By Blacknite13

Hi guys, here is the long await sequel to Diana Prince: Robo Slave. I have to thank the Master for some ideas for this story. I hope you will enjoy it. Blacknite13@live.com

Wonder Woman/Diana Prince, Donna Troy/Wonder Girl, Batman and Power Girl are properties of D.C. Comics. The villains are of my creation.

The story contains forced sex, male domination over unwilling females, bondage, and other adult themes and should only read by adults with an open mind.






Albert stepped into the shower and turned on the water. He stood under the hot spray thinking that that life couldn't be any better. In a few hours he and his slave would be on the road for sunny L.A. He looked up at the shower caddy and frowned at all the different bottles of various shapes and colors.

"Where the hell is shampoo and soap?" He muttered as he picked up a bottle read the label, opened it and sniffed it. He tossed the bottle out of the shower. "I'd smell like a fag if I used."

The bottle hit the floor and began to dribble out, slowly creating a pink puddle on the floor by the toilet.

Diana was still looking at her reflection as she took off one of the earrings. The voice in her head became fainter and less demanding. She took off the second earring the tall heroine gasped and dropping to her knees. She covered her face with her hands and sobbed in joy.

The voice in her head was telling her to obey was gone. She was free! She was free! Then memories of all Albert had done to her flooded her head.

The Amazon princess snarled and jumped to her feet. The tall beauty stared at the earrings in her hand and then flung them away as if they had stung her fingers. The shapely beauty didn't notice the gold and pearl jewelry landing on to the sofa. She heard what sound like an alley cat howling and realized it was Albert singing.

"YOU BASTRAD!" Diana growled as she charged into the bathroom. She reached out her hand to grab the shower curtain but her feet skidded out from under her as she slid across the shampoo coated tile floor. The raven-hair beauty flew into the air, her arms flaring around as she hovered in the air and then slammed down onto the floor, hitting her head on the toilet. The heroine lay there in a daze, the room spinning as she tried to figure out that the hell just happen.

"FUCK!" Albert cried as he peeked out the curtain, leaped out the tub and ran out the bathroom. He looked around but couldn't find the earrings. He ran over to his bag and yanked it open.

"Oh my head." Diana moaned as she started to get up. Suddenly a chloroform soaked cloth was shoved into her face. "MMMPHHHH!"

Albert held the rag in her face as the beautiful woman clawed at his hand but she slowly slumped down. He lowered her head down and left the cloth covering her face and nose.

"Lucky I bought this stuff." Albert panted as he began to pat her body looking for the earrings. "Fuck! Where the hell are they! Screw this!"

The skinny teenager ran toward the door but stopped when he realized he was wet and naked. He looked around, grabbed his sweat suit, pulled it on and charged out of the apartment. Albert ran up the two floors to his own apartment and rushed into his bedroom. He pulled the bookcase away from the wall and smiled at the twelve small blue velvet boxes sitting in a secret alcove in the wall. He snatched up one and ran.

Donna Troy dressed in short red dress that hugged her nineteen-year-old body. It was rich full one with more than an ample bosom. Like her sister, her hair was thick mane of wavy locks. And like her sister she had the same Amazon beauty that many poets had written about. The young princess closed the door to her new Mustang and walked into Diana's building. She trotted up the stairs smiling to herself. It had been too long since she had spent time with her sister. She pushed her long black hair away from her face as she walked up to Diana's door.

"Nice rack, honey."

Donna whirled around to see who had made the sexiest remark and saw an old man wearing only his undershirt and boxers standing in his doorway holding a paper.

"Pardon me?"

"Just saying you got real nice rack and great ass." He smiled, "I'm Henry. If Diana is out you can come visit me."

"I don't think so."

"Yeah, you stuck up aunt won't visit either." He said and closed the door.

"What dirty old man." Donna said as knocked and looked around wondering why there were drops of water leading away from the door.

Diana groaned and sleepily rolled over onto her side. The drug soaked rag fell off her face. She let off a low sighed as she sucked in the fresh air. Her eyes began to flutter as she began regain conscious. She heard a distant knocking but was still too weak to move.

Albert ran down the stairs and stopped at sight of the tall shapely woman standing in front of Diana's door. The red dress she was wearing hugged all her luscious curves. She was like a younger Diana with her stunning beauty and huge tits. He made a snap decision and walked up.

"Hi." Albert said, "You here to see Miss Prince?"

Donna turned and smiled at the skinny kid and her first thought was geek. She wondered why his hair and the sweat suit he was wearing were wet. She glanced down at his feet bare and almost laughed.

"Yes, I am her sister Donna." She said shaking his hand. "Are you a friend of hers?"

"Yeah, she was going to do me a favor." Albert said as he held up the box. "She was going to look at my gift for my girlfriend give me her opinion. I got her earrings."

"Oh they are beautiful." Donna said as he opened the box and lifted them out. She studied the earrings, laughed as she noticed some soap running down his neck. She swallowed the giggle, turned to the door and knocked again, "Almost forgot why we are here."

Diana shook her head crawled a few feet before slumping again. She heard the knock and forced herself up. "Come in…come in…I…am…here."

"Did you hear that?" Donna asked.

"No, I didn't hear a thing. Say, could you try them on. My girlfriend is you height and has black hair…not as nice as yours."

"I am sure her hair is lovely. They are nice."

