Fulfilling the Dream of the Office Nerd  

By Bigboob58

Wizards Lair Contest Summer 2013 Supergirl

A little background on this story. All the characters except Billy Kincaid visited Gor and learned the language. Gor is the creation of John Norman. Women do not fare well there. Most are trained to serve the needs of men. After these characters return to earth, they can’t decide how to carry on with their lives. Supergirl was the most drastically affected character and this is a Supergirl contest. Billy is my creation as is the description of Linda Lang, one of the many secret identities of one of the many incarnations of Supergirl. I mentioned in one of my other efforts that it felt as if that story created itself. It seems to have happened again. One last note, the story is told from Billy’s perspective and he doesn’t speak any alien languages so ‘….’ fills in the words you can easily figure out and that baffle our hero. My only conscious addition was a nasty comment about Flushpoint. Please enjoy these borrowed characters knowing as always that they revert to their normal selves at the story’s end. Feedback at R_burrows@sbcglobal.net is appreciated.

Fulfilling the Dream of the Office Nerd

by Bigboob58, Aspiring Author.

Billy Kinkaid lived a life that was filled with a succession of bad breaks. He was unlucky in love, not overburdened with cash, and the last surviving member of his immediate family. He worked a thankless job for nearly fifty hours a week and had a minimal social life. Billy had reached the point in life where optimism faded and desperation became the rule of the day. Something kept Billy Kinkaid waking up every day and even he wasn’t certain what it was.

Billy handled the accounts receivable for a mid-sized company in a small town outside of Indianapolis and the office staff changed frequently. One day, Billy arrived at work to find a new co-worker seated at the desk next to his. Her name was Linda Lang and she was a petite brunette and barely talked to him or to any of the other employees for the first week she worked. Billy noticed something odd about her voice. Her accent was unlike any he could remember. And her body was the same. She had nice high sitting breasts that weren’t very large but were totally beautiful and he found himself staring at the twin orbs a lot. He nearly hurt his neck trying to avoid being discovered as he watched her upper body move sinuously while she reached for her phone or into the upper storage bins to retrieve her files. She stood nearly five foot seven inches tall and was waif like in her body density. Her hair hung down to the middle of her prominent shoulder blades and Billy became infatuated with watching that angle of her as well. Her buttocks was another tightly wrapped package that sat perfectly rounded below her thin waist. She had a tendency to wear pants suits that highlighted her most desirable physical attributes. Billy never tired of looking at his work neighbor.

Linda did a number of strange things and the most noticeable was her fluctuating lunch hour. Sometimes she took lunch as soon as she arrived, other times she took short breaks instead of full lunches. Before long, everybody got used to her odd schedule and the talk about it lessened. No matter how much time Linda missed, her work was always timely and accurate.

One day, when Billy returned from lunch through the large parking lot that surrounded the combination factory/office building, he caught sight of a blue/red streak as it soared above his head. A sonic boom sounded shortly after the odd multicolored flash and his hands moved too late to cover his ears. The deafness lasted a short time and his hearing recovered by the time he reached the security door. He managed to use his entry card just ahead of the receptionist buzzing him in and he said “five up, three down.” to her as part of their running joke. The good natured receptionist prided herself in buzzing all the office staff in before they needed to use their own entry cards. Billy and the receptionist had a standing wager each month with the person letting him in the door more often earning an evening’s worth of drinks. Somehow, the number always ended up in a tie. The curly red head flashed the same toothy smile at Billy that she shared with every man who entered the building and he retained the image until he reached the elevator.

As the doors closed, he heard a familiar voice saying “Hold please.” In a very low volume. His thumb instinctively reached for the proper button and the doors creaked in reverse, opening to allow Linda Lang to get into the cramped cabin. He pressed floor number four again and the elevator resumed its natural duties. As the cabin rose, Billy noticed a strange scent and realized it was emanating from Linda. She usually smelled like fancy perfume. Despite the strength of her scents, Billy never complained since the scents seemed pleasant to him. This was an altogether different scent almost like sweat. But it wasn’t like any sweaty smell he recalled since most of those were offensive on some level. This was less pleasant than normal yet still enticing. Billy looked closely at the woman standing in front of him and observed the dress she wore closer than he usually had the opportunity to do. It was airy and clung to her wispy frame completely exposing her intimate physical attributes. She looked more beautiful than he remembered. He suddenly wanted to see what her panties looked like. Was she wearing a thong, something even skimpier, or some degree of granny panties? Were they plain white, flowery, skin toned or some other color? Then the old elevator jolted to a stop and he nearly collapsed on top of her.

