Wonder Women Meets Veronica Lodge  

By Blacknite13




Veronica Lodge threw down the magazine and fumed. A picture of Wonder Woman filled the cover. She was in a standard heroic pose. Hands on his, her huge chest thrust and a smug smile on her face. The famous red, white and blue tight costume hugged her body showing her wonderful curves. The beautiful face was surround by that amazing long hair. Below the picture was the caption: WW sexiest woman in America…you bet!!!

The shapely brunette jumped up and paced around the room. She couldn't believe that some costumed bimbo had beaten her out as the sexiest woman in the country. Granted she hadn't made the top ten but she was still sexier than this bitch. Veronica pushed back her long thick hair and actually growled.

Wonder Woman comment about being selected burned her up too.

"I am flattered that men find me attractive but I would hope that my service to the country and my other good deeds will be my legacy."

"That bitch had to be taken down a notch or three." Veronica sneered. "I think a lesson in humility is needed."

Veronica stopped and looked out the window. She noticed how big Lodge Manor was and how high the walls were. And there was the long winding drive leading to an estate that took up dozens of acres. It was all so private and secluded. Then an evil plan formed in her head.

"Slow down, Ronnie, " Veronica thought to herself, "You are thinking about what villains have been trying to do for years. But she had the advantage over the villains. She was a bitch. Maybe the biggest bitch around."

The stunning raven-haired woman looked down and picked up the letter asking her to set up a fashion show for charity. She studied it for a moment.

"Here is the trap. I have the perfect bait." Veronica smiled, "I'll need a few more things. Yes, some toys and maybe Dilbert has something."

Dilbert sat at his workbench putting the final touches on his newest invention. He sat back and studied what looked like a football helmet with wires and lights attached to it.

"Now to test it." Dilbert evilly laughed. "If this works, I will be running Riverdale by the end of the month."

The door to his basement lab opened and his two friends walked in. Moose was a huge man with bulging muscles and a friendly smile but not too bright. Jughead was skinny as a noodle. The thin nineteen-year-old was wearing the same purple shirt and ridiculous hat he always worn.

"Duh, you wanted to see us?' Moose asked as he scratched his head.

"What's up Dilbert?" Jughead asked, "Do have anything to eat?"

"As a matter of fact I do." Dilbert smiled, "You'll find a couple of pizzas in the back. Why don't you go get them?"

"Great!" Jughead smiled as he walked to the back of the lab and out a door.

Dilbert knew that Jughead would eat at least one of the pizzas before coming back.

"Ah Moose, " Dilbert smiled, "I have invented this new football helmet. It will help you remember the plays. No more mistakes on the field."

"Dah, cool." Moose smiled as he let the young scientist put the helmet on his head.

"Just let me adjust this." Dilbert said as he checked the helmet and then hit a button on the side.

Moose's face went blank…actually more blank usual. His eyes glazed over and his mouth dropped open.

"Can you hear me, Moose?" Dilbert asked.

"Duh, yes, I can…boss." Moose said.

"All right, Moose from this moment on you will be my loyal henchman. You will obey my every command. Do you understand?"

"Dah, yah but what is a henchmen?"

"Do you know what a goon is?"

"Daaaaaaa, yeah, yeah." Moose said nodding his head, "Goon is a villain's sidekick. He does what his boss says."

"Excellent, excellent."

Dilbert took off the helmet and grinned. He stepped back and waited.

"Who is the boss, Moose?"

"Why you are boss. Dah, you know I'll do anything for you, boss. Duh, you just got to ask."

"Excellent." Dilbert said as he heard Jughead coming back. He turned and smiled as he watched the skinny teenage wolf down two slices of pizza at once.

"Jughead." Dilbert said, "I need a small favor. I will buy you a dozen burgers at Pop's if you try on this helmet. It records your fantasies. Since you are the only teenage boy I know who is not obsessed with girls…"

"Dozen burgers!" Jughead laughed as he took the helmet, "Hook me up!"

Dilbert helped put the helmet on and adjusted it. He hit the button.

Jughead's face went blank and his mouth dropped open.

"All right, Jughead, you are now my loyal henchman. You will do whatever I say."

"You got it boss!" Jughead smiled, "Boss, you got anymore pizza?"

Dilbert smiled and rubbed his hands together.

"Jughead, from now on you will obsess with girls as much you obsess with food. Understand?"

"Great! Hey boss, after the pizza lets go grab a couple of babes and have some fun."

Dilbert tool off the helmet and patted it.

"Very good, my loyal goons." Dilbert smiled, "I need to test the results of this helmet. To make sure you really are loyal to me. But how"

Dilbert thought for a second and then remember Moose's girlfriend Midge. She was cute with short black hair and a nice body with big tits."

"Moose, where is Midge today?" Dilbert asked.

"Ah, she is at home." Moose said, "Her mom and dad are out of town."

"Excellent. Have you fucked her yet?"

"Da, no. Midge doesn't go all the way."

"But you do want to fuck her?"

"Duh, sure do, boss." Moose said.

"You are sure she is home alone?"

"Ah yup, she is for the whole weekend."

"Excellent. Let's go men."

Dilbert picked up a small bottle of blue liquid.

"We'll be needing this." Dilbert said.

"What is that? Jughead asked, "I am thirsty after all that pizza."

"You don't want to drink this. It is a sexual stimulate I invented called Bliss. It will put Midge in the mood to party with us."

"Whoa, we gonna gangbang Moose's girl? Jughead smiled, "Sweet. She's got a killer bod."

"Duh, okay boss. You can fuck Midge if you want. You are the boss."

