Supergirl's Most Exciting Halloween

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Linda was on her own now in Metropolis. She'd graduated from college, spent a wonderful summer knocking around the country, and had just taking a position as an assistant manager at a local Cable TV company. The pay was good, but she had only been in town for a few weeks, and hadn't made any new friends, yet.

Her apartment complex showed promise, but. . . She'd rented an apartment in a clean, newly remodeled building where lots of other singles lived, but her schedule, both her job, and her work as Supergirl, kept her from being around when most of them were free, playing tennis, shopping, doing laundry, or just enjoying the park like surroundings. She was beginning to feel a little lonely, and wondering when she would finally fit in.

When she got home from an assignment after midnight one Saturday in October, she was surprised to see her neighbor, Cindy (she'd come to think of her as 'the weird one'), sitting on her balcony, dressed only in a flowing, diaphanous nightgown which was just about transparent, surrounded by glowing candles apparently meditating. Linda had gone into her second floor apartment, dropped her jacket and skirt, and gone out on her balcony to feel the fresh air and relax a bit basking in the moonlight. The weird one's balcony was immediately next to her's, and, unlike most such arrangements, there was no wall between the two. Linda guessed that the two apartments had originally been one larger one, and that the porch hadn't been properly divided when the place was split up.

Linda immediately stopped, hoping she hadn't been heard. Even though she was lonely, she was just too tired to do anything tonight but relax, and didn't feel at all like talking with Cindy.

"Hi, Linda", called Cindy. . . Too late!

Cindy was too much. . . She was too beautiful, too cheerful, too positive, too blonde. Her breasts were too big and well shaped, her waist too narrow, her hips too broad, her muscles too well toned, her skin too perfect, her hair too long to be real, and at this moment, she was just too much awake for Linda, but it was. . . too late. Cindy was suddenly leaning on the little fence separating the two balconies, smiling up at Linda, her large, nearly spherical breasts cradled against her forearms which rested on the barrier, the breeze playing with the almost invisible nightgown and an occasional strand of hair. Linda was suddenly aware that she was standing in her underwear in front of a nearly naked stranger, but after an uneasy moment thought, "what the heck, we're all adults here", and relaxed as best she could. She tried folding her arms, but this made her own large bust appear enormous, and she selfconsciously unfolded her arms, and leaned forward, resting her hands on the fence. This wasn't right either as it seemed to push her cleavage right into Cindy's face, and although Cindy just smiled, Linda selfconsciously slid sideways along the barrier to put a little space between them.

"Hi, Cindy", she finally said. . ."What are you up to?", she continued, glancing at the candles.

"Oh I'm just enjoying the night", smiled Cindy. "I'm glad to see you! I know that you're new in town, and my group is planning a Halloween costume party next weekend! We'd like you to come! It'll be a great way for you to meet a number of people here and find out what's going on, and I know they'd all love to meet you! Won't you come?!?" Linda felt that Cindy was too enthusiastic. . . she spoke as if every one of her sentences ended with an exclamation point, but it did sound like a fun idea.

"A costume party?", asked Linda. "What kind of costumes? What kind of group is it?", she went on.

Bright-eyed Cindy seemed uncharacteristically to consider her answer before speaking, then whispered conspiratorially, "I was going to tell you that we're just a bunch of girls who like hanging out together, but we're really a coven of witches!"

Linda didn't know Cindy well enough to take this as truth or a joke, but she felt that she was being sincere. "What do you mean, 'witches'", she asked, her curiosity piqued.

Cindy went on like an express train, "Oh, I'm a wicce, like my sisters! We study ancient wisdom, look to the great Earth Mother for our strength, practice pagan rituals, try to be a force for good in the world, and generally like hanging out together!"

"I'm not a believer", sighed Linda, hoping to avoid a metaphysical discussion, but Cindy tried to put her at her ease:

"Oh, don't worry! Nobody is going to try to convert you, and what better way to spend Halloween than with a coven of witches! Costumes don't have to be elaborate! I'm planning to go as lady Godiva, or Sheena, or maybe Sabrina the Teenaged Witch!", she laughed and her whole being seemed caught up in the fun. "I know you'll like it, and you'll get to know quite a few people in the building!"

"Oh, great", thought Linda, "I'm living in a building full of kooks!", but she didn't have anything else planned, thought it wouldn't hurt, and that it might even be fun. After a little thought, she thanked Cindy for the invitation and told her she'd be happy to come.

"Wonderful!!", cried Cindy, jumping up and down, clapping her hands like a little girl, and although Linda couldn't help but notice that the jumping made her breasts dance in ways that were very 'adult' (even X- rated), she bit her lip and said nothing. "I'll pick you up here next Saturday at 8:00 pm! Don't be late! Everyone's dying to meet you!"

"If they're all like you, I may be the one who's dying by the end of the evening", thought Linda with a sigh, but she smiled, thanked Cindy again, yawned, excused herself and went off to bed. As she drifted off to sleep she wondered what she'd gotten herself into, and Cindy's bouncing breasts played like an animated *.gif, over and over before her mind's eye. "Boy Linda, maybe you are crazy!", was her last thought as she drifted off.

