By Blacknite13

Yes! I am still watching the Wonder Woman show. So sue me. But you can't tell me you don't like to see the Amazon in chains. I had another ending in mind when I started but this one seemed better. Blacknite13@live.com




Diana spun the wheel of her new BMW and fumed as she looked around for some landmark or sign to give her a hint where she was. The shapely beauty bit her ruby red lips and sighed.

"Last time I trust directions from a man." Diana muttered, "She remembered Harry Bane's words. Trust me Diana, this will cut off hours. Plus you'll find the best pecan pie in the world at the diner in Crocker's Bend. Why I listened to that miserable excuse of a human being. Thanks, a lot, moron. I'd settle for a sign pointing back to the Interstate."

Diana was about to give up and turned around but just as she came over a small hill Crocker's Bend came into view. She hit the brakes and studied the small town down in the valley. The town hall sat in the middle of what could have past for Mayberry. Nice neat houses on tree lined streets. There was even a park with gazebo. But for some reason she felt nervous. The tall beauty thought about turning around but an empty stomach and an almost empty gas tank made up her mind.

Charlie watched the silver BMW pulled up in front of his service station. His mouth dropped open when the tall woman climbed out. The black jeans and tight white blouse hugged the most amazing body he had ever seen. She was wearing big sunglasses but they couldn't hide her beautiful face. Her raven hair was pulled back into a long wavy ponytail. Charlie grabbed the phone and dialed.

A half hour later her gas tank full, Diana found herself studying the menu of the diner Harry had recommended. She still had the feeling in her gut that something was wrong. It could have been the gas station attendant, Charlie had been friendly enough but she could feel him undressing her with his eyes. Diana glanced outside and noticed a sheriff's blue and white car pull up beside her BMW. A large muscular man in a tan uniform wearing a cowboy hat and dark sunglasses climbed out and studied the car. A small skinny deputy wearing a baseball cap and thick glasses jumped out on the other side and eagerly looked around. Diana knew this wasn't good and made a snap decision. She slipped out of the booth and out the back door of the diner. The young beauty looked around and debated on her next step.

"She went out the back door, sheriff." A voice cried out from inside the diner.

Diana ran around the corner behind a small hotel and looked around.

"I have no choice." Diana said to herself and began to spin around. There was a bright flash of light and thunderclap.

Wonder Woman stood where Diana had been. Hands on her shapely hips. Her red, white blue costume could have been painted on her hourglass figure. It was a miracle that her huge round breasts didn't spill out the top her corset top. She patted her gold belt and lasso and touched the gold tiara that held back her long hair.

"All right, Miss Prince…" Sheriff Cole snapped as he walked around the corner with his pistol out. The tall man stopped in his tracks and gasped.

"Miss Prince is on her way out of town." Wonder Woman smiled, "Perhaps I can help you?"

"Hands up!"

"I don't think so."

"You heard the sheriff!" Deputy Eddie Willis panted as he held up his shaking pistol.

"Take your best shot, boys!" Diana laughed.

"I hate to damage the goods so why don't you just come along real quiet like." Cole said.

"No, I am not going anywhere with you."

Cole leapt forward and swung his trusty 44 with the wood handle at her head. He was shocked when she easily grabbed his gun hand and twisted his hand. The sheriff gasped in pain as he dropped his pistol. Next thing he knew he was flying through the air and landed on the ground with a loud crash. He tried to push himself up but slumped back instead.

"SHERIFF!" Eddie cried as he emptied his small 38 at the bitch.

Diana used her bracers to deflect every bullet. She grabbed Eddie and threw him over by his boss. The loud grunt of pain told her won't be getting up any tome soon. The tall Amazon trotted back toward her car.

Charlie a small but muscular man dressed in dirty overalls was charging her with a large wrench over his head. Another big fan man, dressed like a cook was behind him with a large iron skillet.

Diana waited and then caught Charlie's arm and slammed her fist into his gut, which dropped him to his knees. The cook got a spiked heeled boot in the face, which sent him down for the count. The tall Amazon studied the four men and decided the battle was over. She walked back to her car and slid into the driver's seat.

"Nice town." Wonder Woman muttered as she snapped on her seatbelt. "MMPHHHHHH!"

Wonder Woman gasped when a chloroform soaked cloth was shoved into her face. She brought up her hands but her attacker who was in the backseat had his arm around her neck plus the seat belt held her down. The Amazon struggled but the foul fumes had already weakened her. Wonder Woman left off one last gasp before she fainted.

Mayor Bob Cole held the drug soaked rag in her face for a few more minutes and then sat back, leaving the cloth on her face. He climbed out the other side of the car and looked around. Bob was bigger than his brother but not as well toned. A small potbelly showed his love of ribs and beer. Bob wiped the sweat off his brow thinking that he had been luck. The bitch was stronger than he expected. He spotted the four men limping toward him.

"You got her." Sheriff muttered, "How?"

"I don't care who you are." Bob laughed, "I never met a bitch who couldn't be taken down by chloroform. Where's the Prince woman?"

"She ran off." Cole said, " Eddie, Charlie, get going. She can't have gotten far."

"Right sheriff." Eddie said and ran off with Eddie.

"Let's get this bitch locked up." Mayor Bob snapped as he pulled the sleeping beauty out the car. "We got to figure how to hold her. She still going to be strong when she wakes up."

