The Supersonic Kidnapping Caper

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Chapter One - Origin.

Angela Summers died the first time on the cold, hard marble floor of the bank in a spreading pool of her own blood. The junky had died in a fusillade of bullets fired by the bank security guards and his last living action had been a twitch of his right index finger. It was just bad luck that his finger had been resting on the trigger of the pawn shop bought Saturday Night Special pressed against the throat of the young woman he'd taken hostage when he'd burst into the bank demanding 'give me all the money Motherfuckers.'

The blonde teenagers luck though was not all bad. One of the people queuing was an on duty paramedic. He had nipped into the bank leaving his partner in the Ambulance parked outside. He got to the blonde as soon as the booming and ricocheting of shots had abated. Her wound was terrible. The single bullet had cut her carotid artery then ploughed a wide furrow across her larynx ripping out her vocal chords.

Her shivering jerking body fell still as her heart stopped but it was restarted by the portable defibrillator rushed in from the Ambulance. She died a second time as they rushed her to the nearest Hospital. Again they dragged her back from death. From then it was touch and go but to the amazement of the Medics she fought like a tiger and somehow held on to life.

The following year was a kaleidoscope of Doctors, Nurses, Hospitals, Clinics, medicines, operations and skin grafts as the medical profession put all their knowledge and skill into re-building the young woman's ruined throat.

She endured all there ministrations as they repaired her arteries and larynx. Vocal chords, on the other hand, were a different matter.

For the two years following the shooting Angela Summers uttered not a single sound.

That is not to say she retreated into herself as some people might have done in the circumstances. She quickly learnt sign language so she could communicate. She wasn't deaf so she could still hear but her hands became her 'voice'. In addition she took up Martial Arts. All of them. Then once she was happy she'd gone as far as she could she sought out one extra 'specialist'. The top Cage Fighting coach in the country and as his pupil she learnt what to do when your opponent wasn't polite enough the stand still and let you perform an elegant Hari-Gari or a flying Itchy-Fanny and insisted on scratching and biting while you wrestled for your life in the mud and the blood and the shit. The next junky that tried to take this girl hostage had better be wearing a suit of armour.

Time passed.

It was almost two years to the day that the man approached her as she ate lunch in a quiet cafe.

'May I join you' he'd asked in a quiet non-descript voice.

She studied him for a few seconds then seeing no sign of a pick-up she indicated the chair opposite. If he did annoy her she could always rip his head off.

He sat after scanning the seat as if he was checking for any dirty marks. She thought it likely he'd have produced a perfectly white handkerchief and wiped the chair had he found any. Then he gazed at her.

Her blonde hair was shorter these days hardly covering her ears. Much easier to manage when you were fighting or training and a lot quicker to dry after a shower. Her face was very pretty in a Nordic sort of way. Piercing but wary blue eyes watched him closely. She had a small narrow nose with high cheek bones. The only non-scandinavian trait was her mouth which was wide with soft full lips.

Her eyes narrowed as his gaze fell to her throat but she didn't need to worry the surgeons had done a superb job and if you didn't know what to look for you'd be hard pressed to spot any sign of the injury.

He deliberately held his gaze from dropping any lower. He already knew from his investigations of the young woman who was now in her twentieth year that she had a superb strong and fast athletic body sculpted to many peoples idea of a Roman goddess had it not been for one feature. That feature was her bosom and it was the bane of her life. It was far out of proportion to the rest of her and had caused her no end of problems when she started on her new life. She measured at least a 46DD and she'd had the devil's own job finding a sports bra that could hold her assets in check as she fought and ran and exercised.

As his gaze met hers she used gestures to indicate that she could not speak but he quickly held up his hand and said 'Do not worry Miss Summers. I am aware of your lack of vocal capacity.'

Once more her eyes narrowed at his use of her name and she slowly placed her knife and fork down on her half-finished meal and pushed it aside. She sat back in her chair and stared at him waiting.

'Miss Summers' he began 'I am here to offer you a new start.'

She waited patiently for him to elaborate.

'I represent an organisation that, let us say, fights wrong doers. I refer not just to ordinary criminals but corrupt politicians, foreign spies, anybody we consider needs stopping even in some cases were no actual laws have been broken or the perpetrator has protection by political means or otherwise. You have been studied for many months so I know your entire history including your unfortunate accident and more importantly your recovery from it. The people who make these decisions are very impressed with how you dealt with your situation and wish to make you an offer.'

Still she made no move.

He carried on. 'I represent an agency called believe it or not 'The Agency'. This name is deliberately vague so as not to give any clue as to who we represent, be it a Government or commercial organisation or which country if any we work for. We have offices here but also in many other countries.'

The he finally reached the part she knew would come. 'The deal we are offering is this, if you agree to work for us, after training of course, we will 'Enhance' you'.

Angela stared at him pondering the meaning of the word then signed 'Enhanced?'

He must have understood because he took a deep breath and began once more. 'Our organisation maintains the utmost secrecy when doing our job. To this end we give our operatives an edge over the opposition in many different ways. Some of them are physical such as bionic limbs, arms that are vastly stronger than normal or legs that can propel a man at over sixty miles an hour. Obviously we do not chop off limbs to make these replacements we deliberately select candidates who have been unfortunate enough to have lost, or lost the use of them already. Other changes can be more subtle. Take myself for instance. I have followed you for over two months now and I am certain that you have never suspected a thing even though you have seen me on many occasions.

He noticed her quizzical look. 'I have the power of ... well ... ordinariness. I am average, non-descript, unnoticeable, unremarkable. I can stand in plain sight and blend into the background. Do me a favour. Close your eyes and try to describe me as if to a policeman.'

Angela did as he asked and amazed she realised just what he meant. There was not one single thing that you could say about the man that could separate him from thousands of others. Not one single feature could be said to be anything other than average. H was neither tall nor short, thin or fat. His hair was mid brown, his eyes grey/blue, his nose neither big nor small, thick or narrow. It was just a nose. There was only one single word that occurred to her that could be used to describe him and that word was fastidious. Hardly a description that could be used as an identifier. 'Arrest the fastidious one.'

She opened her eyes and was almost surprised to see him sitting there as if he had already started to fade from her memory.

'They call me 'The Tail'. My power is to follow anybody, anywhere. I once followed a Mafia boss into a hotel and up to the thirty second floor where he was to meet his fellow Mafiosi. He got into the elevator and I followed him in. At the top we both got out together. He swore blind he'd been alone. He claimed he'd been alone even after they showed him the CCTV pictures of the two of us getting into the elevator and getting out again. He claimed they'd fixed the pictures. They still shot him in the face. We don't always have to do our own dirty work.'

There was no doubt he'd got her interest now. She signed 'What would be my Enhancement, my powers?'

He smiled. 'We would give you back your voice. Not just your voice but your voice enhanced to such an extent that not only could you talk normally again but you could disguise your voice, you could see in the dark in the same manner as say a bat does with echo location. Further your lungs would be servo assisted so that in conjunction with the Kevlar larynx we had inserted in your throat, yes we have been planning that long, would allow your voice to be used as a weapon.'

Angela sat stunned. He waited patiently for her to mull over his proposal. Eventually she signed. 'I agree.'

The man rose and said 'you will be contacted. Good day.'

Angela signed quickly 'But what if I'd said no. Surely your secret would be out?'

He smiled. 'That has already been taken care of. Earlier, before I allowed you to see me, I infused your coffee with a drug that will remove the last thirty minutes of your memories whether you agreed or not. But now we know what your answer will be preparations can begin.'

The blond watched him walk away. The farther he got the more indistinct he became as if he was walking into a fog. She stared down at her coffee. By the time she looked back up he was gone from her mind. She pulled her plate back and began to quietly eat her lunch.

Chapter Two - Briefing and de-briefing.

Three months later Angela sat in the Agency canteen. Her 'Enhancement' had been completed and her training was going well. The device they had surgically implanted in her throat effectively replaced her ruined vocal chords and with some tuning they had been able to recreate her own voice. Intonation, accent, tone and volume were up to her. The Kevlar they had used to replace her larynx meant that the extra power supplied by a servo allowed her to expel a lung full of air at hundreds of miles an hour. In conjunction she could knock a man cold at 20 feet or smash down a normal wooden door. She'd also learnt to emit high frequency sounds which allowed her to walk round a room avoiding large objects in the dark.

To say that she had been noticed by her fellow male operatives would have been an understatement. Her trim athletic body, now longer blond hair allied to her prominent bosom attracted appreciative stares from them all. Two in particular stared intently across the room. Trainee medic Damien and his friend Leo. They chatted quietly together when Damien said 'I've seen her file and it makes interesting reading. She's as tough as they come apparently but not the sharpest tool in the box. The Psych test also shows she's very deferential to authority figures.' Both men thought on this.

Back across the room a man approached Angela and gave her a message. She nodded her thanks and quickly finished her snack.

The room she had been directed to was the office of Mr White. She was pretty sure this was a false name and just another part of the Agency's policy of secrecy. She knocked and entered and soon sat before the man who was to be her controller. He had a second man with him who sat off to one side and who he pointedly didn't introduce.

When she'd sat down Mr White began. 'Agent Summers, reports show your training's been going well so we've decided it's time for you to take on your first assignment. How do you feel about that?'

A lump seemed to form in Angela's stomach but she swallowed and replied 'O.K I guess Sir.'

'Good. I'll first outline the case history and then your immediate mission. It's a kidnapping case. Recently there have been two separate incidents where young children were taken in broad daylight. In both cases they were returned unharmed but obviously upset when a small ransom was paid. Both families paid up before informing the police because the amount was so small. We haven't been able to uncover any connection between the families, you can study the file yourself before you start. The low ransom however does lead us to one supposition. What do you think that might be Agent Summers?'

Angela's brow furrowed as she thought. 'Err ... sorry Sir. Can't think of any reason.'

'We think these two kidnappings have just been practice runs to test out the gang's modus operandi.'

'Err ... Modus what Sir?' said Angela quizzically.

'Modus Operandi. It means there method of operation. They were testing out the initial kidnap then probably storing the child, the method of payment and dumping the sprog once they were paid. Now if we can get on. We have had a break though. One of our informants has indicated that he may know who the next target will be. Your first task should be a simple one. You are to meet with this man and get the information. You'll be given money for the purpose. The meeting info is in the file.'

'Yes Sir, Thank you Sir' she responded.

White added one further instruction 'Understand Agent Summers that we don't take kindly to failure. You get the information and I don't want to hear any excuses. If you have a problem sort it out. OK?'

'Understood Sir' sounding more confident than she felt.

