By Blacknite13

I just love the whole idea of Wolf Woman, famous wrestler and crime fighter. It reminds me of some old movies where a masked Mexican Wrestler was running around fighting crimes. Plus Wolf Woman is a hot Latina babe. So here she is in her first starring role. Enjoy. blacknite13@live.com

Wolf Woman, Ms Americana and Got Gal are the creations and proptery of Mr. X. The villain is mine of course.





Wolf Woman strutted around the ring with her hands raised over her head. The crowd cheered as they watched the famous wrestler with eager eyes leering over the voluptuous body barely covered by the light brown bikini style costume. There were two yellow paw prints on the skimpy outfit, one suggestively over her right breast and the other over the crotch of her thong. A matching choker and high heel shoes that laced up to her knees. Long thick black hair fell down over her shoulders reaching down to her waist. A mask covered her face but it was obvious she was a Latina beauty. Wolf Woman turned to the crowd and shook her huge breasts. She hated this part of the act but it was in her contract. The tall wrestler heard Mad Maiden charging up behind her but waited until the last second but turning. She stepped back caught the huge woman by her arm and flipped over her hip, sending over the ropes and into the cheering crowd. Her foe crashed to the floor and didn't get up. The shapely beauty waited for the count and the bowed to the crowd.

Wolf Woman easily leaped over the ropes and landed with the grace of a gymnast. She smiled, chatted and signed autographs for a while. A man in his twenties wearing a Wolf Woman tee shirt, baggy shorts and old sneakers stepped up. The large shirt didn't hide round belly. His long brown hair looked dirty and uncombed. Black framed glasses made him look like a total geek. The nerd held up a poster.

"Could you sign this?" Felix said. "I am Felix Wallowitz, I am your biggest fan."

"Of course." Wolf Woman smiled as she signed the poster thinking almost every fan said this but was bothered by the age of the man. Most of her fans were young men. "Thanks for your support."

"You're amazing. You are a wrestling star and successful businesswoman." Felix said as he held the poster to his chest. "But you fight crime too. How do find the time."

"When something is important you make the time." Wolf Woman said and gave the man a cool glare. "My face is up here. My biggest fan would not be leering over my bosom."

"Sorry, you are just so beautiful." Felix said pulling his eye away from her chest. "I am your biggest fan. Any chance I could get a lock of hair?"

"I think not." Wolf Woman snapped. "Now if you don't mind!"

Felix was hurt by her words but quickly got over it as he watched her firm round ass wiggle off. He rolled up his poster and followed her back to the dressing room. Two huge men blocked the double doors after the star pushed through. This is didn't stop Felix, he knew the arena like the back of his hand. He pushed through the crowd and ran over to another door marked maintenance. The young fan smiled at the air vent and then climbed into. As he crawled along the vent her felt like that guy from that movie. Felix reached a vent and pushed it up. He gasped at the sight of Wolf Woman peeling off costume. He pulled out his camera and started to film away.

Wolf Woman ran her hands over her huge breasts, fondling them as she debated if she was going out tonight. She took off her mask and grabbed a towel. The beautiful woman stepped into the showers and turned on the hot water. Wolf Woman quickly soaped up and began to caress her body. She sighed and ran his fingers over her pussy. The Latina beauty closed her eyes and began to rub her twat. She was soon moaning and sighing, as her pussy got hot and wet. The hot water and steam made her even hotter. Sucking on her lips, Wolf Woman pushed her fingers into her pussy and began to stroke herself. The dark haired beauty began to moan and groan as she played with herself.

Felix gulped as he watched his heroine finger fuck herself. The camera started to shake so much he had to hold it with two hands. He felt his cock get hard and sighed in frustration. He took a deep breath and kept recording.

"OH! OH! OH!" Wolf Woman panted as she began to rub her pussy even hard pushing herself toward a climax. She leaned her had against the cool tile as the orgasm built. The young Latina squealed as she made herself come. "OHGOODNESSSSSSSS!"

Felix filmed the beautiful wrestler screaming in sheer bliss. He kept filming as the heroine slumped down onto the floor.

Wolf Woman lay on the floor enjoying the combination of the hot water showering down on her body and the cool tile pressing against it. She began to caress her huge tits. The young heroine slowly opened her eyes and gasped at the sight of Felix holding a small camera. "YOU!"

"Yikes!' Felix cried and ran off. He jumped up onto the lockers and back into the air vent. He quickly crawled back not looking back at the screams of Wolf Woman.

