Wonder Woman's and the Jokers Revenge

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The Joker and Penguin lounged in the wardroom of the Penguin's surplus submarine discussing their new master plan. At each bulkhead was a dartboard with a super heroine on it. The score rings radiated out from Wonder Woman's nipples, Batgirls pussy and Super Girls butt cheeks as she bent over. Darts protruded from their respective bull's-eyes. "Its bad enough being clobbered by a man but to be put into the big house by a big boobed bimbo babe is a bastard," the Joker prattled on. "Yes, my good man, but I have a fiendishly wicked plan to put them," he flung a dart hitting Wonder Woman between the eyes, "back where they belong," Penguin replied. "And where is that?" "Well its barefoot and pregnant, isn't it," laughed the Penguin.

"Yes my friend with the Bat and Superman away in London helping with the raghead terrorism problem in Europe we need only get rid of this troublesome trio." "We off course will let nature have a little help." "I have received a very powerful fertility inducing stimulant from the drug lords who work with the South American Indian tribes delivering cocaine." "This drug has the effect of making women extremely horney during their fertile period, each time they fuck the more they want to keep doing it, until they are knocked up, it enhances whatever their secret stimuli or desire is." "So what" replied the Joker, "bunch of horney super heroines, their all on the pill anyway." "Ah, but this is the really clever bit." "You see we are going to cause a medical scandal in Gotham, remember that story about someone putting poison in the Tylenol, we'll we will do the same for birth control pills." "Our drug company will offer free exchanges as a service to the god citizens for such a cowardly crime," he laughed. "And" the Joker said growing impatient. "Well our replacements will actually be fertility drugs." "So you see we will have conscientious horney super heroines and half the Gotham women all munching our fertility drugs and getting themselves knocked up." "I know how you like them big titted to, so the third bit is equally clever," the Penguin went on. "You see we are going to cause a water scare with e-colli, and truck in our special Cutters Creek Sparkling water, that stuff is laced with hormones it causes their bodies to react as if they were nursing, soon they all be walking around with big tits wanting to be milked," he laughed. "With that new Governor's repeal of the abortion law there's no way our big titted bimbos won't end up with big bellies, and off course pregnant women can't work anymore either." "Okay so you have the drug how do we get it onto the titty trio?" "Well you know how Commissioner Gordon is planning to give medals to the three heroines for busting old Iceman, we'll just get that sneaky bitch Cat woman to put the drug on their medals, and blam instant horney bitches once they become fertile." "Yes", the Riddler said, "a preggers pill for a pretty", I can work a riddle for the dumb cops to figure out to cause the first batch of panic." "That's the spirit my fine funny friend, it will be a work of subtlety, there is no way Commissioner Gordon will let the super heroines work once their preggers."

Cat Woman slunk into the room awhile latter. Her black skintight leathers accentuating every curve including her rather pointed titties. The Joker couldn't help himself, and stared. She was used to ignoring him and his wondering eyes. She listened only half intently as the Penguin blathered his plans. He could be such a bore with his schemes. However, she was quite taken with the idea of seeing the three super heroines all with big bellies and stretch marks, with twins of triplets popping out. It would be amateur's work to off course to break in and seed the medals with the compound but whatever, no worries Serina thought. "Okay" she purred, "I'll do it, when?" "Well my darling kitty, everything will be ready in a week, when my next submarine shipment arrives, with the ceremony on the 6th say the night of the 5th, my darling pussycat." He crooned. She sauntered out, with a sway in her ass cheeks that the Joker couldn't help but watch. "To bad we couldn't do that bitch as well, she could do with a litter to put her in her place." "Well that's a thought, there is enough compound," come the Penguin replied lets go to the lab.

Cat Woman landed lightly on the roof of police headquarters with her hang glider. The helipad was conveniently empty, but she knew it would be having set up a distraction for the bear in the air. She quickly folded the gliders wings and stowed it behind a ventilator making it look like a weather cover for the unit. Picking the lock on the access door was child's play. Having hacked the city architects archive she knew there were no alarms on this level. Commissioner Gordon's office was just past flight ops. Rays of light shone out from the blinded office window of the duty controller. Like a shadow she moved from dark to dark and was quickly past the occupied office without a sound. Piece of cake she said as she jimmied the Commissioners Office door. She walked over to the desk and quickly scanned the top, yup organizer freak she concluded. Yes tomorrow's activities were neatly arranged on the left side of his desk, topped by an ornate box and ribbon, that's it she said. Careful not to disturb anything else she opened the box, yes their they were, what was with men and medals anyway? She removed her leather gloves and then put on the special gloves the Joker had given her, they had a waxy substance inside, obviously to protect her from any accidents. She removed the small lip-gloss sized container from her breast pocket. Cat Woman then spread the substance onto the pin of the medal and across the back of the medal. As instructed she put the vile and then the gloves into a sealable latex bag, carefully removing the gloves from top down so as not to touch the outside with any exposed skin. She put her own supple black leather gloves back on and replaced the box cover. Looking at her watch she quickly stole out of the office the ay she had come. The cool night air was refreshing as she reassembled her Para glider with practiced ease. The night air gave her a nice set of pokies, to bad Batman wasn't around to see them she mused glancing down at her pointed tits now tipped hard and proud. She ran lightly with her glider and jumped off the edge of the building, a black shadow in a black night and was gone just as silently as she had arrived.