Diana grabbed the edge of the sink and pulled herself up. She fumbled with the taps and then began to splash water on her face. Slowly her head cleared.

"I just want to see how they look."

"Odd, Diana knew I was coming by. She was taking the day off work."

"Damn!" Albert thought, "Her showing up at work could have blown everything."

"She might be in the shower. Do you have key?'

"No. Oh drat I left my phone in the car." Donna said as he fumbled her purse and the box in her hands. "Tell you what walk out to my car with me while I try these on. You can see what they look like in the sunlight."

Diana shook her head and staggered to the door. She was panting hard as she flung it open and looked around the empty hallway. The Amazon Princess ran her hand through her hair as her head cleared. She noticed Henry peeking out his door but it slammed shut.

"Okay where is the little creep!" She snarled as she moved toward the stairs but stopped. "You are not thinking."

Diana went back into her apartment, closed the door and spun around. With clash of thunder and bright flash of light Wonder Woman appeared.

"Now to deal with that little bastard!" Wonder Woman smiled as she moved toward her front door.

She must obey. She must obey.

Donna Troy stood by her new Mustang convertible. She couldn't move or speak. All she could do was stand there and wait for her new master to give her an order. Because she knew from this moment on she must obey this young man. The shapely woman would do what ever he wanted he commanded she would do.

"Give me a kiss, baby." Albert said.

Donna stepped up to Albert and pulled him into her arms. She pressed her lips to his and kissed him full tongue. She sighed when she felt his hands grabbing onto her ass.

"Do you have your own place close by?" Albert asked as she stroked her hair.

"No." Donna said as she struggled to get free of the voice in her head but her resisting only seemed to make the voice louder and more demanding.

You must obey. You must obey.

"Do you know any place we can go where we can be alone?"

"I know a cabin we can use. It is pretty far back in the mountains."

"Sounds perfect. You got any cash? We'll need to buy food and stuff."

" A couple of hundred but I have ATM card."

"Good. Let's go check on your sister. Looks like we are taking a road trip."

Wonder Woman stood in Arthur's bedroom and fumed.

"Where could the little bastard be?" Wonder Woman said, "I think he has a lab on the roof."

"Fuck!" Albert snarled as he tossed down the cloth and looked around the room. "She got away. Okay, we got to move. Let's go to my place, grab some stuff and hit the road."

Donna stood by the open door like statue waiting for her next order.

I must obey I must obey.

The young heroine followed Albert out the apartment when ordered.

Wonder Woman stood on the edge of her building scanning the street below. Behind her was a small building. There was a bent and twisted metal door lying on the ground in front of the doorway. The Amazon's blue eyes stopped at the red Mustang.

"Is that Donna's car? Great Hera! She was coming by today! By the Goddess if that little pervert has touched a hair on my sister's head!"

The might Amazon leaped off the building and gracefully landed on the sidewalk. She walked over to the car and studied it.

"By Zeus it is my Donna's car." Wonder Woman gasped, "I pray she has not run into Albert. What am I saying? She is Wonder Girl. She can handle the little geek."

Wonder Woman trotted into the alley. There was clash of thunder and a few seconds later Diana Prince dressed in a smart white dress and heels walked out and into her building. The shapely beauty reached her apartment and walked into her living room. "Donna!"

Albert was just coming down the stairwell when he heard Diana call out to her sister. He hustled his new slave down the stairs, through the lobby and out the front door. He moved her past two guys he knew from the neighborhood but ignored them as he pulled Donna toward her car.

Diana called out her sister's name a couple more times as she quickly searched her apartment. Her phone rang and she snatched it up.


"No, this Karen Starr."

"Oh great Power Girl." Diana thought, "Since you became chairwoman of JLA she had become a real pain. "I am a little busy right now, Karen."

"Diana, this is important and I just have one or two little things."

"Karen, they are either important or little things. They can't be both. Now right now I have some family trouble. Besides I told I wouldn't be available for a month. BYE!"

"She hung up on me!" Power Girl said as she stared at the phone with her mouth hanging open. "I can't believe she hung up on me!"

Batman was sitting at the computer in JLA control center. He glanced back at the voluptuous blonde. The tight white costume looked painted onto her hourglass figure. There was a cut in the swimsuit costume that showed off her large round breasts.

"Did you hear me?"

"Don't drag me into this." Batman said as he turned his attention back to the computer screen. "You got problems with Wonder Woman, talk to her."

"She doesn't give me the respect…"

"Not listening."

Diana hung up the phone before Power Girl could answer. She stood in the middle of the room, debating what to do. A car engine starting up made her rush back outside. The shapely beauty came to the empty parking space and her stomach sank.

The two young teens stopped to watch the beautiful woman with huge tits knowing they did have chance in hell but youth is always hopeful.

"You looking for geek boy and the babe he was with?" One said.

"You saw Albert leave with a young girl?" Diana asked.

"Yeah, we were wondering how such a dork got such a hot girl."

"Where did they go!"

"They drove off just a minute ago."

"Thank you." Diana said and rushed off.

The two boys watched the amazing ass wiggle off.

"God, I would kill to fuck her."

Diana rushed into her apartment and slammed the door close.

"That sick pervert has got my sister." Diana coldly said, "Where would they go?"

Albert drove along the interstate with a big stupid grin looking that a kid on Christmas morning. He glanced down at the head bobbing up and down in his lap.

Must Obey. Must Obey. Must Obey.