Wolf Woman watched the creep crawl off. She jumped down and quickly donned her costume. The still wet heroine ran out the dressing room and scanned the now empty arena. She spotted Felix darting out an exit. The shapely heroine ran across the arena and out the doors. The Latina heroine looked around and spotted an old VW van racing out the lot. She chased after the van not trying to catch it but read the plate. Wolf Woman got the numbers and stopped. The tall beauty ran over to her custom made Porsche. She jumped into her car and began to type away on the small computer built into the dashboard. Wolf Woman watched the screen and smiled when Felix's name and address came up. "Got ya!"

Felix parked his van and dashed into the house left to him by his parents. It was an older place with a high fence around it. The white-framed house was in good condition and more in more paid for. Felix only had to work part time at the video store because of several insurance policies. He walked through the living room still furnished with the same furniture. The twenty something man came to the basement door and unlocked the three locks and trotted down into his favorite part of the house. Felix came into a large room where every inch was covered with posters and pictures of Wolf Woman. There were several displays cases filled with even more of Felix's collection of the heroine's memorabilia. There was an elaborate computer set up in one corner and round bed with a Wolf Woman bedspread covering it. Directly over the bed was another poster of the heroine. The one really strange thing was what looked like tall glass cage. It was a prop from a never released Wolf Woman movie. It was trap that was supposed to by the villain to capture at the end. With the help of Brenda Wade and attorney Victoria Chaste, Wolf Woman had managed to shut down the production. He bought the thing for next to nothing. The funny thing it turned out the stupid really worked. It only looked like glass it was some kind of transparent alloy; the door locked and there was real sleeping in the canisters. A small remote controlled the whole thing.

Felix went to his computer desk and carefully lay the camera down. He just stared it still not believing not only did her catch Wolf Woman naked but playing with herself and as an added bonus without her mask. The Mexican heroine had never been seen in public with her mask. His mind boggled at the possibilities.

"I'll take that if you don't mind." Wolf Woman said stepping into the basement but was momentarily distracted by all the Wolf Woman posters.

"It's mine." Felix snapped jumping back and holding the camera to his chest. "You just can't walk into my house and steal something."

"Watch me." Wolf Woman said as she walked right up the man and tried to grab the camera but the little creep struggled with her. She easily threw him to the floor making her drop the camera. It bounced across the room landing in front of a glass box. "Don't get up on my account."

"This isn't right! Felix sobbed as he watched the shapely heroine walk over to the camera and bent over to get it. He saw the tiny remote and his anger took over. The skinny guy grabbed the remote and then used both hands to grab her firm round ass. "That's mine, bitch!"

"What the!' Wolf Woman gasped as two hands grabbed her butt and then shoved her over. The young heroine fell forward into the glass case, banging her head and falling to her knees. She struggled up but the door snapped close. Wolf Woman pushed the door but it wouldn't budge. She began to get angry and banged on the door. "Open this door! Felix, I am not messing around."

Felix stumbled back from the glass cage watched the heroine punch and kick the door. He smiled when it was obvious Wolf Woman was trapped. It suddenly hit him; he had the ultimate fan trophy. Wolf Woman. He watched her struggle to get out and then his eyes dropped down to her jiggling boobs and ass.

"OPEN THIS DOOR!" Wolf Woman snarled as she pounded the damn case but the glass wouldn't break. "FELIX! FELIX!"

Felix gulped and pressed the red button. The cage began to hiss and fill up with pink gas.

"FELIX! STOP! NO!" Wolf Woman screamed when she saw the gas and recognized it odor at once. She frantically kicked and punched the glass. The trap filled the sleeping gas and the young heroine began to cough. The Latina beauty became dizzy and her knees became weak. She dropped to her knee still feebly trying to get out. Finally she slumped to into a pile and went to sleep.

Felix moved to cage and watched the heroine sleep. He had caught Wolf Woman and for a second wondered what to do with her. "Real good, Felix you just knocked out a heroine. She is going to really be pissed when she wakes up. She is going to kick your ass and…

"Ohhhhh" Wolf Woman sighed as if she was trying to wake up. The young heroine sighed and rolled onto her back making one of her huge tits slip out her top.

"Oh God, she is just so…so…" Felix moaned and then looked down at the tent in the front of his pants. "Screw it."