Dilbert led his two new goons out the lab.

Midge opened the door and smiled at her three friends. The attractive nineteen-year-old was wearing a tight white dress that had zipper down the front.

"Hi, Midge!" Moose smiled, "We just came by to say hi…"

"Oh well hi." Midge said, "Come in."

The three boys followed her into the front room. Dilbert moved up beside her and smiled.

"Midge, do you any cold to drink?" He asked.

"I have some lemonade in the fridge." She smiled.

"Perfect." Dilbert said.

Midge was in the kitchen and poured four glasses of lemonade. She got tapped on the shoulder and whirled around. Dilbert smiled at her and she felt a little uncomfortable because he was leering over her body.

"Here allow me." He grinned and took the tray.

The young beauty followed him out to the living room. She noticed that Moose and Jughead were still standing by the door. The coed took a glass from and took a long sip to clam her nervous. Midge gasped as her whole body seemed to get incredibly hot. She dropped the glass and fell to her knees.

"Something wrong Midge. Dilbert smirked as he opened his pants and pulled out his cock. "I think you want to suck me off."

"I do not!" Midge cried but her mouth was watering at the idea of his cock in her mouth.

"I'll let you suck me off if you get naked for us."

"Dilbert, I…I…" Midge panted as she unzipped her dress and struggle out it. She unsnapped her white bra and freed her nice sized tits. The horny brunette squirmed out her panties.

Dilbert pushed his cock into her gasping mouth and laughed when she began to happily suck on it.

Moose get over here and pop your girl's cherry!" Dilbert gasped as the hot wet mouth caressed his cock.

"Da, sure thing boss!" Moose laughed as he pulled off his clothes while running over.

"AGHHHHHHHHHH!" Midge squealed as Moose shoved his massive cock into her virgin hole but it didn't stop her from sucking. She felt a mouth sucking and chewing on her boobs and realized Jughead had gotten naked, slipped under her and was sucking her tits.

While Midge was happily servicing the three boys, her parents called and left a message saying they won't be back until Tuesday.

"Well boys," Dilbert panted, "I think we will be spending the next four days fucking this whore!"

Midge hear the statement and the cheers of her three boys using her body like sex toy but the over sexed coed was thrilled at the idea of being fucked for four days.

While Dilbert and his boys were gangbanging poor Midge, Veronica snuck into the lab and looked around.

"Great, the dweeb is never around when you need him." Veronica said as she wandered around the lab, looking at all the strange looking gizmos. The beautiful eighteen year-old was hoping to find something she could use to subdue Wonder Woman.

The tall beauty stopped by the strange looking helmet and frowned. There was a notebook by the helmet. Veronica scanned the pages and evilly grinned.

"Perfect." Veronica smiled as she lifted the helmet.


Wonder Woman flew down to the fashion house and stepped into the back door. The raven-haired beauty stopped and surveyed the room. It was filled with people rushing around working to get the fashion show started on time.

"Wonder Woman. I wasn't sure you would show up. It was short notice."

Wonder Woman turned and smiled at the beautiful teenage with hair almost long and wavy as hers. The young beauty was wearing a tight red mini-dress that showed off her rich young body and long shapely legs.

"You are Veronica Lodge." Wonder Woman said, "I have seen your picture in newspaper and on TV."

"Ronnie, my friends call me Ronnie." Veronica said, "Thank you coming."

"Well I couldn't turn down your offer. A million dollars to the charity of my choice. Now you understand I only have time to do one walk down the runway."

"Once is enough for the sexiest woman in America."

"Please. That is not something I brag about."

"Yes, here is the cashier's check." Veronica smiled, "Please follow me."

Wonder Woman took the check and noted it was made out to the charity. She nodded and followed the shapely beauty back through the crowd. The Amazon stepped into a dressing room at the back of the huge room. It was a small room with dressing table, chair and mirror. The tall beauty noted a door with an exit sign over it.

"May I use that to leave?" Wonder Woman asked.

"My thoughts exactly." Veronica said as she looked through some dresses hanging on a rack.

"Are you in show too?"

"Yes, right after you." Veronica said, "Ah, this is your dress."

Veronica held up a back dress with gold chains and some fishnet stockings.

"That seems quite short and revealing." Wonder Woman said, "I am not sure…"

"No offense but the outfit wearing…"

"Very well it is for charity."

Veronica watched her sit down and pull off her red and white boots. The tall heroine stood up and took off her gold corset with the lasso dangling from it. The young coed smiled to herself thinking your ass is mine bitch.

"I really can't leave this unattended." Wonder Woman said as she carefully held the gold belt and lasso close to her chest.

"Not to worry." Veronica smiled, "I will stay right here plus there will be two guards outside.

"Excellent." She said and set it down on the dressing table. She pulled off her bracers and then peeled her short tight costume down her amazing body.

Veronica sucked in her breath when she saw the heroine naked body. Her breasts were huge and perfectly round. The big red nipples pointed straight up. Her slender waist led down to her well round hips and the most perfect ass, Ronnie had seen. The legs were incredibly long and muscular. The young beauty noted the thin strip of black curls on her crotch and blinked when she felt her own body stir.

Wonder Woman took off her tiara and put if by the corset. She pulled on the black fishnets up her long legs. A black thong came next. The heroine struggled into the short tight dress. She frowned at her image in the mirror. The dress looked painted on. The V-neck was so low cut her breasts would have spilled out if not for the gold chains criss-crossing the front. It was almost backless and barely covered her bottom.

"Miss Lodge." She asked, "Are you sure there isn't another dress."