The two men carried the sleeping Amazon over to the sheriff's office and down into the basement where the special holding cells were. Four young women were locked into the cells. They were all quite beautiful with full rich bodies. Their pink prison dresses were so short they did nothing to cover their nice butts plus they were missing the top three buttons so their ample bosoms were almost bare. It was obvious they weren't wearing bras and panties.

"They caught Wonder Woman!" One cried.

"That's right slut!" Cole snapped, "No one said you could talk!"

The four prisoners sobbed and whimpered as they watched the two men carry Wonder Woman into the backroom. After the door closed. They moved to the bars and watched the door.

"We are so screwed." One sobbed, "They got Wonder Woman."

"Yeah, they got Wonder Woman in the training cell." A stunning African-American beauty muttered. "She is about to get screwed.

Wonder Woman groaned and shook her head. She gasped when she realized the only thing covering her body were her red boots. The next thing Diana realized was she was handcuffed to the bars of a jail cell. Her arms and legs were pulled up and out. The steel rings held her in the spread-eagle position.

"MPHHH!" Wonder Woman grunted through the knotted red bandana stuffed into her mouth. The bound beauty tugged and pulled as she looked around. Her eyes fell upon her costume, including her magic belt and lasso resting on a long bench sitting against the wall.

Cole walked into the backroom and pouring some chloroform into a rag. He stopped when he realized his prisoner was awake. The big man fumbled with his keys to get the door open.

"MPHHHHH!" Wonder Woman screamed through her gag when he got the cage door open. She pulled at the handcuffs as her captor rushed toward her the smelly cloth in his hand.

"Sleepy time!" Cole smirked, as he was about to push the rag into her face but stopped when he realized the cuffs were holding her. "Now this is right interesting. We figure that you could snap those handcuffs like twigs. But you don't appear to be going anywhere."

"UGHHHH!" Wonder Woman moaned.

"I guess that chloroform took away your powers." Cole laughed, "Which means we can have some fun…oh, we found you friend Diana Prince. We got her locked her locked up in a cell down the hall."

Wonder Woman stopped struggling and looked at the big lawman. She knew he was lying. But more important they had no idea that her magic belt was the source of her powers. The bound heroine gasped when her cupped her tits and squeezed them. She could only glare at the man as he fondled her.

"Yeah, you and me are going to have a good time." Cole laughed, "But first I got to call my brother. Let him know that we got everything under control. But let's keep you weak."

"MMMMMPHHH!" Wonder Woman sobbed as he pushed the smell rag into her face. She struggled for a minute and then slumped.

"There you go, Wonder Bitch," Cole smirked, "Sleep tight. You and me going to party later."

Bob listened to his brother on the phone and smiled. But then the smile disappeared when he remembered Diana.

"Well, that's all well and good." Bob said, "I be over later to take my turn at that Amazon pussy but what about Prince?"

"She got to be back in the hills." Cole said, "We got the roads covered. Old Man Hicks is up there with his dogs. We are twenty miles from the nearest town. We'll get the bitch and make her pay for all the trouble she is giving us."

"Remember she works for some kind of spy group. They'll come looking."

"I thought we had that covered."

"The plan was to grab Prince, hold for a day or two, git some training in until her buyer came to collect the bitch. She would be his problem after that. Understand this brother, Diana's people will come looking. We have got to find her."

"At least we got Wonder Woman." Cole smiled, "We can get big bucks for her. Gonna be swell breaking the bitch. Maybe we should keep her around now we know how to control her."

"Wake up Bro." Bob snapped, "We got to dump that whore as soon as we can. We can have our fun tonight but tomorrow we put her on the block."

"Why the rush? It is not often we get..."

"Look she is weak now. But her powers could come back. Then we'll all get our asses kicked. Plus how long before her buddies show up here."

"Why would they come here?"

"She's here! Why? Maybe she knows what is going on here? Maybe we should cut and run. For all we know Batman and Superman could are on their way here!"

"Good point. Maybe selling her isn't such a good idea just leave her locked up and run."

"You still plan on raping her?"

"Hell, yeah."

"Then selling her is not such a big deal."

Once again Wonder Woman woke up to find herself bound and gagged in the cell. She shook her head but looked up when her cell door opened. The bound heroine whimpered as Cole stepped into her cage. Diana frantically pulled at the handcuffs holding her to the bars as the sheriff unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off.

Cole dropped his shirt as her leered over the voluptuous body with its big fat tits that didn't sag, thin waist and the most perfect ass he had ever seen. Then there was the neatly trimmed strip of black curls on her crotch. He yanked off his boots and pants. He licked his lips as he stepped up to his helpless captive.

"MPHHHHH!' Wonder Woman sobbed as the half naked man walked up to her and grabbed her tits.

"You and me are going to have some fun." Cole growled," Then you are going to tell why you are here. But pleasure before business."

"AUGHHHHHH!" Diana squealed as Cole mashed her tits together and began to chew on her nipple. She pulled and twisted at the cuffs but to no avail.

Cole roughly fondled her tender mounds between his powerful hands. He chuckled at the sound of her sobs and squeals. The sheriff hungrily worked on her boobs as he ran his tongue up to her throat. He began to gnaw on the tender neck as he dropped one hand down to her pussy.

"AUGHHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman sobbed as his hand began to roughly rub her pussy.