"FELIXEEEEEEEE!" Wolf Woman yelled when she came to and found her spread eagle across the bed. Red cords wrapped around her ankles and wrists held her down. She pulled and tugged her bonds but stopped when the basement door opened and Felix walked in holding a bottle of beer. "FELIX, UNTIE ME NOW!"

"Ah, not just yet." Felix smiled and drained his beer. "Just getting my courage up for what I have planned."

"You wouldn't dare!" The bound beauty snarled yanking at the cords holding her down. "I am Wolf Woman! Not some toy for you play with. You do this you will go for jail for rape!"

"Yeah, I know." Felix said putting the bottle down and pulling off his sweater and dropping his pants. He climbed onto the bed and pushed her top off her tits. His eyes leered over the two huge mounds of soft flesh. "But it will be so worth it."

'GET YOUR FLITHY HANDS OFF ME!" Wolf Woman screamed when the creep grabbed both her tits and began to play with them. She began to twist around on the trying to escape the hands mauling her boobs. "NO! NO! NO!"

"Oh yes, yes, yes" Felix nervously giggled as he squeezed and tweaked her tits. The longer he played with her huge boobs the braver he felt. He licked his lips and caught a nipple in his mouth. "Mmmmmm!"

"I WILL SO KILL YOUUUUUU!" The help heroine gasped as the fingers mashed her tits and the mouth sucked and chewed on her nipple. She looked over at the ropes wrapped around her wrists but couldn't see the knots. She moaned as her tits began to throb and tingle. Wolf Woman lifted her head and fumed as she watched the geek ravish her body. "FELIX! FELIX LISTEN TO ME! YOU DON'T WANT TO THIS!"

Felix ignored her pleas as he increased the power of his fondling and began really gnaw on the sweet flesh. He sucked and chewed on one nipple and then moved to the other on. He was soon slobbering over both boobs as he mashed them around her chest. Felix stopped for a moment to look down at his aching cock. He had never seen to big and hard. "This going to be so worth it!"

"AWWWWWW YOU WILL BE SO SORRY!" The bound beauty gasped as her tits swell into hard throbbing balls of flesh. She panted and swore when wetness began to form between her legs. "THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!"

"My thoughts exactly!' Felix giggled and went back to sucking on her tits as he mover his cock toward her pussy. He used his fingers to push aside her thong and rubbed the tip of cock over the dark curls. "I have imagined this since the first time I saw you fight."

"I WON'T BE RAPED BY THE LIKES OF YOU!" The bound beauty snarled between her panting. She tried to ignore the fires burning between her legs now frantically pulling at her bonds. GET YOUR THING AWAY FROM ME!"

"Sorry, can't do that!" Felix laughed and pushed his cock into her hot wet hole.

"AUGHHHHHHHHHH!" Wolf Woman wailed as what felt like a long was pushed between her legs. She strained up against the cords as the cock was buried I in her pussy. The bound beauty shook her head and sobbed as the little creep began to pump his cock in and out while his hands twisted her already aching tits. AUGHGAWDSTOPPPP!"

"You have the best pussy!" Felix moaned as he began to fuck the helpless heroine, loving how the how hot wet walls were wrapped around his cock. He pushed her boobs together and lapped his tongue over the sweet flesh.

"UGH! UGH! UGH!" The bound beauty gasped as the creep fuck the hell out of her. She rolled her head around trying to ignore the lust beginning to burn inside of her. Her aching mounds of flesh were only added to the fires. She wrapped her fingers around the cords holding her down and began to tug on them. "UGH! UGH! STOP! STOPPP! YOU'RE KILLING MEEEEEE!"

Felix sucked and fondled her sweet mounds with the same glee he was fucking her with. All his fantasies about heroines seemed possible. As he pounded his cock in and out the helpless beauty he realized that he wouldn't be satisfied with just one good fucking. He had to fuck her again and again and not just in the pussy. Her firm round ass was made for fucking. Then there was her mouth. He just had to feel those lips around his cock. Felix kissed and licked up to her throat and buried his mouth in her soft flesh.

"AUGHHHHHHH!" Wolf Woman screamed as the relentless fucking made her climax. The bound beauty moaned as the orgasm ripped through her hot body. Her pussy was burning hot and she could fell her own juices splashing onto her thighs. At the same time her tit swelled and ached and beads of sweat formed on her body. She screamed more in frustration than anger pulling on the ropes binding her. The ravished heroine tried to ignore the mouth gnawing on her throat and the hand fondling her boobs. "UGHHHH! UGH! I WILL KIUGHHHH!"