The three super heroines stood on the bandstand before a small but loyal crowd of adoring fans, and a few policemen. Diana looked to Barbara, "Not another medal." "Oh don't say that, the people and the police are great full, and beside Daddy really likes doing it," replied Barbara. "I agree with Diana what a bore," said Supergirl. "We really should be out looking for the Joker after what he did to those pills, good thing your old man deciphered his riddle quickly before someone got really hurt, what a bastard." "Attention girls," said Barbara. The Mayor a very tall lanky man beckoned them forward to the podium. With winning smiles pasted across their faces the three buxom women strutted forward. "For exceptional bravery the Star of Courage," he stepped forward to pin it on Wonder Woman's bustier. He had difficulty getting the pin through the material, and soon intentionally pulled the bustier towards himself, giving him a nice view of her large areole and nipple underneath. Finally with the pin through he managed to poke her only once as he fastened the clip. Diana hadn't noticed as she was looking ahead in her proud superheroine pose. He managed to stick the other two girls as well and didn't notice the pin on Supergirl had a slight green tinge to it. Their time in the limelight done the three trotted offstage to the applause of their fans, medals swaying to the motion of their breasts.

"Did you hear about the tainted water in the east end?" Barbara asked. "Yeah I'm not sure if it isn't one of Jokers plots or just some incompetent slob at the water works" replied Diana. "IADC sure reacted fast though, the feds got this water contract with a sparkling water company from Cutters Creek, it tastes great," she went on. Linda commented "I've heard about that as well the University also got a contract with the town's bottlers, some sort of co-op or something" she said. We'll gotta get back to class, see you latter. The threesome broke up to head their separate ways.

Diana stretched and swung her shapely legs out of bed. She sat up her breasts swaying in her loose nightshirt. She felt soreness in both breasts and absent-mindedly rubbed them. It felt good, she got up ditched the night shirt and padded into the ensuite for a shower, only stopping to quench her thirst from a bottle of spring water she had placed on her night table. Getting dressed she used a larger clasp in her bra, but again it didn't register, her mind was already moving on to the days schedule.

She found she was really getting a taste for the bottled water that had rapidly replaced the water cooler for drinking. By the end of the day she found herself irritated as she sat at her computer. Her bra seemed too tight and constricting. She got up and closed the office door. Unbuttoning her blouse she unclipped her bra and redid it to the largest clip. It still seemed uncomfortable so she slipped it off. Massaging her breasts, she gently rubbed the sides of her large melons they seemed heavy, but the attention her hands were providing seemed to take away the irritation. Oh that felt good, her mind was wandering back to an erotic dream she had last night. Ah well shaking her head, she thought it's the end of the day, I'll pick up some new bras on my way home. She buttoned her blouse, and began to clear her desk. Diana closed the door to her office just in time to see Steve.

"Diana you wouldn't happen to know anyone who could sub in for me as a wrestling coach for two days would you?" he asked as they stood pouring coffee in the office lounge at IADC. They had been discussing how many of the agents were tasked out on long missions. The conversation turned to related issues affected by the deployment. Steve coached a high school wrestling team near where they worked. "With this mission I'm going to miss the double session, you know what would really be great if Wonder Woman could do it, the boys just worship her." "I bet they do," replied Diana, she sipped her coffee, "couldn't you let the senior run it?" "Yes, probably that's what I'll do," he said. "Let me have the address just in case someone comes to mind," she added. Diana had enjoyed wrestling with her sisters on Paradise Island, this might be fun, and it would give Wonder Woman added points with Steve as well. The thought of wrestling a bunch of teenage boys actually excited her a bit, she enjoyed teasing deep down. Diana had been feeling really horney lately and the thought of strutting in front of a bunch of well-muscled high school boys was giving rise to thoughts she normally easily suppressed. For some reason she couldn't suppress them the more she tried the greater the urge to tease, she knew she would go to the school.

Diana gave her customary spin and became Wonder Woman in the alley beside the school. She immediately noticed that her bustier seemed tight, more of the material being taken up lower down the effect was stunning as it forced her breasts up higher, revealing even more cleavage than usual. Yes, I'll have to adjust this to, she thought. The group of ten teenaged boys stood gaping as Wonder Woman strode into the school gym that evening. She had already told the janitor she'd lock up after they were finished. "Evening Miss Wonder Woman said one of the group a freckle faced red haired lad, can we help you?" "You are the St Pauls Collegiate Wrestling Team aren't you?" she asked him. "Why yes mam," he said struggling to look her in the face and not at her chest. "Okay boys you know who I'm, Steve Trevor asked me to coach you tonight he's away on business, so lets have your names," she said standing in her patented stance, hands on hips legs apart. Soon they were doing warm up push-ups facing her, she was amazed they all did proper ones as well, heads properly up. Clem whispered to his buddy "do you see that cleavage," as they counted off another ten pushups. "Okay knees up, knees up, she commanded as they did further warm ups, all eyes were fixated on her bouncing bustier. She knew what they were starring at, she found she was enjoying their attention.

"Okay boys pair off onto the mats by weight and we'll have a series of matches, then I'll challenge the winner if you boys feel up to it." Diana challenged. Clem replied, "Okay mam, but to be fair how about taking off your power belt?" he asked. "Sure she said," flashing his a smile, no moss on that kid. She remover her lasso and power belt and slung them over a chair nearby. The boys paired off into their usual sparring partners and began to challenge on another once she blew the whistle. Diana walked around the mats giving tips and pointers as takedowns and reversals occurred amidst grunts and gowns as male bodies struggles to overcome each other. Diana found it very erotic to be strutting around all these men struggling to overcome each other, like a hen amongst a bunch of roosters engaged in cock fights.

The first pair finished up with a short stocky lad pinning the taller boy onto the mat. They got up and shook hands as they stepped away from the mat. Wonder Woman joined the stocky boy on the mat. The other blew the whistle and the match began. The lad charged her, planning to use his lower centre of gravity to knock her backwards, then pin her sexy ass to the floor. Before he could reach her she used her powerful strength to force him down, off balance she flipped him over and pinned him to the mat. Giving him a close-up of a moundful of cleavage as she held him to the mat for the count. The whistle blew, it was over, and she helped him up to his feet. "You sure are strong he said," in amazement. She had enjoyed that, in fact the smell of young male sweat seemed tantalizing. The next pair of boys had watched the bout and stood ready and waiting. The defeated one whispered to his mate, "did yeah see the size of those titties."

