By Blacknite13

This was another story for Saridu but to be honest the idea of a couple of out of town heroine coming to Delta City and finding out the heroine game was played by different rules there has always been in the back of my mind. blacknite13@live.com







"Wonder Woman! Power Girl!"

The tall Amazon warrior and the blonde heroine turned to face Superman. He gave them a cool stare and folded his arms across his massive chest. "I have to tell you I am quite disappointed that you and other heroines blackballed the Delta City and Star City heroines for membership. They could be useful."

"Those bimbos?" Wonder Woman said with a smirk and chuckle. "You see the reports and heard the stories."

"Bunch of sex crazed sluts if you ask me." Power Girl said with an even louder smirk.

"You are too quick to insult them." Superman said. "Especially when you don't understand the situation in Delta City."

What is there to understand?" Wonder Woman said.

"Heroes and especially heroine get no respect from the police or criminals. It is a whole different game there with rules you won't like."

"Are you defending those bimbos?" Wonder Woman asked with raised eyebrows.

"Yes, and as far as I am concerned you two are just being arrogant snobs and it is not very attractive."

The two heroines stood there with open mouths as the man of steel walked off.


"Has it been confirmed?" Batman asked sitting at the main console in the communications center of the JLA.

"Definitely." The voice of Nightwing came out one of the speakers mounted on the wall. "Harley Quinn got the drop on Batgirl and kidnapped her. The question is what is she up to?"

"Her crimes don't always make sense to us. Do we have a few leads?"

"One is she may have gone to New York for some reason."

"I'll head to New York; Wonder Woman is there, giving a speech at the U.N.

Wonder Woman was walking across the main lobby of the U.N. when a huge black man dressed in white uniform decorated with numerous medals and golden braid. A cap with a tiger emblem rested on his baldhead. The uniform was tailor to fit his massive chest and stomach. The sleeves did little to cover his power arms. Bright blue eyes shone out from face that some would consider handsome but the smile was anything but friendly.

"DIDI!" Wonder Woman gasped stepping back.

"That's President Didi, Wonder Woman." Didi said with an even bigger grin. "It seems without you to back him up; President Talia was not up to the job."

"You overthrew the government?"

"Yes, I came to power over the weekend…this time I plan to stay in power…I enjoyed your little speech about strong independent women and how they can change the world. But I would suggest that you don't visit my country any time soon. This time I made better deals with the oil and gold companies."

"Villain, I will bring you down." Wonder Woman snarled.

"Know this Wonder Woman, you come to my country and you will become my Wonder Whore. As a matter fact maybe I will arrange just that."

"You pig, you tried to rape me once and it led to your downfall…know this I am not man's plaything let along whore!"

The big black man watched the firm round ass of the Amazon wiggle away thinking he would have that bitch sucking and kissing his toes no matter the cost.


"Delta City?" Wonder Woman said with a shake of her head and low chuckle. The mighty Amazon brushed back a lock of her long wavy hair and tucked it behind her ear. She was clad in her famous costume of red, white and blue. The tight bottoms hugged her firm round ass like a glove while the corset like top barely covered her huge bosom giving more than a hint of the valley between her sweet mounds of flesh. The spike heeled boots made her long legs look even sexier. A gold tiara held back her thick mane of black curls that seem to billow around her face and body. She was wearing bracers and a gold belt that held her gold lasso. "You're not going to Delta City. This is joke, right?"

"No Joke." Batman said with a grim nod. "Harley has fled to Delta City with Batgirl. We still don't know what her game is. My guess is she thinks we won't find her there and she could be right since we have no contacts and really don't know the city."

The Dark Knight and Amazon Princess were meeting on the roof of Bruce Wayne's New York City penthouse. Neither one took in the bright neon light below nor the full moon. Neither one noticed the dark figure slip down onto the roof.

"So what is your plan?"

"The JLA plan is hook up with Ms Americana and her group."

"WHAT! You have got to be kidding? The JLA working with that…that…group of moronic bimbos!"

"They know the city. We don't. They have contacts and got the street smarts to track down Batgirl."

"I can't believe my ears. I think we should run this by…"

"Superman, Green Lantern, Flash and almost everyone but you and Power Girl are on board. It has been decided. We work with the Delta City heroines."

"The Delta City heroines can be all that bad?" A tall shapely woman clad in a tight red costume that looked painted on stepped out the shadows. The skin tight pants and halter top squeezed her perfect ass and huge tits making her look a male fantasy especially the way her long wavy chestnut hair floated around her beautiful face and amazing body reaching down to her tight round ass. Twin Sais was tucked into the sheaths attached to back of her pants. Red fingerless gloves, armbands and spike-heeled boots completed her costume. "Oh, pardon my rudeness. I am Electra and I think we are looking for the same person."

"I've heard of you." Batman said giving her a hard stare "You have some business with Harley Quinn?"

"Not me, a lawyer friend was counting on Batgirl to testify in a case." The sexy assassin said. "I have been hired to get her to court…I was surprised she would need my help"

"Just save Batgirl?" Wonder Woman said with a frosty look. "I have heard of you and what you do."

"Matt would never forgive me if I killed someone while helping him out…you didn't answer my questions about the Delta Cit heroines."

"I would have thought the Daredevil would be handling this for Matt Murdock." Batman said.

"Actually he had the same idea as you, contacting the Delta City bunch. I talked him into giving me a shot. These heroines?

"Heroines? Bah, try sex crazed bimbos who get off on being caught, tied up and raped." Wonder Woman spat. "They are embarrassment to all women of valor."

"Wonder Woman, you have never been to Delta City." Batman said. "Trust me; Delta City and Star City are two of the most corrupt cities in the country. I have only been once and once if enough."

"Are you defending these idiots who call themselves heroines?"

"I am saying Delta City is the last place you want to go. The villains there take great pleasure in bringing down heroines and they are every good at it. They seem to have a talent for finding their weakness…"

"Oooo scary. Superman gave me the same speech last year. If it is so dangerous why are you telling me?"

"Wonder Woman, you are a founding member of the JLA." Batman said. "I was informing you. We didn't want to keep you out of the loop. I am going to hook up Nightwing tomorrow and we are heading for Delta City. Superman will be meeting us in the city. A show of respect."

"Respect? Next thing you will be letting join the JLA."

"It is on the table. They help us get Batgirl back…"

"Great Hera!"

"Wonder Woman it has been decided."

"Batman, I can handle this." Wonder Woman said.

"We can handle. Electra said spinning her weapons. "You have got me curiosity about Delta City."

"The league has made its decision besides don't you have to report to your mother back on Paradise Island."

"It can wait."

"You have no control over me. I am heading to Delta. I think I can handle myself."

"Ladies, you don't want to this. Stay out of Delta City. Wonder Woman drop it. You would be going against the vote of JLA. Electra, it was a pleasure I think."

The two heroines watched Batman dive off the edge of the building and disappear into the night.

"Well I am off."

"I have a day to get to Delta City, rescue Batgirl and stop the JLA from making a huge mistake."

"Well, nothing says we can't work together."

"You I have no problem. You are a professional like myself. At least we will show these bimbos how it is done."

Wonder Woman and Electra stood on edge of a tall building with a bright red W on the side. The skyscraper overlooked the entire city. They both were looking at a section of the city that was bathed in bright neon lights.

"Do you think Batman knows we are here?" Electra asked.

"Not yet but trust me he will. He has a knack for finding things out. Oh by the Gods, look."