Felix sucked and chewed on her throat as he continued to buck his body into hers. He squeezed and twisted her tits with the same lust. The horny fan licked up to her face and planted sloppy kissed all over it. He pushed his cock all the way and laughed when his captive squealed in delight. Felix took advantage of her open mouth to push his tongue in and began to chew on her lips.

"MMPHHHH!" The dark-haired beauty sobbed as she sucked on the tongue rolling around her mouth. She squirmed under the little creep, which only seemed to increase her pleasure. The bound heroine tried to pull her lips away from the mouth chewing on them but Felix grabbed her hair with on hand and held it in place. She came again and screamed around the tongue filling mouth. "MPHHHHHH!"

"MMMMMM!" Felix sighed as he sucked and chewed on her sweet mouth. He kept slamming his cock into her hot wet pussy. His cock was aching to come and he tried to hold it back. But after a few more strokes and he came inside the bitch.

"AHGAWDDDDD!" Wolf Woman screamed around the mouth clamped around hers as the hot seed filled her pussy. The cum gave her a huge orgasm. She bucked and twisted as the climax flooded her body. The ravished beauty gasped for air after the creep pulled out and sat up. She glared at him while trying to calm her body. "I WILL MAKE YOU PAY FOR THIS INDIGINITY. YOU WILL PAY!"

"Maybe not today." Felix said as he ran his hands over her heaving chest. He began to tweak her tits. "You seemed to really enjoy it. I guess what I read about you heroines is true. Secretly you sex crazed bimbos who want to be fucked."

"LIES! ALL LIES!" Wolf Woman panted trying to ignore the hands playing with her nipples and the tingling in her twat. She angrily pulled at the ropes holding her prisoner wishing she could get free before the nasty man raped her again. "I DIDN'T ENJOY! YOU'VE HAD YOUR FUN! NOW RELEASE ME!"

"My fun has just started, slut." Felix laughed as he pushed his cock back into her hot pussy. "Time for another ride!"

"NOOOOOO!" The helpless heroine screamed as her pussy wrapped around his cock like an old friend. She shook her head as he began to fuck her again. Wolf Woman endured another rape. By the end of it she was gasping for breath. She looked up when he untied her leg and pushed in up by her and ankle. "What are you doing?"

"I think you know, baby." Felix grunted as he tied her ankle and wrist together. He did the same to her other leg and sat back. The fan tugged aside her thong and began to poke her ass with his finger. He angrily looked when his captive began to scream and swear. Felix rolled off the bed found a role of duct tape and snatched some underwear from the floor. He climbed on his bed and pushed his underwear into mouth. "You are spoiling the mood."

"MMMPH!" Wolf Woman grunted as her captor plastered some tape across her mouth. She glared at the creep who was trying to loosen her ass so he could fuck it. The bound heroine squealed when she felt his fingers push into her butt hole. "MPHHHHHHH!"

"Sorry, Wolfie but you are too hot not to fuck." Felix giggled as he finger fucked his captive. He kept giggling when he realize not only was he going to find out what it was like to ass fuck a woman it was going to be his fantasy woman. The nerd looked down at his long hard and pulled out his fingers. He grabbed onto her thighs and pushed his cock into her ass.

"AUGHHHHHHHHHHH!" The helpless heroine wailed as the hard pole pushed into her cherry ass. She strained against the rope binding her trying to escape the cock reaming her butt hole. It hurt like hell for a while but as her ass loosen up the pain faded and unexpected pleasure started to build. Wolf Woman began to grunt and sob as each thrust of the cock pushed her down into the mattress. "AUGH! AUGH! AUGH! AUGH!"

"God, this fucking amazing!" Felix moaned as he fucked his first time. He began to run his hands up and down the long legs. The young fan began to pant and gasp in sheer bliss as the tight butt hole began to squeeze his cock. Felix closed his eyes and then leaned down. He began to kiss and lick the shapely legs while he kept pounding his cock into her young body.

"AUGH! AUGH! AUGH!" Wolf Woman screamed as the cock continued to plow into her ass and out again. The bound screamed again as she came again. Shocked and shamed that her body was enjoying this disgusting act. Once again she shook her head and screamed as the ass fucking went on and on.

Felix and his captive bounced around on the bed, their grunts and pants filled the room. He laughed when the heroine screamed as she came again. The horny fan gasped as he came filling her ass with his seed.