“Sorry,” he muttered as the doors opened to free the riders. She glanced back at him, shared a thin, knowing smile and walked directly to her desk. He had to use his hands on the inner doors to stop them from closing on him and then he exited the elevator and went directly to the men’s room. When he returned to his desk, one of Linda’s usual perfumes permeated the area. The rest of his day passed without memorable incident.

A few weeks later, Mr. Fox from the home office showed up. Billy knew who he was since he appeared in the newspapers at charitable events, plant openings and closures and other Home Office functions. Fox did something that Billy Kinkaid never recalled anyone doing before. He summoned all the office workers from each of the three floors in the expansive lunch room.

“One of our employees, Linda Lang will be out of the office for the foreseeable future,” Fox announced. “She was selected by Mr. Wayne to temporarily relocate overseas and will return at the conclusion of that assignment. She is working for another subsidiary until she completes her assignment. I know this seems a bit over the top, but with all the recent unexplained disappearances of ladies Linda’s age, The Board of Directors didn’t want rumors spreading around. We’re also finally turning the corner with respect to putting together a highly competent and efficient team of employees and we don’t need our competitors using Ms Lang’s absence to lure any of you, our valued employees, to jump ship. Mr. Wayne wanted to tell you personally, but he is overseas himself attending to an unrelated matter. He wanted you to know you will receive a 5% bonus in your next pay envelope and a 1.5% boost in your salaries that does not affect your upcoming annual reviews.”

The oohs and aahs in the audience grew loud and Fox clapped his hands to request silence.

“Since you’re now very well paid, I have only one question,” he said. “Don’t any of you have work to do?

The crowd vanished in a split second and nobody except Billy gave a second thought to the absence of Linda Lang.

Five Years Later:

Billy continued to try and get the water from the rain storm off his coat and hat. He paid no attention as he made his way to his desk and bumped into newly installed cubicle walls. It was Wednesday and the walls hadn’t been there on Tuesday. Fortunately, his cubicle was spacious and he had a lot of room so he wouldn’t be bumping himself while he worked. As he draped his wet coat over the new hook on the far wall he noticed a second change. The familiar scent of Linda Lang’s perfume was everywhere. He wondered if one of his coworkers was playing a mean trick or accidentally purchased Linda’s favorite perfume. He walked across the aisle to look inside the new walls that surrounded Linda’s usually empty desk. He saw her sitting in her chair as if nothing had happened and she’s just returned from a long weekend. Her screen was toggling too fast for his eyes to follow but he didn’t look at her screen very long. His vision focused on her near perfect rear end and he noticed that it now draped over the edges of her chair. He used to take a great delight in seeing her perfect fanny as it sat well within the borders of her office chair. His imagination raced and he concocted at least ten ways she could have lost her perfect body tone. She started to turn and he quickly ducked out of the sight lines her cubicle offered but before he lost sight of her he noticed another change in her physical appearance. Her breasts which were perfect as BBB’s that jutted straight out had to be at least DD’s and they sagged slightly. Before he heard the creak of her chair as she got to her feet, he retreated to his new cubicle and took his chair. He pushed the power button and silently begged his quirky PC to turn on quickly. As he waited, he tried to think of an excuse. But Linda never stopped by his cubicle that morning or that day. She was more distant than she used to be. Nobody in the break room could recall talking to her since she returned. This continued for the next two weeks. Her behavior changed in one way. She took her lunch at noon and always returned at one, no longer disappearing or otherwise abusing the company lunch policy. When he did catch a glimpse of her returning from the lady’s room, she seemed depressed, or at least not as buoyant as she used to be.

Billy decided to go over and talk to her on Monday when she returned from her lunch. As she took her chair, he stepped around the side of her cubicle and said. “Hi Linda, how is everything?”

She startled at first and then turned her head to face Billy. Her eyes lacked the life that formerly shone within her blue-green visage. Billy cleared his throat, choked a bit more, and decided to take a chance that he might never get again.

“We should go out for drinks,” Billy told her and his tone subconsciously was more of an order than a question or observation. Linda looked as though she froze for a second and then replied. “Yes….”

