Batgirl vs Titman  

By Brummie

Wizards Lair Batgirl 2014 Short Story Contest
Wizards Lair Contest Winner

Chapter One - My Town.

Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon cleared his throat and stepped up to the microphone. The steps of City Hall had been chosen to make the announcement and there was a good turnout of press, interested on-lookers and the just plain bored and curious who were at a loose end. The backdrop had been enhanced by a huge screen showing the logo of the Department of Justice better known as the F.B.I.

'Ladies and Gentlemen' he began in his rich deep tones 'I'm sure you're all aware of the recent worsening of the crime situation in Gotham. The increase in robberies of all sorts, the escalation of the violence used in the commission of crimes, the intimidation of local businesses and the pressure this has placed on local law enforcement. Today I am here to introduce to you the new District Attorney who has been charged with bringing this situation under control. Please welcome D.A. Charles Stokes.'

Gordon stood back and clapped along with the crowd as Stokes stepped forward. Cameras shutters clicked and flashes flashed. 'Thank you Commissioner. Ladies and Gentlemen as you've heard and as some of you may have experienced the crime situation has escalated in Gotham to epic proportions. This is due in no small part to the actions of a new crime lord calling himself The Titman.' Unfortunately the seriousness of the announcement was punctuated by sniggers at the name. Stokes ignored them and ploughed on 'and I am here today to promise you that I will not rest until this miscreant is removed from our streets and brought to justice.'

Gordon thought the use of the word 'miscreant' a mistake. It made The Titman sound like a rascal or a scallywag when in fact he was a callous cold blooded killer of the worst sort who had by dint of murder and intimidation dragged himself to the top of the dung heap that was the Gotham City crime world.

Stokes made to continue but as he spoke the microphone died. He looked confused then reached forward and tapped the big head of the old fashioned looking device. He seemed to freeze as his finger touched the metal. Slowly his body began to shake and his eyes bulge. Commissioner Gordon realised something was wrong stepped forward to help then stopped shocked. Smoke began to rise from Stokes' head. His mouth opened as if to scream silently. Inside sparks jumped between his metal fillings. The smoke increased then with a ‘woomph’ his body burst into flames.

Everyone looked on shocked as he burned fascinated to see his skin blacken and the fat underneath spit and crackle as if in a deep fryer. The press were the first to react and again the cameras clicked as they recorded the grisly sight for the evening papers. Someone had the presence of mind to realise what was happening and disconnected the microphone from its power source. In the shocked silence D.A. Stokes gradually collapsed to a smouldering heap on the City Hall steps.

Suddenly the image on the huge display screen changed. The circular blue F.B.I. emblem morphed into two huge wobbling breasts. If the District Attorney bursting into flames wasn't enough the crowd were now confronted by a massive pair of naked tits. A new voice erupted from the speakers. 'People of Gotham. You are witness to the all-pervading power of the new Sheriff in Gotham. The Titman. Let this be a lesson to the authorities no one is safe from my wrath, no one can oppose me, no one will be allowed to stand against me. Anyone who doubts these words should ask D.A. Stokes for his opinion. Gotham is my town now to do with as I see fit. The Police are powerless. I have united the gangs and my influence is absolute. Prepare to die all who resist me'

The ominous voice signed off with a prolonged evil laugh.

Commissioner Gordon stared down sadly at the smoking remains of D.A. Stokes. Turning to his assistant he said 'Call Batgirl' just as the C4 hidden in the head of the microphone exploded throwing the two of them backwards through the air to land sprawling on the hard stone steps.

Chapter Two – The Call.

Barbara Gordon is the librarian daughter of the Gotham Police Commissioner. Normally her red hair is tied back in a severe pony tail. Her clothes are staid and more suitable to someone much older and run to woollen cardigans and tweed skirts with thick stockings and brogues. Her daytime demeanour is quiet and mousey like a woman who looks after books and the people who like to read books in the cloistered silence of the stacks of Gotham Public Library.

At this exact moment though she was leaning back against a wall in a dirty back alley moaning and throwing her head about as a big black man fucked the crap out of her.

Barbara Gordon is Batgirl. Her father doesn't know, no-one knows except Batman, Robin and Professor Cavendish at Starr Labs. She had a schizophrenic sort of life. During the day a meek and mild librarian but during the hours of darkness she was a figure of vengeance, a fighter of crime. Caped and cowled with a purple costume she fought the criminals who preyed on the weak, the gangsters who robbed, killed and raped, the masterminds who planned crimes and ran gangs. This night-time life was mostly separate from her daytime life and rarely did the two cross. As a librarian she was quiet and passive. At night she made up for this with danger and excitement. At any moment she could challenge her last villain or fight her last desperado. This pumped untold amounts of adrenalin into her body until it became an addiction. This led her into dangerous waters if she failed to control her libido.

This evening she'd happened across Slasher McRoy mugging a passer-by in an alley. She tackled him allowing the mark to escape then they'd faced each other. McRoy was a career criminal with the IQ of a wardrobe. He also had the general build of a wardrobe being big, square and stocky. His ex-boxer's face was ugly and showed the tell tail signs of his time in the ring where he'd won the majority of his fights by smashing his opponents fists with his face. His nose was squashed flat, his lips thick, his eyes small and sly.

The woman who faced him was dressed all in purple from her face covering cowl, her body hugging suit with its built in Kevlar panels to her leather boots.

McRoy snarled 'you’re gonna regret taking me on one to one Bat bitch.'

She eyed him confidently. 'Cut the crap McRoy. We both know you're outmatched. Save yourself the bruises and come quietly.'

Without another word he threw himself at the woman his hands like giant claws trying to come to grips with her. She dodged easily skipping away from his crushing embrace. Time and again he missed her until suddenly they came together. They grappled each trying to overpower the other. To his surprise she was amazingly strong and it took all his strength and weight to force her slowly backwards to the alley wall.

Barbara could feel the brute strength in his broad chest and bulging arms, his breath on her cheek, the masculinity of his animal grunting as they strained to gain an advantage. She was in no danger really. At any time she could activate a number of devices that would render him helpless but she could feel her arousal rising as the big villain pressed her back. Glancing left and right she could see the alley was empty.

She kissed him. McRoy reeled back at the unexpected act. Batgirl smiled at him then slapped him hard across the cheek. He growled and gripping both her wrists forced them back against the wall. With her pinned he kissed her. The two adversaries mashed their mouths together not caring for grace or tenderness just blazing sexual release. She felt his tongue penetrate her mouth and met it with her own. Their saliva mingled as he devoured her lips.

While he frenched her mouth she freed her wrist and slipped the catch on her costume. Realising her top was open he insinuated his hand inside. Barbara groaned as he gripped her tit crushing it in his giant black hand. Her areola and nipple erected as he abused her flesh while still sucking on her hot lips.

She slid open the crotch of her suit then fumbled at his trousers. It was his turn to moan as she freed his sturdy cock gripping it in her cool hand. She squeezed his shaft feeling it grow to full hardness then she leant back and spread her thighs.

McRoy showed no mercy as he slammed his hips forward impaling the purple clad Superheroine on his cock. He held her by the waist and pumped his hips smashing his dick into her repeatedly. Her exposed tits shook and quivered as he took her.

She slapped him. 'Harder you black fucker' she demanded. He gripped her hips and slammed his cock into her as hard as he could. Together their breath quickened as he fucked her. 'Yes, yes' she cried as her orgasm built inside her loins given all the more impetuous by the fact she was fucking a known criminal and could be discovered at any moment if someone just glanced into the alley. The danger fuelled her arousal turning a simmering fire into a white hot blaze. 'Use me you vile scum. Use me like one of your skanks.'

With a bellow he came ejaculating his scalding semen into her hot wet cunt. Her pussy gripped him as she peaked and climaxed with him. His hips jerked as each rope of semen erupted from his shaft until he was still and spent.

They leant against each other their breath slowly returning to normal. Suddenly he felt a small prick as she injected him with a dose of the drug Forgetall. Just one of the tricks from her utility belt provided for her by Starr Labs then she slapped a pair of handcuffs on him ready to hand him over to the cops.

It was then she felt the tell tail buzz of the Bat signal at her waist. The City was calling.

Chapter Three - Don't Hang Around.

Barbara Gordon stared down at her father in the hospital bed. He'd been so lucky, his assistant less so was dead. 'Don't you fret Dad' she thought her eyes red rimmed 'I'll get the swine that did this. I don't care what it takes I'll bring him in dead or alive or die trying.'

Every snitch and nark in the county felt the heavy intimidating hand of Batgirl on their shoulder or the piercing stare from the purple mask over the next few days as she searched high and low for any clue to the location or identity of The Titman. Eventually she got a break. One grovelling stoolie known by the name of Snivelling Willy, had heard a rumour that members of the Titman's gang would be raiding a warehouse near the docks. That night she staked out the area.

From the roof she watched still as the dead until they arrived just after midnight. Eight of them. Silently they broke in and began searching. Eventually they dragged a crate out just as batgirl swung down on a Bat line from the overhead gantry. 'Hello boys. Shall we dispense with the usual merry banter and just get straight to the beat down?'

'Get 'er' shouted the leader.

As each gang member came at her she dealt with them with ease, the training given her by Batman standing her in good stead. She twirled and ducked as a crowbar swung at her head whistled past her ear. A second crook came at her just as the first swung again. Unable to dodge them both she threw up an arm to ward off the iron bar. It smashed into her forearm. Had it not been for the Kevlar panel her arm would have surely been broken. She kicked him in the nuts dropping him to the floor.

Five of the gang were down groaning and holding various parts of their bodies when the leader stepped forward. As the other two gangsters distracted her he fired a curious looking gun at her. Luckily it didn't contain buckshot. It contained long streamers designed to incapacitate the target. The legendary Bondage Bazooka. She heard the strange popping bang as the blunderbuss style gun fired and felt the strong ribbons constrict around her body.

No amount of struggling could free her arms from the tightly wrapped bindings and before she could react the two gangsters tackled her to the ground and completed binding her arms until she was utterly helpless.

Gradually each of the injured crooks recovered apart from the one she'd kicked in the balls. He could do little more than stagger and swear and clutch his throbbing parts.

At an indication from the leader, a thug known as Benny the Brute in the trade, two of the gang stood batgirl up to face him. 'So girly you fell for the trap. Never thought Snivelling Willy was one of us did ya? Well there's someone as wants to see you.'

With that he took out a mobile phone and called a number. 'She's here Boss' he said then turned the phone so the calls receiver could see her on its camera.

A tinny voice issued from the phone. 'I see my men have introduced themselves Batgirl. I hope you've realised by this stage just how helpless you are now but more importantly how helpless you were before you tried to find me. I've got this town sown up and there was nothing you could do that I wouldn't have found out about and planned for. OK boys show me the goods.'

Hands scrabbled at Batgirls purple top until they found the fastening and yanked it down. Strong hands dragged her top down over her shoulders to her waist baring her upper body.

They held her steady while the leader moved the phone closer allowing the voice to study her chest in detail. Batgirls training had given her an amazing torso. Wide shoulders lead to strong upper arms. Her stomach was ridged with muscle. Her 'C' cup breasts were high and firm and perky with soft pink areolas and nipples. The cool air of the warehouse and the bondage made them react.

'Nice but not nearly big enough for The Titman. OK boys give her an interesting send off. Make sure to send a message to any other Superheroine bimbo who tries to interfere in my plans.'

Batgirl stood at the centre of a ring of hoodlums her bare breasts drawing their interested gazes. Benny wasn't daft enough to deny them their pleasure especially as she'd beaten up five of them. 'Over the crate' he ordered.

They threw her none to gently over the wooden crate slamming her breasts into the hard rough wood. Hands scrabbled between her legs until they detected the crotch flaps clasp and released it. Dragging the seat of her suit apart they exposed her butt and the pink slit between her thighs.

The biggest of the gang members stepped forward already pumping his cock making it hard. Without any preamble he thrust himself into her dry pussy. Batgirl cried out at the pain of being impaled on his shaft. Her cries only made him thrust harder increasing her discomfort. Luckily he came quickly spurting rope after rope of semen inside her reddened cunt. The second almost pushed the first aside in his eagerness to get at her. He slid his dick inside her struggling body. Her newly lubricated cunt took him with more ease and he luxuriated in the feel of her soft insides gripping his cock as he raped her.

At her head a knife glistened before her eyes. 'Open wide bitch and don't forget you can suck cock with or without a nose so be very careful what you do with those teeth. Hey boss should I take dis mask off?'

Benny replied 'would you rather fuck the face of an ordinary woman or Batgirl? No one cares who she really is so leave it and then you'll feel just what it’s like to be sucked off by a Superheroine.'

She had no option. Her lips opened as his rancid shaft slid into her hot mouth. Her tongue felt the ridges and veins as he slowly fucked her face. Gradually he pushed his cock deeper until she felt it in the back of her throat. Her gag reflex kicked in and copious ropes of saliva dripped from the corners of her mouth. She must have been doing it right because he came stream after stream of semen flooded her mouth sliding down her throat and coating her tongue.

As the fourth shaft entered her she realised her body was betraying her. Her pussy was awash with semen and also her own juices. To her shame she could feel her own orgasm growing inside her. The villain pumped his dick inside her as he felt her body stiffen. He yelled out as her climax hit her forcing a groan from her cock stuffed mouth. He wasn't shy in telling his mates that he'd 'made the bitch enjoy it' and he high fived a couple a fellows then renewed his thrusting and filled her hot cunt with another portion of spunk.

Each time one of the rapists finished depositing his load inside her cunt Barbara preyed it was over but each time her wishes were shattered as another brute took his place and a new cock replaced the old. They raped her for nearly an hour slapping her ass making her move to meet their pistoning members. Hands held her head tight as they raped her face enjoying defiling her while she wore her mask more than they would have had she just been a normal woman.

The rapists fell into two camps. Both sorts were primarily interested in their own pleasure. For one sort this was enough. They simply fucked her pussy or mouth and ejaculated inside her. The second sort took their own pleasure but seemed intent on making her suffer at the same time so they swore at her calling her a 'whore' and telling her to 'take it bitch' as they used her mouth and cunt. They also enjoyed slapping her ass to make her move her hips as they raped her.

Her struggles were long over and she'd stopped groaning or protesting when suddenly she realised her body was cock free and no hard shaft was penetrating her anymore. She lay there wretched, bruised, degraded and defiled. Her breathing came in short gasps and her bound body felt as if she'd been pummelled.

