By Blacknite13

Hi guys, I know a lot of you read Pig Boy's Wonder Woman story and enjoyed it. He has kindly allowed me to use his character Elmer for a little more fun with Wonder Woman. Blacknite13@live.com




Diana Prince stepped out the shower and toweled herself off, planning out one of her rare days off. She had a lot to do and didn't have enough time to do it. The tall beauty brushed out her raven colored hair and then twisted it into a tight bun. She quickly applied her subtle eye makeup and soft pink lipstick. Diana checked the results and went into her bedroom. The tall Amazon stopped in her tracks and gasped.

"Great Hera!" Diana cried, "My costume, magic belt!"

The naked woman rushed around the apartment looking but stopped when she saw a note pined to her DVD player.


Play me.

Then come see me.


Diana frowned as she knelt down and turned on the TV and DVD player. She hit the play button and watched in horror as her apartment appeared on the screen. The kneeling beauty stared as Diana Prince walked into her living room, spun around and became Wonder Woman.

"Sweet Goddess!" Diana gasped, "Elmer knows I am Wonder Woman!"

Diana quickly dressed in the high collar white blouse and black pantsuit that she had laid out. It was conservative outfit but it didn't hide her ample bosom, firm ass and long legs. The shapely beauty rushed out the door and up to the top floor where the building super lived. She came to his door, took a deep breath and knocked.

"Come. It's open."

Diana pushed the door open and stepped into the apartment. There same duct taped recliner sat in from of his big screen TV. There was now a beat up leather sofa pushed up against the wall with a long oak coffee table sitting in front of it. The walls were still decorated with the posters of porn stars most were naked. There as DVD rack by the TV filled with discs. Diana was pretty sure there were all X rated films.

"You made good time." Elmer said as he stepped out the kitchen holding a beer can.

Diana looked at the small disgusting man with a beer belly. His few hairs still stuck out in every direction. He was wearing his typical white wife-beater tank top and faded red shorts, which left his white bony knees bare.

"Elmer, I am going to make you pay for this…."

"No, No," Elmer smiled as he sipped his beer, walked over to the sofa, and flopped down. "You will be doing the paying. You probably figured out I put cameras in your place. I was hoping for a nice titty shot, maybe some bush instead I get the mother lode."

"You foul fiend!" Diana spat as she raised her fists and started forward.

"Diana, you ain't Wonder Woman now. Not without your little gold belt. And you can't make me forget your secret….at least not without your golden lasso."

Diana stopped and glared at the disgusting man as he finished his beer and belched.

"You, you have my costume and belt….how could you?"

"It was easy. I saw where you hide it in that secret closet. I have a key to your apartment. Snuck in last night and took it. Now it is safely tucked away in a safety deposit box. Along with a map that shows the exact location of Paradise Island."

"WHAT?! HOW?!"

"Last month. Superman and Batman were over. I don't know what the big powwow was about but you did bring out the map….Thank God for zoom lens."

"Sweet Goddess help me from strangling this little creep."

"Bottom line I own your ass."

Diana sank down on the recliner barely noticing the rank smell it gave off, trying to think but all her thoughts were jumbled up in her head. She finally looked up at the nasty pervert.

"W-what…what do you want?" She muttered, "Money?"

"Diana, look around." Elmer grinned, "You know exactly what I want."

"Goddess no…you can't think for a second I would share your bed."

"My bed, my floor, my chair, my shower…. anywhere I want to fuck you."

"Pleeeeeese no." Diana sobbed, "I.I can get you money…a lots of money."

"Maybe later. But first you give me your body."


"You would rather I reveal who you are and where you are from? I bet I could get a fortune for your costume on E-Bay."

"Please Elmer, I am begging you."

"Tell you what Diana. Let's make a deal…no, no a bet. I bet you I can make you come with just my hand while you are still fully dressed.

"What? A bet…What if you don't make me…c-climax."

"I give you back your little outfit and you use your golden lasso to erase my memory….If I do. You submit to me."

"I become your sex slave."

"That's the ticket. Well, do we have a bet or are you going to walk out. I guess Superman can fly you back…but then I know where your little island is."

"How do I know you will keep your bet?"

"If I wanted to I could use that magic rope to make you my slave. No, I prefer to see the humiliation in your face as you are forced to fuck and suck this pervert."

Diana looked around at nothing and finally stood up. She stiffly walked over to Elmer.

"I am ready when you are."