Billy thought she might have stuttered since he couldn’t understand the word after yes and it wasn’t like any noise he heard previously. He smiled and pressed his luck.

“How about tonight after work?”

Linda’s reply was exactly the same, “Yes….” Followed by the noise Billy couldn’t identify.

“I’ll stop over at five PM if that’s OK.” He told her and she nodded her agreement. Then he nearly tripped over his own feet as he returned to his cubicle. He felt like he was a foot off the floor and that helped him keep his balance. The four hour afternoon lasted around two weeks at least to Billy’s perception. Finally, the small number in the lower right hand side of his screen read 4:59 and Billy was logged off with his paperwork stored almost as the numbers appeared. He walked over to Linda’s cubicle and found her on her knees. He assumed she was looking for something and he bent to ask her if he could help. She barely lifted her head and replied softly, “No.”.

“Well can I help you up?” he asked. “The bar I’d like to take you to fills up quick.”

Linda shook her head and got to her feet effortlessly. She followed Billy keeping behind him, to his right side and no more or less than a foot and a half to his rear. They rode the elevator down and he asked her if she drove. When she replied negatively, he said they would take his car.

At the bar, he ordered drinks for both and was surprised that Linda didn’t start drinking hers until he asked her how it tasted. She was quiet the whole time and finally Billy asked her if he could drive her home. When they returned to his car, Billy held her door open, He insisted on walking her to her apartment and then since he wanted to avoid the slap that ended most of his dates, he turned to leave. As he reached the stairwell, he heard her weeping.

“Am I not pleasing to you?” she asked while keeping her eye level below his face.

“You’re very beautiful,” Billy responded.

“Why are you dismissing me so fast then?” she asked.

“I wasn’t sure how much you might allow since we’ve never done anything like this before,” Billy told her. “I want you….to be my friend. I didn’t want to rush anything or do anything to spoil your opinion of me.”

“There’s only one way I can develop an ‘opinion’ of you,” she replied. “You’re welcome to come inside for a drink and whatever..” She fell to her knees and lowered her head so she was staring at the ground.

Billy thought for a moment. He’d known Linda for six years technically and he’d always had hope that they might end up in bed together but he hadn’t been that lucky with anyone in more than three years. He took her hand and gently pulled her to her feet.

They were in her doorway and she was standing face to face with him with her body touching his. Her unspoken language was clear and Billy scooped her into his arms. He nearly dropped her. She was much sturdier than she appeared but not too heavy to carry to her bedroom.

“Not thirsty anymore?” she asked dryly.

He laid her on her bed and started to shed his clothing. When he only had his under shorts on, he turned his attention to Linda. Her white blouse had buttons down the front and despite his inner urgency, he carefully unbuttoned each in turn. He gestured, she lifted her arms and he tugged the white blouse up and over her head, ruffling her hair which immediately fell back in place as if it never was touched. When Billy reached for her hair, it came off in his hand. Linda’s real hair was platinum blonde and styled short enough to be concealed under the brunette wig that Billy dropped on top of her blouse.

He looked at her face and a sort of recognition came suddenly.


“Yes,” Linda replied.

“Holy shit, you’re Supergirl,” he exclaimed.

“Please don’t shout,” she pleaded. I have neighbors and Clark err Superman… err my cousin Clark hates it when I’m forced to move. This is the tenth apartment I’ve lived in since I arrived on earth.”

“Crap, we can’t do this,” Billy said.

“Why not?” Linda asked. “Are you impotent?”

“No,” Billy retorted sharply before softening his own tone. “I mean you’re a heroine and I’m some plain old schmuck.”

“Who’s in my bed because I asked,” Linda replied. “Are you going to finish what you started? I feel kinda needy at the moment and you were fairly willing until a minute ago.”