"Wonder Woman." Veronica said, "There are some very rich men in the audience. They are donating to your charity just to see you in this dress."

"Very well, I will do it for the sick children." Wonder Woman sighed as she slipped her feet into the stiletto heels. "I guess I am on."

"I won't move." Veronica said as she opened the door.

Wonder Woman walked out and everyone stopped as the tall beautiful Amazon made her way to the runway. The crowd when crazy when she hit the runway. Wonder Woman strutted down to end, trying to ignore the flashing bulbs and cameras. She realized the world would be seeing her in this sexy outfit. The tall beauty stopped at the end, struck a pose and did a couple of turns. Wonder Woman gave the cameras a smile then walked out; thanking the Gods it was over. She wanted to rip the dress off as quickly as possible. The raven-haired beauty stepped into her dressing room. She shut the door and kicked off the shoes. Suddenly a foul smelling cloth was shoved into her face and her arms pinned back.

"Nighty night bitch!" Veronica growled in her ear as she held the chloroform soaked rag in her face. Even without the girdle, the bitch was strong but Veronica was no lightweight. Years in the gym had not gone to waste. She grinned to herself as the heroine began to slump. The nineteen-year-old beauty let her drop to the floor but left the cloth on her face.

Wonder Woman tried to fight back but the drug had already done its job. She fell into darkness, wondering who had finally caught her.

Veronica left her lying on the carpet and went to a closet. She dragged a large wood crate, reached in and took out three coils of rope. The young beauty knelt down and rolled the sleeping heroine over. She used the rope to bind her wrists to her elbows. She wrapped more rope around her upper body and waist. Veronica bound her knees and ankles. The final touch was ballgag shoved between her ruby red lips. The young coed really had to struggle to get the Amazon into the crate. She was panting by the time she got her captive in. It took some bending and twisting but she managed to hogtie the heroine. Veronica tossed in another rag soaked in chloroform, making sure it landed by her mouth. The young beauty wiped the sweat off her brow and put the lid on the crate.

Joe and Sid leaned against the wall. Both men had a blank look on their faces. The back door opened and Veronica stepped out. The two big men jumped to attention.

"Mistress Lodge." They chimed, "How may we serve you."

"You will find a crate in my dressing room." Veronica said, "You will take it to my estate in Riverdale. You take it down to my game room. You will take out the bitch inside. Chain her to the pole. You will leave and forget all about this. Understand."

"Yes, mistress." They chimed.

"Make sure you lock the door."

"Yes Mistress." They happily said and walked off.

Veronica walked into the dressing room and stuffed the famous costume into the bottom of makeup cased. He put the tray holding her cosmetics back in, hiding perfectly.

"I have you now, my pretty." Veronica laughed to herself and began to fantasize about what she had planned for the sexiest woman in America.

Veronica rushed into the house and looked around. The butler walked up.

"Higgins!" Veronica snapped, "What the hell are you doing here?"

"The rest of the staff is gone, Miss Lodge." Higgins said, "Your two men delivered your package."

"You saw what was in it?"

"Of course not. You made it clear it was none of our business. I just remained to make sure you were sure that you really wanted to be alone for two weeks. With your parents in France…"

"HIGGINS!" Veronica screamed, "I NEED SOME ALONE TIME!!!!"

Higgins was use to her outbursts and tantrums. He just nodded and headed for the front door. The butler could use a vacation from the bitch. If not for Mr. and Mrs. Lodge, he would have quit years ago.

Veronica made sure he was gone before she locked up the house. She called down to the guard shack and let them know in no uncertain terms she was to be left alone.

"I understand, Miss Lodge." The guard said, "No one. Not even Archie Andrews gets in."

Veronica hung and smiled at the big shopping bags sitting by the door.

Wonder Woman struggled and squirmed but the ropes held. The final humiliation was the chain around her neck. It ran from her neck to a pole. The bound heroine could believe she had be not only caught but also hogtied and chained. She looked up when the door opened.

"MPHHHHH!" Wonder Woman gasped at the sight of Veronica Lodge.

The young coed walked in, carrying several bags that had the words "LE SEX SHOPPE" printed on the side. She dropped them by her struggling captive. Veronica knelt down and grabbed her by the hair.

"Hello my slut!" Veronica smirked, "We are going to have so much fun. I bought all kinds of fun stuff for us to play with. I would tell you but that would spoil the surprise. Now you just wait here while your new mistress goes and takes a long bath. Don't worry, I'll be thinking of you."

"UGHHH!" Wonder Woman sobbed as her captor walked out. She could only sob and whimper as she stared at the bags. The bound beauty dejectedly just lay there for over an hour.


"Are we ready to play!" Veronica laughed as she slapped a riding crop against her boot.

"MPHHH!" Wonder Woman sobbed as she looked up at the sight of her captor.

Veronica was wearing black leather skintight hip boots and opera gloves. A black leather corset lifted her boobs making the look huge. A leather hair band kept her thick mane out her face but allowed it to flow over her shoulders and back.

Wonder Woman could only squirm as she sauntered over to her, knelt down and took the chain off. She grunted when Veronica used to crop to push her chin up. She tried to glare as her captor playfully slapped her face.

"I am betting you like it rough." Veronica smirked, "Well we'll find out soon enough."

Veronica untied her legs and pulled the bound beauty to her feet. She grabbed the dress and ripped it down off her body. The thong went next leaving Wonder Woman wearing only the fishnet stockings and heels.

"Don't move or I spank." Veronica said, "Actually I will spank but there no place to run."