Electra looked over at a huge billboard with a picture of Ms Americana standing in front of the American flag holding up a bottle of Sweet Liberty Soda."

"That bimbo practically ripped off my costume."

"Wow, she has got a serious rack. What is that double G or something? Are you reconsidering looking her up? You could tell to stop wearing red, white and blue."

"I think we can do without some dumb bimbos help besides it is not really like mine. Her ass is barely covered and how does she stop her tits from spilling out."

"You like to use the word bimbo a lot when it comes to the local heroines."

"If the shoe fits. Harley has to be hiding out in a section of the city called Sugar Town. The bright lights over there. Supposedly it is where the vilest scum of the city do business."

"Vile scum?" Electra said with a smirk.

"That's a quote from one of this Ms Americana's reports to the JLA." Wonder Woman said. "I have to admit her reports are well typed and spelled checked."

"So we are not going to check with this Ms Americana?"

"We don't need to check in with someone who calls themselves the Queen of Justice "

"The Queen of Justice?"

"Sad isn't."

"We are going onto her turf, somewhat blind. Could it hurt?"

"She will just want to tag along." Wonder Woman said pushing her long hair away from her face. "We don't need the help of bimbo. Worst, people might think we teamed up the bimbo."

"You really loved to use that word."

"Like I said. If the shoe fits."

A short time later the two heroines were walking down a dark alley toward one of the main streets of Sugar Town.

"Do we have a plan?" Electra said who had been having fun with the mighty Amazon by remarking how much she looked like the poster they had seen of Ms Americana.

"We will grab someone and use my lasso to make them talk." Wonder Woman said. "Someone will know where Harley is."

"Well, if it ain't Ms Americana!"

"I thought we told you stay out Sugar Town."

The two beautiful heroines whirled around realizing they now surround by a dozen black men. They were surprised how big and muscular they all were. The shortest one had to six foot but all were built like a cement trucks. They all had baldheads with goatees and wore sunglasses. Their jeans were black and their leather vests were red with an odd symbol on the back.

"Hey, that ain't Ms Americana." One said giving the heroines a good look."

"The hell is ain't."

"No he's right, that not her. I mean this bitch has big tits and sweet ass but it ain't her."

"Who is the bitch in red? Man, she got nice ass and fat tits."

"Run along boys." Wonder Woman said with a smirk, placing her hands on her hips and thrusting out her chest. "We are here on some serious business and don't have time to play."

"See its her. She taken that snotty pose, hands on hips and tits pushed out."

"No, no, it's not her."

"ENOUGH!" Wonder Woman snarled taking her hands of her hips and now unsure what to do with them. "I am not Ms Americana! I am Wonder Woman and I command you to step aside or you will face my wrath."

"I don't care who they is. Let's fuck these bitches."

"There will be no fucking, boys." Electra said pulling her weapons and spinning them. "Take my friend's advice and move on."

"Get the whores." The biggest of the gang yelled and attacked.

The dozen men surround the two heroines like a well-trained tag team. A couple faked attacks before the leader charged in.

Wonder Woman swung her fist and decked the leader. She took out two more with a kick. Electra spun and twisted from the men, kicking two in the face. The men went down but to her surprise they shook their heads and started to get up.

"These guys are tougher than they look." Electra said as she took out two more.

"I noticed!" Wonder Woman said seeing the four men she had taken out were all ready back for more. She punched and kicked man after man. The men went down but kept getting up.

The leader moved behind the mighty Amazon and smiled. This bitch may not be Ms Americana but she was wearing a gold belt just like the Queen Bitch. The huge black man waited for her to take on three guys of his guys and made his move. He ducked down wrapped his arms around her thin waist. He struggled with the bitch while he reached up. His fingers found the buckle, snapped it and pulled it off. He rolled away and held up the belt. "Let's see how tough you are without your belt!"

"Great Hera my belt!" Wonder Woman cried as she felt her powers leave her body. The distraction allowed one of the thugs to hit her with a right cross. The blow sent her staggering into the arms of the leader who pinned her arms down. "Unhand me!"

"Wonder Woman!" Electra yelled as she punched out another thug. She watched her fellow heroine was bound with rope. The shapely heroine turned to help but got tackled by four men. She fought like a wildcat until one the men pushed a foul smelling cloth into her face and in seconds it was lights out.

Wonder Woman tried to stop them from binding her wrists to her elbows while one the men pulled her costume down around her waist, down her legs. "What are you doing?"

"We won, you pay!" The leader laughed as he began roughly fondles her huge tits. Two more of his gang were kissing and biting her ass.

"What does that mean?" Wonder Woman gasped as the huge hands mashed and twisted her tender mounds. No man had seen her breasts let alone touched them in the manner. The bound heroine was shocked to feel a slight tingling in her tits. "Stop this! It's wrong! You can't just rape me!"

"That settles it." The leader laughed as he began kiss and lick her face. "Ms Americana would know the score. This dumb bitch doesn't even know what is coming!"

By the time Electra came to she was stripped out her costume and her hands were tightly bound behind her back. Four of the thugs were bending her over a trashcan lying on its side. "What! What are you doing?"

"What do you think you dumb bitch?" One the thugs laughed as he rubbed the firm round ass and then began to spank her. "Let's get this ass warmed up!"

"OW! OW! OW!" The bound beauty screamed as the hand started to swat her butt. She pulled at the ropes holding her hands behind her back as she tried to twist away from the thugs. "OW! OW! OW! S-STOP THIS! YOU CAN'T DO THIS! OW! OW!"

"We all ready are you dumb bitch!" He laughed as he kept spanking the sweet ass. "You don't like this you will hate what is coming!"

Wonder Woman was faring no better. The leader had carried over to another trashcan, bent her backwards and spread his legs. She screamed and sobbed as her mashed her tits around while he began to suck and chew her fat tits. The bound beauty could feel her boobs swelling and aching from the rough foreplay. She rolled her head around and gasped at the sight of Electra being spanked. "Stop now! I am Diana, Princess of the Amazons. I am Wonder Woman! I am not one of your local bimbos! Stop!"

"News flash bitch, you're a bimbo now!" The leader laughed as he mashed and sucked on her massive tits. He laughed when two of his men pushed a ring gag into the bound beauty. "In about ten seconds we will prove it!"

"Aughhhhhhh!" Wonder Woman sobbed as two the gang members began to rub their cock around her face while the other one mashed and gnawed her boobs in swollen mounds of throbbing flesh. She twisted her head and stared at Electra was still being spanked.

"OW! OW! OW!" Electra screamed as the hand spanked her ass until it began to burn. She gasped when someone pulled on her hair making her yelp like a little girl. One of them pushed a plastic ring between her lips. "MMPHHH!"

"Here bit one this for a second! Then we'll give you something to suck on!"

"I got this ass nice and red." The thug spanking her laughed as he dropped his pants and rubbed his rock hard cock. He grabbed onto her ass, spread her cheeks and shoved his cock into the butt hole. "Now to really fuck you up."

"AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Electra wailed when she felt a cock pushing into her cherry ass. The bound beauty sobbed and screamed as what felt like an iron spike being shoved into her butt hole. The helpless heroine pulled and twisted but at least four huge black men held her down. "AIIIIIIII!"

"AHGAWDDDNAAAA!" Wonder Woman sobbed as she watched a huge thug begin to rape Electra in the ass. She frantically pulled at the ropes binding her when the leader dropped his pants revealing twelve inches of angry cock. The bound beauty whimpered when the huge black man grabbed onto her thighs and shoved his cock into her twat. In mere seconds the virginity she had protected for centuries was taken. Not by a lover, God or super villain but some street thug. "AUGHHHHHHHHH!"

