wonder woman : Traitor's Sex Toy  

By Blacknite13

My friend Saridu who did me a huge favor so I put off my retirement to write three stories for him. blacknite13@live.com






BERLIN 1943…

Colonel Gruber looked up when he heard the footsteps outside the door. The SS Officer has used his rank and black uniform to gain access the building but he wasn't sure it would protect him if he were found in looking through the files of the German High Command. He let off a sigh when the footsteps faded away. He smiled when he found what he was looking for and pulled out a camera the size of a pack of gum. It was the latest gizmo used by German agents. He quickly took a couple of dozen pictures, put the files back. He moved over to large set of cabinets and began to look through the file drawers, stopping to look at pictures inside the files. He smiled at the photo of the woman, thinking even in the uniform she looked sexy. He found another photo of the woman wearing skimpy swimsuit standing on a sandy beach. He laughed and began to take photos of her file. He closed that file, walked to the door and peeked out. The blonde German stepped out into the empty hallway and headed for the front door.

Once Gruber was back in his car, he checked his watch and estimated how long it would take to get out of Berlin. He knew that he was fighting the clock. Not from his superiors but the end of the war. Gruber had been in enough briefings and meetings and read enough memos to know to see the writing on the wall. The Allies would be soon invading France and then they would push the Fourth Reich all the way back to Berlin. Once the war was over Gruber was sure that he and his other SS officers would be held accountable for some of the things they had done. He had no intention in spending any time in prison.

Gruber was sure the invasion was at least two years off. But with the pictures in his camera he could change that time line. He decided it was now or never. It was time to make his move. If he waited any longer the Allies might just invade and his information would be useless. He started the car and drove off into the night.


Diana Prince at sat her desk wearing black dress uniform of Yeoman that hugged every luscious curve of her body. The starched jacket, blouse and knee length skirt couldn't hide her more than ample bosom and firm round ass. Her long thick hair was pinned up under her black and white cap. The large framed glasses resting on her nose did nothing to hide her beautiful face. The raven-haired beauty was typing up the daily reports. She looked up when her intercom buzzed.

"Diana, could you come into my office?"

"Right away, sir." Diana said snatching up her notepad and walked into Steve's office. She smiled at the handsome officer sitting beside his desk. Her smile faded when she realized there four other men in his office. Steve Trevor had two generals and two men in black suits. They must have come in before she arrived.

"Gentlemen, this Yeoman Prince." Steve said standing up and motioning Diana to sit. "We were just talking about you."

"My ears were burning." Diana said nodding to the men and sitting down. "May I ask why you discussing me?"

"Have you ever heard of Colonel Hans Gruber?" One the men in black asked.

"No, I have met the man but I have seen his name of some reports."

"Well, he knows you or about you."

"Diana, this Gruber is a Colonel in the SS and has made his way to Washington. The man wants to defect."

"He contacted us two days ago." One the generals said. "He sent a microfilm that gave us exact details of troop's movements in Paris. With just this little information we had to rethink parts of the invasion."

"The guy has hinted he has a lot more."

"Well this is wonderful." Diana said with a smile. "It sounds like he could bring the war to an end early and save countless lives."

"Exactly." Steve said. "We are talking about pushing up the invasion by…of yes that top secret. Let's just say it will change out plans."

"Why does this concern me?"

"Apparently he read your file and thinks you are one the few people in Washington he can trust you." Steve continued. "So he wants to meet with you to discuss his terms and give you more information to show he is on level."

"Just enough to wet our appetites." Diana said arching an eyebrow and not liking the sound of this plan. "Is it possible he is conning. Maybe this so kind of Nazi trick."

"We have thought of that. But this stuff he gave us. If there is any chance…"

"Gentlemen, I will meet with this man if it means saving more lives. Now where is this meeting?"

"It is at this mountain cabin we have used before to hide people of interest. It is very isolated." One the agents said. "You have to know that once you reach the cabin you will be on your own. He has made it clear if anyone even comes close to the cabin. The deal is off."

"Not to worry, gentlemen, I can take care of myself. Is there any else I need to know?"

"He wants you wear you uniform?"

"What? Why?"

"No idea."

"No matter, when do I leave?"

"Well, since you are in your uniform and it is early."

"Looks like I am leaving now. I should be annoyed that you assume I would go along with your scheme. But not to worry. Gentlemen, you can count on me."

Several hours later, Diana parked her car in front of a two-story log cabin with a wraparound porch. This was not someone's simple log cabin. The shapely officer climbed out and looked around but saw no sign of anyone. All she saw for miles were trees and more trees.

"Well, we certainly won't be interrupted."

"Miss Prince, thank you for coming." Gruber said stepping out on the porch.

Diana studied the older man dressed in a flannel shirt, jeans and boots. He spoke with perfect English which only the slightest accent. She was surprised to see he was blonde and tanned. His face was unlined and cleaned shaved. He was shorter than her with a small belly but the rest of his body was well toned.

"Please, come let's talk and get you back home before the sun sets."

