The Power and the Glory  

By Chelsea Mechelle

The Power and the Glory

By Chelsea Mechelle

Darkseid has me chained to this stone table, with my bracelets and lasso taken from me. He even took my tiara. I can't believe he got me here like this. I never thought it was true, but it is. If a male chains me, my powers become useless. This is the first time it's happened. Somehow, he knew about this one weakness. I'm here on this strange planet called Apokolips. A distress signal from this planet lured Superman and me here in what now looks like a trap. I got here through the boom tube portal. Darkseid's hired help, his creature-cronies here on this planet are a lot tougher than what I've come up against on Earth, and their tenacity surprised me and overcame me in a vicious fight. I had gone into the boom tube ahead of Clark. I don't know what happened to Superman after that.

He is staring down at me with that lurid, superior leer.

Darkseid is the unquestioned ruler of this planet. He is gray-skinned and massive, with bulging muscles. He looks like he is made of solid granite, with dark, fierce eyes. His lips look like two rows of thick rocks, and he has a booming, bass voice that vibrates off the walls. Darkseid is dressed lightly and almost plainly, but unlike lesser rulers who use flowing, regal robes to look powerful, he needs no such attire, only his daunting presence, to inspire awe and apprehension.

On Paradise Island, my mother, Hippolyta, tried to warn me about the man's world before I became Wonder Woman. I tried to tell her I could help such a place. I am beginning to wonder if I should have stayed home with all the beautiful women of Paradise Island. They are even more beautiful to me now, as I long for them while trapped here like this. How I long for their love, friendship and companionship, even their competition in the games. It was my victory in the great games of Olympia that allowed me the option of leaving for the man's world.

He slips his long, thick, rock-hard finger into my cleavage, under my breastplate and gives a sudden tug. I feel my breasts and nipples jostled on the inside of my bra top.

"Darkseid, don't you dare! Superman is on his way here and he won't take kindly to this kind of abuse."

"Am I not allowed to view the bosom of Wonder Woman, my future Queen of Apokolips?" he asks. It does no good to threaten him with Superman. He is the only being I know who is not afraid of the Man of Steel.

"I am not your queen, nor will I ever be," I say. "Now, let your hand go from my breastplate."

He lets out a long, wailing laugh and tugs harder. This is humiliation I can barely stand. Forced nakedness in front of a male. I am flush with anger and shame, and he knows it.

My eyes widen in shock. I arch my back towards him to keep my breasts from spilling out. My chin is dipping down involuntarily toward my cleavage as I press my body upward.

"Stop this nonsense, now," I demand. I arch even farther up as he pulls more on the breastplate. My hips are arching now; my breasts are swelling and threatening to pop out. The top of my right tit is touching my chin. My entire body is lifting off the table trying to keep my nipples in. I feel my costume pulling me up from my back.

"Please, stop. Not this. It is a shame I cannot endure," I say. I look down to see my right breast's areola peeking over the breastplate. My areola's sizes have always been an embarrassment to me. The dark circles are so big they draw immediate attention. I can't wear anything without looking like a twenty-dollar whore. Even women in locker rooms stare at my big fat nipples. Such sexual attention is embarrassing for a super heroine. I'm supposed to be about law and order, not sexual fantasy.

But I have my sexual moments, like the time Supergirl got intimate me. We kissed, sipped and sucked each other's lips for over a half hour, when Kara suddenly pulled away and left my apartment. She had removed my top and lightly kissed my nipples, not in the way a man does. Her soft lips made my entire chest buzz with a special excitement. Her soft, skilled hands lovingly cupped my melons. I had lifted her little skirt and pushed back her crimson panties to lovingly stroke her soft pubes with my tongue. When she left like that, I thought it was because of my breasts or something. She explained later in an awkward conversation that it didn't feel right since her cousin Clark was interested in me at the time.

I'm embarrassed to be sexually vulnerable like this in front of Darkseid. He has me at a disadvantage that wouldn't happen with other villains.