Donna used one of her hands to feed the cock into her mouth as she slurped with robotic like efficiency. She had her lips clamped around the pole as she sucked, twirling her tongue around it. The young Amazon wanted to stop but all she could think of was to obey this little creep. The fact she was sucking on a cock for the first time showed how much control she had.

"Oh baby." Albert gasped as the hot wet mouth caressed her cock even harder making he almost swerve off the road. He adjusted his steering and bit his lip as Donna gulped on his cock like loud slurps.

The young Amazon increased her rubbed as she pushed the most of the cock into her mouth. She sucked like it was the tastiest treat in the world. Donna closed her eyes as she ran her tongue up and down the shaft.

"AUGHHHHH!" Albert grunted as he came in her mouth.

"MMPHHH!" Donna sighed as her mouth filled with cum and she gulped it down. She kept sucking on the cock until she was ordered to sit up. The shapely heroine just sat there waiting for her next order.

"Good job." He laughed, "Almost as good as your big sister. Hey zip me up, don't leave my dick hanging out."

If Donna was shocked to hear her older sister had been this creep's slave she didn't show it. She leaned over and carefully put his cock back into his jeans and buttoned them up.

Must Obey! Must Obey!

"I still don't know how she got the earrings off? It can't be flaw in the programming or design. They're perfect. So how did she get them off? Hey, this cabin is it safe? You sure no one will barge in on our party?"

"No one will come there." Donna said as she thought of the cabin. It was set way back in the mountains and was owned by Bruce Wayne, who had given it to Dick Grayson, who had turned it into a back up headquarters for the Teen Titans. But since Dick just married Starfire and the Teen Titans were all but broken up. The chances of anyone coming up there were next to nil. The few cabins up there were own by rich old farts who only came up to hunt deer and drink beer.

"You call me master from now on."

Must Obey. Must Obey.

"Yes, master." Donna said unable to show her anger of being forced to call a man her master.

"Show me your tits, slave."

"Yes, master." Donna said as she unbuttoned her red dress and pulled it down around her waist. She slipped the straps of her red lace bra off her shoulders and freed her two soft mounds. The helpless heroine just sat there as Albert used one hand to cup her tits and squeeze them.

"These ain't big as Diana's but they will do." Albert laughed as he groped the big boobs. "Yeah, these will due just fine."

Albert used one hand to fondler her tits as he drove. He had six hundred bucks in his pocket, which all they could get out the ATM, but they did stop at the store and load up of food and beer. He still had the chloroform if anything went wrong.

Just in case.

Donna just sat in the seat while her master rubbed and pinched her now swelling tits. She tried to break free of the voice holding her prisoner but all she could think of was to obey.

She must obey. She must obey.

Diana paced around the apartment, thinking of where Albert would be taking Donna. He planned to take her to L.A. but he probably changed that plan since she escaped. She was also sure the little pervert wanted her back as his sex slave.

"Like that is going to happen." Diana grumbled. "Think! He will want some privacy and to feel safe until he figures out how to get me back. Donna just moved out her apartment She was going to stay with me for a couple of weeks before going back to Paradise Island…THE CABIN! Before she went home we were going to go up to the cabin!"

Diana grabbed her car keys and headed for the door.

"They have an head start on me but no matter. I shall teach this boy Amazons are not to be messed with.

Doug, Mikey and Earl staggered into the clearing by the road and put down their rifles. Doug drained his beer and belched. The other two laughed, finished their beer and belched. They tossed down the cans. Earl pulled off his pack and pulled out three more beers.

It was hard to believe these three drunken morons were all rich and respected. Doug was a skinny man with a beer belly who ran a chain of hardware stores. While Mikey a fat slob of a man with a baldhead and goatee ran a chain of muffler shops. Earl looked like the guy next store just live off the money his dad had left him. The three men had come up here two days ago with several cases of beer and had not been sober since. They were all married but hated what they called their fat slobs of wives. They couldn't divorce them because the bitches wore get half of everything. Besides the wives were good cover for their sideline. They ran a small white slavery ring with the local sheriff. That was one of the reasons they were drinking so heavy. They would use their business to find a young beautiful girl, kidnap her, bring up her, spend a week raping her and then hand her over to the local law. The three friends did this five or six times a year. The girl they planned on grabbing had gotten sick so there was no point in grabbing her. Which meant no pussy for the week.

Earl was handing out the beers to his buddies when they saw the red Mustang whiz by them. The three men gasped as they saw the young woman in the front seat was naked at least they could see her tits jiggling.

"Damn you see those jugs!" Earl laughed.

"They were huge, man." Mikey laughed.

"Hey, hey, I bet they are going up to that big cabin in the valley." Doug said, "Let's go see if we get a peek of those titties."

"I want more than a peek." Earl laughed.

The three drunken hunters struggled up and staggered off up the road.

The red Mustang pulled up in front of what looked like an old rundown cabin made of logs. Albert and Donna climbed out the car and walked toward the front door. The young Amazon moved by her captor making no attempt to cover up her bosom.

"What a dump?" Albert said as he looked over the rustic house. "I thought you said it was nice?"

"It is much nicer inside, master." Donna said as she followed him up to the cabin.

Albert stopped and stared at the door. It looked like wood but actually it was some kind of metal. There was a small black screen mounted beside the door.

"That's Wayne Security System. One the best alarm systems in the country. Who owns this?"