The gang member she kicked in the plums limped up behind her. Unlike the others he didn't hold his cock in his hand. Instead he rested his hand on her exposed ass. Setting himself he swung as hard as he could. Batgirl screamed out loud as his palm thwacked into her plump butt cheek. He swung again and again releasing his resentment as he spanked her rapidly reddening butt. A gang member had to hold her down as he thrashed her vulnerable plump ass cheeks until they were a hot scarlet. Then he spanked her some more until she could hold back no more and against her will she uttered the hated words ‘Dear God please stop’. It was music to his ears as she implored him again and again but compassion wasn’t in his vocabulary.

Eventually Benny the Brute waved the spanker away leaving the purple clad Batgirl whimpering. She jerked as his hand touched her and softly caressed her hot fiery buttocks. Suddenly she realised her worst nightmare was about to become reality. Before she could even beg for mercy his strong fingers spread her pain filled cheeks and he forced his cock into her anus. Taking his time he impaled her bung hole again and again with his hard shaft each time slapping his balls against her abused and gism leaking cunt. Her misery was complete as the gang boss fucked her ass while his men stood around them witnessing his final degrading of the helpless heroine.

Her whole body rocked rubbing her tits painfully against the rough wood. Still he held out as he buried his cock in her innards while he entertained himself even more by slapping her already scarlet butt cheeks. He couldn't tell if it was the pain of his spanking or the invasion of her butt hole by his prick that made her cry out. It didn't matter to him in the slightest as long as she did scream and writhe under his relentless assault.

Finally he felt the pressure in his balls reach its maximum sending his semen rocketing up his shaft to cascade out into the young woman’s back passage. He grunted as his hips jerked squirting his hot gism into her abused body.

His men clapped and cheered as he extracted his cock leaving Batgirl shamed and abused still bent over the wooden crate. 'Well now we’ve had our fun orders are to make an example of you Bat slut. String her up boys.'

Barbara hardly felt it as a suspended loop of rope was dropped over her head and tightened round her neck. On the other end two of the gang began to pull. Inexorably slowly Batgirls head was pulled upward. The men used their full weight to pull more and more on the rope forcing her to stand. Her feet left the ground as she was hauled upwards. Desperately she climbed onto the top of the crate. Still they tugged on the rope until she was forced on to her tiptoes then they tied it off.

They watched as she tottered trying to ease the pressure round her throat. At a nod the men dragged the crate away leaving her dangling in space. Batgirl’s legs swung and kicked helplessly as the noose tightened. She made no sound other than a quiet gurgling. Slowly her movements grew less frantic as the air in her lungs was exhausted until finally her last kick left her lifeless body swinging gently.

The men watched silently then moved away their job done. The warehouse door slammed shut on the grisly scene. From behind a crate a small rat sniffed the air then looked up curiously at the hanging purple clad body.

Batgirl cracked one eye open and checked that she was alone. With care she tapped the side of her boot with the other causing a short blade to emerge from the toe. She swung her leg and neatly severed the rope that was tied off nearby and nimbly dropped the three feet to the concrete floor. She checked again that she was alone then bending her supple body she used the blade to sever the rope binding her arms. Once free she tugged at the rope round her neck. As she did she felt the ring of Kevlar implanted in the neckpiece of her Bat suit. 'Fucking villains are so stupid' she thought although not so stupid that they hadn't been able to trap her. Lucky they'd decided on hanging. She'd have been in real trouble had they tried drowning or just a simple bullet to the back of the head execution style.

Refastening her Bat suit she made to sit on the nearest crate but changed her mind on feeling her burning butt's first touch the hard wood. 'Well that was a complete bust.' Beaten and raped and still no nearer to any clue as to who The Titman was. No. There was some progress. She now knew that every one of her snitches was compromised. In fact if the power of The Titman was as insidious as he'd claimed then she had to assume even the Police may have been infiltrated. Her options seemed to be shrinking by the minute the more she thought through the problem. 'What would Batman do' she thought. 'Well he'd split skulls until someone talked. He'd blunder around smashing through walls into dens and lairs upsetting the entire criminal fraternity until something broke in his favour. Unfortunately that wasn't her style so out of the question. What if the answer was to turn the question round the other way? Not how could she find The Titman but how could she induce The Titman to find her. When she stated it that way it opened up possibilities.

Chapter Four - You've Got a Cream You Say.

Back at her apartment Barbara showered and showered to free herself of the stench of her defilement. The warm water cascaded over her washing away the aches and pains not to mention the bodily fluids crusted on her skin. She brushed her teeth five times.

Sitting before her computer in a fluffy white towelling bathrobe she studied the problem. Her laptop although small was connected to the mainframe in the Bat Cave so gave her access to untold computer power and data from the entire world. She launched search after search trying to identify the work of The Titman. Eventually she ran a program that automatically looked for connections between all the myriad reported crimes and any strange occurrences.

After twenty minutes it completed its work and rang an alert. Barbara stared at the results. There was a connection the computer had found. There had been five missing persons reported in the last four months. All from the Gotham area although some of the people were not from the city originally they all worked there. The connection was that they were all women, all of above average in appearance and all with a way above average chest measurement. Further investigation showed they'd all 'modelled' (she added the mental apostrophes) for, a website for gentlemen streaming videos of ladies with large endowments. A quick look at the site proved that ‘modelled’ was a complete misnomer.

As Barbara thought about this it suddenly hit her that the pseudonym chosen by The Titman must be literal. He was a lover of the larger bosomed ladies and he'd had the women kidnapped no doubt for no good purposes. It meant that there was a definite connection between the web site and her prey. This gave her an idea. It was drastic but the thought of her father lying in his hospital bed and the smouldering remains of D.A. Stokes gave her all the resolve she needed. She made a call to Starr Labs and spoke to Professor Cavendish. He listened in rapt silence as she explained what she wanted.

'Are you sure my dear? What you ask is so very drastic and may have lasting consequences for yourself.'

'I'm sure' she assured him. Then she smiled as he informed her that yes they could do as she required in fact they'd recently developed a cream for just this purpose.'

'You've got a cream you say?' she sounded amazed as he'd told her.

'Yes in conjunction with some dissolving Botox we should be able to complete the job with a week of daily treatments' he informed her. 'What size had you in mind?'

She'd thought about this for some time until she concluded that there was no reason to hold back. 'J cup' she replied.

'I'll order some more cream' he commented.

The next day Barbara completed a few jobs such as phoning the Library to take two weeks holiday then reported to the Professor at Starr Labs. It wasn't the first time they'd met. He was about sixty years old she thought, tall and willowy with a shock of well-cut white hair on his head and clean shaven. His bright blue eyes sparkled when he greeted her with a hug and a kiss on both cheeks. He felt like a favourite uncle to her. To him she looked about twenty six, Five nine or ten and superbly fit. If he hadn't known she was Batgirl and he'd had to guess he'd have plumped for a gymnast or tennis player. Her shoulders looked broad while her stomach was washboard flat. Her hips flared out from a slim waist and her legs were long and muscular. Her face was narrow and beautiful and framed by long red hair.

In his office her treatment began. A long slim needle pierced the side of her nose and he gently injected some dissolvable Botox. This was like ordinary Botox except it dissolved into the bloodstream after a month. He massaged and moulded her nose until he was satisfied it was thick enough while still being even. More Botox went into her cheek bones making them higher and sharper and chin to add a cute dimple.

Barbara studied her reflection turning this way then that until she nodded satisfied that with a haircut she'd not be recognisable as Barbara Gordon.

Then it was on to the main course of treatment. 'Pop your top on the chair dear' he'd said lightly.

Slowly Barbara removed her shirt and bra and stood shyly before the old man bare to the waist. She felt goose bumps in spite of the office being quite warm and her tits felt alive with anticipation.

'Hmmm' he hummed as he studied her chest closely. 'I will need to examine you to determine if you're a suitable match for this course of treatment' he said. 'You're currently a 38C and you've asked for a pair of J's. That's a big increase not usually recommended. The skin can't take it you see but as this is an emergency ...' he tailed off as he stared at her chest.

She nodded and stood still as his veined old fingers gently touched her breast. She couldn't help it. As he touched her she shivered.

'I'm sorry my dear. Hands a little cold?'

'No Professor. It's just my ... bosom ... is quite sensitive.'

'Oh I see. Well I'm afraid the treatment won't help that in fact it is more likely to make it worse, or better depending on your point of view. You see the cream promotes the growth of the breast flesh including the nerve endings found all over the entire surface of the mammary glands. At present you may have a few million nerves but soon that may be increased many fold.'

'This cream' she asked 'why was it developed?'

'We hoped to be able to regrow body parts that were injured or in extreme cases missing altogether. It’s still undergoing trials. So far we've no encountered any side effects, well not showstoppers anyway, just as I say increased sensitivity to the treated areas. Shall we begin?'

Barbara nodded and watched as he donned surgical gloves and produced a large tube of cream. She lay back on a small bed as he slowly squeezed a large dollop of the clear gel onto his gloved fingers. She shivered once more as he applied the gel to her breasts. Slowly and sensuously he massaged her tits filling his hands with her full firm globes covering them with the shiny gloop. Time and again he rubbed her tits until the cream was absorbed into her skin then reloaded with more. His aged fingers paid particular attention to her nipples. He gripped and twisted them as the cream soaked into her darkened areolas and hard erect nipples. It took nearly an hour for him to use up the entire tube of cream. By the end Barbara was fit to burst. Her knuckles were white as she gripped the sheet and her thighs were clamped tightly together as if trying to rub her own pussy and a little sheen of sweat coated her forehead and top lip.

'All done for today my dear. Everything O.K?'

'Yes ... yes ... thank you professor' she gasped as she ignored her bra and threw her shirt on.

'Same time tomorrow' he called out as she dashed from his office.

The door on the cubical in the ladies restroom slammed shut as Barbara lowered the loo lid and sat down. Dragging aside her knickers she masturbated as hard as she'd ever done in her life. It took less than fifteen seconds for her climax to erupt in her loins as her fingers flashed over her clit rubbing the hard erect nubbin as if her life depended on it. She'd never ever felt so turned on before.

The next morning she awoke in her bed. As she got up she could already feel a difference under her nightgown. As she walked to the bathroom she noticed the heaviness on her chest as if she was carrying something there.

Stripping she stared mesmerised at her reflection in the mirror. She had tits. Big tits. They'd grown maybe three inches and a cup size. Her fingers trembled as she gently cupped them. The pangs of pleasure shot through her chest starting a sympathetic response in her nether regions. The more she squeezed the hotter she got. She gripped her nipples and pinched and pulled them. Groaning she nearly orgasmed on the spot.

The next few days took on a sort of routine. She'd turn up at the office, he’d complement her on her new mammary’s and check them out carefully. Them she'd lie down and he'd massage a tube of cream into her chest. He seemed to quite enjoy his job. She'd grip the sheets and squeeze her thighs together then once he'd done she'd rush out of the office into the Ladies and masturbate herself furiously to a mind blowing orgasm.

The final day of her treatment arrived. Batgirl's chest now measured forty four inches and her mammary's had grown to a monumental double H in size. She felt intensely conspicuous as she walked towards Starr Labs. Her entire chest undulated in time with her stride and she felt the eyes of every male she passed focusing on her chest. Was this what it was like for all big titted women? Were they constantly being stared at by lascivious men who couldn't see past their chest measurements? Did all of them hate it or did some of them revel in their power over the weak willed obsessive males.

In the office she shyly stripped off her shirt and bra under the keen gaze of the old Professor. Just why she felt shy was something of a mystery as he'd been massaging the growth cream into her chest for the last four days. Maybe it had something to do with her changing feelings for the Professor. During their time together she'd spent most of it with her libido in maximum overdrive and despite his age he was still a man. There had been times when it had been all she could do to keep from dragging him down on top of her. Her tits under his ministrations had expanded into huge mounds of soft round pliant flesh along with her areolas and nipples which had grown in equal proportion. The dark pink surrounds of her nipples were over three inches across. At their centres her nipples were thick and rubbery and incredibly sensitive and reactive. The slightest friction was enough to start them erecting.

As she lay back her newly expanded tits sagged to the side a little which was a new experience for her as her natural tits had been firm and perky and sat proudly high on her chest. With his gloved hands loaded with the first dose of cream Professor Cavendish gathered her left tit on both hands, he now needed both as her tits were so big, and slowly massaged the cream into the soft warm flesh.

Batgirl immediately felt the pleasure erupt in her tit as the old man moulded it in all its spherical glory his aged bony fingers sinking into the soft pillowy mound. He reloaded and gave the same sensual treatment to her other boob.

In the time he'd been applying the cream to the young woman’s ever increasing bosom he'd become increasingly aware of the sensitising effect his magic fingers were having on her libido. He'd been able to feel her body tense as he massaged her tits and he could see how she became more and more agitated as the treatment went on. Of course she was the one receiving the medication but it was having just as devastating an effect on him as well. He wasn't immune to the sexuality of her superb body as he worked on her. He needed to be professional but for Christ sake there was only so much a red blooded male could take. She was beautiful and semi-naked and she had actually demanded that he fondle her body. He'd managed to conceal the inevitable erection he got during the treatment and he'd always taken care of it after she'd bolted from his office but he hoped today would be different.

He had a plan, a cunning plan.

Barbara's eyes were shut tightly as she luxuriated in the sensual pleasure filling her chest when Cavendish whispered in her ear 'I've got an extra bit of cream my dear can I use it on you?'

In her trance like haze of erotic dreams Barbara could only nod and murmur an instinctive agreement at his request. One hand continued fondling her tits. With the other he slowly raised the hem of her skirt until her groin was revealed. As he suspected she wore no knickers as this allowed her faster access to her pussy in the restroom. Using two fingers he spread her pussy lips and with a cream covered finger on his other hand he applied the gloop directly to her clit.

Batgirl stiffened at the first touch of his finger. Her eyes shot open and an erotic gasp escaped her wide open mouth. His finger circled round and round her hard nubbin applying the cream. She gripped his wrist instinctively intending to drag his hand away but she didn't. She couldn't. She never wanted the feelings to stop. His finger rubbed harder sending electric stimulation through her most sensitive place. He stooped down and placed his lips almost touching her lips. 'Do you want me to stop?'

'Dear God no' she gasped then dragged his head down and glued their lips together.

He felt like he was wrestling an alligator as she gripped him hard and sucked on his mouth. He knew she was close so he gripped her clit and squeezed it between his finger and thumb.