I've always had this love-hate relationship with my boobs. My breasts are so large and ponderous I want to cut them off sometimes. Men gawk at me in this tight costume like I am some kind of a harlot. Women stare at them like they are an odd curiosity. My areolas are dark in color and over three inches in diameter, with a tiny landscape of uneven bumps. I tell myself that my bra's cup size is a DD, though my costume's top is larger than the bras I wear as a civilian so that I don't "pop out." The very tip of my nipple is almost as thick as Darkseid's thumb, and he is a large male, over seven feet tall.

My tits have given me much pleasure as well, like the time Clark and I made love so high above the Earth that the planet looked like a tiny baseball below us. Superman was such a worthy lover. He reveled in my full breasts, something Lois could never give him.

Another time at the JLA Satellite headquarters, I was serving guard duty in the watchtower when the young Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner, walked in on me when I had stepped in for a quick shower. He eyed every inch of my body. Later, he kept teasing me about how I was nearly naked in my costume anyway and how I should just peel it off. His teasing excited me and so did his gorgeous, brown eyes gazing on my body through the eyeholes of his green mask. He promised to unmask if I "unclothed," as he put it. He was only nineteen but funny, cute and adorable. I felt guilty flirting with him since my niece Donna, who was Wondergirl, was involved with him. We were the only two in the headquarters that night, and we talked for hours at a table in the tower's kitchenette. He was a graphic artist in his civilian life, a truly beautiful person. The conversation finally turned to sex and I told him I had not been with a man in a long time. He offered to help and stood up. His hard-on was about to burst through his skin-tight costume, and we both laughed at the sight of his bulging discomfort. I playfully offered to return his help, and ended up on my knees kissing and sucking his delicious young man-meat while he leaned back against the kitchen counter. I was terrified that Superman, or worse, that asshole Batman, would walk in, so I made him orgasm quickly, pulling my top down and pressing his cock between my boobs. I could tell he was excited to see my bare breasts jutting out like that. He yelped out in a wild orgasm and covered my face and breasts with spurts of his sticky stuff. He kept his word, tossing his mask into my cleavage when he was done.

That was fun, but my experience with Batman was not. Last year, he came after a woman I had sworn to protect, claiming she was wanted in Gotham for murder, which was a load of crap as far as I was concerned. The short of it is I kicked his butt. I stepped on his head, daring him to get up. Later, the girl was acquitted, and he tried to get amorous with me atop a lonely Gotham rooftop and began pawing my breasts like a drunken teenager. I slapped a quick, angry hand across his face and tore his mask completely off in the flash of a millisecond. He looked stunned and stupefied, all barefaced like that, with the tatters of his cowl sticking out of his collar. The mask's scowl was replaced by Bruce Wayne's soft face. He got all apologetic and sappy. I felt guilty about ripping his cowl off and somehow we ended up in a lip lock, sucking face. I figured, what the heck, it's not like I don't know him, so I finally gave in. He said he wanted me doggie style, so I got on all fours there atop the building. He brushed back his cape and penetrated my butt instead of my vagina! I was furious and said no way. He got the head of his cock in. I ordered him to stop, and then he pulled out, just like that. I think he got so excited he came in about two seconds, but the big jerk would never admit that. From the way he talked and acted, he probably never had a woman with a superheroine's body before. Those Gotham high society bitches he fucks are cute and all, but they aren't built like any woman in the JLA. He put the torn cowl back on and headed home.

I hate what Darkseid is doing now. I absolutely despise him for this. I will get out of this and restore my dignity. He suddenly removes his finger from my top, and I slump back down on the stone table, relieved for the moment. I look down and see that my right nipple is fully exposed. He leers at me again, and I turn from his gaze.

I look down and see goose bumps flush my skin. My nipple is sticking out, the edge of the costume mashing it up and pointing it at my face. My anger is replaced with embarrassment. I wiggle and struggle to get free, but it's useless. My bosom jiggles like a gelatin desert with each move I make.

"Put my costume back in place, Darkseid!" I say. He steps toward the door.

