The Supersonic Gun Running Caper  

By Brummie

Wizards Lair Contest Winter 2013
Wizards Lair Contest Winner

'Oh Hello there. I'm so glad that you stopped by. I just thought I'd mention . err . could you stop doing that while I'm talking. It's very disconcerting and not all that hygienic either . thank you. Now as I was going to say this is the second adventure featuring Angela Summers known as Agent Supersonic. For background and her first adventure you should see 'The Supersonic Kidnapping Caper'.

Chapter 1 - Training and Punishment.

Angela Summers, Agent Supersonic, let out a mind-numbing scream.

Across the sound-proof training room the needles on the recording device jumped alarmingly. Senefelder the geeky scientist in his white coat and black rimmed specs with the plaster holding them together in the middle stared myopically at the read-out. 'Look here' he said removing his head-phones and proffering the printed output from the frequency monitor to the young woman. 'You're 30 hertz to low in the middle band and 12 to high in the bass band. If you're going to perfect your 'Terror Scream' you're going to have to practice. Your control is off so you're not going to get the full effect. You need to be spot on the correct pitch and timbre to trigger the brains imbued fear response to certain sounds.' The young woman nodded her blond head. 'OK. Doc I'll keep practicing but those harmonics are a bitch.' Just as she said this the door to the room opened and a messenger entered and handed a note to the scientist. 'You'll have to practice later' he said 'White wants you pronto.'

In his office she faced her controller. 'Agent Summers. I've been reading your report of the Kidnapping case you worked on. It would seem there are, shall we say, gaps where you've glossed over exactly what happened at certain points' said Mr White with one eyebrow raised enquiringly as if daring her to deny it. The blond agent looked sheepish. He was right but she'd decided he and the rest of the Agency didn't need to know what depraved activities she been forced to participate in to accomplish her mission so she'd left out all of the sordid details. 'Well Sir I didn't think that certain details were pertinent and would only serve to cloud the . err . gist of the . err . reports ... err ... wosname ...' she finished tailing off. 'Agent Summers' responded White through terse lips 'it is not up to you to decide what is pertinent and what isn't. Your report should reflect precisely what transpired with full details. It is then up to your de-briefing agent to decide if you performed your task in the best way possible or if extra training or instruction would be needed. Do you understand?' 'Yes Sir' she answered quietly although it was just the stuff she'd been forced to perform that she wanted to keep veiled. 'You will re-do your report including every detail, every action, everything you did, then first thing tomorrow you will report to Ms Gratz on the third floor. I must make it clear Agent Summers that this is by way of being a punishment for this indiscretion. You will obey Ms Gratz to the letter. Do you understand?' 'Yes Sir' she responded. As she rose to leave Angela asked 'How did you know my report was ... incomplete Sir?' White smiled thinly and pressed a button on a remote control. On a small monitor a picture of Angela parading in very skimpy underwear before Silas Morgan appeared. She stared open mouthed at the screen as the odious little man drooled over her near naked form. She realised she'd checked the changing room for two-way mirrors and hidden cameras but the slimy shop owner had a CCTV camera in the main sales room that she hadn't spotted. White shut off the recording. Angela felt sick. Presumably the film showed what had happened later on in the session and that White had seen it. He stared stonily at her. 'Let that be a lesson to you Agent Summers. Never falsify your mission report.' She nodded silently and slipped out of the door quietly closing it behind her. The young woman's controller watched her leave then picked up the phone and dialled. 'Ms Gratz? White here. I'm sending you a young Agent, Angela Summers. She's in the dog house so I want you to put her through the mill. Yes, washing floors, cleaning toilets the works. OK. Thank You.'