'Good. Now it has as you know become the custom to give our Agents code names. You'll want to know yours.'

'Yes Sir.'

'Agent Summers you will be known as Supersonic.'

'Do I get a spandex costume Sir?' Angela asked smiling.

'Get out Summers' White snapped.

'Yes Sir.'

The next day Angela stood outside the address she had been given. The shop window was mostly bare. Just a single tailors dummy stood in the middle but what a dummy. It was the most voluptuous mannequin she'd ever seen with a long slender throat, wide shoulders with high prominent breasts. A narrow waspish waist wide hips and mile long legs. She might have been staring into a mirror. But it was the clothes she was wearing or not wearing more like that grabbed her attention. The dummy had on just a black and red trimmed Basque, the tiniest of black panties, a suspender belt and sheer black stockings. Looking up she noted the shop sign 'Gossamer Garments.'

The door jingled as she pushed through into a brightly lit long narrow store. Near the door the clothes were the normal everyday kind of under garments worn by most women but Angela realised that the further she walked into the store the smaller and more exotic they became.

A sales assistant stood behind a counter to one side. As Angela move towards her a door at the rear of the shop opened and a man emerged. He kept his head low as he walked quickly towards the front door clutching a brown paper package. She watched his receding back thinking his manner was strangely furtive.

'I'd like to see Mr Morgan' she finally spoke to the assistant 'Mr Silas Morgan.'

The sales girl picked up a phone and pressing a button spoke quietly into it. After listening for a few seconds she replaced the receiver and nodded Angela towards the door at the rear.

The smell hit her as she opened the door. Rubber, Latex, plastic and leather. Entering she felt like she'd walked into another world. A lower level of hell to be more precise. The walls were covered with all manner of bondage and BDSM paraphernalia. Whips, cuffs, straps, crops, shackles, hoods, masks, gags. All black and shiny. The floor held machines, benches, swings and stocks. Now she knew why the man leaving had been so furtive. Display stands held row after row of sex toys from dildos and vibrators to lubricants and other thing she couldn't identify or even imagine a use for.

What would the proprietor of such a store look like? He looked just like the man who now approached her. Short and thin he wrung his hands as he bowed his head and introduced himself his words seeming to drip from his wet lips. 'Hello my dear' he spoke slowly while running lustful eyes up and down her body. Angela felt her skin crawl as his eyes widened as they came to rest on her heaving bosom. When preparing for the task she'd thought about what to wear and she'd settled on tight jeans and black boots with an even tighter white tee shirt. She really regretted this now as his eyes bored into her.

She shook the moist foppish hand he held out to her and introduced herself. 'Mr Morgan ...'

'Silas my dear, Silas' he prompted.

'Mr Morgan' she repeated emphatically 'I'm here from the Agency. I understand you may have some information we're interested in.'

Sighing Morgan slowly walked past her to one of the exhibits and began stroking its leather surface then he turned and began perusing her body once more as if imagining in his mind's eye her naked flesh restrained and struggling on the device.

'Mr Morgan do you have information to sell or not' Angela said trying to bring his dirty mind back to business.

The slimy shop owner sighed again and looked back up at her. 'Maybe my dear, maybe. That depends on so many things.'

'Look Mr Morgan I have cash with me. I'm authorised to offer you 500.'

'Not so fast my dear. Maybe we can come to an accord, maybe not. It just depends on how ... flexible ... you are prepared to be.'

Angela blanched at his words. This wasn't going how she'd hoped. In fact she didn't like the way it was going at all. He'd seemed to especially savour the word 'flexible' as he'd said it.

'I'm able to go to 1000' she said plaintively hoping to direct his desire away from her and onto money.

He smiled like a shark. A mealy mouthed shark with a meal at his mercy and a meal he intended to play with for a while. He moved to a second machine and began to run his long boned fingers over the attached cuffs fingering the leather and metal. 'That's not enough my dear. You'll have to offer me a lot more than that. A lot more of what I require.'

'Alright Mr Morgan I want to know what information you have to sell before I start offering any more money.'

'That is simple my dear. I can tell you who is to be the next kidnap victim. Now surely that is worth all you have to offer.'

'Alright Mr Morgan how much do you want?'

'5000 ... '

'5000' she gasped.

' ... and you' he added.

'What do you mean? 'And me' she recoiled.

'It's like this my dear' he smarmed licking his lips and wringing his hands in an obsequious way 'I need a model to show off some of my wares to their best advantage ... ' Then staring directly at her chest he continued ' ... and you seem to have the requisite requirements for the job. That is my price.'

'But I'm not a model Mr Morgan, I've never modelled anything' Angela pleaded.

'Hey. You put on the clothes, you walk up and down, and you take off the clothes. What's so difficult?' Then adding some steel into his weaning voice he ended the argument with 'That's the deal girly, take it or take a hike.'

Angela eyed the first costume Silas Morgan had laid out for her to wear. She'd seen larger napkins. She had already checked the tiny changing room for cameras and two way mirrors so sighing she stripped naked and pulled the tiny panties up her legs. They sat snuggly holding her groin in a firm embrace. The bra wasn't big enough so she had to do her best to stuff as much of her tit flesh into the cups making sure her areolas and nipples were covered. She forced her feet into the sky high heels Morgan had provided and tottered back out into the bondage room as she'd come to call it.

Silas Morgan was the only audience and his piggy eyes stared at her as she paraded up and down before him. She could feel his eyes boring into the half of her wobbling butt not covered by material as she paced away from him and again on her chest as she walked towards him. A good seventy percent of her boobs were outside the material laughingly called a bra and the tightness of the straps gave her a massive cleavage of heaving soft pink tit flesh.

He made her walk up and down six times because it amused him to see that as more and more of her boobs eased their way out of the overstuffed bra more and more of her large brown areolas were exposed.

Finally he indicated she could change into the next outfit. This time it consisted of the tiniest thong panties and another tiny bra. She felt sick and humiliated as she stepped out once more. Her softly tanned plump butt was naked and her nipples in spite of herself were becoming erect and poking through material. The bra was so small and narrow that no amount of tugging had allowed it to cover her whole areolas which stuck out on each side of what were laughably called the bra cups. Her legs were elongated by the high heels and she looked fabulous as she paraded before him. Finally he beckoned her over until she stood before him. He smirked and raised his hand. Quick as a flash she gripped his wrist. 'Touch me and I'll break it mister.'

'Tch, tch Agent Summers' Morgan said slowly smiling. 'You don't seem to have grasped the principle of these negotiations. You see if you want the information I've got then you do what I say when I say and how I say.' His stare was hard and unflinching. 'Now are we clear or would you like to leave?'

Slowly Angela released his wrist. 'Good' he smirked and stepped even closer until their chests nearly touched. Her nose wrinkled at the slightly rancid smell of him. She stared a little downwards at him as the heels made her at least four inches taller than the greasy shop owner.

She jumped as his hands came to rest on her butt cheeks. Her face hardened and her lips pursed as he gently stroked her flesh in small circles.

'Had a holiday yet?' he enquired as his hands fondled her naked ass.

'Very funny, pervert' she spat back at him.

He almost laughed. She trembled as his hands crawled up her back.

'You know you have the softest most wonderful feeling skin, you're beautiful and women would kill for your body. You should be very proud.' He seemed strangely bitter and resentful as he said it as if she'd been given so many gifts and he so few. He may have had an ugly stunted body but he had a shrewd conniving mind while she was as naïve as a schoolgirl. He fully intended to use that advantage to get what he wanted.

She ignored him settling for staring into space as if bored.

Eventually he stepped back. 'Next costume' she enquired.

'Not yet' he said and moved to pick up a large jug.

Angela could heard ice cubes clinking as he carried the jug back.

They stared at each other then he raised the jug and slowly poured the ice cold water over her chest.

'Stand still' he barked as she made to move to avoid the icy stream.

Slowly the water cascaded down her body soaking her tanned skin until the jug was empty. She shivered as the cold turned her nipples into bullets.

'Very nice' Silas smirked and stood back to peruse his handy work. The young agent's wet skin glistened under the harsh lights and emphasised her splendid muscle development. The costume was soaked through and had become translucent. Both areolas were now plain to see and he marvelled at the prominent nipples straining to burst through the bra. Further down the triangle that pretended to be her panties was equally saturated. He was sure there was a distinct line were the material was moulded to her pussy. 'Stay there I think I have a towel handy.'

She trembled with cold then jumped as his towel covered hands rested on her shoulders and began to slowly dry her skin. His hands flowed down her arms drying the drops of water from her then he said 'Raise your arms please.'

Slowly the blond agent raised her arms until they were level with her shoulders. Silas's hands used the towel on her flat stomach wiping off the moisture in small circles. Slowly he bent down using the towel to dry her thighs. His hands moved back up and for a few seconds hovered over the young woman's groin. She held her breath . then the hands moved on.

Silas Morgan's hands cupped Angela's breasts and began to dry her massive fleshy orbs. The blond writhed as he became rougher rubbing the towelling over her skin. He brushed down rolling both bra cups away freeing her boobs. The rough material scrapped her soft tit flesh as his fingers gripped her mammary's. Both her areolas puffed up and darkened under the harsh treatment. Silas pinched her nipples pulling them out then rolled them causing her to emit small mewing sounds as he forcibly stimulated her body.

He 'dried' her tits for ten minutes until both were red and hot with bullet hard nipples atop dark brown puffed out areolas. His hands were bad enough but Angela nearly lost it when she felt his wet lips touching the side of her neck. Gritting her teeth she forced herself to stand there as he sucked on her soft skin.

'Last costume' he said after releasing her throbbing boobs.

Breathing hard Angela stripped off the wet panties and bra. Cursing she looked at the last 'costume'. It appeared to be made of leather strips. She struggled into the top half straining to do up the eight clips that encircled her abdomen. The wet look leather panties tied at each side and she slid them up her long legs. She sighed and walked out once more grateful this was to be the last time.

Silas perused her as she walked before him. Then approached her once more. He could feel the angry tension within her and knew that one false move from him would probably result in a broken jaw. He reached forward slowly and gripping a small tab on the costume pulled. It was as if the costume was alive as the leather straps whipped free having been released. Four straps curled round each side of Angela's body trapping her arms at her sides.

The blond cried out and struggled to free herself from the straps encircling her when Silas pushed her backwards. Her legs hit a low leather topped bench and she fell back on to it. As quick as he could the slimy Shop owner threw Velcro straps across Angela's body fixing her to the bench. He dodged as she tried to kick him and eventually had her legs shackled to the sides of the bench effectively spreading her legs wide apart.