This time as they closed one another feet apart arms out for the grapple the teenager lunged at her feet. He was quick and Wonder Woman's wide stance almost defeated his attack fully. But in her bid to push him to the mat she lost some balance and went down on one knee. He having missed her feet whipped around and grabbed her from behind, both his knees on the mat. He wrapped his hands around her chest, one hand overlapping each of her tits. Realizing he had a handful of boob he squeezed her chest. Diana could feel his hands on her tit flesh, she reacted instinctively and stood up and twisted. It broke his grip, but not before he peeled part of her bustier below a nipple. She lunged at him pinning him to the floor. The whistle blew. It had been a good bout she thought. The lad got a good view of a nicely shaped nipple and is deep chocolate brown areole as she stood up. Quickly she adjusted her bustier for the next bout, she hadn't minded the little grope at all. The audience had in fact enjoyed the nipple slip.

The next wrestling partner was a barrel chested boy, well muscled. They squared off on the mat. The whistle blew and they advanced on each other. Wonder Woman lunged at the lad and she toppled him backwards intent on pinning him to the mat. He threw himself against one arm and caused her to roll in that direction. The lad managed a reversal squirming out from under her and pulling her in the direction of her folded arm. She lost her balance as he tugged on her, his arm rode up her thigh and he grabbed her star spangled shorts and gave them a tug upwards to assist in the roll. It was quite an illegal move but had the effect of giving her nice wedgies, to the delight of the spectators who could see a nicely formed camel toe as her shorts rode up her snatch. Diana grunted at the sensation. He jumped on her chest pinning her to the mat, "guhhh" was all she managed as he knocked the wind out of her with his body. The next match the wrestler was all paws and she found herself groped across the ass, chest shoulders before she managed to pin him to the mat. She helped him, up and adjusted her costume, in preparation for the final match.

Diana didn't realize it but she was just entering her fertile period. The drugs in the water were beginning to kick in. The prolonged stimulation of males touching her all over in conjunction with her desire to tease was increasing her heart rate. She just figured it was the exercise. Mind you she had noticed a number of stiff pricks under those tight shorts and she had seen a cock spring loose before she pinned the owner down on his pole. That must have hurt she sympathized, he did have a nice looking pole she reflected. All this was beginning to make her horney and a little less focused as she strutted into the ring with a big black kid. They began to grapple at the whistle. In his initial lunge he had moved laterally to her line of advance wrapping one hand around her lower thigh and the other he sank between her cleavages. Despite her grabbing him around his chest he squated down and picked her up with his hand round her crotch. His thumb rode under the fabric of her shorts and as he pivoted her backwards it pushed the thin material sideways away from her pussy lips. He had her horizontal when he heaved her to the floor. Diana hit the mat with a thud, quickly she rolled out of the way and he slammed on an empty mat. She sprang at him and flung her arms around him as he struggled to get up on all fours, pulling a leg and arm out from under him he flipped on his back like a turtle. He stood starring at her magnificent tits which he had popped free in his initial assault. God what a mans wet dream, he could feel a raging hard on building in his wrestlers tights, all of a sudden the cloth constraining his manhood gave up as his trouser snake's head found an exit out the side of his crotch fabric. She stood up and jumped on him to give him a punishing blow across the chest with her legs astride his chest. Anticipating the attack he wiggled himself forward. The two preoccupied wrestles couldn't hear the spectators coments,"look at them tits", "hey don't look now but Elmer's tent pole has come loose."

Diana's shorts had still not overcome their initial dislocation and she impaled her pussy on his thick black cock. Her eyes went cross at the sudden invasion of her womanhood, she uttered a grunt "Aughhhhhhhhhhh" as his member plunged into her depths instantly. One side of her brain told her to get off the cock, the other said ride it. Her indecision allowed her body to make the decision with a flood of lubricant. Elmer had reached up and grabbed both her tits, and was soon fingering both nipples, which became solid as a rock under his ministration. Diana's reptile brain took over and she was soon riding his big prick for all she was worth, Elmer couldn't believe how tight she was. He cupped her bouncing breasts and pinched her nipples. "Yes she said, pinch the nipples harder, yes harder, pinch you black bastard pinch," he soon blew his load deep into her. She rode him for a little longer until satisfied she had milked him dry. She got up turned to the boys and pulled up her bustier, and reached down with both thumbs to square away her shorts crotch fabric in an exaggerated fashion to cover her dripping muff, a big teasing smile on her face. "What a slut" one boy whispered.

" Boys the second part of today's practice will begin with take downs, I want one of the pair down on all fours and the other take him down, do two rotations each and I'll come round and challenge the winner to take me down," Diana said, She heard someone say 'I'd love to take her down', yes she thought not fully recovered from the humping she had just received and becoming horney again at the sight of the muscular boys in tight clothing. "Miss Wonder Woman, how about we make it more interesting." "How's that Clem" she asked a gleam in her eye. "Well lets have strip wrestling, we win you remove a piece of clothing, you win we remove a piece of clothing." It could obviously be stacked against her as far as odds if she wasn't wearing her power belt, but off course she was a super heroine, okay boys, I'll accept your wager, and yes I'll remove my power belt to give you a chance," she said. "Told you she was a slut", one of them said. She walked around watching the boys do their takedowns a few achieved reversals, not many, but they sure had nice butts and crotch bulges.

