lady moved in her 6 inch heels and lacking the usual boost from her magic girdle struggled slightly to keep up with the showgirl. At the end of the hall they turned left and entered a large dark room which illuminated quickly as Sabina flipped the switch.

"We'll perform three escapes each." stated Sabina. "Your escapes will be simple because I'm going to use basic slip knots that appear complicated but with simple wiggles of your wrists become loose ropes. Your third confinement will close the show and involve manacles. The manacles have a trick latch that you can learn to undo in the next few moments. For the next five minutes, Sabina alternately tied and manacled the Amazon each time showing her the correct method to shed her bonds. Diana easily learned the escape methods and felt very confident about her part.

"Do you have any problems with nudity Diana?" asked the showgirl as she selected four outfits for Diana to wear.

"Not especially" replied Diana who'd spent a lot of time at home not needing to wear clothing because of the climate of Themyscira. "I really don't want to spend a lot of time naked if possible." She added hopefully.

"Not to worry" Replied Sabina. " As long as the crowd gets one good shot of you by your third predicament, they'll go home happy."

Sabina tossed bundles containing the four skimpy outfits to Wonder Woman and the ladies returned to her dressing room where Diana quickly stripped her gown and shoes off. Sabina watched her as she neatly hung her gown and folded her conservative panties placing them in a bag with her purse and heels and hung it on the hanger beneath the gown. The stark naked Amazon opened the costume which Sabina prompted her to wear first and stepped into the sequined beige thong bottom. The amount of material covered her neatly trimmed bush well enough, but the matching bikini top barely contained her breasts.

Sabina looked her over and sighed. "This won't do at all." She said and she reached for a flat makeup jar. Diana had no time to react as Sabina's three fingers reached under her top and gently worked a dark brown cream into her left nipple. In moments, Sabina began rubbing her right nipple and Diana moaned softly as the woman lingered on her sensitive teat.

Sabina cleaned her fingers and gently turned Diana so she could see herself in the mirror. Her perky buds jutted out more than enough to be visible to the crowd even if the theater wasn't well lit.

Three quick beeps sounded on the intercom .

"Curtains going up dear" announced Sabina, "We need to make our entrance."

Diana stared at her image in the mirror unable to focus on anything besides her darkened nipples which the top she wore had no possibility of hiding. She barely flinched as Sabina placed a dog-style collar around her neck and snapped a 5 foot leash into place. She stumbled slightly as Sabina tugged the leash and meekly followed her out of the dressing room, down the corridor towards the stage. In the distance she heard a voice growing louder, announcing the arrival of….

"….fresh from a tour of Southern California, Sabina the Mistress of Escapology."

Diana was tugged through the slight opening of the curtain onto the main stage where the spotlights arrayed at various high and low angles temporarily blinded her. After a few moments she adjusted her gaze towards areas where the lights didn't impair her sight. She barely listened to Sabina's monologue as she tried to take in her surroundings and adjust to the 5 inch heels that accompanied her skimpy apparel. The stage contained a variety of mechanisms designed for restraint. She heard Sabina pause and announce:

"Time for our first act."

The leash unsnapped and disappeared somewhere while Diana turned her attention to the Sabina who was whispering instructions loud enough that only Diana could hear. Sabina led her to a circular rack constructed of sturdy oak and fitted with thick wrist and ankle shackles that lay temporarily open. As Sabina placed her wrists in the shackles, Diana snapped them closed. The clicks resounded loudly throughout the semi-filled theater offering the illusion of finality. Kicking off her heels, Sabina was completely secured to the rack. Following Sabina's instructions, Diana pressed two buttons and the shackles began to move towards Sabina's waist effectively stretching her out. The second button caused the rack to elevate until Sabina lay nearly horizontal.

"The trick to this is for me to get free before the rack stops spinning." Sabina announced through a cleverly placed microphone. "The spinning will start slowly and accelerate for the first three minutes and then decelerate as the rack descends, hopefully without me in it. Please start the rotation Diana."

The rack began turning and within 40 seconds, the audience no longer could see Sabina clearly. At this point, a thick foggy mist rose from the stage where Diana stood. The audience was absorbed by the rotating wheel and the broadcast grunts and groans and barely paid attention to the fog shrouded Amazon. As promised at three minutes the rack started its descent and the rate of rotation slowed. As it stopped moving the audience gasped because the rack still confined a beige dressed woman. However, the woman was not Sabina, but her assistant Diana who was trying to remember how she'd gotten into this position. She was dizzy enough to know that she'd been spinning for at least the last half of the act. Sabina arrived from off stage dressed in an extremely revealing red halter and hot pants. She waved to the audience as she walked to where Diana hung suspended in the rack. In moments, Diana's limbs were freed and Sabina steadied her until she regained her balance.

"How many of you thought that I didn't make it?" queried the buxom brunette? The response in the form of applause and whistled catcalls was as loud as any night. Sabina smiled broadly and turned to the bedazzled Amazon.