During the following week, Linda vacillated between excited anticipation of the Halloween party, and calling Cindy to tell her she couldn't make it. She was excited at the prospect of meeting new people, and showing herself off, but wasn't sure she wanted to spend an evening with a bunch of weirdos. She saw Cindy twice during the week, but then both were in a hurry, and they only smiled and waved at each other. She paid special attention to the other women she saw around the apartment complex, trying to guess which ones might be in Cindy's coven. What did a witch look like, anyway? Were they everyday people with everyday looks and everyday clothes, or were they all 'too much', like Cindy. Linda did become aware of a number of exceptionally beautiful women in the area, but there was an acting school at the local university and she couldn't be sure that they weren't students. There was an unusually high number of very attractive men, too. . . why hadn't she had a date, yet?!?

Somehow, she managed to find the time to rent a costume for Saturday. She'd run into a rental shop one lunch hour, found a 'Batgirl' catsuit, mask, wig, and utility belt that was her size and took it. It wasn't terribly original, but it fit, wasn't too expensive, was clean, and would allow her to show off without being too risque.

Saturday was one emergency after another! Some were 'Linda' emergencies. . . She was the only administrator to show up, that day, two(!) cameras died and she had to find replacements on short notice, several locals failed to show up for their cable access debut and programming had to be rescheduled, and repair crews had to be assembled and sent to an substation that had been knocked out by a truck accident. Some were 'Supergirl' emergencies. . . An attempted suicide was averted by plucking a distraught widow from the air a fraction of a second after she'd stepped off of a narrow ledge around the 21st floor of the Raddison, and an electrical fire at the Sisters of Mercy Nursing Home had filled three wards with thick acrid smoke, and she had helped in the evacuation of the building and extinction of the fire.

It was past 8:30 when she felt she could leave, and decided to fly back to Linda's apartment to save time, and to blow the smoke smell out of her hair and costume. On her way, she noticed that a full moon was hanging low over the eastern horizon, and sighed. She, along with sociologists, psychologists, and law enforcement officers new that this meant that on top of the usual Halloween pranks tonight, there would be an increase in craziness. . . suicides, arson, murder. . . Crimes of passion and despair seemed to crystallize around the full of the moon. Oh well, she had her beeper from the cable station, and if something were to happen that really needed her (Linda's or Supergirl's) special talents, she was sure she'd be notified.

She noticed that the lights were off in the apartments neighboring Linda's, and she was in a hurry, so she bypassed her usual habit of landing at a distance and changing to Linda, and just dropped silently to her darkened balcony. She'd go in and change, and then try to find Cindy. . . maybe she'd gone on alone and left a note. Just as she approached her door, she heard Cindy's voice: "Linda! What a beautiful costume! And you look so beautiful in it!" Cindy was sitting in the middle of her pitch black balcony, in lotus position, facing the neighboring building around which the moon would appear an a few more minutes. "Damn!", thought Supergirl. "I should have used my super vision to check the place out before barging in! What now!"

Cindy approached, smiling as usual from ear to ear. She had her long tresses stuffed up under a short brown wig, and wore a sparkling mask. Around her neck was a red bandanna, Her more than ample cleavage seemed to be trying to escape from a tight beige blouse with brown trim and a fringe over each breast pocket and along each sleeve. A short skirt of the same style barely covered her with its fringe sweeping her upper thighs with each step. Bone handled six shooters on each hip and Gaudy cowgirl boots finished out the costume of ". . . Ta-DA! Dale Evans, Queen of the West! I should have made my own costume, but I don't have a lot of time, and this was all the store had! Even so, I just love it, don't you?!?", she beamed. "And YOU!", she exclaimed, eyes widening with admiration. "I've never seen a more beautiful costume! It looks like it was made for you! You look beautiful in it, just like that new Supergirl that's been on the news these past weeks! How did you do it!"

She reached out, taking a bit of Supergirl's skirt between thumb and forefinger, flipped the fabric to gauge its weight, and rolled it between her fingers. "Wow!", she almost squealed. "That's fantastic! Did you make it yourself?!?!" She went on to run her fingers lightly up Supergirl's blue sleeve stirring unusual but not entirely unpleasant feelings and then brushed Supergirl's long blonde hair back from her face. "What a fantastic wig!", she cooed. "Is it real human hair, or did you dye your own?!. . . Will you be blonde tomorrow?!?!"

Then, as if a switch had been thrown, she was all business. "Ohmigosh, Linda, we're really late, and I'm bringing the punch! I was waiting for you, and forgot the time! I thought it would be fun for us to mix the punch, but its so late maybe we should just run and mix it there! Would you help me carry the stuff?"

Supergirl realized there was nothing to do but go along with Cindy's mistake. She quickly tossed the bag containing Linda's clothes into her apartment, closed and locked the door, then hopped over the fence between their two balconies to follow Cindy into her apartment.

In the middle of Cindy's sparsely furnished living room were three large paper bags. Cindy struggled with two, and indicated that Supergirl should take the third. Supergirl picked it up and pulled a shiny metal half gallon can containing 'Anhydrous Ethanol' part way out.

"My god, Cindy! What do you people drink!", she asked, both surprise and concern evident in her voice.

"Oh, that's just part of it! The fruit juice, wine, and carbonation are here!", she said, indicating her bags. "Alcohol is cheaper that way, and I have connections with a chemical supply house! Neat, huh!" she gushed, pleased with Linda's reaction. "Come on! Lets not Dilly Dally! The moon is up and there's a party going on!" She ran to the door, pushed it open with her hip and held it for Supergirl.

The two girls, thus encumbered, made their way to the elevators. Most of the trick-or-treater's were back home, counting their booty. "We had quite a number of 'visitors'!", remarked Cindy. "Some were really inventive! I'm sorry you missed it,. but don't worry, I answered your door for you! Nobody will play tricks on you tonight, except maybe me!" She grinned and nudged Supergirl playfully.