Wonder Woman wanted to run but there really was no place to go. The bound heroine just stood there as Veronica went to a bag and took out a studded collar and chain leash.

"Look a present for you!" Veronica giggled as she came back and held it in front of her face.

Wonder Woman had no choice but to read the tag.


Veronica carefully buckled the collar around her slender neck. She playfully tugged on the leash ands whipped her ass with the crop.

"Listen bitch!' Veronica snarled, "One rule! Obey! That's it. A simple one-word rule. Obey! Even a dumb slut like you can understand a one word rule!"

Wonder Woman took a defiant stance and shook her head. Then she yelped in shock and pain as the riding crop came down on her ass over and over.


"AUGHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman sobbed as she butt was whipped. She grunted as the bitch pulled her back and gave her tits a few good lashes.

"Run my whore!' Veronica laughed as she whipped her ass and pulled on the leash, "Run my whore! Run like the wind. RUN!"

Wonder Woman yelped and then began to trot around the room. She sobbed and whimpered as the coed whipped her ass and tugged on the chain. The bound beauty had to three laps around the room.

"ON THE CHAIR!" Veronica snapped, "MOVE SLUT!"

Wonder Woman slumped into the chair and just sat there as the shapely beauty spread her legs. Her knees and ankles were tied to the legs of the chain. The bound beauty sobbed as Veronica knelt down and began to run her hands over the big tits.

"Ohhhhh," Veronica sighed, "I have to admit. You got some great tits. I could play with these all day…I think I will."

"Mmmmmmphhh!" Wonder Woman moaned as her tits were pulled and twisted while a hot wet tongue ran over them. She gasped when her sharp teeth would bit or nibble her tits.

The nineteen-year-old beauty leisurely ran her tongue over the big mounds. She caught a nipple and chewed it. Veronica fondled the boobs while gnawing on them. She pushed her face into the steep valley between her tits. She sucked on the soft flesh as moved her hands down. The horny teenager lapped up to a nipple and clamped a round it. She chewed on the tit while slipping her fingers into her wet pussy while slipping her other hand into her captive's slit.

"Mmmmmmph!" Wonder Woman squealed when the two fingers pushed into her pussy and began to twirl around. She began to squirm around on the chair as the fingers fucking her made her pussy hot and wet. The bound heroine felt heated waves sweeping through her body. She closed her eyes and sobbed in defeat and desire.

"MMMMM!" Ronnie sighed as she slurped on the big tits while she pleasured herself and her wriggling captive. The raven-haired beauty rubbed her sweet spot and squealed in delight.

"UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman screamed as the talented fingers made her come. She pushed against her bonds as the orgasm swept through her body. The bound beauty slumped when the fingers slipped out. The horny panting heroine just sat there as Veronica untied her from the chair.

"UP!" Veronica snapped she whipped her tits.

Wonder Woman jumped up and trotted over to the billiard table. She rolled onto the top when commanded. The once proud heroine just sat there as Veronica spread her legs and used some rope to bind them to the pool table pockets.

"Behave!" Veronica ordered as he untied her hands and pulled her back. The young coed pulled her arms up and quickly bound then to the other pockets.

Wonder Woman was now spread-eagle across the table. She just lay there as her captor walked away. The bound beauty whimpered when she came back with a long dildo strapped around her.

"Now it gets interesting." Veronica smiled as she climbed onto the table. He began to kiss and fondle the tits.

"AIIIIIIIIII!" Wonder Woman screamed as the hard plastic cock pushed into her tight pussy. She arched up and wailed as her captor began to pound his the sex toy in and out.

Veronica arched up and ground the dildo deep into her captive. She grinded the sex toy around savoring her domination over this supposed heroine. She grabbed onto her tits and dug her nails into her tits.

"AUGHHHHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman screamed, as her tits were abuse while the hard plastic cock slammed in and out her pussy. The bound beauty strained against her bonds as her body still hot from the last assault. Her body began to burn like it was on fire.

The raven-hair beauty fucked the gorgeous heroine with al she had. Veronica felt the sweat begin to form on her body and loved the feel of it. He lowered her mouth and began to suck on her big tits while mashing them around.

"UGH! UGH! UGH! Wonder Woman panted and sobbed as her body was violated. She closed her eyes and squealed as an orgasm slammed into her. The bound beauty gasped in delight, She was just getting over the first orgasm when another one hit.

Veronica gave her a couple good hard fucks and then pulled out. She took off the strap on and moved up onto her chest. She blew the struggling heroine a kiss.

"Time for you to give me something, my little whore." Veronica panted as she took off the ball gag.

"Veronica…mmphhh!" Wonder Woman sobbed as her beautiful tormentor planted her pussy on her face.

"Okay, slut start licking!" Veronica laughed as she used the crop to whip her thighs. "Get to it bitch! Mama is waiting!"

The bound heroine yelped as the crop lashed her body. She glumly opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and started to lick.

"Oh yes!" Veronica gasped, "Oh, oh, get your tongue in there. Right there, lick bitch!"

Wonder Woman had no choice but to suck and lick on the pussy pushed into her face. She felt and tasted Veronica's pussy juices. The bound beauty had no choice but to drink down the sweet stuff.

"OH! OH! OH!" Veronica squealed as her young body filled with heated lust. She began to thrust her crotch into her slave's face. The dark haired beauty licked her lips as she began to caress her own tits. She pinched and squeezed her boob with heated passion. Veronica leaned back and screamed as she came. She thoroughly enjoyed the orgasm and grinded her pussy around trying to come again.