"Excellent." Diana said walking up the man, shaking his hand stepping into the cabin. She came into a large room that was meant to be rustic but it was obvious a lot of money had gone to make this cabin comfortable. There was a large sofa with a wood frame and large cushions. A stone fireplace dominated one wall. Thick Navaho rugs covered the floor while the stained ceiling beams were decorated with antlers and some brass plates. The raven-haired beauty wandered into the center of the room and settled down onto the sofa. She put her handbag on the long narrow wood coffee table. Diana finger one the brass rings bolted around the top. "I think we both know why we are here so let's get down to it. What are your terms?"

"The information I am going to give you will end the war by years. I am offering you Rommel's entire defense plans and that includes detailed mine field maps."

"I am impressed. What do you want for this generous gift?"

"I want five million dollars, and new name with American citizenship." Gruber said wandering around the room and ending up behind the young officer. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small bottle and a white cloth. "Once I have given the data I will be free to go where I please."

"That is big much, Colonel Gruber."

"You may drop the Colonel. I am now retired. To move things along I will give you some more film to take with you."

"Five million dollars will make you a very rich man. What will you do with all that money?"

"I have some ideas. So we have an understanding?"

"Quite, just give me the film and I will be on my way.

"Later." Gruber smiled putting one hand behind the raven-hair beauty's head and clamped a chloroform soaked cloth in her face. "First you and I will have some fun!"

"MMMMMPHHHHH!" Diana screamed into the rag, clawing at his arm but the damage was done. She could feel herself slipping in darkness. The shapely officer let off a swoon and slumped.

Gruber made sure she was out and grabbed a bag. He sat down by the sleeping woman and rolled her over. The blonde German pulled some white cord out the bag and quickly tied her wrists to her arms. He pushed a wad cloth into her mouth and then wrapped a long white cloth over the mouth to hold it in. Gruber rolled her back onto the sofa and ran his hands over her large chest. He could tell this bitch had huge tits. The old German licked his lips as he caressed her boobs through her jacket. He smiled when his captive's popped open.

"MMMMPHHHH!" Diana screamed when she realized that not only was she bound and gagged but also Gruber was rubbing her chest. She swore at the nasty man began to slowly unbutton her jacket. "NAAAA!"

"Let's see what you are hiding Yeoman Prince." Gruber said as he undid her jacket uncovering her starched white blouse. He watched her more than ample bosom rise and fall. "I read all about you. Your file had several pictures of you, one of you in a swimsuit. I got a real hard on looking at that photo. Once I decided to defect, I had to have one night with you. So just relax baby, you are in for a long night."

"NA! NA!" The bound beauty sobbed as her jacket was pulled off her shoulders and her tie pulled off. She shook her head as the vile man began to undo her blouse. "PLASEEEEENA!"

"I like it when my women beg." Gruber smiled as he slowly uncovered a lace bra containing two huge mounds of sweet soft flesh. Once again he licked his lips. "My God, your tits are huge."

"NAAAA!" Diana screamed as he pulled down her blouse and bra baring her more than ample bosom. She squealed with a man's hands touched her breasts for the first time. The bound Amazon gasped and shook her head as the fingers began to squeeze and pinched her soft flesh. Diana felt a slight tingling in her boobs and whimpered. "GADNAAAA!"

"If this is annoying you off. Then this will really got piss you off. " The German said with an evil grin lowered his mouth and began to suck on her tits.

"AUGHHHHH!" The helpless heroine screamed as the hot wet mouth sucked and chewed on one of her tits. His hands were now mashing them around her chest with increasing lust. She could feel them swelling and throbbing slowly turning into hard balls of flesh. The proud Amazon had never felt anything like this. A rush of heat was flooding her body making unbelievably hot. She felt a warm wetness between her legs and sobbed. "NA! NA!"

Gruber moaned and sighed as he sucked and chewed on her tits with increasing lust. He leaned up, laughed as he pulled off his shirt and began yank her skirt up over her hips revealing the white panties and garter belt holding up her stockings. He buried his face in her mountainous chest and began suck with loud slurps while he clamped one hand over her crotch.

"MMPHHH!" Diana wailed when she felt a man hand on her most private area. She let off a loud muffled scream as the fingers began to stoke her twat sending waves of pleasure through her whole body making her fingers and toes curl. The mouth and hand molesting her tits were adding to the fires in her loins. "STAPPPP!"

Gruber sucked and chewed on the boobs while he rubbed her pussy. He felt the cotton panties getting wet and slowly slipped his fingers inside. The nasty colonel chuckled when juice spilled onto his hand. Gruber gave a few rubs and then pushed two fingers into her sweet hole.

"AUGHHHHH!" The bound beauty screamed when she felt the fingers push into her twat, which seem to set it on fire. She gasped and sobbed as the fingers stroked her pussy making it even hotter. Diana sighed in relief when the fingers pulled out and then sobbed with her captor ripped her panties off. The helpless heroine watched with huge eyes as Gruber knelt up, dropped his pants freeing a huge hard cock. "GADNAAAAAA!"