Elmer stood up and moved behind her. He reached inside to his pocket and pulled something shiny out.

"Hey!" Diana gasped when he pulled her hands behind her back and quickly snapped handcuffs around her slender wrists.

"Just making sure you don't back out on the bet." Elmer chuckled, "Besides if I win…you will have to get use to being tied up. My tastes run to what most people call kinky. Definitely not mainstream. You and I will be able to play out some of my favorite scenarios. Like we are doing now. This is from BRENDA WADE GETS BOUND AND BANGED. Did you know she was a heroine just like you, a rich bitch too. Some writer down in Texas got her the better of her and now she is one of the biggest porn stars around."

"Is that your plan for me." Diana coldly asked.

"Hell no, geez do I look stupid. I put you in a porn movie or stick your pics on a web site. How long before Superman or worst Batman come crashing in here? No this will be just between you and me. You go to work and come home to me. But lets see if you are what I think you are."

And that would be?"

"A sex starved bimbo who needs a good fucking."

"I-I am n-not." Diana growled, "Lets get this foolish bet over and we can both get on with our lives!"

Elmer went back to the sofa and sat down. He motioned her to move closer.

Diana let off a long sigh and moved right in front of him and gave him another glare.

"Spread your legs."

Diana closed her eyes and spread her legs. She let off a gasp when his hand grabbed her crotch.

"Oh, do your worst." Diana gasped when his strong fingers began to stroke her tender mound.

Elmer began to rub her crotch with his fingers. The surprisingly talented fingers sent electric like vibrations through her pants and silk thong to her clit. Elmer watched as Diana clenched her teeth and small drops of perspiration began to form on her upper lip and forehead.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!…Ahhhhhh!" Diana moaned as her massive tits began to rise and fall, her breathing becoming shorter and more rapid. Elmer reached around Diana and grabbed her ass with his left hand to stop her from backing away from the little rocket ravishing her body.

The raven-haired beauty bit her lip as his surprising strong technique continue to stimulate the mighty Amazon in a way she never felt before.

Elmer watched her face and smiled when it began to flush and her head began to fall back…he could see her nostrils flair just before her lips parted…she was on her way. He started rolling his whole palm around her crotch.

Diana shook her head back and forth trying to fight the building orgasm. She started to bring her hands up but the cuffs held them behind her back. Elmer smiled when as she watched her tug on the handcuffs. The bound heroine tried closing her legs but his fingers were fixed between her legs, forcing her crotch into her palm.


Diana opened her eyes and looked down as her body got hotter and her twat began to get wet. There were tears in her big steel blue eyes.

"N-nooooooo…n-nooooo… H-Hera h-help m-meeeeee…"

"Someone is liking this." Elmer smirked as he pressed the hand around and around the slit making it swell and grow harder.

"N-No….I…I…can't…Ohhh!" Diana stuttered as her body began to throb with heated lust. The constant rubbing was turning her pussy into a hot swamp of wetness. She closed her eyes again and tried to calm her body but it just got hotter and hotter.

Elmer really wanted to rip her blouse open and suck her tits but that would be for later. He knew it was important to humiliate the proud Amazon…break her will…crush her spirit. When he had finish taming her, he would spend hours to perform for me. This was the bitch that had called him a disgusting pervert and foul pig would soon be sucking and fucking him on command. Elmer increased his rubbing and felt her body begin shake and tremble.

"No….noooo….H-hera h-help m-meeeeeee…" Diana gasped as the wave inside her began curl up and slam down. She rolled her head around while she now squirmed up against the dancing fingers giving her unwanted pleasure.

"Oh God…Gasp….Gasp…. Nooooooo…"

"Don't fight it baby." Elmer laughed as he rubbed her twat, "I can see you are ready to explode.

"I. CAN'T……" OHHHHHH!" Diana gasped as she fought the throbbing in her pussy. "OH GODDDDDDD!"

"YES!" Elmer yelled as he watched Diana come, pressing his fingers deeper into her pussy.

"AUGHHHHHHH!" Diana screamed as the orgasm hit and made her knees buckle. "AUGHHHHHHHHHH! AUGHHHHHHHHHH!"

She sobbed and gasped as she fell to her knees in defeat.

Elmer kept his hand on her pussy, working it around and chuckling when he felt a dampness forming on her crotch.

Diana whimpered as she felt her juices soaking her thong and pants.

Elmer kept tormenting her with his fingers as he clamped his mouth over hers.