The big sheriff sucked and chewed on her neck while pawing one tit and rubbing her crotch. He rolled his tongue over her face and neck, loving the look of disgust on her face. He felt her pussy begin to get wet and began to push in one finger.

"UGHHHH!" Wonder Woman squealed as his finger slipped into her pussy and began to rub it. She let off another squeal when two more fingers began to pump in and out.

Cole kissed and licked up to her ear and sucked it into his mouth. He chewed on her ear while working his fingers around her twat. He chuckled to himself when her juices began to spill out onto his hand.

"MMMPHHHH!" Diana sobbed as the fingers fucking made her body hotter and hotter. Her tit was throbbing from the hand mauling it. The mouth sucking on her ear was driving her crazy.

"Oh you whore." Cole whispered in her ear, "You want it bad. Don't you worry honey; I'll put out that fire between your legs."

"NAG! NAG!" Wonder Woman sobbed as she shook her head when his fingers left her pussy and he grabbed her ass with both hands. She whimpered as his strong fingers dug into her tender butt.

Cole kept sucking and biting her neck as he worked his cock between her legs and then shoved it up with all he had.

"AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" The mighty Amazon screamed as she was forced to take a man's penis into her body. She pulled the handcuffs binding her but it was hopeless. Wonder Woman barely noticed the hot wet mouth as now sucking on her tits while his hands rubbed and fondled her firm round ass.

"Ohhhhhhhyeaaaaaaaa!" Cole sighed in sheer ecstasy as the tightest pussy he had ever felt wrapped around his cock. He kept pushing his tool in until it was buried in the hot wet hole and savored the moment.

Wonder Woman could only squirm around on the pole jammed into her pussy while only made it throb even more. Her tits were now coated with rapist's spit as he continued to slobber on her boobs like a dog in heat. Then the chained Amazon screamed as he began to pump his cock in and out.

"You loving this Wonder Whore!' Cole laughed as he fucked her with long hard strokes. He squeezed her firm ass between his fingers as he chomped down on a mouthful of tit.

"AUGHHHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman wailed as her pussy was brutally raped by the huge cock. Her ass was aching from the fingers roughly squeezing it. She yelped as his sharp teeth bit her tit. She squealed and grunted as the shaft slamming into her pussy over and over. Each thrust would lift her up on to her toes, but the handcuffs holding her in place for the next thrust of the cock.

Cole grunted and patted as he worked the cock in and out with a steady pace, loving the way her tight twat was wrapped around his cock. He was lost in his own lust as sucked and bit the boobs with the same passion he was fucking her. He cupped her ass with his hand and squeezed. He moved one hand over and began to push his finger into her ass.

"EAKKKKKKKKKK!" Wonder Woman squealed as a finger pushed into her ass and an orgasm ripped through her body. The bound Amazon sobbed her body shook from the unwanted pleasure. She yelped as he worked his finger into her butt hole.

"Hold on, baby!" Cole laughed as he ground his cock deep in her pussy while pushing his finger into her ass, "If you like my finger in your ass, you are gonna love my cock. He ran his tongue up smiling at the look of anger, humiliation and helplessness on her face.

"UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!" Wonder Woman grunted as the sheriff violated both her pussy and ass. She kept pulling the handcuffs but without her belt it was hopeless. It was all made worst because through her tear filled eyes, she could see her belt sitting on top of her costume. The Amazon wailed as the brutal rape made her come age.

"I'M COMINGGGGGG!" Cole yelled as his cock exploded sooner than he would have liked.

"AUGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman screamed as she climaxed from the hot seed filling hole. She slumped when the cock and finger left her body. The mighty Amazon was too weak to fight when Cole uncuffed on hand and pulled her hand over her face and relocked it to the bar. Diana found herself facing the bars with upper body twisted around. She sighed in relief when he unlocked her leg and pulled over. Wonder Woman leaned against the cold steel bars as her ankle was locked to cage.

Cole stood up and cupped the hard ass. He squeezed it while began to kiss her back and shoulder.

"You know what is coming next, whore." Cole hissed in her ear as he ran his tongue up her face, "Yeah, you got a ass made for fucking."

"Nagggggg!" Wonder Woman sobbed as his hands spread her cheeks.

Cole kept kissing her face as he massaged her ass and then shoved his iron spike in.

"AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Diana wailed as hot tears flooded her eyes. The bound beauty strained against the steel holding her prisoner as the cock pushed deep into her cherry ass. Never in her life did the might Amazon think she would be violated in this manner. She had been raped before but by Hercules, Mars the God of War, Hades, dozens times by Superman not including the forced blowjobs, when red kryptonite had turned him evil. Actually Superman had raped her, her mother and younger sister. He was in the middle of raping his way through all the Amazons on Paradise Island when the effects finally wore off. *** But she had never been raped in this manner.

Cole reached around and grabbed her tits as he began to ream out her incredibly tight hole. He quickly realized he was the first to fuck where no there man had.

"Damn!" Cole laughed, "You got a cherry ass! SWEET!"

"UGGGH! UGHHH! UGHHH! UGH!!" Diana wailed and sobbed as the disgusting man ravished her body. She was shoved against the bars as the rape continued. His hands were mashing and squeezing her tits with brute like passion.

The sheriff kept slamming his cock into her ass over and over while he fondled her tits. He clamped his mouth on her neck and gnawed on it.

"AUGHHHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman screamed as an orgasm slammed into her body.

The two bodies twisted and turned as the long ass fuck went on and on. Their grunts and panting filling the small room.

"COMIIINGGGGGG!" Cole wailed as he shot his load into the tight hole. He grunted as he forced the last of his seed out.

"AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Diana screamed as she came again and again, She felt the cock leave her body just collapsed. The ravished beauty fell to the cold hard floor when her unlocked her hands and feet.

Cole quickly locked her hands to her ankles with the handcuffs. He went to the wall and picked up her lasso. He started back but stopped when he saw the dog collar and leash hanging on the wall. The sheriff tossed the lasso back onto the bench and grabbed the collar.

"Napphhh." Diana whimpered as the thick leather collar was buckled around her neck and she was pulled to her knees. The defeated and abused heroine wearily looked up, knowing what he wanted. She also knew it was no use to disobey. Without her belt, her body was just like any other young woman's.

"I am going to take off you gag and you gonna ask real nice like to suck my cock." Cole snapped as he tugged on her leash. "Git it, bitch! I got plenty of chloroform so just mind your P's and Q's."

Wonder Woman just nodded, wondering how much abuse she would have to take before she got the chance to escape. She licked her lips after her took off the gag and then swallowed her pride.

"Sir, may I suck your cock." Diana sobbed, "May I please suck on your cock until you come in my mouth."

"That's real good." Cole chuckled, "I can tell this isn't your first time on your knees. You must give great head then. Show me."

Wonder Woman's head filled with images of her sucking on Superman's cock. She remembered the long hours of being trained to correctly suck a cock by the Man of Steel. He demanded perfection. The kneeling heroine let off a long sigh and opened her mouth. The handcuffed Amazon pushed her lips over the cock. Diana glumly swallowed the cock inch by inch until her nose pressed into his hairy crotch.

"Damn girl," Cole gasped as she began to suck, "You got real talent…we going have to double the opening bid on your ass."

Wonder Woman sniffed back her tears as she pumped the cock in and out of her mouth. She rolled her tongue around the big pole as rubbed her lips up and down it.

"Ohhhhhh!" Cole panted as her talented mouth made his cock good and hard. He sighed as his pole swell and ache as she continued to slurp on it. He had to grab onto the bars to steady himself as heated lust filled her body.

Wonder Woman had to open her mouth wider to accommodate the cock filling her mouth. She slurped and gulped on the cock and cringed when she tasted some jism spill onto her tongue. The bound beauty knew her captor was about to come.

Cole panted and gasped as he watched her head bob up and down on his shaft. His cock was aching to explode but he wanted this blowjob to last. Finally he lost it.

"OH GAWDDDDD!" Cole roared as he shot his wad into her mouth.

"MMPHHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman grunted as she swallowed the cum filling her mouth. She sucked it down and then licked off his cock.

Cole sat on the small cot and moved his bound captive between his knees. He grabbed her by the hair and yanked on it. Then he playfully slapped her face.

"Now, why are you here?" Cole snapped.

"Just passing through." Wonder Woman smirked.

"Wrong answer, bitch." Cole growled as she smacked her face. "Where is Diana Prince?"

"I was once held over the fire pits of Hades for ten years and didn't tell him what he wanted to hear. He raped me too. So do you really think slapping my face is going to make me talk?"

Cole realized her was dealing with a super heroine and not some punk or one of the hicks who live here. He figured that meaner men than him had tortured her. It was one thing to rape the bitch. But thumbscrews and stuck were not his thing.

Wonder Woman watched her captor's face and knew she had him. Hades had raped her but the fire pit was a lie.

"Bitch!" Cole growled as she shoved her face down on the cold hard floor. He knelt behind her and shoved his cock into her pussy.

"UGHHHHHHH!" Diana gasped as she was raped again.

When Cole finally left the bound heroine, cum was leaking from her ass and pussy. It dibbled out her mouth and down onto her tits. The mighty Amazon was kneeling on the floor. Her hands were handcuffed behind her back. Her ankles were bound together with rope. The same rope bound her hands to her feet. Rope was tied to the collar locked around her neck, pulled tight and tied off to a bar on top of the cage. The knotted bandage was back in her mouth. Wonder Woman was barely awake because he had forced her to suck in some more chloroform. Diana hadn't past out but her head was spinning.

Bob Cole walked up to the cage and looked in on the kneeling heroine. He unlocked the door and walked around the Amazon. He shook his head and laughed.

"Well, looks like my brother fucked you up good." Bob smiled, "I think we need to get you cleaned up.

Wonder Woman fell forward when he untied the rope from her collar. She let off a whimpered when her legs were untied and he pulled her to her feet. The dazed and ravished heroine stumbled along as he pulled her along.

Bob pulled her into the shower room. He knelt down, unzipped her boots and yanked them off. He pushed her under a nozzle and turned on the water.

"MPHHHHH!" Wonder Woman squealed as the cold water hit her. She tried to jump back but a couple hard swats on the ass made her behave. The bound beauty stood under the water, grateful it was warming up.

Bob went over to a chair and began to undress. He carefully folded his suit on the chair. He tossed his boxers onto the seat and walked back his bound beauty. Bob came up behind her and grabbed her tits. He mashed them around as he kissed her face and neck. The mayor used on had to take off her gag and tossed it down.

