Alpha Female - The Specters  

By Bunzilla

Alpha Female 2 - The Specters

A story by Bunzilla

The only character I own is the villainess, Bette Noire, the rest are the sole property of DC comics and possibly others, and their inclusion here is not intended as a challenge to any intellectual property rights they may hold. This is solely a work of fan-fiction. Obviously this version of events and characters do not correspond to current depictions of them, and its something of an amalgamation of several different aspects of them. Bette Noire was deeply inspired by White Wolf's Mage: The Ascension series of RPG products, though I did my best not to include any direct references to their work. Questions and comments can be directed to

Ghost Hunting

Wonder Woman awoke slowly, her body aching, her ass in particular after the fucking her Mistress had given her the night before. She had begged for it, for her Mistress to take her virginity in every way possible, and worse, she had enjoyed it. Deep down, she had wanted it to happen, but she couldn't quite consciously admit it to herself just yet. She was still in her costume, a costume she had disgraced last night with her behavior, a costume she knew she would disgrace even more in the coming days ahead. Her briefs were deeply stained by the copious amount of fluid she had leaked the night before, and she didn't want to think too much about some of the darker stains she saw in it as she inspected herself on the bed. Her Mistress was nowhere to be seen, probably off planning who it was they would enslave next, so she decided to clean herself off and do her best to clean her costume. She had a feeling she would need it tonight, and besides, they were the only clothes she actually had.

Stripping off quickly once she reached the bathroom, Diana stepped into the enormous four-head shower, though she only recalled there being one yesterday. She didn't remember the walk-in bath being there earlier either. But mages did some odd things at times, and she just chalked it up to the magical eccentricities that practitioners of the arcane tended to have. The shower was even more wonderful than it had been the day before, and she spent a long time doing her best to clean the filth she felt on herself, until finally, she realized that the filth she felt was on the inside, and that no amount of water would rinse it away. An hour later she stepped out of the shower, feeling a lot better, on the outside anyway. Once she had dried herself off, she went to retrieve her costume and was surprised to see that it was not where she had placed it. Wrapping a towel around herself, more to keep warm than from any sense of modesty, she looked around the bath, and not finding it, headed back into the bedroom, only to see her costume laying neatly folded on the bed. It had been cleaned and pressed, and not a trace remained of last night's erotic activities, much to her relief.

“I took the liberty of cleaning your clothes,” Bette said from the corner of the room, startling Diana and making her jump a little, “You'll need them for the coming day, and while I want you acting like a whore, I do not want you looking like one,” she said with a smile, “Well, not outside of here anyway...” she added with a purr, making Diana blush.

“Thank You Mistress,” Diana said submissively, “Where are we going Mistress?” she asked, eyes still cast downward.

“To do some ghost hunting,” Bette replied enigmatically.

“Ghost hunting Mistress?” Diana asked, not understanding the reference.

“Green Specter and Specter Girl,” Bette explained, “You'll be taking mommy, and I'll go after girly.”

“Oh, of course Mistress, I remember seeing your file on her last night,” Diana said as she recalled what the file had said, “But Mistress, if I may ask, how did you figure out who they were so fast?” she asked curiously.

“The same way I figured out who you were,” Bette said with an evil grin, “A bit of magic and facial recognition software that's designed to filter out masks and such when my NanoDrones scan someone.”

“NanoDrones Mistress?” Diana responded.

“Yes, they aren't much bigger than fruit flies, which I modeled them after, with more sophisticated sensors than anything the US has in the air, or anywhere else for that matter,” Bette answered with a proud smile, “Technomancy my dear, technomancy, magic combining with advanced technology to create something greater than either discipline could achieve on their own,” she explained as if to a child.

“Oh, thank you Mistress,” Diana said, pondering the ramifications of what she had just been told.

“Now get dressed, we have somewhere to be in an hour,” Bette said sweetly, as she took a seat and watched Diana reach for her costume, making her blush once more, “Just make it sexy for your Mistress...” she purred seductively.

Diana did her best to get dressed as sexily as she could, but never having done that in her life, it was a little awkward, and not quite as sexy as she might have wished it to be. With a slightly disappointed sigh, Bette stood up and motioned Diana to follow her as she headed out of the bedroom. With a sagging head, Wonder Woman followed her Mistress, resolving to herself that she would have to improve on some skills she was going to be needing in the future. She hated the idea of being second best at anything, and if she was to be a whore to Bette Noire, she was determined to be the best one she had.