"I will have you screaming your lungs out in no time!" Gruber laughed as moved her to the center of the sofa and draped one of her legs over the back of the sofa. He grabbed her thighs and pushed his whole cock into the hot wet pussy. "Oh God, it slid right in!"

"AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Diana wailed and sobbed as she lost her virginity in one quick thrust. The raven-haired beauty shook her head sobbing as the hands grabbed onto her ass and the cock began to slam into her pussy over and over. "UGH! UGH! UGH!"

"AH GOD YOUR PUSSY IS AMAZING!" The evil officer grunted as he kept pumping his cock in and out. He was mauling and twisting her boobs with the same lust he was fucking her. He licked his lips and began to kiss and licked her face and neck loving the sweet taste of her flesh. "I could fuck you all night. I think I will!"

"NAAAAAAAA!" Diana screamed rolling her head around trying to avoid the mouth slobbering over her face and neck. She gasped and squealed each time the cock slammed into her pussy. The bound beauty's body felt like it was on fire. Sweat was starting to bead on her flesh and run down. She tugged at the ropes holding prisoner but to no avail. Then suddenly she arched up and screamed as her whole body exploded with unbelievable delight. It took a second for the naïve woman to realize she just had her first orgasm. "AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!"

"YOU GO BITCH!" Gruber panted as he buried his cock into her tight wet hole making her helpless captive come again. He crushed her tits together as he buried his mouth in her throat. He sucked and gnawed on her neck as he kept bucking his hips into the soft young body.

"UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!" Diana sobbed and gasped as each thrust of the cock pushed her down into the soft cushions. She would bounce back up as the cock pulled back and then pushed her back down. Her longs legs flopped around as the hard fucking when on and on. Her tits were now in agony from the rough foreplay. The hot wet mouth slobbering on her throat was adding the lust filling her body. The ravished heroine arched up and screamed as she came again. "AUGHHHHH!"

"I COMING YOU DUMB BITCH!" The Nazi grunted as he pushed his cock all the way in and shot his wad. He mashed her tits together as he kissed her gagged mouth.

"AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Diana wailed as the hot seed made her come. Her whole body shook like an earthquake. The ravished beauty whimpered and sobbed as her rapist pulled out. The once mighty Amazon sobbed as he pulled her up and force around to the back of the sofa. Diana had no strength to fight as Gruber untied her arms and pulled off her jacket. She whimpered as he pushed her face forward over the back of the sofa.

"Now we are going to get really nasty!" Gruber said as he tied her wrists and elbows to the wood frame of the sofa. He forced her legs apart and bound her ankles to the back legs of the sofa. The colonel pulled off her cap, which made her long thick hair, tumble out around face. He pushed the skirt back up over her hips and rubbed her ass. "I bet you have never been spanked…which means you are overdue, slut."

"AWWWWW!" Diana squealed as his hand came down on her firm round ass. The once proud Amazon couldn't believe a man was humiliating her in this way. She yelped and sobbed as the hand kept spanking her butt. Her ass began to sting and burn after a few swats. The bound heroine frantically pulled at the ropes holding her in place but to no avail. Her captor knew his knots. Diana could do nothing but yelp and sob as she was spanked. "AW! AW! AW! AW! AW!"

"Spanking is very important." Gruber laughed as he paddled the amazing ass. He would stop to give it a rub or pinch. He smiled at the nice pink color. "By spanking you, you learn your place in our relationship. You are the slave and I am the master."

"NAVARRRRR!" The powerless Amazon wailed as the hand swatted her ass until it burned. She would be the slave to no man…especially a Nazi!" Huge tears flooded her eyes and ran down her cheeks as the spanking continued. The bound beauty tear was of anger and humiliation. She shook her head, which made her long raven curls whip around her face. Diana let off a long sob of relief when the spanking finally stopped. She gasped in horror and shock when she felt his fingers probing her butt hole. "NAAAAAA!"

"We got ourselves a cherry ass." Gruber said as her worked one finger into her ass, wiggled it around until he got in two more. He laughed as his bound captive squealed like a small girl. "We got to get this loosen up a bit before I give you another fuck."

"UGGHHHHHH!" Diana sobbed and squealed as the vile man swatted her ass with one hand while working his fingers around her tight hole. Tears of rage and humiliation streamed down the once mighty Amazon's face still not believing a man was using her body to satisfy his lusts. The bound beauty squealed as her pushed the fingers in deeper. Her butt was now on fire from the spanking. "AW! AW! AW!"

"I think you ass is just about ready." Gruber laughed as he pulled out his fingers and wiped them off on her blouse. He ran his hands over the twin moons and sighed. The blonde German looked down at his long hard cock and pushed into her ass. "Now I take it!"

"AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Diana wailed like a banshee as her cherry ass was impaled on the rock hard spike. She arched up, twisting her ass trying to escape the cock buried in her body. The bound beauty shook her head around making her long hair fly around her face. Diana gasped and squealed as the Nazi began to pump his cock in and out with incredible force. She couldn't believe the pain and humiliation she was suffering at the hands of this foul fiend. "AUGHHHHHHH!"

"Your tight ass is crushing my cock and it feels wonderful!" Gruber panted as he reamed out the wonderful ass. He dug his finger into her soft flesh as he plowed his cock in and out. The German laughed and grunted as he continued to fuck his helpless captive. He was thinking this bitch was the best fuck he ever had. He watched her long raven hair fly around her head as she arched and shook her head. "Oh you fucking slut, I would love to take you away to some tropic paradise and train you to be a first class whore."

"UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!" The ravished beauty sobbed as the cock kept plowing into her butt over and over, each time making her squeal. Diana was shocked the pain had faded and was being replaced with pleasure. Her body still hot from the first rape was already building toward another climax. She looked back at the smiling face of her rapist and sobbed in dismay. Diana was realizing this man could do as he pleased with her and there was nothing she could do to stop him. She closed her eyes and tried to regain control of her body but the cock relentlessly fucked her ass. "AUGH! AUGH! AUGH!"

"Oh Diana, the times we could have!" The blonde man sighed as her plunged his cock into her tight hole making her scream like a small girl. He kept bucking his hips into her body as he reached around and grabbed her tits. Gruber mashed her tits around as he continued to fuck her. "The things I could teach you to do with this amazing body."

"AUGHHHHHH!" Diana wailed as an orgasm slammed into her body. She screamed again as the cock slammed into her ass again. The hand roughly playing with her tits was only adding to the heat filling her body. The ravished beauty strained against the ropes holding down as she came again. Diana prayed the abuse would soon end and his talk of taking her away to be his sex toy was just talk. "UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!"

"Oh you lucky bitch here I come!" Gruber grunted as he buried his cock in the ass and filled it with his sees. He closed his eyes, savored his come and the scream of delight from his captive.

"AIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Diana screamed through her gag as an orgasm rocked her all body. She twisted and turned until the orgasm pasted. The ravished beauty slumped down and sobbed as the cock pulled out. Diana fell to the floor when he untied from the sofa. She just lay there as he stripped her down to her garter belts and stocked. The helpless heroine whimpered as rope was tied around her elbows and wrists. Diana sobbed as he pulled to her stocking feet and forced her into the bedroom, swatting her ass with commands to be a good little whore. "AW! AW! AW!"

Diana lay in a bed that looked like a war zone. It fell like her entire body was drenched in sweat and cum. She ached all over from the numerous fuckings in the ass and pussy. The ravished beauty had no idea how long she been raped but it was now dark in the bedroom so it had to been hours. She lay there in a half daze trying to get the strength to sit up. The rope wrapped her hands felt loose. Diana tugged at but stopped when Gruber walked up and tossed an envelope onto her naked bosom. She could tell the bastard had showered and changed clothes.

"A gift for services rendered." Gruber said. "Give this to your superiors and tell them my terms. I will be in touch."

Diana watched him walked out the room and then forced herself up. She rolled off the bed and steadied her herself. Then she spun around and around until there was a clash of thunder and explosion of colors. Seconds later Wonder Woman stood by the messy bed. She was clad in her red, white and blue costume that hugged her hourglass figure. The corset top lifted and barely covered her large round tits while the bottom hugged her ass like a second skin. She wore spike-heeled boots that made her legs look amazing. A gold tiara held back her long black curls. Around her waist was a gold belt that held a gold lasso.

"I'll find out your secrets!" Wonder Woman snarled as she charged out the room and was stood standing on the patio. She scanned the road and trees but saw no sign of Gruber.

"Forget he is long gone." Laughed one the black suited agents she met this morning. "But let's forget Gruber and how Diana Prince is Wonder Woman. Now here is how it's going to work. We give the orders and you obey…"

"Think again!" Wonder Woman growled as she pulled off her lasso and threw it around the agent. She pulled it tight and smiled. "Now let me tell you how it is going to be. You will forget that Diana Prince is Wonder Woman."

"I will forget Diana Prince is Wonder Woman." The agent said in a monotone voice.

"Now did you watch that foul scum raped me?"


"And you did nothing to stop him?"

"Orders. I was told not to intervene."

"Did you or superiors know he was going to rape me?"

"They suspected but decided it was a small price to pay for what Gruber was giving us."

"Would they have allowed him to keep me as a sex slave if it was part of the demands for the plans?"

"It was on the table but we wanted to avoid it. Steve Trevor and the Army would never have gone along."

"Am I supposed to go the next meeting?"

"If Gruber wants you, he will get you."

"I think not. You will forget this entire conversation."

"I will forget."

"Just one more thing." Wonder Woman said taking off the lasso and rolling it up. She hit the man with a punch that sent him flying off the patio and landing in a thick bush by the cabin. The Might Amazon spun around and was Diana Prince again. She went back into the cabin, quickly showered and dressed. The tall shapely Yeoman walked out the cabin and glanced down at the stunned agent. "It is not your day that is poison ivy."