"Dick Grayson but he never uses it, master."

"You sure he won't show up."

"Positive, master. He is in Europe."

"Open the door."

"Yes, master." Donna said as she put her palm on the screen. It beeped and a red line moved down the screen. There was another beep and the door opened.

Albert stepped into the cabin and gasped at the difference. The furniture was made of knotty pine with red cushions but it was all obviously top of the line. There several chairs and a long sofa scattered around the open first floor. A huge plasma TV hung on one wall, beside it was a wall filled with DVD's. Beside this was CD player and racks of CD's. A thick plush carpet covered the floor. A huge stone fireplace dominated one wall. Behind a counter was ultra modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances. A staircase let to second floor and several bedroom doors.

"Damn, this Dick guy knew how to live." Albert smiled, "Close the door, slave and get naked."

"Yes, master." Donna said in a monotone voice and closed the door. She buttoned the rest of her dress and let it drop to the floor. Her bra joined the dress. Then she kicked off her high heels and slipped off her panties.

"Damn, bitch." Albert laughed, "You got a body almost as good as Diana's. But I want your big titted sister back. You are going to help me get her back. Get your sweet ass over here."

Must Obey. Must Obey. Must Obey.

"As you wish master." Donna said as she walked over to him and waited. She impassively watched Albert get naked. She didn't react when Albert slumped on the sofa and wagged his cock.

"Get is hard, slave."

Must Obey. Must Obey.

"Yes, master." Donna said as she dropped to her knees and wrapped her fist around the cock. She began to rub it as she stuck out her tongue and began to lick. The kneeling beauty stroked the cock while she lapped her tongue around it. The young Amazon worked on the cock with cool machine like movements. Donna opened her mouth and pushed the cock into it. The beautiful girl slurped on the cock with low grunts. She felt the cock swell and harden in her mouth.

"Mount up." Albert panted.

"Yes, master." Donna said as she climbed onto his lap without glancing down at the cock, she sat down on it. She gasped as the hard pole plowed into her pussy, breaking her cherry as it did. The young heroine put her hands on his shoulders.

"God, you're virgin!" Albert laughed. "Give me some tongue, slave."

"Yes, master." Donna said and pressed her lips to his. She pushed her tongue into his mouth and kissed him long and hard. The young heroine began hungrily kiss him as the cock in her pussy began to get her aroused. She began to squirm around on the cock as she continued to full tongue her master. Slowly she began to push herself up and down on the hard pole. As her pussy got hotter she rode the cock with more lust until she was bucking up and with loud grunts and moans.

"Oh yeah you whore!" Albert gasped as he moved his mouth down to her chest and buried his face in her jiggling mountains of flesh. He began suck and bite the boobs as the young beauty bounced up and down the cock with heated lust.

"UGHHHH!" Donna panted, OH! OHHHHHHHH!"

Diana began to spin her head around which made her fly around like long black whips. She thrust her chest into his face and enjoyed the wet mouth slurping on her tits. The young beauty arched and screamed as she came. Donna bucked and twisted around as she relished the orgasm. She squealed as she came again. The whole time she fucked herself on his cock, the word kept banging around her head.


Diana parked her white Mercedes Benz in a small clearing just down from the cabin. The tall raven haired beauty slipped out her car and looked up the hill, spotting the cabin. She smiled and was about to spin into Wonder Woman when a big fat man grabbed her from behind. His huge arms locked her arms down at her side. Another man ran up and clamped his hand over her mouth.

"MMMMPHHH!" Diana screamed through the hand as she struggled in Mikey's big arms. She glared at the man holding his hand over her mouth and another a man walking up, who was knotting a bandana.

"Hold her tight." Earl slurred as he motioned Doug aside. He waited for the bitch to scream and jammed the knot into her mouth and tied it off. "This will keep you quiet until we need your mouth. Come on let's get this whore back to the cabin."

"MMMPHHHH!" Diana sobbed as the three drunken hunter dragged her of down a path. The shapely beauty twisted and turned, even kicked but her captors were surprisingly strong. She sobbed as they almost carried her down a long winding trail until they came to large split-level cabin.

"Hey! Hey!" Doug snickered, "Let's tie her to deer hang!"

"Great!" Mikey laughed as he pulled over to big trees.

There were two 2x4's were nailed to the two trees. One was about eight feet off the ground; the other one was just a few inches.

Diana struggled as they moved her between the trees. She grunted as Mikey forced her arms up over her head. The heroine struggled as the other two man wrapped rope around her wrists and pulled her up. When she was lifted off the ground they tied off the rope. She helplessly watched them spread her legs and tie her ankles to the lower board. In a manner of minutes Diana found herself helpless bound to the deer hang.

"Okay" Earl slurped as he pulled out knife. "Let's see if this bitch is a hot as we hoped."

"NA! NA!" Diana sobbed as Earl slit the front of her dress and then ripped it off. She whimpered as her lacy bra and panties were cut off leaving her naked.

The three men stopped laughing and stared at the most incredible body they had ever seen. Her tits were huge, round and luscious. A thin waist, a prefect ass and mile long legs. They licked their lips as they leered over the darks curls on her crotch. Doug reached up and pulled out the pins holding up her hair and watched her long black curls fall down over her amazing body, falling past her ass.

"We got to fuck this whore!" Earl sputtered as he fumbled with his pants.