At the appointed time, Wonder Woman and her Mistress arrived at the location Bette had determined to be the best place to ambush the Specters as they made their nightly patrol through the streets of Delta City. They were just on the edge of the city's red light district, not quite inside of it, and Bette instructed her to get into position as quietly as possible, so they could set their trap. Within forty-five minutes, Diana spotted the two heroines approaching in a sports car of some sort, doubtless armored and tricked out.

As the car approached the middle of the alleyway, Wonder Woman saw Bette toss a small grenade at the front of the vehicle, and just a few moments later a blue flash briefly illuminated the dim alley. The car stopped dead in its tracks, and within a few seconds, both doors burst open as the heroines rolled out, ready for the fight that was sure to come. Wonder Woman was to strike first, and she did not hesitate to launch her attack, dropping heavily onto the green-clad heroine from the two story roof she was perched on, her knees landing solidly on her shoulders, making her scream in pain as both of them toppled to the pavement. Not wasting a single moment, Diana grasped Green Specter's head firmly and pulling it back a little, slammed it hard onto the pavement, knocking her out cold. She began to efficiently pull Specter's arms back and fasten them firmly with a flexible safety cuff at the wrists, followed quickly by her ankles with a similar device, and soon had her hefted over her shoulder ready for transport back to the lair.

As this was happening, Specter Girl began to move towards her mother, and did not see the dark figure coming up fast from behind her. All she knew was that before she could even round the car to help her mentor, a lancing pain shot through her ribs and the world went dark around her as her body began to shut down. Bette bound her quickly and calmly, finishing just a moment before Wonder Woman, Specter Girl slung over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes. She flashed a smile at Wonder Woman as their gazes met, before motioning with her head that it was time to leave. She stuck a rather small little cube on the hood of the Specter-Mobile, and taking Wonder Woman's free hand with her own, both they and their burdens disappeared in an instant. A few moments later, the Specter-Mobile blew up as the cube exploded and detonated the fuel tanks, sending a fireball shooting into the sky.

Once they were back at Bette's lair, it was obvious to Diana that she might have been a little too rough with Green Specter. She was very much unconscious still, and her breathing was a little erratic and shallow. Bette looked over at her once she had placed Specter Girl down on the floor, and curtly ordered Diana to see to binding the girl after she placed Green Specter on a nearby table. As she inspected Green Specter, Bette made tsking noises, muttering things that Diana couldn't understand clearly, and was clearly focusing on the heroine's head.

“Will she be alright Mistress,” Diana asked worriedly, afraid she had permanently damaged Green Specter.

“Depends on how you define 'alright' I suppose,” Bette answered distractedly, “There's some minor bleeding internally, and some distinct signs of trauma to her brain, a bit more than a concussion I'm afraid,” she mumbled, more to herself than to Diana, “But nothing I can't fix with a little bit of effort,” she said finally, though Diana didn't much care for the grin that was spreading across her face.

“I... I'm sorry Mistress...” Diana said softly, looking a little horrified with herself, “I didn't mean to...”

“It's not entirely a bad thing actually,” Bette said enigmatically, “It will just take some time for her to recover,” she added with a strange smile on her face, “Now, be a dear and get Specter Girl in that chair over there, and pull her a bit closer to the table.”

“Yes Mistress,” Diana said, a little morosely.

“And try not to damage her in the process, okay...” Bette said with a tight laugh, her barb making Diana wince with guilt.

“Yes Mistress,” Diana responded, taking great care with the teenage heroine, binding her arms and legs to the chair securely before moving her closer to her Mistress as she was ordered to.

Several monitors had slid down from the ceiling, some showing real-time scans of Green Specter's skull and brain. While she wasn't a doctor, Diana knew enough about medicine to see that she had fractured the heroine's skull and actually caused some physical damage to her brain, not just given it a concussion. Her shoulders slumped and her heart sank as the consequences of her actions sank in, and she turned away from the monitors, unable to bear looking at them any longer. It was the low point of Diana's life, so far anyway, to the point that she didn't even say a silent prayer for Green Specter's recovery, since she wasn't sure she still believed in the gods or their mercy. She truly hoped Bette could undo what she had done to that poor woman.

It wasn't long before Specter Girl regained consciousness, and as she opened her eyes, seemingly no worse for the wear, she was met by the sight of her mother laying on a table lifelessly as a woman in black hovered over her.

“Get away from her Bitch!” the teenage heroine cried out as she did her best to free herself from the chair.

“If I do that, your mother will die, and neither of us wants that, now do we?” Bette said in a eerily calm voice, “It seems my bodyguard got a tad bit overzealous and hurt your mother very badly,” she said with a smile, “And now I'm fixing what I can, but given that it's a brain injury, things can be a little unpredictable.”