Billy looked at her for some sort of sign but couldn’t find anything other than what she said. So he reached for her heels and slowly removed them from her feet. Then he slid his thumbs inside her waistband and as she lifted her rear, he slid her pleated skirt off of her hips. When he pulled it past her legs, he paused to fold it and dropped it on her wig and blouse. Supergirl had on a lacy bra and pantyhose that hid very little and weren’t on her body for long. He turned to roll her pantyhose down her legs and as he finished removing them, Linda pulled his own shorts off his body. Those joined the pile of her clothing leaving the nude couple on her comforter staring at each other. Billy stared at Linda’s blue/green eyes while she kept her gaze lower along his body. He flipped so their heads shared the same side of her bed and his lips approached hers. He planted a kiss on her lips as he leaned into her and she obligingly fell back onto her bed. They explored one another for a bit and then he repositioned his hips over hers. His organ was as thick and ready as it ever had been and he used his right hand to guide it to her pussy. He noticed she was moist and he slipped himself inside her.

“I’m a bit scared here,” he confessed to her. “Isn’t every part of your body super strong?”

“Of course it is.” She responded.

“Are you going to crush me?” he asked. “Is this some sort of trick to allow you to punish me?”

“Not at all,” Linda replied. “I haven’t had a …. for too long and you did offer.”

“Is that a word?” he asked about the sound she kept making that he couldn’t understand.

“Yes,” she replied. “It’s a word I learned to say a lot over the last three and a half years but it isn’t a word that translates to any earth language.”

“Oh,” Billy said as his member continued to penetrate his partner.

“You’re a bit slow,” Linda told him. “Allow me. When this gets too tight or uncomfortable say the word Argo.”

Her pussy started to pull Billy inside her. He was a full eight inches and he could only see about a half of an inch outside Linda’s welcoming channel.

“I have complete control of every muscle in my body.” She told Billy and then she demonstrated the things she had learned during her absence. Billy never managed to say the safe word before he exploded in ecstasy inside her. He lost all his strength and fell limp on top of her. She sought his lips and kissed him. Then she used her hands to revitalize him. He felt invigorated for over ten seconds before she used her muscle control to drain every last bit of his new strength. The process repeated another three times before she expelled him and pushed him onto his back. As he lay in her bed unable to move, she began to minister to his entire body with her soft moist lips. Billy lost consciousness after a short time and woke just before the sun rose. Linda lay next to him observing him until his eyelids fluttered. Then her gaze dropped from his.

That was fantastic.” He told her. “Is it okay if I go home now? I need to clean up before work.”

She didn’t object and he dressed quickly and drove home.

Precisely at 9 AM, the aura of her perfume filled the area like it did every day. He didn’t say anything to her partly out of embarrassment and partly because his desk was overloaded. When he finished putting everything away at 5 PM, he decided to take a chance and he crossed the aisle to Linda’s cubicle.

Linda was on her knees in the same spot he found her on Monday.

“Did you drop something?” he asked.

“No,” Linda replied.

‘I don’t suppose you would go to dinner with me tonight?”

“I would enjoy that …..,” she replied.

Again, the word he couldn’t comprehend.

After dinner, they returned to her apartment where he removed her wig and they explored each other for two hours. Before he joined her in her bed, he told her he didn’t want to stay the entire evening and she adjusted her performance accordingly. In the days that followed, Billy asked Linda out at the end of the work day and she accepted each time. They dined, went to movies, danced and afterwards made satisfying love for precisely two hours. Then Billy spent the weekend recovering.

When he arrived at his desk Monday morning, he found a teary eyed Linda Lang on her knees in his cubicle. Like he did every time, he asked her if she dropped something. Then he helped her to her feet and asked. “What’s wrong?”

“Did I offend you?” she sobbed.

“No,” he replied. “Why would you think that?”

“You didn’t call and you didn’t stop by,” Linda replied. “I thought I did something wrong.”

“You didn’t do anything wrong,” Billy told her. “If I knew your phone number, I would call you. I never thought you would be this upset.”

“Will you take me tonight?”

“Where….” He asked before stifling himself. “Of course. I’ll collect you like usual at 5 PM.”

At 5 PM, after asking her if she’d dropped something, her reply included the strange word, and he escorted her home. There, Billy Kinkaid received his first demonstration of super speed in action. Before her apartment door clicked closed, his clothing was neatly piled next to hers, they were in bed and he was fully engulfed in her most welcoming passage.

“Please slow down,” he begged. “I really want to enjoy this.”

Linda took him literally and obeyed his instructions precisely. She worked his member constantly and slowly. He didn’t climax for over two and a half hours but it seemed he was on the verge for over eighty percent of that time. When he did explode, he collapsed on top of her and her special techniques could not rouse him. She lid out from under him and slept by his side. He woke with the sunrise, serviced her a second time quickly, and then as he dressed, she handed him a piece of paper with her phone number on it.