Diana got down on all fours on the mat for the practice. Her breasts hung down in her bustier, and her legs were spread wide to give her a more stable position. It was quite the sight from any angle as the boys looked up her cleavage or tried to glimpse her camel toe. To flip her on her back the boy's attack came with one hand going between her legs to grab her just above the knee and another just above her wrist. He pulled her limbs toward his body trying to flip her onto her back, he needed leverage to achieve this, with his hands as low down on her as possible. The red-haired boy didn't bother, his hands went high, they brushed across her breasts, and were tight against her crotch. At the whistle he couldn't budge her but his constant tugging and rubbing across her sensitive areas was extremely arousing, the whistle blew. "Johnny" she said, "you need to go lower to flip me over." "Yes mam he said, a grin on his face and a huge hard on in his pants. "I lost mam" he said as he pulled off his T-shirt barring his muscular frame. Diana starred at him, "I know the rules Miss Wonder Woman." "Oh right Diana replied," now noticing the bulge in his shorts, ruefully she thought I should have made him remove them shorts.

"Okay Bob," she got down onto the mat again. She had barely managed to get settled, and was still thinking of young cock, when the whistle went. His hands darted out settling low down on her thigh and above her wrist, just below her suspended tits. "Ugggg" with a grunt he heaved and Diana rolled away from him. Her mind now back on the mat tried to recover as her shoulder touched the mat. Bob lunged at her as she rolled further trying to recover. He straddled her chest, forcing her both shoulders onto the mat and his outstretched arms pinning her down. Diana had lost, the whistle blew. Bob got up and he helped her up from the mat. Bob grinning at his victory over the Amazon. "Wonder Woman as the victor, I think them shorts should come off," he said. Wonder Woman a bit overwhelmed at her defeat, blushed and began to pull down her shorts. Off course she had only worn the briefest of panties and the boys stared at her thong as she stepped out of her shorts. She couldn't believe she was standing in front of the boys hands on bare hips. They loved it.

Regaining her superior attitude she walked to the next mat bare ass swinging, but even more aroused, she had noticed the bulges sticking out now amongst the boys. Diana won the next two matches. Like Bob she made the two boys drop their shorts and was rewarded with seeing a pair of swinging dicks stick out from their boxers, much to her delight. The two losers took the brunt of some good ribbing about cock size and short rulers. Although she had won both matches Diana was feeling the effects in other ways. The lads touch on her bare ass had a singular arousing sensation. She got into position thinking about how the boys were starring at her exposed ass. Diana was almost wishing that the big stud would win. At the whistle she steeled herself for his attack. Clem's hands went for her arms and legs in a conventional attack. With difficulty he had her on one shoulder touching the mat. Changing tactics he flung his body between her legs while his arms tried to keep her moving onto her back. His shorts caught the rim of her boot as she tried to prevent him from opening her legs, the drag on the shorts resulted in his long cock bursting out the side of his skin tight wrestling uniform. Now between her legs he spread his legs wide to try and prevent Wonder Woman from spinning him over in a reversal, her thong rose high baring her private parts. He lunged forward just as Diana raised her hips to fling him off. His dick entered her snatch and he drove it home with the momentum of his lunge.

Diana felt the big cock enter her, she surrendered to the intrusion and let him spear her willingly with his manhood. Clem having successfully penetrated her, rapidly began thrusting into her with vigor. Diana unwilling to resist quickly began to follow his rhythm. Her moans filled the air, the rest of the boys were hollering encouragement, "yes Clem fuck the bitch." Diana had been building to this initial release for some time and she wrapped her legs around him like a black widow trying to squeeze all the jizz from its mate when she climaxed. Clem followed quickly sending his seed shooting into her. He pulled out his dick, it still dripping with their mixed juices. He reached out and grabbed her hand pulling her standing. She turned to face the boys, "okay Clem you won fair and square, and you can unzip me." He quickly peeled the zipper down the back of her bustier and she let the garment fall to the mat, her hands on hips, letting them see her tits.

"Okay whose next," Diana asked huskily adopting the position on all fours. All pretense of wrestling had disappeared from the boys. The black lad who had screwed her earlier deftly came up to the mat. She was watching the boys masturbate, and didn't notice him move quickly behind her. With her legs spread wide it was easy for him to settle down on the mat grab her thighs and feed his thick dick into her wet lips. Her unrestrained tits were bouncing to his motion and his dark black hands contrasted with her perfect pale skin. He pumped madly into her and soon shot his load deep into her womb. Pulling out his dick he rolled beside her and began to suck and chew on her hard nipples. Another lad had taken his place and was madly pumping his tool into her. She was yelling for the boys to "chew, bite, and chew my nipples" as she climaxed again and another lad replaced the one working her twat over. Diana was completely engaged in the fuck fest she couldn't help herself, she wanted the cocks in her, her tits chewed on. Diana soaked up all the jizz the boys could deliver and got to her feet wearily. Her juice and seaman ran down her legs, and she felt wobbly from the orgasms, she reached put and touched her power belt and was instantly energized. She got to her feet fending of another cock lunge. "Okay boys, tonight's practice is over," she winked and started to gather her discarded uniform. She pulled on her shorts and bustier, discovering that one of the team had made some modifications to her garments. The crotch had been entirely cut away revealing her nice muff, and her bustier had been altered to allow her areole to be exhibited. The boys cheered as she modeled her uniform for them one last time hands on hips, love juice still leaking down her thighs. Diana then left the gym, boys eyes still following in disbelief at what had actually happened in the hall.

Diana slowly strode out of the gym, she couldn't believe she had just fucked a boy in front of the rest of them, the voyeurism of it was still making her hot. A couple of ladies of the night saw her come out as they were standing on the corner, flaunting their attributes. "Isn't that Wonder Woman the peroxide blonde said, looks like she's trying to move into our territory"? "More like Wonder hoe I'd say based on those modifications, hey Wondy nice muff, looking for sailors too" yelled the redhead. Diana though she better find someplace quick to change before anyone else sees me like this, or worse I have to save someone. She deeked into an alley and quickly spun to become Diana Prince again. She was still dressed as she had gone to work but at least it wasn't as bad as her current uniform. She liked the feel of the warm night air on her thighs, and besides if she'd had panties on now they'd just be soaked anyhow she rationalized, it also felt right to have he unsupported breasts sway to her motion as she strutted back into the street and home.

