The Bus Squad  

By Comix_Fana

The Bus Squad

A fanfic by Comix_Fana

Once upon a time there was a fanfic message board at PalComix where I used to post. One of my Palcomix buddies Vectorphantom submitted his OC to me - Magnet Man, asking that I write one of my "Romantic Porn" stories based on him. I agreed and this was the resulting story. After being hacked several times, the PalComix message board was taken down permanently. Vector, if you ever visit Mister X's web site, this one's for you my friend!

Hawkgirl, Green Lantern, Batman, Wonder Woman and any other Justice League/Teen Titans character depicted in this story are copyrighted by DC Comics. Snake and his alter ego Steven Quinn is my OC; while Magnet Man a.k.a. Alex Stanson is Vectorphantom's OC. This is pure fan fiction, and I receive no pay or other benefit from it.

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Chapter one

"Okay, I can do this…" Magnet Man thought, about to knock on Shayera's quarters' door.

He stared at the sliding door a few moments longer.

"After all, I only want to consult Snake on a gear question…I'm sure the rumours that Shayera beheaded the last one who interrupted them were greatly exaggerated…God I hope they ain't doing the nasty in there!" Magnet Man thought.

He knocked, holding his breath in spite of himself.

"Coming!" Shayera's voice said from the other side of the door.

The door slid open and to Magnet Man's relief; she was fully dressed.

"Hey double M, what's up?" Shayera asked.

"I have a question or two for Snake; I hear he's quite good at high tech gadgetry?" Magnet Man asked.

"Among other things, yes; but he's not here. I was just taking a nap; he's supposed to join me for dinner." Shayera said.

"Didn't mean to bug you, you wouldn't happen to know where I could find him?" Magnet Man asked.

"No worries, he's in the mainframe room with Batman and Martian Manhunter upgrading the Watchtower's firewalls and testing an adaptive software that can keep one step ahead of viruses and other hackers." Shayera said, with a subtle smile.

"Thanks Shayera, I'll let you go back to sleep then." Magnet Man said, with a nod.

"Magnet Man, before you go…I realize this isn't any of my business, but Stargirl didn't mean to hurt you. She's still a kid, doesn't yet know what she wants. I know it makes things awkward, but don't be too hard on her*; or on yourself*. You weren't compatible, that's nobody's fault." Shayera said.

Magnet Man sighed, nodding.

"I know you're right Shayera…but it doesn't make things any easier to take. I'll try not to make Snake too late for dinner." Magnet man said, mustering a smile, hoping it looked genuine.

"You better not if you know what's good for you! Ciao double M!" Shayera said, with a wink.

"Ciao Shayera." Magnet Man said, as the door slid shut.

"Truth is; the only thing Stargirl and I had in common was the sex…no depth at all." Magnet Man mused.

Magnet Man made his way to the lift to get to Operations; where the mainframe was located. On his way, he came across Zatanna who was returning to her quarters.

"Hello there Magnet Man!" Zatanna said with a smile so charming that Magnet Man temporarily forgot to breathe.

"Er…hi…hel…hello Zah…Zatanna…" Magnet Man said, his voice trailing off.

"Aw great, way to make an impression Magnet Moron! Now she probably thinks I'm a retard!" Magnet Man thought, angry with the way he had become tongue-tied at the sight of Zatanna.

He looked over his shoulder and silently admired her; the sensuous sway of her hips, her shapely legs and ass.

"I could fall for a woman like that!" He thought, dreamily.

"Don't stare so hard Magnet Man; you'll wear a hole though my costume!" Zatanna said, without turning around.

"How the hell did she know?" Magnet Man thought.

He cleared his throat and walked away, feeling embarrassed.

"I was going to find Snake and discuss a few gadgets I'd like in my arsenal…" Magnet Man thought as he reached the nearest lift.

Chapter 2

"Okay, I have the Beta loaded in this PC. Hit me with your worst; if there are any flaws in the algorithms, we need to find out before loading the software in the mainframe." Snake said; his mask pulled back, perspiring.

"Are you certain you feel up to this Steven? You are supposed to be on Doctor-ordered rest." Martian Manhunter said.

"I'm fine J'onn…just a bit anxious that those weeks of intricate work, feeling like I was neglecting Shayera, were all for nothing." Snake replied.

Magnet Man walked in quietly and observed; fascinated by the level of concentration that Snake, Batman, Martian Manhunter and Atom were showing.