"MMMMPHHHH!" Diana sobbed as she was forced to kiss the pig's full tongue. She miserably sucked on the tongue filling her mouth.

Elmer mashed her lips around while he chewed on her tongue. He kept massaging her pussy with his fingers. He kissed long and hard for a long minutes while Diana convulsed as wave after wave of ecstasy had its way with her body.

"MPHHH! MPHH!" Wonder Woman gasped around the mouth clamped over hers as she came again. Diana gasped for breath when he finally let her lips go. She began to sob and whimper when the reality of her plight hit her.

Wonder Woman heroics were done. Diana Prince sex slave was born. By taking the bet, she had given her word. An Amazon never broke her word. Never. She was doomed by her own code of honor.

The kneeling beauty looked up when his hand finally left her crotch. He slowly rubbed the fingers under her nose.

"I bet your panties ate soaking wet." Elmer laughed as he sat back and fumbled with his shorts.

Diana felt her face flush bright red because not only were her soaking wet panties clinging to her pussy. She could feel a warm wetness running down her thighs.

"Time to give me some loving." Elmer grunted as he yanked his shorts down around his ankles. "Get those lips over her, bitch."

"Oh Goddess save me." Diana gasped as the nine inches of cock popped up out her shorts.

"It gets better. I took my magic pills. We will be going for hours! Now wrap those sweet lips around my cock."

The raven-haired woman muttered a curse as she moved her lips closer to the cock. The mighty Amazon opened her mouth and lowered it down onto the cock. Diana kissed the disgusting tip and then ran her tongue down the pole. The bound beauty kissed and licked the cock all over.

"Ahhhhh!" Elmer gasped her hot tongue licked his cock. He watched the snotty bitch work up and down the cock. The fat man smiled when she licked up to his cockhead and opened her mouth.

Diana spread her lips wide and began to swallow the hard meat. The bound heroine pushed the cock deep into her mouth. She tighten her mouth and began to suck on it. As she began to suck, Diana pumped the cock in and out with loud slurps.

"Oh yeah!" Elmer grunted as she watched her head bob up and down on his cock. He slumped back on the sofa and rolled his head around loving the feel of her hot wet mouth sucking his cock.

The bound Amazon rolled her tongue over the pole while she gulped on it. She pushed the cock deep into her throat, held it there and then pulled it back. The shapely beauty increased her sucking when she felt the cock swell.

"OH! OH! OH!" Elmer cried, "OH YESSSSSSS!"

Elmer sat up and grabbed her head with both hands, holding it in place as he emptied his cock into her throat.

"AUGHHHHHH!" Diana sobbed as she was forced to swallow the man's seed filling the mouth spilling out and dribbling down her chin. She gruntingly drank it. The beautiful Amazon sucked it dry and then licked it clean. The handcuffed heroine spit the cock out and glumly licked the cum off her lips and chin. She looked up tears filling her steel blue eyes.

"Excellent job" Elmer said as pulled out a ring of keys, "Lean forward and I'll uncuff you."

"Does that mean I can leave?" Diana asked as she lean forward, trying to avoid the cock.

"God, you are funny." Elmer said as he took off the handcuffs. He sat back and smiled, "I thought we covered this. We made a bet. You lost the bed. YOU are now at my beck and call. Now stand and strip…but slowly."



"V-very well… as you… wish." Diana spat as she stood up and gave him a cold look.

"No smile?"

"You can force me to service all your disgusting demands. There is nothing in the agreement about me enjoying it."

"Keep that thought and attitude. It will be so much sweeter when I have you tamed, trained and on your knees…calling me master."

Diana pulled open her jacket and slowly slipped it off her shoulders. She pulled down and let it drop around her feet. The tall beauty slipped out her high heels. Diana ran her hands over her chest and down to her belt.

Elmer licked his lips as she unbuckled her belt and did her pants. He felt his cock stiffen as she slowly pushed her pants down her long muscular legs.

Diana bent down as she shed her pants, stood up and stepped out of them. She reached up and undid each button gradually revealing her black lacy bra and matching panties. The shapely beauty casually slipped it off her shoulders and slid it down to her waist. Then she let it join the pile on the floor. Diana hesitated for a second before she reached around and unhooked her bra. The raven-haired heroine closed her eyes and uncovered her 44DD breasts.

"God all mighty." Elmer gasped, "Those are amazing."

Elmer gulped as he leered over two of the most perfect tits he had ever seen. They were huge and round that stood straight up. Her nipples were like dark tanned quarters. He licked his lips as she slipped her thumps into her black panties and tugged them off her ass.