'Morgan. You fucking bastard. Let me go at once. Let me go or I'll kill you, you slimy git.' she shouted at her captor.

'Sorry girly. I thought you'd stand still for a little fondling but I seriously doubt you'll stand still for what I've got planned for you now. God you've gotta love those Japanese. What'll they come up with next?'

Angela stared at the man then said in an icy cold voice 'Right then. I said you'd be sorry. You've no idea what I can do. You've taken your last liberty Morgan.' With that she took a deep breath opened her mouth ready to strike ... and Silas jammed a large ball of red rubber between her teeth. It only took a moment to buckle it behind her blond head.

The big boobed young woman struggled and 'Mmmmmuph'ed' behind the gag but no matter how hard she pulled at her bindings she was unable to free herself. He meanwhile moved around her body tightening straps and adding others to totally immobilise her.

Silas started to remove his clothes. He was skinny with long shanks for legs, a sunken chest and stick thin arms. Angela 'Mmmmmuph'ed' some more but it did no good as Silas slid his dirty grey underpants down revealing his half hard cock. Naked he threw his leg across the captive agent, sat on her stomach then leaned forward and resting his forearms on her leather covered boobs he placed his chin on his forearms bringing his face close to her ball-gagged face.

'So Agent Summers I'm afraid the price has gone up. That's inflation for you' he shrugged. 'I thought I could get away with a quick fumble but I was sure there was no chance of a 'Donald' so I'm afraid I had to call on the straps. Now I fully expect that this will be an absolutely wonderful experience for me and I'm confident that I can make it quite interesting for you as well. I promise after I'm finished with you I'll release you and you can walk out of here. When I'm safe behind locked doors I'll give you the name of the next kidnap victim. Do we have a deal?'

Angela 'Mmmmmuph'ed even louder her eyes wild and staring in fear and shook her head violently from side to side.'

'I'll take that as a yes then. Now shall we begin?'

At his last words he hooked his fingers into leather bra and pulled down freeing her mammoth globular pink tipped spheres. Grasping each one he buried his head into her chest and rubbed her tits against his face. She erupted and strained but the leather held and her 'Mmmmmmph's' gradually abated as the man molested her tits.

His fingers sank slowly into her pillowy flesh as he raised his head then opening his mouth he sucked her left tit and began gnawing on it. The gag only muffled the curses and cries as he abused first one breast then the other. He massaged, moulded mashed, sucked and chewed on her tits for twenty minutes as the young girl squirmed and beseeched him to stop.

With a final hard slurping suck Silas sat up then began to slowly inch himself up her body. When he had found the ideal position he slapped her tits together and slid his cock between them. Her soft flesh felt marvellous as he fucked her tits. Harder and harder he pressed her flesh together as he thrust his cock into the tunnel between them. Angela thrashed her head from side to side as he fucked her boobs. Silas's eyes were closed as his member slid delightfully into the fleshy tunnel and he noticed that after her initial struggles the young woman had quietened and seemed to be experiencing some pleasure herself. He could feel her boobs had become a little firmer and her areolas and nipples were even more prominent. She was enjoying having her chest molested in spite of herself. He felt her tremble as he gripped her breasts even harder and pinched her nipples between his thumb and forefinger.

Finally the skinny rapist grunted and a thin trickle of putrid cum dripped from his cock onto the bound blonds reddened and abused breasts.

Angela lay there miserably hoping to God her ordeal was over. Silas climbed off the recumbent girl's body and moved out of her line of sight.

She waited praying that he would release her. Suddenly his hand gripped the ties at the sides of her leather panties and pulled them open then he ripped the panties off her exposing her blond furred pussy.

The odious little man stared at her beautiful pussy. He could see that even though it hadn't been touched yet her arousal was evident in her puffy lips and a small trickle of moisture. He knelt down and for the first time in her young life Angela Summers felt the touch of a man's lips and tongue on her cunt.

She writhed and moaned as he worked on her succulent flesh sucking her puffy lips, spearing his tongue inside her pink vagina and lapping at her clit like a thirsty dog. Then he settled in and began to subject her wide open vagina and hard erect clit to long salacious licks. Again and again he slavered at the entrance to her womanhood until he felt her hips begin to lift and her breathing grew ragged and rasped rapidly in and out of her nose.

He stopped his cunnilingus. Stunned and desperate for release she let out an agonised groan.

Suddenly the slimy shop owner threw himself onto the bound blond and slammed his cock into her receptive cunt and began thrusting his hips back and forward like a woodpecker on speed. The leather strapped blond writhed under the skinny rapist as he took her. His oral preparations had been superbly effective. Angela could think of nothing but the erotic feeling emanating from her ravished pussy even if it was this smelly odious man who was forcing them from her.

He used her trapped restrained body for fifteen minutes, fucking her cunt and slapping and slurping on her tits.

Soon Silas started to tighten as he fucked the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. Under him Angela began to tighten as well. Her mind might know he was an odious little shit but her body and especially her cunt didn't care. As far as they were concerned he was just a warm hard thrusting cock in her pussy that was rubbing her in all the right places.

Silas exploded inside her soft pink cunt and seconds later Angela Summers felt the familiar warm sensation spreading through her loins as she orgasmed for the first time with a man's cock inside her.

Silas slid his member out of Angela's cunt and rolled off her bound body. This had been his dream but now he had a problem. He never thought he'd get this far and he hadn't really thought his plan through. Once he'd reached the raping part what happened afterwards hadn't bothered him too much. It occurred to him now that he had a tiger by the tail. If he released her now she's like as not kick his testicules into his throat and then she'd kick him in the throat for good measure. He lit a skinny roll-up cigarette and stared at the restrained blond thinking hard.

It took the time to smoke the cigarette for him to come up with a plan. He grabbed a few items from the shelves and moved to Angela's side.

She stared at him and with various 'Mmmmmmph's' and shaking of her bound body tried to indicate that he'd had his fun and now he should release her. After he'd divulged the information she'd come for she fully intended to tie him to one of his own machines and insert the largest object she could find into him. If there was a garden gnome available she'd use that fishing rod and all but Silas was having none of it. He held in his hand a three foot long plastic tube. He showed it to her but she couldn't divine its purpose.

'Dead clever those Japs. My dear. I'm sure you'll like this one.'

Angela let out a single 'Mmmmph' which was as near as she could get to a very dirty word.

Silas gripped her left nipple and stretched her tit up as high as he could then whipped the base of her extended boob with the plastic rod. The rod with a seeming life of its own wrapped itself tightly round and round the blonds boob so that when he released her nipple her boob returned to a spherical ball of flesh cinched at the base perched on top of her chest. He repeated the action with her other tit so it looked like she was carrying a pair of basketballs. He moved to her loins.

She tried to see what he was doing then she felt something at the entrance to her pussy. Silas shoved his biggest blackest vibrator into the blond's moist well fucked vagina. Angela's hips jerked upwards at the invasion of parts that Silas's modest penis hadn't reached.

Slowly she relaxed as her body got used to the intruder. Suddenly the young blonds eyes shot open and she let out an agonised groan as Silas inserted a long thin vibrator into her ass. She writhed and 'Mmmmmuph'ed like crazy as he used all his strength to shove it all the way into her virgin anus.

Silas looked down at his handiwork then clicked the switches. All four vibrators, for that's what the tubes wrapped round her tits were roared into life. The black monster exploded into life making Angela jerk as it buzzed like a demented road drill inside her. Silas smiled and slowly drew the plastic cock shaped vibro back until just the tip was inside the blond then he reversed the pressure and slowly pushed the wrist thick toy all the way into her cunt.

Angela exploded as the toy vibrated her pussy while Silas stood intently watching her twitching body. Time and again her loins submitted to the black monster until sweat dripped from her forehead wetting her hair. The tit vibrators and the long one in her ass added there contribution buzzing and humming sending delicious sensation through her abused tits and ass. Soon she just lay still, occasionally twitching, as the vibrators chipped away at her will making her lose herself in the sensations flowing literally from her groin. Silas reached forward and pressed down at the top of Angela's pussy jamming her hard clit against the vibrating plastic. Her whole body strained against her bondage as an epic orgasm erupted in her groin. Silas smiled as he tortured the young blond.

Finally the smarmy shop owner decided the time was right and quickly pealed back the Velcro straps that bound the blond to the leather bench and pulled her upright. Slowly he ushered her trembling body to the front door then he leant her back against the door jam. She stood there with her eyes closed as the sensations rolled over her. Suddenly Silas kicked her legs together doubling the pressure in her nether regions against the insidious vibrating intruders inside her body. She moaned piteously as yet another vicious orgasm was dragged from her abused shaking body. So hard was the climax that Silas had to catch her as she collapsed in a near faint.

As he held the blond woman he pulled the tab to release the leather straps trapping her arms and quickly opening the door shoved her out into the night.

The cold hitting her hot sweat covered skin quickly revived the blond who stood outside the shop wearing high heels and nothing else. She shivered because of the cold but also because the plastic toys were still happily buzzing away. She dragged the tubes from her boobs and extracted the black monster from her cunt. The one in has ass took a little more dexterity to extract but eventually it emerged and she let out a sigh as the sensations stopped.

Angela was glad her ordeal was over although she could have done without the round of applauds she got from the group of kids who had watched her remove all the toys from her naked body. Swearing vengeance she chased the lads away. They ran laughing having never been chased by a naked blond who found it difficult to run with her enormous knockers banging against her chin.

Scowling she pulled on her jeans and T-Shirt that Silas had dumped outside the shop door. As she stood on still unsteady legs outside the lingerie shop her phone rang.

'Agent Summers' said Morgan 'Thanks for the money and the rest of the entertainment. Well I keep my promises. The next kidnap victim will be Benjamin Kenworthy, the baby son of Mayor Richard Kenworthy. Feel free to return any time you like Agent Summers I'm sure I've got a few more tricks up my sleeve that would titillate your delectable body. G'Bye'.

Angela could only growl at the locked front door. One day Silas Morgan, one day I will come back and shout at you' she promised herself.

Chapter Three - The Doctor.

Three days later Angela was called in to talk with Mr White. This time he was alone. 'Come in Agent summers and sit down.'

Angela sat and waited as he finished reading what she presumed was her report. She'd naturally passed on the vital information about the Mayor's son being the next kidnap victim but she'd glossed over the manner in which she'd been forced to pay for the data. She doubted that it would enhance her reputation or help her career in the Agency if it became known that either she was that easy to capture and subdue or that she had this newly discovered weakness for sex.