OH YESSSSSSSSS!' Veronica screamed as she came not once but twice. She felt back on the hot sweaty body of her slave. The beautiful coed laughed and giggled as she round off her captive and the table.

Wonder Woman was too exhausted from the abuse to put up much of a fight as she was untied and dragged off the table. Her head was spinning and legs felt like rubber as her captor used her leash to pull her over to the center of the room. The ravished Amazon just stood there as her captor wrapped around her wrists.

Veronica threw the rope over a beam and pulled on it until Wonder Woman was standing on her tip of her toes. She spread her legs and bound them to the leg of the billiard table and the leg of a video game. The beautiful girl stepped back and smiled.

"Ah!" Wonder Woman gasped as her tormentor clipped nipple clamps to her tits. Two gold chains dangled between her two boobs. The dangling woman gasped as she pulled on the chain.

Veronica went back the bags and pulled out two big vibrators. She snatched up a coil of rope. The shapely beauty walked back to her hanging captive.

"Ahhhhhh!" Wonder Woman sobbed as the two vibrators were shoved into her pussy and assy.

Veronica wrapped the rope around her waist and then looped it over her crotch three times. She checked to make sure the cord would hold in the sex toys. Then she wickedly smiled as turned on the vibrators.

"Ughhhhhhhh!" Wonder Woman gasped as the two vibrators began to buzz and stroke her body. She just let her head drop back and moaned in defeat.

Veronica smiled as she watched her captive squirm and sob as the sex toys ravished her body.

"Okay, sweetie," Veronica laughed, "I am just exhausted so why don't you just hang around here while I grab a quick snack and a short nap. Then we'll play some more."

"Oh pleeeeesse." Wonder Woman sobbed as the body throbbed with unwanted pleasure.

Veronica laughed to herself, gave her slave a good swat on the ass and walked out leaving Wonder Woman to alone with the sex toys abusing her body. The raven-haired beauty trotted out to the kitchen and made a salad, grabbed a bottle of water. She ate the salad standing at the counter. The tall coed gulped down the whole bottle. Veronica grabbed another bottle and went to her room. Veronica hummed to herself as she peeled off the boots and gloves. She tugged out the hair band, headed for her bathroom but stopped when she stopped Dilbert's strange helmet resting on the floor by Wonder Woman's costume and gold rope.

"Maybe, it is time to give her brain wash." Veronica smiled, "Yes, maybe an upstairs maid…"

The nineteen-year-old coed was still pondering this as she climbed into the shower. She turned on the hot water and enjoyed the feel of the spray on her body.

While Veronica was enjoying her shower, the door to her bedroom opened. Dilbert and his two goons stepped into the room. He looked around and spotted is helmet. He ran over and grabbed it.

"Told you that bitch had it!" Dilbert snarled.

"Duh, right you are boss." Moose said.

"Hey boss, check out the costume." Jughead said, "Doesn't belong to Wonder Woman."

"Yes. Come on."

Dilbert hugging the helmet to his chest, he led his two men out. They had seen her come up from the lower floor so began their search there. It was in the fourth room they found Wonder Woman.

"Geeez, boss." Jughead said, "She caught Wonder Woman."

"Da looks like she did more than tie her up." Moose smiled, "Uh, boss you think we could have some fun with her."

"Yeah boss, look at that body. She looks as tasty as a Pop's double burger."

"Later boys. Cut her down and get those vibrators out. Oh, tie her hands behind her back."

Wonder Woman sighed in relief as she was cut down and sex toys pulled out. She let her new captors tied her hands behind her back.

"Bring her, boys." Dilbert snapped as he looked in a bag, He picked it up and smiled to himself.

Moose and Jughead grabbed an elbow and pulled her along. Dilbert opened the door and motioned them to follow.

"Duh, she is all sweaty and smelly," Moose, said, "She needs a bath."

"Let's get Ronnie under control and then you two can give her a bath."

"All right, boss." Jughead laughed, "Boss, please tell me I'll get to fuck Miss Veronica Lodge."

"All in good time, my boys. All in good time."

Veronica towel dried her hair and brushed it out. She wrapped a towel around her rich full body. The raven-haired beauty walked out to her bedroom.

"WHAT THE HELL!" Veronica screamed as two strong arms grabbed her and literally carried her over to her bed.

"Duh, I got her boss!" Moose laughed as he carried over to the bed and forced her down.

"Relax Ronnie, "Jughead smirked as he grabbed her hand and pulled her up. He locked her hand to the brass headboard with a leather shackle.

"JUGHEAD! MOOSE!" Veronica sworn, "Get your hands off me! I am going to kill you!

The young beauty fought but couldn't stop Moose and Jughead from binding her with four leather shackles. Veronica found herself spread-eagle across the bed. She pulled and twisted while calling them every name in the book.

"My dear Veronica, " Dilbert said as he came over to the bed, holding his helmet." Did you think you could steal something from me and not face the consequences?"

"Dilbert! If you know what is good for you. You will untie me now!"

"Boys, why don't you take Wonder Whore across the hall and give her a bath and a good time."

"Thanks boss!" Jughead laughed as she pulled up the ravished heroine.

"Duh, Great!" Moose said as she helped Jughead drag the defeated woman out the room.

"Please, I beg you…" Wonder Woman sobbed she was pulled out the room.

Dilbert walked around the bed watching his captive struggled. He reached down and tugged off the towel covering her body. The young scientist knew Ronnie had a nice body but this was amazing. Her tits were big and succulent. Her stomach flat and her ass firm and round. The black curls on her crotch were neatly trimmed into a narrow strip.

"I was going to put my helmet on your head." Dilbert said as he patted it.