. I had better stop at the pharmacy and pick up an after sex pill and maybe a set of contraceptives as well. Barbara swears by them, and she should know thought Diana a little jealously. That night she had wild wet dreams of fucking young boys. She had her hand between her legs and finally got up for the dildo she kept hidden in the sock drawer. Soon she was reliving the evening's activity with the young wrestler. The next morning she dressed for work, having decided she wanted to appear sexier. She didn't have a case on just some file cleanup from a couple of small spy cases that were in progress. Nothing to keep her mind from wondering back to last nights wrestling sex match. She was soon making herself quite horney.

The office wasn't the same with all the male agents abroad on extended missions except for the boss. He had been a good field agent in his time but was now running a desk, what she wanted was a man. She got up closed the office door, she pulled her panties down and hiked up her short minny skirt and began to finger her G-spot as she sat in her office chair her laptop flipped up in front of her. Soon Diana sighed as she came, a blissful smile on her face. Just then she heard a knock, "come in, she replied huskily", in walked the Director. "Diana could you come with me, we have a new case I'd like to review with you," his eyes starring at her large pokies sticking out from her tight shirt, funny that he never had noticed that she had such nice tits before, must pay closer attention. "Sure sir." Diana stood up and deftly stepped out of her panties behind the desk, which had been down around her ankles. He held open the door for her and she walked out down the hall ahead of him to his office. He liked the shape of her ass and noticed she didn't appear to have any panty lines under that skirt. The bosses secretary stood up as Diana approached, she noticed she seemed to be a little disheveled, normally the French Canadian woman was coiffure perfectly, and she didn't appear to have a bra on, thought Diana. She winked at Diana as she got closer, a sultry grin on her face.

He closed the door behind them then retrieved a file from his cabinet. Adam came over to her with a file folder, "Diana due to the sensitivity of this file its 'Top Secret, close hold' info, we are looking to infiltrate the jokers sailor crew but need a white female agent, it's a high priority job with the boss, given the current crime wave." "You see we know that the Joker and Penguin are running their scheme from the Penguin's submarine and he keeps moving it about the harbor area to secret piers." "We also know he let's his crew capture hookers for entertainment." "We would like to plant a number of IADC agents among the local ladies and see if we can infiltrate one on board his submarine equipped with a homing device." "However, there is one thing with um, er certain feminine characteristics are needed by the under cover agent, um, well a bosom of at least 32C or better, if you don't mind my asking."

Diana still very much in the horney teasing mode said "oh is that all sir", she unbuttoned her blouse and stood with her open braless shirt before him I'm a 36D. "Yes I can see that," he said wondering why he had never noticed before and looking at her hard nipples. "There is also one thing they are looking for a certain areole size and nipple size, the Chief of the boat likes big breasted and big nippled women, he has a certain fetish, you don't mind do you, we need to check," he was a methodical sort who had to have statistics of all sorts, he picked up a ruler. "Sure Diana replied," starting to become more turned on at the thought of the Director measuring her bare titties nipple size. She removed her blouse, and turned her back "would you mind." He placed the ruler beside her tits and bent down so he could more closely take the measurements through his bifocals. "My, yes those will do he said." Diana couldn't help herself and with a giggle she eased herself slightly forward pushing her big bare tits into his face. "Oops she said," as she leaned forward. He lost his balance and fell backward; his arm reached out and grabbed Diana by the skirt as he fell backwards slowly. Diana, already moving in that direction. was tugged forward and ended up with her muff in his face. He could smell her wet box and his tongue darted out into her pussy lips. She groaned as she felt his large waxed mustache against her sensitive feminine parts. She balanced on her knees legs apart with his face buried into her pussy. He was eating her out and she climaxed as he darted his tongue inside her.

She got up and unzipped his fly allowing his trouser snake to reach its zenith. She then mounted him. "Common, Sir, get it out I want you to fuck me," she hissed. He soon was humping to her motion as she bounced up and down on his stiff prick. "Yes, harder, faster," she hissed. He had her by the nipples and was squeezing the large hard buttons, as she moaned at him to do it harder. Soon he unloaded his baby juice into her. She stood up somewhat more sated of her lust. He got up and handed back her blouse, she quickly put it on. The secretary announced, "sir your 1100 just arrived. Diana finished buttoning her blouse. "Very good, he replied to the secretary, and yes Miss Prince I believe your perfect for the assignment." Diana let herself out of the office more on autopilot still in her post fuck glow. The secretary noted the distended nipples bobbing with her motion down the hall, the dopey post fuck smile, and the misaligned buttons on her blouse. She smiled, her bra and panties were missing as well and she smiled a knowing grin. Diana went back to the office and closed the door. She fell asleep and had a quick nap her dreams filled with men and boys filling her with cum. The women of Gotham had largely succumbed to the Joker and Penguins fiendish plan. In some regards the crime bosses hadn't been to happy about the outcome because there were many fewer streetwalkers, most of them being knocked up already. Their had been a run on maternity clothing however. The IADC field section office was a microcosm of the bigger city as a whole. The resident man-manager found himself constantly studding for his office harem. It had initially started with his secretary, then that Diana Prince, and now he more often as all of them were finding excuses to come into private offices and fuck like rabbits. Good thing for Viagra he thought wistfully, never afraid of admitting the facts.