Barbara erupted in a mind bending orgasm. Her body stiffened and stretched like a yawning cat until only her heels and the back of her head were touching the bed. Cavendish twisted her clit as she trembled and shuddered. Wave after wave of intense ecstasy suffused her body. The old man used his forty years of sexual experience to stimulate the helpless young woman doing everything he could to extend her climax for nearly a minute.

Gradually Barbara relaxed to lie back on the bed beads of sweat on her forehead and tiny aftershock making her body quiver every few seconds. Cavendish quickly stripped off his clothes and lay down next to her. Laying his hand on her breast he gently stroked he huge mound and played with her erect nipple. Slowly he turned her head towards him and he softly kissed her lips. Smiling he felt her respond to his touch.

'No need to bolt for the restroom' he said.

Barbara opened her eyes and gazed at him. 'You dirty old man' she chided 'you took advantage of me.'

'True' he admitted 'but you did seem to enjoy the experience and you'd only have done the same yourself anyway so as they say No harm, No foul.'

'Hmmm I suppose you're right but it’s a bloody cheek all the same.'

'I've got another request as it happens' he said smiling at her.

'What?' she replied suspiciously only now realising he was stroking her tit and beginning to feel the erotic stimulation growing within her loins.

He took her wrist and pulled her hand down to his groin. Suddenly she felt his hard shaft in her hand. 'Climb aboard my dear. You can drive.'

'You nasty old git' she said but with a wide smile then throwing her leg across his body she sat up straddling his hips. He stared up at the vision of loveliness above him her huge tits hanging downwards as she positioned the head of his cock at her well lubricated pussy and slowly sank down.

Cavendish had never felt pleasure like it as his cock was drawn slowly inside her hot moist vagina. Soft moans escaped his lips. Her internal muscles gripped him as she began to ride his cock. He sank his fingers into her soft tits and it was her turn to groan. They moved together in harmony. She giving him the pleasure of fucking Batgirl and he stimulating her tits and cunt again. Her clit felt as if it was on fire. The cream had sensitised it and she tried her best to maximise the friction as it rubbed against his cock.

Their movements quickened, their breathing quickened. Barbara slammed her hips down forcing the entire length of his meat deep inside her cunt until with a shout she climaxed for a second time.

Cavendish felt her hot juice flood over his cock and he seized and ejaculated inside her. Together they jerked and shivered as their bodies took their pleasure then collapsed to lie in each other’s arms.

Sometime later they stirred. 'I should complain' she said.

'Why? Didn't I do it right?'

'You practically raped me you dirty old man.'

He smiled at her and replied 'I don't remember you objecting in fact I seem to remember it was you who climbed on top of me. Funny old rape when the rapee rides the raper wouldn't you say. I don't think you've got a leg to stand on. Every court in the land would throw your case out and I'd probably get a medal. It not every day that a little old scientist like me gets to satisfy a Superheroine. You were satisfied weren't you?'

Barbara appeared to think about this before saying 'Well nearly.'

'Nearly?' he said amazed.

'Yes nearly. I'll do a deal with you. I'll won't complain if you use every ounce of all your experience to finish what you started.'

'Who's raping who here lady?' he said as he gathered her in his arms and brought their lips together once more.

Chapter Five -

Max von Sleezeball was exactly as she'd envisaged he would be. Anyone who was the C.E.O. of a Web site called was never going to be a little grey haired old man. Max was tall, cavernous and oily. His skin, those parts she could see was pock-marked with old acne scars the rest was covered by a thick black beard and moustache. He also wore sun-glasses indoors, a sure sign of a dickhead in her book. His clothes were garish and rumpled and he had on alligator skin boots.

She sat on a plastic chair in front of his desk in a dingy office in the worst part of Gotham City while he sat the other side and stared at her. For the interview she'd dressed as much like a slut as she could. Her hair had been cut so it only just reached her shoulders and it had been died a darker auburn colour than her natural red. Her top was white and flimsy enough as to be almost see through. The front open to show a deep cleavage between her new breasts caused by her bra being tightened until it strained to hold her bounteous mounds. A short skirt showed generous amounts of her bare legs when she sat down and her heels were so high that she had trouble staying upright on them although they did show off her toned calves and thighs to perfection.

She started 'Mr. Sleezeball. You've been contacted by City Hall with an urgent request haven't you?'

He nodded without saying anything still blatantly ogling her body.

'Well are you prepared to agree to the terms offered?'

'Maybe' he replied enigmatically.

'Wha’d’ya’ mean, maybe.' she asked exasperated.

'I mean that I'm prepared to listen then I'll tell you what terms I'll accept and call me Max.'

'O.K. ... err Max ... you've been requested to promote me as you're next big thing, your latest model on your website. You don't need to know why. For this you'll be paid the agreed amount. Now is that acceptable?'

'No lady it isn't' he responded firmly.

'Why not?' she queried.

'Because for the reputation of the site I need to be able to back up my promotions.'

'Explain please.'

'It’s simple. I can't promote a new model if I don't have any product to sell to the punters. Its basic business. I can't advertise a new model and not be able to provide for the customer’s needs.'

'Look Max spell it out will you.'

'Lady I need product. Photos and videos.'

'I see. Well I don't see any harm in you taking a few photographs as long as they're tasteful of course.'

'Tasteful? Don't take the piss lady. You've seen the website and the type of product we provide. It’s hard-core and mostly videos so that's the deal. I promote you and you do a bunch of videos for me to sell.'

Barbara swallowed nervously. She'd seen the sort of filth the site sold and now Sleezeball wanted to negotiate for her services. 'No way Max. I'm not into that stuff. You'll have to settle for the money.'

Sleezeball, not his real name obviously, knew he'd got her over a barrel so decided to play hardball. 'See the door Lady. Don't let it hit you on the ass on your way out.'

Barbara stared back at him shocked. Her whole plan was going up in smoke because of this disgusting pornographer and his dirty videos. She had no choice. 'I'm prepared to do one video of me going solo.'

Max smirked inwardly. He'd got her to negotiate now it was just up to him to push her to her limit and a little bit beyond. Basic negotiating tactics, hit 'em high to start with.'

'Ten videos and I decide on the format.'

'No. I'll do two solo.'

'Seven with partners, boys and girls.'

'One solo, one with a girl.' Barbara could hardly believe the words that were coming out of her mouth. Here she sat, Barbara Gordon, daughter of the Gotham Police Commissioner and Batgirl to boot bargaining with a scuzzy pornographer over submitting her milky white body to performing in disgusting dirty porn videos. If only he knew she was Batgirl. Thank god for the Botox and that no one would recognise her.

'Two with girls.

'Five with boys and girls.'

'Two. One guy, one girl.

Max moved in for the kill. My final offer. Three videos and I decide who appears in them and what the scenario is. Take it or leave it Lady.'

Barbara thought hard but she could see he meant it. Swallowing hard she replied 'agreed' feeling like she'd just signed her own death warrant.

'Right' he said 'there's just a few formalities. What's your porn name?'

'What' Barbara replied confused.

'Your porn name. You're not going to use your real name are you? So what's it going to be?'

'Err ... Ba ... Babs ... err ... Babs Bazookas?'

'O.K. now strip.'

Barbara stared at him aghast. 'I beg your pardon.'

'Strip. You don't think I'm going to employ you unless I see what I'm getting do you?'

She could only sigh at the predicament she'd gotten herself into. Slowly she stood and unbuttoned her shirt. As she hesitated after stripping it off Max pointed at her bra and indicated it had to go as well.

Slowly she released the clasp and drew it down her arms then stood stock still in front of this odious man. She swore she could feel his eyes burning into her soft mounds as he ogled her brand new breasts. Her nipples tingled as he nodded approval then said 'and the rest.'

Her skirt unzipped at the side and she bent to step out of it. As she did Max watched mesmerised as her giant tits swung freely beneath her torso and shimmied as she stood back up to face him.

Her tiny panties were all that remained.

'Look Babs you're going to be doing some pretty nasty things soon with a partner and in front of a camera crew of three plus director and probably anyone else who's around so shyness is not an option alright? Get the knickers off.'

Barbara felt sick but she was completely in his power so she had to comply with his order. Hooking her thumbs in the sides of her lacy panties she slowly slid them all the way down her mile long legs and tottering on her heels slipped them right off.

Sleezeball stared at her naked body dressed in nothing but high heels. Slowly he rose and came round the desk. Barbara watched him warily as he circled her. He felt the excitement growing in his stomach. She was superb. Her ass was spectacular. Plump and high. Her legs long and muscular. Her stomach flat and ridged. She was beautiful as well with the face of a model and long clean hair. But of course it was her tits and pussy that really interested him from a personal as well as business viewpoint.

He was happy to see she was mostly shaven down stairs and she had prominent pussy lips as well. But it was her tits that were the Piéce de Résistance. Huge spherical globes of perfection. High and still firm and tipped with huge soft pink areolas and nipples.

Barbara jumped as he reached out with one hand and cupped her left tit. Her lips pursed at the imposition but she held her temper in check.

Max felt the weight of her breast resting in his palm. It felt amazing, warm and alive. His fingers sank into her soft flesh and his thumb rubbed across her nipple. He watched as it sprang to life erecting to a point. As he touched her nipple he detected a slight trembling in her body. Not only was her tit beautiful but it was supremely sensitive as well. They could really have fun with this one.

He raised his other hand and nearly gasped out loud as he felt a grip like a vice grab hold of his wrist. 'Only one free sample per customer. Mr Sleezeball' she spat at him and shoved him away.

Pouting and rubbing his wrist he retreated round his desk as she dressed.

'Well? Satisfied I meet your exacting requirements?' she asked sarcastically.

'Absolutely, absolutely. I'll get the contract drawn up and we can get started straight away.

Chapter Six – Ramon.

After the formalities were completed Sleezeball handed Barbara over to an assistant who took her into a nearby dressing room. 'First' he said 'we need you to take a shower then we'll get you into hair and make-up.' Barbara was surprised and said so. 'This is going to be a High Definition video so you've got to look perfect. Clean goes without saying and look nice but we've also got to check for bruises and skin imperfections, spots and such which we'll cover with make-up then you'll be ready. Don't forget you'll be under the lights so every zit and scrape and scar will show up.'

They were as good as their word and she was preened and pampered while wearing a towelling robe. Her hair was styled and her face carefully made-up with bright red lipstick. Then they told her to get naked as they checked minutely for any imperfections which were covered over. A quick tidy up of her pubic hair and she was ready for her costume.

It started not surprisingly with sheer black stockings and suspender belt also in black and tiny lacy thong panties. As each item went on Barbara could feel the lump growing in her stomach but whether it was fear or excitement she wasn’t prepared to admit to herself.

What would her father say if he could see his daughter getting prepared to appear in a porn video or Batman for that matter? She knew Robin. He’d have a huge shit eating grin on his face. She'd lost count of the times she'd caught him spying on her changing or copping a feel when they practiced their fighting skills. Then of course there’d been his last birthday when she swore he spiked her drink because she had intended to give him a Woollen Pullover as a present and not the blow job she’d actually ended up giving him particularly as he’d persuaded her to put on her costume first and he’d worn his.

Then they showed her the dress. It was a beautiful, long and a vibrant scarlet in colour. It dropped over her head and over her body. It was tight over her bosom and held her mounds in a firm embrace squeezing them together so the front displayed a generous amount of cleavage. Again it was a close fit over her hips which showed off her plump butt to perfection. Finally they added a pair of shiny black high-heels.

She looked at herself critically in a long mirror. Her face had on more make-up than she'd ever worn herself and made her look a little sluttish but in a sophisticated way if such a thing was possible. The dress was a perfect fit and emphasised every mound and every nook and cranny of her fantastic body. She turned to look over her shoulder at her back view and realised every movement of her curvaceous butt was evident in the tight dress.

'High class hooker' was the look she concluded.

Suddenly the excitement in her loins erupted as someone said 'Actors on set please.'

To that point she'd not known if she was 'going solo' or if she'd be performing with another person. The fact they'd said 'actors' meant there was at least one other person involved and there'd only been her in the ladies dressing room. The other person must be male then. She swallowed as a strange fizzing sensation erupted moistening her pussy. She was going to get fucked in her first video.

As she walked out into the brightly lit studio she could see the director talking to another man who had his back to her. When he saw her he introduced her to him. He turned and smiled broadly.

'Babs this is Ramon who'll be working with you today.'

'Err ... hello' she stammered holding out her hand.

He ignored it and embraced her heartily kissing her on both cheeks. 'Hola hermosa dama.'

Barbara looked confused until the director translated 'Hello beautiful lady. Ramon only speaks Spanish but he understands a little English.'

'Oh. Thank you' replied Barbara blushing and feeling like it was prom night again.

Ramon was as tall as Barbara in her four inch heels and tanned the colour of Teak. His hair was jet black and shoulder length and swept back from his hard handsome face. The perfect white teeth shone out of his dark features. He was dressed in a simple crisp white shirt that was half open so she could see his torso was well muscled without being overblown and smooth. His arms were long and his hands strong with long fingers. He had a slim waist typical of Spanish waiters the world over and long legs. His butt looked tight. His body had felt hard and fit when he'd held her and she could almost see the masculinity radiating from him.

Barbara couldn't help herself. Her gaze drifted down to the front of his slacks where there was a distinct bulge.

Quickly she looked away but not before Ramon saw her looking. He winked slyly at her and smiled as she blushed even more.

'O.K. folks' shouted the director 'everyone get ready to go. Babs and Ramon. There's no story and no dialog in this one. You simply come in together through the door and get down to it as if you've just been out to a bar or club and you're returning ready to finish the evening in the traditional manner. O.K?'

They both nodded. 'I'll direct you and we'll add sound later so don't worry about that just make any noises that you want to. We like to do as few cuts as possible but if I need you to do something different or better or we have any technical problems I'll shout ‘cut’ and we'll fix things. Babs your job is to make sure Ramon doesn't lose his wood if we have to break, understand?'

'Err' she replied.

He explained ‘this video will only last an hour but to film it could easily take up to three hours and keeping the male actors hard is one of our big problems. It's down to you to make sure he doesn't lose his erection between shots.'

She nodded embarrassed as her initial sexy feelings began to turn into something more sordid as the realities of filming porn videos began to hit home. For instance the number of people that were in the studio. As well as her and Ramon there was the Director, his assistant, two camera men taking different angles, a lighting man, a sound man who would record them so that could use as much of their noises as possible. The make-up lady was present in case she needed running repairs and at least a couple of runners who did any odd jobs and fetched drinks. There were also a few others that didn't appear to have jobs and had just turned up to watch the new talent perform for the first time.