"I do not do your bidding, woman," he says. "I have others for such menial tasks." Darkseid looks through the door's window and waves a young woman in. The young Asian woman is beautifully petite and looks dwarf-like next to him. She is nearly nude, her exposed skin radiating the dimly-lit room. Only her breasts and crotch are covered with tiny, red patches of clothing held in place with slender, belted straps. She moves to the table and fixes my breast back into the top. He whispers something to her as she leaves out. She comes back into the room and hands him my lasso.

"My lasso!" I say. "That is not yours. You do not know its power," I say.

"But I surely do, my queen," he says. "And I'll use it to good advantage here and now." His voice echoes in the small room.

He waves the woman away, and he comes toward me again. I feel butterflies in my stomach. It is hard to breathe. I know he senses my fear. He places the lasso's circle around my neck and yanks it tight.

"Awp! Darkseid, stop this, please!" Tears fill my eyes. The noose he's made gags me around my neck. Is he going to kill me?

"The stories about you say this lasso forces those in its snare to tell the truth," he says.

"Yes, that is true," I say. I can't believe I just told him that. The lasso is working on me, forcing me to be truthful. Great Hera! If he puts questions to me with the sexual thoughts I've just had about Clark and Kara, there's no telling what I'll say.

"Who are you," he asks. "What do you call yourself? Surely Wonder Woman is a moniker, not a real name.

"I am called Diana, princess of Paradise Island."

"Very well. You shall be Queen Diana of Apokalips now. But I shall have prepare you for marriage and teach you to be humble before your King."

"I am not your Queen. I am a princess of Paradise Island."

"True, at least for now," he says. He yanks on the noose.

"What is this Paradise Island like?"

"It is a place of women. We were created by the gods out of clay."

"So you were not born in usual way of humans. Are you capable of mating with a male?"

This is horrible. He's getting into sexual matters. He really wants to mate with me.

"Do you like to mate with males?" he asks.

I shake my head violently, trying not to answer. I am making groaning and grunting sounds trying not to answer, but I feel compelled to speak only truth. It's not that I can't lie right now; something in the lasso is making me afraid to lie.

"Owwrrrr! Darkseid, you filthy animal!" He laughs and tugs tighter on the lasso while I struggle.

"You women of Paradise Island can mate, can't you?" he asks. "From what I've seen of you thus far, you seem to have the body for it. Do you like to be naked with men?"

"No! I hate being disrobed against my will."

"That is not what I asked you. You must answer me truthfully, Queen."

I cough and spit at him, but he only laughs louder. I am gagging and crying, fighting back words that are brimming out of me. My voice is gone because the lasso is gagging me. Still, I spit the words out at him in a fit of rage.

"I love to fuck!" I hiss in a loud whisper, shocked at my own words. Hera help me, I am talking with such vile language. I can't believe myself. He loosens the lasso a bit.

Tell me more secrets you know. Tell me about your friends in your League.

"Superman is Clark Kent," I say. "Batman is Bruce Wayne. The Batcave is thirty miles west of Gotham City." This is unreal. I'm giving away the store.

"What kind of male gives you the most pleasure?" he asks. This is not good. He's more interested in sexual matters with me than other JLAers.

"I like pleasure from a powerful male, built like the gods," I say. I can't believe I am telling him my type of mate. "A man who is well-endowed."

"What do you mean?" he asks, tugging on the golden lasso.

"I like to feel a thick penis inside me," I say. "With my powers, I rarely feel pain, even in my rough and tumble world. So, I love the hurtful pleasures of a big cock deep inside me that hurts and makes me feel feminine. But the pain opens up feelings of joy throughout my body."

"And if I put my finger in your vagina?" he asks.

Great Hera, I can't believe he's asking that. If he dares to touch me-

"No, you must not touch me. I am a princess. I will not be abused this way." My voice is cracking and I am almost whimpering. I feel myself getting wet between my legs.

He reaches between my legs, chained spread-eagle on the table.

"No, please don't do this. I won't be exposed like this against my will. How dare you!"