“She should be in a hospital then!” the young heroine cried out, “Not in some creepy-ass dungeon!”

“Believe me dear, she's far better off here than in any hospital,” Bette said with a smile, “There, she should be awake any minute, though there might be some permanent effects, the trauma was quite severe, so we shall see I suppose,” she finished with a warm smile at Specter Girl.

“She had better be, or I swear I'll make you pay dearly!” Specter Girl growled, trying not to look worried or scared.

The Brain Trust

“Will she recover Mistress” Diana asked as she came back into the room, barely registering that Specter Girl was once again awake.

“She should, but we'll have to wait and see,” Bette replied as she studied the monitors, “You've really got to work on being a bit more gentle when you take someone down,” she added off-handedly, “Sleeper holds from now on for you.”

“Yes Mistress, I'm sorry Mistress,” Diana whispered, her head bowing in shame at having hurt the heroine so badly.

“You did this to her?!?” Specter Girl cried out, “If she's hurt...” she started.

“It's not a question of being hurt, it's a question of recovery my dear,” Bette interrupted her, “There might be some significant changes to her personality though, brain damage can do some unpredictable things at times,” she observed, “But thankfully the areas of the brain that control speech and motor function seem to have been unaffected, though up here,” she explained as she gestured towards frontal lobe on the monitor, “Her basal ganglia took some significant damage, her thalamus did as well, though to a much lesser extent, and that could affect her quite a bit.”

“What the hell does that mean?” Specter Girl asked angrily, “How could it affect her?”

“Well, the consequences could be quite dramatic,” Bette replied flatly, “Or barely noticeable at all,” she added, “As I said, we shall have to wait and see. If you want answers, those are the only ones I have for you right now, our understanding of the brain is limited, and while I do know more than most, I do not have all of the answers,” she said plainly, leveling her gaze at Specter Girl, “The best I can promise you is that she will survive.”

“Oh,” Specter Girl replied, a little crestfallen, “I guess that makes sense,” she said in a half-whisper, though she gave Diana a withering glare as she said it, making Diana look away in shame.

“Diana, do show Specter Girl to her room,” Bette said warmly, “I'm sure she's quite tired, and just sitting here watching isn't going to do anyone any favors,” she added wearily, “I'll let you know as soon as your mother is awake,” she said to Specter Girl as soon as Diana had nodded her understanding.

“Okay, uh... thanks, I think...” Specter Girl said to Bette as Diana unfastened her bindings and began to lead her off.

“Oh, and Diana,” Bette called after them just before they left the room.

“Mistress?” Diana said, turning to face her Mistress, her hand locked around Specter Girl's arm.

“Try not to break her on the way to the room, okay?” Bette said with a neutral expression on her face, making Diana wince, before turning away to carry out her task.

Diana and Specter Girl walked down the hall in awkward silence, moving slowly due to the chains on Specter Girl's ankles than any want to be around one another very long. Diana's head was swimming with thoughts of guilt and remorse, unable to articulate words to tell the young heroine how sorry she was. She knew she should say something, but a combination of shame and pride kept her silent as the two of them walked. Once they arrived at the room, right across the hall from Bette's, she moved her charge inside and closed the door, and did not see the balled up fists until they impacted with her face. The pain barely registered, the girl just wasn't strong enough to do any real damage to her, but she decided to just stand there and let the teenage heroine vent pain and anger on her. She just didn't have the heart to offer her any resistance.

“Damn you to hell...” Specter Girl hissed once she had stopped hitting Diana, her hands and arms hurting badly from her efforts, “One way or another, I'll see you pay for what you did to my mother...” she spat out hatefully.

“I already am,” Diana said gently, still just standing there like a statue, “I used to be a heroine like you and your mother,” she said with a sad voice that made the teenager pause, “But then Bette came along and made me her slave... and... and I'm sorry for what I did... I just... was so angry that I had to help her...” she whispered, her voice beginning to break as tears flowed down her face, “It's not an excuse... I'm just trying... to explain myself to you...”

“Oh...” Specter Girl said quietly, her rage evaporating as she looked at Diana as if for the first time, finally noticing the proud costume, the shame and humiliation on her face, and wondering if that was to be her fate as well.

“I... I want to warn you... don't expect your mother to be the same... Bette did something as she was fixing her... something bad, something she was smiling about...” Diana whispered, afraid that her Mistress might hear, “Your mother won't be the same person you... love and remember,” she said despairingly, “She will look like her, but make no mistake, she'll be Bette's creature, not your mother.”

“But why would Bette fix her then?” Specter Girl asked, confused as to why she would bother fixing her instead of letting her die.