Diana tried not to look at Elmer as she pushed her underwear down her legs. She stepped out the panties and tossed them down.

Elmer leaned forward to get a better look at the well-groomed thin strip of black curls running down her crotch. He smiled as he stuck out his finger and carefully pushed it into her pussy.

"Oooooooo." Diana gasped as he twirled the fingers around her twat. She sighed in relief as he pulled them out.

"Wet and sweet." Elmer said as he licked his fingers.

Elmer stood up and smiled into her face. He cupped her boobs and squeezed them.

"Follow me, my tall sexy slave." Elmer whispered as he wrapped his arm around her waist and planted his hand on her ass.

"Oh, oh, ah, ah." Wonder Woman whimpered as she was forced to walk with him down the short hallway.

The Amazon stopped in the doorway and gasped.

It was a small room with no windows. In the middle of the room was large round table with a padded black leather top. Silver rings were bolted to the rim and the edges of the tabletop. Three black cabinets with red velvet backing were mounted on walls. They were filled with all kinds of sex toys and bondage gear. Different type of shackles, chains and red and white rope hung from hooks screwed into a wall.

"My playroom." Elmer said, "I used to have a pool table in here but that is not the kind of game I want to play with you. Now onto the table."

"I…I…" Wonder Woman sighed and then climbed onto the table lay down on her back. Diana felt herself despairing as Elmer wrapped a heavy leather writs cuff around her right wrist and pulled the arm up along side her head tying the rope off to one of the silver rings. Moments later her left arm was bound in the same manner.

"You've done well my pet and you deserve a reward."

Suddenly Diana felt the warmth of her red leather boots as Elmer slipped her right and then her left boot. He slowly zipped them up.

"M-my boots…"

Then he applied the matching black ankle cuffs and spread-eagling her long muscular legs and tied them off on a couple of rings. Diana found herself vulgarly spread-eagle across the table.

"Now don't you feel foolish." Elmer smiled as he traced his finger over her soft body. "Your whole uniform is right here. All you had to do was look for it. Now say ah for Daddy."

"Ah." Diana sputtered. "AUGHHH!"

Diana grunted as Elmer pushed a ring gag into her mouth, which held her mouth wide open. She gave off another grunt as Elmer used a thick leather strap to bind her elbow behind her head. Her bound arms now propped up her head. She whimpered as he slipped her tiara into her hair.

"AUGH! AUGH!" Wonder Woman sobbed thinking, "How stupid could she be. STUPID! STUPID LIKE A WHORE…."

She turned and watched him select what looked like some silver chains. The bound beauty whimpered as he came back with the nipple clamps.

"Just relax, baby." Elmer said as she clipped them onto her nipples. "This will pinch."

"UGH! UGH!" Diana gasped as he tugged on the chain making the clamps pinch her tits. She glumly watched her snap a longer chain on the clamp chain.

Elmer began to move around the room, adjusting the four cameras mounted on the walls. Then picked up a camera and began to take pictures of his bound captive.

"God, where do I begin?" Elmer chuckled, "So many fantasies. You have been in my building for years. I've had so many fantasies about you. Now…I will just go with the basic one and work my way down the list. Oh it's a long list."

Diana could only lie there and whimper, as Elmer got naked and climbed onto the table. She watched him kneel between her spread legs and gasp when he crushed her tits between his hands.

"Mph!" Diana grunted as he mashed her boobs around which made her grunt. She tugged at the ropes more out of frustration than an attempt to escape.

"Looks like I needed to be fluffed." Elmer laughed, as he moved up by her face, turned around squatted over her face.

"UGHHHHH!" Wonder Woman sobbed as his cock pushed into her open mouth and her nose pressed into his ass crack. She closed her eyes trying to ignore the awful smell.

Elmer grunted as he pumped his cock in and out her mouth, which made his butt bob up and down on her face. He grabbed onto her big tits and mashed them around. He tweaked her nipples as he squashed then between her hands.

"UGH! UGH! UGH!" Diana grunted as the hard pole slid in and out of her mouth. She could feel her tits begin to swell and ache. It was all made worst by the smelly ass rubbing around her face.

"There nice and hard." Elmer smiled as he pulled out his cock and moved back down between her spread legs. He grabbed onto the thighs and pushed his cock into her tight pussy.

"AUGHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman squealed as she was forced to take the massive cock. She pulled at the ropes as the gigantic pole filled her tight twat. The bound heroine let off a loud scream as the cock began to pump in and out.

Elmer worked his cock in and out with increasing force while he squeezed her tits between his hands. He lay across the shapely captive and began kiss her face and neck.

"Ohhhh, Diana." He moaned between kisses, "This really is the start of a beautiful relationship. At least it will be for me!"

"UGHHHHHH!' Wonder Woman gasped as the cock worked her body into a fury of sexual heat like she could have never imagined. She blinked away the tears as Elmer kissed and chewed her ear. His tongue would slip into her ear and whirl around while his teeth chewed on her lobe.

"Mmmmmm!" Ernie sighed sucking on her ear while he grinded his cock deep into her pussy and out again. He mashed her tits together, crushing them between his fingers.

The bound beauty screamed as an orgasm swept over her body making tingle and throb. Her boobs were now aching hard balls. She felt his mouth bite and kiss down to her boobs. He caught a nipple between his sharp teeth and nibbled.

"Aiiiiiiiiiii!" Diana squealed as her tits were bit. She shook her head and sobbed as the cock pounded into her body. The bound heroine pulled at the ropes as she climaxed again. The Amazon screamed in pleasure and anger as the orgasm swept through her body.

"I'M COMING!" Elmer yelled as he short his wad into her tight pussy.

"AIIIIIIIIII!" Wonder Woman screamed as the hot seed made her come again. She slumped back as the cock pulled out.

Elmer patted her pussy and rolled off the table. He quickly unbound her and flipped her onto her stomach. He relocked her ankles to the two of the rings. The super pulled her hand back to her ankle and locked the two cuffs together. Her other wrist followed.

Diana was now on her knees with her face pressed into the soft leather. She could only kneel there as her captor buckled a thick black leather collar with rings around her neck.

Elmer tilted her head up and used rope to bind the collar to the table. He checked his work and stepped back leering over the bound heroine. The camera came out again.

Diana resting on her knees with her hands pulled back which pushed her ass up, her legs spread wide and her head hanging over the edge of the table. The bound heroine sobbed as Elmer took a lot of pictures. She could only grunt and whimper as Elmer put down the camera and then pushed his cock back into her mouth.

"UGHHHHHH!" Diana sobbed as she was forced to take his cock for the third time. The bound heroine took the cock deep into her mouth and began to gasp as around it. Huge tears flowed out her eyes as Elmer deep throated her for what seemed years. For the second time in the evening, the Great Amazon drank the cum of a man she hated.

"I need a beer!" Elmer laughed as he pulled out his cock, "Got to keep my strength up. But I can let you get out the mood."

Elmer grabbed a twelve-inch dildo and shoved it into Wonder Woman's mouth. Diana's eyes bugged out as she was forced to gasp for air through her nose. She had no choice but to suck on the plastic cock.

"AUGHHHHHHH!" Diana wailed as she pushed a pocket rocket back into her all ready hot wet pussy.

Elmer worked the toy around and turned to one.


"AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Wonder Woman as her whole body exploded with a sexual heat like she could never had imagined.


Diana could only kneel there and whimper as she came again and again as her tormentor went to the kitchen. She squirmed around on the table, which made the chains tug on her nipples.

"AUGHHHHH!' Diana squealed as she came again.

Wonder Woman was so lost in her sexual hell that she didn't even notice Elmer had come back. Through tears blurred with tears and sweat, she watched him drink his beer, chew on a piece of beef jerky while snapped picture after picture.

Elmer put away the camera and moved in front of his bound captive. He pulled out the dildo and shoved his cock in and out her hot wet mouth.

"UG! UGH! UGH!" Wonder Woman sobbed as she was forced to make his cock stiff again. She sighed when it pulled it out but the dildo went back into mouth. Diana fumed when he patted her head and told her "Good job."

Elmer climbed on the table and knelt behind her ass. He patted the perfectly round ass and sighed.

"Hey Wonder Whore." He said, "Three guesses what I am going to fuck next and the first two guesses don't count."

Wonder Woman gave off a long mournful screamed as she came again and she realized Elmer was going to give her hard butt fucking.

Elmer grabbed onto the hips and pushed his cock into the tight little hole.

"AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Diana wailed around the plastic toy shoved into her mouth. She grunted and squealed as Elmer pounded her ass. Wonder Woman couldn't stop herself from sucking on the dildo as the cock slammed into her tight ass over and over.