"You probably would have felt differently if you hadn't gotten it into your head to revamp the firewalls and security protocols, you know, like actually spending time with her?" Atom said, wanting to pull Snake's leg a little.

"Are you kidding Ray? She practically pushed me into it; I was getting on her nerves pacing, itching to do something. We're scheduled for 10 days in the Bahamas next week, so I had time to kill. I did promise her a home cooked dinner and a movie once we're done with this; so the sooner we start, the sooner Shayera gets my undivided attention!" Snake said, with a grin.

"Well you heard the man, let's get cracking! I myself have a date with Diana; ballet at 9pm and there'll be hell to pay if I'm late." Batman said.

Batman, Martian Manhunter and Atom began typing, first slowly, then increasingly faster.

"Clever…" Martian Manhunter said, fascinated, still typing.

"Damn, I thought I was in!" Atom said, smiling, also still typing.

"You're good Quinn…very good!" Batman said, trying every trick he knew.

Snake observed his computer monitor screen, nodding thoughtfully.

A few minutes later, they stopped typing.

"I seem to have been shut-out, my terminal is frozen." Martian Manhunter said.

"Mine too!" Atom said.

"And mine…I'd say the test was successful." Batman said.

Snake nodded, with a satisfied smile.

"The software adapts to the hacker's technique and leads him on a wild goose chase while a trace is done on his signal. The originating IP address is then logged into the software's internal log and a counter-virus is sent to the hacker; freezing his computer while the cops are dispatched. At least that's the plan." Snake said.

"We can move to larger scale testing; you have the rest of the day off Steven." Martian Manhunter said.

"Sweet; and that with a good 5 hours to spare!" Snake said, putting his mask back on.

"Hello gentlemen, Snake; could I have a minute of your time? " Magnet Man said.

"Sure thing Alex, what's up?" Snake said.

"I have a few ideas for gadgets that may help me focus my magnetic powers a bit better…for instance, focused power blasts, just enough to knock a non magnetic weapon out of an assailant's hands. Being able to harness my powers to form a protective reverse-magnetic shield at a distance, to protect a prone victim would be a nice touch too." Magnetic Man said.

Snake nodded thoughtfully.

"Said gadgets would need to be heavily shielded and housed into a protective non-magnetic casing; magnetic pulses have a tendency to fry certain circuits." Snake said.

"Carbon-fibre reinforced aluminium would work nicely." Batman said.

"Good call Batman, though that particular alloy is hard to manufacture and is prohibitively pricy." Snake said.

"I have access to a good supply, dirt-cheap." Batman said, smirking.

Snake smiled, knowing that Batman was referring to his Wayne Enterprises personal stock.

"It's a start, then I'll need some Gauss meter readings from you Magnetic Man; so I can assess just how much power needs to be handled by the circuits." Snake said.

"I can bring you some readings by tomorrow morning." Magnetic Man said.

"Then I can come up with an amplifier/trigger mechanism for the energy blasts. Can you currently form a reverse- magnetic shield?" Snake asked; reminded of the dampening shields his friends from the parallel dimension had at their disposal.

"Yes, but I need to be standing near the victim." Magnetic Man replied.

"Then all we need is a way to 'remote control them'…I may need to consult our friends from the parallel dimension; their technology has already devised a similar circuit." Snake said, smiling.

The dimensional cross-over had been an exciting time. He had met a man named Joe who could have been his brother. Like him, he had become trapped in a time-continuum bubble. In Joe's world, the Justice Leaguers were comic strip characters.

In Joe's dimension, he and his psychic lover Shelley were crime fighters in their own right. With a lot of help from Doctor Fate and Shelley; they had managed to return to their respective dimensions and time lines. They had also forged a friendship that transcended time and dimensions.

"In that case you'll need Zatanna's and Dr Fate's help; probably Inza's too. I'll page them for you." Batman said.

Snake smiled at the opportunity to see his friends Shelly and Joe. Magnet Man's heart skipped a beat at the mention of Zatanna's name.

"The cool part about this is that thanks to the magic intervention, I can still be back on time for dinner and a movie with Shay!" Snake said.

Chapter 3

Snake and Magnet Man were making their way to Boardroom 3, where Zatanna was waiting for them. She had insisted that since the last trans-dimensional contact; she had become quite capable of handling that trip on her own.