"He raped me and I will have nothing else to do with these." Diana growled at the five men standing in Steve's office. "I know that you expected him to do so don't deny it. Now if you will excuse me I am taking some time off! Getting raped puts me in a bad mood!"

The five men watched the shapely Yeoman storm out the office, slamming the door behind her.

"Can't we get her back?" One the agent said.

"Don't even think about it." Steve snarled moving right in front of the two agents. He noticed one kept scratching his arms and legs. "Something wrong with you?"

"Poison ivy all over my body. I picked it up somewhere."
"Well you were luckier than Diana. I ought to thrash you two. Sending a wonder woman like Diana into a…a…Well You can forget it. I won't lift a finger to help you now. If we do this, then we are no better than the Nazis!"

"Colonel, if you saw the information he gave us. A few more details and we can invade next year."

"Next year…Very well I will help but Diana is out the picture."

Wonder Woman was standing in the shadows of the garage waiting. She smiled as the two agents walking out to their car. The mighty heroine tossed her lasso around the men and pulled it tight. "Now we are going to catch this villain my way."

Two days later, Wonder Woman was standing outside small house set back in the Hollywood Hills. Her plan was surprising simple. She had ordered the two men to let her know the time and place of their meeting with Gruber. Once she had this, she would show up before the two men, use her lasso to get all the information from the Nazi and then use it on the two agents to take Gruber in custody and have to charge with her rape. Happy ending for everyone. The Allies get the plans and Diana gets justice."

The large two-story house had a For Sale sign. It was made of red brick with a white wood trim. There was high hedge surrounding the property that would give the owner complete privacy. Wonder Woman had been watching the house for the last house and spotted Gruber inside.

"All right, you foul fiend." Wonder Woman snarled and ran up to the house. She came to the front door and tried the knob. The door swung open and the raven-hair beauty stepped into the front room. The floor gave away and Wonder Woman dropped down. She landed in a pile of pillows but tried to get up but a foul smelling cloth clamped over her face while another hand pulled off her belt. "MPHHHH!"

"I read all our files on you Wonder Woman!" Gruber hissed into her ear holding the cloth in her face. "I thought it was all crap until I saw Diana Prince turn into Wonder Woman. I watched from the woods as you used your rope on that fool of an agent."

"NAAAAA!" Wonder Woman moaned into the gag and slumped into darkness, knowing she was doomed.

Wonder Woman woke up in small room with a brass-framed bed in one corner. It took a second for her to realize her own gold lasso was binding her arms behind her back. It was wrapped around lower arms then pulled up around her neck keeping her arms in the middle of her back. A long length of the lasso fell down between her large round tits. What felt like a large ball was jammed into her mouth, it was held in by straps wrapped around her head. The bound beauty tried to stand up but couldn't get off her knees. A collar around her neck with a chain bolted to the wall kept her on her knees. She struggled for a while but stopped when she heard voices in another room. They were too muffled to understand but she knew it had to been the agents. Wonder Woman knew they were completing the deal and was curious if he would tell them she was his prisoner. The government creeps would probably pay a lot for her and her magic lasso. Either Wonder Woman knew she was in big trouble. The bound beauty looked around the room and spotted her gold belt drape over one of the bedposts. She was sure Gruber had put it there to mock her.

After while all the talking stopped and soon after that a door opened and closed. The bound beauty tugged at the gold ropes holding her prisoner knowing with the agents gone, Gruber would be turning his attention to her. Wonder Woman had a very good idea what the foul German had planned for her. The helpless heroine prayed he didn't know the power of the lasso.

To the Wonder Woman it seemed like years before the door opened and Gruber wearing a long robe stepped in. He dragged in a long black case and dropped it on the floor. The blond German laughed as he flipped open the case revealing stacks of money. "Your government met my price. Five million and a new identity."

Wonder Woman stared as he held up an Americana passport. She fumed as he came over and slapped her face with the passport. The bound beauty gave off a muffled growl as he pulled down her top freeing her tits. She yelped as he smacked her tits a few times with the passport.

"I am now Henry Grumman." Gruber laughed walking over, grabbed some bills and coming back. He let the money shower down over his captive. "I know you are wondering how I got the drop on a great Amazon. I was in the woods when I saw you come out of the cabin. It was easy to figure out that Diana and you were one in the same. Then I saw what you did with your pretty little rope. So I arranged the meeting at this house. It has been used several times by my old employers. It was they who installed the trapdoor. I believe a similar device was used to capture you. You think you have learned from your past mistakes."

"MPH!" Wonder Woman snarled around the ball jammed into her mouth. She glared at the foul fiend but inwardly gulped when he picked up the lasso. The helpless heroine licked her lips when the Nazi took off her gag. "You would be wise to free me at once. I assure you the last thing you want to face is the wrath of an Amazon."

"You are right. That is the last thing I want." He smiled standing up and opening his robe. "The first thing I want is you to lick my balls."

