Circe's Revenge  

By C.King

Wonder Woman
Disclaimer: This is a parody inspired by the works of DC Comics and the Justice League Unlimited Cartoon.. All characters that I have not created or borrowed from other sources are theirs. This is a Fan fiction and not meant to violate the rights of those who own the rights to the Justice League Unlimited Series.I have no money and therefore not a good suing target. Thank you very much. Thanks.

Circe's Vengance Chapter One

Circe was humming the tones of the song 'Am I Blue?' as she watched the latest adventure of the Justice League that her nemesis' daughter was a part of.

'I see that she has overcome her sowish experience alright. Still it was fun while it lasted, and it could have continued on long if not for that boyfriend of hers.' Circe thought as she zoomed in on her crystal ball to the image of the Batman, the one that Diana was moon-eyed over. 'She still hasn't found a use for most men, unlike me. Of course, most of that use was as pork filler. Except for exceptional men like Odysseus, now there was a man. Brains and cute butt in one package. Just like Diana's man.' An idea started to form in the sorceress goddess' mind, one that would give her fun and revenge at the same time.

'He's really too good for her, even with his issues. He would be better suited for me. If I was his lover, I would make sure that he wasn't alone most nights. Especially with that body of his. Perhaps I should releave her of the man that she neglects.' Circe's eyes twinkled as she thought of taking the man that reminded her of her greatest lover.

'A little love spell hocus pocus and I could have him licking me out of the palm of my hands or other places.' The purple-haired woman laughed at the idea. 'But how to do it?'

'The fact that he has a superiorly conditioned will and a brillant mind means that normal seduction will not work on him, I mean if he was weaker willed he might have tried to make a move on Diana before now. Sex is not a major issue on his mind, perhaps not even a minor issue in his world. So I am definately going to need to use magic, but in which way should I use it?' The ancient sorceress thought as she went through her collection of charms useful in bending the wills of men.

'I mean if it was just to get the image of sex between me and Brucie, I could cast my spell and make sure that Diana caught the two of us together. Still, where would the fun be in that? No challenge or style for my revenge on the Amazon royal bloodline. I was it to have a harsh streak to it like turning a beauty like Diana into a less then desirable pig.' Circe looked at one of her spell books as she lay down on an antique couch from the classical period.

'Besides, Brucie is a fine piece of beefcake that will tame my craving for meat for a long time. No, I want to take him from her permanently. To make it impossible for her to have him, while at the same time making her want him every moment of her life. A sweet torture that she can not escape. The best way to do that is to make Brucie think that he's coming to me of his own freewill. Which would be the complete opposite of the truth, but he doesn't have to know that.' Circe's thoughts then took a more devious twist.

'What I want to do is make it so that my dear Bruce will be more in love with any part of my body rather then that amazon princess. That he will spend any time that is not spent on crimefighting or running his company obssessed with parts of my body like my breasts and my ass.'

'As long as he runs his companies, I should be able to have access to any money I might need without casting any spells. With his crimefighting, it keeps the pests from spoiling all of my fun and gives me a chance to rub it in to Diana that she has lost what she desires most.' Circe giggle at the idea that Diana would have to work closely with a man she desired, but belonged to the temptress.

'Of course, just to rub it in more I could make it so that she would witness my Brucie having sex with other women that I select. Making sure that I had control over those women as well, since cheesecake is just as good as beefcake to me. Easier to eat as well as most beefcake in my opinion is overrated.' Circe smiled at the image of Diana's face at Batman screwing some of those female villianesses he has or even some of her fellow heroines.

'Then again, Diana is a tempting dish herself. Perhaps after giving her time to stew in her own juices, I could try and convince her to surrender her will to me just for a chance to be with Brucie again. Having her daughter as my own personal plaything would be perfect revenge as well against my old "friend".'

Circe looked at the book she had hovering in front of her, sorting through the spells for the one with the effect that she wanted against Batman. Something to bend his will, but make him think that it was his idea. She found a few tricks that would be useful in her new game, each useful in a different circumstance depending on whether she wanted to attack Batman or Bruce Wayne.

'Now I just have to figure out what kind of disguise I should take to attract his attention into a trap of my own design. Something that will give us some more personal time alone together, time for me to use my magic to bewitch him. Then give him some line before reeling him in.' Circe moved to her closet for her new outfit.

'I'm going to need something sexy and tight so that he can't help but notice my body. So when he falls under the spells, that becomes a major focus of his life. More important then his love for Diana.' Circe looked for the perfect outfit for seduction.