Mr White laid the report down and looked at Angela. He thought she looked a little sheepish but he'd got so much on his plate he let it pass. 'Good work Agent Summers. You did a fine job on your first assignment although the price you paid was a little high.'

'You've got no idea' she thought but said 'Thank you Sir.'

'Moving on' her controller said 'now we know the target we need to make plans to thwart the kidnappers. It's been decided to place an operative close to the Mayor and his child. The operative can then judge the best time to apprehend the gang.'

Angela said 'Wouldn't it just be easier to inform the Police or triple the guards Sir.'

Mr White looked at her exasperated 'No Agent summers for two reasons. Firstly we don't operate that way. Secrecy is our watchword so overt shows of force are out. Secondly we need to capture the whole gang. It's doubtful that the mastermind would involve him or herself in the actual snatch so just taking the kidnappers would still leave the threat in place and the leader free to move on the another target. By placing an operative close to the child that person is best placed to make a judgement call as to the optimum time to act and capture the entire gang.'

Angela nodded 'As you say Sir. So I presume we have found a way to insert an Agent?'

'Yes Summers we have. Luckily, for us, the Mayors wife has had to go into hospital. It turns out that little Benjamin hasn't yet been weaned off the teat so the Mayor has applied to an agency for a temporary stand in. We have informed the agency that we will supply the applicant. The applicant will be you Agent Summers.'

'Err ... Right you are Sir. What's the position I'll be filling in'.

'You Agent Summers will be a wet nurse.'

She stared at him stunned for some seconds. 'But Sir, I'm hardly qualified. You know. I've ... err ... never had ... err .... produced ... err ... you know ... err ... ever been preg ... '

'Agent Summers give me some credit. I'm aware of your history and I realise we'll need to give you some assistance to allow you to perform the required duties while you are keeping a look out for the expected kidnap. Our medical division is quite advanced and I'm assured that various chemicals can be applied that will promote the necessary bodily reactions that would take place were you ... err ... expecting ... as it were. You will report to the medical lab on the fourth floor immediately.'

'Yes Sir' replied Angela standing.

As she made her way to the fourth floor Angela began to think about what was to happen. As she'd said she'd never been pregnant, in fact her entire sexual history, until Silas Morgan, was limited to a few seconds fumbling on the back seat of a Toyota after the Prom Dance when the local jock had taken her hymen and ejaculated into her less than ten seconds later. Declaring that it had been great he'd hoped it had been 'good for her.'

That relationship ended there and then. Less than a month later she'd been shot.

On the fourth floor trainee Doctor Damien was talking excitedly to Leo. ' ... I intercepted the request before the Chief Medical officer received it so she's gone off for a meeting. It's the chance we've been waiting for. You clear out now and return in exactly thirty minutes. Now are you clear on the plan?'

Leo smiled like a rabid shark and nodded.

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door and Angela entered slowly on tenterhooks.

Damien stood and shook Angela's hand and motioned her to a seat. He pretended to be all business like as he studied the request then looked at the young woman. God she was beautiful. Tall and lithe, her blond hair framed her elfin face. But it was her chest that was her stand out feature, literally.

'Now Agent Summers we have been instructed to conduct the required tests to allow you to take up the post of a wet nurse. So first I will explain the procedure and then we'll get on.'

The young blond nodded nervously 'err ... yes Doctor.'

'First there will be an injection of a chemical called 'Lactite'. This will stimulate your mammary glands and trick them into producing milk. The second step is a massage of the affected areas to ensure that the channels and ducts are free and clear and finally we will encourage the ejection of the milk from your nipples.

A hot lump began to form in the pit of Angela's stomach as Damien described what he was going to do to her. Swallowing she could only say 'Err ... well if you say so Doctor.'

Damien could hardly contain his excitement. It was just as the psych report had said. 'Submissive to authority.' She was putty in his hands.

'Right then if you'll just remove your top please we'll begin. Oh as you're wearing a dress it may just be easier to remove it altogether as the later stages can get a little messy.'

Slowly Angela stood and reaching round pulled the zipper on the back of her dress down. Shrugging her shoulders it slide down her body to pool at her feet.

Damien goggled as the full glory of her figure was revealed. Thank the gods that today she'd chosen to wear sheer dark hold up stockings, tiny black panties and matching bra. She bent to pick up her dress presenting the young doctor with a perfect view of her panties stretching to barely cover her back side. He thought it was possibly one of the best he'd ever seen, round and plump and pink.

She stood straight and faced him. Smiling he said desperately trying to keep the trembling out of his voice 'the bra as well please.'

Again the young blond reached round and this time snapped the catch on her black 46 DD bra. Her breasts sprang from there confinement but were quickly covered as Angela shyly lifted her arm across both pink nippled mounds effectively covering about 25% of them.

Damien busied himself for a few seconds then turned with a syringe in his hand. Angela googled at the needle which must have been at least three inches long.

'Arm down Agent summers I can hardly administer the injection with you covering the crucial area.'

Slowly the shy young blond lowered her arm revealing her breasts. Damien couldn't believe his eyes. How could such large fleshy pillows of loveliness stay so firm and so high and perky? Add to that the massive areolas which must have been at least four inches across and dark brown and broad rubbery nipples and you'd got two of the most beautiful mammary's he'd ever seen inside or outside of the magazines that specialised in such things.

She gasped as he gently cupped her left tit. The flesh felt soft and warm and heavy as he lifted the areolas and nipple upwards. Slowly he inserted the long slim needle through her areolas. It slid two inches in to her breast and then he depressed the plunger expelling about half the contents into her tit. As the needle emerged he heard Angela expel a gasp as she hadn't dared breathe through clenched teeth while he was injecting her. He followed suit with her other breast injecting the remainder of the formula.

'All over now. You can breathe again' he said jovially.

Angela smiled wanly and cupped both her breasts gently rubbing them.' Damien nearly came in his pants at the sight of the young blond absent mindedly fondling her own mammary's.

Placing the syringe back on the stainless steel plate by his desk the young Doctor indicated a long slim examination table covered by a single white sheet in the middle of the office. The table was fully adjustable but currently its top was flat and the stirrups that could be used to spread the legs of young ladies were packed away. 'Please hop up onto the table and lie flat on your back.'

Angela obediently turned and rested her plump butt on the table then swung her legs up and lay down as requested.

Damien was amazed as her breasts hardly dropped sideways at all remaining high and pointing skywards. 'This part of the procedure is necessary Agent Summers as your file indicates you have indulged in very limited sexual activity.'

Angela stared back at him with wide eyes but could only murmur ascent at this embarrassing fact.

'Because of this we have to be sure all of the galactophorous ducts ... err ... milk ducts or channels are free and not clogged. Normally this would be taken care of by the inevitable adolescent fumbling that takes place during sex but as you have very limited experience of this the massage is called for. You see it wouldn't be very good if we encouraged production of milk in your breasts but it had no were to go. Your glands would just expand like a balloon and eventually pop and we don't want that do we.'

'Err ... no Doctor' said the wide eyed recumbent blond who watched as Damien first washed and dried his hands then selected a plastic bottle from a cabinet. Returning he stood above her near naked body and flipped off the bottles cap.

'Ready?' he asked.

Angela nodded nervously eying the bottle.

Slowly Damien tipped the bottle and began to drip a thick viscous clear gel down onto the young blond's gigantic boobs. He took care to cover both tits with a liberal coating of the cool gelatinous liquid then putting it aside he spread his hands and seized Angela's right boob in both hands.

She jumped slightly at his first touch but then relaxed as his fingers began to slowly spread the gel all over her soft mound. Gradually his fingers pressed deeper into her flesh as he moulded her tit moving it left and right and then pressing both hands together ballooning her plump mound upwards.

He was becoming excited. He couldn't believe his luck that this spectacular big titted young blond was so naive as to allow him to have his way with her breasts.

For the first minute she stared at the young doctor as he manipulated her flesh but gradually as the pleasure emanating from her chest increased her eyes closed and she lay back and let the sensations roll over her.

Angela gasped as his fingers closed on her nipple pulling and pinching it gently. His manipulations increased the blood flow to her tit and her areolas darkened even more and her nipple began to erect. Damien wasn't surprised by this. It was a natural reaction but he'd helped it along even more by adding a generous slug of a strong aphrodisiac to the Lactite that he'd injected into her tits.

Damien transferred his hands to her other boob and began to give that the same treatment until both boobs were slick and shiny with gel under the harsh office lights. Both nipples now pointed skywards each nearly an inch long. He had to force himself not to dive forwards and cover them with his mouth. Using both hands he placed them on the outside of each of Angela's breasts and pushed them together slowly rolling the great soft mounds against each other while using his thumbs to rub across each areolas and nipple.

The young blond began to squirm as the aphrodisiac forced her to become aroused by the manipulation of her breasts. Damien knew the drug would work quite quickly just as he knew it would take more than an hour for the Lactite to product any noticeable results so he carried on massaging and fondling the blond's mounds to his heart's content. Slowly he pushed her soft flesh this way and that. He found he could get her nipples to nearly touch her chin if he pushed hard enough upwards. Using one hand to hold her right tit he used his other to attack her areolas and nipple becoming more and more vigorous. Angela groaned softly as the young doctors hands mashed her breasts and teased each mounds peak.

The sound of heavy breathing from the two young people was interrupted by a sharp knocking on the door. Leo entered to a scene that he'd been dreaming of for the last half hour as his friend stood by the examination table with the blond's giant slick shiny breasts grasped in his hands.

'Doctor' he said following there agreed script 'you're needed urgently.'

'Turning Damien replied 'Out of the question I can't interrupt this patient's treatment not in the middle you'll have to get someone else.'

'No Doctor it must be you, they called for you specifically.'

Damien appeared to sigh then said 'Well the only solution is for you to take over, you've had the necessary training?'

'Yes Doctor' the smiling Leo replied.

'Angela this is Doctor Leo and he will continue giving you the treatment. I've been called away but hopefully I'll return shortly.'

Angela was in a fog of erotic thoughts and Damien's words only vaguely registered with her as she murmured her assent.

Both men exchanged a smirk and Damien left. Leo stared up and down the body of the blond. She wore sheer black holdup stockings that made her legs even more alluring and her tiny black panties only just covered her mons. She had a superb flat stomach but it was her chest his gaze fell on were both her large pert breasts were slimy with oily gel. Her areolas were dark brown now and her nipple erect and straining upwards.

Leo washed and dried his hands then picked up the gel bottle once more and carefully applied a new covering slowly dripping the unguent down onto the Agents soft pillowy mounds.

