End of a Problem  

By Big Red

The End Of A Big Problem

By Big Red

General Pinochet sat in his study steaming. He had enough of these super do goods shuting him down

. Something had to be done. In the last year he had lost over 2 billion in drugs alone. Sitting there looking

out hie bay windowwhen a plan flashed in his mind. It would take all of his skills pluss some of his alleys

in the drug world and the white slavery racket. The general yelled for his secetary , told her to get ahold

of as maney of the underworld bosses as she could. The General was calling a meeting to lay out his

plans. Hopefully all would agree on it. He sat back and smiled , he had lost a son to one of those heroins

if all worked out he would have a new son soon.

The 15 of july was hot in Colombia all of the fans in the large estate where running with ice blocks in

front of then. In the main hall sat nine of the most wanted men in the world. All drug dealers and white

slavery runners. General Pinochet knew everyone of them as brothers. The general cleared his throat and

ask all to hear him out. He had a plan to put fear in these heroins, and mabey scare them away.

Gentelmen lets get this meeting to order . As some of you might have heard i have a plan to take down

the No. 1 superheroion, Wonderwoman. Everyone began to talk at once. All acted scared to even thnk of it.

Quiet the General yelled , just hear me out please. Everyone stared at him and waited.

It seems the wonderwoman can do as she wants and gets away with it. How maney times has she been

in one of your countrys and broken one of your laws. She gets away with it because of two reasons. One

she claims to be doing whatever for the good of all people. Second everyone is just scared of her. I have a plan

to catch her on film breaking one of your countrys laws and showing it to the world . Then the leader of this

country can demand justice be done. Have wonderwoman brought before there countrys courts and put on

trail. A fter she is found quilty have he placed in jail or some other deal for her crimes . I myself would push for

some other form of punishment.

Now here is what we will do . Manuel Gonzales you are the Dictator of Uganda and Wonderwoman hasnt bothered

to much so i think with your permission we can pull this off in your country. If this is ok with you. Manel fully argeed.

He was losing billions each year because of Wonderwoman sticking her nose around. Ok now we have to get her

there after some slave trader. My idea is for her to be chasing him and have a accident with some locals. Sadly

someone will get hurt or killed but if it puts a stop to Wonderwoman all the better. Everyone agreed.

A low life slave trader was to be used as bait. And some innocent people would be the hook. Welltown was

the name of the place Wonderwoman would end her crime fighting ways and made a exmaple of. Manuel had

all the judges in his pocket , he picked them all so it was a slam dunk.

The General then told his now entergentic group that he planed on having Wonderwoman discrased and bred.

She had taken his sons life so she shioul give him another thenthe others could decide on what to do with her.

Some wanted look her up for life others wanted her impaled on a pole yet others wanted her publicy hung with

her own golden lassoe. General Pinochet had the sence to suggest that the judge make the final rulling, so

that noone got wize to what was going on. Everyone agreed. But the general wanted a son first and he would get


The meeting broke up with everyone excited about what was to happen. They actually had a plan and everyone was

working togeather on it.If this worked all the heroins would be going down. Manuel took off the next morning to get

things in order. The judge would have to be paid well for his part.All nine of the cartel would pay him 1 billion

in cash. General Pinochet wet himself to help organize the trap. His lawyers checked all of Ugandas laws and

Manuel even added some and changed others so ther ewould be no loopholes. Months went byeveryone worked on

the plan refined it to a sharp point. All the while running there business as usuall so not to draw suppision. The

deal was to go down on December 24th. With the world getting the news on Christmas that Wonderwoman

was arrested for breaking Ugandan laws.

On the 23th of December Wonderwoman was in New York. A tip from an informant told her that a Plane was

leaving there with 10 girls on board. She had seen them board and noticed that they all where cuffed and had hoods

on. Other than that they seemed fine. They where heading to Uganda she was told to be auctioned off. Since the

girls didnt seem to be in any distress at this time Wonderwoman would shadow the plane to its destanation and

then gather all the rif raf up at once. This was a new operation she was told so it should be easy to catch them.

The DC10 left with Wonderwoman following in her jet.The snitch that told her the imformation smiled as she left.

Wonderwoman never paid him anything for his time. Now with one little lie he had made a million dollars. He

would not be drinking mouthwash tonight.