"You think me, a princess of the Amazons would even consider…"

"Shut, you stupid slut and lick my balls!"

Wonder Woman's mouth clamped close. She fumed as she pushed her face into his crotch and stuck out her tongue. The bound beauty began to lick the twin sacs. The helpless heroine felt her face flushed with anger as she rolled her tongue over the balls. She grimaced at the taste but kept licking. The once proud Amazon hated what she was doing but could stop herself. She was under the power of her own lasso. Wonder Woman knew she had no choice but to obey. She would be Gruber's sex slave as long as Gruber had the power of the rope. The helpless heroine tugged at the golden cords as she gave the balls a good tongue bath coating them with her own spit.

"Suck them slut." Gruber sigh loving the feel of her wet tongue rolling over his balls. He happily watched the raven-haired beauty lick around his balls while glaring at him with hate filled eyes. This only added to his pleasure making his cock grow even stiffer.

The bound beauty gave him a cold hard stare before wrapping her mouth around the twin sacs. She clamped her lips and began to suck. Wonder Woman gulped on the balls while lapping her tongue around the balls. Tears filled her eyes and ran down her face now bright red with anger. The kneeling heroine fumed and swore in her head as she slurped on the balls. The mighty Amazon could feel drool running down her chin and dripping onto her tits which only added to her anger and humiliation. Wonder Woman sucked on the balls until she was commanded to lick and kiss his cock. She spit out the balls and began to work her lip and tongue up and the hard pole.

"Excellent." Gruber said as he watched his captive lick and kiss his cock. He smiled as the once proud heroine moaned and groaned as she rolled her tongue around his pole. "I can tell you this is your first blow job but you show a real talent for it. I am sure in no time you will be sucking my cock like a first class whore."

Wonder Woman had never been this angry but it didn't stop her from running her tongue up and down the cock. She would stop her licking to plant kissed on it. Soon she coated the coat with so much spit it was running down onto his balls. The bound beauty was twirling her tongue around the cock when she was ordered to start sucking. The defeated Amazon managed to give Gruber an angry glare before wrapping her lips around the cock and beginning to swallow.

"That's good slave, swallow it all." The German moaned as the hot wet mouth swallowed his cock inch by inch. He closed his eye and sighed as she got his whole cock. "What whore."

"MPHHHH!" Wonder Woman sobbed as she buried her nose in his smelly crotch. She wretchedly began to suck on the pole while she her tongue twirl around it. The bound beauty kept sucking on the cock as she pulled back her mouth letting the tongue drag over it. She came to the tip and wagged her tongue over the head before pushing it back into her mouth. Wonder Woman began to pump the cock in and out with loud grunts, sobs and slurps. The once proud Amazon's mind and body filled with a rage that would have stuck terror into anyone and yet she was helpless to act upon it. She kept sucking on the cock her anger and humiliation seemed only add to the lust inside her body. Wonder Woman gobbled on the cock with loud slurps, hating and loving the taste filling her mouth. "MPH! MPH! MPH! MPH!"

"OOOOHHH! Are all you Amazons such good suckers?" Sighed Gruber as the hot wet mouth sucked the hell out his cock. He looked down and could still the rage in her face and eye yet the stupid slut kept sucking. "I hear you come from an island filled with beautiful woman. You must lie around licking each other's pussies. I can tell you been licking something."

The humiliated Amazon blinked away the angry tears flooding her eyes as she slid her lips up and down the cock. She was now sucking with loud slurps. Wonder Woman felt the cock swell in her mouth and knew he was about to come. She waited for her mouth to fill with his vile cum.

"YESSSS!" Gruber gasped as he came but pulled out his cock at the last second and sprayed his seed over her face. He smiled as he watched his white cum splattered on her face dibble down onto her tits. He reached down and took off her gag.

"Vile scum, I will make you pay!" Wonder Woman snarled hating the feel of the cum on her face and tits. She glared up at the man holding her lasso. "I will have my day…"

"Shut up slave." Gruber said unsnapping the chain off her leash and stepping back. "Stand up slave, kiss my face and neck and ask how you may serve me. Oh yes, call me master."

""Yes master." Wonder Woman whimpered as she struggled to her feet and pushing her body against his. She could feel his stiff cock rubbing against her thigh but didn't care. The bound beauty began to kiss his neck working up to his face. She planted kisses all his face even giving a few quick full tongue kisses. The proud Amazon was now trapped inside her own body as she begged to serve this villain. "Master, how may I serve you? How may your slave serve you master? I wish to serve you master, tell me how."

"You are ready to obey my every command slave?" The Nazi said returning her kisses and enjoying the feel of her hot lips on his face and neck. "I am not sure I believe you. I think kissing my feet might help. So kiss them, slave."

"Yes master." Wonder Woman sobbed as she dropped back onto her knees and lowered her head. She brought her lips down and began to kiss the smelly feet.

"I am not hearing you slave. Keep asking."