Elmer held onto her firm ass as he worked the cock in and out with long powerful strokes. He let go of her butt and began to spank her the cheeks.

"AW! AW! AW! AW! AW!" Diana sobbed and screamed as her body was hit on all sides by pleasure and pain. The bound heroine twisted and turned but it only increased her pleasure.

Elmer kept spanking her with quick short strokes slowly turning her ass a nice shade of pink. He bucked his cock into the tight hole, grunting with each time he did. He fucked ass before usually hookers but none of them had been this tight. Elmer wondered if Diana's ass was cherry. He would have to ask later. It would be sweet if he were the first butt fuck the great Wonder Woman. He couldn't see Superman doing it.

"UGH! UGHHHHHHHH!" Diana screamed as she came sucking the plastic cock deep into her mouth and almost gagging on it. She used her lips and tongue to free her air pipe but couldn't stop herself from sucking on the damn thing.

Elmer now had his fucking and spanking down to a rhythm and was thrill to feel the snotty bitch come. He increased his fucking and swatting.

"AUGHHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman sobbed as her ass began to burn and sting from the spanking. She arched up as a powerful orgasm hit her. The bound heroine slumped down and whimpered as she realized Elmer was in full control of her body now. Another orgasm slammed into her as if to confirm her fears.

"OH YESSSSS!" Elmer laughed as he filled her ass with his cum.

"AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!' Wonder Woman screamed as she had her best orgasm ever. Then she fainted.

When Diana awoke she found herself dangling from an overhead beam. Her hands were locked into chains bolted to the rafter while her legs were spread wide and locked into more chains bolted to the walls. Wonder Woman's mouth was now wrapped around a ball gag. She could feel something buzzing in her ass and pussy. The bound heroine looked down and saw she was wearing a leather crotch strap, which was holding in two vibrators. The chains still dangled from her tits were now had several weights hooked to the along some bells. So she would jingle every time she struggled. The hanging heroine shook her trying to clear her head.

Elmer came in and walked up to his bound captive. He pulled out the gag, grabbed her hair and tilted her head back. He began to pour the contents of a silver and blue can.

"Aughhhhhh!" Diana sobbed as she was forced to swallow the sweet bitter liquid. The beautiful woman was forced to drink three cans of the stuff. By the third can her head began to buzz and her exhaustion seem to fade away.

"Red Bull!" Elmer laughed as he held up the can, "With a little something extra to give it a kick. We still got a fucking to do."

"Oh sweet Hera!" Wonder Woman sobbed, "What have you done to me! MMHHHHPPPP!"

Elmer pushed the ballgag back into her mouth and patted her cheek.

"UGHHHH!" Diana whimpered as Elmer tugged on her nipple chain while sucked and chewed her tits. The hanging heroine squirmed as he ran his tongue over her boobs.

Elmer sucked and chewed on her tit with loud moans and slurps. He began to gnaw on her soft flesh while squeezing them together.

"AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman screamed as the two vibrators made her come again and again.

Elmer sucked and chewed on her boob as he unsnapped the front of the leather crotch strap. He pulled out the dildo and replaced it with his cock. He grabbed onto her tits and began to fuck the hell out her.

"AUGHHHHHHHH!' Diana screamed as she came at once. She leaned her head back ad sobbed. Her tear filled eyes spotted a clock.


"Goddess help me!" Wonder Woman sobbed, "The day is just beginning."


"Yes!" Diana gasped as she sat up and leaned back in her office chair. She adjusted her glasses and patted her hair into place. "Steve, I was just looking over that report…"

"You feeling all right?' Steve asked as he stood in front of her desk, "You came in exhausted. If you are ill…"

"No, no, I just did…more than I expected. I am sorry. I'll go grab a cup of coffee."

"I got some Red Bull in the fridge. Use it" Steve said wondering why Diana was squirming around in her chair.

Diana was wearing a snow-white business suit with a cranberry turtleneck. Like all her outfits it was conservative but could hide her voluptuous body. The tight sweater hugged her ample bosom making it look huge. Thankfully it also covered up her rope burns. Diana gasped as she rubbed her thighs together trying to calm the fire between her legs. Elmer had forced the to put two very small dildos in her ass and pussy. Her body was still aching from the long, long day of fucking, sucking and bondage.

"I want you to think of me while you are at work." Elmer laughed.