Barbara calculated that she was about to get fucked in front of fifteen people.

One person in particular stood out. She was an athletic short haired blond who wouldn't look out of place in the film let alone watching or filming it. She was muttering to herself and for some reason she looked a bit ticked off.

Behind the door Ramon held Barbara's hand. No doubt he could feel her nervousness. In halting English he said 'Lady not worry, Ramon he fuck good.' He meant it kindly but all it did was make Barbara more nervous as the knot of tension in her stomach blossomed.

The knot really erupted as the Director shouted 'Action.' Ramon opened the door and led her into the well-lit scene. It had been made up to look like any living room with a chair and table and a big white sofa. Ramon pulled her to him and kissed her.

For a few seconds Barbara stood stiffly until the Director called 'Cut'.

'O.K. folks let’s try that again. Babs loosen up girl. You're as into him as he is you. Do you need a couple of drinks or how about a line?'

'No it’s alright. I'll do it better next time' she replied appalled at the casual offer of illegal drugs.

They started again and this time Barbara returned Ramon's kiss. She had to admit he knew what he was doing and she could feel her ardour rising as they made out. His big hand gripped her butt while his other held the back of her head as their lips mashed together.

'Harder, harder' shouted the director. 'More saliva, more tongue.'

Ramon responded sliding his tongue between her lips. Barbara sucked on it. The sound equipment picked up the wet liquid slurping sounds as they frenched like crazy. Her breathing quickened as his masculinity began to work on her libido. His hand stroked her butt cheeks through the thin dress.

The Director let them make out for another five minutes moving the cameras around them and in for a close-up of there intense smooching. All the while Barbara could feel herself becoming more aroused as she and the Latin lothario swapped saliva.

'O.K. Ramon go for the tits'.

Slowly he slipped the strap of her dress over her shoulder letting it hang down so the bodice still covered her breast then as he nuzzled the upper slope of her soft bosom he gradually pulled it down finally exposing her left breast to the steady gaze of the camera. Even those watching with their jaded porn sensibilities felt the rush as her perfect tit was revealed. All that is except the blond who just seemed to get more annoyed.

Barbara felt the same rush as Ramon bared her tit but it was mixed with an equal amount of self-disgust as she performed sex acts in front of so many leering people and for it to be recorded for any slack jawed dribbling pervert to watch.

Ramon's large hand grasped her naked breast and raised it up to his mouth. Barbara groaned as his lips captured her already erect nipple. The camera zoomed in on the tit sucking action. Swiftly he slipped her other shoulder strap down letting the dress fall to her waist baring her entire upper body. As the full glory of her bosom was revealed there was much licking of lips and adjusting of trousers in the audience of hardened pornographers.

With both big hands Ramon cradled her breasts then applied his tongue licking first one nipple then the other. All Barbara needed to do was stand there and let him enjoy playing with her magnificent mounds. The Director allowed him to caress her chest for a few minutes then called 'Cut'.

'Ramon, Ramon more, mucho passion, mucho mucho passion, harder, O.K?' he directed.

'Si' replied the Spanish porno actor.

Barbara did notice that during the conversation he kept his hands on her tits casually caressing them and running his thumbs over her nipples.

As they resumed Ramon took his directors demands seriously as he virtually attacked her tits grasping them in both hands and deeply massaging her soft fleshy globes. His mouth descended covering her puffy areolas and fiercely erect nipples and rhythmically sucked on them like he was trying to breast feed. His strong fingers sank deep into her fleshy globes moulding, squishing and squashing them into all manner of interesting shapes. He made her flinch as he gripped her nipples twisting and turning them like he was tuning a radio before he again sucked great mouthfuls of flesh into his hot mouth. He worked on her tits turning them into hot balls of lust sucking and slurping on them, massaging them until they turned a darker pink.

By the time the director was satisfied with all his camera angles and Ramon’s breast molestation her tits were on fire, wet with saliva and streaked with red fingers marks. Her breathing came in heavy gasps while she could feel the moisture gathering in her pussy.

Barbara flushed and her stomach knotted as she heard 'O.K. Ramon. Strip her off.'

The experienced actor knew what was need so slowly turned her body so her back faced the camera as he slowly pulled the dress down over her hips. Gradually her magnificent curvaceous butt was exposed. Ramon stood and kissed her once more as his hands gently caressed her now naked plump ass cheeks.

Barbara froze as she felt him slid his fingers into each side of her panties and begin to lower them. They dropped and he let her step out of them leaving her naked but for stockings and suspender belt. Slowly he turned her revealing the front of her naked body and her lightly furred pussy to the staring eyes of the audience. The black suspenders neatly framed the centre of her womanhood nestling at the confluence of her thighs. The fire in her stomach turned into a raging blaze and she swore she could feel their watching eyes boring into her exposed flesh.

Standing behind her Ramon turned her head and kissed her once more as his hands caressed up and down the exposed front of her body. 'Spread legs please' he whispered urgently. She felt her shame increase as she spread her stockinged legs allowing the camera to zoom in on her moist pussy. Ramon’s hand cupped her mound and a finger slid inside her pussy. The studio remained silent as they watched Ramon use her splendidly muscled body as his personal plaything.

In spite of her mortification Barbara could feel her arousal building as Ramon caressed her pussy. Suddenly he pinched her clit and twisted it. The orgasm hit her hard making her entire body shudder. Ramon chuckled as he felt her climax. He was an old hand at arousing women and he'd guessed just how easy it would be to excite this wonderful creature despite the humiliation she felt.

The Director stopped the action much to Barbara’s relief. She was losing herself to the sexual overload so it allowed her to recover her equilibrium. 'Babs, time for Ramon to get naked. Strip him girl.'

With the cameras whirring again Ramon smiled at her as she slowly unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it from his broad shoulders revealing his well-muscled chest, ridged stomach and slim waist. She couldn’t help herself as she kissed his chest sensuously circling his nipples with her tongue. Then her trembling fingers unclipped his trousers and she squatted as she pulled them down. He was going commando so as they cleared his hips out sprang his semi-hard cock right before her eyes.

She'd known that as a porno actor he wasn't going to have a small or even normal sized cock but this surpassed her wildest dreams. He was fully nine inches long and still not fully erect. Like some sort of Pavlovian dog she felt her mouth start to water at the very sight of his prodigious member.

'O.K. Babs work that cock' shouted the Director.

Ramon's dick jerked as her finger tips touched the soft skin of his shaft then as her fingers closed around his girth she felt him fill out until he was fully erect. She held in her hand over ten inches of the most perfect arrow straight male shaft she’d ever seen. Slowly she worked her hand up and down stroking his cock. Her thumb rubbed across his large purple helmet. She had to swallow the saliva that had flooded her mouth. Trembling she extended her tongue and licked his cock head.

The camera zoomed in for a close up as the head of his cock slipped between her soft lips. Her shame was now almost completely eradicated by her own sexual arousal. She had almost forgotten the camera and crew existed as she luxuriated in the feel of his penis in her mouth. Ramon’s hips pushed forwards sliding a couple of inches of his shaft over her tongue and deep into her mouth.

As he pulled back his shiny saliva covered cock emerged from her hot mouth. Slowly he thrust forward again feeling her sandpaper tongue scour his shaft sending waves of pleasure through his loins. Each thrust went a little further pushing just a bit more of his cock deeper into her until amazingly she was taking fully six inches of him into her mouth. As his cock hit the back of her throat he felt hot flushes of saliva coating his shaft until some of it dripped from the corners of her mouth.

At his direction a camera zoomed in for a close-up on her beautiful face. ‘Look into the lens babe. That’s it now slowly suck his cock and give us a look of absolute pleasure. Good, good. Suck it babe, suck it like it’s the best you’ve ever tasted. Barbara felt ashamed and dirty as she performed this most intimate of sex acts in a grimy porn studio in front of so many ogling people and her shame was only compounded when the Director said ‘that’s it babe, you’re a natural.’

The Director started to give her more detailed orders so the cameras could record her sucking his cock from every possible angle until her jaw began to ache. He moved her about into as many positions as he could think of with Ramon’s cock still between her lips. In the sixty-nine position she lost it again as Ramon’s long dexterous tongue delved into her juicy honey-pot. Ramon’s cock acted as an effective gag deadening her moans as she stiffened and a second explosive orgasm surged through her loins.

The most embarrassing one was with Ramon seated on the sofa and her standing before him straight legged and bent at the waist. While she sucked him the camera sighted between her spread legs showing not only her sucking mouth but a close-up of her aroused puffy pussy and anus as well, both in full colour high definition for the discerning pervert.

It hadn't taken long for her to detect the distinct taste of semen as Ramon began to leak pre-cum into her mouth. There must have been some sort of signal because the Director suddenly called a halt and informed her that they were going to shoot the orgasm scene or the ‘money shot’ as he called it. She once again felt her shame and guilt flare at his direction.

Ramon stood over her as she squatted before him his rock hard cock almost touching her lips. 'O.K. babe let do it' the director ordered.

Barbara gripped his cock and began to masturbate it hard. Ramon was so near that it only took a few seconds before he began to shudder as balls tightened sending his gism shooting up his shaft. She did as she'd been directed and looked up at Ramon her eyes pleading for his seed and her mouth wide open.

Ramon ejaculated great ropes of milky semen onto Barbara’s face. Again and again long sickly white streams splashed onto her skin some of it sliding into her open mouth. As he jerked for the last time he presented his cock to her and she took his semen covered cockhead into her mouth and sucked the last remnants of semen from him then as directed she turned to the camera and showed the evidence of the sticky white ejaculate inside her mouth.

'O.K. swallow babe, swallow it.'

Suddenly a wash of self-contempt swept over her. All the shame and guilt of her actions crashed back into her mind as she squatted there like some ten dollar whore her face dripping with Ramon’s semen. The watching faces waited with baited breath and obscene expectation to see the spectacular big boobed bimbo complete her debasement.

Steeling herself Barbara closed her eyes and mouth and swallowed. Luckily the flat salty taste wasn't too bad but that didn't salve her abject humiliation. She'd mutilated her own body then allowed herself to be used by this dirty pornographer for his seedy videos all on the off chance The Titman would try to contact her. Had her own arrogance led her into this life of degradation on the flimsiest of excuses? Did she secretly enjoy being abused and disgraced? If she carried on would she loose herself to this sordid world of meaningless sex and depravity?

Luckily an image of her Father flashed into her head and her resolve stiffened. She had to keep going. She had to have her revenge on The Titman no matter what the consequences for herself and her alter ego Batgirl.

'Now smile at the camera like you've just swallowed nectar. That's good babe. Well done. O.K. people we'll take ten minutes and then it's onto the final fucking scenes.'

Barbara cleaned Ramon’s semen from her face and then they repaired her make-up ready for the next part of the scene. It was during this time that she and everyone else heard the argument that was going on in Sleezeball's office. She could only make out a few words 'New', 'replace', 'number one' so she couldn't work out what the problem was and soon the office door burst open and the short haired blond stormed out and left the studio without a word to anyone.

Twenty minutes later Barbara was lying back on the sofa moaning and writhing. Her head thrashed about and she gripped her own breasts sinking her fingers into the soft white globes. Ramon's head was buried between her nylon covered legs and he was eating her pussy like no one had ever done before. The cameras captured every ecstatic expression on her face as the Spanish Porn actor worked on her inflamed vagina with his well-practiced lips and tongue.

Ramon considered the young woman one of the most sexually attractive he'd ever performed with so he was giving it his all with added enthusiasm. He wanted her to not only enjoy her time with him but to remember it for the rest of her life. He was her first, in a porn film, and he meant to make it unforgettable. So he licked and sucked with zest and vigour. He had been delighted to discover her enlarged clit as it made his job all the easier. He attacked the sensitive nubbin of flesh until he heard and felt her third climax burst within her. Then he started in on her again giving her no respite.

Barbara was almost on the verge of begging for mercy from the Spanish onslaught when the Director gave Ramon new instructions. He rose wiping pussy juice from his chin. Pumping his already hard cock a couple of times he moved the enormous head to the entrance of her pussy.

Barbara stopped breathing staring wide eyed at the prodigious shaft that was about to be plunged deep inside her body. Time seemed to stop. She was ready, moist and receptive ready to be ravished by this rampant stud. No amount of shame could override the raging heat in her loins. She had to have him inside her. She begged him with her eyes.

He hesitated making her wait then he stared deeply into her eyes. With a single long hard thrust he buried his shaft all the way inside Barbara's sopping wet vagina. She cried out and arched her body as he filled her full of his rock hard cock. He slammed her again and again holding her thighs until he felt her start to build once more towards a peak. He slowed his thrusting making her wait and allowing the cameras to record his slick shaft penetrating her womanhood. Slowly he increased the speed of his hips until he was fucking her as hard as he could. She built quickly and he felt the warmth in her loins increase until she gritted her teeth and her body seized. He'd never felt a woman orgasm so hard.

For the next hour he bent her body this way and that. Putting her in positions she didn't know existed all the while fucking her pussy and caressing her breasts. She seemed to particularly like the doggie position where she knelt on all fours and he penetrated her from behind. This position also gave free reign to her breasts which swung violently as he pounded into her. The camera loved her face and the numerous expressions of ecstasy she displayed. Whenever he felt his hard-on receding he simply popped it into her saliva dripping mouth and she enthusiastically returned him to his full stiffness. He managed with supreme control to hold his own orgasm until inevitably he had to release the build up inside his loins.

He lay her on her back then entered her. Raising himself on his arms he looked down at her heavy lidded arousal filled eyes and said 'Ramon finish now.' From this position he could attain maximum thrust and penetration.

Barbara lay submissively as his hips began to move. Faster and faster he built up the speed until his hips were slapping into hers. Unable to help herself she wrapped her legs around his slim waist and urged him to even greater heights. He cock slid smoothly inside her pussy until his entire ten inches was buried in her. His breath rasped in his throat at the effort he was putting in. She matched him grunting each time he impaled her their hips slapping together.