"Fuck, this bitch is a virgin!" The leader laughed as he buried his cock into her pussy and held it there. He savored the tight wetness of the pussy and then began to fuck the bitch. "First time is the best…you stupid bimbo!"

"UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!" The bound beauty wailed as she was fucked for the first time. It had hurt like hell at first but the pain was fading and unexpected pleasure began to flood her body. The hands and mouth working on her tits were only adding to this pleasure. Wonder Woman gasped and screamed as the cock plowed in and out her full rich body. The might Amazon couldn't believe this was happening to her. "UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!"

"Boys, this whore is as good fuck as Ms A!" The leader laughed as he mashed her tits around while he sucked and chewed on them. He increased the power of his fucking, looking over to make sure his boys were giving the other bitch a good time. "Fuck that ass good boys!"

"AUGHHHHHHH!" Electra sobbed and screamed as the long cock reamed out her tight ass. It had hurt like hell but now it was only giving her unwanted pleasure. She frantically pulled at the ropes binding her arms but it was no good. The helpless heroine gasped with each thrust of the cock. Electra arched up and wailed and sobbed when someone grabbed to fistfuls of her head and pulled her spread lips onto his cock. "ACKKKKKK!"

"You like the taste of that bitch!" The thug laughed as he pulled her mouth onto his cock and pushed it back. In mere seconds he was fucking her face with the same lust his buddy was fucking her ass. "Feels good to me!"

"ACK! ACK! ACK!" Electra sobbed still not believing she was not only being raped in the ass but being forced to suck on a cock. Tears ran down her face as it was pushed into the smelly crotch of the creep. The bound beauty squealed when she came and was shocked that this disgusting act had given her an orgasm. "ACK! ACK! ACK! ACK!"

"UGHHHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman screamed as the bastard forced her to come. She shook her head and watched in wide eyes horror, as Electra was now being force to take two cocks. The bound beauty arched up as she came again. As she did one the thugs walked up, grabbed her hair and pushed her lips onto his cock. The Amazon princess couldn't fathom she had a man's cock in her mouth. "ACKKKKKKK!"

The man holding Wonder Woman's face wrapped her thick curls around his hands and began to pump his cock deep into her mouth. He laughed as his boss continued to fuck her pussy with the same force. The leader was panting and moaning in sheer delight as the hot wet pussy hugged his cock. He mashed and gnawed on her fat tits with sheer lust.

"UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!" Wonder Woman grunted as the long cock slid into her mouth and out again in incredible force. The whole time her pussy was being fucked another monster cock. Her tits were in agony from the rough foreplay. Hot tears flooded her eyes began to run down her face. She arched up and screamed as she came again. The once proud Amazon couldn't believe she was now the plaything of these common thugs. "UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!"

"MPHHHHHHHH!" Electra squealed around the cock slamming into her mouth as she came. She couldn't believe getting her ass reamed out would make her come. The bound beauty sobbed as the cock plowed into her throat forcing her to suck on it. Her tongue rolled around the shaft as the other cock continued to fuck her ass. The ravished heroine screamed around the cock as she came again. "MMMMMMPHHH!"

"This bitch has the tightness ass!" The thug fucking her butt laughed. He gave her ass a swat as he drove his cock into the ass making her come. "I bet this ass is cherry!"

"If this bitch is virgin, you know her ass is cherry!" The leader grunted burying his cock into her pussy and shooting his load. "COMINGGGG!"

"AUGHHHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman squealed as he pussy was filled with hot cum making her climax. She bucked and twisted as the orgasm shook her whole body. The climax made her gobble of the cock filling her mouth. Her eyes almost popped out of her head when cum filled her mouth. The bound beauty had no choice but to swallow the seed. It was made more humiliating by the cum running down her face into her silky hair. The ravished heroine got a second of rest when the two cocks pulled out but were quickly replaced by two equally huge cocks. Wonder Woman wailed as she was treated to another double fuck. "MPHHHH!"

"AUGHHHHH!" Electra sobbed as she was treated to her first taste cum. A second later her ass filled with hot seed that made her come again. She arched up and glumly swallowed the cum flowing into her mouth. The bound beauty got to catch a couple of breaths as the cocks pulled out and were quickly replaced by two more. "UGHHHHH!"

For the next two hours, the entire gang who took turns at all their holes fucked the two bound beauties. Needless to say the two ravished heroine were pulled up and held in place by their captors. The leader walked up and smiled. "I think we should take these whores back to the lair and introduce them to the rest of the BDB.

"I think not foul villains!" Ms Americana yelled as landing in the midst of the thugs and slammed her fist into the leader's face. "The Queen of Justice is here!"

"So is Green Specter!" Green Specter laughed coming up behind the group and diving into the battle. "There will be no more fun for you tonight!"

"Mind if I join that party!" Omega Woman cried flying down and smacking a thug to the ground. "It is Friday night!"

Two young blondes charged into the battle and began to punch and kick the group.

Wonder Woman and Electra exhausted by the hour long gang bang fell to the ground and watched through half open eyes the new heroines take out their rapist with skilled punches and kicks.

Ms Americana and her fellow heroines took out most of the gang but the leader and a few scattered into the night. The raven-haired beauty walked over and looked down at the ravished heroines lying on the ground. "I know one these ladies, calls herself Wonder Woman. Not one of our biggest fans."

"I think that might have changed since we just saved their butts." Flag Girl smiled.

"We don't do this for the glory but we are pressed for time. This Batgirl is being delivered to King Pimp at midnight. If we are to save her we must move."

"If we can save Batgirl and deliver her to her Batman and Superman it would be quite the feather in our cap." Green Specter said. "Not that we are looking for praise."

"No, Green Specter." Ms Americana said, "You are right. We save this fellow heroine the JLA will give us the respect we deserve. But one of us should stay to help these ladies get cleaned up."

"I'll stay." Omega Woman said with a smile. "I can catch up later. Besides, I know this Wonder Woman; I think she needs to understand we do things differently in Delta City."

"Agreed!" Ms Americana said nodded to her fellow heroines. "Come ladies, justice waits to be served!"

Omega Woman watched her fellow heroines run off into the night. She made no effort to help Wonder Woman or Electra up. Instead she wandered around the alley, picking up their costumes and piling by their owners.

"My head." Wonder Woman moaned as she forced herself up and looked around. She stared at the tall blonde clad in red, black and gold spandex. Her voluptuous body was barely covered by the tight halter-top and hot pants. Her spike heeled hip boots and long gloves completed her costume. A mask covered her obviously beautiful face. Her thick blonde hair fell to her shoulders in a stylish wave.

"Welcome to Delta City." Omega Woman said with a smirk. "You enjoying you stay so far?"

"Who are you?" Electra muttered as she climbed to her feet and looked with disgust at the cum and sweat staining her whole body.

"I am Omega Woman." She said walking over with two pails of soapy water. "You may want to clean up before getting dressed."

"You saved us?" Wonder Woman asked taking a sponge out one the pails and began to wash.

"Myself, Ms Americana, Green Specter, Specter Girl and Flag Girl. Got Gal and Got Chic were watching from above. Lady Midnight was guarding the end of the alley."

"Where are they?"

"Off to save Batgirl."

"I thought you were waiting for Batman and Superman to do that?"

"We don't need the help of outsiders to save a fellow heroine. This is our town. It took us less than an hour to find out she was to be sold to King Pimp. We will have your friend freed in no time. So I suggest you clean up and go home. We have the situation well in hand."