No problem there. Her silk panties were soaked and she was constantly running to the bathroom to wipe off her inner thighs. Diana grabbed the desk and gasped as she came again. She glanced at the clock and realized she had another four and a half hours. Diana closed her eyes and got up.

"Steve, I am sorry but I am really not feeling that well."

Diana rushed into her apartment peeling off her clothes as she staggered into the bathroom, leaving a trail of clothes behind her. She pulled out the dildos and climbed into the shower. The shapely beauty turned on the hot water and let if blast over her body. She closed her eyes.

The next thing Diana knew she was lying in the bottom of her tub with cold water spraying down on her. She struggled up, turned off the water and got out of the tub. The raven-haired beauty dried her body and hair. Diana pulled on her favorite terrycloth bathrobe and went in search of food.

Diana wolfed down some left over Chinese and a half bottle of orange juice. She felt like a new woman and debating what she should do next. Her thoughts came to a halt when she saw Elmer slumped on her sofa. There was a large suitcase and large bag from Victoria's Secret.

"You should have called when you got home." Elmer smiled, "I guess you forgot the rules. But maybe you just wanted to be well rested and fed so you could serve me better."

"Yes, yes." Diana sighed.

"Liar. Your punishment will from now on you call me Master Elmer." He said as he tossed the bag at her feet, "Put this on. We will be playing up here tonight."

"Here! My home!"

"You got a problem with that, Slave Diana…oh you forgot the master Elmer, don't let happen again."

"No, no it is not a problem…..Master….E-Elmer."

"Good. Now get dressed."

"R-right here, master."

"You seem to be asking a lot of questions, Slave Diana?"

"Sorry…Master." Diana sobbed as she pulled off her bathrobe and let it drop to the floor. She knelt down and peeked in the bag. The raven-haired beauty blinked back her tears as she pulled out the lacy outfit. Diana pulled on a corset that was an exact copy of her Wonder Woman costume. She put the bright red garter belts and fishnet stockings. Gritting her teeth she pulled on her own red boots and pushed her tiara into her hair.

"Come here, Slave Diana." Elmer snapped as he flipped open the suitcase. It was filled with sex toys and bondage gear. "I brought everything you need."

Diana just stood there as Elmer pulled back her arms and began to tie them.

Elmer tied her elbows and wrists together. Then he wrapped more rope around her slender waist and then criss-crossed her chest. More rope went around her upper chest around her neck. He ran the rope wrapped around her neck down to her bound arms and yanked it tight.

"UGH!" Diana gasped as her arms were pulled up which made her thrust out her tits. She glumly watched him lock leather shackles with a six-inch chain around her ankles. The bound beauty let him push a ring gag into her mouth. The final touch red leather silver studded dog collar.

"There." Elmer smiled, "Dressed to impress. Now knee before your master, Slave Diana."

Wonder Woman dropped to her knees and watched Elmer get naked, She gasped when he grabbed two fistful of her thick hair and pushed his cock into her open mouth.

"UGHHHHH!" Diana sobbed as she was forced to take the cock.

Hours later Wonder Woman was face down on her bed. Her hands and feet tied to the bed frame. She grunted and sobbed as Elmer fucked her ass for the fourth time since she got home. Diana screamed as she came again and whimpered in defeat.

It was a long month for Diana. Elmer let her go to work every day usually with dildos stuck in her ass and pussy. But the nights and weekends were his. And Elmer took full advantage of them. He raped in every way he could think of. Then he started to use his DVD collection for ideas.

Needless to say this turned the once proud Amazon in his meek little sex slave who would never think of not calling him Master Elmer. After three weeks she quit her job before she was fired. Diana became Elmer's live in slave. Her apartment was closed up and her furniture in storage.

Elmer thought he had every under control until one day while Diana was out shopping for groceries he opened the door. Two tall men in suits stood there.

"Hi, I'm Clark Kent" The one with glasses smiled, "My friend Bruce Wayne."

"Yeah, we got no vacancies." Elmer said as he started to close the door.

The one called Wayne pushed into his apartment and walked around like her owned the place. Clark stepped in and scanned the whole room with his eyes.

"We're friends of Diana Prince." Clark said.

"Your….girlfriend." Bruce growled. "We think she can do better."

"Get out here!" Elmer snapped. "Diana and I……..OUIGHHHHHH!"

Elmer was soon on his knees holding his aching gut. Bruce was rubbing his fist while Clark knelt down. He put his hand on Elmer's shoulder.