General Pinochet informed Manuel Portillo that his present was on her way. The Dictator of Uganda was ready

All the people where in place everything was read. Months of pratice would come to a head very soon. At midnite the

DC 10landed and unloaded its cargo onto a small dirt air strip in Welltown Uganda. Wonderwoman circled the field

not seeing a place where she could land with not being seen she set her jet on auto pilot for a return to its base in the

USA. She pressed the floor release and she sliped into the nite air. AS her jet headed for home Wonderwoman

glided down to earth with a small parachute. Hiding the parachute in the woods she creeped up to the DC10 only

to find that it was empty. She heard a noise off in the down the road and starting after it. It was pitch black out

but after a mile of running Wonderwoman came to a town, Welltown. Most people where in bed it was 4 am there

So Wonderwoman looked around finding a warm truck parked in a alley. Peaking threw a window she saw two older

men and a woman talking . Wonderwoman figured she had the slavers she broke the door down charged in and

threw the two men into the wall . Screaming at them to surrender the woman grabed Wonderwomans arm to try to

get her to stop. Wonderwoman backhanded her flying backwards hitting her head on the old iron stove . She let out

a cry and went limp. Wonderwoman never see this she was still shaking the two men demanding to know where the

girls where.They where still pointing to the other room so she drug them with her into there. Only to see a open door

leading out back.She then realised that she must of been stoped and they dumped the truck and ran thew these

peoples house to get away.Wonderwoman relased the two men and ran out the back door looking for the slavers and

the girls. She searched for a hour before coming back to where she broke into the house. When she got there she was

surprised. A ambulance was there taking loading the woman wonderwoman had backhanded so hard . The local

police was there talking to the two men she had beaten trying to get information. Pluss the local news reporter was

there getting the story as well. Upon seeing Wonderwoman the two men started yelling saying she did this to us.

The reporter started to ask questions. Why did you beat these old people Wonderwoman and destroy there

home. Before she could answer anything the police told her that she had to go with them to answer some

questions. Wonderwoman agreed saying that a terrible mistake had taken place. The news man was taking photos

of the smashed home and of Wonderwoman being loaded into the police van and wisk away.

Once at the police station Wonderwoman explained that it was a mistake, that she was after slave traders and

mistook the people in the house for them. The officers then told her that the people had pressed charges against

her and she was to be arrained. Wonderwoman couldnt believe it. It was a honest mistake. This enraged the officers.

They told her that the woman she had beaten was in bad shape with head trauma and in shock. And even thow they

where a backward country as the americans say they had laws against this sort of thing. Wonder woman was charged

with breaking and entering, destruction of property, unlawfull tresspass, threating of civilians, and to top it off

attemped murder. She was ask to place all her weapons and personal items on the desk at this time. She just

couldnt believe it. Wonderwoman could of just fought her way out and left but that wouldnt be right. She would

get this all straitend out . So off came her power belt, lassoe , bracelets and her tera. She was then pated down to

sure she wasnt hiding anything. Then placed in a small cell no bigger than a closet. The officers placed a call to the

reagional judge. He said he wound be there in the morning to handle the affair. The newsman came in to the jail and took

several pictures of Wonderwoman behind bars. After that the lites where turned off and Wonderwoman was left to ponder.

The next morning after a sleepless nite for Wonderwoman the officers came into the jail. They informed Wonderwoman

that the circut judge would be there at 10 am t see her . Even thow it was christmas morning. Behind them a mass to news

media awaited. Seems that Wonderwoman had become front page news in the last few hours.Headlines like Wonderwoman

jail for attemped muder or Wonderwoman goes mad slpashed all over the head lines. At 10 am Wonderwoman was taken

in hand cuffs to the town hall to meet the judge.

Opon entering the hall she was told to stand in front of a desk in the middle of the room and wait. She stook there for just

a few minutes when the judge Francisco Javier entered. Wodderwoman went to speak but was told to be silent and listen first.

Judge Javier told her he was going to explain the Ugandan court system to her because if was differant from what she was

used to. First off the trail was going to be today. Second there was no jury there he would listen to both sides then make

a dession himself. Third his rulling was final he was the law in this part of the counrty and noone overrode him there. Not

even there beloved Dictator. He then told Wonderwoman to tell her story.