"Gonna suck those tits." Doug panted as he grabbed her tits and began to suck on her boobs.

"MMMMMPHHHH!" Diana sobbed as the man sucked and fondled her tits. She squealed as the fat one grabbed her ass and began to bite it. The mighty Amazon Princess pulled and twisted at the ropes binding her but couldn't escape the two men molesting her. She leaned back her head and screamed in frustration.

Mikey squeezed and kissed the firm around ass, rolling his tongue over the twin moons. Doug mashed her tits together ands wagged his tongue over her tits, then biting her nipples.

"AUGHHHHH!" Diana squealed as the fat guy pushed two fingers into her butt as he gnawed on her ass cheek. Her tits were now aching from the rough foreplay. They were throbbing as they began to swell in hard mounds. She gasped when she felt a buzz between her legs and felt her pussy begin to get hot.

Earl dropped his pants and rubbed his cock as he watched his two friends molest the beautiful woman. He couldn't believe their luck. They had been sneaking up to the cabin get a peek at punk and his big titted girlfriend but when they saw this bitch, they forgot all about the cabin. He grabbed two beers from the pack and popped one. He drained the can and crushed it in his hand. The drunk staggered up to the bound beauty and pulled off her gag.

"I demand AUGHHH!" Diana gasped as he grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back. She sputtered and gasped as he poured beer down her throat. She had no choice but to swallow.

"This will put you in the mood!" Earl laughed as he emptied the can, watching her gulp it down. Some of the foamy brew dripped down her chin and ran down to her tits.

"Beer boobs!" Doug laughed as he lapped up the beer coating her tits. He kept sucking and licking as Earl forced her to drink two more cans of beer.

By the third can, Diana's head was spinning. She was not use to drinking alcohol and now was somewhat drunk. Which when Earl pulled her mouth to hers she drunkenly returned his kiss. The booze, the two mouths and four hands working on her body now had her pussy gush with heated lust. She kissed her full tongue and could only whimpered as he was regagged.

"Okay out the way!" Earl slurped as he shoved Doug aside, "Time to fuck this whore!"

"MPPPPPH!" Diana moaned as she watched Earl through a drunken stupor as he gabbed her tits and squeeze them. She sighed in delight as moved his cock between her legs. The bound grunted as Mikey worked three fingers in and out of her ass, still kissing and licking it as he did.

"Gonna fuck you good!" Earl slurred as he mashed her tits together and thrust his cock into her pussy. He gasped as the hot wet twat wrapped around his cock.

"AUGHHHHHH!" The bound beauty squealed as the long hard pole filled her twat. She panted and moaned as the cock began to move in and out of her body. This along with the finger fuck and beer pushed her over the edge. Diana squealed as she came at once. She was soon gasping and panted as the cock pound her pussy with long forceful strokes. Her tits were now being pulled and twisted while a hot wet mouth sucked on her throat. She felt the fingers leave her ass and heard the fat man struggle up.

Mikey panted as he fumbled with his pants and let them drop down around his ankles. He smiled at his rock hard cock, grabbed onto her ass and pushed it into her butt hole.

"AIIIIIIIIIIII!" Diana squealed as a huge cock pushed into her ass. She gasped and sobbed as the pole moved deeper into her butt. The mighty Amazon was now impaled onto two cocks. She began to grunt and gasp as the two men bucked her back and forth. Her tits were now aching balls of hard flesh. Diana could feel the man who was sucking on her throat was drooling so his spit was running down her chest. The bound heroine pulled and twisted at the ropes but there was no escaping the double rape. The drunken Amazon wasn't sure she what she would do if she got lose. Then she screamed as she climaxed from the double fucking.

Mikey dug his fingers into her soft flesh as he drove his cock into her ass like a pylon driver. He grunted each time he drove his cock into the tight ass, loving how it was crushing his cock. He laughed when he heard her scream as she came, which made her ass hug his cock even tighter.

Earl gnawed on her neck as he crushed her tits between his hands as he pushed his cock all the way in, held it there and pulled it back. He heard and felt her come which made him only increase his fucking.

"UGH! UGH! UGH!" Diana gasped as the two cocks relentlessly fucked her hot body. She could feel her own sweat running down her back and over her tits. She closed her eyes and leaned back her head, moaning as she felt another climax coming. The cock in her ass was plowing in and out with the force of a jackhammer while the one in her pussy was stroking in the best way. Her tits were in agony from the constant pulling and twisting but this seem to only add to her pleasure. The once mighty Amazon screamed as she came again.

"COMINGGGGG!" Earl howled as he emptied his cock into her pussy.

"AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Diana wailed as the hot seed filled her twat making her come.

Earl stumbled back and fell on his ass laughing. He grabbed another beer as Doug moved in front of the bitch, dropped his pants and buried his cock in her pussy.

"AUGHHHHHHH!" Diana squealed as another cock pushed into her pussy making her come. Hands grabbed her aching tits and squeezed. A mouth stinking beer and tobacco began to kiss and lick her gagged mouth.

"AUGHHHH!" Mikey grunted as he came in her ass.

"AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Diana screamed as she came again from the cum shooting into her butt. She let off a small sigh as the cock pulled out. But through her half open eyes, she saw the other man drain a beer, stagger up and move behind her. She heard him mutter something about fucking her ass good. The bound heroine squealed as a second cock pushed into her ass.