"Now I am going to fuck you and get you to suck me off." Bob said as he nibbled on her ear. "This can go hard or easy."

"I am a big fan of easy. Wonder Woman moaned as his hands rubbed her tits and his mouth gently chewed her ear lobe. She could tell Bob had a gentler touch than his brother. The Amazon knew she was going to get raped again so why fight it.

"It is a pleasure to met such a bright young lady." Bob said as her turned her around.

"Young lady?' Wonder Woman smiled, "The fool doesn't realize that she was centuries old. When his lips came to hers, Diana parted her lips and let his tongue in.

"MMMMMM" Bob sighed as he kissed her full tongue while her ran his hands over her soft wet body. He rubbed, stroked and pinched her flesh while grinding his crotch against her.

"MPPPPPH!" Diana moaned as she sucked on the tongue rolling around in her mouth. She didn't mind the way his hands were fondling her body. The bound heroine spread her leg a big and let his cock rub across her pussy.

They grinded against each other as they continued to kiss full tongue. Their moans and pants echoed on the small shower room.

Bob moved her against the cool tile so they were both under the water. He grabbed her knee and raised her leg.

"MPHHH!" Wonder Woman gasped.

The bound beauty loved being trapped between his hot body and the cold tile with the water showering over her. She felt his cock pressing against her pussy and whimpered.

Bob feverishly chewed on her lips and tongue as he roughly fondled her tits. He pushed is cock up and sighed as it sunk into her wet pussy.

"UGHHHHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman gasped as she felt the cock push into her body.

Wonder Woman grunted as she was pushed back against the wall and then squealed as the cock began to pump in and out. She rolled her head around sobbed as she was raped for the second time in the same day. The bound beauty's body still hot from the last rape began to burn again. The Amazon couldn't stop herself from pushing against the cock fucking her and sucking on the tongue in her mouth.

Bob freed her mouth and buried his mouth in the tender flesh of her neck. He pulled her leg around his waist and was surprised when she locked around both her legs around his body. He grabbed onto her ass with both hands and began to thrust up into her tight twat.

"OH! UGH! UGH! UGH!" Wonder Woman cried as she was fucked. The cock was driving her into a sexual hell. The water spraying over her body only added to the stimulation of her lust. She bit her lips and gasped as the combination the fucking and fondling made her come. The chained Amazon gasped as she came again. She leaned back her when the mouth kissed down to tits and began to suck on her nipple.

Bob gnawed on the boob as she banged his cock deep into her pussy and out again. He squeezed and spanked her ass as he continued to fuck her.

"OH! OH HERA SAVE MEEEEEEEE!" Diana screamed as she came again.

"AWWWWWWWWW!" Bob yelled as he buried his cock in her tight hole and filled it with his seed.

"AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Wonder Woman wailed as the cum gave two orgasms in around.

Wonder Woman bucked around as the orgasm shook her body. She slid down Bob's body after he pulled his cock. The panting heroine ended up on her knees. Diana looked up when something slapped her face. It turned out to be his cock, which pushed into her gasping mouth. The still horny heroine began suck on the cock with loud slurps. The defeated heroine's pussy was still buzzing from the fucking. She loved the feel of the hot water spraying over body and taste of his cock in her mouth.

Wonder Woman sucked on the stiff pole in her mouth. She let the cock slip out of her mouth. Lost in her own sexual hell, the Amazon ran her tongue up and down the pole with loud slurps. The horny heroine ran her tongue all over the cock, working up to the cockhead. She wagged her tongue over the cock and then pushed it into her mouth.

Bob put both hands on the tiled wall and leaned forward. He grunted and panted as he watched the raven-haired head bob up and down on the cock. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the hot wet mouth slurping on his toy.

Wonder Woman pumped the cock in and out with heated lust, trying to make her captor cum. She tightened lips around the cock and gave it a long hard suck. Diana was rewarded with a mouthful of cum.

"MMMMMMPHH!" Wonder Woman sighed as she gulped down three mouthfuls of cum. She eagerly drank the cock dry.

Bob pulled out his cock and patted her head. He pulled her up and turned off the water. The mayor toweled himself off and then his captive. He grabbed her by the arm and led her back to the cage.

Diana soon found herself lying on the cot with Bob on top of her, fucking the hell out her. She gasped and panted as the cock slammed into her pussy while his hands pulled and twisted her tits. When Bob's mouth came to hers, she returned his sloppy kiss.

After two more rapes, another butt fucking and three blowjobs. Bob liked blowjobs. Wonder Woman was sprawled on the cot. She wearily looked as the familiar smell hit her nose. The helpless heroine could only watch as the cloth was pushed into her face.

"Ughhhhhh." Wonder Woman grunted as she woke up. Her hands were locked together pulled over her head. The chain between the cuffs was looped over cage bar. Her legs were pulled up and out. Rope running from the bars was wrapped around her ankles. The bound heroine found herself hanging in midair with her legs spread wide. A ballgag had replaced the knotted cloth. The exhausted heroine wearily looked over at her power belt and sobbed. So close yet so far.

"Mph." Wonder Woman moaned as the cage door opened.

Eddie the skinny deputy stepped into the cage and smiled. Charlie and the cook were right behind him.

"You sure we can do this?" Charlie asked.