The next morning on the third floor Ms Gratz sat ashen faced at her desk. Across from her Vince Craven smirked. 'You've been a bad girl Zelda. That sweet young girl you were training is under the impression that she fell asleep in one of your sessions but we know you slipped her a 'micky' and did all sorts of disgusting thing to her while she was semi-conscious. I think you know that the Agency would not look on your predilections for young flesh in a very kindly fashion, now would they, hmmm?' 'Cut to the chase Craven' the hard faced Germanic woman spat back at him. 'What's your price?' He laughed. 'Not one you're going to enjoy I can guarantee that. I want you to kneel before me and suck my cock.' She stared back at him with a look of horror. 'But you know I ... err ... prefer female ... I only ... with women ... ' He seemed to get even more pleasure from this as almost with glee he said 'Of course I know you're a muff diver but that's the point. I bet Harrison that I'd get a gob job from you. The fact you're a Dyke only adds that extra piquancy to it. Now on your knees baby and pucker up for a taste of Mr Salami.' 'Wait. Wait Craven. Listen, please, I've got something better' pleaded Gratz. 'Better?' enquired the blackmailing agent. 'Better than a blow job from a lesbian? I hope you're not wasting my time Zelda?' 'No I'm not honestly Craven. Look I've got Angela Summers coming in and I think I can swing it so you get, shall we say, full access.' 'Summers. You mean that stupid blond with the big tits?' he said looking interested. 'Yes that's the one. I can give you her on a plate. You just have to follow my lead when she gets here. Alright?' 'Well OK but if it doesn't work out I'll have your ass as well as your pussy munching mouth' he warned staring hard at her. At that moment the tension was broken by a knock on the door. After a few seconds it opened and in walked the blond goddess. Angela Summers was tall and athletic with long muscular legs, a trim waist, wide hips, a washboard stomach and a beautiful elfin face. The whole supermodel look was only spoiled by her oversized breasts. Both plump zeppelins filled out her dress to a size 46DD. Vince Craven mouth broke out into a wide teeth flashing smile. 'Ms Gratz?' asked Angela. 'Mr White sent me.' 'Come in Agent Summers' responded Gratz quickly regaining her customary brisk demeanour. Angela closed the door and stood before the woman. Zelda Gratz was almost the exact opposite to Angela. Her black hair was long and straight, her face sharp with a snub nose, thin cruel lips and thick eye brows. Her body was thin and stringy rather than fit and her chest was a little flat. She was in her early forties. She spoke trying hard to intimidate the meek and mild blond while staring unblinkingly into her eyes to establish her absolute control over the young woman. Angela felt the full force of the woman's personality as she listened. 'Mr White has informed me of your indiscretion and has placed you entirely in my hands. Do you understand Miss Summers?' 'Angela nodded and replied quietly 'Yes Ms Gratz.' 'Good. Now are you aware of what we do here?' 'Err ... no I don't know which department this is' the young woman responded nervously. 'Well today we are doing Lothario training Miss Summers. Seduction and Love Making techniques. Mr Craven here' she indicated a grinning Vince who could suddenly see where this might be leading 'is today's student and you are here to assist me with his instruction.' Angela pouted not sure what her part was going to be in proceedings. 'Mr Craven has been selected for Gigolo training. This will prepare him for future missions where the seduction of a female may be required to complete his assignment. It's the job of this department to ensure that he is versed in the lovemaking arts. To this end we will be ensuring that he knows how a woman feels, how he can determine her preferences in the bedroom and also that he has a full understanding of the anatomy of the female body and most importantly is fully versed in the mechanics of lovemaking.' A look of consternation crossed the blond agent's face as she tried to work out how she was going to help in the training program and the more she thought about it the more worried she became. 'So shall we begin? Mr Craven if you would stand here please and Agent Summers facing him here.' Both moved until the grinning man faced the non-plussed blond. She wasn't too keen on him already as he brazenly ran his lascivious gaze up and down her body. 'First' began Ms Gratz 'we'll start with kissing. Agent Summers perhaps you'll give us your preferences for a first kiss from a prospective partner.' Angela taken completely by surprise and shocked by what she was being asked stammered 'Well ... erm ... I suppose soft and gentle, not to aggressive, a minimum of spittle, no tongue and definitely no trying to cop a feel' she finished looking hard at Craven. 'Mr Craven. You heard so if you please' said Gratz urging him forward. Vince stepped closer and gently taking Angela by the upper arms pressed his lips to hers. She felt awkward as the man she'd only just met kissed her. He was medium height and well-built with short receding black hair. His face had a day's growth of beard and dark hair poked through the top of his unbuttoned shirt indicating a hairy chest. His hands were big and easily held her arms. His kiss which lasted a good ten seconds was just to her specifications being dry and lips only although he did put more into it sucking on hers than she'd have liked. They broke apart and Ms Gratz asked Angela if the kiss was good. The blond indicated it was OK. Then Ms Gratz said 'Right let's suppose the lady has indicated that she's ready for the next level Angela. What would you expect now?' The young blond fought with what to say but couldn't think of a way out of this strange situation so she replied 'More ardour I suppose. More pressure, more movement swapping sides, more sucking and 'she swallowed nervously 'a little tongue and some caressing.' Craven didn't need telling. He stepped forward and grabbed the voluptuous blond in his arms and planted his mouth on hers. Angela 'mmmmm'ed and struggled in his strong grip as he shoved his tongue into her mouth and sucked on her lips like he was trying to suck a golf ball through a hose pipe. Angela bore his assault as his left hand held the back of her head and his right stroked down to grab her ass. Craven kissed the blond even though he could feel her trying to pull away from him. He used his tongue to find hers and hooked it forwards until he could suck it into his mouth. Angela 'mmmmm'ed some more as he mashed their lips together there spittle mixing. Vince released her allowing her to gasp and draw in a deep breath of air. Her cheeks were flushed from his oral onslaught. Ms Gratz didn't bother to ask Angela's opinion this time. She just sailed on to the next stage. 'Mr Craven. Once we have reached this level it is assumed that the target has signalled her willingness to move on to the next stage. Petting, stroking, caressing of erogenous zones. Please proceed.' Angela felt herself dragged once more into Cravens embrace. His lips mashed onto hers and his hands began to roam. His tongue slipped into her mouth which distracted her long enough for him to cup her left breast. The blond jumped as his hand squeezed her tit rhythmically. Craven's other hand slipped behind her and flipped her dress upwards allowing his hand to slap on to her panty clad butt. He pulled her hips forwards and rubbed there groins together. Angela tore herself free from his grip. Her breathing came in gasps and her breast felt as if it had been through a mangle. 'What the hell' she exploded. 'Agent Summers' exclaimed Ms Gratz. 'Is there a problem?' 'Bloody right there is' the red faced blond exclaimed. 'This bastard is sexually assaulting me.' 'Agent Summers' began Ms Gratz again in a more conciliatory voice 'who sent you here?' 'Mr White of course' answered the flustered young woman. 'And did Mr White tell you why?' asked the arch black haired lesbian. Angela hesitated before answering 'As a punishment.' 'And do you seriously think that Mr White didn't know what we do here in this department?' asked the cunning Gratz. 'No Mam' said Angela in a small voice. 'So it follows that this is what you were sent here to do doesn't it?' 'Yes Mam' in an even quieter voice. 'And further Mr White instructed that you were to obey my every command did he not?' 'Yes Mam.' 'Now do you wish me to inform your superior that you are disobeying his direct orders?' she closed the trap. Slowly shaking her head Angela replied almost silently 'No Mam.' In a quieter more wheedling voice now Gratz continued 'look I know this isn't pleasant but seduction is a necessary part of our work and it's not just women seducing men, we have to have men who can seduce women. Now Mr Craven will be a little less aggressive in his work from now on, won't you Mr Craven?' Ms Gratz nodded at him urging him to answer. Trying desperately to fake sincerity Craven said 'Yes Ms Gratz, I'm sorry Angela, I'll be more considerate from now on I promise.' 'OK Angela?' asked Ms Gratz. The blond agent nodded her ascent. 'OK Mr Craven. Please carry on. This time I think we'll practice zips and fasteners. There's nothing guaranteed to kill the passion more than an adolescent fumbling at buttons and zippers.' Vince took Angela into his arms once more and placed his lips on hers. Angela allowed him to slip his tongue between her teeth and dual with hers. Suddenly she stiffened as she felt the zip at the back of her dress being pulled down. 'Good, good Mr Craven. A smooth zip. Excellent form. Now the bra clasp.' urged Ms Gratz. After some fumbling Angela's bra loosened as the clasp at the back parted. 'No, no Mr Craven. Juvenile, juvenile. I've seen fifteen year olds with better dexterity then that. Do it again please.' Ms Gratz re-hooked Angela's bra clasp and Vince once more locked lips with the blond and attacked the young man's nemesis, the bra clasp. It took five goes before Ms Gratz was satisfied and allowed Craven to continue. With their lips still mashed together Craven slid the shoulders of Angela's dress down her arms to gather at her waist then gently drew the blond's bra slowly from her chest. Angela felt the cool air on her exposed breasts and in a panic shoved Craven away and threw her arms over her chest. 'Agent Summers' exploded Ms Gratz 'what the hell do you think you're doing?' Angela gasped 'I'm sorry Ms Gratz but I can't believe Mr White meant for this to happen. This is too much. Surely you have plastic dolls or pictures for this sort of thing?' Zelda Gratz thought for a second then picked up the phone on her desk. If she was careful she thought she could get White to convince the young blond to co-operate. 'Mr White?' she spoke into the phone when it was answered. 'Gratz here Sir. I'm having a little trouble with the Agent you sent me. Would you have a word Sir and tell her exactly what you told me? Thank you Sir.' Gratz handed the phone to Angela who took it awkwardly while trying to keep her naked tits protected from the leering gaze of Vince Craven. 'Agent Summers' began Mr White. 'I will say this only once. I have sent you to Ms Gratz as a punishment and you will obey her every command. You will do every nasty, smelly, disgusting and degrading job she gives you to do or you can simply leave our organisation. Now do I make myself crystal clear Agent Summers?' Angela felt her stomach tighten but replied 'Yes Sir' in a very quiet voice and she handed back the phone to Ms Gratz. 'Thank you Sir' she said down the phone as White rang off. Suddenly a wicked thought entered Gratz's head, Instead of putting the receiver down herself she kept it pressed to her ear apparently still listening. 'Yes Sir' she said again staring at Angela as if she was still conversing with the blond's controller. 'I agree Sir, the Agent has shown a distinct lack of devotion to duty and a willingness to disobey orders. I'll be sure to report any further dereliction of duty directly to you Sir. Extra punishment Sir? An extra day's work with the department? Yes Sir I think that is an excellent idea. Thank You Sir. Goodbye Sir.' Gratz stared at the trembling blond. 'Well Agent Summers I hope that settles any doubts you had as to Mr White's desire to punish your misdemeanours? He has decided that you will spend an extra day with us for your trouble. I hope you're satisfied.' Angela could only stand there in a state of shock with her arms partially covering her impressive chest. 'Now let us continue. Mr Craven you have reached first base and now it is time to move on to second. Second Agent Summers is caressing and fondling. Please place your hands over Mr Cravens shoulders.' Angela reluctantly did as she was told only to aware she was exposing her magnificent large breasts to both the leering man and the lesbian tutor. Both were amazed at the size and shape of the young woman's tits. Huge in size while still high and perky. But it was the areolas that held there gaze. The two large brown circles at the peak of each tit were four inches across and crinkly and both had a thick nipple at their centre. Cravens tongue thrust forward once more into Angela mouth as his large hand seized her unprotected breast. He felt the blond shiver as his hand touched her naked flesh. Slowly his hand circled her globular tit squeezing it and sinking his fingers into her pillowy globe. Angela groaned into his mouth as his fingers closed over her tits peak and slowly twirled the big rubbery teat until it began to grow erect. 'Jeez what a pair of tits' thought Craven who couldn't help himself. He disengaged his lips from Angela's and dived down engulfing the peak of her left tit and bit down on the rubbery teat. Angela shrieked as his sharp teeth sank into her tit. Ms Gratz called Craven off. She had to do it twice as he seemed engrossed in sucking and gnawing on the struggling blond's voluptuous body. 'Mr Craven you are making a common mistake. A ladies breasts are tender and sensitive. You do not attack them as if they were a piece of meat. You need to be soft and gentle, to caress them not assault them, at least not at this stage' admonished Ms Gratz. 'Let me demonstrate.' Angela stood dismayed and shaken as the black haired woman took her right breast in both her hands and began to caress it. 'You see Mr Craven, soft and gentle, caress the ladies mammary like this.' Angela looked like a rabbit caught in a cars headlights as the black haired woman expertly manipulated her breast. Gratz seemed mesmerised by the feel of the young blonds mammary gland clutched in her hands. For many seconds she moulded the pliable flesh between her fingers feeling the weight of the warm yielding mass. Slowly her head lowered and Angela gasped as her nipple was sucked into the lesbian's thin lipped mouth. The blond shuddered as the woman's experienced mouth rhythmically sucked on her erect nipple sending waves of blissful pleasure through her tit. Gratz was amazed as she felt the blond's nipple grow within her warm mouth like a small cock becoming hard and erect. Craven took advantage of Angela's stunned state and seized her other tit in both of his hands and started to mould and massage it as Ms Gratz was doing. Angela's face began to redden as the two people caressed her breasts. There ministrations sending pleasure shooting through her chest. Inevitably her areolas began to darken as more blood was fed to them by her body's natural reaction and then her nipples strained to their full and remarkably obscene length. Gratz released Angela's tit so Craven could hold both mammary's one in each hand. 'Now lips only Mr Craven no teeth.' Confounded Angela could only groan as Craven covered the peak of her left tit with his mouth and sucked on her long rubbery nipple. He lashed the erect nubbin with his tongue circling round and round teasing her nipple mercilessly. Angela couldn't help herself. She held Cravens head as he swapped sides and attacked her other teat giving it the same treatment. Gratz smirked as the young blond writhed as the sensation flowed through her globes and moaned as Craven slavered over her boobs covering them with saliva and tormenting their erect excited peaks. At the same time he massaged her huge melons moving them around her chest, pressing them together and sinking his fingers into their pillowy softness. 'How is Mr Craven doing Agent Summers' asked Gratz archly. Angela was staring into space her mouth open her cheeks and chest flushed with arousal. 'He ... he's ... doing fine' she managed to gasp eventually. Craven sucked hard on the blonds pliant areolas and nipples stretching them out until they slipped out of his wet mouth with a rude slurping sound. Gratz watched carefully as the man worked on the well stacked blond noting her breath was now coming in short gasps and small squeaks and moans were escaping her open mouth. 'Good' said Ms Gratz. 'OK Agent Craven please show Agent Summers how you would proceed.' Craven wiped the saliva from his lips as he smiled at the young blond. She could only stand and wait for the next phase of her seduction when the man took hold of the dress which had bunched around her waist and slowly pulled it down over her hips. He allowed her to step out of the dress leaving her in nothing but her black panties. Angela shivered as he stepped near and once more brought their lips together. He kissed her softly. It wasn't what she expected and took her by surprise. His kiss was good and drew her in until she was responding to him allowing his tongue to poke into her mouth and dual with her. Her breath rasped through her nose as they made out. Craven allowed his hands to drop until they rested on the blonds plump cotton covered butt. She didn't seem to notice or more likely expected it. He caressed her butt cheeks as their lips mashed together then slowly one hand sneaked round the blond's hips and settled on the front of her panties. He felt her body go rigid as his finger started to stroke her pussy through the cotton material. Gratz allowed him to pet Angela's vagina for a minute then pulled them apart. Both stood breathing hard, flushed and aroused the front of Craven's trousers showing an impressive bulge'. 'Mr Craven are you aware of the anatomy of a vagina?' the tutor asked. 'Anatomy? It's a pussy you just whack it in there and shove for all your worth.' Ms Gratz wasn't sure if Craven was being serious or just playing his part. She wouldn't have been surprised if it was the first.' 'Mr Craven there are parts of a vagina that are more sensitive than others and any competent lover should pay special attention to these places. Now do you know what a G-spot is and where it is located?' Gratz asked. 'Err ... is it on the London Underground, Central line maybe?' Gratz rolled her eyes. Now she was sure he was taking the piss.' 'No Mr Craven it isn't. Agent Summers please tell Mr Craven where to find your G-spot.' Embarrassed at having to describe such a thing to a man Angela stammered 'It's ... err ... inside my vagina, about two to three inches in on the top just past the pubic bone.' 'Excellent agent Summers but I think we need to show Mr Craven don't you' said Gratz. 'Please remove your knickers.' Angela blanched at her command but sighing realised she had no choice. Slowly she slid her black cotton panties down her legs leaving her naked before the two people. She covered her pussy with a hand but not before Craven had seen her lightly furred gash. He could see it was already aroused and a little puffy after the massage he'd given it. 'Agent Summers please guide Mr Craven so he may feel exactly where the G-spot is to be found' ordered Gratz. 'Mr Craven please moisten your fingers first. Smirking Craven raised his hand and pushed his middle two fingers into Angela's mouth. She looked surprised and mortified but swirled her tongue around wetting his fingers with her saliva. Then he withdrew his dripping digits and placed them at the entrance to her pussy. 'Carry on Agent Summers' commanded Gratz. 'Err ... inside ... err ... insert your fingers' the young blond said her voice trembling. She felt her pussy lips being parted as she instructed the man to penetrate her moist warm womanhood and closing her eyes released a drawn out sigh as Cravens thick stubby his fingers slid inside her. 'More' she whispered and Craven pushed further feeling the warm soft tunnel of flesh gripping his fingers. 'Feel upwards' Angela gasped as Craven began wriggling his fingers inside her feeling for her spot. 'Here?' 'No.' gasped Angela. 'Here?' asked Craven deliberately missing his target as he fingered her cunt. 'No.' the blond groaned again feeling his digits plundering her depths. 'Here?' he asked once more feeling the soft pad of skin under his fingertips. 'Aaaargh' Angela convulsed. She could only nod as the electric shock of sensation exploded inside her pussy. Craven attacked the spot whipping both fingers over her sensitive nubbin while the smirking Gratz stood back and watched him assault the blond agent. As Cravens fingers vibrated inside her Angela's tits sloshed from side to side and wet slurping sounds filled the room. 'Excellent, excellent. Now Agent Summers why don't you guide Mr Craven to that most elusive place, your clitoris.' By now Angela would have done anything she was ordered so without any hesitation she gripped Craven's wrist and extracted his fingers from her pussy. They slipped out with a slurping sound then she used her left hand to spread her pussy lips exposing the peanut shaped nubbin at the top. Trembling she placed his sopping fingers on it. and tensed as even more sensation flooded her nether region. Craven circled Angela's clit feeling it harden as it erected like her nipples. He watched her arousal grow sensing that she was very near to exploding but that was the last thing he wanted. He suddenly stopped massaging the quivering blond and as she stood stupefied he pressed her down until she dropped to her knees. A quick pull on his zip and he presented his already hard cock to the blond's half open lips. He pushed forward and Angela felt her lips parted as his cock surged into her mouth. Like an automaton she began sucking on his large purple helmet. Craven held the horny blond's head steady and began pistoning his member over her tongue and into her throat. Craven luxuriated in the hot wet sensations in his cock as the kneeling blond agent sucked on his sturdy shaft. Her sinuous serpentine tongue encircled his member slavering over all its ridges and veins. She seemed able to take his full length without problem as he thrust forward burying his shaft until the head was deep in her throat. He couldn't last long with the blond busily working on his cock and he could feel himself building. He withdrew his slick saliva covered shaft and lifted the blond agent until she stood on unsteady legs. Then he led her unresisting over to Ms Gratz's desk and had her place her butt against the edge and lean back with her hands on the desk top. Inside Angela was fighting an internal battle as her inexperience and innocence fought against her own body's sexual needs and desires. Her state of arousal was multiplied by the knowledge that she was propped naked and spread-eagled against this desk on the direct orders of her chief and that she was being forced by him to partake in these disgusting actions against her will. She stared down at Craven's rigid erect cock as he moved between her spread legs to direct it at her moist and excited pussy lips. She trembled knowing exactly what he was going to do. 'Please no' she begged him only half wishing he'd show her mercy. There was not a trace of sympathy in his eyes and she let out a piteous moan as Craven gripped her hips and slowly, malevolently, slid his rock hard shaft all the way between her puffy labia into her cunt. Gratz smirked even more as Craven took the blond agent's heavenly body. 'That's it ravish the blond bimbo. Better her than me' she thought callously. The blackmailer fucked the now submissive young blond agent penetrating into her hot depths again and again. Ms Gratz watched as his hips pistoned back and forth while the blond's tits shook and bounced as he continued his relentless assault on her defenceless womanhood. Her internal muscles gripped his penetrating shaft increasing the pressure and the erotic sensation flooding both of them. Craven seized her undulating tits sinking his fingers deep into their warm softness kneading them then took each nipple between a thumb and forefinger and squeezed. As he increased the pressure on each erect rubbery peak it seemed to increase the pleasure felt by the groaning blond. Craven shortened his stroke and slammed his cock into the bucking girl as hard as he could. Their hips slapped together time and again as Angela threw back her head. The blond agent was lost as she surrendered her exquisite soft white body to this rapist. Her mind was awash as the erotic sensations increased with every pounding thrust of Cravens cock deep within her thrashing body. Craven pulled his cock out of Angela's hot cunt and spun her round. Then he roughly pushed her forwards bending her over the desk and taking careful aim slammed his cock back into her well lubricated cunt. Ms Gratz sat in her chair and stared at the blond's grimacing face as her body shook and her tits swung to and fro each time Craven pumped his shaft into her. His fingers sunk into her ample hips so he could pull her back each time his shaft thrust forwards forcing his cock as far as possible into the groaning blond's pussy. Gratz grabbed Angela's head so the blond looked up into her eyes as Craven ravaged her. His strokes shortened as he felt his semen start its short journey from his balls to the tip of his cock. Suddenly with a bellow like a wounded buffalo he erupted spewing the contents of his testicules into Angela's cunt. She felt the hot wetness inside her and the orgasm that had been building inside her exploded sending wave after wave of exquisite pleasure through her loins. Craven jerked as he shot three more spurts of come into the bent over blond's shuddering body. The office fell silent until eventually Craven pulled his shaft out of the gasping young woman leaving her exhausted and slumped over the desk. His eyes met the gleaming vicious eyes of Gratz. An unspoken message of 'ransom paid' passed between the two collaborators so he dressed and with a nod he left the two women alone. Silently a mortified Angela dressed while the black haired lesbian watched her with hot envious eyes. 'Is that it then? Can I go now' the ravaged blond asked. 'No it is not agent Summers' responded Ms Gratz. 'Mr White was not happy with your recalcitrant attitude so he has decreed that you should undergo a second day of punishment.' Angela's face dropped and she started to object when she saw Gratz's stern implacable expression. The woman continued like a martinet 'You will report back here tomorrow Agent Summers. Today was a lesson for Mr Craven tomorrow will be a lesson for you in the techniques of female on female relationships.' Then with a lustful gaze and a sneer she added 'I will take the lesson personally.' As Angela opened the door to leave Gratz said 'Agent Summers tomorrow you will wear your sexiest underwear with black stockings and garter belt.' 'The blond responded disconsolately 'Yes Ms Gratz.' 'Err ... Agent Summers ... do you know what a strap-on is?' asked the lesbian. 'No Ms Gratz, should I?' replied the confused blond. Gratz mused quietly 'No ... no. Forget I asked. See you tomorrow.' Angela left as Zelda Gratz pictured the scene. 'So many toys, so many orifices' she thought happily. Tomorrow would be quite a day.