For the two hours Diana was doubled fucked by the three men. By the end of the hour she was so exhausted she let the ropes hold her up. She dropped to the ground when they untied her from the boards. The ravished beauty struggled as she forced one to her knees, her legs pushed under the lower board. Her thighs were bound to the board and then her arms were pulled out and tied to it. One of the men ran into the cabin and came back with an old leather dog collar. Diana could only kneel there, as she was collared.

Earl tied some rope to the collar and tossed the other end of the higher board. He yanked on until it tighten and forced their captive grunted.

"Okay bitch!" Earl snarled, "We here for the whole week and you gonna be our whore for the week. You might as well know we are rich guys and the sheriff is not only paid off but our buddy. So you might just accept the fact, you gonna suck and fuck us for the week. We'll turn you loose when we are done with a little cash. But understand this, we are in charge. Got it!"

Diana just glumly knelt there trying to think of a way to avoid being force to service these drunken slobs for a week.

"I asked a question, slut!" Earl snapped and yanked on the rope.

Diana choked for a second and then nodded her head.

"Get the gag off."

"Right!" Doug slurred as he downed a beer and walked over to the bound beauty. He took off her gag and then clamped his mouth over hers.

"MPHHHHH!" Diana sobbed as she was forced to full tongue man whose mouth reeked of beer and sweat. She had no choice but to suck on his tongue. She wanted throw up when the mouth left hers. The bound beauty glared at the three men standing over her with their pants open and their cocks hanging out.

"Now you gonna call us master, right." Earl said as he tugged on the rope.

"Yes." Diana muttered.

"Mikey give that fine ass a swat, I don't like her tone."

"No….OW! OW! OW!" Diana sobbed as the fat slob began to swat her ass with is large hard. She gulped and wept as the hand kept spanking her ass. "OW! OW! I AM SORRY MASTER! MASTER!"

"That's better." Earl said as he moved in front of the bound beauty and smiled. "Say ah."

"Yes, master. Ah."

The helpless heroine opened her mouth and as she expected Earl pushed his cock into her mouth. She dejectedly began to suck on the cock. She pumped her lips back and forth on the pole while licking it with her tongue.

"Ha, this whore has sucked cock before." Earl laughed as he watched the bound beauty work on his cock.

"AUGHHHH!" Diana grunted as Mickey shoved his cock into her all well fucked ass. The cock pounding her butt made her suck the cock with loud grunts and slurps.

"You were always an ass man, Mikey!" Doug laughed as watched the woman suck on the cock and take it up the ass like a top-notch whore. He popped another beer and debated which hole he wanted. Then he laughed again, he would have all week to fuck this bitch stupid. By the time they were done with her she would be more than ready to work that Mexican whorehouse the sheriff ran. They would get top dollar for this bitch.

The bound Amazon grunted and gasped as the cock reamed out her ass like animal like lust. She pushed the cock deep into her mouth and sucked it while rolling her tongue over it. Diana had given up on trying to escape. for now. She had no choice to but to whore herself until she got a chance to escape.

"OH! OH!" Earl gasped as the hot wet mouth sucked on his cock while her tongue licked it. He closed his eyes and enjoyed not only the blowjob but also the fact he was humiliating some classy city girl. He could tell this slut was some rich bitch who probably got off on teasing guys with her big tits and ass. She wouldn't be so high and mighty after her first night fucking and sucking some Mexican cock.

Diana gulped on the cock with increasing passion. The cock fucking her ass was making her pussy hot and wet; the same heated lust was spreading through her whole body. She was unable to stop herself from moving with the cock fucking her ass and hungrily sucked on the cock.

"HA! HA!" Earl laughed, "This whore is getting into it. I told these rich bitches were all sluts!"

"Oh man, I could fuck this ass forever!" Mikey grunted as he drove his cock into her ass as he reached around and grabbed her tits.

"AUGHHHH!" Diana squealed around the cock plowing into her mouth, making her deep throat it as the large hands grabbed onto her tits and mashed them.

"YESSSSSSS!" Earl howled as he came in her mouth.

"MPHHHH!" Diana moaned as the cum flowed down into her stomach. She screamed a second later as her ass was filled with cock. The helpless heroine came no once but twice. She barely got to catch her breath when Doug's cock replaced Earl. She began to suck with a thought.

While Diana was being be forced to fuck and suck three drunken hunters unaware they planned to sell her to a Mexican whorehouse Albert was laying back on the bed in the master bedroom. His hands were behind his head as he watched his slave work on his cock.

Donna was kneeling between his spread legs with her tits wrapped around his cock. She was rubbed her boobs up and down the pole as she kissed and licked the tip. From time to time she would push it into her mouth and suck it.

"You gonna make great sex slave." Albert said, "But your sister is better. I got to get her back. I just can't figure out how she got the earrings off."

Donna wasn't really listening except to the voice in her head, which was now nothing more than whisper, but still she obeyed.

Must Obey. Must Obey.

In a small part of her brain she was wondering if the earrings were reprogramming her. In time would she become his mindless slave even without the earrings?

Donna pushed her tit tighter around the cock as she sucked on the head. She wagged her tongue over it as she rubbed her tender mounds up and the pole.

"OH! OH! OH!" Albert panted as he felt his cock begin to swell.