"Hey, the sheriff is at home." Eddie snapped, "I am in charge of the prisoners"

"Go home, chicken shit." The cook smiled, "I ain't going to past up the chance to fuck this bitch. Kick me in the face, I am gonna fuck her ass, show her place in the world.

"Mphhhhhh!" Wonder Woman sobbed as the three men began to undress. She couldn't believe how fast Eddie got naked and between her legs. The hanging heroine gasped as his surprisingly strong hands dug into her tits.

"OH MAN!" Eddie laughed as he pulled and twisted her tits. He played with the big boobs as he pushed his cock into her pussy. He was surprised and thrilled his cock slid right into her twat.

"AUGHHHHHHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman screamed as the little creep began fuck her while mashing her boobs into aching balls of flesh.

The cook threw down his pants and moved behind the bound beauty. He grabbed her hip and began to push his cock into her tight ass.

"AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Diana wailed as yet another cock invaded her sore ass. She pulled on her bonds as the two cocks began to fuck her holes. The hanging heroine was pushed back and forth between the two men.

Eddie grunted and panted as he pumped his cock deep into pussy and pulled it back. He was now yanking and pulling on her tits. The cook held onto her hips as he buried his cock deep into her hole.

"AUGHHHHH! AUGHHHHHH!" Diana wailed and sobbed as she was fucked between the two men. She could see Charlie jumping around, trying to figure out how he could get into the action.

"Let me in! Let me in!" Charlie whined.

"Back off, asshole!" Eddie grunted as he worked his cock in and out. "She's only got the two holes."

"She's got a mouth!" Charlie pouted.

"If you can get your cock up then be my guest!" The cook moaned as he fucked the hell out her ass.

Charlie slumped onto the cot and watched the two men fuck the hell out the bound beauty.

"UGH! UGH! UGH!" Wonder Woman gasped and panted she thrust back and forth between the two men. Her tits were in agony from Eddie constant mauling of her tits. The bound beauty moaned as one cock slid in and out her pussy while another cock reamed out her ass. Suddenly she arched up and screamed as she climaxed from the double fucking.

"There she goes!" Eddie laughed as she worked his cock deep into the pussy as he mashed her boobs around.

"Oh yeah we own this whore!' The cook yelled as she slammed is cock in to the tight hole.

"OHHHHHHHHH!" Diana screamed as she came again.

The bound beauty heard both men grunt and then felt their cum spraying into her two holes. She arched up and screamed as they made her come again. Wonder Woman bucked around as the orgasm rocked her body. The ravished heroine slumped as the cock pulled out.

"Let's get her down." The cook panted, "I want to fuck her mouth."

"Okay, okay." Eddie gasped as he found his handcuff keys and unlocked her handcuffs while the other two untied her legs.

"Uhhhhhh." Wonder Woman sobbed as she fell onto her concrete floor. She was too exhausted and weak to stop Eddie from locking her hands behind her back. Diana whimpered as he snapped a leash onto her collar. The bound beauty grunted as he pulled her up by the leash. She watched as the cot was moved to the center of the cage.

Charlie lay back on the cot and waved for them to bring the bitch over.

"Ughhhhhh!" Wonder Woman moaned as she was planted on Charlie's cock. She grunted as Eddie moved behind the bound beauty and then squealed as his cock pushed into her ass. She gasped when the cook yanked on her hair and pulled her gag down around her neck.

The cook took advantage of her open mouth and pushed his cock into her mouth. He held her head with both hands as he began to pump his cock in and out.

"UGH! UGH! UGH!" Wonder Woman grunted and sobbed as she was forced to service three cocks. The helpless Amazon was crushed between the men humping her while the cook kept deep throating her with his cock. She yelped when Charlie gabbed onto boobs and crushed with his strong finders.

"Damn this is one tight ass!" Eddie laughed as grinded his cock deep into the hole. He began to swat her cheeks with both hands as he fucked.

"Oh yeah!" Charlie yelled thrusting up into her pussy as he mashed her tits around. He leaned up and began to suck on her nipple.

"Ain't so high and mighty now!" The cook panted as she shoved his cock deep into her throat and watched her eyes pop open. He held it inside until she began to gag and then pulled it back. He let her catch her breath, which made her tongue lap over his cock. Then he shoved it back in.

"UGHHHHHHHH" Wonder Woman sobbed as she was abuse by the three men, wondering which God she had offended to deserve this humiliation. Then suddenly she arched up and screamed as an orgasm ripped through her body.

"There she goes again!" Eddie laughed as he pushed is cock into her ass and shot his wad.

Charlie and the cook came with loud grunts.

"MPHHHHHHH!" Diana squealed as the three loads of cum made her cum again and again. As the cocks left her body, Wonder Woman knew she was in for a very long night.

Sheriff Cole walked into the back room and swore. Wonder Woman was lying on the floor looking like she had spent the night getting the hell raped out her. The beautiful body was dirty and sweaty and stunk to high heaven from stale sex. The Amazon didn't look that mighty and proud with cum dribbling down her chin and leaking out her ass and pussy. But worst handcuffs were the only bondage on the bitch. It was obvious she hadn't been chloroformed for hours.

"God damn son of a bitch!" Cole growled as he looked around. "I am going beat that boy raw!"

The sheriff grabbed the chloroform and rag, flung open the door. He was pouring the drug into the rag when someone coming into the room made him look up.