She felt her climax building as he felt his. Suddenly with a bellow Ramon stiffened and ejaculated spurt after spurt of semen into her hot tight cunt. As she felt this she reached her peak and her orgasm erupted like an exploding volcano filling not just her loins but most of her body with a cascade of exquisite pleasure. He jerked his hips as the last spasm of orgasm ejected the final dribbles of semen into the writhing body of the sweat sheened beauty satiated beneath him

Ramon rolled off her and they lay side by side their chests heaving as they recovered from their efforts. Once both had recovered they shared a shower both cleaning the sweat from the others body but not making love. She kissed him softly and stroked his cheek then dressed and left the studio. It was the last thing she remembered until she awoke into blackness.

Chapter Seven - Just a Little Warning.

It wasn't the blackness of just an absence of light but the blackness caused by a blindfold.

Barbara couldn't move. She couldn't cry out. She couldn't see. She could only listen.

As she waited she thought back. She'd left the studio with her mind in a whirl. She'd just spent nearly three hours having sex with the amazing Ramon making a porno video. She wasn't concentrating as she walked past the large white Transit van. She had the impression of the back doors opening and then there was the blazing pain on the back of her head. Someone had coshed her unconscious.

So she awaited her fate. Normally she'd have been alert to danger but the sex had dulled her senses leaving her vulnerable to attack by her enemies. Enemies? What enemies. As Babs Bazookas how could she have any enemies unless someone had seen through her disguise.

Alarmed at her thoughts she tested the ropes holding her. There was absolutely no give in them. Then it occurred to her how strange her bondage was. The ropes bound her left wrist to her left ankle and her left elbow to her left knee. The right side was just the same so she was restrained and bent double. She couldn't cry out because of the rubber ball gag jammed into her mouth and affixed behind her head. Whoever had restrained her had done a bang up job. She was blind, mute and helpless and worse someone had stripped her naked. Suddenly she felt the ground beneath her lurch and shake.

Lulu climbed into the back of the Transit van where the nude bound body of Barbara awaited her attentions. She was of medium height but strong and muscular with short cropped blond hair.

Humming to herself she took a short length of rope and tied one end to the ropes binding Barbara’s left wrist. As she did it the bound woman tried to shout but it just came out as a muffled mumble. Then Lulu threaded the ropes other end through a fixing welded to the left of the van right near the roof. She did the same to the other side then began pulling on alternate sides. Gradually an inch at a time Barbara’s bound body was hoisted upwards dragging her legs wide apart. Lulu only stopped when her victim’s body swung twelve inches clear of the metal floor of the van.

Barbara felt the strain on her muscles as her weight swung from the two points.

Lulu meanwhile was fixing a contraption around her waist tightening multiple buckles on the various leather straps. Once in place she knelt before the gently swinging naked body so her hips were level with Barbara’s. This meant the twin heads of the massive black strap-on double dildo lined up perfectly with Barbara’s exposed pussy and anus. Reaching forward Lulu grasped two fistfuls of the bound woman’s naked tits and with a vicious tug dragged her body towards her impaling the unsuspecting young heroine onto the two giant plastic columns.

Barbara was powerless to stop the unseen woman abusing her bound body. The ropes bit into her wrists as her weight aided her captor as she began her torment.

Lulu waited for the writhing and muffled moaning to die down before she leant forward and spat 'This is your only warning. Stay away from LovelyJubblies or they'll never even find your body. Now this is to make sure you remember what you've been told.'

With that Lulu used her handholds of breast flesh to swing Barbara’s body away and back again impaling her repeatedly on the humongous penetrating double dildo. Each column of plastic was a reasonable facsimile of a man’s cock with a massive helmet and lined with prominent veins. It had taken the blond a while to find a device big and vicious enough for the vengeance she envisaged for the writhing red head and she had to use all her strength to force its prodigious girth into the body of the young heroine.

It took six goes for the dildos to fully penetrate into the bound red head. Barbara moaned as the larger top one smashed all the way into her pussy while the only slightly narrower one stretched her ass painfully wide. Lulu's fists held her tits in a vice like grip as she swung the trapped heroine from the pivot points on the van's side.

Lulu fucked her for nearly twenty minutes occasionally releasing her tits to hold on to her hips instead. This only made it more painful when she renewed her grip on the two mammoth inflamed breasts. The ball gag did an efficient job of muting Barbara’s cries as she endured her torture until with a final viciously penetrating thrust Lulu withdrew the tormenting dildos leaving two red and sore gaping orifices.

Barbara swung gently still able to feel the intruders inside her body when a strange smell filled the van. It was the aroma of dog food. A cold flush hit Barbara’s loins as Lulu spread the meaty mess all over her lower body carelessly forcing as much as she could into both gaping crevices.

Storm lord Thurston Gaylan Titfield of Lofton III sniffed the ground then scratched his balls. Fluffy, as the two legs called him had been well fed that morning before he'd discovered the unlatched door. He'd made his escape while their backs had been turned and now he was off on another grand adventure. It was a good day. He was pretty sure he'd made a squirrel crap itself when he'd chased it up a tree and he'd found all sorts of garbage to eat. He'd wandered on to the patch of waste ground where he'd spotted the beast. It was big and white and square and silent. He'd seen beasts like it before and they only roared and farted when one of the two legs climbed inside it. He was sniffing at its round black leg when he caught the heavenly scent. Sniffing the air he traced it to the back of the beast. Warily he surveyed the opening. He'd never entered one of these beasts before but the smell was too good to be ignored. He stood up on his hind legs resting his forelegs on the beast and peered inside.

The interior was dim but he could make out the thing hanging in the space. The smell was even stronger and pulled at him. It was too much. He jumped inside and waited in case an irate two legs appeared to scold him. When nothing untoward occurred he approached the thing. It seemed to detect his presence because it wriggled and whimpered.

Slinking forward he sniffed the alluring odour. It was coming from the thing. Nearer and nearer he crept expecting at any moment to feel a two leg seize his collar. Tentatively he extended his long tongue. The thing reacted at the first touch writhing and moaning piteously. He licked harder the delectable taste filling his mouth and forcing him to drool uncontrollably.

The thing shivered and writhed as he lapped and slavered and slobbered licking as much of the taste from it as he could. His tongue pried and poked into every nook and cranny he could find. It seemed that in one place there were two holes. When all the other areas on the thing had been thoroughly licked clean he delved into the bigger of the two holes.

The thing writhed even more and whimpered as his long prehensile tongue forced its way deep into the soft hole searching diligently for more of the nectar. Each time his tongue burrowed inside seeking every morsel of the sweetness he managed to go a little deeper. The thing shivered and he tasted a strange new essence on his tongue. He accepted this new morsel and lapped at it all the more. There was a small bump near the top of the hole that seemed to grow as he licked it. The thing wriggled and moaned all the more each time his strong sandpaper tongue slashed over it and it seemed to promote the flow of extra sweetness so he licked and licked and licked it.

Eventually the big hole was comprehensively cleaned out and he started on the second one. The reaction from the thing made him step back for a second but when no one scolded him he dived in again to renewed writhing and whimpering sounds. This hole seemed to be putting up more resistance than the other one but fluffy was nothing if not diligent in his search for a tasty morsel. He pushed harder until at last the hole relaxed and his tongue forced its way deep inside. The thing gave a muffled groan and he detected another wave of the other sweetness from the big hole.

Half an hour later the Police car pulled up behind the transit van. When one of the jaded world weary cops shone his torch inside he looked stunned for a few seconds then turning to his colleague said 'Harry, you're not going to believe this one.'

Chapter Eight - Tag Team Terror.

She'd had no end of trouble with the Police. She thought she’d heard noises that sounded suspiciously like the snick of a camera shutter before they’d released her. Also she was pretty sure they’d been none too careful where they put their hands as they were untying her.

It could have been worse. With her bound and blindfolded she’d have been hard pressed to identify them if they’d chosen to take advantage of her. She could easily have been on the receiving end of a thorough Police internal body search.

At the station, not surprisingly, they wanted to know how and why she’d ended up in such a predicament and they weren’t that impressed when she insisted that she wanted to drop the matter. No matter how hard they pressed she remained resolute so eventually they’d had no option but to let her go.

Back in her apartment Barbara took a hot shower not only to rid herself of any last vestiges of pet food but also the slime of doggy drool that covered her thighs and groin. Then she attempted to figure out who and why she’d been attacked and why they didn’t want her back at LovelyJubblies. That was the key she thought. It ruled out any of the villains Batgirl had crossed paths with prior to LovelyJubblies so therefore it was someone she had upset in her current role. That narrowed the field considerably but to who she didn’t know.

Still she had faced some of the world’s most fearsome villains in the past so she wasn’t going to be intimidated and scared off by some woman who’d caught her off guard. She was forewarned now and would be more vigilant.

With these thoughts whirling around in her head she went to bed wondering what the new day would bring and just what danger she would face when she turned up once more.

The next day her senses were on high alert and she paid particular attention to all the people she met and spoke with to try to detect any change in their attitude towards her. Alas none seemed to show any great changes or gave any indication of antagonism at her presence.

After her shower and visit to make-up she was introduced to another ‘actress’ who was to appear in the scene with her. Dolly was as tall as her and slim with a pretty face and long blond hair. Their costumes were similar being little more than revealing semi-transparent lingerie of bra and panties from the more exotic end of the Victoria’s Secret catalogue. But they were teamed with wrestling boots and matching coloured ribbons tied around their upper arms.

‘We’re doing a Tag Team Wrestling video’ Dolly explained ‘against the Malignant Twins’ she finished ominously.

‘The Malignant Twins?’ responded Barbara taken aback.

‘Yer … they’re a couple of bruisers who get to beat you up as they give you the business. If you don’t get them angry it’s not too bad but if you do they can be a real pair of bitches.’

The room they were led to held a proper wrestling ring with five ropes slung from padded corner posts and a springy wooden floor covered by matting. A large black referee in the universal black and white striped umpire’s shirt awaited them along with two camera men.

They started with the ref introducing them as ‘In the red corner, Dolly and Babs, The Luscious Lingerie Lovelies. Then in a deeper ominous voice ‘In the blue corner Morgana and Lulu, The Malignant Twins.’

From a side door emerged their opponents. Morgana stomped in like an annoyed Warthog her oiled blue black skin and bulging muscles shimmering under the lights. Behind her came Lulu. She appeared more controlled but they could detect an undercurrent of venom in her stride. Barbara watched her approach noting her medium height well-muscled physique. But it was the body art that held her attention. She was covered with multi-coloured tattoos on every limb as well as her torso and neck. Most of them with some sort of demonic motif. Flaming skulls, dragons and fallen angels. Even her hands were tattooed.

The final piece of their threatening brutish look was the full face black leather masks they both wore. The masks covered their hair, ears, eyes apart from eye holes and noses with breathing holes. Their mouths and chins were left uncovered.

As they repaired to their corner of the ring Dolly said ‘I’ll go first to show you the ropes. The rules get bent pretty much but it’s the usual you can’t enter the ring until tagged. O.K?’

Barbara nodded.

Lulu watched as Dolly climbed into the ring so patted Morgana on the back sending her in to face her. The referee called ‘go’ and they advanced on each other. There was no real wrestling. Both girls simply grappled each other to the ground and rolled around trying to get some sort of hold. Morgana with her vastly superior strength pinned Dolly arms to her sides with one arm and ripped off her top with the other baring her medium sized perky breasts.

The cameras whirred as Dolly struggled ineffectually. The black woman fondled and groped her wobbling tits until she managed to slip free. As she did she snagged Morgana’s top and dragged it off exposing the woman’s mammoth black breasts with their large chocolate brown areolas and nipples. With a growl Morgana faced her. As they came together Morgana hoisted Dolly up and carried her back into the Malignant Twins corner of the ring slamming her back into the padded corner post.

Lulu threw her arm round Dolly’s throat holding her in place as Morgana physically ripped off her lacy white knickers. She was a true blond as shown by her pubic fur. She fought against the throttling arm across her throat as Morgana took her chance and lifted the blonds left leg over the middle rope. Spreading Dolly’s thighs wide she dropped her other leg over the rope on the other side of the corner post then kneeling down she speared three fingers upwards into the blond’s defenceless cunt.

Dolly surged as the thick black fingers plunged inside her tender pussy. The Cameras recorded her torment as Lulu took the opportunity to molest her perky tits gripping them painfully in her free hand and treating them to a few spitefully painful slaps.

Morgana withdrew her dripping fingers from the blond’s pussy and slammed her fist into her unprotected stomach. Dolly slumped as the air whistled from her mouth emitting an agonised groan. Lulu release her allowing her to drop to the canvas. Across the ring Barbara looked on outraged and fuming.

Morgana gave Dolly no respite. She grasped her hair and dragged her into the middle of the ring then pulling her to her feet she gripped her arm and began to swing her round and round. With perfect timing she released the bewildered Dolly so she flew into the corner post nearest to Barbara.

Before Morgana could reach her Barbara reached through the ropes and dragged Dolly out of the ring then with a shout she sprang over the top rope to confront the muscular black woman.

Morgana closed with the new girl expecting the action to follow much the same pattern as before. She was sadly disabused of this notion as she flew through the air to land heavily on her ass. Barbara gave her lesson in wrestling curtesy of Batman’s training as she showed that strength and weight counted for nothing against a superior opponent.

Eventually they came together grappling for a hold. Morgana hissed ‘you’re supposed to be losing you stupid bitch’ in Barbara’s ear. Barbara immediately realised she’d let her desire for revenge get the better of her and that she was really here to make a porn movie and now she’d got at least one of the twins annoyed. It didn’t bode well.

Sighing Barbara relaxed allowing Morgana to get the upper hand. The black woman took the opportunity with relish. A muscular forearm smashed into Barbara’s head rattling her teeth then before she could recover Morgana gripped her arm and twisting it threw her with a forearm whip. Barbara slammed down hard on her back just before Morgana landed on her driving her elbow into her stomach.

Lying on the mat groaning Barbara wasn’t prepared when the black woman grabbed two fistfuls of her hair and began slamming her head into the mat. Luckily it was mostly for show but her head hit hard a couple of times.

After they wrestled for another minute with Barbara getting much the worse of it Morgana swung her round and propelled her towards Lulu. As she hit the ropes backwards Lulu seized her arms and dragged them back over the top rope. Barbara fully expected the referee to intervene to stop this blatant cheating but he just stared blankly back at her.

With her arms held in Lulu’s tattooed grip she was defenceless from Morgana. Slowly the black woman approached while Barbara writhed ineffectually. Again and again a big muscular forearm slammed into her face then Morgana stepped back.