"What?. . .", asked Supergirl, beginning to feel uneasy about Cindy, again. "How did you get into my apartment!"

"Oh, I didn't get in. I can hear your doorbell through the wall, and whenever I did, I opened my door, made apologies for you and offered the ghost, ghoul, goblin, or whatever an appeasement! Fudge always worked for me!" She beamed at Supergirl again, who couldn't help but feel a little ashamed of having suspected this child like innocent of deviousness. Linda had missed a good opportunity to meet the neighbors, being away for the trick-or-treating hours, but Cindy had helped in her own way. Supergirl relaxed and smiled. "Thanks, Cindy", she said quietly, with genuine gratitude.

The elevator carried the two up to the top floor where they excited. Cindy took them up another flight of stairs to the roof where Supergirl was surprised and charmed to find a roof garden, complete with trees, flowers, and grass surrounding a rustic wood frame house, reminiscent of a tiny Swiss farmhouse, with outside stairway balcony and heavy overhanging eves. The garden path was marked with candles in lamp chimneys, but the house was ablaze with light, and exuded merry sounds of laughter, singing, and warm conversation. Cindy knocked at the door, and it was opened by. . . 'Batgirl'!

"Maybe its just as well that I didn't get to wear that costume", thought Supergirl with a wry grin.

"Awww!", pouted Cindy in mock disappointment. "You started without me!"

"If you haven't brought the punch, well finish without you, too," replied 'Batgirl' with a grin. "That better be it in those bags. And who is this?!", she asked, spying Supergirl over Cindy's shoulder, and raising an approving eyebrow.

"Oh, this is Supergirl! You remember I said I'd bring a new guest!", said Cindy, matter-of-factly, and continued the introduction, "'Batgirl'. . . Supergirl! Supergirl. . . 'Batgirl'!" She poked Supergirl with her elbow, winked and whispered, "We'll get around to proper introductions at midnight when we all unmask!" "Supergirl's going to help me with the punch!", she announced.

"Welcome, Supergirl!", cried this 'Batgirl' with a flourish, motioning them into the house. "Come in and meet the crowd! Any friend of Cindy's. . . Hey, who the heck are you supposed to be, anyway, Annie Oakley?, an old time stripper?, a wild west Barbie Doll?"

"I'm Dale Evans, Queen of the West!", pouted Cindy. "Don't you know anything?!"

"I'm sorry", replied 'Batgirl' with a twinkle, "but I don't remember Dale Evans having so much skin! Well, whoever you are, come on in, both of you, and welcome. Be sure to have a piece of the queen's cake before you do anything else", she called after them as she shut the door behind them. "We don't want to postpone the festivities any longer now that we're all here!"

"What's a 'queen's cake?", asked Supergirl as the two entered the kitchen to deposit their burdens on the dresser.

"In medieval times", began Cindy in a surprisingly serious tone, "revels at the castle would often begin with the 'king's cake' ceremony. A pea or bean or piece of jewelry was baked into the cake! It was offered to all the guests, lord and peasant alike, and whoever found the 'prize' became king for the night! We don't have any 'kings' here, so we have a 'queen's cake'! We've made some other changes, too, but the idea is still the same. . . select certain people and then have some fun with them! Lets go and get some!!"

They walked into another room on this floor. It appeared to be some kind of workshop, with a heavy bench, and had tools hung tastefully on the walls. The 'Queen's cake' turned out to be a rather unimpressive, mostly eaten pound cake at the elbow of what appeared to be an unusually well endowed 'Marilyn Monroe' in an extremely abbreviated white pleated dress. She broke from her conversation with 'Blaze Starr' (!), appropriately dressed in almost nothing, smiled at the newcomers and asked sweetly, "Can I get you some cake?"

She divided the remaining cake into two, put each piece on a paper plate, picked out a plastic fork and a napkin for each and passed them to the two girls. "Here you are, pieces number twelve and number thirteen. Good luck!"

Cindy was suddenly apologetic. "Oh I'm sorry, Supergirl! I didn't mean for you to get number thirteen! That's unlucky! Here, let's trade. You be number twelve, and I'll take the thirteenth!"

Linda could see that Cindy was sincere, but she didn't believe in that sort of thing, and if Cindy did, then she was purposely putting herself in harms way, at least to her way of thinking. Linda didn't want to do that to her, so she refused the trade , saying "No. It's OK. I'll take my chances. I'm the one that made us late anyway. I'll take the consequences."

"Are you sure?! I'm as much to blame as you! We got here at the same time!", pressed an agitated Cindy, but Supergirl refused any further argument. Cindy relaxed a little, then picked up number 12 and began to cut in.

Supergirl was absent mindedly cutting her piece of cake, looking at the others present, trying to recognize any faces, and unable to do so when Cindy cried through a mouthful of her own, "I've got something!" Everyone stopped to look at her while she twisted her mouth to swallow everything but the little nugget that was definitely not pound cake. She carefully pushed it through closed lips, and withdrew it, sucking off the remaining bits of cake. She held up a little silver charm about the size of a wedding ring, but in the unmistakable shape of a tiny crown. Her face lit up as she bounced up and down squealing, "I'm queen of the night! I'm queen of the night!" Then affecting a regal pose she haughtily commanded, "You may all bow!"

Supergirl looked around to see the others in various mocking bows. Someone burst out laughing, then everyone cheered. The merriment was infectious, and Supergirl was just in the process of flipping her fork in an exaggeratedly casual 'bow' when she too bit into something hard. "Hold on!", she mumbled through her full mouth. "I've got something, too! Can there be two queen's?", she asked.