He wasn't as gentle as Damien. He dived straight in grasping both the blond's tits and mauling them. His fingers sank inches deep into the flesh as he mashed her tits together then round and round. He took great delight in making her groan as he gripped her thick erect nipples and stretched them upwards as far as he could even to the extent that Angela's shoulders began to rise up off the table.

The blond's body writhed under his ministrations and her hands gripped the sides of the table as he applied himself to deeply massaging her fleshy orbs stimulating the young woman.

Twenty minutes later Damien returned slipping quietly into the room. He stood for a minute watching his colleague work on the groaning and moaning blond then he slipped round to the other side of the table. With a nod Leo released the writhing blonds left tit then taking one each both men began working on her. Her groans of passion increased as they seized a breast each and unmercifully massaged and molested it pulling and squeezing it moulding the flesh in every way they could.

After ten minutes more it was becoming obvious that Angela's breasts were becoming firmer as the Lactite took effect and began to produce milk within the huge fleshy mounds. Damien called a halt. The men stepped back and watched entranced as the blond kept wriggling and squirming in an erotic reverie. Slowly her writhing abated and Damien addressed her. 'Agent Summers ... Angela'.

The blond opened her heavy lidded eyes and stared at him uncomprehending.

'Agent Summers' he tried again and when she nodded continued 'We aren't having the success we hoped for so we need to change the procedure. We're going to have to try something a little more stringent.'

The blond agent stared at him still not all there but again she murmured agreement.

'Please stand here by the table' Damien said and together with Leo they helped the blond to slide unsteadily off the table and stand before both men in nothing but her suspiciously damp panties and stockings. Her breasts were now a deeper shade of pink were the men's hands and fingers had been mauling her mounds and her areolas were puffy and dark brown but it was her nipples which held there attention as they were sticking out like pegs almost straining as if they were near to bursting with excitement. The young doctor continued after a few seconds reverie 'we need to apply a more persuasive force to help clear your milk ducts which are obviously still blocked. Do you agree?'

Still in her dreamlike state Angela just nodded so Damien moved to stand behind her then gently placed his hands on her arms holding them by her side.

The blond stared into space erotic thoughts still coursing through her brain overriding any realisation of her current position. Then she gave out a small cry as Leo softly slapped her left tit. Her huge breast wobbled and swung before settling back to stillness while Angela experienced the quick shaft of pleasure that erupted in her spanked breast.

Leo slapped her right boob a little harder. Angela groaned and jerked but Damien gripped her harder and whispered 'Steady' in her ear. Leo began slapping her boobs alternating between left and right sometimes across sometimes up and other times down. Angela writhed in Damien's grip as lightning bolts of sensual pleasure exploded in her abused mammary's. Damien slipped his arm around Angela's right arm and then gripped her left wrist effectively holding both her arms captive in one of his then with his other hand he cupped her chin and pulled her head back to rest on his shoulder. He whispered in her ear 'nearly finished dear' as Leo continued spanking her tits. Both breasts were now a deep pink as Leo smacked her harder. Each breast was flung across her chest at each blow only to settle back ready for the next assault. Damien watched carefully as his partner swiped the blond's defenceless tits again and again. Finally he spotted what he was looking for, a drop of the Lactite produced milk appearing from one of Angela's mistreated nipples.

Damien released her arms and together he and Leo urged her back on to the table but this time on all fours. Damien then stood at the head of the table and reaching under the young blonds body started to tug on her teats. First on the left breast he used the fingers on one hand to pull her nipple down then using the other hand he gripped her tit three inches above the first hand and pulled down as if he was milking a cow.

Angela let out her loudest groan yet as milk erupted from her nipple. Damien milked her tit drawing more and more liquid from the abused nipple. It quickly became obvious that each gush of milk gave the blond a huge erotic surge of pleasure. Leo milked her other tit drawing lactose from her breast. The young Doctors spent a minute milking the writhing moaning blond agent. Like a cow she spraying milk downwards until the white sheet was soaked. Then together they urged the blond to lie down on the table on her back. Before she could object they swung her erotically charged body round ninety degrees so she lay across the table her head hanging down on one side and her legs the other.

Damien standing at Angela's head gripped each tit and squeezed brutally hard sending a stream of milk from each tit cascading into the air. The stretched out blond opened her mouth to let out one long moan and Damien slipped his erect cock between her soft pink lips and into her hot wet mouth. Without thinking the blond sucked his member like a pacifier. It was Damien's turn to groan as he felt her tongue slither around the head of his cock like a demented boa constrictor. He surged forwards sliding his member over her tongue and into the back of her throat. She seemed not to have a problem with this as if she had no gag reflex and she just kept sucking and sucking.

Leo ripped off his trousers and with feverish speed slipped a condom over his cock. Then he reached for the blonds black panties and dragged then down her legs exposing her unprotected puffy moist vagina. Without any preamble he spread her legs and aiming his cock head slid inside her writhing body.

Both men pistoned into the squirming blond Damien steadily sliding his cock back and forth allowing her to suck on his large plum sized helmet before surging forwards burying his full length into her throat. Leo was using less finesse. He simply hammered away slamming his hips burying his cock as far inside the blond agents dripping pussy as he could. Damien rhythmically pumped Angela's breasts sending a stream of milk into the air from first the left tit then the other.

Leo let out a long agonised moan as he orgasmed gripping the blonds hips pumping out spurt after spurt of semen. Almost immediately Angela's body stiffened and her groin erupted in a volcano like explosion of exquisite pleasure.

Damien felt his orgasm rising until he couldn't hold it off anymore. Throwing back his head he grunted and ejaculated sending ropes of salty goodness gushing over Angela's tongue and into the back of her throat. She greedily slurped and swallowed his scalding semen.

Leo slipped his cock from Angela's pussy and Damien slid his member from her soft mouth and all three tried to get their breath back. On the table the blond agents hands slowly moved to her abused tits and her questing fingers found her nipples. She squeezed and milk erupted causing her to moan. She continued milking herself as each jet sent a shock of erotic sensation through her chest. Both men watched her silently then Leo gripped her legs and rolled her body over until she was bent across the white table with her milk spurting tits hanging over one edge. Damien saw where this was going and pumped his cock to bring it back to life and quickly fitted a condom. Approaching the blonds dangling legs he kicked them apart and moving forwards he gripped her plump butt and slammed himself into her defenceless wet and used cunt.

Leo watched as his friend fucked the blond slapping his hips into her butt again and again as she groan at each pistoning thrust. Quickly he moved in front of Angela and presented his cock to her lips. She couldn't stop herself as her mouth opened accepting his member. Gripping her hair Leo thrust his cock into her throat.

Both doctors fucked her while she gripped her own boobs spurting stream after stream of milk onto the floor. It only took a few minutes until all three of them tightened once more and sperm flowed into her throat and her pussy while her cunt tightened around Damien's cock and a crashing orgasm gripped her loins.

Leo quickly dressed and high fiving his friend left the office. Damien and Angela dressed in silence. Eventually the young doctor cleared his throat and said 'Err ... I think I should apologise. That was highly unprofessional and I couldn't blame you if you complained.'

Angela sighed and replied 'I think we both contributed. I was only too happy when we ... err ... indulged in carnal activities although I was a little surprised when your friend joined in you bastard.'

Damien looked up but relaxed when he saw she was smiling and only teasing him. 'Err ... very kind of you to be so ... err ... understanding.'

'But' she continued 'I was surprised I felt so excited. I didn't think simple lactation would produce such erotic stimulation.'

Damien thought quickly. He wasn't going to tell her about the aphrodisiac he'd injected into her 'It can only be a side effect. I've heard of such a thing and it only effects a few people. I suppose you're just one of the unlucky ones, or lucky depending how you feel. I've prepared fifty doses (with aphrodisiac included) for you to take with you when you're ready and you've seen how to administer a dose. You'll have to inject yourself about an hour before you need to ... err ... produce ... as it were.'

'OK' said Angela who taking the pack of phials and syringes turned to leave.

'Err ... ' started Damien.

'Yes?' said the young woman.

'Err ... if you ever feel the need to be ... examined again, well, you know where to find me.' he said hopefully.

Angela replied enigmatically. 'You never know Doctor' then gave a little cough.

Chapter Four - The Job Interview.

The house was huge. Tall wrought iron gates opened slowly to admit her after she'd identified herself to the guard. As she walked up the gravel drive she noted the kennels to one side. Inside she could see at least two black and tan Dobermans. Her identity was checked again at the front door and she was shown into an anti-room. After a short wait a man came to collect her. He introduced himself as Raoul De Santo, the Mayors Chief of Staff.

'I bet he knows where the bodies are buried' Angela thought to herself. The Mayors right hand man looked just the sort to arrange a convenient disappearance or a fortuitous press leak. Hispanic looking, tall and thin his hair slicked back and a perfectly trimmed slim black moustache.

The room he ushered her into was the Mayor's office. De Santo left her and quietly closed the door. The room smelled a little of cigar smoke and leather. Large book cases ringed the walls. Every window was coated with a mirror finish so no prying eyes could see in. The largest piece of furniture was a massive desk holding multiple phones and screens, a keyboard and a large pen holder in the shape of an eagle. Behind the desk a dark haired, thick set man wearing an immaculate suit studied a report.

Angela waited fidgeting. Eventually she coughed.

Slowly the man looked up. His gaze bored into her as he ran his eyes up and down her.

'Angela Summers Sir. Here about the nursing position.'

Slowly the man smiled. 'Ah Mrs Summers?'

'Miss' she said.

'Miss? He queried given the job. 'Hmm modern girls he thought'.

She nodded.

'OK Miss Summers. You are twenty years old and according to the agency you have four years caring for babies, yes?'

'Sir' acknowledged Angela. The Agency she really worked for hadn't told the Mayor that she was a plant. They weren't sure that the gang didn't have an inside man so no-one in the household was being appraised of her true purpose.

'Hmmm yes' mused the Mayor. Your CV looks fine. Now show me your qualifications.'

'Pardon Sir' said the confused blond.

'Well Miss Summers you will be wet nursing my son so I wish to see your qualifications.'

'I don't understand Sir. You have my CV.'

'Yes but as you will be feeding Benjamin I wish to see your real qualifications' he repeated staring pointedly at her chest.

Finally Angela realised what the man meant. 'Sir' she said indignantly 'I hardly think that is appropriate.'

'Young lady' he said firmly 'I am the Mayor of a major city. You have no idea the people I have had to get into bed with both literally and figuratively. I've bent every rule and broken most of them to cut through the crap to get my job done and get my policies through. Now either you show me your qualifications or you may close the door on your way out.'