"Not that I don't trust…" Wonder Woman said washing away some cum off her tits.

"A bunch of bimbos." Omega Woman said with a smile. A beep made her look down and snatch a small radio off her belt. "Omega Woman."

"Ms Americana here, good news we saved Batgirl. Lady Midnight had a hunch where this villain might be hiding her. It played out. We got her and the villain. I have contacted Batman and he is on his way."

"Excellent! Well done. Our two visitors seemed to have recovered."

"We are meeting up with Batman and Superman in the morning at Wade Towers. You will be there?"

"Meet Batman and Superman, you bet. I just want to make sure Wonder Woman and…who are you?"

"Electra." Electra spat throwing down the sponge onto the ground and began pulling on her costume. "What kind of psycho town is this?"

"It is Delta City." Omega Woman said. "They are fine. I make sure they will get out the city in one piece."

"Good, Ms Americana out."

"We don't need your help." Wonder Woman snarled thinking of the dressing down she was going to get not only from Batman and Superman but almost every JLA member. "We will be fine."

"I don't think you will." Omega Woman said with a smile. "You must have realized by now the game is played different here. You just got a taste of what happens when a heroine loses. The villain can do as he pleases with her."
"You mean accept getting raped as part the job?" Electra asked with genuine surprise. She adjusted her tight costume, tucking her boobs into her tight top. The shapely heroine started to look around for something. "It just seems wrong. I just don't understand how they overpowered me."

Omega Woman knelt down picked up a cloth and sniffed it. She smiled and tossed it over her shoulder. "Chloroform. It interesting to see you are just as susceptible to its effects as we are in Delta City."

"Not I." Wonder Woman said as she squeezed into her costume and then ran her fingers through her long hair. She patted her sides and began to look around. "They just got lucky."

"Mmm, I bet." Omega Woman said shaking her head. "I believe I have read some reports that you were drugged more than once. Is that how the Nazi caught you not once but twice?"

"Your point." Wonder Woman said giving the heroine a glare as she pushed over a trashcan.

"Denying chloroform effects you is a dangerous thing to do in our town. Many of the criminal elements carry it around for the sole purpose of using it on a heroine. A heroine brings the big bucks on the block."

"Block?" Electra asked sighing as she continued to look around.

"Slave block." Omega Woman said. "You do realize that Delta City has the highest number of white slavers than other city in America. You are in white slavery central. Every pervert, slave master, drug lord who wants a sex slave comes here. It is thriving business. You could be grabbed, raped sold and been on a plane to your new owner in less than two hours."

"Great little town you got here." Electra muttered.

"Well, that is not going to happen to us." Wonder Woman said scanning the ground but not seeing what she was looking for.

"It almost did. The gang who raped you are called the Back Door Bangers. They are a gang who enjoys gang-raping heroine, keeping them as sex slaves until they can find a buyer. If we had not come to your aid instead of talking to me, you would be either getting raped by the rest of the gang back at their lair or they would be selling to the highest bidder. I suggest Wonder Woman you have a little more respect for my town and leave."

"I can't." Wonder Woman groaned. "They got my gold belt and lasso. I can't leave without those. You have no idea what damage my lasso could do in the hands of a villain."

"If it is anything like Glory Woman's lasso I am fully aware of the damage. It could be used to turn every heroine into a mindless sex slave."

"Exactly. So I have to find it."

"They got my sais, too." Electra said. "I can get another set but to be honest I wouldn't mind a little payback for the rapes."

"I will have to contact Ms Americana." Omega Woman said pulling out her radio.

"This just gets better and better."

"Ms Americana and Flag Girl are handling the delivery of Batgirl. The rest of our team is going to search the city. There are only so many places the gang members will go and it is possible they don't know what they have."

"What are we suppose to do?" Electra asked. "Sit on our butts and wait?"

"I told Ms Americana I should take you to Wade Manor. You would be safe there but Ms Americana said you would never stand for that. So I get to help you look."

"You get babysit us." Wonder Woman said. "Are your powers natural or do you have some sort of device."

"No I don't need a belt or gem. My powers are mine. Of course like all heroines I do have my weakness. Chloroform cannot only take away powers but, this is embarrassing, it can cause me to get aroused. It is for that reason Captain Chloroform is my arch enemy."

"Captain Chloroform?" Wonder Woman said with a smirk.

"I wouldn't mock the villain. He is quite dangerous. Now we are going to work our way over to the BDB's last known clubhouse. Can you do anything without your belt?"

"I can handle myself." The mighty Amazon snapped.

"I hope so because it looked to me you two were close to being tamed." Omega Woman said motioning the heroines to follow her.

"Tamed?" Electra asked trotting after the tall blonde. "What is tamed?"

"It complicated."

The trio had broken into an old strip club that had once served as the clubhouse for BDB. They found the main room empty expect for the man lying on the stage.

"This is not good." Omega Woman said looking down at the dead gang leader lying at her feet. "This was one the captains of the BDB. You just don't kill this guy. I would check him for your stuff."
Electra and Wonder Woman knelt down and patted down the dead man. The red clad heroine laughed and held up her twin daggers. "I got mine!"

"No belt or lasso." Wonder Woman growled and stood up.

Omega Woman looked around the club, tapping the four strip poles mounted into the old stage. She sighed and leapt down onto the floor. "I assume that you will be staying Electra?"

"I would hate to miss the fun." Electra said spinning her daggers.

The three heroines whirled around when the empty club was filled with a loud laughter. Not a happy laugh but the kind of laugh that sent a chill down your spine. One large figure came out the shadows. The new comer was stood over six feet and had the build that came from countless hours in the gym. He wore bright purple pants with a frock coat of the same color. A wide yellow tie hung down over his barrel chest. His face was painted white with a wide red smile. The clown makeup was made even more bizarre by the fact he was black. The huge clown laughed again.

"Great goddess, not them." Omega Woman snarled as she raised her gloved fists. "They would have no problem killing this man."

"I am only seeing one big clown." Electra said taking a fighting stance.

"Meet Punchline leader of the Killer Klowns. Big fans of your old friend the Joker."

"Omega Woman, long time…no see…those big tits." Punchline said with a wide smile.

"Is everyone in this town obsessed with sex in this town?" Wonder Woman said. "No matter, we can take this Joker wanna be!"

"The joke is on you Ms Americana…"

"I am not Ms Americana! I am Wonder Woman!"

"You look like Ms Americana? Do you like to fuck and suck her?"

"You filthy mouth villain!" Wonder Woman roared and charged the huge clown. The mighty Amazon leaped up and swung. Punch Line was slow and not expecting because the punch hit him squarely in the jaw. The blow knocked him back, stumbling he tripped over old box. He landed on his butt, looked up and rubbed his jaw. This time he saw the spiked heel boot coming and rolled with the kick.

"Playtime boys and girls!" Punchline yelled rolling onto his knees. "Its party time!"

The room was filled with more laughs and cheers as at least ten clowns painted like clowns came charging out the darkness. Most of the crew was large men with builds like their leaders. They wore purple outfits like their boss. There were women who work purple frock coats but instead of pants they would one-piece swimsuit. Two of them were black with long curls that fell to their waist. Several others were white with blonde curls like Shirley Temple and one had red hair that she wore in two wavy ponytails. The villains charge the three heroines.

Electra spun around and took out two of the clowns with ease. She ducked another two while Omega Woman easily punched and kicked three villains. Wonder Woman turned to meet three attackers. The mighty Amazon punched out one and was ready to take the others when Punchline came up behind her and wrapped his around her pinning her arms down.