Magnet Man had requested to tag along, more for a second chance at making a good impression with Zatanna than anything else.

"Snake my friend; you can't begin to comprehend how much I appreciate what you're doing for me." Magnet Man said, thinking more about Zatanna than about his gadgets request.

"No sweat Magnet Man; we Bus-Squaders need to stick together." Snake said, as they walked.

"Bus-Squaders?" Magnet Man replied, perplexed.

Snake chuckled.

"Back in the late '70s the now defunct Montreal Marauders of the Federal Baseball League were having the season of all seasons; for the first time in team history they were lined up to win the Pennant. Part of their success was due to a solid 'Bus Squad' - substitute players called upon when the star players were either injured or worn out from a long Season. My Dad was a big fan; kept all the Newspaper clippings of that year. You see, three of the Bus-Squaders were from my home town." Snake said, smiling.

Magnet Man nodded.

"I see the similarities…you and I are part of the auxiliary and consultant groups; we can all be called to the plate at a moment's notice and we're expected to deliver. I wonder where the term 'Bus Squad" came from?" Magnet Man wondered.

"Perhaps because the big contract players all expected the limousine and Learjet treatment, thus the teams could only afford bus rentals for the substitutes?" Snake said.

"That would make sense! We're here…" Magnet Man said.

They entered the Boardroom, where Zatanna was expecting them, smiling.

"And there she is…absolutely gorgeous…were her boobs always this big? With her suit, the focus is usually on the legs…and face! What a knock-out smile!" Magnet Man thought.

"Hi there Snake, ready for the trip? Why Magnet Man, glad to see you again, shall you be joining us?" Zatanna said, casting Magnet Man a teasing glance.

"Yes I shall…and I want to apologize about earlier; you caught me in deep thought and I could only mumble an acknowledgement to you." Magnet Man said, sounding a bit more self-assured.

"Don't worry about it, it gave me a chance to pull your leg a bit…I hope you're not upset with me, the way you took off, it looked like I embarrassed you." Zatanna said, apologetically.

"No harm done Zatanna." Magnet man said, smiling; detecting a slight opening with Zatanna.

"If she had no interest in me, would she have bothered to tease me and then worry about embarrassing me?" Magnet Man reasoned, quietly.

"Well if the two of you are done flirting, I'm ready to go; what's the procedure Zatanna?" Snake asked.

"Who's flirting?" Zatanna and Magnet Man interjected in unison.

They looked at each other then down for a few seconds. With a slight blush on her face, Zatanna pulled her wand from her jacket.

"Okay, so let's stand in a circle. Relax and clear your minds, I'll handle the rest." Zatanna said.

Snake and Magnet Man complied. Zatanna waved her wand.

"Alleira enlap lartrsa!" Zatanna said.

The dimensional cross-over began.

In Metropolis' trans-dimensional counterpart, it was past midnight. The moon was full and glowing a beautiful shade of orange. On the rooftop of the Condo building they called home, Joe and Shelley were slow dancing to a portable stereo; an empty Champagne bottle and glasses lay in a large picnic basket, which also held equally empty containers that held their dinners.

"I love you Joe…celebrating my birthday on the stroke of midnight was a wonderful idea; dinner was wonderful, the champagne and music were a sweet romantic touch you big sweetheart!" Shelley said, smiling charmingly, looking into his brown eyes.

She kissed him, tenderly and passionately; their tongues doing a slow dance of their own in each others' mouths, tasting of Champagne.

"I love you too my angel! Are you ready for dessert and your birthday gift?" Joe asked, his French accent enhanced by the wine.

"You mean I get a gift too?" She said, giggling; she was after all psychic and knew that his gift was a combination of a gold chain, Strawberries and cream, and of hours of passionate sex.

Knowing beforehand what he had in mind didn't spoil the surprise; in fact it filled her with a pleasant feeling of anticipation. It also showed her how much effort he had put in her birthday surprise. A familiar premonitory sensation blossomed in the pit of her stomach.

"Dessert and gift are going to have to wait lover boy; we're about to have company!" Shelley said, turning her head to her right.

As if on cue, the trans-dimensional vortex appeared a few metres from them on the rooftop. Snake, Zatanna and Magnet Man stepped out. Shelley and Joe released their embrace and walked towards their friends, smiling.

"Dude, how've you been?" Joe said, laughing, shaking Snake's hand.