“What makes you think I’ll call?” he asked.

She pouted after he spoke and then he continued.

“I thought I might take you home with me next Friday if that’s okay.” Linda smiled the brightest smile he ever remembered on her face since her return.

Thus, the lives of Billy Kinkaid and Linda Lang changed. They spent most of their spare time in each other’s company. Gradually, Linda recovered enough confidence to start patrolling the city again as Supergirl. Billy enjoyed his new life and it never occurred to him that it would change.

One Saturday evening, Supergirl did not return from her patrol and she didn’t call. Billy imagined that she was on an extended mission and thought nothing of her absence until midnight. He decided to use the special communicator Linda gave him after they were together for two months to call her. The device took a while to warm up and when the picture cleared, Billy saw the woman he’d been sleeping with but in a situation he never imagined. Supergirl was bent over a pole backwards and painfully to anyone who looked. Her wrists were confined in glowing green shackles that matched the glowing green shackles on her legs. The shackles were connected under the horizontal pole by a thick steel cable and she was completely immobile. Her familiar red and blue top, short red ruffled skirt, bright red knee high boots and the headband with the familiar house of El insignia were nowhere on the screen. Billy watched her breasts hearing up and down as his girl tried to catch a breath.

“That must be kryptonite,” Billy said softly to himself. “I think she would be in pain even if she was in a more comfortable position.”

As he watched, a bald headed man walked between Supergirl’s transmitter and the place she was held. The bald headed man looked like Lex Luthor and he acted like a porn star. He ran his fingers over her pulsing breasts, stopping to pinch the fleshier parts and rubbing her back and forth along her skin. She moaned in tune with his rubbing. Billy sat transfixed by the display torn between lust and disgust. He tried to find some clue to tell him where she was being held. Finally he remembered her telling him that the monitor he held had a G.P.S. style device. He also recalled her telling him about a special communicator he had that was built into the mirror on top of the short dresser near her bed. Billy dressed quickly and sped across town to her apartment. After a month of steady dating, she reprogrammed the entry pad by her door to allow him unlimited access. The doorman buzzed him in the lobby and he raced up the stairs to her apartment.

Linda’s dresser extended the length of her bedroom, at least six feet. Billy ran his hand along the top of the mirror, the bottom, and behind the glass but he couldn’t find a switch. He became frustrated and slammed his hand on the surface. Then he screamed at the wide glass at the top of his lungs.


A noise from the inside of the door started low and grew louder. A kaleidoscope of lights ranging from the floor to about six and a half feet above it filled his vision and he watched as three bodies took shape from out of nothingness.

Superman, Batman, and Cyborg stood between him and the door to Linda’s apartment.

“You’re….” Billy stuttered and froze.

“Yes we are,” Superman replied. “Would you mind telling me what you’re doing in my cou…in Miss Lang’s apartment making such a racket?”

“Did the neighbors call?” Billy asked.

“We don’t normally handle cases involving noise complaints,” Batman replied. Under his breath he muttered ‘Idiot.”

“Shit, I nearly forgot,” he said, his tongue loosened by the thought of Linda’s dire predicament. “Here, you need to look at this.”

He held the communication device out and Cyborg’s mechanical arm took it from him. As Cyborg watched the screen, his facial expression grew concerned.

“Batman, what do you see here,” he asked as he passed the device to the caped crusader. Batman was the Justice League’s notorious prude and he glanced for less than three seconds at the screen before passing it to the Man of Steel.

When he looked at the screen, Superman’s jaw dropped and he vanished. Batman held out an arm and caught Billy, pulling him out of the backwash caused by the super speed departure of his team mate.

“Clar… Superman, she’s in the downtown area in Columbus,” He said into his glove. Billy thought he heard a muffled reply. Batman dropped him onto his feet and used a communication device like the one Supergirl provided to Billy. The lights reappeared and the extremely attractive Catwoman manifested in the apartment.

“Selina, I’m going to leave you here with this character. Make sure he doesn’t go anywhere.”

Catwoman averted her gaze from the caped man and Batman and Cyborg disappeared in a similar light show that had brought them to the apartment. Catwoman moved sinuously even when she didn’t intend to. She experienced the same behavior modification that Supergirl/ Linda suffered and it showed.