"Give the dope!" Punch Line grunted as he held the Amazon in a vice like grip. A blonde clown laughed as she shoved a cloth into the struggling heroine.

"MMPHH!" Wonder Woman screamed into the chloroform soaked rag as she struggled but quickly succumb to the drug. The mighty Amazon slumped into the arms of Punchline.

Electra saw Wonder Woman go down, swore as she took down two more clowns. She ducked under the flying fists of two more as she ran toward her friends' aid. The shapely heroine twisted and kicking the attackers as she made her way to the stage. One the black women landed at her feet but wrapped her arms around her legs. The shapely heroine stumbled right into the arms of the big clown. He laughed and pushed a chloroform soaked cloth into her face. Electra recognized the smell just before she slumped into darkness. "MMPHHHH!"

Omega Woman punched out two more villains and flew back across the room and landed away from the clowns. She gasped when she saw her fellow heroines were down and out. The blonde heroine was about to fly into the crowd and deal out some real justice when a hand clamped over her face. She gasped at the smell and tried to pull away but two of the Killer Klowns ran up and grabbed her arms. Omega Woman felt her powers weaken and a second later she slumped into darkness. "MPHHHH!"

"Get there bimbos ready for some clown fun!" Punchline laughed as he scooped up the sleeping Amazon.

The three heroines awoke to find themselves stripped out their costumes and tied to the four stripper poles. Omega Woman was kneeling on two boxes with her arms pulled out and tied to two poles. Her ankles were bound by the ankles were bound to each crate keeping her legs spread wide. Wonder Woman hands were pulled over her head and tied to the pole. Her legs were pushed up and her ankles tied to her thighs. Electra was bound facing the pole. Rope was wrapped from her wrists to her elbows binding them to the pole. Her legs were spread wide and tied to hooks in the floor. All three heroines were gagged with ring rings. The bound beauties could only grunt and watch the Killer Klowns strip down and line up into front of the heroines.

"MMMMPHHHH!" Omega Woman moaned still feeling the effects the chloroform that not only robbed of her powers but also was already causing arousing her body. She could feel her pussy beginning to tingle with a warm heat. The bound blonde could be in this weaken aroused state for hours depending how much of the drug she has sucked in. The helpless heroine sobbed when she saw a huge black cock coming toward her spread lips.

"You remember this from last time?" Punchline laughed running his fingers through her thick blonde hair, twisted his fingers into it and slowly pushed his stiff cock into her hot wet mouth. "You only got away taste last time because Ms Americana interrupted us but I don't think we have to worry about that happening again."

"AUGHHHH!" Omega Woman sobbed as her mouth was filled with hard cock. She blinked away the tears filling her eyes as a set of balls pressed against her chin as the pole filled her throat. The bound heroine couldn't help but gulp on the cock. The hot cock filling her mouth was making her hornier so when the cock pulled back she sucked on it. "MPH! MPH! MPH!"

"This slut is already sucking my cock like a twenty dollar whore." Punchline gasped as the hot wet mouth slurped on his cock. He let go of her tits and began to play with the fat boobs. The clown crook began to pump his cock in and out of her mouth. "I bet we have her begging her for in no time."

"We'll have her begging all right," said one of the clowns as he moved behind the firm round ass. He grabbed onto her hips, licked his lips and pushed his long hard cock into her ass. "This bitch is tight, gonna have to really push!"

"AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Omega Woman squealed as the cock pushed into her tight hole. She bucked and twisted as what felt like a log was pushing into her body. She sobbed and screamed which made her gulp on the cock with loud slurps. She let off another squeal when she felt a tongue lapping over her pussy. "MMPHHHH!"

"This whore tastes like honey!" The blonde kneeling down with her face pressed into the heroine's pussy. The huge cock sliding over her cheek into the ass was making her hot and wet.

Punchline laughed as he fucked the blonde's face with long hard strokes. He mashed and twisted the dangling tits with the same passion. He happily watched his two gang member's work on the heroine's ass and pussy. "You getting into the mood now, Omega Whore!"

"AUGHHHHHH!" Omega Woman gasped and sobbed as she was forced to suck on the cock sliding in and out her mouth. The combination of the two cocks, tongue, chloroform and the curse of the Aphrodite Gene were more than the bound blonde could handle. She had a small orgasm, which made her slurp on the cock and grind back into the cock reaming out her ass. "UGH! UGH! UGH"

"Damn this bitch is tight; the ass is crushing my dick!" The clown panted as he pushed his cock deep into the tight ass and pulled it out. He sighed in sheer bliss as the ass squeezed his cock in the all-best ways. The big man began to slap her ass cheeks with both hands. "We are so going to fuck you up, Blondie!"

"I got a dildo you are going to love." Blondie laughed lapping her tongue up and down the pussy, loving the sweet taste. She spread her twat and pushed her tongue in.

"AIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Omega Woman screamed when another orgasm slammed into her body making her arch up. Now lost in her own-drugged educed lust was hungrily gobbled on the cock with loud grunts and slurps. The cock slamming into her ass and the tongue licking her pussy was sending her into a hot pit of hot lust. She came again. "AUGGAAAAAH!"

The bound beauty grunted and gasped as she was bucked back and forth between the two huge men. The tongue lapping across her pussy was only adding to the lust burning in her body.

The two clowns came together with loud laugh filled yells. They stagger back and happily watched the blonde jump up. She grabbed the helpless heroine's thick mane and pussy her captor's face. "Lick bitch, make me cum!"

"AUGHHHH!" Wonder Woman squealed when another cock pushed into all ready wet pussy. She was soon gasping and sobbing as she was fucked again. It only took two strokes of the cock and yank on her hair to persuade her to start licking the twat pressing against her lips. The bound beauty pushed her tongue into the blond curls and slurped into the tasty juices. "MPH!"

Wonder Woman had watched the two men and woman start to abuse her fellow with huge eyes. A one huge black clown stepping up and grabbing her huge melons soon distracted her. The bound beauty squealed as the powerful fingers crushed her boobs while his tongue lapped over face coating it with drool. The helpless heroine twisted around but the ropes held her tight against the pole. She let off a long muffled scream when his huge cock pushed into her pussy. Wonder Woman sobbed and gasped as the huge black man began to fuck with animal like lust. His hands were still mauling her aching tits while his hot wet mouth kissed and slobbered over her face. She miserably sucked on his tongue with it pushed into her mouth. "MMMPHHHH!"

The black clown sucked and chewed on the bound beauty's lips and tongue while his hands pinched and twisted her fat boobs. He kept thrusting his long hard pole into her tight wet hole with increasing passion. He loved the way her tight pussy was hugging his cock. He freed her mouth and buried his face into her throat and began to gnaw on it.

"AUGHHHHH!" Wonder Woman screamed as the slamming pole forced her to come. She shook her head shredding huge tears began to flow down her cheeks. The action caused her long curls to fall down in front of her face blocking her view of her rapist. But she could feel every inch of the cock sliding into deep into her pussy and out again. The hands had turned her tits into aching mounds of swollen flesh. The mouth sucking on her throat was sending move waves of pleasure through her body. Wonder Woman squealed as she came again. She angrily shook her head trying to get her long curls away from her face. The helpless heroine finally leaned back her head, making her hair fall back. At the same time she came. "AUGHHHHHH!"

