Wonder Woman and the Art of Yin & Yang  

By Cloister

Wonder Woman and the Art of Yin & Yang by Cloister Author's Note: This story is a part of a trade I have with GenmaSoldier. My first trade, actually. I can't say I follow Wonder Woman closely, as most of my knowledge is from passing familiarity. I did watch a lot of the old, old Super Friends as a kid... not to say I used that as a reference here. Anyone who knows a lot about Wonder Woman will have to forgive me for any inaccuracies or mistakes. You know, just in case if that kind of thing bothers you. Not to mention the basic fiction of comic book heroes and heroines seems to change every other year. But that's probably more my personal opinion than anything else. Anyway, Yin and Yang are mostly characters drummed up for the purposes of this story. GenmaSoldier gave me the basic idea and I filled in the rest. If you have any questions direct them to him. Enjoy. ------------------- Wonder Woman and the Art of Yin & Yang Visitors fled from the History Museum as alarms sounded up and down the hallways. A disturbance in the exhibition hall for Feudal Japan had sent the security guards running in terror. Priceless artifacts, weapons, armor and more were ripe for the picking. The thieves responsible for the disruption were already helping themselves. Two beautiful women smashed display glass with effortless kicks and punches. One was a well built blonde woman in a black karate gi. She had no problem removing sturdy old armor off display mannequins and tossing them into a pile. The other was an athletic woman with black hair and a white karate gi. She kept herself busy by grabbing centuries old swords and shoving them into bags. They went about their work with impunity as all resistance had been dealt with. gWe will have to be more careful with the kimonos, Yang,h the woman in black said. gOf course, Sensei Yin.h The woman in white moved to break the glass barring access to the multilayered kimonos. As she went back for a punch, a golden lasso lashed out and caught her arm. A massive tug sent her sliding across the floor into a wooden bench set aside for museum goers. The surprise for the collision did not keep her down for long as she got back on her feet to see the Amazon princess known as Diana standing at the entrance of the exhibition hall. Of course most of her enemies knew her as Wonder Woman. gThatfs enough of that.h She declared while readying her lasso. gWell well... Wonder Woman has finally arrived. It was only a matter of time.h Yin and Yang moved away from their spoils to face this new threat. They were unimpressed with her firm glance and went into fighting stances. gWho are you? What do you hope to accomplish?h gThese relics are far better off in our hands.h Yang explained. gThose who truly appreciate their value.h gYou been practicing that line all day? Youfre nothing but thieves.h gMore than thieves.h Yin assured Wonder Woman. gWe are Yin and Yang and you will come to respect our strength and skill. Our art knows no equal.h Yang lunged forward with a flying kick. Wonder woman ducked under it and went after Yin with a powerful swing. Her attack failed to connect as her target quickly jumped back and countered with a spin kick. A loud clang echoed throughout the hall as Wonder Womanfs bracelets absorbed the strike and still sent her sliding backwards. It was obvious these women were stronger than they appeared. The sheer force behind their martial arts made Wonder Woman decide her next move carefully. By then Yang had come back to trap the amazoness between them. The pincer attack had Wonder Woman trying to block attacks on both sides. Every kick and punch she blocked felt like a thunderous blow. She knew it was impossible to stay on the defensive trapped between the two thieves and made her move. She grabbed Yangfs leg in the middle of a kick and tossed her across the exhibition hall into a display case. Yin took the opportunity to strike, landing a clear blow on her side. The amazon princess buckled from the force, finding it painful enough to stumble back a step. gAaaaaah!h As she recoiled in pain, Yin followed up with a high kick that knocked Wonder Woman clear across the room and into a model of an ancient Japanese castle. It stood no chance against the flying heroine and crumbled into a million pieces. Yin and Yang regrouped as quickly as they could. gFace it Wonder Woman. Our fighting style is unparalleled.h Yang taunted. gAdmit defeat.h Yin demanded. Wonder Woman climbed back on her feet and brushed off the debris of the castle model. gI havenft even started with you two