The camera zoomed in on Barbara’s pained expression her breathing heavy, her chest rising and falling as she panted with her exertions. Morgana reached forward and tugged the cups of Barbara’s bra down freeing her mammoth breasts. The cameras panned down lovingly over her sweat sheened pink tipped bosom.

Morgana’s piggy eyes sparkled at the sight of so much quivering breast flesh. Stepping in close enough for Barbara to feel her breath on her face Morgana’s big black hands cupped the two great mounds and lifted them upward. Barbara writhed and struggled as Morgana sank her fingers into her soft white globes moulding and molesting them. She groaned as sharp fingernails sank into her sensitive skin. Strong black fingers gripped her nipples making her wince as they clamped together pinching her tits turgid peaks. Using the captive nipples Morgana dragged them this way and that stretching Barbara’s breasts making her jerk as the discomfort filled her abused mammary’s. Grasping each tit the black tormentor slammed them repeatedly into each other. Barbara’s tits slapped loudly together sending waves of pain through her abused bosom.

The camera zoomed in on Barbara’s writhing form as Morgana lowered her head. The black woman had a massive wide mouth with huge soft sensuous black lips. Using two hands to grasp the trapped heroine’s left tit she opened her enormous orifice and fed the puffy erect peak of Barbara’s captive tit between her huge fleshy lips. She sucked hard drawing in the whole of Barbara’s areolas and much of the surrounding flesh then began to suckle noisily like a starving baby.

Barbara’s breast exploded with pleasure as the black muscle woman munched on her bosom. She switch sides and treated her other tit to the same warm wet sucking. Lulu looked on as her black partner molested the trapped writhing red head. Barbara’s heavy breathing and Morgana’s wet slurping filled the room.

Morgana released Barbara’s tits and bending down retrieved a plastic bottle. She flipped the top and upturned it over the young heroines abused breasts. Clear gel dripped down plopping on to the warm spheres until Morgana was satisfied she’d covered them with enough gloop.

Barbara gasped as the muscular black woman began to sensually massage the slippery gel into her pliant breasts. Her breathing became ragged as her chest filled with sensation aided by the fact that her arms were still stretched back over the ropes holding her captive. The black fingers contrasted beautifully with her soft white flesh as they moved her mounds around. Black fingers pinched her nipples twiddling them maddeningly. Slowly the gel was absorbed into her skin.

Morgana stopped her massage leaving Barbara in an aroused reverie. This was just the state she wanted the young heroine in. She hadn’t forgotten how Barbara had thrown her round the ring humiliating her.

Slowly Morgana drew back her hand and with relish and a wide open palm she slapped Barbara’s left tit setting the fleshy globe swinging. Barbara jerked as the pain erupted in her abused tit. Lulu gripped her arms harder holding her bent back over the ropes as Morgana slapped her other tit. Her flesh began to turn pink as Morgana slapped each bouncing tit in turn.

Barbara’s breasts began to heat up as with glee Morgana mistreated them. Time and again she spanked each mound entranced as they swung left and right under her assault. Barbara moaned as the pain grew with each successive smack. The sound recorder picked up the heavy slapping sounds as Morgana’s big black hands slammed into Barbara’s giant heaving white globes.

Morgana laughed out loud as she swung her open palms from different angles trying to spank every square inch of Barbara’s huge globes. The young woman’s cries were music to her ears. She particularly liked hitting them from below as they flew upwards then slammed back down slapping heavily against Barbara’s torso. This seemed to cause her extra pain. Every bit of the trapped red heads tits turned a hot pink.

Lost in a world of pain Barbara didn’t register when Lulu released her but she soon realised when Morgana pulled her from the ropes and grabbed her once more holding her arms behind her. Lulu slipped between the ropes and stood in front of Barbara their faces almost touching. Barbara hissed as smirking Lulu grabbed her agonising breasts with both hands sinking her strong fingers deep into the pliant flesh. ‘Time to play bitch’ she rasped venomously grinding the young woman’s abused breasts in her clenched fists.

Stepping back the tattooed woman stripped off her bikini bottoms and lay down on the wrestling mat. Morgana drove her knees into the back of Barbara’s forcing her down then using her trapped arms bent her forwards until her head was forced between Lulu’s splayed thighs. Barbara could smell the arousal in the white woman with her nose bare inches from her aroused pussy. She had obviously found Morgana’s torment of Barbara sexually exciting.

From across the ring Dolly watched the preparations. She felt a tremor of excitement in her loins allied to a feeling of trepidation. She’d been on the receiving end of the Twins attentions so she knew what was coming. Her experience had been mind-blowing but would it be the case for a new girl who wasn’t used to the uncaring depravity of the porn industry. Would she enjoy what was to be done to her or would she be so disgusted that she dissolved into a whimpering wreck?

Gripping Barbara’s head by her hair Lulu jammed her face deep between her legs forcing her lips into contact with her pussy. ‘Suck bitch’ she ordered the captive red head then lay back as the young heroine complied filling her loins with pleasure. The camera recorded Barbara’s submission as she was compelled to pleasure the tattooed white woman while the black wrestler held her arms captive.

As it became obvious that Barbara was surrendering to her fate Morgana released one arm and slid her hand into the back of Barbara’s tiny lace panties. Lulu felt her begin to react so gripped her hair and jammed her face harder into her dripping crotch.

Morgana slid a thick black finger into Barbara’s anus feeling the penetrated sphincter gripping her probing digit. The captive red head whined her mouth still full of cunt flesh. Chuckling the black assailant began sliding it in and out. Barbara moaned even louder her hips jerking as she added a second finger and pushed them in hard delving as deep as she could into the abused red heads ass.

Lulu felt her orgasm building as the wriggling heroine enthusiastically sucked and licked her pussy and clit. Suddenly with a groan she erupted her juices squirting out over the face of their captive victim. Her hips trembled and vibrated as her orgasm intensified. With a final gasp she relaxed lying back on the mat.

With her sucking duties finished Morgana hauled a miserable Barbara to her feet and wrapped a strong muscular arm round her neck. Once Lulu recovered from her orgasm she put the next part of her plan into operation. Unexpectedly she ran across the ring and leapt at Dolly slamming her with a vicious fore arm smash. The blond fell to the ground outside the ring seemingly knocked cold. This was according to the plan Lulu had worked out with her earlier. The plan she had had to agree to if she, dolly, wanted to keep her face the right way up that is.

She was now out of the reckoning leaving Barbara at the mercy of the Malignant Twins with no hope of rescue.

Back across the ring she was still struggling to free herself from the throttling arm across her throat when Lulu arrived back. Her foot swung and slammed into Barbara’s exposed stomach. She grunted but still writhed and pulled at Morgana’s hold on her. Once more Lulu kicked her but Barbara’s strong stomach muscles resisted the blow.

Exasperated Lulu bent and gripping the young heroine’s ankles lifted them up so she was suspended between the two women. Barbara was more concerned about the throttling forearm that was tightening across her throat so she was unprepared for the carefully aimed foot that slammed into her unprotected cunt. Five times Lulu smashed her boot into the young heroine’s cunt. Each time she felt the thrill of excitement as she tortured her hated victim and saw her body convulse with agony exploding in her groin. The Twins released their groaning captive and she dropped to the canvas clutching her stricken aching pussy.

The look on Lulu’s face matched some of the more gleeful demon tattoos on her body as the red head moaned in pain. ‘Strip her off’ she ordered and Morgana obeyed shredding the fine lingerie as she tore it from Barbara’s prostrate body.

Together the leather masked women dragged their gasping naked opponent into the middle of the ring then stood her back up. As she tottered pain still filling her abused pussy Morgana knelt behind her and wrapped one arm round her upper thighs. Lulu then pushed the unsuspecting Barbara so she fell back face-up across the black muscle woman’s shoulders. Morgana’s other hand reached up and clamped onto Barbara’s throat.

With her bent across her shoulders the black wrestler pulled down on Barbara’s throat bending her back to its limit. Barbara would have cried out in pain but Morgana’s fist clasping her throat made it almost impossible to breathe let alone utter any sound.

Lulu watched her partner torment the red head for a few seconds then raising both her hands over her head she crashed them down into Barbara’s defenceless stomach. Again and again she pounded her clenched fists into the red heads vulnerable belly until Morgana dumped the retching woman onto the ring floor. She immediately curled up into the foetal position clutching her pained middle and moaning piteously.

The cameras zoomed in on Barbara’s abject misery as she lay supine and snivelling at the feet of her tormentors. Lulu grabbed a fistful of her hair and dragged her up into a sitting position. Barbara would have whimpered expecting another blow but before she could make a sound the black leather masked woman kissed her on the lips. It wasn’t a soft sensual kiss. It was a violent demanding oral assault on her mouth. Lulu sucked violently on her victim’s lips and savagely thrust her tongue into Barbara’s mouth as her free hand seized one of her giant breasts and massaged it.

Barbara could only endure Lulu’s attentions. Slowly the kiss and the caressing hand began in spite of herself to force a sexual response from her body. Lulu’s saliva flooded her mouth and her nipple erupted with pleasure as a thumb and finger gripped and twirled it.

Suddenly Lulu released her and thrust her back to the canvas then turned her to lie face upwards.

Morgana had stripped off her knickers and stood over the prone Heroine. From her vantage point on the mat Barbara looked up the two muscular legs to the confluence between them. She was powerless to resist what was coming next. Facing down the body of the naked red head Morgana knelt trapping Barbara’s arms beneath her shins and bringing her pussy to hover directly over her mouth.

‘Suck’ ordered the black woman in a deep voice. When Barbara didn’t move to comply she smashed her fist down into her already agonised stomach. Barbara was nearly sick then tentatively she extended her tongue and began licking her first black pussy. Morgana lowered her hips more until her cunt rested fully on Barbara’s mouth which forced her tongue to enter deeper inside to the soft inner pink flesh.

The camera lovingly recorded Barbara’s utter humiliation as she sucked and licked the juicy black woman’s gash. Morgana closed her eyes in pleasure as the young woman unable to prevent herself sucked on her large extended clit.

Lulu watched her partner’s expression of bliss for a while as she rode the red heads face. Barbara was making small whimpering noises as she was forced to service the black muscle woman with her mouth. From her corner Lulu picked up a long black latex glove. Pulling it on over her right hand she squeezed the plastic bottle oozing out a dollop of gel onto it. Lovingly she spread the gel over the latex until it shone reflecting the room’s lights.

Kicking Barbara’s legs apart she knelt between them and with a nod to Morgana took aim. The black woman used her giant black hands to take hold of two fistfuls of Barbara’s sore breasts to hold her down as Lulu thrust her pointed fingers forward spearing them straight into Barbara’s pussy.

He hand thrust with all the power of Lulu’s prodigious shoulder muscles penetrated all the way to her wrist inside Barbara’s cunt. The young Superheroine’s body convulsed as the invading hand stretched her vagina painfully. Morgana and Lulu hung on to the moaning bucking bronco until the burning agony inside her subsided and she quietened somewhat.

Morgana once more ordered her to suck and she gripped Barbara’s tits cruelly until she complied with the order. She nodded to Lulu. Slowly the tattooed woman drew her hand back. Barbara’s body shuddered as the slick latex withdrew from her tortured hole. The quivering, trembling grew as Lulu pushed her latex covered hand forward once more then drew back again. The cameras zoomed in as the slick black glove emerged from Barbara’s pussy which appeared to be grasping at it. Then it started to disappear again as it once more plunged inside the trapped writhing young woman’s body.

Slowly the speed of Lulu’s thrusting increased. As it became easier to force her hand into Barbara’s vagina. Slowly she curled her fingers until her hand was a full fist. Barbara moaned loudly even with a mouth full of black cunt at the wider appendage being inserted inside her.

Lulu forced her fist all the way into the young white woman until she could feel her cervix then slowly twisted it through ninety degrees. The young heroine’s body shuddered and trembled uncontrollably as the combination of pain and pleasure flooded her cunt. Her juices sluiced into her violated channel making the latex glove all the easier for Lulu to move.

Morgana was beginning to feel her own orgasm build as the combination of Barbara’s cunnilingus and the sight of Lulu’s punishing fisting aroused her. She began undulating her hips riding Barbara’s face harder and harder. Lulu was quickening her pace drawing the latex gloved fist back before punching it forwards while twisting it. Barbara’s hips began to lift as the pleasure overcame the pain and her own orgasm started to grow. In her aroused state she attacked the black pussy jammed over her mouth forcing her tongue deeper inside to the soft pink tissue and tasting the sticky sweet juiciness that flowed. Morgana’s clit erected to its full length. She threw back her head and groaned as the young heroine sucked on it and gently captured it between her sharp white teeth.

Lulu’s arm pumped back and forth penetrating the young woman’s body. The vaginal juices slurping and sloshing as she increased the speed of her impaling fist as high as she could. Morgana meanwhile rode the young girl’s sucking mouth and abused her giant pillowy soft breasts. She seized both thick erect rubbery nipples between her thumbs and fingers and twisting them cruelly used her bulging arm muscles she stretched them up as high as the skin would allow as if they were the reins on an unruly horse.

Barbara stiffened and arched her back at the combination of pain in her breasts mixed with the pleasure in her pussy. Lulu felt her arm clamped hard by their victims internal muscles. She continued twisting her fist in place as the young girl’s erupting climax filled her body with a crescendo of exquisite muscle locking ecstasy. It seemed like longer but was only a little more than thirty seconds that Barbara’s juddering orgasm lasted although every time Lulu twisted her fist a sort of aftershock of pleasure rippled through the young woman’s pussy.

Morgana felt the Superheroine’s reaction and reached her own pinnacle of pleasure sprayed her juice over Barbara’s face.

The cameras recorded the draining orgasm dragged from Barbara’s abused body. Morgana rolled off her leaving her spent. Her chest heaved as she lay drained and weakened on the canvas. With a disgusting syrupy slurping sucking sound Lulu agonisingly slowly withdrew her black fist from the still spasming body of the abused young heroine.

Morgana recovered first just as Lulu returned having stripped off the latex glove. Together the two leather masked wrestlers dragged Barbara’s prostrate body over to the ring ropes. They lifted her up and laid her neck across the top rope. Lulu left Morgana supporting Barbara’s body then leant over and gripping the third rope down dragged it up and over Barbara’s head and across her throat.

Barbara started to react to the new threat but she was far too late. Morgana gripped the heroine’s ankles under her arms and holding her off the canvas floor stretched her body outwards trapping her head in the crossed ropes. Desperately Barbara reached to untangle herself but Lulu seized hold of the two ropes in her strong fists and prevented the red head from freeing herself.