He grasps one of the costume's stars on the hill of my crotch.

"Darkseid, I will get you, you bastard!" I can't believe my language.

He tugs upward. My dark pubes rustle out of the sides of the material.

"Stop this, Now!" I demand. My bush is thick under this outfit. Some women trim down there, but for an Amazon, such pubic primping is unnatural.

"Enough!" he yells. He grabs my costume's bottom with a hard grip. My hips and torso buck and thrash about in protest.

"Oh, no you don't. If you dare, I will avenge this, I promise," I say.

He takes both hands and rips the material open, exposing my thick nest. A few remaining, stray pieces of the costume's cloth give little cover to my naked cunt. I want to hide in shame, but I also feel excited. This disgusting male has seen my secret place. I don't think a foe has ever seen me naked, until now.

He is enraged now. He grabs my breastplate. I wriggle, scream and curse at him, but he yanks the plate off my chest and tosses it across the room as my breasts bounce out in full view. I look in wide-eyed amazement at my jiggling jugs and my exposed pussy.

"You Beast! You've stripped me! How dare you treat me this way!" I say.

He ignores me and inserts his middle finger inside my vagina. My hips rise up and down on the table. He presses the finger deeper and deeper. It is thick. It hurts. It keeps going into me. His finger is rubbing my inside cunt wall. I feel a sudden jolt in there. Now he's pressuring against upper wall of my pussy. I close my eyes and grit my teeth. Oh Great Hera, that's it, that ridge right there just above where I pee from. Oh, he is good. He must have had so many women. He takes out his finger and bends down. He's going to kiss my pussy! He presses his lips onto my soaking wet cunt lips. His long, thick tongue darts quickly into my gash. I gasp and my eyes widen. I feel I'm going to crawl out of my skin! His tongue is circling my clitoris. He's going to make me explode. I look down and see my hips quaking and my pussy spurting and oozing juices at him.

"Oh! Yesss!" I scream involuntarily. He's got me and now he knows it. His long finger goes deeper in me.

"Oh, it's good," I yell out. The lasso, dangling around my neck, still has me telling the truth. "I love it, Darkseid. I want it. Please give it to me."

There's no use pretending now. He's broken me and I'm glad for it. He gets on top of me. He removes his clothing, letting me stare in amazement at his incredible physique. I see his huge penis. He reaches to a keypad beside the stone table and keys in coded numbers that unlock the chain bracelets from my arms and legs. He knows I won't escape now. I'm in this all the way now. He carefully removes the golden lasso from around my neck. It's served his purpose, and I don't need a truth lasso around my neck now. My true, lustful feelings are gushing out like water pouring through a broken dam.

I'm almost hypnotized by sight of his cock. It is dark and glistening wet. It is huge and looks ready to erupt any second. I want its rock-like hardness in me. The thing must be a foot long and as thick as my own bicep.

I gawk eagerly and excitedly at it, drinking in every inch of his rippling, bulging muscles. I want him badly now. I've never had a bad boy like this before, but I've always fantasized about it. I am trembling and whimpering. Tears are running down my cheek, and I can feel a silly smile wash across my face. My stomach feels like it's on a roller coaster. His cock is touching my quivering clit now, and I frantically lift my steaming hole up to meet it. I feel my breathing grow shallower.

"Fuck me me," I gasp, as my body convulses with waves of pleasure. "Give it to me good. That feels so good."

I can tell my sudden, willing submission to him is exciting him. His penis is so hard now, so big. It looks like it's about to explode. I put my lips into his ear and lick on him. I feel him begin to enter my vagina.

"Have your way with me," I whimper. "Humiliate me. Take my pussy before it boils over, honey. Fuck me; make me your whore."

He thrusts his hips forward, pushing the big prick into my hungry pussy. I try not to scream too loud, but I wail at the top of my lungs when he enters me.

"Oh, Darkseid, you're going to split me open!" I shout. "Oh, it's so big and hard." My vulgar language is exciting him. I kiss his face ververishly and wrap my arms around him. He sucks on my nipple, biting down and taking it deep into his mouth. I feel tingling from my tit down to my cunt.