"Time to show the audience that you can escape from a similar situation" she said as she directed Diana towards a chair that hadn't been near the front of the stage only moments earlier.

"Sit down Diana and get comfortable, if you can," ordered Sabina. As Diana sat, Sabina kneeled and secured her ankles to the legs of the chair. Diana noted that the knots were the same as the ones Sabina taught her to slip before the show. As she drew the rope upward between Diana's breasts and over her shoulders, she whispered.

"Relax. Get your wrists free the way I showed you and the remainder will loosen enough for you to shrug them off easily."

As she spoke, she worked the ropes between Diana's arms and encircled her wrists multiple times. The rope was thick enough and to anyone seated in the audience, it appeared that Diana would be in the chair for a long time. Following the advice Sabina gave her, she wriggled furtively and without obvious success which caused the audience to applaud loudly and hoot and holler.

"If she can't shed those ropes within the next two minutes" offered Sabina, "I think we'll hold a raffle and the winner can take her home." This caused the audience to shout loudly and wildly until Diana twisted her wrists in the precise way Sabina taught her and stood up bursting the ropes into multiple pieces.

"Forgot my own strength" she announced as Guy Gardner nearly laughed himself into an apoplectic fit. The audience rewarded her with lengthy applause as she waved boldly to them.

"You need to change quickly" observed Sabina as she prodded Diana towards the left stage exit. As Diana disappeared, Sabina launched into an explanation of her second trick. She ducked into the close by dressing stall and discarded her beige micro mini bikini style costume. The next outfit managed to cover more of her flesh while appearing skimpier. The entire costume was composed of leather except for the portion which would barely conceal her bosom. The pants fit perfectly over her slightly large posterior and hugged her comfortably while leaving a surprising amount of room in her crotch. The waistband housed both ends of a shiny golden zipper which if opened allowed someone (presumably a lover) complete access to her most personal area. The footwear consisted of thigh high leather boots that extended from the sharp point at the tips of her toes to about 4 inches below her groin. The top was comprised of two pieces joined at the base of her bosom. The lower portion resembled a leather corset and fit as tightly supporting her bosom and thrusting it slightly forward. She didn't particularly like the upper portion of the costume top. Two thick steel bars formed as circles fit at the base of her breasts although it took her a moment to realize they needed to be opened and then snapped into place. Her breasts were barely concealed by two baggies that contained her loosely but securely. At the top of the steel circles was a strap which she quickly tied behind her neck. A quick glance in the mirror confirmed that the outfit was complete if not exactly to her liking.

She returned to the stage in under four minutes as Sabina completed her description of the upcoming stunt. The entire description went as follows.

"When my assistant returns, she'll encase me in a certified straight jacket. One member of the audience will come on stage to confirm that it's properly placed. After that's done, Bez..err Diana will put me into this capsule. The capsule contains only enough air for 5 minutes and as you all can see is completely transparent so you can watch my progress. Should I fail to escape, you all get tickets to a future performance once I train my next assistant. Speaking of that, let's all give a hand to the lovely Diana who's doing this special show with very minimal training. I give you the lovely Diana."

Guy Gardner led a very boisterous round of applause as Diana returned to the stage. She was extremely conscious of her appearance and barely avoided blushing as Sabina greeted her with a wide smile.

Diana helped Sabina into the legs of the straight jacket and secured the waist restraint tightly. Next she fed Sabina's arms into the reinforced sleeves and she pulled up the top of the jacket securely around Sabina's torso. As she fastened the buckles, Sabina's wireless microphone broadcast the clicks loud enough to convince the audience that the performer was secured. Diana smiled as she grabbed the dangling strap and pulled it between Sabina's legs. She made certain that the strap fit tightly and yanked it as far as she could before buckling it in the rear catch eliciting a squeal from her captive. She hoisted Sabina over her shoulder and carried her to the claustrophobia inducing capsule. At the last moment, she remembered Sabina's promise to the crowd and she beckoned to a well dressed man in the front row who was escorted on stage. After a few minutes of inspection, the man pronounced Sabina secure.

"Thank you sir" said Sabina. "Would you mind helping me make certain that I don't repeat my previous stunt and help keep Diana out of that capsule?"

"Sure, what do I need to do?" asked the man.

Sabina whistled and one of hr staff members came on stage carrying handcuffs. He cuffed Diana to the man and immediately left the stage. Diana and the man finished placing Sabina in the capsule and sealed it closed. Music started and Sabina began fidgeting but appeared to make no progress. For the full five minutes, Sabina remained inside the capsule and appeared as confined at the end of the music as she did at the start. When the music died, Diana and her cuff mate quickly moved to the capsule and unsealed it. At the exact instant the capsule opened, the lights in the theater flicked off. After 10 seconds, the lights returned and Sabina now handcuffed to the man from the audience turned away from the capsule.

"Ta dah" Sabina announced as she took a bow. In the capsule, Diana found herself confined in the straightjacket with her nether region itching from the tightly cinched strap between her legs.