Chapter 2 - The Un-conventional Convention.

The hall was crowded with creatures from every planet known to man and a few that hadn't been discovered yet. They milled about rubber necking at each other's costumes comparing and criticising every slight inaccuracy. Stalls selling every imaginable item connected to Sci-fi lined the walk-ways. Comics by the truck load, memorabilia, books and DVD's. Food and drink areas had been specially decorated. One even looked like the cantina from Star Wars including the band. Mr White had said the young man she'd be contacting was a proper geek and had insisted that if he was to meet her it would have to be at the Comic-con. Angela wandered through the throng expecting any moment to feel a tap on her shoulder. She also felt horribly conspicuous as almost every male eye and a few female ones too swivelled to give her appreciative glances as she passed. The geek, Herbert Henshaw III, had insisted she dress as a Super heroine for their meeting as he thought they'd merge in with the crowd. He hadn't reckoned on the effect the sight of Angela in a skimpy costume would have on the libidos of the assembled Sci-fi nerds. Although many of the women had dressed in fantasy costumes few if any of them quite filled the bodice as Angela did. Ally this to her superbly fit body, mile long legs and peach like posterior and you had a fair reflection of a nerd's wet dream. Mr White had made her try on and model for him six different costumes each more skimpy than the last. The final one, Angela thought, had been positively pornographic and she was determined that she would never ever wear it in public. Eventually they'd settled on the Wonder Woman costume. She still thought the briefs were to high cut exposing a generous amount of her butt and the bodice too cleavage revealing but Mr White had said it would blend in with all the others and might disconcert Herbert. He'd nearly been right as it seemed many of the women had dressed as super heroines, many of them Wonder Woman but Angela was the only blond one. She was getting tired of walking round the convention being ogled and deflecting nerds trying to pick her up when she was approached by a tall skinny guy dressed as Doctor Who. He wore a tweed jacket, bow tie and a Fez. She eyed him as he gazed at her then breathed a sigh of relief when he quietly uttered the pass phrase they'd agreed. They repaired to one of the canteens to talk. Angela felt stupid sitting there nibbling on a sandwich or sipping her drink while dressed in the revealing Wonder Woman costume but Mr White had been right as it seemed to be distracting Herbert a lot as he found it almost impossible to keep his eyes off her softly undulating breasts. She surreptitiously squeezed her upper arms together forcing her breasts together giving herself a monumental mesmerising cleavage which made Herbert's eyes only grow wider. Eventually Angela brought up the reason for their meeting. Mr White had briefed her on a Gun Running operation they wanted to break. It seemed the arms being smuggled into the country were ending up at a central clearing house who loaned or more accurately rented them out to anyone with the price. This meant that the same guns were being used in different crimes in different parts of the country. Herbert swallowed convulsively staring at her tits which rippled and shimmered each time she moved. He responded in a hoarse stammer 'D . do . Don't know' when Angela had asked him where the clearing house was. She grimaced at his answer then he said growing a little more confidant 'b . but I know someone who does and for a price I'll arrange an introduction.' 'And what's the price?' the blond agent asked with trepidation almost certain she wasn't going to like the answer. Herbert gazed at her then said nervously 'I've got a little scheme in mind and you're just what I need to make it work.' Angela stared back at him stonily but eventually had to ask 'What scheme?' Herbert told her. 'I can make a killing with you. I want you to enter the Adult Cosplay Costume competition tonight at the Hotel. It's a big event and there's a book being run on the winner. I'll bet on you. As you're new no one'll know you and I'll get good odds. It's just up to you to make sure you win.' The young agent thought about his proposal. How hard could it be? She'd wear her Wonder woman costume and strut her stuff a bit. But what if she didn't win? It wasn't a sure thing. Herbert took out his phone and flipped through photos showing her last years entrants to the contest. Angela goggled at the girl's attire or lack of it. Almost every costume was a travesty of the originals they were based on. Each girl seemed to be showing their tanned butts in thong bikini bottoms and displaying huge acres of fleshy bulging tits. Last year's winner had been a Batgirl who wore a costume that consisted of three very small strategically placed rubber bats. 'Up to you to win no matter what you have to do if you want my help' said Herbert unsympathetically. Angela sighed. She'd hadn't got any choice.