The clown kissed and bit down to her tits and caught a nipple. He chewed on the tit while he grabbed onto her ass and began to pull it into her his cock. The huge black man grunted as he really began to fuck the bitch with all he had.

"UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!" Wonder Woman gasped as the huge cock continued to fuck the living out her. She moaned as the mouth chewed and sucked on her tit. The bound beauty could feel his fingers digging into her tender butt. The ravished heroine screamed as another orgasm slammed into her body. "AIIIIIIIII!"

"That's it bitch, come for daddy!" He laughed as he kept fucking his helpless captive. The huge black man went back to gnawing on her tits. Suddenly her arched back and came. "COMINGGGGGGGG!"

"AIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" The ravished beauty wailed as the hot seed filled her pussy gave her another incredible orgasm. The bucked and twisted until the climax past and the long cock pulled out. The sobbing captive wearily looked up and whimpered as another gang member stepped up and pushed his cock not into her pussy but her ass. The helpless heroine screamed as the cock began to fuck her. "UGHHHHHHH!"

"This is ass is tight." He grunted as he began to ream out her ass. He gripped onto her ass and pulled it into his cock. He began to kiss and bite her fat tits with loud grunts and moans. "This ass has to be almost cherry!"

"UGH! UGH! UGH!" Wonder Woman sobbed as the hard spike kept plowing into her aching ass. She could feel every inch of his cock. Her already aching tits were swelling in bigger from the mouth gnawing on them. The bound beauty once again shook her head and screamed as the bastard forced her to come again. "UGHHHHHHH!"

The tall black man was grunting like a pig as he continued to fuck her ass with all his lust. He sucked in a mouthful of tasty tit and gnawed on it. He began to pinch and swat her ass with his open hands in rhythm of his fucking.

"AUGHHHH!" Wonder Woman wailed as she came again. She pulled at the ropes holding her knowing there was no escaping the foul fiend. Through tear filled eyes she saw there was a line of clowns waiting their turn with her pussy or ass. She was now yelped and sobbed as the cock kept reaming out her ass while the hands spanked it. The bound beauty screamed as cum filled her ass. The ravished heroine slumped when he stepped back giving here full tongue kiss. Wonder Woman whimpered as a one the black women stepped up with a long curved dildo strapped on.

"Gonna give you something to remember bitch." She laughed as he grabbed on her tits and pushed her sex toy into her aching pussy. The tall black woman buried the plastic cock into her the helpless heroine and then began to fuck her. "This is for you bitch, later you can lick my pussy."

"UGHHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman screamed as the long sex toy began to fuck her. The hot wet mouth began to kiss her full tongue over and over. As the third rape began the helpless Amazon mind was spinning from not only being raped again but also the fact this whole town seemed obsessed with sex. The bound beauty squealed as she came again. "UGH! UGH! UGH! UGHHHHH!"

Electra was having a rough time of it. Two of the bigger members were standing on either side of the bound beauty taking turns swatting her firm round ass. The helpless heroine yelped and sobbed as the hands spanked her butt. "AW! AW! AW! AW! AW! AW!"

"Don't worry bitch we going to fuck your ass and pussy." One the thugs laughed as he brought down his hand on the sweet ass producing a loud crack and even louder squealed. "We just letting you know that you're our bitch now!"

"AW! AW! AW! AW! AW!" Electra screamed and sobbed as her ass began to burn. It was still sore from the last spanking and ass fucking. The bound beauty pulled at the ropes holding her in place but she knew there was no escaping what they had planned for her. A low scrap made her look down and whimpered at the sight of a low padded bench now sitting between her legs. She gulped when one the clowns slid on the bench, grabbed her tits and began to suck and fondle them. Electra sobbed as he began to molest her body. Then without warning his cock pushed into her pussy making her squeal. "AUGHHHHH!"

"If that made you squeal this will make you scream." One of the clowns who had been spanking her smirked as he grabbed onto her hips and shoved his cock into her tight ass. "Look that, slid right in!"

"AIIIIIIIIIIIII!" The helpless heroine wailed as she was now impaled on two huge cocks. She was soon being crushed between the two huge men fucking her. Electra sobbed and gasped as the double rape went on and on. It was made worst by the hands and mouth sucking and mashing her tender tits. She gave off a muffled yelp when a hand came down on her ass. Tears flooded her eyes as she was spanked and double fucked. Electra was thinking it couldn't get any worst when someone grabbed her long hair and twisted her head and making her gasp. A second later a cock pushed into her mouth. The bound beauty grunted as the cock plowed into her mouth and out again. As the three thugs ravished her body Electra was thinking first chance she got she was getting the hell of this sick town. Electra cried and squealed as she was forced to service three cocks while being spanked. "AW! AW! UGH! UGH! UGH! AW! AW!"

The clown fucking her ass laughed and panted as he fucked her ass with hard strokes. He spanked her ass with the same lust he was fucking her. The guy fucking her pussy had his face buried in her dangling tits and was sucking and chewing them like a dog with a bone. The third man had her head with both hands as he fucked her face. He loved the feel of the hot wet mouth around his cock but watching his buddy fucking her ass just made him harder. The big clown pushed cock down her throat. He came too quickly and swore.

"MMMMPHH!" Electra sobbed as she was forced to swallow his cum. She had no choice but to gulp it down. The bound beauty panted when the cock pulled out but another cock replaced it. She screamed as the cock in her ass and pussy came together making her come. The bound beauty bucked around as the climax shook her whole body. The ravished heroine slumped and sobbed trying to catch her breath. Electra whimpered as the one clown slid out and another replaced him. A second later two more cocks pushed into her body. She barely noticed the hands and mouth sucking and squeezing her tits as the two cocks began to fuck her. "UGH! UGH! UGH!"

After what seem hours later all three heroines were untied from the poles and their arms tied behind their backs in the same way, wrists tied to their elbows. The ravished and exhausted heroines were force to straddle three clowns lying on three old mattresses. They gasped as three hard cocks pushed into their pussies. The bound beauty sobbed as they were pushed forward and then all three screamed as their butts with long hard cocks. Three of the female members walked up, took off the ring gags, grabbed the captives by their hair and pushed their faces into their crotches. All three yelped when their butts were whipped and a second later they were licking and sucking on the pussies.

"I knew you Amazons knew how to lick pussy." The tall black woman sighed as Wonder Woman licked her twat. She closed her eyes and happily grinded the heroine's face into her crotch. "You just keep licking baby, you're doing just fine."

"MMMPHHHH!" Wonder Woman sobbed as she ran her tongue up and down the slit, slurping in the juice as it spilled into her mouth. She could feel more juices splashing onto her face but it only made her blushing face burn hotter. The whole time she grunted as the two cocks kept fucking her all ready well-fucked pussy. She gave off an exhaust screamed as she came for the hundredth time on this cursed night. "AUGHHHHH!"

Electra licked and sobbed, as she was double fucked by the two huge men. She came again, which made her gulp on the pussy her face was buried in with loud slurps. It was made worst because out the corner of her eyes she could see her fellow heroines were being abused in the same manner. What was odd was Omega Woman seemed to be enjoying being forced to service the three gang members.

"MMMMPHHH!" Omega Woman sobbed as she hungrily licked and slurped on the tasty twat while enjoying the feel of the two cocks raping her body. Unlike the other two heroines she had the Aphrodite gene, which was now controlling her body. She was lost in her own lust unable to stop herself from servicing the three cocks. The bound blonde hated what she was doing but loved the lust filling her body. She arched up and screamed into the wet pussy as she came not once but twice. Omega Woman stopped licking for a second and saw the other two were serving their molesters but with less enthusiasm. She wondered if they realized this was just the start of what was going to be a long night maybe even a longer life. Unlike the other two, Omega Woman knew the Killer Klowns didn't keep sex slaves. After they had their fun, which could last days, their captives would be sold to the highest bidder.