"I don't usually share handcuffs on the first date" observed Sabina. She clapped her hands and the audience member found his wrists cuffed together. While the applause rose, Sabina reached into the capsule and dragged Diana out by the strap between her legs. Diana was extracted from the straight jacket after a few moments and both ladies took a bow.

As the applause tapered off, Sabina produced a spreader bar and bent over to attach it to Diana's ankles. The bar was only twenty four inches long and Diana had little trouble standing. Sabina again produced ropes and taking Diana's left arm, she began looping the rope around her wrist and elbow. In moments, Diana's right arm was tied to its mate and Sabina led her to the far side of the stage. She attached a sturdy chain to the spreader bar and instructed Diana to sit down. Diana struggled to sit. As she reached the floor, her firm breasts jiggled noticeably much to the delight of the audience.

"What we're doing here is we're going to lift Diana around fifteen feet into the air. My stagehands are going to roll out a soft spot for Diana to land should she fail to untie herself."

Diana rose slowly upward in an inverted position. When she stopped elevating, several stage hands rolled out an eight foot by eight foot container loaded with disgusting looking brown fluids.

Sabina resumed her explanation. "This concoction really stinks," began Sabina. "Our buxom beauty has ten minutes to get free and stop the progress of her descent. Otherwise, she'll probably be showering for a week."

The audience laughed as Diana felt herself slowly being lowered. Despite her furious struggles, her bosom remained firmly in place, a fact which did not escape Sabina's notice. For the next seven minutes, the inverted captive heard the audience screaming, many cheering her efforts and several hoping she would get dunked. With a minute to go, she used the trick Sabina taught her and slid out of her ropes. The winch froze and she ceased falling. On cue, the stagehands came out and wheeled the effluent bath tub off stage. Diana resumed her descent as Sabina caught her and helped her to a soft landing. Sabina grabbed her by her bosom and twisted her to her feet. Diana couldn't tell if it was intentional or accidental but she was grateful to avoid the consequences of failure.

"We'll be back in ten minutes folks. Our last two stunts are doozies so don't be late getting back to your seats." Sabina announced. The two ladies went back stage to a round of polite applause.

As soon as they were offstage, each began divesting themselves of their tight outfits. Carrying their attire into Sabina's dressing room, they began donning the final outfits.

"Is this paper?" asked Diana emboldened enough by her stage success to stop acting mousy.

"It is," replied Sabina, "but its special material and it's necessary for my final stunt."

The outfit looked like a modified kimono and easily covered more of the performer's bodies than anything else they'd worn in the show. The outfit was one piece and covered their upper torsos leaving only a vee style exposure that was strangely modest. The bottom was a flowing dress style with numerous pleats. The color of each costume was deep white and served to conceal any clue as to the ladies bodies.

The door opened and a stage hand announced, "two minutes."
Diana was relieved that her part in this fiasco was nearing its conclusion. The ladies arrived on stage just as the emcee finished whipping the crowd into a wild frenzy. The applause was loud enough for Sabina to whisper instructions to the novice performer.

"You need to secure my arms and ankles in the braces as tightly as possible. Don't pay any attention to what I say, I typically scream at Bez fairly viciously but its part of the show. Once I'm tied, turn the crank until I'm horizontal, use the dolly control to move that sex toy to the base of my feet. Last you need to position that oversized water bottle as close to above my chest as you can. Start the drip and stand to the right side. I'll do the rest."

Sabina raised her hands over her head and lowered them in an effort to silence the crowd. As the noise died, Sabina flashed a war smile and started the build up to her last escape of the evening.

"I like to close my part of the act by performing a variation of the infamous Chinese water torture," she began. "Diana will confine my ankles and wrists in this stainless steel rack. After I've been positioned horizontally, she'll move the Big Boy Tamer™ to the base of my feet. Last, she will start the infamous drip. These outfits are designed to completely melt once they become saturated to a specific level. This should happen in 8 minutes unless I can free myself. Should I fail, the Big Boy Tamer ™ will have nothing in its path and both you and I will get a cheap thrill."

As the crowd howled such thoughts as 'tie her tight' and 'make sure that tamers placed well', Diana shackled Sabina to the rack and unexpectedly began patting her down in a very familiar manner. Diana tossed three to five lock picks onto the stage before positioning Sabina perpendicular to the stage's surface. Next she moved the Big Boy Tamer ™ into position and initiated it's activation cycle making certain it had a clear path to it's potential target. After the container of water was in place, Diana started the drip process and Sabina started getting splashed. The water moved back and forth steadily covering her from her neck to her feet and Sabina made little effort to move. Diana stood in her appointed place watching the star become wetter and wetter. As the water took hold, the outfit began to form to Sabina's body leaving nothing to the imagination. Diana grimaced as she clearly heard Guy Gardner howling from his seat in the upper balcony.