"NO! NO!" Veronica cried, " Listen Dilbert, I can make you rich. Anything. Just don't turn me into a mindless bimbo."

"Oh Ronnie, you already are a bimbo. I am just going to free you to be your true self."

"Name your price!"

"Ronnie, Ronnie." Dilbert smirked as he sat down by the bound beauty and began to trace her nipple with his finger, "Once you are my mindless sex slave, I will control all your money. I won't need to name my price."

"You bastard! Get your hands off me you horny little geek! Nooooo!"

Dilbert began to kiss and lick her tits. He sat up and began to take off his pressed white shirt.

"Dilbert! Don't you even think about it!"

Veronica screamed and swore while yanking at the shackles but knew she was going to get fucked by the town geek. She could only lie there and watch him undress. She blinked at the size of his cock.

"MY GOD! You can't stick that in me!"

"Oh yes, Ronnie, you will be the first to try out my new manhood. I took some of Moose's DNA and as you can see. My experiment was a success."

"NO! NO! DON'T," Veronica wailed as he climbed onto the bed and knelt between her spread legs. She screamed as He grabbed her tits and began to roughly fondle them.

"Ronnie," Dilbert smiled, "I have watched you wiggle your ass and shake your tits since you were fifteen. Always teasing and never giving anyone a taste. Not even that Archie. That fool always settling for a couple of hugs and kisses."

"GRRRRRRR!" Veronica growled, "When I get loose I am mmmmph!"

Veronica's threats were cut off by the ballgag he shoved into her mouth. She could only glare and grunt as creep snapped tight around her head. The bound beauty screamed as Dilbert began to kiss and lick her face and neck.

"URGGGGGGG!" Veronica screamed as the hot wet tongue lapped over her face. She grunted when his strong fingers began to mash her tits together.

Dilbert planted kisses all over face stopping to sniff her hair and neck.

"I always loved the way you smelled." Dilbert panted between his kisses, "So sweet and sexy. I would get a hard on every time you walked by. Now finally after all these years, I am going to not only fuck you but marry you."

"NAWWWWWW!" Veronica yelled through her gag and shook her head.

"Oh yes, we are getting married. Just a simple wedding with close friends and family. Don't worry, my dear. I will ask you officially after you have tried out my helmet."

"AUGHHHH!" Veronica sobbed as the geek continued to kiss her face and neck. She grunted went he lustfully sucked on her throat while roughly fondling her boobs. She looked up her bindings and was pissed off that the leather shackles she had bought to use on Wonder Woman were holding her down.

"Mmmmmmm!" Dilbert sighed chewed on her tender flesh. He panted and moaned as he continued to mash her boobs. The horny geek ran his tongue down to her big tits.

The bound beauty gasped as the hot wet tongue ran down her body making her shiver. She gasped when he suck his teeth into one of her big tits and gnawed on it. Veronica whimpered as she felt her tits swell and ache from brutal attacks. The nineteen-year-old coed gasped when her crotch began to get wet. The dark haired beauty could believe this nerd was making her horny.

Dilbert stopper his sucking but kept rubbing her tits while he rubbed the tip of his cock against her slit. He laughed when her body shivered with anticipation.

"I bet my last buck you are a virgin." Dilbert sneered, "Let's find out!"

"NAAAA!" Veronica angrily screamed.

The young beauty had furiously protected her virginity. She had always planned on a prince even a king, or a young billionaire would be the first but not the king of geeks and nerds.

"Get ready my sweet." Dilbert giggled, "Today your cherry gets popped!"

"AIIIIIIII!" Veronica screamed as the huge pole pushed deep into her pussy and took her virginity with one stroke.

"YESSSSSSSSS!" Dilbert laughed, " I knew it!"

"AUGHHHHH!" The bound beauty began to grunt as the massive cock began to pound in and out her tight twat. The pain was awful. She pulled and yanked at the shackles in anger and despair as the cock ravished her body.

Dilbert grabbed onto her tits and roughly fondled them while he fucked his cock deep into her pussy and the pulled it back. He began to nibble and lick her nipples.

"MPHHHH!' Veronica sobbed as her tits began to throb but worst the pain was fading and unexpected pleasure began to fill her body. She shook her head and swore at her rapist. The bound coed sighed her pussy began to boil with heat waved that began to flood her body. She arched up and moaned as a small orgasm hit her.

Dilbert grunted and panted as he thrust his cock in and out. Her tight twat was crushing his pole and increasing his enjoyment beyond belief. He fondled the boobs while chewing on her nipples. Dilbert fell like super stud because he was fucking the sexiest girl in Riverdale.

"UGH! UGH! UGH!" Veronica grunted each time the cock slammed into her pussy, which made her body hotter and hotter. She squealed as another climax shook her body.

"I knew you were a whore!" Dilbert sneered, "You are loving this."

Veronica shook her head but another orgasm made her stop and squeal in delight.

"Get use to it, bitch!" Dilbert laughed, "As my meek and devoted wife you are going to fuck me every day and in every way I can think of! OH GODDDDDDD!"

"AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Veronica wailed as the cum filling her pussy made he have enormous orgasm. She frantically pulled at her bonds as she enjoyed the climax. The ravished beauty fell back on the bed and wearily looked up at the big smile on Dilbert's face. She knew he wasn't down with her by a long shot.

Wonder Woman gasped for air when she was pulled out the soapy water. Her two new captors had dragged her into a gigantic bathroom with a tub was like a small round pond. They had filled it with hot water and bubble bath. She sobbed as they ripped off her stockings. The bound beauty was shoved into the tub. She sank to the bottom of the tub and then pushed herself up. Her long wet hair fell around her face, making it impossible to see anything but she could hear laughing and the sounds of clothes dropping to the floor.