Inside she swore that she was going to get these tits cut off. They caused nothing but fucking trouble despite the pleasure they had brought her recently. Would this dirty old man be asking to see her chest if she was a 32A? No of course not. Bloody men and their mammary fixation. There was no alternative so she slowly began to unbutton the crisp white blouse she had worn specially for the interview.

Behind the desk Mayor Richard Kenworthy press a button on the intercom and said 'I'm not to be disturbed for half an hour.' Then he rose from his chair, came round the desk and rested his rump against the front edge as he gazed at the young woman. Slowly each button came loose and Angela's blouse opened revealing her white bra. 'Loose the blouse girly.' he said gruffly.

Angela reluctantly tugged the cotton blouse out of her skirts waist band and placed it over the back of a nearby chair. She stood shyly before the man not meeting his gaze. A little over an hour before she'd injected herself with a dose of Lactite into each breast in case she was asked to start immediately and she had been fighting the erotic sensations coursing through her boobs ever since. Standing half naked as a man stared at her wasn't helping. A hot lump seemed to grow in her stomach and she felt a distinct stirring in her loins.

Mayor Kenworthy perused the upper body of the young woman. She was very pretty he thought and very fit. Her legs looked long and slim from what he could see and her stomach was flat and ridged with muscle. But it was her bosom that drew his gaze. Even packed into a brassier he could see her breasts were massive. He could feel his cock hardening.

'Remove your bra' he ordered.

'Sir' exclaimed Angela.

'Look girly loose the boulder holder or fuck off and stop wasting my time' he exploded.

Angrily Angela reached round her body and unhooked the bra. Slowly as the Mayor watched licking his lips she drew it off and tossed it onto the chair with her blouse. There was no point in covering herself so she stood before him naked to the waist.

His eyes bored into her phenomenal mammary's. He was amazed how breasts so large could be so high and perky but it was her areolas that astounded him the most. They were huge fully four inches across and a mid-brown colour. He rose and slowly walked around the young woman.

'Stand up straight' he ordered. Angela drew herself to attention. 'Hands behind your back, shoulders back, chin up' she obeyed as he barked each command.

She waited.

Suddenly a big hand cupped her right tit making her jerk.

'Stand still' he ordered. 'If you move again before I say so you're out.' As he spoke his hand gripped her tit tightly and shook it emphasising each word.

Angela grimaced at the discomfort but replied 'Yes Mr Mayor. I understand Sir.'

The Mayor stared malevolently at the young blond then realised he was holding her breast. He felt the weight of the soft warm sphere cupped in his palm. Gently he bounced the orb patting the bottom of Angela's tit harder and harder making her boob jump higher and higher. Then finally he squeezed firmly. 'Angela groaned and to his surprise a fountain of milk sprayed the six feet onto his desk from the young blond's tit.

'Very well qualified it would seem' he said in a surprised tone. 'Just one more test.' So saying he dipped his head and popping the blond's nipple into his mouth he began to suck rhythmically.

Angela moaned as the man attacked her breast. He opened his mouth wide and sucked as much of her tit inside as he could. Nearly her whole areolas disappeared from view as he chewed on her rubbery nipple. Milk flowed into his mouth which he swallowed lustily while the young blond could only moan and writhe as the orgasmic sensation erupted once more in her tit.

He swapped sides and treated the other tit to the same sucking abuse then he forcibly pushed Angela forwards until her thighs met the edge of his desk. He pushed her shoulders and she bent at the waist until breasts were squashed onto the desk top. She felt him flip her skirt up as he gripped her panties and pulled them down. Roughly kicking her ankles apart he exposed her cunt between her athletic thighs. His thick fingers began rubbing her pussy lips then one broad digit surged into her tight love canal. His finger pistoned inside her until he felt her warm slick juice coating his finger. Behind her the exposed blond felt him fumbling at his trousers. Any moment now she was going to be given the ultimate Mayoral seal of approval.

Desperately she looked round. To the one side of the desk was the intercom. She reached out and pressed the same button she'd seen the Mayor use.

'Yes Mr Mayor' said a disembodied voice.

'The Mayor needs to see the Chief of Staff immediately. Immediately understand' shouted Angela.

'As you wish' replied the voice.

Behind her the Mayor released her and growling scrabbled to do up his trousers. Angela quickly pulled up her knickers and tucking her bra away threw on her blouse.

When De Santo entered the Mayor was back behind his desk hiding his erection from view and Angela was sitting demurely before him. 'Ah Raoul' he said in a cool voice 'Miss Summers will be joining us until the return of my wife. Please see to her lodgings etc. Thank you.'

The Chief of Staff nodded and led Angela out of the office. Behind her the Mayor stared sullenly after her. 'You win this one girly but my day will come and your ass will be mine and all the sweeter for the wait.'

Angela was shown into a room on the top floor that had been converted into a nursery. She had no idea if De Santo suspected what had happened in the office although he had glanced at her chest and given her a broad smirking smile as he left. When she looked into the mirror she thought he probably would have done. The white of her blouse did almost nothing to hide the huge brown areolas of her tits which showed plainly through the thin cotton and her erect nipples most have looked like they were trying to burrow through the material. He must have been blind if he'd missed those. Sighing she slipped off her blouse and put her bra back on.

A little while later the Chief of Staff returned carrying a bundle. Baby Benjamin Kenworthy was four months old and still breast feeding so when his mother had been forced to go into hospital they'd needed a wet nurse. Good for her as it gave her the inside run on the kidnappers which if the tip had been accurate would shortly try to take the child for ransom.

De Santo left her and Benjamin alone. Angela unwrapped the child to check he didn't need changing. He seemed OK for now but as she held him he began to cry.

'Oh well' thought Angela 'might as well get it over with' and once more she began to unbutton her blouse. She scooped her tit out of her bra and holding the baby carefully moved her nipple towards him. The little chap was a chip off the old block and had more experience of this sort of thing than Angela. Tiny hands gripped the enormous breast and unerringly guided the nipple straight into his open mouth. Angela felt a strange feeling of goodwill overcome her as the infant happily suckled on her teat. Unfortunately this only lasted a few minutes as the more junior suckled the more aroused Angela became. Benjamin bit her nipple that was now fully erect and Angela moaned. It felt good.

Benjamin drank his fill and quickly fell asleep so Angela tucked him into his cot and found the en-suite bathroom. She stripped down and stepped into the shower. The warm water on her body felt good as she soaped her skin. Inevitably she touched her breasts and immediately the arousal erupted again. The young blond couldn't resist. Leaning back against one wall she gripped her tit expressing milk against the opposite shower wall and rubbed her clit vigorously. Her breathing rapidly turned to heavy panting as her fingers whipped across her button like erect clit until with a low moan she bought herself to a mind blowing orgasm.

This proved to be the way for the next three days. Each morning Angela would inject herself with Lactite and feed Benjamin during the day. Sometimes she managed to resist the temptation but many times she didn't and she spent more time in the shower then was healthy. She had no more trouble with the Mayor thankfully even though he visited his son each evening although the way he looked at Angela she was sure he would have tried something had his son not been present.

It was on the fourth night that she heard the suspicious noise on the baby monitor. Silently she got out of bed and quickly went along the hall to the nursery. The figure bending over the cot was dressed all in black and didn't see or hear Angela approach. She kicked him in the groin. He dropped clutching himself gasping 'Oh Jeez, right in the spondulics' then she heard the tell tail click of a gun safety catch. A second figure was pointing a silenced automatic at her belly.

He held a finger to his lips urging her to silence. Then he waved the gun at her until she understood she was to pick up the baby. Moving he guided her like a sheep dog towards the door. She stopped and refused no matter how much he waved the gun to move any further. Exasperated he rasped 'What?'

'I need the baby's things. Nappies, baby food, clothes and I need supplies from my room as well.'

The man nodded angrily and watched as Angela packed a small holdall with baby stuff then they went along the hall accompanied by the first man who was noticeably limping and muttering under his breath and collected her bag with a few clothes for herself. She didn't inform them it also held her supply of Lactite and syringes.

As they descended the stairs Angela noticed that there were no guards evident then when they passed out of the back door she saw the alarm was off. The kidnapper pulled the door closed and used what looked like a remote control to switch it back on. The dogs that usually patrolled the grounds after dark were still in there kennel. Again as they walked out of the back gate the remote opened the kennel doors and the dogs bounded out to late now. A black SUV with blacked out windows picked them up and quietly drove away. In the back Angela cradled Benjamin who was thankfully asleep. No alarms, no dogs, guards missing it was an inside job. That bloody De Santo had sold the Mayor out to God knows who but whoever it was they now had the leverage to make the Mayor do almost anything they wanted. The SUV drove away quietly into the night.

Chapter Five - It all Goes Tits Up.

They drove for two hours until they arrived at the hideaway. Angela and the baby were ushered into an ugly dour isolated brick building by the two kidnappers. Inside, a room with adjoining bathroom had been prepared for the baby.

'You stay in here and look after the kid' the taller of the two ordered bruskly. Angela was pleased to see that he still walked a little gingerly but less happy so see that the men had removed their masks. Either they didn't think it mattered if she saw their faces or more likely that they intended that she would never be able to talk to identify them what with her being dead an all.

Having heard both men speak at some stage, the tall one was Wendell and the shorter Buddy, she had decided that neither were of the calibre to be the mastermind of the kidnappings. They were both demonstrably foot soldiers only as neither seemed to have two thoughts to rub together. Her orders were to try to capture the whole gang so she decided to bide her time. The problem was that she couldn't see any reason why the boss would need to visit this out of the way place and expose himself to unnecessary danger but it was the best play she had at present and determined to wait for now.

Angela wasn't allowed out of the room so she hadn't been able to determine the extent or layout of the hideaway and the kidnappers only entered the room a couple of times to bring her meals so she occupied herself looking after Benjamin, feeding him, playing with him and splashing in the bath with him. It was on the fourth day. She was coming from the bathroom dripping wet and naked carrying Benjamin cradled against her soft bosom when the door opened and the tall kidnapper entered carrying a try. Both stopped shocked as they saw each other. There was not much Angela could do with the baby in her arms except gather as much dignity as she could and walk over to the cot in the corner of the room and bending over the edge lay the baby down.

Wendell swiftly placed the try down and closed the door. He'd never seen such an arousing sight as the wet big titted blond bent over the cot. Her long legs were superb, slim yet muscular. Her ass was perfectly round and plump and her vagina peeped out between her upper thighs. Silently he moved up behind her.

Angela finished tucking Benjamin in and straightened up. She froze as the knife touched her throat.

'Shhhh ... ' whispered Wendell close to her ear ' ... let's not disturb the kid'.