'Great date', she thought. 'He can barely tell what's going on down here in fact with his vision, he'd be better off with a DVD at home.'

Her attention returned to Sabina as she picked up a noise coming from the woman's lips. The noise was subliminal but Diana heard it clearly and thanked herself for having such superhuman hearing. Unfortunately before she could determine what the noise meant, a bright flash ignited temporarily robbing her of vision.

Considering the earlier acts in the show, she wasn't surprised to find herself completely soaked and hanging stiffly in the rack unsure of how much time she had to get loose. That, of course, was no time at all. Within seconds, her outfit harmlessly burst into smoke and she found herself naked with her legs spreading courtesy a mechanism attached to the lower rack. As the rack spread her open, the Big Boy Tamer ™ lurched forward and in a split second made contact with her defenseless mound. Slowing on contact for a moment the head of the tamer repositioned itself for penetration and easily entered her most private area with a whoosh. She hadn't realized how excited she'd become over the course of the show. Diana was wet enough that the Big Boy Tamer™ easily slid in her and commenced its programmed back and forth path. She bucked in response to her new friend surprised by how receptivly she reacted to the unexpected intrusion. She heard Sabina addressing the crowd.

"My friend Diana needs to keep clear of my demonstrations" she said to the cheering crowd.

Sabina moved deliberately before reaching the control panel of the Big Boy Tamer ™ and deactivating it. She slowly extracted the device, accidentally pushing it back and forth before completely clearing Diana's body. Then using the rack's control pad, she returned Diana to an upright position and unfettered her extremities. She somehow produced a towel which she gave to Diana.

"You need a costume for the last trick" Sabina observed. "Be back in three minutes." She said as she swatted Diana's plump rear end. Not wanting to argue, Diana went offstage to the close by dressing room and stopped dead when she saw her new costume. It was a knock off of her Wonder Woman outfit. There were subtle differences, but it was close enough to worry her. She decided to finish the performance and confront Sabina about the impromptu sex act afterwards. In a small way, the colors made her confident. She used the fact that her hair was soaked to grab a hair band and put her soaked mane into a Wonder Girl style pony tail.

She returned to the stage and moved towards Sabina hoping to finish the show as quickly as possible. She resolved not to squirm in the manacles but to use the escape trick to quickly escape.

"Hold your wrists in front of you Wonder Diana" instructed Sabina. When Diana complied, Sabina motioned to Diana's left and a large man stepped forward and secured thick gold manacles on her wrists over her wristbands. Diana immediately felt all the residual strength she had drain away. The man lifted her effortlessly and placed her on a saddle style seat which rested atop a construction horse. The sides of the horse were enclosed and Diana felt her ankles being secured into the cuffs that solidly fit on each side of her new resting place. The cuffs pulled her ankles up and forced her into stiffly postured position. Her entire pubic region was pressed into the face of the saddle. While the man cuffed her ankles, Sabina attached a chain to the manacles on her wrist and used a hand held device to make the chain rise lifting Diana's arms over her head. Sabina stopped the chain before it became too uncomfortable.

"Diana has six minutes to free herself before the show ends. If she can't get away I may make her perform in my show" laughed Sabina.

Diana stared at the brunette as she struggled with her bonds. To her horror, the method she'd practiced with Sabina did not work. She began to flail both in an effort to escape the manacles and because the saddle was starting to vibrate. The vibration source directly rested below her slightly enlarged clitoris and the inconsistent rhythm of the vibration was causing her to become excited. She tried to move away from the vibrator but her ankles kept her stuck in the position she least wanted to be in.

"Well that's it" announced Sabina. "Today's show is over. Thank you for coming, especially you Diana, and I hope you'll look in when I return in three weeks. I need to find a new assistant. Who knows, the lovely Diana looks like she's enjoying herself. She may want to take up escapology as a career. Good Night."

The curtain dropped in front of the two ladies and Sabina wasted no time before making her next move. She walked over to Diana and patted her on her breast.

"I know you're Wonder Woman" she said in a low voice. "Why are you investigating me?"

"Not… investigating…. Just on …. a…date." Replied the helpless Amazon.

"Well, I'm not sure I can believe you" replied Sabina. "You are coming home with me and we'll see if your story holds water."

Two men wheeled Diana off stage and towards an exit door. They easily hefted the horse-like contraption into a van and slammed the door shut.

Meanwhile Sabina waited for Guy Gardner to come looking for his date, if tha's what it was. When he arrived, she explained that her costar had started to act weird and quickly disappeared as soon as the curtain dropped.

Guy figured the Amazon must have responded to an emergency call and spent ten unsuccessful minutes trying to pick up Sabina before going home. Once he left, Sabina popped her cell phone out and called a number.

"Is she safe?" asked the escape artist.

"She's at your home awaiting your pleasure," was the reply. Sabina left the theater in a good mood. She had a three week layoff and the prospect of a really good time this evening.