Later that night at the hotel Angela left her room wearing a long coat. She took the lift down to the side room being used for the contest. Herbert had entered her name so she only needed to turn up at her allotted time. She watched the early contestants walk out on to the small stage. The audience was almost totally male and almost totally drunk as they whistled and whooped as each girl revealed her costume. Every super heroine seemed to be represented although Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Batgirl were the most popular. Then the crowd went quiet as a new girl emerged. Her face was painted green and as she reached the centre of the stage and whipped off her coat she revealed that the rest of her was as well. She had come as She-Hulk and she was made for the roll. She was tall with jet black hair and it was obvious she was a body builder. Her muscles when she flexed them stood out under the harsh lights especially her biceps and thighs. The crowd went bonkers. Her costume was in fetching purple and consisted of the obligatory thong and a skimpy bra holding her medium sized breasts. So this is the opposition thought Angela. Her turn was approaching so she slipped around the side of the stage and readied herself. She wasn't happy parading in front of a baying mob of drunken guys even if they were comic-con nerds but needs must so she steeled herself and walked confidently out into the blinding lights. The crowd quietened as she stared out at them then she threw off her coat and posed. The stunned silence lasted perhaps five seconds then the mob erupted in the loudest whoops and cheers. Angela had realised that the Wonder Woman costume wasn't going to cut the mustard so back in her room she'd stripped it off and sighing taken out the one that she'd sworn she would never wear. The cheering mob clapped and chanted as Angela strode across the stage first to the left then the right giving every one of the testosterone and alcohol fuelled guys an eyeful of her costume and even more of her body. The blood red Vampirella costume she'd chosen was like all the others a modified version of the original. The actual costume was pretty small to start with but her version had removed almost every stitch of material not actually needed to make it legal. She turned and the nearest guys groaned and nearly came in their pants as she presented her perfect and now virtually naked ass to them. When she turned back she had to be careful as too quick a movement would have her tits escaping the sliver of material now covering, in the loosest possible sense of the word, each of them. The thin straps running down from her shoulders over the centre of her breasts were a couple of inches wide at their widest but as her areolas were four inches across they stuck out plainly visible to the crowd. Her blood red thong was so small she'd had to shave all the hair from her mons because it would have sprouted round the edges. The crowd were still cheering as she left the stage thinking that should secure the first prize and Herbert's information. Backstage Phil the organiser had seen the reaction to the near naked blond and realised he had a problem. The fix was in and he'd agreed, when his palm was crossed with silver, that She-Hulk was to win the competition. If he announced that the drunken mob would likely rip the venue apart and he couldn't afford for that to happen. He thought quickly and decided drastic action was required. After the last girl had paraded her costume he walked out on to the stage and called for quiet. 'Guys' he shouted 'the totally impartial judges have decided we have a draw. Please welcome back on stage She-Hulk and Vampirella.' The crowd cheered with some booing as they thought Angela had clearly won. Phil ignored them as he shouted 'Let's hear it for Vampirella.' So saying he jerked Angela's arm skywards. The crowd erupted shouting and whooping mostly because her beautiful left tit had finally made a bid for freedom and escaped from the suit and wobbled wonderfully for all to see. Displaying herself nearly naked before the mob of leering men had been a little exciting for Angela and made her areolas darken and her nipples harden. As Phil released her arm Angela quickly stuffed her tit back under the red strap. Then Phil moved to She-Hulk who'd been watching the crowd's reaction to the blond's inadvertent fleshy display. In her desperation she threw caution to the wind and whipped off her bra revealing her full bosom. Phil raised her arm and the crowd cheered. There was no way that the big green woman had outdone the red suited blond so Phil felt he couldn't just award her the contest so as he announced 'We're still tied guys, any suggestions?' he nodded to his mate in the crowd to set in motion the second part of his plan. At the nod from Phil the anonymous man started to quietly chant 'Fight, fight, fight'. Those inebriated guys nearest to him started to join in until it seemed the entire crowd was chanting 'Fight, fight, fight.' Phil smirked and held up his hand for quiet. 'The crowd have spoken ladies. There will be a no holds barred wrestling match with first to pin their opponent's shoulders for three seconds declared the winner. Guys clear a space.' With the help of his mate they cleared an area roughly twenty feet across and then he ushered both girls together. Right ladies you've heard the rules. Just remember no scratching or biting or eye gouging. Other than that it's down to you.' 'Don't you love it when a plan comes together' he thought. He was going to come out of this even better than he'd thought. There was no way She-Hulk could loose and he'd got two fantastic looking women wrestling for the entertainment of the crowd. This event would go down in Comic-Con history. Phil pretending to be a referee called the girls together and yelled for them to begin. Angela quickly backed away to give herself time to assess her foe. She was feeling fairly confident considering all of her training in the martial arts as well as street fighting but the woman who faced her was formidable. She was at least four inches taller than Angela and outweighed her by a good thirty pounds. Add to that the muscle development which at this moment she was showing off to the crowd by flexing her arms and shoulders and it added up to a dangerous opponent. Pity that there were so many people around. It meant she couldn't use her 'special' talent. Swiftly Angela bent down giving the crowd behind her a fantastic view of her naked butt and removed her footwear. The four inch high-heels might make her legs look great on the stage but they were impossible to wrestle in. Having prepared herself she stood and waited for the big green mountain of a woman who seemed more intent on displaying her muscles and bare breasts to the baying crowd than paying any attention to the comparatively diminutive blond. As She-Hulk flexed her green muscles Angela launched herself into a flying drop kick and slammed both feet into the Hulk's back sending her lurching into the front row of leering men. The big green woman roared with indignation and surprise more than pain as she lay amongst six guys spread on the floor. Willing hands grabbed her and pulled her upright, a couple coping a feel at the same time and propelled her back into the makeshift ring. The crowd cheered and whooped as the two women circled each other like tigers. Angela could see that She-Hulk was strong and well-muscled but she appeared slow and it was unlikely she'd had anything like the training the blond agent had been given. All she had to do was move quickly and dodge those great grasping talons that were coming for her. Her plan seemed to be working. She-hulk only had the one idea which was to get close grab her and use her superior strength. Angela ducked and dived and dodged while flicking out punches and kicks that seemed to annoy the green hued woman more than hurt her. Angela couldn't keep it up she was going to need a knockout somehow before the green meanie managed to get a hand on her. She decided to go for broke as She-Hulk blundered forward once more. Ducking under a great swinging paw she shaped a high kick to the side of her opponents head. It didn't matter what she slipped on, sweat, spilled beer, the result was the same she stumbled off balance. She-Hulk roared in triumph and threw her great bulk down on the struggling blond. Angela felt sick and the breath rushed from her lungs as a massive green elbow slammed into her stomach. Her sight went fuzzy as a swinging muscular forearm cuffed her across the forehead and she collapsed to the floor. She-Hulk could easily have just pinned the dazed blond to the floor there and then but she hadn't forgotten the flying drop kick. Flipping Angela over on to her front green fingers gripped the straps of Angela's costume and ripping them apart. Then she used them to tie the blond's wrists together behind her back. Snarling She-Hulk placed her head next to Angela's and said 'So Blondie you thought you and your flabby udders could take the money from She-Hulk did you, well I think you need a lesson in humility with a side order of humiliation as well.' The green hued giantess swivelled round until she sat on Angela's shoulders crushing the young blond's now naked tits into the hard floor. Then she raised her hand and brought it down with a resounding thwap on the blonds plump unprotected butt cheek. Angela cried out and wriggled but the weight of the woman was too much. Automatically the blond's legs bent trying to cover her butt. She-Hulk swatted them aside but desperately Angela swung them back. Exasperated the green skinned muscle-woman pointed to two guys in the front and indicated the blond's legs. Both got the unspoken message and stepping forward they gripped Angela's ankles and held them down. She-Hulk began wailing away again on the blond's exposed and now defenceless ass. The two guys holding Angela's ankles smirked at each other and by some unspoken command slowly spread the blonds legs apart. She-Hulk's green dyed hand smashed down relentlessly on Angela's smarting backside. 'Ooh's and Aar's came from the crowd as each slap smacked into the uselessly thrashing blond's ass which having started of a soft tan quickly moved through pink and red and on to a hot cherry. The men at her ankles had an amazing view now with Angela's legs split wide apart. The thin red thong crossed the dip between her butt cheeks leading to her anus and only just covered it. The tiny triangle meant to cover her vagina however had been pulled upwards when She-Hulk had torn the straps apart and was now buried between her pussy lips giving her a massive wedgie and leaving her labia plainly visible. No amount of desperate wriggling could dislodge the green giant so Angela was at the mercy of the venomous muscle-woman. The blond's ass rippled as each large mitt thwapped into her plump butt. Tears were running down Angela's cheeks from the merciless assault. Over thirty spanks from the jolly green giant pounded into her ass until it glowed scarlet and hot. She-Hulk dealt out the hiding of a lifetime to the pinioned struggling blond until her hand hurt too much to continue. She considered letting one of the guys from the crowd continue the thrashing but at last she relented and leapt up raising her arms to the crowd taking the plaudits while the defeated blond sobbed at the screaming pain throbbed in her ass. She-Hulk grabbed Angela by the hair and hauled her up to her feet. 'It's not over yet blondie' snarled the green giant and with a sharp tug she ripped Angela's thong right off leaving her hairless pussy exposed to the leering drunken mob. She-Hulk dragged the blond around the ring displaying her naked body to the ogling crowd. She seized one of Angela's swinging tits in her muscular hand and sank her fingers deep into the soft flesh. Angela cried out as the pain erupted in her tit. 'Nice rack blondie' teased the green giant who squeezed harder. Then she released the agents abused tit and drawing back her hand slapped the giant mammary gland. 'God I hate you pretty blond bimbo's with your fucking big tits' she snarled. Angela shouted as the woman tortured her tit slapping it repeatedly. The terrible pain seared through her chest. The green hued abuser jammed her hand between the blond's legs cupping her pussy. Angela felt two broad fingers drive deep inside her. Suddenly She-Hulk lifted Angela's ravished body up by her pussy. She let out an agonised scream as most of her weight was taken by her cunt. The crowd whooped until She-Hulk let the defeated blond down then with a shove the green muscle-woman pushed her into the front row of the crowd. With her hands tied behind her Angela was powerless to prevent the hands of every nearby male from grasping at her flesh. At least a dozen hands assaulted her grabbing her breasts and butt. One dived between her legs and a finger speared into her pussy while an anonymous drunkard grabbed her head and planted his wet mouth on hers. Her amazing tits, areolas and nipples drew the hands like magnets and time and again fingers gripped her tits peaks and stretched them outwards making the blond cry out. Her pussy was invaded time and again as fingers in ones and twos were stuffed inside her writhing body. The blond agent squealed as an anonymous finger plunged into her ass. Gradually she was passed round the front row until everybody who could reach, both men and women had fondled her naked flesh. Her breasts were red where myriad fingers had grasped her tits and pinch her nipples. She felt she couldn't go on when she heard a familiar voice. Herbert was holding her from behind his hands covering her abused mounds both protecting her soft flesh from more abuse and coping a feel at the same time. Suddenly he whispered urgently in her ear 'I'll release you if you'll spend the night with me.' Angela's mind was in a whirl but she couldn't take any more of the groping and pawing and at this point she'd have agreed to almost anything. 'Yes, God yes, please let me go' she begged. Herbert pushed her roughly away from him back into the centre of the ring. She-Hulk smiled as the defenceless abused blond stood shaking and seemingly submissive before her. 'OK blondie here it comes' she snarled confidently. The green giant bent down to grab Angela so as to lift her high before smashing her to the floor in a classic and devastating body slam. Had Angela's hands still been secured the position would have been safe but they weren't and it wasn't. The blond agents hands came free of the red straps that Herbert had surreptitiously released and clasping them together with more anger than she could ever remember feeling she brought them down to smash into the back of She-Hulks unprotected head. At the same time she raised her knee so the two blows struck home simultaneously. With a gasp She-Hulk collapsed to the floor unconscious. Unsteadily Angela rolled the big green body over and slumped down to pin her shoulders to the floor. The crowd chanted the count then burst into wild whoops and cheers. Phil had no option other than to disconsolately hold Angela's hand up declaring her the winner. The now loosened straps fell away from the blond's body leaving her totally naked and exposed in the middle of the baying mob. Luckily Herbert had the presence of mind to quickly wrap her coat around her and lead her away before things got even more out of hand.

It was eight hours later and Angela lay on her back in Herbert's room. The bastard was a fucking machine or vice versa. He'd taken her back to his room and let her rest and take a shower but eventually he'd shyly reminded her of her promise. The tall gangling youth was either some sort of athlete or he was making up for lost time. He'd started off caressing her tenderly which she appreciated running his hands over her large soft breasts then spent the best part of twenty minutes with his head between her legs bringing her to two shattering climaxes. He'd taken her three times before they'd slept. During the night he'd awoken her three more times and again this morning he'd pinned her down and rogered her senseless. Then he'd joined her in the shower and as the water cascaded over them he'd kissed her lustily and fucked her standing upright against the wet tiles. While Angela sat in a towelling robe and ate breakfast Herbert made a phone call. She listened to his end of the conversation. 'Yes' said Herbert into the phone 'she's a cop, sort of and she's looking for Mustapha.' He listened some more then turning to look at Angela said 'yes, blond, very pretty' then after a second 'yes, very large and voluptuous.' Angela frowned. Herbert seemed to be describing her to whoever was on the other end of the line. Herbert continued 'Meet in the Black Room, OK. And the passwords? OK I'll send her along' and he replaced the receiver. The blond agent waited for Herbert to butter some toast then asked 'Well?' The man you're looking for is known as Mustapha. He's the one importing the guns and stuff but he's very illusive and moves around a lot. He doesn't have a fixed base. The person I was just talking to does however have knowledge of the distribution centre and they're prepared to tell you about it if you meet them.' 'When and where?' asked the agent. 'There's a party in a weeks' time, I'll give you the address, you are invited to meet in the Black room.' 'How will I recognise this person' she asked. 'He'll respond to the phrase 'Feel my breasts.' 'You're joking' the young woman looked surprised. 'No that's the phrase alright' replied Herbert smirking. 'And they'll reply 'Only if you feel my yoo hoo.' Angela pouted 'You're taking the mick aren't you?' Herbert laughed 'No honest those are the identification phrases.' She sighed 'OK then I'll go along and meet this person. I hope you're telling the truth, that's all.' Herbert smiled 'It's kosher don't worry' while thinking to himself 'but you'll get a bit of a surprise in the Black room.' Then he rose and walking round behind Angela slid his hands down the front of her robe and cupped her tits. 'How about one final down payment' he said bringing his lips down on hers as she responded to his touch.