I am moaning almost against my will. My cunt is hungrily trying to drink in the head of his massive penis. I am going to have trouble getting him inside me. He thrusts again, and I groan like I've been kicked in my stomach. I feel the head of his cock inside me. The muscles inside my pussy are fluttering. He gives another thrust, and I cry out. I rub my lips and face into his taut pectoral muscles. I stick my tongue out and lick his nipple, while my fingernails dig into his back. I reach down between us and rub his rippling abs. I slip my hot, eager hand further down and cup his hairy balls, which overflow in my hand. I rake my fingernails under his testicles. I bounce my ass up and down, tugging and milking his cock. He is pumping harder and deeper, making me whimper and scream with each wild thrust.

He lifts up and pumps me hard, while I screech in ecstasy. I feel the walls of my vagina give in to him. I writhe and cry out, while he pumps and grinds inside me.

"Drive it in me," I shriek. "Tear it open!"

I buck my hips up and down while he stretches me and fills me up. He lifts himself up again, and I feel him in my belly, ripping my insides up. I hug him and kiss the cheeks of his chiseled face. His pole breaks through so deep I almost faint. He gets inside me to the hilt, as I whoop and wail.

"Fuck me hard," I howl. "I'm yours now." I hear the noise of our slapping flesh echoing off the walls of the room. I moan in a shrill, panicked voice at the top of my lungs. I can't stop my damn pussy-it's erupting like a molten volcano almost against my will.

"My cunt!" I whine into his ear. He pummels even faster and harder, and I push my hips into him to meet his thrusts. I arch my back and shove my breasts into his face. I'm amazed as takes my entire left breast all the way in his mouth, something only a man of his colossal size could do. I gasp for breaths as my chest quivers. No one has ever sucked in the full meat of one of my oversized tiddies, until now. What an incredible sensation for me! He spits out my right breast, and I watch it bounce and jiggle. He gulps and slurps on my left breast, all the while working his tongue over my stiff nipple.

A buzzing sensation travels up my stomach and onto my tits, like tiny, pleasant ant bites all over my skin from deep down in my fuck-hole up to my fat nipples. I'm a sticky, wet mess, and I'm coming uncontrollably. My pussy quakes over and over, while my juices ooze past my pussy lips. An invisible, tingling embrace covers my entire body. I feel an abrupt thrill rock my breasts.

Erotic waves electrify my spine. My nipple is raw from his sucking. He grabs both my tits in his powerful hands and pumps them. He mashes and kneads them like a baker handing cookie dough while thrusting away in my burning cunt. My big breasts feel engorged and tight. They are jutting out like two oversized footballs. They feel ready to burst.

"My boobs feel so full," I moan. He presses both hands onto my boobs like he is giving me artificial respiration. I let out a deep gasp. I almost lose my breath, and I feel like I am going to pass out. He pinches each of my thick nipples, with the thumb and index finger of each hand, and I let out a loud screech. My chest spasms wildly. Breast milk suddenly sprays in tiny streams from my nipple onto both of us.

"O Great Hera, my breasts are spurting milk!" I yell with a piercing scream. I don't know how I am suddenly lactating, but the gods who made my body from clay must have made a body capable of all sorts of wondrous things. I heave my torso at him again, and he takes my melon in his mouth again, sucking and slurping my creamy breast milk. I feel my milk surge out of my nipple into his mouth.

"Milk me good, Darkseid," I groan. He grips both my jugs , pumping and squeezing while I shreik with delight. He turns my nipple on me and playfully sprays my face. His strong hands wring both my tits until they stop spraying, and he turns his attention back to pumping my cunt.

"Oh, that's it. Right there," I bawl. I dig my nails deeper into his back. The intensity of my body's reaction seems to surprise him. He rams his penis fully in me and hammers me. He routs my cunt repeatedly. I am giddy, letting out squeals of pleasure. I hear the Asian woman and other female voices sniggering outside the door.