Circe slipped into the variant of her one piece minidress that she normally wore when she went out of the world. This one had a shimmery quality to it that made it look like it was made of emeralds with the yellow accents now a shining metallic gold colour. The outfit was made of divine leather, taken from certain celestial cattle that were kept for the gods themselves.

'Being a distant cousin of the the divine does have it's advantages when ever you need a little something to help you out.' The dress hid a zipper that would allow for easier access to her nude body which was hidden beneath the outfit. 'Why bother with underwear when you're hunting for meat and are dressed to kill?'

She smoothly slide up the matching leather gloves with the open hands on them, enjoying the feeling of tanned flesh against her skin. Bending over so in a way that would have showed her ass wiggling if there was anyone around her, she pulled her high heeled green boots up her shins.

Walking over to the massive make up table she kept, she sat down and looked through the collection of make up that she kept. The make up with just be ordinary make up rather then the spell enchanced items she sometimes used. The fact of the matter was that she had already placed the spells needed to catch the Batman's mind and cock on herself.

She took out the deep red nail polish and started to coat every long slendered nail, using minor spells to dry them at a more rapid rate. she had already done her toes a few minutes earlier. She made sure that every nail was evenly covered and protected from chipping off. Once that was done she took out some light green eye shadow to highlight her eyes' pale blue nature and contrast with her violet hair.

She added black mascra to her eyelashes to make them fuller and brighter, with hope that they make her eyes become more hypnotic for 'her' man. A soft pink blush was brush softly on her cheek to make them seem rosey and even a bit sexual excited. She took an antique brush to her hair to add life and bouce to the violet threads. The hair took on a bright sheen that enhanced the colour.

Slipping on some dangling gold earrings with golden discs, she was almost finished. All that was left was her lips, which she enhanced with a slightly purple-red lipstick. She pouted her lips in a mock kiss as she painted those full lips with the make up paste. She pulled her lips in and pressed them togeather to get an even coating.

'There it is, I'm a vision of a man's wet dream. Unfortunately, the man I want rarely has those kinds of dreams. He's more of a nightmare man then one for sexy fantasies. Of course, that's what the spells are for.' Circe said as she thought about the week that she spend in preparation.

'Of course, if he had some of that special herb my old beau had he would be immune to most of my magical powers. It took all of my nature female charms to seduce him and convince him just to spend a year with me on my island. I, however,, have the advantage of my powers so this should be a piece of cake.' Circe thought, he mind recalling all of the magic that she had on herself.

'The first is a spell to enhance my charisma and sex appeal. With just a thought, I can empower my sexuality on anyone I want causing them to develop an all-comsuming lust and desire for my body. Any part of my body from eyes to breasts to little toe. This spell will paralyze the concious of the victum, making them open to suggestion.' Circe knew that would get her foot in the door, but it would not have any long lasting effects. The other spell would take care of that.

'The second spell is the more powerful spell and the more subtle of the two. It would make it so whenever he seems me, he would automatically come under the effect of the first spell, even if I had not cast it on myself. It would also slowly alter his emotions so that he would fall complete in love with me, all the while thinking that it was his idea. He would soon learn to love even a small part of my body more then he loves his 'beloved' Diana, fantasizing about me in every free moment that he has. This will continue until he is completely mine and believed that he is totally in love with me.' She smiled at the idea of being able to whisper to him and have him come running to her.

'Of course, the spell makes sure that he keeps up the charade of his previous activities including even token affection to Diana. He will make sure that he will keep their realtionship from getting closer. his anti-social behaviour will make that easier compared to other heroes like Superman or Green Lantern.' Her mind turned to the only obsticules for her plan, the nature allies of the Batman.

'I just have to keep the butler, if only to be pampered in the way I should be treated. A few mind alteration to the other members to accept me and my relationship with Brucie, then everything will be set up for the real fun.' Her mind was set up and she cloaked herself with the illusion of invisiblity. She moved out of the Gotham apartment that she had bought with a little help and headed out to catch the Batman alone on patrol.

Later that Night...

Circe snuck into the darkness of the night, trailingt after the Dark Knight without being seen by the said hero. She knew that this would not be the easiest of missions, so she would have to be fully alert. Which was why she used a little divination magic to allow her to see if the tactics that she was about to use was effective.

Sensing the right moment to strike, she made herself noticable as she stood behind the man in black and grey. Instincts activated in the man as he spun around and then pinned her to a nearby wall. His hands holding her arms so that they couldn't move and be used against him. It took him seconds to notice who it was that he held in his hands. He growled out her name, "Circe."

Knowing she had him in her sights, she started to turn on the charm ability of her spell. Moving slowly as it altered his mind and thoughts in a method that he wouldn't notice at all. She knew that she would have to keep his attention and therefore would have to start a conversation. So she spoke, "The strong and dangerous Batman has caught poor weak and defenseless me? So what are you going to do with me now, Mr. Bat?"