She explaind about following the plane chasing the truck and breaking into the house, saying she was sorry for what

happened and that it was a mistake . When she finished the two men that Wonderwoman beat gave there side of it.

Saying that there poor sister was near death because of this woman, and there house was in runins. Then the police gave

there reports and findings to judge Javier.Outside all the media was trying to get a look inside. None where aloud in. THe

whole trail took about two hours to complete.Javier read over the reports that where given him not saying anything for

another hour . Wonderwoman stood in front of him felling a little nervous.She had never been on trail before for anything.

Around 1 pm Javier slamed his gavel down bringing everyone to order.Ive made mr dession. Wonderwoman in all

the years of fighting crime you have done a great deal of good. But i can not overlook what has happened here because

of all the good you have done . So it is my finding that you are guilty of all charges against you. Since it seems the whole

is waiting for a answer ill allow one newsman in here to here your punishment so there will be no misunderstanding. Do

i make my self clear to all. Everyone shook there head. Wonderwoman was weak in the knees, shoulders droped. She

new she had messed up and was going to pay for it.

Vicent Fox from msbc was allowed into the court room and recorded the event as it happened. Judge Javier repeated

that Wonderwoman was found to be guilty and that he was about to make the sentence for her crimes. Javier ask if

anyone had something to say fefore he passed his sentense . One of the men that Wonderwonan beat spoke up.

He said that he had read somewhere where Wonderwoman had taken a mans life and now the farther was greifing.

As part of the sentence Wonderwoman should give this man another son. At least he thought so. The judge listened

and waved to the man to sit when he was done speaking . Javier ask Wonderwoman who was this man that she took

hisson from. In a cracked voice she told the judge that his name was General Pinochet from colombia. Javier rubbed

his chin for a minute then annouced his dissision. Wonderwoman i shall send for this Pinochet man. You will spend

two weeks with him here. You will do anything he ask in those two weeks . If you concieve i will give you the nine

months to bring his child in to this world if not you will be put into Ungandas property system. As of this time 1.45

pm you are property of Uganda. You have no rights or anything. You have no name just a number, it will be branded

on your body. As property you are not allowed to speak or wear clothing. So please remove what you have on now

and had it to the clerk. AS if in shockk Wonderwoman fumbeled around trying to obey. The clerk had to help her

out of her clothing. Now for the speaking part. You will be taken to the hospital ward here and have your vocal

cords cut today before i leave. You will be branded to in front of the townspeople today. You will be Ugandan

property for as long as you live. This is a life sentence. You tryed to take one here and did in another country. Now

this court is ajurned.

A crying Wonderwoman was lead out into the street cuffed and naked marched to a little blacksmith shop where

the owner was waiting with his branding equipment. This wasnt the first time he branded a piece of property for the judge.

The judge gave hiim the no. to be put on Wonderwoman, no. 0078733. The only place where it could go was across

her famous ass. The numbers where all glowing one at a time they where pressed deep in wonderwomans flesh. The

first two letters she held her tongue but on the third she squealed. ith each number she yelled and cryed more. After

all seven numbers where burned into her a black powder was rubbed into the wounds. Thiswould keep then black

forever, and make them stand out. Then ankle and wrists cuffs where put on no. 0078733 and rivited in place by

the blacksmith, then a neck collor in the same fashon. Plain iron rough on the skin. After this was done 0078733

was lead to the hospital where a doctor and one nurse waited. 0078733 was placed on a table her mouth forced open

wide. She wasnt given any senitives or pain killers.0078733,s head was straped in place. She could see the doctor

going into her mouth with a surgecial knife and sissors.She felt the tools in her throat but could do nothing. She

felt or was it heard a snip snip then a slight tug on her throat. The doctor pulled a thin piece of flesh out of her throat.

Put in it the trash can and told Javier that it was done. 0078733 would never talk again. Javier patted the doctor on the


After that 0078733 was made to get up, and ask to try to say something. Nothing came out but air, with that the

judge smiled. She was loaded into the judges van and taken to her her home for life to await Pinochet. And it still was

just christmas nite. The whole world saw pictures of 0078733 being prossed and led away. The world would never be

the samw again.

The end for now Part two in a while.