"Zatanna, I'm so glad to see you! What brings you this side of the dimension? Come to wish me a happy birthday?" Shelley said, shaking Zatanna's hand.

"Your birthday, we didn't mean to interrupt; er…happy birthday Shelley!" Snake said, now shaking her hand.

"Yes happy birthday!" Zatanna said as she shook Joe's hand.

"Happy birthday miss Shelley." Magnet Man said, extending his hand.

Shelley smiled and shook his hand.

"We haven't met before; what is your name kind sir?" Shelley asked.

"I am Magnet Man…I began working actively for the Justice League a few weeks after the Trans-dimensional bubble incident occurred." Magnet Man said, now shaking Joe's hand.

"Perish the thought that we should crash your party without a gift; etteutats!" Zatanna said, waving her wand.

A crystal statuette of Shelley in her super heroine suit appeared out of thin air and hovered in front of her.

"That's plain gorgeous!" Joe exclaimed, smiling.

"Absolutely Zatanna, it's beautiful; thank you so much!" Shelley said, carefully picking up the statuette.

"Well boys, you had a favor to ask her?" Zatanna said, smirking.

"Yes, our pal Magnet Man asked me to put together a few gadgets for him; an inverter/amplifier/trigger mechanism for focused reverse-magnetic blasts; and a remote-controlled reverse-magnetic shield. I remembered the guided force-field you have at your disposal and thought I'd consult you for my prototype." Snake said.

"Piece of cake, step inside with us; I'll load the schematics on a flash drive and you can use them for your basic circuit. It'll take about ten minutes. Would anyone like some coffee?" Shelley said.

"I'd love some; I'll brew a fresh pot." Joe said.

"I'm good." Zatanna said.

"Me too!" Magnet Man said.

Shelley, Joe and Snake walked through the service door. Zatanna looked at Magnet Man. The music and moonlit rooftop were filling her with romantic thoughts.

"Dance with me." Zatanna said.

"Wha…did you say…" Magnet Man said.

"I asked you to dance with me…please? I realize you're still getting over Stargirl breaking up with you…" Zatanna said.

"Geez, does the entire Watchtower know?" Magnet Man said.

"But since having my own heart broken by John Constantine and Doc Thirteen the only man I've been close to is Batman…and he's in a relationship with Wonder Woman. I need to be romanced and held…you're a kind, decent, handsome man…I'm not asking you to fall in love with me; just take me in your arms and dance with me…please?" Zatanna said.

"But I WANT to fall in love with you!" Magnet Man nearly screamed.

"Shall we dance then, charming young lady?" Magnet Man said, opening his arms.

Zatanna smiled, put her top hat on the rooftop and hugged Magnet man. She laid her head on his chest, closing her eyes, smiling. Just then, the song changed.

"In the morning lights, feels so good by me. It could be so right, you and me, tonight…" The singer sang.

"How appropriate!" Zatanna and Magnet Man thought, simultaneously.

Chapter 4

"Pure genius; your design is intricate yet effectively simple; fits on a circuit board no bigger than a stamp!" Snake said, as they were making their way back to the rooftop.

"You're far too kind Steven; I had serious help from our chief engineer O'Riley on the design." Shelley said.

"Nah, she's being far too modest; she's my Wunderkind! A grown-up, attractive Wunderkind I agree…" Joe said.

"Flattery will get you everywhere lover boy!" Shelley said, smiling.

Snake chuckled; Joe and Shelley were equally flirtatious as their alter egos.

"Since your power source is different, you'll need to substitute the micro-fiber optics with a suitable micro-conductor. Otherwise, the principle is the same. Once fully active, the circuit responds to its wearer's brainwaves." Shelley said.

"Direct command by power of thought…similar to the wing-reduction unit Atom made at Shayera's request…" Snake said.

"Shayera has such a unit? Well yes, that's a good example. The circuit is twofold; part A is mounted near the 'center of energy'. Usually, that's a few inches below the navel, mounting it to the belt does fine. Part B is mounted in the lining of the mask for the brain commands." Shelley said, leading them up the stairs.

"So it's similar to Atom's circuit but not _identical…_I still say you're a genius Shelley!" Snake said.

"Aw shucks, how you do carry on!" Shelley said, smiling.

She opened the door, gasped, and quietly closed it, snickering.

"What's up angel?" Joe asked.