"The last time I saw you, you had decided to get your revenge against Hippolita by turning Diana into a pig. You have to be up to something else to get revenge on the amazons and their queen." Spoke the Dark Knight, as he looked her closely in the eye.He was noticing her body and small hints of sexual attraction were raising in the primative parts of his mind. Yet his higher level mental fuctions were automatcially guarding against her power, yet small mirco-fractures where appearing in the shields. To bring about a braking of the shield, she would need to increase her time near the man.

"This time I was looking up you, trying to see what so unique about you. To see what would attract an amazon princess who has never seen a man before recently to fall for a man with out any superhuman abilities at all. You have seemed to reach a new limit for the abilities of a normal human, both physically and mentally. Yet is there something more to you that calls out to her? This is just the kind of secret that I want to figure out." she told him as she slowly bleed the power to use against him.

It was not totally unexpected when the Bat spoke again, "So you're trying to discover way to use me as a tool of you revenge against your enemies? What in the world are you planning this time?" He said, his grip tightening on her as he keep looking at her face. She was a goddess and immune to most damage, but being held like that was getting annoying.

The purple hair woman thought quickly, 'He knows that I am up to something and it involves him. It's likely only a matter of time before he discovers what I am trying and I still need time to break through his protections. The most unextected thing for me to do would for me to tell the true, so...'

"Honestly, I was thinking about trying to steal you away from Diana. It would be a perfect scheme for revenge to take away the love of her life, especially since he doesn't looke like he is that interested in her anyways." Circe knew she was playing a risky hand by telling the truth, yet with the last move she hoped to have him taken off guard long enough for the newly developed cracks to break his brain wide open.

He just grunted and said, "My relationship with Diana in none of your business. I won't be a tool to be used against her."

Circe just smiled as she asked, "Still, you didn't answer my comment? You don't seem to want to take your relationship to the next level. Any sane man would love the chance to get close to a beauty like Diana. Unless you don't have an interest in her, perhaps she isn't your type? Perhaps you like the bad girls more then you like the goody two shoes? Which is it, truthfully do you like the good girls or the bad girls?" With that she went on the offensive against him, could feel her power enter in mind through the fractures in his mind. Enough to make him tell her the truth to her question.

Circe's smile only got brighter as she heard Batman say only two words in a voice barely above a whisper, "Bad girls."

She could sense through her magic a major faultline open up in his mental defenses. Something she could sneak her power through and gain control over the mind, body and soul of the man before her.

"That doesn't matter. You still won't use me against her, and I will put you away for the crimes that you committed." Batman said as he regained a little bit of the ground he lost when he spoke his previous words.

"Come on Batman, you know you like the bad girls. Bad girls like me, I mean I'm one of the original bad girls. Perhaps even the bad version of Diana, who you are already attracted to even with her goody goody nature. That has to turn you on even as it scares you with it's loss of control." She told him as she increased her sexuality spell level, jamming it into his psyche.

The shock at her words caused the Dark Knight to let go of her and step back into a ready stance. It looked like he was at full alert as he looked at her with slight confusion what she could see of his face.

"You admited that you like the bad girls, and that's okay for me. Cause I like the good boys myself, especially the smart and strong ones. You kinda remind me of one of my old boyfriends. The two of us were really hot lovers, just like you and me could be if you just accept your attraction to me." she told him as she prepare for the move that would break his mind open using his own lust.

With the speed of a cobra's strike, she placed her lips on his. While she did this she turned her sexuality up to maximum against him. The sudden shocking strike left most of his mental defenses in ruins. Only one of two small bastions of resistance remained, yet those had cracks in the foundation.

In reaction, he threw his arms around her in a lover's embrace. To which she replied by throwing her arms around his neck as their kiss became more passionate. She was surprised at how skills he was for someone who didn't get into sex, she just hoped the rest of his lovemaking skills were just as honed.

Once the kiss broke, he tried to pull back a small bit as he said, "Thi-s-s-s is wrong."

"Yet it feels so right, doesn't it Batman? You have to admit that I turn you on more then the princess did. Plus I'm a little less prudish then her, more willing to share my gifts with my man." She said coyishly as she pulled away from him and spun around.

She then used a zipper from the top of her dress and revealed her bountiful breasts. Speaking, "Like showing off these two pleasure for you delight. You like these humble joys, right Bruce?"

"I like them." He said as he didn't notice that she had said his real name. He was mesmurized by her breasts due to their perfection and her magic. Circe could only feel triumph as she continued her seduction.