By Bunzilla

I'll get you my pretty... Part Conclusion

No Summary

A week had gone by since the incident with Dr. Mordecia. Rosco had checked on Wonder Woman a few times out of concern.

After she's fallen off the torture table the two policemen rushed over to her and patted her face and hand trying to bring her back to conciousness.

Several minutes later, after giving her some water, Wonder Woman asked the policemen to bring her the belt against the wall and put it on her.

Dutifully complying they fastened it in place where upon Wonder Woamn colapsed again out of exhaustion.

Now, sitting back in her apartment, she fought back tears and uncontrollable shaking. 'Got to find a way to come out of this...can't go on fighting crime in this shape'

Thumbing throught the yellow pages she stopped under licenced massage therapists. Finding one close by she dialed the number. After exchanging some basic information Diana said 'I prefer a man, please. I also want to set it for three hours minimum so he'll have to be strong with lots of stamina.'

'Three hours Ma'am?' said a shocked receptionist. 'Please inform the gentleman that I will pay double his normal rate plus a generous tip if he follows my specific requests.'

'Yes ma'm. I'll do that'

About an hour later Diana walked into the day spa wearing a pale green and white striped shirt dress. Sitting in the waiting room she busied herself reading one of the frivolous, meaningless magazines on the coffe table.

'Ms. Prince? Please come this way.' announced a pretty young girl obviously still in college.

'High, my name is Drake. Have you been here before?' asked a hansome, muscular man of approximately 35 years of age.

'No.' admitted a quivering Diana.

'After you undress, if you would lay down on this table and push the buzzer telling me you are covered and ready. I'll step out while you get ready.'

'No need, please stay. I have some unusual requests.' As Diana started to take off her dress the masseusse turned his head and started for the door.

'Please stay, I'll explaine. I need you to massage me while I'm wearing this.' Wonder Woman stepped out of her dress and revealed the red, white & blue teddy she had bought for Bill. 'I am not attempting to seduce you. Please do not leave an inch of my body untouched by your treatment. I need to feel tenderness and compassion while I'm wearing this. Is that too freaky for you?'

'No ma'am. It's not. You did say every part of you? Will you sign a release stating that so I'm not sued later?'

'Of course'

As Wonder Woman signed the document Drake noticed the bruises and lacerations on her thighs, shoulders and throat.

Laying on her back Diana said 'Please do your best. I need some healing from a friendly male touch.'

Looking at her bruises Drake said 'Has the guy that did this been taken care of Ma'am?'

'yes, but it was more than one man and the've been 'gotten'.

Placing the palms of her hands over her eyes she choked back tears of pain and releif as Drake began massaging her thigh.

Gently liftering her knee he said 'Please tell me if anything is uncomfortable.I'll stop and move to another spot.'

Tears were sliding down her cheek when she said ' Just turn me anyway you need to. Please don't be shy about touching my groin, breasts or anything else. And please, please be thorough!'

As Drake took her arm and began massaging it up to her shoulder Wonder Woman knew she had made the right choice in getting healing from the abuse from Zardor, the midget and Mordecia... and also Bill.