"Let's see it!", shouted ''Batgirl'' from the far end of the room.

"Yeah, honey", drawled 'Blaze Starr'. "Show us what you've got." This brought some snickers from the group, but everyone seemed to be genuinely friendly, and Supergirl was at last the center of attention. Enjoying this, she took her time sucking off the little charm before holding it up to examine it. It wasn't a crown.

"What is this?", she asked, a little crestfallen. The others pushed closer. Cindy reached out and took it. Turning it around, she handed it back to Supergirl.

"Its the goat!", she said. "You had it upside down! See the little horns?!"

"If the queen rules the night, what does the goat do?", asked Supergirl, beginning to think that maybe they had set this up. Way in the back of her mind a tiny voice began to question.

"The queen is at the top of the pecking order for the night while the goat is at the bottom!", answered Cindy, now obviously upset. "Did one of you set this up!?!", she demanded of the group.

"I baked the cake", said an unbelievably well endowed 'Hillary C.' in an almost illegally short red business suit, "but I put the charms in at the beginning of the mix, not after baking it. I had no idea they were nearly together", she add innocently.

"I served it as impartially as I could", remarked 'Marilyn Monroe'.

"And you offered to exchange with me", said Supergirl thoughtfully. "I could have seen this coming if I'd used my X-ray vision", she thought to herself. "I think I've gotten it fair and square. I'll go along with it", she announced. In spite of this rationalization, the tiny voice of alarm was becoming louder and more insistent.

Some cheered her while one or two others said, "Good sport!", but Cindy still had a slightly apprehensive look on her face.

"OK, everyone, listen up! Supergirl's a really good sport! She doesn't know us, and we don't know her, but she's willing to go along with the game! I want you all to behave, and my first royal decree is that you all treat Li- er, Supergirl like the guest she is! We want her to be our friend after this is all over!"

"I know just how to treat a guest", chuckled 'Batgirl'. A few others chuckled, too.

"I'll be the final judge of what constitutes hospitable behavior!", announced Cindy. "If you don't measure up, you'll be sorry!"

"Ooooooo!", cooed 'Batgirl' in mock alarm. "I'm sure to be on my extra special good behavior after that!"

"No, seriously, lets make Supergirl feel welcome!", said the queen.

"Let's welcome Supergirl into our tribe!", shouted one of the girls, and started chanting, "Supergirl! Supergirl!. . .". Others joined in until every voice was calling her name.

"Good idea!", clapped Cindy, flashing a room brightening smile. "Come on, Supergirl!" She took Supergirl's arm to lead her back to the living room and whispered, "Don't worry. This doesn't hurt, and its kinda fun! Just play along! You'll enjoy it! Supergirl was beginning to get caught up in the happy spirit as the gang swirled her into the center of the living room, but the nagging doubts didn't go away.

"First", said Cindy to Supergirl, "I'm going to wear my 'crown' on my finger like a ring, and I'd like you to wear your 'goat' on this chain!" She attached the tiny figure to a delicate silver chain and fastened it around Supergirl's left wrist.

"Now close your eyes, Supergirl!", commanded the queen. "Everyone else, form two lines behind her!"

Supergirl glanced over her shoulder at the mischievous but friendly faces as everyone jostled into position. She faced forward, let her arms hang by her sides, and closed her eyes. Cindy began chanting in an unknown language. She would intone something unintelligible and the others would answer with equally opaque phrases. Soon Supergirl felt fingertips gently caressing her shoulders and back, and an electrical crackling became evident. Hands, probably Cindy's gently took her own and guided them to a new position across her chest. Supergirl felt her hair tickling as it rose, and even her skirt and cape seemed to pull away from her body. The chanting grew, not louder, but more intense. When it reached a climax, she felt a firm hand suddenly push against her forehead. Taken by surprise, she toppled backwards, but was caught by many warm gentle hands which held her as comfortably as would her own bed.

Slowly, to the rhythm of the chant, they began to turn her. It was awkward, at first, but the turning rapidly became smoother, until Supergirl couldn't identify any hands on her any more. She took a peak, and was shocked to realize that she was floating horizontally about four feet off the floor, turning slowly like a pig on a roasting spit! She was used to flying but not to being levitated by unseen, unknown forces, and that little voice of doubt was now screaming! She saw her skirt standing straight out from her waist like a disk, and without thinking grabbed it and pushed it down to cover herself in front and in back. Cindy, with an almost beatific expression, caught her eye, shook her head, and gently moved Supergirl's hands back to her chest. Then she lightly drew her fingers down over Supergirl's face, closing her eyes.

Supergirl relaxed, and found that she really was enjoying this. She was completely disoriented, couldn't tell whether she was facing up or down, her mind was engulfed by the now quiet chanting. A multitude of disembodied hands gently caressed and played over her body as she rotated, seemingly brushing away that little voice of doubt, which grew quieter and less intense with each stroke until it disappeared altogether. She felt at peace. Not sleepy, but really relaxed for the first time in months. She had never felt this good. It seemed that she was at the center of a room filled with love. She trusted everyone completely.

The gentle touch of the others had another effect. As she relaxed, without consciously being aware of it, her body was becoming aroused by the constant attention. The gentle strokes seemed to be applied at random, to blooming cheek, graceful neck, flat belly, muscular thighs, rounded calves, and also, just as indiscriminately, to swelling breast, proud buttocks, and ripe pubic mound. Somehow, despite the odd circumstances, it all seemed 'right', and Supergirl didn't even wriggle. . . just relaxed as the waves of pleasant sensations of human attention seemed to raise, rock, and cradle her.