yet.h She fired back. gThen we will make you see the hard way.h Yin and Yang prepared to strike together, but Wonder Woman was faster on the draw. She took out her lasso and snagged Yin. It only took one tug to drag her forward for a straight punch to the face with enough force to send her sliding across the floor. It let her focus on Yang without getting distracted. She lay into her with a flurry of wide swings, pushing her back with each successful blow. Near the center of the room Yang caught her punch and launched into a counter attack. Wonder Woman could not avoid the knee to her gut. She fought through the pain and avoided a chop to the neck. Back on the offensive, she grabbed hold of Yangfs arms and tossed her into the ceiling without a second thought. She caught her opponent on the way down and faced no resistance as she swung her around and into the nearest wall. Dry wall and splintered wood fell from the impact as Yang left a dent in the architecture. gYour form needs work.h Wonder Woman retorted. The battle seemed nearly over until Yin returned to the fray with a flying kick that hit Wonder Woman right in the face. gAugh!h The sudden attack left her dazed as she clutched her head and stumbled backward. In her vulnerable state it as easy for Yin to hammer her several times in the chest. She doubled over forward trying to defend herself only to receive another kick to the head for her trouble. Several more blows and Wonder Woman was down. She quickly climbed to her knees, fending off more attacks along the way. She was wasting valuable time while Yang was down. Fighting both of them at once by herself would only lead to disaster. But Yin did not let up. Even as Wonder Woman managed to get in a few good punches, Yang was back on her feet. The two thieves had the advantage. They placed their strikes more carefully. Wonder Woman could not find a way to break them apart again. No throws or grabs worked this time. Yang got behind her again and tried a sweep kick. Wonder Woman avoided it with a quick roll... only to land in Yinfs sights. The amazon could hardly react before she was struck with lightning quick jabs targeting specific points of her body. Pain erupted throughout her joints as she lost control of her body and fell to her knees. It felt like someone had sunk knives into her muscles. She could not move without immense pain. gAAAAAhhhhh! Urggh! Aaaaaah!h She couldnft shake it even as she kneeled helplessly before Yin and Yang. Her body pulsed with agony. gHera... No...h Sheer determination did not work. Trying to move her body only caused immense pain. gAaaaah!h gYou let your guard down.h Yin told her with a grin. The two pulled Wonder Woman to her feet, inflicting more pain. She swayed back and forth with her arms hanging limp at her side. She knew what was coming next, but she could barely keep her balance much less defend herself. gReady Yang?h gOf course, Sensei.h The two of them went into a matching stance and moved in unison. Together they punched Wonder Woman with enough force to send her rocketing through several walls and into the next exhibit. It was a rough landing as she crashed into an aquarium display. The escaping water carried her to the cold floor. To her great relief, it did not finish her. The impact had at least freed her body from the constant pain. She was able to climb to her feet, soaking wet, and tried to push the loose strands of hair out of her eyes. The punishing attack had ruined her costume and her lasso was missing, but she was determined to carry on. gUrgh... aaah... These two... I have to end it now.h Her strength and balance returned as she leapt back through the hole in the wall to continue the fight. Back in the exhibit on Feudal Japan she was met with an ambush as Yin brought down a kick to her neck. The power behind the attack was enough to drive her straight to the floor and nearly cause a blackout. gYoufre as tough as they say, Wonder woman. But not tough enough to withstand us.h Yin noted while bringing her fist up. Wonder Woman felt a crushing strike to her back as Yinfs punch drove her into the floor. It took all of her strength to bounce back from the stunning blow and roll off the floor. She had to be on the offensive. At the first opportunity she threw a punch as hard as she could. But Ying was there to intercept it and used her outstretched arm to flip her over onto the ground with enough force to smash the fancy wooden floor. gAaaaauuhhhhhh!h The amazon princess screamed. She was on the ground again, face up. The fight made her short of breath. Her movement had become sluggish. She