“Because it will hurt you more,” Diana said, looking straight in Specter Girl's eyes, “You have no idea how cruel she can be, and I know that I don't really know either,” she said, her eyes falling to the floor, “She's had me less than a week and... and just look at me, broken and scared... unworthy...” she said, as she started to cry, bringing her hands up to cover her face.

“I... I don't know what to say...” Specter Girl said as she looked at the broken Wonder Woman, “But we'll get out of this, all of us...” she said with a smile more confident than she actually felt.

Upon looking up at the young heroine, Diana felt some small measure of hope. She had to try to help her get away from all of this, even if that meant sacrificing herself to do it. Her tears flowed freely as she confessed to Specter Girl all of what had happened to her, how she had been enslaved with her own lasso, how she had been broken, how she had tried to keep Bette away from them, and how miserably her plan had failed. She even told her of her submission to Bette's will, and how she had begged to be fucked, to have her virginity stripped from her by the villainess. By the time she was finished, Specter Girl wore a horrified expression, as Diana felt herself being pulled into a comforting embrace she sunk into. As they comforted one another, they were startled to hear the door open, as Bette and Green Specter walked into the room.

“Mom!” Specter Girl cried out, as she broke her embrace with Diana and rushed to her mother, unable to stop herself, “I'm so glad to see you!” she whispered as she embraced her mother as best she could with her shackles still on..

“I'm glad to see you too darling,” Green Specter said, as she returned the embrace.

Diana noticed that she was not bound at all, and she looked at Bette suspiciously, who simply gave her a cruel smile. She knew this was going to go very poorly for Specter Girl in the next few moments, and that there was nothing she could do to stop it. Her heart broke, and though she had tried to warn the young girl, she understood the emotions that prevented Specter Girl from remembering the warning until it was too late.

“Summer darling,” Green Specter said as she gently pushed her daughter away, “I want you to be a good girl and obey your new Mistress as if she were me,” she said kindly, though her eyes said something else, “I don't want to see you punished for being a bad girl and not obeying your Mistress,” she said, a cruel edge coming into her voice, “And making me look like I didn't raise you properly,” she added with a sneer that sent ice through Diana and Summer's veins.

“Mom?” Summer asked hesitantly, as she started to back away towards Diana, “Is that really you... or someone else?” she asked, as her eyes narrowed and she recalled Diana's warning a bit too late.

“Of course it's me darling,” Axanna said sweetly, “Who else would I be?” she asked with a cruel smile as she advanced towards Summer.

“Don't you just love these warm family moments?” Bette asked with an evil smirk, “So very heartwarming.”

“What have you done to my mother?” Summer asked desperately, as she looked for somewhere she might escape to.

“Me?” Bette replied innocently, “I simply made sure she lived,” she said sweetly, “You can thank Wonder Woman over there for your mother's new perspective on life,” she said with a smirk, enjoying the guilt-wracked expression that took hold of Diana's face.

“Liar!” Summer cried out as she lunged for Bette, doing her best to get behind her to throttle her with her chains, only to cry out as Diana intercepted her before she could reach her target.

“I'm sorry Summer...” Diana sobbed as she threw the young heroine across the room and onto the bed, “I'm so very sorry.”

For her part, Summer had been expecting the catch, and used it to twist in the air, using the bed as a springboard to send herself over her mother's head and out of the door. She hopped along the corridor, looking for an exit, as she did her best not to trip on the chains that were restricting her movement, until she came to a set of double doors, as she heard footsteps rapidly coming up on her from behind. She flung herself through the doors and to the side, finding herself in what looked like a garage filled with some very expensive looking cars and motorcycles. Diana landing heavily just a short distance away from her startled her a bit, she didn't look as heavy as that landing made her out to be, and thinking fast,she launched herself at Diana, wrapping her chains around her neck to strangle her. She was not disappointed when Diana snapped the chain like it was a twig, and she brought her knee up hard into the larger woman's kidneys, making her grunt, just before she leapt off of her, heading for the nearest motorcycle.

She was counting on Diana leaping at her again, and watching her movements through the glass, she quickly reversed course and began to cartwheel towards the now startled Diana. She managed to get her legs around Diana's neck and swung herself around with her momentum to once more wrap chains around her foe to try to strangle her again. As expected, Diana snapped those chains as well, not realizing that she had inadvertently freed Summer from her bondage, who immediately headed towards a set of cabinets along the wall. Glad that mages tended to be neurotic about things being in their place, she flung one open that was labeled lubricants, and ripping it open, flung the contents at the floor that Diana was racing towards her on. Leaping over the sliding Amazon, Specter Girl was stopped dead in her tracks by a very large gun touching the tip of her nose.