"I think we should let them finish the song!" Shelley said, putting her forefinger to her lips, signaling to Joe and Snake to keep quiet.

She quietly let the door ajar, allowing Joe and Snake to both have a look. Zatanna and Magnet Man were slow dancing tenderly. The song was winding down; the singer repeating "Make me do anything you want" until the song faded out.

"Why Alex you old dog you! About time you got over Stargirl and moved on!" Snake thought, smiling.

The song ended and Zatanna looked into Magnet Man's eyes, with a smile that made his heart pound against his chest so hard he thought she could feel it. She kissed his lips once, twice and a third time; and then hugged him tight. Shelley spoke up with a loud voice, to warn them that they were coming out and avoid any undue awkwardness.

"Yeah, as soon as you make the appropriate material substitutions, the circuits will work fine; you won't even need Gauss readings from Magnet Man." Shelley said; opening the door as Zatanna and Magnet Man released their embrace.

Zatanna rapidly bent down to pick up her top hat and put it on her head, standing up trying to look as if nothing had happened.

"So you found what you needed?" Zatanna asked.

"And then some! I'm gonna need some help from Atom for the microcircuits and Batman's 'connections' for the actual manufacturing, but this design…wow." Snake said.

"Okay, so I guess we'll take our leave then…" Zatanna said, unable to repress a nervous chirp in her voice.

Shelley and Zatanna hugged while Joe, Snake and Magnet Man shook hands.

"Be happy my friend!" Shelley whispered in Zatanna's ear.

"I'll try!" Zatanna whispered back, smiling.

"Safe travels my friends!" Joe said.

Zatanna, Snake and Magnet Man stood in a circle. Zatanna looked at Shelley and Joe.

"Enjoy your present Shelley!" Zatanna said, with a wink.

"Oh I know I will!" Shelley said, giving Joe such a lustful look that Joe blushed.

Chuckling, Zatanna waved her wand.

"Emoh!" Zatanna said, a new trans-dimensional vortex engulfing them.

They re-emerged in Boardroom 3 of the Watchtower.

"Sweet, lemme get a hold of Batman and Atom…" Snake said.

"No you're not! Don't you have some home cooking to do for Shayera?" Magnet Man said.

"Dinner and a movie, geez you're right; in the excitement I almost forgot!" Snake said.

"My gadgets can wait until you're back from the Bahamas fully rested with a happy Shayera! Besides, you're on sick leave; enough excitement for a day huh?" Magnet Man said, smiling.

"Yeah Alex, you're right…three and a half hours to spare…enough time to shower, shave and wow Shay with dinner…then her choice of movies. I'll have your prototypes in a few weeks then?" Snake said.

"That's fine. Now get busy, I hear Shayera doesn't like waiting!" Magnet Man said.

Snake nodded.

"Cool then, see you around; Alex, Zatanna!" Snake said, with a wave of his hand.

"Bye Snake!" Zatanna said.

She looked at Magnet Man, smiling.

"Alex…" Zatanna said.

"My…'civilian name' is Alex Stanson. There was a meet and mingle last week, Steven - Snake - and I became better acquainted. I didn't want to go at first but…after Courtney…Stargirl and I broke up; I needed to be around friendly people worse that I thought." Magnet Man said.

Zatanna held onto Magnet Man's arm as they walked out of the boardroom.

"Heartbreak is tough isn't it? My full name is Zatanna Zatara, Alex. Now we're getting better acquainted. Cutting Snake some slack was very nice of you." Zatanna said, smiling.

"He's already doing me a major favor; he didn't have to agree to help, yet he did. Last thing I want is to have Shayera pissed off at him for neglecting her and at me for hogging his time. Besides, like Snake told me earlier, us "Bus-Squaders" need to stick together." Magnet man said.

"Bus-Squaders?" Zatanna asked, casting him a curious glance.

Magnet Man chuckled.

"In baseball, 'the Bus Squad' referred to the squad of backup players who; due to budget compressions, had to travel by bus while the star players traveled from city to city by plane." Magnet Man said, as Zatanna nodded thoughtfully.

"Are you hungry? I'll treat you for dinner!" Magnet Man said.

"Ravenous, I haven't had a bite since breakfast and it's sweet of you to offer, but I'm on call for the next 48 hours and can't leave the Watchtower." Zatanna said, smiling.

"Watchtower's cafeteria then?" Magnet Man said.