"What's up?" Bob asked as he walked into the room, "OH GREEZZZ! I thought told that moron not to touch her!"

"I did!" Cole snapped as he pressed the rag into her Wonder Woman's face. He smiled when she moaned and slumped back.

"Aw hell we got less than a hour to get her cleaned up."

"I know! I know! Git Bobby Jo in here."

Wonder Woman was exhausted by the night long gang bang and to make matter worst the sheriff had given her another shot of chloroform. The heroine walked in a daze as a young blonde led her into the shower room. She gasped when the water hit her. Diana sighed in delight when the girl began to run her aching body down. In seconds she started to feel human.

Less than an hour later Wonder Woman was washed, shampooed, primed and curled, looking pretty wonderful in her costume. Her long hair had been blow-dried and hung over her full rich body in curly waves. Diana just stood there as Cole locked her hands behind her back with heavy chains wrapped over her bracers, locking them together. The same kind of chains was locked around her ankles. The finally insult an iron collar with a short chain was wrapped around her neck. He tugged on her leash and the defeated heroine stumbled after him.

"Hey grab that belt and rope." Cole yelled back to Eddie who was now sporting a blackeye and fat lip. "We're selling the whole package."

Wonder Woman perked up when she heard this but the sheriff must have noticed and pushed the chloroformed soaked rag in her face.

"Lucky we found out your weakness." Cole laughed, "We can pass it onto your new owner."

The doped up heroine sleepwalked behind the sheriff as he tugged on her chain leash. The long day and night of rapes and the chloroform had taken its toll on the heroine. The whole world seem hazy to her. She was grateful to be outside; the air slowly cleared her head. The bound beauty realized the whole town was lining the street to watch the sheriff parade her down the streets.

"Damn that bitch is going to keep us in the green for a year." Some said.

"Longer than that." An old lady laughed, "Look at those tits and ass. Plus she is Wonder Woman."

As she stumbled through the town Wonder Woman realized the whole town was in on the white slavery ring. The Amazon tried to catch bits and pieced of conversations. Apparently the factory or something had closed and they had turned to this to save the town. At least that what she thought, it was hard to concentrate since Cole kept pushing the cloth into her face.

Diana stopped in her tracks when she thought she saw Harry Bane standing behind two rows of chairs. She shook her but was pulled forward and got another taste of chloroform.

Suddenly Diana found herself standing on the gazebo along with the four other girls. The young 'soon to be slaves' were naked except for the iron collars and chains locked around their necks. The bound heroine tried to clear her buzzing her as she looked out into the crowd. The townspeople were crowded into the park but sitting on chairs in the front were a couple dozen men and woman. All had the same look of wealth, power and evil. The chained beauty as sure she knew some of them. All were villains. Diana could feel their eyes leering over her body.

"Any word on the Prince woman?" Bob asked before stepping up to the mike.

"She is done disappeared." Cole said "But our contact says she hasn't called in. So she probably lost in the mountains."

"Well let's git this done and then the whole town will go looking." Bob said and then turned to the crowd, "Morning, ladies and gentlemen, I know most of you have come a long way and are in hurry to get home. But as you cans see we have some very special items to day. The redhead with the big tits and nice ass is Chloe; she is born-again Christian who is a virgin. Keep that in mind when you bid. The black beauty with the long hair is Tasha, you might remember from the beauty pageant. She was on her way to becoming Miss America until she stumbled into her town. Actually the cute blonde who just won the crown gave her the wrong directions."

Wonder Woman shook her head as the crowd laughed.

"Wrong directions?" She muttered but the damp cloth went back into her face. Then it all fell into place. Harry Bane. He had given her the directions to this vile place. An agent from her own agency had set her up. The only question was hwy had Harry done this. Steve and the rest of the group would come looking for her."

"The tasty brunette is a local girl who along with her cousins have been a pain in the butt for a while. We finally got them locked up. You should see this slut in short shorts and a tight top. What would a slave auction be without a blonde? This is Tracy, on her way to Hollywood to become a big star…she did take a wrong turn…what do you expect…she's a blonde!"

Bob laughed along with the crowd as he moved up by Wonder Woman, gave her ass a swat, which made her stumble forward.

"And finally the one and only Wonder Woman!" Bob yelled, "We figured out how to keep her weak as a kitten and will past that knowledge onto her new owner. But aside from being the famous heroine… check these out."

"No!" Wonder Woman gasped as he pulled down her top, exposing her fat tits.

As if on cue the buyers rose to their feet and climbed onto the gazebo. The once proud heroine along with the other captives were poked, fondled and rubbed. One man even checked her teeth. The humiliation seems to go on and on. Diana could only stand there on weak legs as her body was molested. She yelped when one man pushed his finger into her butt hole.

Of course, Cole kept pushing the drug soaked cloth into her face. Wonder Woman was so dizzy she wasn't sure even if she got her belt back it would do any good.

Finally all the buyers went back to their seats. Diana and the four girls, faces burning with humiliation were lined up at the front of the gazebo.

"Well, let's get the best out the way." Bob smiled as he moved beside Wonder Woman and tweaked her tits. "Wonder Whore! Bidding started at one million. I already had a bid of two point three from one of our web site members."

"Two million five." A Middle Eastern man spoke out.

"Three." A tall Chinese woman quietly said.

"Three two." A nasty looking fat man belched before finishing his beer.

"Three five." A nice looking man in a suit called out.