Chapter 3 - The Black Room.

Angela drove up to the main entrance of what could only be called a castle. As soon as she stopped a flunkey opened her door and helped her out. He drove her car away to park it she turned to look up at the imposing entrance. Two black clad security men stood guard one holding a clip board. She gave her name and he checked his list then ushered her inside. Her coat was taken and she was shown into the main ballroom. The room was stunning. Three huge brightly glittering chandeliers hung from the ceiling over tables laden with food. She took a drink from a passing waiter and started to walk languidly around the room getting her bearings. Dozens of people milled around eating, drinking and chatting. A trio played a tasteful selection of soft sophisticated jazz. Angela was completely unaware of the cold black eyes that followed her round the room. Eventually satisfied she'd got the lay of the land she approached a waiter and enquired about the location of the Black Room. She thought she caught a quick flash of disapproval in his eyes before he turned and signalled to another servant. The second man came over and after the waiter whispered in his ear he smiled at Angela somewhat superciliously and said 'If madam would care to follow me please.'

Said Ben Khalifa smiled as the blond was led away. He'd long harboured a desire to make inroads into the illegal armaments trade in this country but up till now he'd been locked out of the lucrative market by his countryman Mustapha. He'd informed the Police of the location of the Arms Clearing House but they'd never been able to pin anything on the owners and hadn't found any leads to Mustapha either. The blond agent on the other hand might have more luck being able to go undercover. He'd decided to give her the information she wanted and once Mustapha was apprehended and out of the way he'd be able to move in to fill the inevitable void. In the meantime however the voluptuous young woman was too tasty a morsel to let pass by. Soon she would be waiting for him and a few of his selected friends in the confines of the Black Room. Soon she would be in his power and she would find him a very attentive host. Soon he would give her his very detailed attention.

A long corridor led into a small book lined room where the man left the blond agent asking that she wait. Angela whiled away the minutes studying the book titles but most of them were unknown to her. After ten minutes one of the doors in the room opened and two women entered. Both were of Asian origin possibly Indian or Sri Lankan Angela thought and of exquisite beauty. They were dressed in simple sarongs. They were twins. They were known as Nik and Nak but only they knew which was which. As it was a party Angela had taken care with her appearance washing her hair, carefully applying a minimum of make-up to compliment her natural beauty and dressing in her sexiest and most revealing black bra and panties. Her stockings were sheer black holdups. The dress she'd chosen was a not one she would normally have worn but as this was a special mission she'd taken the plunge. It was pastel blue, tight at the waist and flared over her hips with a peephole panel in the bodice that revealed more than a tantalising glimpse of cleavage. The elfin twins bowed then one of them spoke in a lilting stilted English 'Lady dress part to enter room please?' Her voice rose in inflection as if it was a question but in fact she was just being polite. Angela hadn't been expecting this but she indicated her agreement and they stepped forward and unzipped the back of her dress. She felt a tingle in her stomach as the two women slid her dress down her body. She stepped out of it to stand in her best underwear. Slowly and sensuously the two women stripped Angela naked. Each item was removed gently and with the maximum of caressing. As her bra was drawn off eager finger tips stroked her globe like breasts. Both twins smiled at her as her mammary's were revealed and the tingle in her belly became a smouldering fire. Shyly Angela covered her chest with her arms. 'Lady not need be coy' said Nak. 'Lady very lucky. Lady have big titties. Boys like very much yes?' Angela could only nod as Nak gently drew her arms aside. 'Lady be proud. Titties very beautiful' said Nak as she gently ran her finger tips over the blond's left breast. Unsure how to react the agent allowed the small Asian woman to caress her breast feeling the erotic sensations building within her chest. Nik laid her hand on Angela's other tit and stroked it as well. Angela's eyes closed in an erotic haze as the women fondled her boobs. Nik's thumb brushed over the blond's nipple causing her to tremble and the nipple to grow. Nak pulled and twisted the nipple on the breast she was groping. Suddenly Angela snapped out of her reverie and gently but firmly pushed away the molesting hands. The two women smiled and bowed then stroked down Angela's legs drawing her stockings down leaving her in just her tiny panties. Surely they wouldn't. They did. Angela trembled as the lacy panties were slipped over her wide hips. One twin managed to fondle most of the blonds butt cheeks in the process while the other stood at her front as her hairless vagina was revealed. Angela let out a small gasp as she felt a small finger drawn up the length of her pussy lips. 'Lady ready for costume now. Yes please?' Again the querying inflection as one of the twins held out a heap of flimsy gossamer like material. Angela realised she was to be dressed as a harem girl. The twins held the almost transparent pants for Angela to step into then drew them up her long legs and secured them at the waist. The top was tiny and slipped over her head. It was a tight fit and it took all four inquisitive hands to coax her huge breasts into it. Angela stared horrified at herself in a long mirror. The gauzy material was practically see-through so not only were her big brown areolas and erect nipples plain for all to see but her pussy could easily be discerned as well. Presumably her butt was also on show. 'Lady very beautiful, lady very popular' said the twins in a there sing song voices. 'You enter now please?' The fire in her belly grew as Angela stood before the door to the Black Room. What was on the other side? Who was she to meet? Who was her contact? What adventure lay in front of her. Taking a deep breath, which seemed to inflate her tits alarmingly, she entered.