Donna knew he was coming so she spread her lips and increased the rubbing. A second later the cock sprayed cum into her mouth and face. Some of the sweet seed spattered on her tits. She brought her mouth down and sucked the cock dry. She gulped on the cock and then licked it clean. The young heroine used her tongue and fingers to get the cum off her face and tits. Then she sucked her fingers clean. Only then did she sit back on her knees and say. "How else may I serve you, master?"

"Rub those fat tits around my chest while giving her some tongue, slave." Albert sighed, knowing he couldn't get it up right away.

"Yes, master." Donna robotically said as she straddled his body. She rubbed her boobs around as she pressed her lips to his and kissed him full tongue.

Albert enjoyed her full tongue kisses and the feel of her tits on his body. He reached around and grabbed her firm around ass. He fondled the soft flesh as he sucked on her tongue. " Kiss me all over baby."

"Yes, master." Donna said as she began to kiss his face and neck, slowly working down.

"Ohhhyeahhhh!" Albert sighed as the hot wet lips and tongue kissed and licked his neck, moved down to his chest. He watched her plant kissed all over his chest in-between licks and playful nibbles. Then down to his stomach, kissing and licking it. His cock and balls got a wonderful spit bath, so good she had to suck him off again.

Donna swallowed the cum and kissed down his leg. She reached his smell feet and licked them all over, even sucking his toes. After this she moved to the other foot and sucked those toes. Then she worked her way back over. When she reached his mouth. They made off and then Albert rolled over. The helpless heroine kissed and licked his back. Then moved to ass where she rimmed his ass crack with her tongue. She licked his ass hole and pushing the tip of tongue in.

"That's the ticket. " Albert sighed as he ass was licked, "You got any rope around this cabin. I want to try some bondage later."

"Not in the cabin." Donna said as she ran tongue up and down the crack. "But I have a lasso, master."

"Why would you have a lasso?"

A ravished and exhausted Diana was kneeling on the floor of the cabin. Her ankles were bound to the base of a support beam in the cabin. Her arms were pulled back and up over her head and tied to the top of the beam. This bondage position kept her bent over in a very submissive position making her tits dangle down and her long hair fall down around her face. More rope was wrapped elbows and two cloths pins were snapped onto her nipples. The collar was still around her neck with a chain leash. Her captors were playing poker at a table in the kitchen. Whoever was the big winner got to take her to bed for the night. One of her captors would come out every so often and lie on the floor so his cock was in her face. The bound beauty would glumly suck him off until her came. Her face and tits were sticky were cum. Her usual long silk hair was a tangle mess dirty with sweat and cum. The men had taken to wiping off their cock with her long locks.

After what seemed hours, Earl walked up and knelt down. He grabbed her hair and pulled up her face.

"UGH!" Diana moaned as her arms were pushed into her back.

"Looks like you are going to being fucking Mikey tonight." Earl said, "But you're a mess. Now I am going to untie you and take you upstairs to the bathroom. You got an hour to make yourself all sweet and pretty. We found your suitcase in the car. We found make up and stuff. Put on the white lacy thing. Got it?"

"Yes, master." Diana whimpered, "I will do as you say."

A few minutes later Diana found herself standing under a hot spray of water, washing off the day's dirt, sweat, cum and humiliation. She took her time washing out her hair and her sore muscles. The tall woman climbed out of the shower and toweled off. After brushing out her long hair, she looked in the mirror.

"Time for some payback!" Diana said as she began spin around.

"You heard something?" Earl asked as he studied his cards and the small pile of chips in front of him.

"Sounded like thunder." Mikey said.

"Lucky we got plenty of beer and the whore upstairs if it rains."

Suddenly the table flew across the room showering chips, cards and beer cans around the room. Mikey was flying around the room before he realized what was happening. As he slammed into the wall he caught a glimpse of a tall raven hair woman dressed in a red, white and blue costume who looked really pissed.

"Wonder…….!" Earl cried as she punched him in the face, the blow sending him and the chair he was sitting in sliding across the room. He slammed into the corner and fell to the floor.

Doug turned to run but was grabbed by the back of the shirt and send across the room. Where he fell onto top of his fat friend. Earl was scrambling to his feet when he was sent flying. He slammed into his two friends, the men looked up at the Amazon charging across the room, eyes blazing and fists ready for battle.

A short time later the cabin looked like a tornado had hit it. Every piece of furniture was smashed or broken. The three men stood with black eyes, fat lips, numerous cuts and bruises. They were held together by a lasso.

"Now tell me what you are going to do." Wonder Woman said.

"We are going to drive to the state police and turn ourselves in." Earl said, "We are going to confess to all our crimes and tell them all about the sheriff and his Mexican whorehouse. We will throw ourselves on the mercy of the court and pay any lawsuits brought against us."

"Excellent." Wonder Woman said as she took off the lasso and coiled it up. "No go!"

The three men limped out the cabin. Wonder Woman watched them drive off and nodded. She went upstairs and changed into a pair of red short shorts and a tight tank top. She slipped on some high heel sandals and headed for the door.

"Now to deal with Albert." Diana said as she walked out of the cabin, "He will pay for anything he has done to my sister."

The shapely followed the path down to the cabin and stopped when she saw the Mustang was gone.

"Great Hera, I am too late!" Diana said as she moved to the cabin. She was surprised to see find the door open. The Amazon stepped into the room and stopped at the sight of Donna kneeling on the floor, clad in her Wonder Woman costume, a tight black jumpsuit. "Donna?"