Jughead and Moose jumped into the bathtub and grabbed the bound beauty. Jughead pushed the hair out her face and planted a long hard kiss on her face.

"MPHHHHH!" Wonder Woman sobbed as she was forced to kiss her new abuser. She felt the other creep begin to suck and chew on the tits. The bound heroine pulled the ropes binding her but they held tight.

"Mmmmm!" Jughead sighed as he pushed his tongue into her mouth and entwined around hers.

Moose grunted as she sucked and chewed on the big boobs. He cupped them with his massive hands and began to fondle them.

Wonder Woman sobbed as she sucked on the tongue, trying to ignore the mouth slobbering on her tits. The hands mauling them were incredible strong so her all ready sore tits were now aching balls of flesh.

The three bodies squirmed around in the water. Their grunts and pants filled the room.

"All right" Jughead panted," Let's fuck this whore!"

"Dah, yeah." Moose panted, "Good idea. Sandwich?"

"Oh yeah, you are talking my language."

"What! Wait!" Wonder Woman sobbed, "I am Wonder Woman…if you let me go…"

The two horny boys ignored her pleas as they moved the to the middle of the tub. Moose lay back in the tub, lifted the bound heroine up and then planted her is long hard pole.

"OH NOOOOOOOOO!" Wonder Woman screamed as the huge cock pushed into her tight twat. She sobbed and gasped as the big jock began to fuck her.

Jughead moved behind the Amazon and grabbed onto her perfect ass. He spread her cheeks and pushed his cock into the tight hole.

"AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Wonder Woman wailed as a man's cock entered her cherry ass. She leaned back and sobbed as the two men began to rape her in both holes. Her body was all right horny from the long fuck session with Veronica so it began to respond to the two cocks at once.

Jughead pounded her ass while fondling the soft cheeks. He began kiss and bite her back.

Moose thrust into the tight pussy, enjoying the tight fit while he kissed and fondled her big boobs.

"OHHHHH! UGHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman screamed as the two cocks turned her body into putty. She was no longer in control. Her lust and the two boys raping her control her rich full body. Her tits were aching hard balls of sex, her pussy a pool of hot sex while her ass turned into a hot hole that was adding the lust sweeping over her body.

The college boys fucked her with wild animal like passion. Jughead began to swat her ass as he pumped his cock in and out. Moose gnawed and mauled her tits while he pounded his cock in and out with while abandon.

"OH! OH! OH!" The Amazon screamed, "I am an AMAZOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Wonder Woman came like she never had before. She screamed her lungs out as she strained up between the two bodies. Then they both came together filling both holes with cum, making the might Amazon climax again. Her head filled with exploding fireworks.

The two laughing boys pulled out and pulled her over to the side of the bathtub. Jughead slipped onto the side of the tub, grabbed a handful of her thick mane and forced her mouth around his cock.

"SUCK!" he ordered.

"UGHHHH!" Wonder Woman squealed as Moose pushed his cock into her ass. She closed her eyes and began to suck on the cock.

Veronica's arms were bound behind her back. Rope was wrapped around her wrists, elbows and upper arms. She was bent over and her legs were spread wide. Rope tied around her ankles ran to a heavy dresser and side table, keeping legs apart. Another ran from her elbows to an overhead beam. The bound beauty struggled as Dilbert walked around her with the very riding crop she had used on Wonder Woman.

"I think we have a clear idea of who is the master and who is the slave." Dilbert smiled, "I know you are wondering why haven't I put the helmet on yet. I just want you to know what your life will be like as a bimbo…my bimbo."

"UGH!" Veronica grunted as she blinked away her tears. The bound beauty was trying to figure out how her perfect scheme had gone so wrong. She suddenly yelped in pain and horror as the riding crop lashed down on her ass/

"Just a little taste of what I am sure you gave Wonder Whore." Dilbert grinned as she kept whipping her perfect ass. "To show what a nice MASTER I will be. I will give you a choice. One, she suck me off, two I keep whipping your ass or three, a long hard butt fucking. Grunt your choice, slave."

"UGH!" Veronica yelped as her ass was swatted. She clamped her mouth shut and sobbed.

"Ah, one grunt. Blowjob it is." Dilbert said as he picked up the gold lasso.

Veronica sniffed as Dilbert moved in front of her and rubbed his cock. She gulped and waited. The bound beauty waited, knowing her chance for revenge as coming.

"My dear little whore." Dilbert said as he looped the lasso around her neck and tugged it tight.

"Ahhhhhh" Veronica gasped as her mind when blank and her will seemed to fall away. It was like her brain had been emptied and needed to be filled with something.

Dilbert took off her gag and rubbed his cock in front of her face.

"Just a nice long blowjob." Dilbert snapped as he yanked on the lasso, "no biting or else."

"Just a blowjob." Veronica said in a monotone voice and opened her mouth.

Dilbert pushed his cock in and was surprised how enthusiastically she began to suck and licked it. He watched her pump his cock in and out with loud slurps.

"MMMMM!" Veronica happily sucked on the cock unable to stop herself. She tried to stop but something in her head won't let her. The bound beauty couldn't stop herself from gulping on the cock with loud slurps.

"Oh you little whore, " Dilbert sighed as the soft lips caressed his cock, wet mouth, while her tongue seemed to wrap around it. He gasped and sighed as his cock swelled into a hard pole.