Monica was talking with the other women around the coffee pot, "I'm so horney these days, I have to get off at least once in the morning and in the afternoon, you guys are lucky you just close your office doors and get off, how am I suppose to do that?" "Yeah but your close to the Director, I'm sure he gives you lots of dictation", replied Diana. They all laughed. "I see you scheduled yourself first for the quarterly interviews", said Nancy a little jealously." All the women had changed their clothing to far more provocative dress. The majority wore short Minnie skirts, blouses with deep cleavage; they were without exception braless and panty less. You could clearly see Diana's nipples through her sheer blouse.

Diana knocked on the Directors door "come in Miss Prince" he said. "Sorry to keep you waiting, Monica must have some urgent business elsewhere," he said. Diana grinned she knew exactly where Monica was and what she was doing. "Now to business, reference that case we discussed earlier, our sources indicate the slavers will require you to wear this outfit. We have fitted it with tracking system but you will need to try it on." She took the outfit from him. "Why don't I try it on now," she suggested. That should get the old man's pecker up she thought, my turn with Monica away in the can masturbating. She stripped off her top and dropped her skirt in front of him. She pulled up the new skirt it had a big V cut in the front of it exposing her muff quite easily and zipped up the bustier. The latter pushed her tits upward but barely covered her nipples, the upper part of her areole being nicely exposed she donned the knee-high hooker boots. It was almost like the modified Wonder Woman outfit she hadn't fixed yet, she thought starting to feel quite horney at the thought of her recent exploits with the wrestling team. "I see it fits you perfectly, why don't you give it a good field trial and take it down to Electric Avenue and see if it works with the local clientele," the director suggested. That was the corner Diana had walked past where the hookers had given her comments the previous night. Sure she thought that would be a good test. "That's a great idea she said, I'll go latter today." The Director, actually felt relieved his balls ached already from servicing Monica and Nancy and if had to service this horney bitch he'd probably have a heart attack, let her go downtown and fuck her brains out. Monica gave her quite the look as she walked out of the director's office in her new wardrobe; she licked her lips as she walked past. Getting back to her office Diana pulled out a big dildo and began to fuck herself again in anticipation of going out.

Diana strutted around the corner and greeted the pair of hookers standing at the corner "hi girls, room for one more at the corner?" Normally there were scores of women flaunting themselves so, not minding the company they said, "sure, I'm Mandy and this is Susan, and you are?" Diana, quickly said "Barbara." They stood on the corner Diana watching how the girls gave the little move, the innuendo to attract attention; she found it arousing and was a quick study. Soon she was flashing the odd bit of muff, or a bit more nipple to the passing John's. A big Lincoln Town car pulled up beside Diana, its smoked window on the passenger side rolled in. The Director said, "Get in." "Sure, Mister", Diana replied all part of the directors plan. He couldn't help notice how her nipples peeked over their container as she stuck her head into the open window. She got in and they pulled up a block. She couldn't help noticing his rising tent as he stared at her chest. "We'll have to rock the car a bit I'm afraid or no one will believe it", she said. "How about me helping you with your rising problem," she cupped his cock with her hand and then began to ease down his zipper. Soon, Diana had her high gloss lips wrapped around his manhood. She was beginning to get the hang of this oral technique. The Director had a hand inside her cup working away on a prominent nipple. "Oh yes, Miss Prince", that it he said stroking her hair with his free hand, keep going, oh, yes, that's right, she now had a steady motion bobbing up and down on his dong. With the last of his restraint gone he blew his load into her mouth, ending in a great hard squeeze of her nipple. She strove to gobble it all and managed only a little dribble down her chin. He sat back, his limp dick hanging outside his shorts. "Diana, the next agent will be here in an hour," said the Director. "Okay I gotta get back," Diana opened the door and got out, walking back to the corner she was at previously.

A car pulled up, both the regulars looked on and greeted the occupant. "Diana why don't you take care of this honey," Mandy said. Diana strode over and stuck her head in the window delivering an eyeful of cleavage to the driver, "want a good time? "Sure hon, get in," the driver said, "your new around here?" Diana got in and they drove around the corner. Mandy looked over to her sidekick "well she shore won't be back, I think that boys knocked up the last couple of girls, I hear he's got the dick of a gorilla." Susan replied "They way she was flaunting her stuff she was looking for a big cock, we'll she found it, another one of them secretaries looking for something different, we'll he'll give it to her."

He stopped at a secluded spot on the waterfront and they both jumped in the back seat. Diana unzipping his manhood, gasped at the size of the thing "your huge" she said he eyes wide. "That's right now get that pussy of yours onto it" he commanded. Diana pulled up her short skirt and eased herself up on his big cock, her cunt already lubricating, she slowly started to ease herself in on his lap. He grabbed her thighs and with a mighty heave thrust himself into her. She screamed "your to big, stop". Diana was astride his big dick, her tits bouncing loose as she impaled herself on his dick. "I know your kind, you want it, now bounce on my cock bitch." Diana couldn't help herself as she began to ride his dick. He had hold of her big tits by the nipples and punished them with his pinching and she begged for more. Soon she came and he followed. She got out of the car, he flung a few twenties out the window and drove off.

Walking back she ran into a couple of sailors, they were wearing uniforms but not Navy uniforms. "Looking for a good time boys," she offered. "Always", came the reply from the larger bald man with the Popeye tattoo." The sailor was obviously a boob man by the way his eyes fixated on her boobs, so Diana did a little stretch for him, which popped a nipple out of her top. The cool night air soon had the desired affect. "Why don't you come with us, we could show you a real good time, make it worth your while." "Sure, she replied", casually adjusting her nipple back under cover. "Your not a regular here," he said. "No I was working up town and the John dropped me off," she replied. The shorter sailor winked at the older bald man. "We could have a real good party, but we have to get aboard our boat for the party, that okay with you", they asked? "Sure", Diana's mind racing boat as in u-boat?