"AIIIIIIIIIII!" Wolf Woman squealed as the hot cum filling her ass made her come again. The ravished heroine slumped and tried to get her breath. But screamed again when the nerd began to fuck her ass again without pulling out his cock. "UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!"

Wolf Woman glared at Felix who was sitting at his computer desk. She was tightly bound to a straight back chair. Her hands were pulled behind her head and tied to the to her neck which was bound to the chair. Rope was wrapped around her upper chest, tits and waist. Her knees were bound to the sides of the chair and her ankle tied to the back legs. More rope ran down from her neck through the valley in her boobs, across her pussy, up the crack of her ass and tied to her hands. There several knots in the rope placed so they rubbed against her pussy. The underpants were still shoved into her mouth but now rope wrapped twice around her head held them in. Wolf Woman could barely moved so all she could do was sit there and fume while the geek worked on his computer. She wondered what the creep was up to and tilted her head. The bound beauty got wondered when she saw the name of the site he was on: ADVICE ON TAMING HEROINES

Felix had been to the site before just to download pictures of the heroines in bondage and being raped. He always assumed they were fakes but now he wasn't sure. This was his first time in the chatroom.

Wolfmaster: is it true you can tame a heroine?

Bonerboy: sure all the Delta City heroines have the Aphrodite gene so they cane be tamed. You do it right and they will be on their knees sucking your cock.

Darkduke: That is such bull.

Bonerboy: it is not. I know a guy did it. He had Green Hornette begging…

Fiendfan: That BS. I just saw GH on the news. She was tamed.

Darkduke: You not getting it. What I mean is you can fuck them into submission. The trick it to keep them tamed. Your best bet is Bliss.

Bonerboy: Sure if you want a mindless bimbo who just wants to get fucked. If you going to use drugs go with Meek. The bitch will obey you but hate it. She will have this look in her eyes that tell you she hates being your slave.

Wolfmaster: Where do get this stuff?

Bonerboy: You can order from TAMING HEROINES.

Darkduke: If you want it right away go down to Sugar City.

Fiendfan: Even if you get the drugs be sure to get some vibrators and bondage stuff. Heroines really get off on being tied up. It keeps they wet and hot.

Wolfmaster: Really…brb.

Felix turned around and watched the bound beauty struggle against the ropes. He reached up and stuck his fingers into her pussy.

"MMMPHHH!" Wolf Woman squealed as the creep pushed his fingers in and out. She glared at him when he pulled out and held up his wet fingers.

"Son of a bitch." Felix laughed and wiped the off on her tits. "You all wet. I'll be right with you.

Felix turned back to the computer and saw the chat room was complaining about there not being enough dates. He left the site and went to TAMING HEROINES, paid the fee for membership and logged in.

Wolfmaster: Wolfmaster here. Is true you can tame a heroine by fucking her?

Blackben: Sure, the trick is to keep them tamed.

NastyNed: That's the trick. You know how many times Ms Americana has been tamed. I heard she still whores for Sweet Willie because he unmasked her.

Blackben: That's King Pimp. It cost me three paychecks for an hour and it was worth it.

NastyNed: You expect us to believe you fucked Ms Americana. That is such BS.

Blackben: It is true!!!

Wolfmaster: Do bondage and vibrators work? What about Bliss and Meek?

NastyNed: Heroines loved to tied and love a vibrator shoved into either hole. The problems with Bliss are it turns the bitch into sex-crazed slut. Real boring and it is illegal now. Wade came up with a cure for it. Meek is the way to go.

Blackben: We do agree on something. Meek is the best. She will obey but hate it. Why the question? You going to try catch a heroine and turn her into you sex slave?

NastyNed: Good luck with that. It seems these heroine have dumbest luck. They get tamed for while but some how they escape. There is no real way to keep them as slaves.

Blackben: It is so worth the risk. Heroine sex is the greatest.

NastyNed: Like you would know…

Felix logged off and turned to his captive. He watched her struggle and felt his cock stiffen. The geek reached over and grabbed her tits. He began to play with the fat boobs and sighed. "Blackben is right. It is worth the risk."