Zatanna chuckled charmingly, hugging Magnet Man's arm; the feel of her large bosom making him feel weak in the knees.

"It's a date Alex! Not the most romantic surroundings, but…we already had that on the rooftop!" Zatanna said, her voice taking a breathy quality that sent shivers down his spine.

They made their way to the nearest lift.

Chapter 5

In the Watchtower's cafeteria, Magnet Man and Zatanna were enjoying a late lunch - or early dinner- while trading anecdotes.

"…so in the end, I thought I'd failed; I believed that bringing the Pied Piper to modern days would get rid of that Slum's rat infestation…" Zatanna said, between bites of her vegetarian Singapore noodles.

"The Piper couldn't be magically transported through time." Magnet Man said, taking another bite of his meatloaf.

Zatanna nodded, taking a sip of tea.

"What I didn't realize was that as long as there is a living descendant of a historical figure, said historical figure could not be moved through time." Zatanna said.

"Given that the municipality was strapped for cash it must have been a merry mess!" Magnet Man said.

Zatanna nodded.

"However…the Pied Piper instructed his sons who instructed theirs; and so on through the many following generations, to keep their eyes open for a rat infestation in the borough of Manhattan in the new World Colonies. They would know the time had come when a woman with a strange hat and odd stockings was on site. " Zatanna said, going for another bite.

"You mean a descendant of the Pied Piper came to the rescue?" Magnet Man said, going for a bite of mashed potatoes.

Zatanna nodded as she chewed.

"Oh geez…bimbo alert at 12 o'clock." Magnet Man said.

Zatanna briefly looked over her shoulder and saw Stargirl enter the cafeteria, accompanied by Gypsy. Zatanna cast Magnet Man a teasing smirk.

"Don't worry; I'm here to protect you from the mean blonde!" Zatanna said, patting Magnet Man's right hand with her left.

"I appreciate it…" Magnet Man said, feeling himself blush under his mask.

In fact, he feared that Stargirl would come over and start something with one of her sarcastic jabs. S.T.R.I.P.E., her stepfather Pat Dugan for those in the know; had sternly warned her to give Magnet Man some space and that her immaturity would backfire on her one of these days.

Magnet Man closed his eyes and took a deep breath, seeing them walk towards their table. Stargirl's grin wasn't good news.

"I wanna apologize in advance for the crap she's about to say…pissing me off has become her pastime." Magnet Man said to Zatanna.

"Oh has it, really?" Zatanna said, arching her eyebrows.

"So it's not bad enough that little bitch broke his heart, she has to rub his face into it to top it all off?" Zatanna thought, ready to teach Stargirl a lesson if need be.

"Well look what the cat dragged in! I thought you never left your quarters Al! Well…not since we broke up!" Stargirl said, gloating.

"Courtney!" Gypsy said, shocked.

Zatanna gave Stargirl an appraising stare; frowning.

"Gypsy, tell your friend Stargirl to BITE ME!" Magnet Man said.

"Now, now, be nice Al; or your babysitter will give you a spanking!" Stargirl said, casting Zatanna a furtive glance.

"Courtney that's plain rude; this is between you and Magnet Man, insulting Zatanna is way out of line!" Gypsy snapped.

For a moment, Magnet Man saw red and stood up; casting Stargirl a dirty stare, startling everyone in the cafeteria. Calming down, his angry sneer turned into a smile.

"No Courtney, this is where you got it wrong; the babysitter was me, the whole time we were dating I felt like a damned babysitter!" Magnet Man said, getting a chuckle out of Zatanna and Gypsy.

Stargirl stared at Magnet Man, gape-mouthed. Before she could reply, he continued.

"I should thank you Courtney, really; dumping me was the biggest favor you ever did me." Magnet Man said, sitting back down.

Zatanna grabbed onto Magnet Man's hand, smiling.

"Face it kid; you have a lot of growing up to do. You had a great catch and couldn't see it. Like a fool you let him go. Well now; he's with me. So do yourself a favor and leave him alone." Zatanna said.

"Is that a threat Magic girl?" Stargirl said.

"Care to find out? Keep on harassing Alex and I'll have such a report written up on you that the Founding Seven will have no problem barring you from the Justice League. Come after me…your fair complexion might have to deal with a relapse of chronic acne." Zatanna said, sternly.

"And she can do it too! Let it go Courtney!" Gypsy said, walking towards the counter.