Little Girl Green

“Well that was most impressive,” Bette said with a smile as she leveled the gun at Specter Girl unwaveringly, “But I think you've gone far enough.”

“You have to hide behind a gun, eh?” Specter Girl said tauntingly, “Afraid to face me one-on-one?” she asked angrily.

“No, I just wanted to get your attention,” Bette replied casually, as the gun just vanished into thin air, “I have no problem at all facing you in a fight,” she said evenly, “Stay out of this,” she added for Diana's benefit, who was once more on her feet after the slide she had made across the floor.

“Yes Mistress,” Diana replied submissively, secretly hoping Specter Girl kicked the crap out of her Mistress.

“Your funeral witch,” Specter Girl said, a little cockily.

Bette didn't bother with a response, she just launched into a series of kicks that all failed to connect, but which were herding Specter Girl back towards the oil on the floor quite nicely. The move startled Specter Girl, who wasn't expecting to face a disciplined fighter, and she gave up ground to give herself time to reassess the situation. She was having a hard time figuring out why the style that Bette was using seemed so familiar, and she was much more focused on puzzling that out than she was on where she was stepping. Bette's last kick did manage to connect, fairly solidly, but as she took a step back to brace herself, she started to slide as she stepped into the slippery oil she had thrown at Diana earlier, wrenching her back as she struggled to maintain her balance and recover, causing her to cry out in pain. That drew out a laugh from her mother, who she saw standing behind Diana, one of her hands fondling the enslaved heroine's breasts while the other stroked her pussy through her briefs.

“Ouch, that looked like it hurt,” Bette said with a laugh as she maneuvered around the slippery hazard, “You sure you don't want to just concede defeat and not suffer any more than you have to?” she asked mockingly.

“Fuck you whore,” Specter Girl spat out, as she got into a fighting stance, wondering how she was going to get out of this one.

“I was thinking the same thing,” Bette purred, winking at the young heroine lasciviously, “So was your mom by the looks of things,” she added with a grin, her eyes glancing at Axanna molesting the submissive Wonder Woman.

Specter Girl charged at her with a scream of rage, and as Bette began to sidestep the oncoming teenager, she was caught unaware as her charge turned into a sweep, sending her into the air a little to land hard on her shapely ass. Not wasting any time, Specter Girl straddled the villainess' hips and just began to wail on her head with all of her strength, making it snap back and forth with each blow. She poured every ounce of her hatred and rage into her strikes, and finally had to stop when she realized that her opponent was now out cold. She had done it, and soon, all of them would be free. Her heart was near to bursting with pride, and she took great satisfaction as she looked at her bloody hands, smeared with the blood of her so-called Mistress. The sound of slow, deliberate clapping startled her out of her reverie.

“Well done Specter Girl, well done,” a sweet voice called out, one that sounded an awful lot like the woman she had just beaten into pulp and whose hips she was straddling.

“Oh fuck...” Summer cried out, as she looked down between her legs, and saw her own mother's bloody and battered face, rather than the face of Bette Noire.

“Of fuck indeed,” Bette said with a self-satisfied tone, “You ready for round two now?” she asked, her voice mocking and sadistic.

“I am going to beat the living shit out of you...” Summer said very quietly, as she rose up off of her mother's sprawled body, “And once I'm done, I'm going to rip off those tattoos of yours with a carrot peeler,” she added as she turned to face the villainess.

“Mistress, please...” Diana pleaded, “She's no match for you... just let her go and I swear I'll be your slave for eternity, willingly and so very gratefully, but please...” she begged, offering herself to spare Specter Girl, and making Bette turn to regard her thoughtfully.

“Fuck that,” Summer called out angrily, “I'm not going to let you do that Diana, and besides, I owe her for what she did to my mom,” she added with passionate venom, “I won't be able to look at myself in a mirror ever again if you give yourself up to this Bimbo-Yaga-Bitch just for my sake.”

“I have to admit, that was tempting...” Bette whispered to Diana, “But now I really need to teach that little cunt a lesson in manners,” she said coldly, making Diana wonder if Specter Girl had hit a nerve and thrown Bette off her game a little.

“C'mon Bimbo-Yaga, bring it,” Specter Girl taunted, “See what happens...”

“Just so you know,” Bette hissed coldly, “I'm going to thoroughly enjoy watching your mother have her way with you, just to see the look on your face when you can't help but orgasm.”

“Whatever... talk to the fist, 'cause I'm not listening,” Specter Girl taunted in response, moving into a fighting stance.