The bound coed pushed the cock deep into her mouth and clamped her lips around it. She gave it a long hard suck and was rewarded with a mouthful of cum. Veronica gulped it down while sucking in cum. The beautiful coed sighed in delight and disappointment when the cock pulled out.

"Dilbert." Veronica said.

"Shut up!" Dilbert snapped.

Ronnie's mouth clamped close. She wanted to talk but she could.

Dilbert stared at her sealed lips and frowned. He fingered the golden lasso and then looked across the room.

Wonder Woman was sucking on the cock while her ass got royally fucked. She screamed as another orgasm shook her body. She prayed for the nightmare to end.

Moose and Jughead looked up when Dilbert rushed into the room, holding the gold lasso. He walked over the tub and waited a second.

"Guys," Dilbert snapped, "Go play with Veronica. I need to some alone time with Wonder Woman. MOVE!"

Moose and Jughead jumped out the bathtub and rushed out the room. Dilbert grabbed Wonder Woman by the hair and pulled her up.

"Tell me about your lasso." Dilbert said.

"No, it is just a rope." Wonder Woman sobbed.

"Liar!" Dilbert snapped as he thought for a second and smiled as he looped the lasso around her neck.

"NO!" Wonder Woman gasped, "You can't…"

Dilbert studied the blank look on her face and smiled.

"Now, tell me all about your magic lasso."


The two shapely teenaged girls walked down the street in heated discussion.

"I am telling you, Sabrina." Betty said. "Something is going on up at Ronnie's."

"Betty, I know it is weird that Ronnie is suddenly engaged." Sabrina said.

"To Dilbert! A nice guy but still a geek! Moose and Jughead have moved into Lodge Manor. Midge went with them. Ronnie parents move to New York leaving them all alone up there."

"Betty, what do you plan on doing?"

"Here is my plan. It is not only brilliant but also perfect. We sneak up to…"


"Yes, I need back up…"

Dilbert was sitting at his desk, checking over his to do list. He looked up when the door opened.

Betty and Sabrina stepped into the room. Both looked at him like devoted lovesick puppies. Betty was wearing a white chef's shirt with the top buttons undone so her ample bosom was mostly uncovered. The shirt was so short you could see Betty's ruffed panties. Her long legs were wrapped in black fishnet stockings. Six-inch stiletto heels finished off her chef's uniform.

Sabrina was wearing a sexy French maid's uniform. Her full rich body looked amazing in the short tight costume. Her nipples peeked out the low cut top. Like Betty she worn fishnet stocking and spike heels.

"Ah my new cook and upstairs maid. Dilbert smiled as the memories of last night filled his mind. He had deflowered both blondes in every way possible. It had been amazing.

"Yes, master." They chimed together.

"Slave Betty Call your mother and tell her about your new job." He said, "Moose will take you by later to get your things. Slave Sabrina, are you sure your aunts will not give me problems?"

"No master." Sabrina cooed, "They are away for at least a year. They are…"

"Yes, Yes, Betty go make me breakfast. Eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and white toast."

"Yes master!" Betty smiled and trotted out.

"Slave Sabrina, go clean the upstairs. Oh, if Master's Jughead and Moose want to fuck you. You will."

"Of course, master. I am a sex slave." Sabrina giggled and skipped out the room.

"All right." Dilbert said, "Mr. and Mrs. Lodge are in New York. Veronica is upstairs planning out wedding. Betty and Sabrina are under control. Talk about walking into a trap. Archie..

Dilbert looked out the window and watched Archie mow the lawn while Midge washed down the Rolls.

"Archie should not have stuck his nose into my business. Midge will be the perfect chauffeur. I get Betty to get Cherry up here. I need a downstairs maid."

Dilbert got up and walked out of his office. He trotted down the long hall and down to the game room where Ronnie had played with Wonder Woman. He stepped in smiled at the smiling Amazon standing in the center of the room.

"MASTER!" Wonder Woman ran up and kissed him over and over, "I missed you so much!"

Dilbert was really was a genius. He knew that is Wonder Woman just disappeared it would only be a matter of time before Superman or worst Batman showed up. So Wonder Woman would go back to the city and do her heroic stuff for a week or two.

"Did you tell them?" Dilbert asked as he returned her kisses.

"Yes, yes," Wonder Woman panted, "I told them my duties as Queen of the Amazons was demanding more of my time. They accepted it. So I can stay for a month, right master?"

"Of course my slave." Dilbert said.

"Why can't you marry me?"

"Oh babe, you are my favorite but I have to marry Slave Ronnie so I can get control of her trust fund. Now why don't you go upstairs and get all pretty up for me."

"Yes master! Oh, I brought you a present. The silly girl tried to follow me."

Wonder Woman led Dilbert over to a bound and gagged woman on the floor. Rope was wrapped around her wrists, elbows, forearms, knees and ankles. It criss-crossed her chest. It was obvious that Wonder Woman knew something about bondage. The tight costume hugged her body like a glove. It was obvious she had major league tits, a well-rounded ass and mile long legs.

Dilbert noticed the yellow belt sitting on the pool table. He knelt down and yanked off her cowl uncovering her young beautiful face and freed her long red curls.

"Hello Batgirl." Dilbert said as he cupped a tit.

"Mphhhhhh!" Batgirl sworn through the knotted rag jammed into her mouth as her boob was played with.

Dilbert went over to the wall and pushed back a picture revealing a small safe. He spun the combination and pulled it open.

"MPHHHHH!" Batman sobbed as Dilbert walked back over with the golden lasso.

"Settle down Batgirl…no settle down Batslave…."