With gently pressure on the knife he urged her away from the cot and over to the other side of the room. 'We got orders not to touch you girly, but well, you kicked me in the plums so I figure you owe me one.'

'The boss won't be pleased if you hurt me' gasped Angela.

'Hurt you? I'm not going to hurt you and anyway you'll not be telling the boss anything anyway girly.'

As he said it he reached round her dripping wet body and seized her left tit in his large hand. Angela jumped as he fondled her roughly sinking his fingers into her soft pliant tit meat.

'Hmmm ... you were at the head of the queue when they handed these out eh girl' he said as his fingers massaged her globular orb.

Angela bore his assault as the old feelings of arousal began to seep from her breast once more. She had injected herself that morning and fed Benjamin but resisted the urge to relieve herself now she was regretting it as her nipple began to erect in the palm of the tall kidnapper. He swapped breasts and began moulding that one until he felt the evidence of his manipulations. He chuckled. 'Hey girly, feels like its party time.'

Angela gasped as his hand left her tits and slowly stroked down her flat ridged stomach. He did it extra slowly teasing her so she had time to realise just were his hand was heading and to let her think about it. He reached the well-trimmed hair on her mons. Angela moved but the knife pressure increased against her throat.

'Steady girly. Play times not over yet.'

She groaned out loud as his long middle finger invaded her pussy slowly pushing into the warm depths. Her muscles gripped the digit as it slowly moved back and forth inside her. His thumb meanwhile brushed over her rapidly erecting clit.

'It's payback time girly' rasped Wendell to the aroused blond 'get on your knees.'

He spun Angela round and pushed her down the knife still at her throat. 'You know what to do' he said indicating the front of his trousers.

She hesitated but she'd already come to the conclusion that there was nothing she could do with the baby to protect and her mission to accomplish but to bare the attentions of this odious man.

Slowly she undid his belt and pulled down his zipper. He was going commando so his cock sprang outwards nearly hitting her in the face. It was an impressive specimen at least in her limited experience fully eight inches long and sturdy.

'Get on with it bitch' he rasped as she hesitated adding pressure to the knife.

Grimacing the trapped blond agent grasped his shaft in her cool hand and pulled back his foreskin exposing his purple cock-head with its single ominous eye. She opened her mouth. Wendell chuckled and smirked at her as slowly she fed his cock between her soft pink lips.

'Look at me while you're sucking my meat girl' he demanded. Angela looked up and their eyes met. Wendell laughed cruelly as her pink lips stretched around his broad girth and she worked on his member wrapping her tongue round his helmet and slowly twisting her hand. She could feel every vein on his shaft and Wendell marvelled at the blond as she sucked his meat. It seemed that she had been so aroused she was getting into it. Slowly he took away the knife. She didn't seem to notice the removal of the threat and kept on felating him. Wet sucking sounds filled the room as his thrusting cock reached further and further into her throat and she produced more and more saliva which began to drip from the sides of her mouth.

Angela slipped one hand down and began frigging her rock hard clit as the kidnapper plundered her mouth.

He gripped her blond head and holding it still began to slowly, steadily fuck her face. As he grew nearer and nearer his thrusting grew harder and longer pushing his cock head into the back of her throat. Suddenly he stiffened pushing his penis as far as he could into her throat. He jerked his hips and ejaculated. His semen hit the back of her throat and slipped down her gullet. Wendell's cum hitting her throat set Angela off and she pinched her clit hard and orgasmed. He drew his cock back as he spurted three, four, five times depositing a thick coating of salty giz on her tongue.

Wendell roughly pushed the wretched coughing girl away, pulled his trousers up and smirked down at her bowed head. 'Nice one Girly, I think I'll recommend you to Buddy. Maybe he'll pay you a visit. Still no matter. I'll be seeing you same time tomorrow and we'll see if you're as good on your back as you are on your knees.'

When he'd left Angela checked Benjamin who thankfully had slept through the whole sordid episode then took another shower. Bastard she thought this is getting out of hand. How much longer could she afford to wait? The boss hadn't shown any sign of visiting and now she'd got the sex starved Laurel and Hardy on her hands. Also the Mayor might pay the ransom and if he did that she was sure that they try to bump her off before returning the baby. This could get very tricky.

True to his word Wendell returned the next day. Thankfully Buddy hadn't 'visited' her. She hadn't decided what to do if he had. Probably beaten the crap out of him then the shit would have hit the fan.

Wendell smirked at the blond and waving the knife at her ordered 'Strip blondy.'

Slowly Angela unbuttoned her dress and dropped it to the floor. She stood in her bra and knickers before him. She'd decided in the night to bide her time for now after all she was randy again after feeding the baby and he'd got a fucking big cock so it wasn't exactly a fate worse than death.

Suddenly the door opened and Buddy stuck his head in. 'Bosses here' he said and rushed off.

Wendell let out an agonised groan at the news as he'd been really looking forward to giving the blond a good hard fucking. It was the last thought he had for a while as the second Buddy had ducked out Angela had sprung into action and racing across the room placed an accurate and vengeful kick to Wendell's groin.

Once more the tall man let out an agonised groan 'Oh Jesus H. Christ not again' and grasping his throbbing testicules fell to his knees. Angela drew back her fist and giving him merciful release from the pain knocked him cold.

Not bothering to dress the blond agent cracked open the door to her room and peered out. All was clear so she snook out trying to move quickly but quietly. She turned a corner and there was Buddy. There was nearly twenty feet between them. Angela relying on surprise started forward but Buddy quickly drew his gun. The gig was up and there was no way out of this and stay silent anymore. Angela drew in a deep breath and let rip.

'Ahhhhhhhh Huuuu'.

The blast of sonic energy hit Buddy full in the chest from a distance of ten feet and threw him backwards against a small table. Angela was quickly by his side but there was nothing she needed to do. Buddy's neck was at an angle never intended by Mother Nature and he wouldn't ever kidnap a baby again.

That just left the Boss himself. Raoul De Santo.

Angela crept along the corridor towards a closed door. She knelt down and peered through the key hole. Inside her limited view showed a desk. Behind the desk was a man sitting in a chair but thankfully facing away from the door. Slowly, silently she pushed open the door.

Something must have alerted him, a draft of air perhaps because the chair began to swing round. Not taking a chance Angela drew in a large breath filling her lungs. She opened her mouth as the chair turned and ... two tiny metal pins hit her in the stomach. Both were attached to thin wires connected to the device held in the man's hand. The electric shock from the Tazer turned the blond into a disco dancing epileptic whirling dervish dropping her to her knees. Current flowed along the wires at 50,000 volts. She gasped and tried to move forwards. The man pressed the button again sending a second terrible surge of energy into her wracked jerking body. Thankfully consciousness left her deadening the agonising pain.

Angela slowly regained consciousness. She kept still and held her eyes closed so she could assess her situation before they knew she was awake. She was tied. She could feel the rope around her wrists and ankles but to what she didn't yet know. Whatever it was though was at least seven feet tall as her arms were restrained above her spread like her ankles about two feet apart. She was still wearing her underwear for all the good that would do her. All this was as expected but the one item that wasn't was the one that scared her the most. Around her lower face was some sort of metal gag. It totally stopped her using any of her sonic abilities.

Slowly she opened her eyes and blinked adjusting them to the bright light. She was bound with soft white rope wrapped around her wrists and ankles to a round metal frame making her look like the Vitruvian Man drawn by Leoardo Da Vinci. Each binding could be moved so widening her ankles or bringing them together. Likewise with her wrists. She felt OK except for the two small burn marks on her ribs where the Tazer pins had hit her. The electric charge had burned her skin leaving livid red sores.

Slowly she became aware of the man seated in front of her. She looked up and the boss of the kidnappers stared back at her. 'I hope you are feeling better my dear' he said.

'Not bad considering I've been lit up like a Christmas Tree' she thought unable to actually reply. All she could do was watch the man who she fully expected to launch into a self-aggrandising monologue. She wasn't to be disappointed. They always do the bad guys. It's one of the rules.

'Yes well normally I wouldn't be here. You see it's very dangerous and connects me to the kidnapping but I couldn't resist. You see I came here fully intending to savour the tender delights of your succulent flesh. It's rare for a woman with your attributes to come within my power. Still that is to come' he said enigmatically.

'I'll wager you want to know what I get out of this little caper. It's simple ... sympathy.'

Angela stared at him clearly not understanding him.

'You see my rating has been going down recently but you can be sure that when I next appear on the steps of the Senate Building holding the returned baby Benjamin the overwhelming sympathy of the electorate will send my rating through the roof and my next term in office will be assured.

Angela was appalled that anyone would use a baby in such a way but then she thought only such a plan would occur to the twisted mind of the boss before her. Mayor Richard Kenworthy.

Earlier while Angela was still unconscious the Mayor had met with Wendell. 'So Buddy's dead' Kenworthy mused and she's an Enhanced. I've heard of them but as far as I know never met one. We'll need to keep her gagged at all times.

'I'll kill the bitch' raged Wendell. 'She kicked me in the bollocks, again. Let me have her. I'll cut her tits off.'

Kenworthy mused 'I don't think so. Just imagine if we could turn her. Think what it would mean to have an Enhanced on the inside. It would give us a huge advantage after all knowledge is power. In addition there's nothing works better than a bit of assassination to rid me of troublesome opponents and if she gets caught then we can blame it on the Agency killing two birds with one stone.'

'I searched her bag' said Wendell holding up the phials of Lactite. 'I found these. Lactite. It may be that the drug is effecting her body. She seemed incredibly aroused whenever she was feeding the kid.'

'Hmmm ... I've heard of this ' said the Mayor 'I think we may be able to use these. Now listen he's what we'll do.'

As Wendell listened his shit eating grin grew wider and wider.

While Angela had been unconscious Wendell had used her supply of Lactite and injected a large dose into each of the blonds heaving mounds. He'd then given her another injection this time of a cocktail of drugs designed to effect the brain. An extract of cocaine together with a derivative of scopolamine and a few other drugs not generally known of. All were meant to put the young blond into a sleepy trance like highly susceptible state.

Kenworthy addressed Angela who stared at him sleepily. Her mind had started to wander and she was finding it difficult to concentrate. In addition her breasts felt heavy with milk and the usual signs of arousal were screaming through her tits and loins. He stepped close to her and lifting his hand softly stroked her face above the gag. 'We're going to have to punish you my dear. I'm sorry but you leave me no choice. You killed Buddy. You killed him and you must see I have to punish you.'

His words swirled round her brain. It seemed to make sense but she couldn't quite see why. It was all she could do to stop herself nodding her agreement.