"Yes, master." The enslaved heroine whimpered as she kissed both feet over and over. "How may I serve you master? I wish to serve you master. Master, I am ready to serve?"

"Keep kissing and begging, slave." Gruber said as he moved back toward the bed, watching the bound beauty crawl along, still kissing his feet. "That's good slut."

"Yes, master." Wonder Woman sobbed crawling along on her knees as she kept kissing the feet. She glanced up when her captor sat on the bed and lifted his feet. When commanded she began to suck his toes. The bound beauty was fuming inside as she sucked on his big toe for a long two minutes and then moved to the next toe. "I am ready to serve you, master."

Gruber leaned back on his elbows and watched the raven-haired beauty slurp on his toes while begging to serve him. He looked his cock that was sticking up like an iron spike. "Oh slave, my cock is hard. Why don't you climb up here and ride me like the whore you are."

"Yes master." Wonder Woman whimpered as she stood up, started to climb onto the bed, stopped and looked confused. She looked her master and said. "Master, my costume…"

"Oh yes, well you won't be needing that after tonight." Gruber said sitting up and grabbing her costume with two hands. He ripped it open down to her crotch and then ripped off the crotch. He smiled at the blue panties with white stars before ripping it off revealing the narrow strip of black curls. "Now there should be no problem slave."

"Yes, master, thank you master." Wonder Woman said with a loud sob glancing down at the shredded remains of her costumes. Her eyes darted over to the gold belt.

"Don't even think about it." Gruber said leaning back with a smile. "You concern is my hard cock, slave."

"Of course master." The bound beauty whimpered as she struggled onto the bed, swung her leg over her master body and then pushed her pussy down on the cock. Wonder Woman sighed in unwanted delight as a man's cock filled her twat. "OHHHHH!"

"You like my cock in your pussy." He sighed as the hot wet pussy wrapped around his cock. Gruber ran his hands up her flat belly and up to her fat boobs. He began to pinch and tweak her nipples while he enjoyed the look of sheer hate in her eyes. "Come on slave, ride my cock like I taught you back at the cabin."

"Yes, master." Wonder Woman moaned as she began to move up and down on the cock. She sighed as it stroked her pussy making it hotter and wetter. The fingers playing with her tits were adding the heat between her legs. "OH! OH! OH! OH!"

"You remembered your lessons well." The old German grunted as he bucked his cock into the bound beauty bouncing on his cock. He mashed the huge tits around with both hands loving the feel of her hot flesh between his fingers. Gruber moaned as her pussy squeezed his cock. "Ride me you fucking whore ride me!"

"OH! OH! HERA SAVE ME FROM THIS VILLIAN!" The helpless heroine sobbed as she pumped her body up and down the cock with increasing speed. She loved and hated the feel of the cock buried in her twat and hands mauling her tits into hard mounds of swollen flesh. Wonder Woman made herself come and screamed. "AIIIIIIIII!"

"Scream like the bitch you are!" Gruber panted crushing her tits together and pulling her mouth to his. He clamped his mouth over hers and thrust his tongue in. He began to move his hips with her rocking motion.

"MMMMPHHH!" The bound beauty sobbed as she returned his full tongue kiss while she kept grinding her pussy onto the cock making her climax again. Her own lust along with the lasso was controlling her body. The might Amazon swore and screamed inside her head as she kept fucking and sucking her captor. She loved his hands on her tits; his tongue in her mouth but best of all was the huge cock fucking her pussy. Wonder Woman pulled back her lips and screamed as another orgasm exploded in her body. "AUGHHHHHHHH! GREAT GODDESS I AM DOOMED! I BEG YOU SAVE ME FROM THIS WRETCHED MAN!"

"You will beg to suck my cock from now on Wonder Whore!" Gruber panted and then gasped as he shot his wad into her pussy. He crushed her tits together, pushed his body back into the soft mattress as he buried his cock in her tight hole. "AHHHHHHGAWDDDD!"

"AIIIIIIIIIII!" Wonder Woman wailed as the hot seed filled her pussy giving her a huge orgasm. She bucked around on the cock until the climax past. Then the ravished heroine slumped onto of the old German's body. She panted and sobbed as she tried to calm her body. "You can force me to pleasure you but I will never enjoy it!"

"Why Wonder Whore that's whole point." Gruber laughed as he grabbed her hair pulled her face close to his. "I don't want you to enjoy it. I want you fuck and suck me on command humiliating yourself over and over. Obey my orders without question so it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. From this day you are my slave, Wonder Whore and will hate me for it but you will still obey!"

"OH GODDESS NO!" He snarled pushing down onto the floor. He sat up and laughed at the struggling heroine. "Get on your legs and bend over bitch! Make sure to spread your legs wide!"

"Yes master." Wonder Woman sobbed as she struggled up, spread her legs and bent over. The once proud Amazon whimpered when she saw through her legs Gruber getting up and standing behind her. "Vile Villain, I will. OW! OW!"

"I am not in the mood for threats!" Gruber laughed as he swatted her ass with his open hand. He kept swatting the firm round butt while giving her orders.