Finally the chanting stopped She felt the floor under her feet again (She must have rotated upright!), and nearly lost her balance, but many pairs of hands hastened to steady her. She felt wonderful, relaxed and 'at home' like never before, and yet strangely tingling with what could only be sexual tension. Her crotch was damp and her nipples pushed obviously out, raising little peaks on either side of the 'S' insignia on her tight blue top. If anyone had made a serious advance toward her at that moment, she would have dissolved in orgasm.

She smiled a warm, comfortable smile, and was immediately rewarded with a hug from Cindy. At first, Supergirl didn't respond, but as Cindy kissed her lightly on the cheek, she became intensely aware of Cindy's warm, soft breasts rolling against her own, the muscular abdomen pressed to hers, and the soft hands gently holding them together. Her rock hard nipples telegraphed urgent messages to her belly where they met that insistent gooey feeling that was swelling 'down below'. A slight tremor passed through her. As if in a dream, she lightly bushed her lips over Cindy's cheek, in response.

Cindy leaned back, holding Supergirl at arms length, their thighs pressed together, and looked deeply into her eyes. "We love you. Your are our guest. Welcome to our home.", she said softly. Then in a brighter voice she shouted, "lets make the drinks!"

Taking Supergirl's hand in hers, Cindy lead the beaming, dreamy heroine slowly off to the kitchen. She set a large crystal punch bowl on the table, unpacked her bags, and turned to Supergirl.

"We greatly value you as a person and a new friend, and we want to drink your essence. When this is all over, you will be as good as new, and you will have a bunch of new, dear, and valuable friends. To make this work, though, I'm going to have to make use of arts unfamiliar to you. Don't be afraid. Just relax and enjoy it. To help, I'm first going to cast a brief compulsion spell. It will last just a few minutes, but it will help. I'm sure this is all right with you, as you've already agreed to accept your role as our 'goat'" Supergirl nodded dreamily, lost in the intense feelings swirling through her.

With that, Cindy quietly chanted in that unknown tongue while gently caressing the maid of might's mouth and throat. Soon the girl of steel was overcome by an overwhelming, undeniable need to suckle. Cindy saw the signs, but before Supergirl could act on the urges, Cindy had guided Supergirl's thumb to her mouth. Supergirl seemed a little surprised, but continued sucking her thumb while Cindy unscrewed the top of a half gallon can, and held it up to her.

At that instant, 'Batgirl' walked into the kitchen, curious about what was going on. When she saw what Cindy was up to, she yelped:

"Hey! That's pure alcohol! That stuff is poisonous in that concentration! What are you doing!!??!!"

"But this is Supergirl!" Cindy replied.

"Sure, and I'm 'Batgirl' and you're Calamity Jane!"

"Dale Evans!"

"Whatever. . .", said 'Batgirl', taking hold of Cindy's hand, while the girl of steel continued to suck quietly on her thumb of steel.

"No, really!", hissed Cindy brushing away the hand. "This is SUPERGIRL! Here, test her yourself!" With this, she handed 'Batgirl' a book of matches. "Try to burn her costume, or her hand, if you don't believe me! You won't be able to!"

"Come on!", remonstrated 'Batgirl'. "I'm not going to burn her up! Those rental costumes are notoriously flammable! Are you crazy?!?"

"Oh for. . .!", returned Cindy disgustedly. She turned, rummaged through the drawers briefly and turned back holding a large ornate and very sharp hatpin. "Use the match to sterilize the pin, like this. . .", she said, searing the point, "and then. . . oops!", she knocked a plastic bottle off the counter. "Would you get that please, Supergirl?!?"

Still sucking her right thumb, the girl of steel bent at the waist, reaching for the bottle with her left hand. Her skimpy red skirt rose like a theater curtain revealing her muscular bottom straining their abbreviated blue covering apparently to its limits.

"I admit, she really looks super!" smirked 'Batgirl', admiring the view.

"Quiet!, snapped Cindy. As the dark, damp zone just came into view, a souvenir of the floating greeting, she drove the pin into one the upraised mounds of flesh. There was a snap as the needle broke. The sudden push caused Supergirl to miss the bottle on her first grab. She grumbled around her thumb, stumbled once, and reached again. There was not a spot where the pin had struck her. 'Batgirl', eyes wide, drew her fingers over the spot. Supergirl moaned softly, rose, placed the bottle on the counter and turned toward 'Batgirl', lightly touching her on the arm, and smiling around her fist, eyes half closed.

'Batgirl' was reaching for Supergirl's cheek when Cindy interrupted. "Wait a bit! Thanks to the 'greeting' she's having a great time, and loves us all right now, but you'd never recover from a super hickey! Be patient, and in an hour or so it will all be perfectly safe!"

"Are you going to eliminate her powers!?", gasped 'Batgirl'. "That's so unlike you!"

"No", assured Cindy. "It'll be just like the others. She's Supergirl, and will stay Supergirl, but in a little while, we'll all be supergirls, too!! Watch and learn!"

Cindy, eyes locked on Supergirl's, gently withdrew Supergirl's thumb from her mouth, and replaced it with the alcohol tin. Supergirl gulped it down, not allowing any air to enter the can. It complained noisily as it collapsed. Several bottles of ginger ale, and lemonade followed, the plastic containers crackling as they collapsed. Finally, Cindy placed the spout of a CO2 fire extinguisher into Supergirl's mouth and turned it on. Supergirl dutifully sucked down all the gas, draining the tank.