"Go distract the deck watch, Sammy, I'll smuggle this fine young lady up the after gangway." Diana starred at the long low riding silhouette, it was obviously the Penguins sub as no other had those ridiculous paddle flippers instead of propellers that rested beside the stern diving planes. They had entered a warehouse where Diana discovered it had been built over two piers to allow a complexly hidden dock one of many the Penguin used for his mobile Headquarters. The partners had split up Diana remained in the shadows beside the big bald man. Sammy swayed in a meandering amble toward the forward gangway. He was giving a great impression of a drunk that was only partially an act. He stumbled down the gangway and halfway down projectile vomited on the brow staff gathered to receive their crewmate. With shrieks of outrage they tromped up to get him and administered a couple of good whacks with their batons for his insolence.

Diana was hustled down the gangway and into the open after hatch in the subs hull. She had never been in a sub before and was amazed at its cramped confines and maze of equipment plumbing. She couldn't help but rub her breasts against other sailors going in the opposite direction, much to the delight of the sailors. Remembering her role, she was soon flirting with the passing crew, being rewarded with ass grabs and tit gropes, as she slowly eased herself around each sailor she passed. She stroked the odd crotch as she passed, given the owner a knowing wink. Passing the engine room with its massive diesel engines, her handler opened the after most compartment door, revealing the after torpedo compartment. Laid out at the end were the four hatches for the torpedo tubes a couple of racks holding monstrous torpedoes and in the centre was a nice double cot with a well worn mattress on it. A box of condoms was jammed between two pipes beside the cot and the odd piece of female attire lingered in the nooks of the piping. It was obvious that this was where she was to ply her trade. Baldy, his big beefy hands began to wander across her chest as he circled round behind her cupping both her large breasts. The ships claxon announcing hands to stations for departure interrupted his foreplay. Diana had jumped at the initial alarm, a natural reaction, the sailor noticing said, "don't sweat it tuts, you stay here, don't leave this compartment, I'll be back and we can get started again once we're underway." He finished the comment with a nipple squeeze and then disentangled himself and opened the hatch, redogging the door on his way out. Diana could hear the big diesels start up and the boat begin to move with motion.

The Director turned to his communications agent inside the nondescript van parked in the alley, "where did the signal go?" "I don't know, probably shielded by some building or metal structure, its only a low powered transmitter in her bra wire." He was madly trying to tune his receiver, he was hoping to find her, it was his turn next to play John and he was rather looking forward to a good tit feel. The last footage they had watched off her humping the big black dude had been spectacular, them big tits pounding up and down with those huge nipples all stuck out, he had watched it four times. He'd have jerked off if the director hadn't been in the van with him. "Okay expand the search around pier 8 where we last had contact with agent Prince," ordered the director.

It was warm in the sub so she took a drink of the bottled water that was sitting in a case beside the cot, what a great flavor. Diana decided she would turn into Wonder Woman and take the crew by surprise, surface the sub and then hand over the crew to the Director when he homed in on Agent Prince's locator beacon. Diana did a quick spin and emerged as Wonder Woman, complete in her Star Spangled outfit. Oh damn she though, I haven't fixed the modifications those boys have done to my costume. The crotch of her star spangled shorts had been cut out exposing her well-trimmed muff. Her bustier had been modified so the red satin had been removed from around the gold leaf making it easy for a nipple to poke out or most of her aureole to be seen. If that wasn't all, it seemed tight up top as well. Well she was committed to this plan and she'd need her power and lasso so she'd go as is, the thought actually giving her a tinge of excitement. Besides they would probably think it was a wonder whore costume that the hooker wore.

She heard the diesel engines shut down, with the diving alarm and felt the gentle pitch as the boat submerged. The water rushing down the side of the hull made a strange gurgling noise, but ended as the sub leveled of below the surface. Okay Diana thought, now to put the plan in motion. She laid out her golden lasso in a huge loop around the hatch and snaked it to a position around beside the cot. That done she opened the hatch, standing between the two big diesels were three engine mates doing routine maintenance, the stuck herself halfway out, enough to show a fair bit of cleavage. "Hi boys, finished playing with your noisy toys, want to have some fun," she challenged. "Look at that one, Sammy even got one hooker decked out as a Wonder Whore, common boys, this can wait, before Sammy comes back from forward, he can have sloppy fourths." Diana retreated inside the hatch and jumped on the cot. She spread he legs wide and gathered her lasso in one hand. This playing hooker is easy she thought feeling slutty. The boys swung the hatch wide and stepped inside, bunching up inside the doorway. The lead hand had stopped to get a good eyeful as he stared at her bare crotch. Diana followed his eyes, and then pulled the lasso tight, with a quick yank. It wrapped around their ankles and they found a strange sensation overcoming their will to initiate any action. "Okay boys, you will no longer resist my will, you will commit no further crime, and when I release you, I want you to climb onto the cot and fall asleep until I wake you, is that understood." "Yes mam, they replied in a monotone voice." She loosened the lasso and the three sailors climbed onto the cot and feel into a hypnotic sleep. Well that went well, now for the rest of the crew.

She entered the engine space and was mid way between the diesels when Sammy opened the opposite hatch. "Hey whore, nice costume, but I told you to stay in that compartment, or you'll have trouble." "I'm sorry I was just getting lonely", she put on a nice pouty display of lips and eye flutter, stopping and letting him close the distance. He was starring at her chest as he walked up. Diana decked him, sending him flying into the closed hatch. She picked him up and dumped him on to a catwalk behind the port diesel, out of sight. She opened the hatch, and peeked out into the corridor, it was an accommodation area, with curtained bunks of crewman sleeping. Stealthily she slipped past, Diana figured the next compartment would be the control room, which she would need to overcome the watch staff. Wonder Woman opened the far hatch and could see it was the nerve centre for the submarine. The penguin waddled around the centre periscope fixture with a couple of crewman at what must have been the diving planes and steering control. Right she thought in for a penny and burst into the control room.