Punchline put twenty on the blond bitch and watched as the three slaves were forced to straddle three of his men. The rest of the Killer Klowns placed their bets and laughed as the three female Killer Klowns began to whip the butts of the bound beauties.

All three were naked except for their boots. A bondage device wrapped leather their arms in leather from their elbows down. Ball gags would only let the grunt as they were forced to pump their pussies up and down the cocks of their captors. They yelped and sobbed their butts were whipped. The object of the game was to make the thugs they were servicing come first. All three were drenched in sweat; both their pussies and butts were dripping cum because this was not the first race. As a matter fact the three heroines had gotten very little sleep over the last two days. Between short naps they has been forced to fuck, suck and kissed their captors and their friends. Their butts and back were stripped with red lines from their whipping for not behaving.

"UGH! UGH! UGH!" Wonder Woman grunted as she bounced up and down on the hard cock buried in her pussy. She sobbed each time the leather whipped her ass. The bound beauty increased the speed of her fucking trying to make her man come first. If she lost it made she would have to suck and lick a number of pussies and cocks. She had lost the last race by ten seconds, which made ten people to service. So Wonder Woman was really trying to make her man come. "UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH"

"AUGH! AUGH!" Electra gasped and sobbed as she rode her man's cock. She too yelped when the crop hit her ass but she kept on fucking. She won the last rape so had avoid the blowjobs but could still taste the cum in her mouth. It felt like her belly was filled with the foul seed. The bound beauty was sure she would throw up if she drank any more cum. She glanced at Wonder Woman and could see the Amazon was just as tired as she was. On the other hand Omega Woman looked exhausted but seemed to enjoying the fucking. The ravished heroine suspected it had to do something with the gene that heroine had. Never the less Electra really began to fuck herself to avoid more blowjobs. "AUGH! AUGH! AUGH!"

"MPHHHHHH!" Omega Woman screamed as she made herself come, which made her, increase of her fucking. She yelped and sobbed as her butt was ripped but it only increased her pleasure. The ravished heroine had been broken long ago but still hated that she was becoming sex-crazed bimbo that would obey the commands of the Killer Klowns. A few more rounds of this game and she would be tamed. She looked over at the other two heroines and whimpered. They were obeying but were far from being sex crazed by her. The blonde beauty made herself come again. "AUGHHHHHHH!"

The three heroines rode their cocks like women possessed. They grunted, gasped and squealed as they made themselves come. The sounds of the three captives were mixed with the taunts, laughter and curses of the Killer Klowns. Punchline swore at the slave as he walked around them stopping to look into their faces. The blond beauty looked halfway tamed but the other two still have a lot of defiance in their eyes. This confuse him, all three should be kissing his toes by now. The gang leader wanted to tame all three but he was worried. Word on the street was Ms Americana and her group was searching for these bitches along with two more out of town heroes. Everyone was saying the big guy in the red and blue costume was incredibly powerful. But it was the guy dressed like a bat that worried him. He heard heard Batman had no qualms about killing a villain. He would have to dump these whores soon and lie low until this Superman and Batman left town.

"UGHHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman wailed as the hot seed filling her pussy made her come. She slumped back and then was pushed onto the floor. The sobbing heroine almost laughed when she saw the other two were still riding their cocks.

"UGH! UGH! UGH!" Electra panted as she increased her bouncing when she saw Wonder Woman had made her creep come. The ravished heroine forced herself to go fast, screaming when she came twice which made her slow for a second. She swore at herself and went back to fucking. The long haired beauty heard her man howl in delight and felt his hot seed filled her pussy making her come with a long scream. Electra pumped the cock dry and then let the bastard shove her to the floor. She looked at Wonder Woman and smiled.

Omega Woman lost in her own lust didn't notice the other two heroines had won. She just kept humping her man until she came which resulted in filling her pussy. The bound blonde screamed as she came. A second later she was on the floor beside her two heroic friends. The ravished blonde got a minute to catch her breath before she was made to kneel in front of five Killer Klowns, three women and two men. Omega Woman caught her breath, licked her lips and then pushed her face into the black curls of the tall black bitch.

"You getting better, you little slut." The black woman laughed loving the feel of her tongue lapping over her slit.

After Omega Woman had finished servicing the gang members, the three heroines were force back on the laps of three gang members but this time the cocks went into their asses. Since their butts were stuffed with hard cock it was their tits that got whipped this time.

"AW! AW! AW!" The three heroines sobbed and squealed as they began to bounce up and down on the cocks. The bound heroines wept huge tears as they forced to ream out their own butts. They yelped as the leather lashed across their jiggling tits.

"AUGHHHHH!" Omega Woman screamed as she came loving the climax.

Wonder Woman and Electra continued to ride the cocks hating that they were being forced to service these vile creeps. Each one wondered how much longer the abuse would go on and what would become of them.


Wonder Woman and Electra were locked in the basement of the strip club. Their hands locked into heavy metal shackles that were bolted to one of the wall over their heads. Their lips were wrapped around thick ball gags, which made them drool down their chins. The drool then dripped down onto their naked tits. The drool mixed with the sweat and cum that seemed to stain their entire bodies. Both heroines just lay exhausted and defeated from two long days of rape, bondage and abuse. They wearily looked up when the door to their prison opened. Punch Line stepped into the basement tugging on a heavy chain leash. "Get your ass in here slave!"

"Yes, master!" Omega Woman whimpered scampering into the room. The chain leash was attacked to a spiked dog collar locked around her neck. The once proud heroine was wearing a red leather corset that pushed up her large round tits. The corset has straps that held up her red and black fishnet stockings. A thin red thong did little to cover her pussy and ass. Her boots had been replaced with six-inch platform heels. Her usually wavy blonde hair had been permed and streaked with red and purple. Heavy reddish eye makeup and bright red lipstick made her look like one of the many whores in Sugar City. The tamed blonde's hands were bound in front of her with strips of leather made from her boots.

"Kneel slave." The gang leader snapped. "Clean my boots while you are down there."

"Yes, master." Omega Woman whimpered and dropped to her knees. The shapely blonde lowered her head, stuck out her tongue and began to lick her master's boots.

"As you sluts can see Omega Woman is now Omega Whore." Punch line said with a grin. "I just couldn't figure out why you two aren't licking my boots but I finally got the answer."

The two ravished heroines wearily looked up and sobbed at the sight of a fellow heroine meekly licking the boots of the man who had been abusing them. They thanked the Gods that they had not been tamed."

"But more important I am going to get major bucks for you. So much money I can get out this crazy town. I am going to retire to a quiet island with my Omega Whore. I am going sit in the sun, drink cold drinks with fruit while this blonde slut obeys my every command."

"Ah, so where are they?" Said an old man dressed in a rumbled suit that had just walked into the basement. He looked around and smiled at the sight of the two chained heroines. "You do have them. Wonder Woman and Electra. Excellent. When can I have them?"

"Soon as you give me the cash…why can't we tame them doc?"

"Oh that is very simple. Wonder Woman is an Amazon and can't be tamed in the traditional sense. You must defeat her in battle and chain her."

"We did that."

"No, no you told me she wasn't wearing her gold belt…it is all very complicated. Let's just say these two heroines don't have the Aphrodite Gene. So they can't be tamed in way you understand."