“Wonder Woman,” Bette said with an evil smile, “Deal with this little cunt.”

“What, too afraid to do your own dirty work?” Specter Girl snarled, “Have to hide behind others because you're too chicken shit?”

“Yes Mistress,” Diana responded sadly, unable to resist Bette's commands as she leapt in between Specter Girl and Bette, landing in a fighting stance, “I take no pleasure in this...” she said as she looked at her new foe with a sad heart, “I'm sorry Summer.”

“C'mon Diana, you can fight this...” Specter Girl said encouragingly, “Don't let this bitch win.”

Without a word, Diana charged at Specter Girl with considerable speed, catching the teen heroine full in the stomach as she bull rushed her, knocking the breath out of her and making her scream in pain. If she had to carry out her Mistress' orders, she'd do it as quickly and cleanly as she could. Specter Girl caught a break and managed to roll with the hit, and Diana had to admit that she was impressed the girl hadn't just folded right then and there. She knew that the teen heroine was in pain, and that another one of those hits would finish this, so without pause, she launched herself once more at her foe, desperately trying to resist the compulsion but unable to. As she closed in, her body a blur from the speed, she realized that Specter Girl was actually ready for her, as she sidestepped her and delivered a kick into the small of her back, sending her slamming into the wall head-first, dazing her from the impact. She could do nothing as she saw the teen heroine streak towards Bette, looking as though she was about to deliver a hay-maker to her Mistress' jaw, only to stop just short as an odd cloud left her glove and shot towards Bette's face.

Bette was ready for the hit, and was more than ready to block, but she didn't expect the cloud in the slightest. She couldn't help but to inhale the strange gas, and for a moment, the world spun around, and the next thing she knew was blackness. Not even the pain of a blade that appeared in the girl's hand cutting away the flesh around her wrist could awaken her.

“YES!!!” Flag Girl cried with a triumphant yell as a gleaming, golden lasso appeared in her hand once she got the skin of Bette's wrist clear of her body, “TAKE THAT BITCH!!!” she yelled, her chest heaving from the exertion, making her heavy breasts bounce and jiggle.

“Oh my Goddesses...” Diana gasped, her mind her own as the hairs that had been entrapped in the lasso fluttered to the ground, “You did it Summer... you beat her...” she said, her voice a mixture of disbelief and joy.

“Yeah, I guess I did,” Flag Girl gasped, the pain and exhaustion catching up with her as her adrenaline began to bleed off, “Oh fuck, I'm in an incredible amount of pain...” she half-whispered, as she felt Diana's strong arms close around her and lift her into the air in a fierce hug.

“I owe you everything Summer, you've freed me...” Diana croaked out as tears of joy began to overwhelm her, “I don't know how I can repay you...”

“Maybe... putting me down... would be a good... start...” Summer said weakly, her limbs feeling like lead, her head dropping as fatigue leeched away the last of her strength.

“Oh Goddess, I'm so sorry...” Diana said apologetically as she lowered Summer to the ground gently, “Now to end that witch once and...” she started to say, “What the? Where did she go?” she gasped in amazement.

“What?!?!” Summer cried out, her adrenaline instantly back as she turned to where she had left the villainess out cold and bleeding.

“She was there a second ago...” Diana said confusedly, just before a panicked look crossed her face and she turned suddenly, her posture relaxing a little when she saw that Green Specter was still there, “Thank Hera, she didn't think to take your mother when she escaped!”

“Oh, crap, I didn't even think of that,” Summer said as she spun towards where her mom was laying, “I wonder if she's going to be okay now that Bette's gone?” she asked nervously.

“We need to get her to Themiscrya, the home of the Amazons, they'll be able to help heal her,” Diana said comfortingly, her arm going around Summer's shoulder to reassure her, “I give you my word, we won't stop until she is whole once more,” she said solemnly, her voice confident once more as the effects of Bette's magic began to subside.

“How are we going to get there though, without her magic?” Summer asked with a despairing tone, knowing full well that Hexanna's just wasn't capable of that sort of magic.

“My lasso can cross the barriers between worlds actually, though it's not something I do lightly,” Diana said gently, “But in this case...” she said as she pulled Summer close, and walked with her over to Green Specter's unconscious body.

The lasso began to spin faster and faster, until the three heroines simply disappeared with a golden flash.