"Elmer, this is a courtesy call." Clark said, "We know what you did and how you did it. The gold lasso is in your bedroom. Bottom drawer under the Hustler."

"Normally I would beat the crap out you." Bruce snarled, "But if we took you in. That would mean a trial and public humiliation for Wonder Woman. I checked with Diana's mother and it would be best that you undo the damage to Diana."

"So you little pervert, this time tomorrow Diana will moved into her new condo in a building I own." Bruce snapped, "Back to her normal self."

"Do you understand?" Clark said, "If you don't I am afraid the next visit will be from Superman and Batman and well…."

"Yeah, Yeah!" Elmer gasped, "I get it. Wonder Woman back to normal and out of my building."

Clark stuffed a card in his hand stood up and stared at the movie rack. Elmer watched him stare at the rack and the drawer below. Then he turned to Bruce and smiled.

"Nice DVD rack." Clark said. "Elmer the card as Diana's new address. Clock is ticking. We're done."

"Not quite!" Bruce snapped and hit Elmer with a brutal kick. "Just something to remind you to stay away from Diana Prince."

Elmer lay on the floor holding his aching belly and rubbing his sore eye. He watched them leave and swore. The short fat man stood up and shook his head.

"Elmer, " He said to himself, "Your mother didn't raise any fools."

As if on cue the door opened and Diana dressed in a skintight red leather dress with the front zipper pulled down so far you could see her red bra. Her hair had been perm so it fell in tight curls to her ass. Her makeup was heavy and her lipstick bright red. She looked like the perfect slut. Diana put down her bags and sauntered up to Elmer.

"I am back Master Elmer." Diana cooed and walked up him. She gave him long wet kiss while she rubbed his crotch.

Elmer took her into the bedroom for one last fuck and then gave her some orders. He called the storage place and told them where to deliver Diana's stuff. The he got the lasso out of the drawer while she showered.

Diana Prince walked into the front room wearing the exact same pantsuit and blouse she worn the first day. Her hair was pulled into a tight bun and her glasses were on.

"You got your costume on and belt?" Elmer asked as he looped the gold rope around her neck.

"Yes, Master Elmer." She smiled.

"Okay, now listen very carefully Slave Diana." Elmer sighed.

Elmer finished his orders to Diana and then drove her over to the new condo. He escorted her up, surprised to see the men were already moving in her stuff. He took her into the bedroom and roped her again.

"When I leave you will forget me. Understand?"

"Yes Master Elmer."

Elmer gave her a kiss and walked out. Diana stood there like a statue for a long minute. Then she blinked, smiled and walked out into the living room.

"Oh hi, could you put those boxes in the kitchen." Diana asked as she pulled out her phone. "Bruce, Diana, Yes I just moving back. Why don't you and Clark come by? I'll make that chicken and rice dish you like."


Diana was spending a quiet evening at home and was looking forward to an even quieter weekend. The JLA had finally shut down Lex Luther's sex slave ring but couldn't prove the villain was behind it. So once again the bald-headed creep walked away.

Diana was wearing a white halter-top and tight red shorts that showed off her voluptuous body debating on what to do for dinner. The raven-haired beauty frowned and picked up her gold lasso.

"Now, why is this out?" Diana wondered as she twirled a lock of her hair around her finger. She looked over as the phone rang wondering who was calling. The JLA was scattered over the country. Batman was off chasing the Joker who had grabbed Batgirl and was apparently training her to be his sex slave.

"I never figure the Joker for that kind of thing." The beautiful heroine wondered as she grabbed the phone.

"Hello, Diana Prince here."

"I wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder where Wonder Whore is."

Diana's face went blank and her eyes glazed over. She sat up like a well-trained slave and holding the phone close to her ear.

"Master Elmer, I am ready to serve you." She cooed.

"Are Batman and Superman in town?"

"No master, it is safe to come over…will you come over. I miss you, master."

"Did you manage to get your little chore done?"

"Yes master, Batman and Superman have no memory of you and how you tamed me. I had to sprinkle some kryptonite dust on my lasso to make it work on Superman. Master, I made sure they would never stick their noses into our business again. We can go back to the way it was."

"Excellent. Open the door."

"Yes Master Elmer.' Diana smiled as she got up, trotted to her front door and pulled it open. She smiled at Elmer, gave him a long lingering kiss and stepped back.

Elmer stepped into the condo, closed the door and locked it.

Diana dropped to her knees, bowed her head and pulled down her top freeing her tits.

"Master, how may I serve you."