The drive home lasted longer than usual for Sabina. Although her act bordered on the edge of pornography and legality, she made certain that no lines were crossed for which she might be in legal jeopardy. Periodically someone or another might show up prying into her affairs. She made the culprit sorry for their nosey ways and sent them home sadder but certainly entertained. She encountered superheroines while performing in Europe but she never got into legal troubles in part because her act wasn't specifically illegal and because the one heroine determined to imprison her had become a devoted friend with whom she had a standing ovation to visit whenever she was in Scotland. The chauffeur deposited her at her mansion's front entrance and disappeared after she debarked. Sabina entered the pass code and her door swung free allowing her to enter. The foyer and entire first floor were capable of being brightly lit as were any of the seven rooms upstairs. Sabina went to the stairwell and proceeded down to her dimly lit basement/dungeon. She enjoyed a dominant lifestyle and maintained several toys which allowed her and any willing companion to practice their specific fetish harmlessly. The area was currently empty save for one occupant dressed in a Wonder Woman costume knockoff and seated uncomfortably on a construction horse. Diana's wrists remained shackled above her head. The chains were short which required her to sit 'tall in the saddle' and the fact that her ankles were shackled to the side of the horse limited her ability to avoid the vibrator that the saddle housed. Somewhere along the way to this dungeon, Sabina's minions had gagged her with an extra large Big Boy Tamer Penis Gag™ and secured the gag with a two inch thick red white and blue strap secured behind her head. Her eyes teared up slightly, the normal reaction to the confining aspect of her mouth wear, and trails of drool seeped down either side of her chin a result of her vibrating friend. If she could have thought about it she might realize that her posture was choreographed to render her vulnerable to the vibrator's effects. She hadn't reached an orgasm yet, but she felt as if she'd been on the verge of exploding for the last half hour. Each time she prepared to explode, the nasty machine shifted its emphasis to other zones or ceased long enough for her to cool down and catch her breath. This did not last long enough to consider escape because the moment she calmed down, the silent buzzing ratcheted up and the varied speeds destroyed her concentration again.

"I didn't think my boys would leave you like that Diana" Sabina spoke in a compassionate tone. "You must be well um very excited and very exhausted."

Unable to speak and half crazy, Diana nodded vigorously.

"I expect you want me to help you out?" inquired Sabina with a glisten in her eye.

Again Diana nodded hoping for an end to the slow stimulation she'd endured for almost two hours. Sabina circled her slowly taking in the details of the quivering Amazon before she reached out and removed a control unit from the front of the construction horse. Diana watched her as she input several commands. The vibrations slowed and Diana relaxed thanking Hera silently for her salvation. In moments, she realized that she wasn't done with this particular trap. The vibrations resumed building steadily and furiously. Diana felt her nipples harden even tighter than before as the vibrator completed the process of bringing her to a mind blowing orgasmic explosion which to her surprise was followed by a second and then third eruption. She screamed into the gag as number 4 built almost too quickly for her to stand.

"You are quite a sexual beast dear," observed Sabina as she entered further commands into the control pad. Diana was spent and barely registered the chain holding her manacles lowering or Sabina releasing her ankles from their confinement. Diana was pulled to the carpeted floor of the dungeon and Sabina removed her fake costume tossing it out of Diana's limited line of vision. Sabina carefully laid her gown over a chair and joined the manacled Amazon where she lay.

"You need some expert attention here," said Sabina as her fingers began probing Diana's vulnerable wet pussy. Diana knew instantly that this woman was no stranger to making love to another woman. She was hypersensitive thanks to her session with the vibrator and responded to Sabina's attentions in quick order. Once she'd succumbed to another orgasmic experience, Sabina grabbed her cell phone.

"We'll need two masseurs in the dungeon in five minutes" ordered her captor as she snapped her cell closed. "Time for you to get some non-sexual attention and explain what you were doing at my show this evening." Sabina said as she helped the weakened Amazon to her feet. Diana teetered severely a combination of her recent sexual escapades and the manacles which removed her strength. She followed Sabina to the far end of the room where two unremarkable tables were situated. Sensing her weakness, Sabina helped the Amazon onto one of the tables and instructed her to lay face down.

"You're in no condition to do anything so just enjoy the massage and answer my questions," ordered Sabina as she assumed a similar prone position. Restrained as she was, Diana could see no other course of action than to endure more unwanted attention.

The massage itself was relaxing. Diana was used to receiving massages from her days on Themyscira and the person rubbing her down could easily perform the same function on her home island. Sabina began asking her how it was she came to the performance that evening.

"I lost a wager to Guy Gardner," she replied. "I don't understand why he didn't try to help me." She said in a mournful tone.

"So you're not investigating me at all?" queried Sabina.

"No, I never heard of you prior to this evening." Replied the Amazon and then let out a moan of pleasure as her masseur worked out a particularly rough kink in her back.

"I'm rather embarrassed" answered Sabina. "A lot of people go out of their way to make trouble for me. I think of myself as an entertainer, not a criminal."