To The Victor Goes The Spoils

It had been a couple of days since Wonder Woman, Specter Girl, and the gravely injured Green Specter had arrived on the island of the Amazons, Themiscrya. Green Specter was in the hands of the island's healers, who assured Summer that her mother could be restored to her former self, but that it would take time. Though she was relieved to hear it, she was still worried, as any daughter would be, for her mother's safety and well-being. It kept her up at night, that and the knowledge that Bette Noire was still out there, licking her wounds and doubtlessly plotting her revenge against all three of them.

“Something on your mind Summer?” Diana asked softly as she approached the young woman as she stared at the distant shores and the sea beyond.

“Oh, Diana! Sorry, you startled me,” Summer responded with a jump, “No, I'm okay... I was just thinking, about, you know...” she said with a distracted voice, “Mom, Bette, stuff like that.”

“I thought as much,” Diana whispered as she drew closer to Summer, wrapping her arms around her waist from behind, “I know that she is still out there, watching and waiting, and when the time comes, we'll have to deal with her,” she said gently as she pressed into Summer with her body, “But I have to admit, that's not really what's on my mind at the moment...”

“Uh, Diana, I...” Summer started to say, until she realized just how good it felt to have this amazing woman pressing herself into her, “I don't usually go for girls...” she said with a half-moan as Diana's hands came up and cupped her breasts gently.

“Would you like me to stop?” Diana asked huskily, her warm breath sending shivers down Summer's spine as it tickled her ear.

“Um... no, not really, I was just...” she gasped as she leaned back into the much larger Amazon, “I'm just not very experienced with this sort of thing is all...” she moaned, her eyes closing from the pleasure coursing through her.

“We can change that...” Diana whispered in her ear, as she began to turn Summer to face her.

“Then I guess we probably should,” Summer replied as her arms wrapped around Diana's neck and she pulled herself up to come face to face with her, moaning as Diana's hands gripped her ass to help support her.

A few moments later, their lips met, and they kissed softly at first, but as each second passed, the intensity of their passion grew until it was a raging fire between them. Summer felt Diana begin to carry her back inside the palace, and she made no protests to stop her, letting herself be taken to Diana's room as they continued to kiss one another. Once the door was closed, the togas both of them were wearing fell to the floor, and within a few breaths they were writhing, naked, on the bed as their kiss continued. They spent hours exploring each others body's with their lips, tongues, hands, and fingers, and it wasn't long before they both lost track of the orgasms that coursed through each of them. Once they were spent, they just lay there in each others arms, gasping and gently kissing as they stared into each other, lost in the afterglow of their tryst. It wasn't long before they were both asleep, entwined and content.

It was but the first of many nights they spent in each others arms, and they were soon inseparable, each unable to bear the thought of not being with the other. While Summer had never thought of herself as a lesbian, she was learning that she was indeed one, at least as far as Diana was concerned. She would laugh to herself when she thought of it, thinking that maybe it explained why all those dyke villains took such a liking to her. They had been together perhaps two weeks when she noticed something was wrong with Diana, that there was a hesitancy, a secret perhaps, coming between them. It was starting to worry Summer, so she decided to act when Diana wasn't expecting it, when she was most vulnerable.

“Diana, what's wrong?” Summer asked in between licks of Diana's pussy as her finger teased her clitoris, “You seem like you want to ask or tell me something, but can't quite bring yourself to...” she said as her finger began to stroke and rub Diana's clitoris, “I'm willing to do anything to make you happy, but you have to tell me what it is.”

“Oh Goddess... you stopped licking...” Diana moaned, as Summer's fingers began to drive her towards another orgasm, “It's just that... I... I really want to be fucked... but it's just not possible...” she whimpered as her approaching orgasm built in intensity.

“What? You're kidding, right?” Summer asked, a little incredulously, not sure exactly what she meant.

“How, without magic?” Diana asked, just before she groaned wantonly as her orgasm began to crest.

Summer let the subject drop as Diana's orgasm swept over her, and decided that she was just going to have to make her way off the island tomorrow, hopefully returning with a little surprise for Diana. It wasn't long before they were both asleep from their exertions, Summer spooning Diana comfortingly as she stroked her body gently.

The very next day, the two of them spent several hours away from Themiscrya, visiting several of Diana's friends and introducing them to Summer. Before they headed back to the island, Summer made a discretely quick stop by a sex shop, and refused to let Diana see what she had gotten until they were getting ready for bed that night.

Summer spent quite a while with her head between Diana's legs, eating her lover's pussy to get it ready for what she was planning. She donned the harness for the Wonder Woman strap-on she had found, apparently it was a big seller with the lesbian crowd, as she ate pussy, until finally, she asked Diana to get in the middle of the bed on her hands and knees. She smiled as Diana flipped herself over and crawled up the bed sexily, wiggling her hips invitingly as she went. Crawling up on the bed, she just grinned as Diana gasped at the sight of the red and gold phallus hanging from the star-spangled blue harness. It was a 12” cock that was at least 1 ½” thick, and she let it tickle her lover's pussylips as she grabbed hold of Diana's hips and gently began to tease her pussy with the cock.