Wolf Woman sat in the glass cage with her hands tied behind her back and a knotted scarf in her mouth. It had been a long humiliating night. Her body was still sticky with sweat and cum from all the fucking. She could still feel it leaking out her ass and pussy. After hours of being fucked by Felix he had stuck her in the cage, rolled back into his bed and slept. In the morning he had gotten up and watched her struggle in the cage. It was obvious he was debating whether to fuck her again. After a long while Felix blew her a kiss, trotted up stairs leaving her alone. That had been hours ago. Wolf Woman had fallen asleep. She woke up and found she was still alone in the basement. The caged beauty looked up when Felix came down the stairs with several bags. She gulped when he dumped the contents onto the floor. Her brown eyes looked over the bondage and sex toys.

"Hey Wolfie, guess what I have planned for you?" Felix said as he held up some leather shackles and a collar with rings.

"NAAAAAA!" Wolf Woman moaned as the nerd moved toward her cage. Her biggest fan was going to try and tame her. She was really worried because Felix came close to taming her last night. Now with his new toys, there was a good chance he might break her. The bound beauty whimpered when she saw a small vial filled with clear liquid. She was sure it wasn't Bliss but had no doubt it was some kind drug that would help tame her. The helpless heroine screamed as Felix pulled her out the cage and forced her into the bathroom. Wolf Woman sighed when the hot water hit her body and was revived as the sweat and cum washed off her body. She meekly knelt there and let the geek wash her hair and body.

"God I love you tits." Felix said as he massaged her soapy tits. His lust over taking him Felix pushed the bound beauty back into the tub. He spread her legs and pushed his cock into her wet pussy. "I love your pussy, too!"

"AUHHHHHHH!" The bound beauty gasped as the cock slammed into her pussy. She began to grunt and moan as Felix began to fuck her. The hot water raining down on her body only makes the sex hotter. Wolf Woman panted and gasped as the cock pounded into her pussy over and over. She sucked and chewed on the knot of cloth in her mouth as the lust inside her young body built. "UGH! UGH! UGH!"

The two bodies bucked and squirmed around in the bathtub, moaning and panting in heated lust. The hot water caused to steam to fill the room, which made their bodies and lust even hotter.

"OH! OH! OH!" Felix yelled as he bucked his cock into the hot pussy and then moaned as he came.

"AIIIIIIIIII!' Wolf Woman screamed as she came. She could stop from grinding her body against her captor's. The long night of rape and bondage have aroused the Aphrodite gene, which is now slowly breaking her down. The ravished beauty is almost disappointed when the cock pulls out. She whimpers and sobs as Felix pulls her up onto her knees.

"Come on slut, suck me off!" Felix pants taking off her gag and rubbing the cock around her face. He waits for her to spread her lips and pushes his cock in. "Come bitch do it!"

"MPHH!" Wolf Woman sobbed as her mouth is filled with hard cock but instead of spitting it out the aroused heroine began to suck. The kneeling beauty gulped on the cock as she twirled her tongue around it. The bound heroine began to pump the cock in and out her mouth as she slurped away. "MPH! MPH! MPH!"

"God, its true are a slut!" Felix moans as the wet mouth gulped away on his cock. He happily watched the dark-haired beauty's head bob up and on his cock. He closed his eye and sighed in sheer bliss. The young geek couldn't believe he had Wolf Woman sucking his cock. "You go whore!"

"MPH! MPH! MPH!" The bound beauty grunted as she worked the cock in and out her mouth, sucking it while her tongue twirled around it. Wolf Woman hated herself for loving the taste of cock in her mouth. When Felix pulled out his cock and offered her his balls, she eagerly licked them. She twirled her tongue over the twin sacs a few times and began to suck them. The helpless heroine sucked on the balls for a long while and then licked and kissed back to the head.

"There you go slave." Felix sighed as he watched his captive wrap her lips around his cock. He leaned back against the cool tile and relished his domination of the heroine. Even though he had Wolf Woman on her knees sucking his cock he was smart enough to know she wasn't tamed.

Wolf Woman closed her eyes and tried to pull her mouth off the cock but couldn't. The feel of the cock in her mouth was just too exciting. She increased her sucking giving loud slurps and grunts as she did. The bound beauty was no so lost that she didn't know it was the gene bringing out her inner slut. She also knew that if she didn't think of something this creepy geek would tame her or worst slip her that drug. Yet she kept gobbling on the cock with increasing lust.

"Go! Go! Go!" Felix growled as the sucking made his cock harder and harder. It was now aching to blow. He closed his eyes thinking a few more sucks. He looked down and watched the beautiful Latina suck his cock. He leaned back and gasped as he came. "OHYESSSSS!"