Suddenly a golden lasso dropped over her body and pulled tight. The mighty Amazon gasped as she fell under its spell, knowing in a split second she was doomed.

"Nice rope." Albert said as he moved in front of the tall beauty, "From this moment on you are my humble and obedient slave."

"Yes, master." Diana said.

"Now you will adore serving me but you will remember who you are and what I am doing to you."

"Yes, master." Diana said, realizing she would now happily suck and fuck this little creep but inside her head hate every second of it.

"Oh yes, how did you get the earrings off?"

"They didn't go with my outfit. You said you wanted it to be perfect."

"So you took them off."

"Yes, master."

"Well no chance of that happening now, right slave." Albert said as he took off the lasso. "You my slave for life even after I take this lasso off."

"Yes, master."

"Turn into Wonder Woman."

"Yes, master." Diana said as spun around.

A few seconds later, Albert was standing over Wonder Woman and Woman Girl who were taking turns sucking his cock.

"We gonna hang for week or so make sure no one comes looking. Then we going to L.A. Hey, Wonder Whore, you being an Amazon Princess, you must have bucks.

"Yes, master." Diana said as she licked his balls while Donna gulped on the cock. Both women hated what they were doing but loved their master too much to stop.

"How you doing Albert."

The young genius spun around and swore. "What you doing here. I told you I am not interested."

"I think we work something out. You're smart enough to know you just can't ride off into the sunset with Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl as your sex slaves."

"What do you want?"

"Those earrings and you really don't need too magic lassoes."

Albert stared at the man in the black suit and sunglasses.

Diana still on her knees saw the man in black and her heart dropped. She and her sister were really screwed now.

Karen Starr looked around and as she picked the lock to Diana's apartment. The tall blonde was wearing a white cotton tank top that hugged her amble bosom. The red leather skirt hugged her marvelous ass. The red fishnet stockings make her long legs look incredible, as did the red spike heels. She smiled when the door clicked. Power Girl pushed the door open and stepped into the room not noticing the door across the hall was open a crack.

The shapely heroine wandered around the room, nodding her approval. She peeked into the bedroom and bathroom. The blonde frowned when she spotted the pool of shampoo on the floor. She knelt down and studied it. Her eyes fell on the cloth and she sniffed.

"Chloroform." Power Girl said, "Not a good sign."

Karen wandered back into the front room and sat down on the sofa. She pulled out her phone and was about to dial when something shiny caught her eyes. Power Girl picked up the ears and smiled. "Diana always did have good taste."

Henry had pulled on some sweats pants and snuck across the room. He peeked into the open door and gasped at the sight of the blonde with big tits sitting on the sofa. Then he frowned at the blank look on her face. The old man stepped into the room.

"Hey, lady you're trespassing." Henry said.

Power Girl just sat there with the words banging around in her head.

Must Obey. Must Obey. Must Obey.

"I am gonna call the cops. This is Diana's place. You a thief?"

"No." Karen said in a monotone voice.

"Then what you doing here?"


"Waiting for what?"

"For my master to give me an order."

"Your master…who is you master?"

"I don't know…are you my master?"

Henry licked his lips and looked around. He pushed the door closed and moved closer to the blonde.

"Okay, yeah I am your master." Henry said. "Now you are going to obey me."

"Yes, master."

"Now why are you going to obey me?"

"I think this earrings are some kind of mind control device."

"Well, I am ordering you never to take off those earrings."

Must Obey. Must Obey.

"Yes, master."

"Okay, okay…take off your top and show me your tits."

"Yes master." Karen said as she pulled off her top and tossed it aside.

"Lord all might those are incredible. Move over, bitch!"

"Yes, master." Power Girl said and moved over so Henry could sit down. She sat there as Henry dropped on the sofa and grabbed her tits.

"OH BABYYY!" Henry laughed as he fondled the tits. He smacked his lips and sucked in a mouthful of tit.

"My God, I am a sex slave to a dirty old man!" Power Girl thought as her tits were sucked and mashed. "And there seems to be no escape!"



Albert was lying on lounge on the patio of his Malibu beach house. Diana was wearing a red thong as she rubbed oil on his back. Donna wearing only a black thong came out carrying a tray fruit and drinks.

"Put there, slave." Albert said.

"Yes, master." Donna said as she put down the tray.

"Afternoon Albert."

"Oh it is my friends from that government agency that doesn't exist. What's the word?"

"The JLA is now convinced Diana and her sister have returned to Paradise Island."

"What about Power Girl?"

"Taken care of. Now your end?"

"I finished the watches. They will work just like the earrings and I got the tracking device perfected. I still need to tweak the listening device but I should have it by next week."

"Excellent." The agent said happy Albert was in a good mood. He might just get to fuck Wonder Girl again. He knew the punk would never let him touch Wonder Woman but that was okay. The sister was just fine.

"Why don't you hang out? Slave Donna; show the man a good time. You sure about Power Girl?"

"Trust me, she is under control."

Henry was sitting in his apartment watching the game and enjoying the site of the naked blonde kneeling before him sucking on his cock. He glanced down at the blonde head bobbing up and down on his cock.

Power Girl gulped on the cock with loud slurps. She used her fist to pump the cock deep into her mouth, rolling her tongue around the cock. The defeated heroine remembered her old life before she became a sex slave. She missed it but all she could do was obey.



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