Darkseid is bucking up and down like a jackhammer. I'm trembling like a leaf as he stretches my cunt. My eyes are half-closed slits as I breathe in short gasps. My juicy pussy clutches his shaft. I feel his cock unloading in me. Our sweat and juices are all over us. My body rocks back and forth in heat. I slam my hips against his driving cock as jets of his boiling cream overflow and splatter my cunt walls, triggering more mind-blowing orgasms.

We both lie here exhausted until his dick slips from my hole, but suddenly a bright, flickering, flash of light surrounds us. We jump up off the table startled. The walls take on a brightly lit, green color like a flashing strobe light. I realize what's happening, so I hurriedly scoop my lasso, bracelets and tattered costume off the floor.. I scramble to slip into the torn outfit. I am dressed but almost naked in the shredded costume. Darkseid puts on his clothes as fast as they came off. An intense green glow on the wall opposite the stone table flickers and Kyle Rayner, Green Lantern of Earth, flies through the glow, wielding his power ring on his outstretched fist. He lands in front of us, and his eyes go straight to my nearly exposed crotch. I twist my hips, offering him a side view instead. He looks puzzled, but only for a moment, and then the corners of his mouth lift, flashing his cute dimples.

"OK, Darkseid," he says with a wry smile. He places his hands on his hips with his elbows out, mocking the great Superman.

"Let her go?" Kyle asks. His voice lifts to a question, instead of the demanding tone of a superhero. The humor is not lost on any of us in the room.

Kyle is sharp, and he surely knows what's gone on in here. I almost break into a laugh at his charming style. He is such a cutie. I wish I were younger; Donna would have some competition for his affections, my JLA Tower tryst with him notwithstanding.

"Save me, Kyle," I say, with an almost casual, mock fear. Everyone breaks into laughter, even the usually solemn Darkseid. It is the first time I've ever seen him laugh. He is looking uncharacteristically peaceful. He is no longer in the mood to fight or to queen me, if he ever was. The queen thing was probably a ploy to get laid. Men. Who can figure them? But he looks so relaxed and at ease. Who knows, maybe fucking his brains out was good for the galaxy. It was great for me. I hope it was for him.


He turns and looks me up and down. The doorway frames the outline of his magnificent body like a beautiful Renaissance painting.


"My tiara?"

The great ruler strokes his chin and studies the floor. He looks back up into my eyes.

"It is a memento of your time here with me," he says. I smile and nod. I know there is another where that came from, on Paradise Island.

"Lock up before you leave," Darkseid says, with wry humor as he walks out of the room.


Kyle flies me out of the room and back through the boom tube to the JLA Headquarters. I am flattered by the way a young man like him ogles me, peeking through the tatters of my costume. He does not ask me to explain anything, and I like that. He knows we talk easily with each other, especially about sexual matters, and he knows I will talk about it when I am ready.

Right now I am sorting out what happened. Kyle's power ring had become depleted while he was on a mission to Apokolips for the Guardians, so he had sent out the faint distress signal that Superman and I responded to. He got help from one of the Guardians and got his ring recharged. During his recharging problem, he had asked the ring to find fellow Earth humans, so that's the first thing the ring did when it recharged, leading him to me.

Superman is sidetracked somewhere, and if he doesn't show in a day or so, we will send out a general alarm to the JLA. The Man of Steel has always been able to take care of himself, and he will be OK.

I just hope Clark doesn't run into Darkseid any time soon. Superman sees things in black and white, good and evil, and he's always butting heads with Darkseid. Nevertheless, Big Blue can't overpower the ruler of Apokolips like he can most of his foes, so there is an uneasy peace, a détente, between them. Clark gives off this modest exterior, even when he's in the cape and tights, but I know him. He thinks he's the greatest lay ever. I also know how men are, how they brag and boast about sexual conquests, even while they are fighting or quarreling. I just hope Superman and Darkseid don't get into a conversation about women and compare notes.

It might not be not be good for Superman's ego.


-By Chelsea Mechelle