When it was over, Supergirl had taken in nearly two gallons of fluid and over a pound of CO2 gas. A noticeable bulge was evident in her previously flat belly, but she seemed not to mind. With her thumb back in her mouth, she kept sucking, dreamily.

Cindy began softly chanting again, running her hands lightly over Supergirl's distended abdomen. The bulge slowly decreased in size as the fluids dispersed throughout the magnificent body of steel. As the bulge shrank, Supergirl's body seemed to loose its 'cut musculature', and take on a softer, almost puffy tone. 'Batgirl' reached out curiously, and pressed her finger against the back of Supergirl's hand, leaving a shallow dimple which slowly disappeared. "I think she's retaining fluid", she smirked.

When the tummy bulge had completely disappeared, Cindy began rubbing her fingertips up along Supergirl's torso towards her breasts. The latter seemed to grow and the nipples became more distinct under her blue tunic. The Maid of Might moaned around her thumb, inhaled deeply, and closed her eyes briefly. A moment later, her eyes popped open as Cindy tweaked each Super nipple. There was a little hissing sound and damp spots appeared and began to grow around each point. Supergirl look down, perplexed. . . she was LEAKING!

Cindy winked at 'Batgirl', shouting to the rest, "Drinks are ready! Bring a cup!", and 'Batgirl' moved to pull Supergirl's top down. To her surprise, she couldn't even get her fingers under the fabric! "My goodness!", she cried is this thing glued on?!?!

"I don't know", said Cindy, "Its designed to stay on her at supersonic speeds so I doubt we can remove it easily, but she shouldn't have any trouble with it", she thought. "Could you please remove your top, Supergirl?!"

Without hesitating, Supergirl blurred into action. An instant later, she stood, naked from the waist up, magnificent breasts standing high on her chest, blue leotard hanging from one arm. Her cape remained attached to the band around her neck.

'Batgirl''s eyes opened wide. "That's a leotard! Does this mean that she's naked under her skirt?!?"

"Let me find out!", answered Cindy. She looked Supergirl in the eyes, saying, "now don't move. You'll like this!"

She raised her right hand to Supergirl's left breast, bent to place her mouth over the nipple, and brought her left hand up under Supergirl's skirt to explore her bottom. As Cindy sucked on the fizzing nipple, Supergirl became completely rigid, eyes staring straight ahead, her whole body quivering slightly. After a few moments, Supergirl spasmed, both breasts spurted, and her sex gushed like a squeezed fruit sending sticky rivers of honey down both legs. Cindy rocked back, holding onto the Girl of Steel for support. "Wow, that's strong!!", she blinked back tears, shaking her head. "And, yes, all she has on now are skirt, boots and cape!"

Supergirl seemed both perplexed and highly aroused as her breasts continued fizzing. 'Batgirl' came to the rescue by sliding the large punch bowl under the twin fountains, but she remarked, "Cindy! We've got to do something! She's coming all over the floor! She'll make a mess!"

"Maybe this will help", said Cindy hurriedly as she rolled Supergirl's blue leotard into a soft tube. She whispered "Please bend over!" to the agitated Girl of Steel, and quickly, in time with Supergirl's spasms, began to work the blue tube into her vagina. Supergirl became even more agitated, literally vibrating from head to toe, her hair bouncing around her face and her mountainous 'fountains' wobbling about, gushing their fizzing streams off in crazy waving patterns.

Cindy had gotten the blue stopper part way in when she leaned close to Supergirl's ear and simply said "relax!". The gyrations of the Maid of Might slowed, her gushing breasts slowed to a slow intermittent fizz, and her pussy softened, allowing Cindy to get the rest in. Realizing that the blue 'tampon' might get lost inside, and remembering what a pain it had been years ago when she as a young girl had spent more than an hour trying to fish out one that had worked itself way up inside her, she pulled out a little corner, and to be sure that it stayed out, she pressed it into Supergirl's unsuspecting, rosebud anus. Supergirl's eyes popped open, and she was panting like puppy, but in her dreamy, relaxed, aroused euphoria she tolerated (even welcomed?) all of these indignities, and made no move to protect herself.

The rest of the group were by now crammed into the doorway, completely mesmerized by this unexpected turn of events. Supergirl, the compulsion to suck having worn off, and with her breathing slower, smiled sheepishly at them like a little girl caught with her panties full. This put them back in the party mode, and they spilled into the kitchen, laughing and chatting.

Cindy ladled some 'punch' out of the bowl and began passing glasses around. When everyone had a glass of the night's nectar, she raised her's and toasted, "To Supergirl. . . Our new friend and love and benefactor!". All cheered, and downed their glasses, while Supergirl, in the thrall of powerful spells, seething with erotic tension, and basking in unaccustomed adulation, smiled dreamily, writhing slowly in sexual ecstasy, languorously rubbing her thighs together while holding onto the table to keep from falling.

One drink wasn't enough for any of those present, and when 'Batgirl' remarked that the punch bowl was empty, all groaned in exaggerated distress. "OK, everyone!", cheered Cindy. "Our new friend will now serve drinks! Have your glasses ready!"