The room was dimly lit and the atmosphere a little smoky although she wasn't sure it was tobacco that was providing the smoke. At least half of the floor was covered with pillows and cushions and on them in various states of dress and un-dress were a dozen or so people. At first glance she thought there were more women than men. They all seemed to be engaged in some form of sexual congress although just petting and caressing at the moment. As Angela stood nervously in the middle of the room the occupants gradually broke off from their activities and turned to stare at her as they realised a new girl was amongst them. She could almost feel there hot eyes boring into her near naked form making her feel more like fresh meat than the new girl. At the far end of the room stood a magnificent golden throne and on it sat the imperious figure of Said Ben Khalifa. A naked woman fed him a grape then he turned to inspect Angela. Slowly he smiled and rose. The blond agent felt herself begin to tremble. She felt like a tethered goat as like a panther stalking its prey he approached her. From close to she could see he was as magnificent as his throne. He was tall and bronzed, bare chested with jet black hair and wide sensual lips. His black eyes bore into her making her feel even more like an actual harem girl. His harem girl to do with as he wished no matter what she wanted. Slowly he circled her once. She felt like his gaze might set her flimsy costume on fire with its intensity. 'Welcome my dear' he said in a cool deep voice close to her ear. 'I am very happy that you are here to sample the pleasures and diversions of the Black Room. I believe that if you surrender yourself, your every need, your every craving will be satisfied to their utmost and maybe beyond. You may experience appetites you didn't even know you had.' It was at this point that new attendees sometimes broke and fled but Khalifa knew what the blond agent was here for so he asked her with confidence 'Now is the time to make that commitment. You can leave and no one will stop you or you can resign yourself to your fate ...' He hesitated for a second then added ' . Slave.' Angela thought her legs were going to buckle as Khalifa spoke. She swallowed a lump in her throat and bowing her head whispered back words she never thought she would say 'I am yours ... Master.' Khalifa smiled. Seldom did the Black room entertain such a tasty morsel as this. Her beauty was unsurpassed and she had the body of a goddess in gossamer. She jumped as he touched her bare arm. Standing in front of the blond he caressed her soft skin slowly moving his large hands upwards to massage her shoulders and neck. Then cupping her face he brought his lips down onto hers and kissed her sensually. Angela almost swooned as there soft lips touched. His technique was superb as slowly there ardour grew. She felt she was losing herself as their kiss grew more ardent. His tongue quested forward seeking entrance and Angela opened her mouth and allowed his tongue to thrust forward finding her own. His arms encircled her body pulling her into his strong embrace crushing her breasts against his broad chest. She could feel the evidence of his arousal pressing against her hip. He broke the kiss suddenly and seizing the lace like material of her bodice ripped it asunder baring her upper body. Shocked Angela stood aroused and shaking as her breasts were revealed for all the people lounging around the room to see. 'Touch my breasts' she murmured quietly. Khalifa dived down and roughly sucked the peak of her left tit into his mouth. The blond agent groaned out loud as he slurped and lapped at her rubbery teat. The tall Arab released the blond agent then with insistent pressure urged her to kneel. 'Pay homage to your Master' he commanded. He like Angela wore loose fitting trousers. Her hands trembling as she dragged them down his legs. As they passed his hips his already semi-hard cock sprang out to point directly at her. Her breath caught in her throat as she saw his member. It was huge fully eight inches and not yet fully distended. He was broad of girth as well with prominent veins. Her cool hand encircled his cock and guided the large purple head between her soft lips. It was his turn to groan as he felt the inside of her hot wet mouth and the rasp of her tongue over his sensitive gland. Angela felt her mouth spread apart by the sheer size of him and as she sucked on his shaft he grew even more to his full majestic length. Amazed he watched as more and more of his cock disappeared into the young girl's mouth until his helmet slipped into her throat. No woman had ever managed to take his entire length before and he luxuriated in the feel as he jerked his hips fucking her face. Angela suddenly realised that she was sucking this huge cock and a dozen people were watching her intently. She could see their leering faces out of the corner of her eye and she felt her cheeks grow hot with shame. Suddenly he slid his saliva covered cock out of her sucking slurping mouth leaving her staring up at him with her lips still spread in a wide 'O'. The niceties would come later now he just needed to have this big titted blond. His strong hand seized her arm and hoisted her upright. He almost dragged her over to a vacant area and threw her down onto the soft cushions. Kneeling he frantically dragged her harem pants down and non to gently spread her legs wide apart. Her cunt was exposed and glistened wetly in the dim light. His cock plunged into her juicy pussy forcing a wanton grunt from both of them. Then as he thundered his massive shaft in and out of her body she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his hips pressing her ankles against his butt urging and helping him to fuck the living daylights out of her. All his technique and subtlety went out of the window as the two rutted like wild animals grunting and gasping as his cock plundered her cunt. It took almost no time as both felt there climax building within their groins. He felt her start to go as her legs gripped him like a vice forcing his cock all the way inside her. The blond young woman threw back her head and gritted her teeth as a hot orgasmic tremor exploded in her groin and spread out over her shaking and jerking body. Her hot juicy emission over his cock pushed Khalifa over the edge and his hips seized as each volcanic eruption of semen was ejected from his cock emptying his balls into the hot blonds sopping cunt. Khalifa collapsed over the spent blond both of them gulping for air. Slowly there breathing slowed and he rolled off her naked body. Immediately two naked women took his arms and led him back to his throne and began feeding him titbits once more. Angela lay in a post orgasmic haze. Her body felt like it had been through a violent workout in the gym. A cool cloth touched her face. The two Asian women who had dressed her, and undressed her, had followed her into the Black Room and now lay either side of her naked body. Softly they each used a cool cloth to wipe away the sweat from her brow and shoulders. It was at this point that Angela remembered her mission. She'd allowed the erotic anticipation of the situation to drive it from her mind but now she must force herself to concentrate on the task in hand. It then occurred to her that at no point had Herbert said if the contact was a man or woman. 'Oh well best get started' she thought 'touch my breasts' she whispered to the nearest twin. At her words the Asian woman's eyes lit up. Angela thought 'that was easy' fully expecting to hear the answering phrase. Instead the woman cupped one of Angela's great fleshy orbs and lowering her head began to softly tease the skin around her huge areolas. Seeing her twin caressing the blond young woman the other fastened her lips on Angela's vacant tit. Not sure what to do now the blond agent lay back as the twins softly fondled her mounds. As the erotic sensations flooded through her mammary's once more Angela gazed down through heavy lidded eyes at the identical exquisite almond eyed soft brown faces of the women caressing her heavy pliant tits. She moaned softly as in unison the women seized her nipples between their sharp teeth and bit down gently teasing and torturing at the same time. Angela's body went rigid as electric pleasure shot through her breasts. Each woman seemed to act as one and it suddenly entered Angela's fevered mind that this probably wasn't the first time they'd double teamed another woman. Angela felt her lips captured by one of the women and they kissed passionately. While her twin slipped downwards and dived purposefully between the blonds spread thighs and attacked her puffy pussy. Surging upward the blond agent felt her world turn into pure liquid delight as her pussy received the full attention of the woman's educated mouth. With her mouth occupied by busy lips and tongue Angela could only let out a muffled groan as the slavering tongue below slashed across her clit setting it on fire. A long slender finger then a second pushed inside her adding another level of exquisite stimulation burgeoning in her loins. Slowly the Asian woman's fingers pushed in and out of the writhing blond. Slyly she added a third then a fourth finger. Nak, for it was her who was kissing Angela so enthusiastically, felt the blond's body stiffening as Nik's fingers invaded her pussy. Nak broke the kiss leaving Angela with eyes closed immersed in the sensations in her pussy and moved to join her twin sister. Smiling at each other she inserted one of her fingers. The blond groaned then again as another joined it. Angela now had six fingers sliding inside her. Seven and eight joined in until the blond's juices were dripping from her stretched cunt. The room had come to a silent halt to watch as the twins performed there party piece on the huge titted enslaved blond. At some unseen signal both twins tucked their thumbs inwards and together they surged forwards sliding both of these tiny hands inside Angela's vagina. The blond's body went rigid. Nik and Nak double fisted the writhing girl holding her legs wide apart while her hug tits sloshed across her chest. Nak pinched Angela's clit as both women pushed their fists as far inside the blond as they could and together slowly twisted their wrists. Angela opened her mouth and screamed silently. Her climaxed broke over her like a tidal wave of joy causing her body to jerk and shudder as each crest burst within her. Nik and Nak slowly drew back there sopping hands then pushed back in. Angela groaned once more and orgasmed again. The hands twisted pulled back and surged forwards once more. A third orgasm exploded inside Angela's tortured cunt and blackness engulfed her. Slowly the Asian women withdrew their hands. Even unconscious the blond's body still trembled as they slid from her pussy. Angela lay back exhausted her chest heaving with exertion until her eyes slowly opened. It took nearly twenty minutes before she felt able to resume her search for her contact. Slowly she rose from her cushions and looked round. Having watched her performance with Khalifa and then the twins most had returned to their own diversions. All except one man who sat alone smoking a strange pipe. She still had a job to do so she stood unsteadily and approached him. He smiled and invited her to sit by him. He didn't speak he just slipped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her to him. Angela uttered the phrase. Simply smiling he lowering his head and kissed her. Angela submitted to him until he broke the kiss when he proffered the pipe to her. She didn't smoke but allowed him to slip the stem between her lips. She inhaled gently getting used to the smoke. The more she sucked the more mellow and fluffy she began to feel. Not surprising considering what was in the pipe. She groaned as he took the pipe from her lips as still without a word he pulled her across his supine body to sit straddling his lap. She giggled and without prompting seized his erect cock and aimed it at her hot pussy. All thoughts of decorum or restraint had disappeared from her as the blond agent threw back her head and sank down impaling herself on his shaft. He smiled as the blond began moving her hips up and down. The sex had gripped her and coupled with the drug she was lost in the sensations filling her body. He pulled her down bringing their lips together as her hips still undulated on his hard erection. So lost was she that she hardly felt the second man. A questing finger slipped into her ass gently massaging her sphincter. The man fucking her pussy held on to her tighter as she wriggled at the unexpected intrusion into her back passage. Slowly she relented as the pleasurable feeling of the finger increased. She made no objection when a second finger joined the first. Slowly both digits pushed inside her ass slowly loosening her virgin ring. Extra sensation filled her loins as the fingers twisted and pumped inside her butt hole. The fingers withdrew and a hard cock surged forward replacing them inside her taking her asses virginity. The ravished blond agent jerked as both men began pistoning their cocks into her. Angela began shoving her hips backwards to meet the cocks slamming into her turbulent insides. Sweat beaded on her brow as her breasts swung back and forth. The men doubled their efforts until all three of their thrashing bodies moved in unison. Almost together they seized and Angela felt, for the very first time, hot semen ejected into her ass. Wet warmth filled her pussy as the man below her jerked his hips ejaculating inside the blond's pussy. With a pitiful moan Angela felt yet another orgasm ripped from her over stimulated pussy. Each new climax seemed harder and even more fulfilling than the last. Both cocks slipped from her abused orifices leaving her ass gaping and her pussy red and puffy and dripping spent semen. That made five of the people in the room that had sampled the new girl. 'Oh God. Only seven more to go' she thought desperately. The next hour passed in a fog of sweating flesh and thrusting hips. Her body was turned and bent into multiple positions as they took her in ones, twos and at one point completing the classic full house of all three orifices filled with rampant cock. Her mouth tasted of a mixture of semen and pussy juice as one cock spat come over her tongue and withdrew only to be replaced by a woman's pussy sitting on her face. Her cunt felt sore but not as sore as her tits. She still had the presence of mind to utter the pass phrase to everyone who moved in to take the place of one leaving so her tits came in for almost constant attention. They might have anyway as her big fleshy orbs drew hands and mouths in any case as the sex hungry mob loved their sheer size and pliancy as well as the huge areolas and massively hard and erect nipples. Finally it was over. Angela lay spent and covered with sweat and bodily fluids. Her muscles ached from the almost constant pounding her body had received from the dozen people who had used her. Inside she felt even dirtier than she was outside. She'd given herself to these anonymous fiends and allowed then to use and sexually abuse her and worst of all no one had responded to her pass phrase. Herbert had sold her body to Khalifa and his friends. She wanted to throw-up. Slowly rising she picked her way between the cushions and the bodies passed out lying on them and found a bathroom. She washed out her mouth at the sink then noticed the shower. Thankfully she stepped in and turned it on. The warm water cascaded over her head and down her aching body cleansing away the filth from her skin and a few of the memories of the disgusting things she'd done and had done to her. Silently the shower door opened. Angela felt the presence of another body and whirled round. She found herself staring at the face of Khalifa. As he was the main instigator of her debasement she barked 'Get out you bastard' at him. He smiled and replied 'Not until you feel my Yoo Hoo.' She stood open mouthed and stunned. He was her contact yet he hadn't responded to her identification phrase. He'd taken her to satisfy his own appetites then handed her over to his cronies to use and abuse. 'Why didn't you answer me before?' she queried half angry and half exasperated. 'Come, come my dear. Look at yourself; you're a gift from the Gods. You see there comes a time when our jaded tastes can only be satisfied by defiling and despoiling the new and innocent and you were just too great a prize to resist. Besides you can't deny that you seemed to be showing a certain enthusiasm for proceedings towards the end there. Everyone commented on it.' Angela bowed her head shamefaced. He wasn't wrong she'd acted like a depraved whore accepting every cock and cunt that had been thrust at her whether it had been her mouth, pussy or even her ass. Eventually she looked up and asked 'What's the info you've got for me.' 'Not just yet . slave.' So shocked was Angela that she hardly resisted as he gripped both her wrists in one of his large hands and hoisted them above her head pushing her back against the tiled shower wall. 'Spread your legs' he ordered and to her abject shame she complied. Bending his legs Khalifa aimed his already hard cock and thrust upwards spearing his member into the blond's soft womanhood. Angela writhed and struggled but only half-heartedly as he took her again. Slowly this time making the love making last using long slow strokes to fill the young woman's pussy. His free hand wandered over her wet skin as he pumped his cock into her. He gripped her giant boob and squeezed cruelly. She moaned as familiar sensations began to fill her mind and abused loins. He felt her body stiffening and covered her mouth with his. As they kissed she shuddered and he felt the warm flood of her juices flow over his shaft. With a couple of hard thrusts he came himself adding his fluids to hers. They caressed and cuddled under the warm water soaping and washing each other until they were clean once more then Khalifa stepped out of the shower. Finally he said 'The info you wanted.' 'Yes?' she said in anticipation. He uttered one single word and left her standing confused.

Chapter 5 - Jago.

He sat in his usual seat gazing casually around the club. It didn't seem to matter what he looked at, the dark flock wallpaper, the sparkling glasses behind the bar, the numerous tables and booths or at the small stage with its shiny silver pole used for adult entertainments for discerning gentlemen he inevitably returned to the stunning blond. At the moment she was collecting empty glasses from the seating area. As he watched her she bent to wipe clean a table top. Suddenly she shot up and he was sure she was about to explode but caught herself and turned the expletive into a good natured giggle as a patron ran his hand up the back of her leg stroking the back of her nylon covered thigh. Having collected a tray full of glasses she was now at her most vulnerable and he watched as she wiggled her way between the tables heading back to the bar. Twice more hands reached out to stroke or pinch her spectacular ass as she passed. Reaching the safety of the bar the blond placed the glasses into the washer/dryer that all drinking establishments had to use by law after the Government decided that the old method of washing glasses and drying them on a single dishcloth was too democratic as it allowed all people from kings to peasants to have an equal opportunity of catching the same infection. Jago was Polish and short for his real name which had fourteen characters none of them a vowel. This made it unpronounceable to anyone not a native. After he'd finished his National Service his naturally athletic body and size had led him to take up boxing. He'd fought under the name 'The Bull' as this suited his style of all out aggression with little or no subtlety. He enjoyed moderate success which left him with a flattened off centre nose, a few quid in the bank and a number of criminal underworld connections. He took to crime like a duck to water and quickly moved up the rankings of protection rackets and prostitution until he'd reached the level that allowed him to be a criminal without ever having to do anything illegal himself other than live off the earnings. The club was his base from which he now provided all the logistics for other criminals to commit their crimes. Things such as guns, get away vehicles, security and the fencing of stolen goods. For these services he took a percentage of the ill-gotten gains and if you failed to pay he'd take a similar percentage of you. The Matlock brothers had found this out the hard way. They wouldn't be playing snooker anytime soon as they no longer had a single thumb between them. The blond was back collecting glasses and he was staring at her slim figure in her crisp white blouse and black pencil skirt that hugged her backside and thighs. When she'd first started work the blouse and skirt had fitted her fine but he'd straight away ordered them swapped overnight and when she'd come in on the second day the new skirt was a size smaller and four inches shorter. This meant it now seemed to be painted on to her plump butt cheeks and thighs leaving little of her figure to the imagination. The white blouse was likewise a size smaller so it hugged her upper body emphasising her flat stomach and large chest. The top button had also been removed leaving a generous amount of cleavage always on display. Many a patron had stared into her deep canyon between two soft pink quivering mountains of breast flesh as she'd bent forward to retrieve a glass. Of course this was tantamount to smearing a Christian with cat food before throwing them to the lions and so now she was plagued by even more wandering hands but it had seemed to bring even more punters into the club. She dealt with them for the most part like a mother would treat a naughty child but he had seen her once resort to a more drastic response. He hadn't seen exactly what she'd done to Carter the bouncer when he'd laid his hands on her but ever since then he'd treated her with a lot more respect and called her Miss Angela when he greeted her and always held doors open for her while ensuring he kept his distance. Slater, his lieutenant, sat down beside him. Seeing the direction of his gaze he laughed. 'Still lusting after the new barmaid Jago' he joked. 'What I'd give to slip that a length' the big Pole replied gruffly. His second in command smirked and asked 'Have you tried it on with her?' 'Yer, me and a couple of the guys but we all got the same response. Sorry but I don't think my fiancée would approve.' mimicked Jago ruefully. 'Then why not slip her a micky and take her into the back room' he responded. 'Come on. You know It's no fun when they just lie there' bemoaned the big Pole. Slater turned to look at the blond. He and Jago had played a game when she'd started where they tried to describe her by referring to porn stars, The best they'd come up with so far was either Julia Ann from 'Elements of Desire' with her tits doubled in size or Sarah Young with her tits likewise pumped up or a composite of the face and hair of Nadia Hilton, the lips of Lisa Ann and the body, ass and legs of Ashley Lawrence. It was the breasts that caused the most arguments. They couldn't agree if they were real. They both admired the size but Jago thought no breasts could be that high and large without being silicone enhanced while Slater thought they moved like they were natural. Consequently Jago had gone for the tits of Sophia Rossi while he'd nominated Yulia Nova. They sat in reverie watching her silky movements between the tables trying to avoid the groping hands until Slater suddenly spoke. 'I've got a wager for you.' 'OK What?' Jago asked. 'I bet you a Monkey that I can arrange for you to fuck her live on stage and she would be conscious and willing.' Jago stared at him. 'You want to bet five hundred quid that she'll let me have her in spite of her having a fiancée. You're mad.' 'Then don't bet but you'll be sorry' chided the big man's lieutenant. Slater smirked at him knowing it was only a matter of time until he cracked and said 'Done. Five hundred if I have her on stage and she's willing.' 'OK. Give me a couple of days to set it up. How about if we say the night of the meeting with Mustapha. I hear he's into that sort of thing, Loves to see white women at it especially blonds.' 'Yer. Alright. Friday it is. It can be the entertainment we promised him' said Jago barely able to contain his excitement at the prospect of porking the blond bombshell.