The massage continued as both women flipped over to allow their masseurs access to their frontal regions. Sabina's masseur immediately placed a towel over Sabina's eyes. Diana could tell that she was a blond and her masseur was a strong black woman. The process continued with neither masseur making lewd contact with their subject.

"I don't suppose you'd be willing to forget all this once I unchain you," asked Sabina somewhat incredulously?

"If I was allowed to leave immediately, I could live with that" replied Wonder Woman, anxious to be gone from this woman's company.

Sabina smiled as her masseur worked her lower muscles. This wasn't a close call at all just a misunderstanding and she knew that she could rely upon the word of an Amazon.

Both Diana and Sabina realized that rather than concluding their meeting, their night together was just starting.

After behaving perfectly until the conclusion of her massage, Diana watched as her masseur seized her left nipple with her left hand and began twisting it. Diana gasped and as her mouth opened, it was filled by the contents of her masseur's right hand; a medium sized Big Boy Penis Gag™ with special Breather feature. This gag featured the self-securing mechanism which crept around Diana's neck gently until meeting its male counterpart. Than it silently clicked in place and tightened until it met her body's resistance. Once her nipple hardened to a point, the masseur added a tiny clamp over it and tightened that until she was satisfied. Then the procedure repeated on her right side giving her a matching set of tiny painful clamps. Still sensitive from her experience with the vibrator, she moaned, but the gag permitted no noise.

Sabina was blinded by the towel and unaware of her companion's distress. She focused on her own pleasure at least until her masseur addressed the mistress.

"I leave you alone for one night and you go out and get this big titted cow to replace me?" wailed a voice with which Sabina was all too familiar.

Before her penis gag was seated in her mouth, she uttered the syllable "Bez?..."

Instantly she tasted the specialized concoction that she used on less willing participants in her games and she knew she was in serious trouble.

"How does it feel to lose control over your muscles, Mistress?" challenged the blond as she continued to rub the motionless brunette. Bez's fingers roamed into places no masseur should go, but that she was intimately familiar with from their long relationship. Sabina moaned into her gag desperately wanting to resist her friend but unable to do so.

Diana could only watch as Sabina was worked over by the blond. Her shackles combined with the strength exerted by her masseur kept her motionless. After a few minutes, Bez made a terrifying (to Diana) announcement.

"I think you two should sleep together tonight since you're such 'bosom' buddies," Bez stated. She motioned to her associate who reached into the bag of massage accessories and the black woman extracted a large package and four smaller bags.

"I watched your show tonight and I was livid. Even though we argued, you should have realized that I wouldn't miss a performance," whined the blond. "This amateur has promise and I saw you lusting after her big cow titties. If you could see what's on the floor, you'd probably cream right now, "Mistress Sabina' .

Bez spread Sabina's legs apart and bent over to retrieve a rather large multi-studded dildo of approximately ten inches in length. She lubricated it with the contents of a bottle also from the bag and insinuated it into Sabina's defenseless snatch. Bez secured the toy in place using the attached leather straps to encircle Sabina's legs while a third strap went behind her and threaded over her hips. It split to meet each of the leg straps and firmly secure the toy. Bez turned to Wonder Woman and smiled.

"We've got one of these for you cow, just be patient."

Returning to her mistress, Bez slid her motionless arms into tight metal tubes. Once each arm was secured, magnets were placed at the elbow and the fingertips linking the tubes together to restrict any possible motion. Bez then placed two nipple clamps on her mistress and connected the clamps via a thin wire to the tops of the metal tubes containing her arms. Another wire joined the fingertip area of the tubes to the base of the dildo. As Bez completed this process, a male minion entered the room. Without batting an eyelash, Bez instructed the minion to produce the key to Diana's manacles and remove them. Diana wasn't completely lucky because she was dosed with the muscle inhibitor in her weakened state before the minion returned. When she felt the strength again flow through her body, she also felt unable to move.

In short order, her arms resided in containers similar to those housing Sabina's and similar wiring was attached to her new outfit. The two ladies moved Sabina ("lighter"observed Bez) to Diana's table and placed dangling slinky like devices at the base of Diana's new dildo and nipple clamps. Pushing Sabina as close to Diana as they could, the women attached the other end of these slinky devices to Sabina's 'toys'. Bez smiled when the process was concluded. The black woman unzipped the large bag and extracted a smaller bag which was actually two hoods combined together. First Sabina's head and then Diana's head were hooded and the hoods were secured with tiny locks at the base of their necks. Then the slinky devices activated pulling each woman's bosom towards the other's until they pressed firmly against the other captive. Their pussies were also rubbing up against one another.

"You are testing Sabina's newest uniform" announced Bez. "This is an effort to apply so called 'green principles' to the bondage arts. As you get excited either by the contact with each other or by your friends buried in your nether regions, you create kinetic energy. This energy will power your new lovers and of course increase your excitement. The greater the excitement you experience, more energy you provide for your new friend. The more energy available to the dildo, the faster it operates. This should be a wild ride."