“Oh my goddess... is that what you bought today?” Diana asked breathlessly, her eyes closed in anticipation of being impaled by Summer and her cock.

“Yep, it sure is,” Summer replied playfully, “Are you ready for it?” she asked huskily, “Do you want it in that sweet pussy of yours?”

“Oh Goddess Yes...” Diana moaned as she wiggled her hips, trying to get the cock to enter her, “Please, give it to me...”

“With pleasure...” Summer whispered with a smile, as she began to slowly plunge the fake cock into Diana's sopping wet pussy.

Diana's moans of pleasure began to fill the room as Summer slowly fucked her pussy, leaning down over her lover to smash her tits into Diana's ass, as her hands grasped onto Diana's tits and began to squeeze and fondle them. She kept it at a slow pace for a good long while, enjoying the feel the nubs on her clitoris were producing each time Diana orgasmed, and it wasn't long before her own cum was dripping down her inner thighs. She picked up the pace with agonizing patience, making Diana whimper and beg for more, until finally she was making deep thrusts into Diana's pussy at a breakneck pace, the sounds of their thighs slapping together punctuated by Diana's cries and moans of pleasure. She spent over an hour fucking Diana in a variety of positions, and though she wasn't yet comfortable with the motion required to fuck another woman, Diana didn't seem to mind or much notice judging by how much she was cumming.

Diana ended up flat on her stomach, Summer mounting her from behind as she played with her tits, when she had a tremendous orgasm that made her black out for a few minutes as it subsided. Taking the opportunity, as she wasn't quite yet done, Summer got up from off of her lover and removed the phallus she had been fucking her with, replacing it with one just as long, but quite a bit thinner. She recalled Diana telling her how much she had loved Bette's cock up her ass, and she decided that she needed to take that memory away and replace it one of their own. Slowly, she began to sink the phallus past Diana's sphincter, slowly pushing it deeper and deeper into her ass. Diana was slowly coming awake as her moans filled the room once more, and her orgasms began to crash over her with increasing intensity from the cock fucking her ass.

Soon enough, she was begging Summer to fuck her ass, crying out her lover's name as she came over and over again, until finally, an orgasm that dwarfed any that Bette had given her purged her soul of that evil woman's taint as both she and Summer were united in a simultaneous orgasm that left them both gasping for breath and wanting more. It wasn't long before Summer showed her another little surprise, a strap-on that she could use to fuck Summer, in green of course, and Diana obligingly tested it out. Neither one of them had the skill that Bette had, but they made up for it with enthusiasm and an emotional context that had been sorely missing with Bette. Over the course of the coming weeks, their lovemaking grew to regularly include fucking each other, which Diana proved insatiable for. There was rarely a night that passed without Diana begging Summer to fuck her.

As their second month on Themiscrya approached, Axanna Morgan was once more herself, her body healed and her mind restored so that she was once again Green Specter. Summer could barely contain her joy, and their reunion was tearfully sweet. Diana soon joined the two of them, and it didn't take Axanna long to realize that her daughter and the princess were very much a couple, surprising her a bit, but she prided herself on her acceptance, and this was no exception. What really caught her off-guard was Diana taking her off for a private walk and asking for her daughter's hand in marriage, which seemed a little old-fashioned to her, but she consented nonetheless. It wasn't like she hadn't always thought of Summer as her own princess, she had just expected a prince to be involved somewhere. Summer pointed out that Prince was indeed the last name for Diana's secret identity, so there would be a prince involved, just not the sort that she had been expecting, making both of them giggle with laughter.

There was something magical about Themiscrya Axanna noted, which made sense with Gods being involved, but it hadn't really occurred to her what would happen next. Her daughter was to become a member of the royal family, something she thought her heroism against Bette had deserved once she heard the full story, and she was more than welcome to stay and become a part of Amazon society. It never occurred to her that she would leave her Summer behind and return to run Morgan Media once more, since ultimately, her only home was where her family was, and that now included Wonder Woman. Besides, it's not like she could ever bring herself to love another man after her husband had died, and there were quite a few lovely Amazons who gave her interested looks, and she was certainly more than happy to help train up some of the young ones. It wasn't Delta City, but paradise was certainly hard to beat.

“To the victor goes the spoils,” Axanna said softly as she took in the glorious sunset beside both of her daughters.