Without thinking, Billy looked at her and said, “Sit down, I‘m not going anywhere.” in a severe tone. To his surprise, the beautiful brunette took a seat on the edge of Linda’s bed. He looked at her trying to make sense of it but he couldn’t see her eyes. She kept her eyes focused on the floor. He moved around the room and could tell that even though she wasn’t looking at him, she knew where he was every single moment. Finally he sat next to her. He thought he’d left adequate room but she was nearly touching him before he settled down.

They weren’t alone for very long. The rainbow colors formed again and this time four bodies took shape in Linda’s apartment. Superman, Batman, and Cyborg were back and as they finished reassembling, Superman set his cousin on her feet. She noticed Billy sitting on the edge of her bed and her vivacious smile returned to her face.

Batman slapped his forehead and muttered “Oh shit” very softly. Superman looked at him and watched in shock as his cousin moved towards the stranger and dropped to her knees.

“Thank you for saving me,” she said to Billy. “I think you’ve earned a reward.”

“Meoow,” said Catwoman and she clammed up when she noticed Batman glaring at her. Superman was now the one frozen and not enjoying himself. Batman walked over and stood behind Linda. He bent slightly and stared at Billy. Billy felt the same fear that most criminals felt when they confronted the Dark Knight.

‘What did you do to Supergirl?” he asked.

“Nothing that she didn’t want,” he replied.

Superman had been holding Billy’s communication device until it suddenly burst into dozens of pieces as he listened to the conversation.

“How did you meet her?” Batman continued his interrogation barely stopping because his cape effectively protected Billy and Supergirl from the electronic shrapnel.

“We took great pains to place her in a relatively secure environment.”

“We work in the same office,” Billy replied.

“Didn’t the cubicles send you a ….message,”Batman asked and then he considered that he might have said too much.

Billy didn’t make the connection. He simply answered the question.

“I asked her out for a drink.”

“Meoow!” purred Catwoman, and Batman lifted his glove to his face. Before Catwoman vanished in the rainbow light display, Batman told her she would be punished that evening. Billy became confused when he saw her face break into a smile similar to the one Linda greeted him with. He let it flow out of his mind without making any impression.

“Grr.. eerrr uh. Well…” said Superman, obviously upset and temporarily unable to construct a coherent sentence. Batman didn’t wait for his friend to recover.

“However this started, it’s got to stop. She can’t continue to see you or be your friend.”

“Are you her father? What gives you the right to make that decision?”

Batman stepped back slightly. Other than the Joker, Riddler or Penguin, none of his foes talked to him like this. Nobody dared disagree with millionaire Bruce Wayne either especially not one of his lower level employees. His fists clenched and he didn’t realize he’d stepped towards the nondescript man until he felt Cyborg’s metallic hand on his shoulder. He shrugged free of the strong grip of his teammate and composed himself. While he did, Cyborg stepped forward.

“Sir..”, said Cyborg.


“Billy, you have to understand the situation. Supergirl experienced life changing trauma and it took almost a year before she was able to return to normal society.” Cyborg said and paused for effect. “We thought she was safe. Everybody here understands that you meant no harm but…”

“But what,” Supergirl whined. “You’re always looking out for me, taking care of me, protecting me and when I finally meet someone who likes me without wanting to use me, protect me or hurt me, you decide it’s bad.”

The three Justice Leaguers all took involuntary steps backward. Then Superman stepped forward and grabbed his cousin in a tight bear hug.

“It’ll be okay Kara,” he said. “You’ll get over this.”

“I don’t want to,” Supergirl said as she tried to break out of Superman’s grip. He held her close until she finally relaxed.

Billy felt like his world was self-destructing and he wanted to try and save his friendship with the only person who ever enjoyed his companionship. But he didn’t have any valid argument for himself and he started staring at the floor.

“Everyone’s staring at the ground,” Cyborg said. ”If you guys don’t need me, I have about sixteen hours of code to debug and reinstall. Someone left the adult controls off the mainframe during Flash’s last tour of monitor duty.” Cyborg disappeared in the rainbow display of matter transmitter lights.

“We need to do something about you,” Batman said to Billy. “The easiest and most painless thing is to erase your memory. Our associate Mul-Delta uh Wonder Woman can handle that. Would you call her Clark?”