Diana already felt herself breathing heavier and realized her fellow captive was starting to squirm. This caused her to squirm in response as she felt the stimulation from her larger penetrater. Then she felt a needle.

"You both need your full motor skills in order to really enjoy your situation. I'm much to modest to watch you two, so with the help of Ms Washington , we're going to put you in a transport bag so you can copulate in privacy."

In short order, Diana and Sabina were enclosed in a large burlap sack. Before she could become comfortable, the first orgasm rocked her and she felt Sabina act as if she also enjoyed the pleasant sensation. In ten minutes, the women started going off like firecrackers on a string and before long, they lost consciousness as the blood in their bodies migrated to their wombs.

Some time later Diana regained consciousness as the dildo began entertaining her again. She was still in the bag, in the terrible trap that Bez had confined her but she felt something different. It seemed as if Sabina's breathing pattern was slightly different. Diana didn't have a lot of time to contemplate the change before the next series of awesome orgasms assailed her and she once again passed out.

Diana awoke to the sound of a zipper unsealing and allowing sunlight into her consciousness. The dual hood was tossed onto a side table and Diana was slightly amazed to see Bez on the other side of the conjoined gags. Bez wore every bit of the costume she'd dressed Sabina in before Diana lost her vision to the hood and burlap sack. One of Sabina's minions was removing the restraints from each woman leaving Bez naked and Diana's arms restrained by the metal tubes. Sabina, seated in an empress style throne/chair observed process without comment.

"It seems that Diana is covered with a lot of dried love juice" observed the mansion's mistress. "Take her down the to get a shower will you. Bez and I need to discuss things."

As Diana was frog marched out of the room by the 6 foot 6 inch muscular Spaniard who'd earlier undressed her, she heard Sabina instructing Bez to apologize. Risking a glance back, she saw the blond drop off the table and crawl to Sabina on her hands and knees. Then she exited the room, guided by Sabina's minion several yards to a shower room.

"Don't pull anything" instructed the Spaniard as he released the magnets and gently tugged the tubes off her arms. Diana stood naked but finally free and considered her next action. Realizing how dirty she was, Diana entered the shower area. Finding exotically scented soap and plenty of hot water, she set about trying to clean herself.

Normally a thirty minute shower was a luxury Wonder Woman couldn't afford but she truly felt dirty in same manner that she only understood subconsciously. She exited the stall carefully, looking for the catch but there was no one in the room. There were piles of fluffy towels and Diana used two, one to remove the residual water from her body and hair and a large one to wrap herself in. The towel securely in place, Diana went to the door which did not immediately open. She rapped twice and said in a loud voice. "I'm done, can I get out of here?"

Shortly, the door opened without the sound of locks tripping. She exited quickly but the Spansh minion stopped her with a gentle hand on her shoulder.

"Sorry, the towels stay in the bathing area, Sabina's orders." And without wasting a moment he seized her covering and flipped it into the room she'd just exited. As she attempted to protect her modesty, the minion smiled and said "Hands at your sides per Mistress Sabina. Don't make me get rough."

Diana complied, responding top the man with a thin smile. He pointed and she started up the hallway in the direction he motioned. He stayed close enough behind her to ob serve her every movement but he was well clear of hr non-powered capacity to strike a disabling blow.

"Stop" ordered the Spaniard. "You will wait in the room on your right until Mistress has a moment to speak with you."

Realizing she had few options, Diana went into the door as it opened and heard it click solidly shut. An intercom hidden in the wall carried the Spaniard's voice to her.

"You will remain here until Mistress is ready. There are toys in the room and a few interesting books. If you're thirsty or hungry, log onto the pc and type out your requests. Anything reasonable is probably available. The pc is not on line in any useful manner, however the solitaire games aren't disabled if you care to pass the time that way."

The voice stopped and Diana followed her training to get a complete inventory of her current situation. The wall furthest from the door had solidly anchored shelving upon which rested various sizes of plastic replica of men's members. Some were old fashioned and some appeared electric. The chair in the room was wicker, solid enough to sit on but useless for banging down a door. The books were old, possibly first editions which weren't maintained. The titles Lady Chatterly's Lover, The Story of O, and Tropic of Cancer weren't familiar to her. The magazines were also ancient but she had little desire to read something called Bizarre at this moment. About the only thing she had was the lock pick she'd palmed when she divested Sabina of her collection during the stage show. She twisted her hair until she located the sturdy little device. The door had no keyhole but the entry pad next to it might provide a way to get free. Just as she was about to pick at the key pad, she remembered Sabina lamenting the loss of her friend.

'Gods Diana, what was that name' she thought. If she typed something on the pad and it was wrong, she'd probably get a visit and wasn't sure of the consequences. She concealed the lock pick again as the name occurred to her.