"MPHHHHHHHH!" Wolf Woman sobbed as her mouth filled with his sweet seed and she hungrily swallowed it. She sucked in another mouth and enjoying the sweet taste in her mouth. Then drank that with a loud gulp. The bound heroine gave the cock a few more sucks and then she licked it clean. The humiliated heroine slumped back and sobbed. She just knelt there as Felix finished washing her off. Wolf Woman whimpered as he toweled her off and led her back out the bathroom.

Felix was surprised the heroine offered no resistance as he untied her and redressed her in a red negligee and fishnet stockings. Then he shackled her with on his new bondage toys. The device was a single ring with four short chains with leather shackles that tightly bound her hands and feet together.

By the time Wolf Woman came to herself her captor had her shackled. She gasped when he attached nipple clamps to her tits. Three chains dangled between her tits. A fourth chain was attached to a leather collar. She couldn't stop Felix from buckling around her neck. The bound beauty gasped again when she moved her head. She found when she turned her head the collar chain tugged on the chains dangling between her tits.

"Do I need to gag you or will you behave slave." Felix said as he sat down and looked down at his helpless slave. She looked so sexy in the negligee and bondage.

"I will be good…I am not your slave!" Wolf Woman snapped as she tugged on the chains binding her. She looked up at the geek smugly sitting in his chair like he owned her. "Be smart, Felix let me go. I shall speak the police and judge. I am sure they will go easy on you."

"I don't think I would do well in prison." Felix said as he picked up the vial and fingered it. "Besides I have plans for you, slave."

"I am not your slave! W-what is that? It is not Bliss or Meek. The color is wrong."

"It is new. It cost me an arm and leg. It called Submit. Heard of it?"

"Y-yes…you can't." Wolf Woman gasped. She had heard of the drug from Ms Americana. Apparently the new drug was more dangerous than Bliss and Meek. It combined both strengths of the drugs. The drug would heighten the body's sex drive but also made the victim very submissive. Bottom line if Felix gave her the drug she would become his willing sex slave. "Listen, I will be missed. Other heroines and the police will come looking for me."

"Why would they come looking here?" Felix said rolling the vial in his hand. "No one saw us together. No one saw you come in. I moved your car back to the arena parking lot. I am guessing your fellow heroines will think so real villain grabbed you not some geek. As for the cops we both know they will assume you were sold into white slavery. I think a change of scenery might be wise but first things first."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Wolf Woman screamed as she watched he pop the vial open and moved toward her.


Felix sat on the porch of his small beach house watching the sunset. He looked up when the tall Latino beauty walked naked as the day she was born. She smiled as she set down a drink and plate of fruit.

"Your snack, my master." Wolf Woman said sounding more like a child than a grown woman. "How else may I serve you?"

"Thanks Wolfie, just put your sweet ass down and suck my cock for a while." Felix said opening his shorts.

"As you wish, my master." Wolf Woman said as she moved in front of her master and meekly knelt down. As she pushed back her long hair the tamed heroine licked her lips and then wrapped then around his cock. Even as she began to suck Wolf Woman screamed and sobbed in her head trying to make herself stop obeying this creep but the drug won't allow that. As she sucked the Latina Beauty sighed as her pussy became instantly hot and wet. She reached down between her legs and began to stroke her twat. Wolf Woman was a prisoner in her own body and her only hope of freedom was rescued.


Ms Americana walked around the empty house moving from room to room and finally ending up in the basement. She wandered around stopping to study the bits of scotch tape on the wall. There was tape on all four walls. There was even some on the ceiling. The raven-haired heroine looked over when Got Gat trotted down the stairs.

"So this the place?" Got Gal said.

"Yes, thanks to you news report on Wolf Woman one of your fans called in that she saw her Porsche parked outside. A Felix Wallowitz lived here. His parents died in a car crash and left him the house and two very large insurance policies."

"I did a background check. He worked part time at a video story but more important he was member of several Wolf Woman fan clubs."

"He spent a lot of money on buying Wolf Woman memorabilia. So our fan was born and raised in Delta City. Then one day he sells the family home and moves away."

"At the exact same time Wolf Woman vanishes. I assume you know all her accounts were cleaned out."

"Yes, if Felix has our fellow heroine he has a nice chunk of change."

"Any idea where he would go?"

"Best guess, he moved south probably South America. We both know there are some countries that look the other way when it comes to sex slaves."

"Any chance we can find her?"

"Its not like Felix is a master villain. He made mistakes. We will find Wolf Woman and bring her home. We will find her."