Supergirl, understood vaguely that she was to do something, but not know exactly what. She stood uncertainly with her hands clasped behind her back, absently swinging left and right with a questioning look on her face. Cindy walked up to her, and pressed the rim of her glass to Supergirl's left breast, just below the erect nipple. Supergirl gasped and shivered as her nipple spouted, fizzing loudly, rapidly filling Cindy's goblet. When the cup was full, Cindy removed it from Supergirl's breast, and although the fizzing stopped, the seemingly drunken Maid of Might stared, wide eyed, mouth open, panting like a steam engine, lost in a whirlpool of sensation that swirled through her body completely mesmerizing her. After a few seconds of silence, her breathing slowed, she blinked and shook her head, and grinned sheepishly at the others.

Cindy gently placed her hand on Supergirl's shoulder and suggested, "Would you please circulate and offer drinks to everyone!?!" Supergirl blinked again, but nodded and dreamily moved off, hands still clasped behind her back, enormous boobs with their rock hard nipples pointing the way, squirming her thighs together at every step. Most of the rest of the guests had, by now, returned to the living room and their conversations, chatting in groups of two or three, munching casually on h'orduerves, but watching with amusement Supergirl's slow progress around the room.

"Cindy", remarked 'Batgirl' from the kitchen door, "she's much more responsive than the others! She's spectacular! What's different this time?? We've used much the same spells, and some of the others were just as agreeable as she. . . Is it the alcohol? Is Supergirl really drunk?!?"

"I doubt that the alcohol has much to do with it", replied Cindy, uncharacteristically subdued, eyes following the Girl of Steel as she bent towards a pair of seated ladies, smilingly offering her abundance. "We use sexual arousal to help our spells because its one of the most primitive, fundamental, and powerful imperatives built into all creatures. I just think that in Supergirl, who is so enhanced in so many ways, that that part of her being must also be orders of magnitude stronger than in the rest of us."

"Will we get that way too?!!", gasped 'Batgirl', becoming alarmed. "We've all drunken her essence! When we've assimilated it, will our coven become nothing but a bevy of super sluts lost in and addicted to our own arousal?!? Oh God, you should have done more homework on this one!! Cindy, you're destroying us!!!", she hissed, accusingly.

"Now hold your horses!" Cindy retorted. "First, I've been watching her for weeks, and I've never seen this side of her! There must be other qualities to her psyche that are equally strong to hold all this in check! Look, even though it will probably take several days for us to fully assimilate this new 'tincture of Supergirl' we should start feeling effects of it almost immediatly.! You don't look on the verge of either raping us all or masturbating to death, so, rela. . . . . ."

Cindy stopped short when 'Batgirl''s jaw dropped and she stared over her shoulder into the living room. She felt the room shaking and turned to follow her gaze, and was shocked to see Supergirl, hands still clasped behind her back, bending over backward at an extreme angle, with a girl suckling on each breast, and another with her head at the Crotch of Steel. She became aware of a low hum slowly rising in pitch like a heavy piece of electrical machinery starting up and, with surprise, suddenly realized that it was coming from the four women! Supergirl was beginning to blur as those incredible muscles, reacting to the undeniable stimulation shuddered and spasmed, faster and faster, then, as the note approached the limits of human sensibility, the humming stopped abruptly and she became completely rigid, muscles standing out incredibly on that tense, beautifully curved, bowed body. For a few seconds there was complete silence, everyone stood like statues. Then the tension broke as Supergirl moaned loudly, spasmed, gushed, bent further and finally fell backward, her three delicious tormentors riding her down. As she squirmed and writhed her way down from that incredible orgasm, her 'drinking buddies' tried to take in all their efforts had wrought. Cindy couldn't help but laugh at the jumble of frantic bodies.

"Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!. . ." Supergirl moaned, over and over again, but even she giggled when 'Hillary', who had been sucking at her nether lips, slowly separated herself from her prize and, with eyes half closed and a broad smile on her glistening face corrected. . . "Oh Goddess! Oh Goddess! Oh Goddess!. . ." The rest took up the chant, one by one, until the room was swaying with the sound.

Supergirl lay, bathed in sweat, eyes closed, breathing deeply and slowly as if asleep with a beatific smile on her matchless features. "I think our cow just died!", remarked 'Wonder Woman' with a wry grin.

"Goat. . . She's tonight's Goat!", corrected Cindy, "And do you really think that's the proper way to treat a guest?!? Really!!!", she huffed.

"Yeah, she's really drained in more ways than one", laughed 'Batgirl', "and that super tampon must be completely saturated! I bet she could do with a drink about now!"

"Anyway, she seemed to enjoy it!" countered 'Hillary'. "I guess we just didn't think. . ."

"No, you really didn't think!", scolded Cindy. "I should get her home, even though it isn't midnight yet. We'll have to introduce ourselves some other time!"

"Why do you want to reveal ourselves to her at all?", asked 'Batgirl'. "We didn't do it for any of the others. . ."

"No!", said Cindy, "This is different! She's not like the others, with just one or two special endowments! We may have gotten our muscles from that body builder, and our 'womanly charms' from that stripper, but this girls's Super in every way! We need a friend like her! We need her in our group, if only to help us to learn how to use her powers! But she's also a good soul, and on our side! We need her, and she needs us! If she's as vulnerable to magic as this evening would suggest, she could be in real trouble! Its only fair that we help her! We need each other!"

"Come on, Supergirl!", cried Cindy, shaking the Maid of Might. "Its time for bed!"

Supergirl opened one eye part way, looked blankly at Cindy, and closed it again. "God!", she groaned, struggling to lift her head. "I feel like I've been wrung out like a dish rag. I've never felt so. . . drained!"