"Now Wonder Whore, I am tired of holding this rope. Can I can command you to be my slave without the lasso?"


"Now that is good news." Gruber said rubbing his hand over her red ass cheeks. He began to loosen the lasso but as he did he gave her orders. "Listen to me Wonder Woman; you will obey my every command. You will continue to be my slave even after I have taken off your lasso. Do you understand?"

"Yes." Wonder Woman sobbed as her hands were free but she remained bent over.

"You will still be Wonder Woman but you will be my slave. You will call me master!"

"Yes, master I will obey!" The helpless heroine whimpered in utter defeat.

"Excellent." He smiled sitting back on the bed. He looked down at his hard cock and patted the firm round ass in front of him. "Slave, plant your ass on my cock and ream out your own ass."

"Yes master I will obey you foul fiend!" Wonder Woman sobbed as she pushed her butt back onto his lap burying the cock in her tight ass. The helpless beauty sighed in unwanted delight as she began to pump the cock in and out her tight hole. She gasped when Gruber grabbed her tits and began to maul them round. At the same time his mouth clamped onto her neck and began to suck. "AUGHHHH! YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS! OHHHGODDESSNOOO!"

"Not today you stupid bitch! Not ever." Gruber moaned between slurps on her neck. He twisted and pinched her tits while his slave pumped her ass up and down on his cock. "You're done, Wonder Woman! You are now Wonder Whore!"

"UGH! UGHUGH! IT CANNOT BEEEE!" The raven-haired beauty squealed as she made herself come. Wonder Woman tried to stop herself from obeying but not even an Amazon Princess could fight the power of the golden lasso. She hated what she was doing but could stop herself. Wonder Woman panted and sobbed as she kept bouncing up and down on the lap of her master. The once proud warrior screamed as she made herself come again. "AIIIIIIIIIIII!"

"That's it my slave! Fuck your ass because I tell you to!" He laughed as he played with her tits and bit her neck. Her wonderful ass was crushing the hell out of his cock but it felt amazing. "FUCK ME SLAVE! FUCK ME!"

"YES MASTER! YES I WILL FUCK YOUUUUUUUU!" Wonder Woman wailed as she kept grinding her ass onto the cock. She knew there was no fighting the lasso. The helpless heroine knew she was doomed to be his slave from this day on. Another orgasm slammed into her body as if to remind Amazon that her days as a warrior were done. "AIIIIIIIIIII!"


Wonder Woman woke up before her master. She looked over at Gruber lying beside her on the huge bed. The raven-haired beauty carefully rolled off the bed and tip toed out the bedroom. She came into the bathroom and stepped into the shower. The tall beauty took a long hot shower, one of the few pleasures she had. The Amazon dried off and put on her heavy makeup and bright red lipstick. She stepped into a walk-in closet. There were maid costumes of dozens of colors and styles. All were short and sexy. Diana selected a hot pick one with white lace trim. The bra and panties were of the same color. Her garter belt was hot pink with black ribbons and her fishnet stockings were pink and black. Wonder Woman stuffed her voluptuous body into the maid costume. It has corset top with a lace front. She pulled the laces tight making her more than ample bosom look even bigger. The tall beauty stepped into six-inch stiletto heels that were pink with black toes and heels. Wonder Woman pinned up her hair into a loose bun letting a couple of her black curls dangle down around her face. "Just one final touch."

Wonder Woman walked to the back of the closet and studied the dozens of collars hanging on the wall. There leather ones of every color with and without spikes or studs. There was a couple of gold and silver. Two collar with real diamonds and rubies for when her master took her out on the town to show the world Wonder Woman was his personal maid. Two plain dog collars and one made of iron sat on the bottom hooks. She picked a pink leather one with spikes. The raven-hair beauty studied her reflection and decided she was ready.

Wonder Whore as she was now known went down to get his breakfast. She stepped into the kitchen and watched red haired woman place coffee and plate on a tray. Her hourglass body was stuffed into a tight chef's white jacket that was unbuttoned to show off her more than ample bosom. The only other things she wore were black heels, panties and garter belts that held up her fishnet stockings. The redhead had been an actress in Hollywood but thanks for the lasso she was now Gruber's personal chef. Of course she did more than cook. According to the papers she had got bored with the whole Hollywood scene and decided to have a simpler life. There had been some headlines at first but that was all in the past.

No one even came looking for Diana Prince because she wrote a letter of resignation and mailed it. Two days she called to confirm they had received it and then hung up.

"Good morning, Scarlet Slut." Wonder Woman said taking the tray.

"Good morning, Wonder Whore." Rita said without smiling. "Since you are cleaning I will be fucking and sucking the master this afternoon."

"Lucky you."

"It is not like I have a choice." The red-haired beauty said with a low sob.

"Like I do." Wonder Whore sighed as she took the breakfast tray up to her master. As she did every day she tried to break the spell of the lasso but like every morning she failed. "Stupid lasso."