Typing Bezique on the pad, her heart dropped until three seconds later when the door popped open. Diana carefully peered into the corridor, but it was empty so she emerged and slid the door closed. Even without her powers, her hearing was enhanced and she knew nobody was around so she headed down the hallway wishing for some clothing. Because of the date, she'd become Wonder Woman, divested herself of her costume and returned to her Diana Prince persona. She had hoped that Guy could act like a gentleman for one evening. Instead, she was creeping around the mansion of a kinky crackpot desperately looking for clothing and her purse which contained her collapsed tiara and the only means of calling for help she was comfortable with. She approached an open alcove and carefully slipped under a pommel horse. The pommel horse was modified to include 4 shackles, 2 wrist sized and two ankle sized. The device she hid under was by no means alone. A dressing rack with a sizable dildo in place of the saddle sat to the right of the pommel horse and the rear wall was dominated by shackles. Spreader bars, manacles, corsets, single gloves, and a variety of other restraints were piled on a small table and on the floor beneath lay several excessively high heels. Diana quickly examined the corsets and selected one which covered the greatest percentage of her torso. It was dark brown and fit tightly against her ribcage but it had thick straps which partially covered her breasts. The process of fitting herself into the corset required her to contort her body in ways she never imagined. Fixing the straps in place, she tried to select the most modest pair of heels, finally finding something with a 5 inch height. Although tight, at least the heels provided protection from the cold floor. She emerged from the alcove and moved further down the hall looking for a stairwell or elevator or some other manner of getting out when she heard the sound of multiple footsteps. She retreated as silently as the heels would allow back to the alcove but the footsteps followed her. With only moments until discovery, she grabbed a ball gag and placed it in her mouth. Fortunately it operated with Sabina's self-sealing technology. She had no time to choose so she hopped onto the posing horse slowing descending down the unyielding dildo. She tried to keep her ankles free but the shackles possessed smart technology and she found herself secured in place with an unwanted invader.

The footsteps belonged to three of Sabina's associates, none of whom she'd seen earlier, and two of them passed by without a second glance. The third, a shorter man with thick glasses paused to regard the captive Amazon and to her terror he approached her.

"Somebody's getting sloppy" the minion mused as he examined the visible portion of the buried phallus. He reached up and checked the ball gag and satisfied stepped back and removed a small control pad from the front of the stand.

"You're barely drooling so the vibrator must be on too slow." He observed and then he punched in several commands. Diana felt the dildo increase in speed and it actually began penetrating her further than she thought possible. The minion watched a moment and then as she uncontrollably started to drool, he replaced the control pad just out of her reach and went down the hall to catch up with his associates.

Diana fought three battles at once. She tried to slip her ankles out of the shackles at the base of the dressing stand, she was trying to lift herself off the dildo or at least ignore the emotional reaction she was experiencing and she was trying to reach the control pad. Too quickly, her hypersensitive clit began providing orgasmic delight and she struggled just remain conscious. She was at the point of no return when she caught her first break in a while. Her muscular vaginal walls snapped the dildo off the stand and the disconnection from the stand caused the shackles to reset to their open position. She was free but she was weakened enough the she fell on her posterior.

She quickly worked to extract the dildo from her and tried to click it back into place on the stand. After assuring herself that the hallway was empty, she continued her search for an exit. Before she found an exit, she managed to locater her dress, purse and shoes in a room several yards away from her previous stop. Quickly she put the dress on and swapped footwear. She extracted her collapsed tiara from her purse and summoned her invisible jet. While in contact with the jet, she used its software to provide an exit plan from her current position. Wonder Woman was finally free from Sabina, the Mistress of Escapology.

Epilogue I

The sands of Themyscira are timeless and the weather rarely varies from its tropical standard no matter where the queen positions the island. A short distance off the coast and in constant sync with the mystical island sat Transformation Island and Reformation Island, its cousin. Wonder Woman dressed in full regalia was speaking with Dyonia, the current mistress of Reformation Island.

"Those two should be kept busy either pleasuring our sisters or being pleasured by someone or something." She instructed.

"Didn't you say that one of them was an escape artist?" Asked Dyonia. "How can we be sure they won't escape?"

"Oh they'll escape all right, sooner or later" observed Wonder Woman. "And when they do, don't make too much of an effort to recapture them. "

"As you wish Princess" said Dyonia and she bowed properly before returning to her duties.

"Dyonia, make certain the boat you leave is provisioned for two weeks" ordered Diana as she lifted off the island, intent on settling things with her erstwhile date.

Epilogue II

A long time after this story, Vixen Black Lightening, Flash, Green Lantern, and Red Arrow sat in the Justice League break room discussing various nothings. Vixen was speaking.

"John, I'm really proud to be serving with you, but I do have a question which nobody in the League wants to answer."

Biting on the opening, John Stewart asked "What is that?"

"Before I joined up, the Green Lantern here was Guy Gardner. Why would he willingly elect to move to the other side of the universe rather than work with America's greatest heroes?"

In tandem, the four men spit out their beverages choking and laughing as they tried to recover their composure.