could feel her strength fading. Her red, white, and blue costume was nearly destroyed. But she was not done yet. Yin made the mistake of getting close enough to grab her legs. With a quick pull she brought the woman in black down as she jumped up. Yang was quick to follow up with a flurry of kicks. gOur victory over you will be legendary!h Wonder Woman blocked the incoming kicks with her bracelets. She was desperate to find room to recover. Then her bracelets shattered under a brutal roundhouse. The shock rocketed up and down her arms. It was enough to throw off her guard. It only took a few powerful kicks before her arms gave out from the pain. Her head was vulnerable as a snap kick came flying in to smash her right in the face. gUrrgggh!h She didnft have time to fall to the ground before Yin punched her in the back. Yin and Yang assaulted her from all sides. She could not defend herself as the punishment came in fast and furious. The vicious attacks would not let her fall down. Over and over again. Wonder Woman was right where they wanted her. Incredibly, the Amazon was reaching her breaking point. gHe...ra...h Wonder Woman gasped under the flurry of attacks. Yin stepped to the side as Yang punched forward with both of her fists right into her gut. The amazon princess flew back and found herself pinned up against a wall as the Yin Yang duo kept up their attacks. Whenever she slumped forward a brutal strike forced her back up against the wall. Another vicious blow to her face sent her broken tiara sailing across the room. Her hair came loose as the two thieves continued to beat every last ounce of strength out of her. gNo...h Wonder Woman could not get a word out between the punishing attacks. Yin and Yang did not stop for a second. She could feel herself slipping away. It wasnft death. They were slowly destroying her will with every attack. These women were not using any normal punch or kick. It was more than strength or force. Their attacks affected something deeper. But the only thing Wonder Woman could do was fall into the relentless assault. gHera... no....h By the time the punching and kicking stopped, Wonder Woman was motionless. She was face first on the ground with only shallow breathing as evidence she was still alive. The Amazon princess had been pummeled into submission. gDo you think shefs had enough, Sensei?h Yang asked. gMaybe if we were fighting anyone else, but this is Wonder Woman. We will not have this opportunity ever again.h Yin smiled. gWe should take advantage of this while we can.h She grabbed the barely conscious Wonder Woman by the hair and pulled her off the ground. gWe will keep going until she understands the true nature of our art. She will see... very soon.h It was too late for Wonder Woman to realize she would never be the same after this fight... As the next punch connected she felt her last remaining bit of resistance break. gAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!h ------------------- It wasnft until hours later when the police finally discovered it was safe to move in. Hundreds of witnesses had seen Wonder Woman enter the museum where the robbery was in progress. Then nothing. SWAT officers moved carefully toward the Feudal Japan exhibit with guns raised. They approached the room and were met with a scene resembling a war zone. Practically nothing except a few plasma monitors displaying museum information had been spared. Everything from benches to garbage cans, walls to ceilings, and every glass display had been smashed to pieces. All of the serious valuables had been cleared out. The only thing they found standing was a single mannequin left where the elegant kimonos were displayed. A photograph had been pinned to the lifeless model. It showed Wonder Woman, beaten and unconscious, tied in the same pose as the mannequin. Her costume had been replaced with a dark blue karate gi similar to the outfits the thieves had on. Topping it all off was a message scrawled along the bottom. -Shefll be back in action soon- The officers on site could barely make sense of it before one of the half-functioning plasma screens suddenly turned on for the news. A report running at the time showed Yin and Yang hitting another exhibit featuring artifacts from Feudal Japan. Only this time they had a third accomplice that looked eerily like Wonder Woman. The three of them cut a swath through anyone that opposed them, taking anything they wanted. It was too early to tell, but they all had a terrible feeling that no amazon princess would come to help them this time... Last edited by Cloister; 01-09-2013 at 02:23 PM.