By Bunzilla

Dracula's Attack! - Chapter Fini

Wondergirl is stalked and attacked by Dracula

Wonder Woman had giving a debriefing to Sherrif Brundy earlier this day. Dracula had been beheaded by Hank. 'Then I set fire to his filthy carcass' she informed Brundy. The sherrif did not seem to want to know all the details. 'Just glad we don't have to mess with anything like this anymore. I'm so glad we got to him before he killed Wyour sister.'

"So am I Sherrif." Wonder Woman said aloud as she pulled away from the town. 'Donna seems taken with the Sherrif...hope they're having fun. She had a close call. Had know idea she was up against! Poor girl. She was really beaten bad. Appears to me that she is well on the way to recovery...Nick looks eager to help her in any way. Oh to the little cottage Hank has ready for me. Nothing like getting away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. This cabin is advertized as miles away from any other home or residence.Opps...road runs out here. Yep just as the map reads. Two miles up this trail and Hank and I are alone in the cabin.'

Pulling the Land Roaver to a stop Wonder Woman got out and stretched. Linking her fingers she pushed away from her chest and raised her arms for the tree tops. Breathing in the clean air Wonder Woman felt alive...fully.

Walking a short distance up a winding trail she heard a low grunt, then a growl. 'Mmmmm, Hanks already planning to pounce on me. Thought he might wait to do it in the cabin. He must want to rape me in the woods...again. Good gosh, he is so big!'

Wonder Woman walked up the trail. Swinging her hips just like Hank liked. She knew he'd peek at her and get himself aroused soon. The thrill of knowing he was going to ravage her in these woods made her head spin.

Twenty yards in the distance she saw bushes move violently. 'He's stalking me! Keeping pace with me.' Smiling, raising her chin and swinging her arms confidently as she walked on in the woods. Wonder Woman relished the thought of a huge werewolf making yet another 'meal' of her. 'Wonder what surprizes he has planned for me?'

Feeling his threatening presence behind her she wirled. ' he is fast today. Could I even out run him if I had to? Let's get his blood really boiling...'

Wonder Woman stopped when she saw another rustle in some bushes 100 feet to her left. Running her hands through her hair, bending and stretching Wonder Woman poured it on. 'Whatever is watching me is getting an eye full. "Is someone there? What do you want? Show yourself...Who's there?!" 'Hank likes it when I act afraid...really gets him going.'

Walking on, Wonder Woman rounded a steep curve and saw the cottage thirty yards ahead. "Oh no...nothing but rape awaits me." Wonder Woman knew Hank would hear this. 'By now he must be purple, about to bust.'

Stepping up the few steps to the porch, Wonder Woman turned the door knob. 'Unlocked...I'm doomed.' Walking in to the main living room she heard a bump in one of the back rooms. "Grandmother? Is that you? Any goodies here for me?"

Storming through the opening of a back bedroom Hank stood in the doorway and drooled heavily while he glared at Wonder Woman. "Oh my! What big arms you have!"

"" snarled the towering werewolf.

Bounding up to Wonder Woman the werewolf , with one paw, grabbed her around her throat and with the other, grabbed her crotch and lifted her off the floor. Wincing under the sharp claws on her inner thigh Wonder Woman fluttered her long lashes and said "What sharp claws you have, Grandmother."

"Rip... flesh..."

Snarling horribly and moving his threatening mouth down to her chest, stomach and belly, Wonder Woman mocked a frigthened look and said "Oh My! What sharp teeth you have!"

"EAT!" With that Hank nipped Wonder Woman at her waist, hip, thigh and knee.

Making little pleading, helpless sounds Wonder Woman looked the werewolf directly in is burning red eyes. "Which is first? Eat me or rape me. Do I have a vote Mr. Werewolf? I can tell you want to do both." Twisting in the grip of the monster Wonder Woman licked her lips and wispered "I much prefered to be raped by you. Then after you ravage me in everyway possible, you may eat me."

Sniffing her at her groin the werewolf growled menicingly. "If you really want to dominate this superheroine and have some fun with me take off my belt...then I'm just another delicious treat in a sexy costume."

Hank took his claw away from her throat and moved it around her back. Releasing his grip on her crotch he fumbled with her belt. It 'clanked' to the floor.

"Now I've done it! I'm completely helpless. A huge werewolf wants to eat me and I can do nothing to stop him! Ow! Oh! Those claws are realy sharp now. What is your favorite piece of me? Hmmm? Do you like a little thigh or" , raising her arms over her head " would you like to gnaw on my arms first?"

"Of course there is always my throat..." Stretching her head back she opened her throat to the drooling mouth of the werewolf. The werewolf clamped down on her throat and licked it with its tongue. "running out of things to temp you with Mr. Werewolf...Hmmm...Oh yes, my breasts are truly delicious...and there's two of them. One now, one for later. Now your right claw is digging into that where you want to start on me?...I thought so...I'm yours."

Hank pawed Wonder Woman at her groin. Pulling the blue material off to the side he grabbed her bare skin with his claws. "Grant a doomed heroine a last request...rape me first...then eat me."


With that loud word the werewolf impaled Wonder Woman. Driving her back agaist the wall he pounded her hard ten times. Each thrust brought a scream from her throat. Her feet a good three feet off the floor she hung impaled on his raging passion. "You're killing me! STOP! Please!" The werewolf, full of animalistic passion gripped Wonder Woman under both arm pits and threw her into the bedroom. Landing on the center of the bed. Diana looked back over her shoulder and said "Oh...I's my tail you really want. Well who can blame a randy werewolf for wanting to bang up against some pretty girl's tush." Spreading a leg off to one side Diana lifted her rear slightly and said "Show me what you've got!"

Hank relished the playfullness Wonder Woman brought to their escapeds. She never tired of trying new positions or games. Bursting inside her she cried out. His passion dripped down her muscular thighs. Almost comically the werewolf raised his head and howled loudly at the moon.