"Whatever. So when do I get the dough. I want to get out town with my new slave, tonight if possible. Superman and Batman are tearing up the town looking for Wonder Woman. Now some guy in red leather is looking for this one. This place is getting too hot."

"If you have a computer I can have the money into your account in just a few minutes."

The two ravished heroines watched the two men leave with Omega Woman scampering behind them like a well-trained dog…a well-trained fuck dog. They wearily looked at each other wondering who this man was that was buying them.


"Unbind me from this chair!" Wonder Woman screamed as she pulled at the metal bracers wrapped around her ankles and wrists holding down in a metal chair along with leather straps wrapped around her neck, chest, waist, and knees. Her head was locked into a headrest that was pressed against the sides of her face. The bound Amazon squirmed around in a chair that sat in the middle of a small lad that was filled with computers and large electronic devices with blinking lights that beeped. She watched the man she had come to know as Professor Perplexler walk up the chair and adjust the chair. "This is your last warning, release me or face my full wrath."

"I think your days of threats are over my dear." Perplexler laughed. "You will be the first test subject for my device."

"I am no lab rat! I don't know what your plans are but by the Gods I will have my revenge."

"I don't think so. This machine is going to microwave your brain deleting certain aspects of your personality and replacing it with new programming. When I am done you will obey your new master's commands."

"NEVER!" Wonder Woman snarled. "I will call no man master!"

"I am afraid you will. I would have turned you into mindless slave but your master wants you to be his meek little sex slave but hate having to serve him."

"The hate is no problem!"

"Enough talk." The professor said walking over to a control panel and pulling some switches. The machines roared to life.

"AUGGHHHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman screamed as her head exploded with pain. Bright flashes of light seem to blind her. Even as the pain faded the mighty Amazon could feel her warrior spirit fading away. "NOOOOOOOOO!"


Batman, Superman, Daredevil and Ms Americana were standing over the bruised and beaten Killer Klowns. Several more of the Delta City heroines were shoving more the villains over to their cohorts.

"It appears Punch Line the leader of this scum has left town with Omega Woman." Ms Americana said. "I suspect he sold your two friends for enough money to support himself in style along with his new slave."

"But not enough to share with his gang." Superman said. "It appears he left them to face the music."

"Bottom line, we don't know where Wonder Woman and Electra are." Daredevil said. "I can't believe Electra would submit to being a man's slave. It is just not in her."

"I doubt she has the Aphrodite Gene like the Delta City heroines." Batman said. "So I doubt she can be tamed. If someone had both them, they will have their hands full."

"Gentlemen, with all due respect to your missing comrades this is Delta City." Green Specter said. "The villains here have taken taming and training heroines to levels I don't expect you want to believe. I fear the worst for Wonder Woman and Electra."

Punch Line now known as John Carter was enjoying the South Pacific sun setting. He was sitting on the patio of his small beach house. The huge black man sighed and looked down at the blonde kneeling between his legs. A red scarf made from her old costume wrapped her waist was all that covered her rich full body. The Omega symbol that had been stretched across her chest now was covering her ass. Long extensions had been weaved into her hair so that it now reached to her ass. It was still permed and streaked with red and purple. The once proud heroine was meekly sucking her master's cock. Omega Woman hated what she had become but the daily fucking and doses of chloroform kept her quite tamed and horny. The blonde knew she wasn't going anywhere for a long, long time.

Electra stood there as two women adjusted and fitted her in the red negligee, fishnet stockings and spike heels for the next shot. Her long hair was now a mane of angry curls that any Jersey Girl would have proud of. The big hair fit the heavy makeup and red lipstick that was being painted on her face. She really looked the part of a porn star. The tall beauty eyes took in bedroom set up in the studio. There was a kitchen and living room set in other corners. A skinny kid playing a plumber had fucked Electra in the kitchen while she had been butt fucked and sucked the cock of a huge black man who was playing the horny TV Repairman in the living room set. In her next scene she would be fucking and sucking these two men along with the plumber and a woman dressed in a maid costume. This was her second porno film. The first one ELECTRA ENSLAVED had made King Pin a fortune. This was the sequel ELECTRA BOUND TO PLEASE.

Yes, King Pin was now her master. He bought her after the machine had reprogrammed her not only to be a porn star but King Pin's sex slave. It was his revenge against Daredevil. He had made sure the hero knew not only was Electra sharing his bed but also was making porn films. The red clad hero had tried to break into the villain's fortress like building three times but so far had failed. King Pin knew that even if he managed to save Electra she was not the woman he knew. More important she was programmed to come back to her master.

"Let's go sweetheart." The director yelled, "We haven't got all day. We still got the bondage rape scenes to do."

"Yes, sir, coming sir." Electra said in a monotone voice glancing over at her master sitting in the back with a big grin on his face. The tamed heroine hated him but had no choice but to obey him in every way because that just how she was programmed.

Wonder Woman stood like a statue as female slaves cleaned and shampooed her body. Several color strips of silk barely covered her hourglass figure. Several strips dangled down over her ass and pussy but really didn't cover them. A gold collar was locked around her neck. Two long chains ran down to the nipple rings that held up four gold chains between her large round tits. A long leash was attached to both of the rings. Her long hair flowed in thick curls to her ass. Heavy makeup and red lipstick made her look more like a slut than a once famous heroine. The once mighty Amazon hands were locked in front of her with gold chains. There chains locked around her ankles too. Wonder Woman barely looked up when a guard stepped in and snapped. "Your master wants you now slave!"

"Yes sir, I am ready to serve in every way." Wonder Woman meekly said but screamed like a warrior inside her head. Her body meekly followed the guard out the room as he tugged on her leash, which pinched her tits. The helpless heroine trotted down a series of hallways and into large room with a huge round bed. Wonder Woman screamed and swore at the sight of Dido lying on the bed wearing only a silk robe that was pulled open to reveal his huge cock. The chained beauty dropped to her knees and bowed. "This unworthy slave asked to serve you."

Didi could tell the words must have tasted like ash in the heroine's mouth. She obeyed his every command but he could see the anger and defiance in her eyes. It made his revenge so much better. He took the leash from the guard, motioned him out and tugged on her tits. "Crawl up here Wonder Whore and suck my toes."

"Yes, my master." Wonder Whore whimpered crawling across the floor, gasping from the pain in her nipples. The new slave climbed onto the bed, lifted her master's foot and began to suck his big toe with loud slurps. The raven-haired beauty worked on one toe and moved to the next one.

Didi watched the broken heroine suck on each and every toe and then cover his feet with long wet kisses. He laughed as he playfully tugged on her leash knowing it was pinching her tender flesh. He smiled as the once great Wonder Woman kissed and licked up to his cock and balls. He sighed in delight as she began to suck on his balls.

Wonder Whore glumly gobbled on the twin sacs with loud slurps wondering if she would ever be free of this vile villain. She couldn't help but think about her golden belt. If she had lost it she wouldn't be here.

"Where by the Gods is it." Wonder Woman thought as she rolled her tongue over his balls and began to lick up to the tip.

It took Omega Woman six months to escape and return to Delta City. After a short recovery she was back on duty. Sadly Wonder Woman and Electra were not so lucky. As of this writing they are both still serving their masters.

It should be noted back in Delta City, in a dark back alley, behind a dumpster, under a pile of old newspapers was a gold belt with a gold lasso lying where a gang member had tossed it and forgotten about it. If only Wonder Woman had looked behind the dumpster…if only.