It had been a week earlier that Angela had been called into the office of Mr White. When she entered he introduced her to a uniformed copper who was seated by his desk. 'This is Chief Inspector Alan Myers of the Anti-Terrorist branch of the Metropolitan Police. The Met and the Agency are working together on an assignment.' Intrigued Angela turned to the inspector and shook his hand before raising an eyebrow in query. 'Yes' he began a little uncertainly as he was still stunned by the vision of loveliness he was speaking to. White had failed to warn him just how good she looked. 'Erm ... We have intelligence that suggests a man known as Mustapha will be meeting with a London underworld figure soon. The meeting is to finalise plans to smuggle arms into Britain. This criminal believes the armaments will ultimately end up in the hands of the Moss-side gangs in Manchester.' 'So why are the Anti-Terror boys involved' asked Angela. 'Because' replied Myers 'Mustapha is in fact Ibrahim Zafar a top operative of Al-Qaeda and the guns are meant for Islamic terrorists.' 'Oh I see' she said. She realised why Mustapha was doing this. It was a strange phenomenon that the average London criminal would nick anything not nailed down while at the same time being intensely patriotic and would smash anyone who said anything detrimental of the Queen or country. 'OK' said Angela 'what's my role?' 'We have the opportunity to insert you near to the criminal. One of the barmaids in his club has been making a little on the side by dealing drugs. We plan to arrest her and send you along in her place.' 'What I'm just going to turn up at his club and say I hear your barmaid's in the clink how's about a job.' 'No' replied Myers. 'What we'd like to do is put you in a cell and when we arrest Maisy, that's her name, we put her in with you. You then get talking and tell her you're desperate for cash as you've slugged the son of a magistrate who got fresh and you're going to get a big fine. If you're clever you can turn the conversation round to her job that she's no longer able to do and hopefully get her to vouch for you. That way you can get the job and give your new boss some confidence in you at the same time.' 'Who's the mark?' asked Angela 'He's known as Jago' replied Myers. 'Well bugger me' exclaimed Angela hearing the name for a second time. The first time it had been uttered by Khalifa. 'And now you know why we're working with the Met Agent Summers' said White.