She swung the door open and rushed in like a tigress. The first to go down was a yeoman holding a radio pad, he never knew what hit him as she karate chopped him down in one quick motion. She reached the compartments centre area dominated by the periscope and its surrounding railing. She grabbed the rail vaulted the stainless steel railing and smoked the officer of the watch with a flying kick to the head delivered with a stiletto heeled boot. The Penguin startled reacted quickly, "yoho me mates, auto pilot now, get that Wonder Whore." With a quick push of the autopilot the well-drilled planes man activated the controls and leapt to their leaders defense. Diana fended of an attack with a pipe wretch by the boat chief a gorilla of a man with a big beer belly and baldhead. She deflected the attack with her bracelet, and hit him with a mighty punch sending him sprawling but only stunned. The two planes men were next, but they didn't provide much of a challenge. They did serve to distract her long enough for the Penguin to get closer. The big chief charged again having dragged himself off the instrument panel, Diana turned to face him. The Penguin activated his umbrella, "what's that, no not chlorophorm?" she says. Her eyes dimmed, this shouldn't happen so fast, can't stand up, she sagged to her knees. Just then the Chief delivered a punishing blow to her head, knocking her down. She was barely conscious and heard the Penguin through a haze "nice try Wonder Whore?" "What do you want me to do with her sir, jettison her out a tube?" "Oh no Chief, much better, not to waste, since she's dressed as a wonder whore we shall use her as such. I have decided that whoever impregnates the wonder whore will be immediately promoted one grade and a weeks shore leave, setup a fuck roster chief, and when she comes too use that lasso so she must obey, I want her to seek men's pleasure until she becomes preggers. Oh and I want her lactating, I would like fresh milk in the wardroom, I want wonder milk for my coffee. Designate the steward as a milk hand, get her to start lactating with the lasso as well, and no escapes, once she's well along past the abortion stage we'll set her free as a lesson to the rest of the super heroine bitches that need a lesson in criminal potency." "Aye Capt sir, that's a grand idea very good for the boats morale, shall be done."

"Oh yes, don't stop", she dug her nails into the sailors back causing the man to pump her even more vigorously, oh yes these boys were built. Oh just a bit longer, she willed him, but he was to young and she felt his manhood erupt into her well lubricated love canal. Oh damn she thought, she'd just have to wait for the next prick, and then she'd get off for sure. She heard the ships clock strike, oh damn, it was time for the steward to milk her, well at least their would be some relief their to, maybe she could con the steward to fuck her, she grinned it normally was pretty easy to convince him, and he was the best hung of the entire crew for such a scrawny bugger she thought. The sailor pulled out and got up gathering his pants he quickly pulled up his bell-bottomed pants, she winked at him, "see you in a couple of watches." She sat up her bosom swaying with the motion, the boys sure like my new tits she thought, cupping her heavy tits, which were now 50DD from their constant milking attention. The steward opened the hatch, letting the torpedo man out. "Okay wondie up on the cot in the usual position." She leaned forward letting her big tits hang down towards him. Her nipples were already hardening up in anticipation. The steward attached the suction cups quickly and she was soon rewarded with a building pressure in her tits. She no longer bothered to resist, just enjoying the sensation of tugging nipples that went to her depth as the warm milk gradually gushed out into the tubes. The steward unable to resist, got up behind her dropped his pants and was soon adding to her pleasure. He had done this enough that as the machine built to its full suck potential, her moaning would always increase and he would time his thrusting to these cues to deliver his meat to her sopping pussy. He had become quite adept at making her cum, and she soon shuddered with a huge orgasm as he pulsed his sperm load deep into her. He was hoping he could get this bitch preggers, man that would be great, what a job he thought.

"It's true Sir, she's preggers, and that little bugger your steward did the deed", the Chief went on. "Quack Quack Quack, I heard the little bugger was hung like a dolphin, give him the promotion." "That gives me an idea, the Joker wants me to take that Cat bitch down a peg, thinks she's equal and all, bring her aboard and use the wonder preggers lasso on her, give her the same treatment, see if her milk tastes any different, need a couple of flavors I think, give the boys a new bitch now that wonder whore is in a family way. Continue to milk her I like the taste, once she's nice and round we'll put her ashore I think." "Aye aye sir, always fancied myself a bit of pussy, so to speak" the chief said.

When Steve Trevor arrived at the Gotham airport the first thing he noticed was the number of expectant airline hostesses now manning the wickets. Their blonde hair and perky good looks now radiating the glow of expectant mothers. Nice changes to their uniforms he thought, noticing how much higher skirt lines had gone, cleavage lines had plunged and midriffs were bare or getting outties. He had a quick chuckle about loose stewardesses he had known when he was flying jets, some things don't change he thought. As the taxi motored through the city he continued to observe the changes in fashion, couldn't believe the number of knocked up women, must have been a cold winter. He used his pass to enter the secure IADC field section, Monica the secretary greeted him, "Oh Steve welcome back", and she gushed. He was at first taken aback, the director's secretary had normally been a bit superior if not down right standoffish. She had always been well made up, he eyed her approvingly. She flirted with him as he gave her the once over, then realizing she had no panty lines on the tight miniskirt, wasn't wearing her bra, her tittys seemed bigger and she was obviously at least 4 months preggers. "Oh Steve, your back", cried Diana as she ran over to give him a big hug. He liked the way she moved he could see she was also similarly dressed, funny he never really noticed how big her tits were before, their was no mistaking them now through her white see through blouse, she was getting pretty big as well obviously well along in the family way, a deep glow radiating from her face. She squeezed her tits into his chest as she hugged him. Carol soon arrived on hearing the commotion in the front office, Steve could see she was also well and truly knocked up, in fact the entire women on staff were all knocked up he soon realized. Just then the Directors door opened, "Steve could I see you for a minute", he said.

To be cont'd ?