Superman stared at his associate. Then it occurred to him that Billy wouldn’t remember a thing after his lover used her magic golden lasso on him. He touched his emblem and said, “Diana, transmit yourself here if you’re not busy.”

When the next set of rainbow lights cleared, Billy was treated to one of the rarest sights on the planet. Standing next to the door in Linda’s apartment with her hands on her unclothed hips was Wonder Woman, also known as Mul-Delta. She was currently Superman’s lover and as it turned out, the reason Supergirl needed to find her own way in life. As Mul-Delta, her sexual appetite was unquenchable and Superman barely kept her satisfied. There wasn’t a hint of shame in her demeanor as she walked across the room to her lover and seized his lips with hers. The kiss was exceptionally long and passionate. Supergirl having finally been released, had taken a seat next to Billy but she watched as her cousin and his lover exchanged their lengthy greeting.

Billy kept looking at Linda during the whole sordid display. When she finally looked away from her cousin and his lover, she noticed Billy staring and after flashing a weak smile at him, she lowered her face and looked at the floor. Batman turned his back on everybody and focused on his communication device. This week alone he broke up three criminal plots and returned over half a million dollars worth of stolen property to unlucky Gothamites.

“Uh, Clark, Diana, I need to be back on the satellite in three hours for monitor duty.” Batman said. “We should wrap this up so I can drop lover boy at his apartment and Linda can get on with her life.”

Linda sobbed when she heard this pronouncement. Superman broke the embrace and stared at his cousin.

“It’s for your own good,” he told her and she burst into tears. “You wouldn’t be happy.”

Supergirl’s sobbing continued.

“For God’s sake, let’s get this over with,” Batman said and the edge in his voice was noticeable and scary. Mul Delta wore her golden lasso in a wide loop around her neck. Batman looked at her and with the most minimal gesture of his pointed ears, indicated Billy Kinkaid. Supergirl grabbed Billy and gave him a tight hug.

“You need to know, I don’t want this,” she told him and they exchanged thin, sad smiles.

Batman moved across the room and stood next to Superman. He looked at Mul Delta again and this time he pointed at her golden rope and said. “Enough of this Diana, use that rope now.”

Mul Delta’s conditioning compelled her to obey as if she was wrapped in her own golden rope. She lifted the loop over her head, walked close enough to Billy that he could smell the aroma of her arousal and then……

Before either Superman or Batman could react, Mul Delta used her lasso to form two loops three cords thick and she turned so fast Billy couldn’t follow her with his eyes. Her toss was flawless and the loops settled over the broad shoulders of Superman and Batman. Mul Delta gave a well practiced tug on the large part of the lasso she still held and the loops closed tightly across the muscled chests of her team mates.

“You too need to stop talking and stand still.” Mul Delta commanded.

Batman froze immediately but Superman used his super human stamina to fight the unwanted order. Finally his muscles failed him. Mul Delta’s magic was too powerful.

“Keep your eyes open and watch a superior woman handle this.” Mul Delta ordered and the room became silent. She fed out additional footage of her lasso from the loop she held and formed two more circles. These were gently placed over Supergirl and Billy Kinkaid. The golden lasso was pulled tight and neither Supergirl nor Billy could resist the naked Amazon warrior.

“Supergirl….Linda, you’ve done well,” Mul Delta told her and Linda smiled a wide happy grin. “When I told you to find someone other than your cousin, I didn’t imagine you would collect a non-powered partner. I must ask, are you happy?”

“Yes …….” Supergirl replied. Billy listened and heard another unintelligible word but he suspected it had a positive meaning since the naked brunette smiled as if she’d received a compliment.

“Will you be satisfied spending the rest of your life with this man?”

“Yes.” Supergirl quickly replied.

“Maybe we’ll get lucky,” Batman growled. “Maybe Thawne will return and reset this reality too.” His last word faded when Mul Delta fixed him with a stare that might rival one of his own, pulled her lasso tighter and said “Shut up until you receive my permission to speak.”

“Billy Kinkaid, tell me why you decided to chase after this woman?” Mul Delta asked as she pointed to Supergirl.

“I only knew her as Linda Lang,” Billy replied. “She’s real cute and she wouldn’t completely ignore me.”

“Do you intend to harm her?”

“Oh no!” he nearly screamed. “I love her. I would do anything for her.”