Laughing Lulu threw her leg across Barbara’s body and sat on her stomach adding her full weight to that of Barbara’s. Morgana pulled with all her might on her ankles. The ropes tightened on her throat and Barbara felt her larynx forced shut cutting off her life giving air.

Lulu leant forwards still gripping the ropes and with venom spat in her face ‘I told you what would happen if you returned. Well you can die knowing you’re going to be the latest star of a snuff movie you big titted bitch. No one comes in and takes my place as number one. Die bitch die.’

Desperately Barbara tried to prize the ropes apart but failed then as a last resort swung her fists at Lulu to dislodge her only for the murderous woman to laugh as they bounced harmlessly off her broad back and shoulders.

Barbara felt her world going black around the edges as her air began to run out. Her lungs screamed for oxygen and her muscles weakened so much she couldn’t even lift her arms anymore.

She couldn’t cry out, beg for mercy, or plead for help. The Malignant Twins with gleeful bloodlust were going to succeed where so many others had failed in killing Batgirl. Her life was ebbing away. All Barbara could think of was the irony that she should die while making a porn movie and not fighting to bring a super villain to justice. That should make an interesting eulogy. Her world turned fully black as her last breath wheezed in her lungs. Her arms fell to hang down and her body was still.

Suddenly the entire side of the ring collapsed so that all three women were pitched on to the mat. The ropes grip on her windpipe relented and Barbara drew in great drafts of life giving air.

Furious beyond belief Lulu stared round to see what had happened. Near the corner post Dolly stood with the ropes retaining pin in her hand. When they’d made their plan to leave Barbara to fight both Malignant Twins no one had mentioned snuff to her and when she realised what they intended she knew she had to intervene.

Barbara lay gasping but alive and she now knew that she wasn’t just taking part in a porn video and that they meant her permanent harm. This meant she had absolutely no compunction about what was to follow.

As she staggered to her feet Morgana came at her. During her time as Batgirl she had many time fought opponents who were bigger and or stronger than her, Bane came to mind, so she felt no fear as the huge black woman charged at her.

‘Use their weight against them’ was the mantra Batman had drummed into her during her training so as she was in no state for anything complicated she simply side stepped the charging woman and tripped her. As she sprawled on the mat Barbara stepped over her and without the slightest regret stamped hard on the back of her head driving it into the ground. Morgana lay still. Knocked senseless but alive.

Lulu saw this and stayed back not committing herself as Barbara turned to face her.

Bad people would have said something along the lines of ‘I’m going to kill you’ or ‘now for my revenge’ thus extending the fight monologuing, bragging and talking smack thus giving the other time to think. Barbara wasn’t a bad person so attacked fast. Lulu tried to fight her swinging powerful punches time and again but each was wasted as with quicksilver movements Barbara ducked and dodged.

Slowly Lulu began to tire. She may have been strong but stamina isn’t usually found in the simply strong. Her breathing started to come in gasps as Barbara bobbed and weaved taunting her. Then as a punch whizzed past her head Barbara grabbed her wrist and pulled violently sending Lulu off balance and crashing to the mat.

Barbara leapt on to the prostrate woman’s back and reached round and gripped her jaw and pulled violently up and back. Lulu uttered a gasping ‘Ugh’ as Barbara gripped her head. A simple spine snapping twist now and it would all be over. Lulu gasped a whining ‘pleethe’. At the last instant the madness dissipated and Barbara regained her self-control.

Using her other hand she gripped the woman’s neck closing off her carotid artery. To Lulu it may have felt like she was dying but to be honest Barbara didn’t care in fact she’d have preferred it. After a few seconds she released her grip leaving the woman unconscious.

Slowly she rose like an avenging Angel and stared round. The referee stood transfixed cowering against the ropes. Slowly Barbara walked up to him, stared hard into his eyes and remembering he’d done nothing to help. With all the venom she could muster she rammed her knee into his groin. With a quiet ‘ng’ he grasped his balls and collapsed like an imploding skyscraper.

The cameramen had long since scarpered.

Barbara then found herself in a difficult situation. These two women had planned and attempted to murder her in cold blood but if she handed them over to the authorities she wasn’t going to be around when the court case came along. To allow her to think she bound the two and then dressed herself.

When she returned she was smiling. A quick phone call to an Arab Sheik she’d once helped as Batgirl, she recovered his daughter from kidnappers, had agreed to take the women off her hands. He’d then ‘export’ them to his desert kingdom where they would join his ‘staff’ as unpaid foreign consultants. (i.e. Sex Slaves).

Chapter Nine – Un-disguised.

Barbara Gordon stood hesitantly at the none descript door of the Head Quarters and studios. After yesterday’s events she felt a deep dread of what they'd got planned for her final humiliating video. Max von Sleezeball had refused to reveal what today's scenario would be which could only be a bad sign. She trusted the low life Website boss about as far as she could spit him. Her stomach tightened as she thought of the disgusting consequences that her plan had forced her to endure. It seemed such a good plan at the start, become a top porn star and attract the attention of The Titman, but now she wasn't so sure. Her hand trembled as she slowly, reluctantly reached for the door handle.

Max wasn't producing or directing. This time it fell to an equally scuzzy character to give her her instructions. After she'd been through the usual shower and stood in a towelling robe he'd told her that her costume awaited her and once dressed she was to burst in through a studio door where she would be met by a gang of villains. The dialogue was cursory and nothing if not cliché. She'd then fight the gang in a typically comedic scene. Inevitably they'd defeat her and then there would be lots of sexy stuff.

She wasn't happy but there was nothing she could do about it. She'd made her plan and signed the contract but she reconciled herself with the fact her ordeal was nearly over and with luck she'd soon be avenging herself on the man who put her father in the Hospital.

The costume was laid out for her in the dressing room. As she stared at it her mouth dropped open with shock as it dawned on her just what it was.

The seven parts consisted of a pair of boots, a pair of gloves, the usual tiny latex thong panties, a latex bra and finally a head covering mask.

'I don't fucking believe it' she exclaimed. All the items were a dark purple in colour and the bra had a large yellow winged design on the front. The costume was a parody of her real Batgirl suit, they were inadvertently going to dress the real Batgirl as a porn Batgirl.

Stripping off the towelling robe she began putting on the costume. It didn't take nearly as long as usual as this one was only about three percent of the area of her real one. She felt strangely good as she drew on the latex hood with its bat ears sticking up proudly. It was the nearest item in design to her own fitting over her head allowing her hair to cascade out behind her. Reaching down it fit over her ears and round under her chin. Two large eye holes let her see out.

The bra held her breasts quite well although unsurprisingly left a large amount of soft pink wobbling cleavage on display. The panties were minuscule just covering her modesty and leaving her butt completely exposed. The gloves stretched up to her elbows and had fins protruding from the sides. Heels on the boots were impractical and as any Superheroine would tell you totally unsuited for fighting or running.

With a resigned sigh she informed them she was ready and the director shouted 'Action'.

The door burst open and Barbara in her fake Batgirl costume rushed in and adopted the classic hands on hips pose. 'Surrender vile rogues or face the wrath of Batgirl.' She felt so foolish she had to force the idiotic words out.

Six henchmen turned to face her. All were dressed in the same fashion with black trousers, black and white hooped t-shirts, black braces and black berets on their heads. They all had white faces and bright rouged lips. Barbara stood transfixed confronted by six mimes.

One of them stepped forward and began to wave his hands in the air. Quickly she worked out he was miming being trapped in an invisible box. A second followed suit on her left then a third on her right. There didn't seem to be any danger even when a fourth stepped behind her. Slowly it dawned that it was she who was in the box and they were on the outside.

Tiring of the charade she stepped forwards. The mime smacked her full in the face as if she'd walked into a solid wall. Staggering back the mime behind her smashed her in the kidneys. With an agonised cry Barbara fell sideways only to meet another vicious punch aimed at her ribs. She slumped to the floor retching and clutching her bruised side.

The mimes retreated. Angry with herself for being caught off guard Barbara rose and attacked the nearest mime. He threw his hands up and let out a silent scream. He easily dodged her swinging fist then pushed her in the chest. She tottered backwards on her ridiculous high heels and fell over the mime who had knelt down behind her. She'd been caught again with the classic playground trick beloved of many six year olds.

Her back thudded into the ground driving the air from her lungs.

The scene proceeded with Barbara throwing giant exaggerated punches that missed their targets by inches while the mimes threw themselves about as if poleaxed only to rise and re-join the fight like the blow that would have felled a buffalo had been meaningless. Had the special effects been added large colourful friendly words such as 'Kapow', 'Blamo' and 'Splat' would have been splashed over the scene.

The mimes dropped back while Barbara stood at their centre watching intently. One mime stepped forwards and began gesturing. It took a while for her to realise he was miming twirling a lasso. She relaxed as he skipped into and out of the rope loop then twirled it about his head.

Suddenly he tossed the invisible rope towards her. From behind a real rope dropped over her head and tightened around her torso trapping her arms at her sides. She cried out and began struggling to free herself. A second rope looped over her head joining the first then a third joined them. As she writhed the thugs tugged on the ropes holding her trapped body steady at their centre. The more she struggled the more they pulled and the tighter the ropes became.

'Here comes the boss' intoned one of the mimes breaking his silence. From off camera a new figure entered the scene. Shocked Barbara stopped struggling to study him.

He was big on purple and green. His hair was green, his jacket and trousers purple. His shirt was green, his boots purple. But it was his face that drew her stare. It was a dirty white with his eyes outlined with black eyeliner. The main emphasis though was his mouth. At some point it had been injured and appeared horribly misshapen and he'd tried to cover this with a slash of inexpertly applied red makeup.

The more she stared the more the horrible realisation hit her. The most violent, psychotic and vengeful of all the Super criminals in Gotham was The Joker. The man didn’t have a sane thought in his head and this made him all the more difficult to catch. He never did anything that could be predicted other than that it would be inventive and evil. The man in front of her wasn't just dressed and made up like The Joker. It was The Joker. The real Joker.

He looked like he was smiling but it was difficult to tell, it may just as well have been his deformity as he approached her rope encased body. He stood so close to her she could smell his rancid body odour. Without a word he held up his hand before her face. He was wearing dirty white gloves and with much ceremony he slowly pulled on each finger before removing first one glove then the other glove.

His gaze dropped from her face to her chest. Her eyes narrowed as he rested his hands on the exposed upper slopes of her bosom. He stared into her eyes as he gently stroked her soft warm skin. He saw the distaste blossom in her eyes and smiled exposing his dirty stained misshapen teeth. She was so close she could smell his breathe which on a good day would fell a Yak. With a quick movement he slipped her bra cups down freeing her mammoth bosom. He laughed as she struggled again as this time it set her exposed tits swinging and bouncing in a most erotic manner. She realised what was happening and stopped. He growled as her tits ceased moving then reached forward seizing them in his smallish hands.

'Nice bazookas Bat tits' he smirked as he gripped her tit flesh sinking his fingers into their soft plumpness. He wasn't gentle as he molested her breasts and the thugs were hard pressed to keep Barbara centred in front of their boss. While the cameras whirred the real Joker molested the real Batgirl but she didn't know if he knew she was the real batgirl so she had no choice other than to allow him to continue to touch her in the most intimate fashion.

He loved her tits moulding the huge fun bags into all manner of unusual shapes while she grunted every so often as he gripped especially hard. He pushed and pulled her abundant fleshy spheres turning the skin red with finger marks. Barbara was powerless to stop the King of Crime from abusing her chest while the thugs still held her as motionless as they could with the biting ropes.

Joker lifted her left tit and like a snake striking covered its peak with his red misshapen mouth. Barbara groaned as he sucked on her tit drawing her soft flesh deep into his mouth. Harder and harder he sucked and she writhed as his other hand wrapped round her back holding her close to his body. Their heads were only inches apart so she had a close up view of the Jokers misshapen rouged mouth sucking lustily on her breast.

He wasn’t interested in giving her pleasure so Barbara groaned as his teeth clamped down on her tit gnawing on its peak. Pain lanced through her breast. Joker made yummy noises as he chewed her flesh. The purple mask did nothing to hide the expression of pain and pleasure in her eyes as the sensations flowed through her chest.

He switch sides leaving her tit wet with saliva and reddened by teeth and finger marks. The thugs held her steady as he mouthed her other tit giving it the same agonising treatment sinking his sharp teeth into her erect and puffy areolas and nipple.

Eventually he tired of abusing her magnificent breasts and stepped back. 'On your knees Batgirl' he ordered.

She stood defiant until he grabbed her tits and using his weight forced her down.

'Good now look at me.' She could have refused again but what was the point of giving him another opportunity to hurt her so she stared up at him.

Smirking he said quietly 'and … open wide.'

He lowered his zipper and fished out his cock.

Barbara gasped as she saw his member. It was huge, beyond huge. Why was it all the men she met were hung like donkeys? The long semi hard shaft was grey in colour and long. His hand could barely encircle it. The head was massive and its huge eye pointed at her face.

He laughed. 'We heard about a new cream developed at Starr Labs so we 'borrowed' a few tubes. It's amazing stuff. Only a couple of applications and look what it’s done' he crowed proudly as he waved his cock in front of her face. She couldn’t help notice that his balls were equally inflated. Lord alone knew how much juice they held.

Stunned at his words as well as his cock she felt he must know she was the real Batgirl. But would he think she would go as far as to enlarge her own bosom as he'd done to his member. Surely he'd assume no one was as mad as he was himself. She could only wait and submit to his depraved demands.

She didn't have any choice. He fed his cock head between her soft lips. Just the head. He closed his eyes in pleasure. It felt as if his cock was enveloped by warm wet velvet. Unable to stop herself Barbara sucked gently on his expanded glands. Joker moaned in ecstasy.

'Tongue, tongue Bat Slut' he gasped urgently.

She swirled her tongue around his plum like helmet drawing more moans from him. Saliva flooded her mouth covering his cock. His hips began to thrust pushing his now rock hard shaft deeper into her mouth. The ropes encircling her torso kept her arms trapped. She only had her mouth to use on him so she worked all the harder sucking on his thrusting shaft. His massive cock head hit the back of her throat forcing her to gag. This promoted even more saliva which dripped from her mouth. Joker gripped the ears on her cowl holding her head as he thrust harder and harder all thoughts of soft tender pleasure now gone as he fucked her face.