Still he continued 'You must see. My hands are tied. You killed buddy and now I've got to chastise you, it's only fair my dear. But don't fear when it's over I'll make you feel better, a lot better.' With that he nodded to Wendell who stepped forward in front of the hanging bound blond.

'Hello girly. You kicked me in the Nuts, twice. It's payback time ... err ... again.'

He gleefully selected a length of rope and tied it round Angela's neck ensuring the knot wasn't able to slip. The last thing he wanted to do was strangle the young woman, well, before he'd had his pleasure. He then ran the rope down to a ring driven into the concrete about three feet in front of her. Feeding the rope through the metal eye he pulled. As he tugged Angela's head was pulled downwards. Once her head was as low as he could get it given her arms were attached now behind and above her he tied off the rope leaving the young blond bent forwards at sixty degrees.

Wendell then took out his knife. Angela tensed as the blade approached her. Swiftly he cut the straps of her bra and ripped the garment from her body. Her milk laden breasts swung free below her chest. Her panties got the same treatment leaving her loins exposed to the henchman's disgusting leer.

Kenworthy's plan was simple. With the help of the psychotropic drugs he intended to turn the young woman into his slave, to make her psychologically dependant on him. The first stage was to make her grateful to him, to rescue her from a life threatening situation even if he had created the situation himself. That was Wendell's task.

Wendell moved out of the young blond's eye line then returned dragging a small strange looking machine. Her befuddled brain couldn't fit it to any pattern or device except maybe ... she began to strain against her bonds to desperately try to pull free. It was a milking machine.

Wendell happily hummed to himself as he unwound the pipes and flicked a couple of switches. Then he approached the struggling blond. Her tits hung down just like udders. He grasped her left nipple and savagely pulled it down then releasing it he jammed the suction cup over the dark erect peak. The machine sucked her flesh into the cup which was big enough, they'd chosen the biggest ones they could get from Silas Morgan, to cover her entire brown areolas. Wendell repeated the process with her other tit then turning to the machine he adjusted the suction level to five out of a possible ten.

Angela writhed in her restraints as the machine alternately applied suction the first her left tit then her right. Milk gushed from her laden breasts and erotic bliss erupted from both mammary's.

In her erotic reverie she felt Wendell step against her left side. He reached round her hanging body with his left hand and cupped her pussy. He spent a couple of seconds squeezing her soft flesh sending even more erotic sensations though her loins. Then he spanked her with his right hand.

Angela grunted into the metal gag as his hand exploded against her plump butt cheek. Then he did it again, and again all the time laughing.

He spanked her ass until it turned pink then spanked it until it turned red, then hot and scarlet. He really started to put his back into it smashing his hand onto the blond's ass. Tears flowed down Angela's face as her ass turned to fire. Still the tall man spanked her writhing butt. He sunk two fingers into the wriggling blond's pussy. It was wet with juice which covered his fingers as he slid them into her body.

Angela couldn't resist as her body betrayed her. Trembling she orgasmed.

His hand began to hurt so he picked up a leather belt and drawing back his arm the thrashed her glowing buttocks. Lines began to appear in the red as the merciless leather left welt after welt on her plump flesh.

Eventually Wendell tired of abusing the crying blond. Returning to stand in front of her he brandished his knife. Slowly he stroked the point down her tear stained cheek. 'Well seems the Mayor made a big mistake leaving you and me alone. No one kicks me in the knackers and gets away with it bitch.' He spat the last word in her face. 'So what's a couple of kicks in the nuts worth then? A finger? An eye. No how about one of those great big tits. What's say we cut one of those beauties off? At least you'll still have one left.' he laughed.

Angela tried to scream in sheer terror as the tall man grasped her breast and moved the knife towards it.

Mayor Kenworthy smashed Wendell to the ground screaming 'Get away from her you degenerate. I told you not to harm her. She's my girl now, she's under my protection' he shouted playing his part as he moved to hold the sobbing girl in his arms.

Wendell playing his part cringed on the floor 'Yes Boss, OK ... err ... sorry Boss' and slunk away.

Mayor Kenworthy untied the rope from around Angela's neck allowing her to stand up straight but made no move to release her other restraints. He took her in his arms and kissed away her tears holding her in his protective embrace. 'Nobody will hurt you again my dear' he cooed gently stroking her back. Gradually the young woman relaxed feeling secure in the man's arms.

All the while the milking machine had kept up its incessant suction. Angela began to feel the familiar carnal sensations in her breasts. Kenworthy quietly slipped down his zip and drew out his cock. Suddenly Angela felt his member at the entrance to her pussy. 'Don't fret my dear. I said I'd make you feel better didn't I' and he slowly slid his now hard cock into the bound blonds vagina.

Angela would have groaned out loud if she could have. She would have objected to the intrusion if it didn't feel so good, so right. This lovely man had saved her and now he was making her feel wonderful.

Kenworthy took his time enjoying the body of the young blond as he would have done if he'd completed his rape of her in his office. He stroked her flesh as he made love to her being careful not to touch her blazing backside. He quickened pistoning into her body. He could feel her hips pushing back against each thrust as she tried in her restrained state to extract as much pleasure as she could from his cock buried deep in her throbbing cunt.

He gripped her and came flooding her with hot semen. The wet feeling pushed her over the edge and she grunted behind the gag as the sensual explosion starting off in her well fucked cunt spread out to fill her body with exquisite ecstasy.

The Mayor sat back for about twenty minutes as the milking machine carried on drinking the lactating milk from the blond's heavy breasts renewing the feelings of arousal throughout her body. Again he rose removed his clothes and made love to the young woman bringing her to another crashing orgasm all the time cooing in her ear and stroking her skin.

He injected her with more Lactite. She didn't even flinch as the needle sank into her breast. Neither did she react when he injected more of the mind-bending drugs into her butt.

Every half an hour or so he fucked the blond. Sometimes he used his own cock other times he inserted one of the vibrators Silas Morgan had provided. One big black one seemed especially good as it stretched Angela's pussy wide and the vicious buzzing hum of its little electric motor hit the spot and made her strain against her bonds as she erupted again and again.

He kept up the treatment on the blond agent for fifteen hours. Every time making sure it was his smiling face she could see as he brought her body to one wracking orgasm after another. At last he released her and caught her comatose body as she collapsed. He carried her to one of the bedrooms and removing her gag laid her down to sleep.

Chapter Six - Whoops.

She'd been asleep for nearly twenty hours when they woke her. Mayor Kenworthy gently shook her shoulder while Wendell stood by the door gingerly fingering the Tazer in his pocket. Kenworthy was confident the brainwashing had worked but Wendell wasn't so sure and without her gag she would be able to do to them what she'd done to Buddy.

'Wake up my dear' said Kenworthy.

Angela opened her eyes and looked at the Mayor with confused eyes then she quickly threw her arms round his neck and kissed him. Wendell tensed as she moved but relaxed as it became clear she wasn't going to harm the Mayor. Their lips met and she kissed him with the tenderest affection he'd experienced since his first college sweetheart.

Kenworthy broke the kiss. 'Leave us if you please Wendell.'

Quickly he removed his clothes and joined the naked blond on the bed. They kissed and caressed each other becoming more ardent until the Mayor climbed on top of the athletic blond and inserted his erect penis into her. Angela threw back her head as her lord and master began to make passionate love to her.

'You're mine aren't you Angela.' the Mayor said as he slowly moved his hips.

'Yes my love. Yours forever' she said genuinely besotted by him her voice catching as his cock began to arouse her.

'You will do my bidding won't you my dear' he continued.

'Anything my love, anything' she gasped as he thrust harder.

'You will spy for me, lie for me, betray your friends for me' he demanded as his ardour increased nearing its peak.

'Yes, yes, yes my master' she submitted fully to him.

'My own slave' he shouted and gripping her breasts he squeezed hard slamming his hips forward burying his cock in the young blond. Spurting his essence inside her hot sweating body.

Angela felt her lover's semen coat her pussy walls and opened her mouth to cry out as her explosive orgasm hit her.

'Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu'.

The blond agent lay with her eyes closed as her breath quietened. The Mayor lay spent on her so she gently pushed his body to one side so it rolled off her. She opened her eyes and looked up. There was what could only be described as a red splodge on the ceiling. She didn't remember seeing that there before. She sat up and threw her legs over the side of the bed. Her mind was in turmoil. She had little memory of her previous life only that she had a job but not what it was. Instead all her thoughts were of her new master and her total devotion to him.

She stood up and turned towards the bathroom. The sight that met her eyes made her catch her breath as she threw her fists to her mouth. There on the sideboard with a look of annoyed surprise was the severed head of Mayor Richard Kenworthy.

Angela looked back at the bed which now held the headless corpse of the Mayor.

She burst into tears. Her love was dead. She collapsed besides the bed sobbing uncontrollably. Slowly her tears lessened and stopped. The death of the Mayor had stripped the psychological dependence from her brain and she started to think more logically. Gradually her memories began to emerge from the drug induced fog, her job, her purpose in being here, baby Benjamin. Turning her eyes met the dead eyes of the Mayor. 'Poor sod' she thought 'he thought that he was deepening the dependency but in fact he was only signing his own death warrant. I can blow a door off its hinges at twenty paces. He took the full force of my sonic blast in the face at a distance of a couple of inches. No wonder his head came clean off.'

She washed and dressed. Wendell was still out there presumably on guard. So he definitely had his knife but he may also have the Tazer or even a gun. She couldn't afford to take any chances as she doubted he'd hesitate to kill her. Ripping out an electrical socket she filled a glass with water and threw it all over the electrical connections. In a shower of sparks the lights fused and died throwing the house into total darkness.

Quickly she left the bedroom and went in search of Wendell. In the dark she used her vocal skill to send out high frequency peeps which allowed her to circumvent the furniture. Wendell was floundering around looking for a torch when she found him. He only heard the sharp intake of breath then the sonic blast smashed into him staving in his chest and sending his boneless body across to smash into the opposite wall.

After checking baby Benjamin she phoned the Agency. A clean-up team arrived quickly. They scoured the house removing the bodies and any evidence they could find. The Mayors death would be staged at a different location in such a way to make him appear a hero and to cover up any involvement of 'The Agency'. Angela was whisked away.

Mr White met her. 'Congratulations Agent Summers. You foiled the kidnap gang as per your mission so well done.'

'Well done' she thought 'I'm going to have to be a bit creative with my final report.'

'Yes well done indeed' said Mr White 'Here's hoping your next mission is just as easy and uneventful as this one was.

Angela couldn't think of a single thing to say.

The End