Wonder Woman could only stand there as all the buyers bided on her. They all wanted her.






Diana stood there in shock and horror as these vile people bided on her like they would bid a painting or antique.


Wonder Woman looked around wondering who her new master was going to be. A tall man wearing white flowing robes stood and bowed. He had handsome face but cruel smile and dark eyes.

"Hera save me!" Diana thought, "Abdul, a rich and powerful prince in the Middle East. To the world he was thought of a benevolent ruler of his people, which was true, but he had one of the biggest harems in the world. Because of his important relationship with the U.S. his country was hands off to anyone with a badge. Not even the JLA could go in and find out who he had enslaved.

"If Abdul gets me home to his harem." Wonder Woman sobbed, "I am lost for sure." Wonder Woman's new owner walked up to his prize and used the chain to pull her face close to his. He slowly ran his tongue up her face and then forced her to kiss him. The Amazon wept the whole kiss and gasped when he slapped her face.

"In my country we know how to treat whores like you." He snarled, "You will make a fine addition to my harem. Come slave!"

"Ugh!' Wonder Woman staggered after Abdul as he yanked on her chain.

She was forced stand behind her master and watch Cole instructed him on how to use the chloroform to keep her weak. To prove his point the foul rag was once again shoved into her face.

"Excellent." He said, "We have chloroform in a gas form so I will just have to spray it into her face. But in my land, we have been training slaves for years. We are what you would call experts. I will not need the drug for long."

The chained beauty stumbled after her master as he tugged on her chain.

"Hey! Wait!" Eddie cried out, "These are yours."

Eddie ran up and snapped the gold belt around her waist and stepped.

"Thank you, young man." He smiled and pulled along his slave. He returned to his seat and forced his slave to kneel beside him. "I am not sure it I will make another purchase but I will enjoy the sight of the great Wonder Woman being forced to watch young girls being sold into slavery."

Wonder Woman waited for her head to clear and her strength to return. But her head still remained groggy and tried as she might the chains held tight. The bound heroine was struggling with her bonds wondering why her strength was returning. Then she remembered the old Amazon law.


Diana realized she had say yelled this loud enough for not only her master to hear but pretty much everyone else in the park. She sobbed when everyone started to laugh and call her a dumb bitch and whore.

Her new master looked down with an evil smile.

"Well, thank you for sharing, slave." Abdul laughed as he took off her gold belt, "It is not the chloroform but your pretty belt. I wonder if this gold lasso has some magic."

"N-no!" Wonder Woman whimpered, "It is just gold."

"I think you are lying to me, slave." He snapped as looped it around her neck and yanked it tight.

"ACKKKKKK!" Diana gasped as she was choked with her own lasso.

"Maybe I will hang you with your own rope." He snarled, "Unless you tell me the truth!"

"The lasso is magic' Wonder Woman said unable to stop herself, "Whoever holds the lasso can force anyone to speak the truth and must obey his every command."

"Really. So If I were to command you to serve me as my sex slave for the rest of your life. You must obey?"


"Even after I take it off?"


"Call me master, slave."

"Yes, master."

Bob, Cole and the other buyer gathered around the buyers and Wonder Woman, watching the scene with evil smiles and whispered among themselves.

"Listen to me Wonder Woman, " Abdul hissed, "From this day forward you will serve meekly and with full devotion. My every wish and desire will be yours to fulfill. BUT you will remember you are Wonder Woman and hate that you are my slave but you will obey with all your love.

"Of course, my master." Wonder Woman cooed as she dropped down and began to kiss his sandals, "I will serve you for the rest of my days!"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Diana wailed in her head as she kissed and licked his dirty, smelly feet.

"Hey!' Bob grumbled, "If I had known that belt and rope were magic I won't sold them."

"I am sure we can work out some kind of arrangement." He smiled, "A share in the profits in exchange for the usage of my lasso. Think about it, there is not a woman in the world that is safe from us. Any woman we want will be our slave! I hear there is island filled with woman just like this Wonder Woman."

"GREAT HERA NOOOOO!" Wonder Woman screamed in her head, still kissing and licking her master's feet.

An hour later, Wonder Woman and Tasha followed their master with their heads bow, climbed into his limo. Diana now knew Harry had planned on running to Mexico with Diana as his sex slave. They would live off his share of the white slavery profits. She also knew Harry was pissed that his slave had been sold. But it didn't matter. Nothing mattered except her master. She must serve Abdul with all her heart and soul. She would hate every second of her slavery but that didn't matter either.

Abdul was all that matter.

Bob and Cole waved as they watched the limo drive off. They turned and watched the other three slaves happily follow their new masters to their limos.

"Yeah, Bob." Cole said, "With that rope we can grab any bitch we want. Too bad about Harry."

The two men looked over at the town's new janitor.

Harry Bain now dressed in blue overalls was cleaning up the mess left after the slave auction.

"Not really, we have been needing a janitor." Bob laughed, thinking he could finally get Donna Marie Baker into bed maybe marry her. The gorgeous redhead lived in the next county over and wouldn't give Bob the time of day. But that was about to change.

"No not a wife." He thought, "My upstairs maid."

The two men slowly walked back toward the jailhouse, nodding and waving to their fellow townspeople.

"The funny part is we had Diana Prince all the time and didn't know it!"

"You think we would have noticed they both had big tits.