Tears welled in her eyes and flowed down her cheeks as he forced his monstrous shaft deep into her throat cutting off her sobbing cries. Suddenly he stiffened and she felt his already prodigious cockhead expand as his semen erupted into her mouth. Rope after copious rope of salty goodness covered her tongue and dripped down her throat as he emptied his massive balls into her. He kept coming filling her mouth until milky semen leaked from the corners. She swallowed as much as she could of his prolific gism before coughing up the rest.

'Clean it' he commanded and smirked as Batgirl miserably submitted to him licking the last evidence of his climax from his cock.

'There's a good Batgirl' he mocked as she knelt beaten and face fucked before him. Turning he pulled out a straight backed chair and sat down his prodigious cock still sticking upwards. Slowly he stroked it as he nodded to one of his henchmen.

Without warning the thug used a rope to tie one of Batgirls ankles to her thigh then swapped sides and did the same to the other one.

Barbara couldn't stop him so just knelt there waiting for the next indignity.

Joker was in a post orgasmic expansive mood and he giggled as he spoke. 'You've no idea how long I've waited to do that to Batgirl, to have her beaten and roped kneeling before me as I fed my cock to her, my lovely new cock. To hold her steady as I stuff her face with little Joker, to see the tears well in her eyes as the realisation of ultimate defeat hits her just before I blow my load down her throat.'

He continued on in that vein driving home her humiliation. Then came the words she'd been waiting for.

'But' he said sadly 'you're not the real Batgirl. You're just another big titted bimbo.'

Barbara maintained her stony expression but inside she was elated. If he'd guessed she was the real Batgirl her life wouldn't have been worth a plugged nickel now however she might get out of this with nothing more than a good face fuck. Suddenly though he shattered her illusion.

'We thought we’d killed off Bat tits when Bennie left her hanging in the warehouse but since then there's been reports that she's been seen around Gotham. You might not be the real Batgirl but it's too much of a coincidence that you show up just as she's doubled her efforts to find The Titman.' At this he broke out into uncontrollable guffaws. 'The funniest part is that if you were the real Batgirl you would have found him.'

Barbara stared up at him confused.

'Yes' he gasped 'I'm The Titman. I created him as part of my plan to take over all of the Gotham crime world. I'm Max von Sleezeball as well. Good disguise eh?'

Barbara stared at him mouth open with shock. Joker was in full monologue mode now. 'You see if the Joker had started to take over organised crime or tried to amalgamate the gangs either Bat bint or Fatman and Blunder Boy would have been all over me but by giving myself a silly name like The Titman no one took it seriously and I was free to work until it was too late for anyone to stop me.'

Batgirl realised he was right. Who'd suspect that a criminal called The Titman would be able to take over the entire crime network of Gotham City. The plan was so simple that they'd let it happen right under their noses and now she'd actually discovered who The Titman was she was tied and bound and unable to do anything about it.

'As for you' he continued 'a couple of my associates who specialise in that sort of thing will be arriving to ask you a few pointed questions. I think you may know more than you're letting on. You may even be working for Batgirl. Anyway we have a little time until they get here so what say we saddle her up boys.'

Barbara struggled as she felt herself lifted up and carried towards the laughing Joker. Still seated he stroked his magnificent monster of a cock bringing it to full erection just as they lowered her down. The head of his cock nudged at the entrance to her already moist pussy. His tit molesting had seen to that. They began to lower her down. She fought to prevent him penetrating her but the copious lubrication and her own weight made it impossible to stop his member from forging into her vagina. It felt wonderful as her pussy sank lower and lower stretching around his giant member while he just giggled and chuckled at her predicament.

She tried to grip his hips with her thighs to stop herself sinking down any further. Realising what she was doing Joker reached into his jacket and with a chuckle took out a large feather. He waved it before her eyes back and forth like a swaying cobra. Barbara watched mesmerised as he moved it towards her chest. Her eyes closed and she gasped as he gently stroked the feather across her already stimulated breasts teasing her sensitive mounds. Joker kept it up sending waves of exquisite delight through her mammarys. She struggled trying desperately to resist the inevitable but he kept relentlessly teasing and tormenting her giant pulsating breasts. Her soft globes fizzed with erotic sensations and her nipples felt like they might explode.

Her resistance finally broke. Relaxing her thigh muscles Barbara allowed herself to slip lower and lower on his cock until eventually his full length was buried deep inside her abused cunt. Much to Joker’s delight she exhaled a hugely satisfied ‘Aaaarrr’.

Joker allowed her to sit there with his cock sheathed inside her warm moist depths as he idly stroked her monumental quivering tits. The ropes around her body were just as tight as they'd ever been so there was no escaping her fate.

Suddenly without warning his personality changed as he slapped her left tit watching entranced as the sensitised mound of breast flesh swung to and fro. The sound of his hand striking her flesh was like a meaty steak being slapped onto a counter top. He spotted the look in her eyes of half pain and half pleasure as the sensation mushroomed in her abused breast and the initial pain turned to a warm suffusing pleasure. He laughed each time he slapped her tits until they were reddened and sore. He could feel the effect in his cock as each time he swung his hand her muscles tightened in anticipation of the pain gripping his shaft embedded in her pussy.

Eventually he decided it was time to fuck so he simply gripped both her nipples and began to lift them upwards. Gradually Barbara's tits stretched as he dragged her flesh higher and higher until to alleviate the pain she was forced to use her thigh muscles to lift herself up. Joker sighed as he felt her pussy walls slide against his cock shaft and helmet. With his cockhead just at the entrance to her cunt he released her nipples letting her tits bounce down to settle back into their normal beautiful spherical shape but now with red and sore nipples. Yet again Batgirl was left holding herself elevated above him held only by the power of her thigh muscles.

It soon began to dawn on her that the position was untenable. She could only hold herself in this position for so long. Her thighs were already beginning to burn with the effort of holding herself aloft. He showed her the feather once more. It was enough to break her resolve and she gave in and relaxed. She sank down burying his monster cock deep in her body. He felt her shudder as he once more filled her full of cock.

'Very nice babe' he teased 'now you've got to ask yourself. Do I want my tits to hurt some more or do I not because I can keep it up all day dragging your nips up stretching those lovely boobies of yours. Well what's it gonna be babe?'

Every atom in her body wanted to rebel at the thought of voluntarily doing what the Joker wanted but you had to be pragmatic. She'd discovered who The Titman was and she just had to survive to wreck her revenge on him for the attack on her father.

Slowly she used her prodigious muscle control to lift her body upwards sliding her pussy up until his cock was nearly fully exposed then with a resigned sigh sank back down enveloping his cock meat inside her cunt. She couldn’t keep her expression from showing the exquisite pleasure she felt as she submitted to his sordid desires.

Joker smiled at her capitulation and lay back allowing her to fuck herself on his cock.

Barbara couldn't resist the pleasure that was flowing through her loins as his giant cock entered her. Her movements became quicker and quicker as she raised and then slammed her bound body back down impaling her cunt on his rock hard shaft. Each full penetration forced a gasp from her throat. His cock was bigger than any she'd ever taken and her body wasn't allowing her to ignore the surging erotic sensation that was driving her inevitably towards a humiliating climax.

Joker grabbed her tits, not in a hard way this time but to tenderly caress the giant spheres adding yet more pleasure to her already over stimulated body. Faster and faster she raised and lowered herself jamming his cock ever harder inside her pussy. Suddenly he gripped her head and kissed her. The overwhelming feelings flooding her body overrode her natural disgust at the intimate act and she reluctantly kissed him back.

She couldn’t entirely ignore her disgust and humiliation as the rest of the gang were gathered round urging on their leader as he used her. ‘Go on Joker, do her good’ and ‘Fuck the bitch Boss’ they shouted and applauded as he ravished her.

Then the final realisation of her full horror hit her as she felt deep inside her the hot wetness of his semen as Joker seized and pumped her pussy full of his evil seed. Unable to stop herself she raise herself and with one final giant effort plunged her hips down penetrating her cunt with his spurting cock pushing herself over the cliff edge and allowing her climax to burst within her loins. Together they jerked and convulsed as the two mortal enemies orgasmed as one.

Their heavy breathing seemed to synchronise as she lay spent draped across him. Slowly she sat up his cock still within her. If she wanted any evidence of his schizophrenia it came straight away. He slapped her hard across the face knocking her back off his lap to fall heavily to the floor.

'Fuck times over baby, my friends are here and you've got an appointment with pain. Let me introduce you. First there's Henry the Hammer. A massive man glowered down at her. He got his name because ... well ... his name’s Henry and he has a little hammer that he uses to crush bones. His associate is Mack the Knife. His names Reginald but as he uses his knife to slice bits off people it seemed daft to call him Reginald the knife.'

Barbara could see both men were cut from the same clichéd cloth. If you'd tried to imagine an archetypal gangster then Henry and Mack would be the living embodiment of them. Both were thick bodied, bullet headed, beetle browed with slick black hair. They wore perfect black Italian suits with crisp white shirts and black ties. As it was indoors they'd dispensed with the reflective Ray-Bans so their dead eyes stared back at her.

Barbara wasn't pleased to hear Joker order 'Take her into the other room boys. Some of the guys get a little queasy when you two get to work. You know what to do. We need info on Batgirl, how she survived, what she knows and were she is. O.K.?'

The two inquisitors grunted agreement and followed as they dragged Barbara into a small room off the main area.

They plonked her down on a straight backed chair still wreathed in ropes trapping her arms at her sides and her ankles tied uncomfortably to her thighs.

'Take the ropes off her' ordered Henry in a deep feral growl 'we like it when they struggle and it’s not as if she's the real Batgirl is it?'

Barbara worked her biceps as they freed her arms working blood back into her muscles. These were big hard men and she was far from out of the woods.

Henry approached her and bent down with his hands on his knees placing his face intimidatingly close to hers. Out of the corner of her eye she watched Mack as he paced back and forth. She could feel the excitement in him. The violence must excite him. They were the worst, she hated the ones who enjoyed it. If she was going to take these two she needed to have them positioned just right.

'Listen babe' said Henry 'either you talk or I let Mack loose on you with his knife.'

She watched Mack as he took out a wicked looking knife. With a well-oiled ‘snick’ the shiny blade leapt from the handle ready for use.

'So what's it going to be babe? You gonna spill the beans or does Mack spill your blood?'

Mack walked in front of Barbara and she struck. Her stiffened fingers shot upwards smashing into Henry's throat rupturing his larynx and slamming into his Adam's apple. At the same time she drew back her legs and with every iota of strength she could garner from her thighs smashed her feet into the side of Mack's knee. It bent at an angle never intended by Mother Nature as his cruciate ligaments snapped, his kneecap dislocated and every tendon ruptured. If his skin hadn't been holding his leg together the lower limb might have dropped to the floor.

Mack dropped to his one good knee keening piteously as he grasped his ruined knee. Barbara rose quickly and with as much venom as she could muster smashed the edge of her hand into the back of the knife man’s neck. He slumped unconscious.

Henry meanwhile was silent apart from the beating of his heals on the floor. He lay on his back grasping his throat writhing and jerking. The combination of his ruptured larynx and his swollen Adams Apple had blocked his airway and he was quickly running out of breath and life.

Barbara stared down at him. He was no doubt a nasty bad man but she was a Superheroine and she couldn't, no matter how much she wanted to, leave him to die. She snatched up Mack’s fallen knife and stabbed Henry in the throat. The emergency tracheotomy saved his life as the air whistled through the new hole.

The two gangsters taken care of Batgirl quickly slipped her tits back into the bra cups and re-positioned her thong panties. It wasn't much but she much preferred to fight the gang without her naked tits flying all over the place and her pussy on display. Next she reached down and snapped off the ridiculous high heels on her purple boots. This made it a lot easier for her to move and fight.

This time when she stepped through the door the remaining members of Joker's gang were shocked to see her. This time if the fight had had the words flashed on the screen they would have been far from friendly. This time they would have been words like 'Splinter', 'Lacerate', 'Shatter', 'Pulverise', ‘Crack’ and 'Splot'. The last being the sound of testicules being stomped flat.

Soon the floor was covered with writhing gang members while Barbara stood hands on hips amidst the wreckage. Only the Joker remained cowering against one wall.

Batgirl advanced on him just as he turned and said 'Smell my flower babe?'

She was just quick enough to dodge the stream of liquid that shot from his button hole. Behind her she heard the sizzle and scream as the acid landed on the chest of one of the gang. It was the one with the flat bollocks and he was definitely not having a good day.

Two hours later after a telephone tip from Batgirl the Police found them. The gang were tied hand and foot gathered round in a circle. At their centre Joker hung by his wrists his trousers round his ankles. Tears stained his face causing his white make-up to run. The cause of this state was two-fold. To start with someone had tied string round his prodigious cock just below the helmet then hung a two pound weight from it. He was concentrating fiercely trying to remain still so it didn’t start to swing. He had to concentrate because of the 'John Holmes No. 1' mega vibrator that someone had inserted with prejudice, (a mallet) into his anus then switched it on and turned it to its maximum teeth rattling setting.

‘Let’s see you laugh that one off’ Batgirl had thought.

Chapter Ten - All Good Things.

A little over three weeks later Barbara Gordon returned to Starr Labs to meet Professor Cavendish. It had been a very entertaining three weeks as Ramon and Dolly had been figuratively chained to the bed in her apartment and the three of them had been going at it like rabbits on honeymoon at a prom night orgy ever since. She’d persuaded them to tie her up on the pretext of practicing her escapology techniques. They weren’t fooled and sexually stimulated her bound body until she begged for mercy. They gave her none.

Eventually however she'd reluctantly concluded that the time to return to her old life was imminent and they'd all parted on good terms.

'The void left by the demise of The Titman/Joker gang is starting to be filled' she explained 'I need to be Batgirl again and I can't do it with these two great beach balls on my chest.'

Cavendish smiled. He'd had a very entertaining time while creating those 'beach balls'. 'You're in luck my dear' he replied holding up a small tube 'we have a cream.'

'And I expect it has to be massaged in to the affected area?' Barbara said suspiciously

'Oh yes' replied Cavendish his smile even wider now ‘and what about the clitoris?’

Barbara felt a sudden buzz of arousal tighten her stomach and fizz through her chest. She thought for a second then with a shy smile replied ‘I think we’ll just leave that as it is for now.’

With a sigh she said 'I suppose there's no time like the present' and stripping off her top exposed to him the two great spherical breasts that were the cause of the problem.

The End