'Batgirl' winked at Cindy.

Supergirl struggled to her feet, swayed and then leaned against Cindy, Super breasts pressing against her shoulder, and started for the door. "Waaaiit a minute!", said Cindy, holding her back. "Lets straighten your costume!" she said, thinking "I can't take her through the building half naked, and I don't think her tunic is really in any shape to wear. . . What to do?. . . Oh, this should work!", and she gently turned Supergirl's red choker around until her cape was in front, then tucked the tails of the cape into the waistband of her skirt. Suddenly it struck her: "I couldn't move her clothing before! I must already be feeling the effects of the transfer!! Wow!", but she said nothing. She steered the 'tipsy', bare backed (and bare assed(!)) but 'decent' (if the cape didn't move too much, and she didn't bend over, and no errant breeze lifted her skirt. . .), Maid of Might toward the door again.

The two striking beauties, one a 'cowgirl' and the other a super 'cheerleader'(?) staggered their way back over the roof and through the public corridors of the big building, their progress raising only a few eyebrows. They weren't the only ones in costume, or suffering the effects of too much party. Finally they arrived a Linda's door, where Cindy dug the key out of her pocket. They entered, and Cindy relaxed with a long sigh.

"Let's get you out of this costume and into bed!", commanded Cindy, half pushing, half carrying Supergirl toward the bedroom door. Supergirl asked for a drink, and stopped in the bathroom on the way. When she saw herself in the mirror, her eyes opened wide and she suddenly became very upset. "Ohmigosh! Where's my tunic?!? What did I do?!? Did I leave it at the party? I've got to get it back!!", she bolted for the door.

"Hold on thar, partner!", called Cindy. "Its here!, you have it with you!"

"Where?!", retorted Supergirl. "I don't see it!"

"Ah", giggled Cindy, then, in her most mysterious voice: "For that, my child, you must look deep within yourself . . .", and she patted the puzzled Supergirl lightly on her soaking pussy, "'Soupygirl'!"

Supergirl was completely baffled, and a little shocked that Cindy should take such liberties, when Cindy took her by the shoulders, turned her back to the full length mirror on the door and ordered her to "bend over, please". When she did, Cindy lifted the skirt completely out of the way, and spread Supergirl's cheeks enough so that the blue strip of cloth extending from her vagina to her anus was clearly visible to the perplexed Super heroine.

"How, on Earth, did that happen?!?", she queried, reaching back to tug on it experimentally. When she did, the stimulation of her sensitized orifices brought back a wave of recollection, not so much of events as of feelings and sensations. She froze, and almost fell, shuddering in preorgasmic spasms that set her whole body aquiver. Cindy helped her retain her balance and offered to extract the tunic for her, but Supergirl was nearly 'awake' by now, and was beginning to feel embarrassed at being so vulnerable before her neighbor.

"No, that's OK, I'll be alright", she gasped, when she could speak again. "Just help me to the bed, and I'll be fine in the morning."

Cindy did as requested, and with a light kiss on that sweaty forehead, left Supergirl on her back in her own bed. She went out on Linda's balcony calling back "I'll leave the door to the balcony open a little so you can get some fresh air, Linda!" Supergirl grunted once, which Cindy took for assent, so Cindy left the door ajar and hopped over the railing onto her side of the balcony. Then she heard Supergirl call softly, "Thanks, Cindy. . ."

Cindy smiled. She thought how remarkably her life had changed in the past five years since she and her friends had found that archaic book in the attic of the ancient condemed brothel in a backwoods Tenneessee town. They had always had an interest in the occult, holding seances, reading histories, and trying rituals seen on TV or in the movies, but with the book things began to happen. Cindy was majoring in ancient languages, and the book, written in latin, was an easy translation. With its help, they had accurately forseen two of the questions on Judy's final exam, and had set all of them in a frame of mind in which they all aced their exams! They had formed temporary links with small birds and even a mouse and had followed the life of the little creatures more avidly than any soap opera. The mouse had even lead Kathy to a missing ring, tucked away in its nest in the joists under the porch of the old house the friends rented.

When Cindy came across some spells for taking the qualities of an animal or another person and making it their own, things really took off. Like most adolescents they had started on their bodies. The invited, and even kidnapped, in one case, people whom they admired for some attribute or another (athletic build, beautiful hair, shapely breasts, unusual intelligence etc.) to their house where they cast their spells, copying the necessary essence to themselves. They then would say goodby to the stranger, who left with pleasant feelings but no clear memory of what had happened.

Their dalying in the occult arts also began to hint at mysterious, evil, demonic forces at work in the dark hidden places of the world, and they hoped, with all the idealism, enthusiasm, and out right arrogance of youth to somehow help the side of truth and right. Now, she hoped, they had made a new and powerful ally, as well as augmenting themselves in ways they had yet to understand!

Although they were all still novice witches, their art had helped them grow rapidly in beauty, insight, and wealth, and now they had just begun their greatest metamorphosis. . . into supergirls!! Cindy could hardly contain herself with excitement.

Instead of going into her own apartment immediatly, she stayed on the balcony with her ear near Linda's open door, listening to the moans, gasps, whimpers, sobs, groans, whines, grunts, giggled curses, sighs, bumps, tossing and turning, and rustling of bedclothes that went on and on for long minutes as Supergirl slowly and with great care extracted the soaked tunic from her most delicate and delicious recess. Soon, Cindy was moaning along with the delightful sounds issuing from her neighbor's door. She would definitely enjoy learning how to use her new powers from this incredible creature!