It was the following Friday late in the evening and Angela was serving drinks when Slater took her to one side. 'We've got a big important customer coming into town and we're gonna need someone to replace Maisy now she's got herself thrown in the clink. It'll be a late night job and its cash in hand. You interested?' he'd asked. 'Sure Mr Slater' she'd replied eagerly while thinking maybe this was the meeting she'd been on the lookout for. 'Just a warning. It'll be a Gentlemen's evening with ... err ... special entertainment. You OK with that? You'll be given a new uniform ... err ... costume' 'Err ... OK. No problem Mr Slater' she replied although she wasn't too sure what he meant but not able to turn down the opportunity. 'One other thing' Jago's second in command said 'I'll need your mobile phone.' Angela looked quizzically at him until he said 'The customer don't want no one knowin' he's here so hand it over.' She had no alternative so she fished her phone out of her handbag and gave it to him. At closing time the club was cleared until only six men remained all of them part of Jago's gang. Then from out of the office came Jago himself accompanied by another man. The new man was short and dumpy in stature with a distinct Middle Eastern look. He had a full head of jet black hair and an evil mastermind goatee beard. He wore a well cut suit and tie. He might have been a Muslim but while in England he seemed to be doing as the English would do. He had no problem with alcohol as he ordered a double whiskey and water. Angela looked at the 'Important Customer' trying to fix his face in her memory for later description to the Police. Also as she hadn't seen him enter the club she was at a loss to explain where he'd appeared from. They finished clearing up the detritus of the evening session then the two barmaids took Angela into the changing rooms behind the stage. They were both tall good looking girls as Jago liked that sort. Brenda was a brunette and Dolly had short soft brown hair. 'Here's your costume' Brenda said handing Angela what looked at first glance like a few strands of material and nylon. When she sorted it out she found she had a pair of black fish net stockings, a black garter belt and a bikini of a silvery material. There was also a pair of shiny black high-heeled shoes. The other two quickly changed into identical costumes then turned to watch Angela who had stood staring at the flimsy costume for a minute before she'd began to change. Both women studied the blond appreciatively as she stripped out of the barmaids black skirt and blouse until she stood only in her white bra and panties and the black tights she had been wearing. She peeled the tights down her mile long legs then reached behind her to unclip the bra. Her breasts wobbled and sloshed around on her chest as she moved and both of the barmaids looked on envious of the blond's endowments. Angela bent forwards making her breasts swing out as she slid her panties over her plump butt and down her legs before straightening up and giving both girls a view of her hairless pubis. They exchanged appreciative glances. Angela slid the first fish net stocking up her leg until the top sat snuggly around her thigh then pulled on the second one. The garter belt went round her slim waist and she attached the hanging strings to the stocking tops. The bikini bottoms were a tight fit and at least covered her hairless pussy but left more than half of her plump butt on display. But they were cavernous compared to the bra. No matter how hard she tried Angela could do little more than cover her areolas and nipples leaving the rest of her creamy white breast flesh bulging out of each side. Brenda approached her and handed her a playing card. 'Here stick this down the front of your pants' and before Angela could ask why it was time for the show to start. On the stage the two experienced women took up a pose at the back and Angela copied them with her weight on one leg and the other pushed forwards and bent at the knee and her hands on her hips. Slater stood at the front and taking the microphone announced 'Gentlemen please welcome 'Marvo the Magician.' As the eight men in the seats in front of the stage applauded a large man wearing a long black cloak and a top hat bounded out of the wings and bowed to them. 'Thank You, thank you, thank you. Gentlemen' he acknowledged the audience 'I am Marvo and tonight for your delectation I will be performing feats of magic to dazzle and amaze you.' And then he did or at least he tried. Really he was a crap magician. He performed a couple of simple card tricks to desultory applauds then realising he was losing his audience he played his first trump card and called to the first of the women. Brenda strode forwards to stand at his side. 'And this is ... ' he waited as Brenda whispered her name ... 'the lovely Brenda. But don't you think she is a little over dressed?' he asked and without waiting for an answer from the audience threw down a smoke pellet on to the stage. The pellet exploded sending up a plume of purple smoke. While the smoke distracted the watchers he grabbed the back of Brenda's especially constructed bra and whipped it off leaving her topless as the smoke cleared. Brenda had obviously been expecting this as she didn't turn a hair but remained posing for the audience who erupted into wild clapping at the sight of the barmaids exposed titties. At the back Angela's heart sank. She was no fortune teller but it was pretty easy to see where this was going. How did she get herself into these situations? Her problem was that she had to wait no matter what happened. Slater had taken her phone thinking this stopped her communicating with the outside but in fact he'd sealed his own fate. The arrangement with the Met Fast Response Squad was that they would raid the club at a pre-determined time if Angela 'did not' contact them so Slater had inadvertently sown the seeds of his, Jago's and Mustapha's downfall. The only problem was that Angela had to wait for the raid no matter what situation she found herself in and it looked like she was shortly going to be in a very exposed situation. The topless barmaid returned to her place allowing Angela to see her wobbling breasts as she walked back while Marvo carried on with his act. This time he messed up the Cup and Bottle trick sending props all over the stage then the rabbit he pulled from a hat crapped all over his hand. Sighing he called to Dolly and whipped off her bikini top. The men clapped loudly again as her tits were bigger than Brenda's and they flopped into view in a cloud of orange smoke this time. He tried a trick with lit cigarettes but you could see his heart wasn't in it as he hopped around the stage swearing and wringing his burnt hand. Finally the moment that she'd been fearing arrived as Marvo called her forward. Angela slowly advanced to stand beside the conjuror staring out from the stage like a rabbit caught in the headlights. Any moment now the pellet would hit the stage, the smoke would billow and her magnificent mammary's would be there for all the world to see yet again. You'd think she would be used to it by now but she wasn't. She hated being exposed, on display and subject to the leering gaze of drooling men. Out in the small audience the watching men also perked up as the spectacular blond stepped to the front of the stage. Marvo stared at the blond running his eyes up and down her body. She was as good as he'd ever seen and he was staggered that someone who looked like her would be working a dive like this. Still he had his orders from Slater so he introduced his next trick. 'Gentlemen, for this trick I am going to place my lovely assistant into a trance' and he began to swing a small coin on a chain before her eyes. 'Just watch the coin my dear. You can feel yourself getting sleepy. Your eyes are getting heavy.' Angela watched the coin but she knew that it was impossible for anyone to hypnotise her. She would have to pretend to be under the influence of the dreadful magician. Angela's eyes seemed to glaze over as she pretended to be hypnotised. Marvo was amazed. It had never worked before as he was as good a hypnotist as he was a magician and he had always had to whisper to the girl to pretend to be under his power. He put the coin back into his pocket and waving his hand in front of her eyes demonstrated to the audience that he had successfully placed the blond into a trance. Then he took out a pack of cards and fanned them out. He offered them to Mustapha who took a card and showed it to the rest of the watchers. It was the five of diamonds. Marvo would have been amazed if it had been anything else as every card in the pack had been the five of diamonds. Mustapha replaced the card and with a flourish Marvo surreptitiously palmed the pack and fanned out a second one. This one had all the cards in a normal pack with the exception of the Five of Diamonds. 'Thank you Gentlemen but were has the card gone. Well I have magically secreted it about the person of my lovely assistant. Sir' he indicated to Mustapha 'if you would care to search her and try to find the card.' Mustapha was a bit unsure what to do. The blond stood frozen staring from the stage. She was wearing nearly nothing and there weren't that many hiding places. Marvo urged him on so the dark skinned Arab stepped up to Angela and tentatively lifted her hair to see if the card was hidden there. It wasn't and the blond still stood as if made of stone. He placed his hands on her shoulders. He could have sworn he felt her shudder as he touched her soft skin. He slid his hand under the strap of her bra then slowly lowered his hand down her chest heading to one of the few places a card could be hidden. His fingers stopped as they touched the very top of Angela's right boob. Inside the blond agent cringed as the creeping fingers of this malignant Middle Eastern terrorist slithered over her soft pliant flesh. She had no choice but to stand as if frozen and allow him to enjoy the fruits of her body. The smell of the whiskey on his breath wafted over her as he stood close to her side which allowed the rest of the leering men a good view of his dark hands stroking her flawless white skin. Mustapha's hand delved under the blond's bra and settled over as much of her breast as his hand could cover. He gently squeezed fondling the soft undulating flesh while Angela stood as still as a statue. Time seemed to stand still as he molested her huge sensitive tit. Slowly his other hand slithered down until it gripped her other mound then in concert he played with her breasts to his heart's content. The lights shone down on the portly Arab and the statuesque blond. He gripped her nipples between his fingers and thumbs and twirled them round and round. Angela had to bite her tongue to stop a groan escaping from her throat as the Arab molested her breasts becoming rougher as he became aroused. He played with her magnificent bouncing soft spheres for a minute then slid his left hand down her back and insinuated it into the back of her panties. He jiggled her butt cheeks then dipped a finger in between them and rubbed it over her butt hole. Angela was screaming inside. She was going to kick this bastard into next week just see if she didn't. Smirking the dangerous terrorist turned to the watching man as if to say 'look what I'm doing to this blond bimbo' then his other hand moved. Down it went. Down her flat ridged stomach. Down to the top of her bikini bottoms. The men in the audience held their breath. Mustapha held his breath. Angela held her breath. His hand dived down into her panties to cover her pubic mound. Angela couldn't make a sound, couldn't move as she was supposed to be hypnotised as the Arabs stubby fingers touched her womanhood. A finger rubbed over her pussy lips running from the bottom to the top. Her lips spread, her labia plumped up and her clit hardened as a fingertip dipped inside her warm pussy. Her chest and cheeks reddened as the Arab rubbed her erogenous zones. Suddenly his finger speared into her pussy as far as it could go and began to wriggle around inside her. A second joined it and he began to finger fuck her. The terrorist kept it up for a couple of minutes until Angela could feel an orgasm building inside her. Could someone who was hypnotised have an orgasm? She tried to concentrate to resist the inevitable but her body was betraying her as the Arab molested her. His thumb brushed over her clit until a soft warm orgasm rolled over her. Mustapha had to hold her steady to stop her staggering forwards. He withdrew his fingers from the moist depths of her pussy. Mustapha flourished the card he'd found in her panties. Surprise, surprise it was the Five of Diamonds. Marvo took his bows as the men all applauded. Angela just stood there swaying slightly as the glow in her genitals slowly faded. Suddenly there was an explosion and a billowing of smoke and Marvo whipped off the blonds bra. Yet again there she stood topless with her well fingered; erect nippled tits and massive dark brown areolas exposed for all to see. There was an audible gasp as her magnificent assets were revealed and a dozen pairs of eyes bored into the soft pliable flesh of her undulating globes. After a few seconds Marvo clicked his fingers before her face as if snapping her out of the hypnotic trance. 'Now Gentlemen for my last trick I will perform the classic 'Sawing the Lady in Half'. Girls will you prepare the lovely Angela. This was the part of the show Jago had been waiting for and he surreptitiously moved to one side of the stage. Slater had spent some time setting up this part of the show and briefing all the participants. All those except Angela of course who was going to be the victim of his Machiavellian deception. Brenda and Dolly led the slightly stupefied Angela to a specially built long flat table in the centre of the stage. It had various Velcro fixings to hold her legs in place which the two girls ceremoniously closed around the blond's ankles and above her knees. Laying Angela back down flat they placed a wooden board across her middle again holding her down. Lastly they drew a large black curtain across from the back of the stage and across Angela's middle so now she was unable to see half of the stage or any part of her lower body. On the table the blond was beginning to panic. How much more was she going to have to endure before the Police launched their raid? Powerless she could only lay back and take whatever further indignity they planned to heap on her. Looking up Angela could see a mirror. It had been placed in just such a way that she could see her own pinioned legs in it on the other side of the curtains. Then Marvo went into his act eventually producing a large blood stained saw which he waved around dramatically informing the audience not to worry as 'this trick worked every time. Well almost every time. Ha, ha.' Then he announced that this trick worked better if the victim, sorry lovely Angela, was well relaxed. Hell the blond seemed to be falling for it so why not take advantage of her seeming docile complicity. Mr Mustapha would you do the honours?' Again the terrorist gun runner stepped forward to stand looming over Angela's compliant form. Then Brenda squirted a stream of oil all over her breasts until they were covered. Mustapha eagerly seized each shimmering breast and began a slow sensual massage of Angela's pliant bosom. Marvo allowed the Arab to manipulate the blond's heaving mounds for a minute then taking the blood stained metal saw he pretended to cut her in half. As the saw completed its work the magician let out a loud distracting shout. The only reason for this was to allow one subtle change to take place unnoticed. Above the curtain the mirror tilted to the side so it now showed a false set of legs. 'And now Gentlemen' he announced hopping round the curtain 'to prove that the lady is in fact twice the girl she used to be ... ' he grabbed the bottom of the table and pulled. Angela stared up at the mirror and watched her own legs being pulled away from her body. It was a little difficult to concentrate and work out how this trick was being done because Mustapha was still working on her oil covered tits and he'd discovered how much she liked having her areolas and nipples played with noticing how she reacted each time he twisted or pinched or pulled them. Angela wasn't to know that the legs now being wheeled to the front of the stage were a fake pair made up to look just like hers so they had the same shoes, black stockings, garter belt and panties. Dolly took over from Marvo who continued his spiel. He announced that Dolly would prove that the legs were those of the lovely young Angela. The barmaid turned magicians assistant pulled the ties at the sides of the panties and with a flourish whipped them off. Behind the curtain Jago had sneaked forward to Angela's real legs and being careful to time his movements with those of Dolly stripped the blond agent's real panties off exposing her real cunt to his hot gaze. His wish was about to come true and losing the bet to Slater would be a small price to pay for getting to use the big titted blond. Angela goggled at the fake legs with their now exposed genitals. She had felt her panties being removed. If she'd been thinking straight she may have worked it out but Mustapha was doing a good job of distracting her. Dolly, and Jago, slowly spread their victims respective legs apart by spreading the specially split table then Dolly bent forward and buries her face into the dummy's plastic pussy. Angela groaned as Jago followed suit covering her whole cunt with his voracious mouth. The Polish bruiser showed as much subtlety in his foreplay as he did in the ring. Like a bull in a china shop he speared his tongue deep into the blond's womanhood and sucked her puffy labia lips into his hot wet mouth. Angela jumped as Jago assaulted her. She could see Dolly sucking on the plastic pussy and she could feel every move she made. Jago licked her pussy from bottom to top rasping his large tongue over her quickly erecting clitoris. Angela writhed on the table as the two men worked on her body, Mustapha on her oily tits and Jago on her juicy vagina. Dolly pulled away from the dummy pussy then made a big show of strapping on a massive black cock. She spat on her hand and turning to look the blond in the eyes speared it forward into the dummy. Angela cried out as in unison Jago slammed his cock into the blond agents soft wet pussy tunnel. Dolly thrust her plastic back and forth into the unfeeling dummy while Jago did the same with his thick brutal cock in the aroused sensitive cunt of the gullible, receptive and responsive blond agent. The men doubled their efforts as they worked on the young agent. Jago slammed his cock mercilessly into the wriggling blond while Mustapha manipulated and mauled huge fistfuls of her tender breast flesh. Angela felt the pressure in her loins begin to build. Jago pistoned into her soft moist depths slamming their hips together. Dolly was forgotten now and she just stopped and watched the two men raping the blond bimbo. Suddenly a noise came from the front of the club as the Met Squad smashed through the front doors. Mustapha dragged back the curtain and exclaimed to Jago that something was going on. At this point it would have taken a nuclear explosion to stop Jago who was now on the vinegar strokes and near to exploding. Angela looked up to see the criminal boss between her legs. For her it was too late as well and with a couple more powerful thrusts Jago grunted like a hippo with toothache and ejaculated into the blond and she cried out as the hot scalding semen pushed her over the precipice and her loins erupted in a boiling hot muscle locking orgasm. Mustapha grabbed Jago and the two of them plus Slater raced for the main office. On the table Angela lay trembling as the effects of the body wracking orgasm wore off. Suddenly she realised that the criminals were escaping. She sat up and threw away the wooden board then pulled off the Velcro straps from her legs. She set off after the men. As she entered the back stage area she just caught sight of Jago's office door closing. Quickly and not thinking of her own safety she raced forwards and shaking the handle found the door locked. Standing back she took a deep breath and expelled her best explosive breath. 'Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Huuuuuuu'. The door exploded off its hinges and she rushed inside. The office was empty. Bewildered she stood there peering around. Like millions if other offices there was a desk and chairs and filling cabinets and a book case but no other doors. Frustrated beyond belief she took another deep breath and let fly at the desk. 'Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Huuuuuuu'. It exploded into matchwood. Nothing. The filling cabinet was made of metal so it didn't exploded but the power of her voice send it tumbling across the room. The bookcase shattered and revealed a hidden opening. She dived through into total darkness. Using her echo location skill she quickly moved forwards avoiding the many obstacles in her path. She managed to move so swiftly that within a minute she'd caught up to the three fleeing men. 'Stop Jago' she shouted. Suddenly a light flared on and she found herself facing all three men each holding a pistol pointing directly at her. All four stood in a frozen tableau as seconds ticked by. Angela's brain worked overtime she couldn't take all three with one blast they were to widely dispersed and as she dealt with one one of the others was sure to gun her down. She only had one last desperate play. She drew a deep breath as Jago raised his gun to point directly at her heart and let rip with her latest weapon. The scream was appalling. It contained every scary and terror inducing sound man had encountered since the dawn of time. Every scrape of claw on rock, every slither of long sinuous reptiles through undergrowth, every chitter of a million crawling insect legs and snapping of mandibles. Inside their brains the deafening sound reverberated inducing the primal terror, dread and panic man had felt since he began to walk upright and became the prey of others. All three criminals threw down there guns and dropped to the floor curling up twitching and squirming in the foetal position covering their ears trying to block out the awful horror that permeated their minds. Angela stopped screaming. Quickly she collected the guns then just because she could she kicked Mustapha and Jago in the balls. Just once and just very very hard. There came a commotion and six burly black clad bullet proof armour wearing coppers appeared stomping along the corridor. They cuffed the three groaning men and dragged them away. Chief Inspector Alan Myers turned to Angela and said 'Well miss that appears to be that. We've got Mustapha and Jago; we've got the armaments as well. You probably didn't notice but the entire tunnel is lined with boxes containing rifles, grenades and explosives and it probably connects to the Warehouse across the road which is how they got the stuff in and out.' 'It also explains how Mustapha got into the club without coming through the front door' thought Angela. 'There is just one thing more you might like to do miss' said the Policeman. 'What's that' asked Angela. 'You might want to put some clothes on' he said gazing appreciatively and smiling broadly at her near naked body with her slick oil covered breasts and fully exposed hairless pussy all offset by the sheer black stockings and high-heels. He held out his hi-vis yellow jacket which she took with as much dignity as her position allowed. She huffed and turned to haughtily walk back to the club to find her clothes. Myers watched her receding figure. The jacket only covered her top half. 'Hmmmm' he thought 'nice ass.'

The End