Mul Delta was satisfied. She freed Supergirl and Billy from the golden rope and turned to her teammates. She looked at Batman first.

“You’re going to forget about this completely,” she told him. “You’re going to edit your action records to omit this sordid episode and you’re going to write over both of your secret backups. Then you’re going to send Mr. Kinkaid and his fiancé two tickets to Hawaii, a penthouse on the beach for a month of paid vacation courtesy of your company and make damn sure they keep their jobs when they return. Get them a bigger apartment with room for kids. If you don’t. I’ll make sure you develop a crush on the Joker.”

Batman looked at her and she saw the defeat in his eyes.

“It’s not so bad Bruce,” she told him as she freed him from the golden coils. “Have fun on monitor duty.”

Superman remained wrapped by the golden rope. The rainbow display took shape and Batman was gone.

“As for you lover, you have or will have a new cousin-in-law.” Mul Delta told him but she suddenly stopped looking in his eyes. “After your cousin was kidnapped, you were worried for a long time. When you saved her, you worried about the effects that her kidnappers had on her. You never wanted her as a lover and you refuse to accept that she found true love. He’s relatively trustworthy so you don’t need to hide your secret identity from him. All he wants is to live a normal life with her. How can you deny her something you secretly long for? Besides, we could use some normal houseguests for once.”

Superman was still fighting her but he had no chance to win. She pulled the rope until he was leaning into her top heavy body and she used her arm to pull his face to hers. They kissed but not quite as long as they had when she arrived.

“I need that special black box,” Mul Delta told him. He fumbled in his cape and extracted a plain black box. The box was no more than six inches long on any side and not too thick. Mul Delta held the box and acted as if she was weighing it for a minute. Then she used some of her magic lasso to place another coiled loop around Billy’s shoulders.

“If you truly love Linda, and intend to spend the rest of your life with her, then you will possess the strength to open this box and give the necklace inside to her.” She told the fidgeting man. “If there is the slightest doubt in you, you will not be able to open this box and you should mail it to this address.” Mul Delta handed him a card along with the box.

“Do not open the box until my …… and I leave.”

Mul Delta deftly loosened the golden coil and Billy was free. Supergirl looked expectantly at him. Mul Delta approached her one last time, beckoned for her to stand and embraced her. She whispered in her ear.

“You’re not the type to be a second kajira. Now you can have a normal life.” Mul Delta kissed Linda on her lips, a fleeting nonsexual kiss and then she stood next to Superman. She hadn’t removed the golden rope from him.

“I think that I want to be in charge today,” she told him as a familiar twinkle appeared in her eyes. “We haven’t made love in nearly three hours and I feel the need for your seed.”

Billy watched as the rainbow lights reformed and he thought he saw Mul Delta’s hand slide inside the famous red pants of her lover but he was distracted by the heated breath of his own companion.

“My cousin told me about that box,” Linda said to Billy in a hesitant voice. “There is a necklace inside manufactured from particles of gold kryptonite. When you give that to me, when you place it on my neck, my superpowers will be erased as if they never existed.”

Billy looked at his girl and then back at the black box.

“You don’t need to let me do this,” he said. “Won’t you miss your special abilities?”

“Not as much as I would miss you.” Supergirl replied. “If you want, you can wait until tomorrow to decide what you want to do. One last night with complete muscle control and super stamina can’t hurt anyone.”

They smiled at each other. Billy set the box down next to her.

“After you give me your gift, I will need you to drive me to my hairdresser.”


“It wouldn’t be wise for me to show up at work as a platinum blonde.” She replied. He nodded his agreement and reached for her hand. He held on to her, felt her pulse and his own quickened. Then they started to shed their clothing.

When Supergirl woke up, Billy was sitting next to her on her side of the mattress, holding the black box tight in his hands and fiddling with the lid. The catch released and he noticed she was awake. Linda looked at the box in his hands and then at his eyes.

“You have beautiful eyes,” Billy told her. “I wish you would look at me more often.”

“As you wish ……” she replied.

“Do you want this box?” he asked.

“With all my heart,” she replied.


Somewhere in my mind, the “future lives” sequence at the conclusion of Animal House is running along, specifically the fate of Boone and Katie. For the uninitiated, they read something like Married 1964, Divorced 1967, Married 1972. But it probably isn’t relevant.