Looking worried, Stargirl followed Gypsy.

"I'm so sorry about that Zatanna…" Magnet Man said.

Zatanna gave his hand a comforting squeeze and pulled him closer.

"Not your fault. I loved the way you stood up to her!" Zatanna said; smiling.

"The way you handled her was masterful, chronic acne?" Magnet Man said, grinning.

"That would teach her not to mess with my boy! You're with me!" Zatanna said.

"I'm with you…and you're with me!" Magnet Man said.

"Oh you know I am Alex!" Zatanna said.

Their faces moved closer and their lips connected. They kissed, long and tenderly.

Chapter 6

"Dispatch to Magnet Man, do you copy?" Mister Terrific's voice crackled through Magnet Man's communicator.

"Magnet Man here Mister Terrific, what's up?" Magnet Man replied, Zatanna casting him a curious glance.

"We have a situation that requires your special gifts…and you might be particularly interested; it's in your home town of Dover." Mister Terrific said.

"On my way, do you have the specifics?" Magnet Man replied, standing up leaving his tray on the table.

Zatanna followed him, intrigued.

"Armed robbery in a Music Store; 'Pop's Stings and Keys'…three perps, heavily armed with semi-automatic weapons. The local police have the place surrounded but the perps have three hostages and are holding the owner at gunpoint." Mister Terrific said.

"Paul 'Pops' Moran, the man's a legend in Dover. Retired musician, known to cut breaks on expensive instruments with younger musicians; gives private lessons, his music store is like a small museum of collectible instruments." Magnet Man said, walking quickly towards the nearest lift; Zatanna a few steps behind him.

"We'll be cutting in fine with the hostages; any ideas?" Mister Terrific asked.

"I'm heading towards the nearest transport pad; beam me in the Stockroom, unseen from the perps. If their weapons are a magnetic alloy they'll be disarmed in no time." Magnet Man said.

"Sorry to cut in, but I request permission to join Magnet Man; if the weapons are made of a non magnetic alloy, I can handle disarming the perps without risking the lives of the hostages." Zatanna chimed in.

Magnet Man looked at Zatanna, surprised to see she had followed him. He smiled.

"Excellent suggestions from the both of you; I'm plotting the transport coordinates now, let me know when you're on the platform." Mister Terrific said.

"You don't mind me tagging along do you?" Zatanna said, giving Magnet Man a sheepish look.

"Mind? I insist!" Magnet Man said, reaching for Zatanna's hand.

They climbed on the transport platform; holding hands.

"We're in position Mister Terrific; let's do this." Magnet Man said.

The surroundings changed form that of the transport platform to that of a dimly lit room with many shelves covered with boxes, cases and a few guitar amplifiers out of their shipping boxes; which were about to be taken to the sales room but didn't reach destination due to the robbery in progress.

"All we wanted was a Gold Top Les Paul, a Sunburst Telecaster, a candy apple red Jazz bass and the contents of the cash register; WAS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK YOU OLD FART? You HAD to ring the silent alarm and call the cops; NOW PEOPLE ARE GONNA GET FUCKING HURT!" A voice could be heard, coming from the other side of the door.

Quickly but quietly, Magnet Man and Zatanna walked in the main sales room. Magnet Man extended his arms; concentrating.

"What the hell…WHERE DID THE TWO COSTUMED FREAKS COME FROM?" One of the thieves yelled.

Inexplicably, their weapons were yanked from their hands by an invisible force. Enraged, the thief who was holding Pops at gunpoint pulled a knife from his belt; only to have it yanked out of his hand as well, by the same invisible force.

The weapons hovered in front of Magnet Man, who let them drop to the floor.

"It's all over now; shit heads. Your weapons have been magnetized to the point that bullets won't exit their magazines; causing the barrels to explode in your faces, should the idea of lunging for your weapons cross your mind." Magnet Man said.

"I'm glad I tagged along; he's good!" Zatanna thought, smiling.

"Who the fuck you think you are stripes?" The thief who had held Pops at gunpoint said, nearly sobbing; revealing that he was in fact quite young.

"Well, well our hardened criminal is nothing more than a punk-ass kid with a dirty mouth, wouldn't you say Zatanna?" Magnet Man said.

"Indeed Magnet Man…that's who he is by the way; you little runt; his name is Magnet Man!" Zatanna said, almost adding 'and he's my boyfriend!'

"Whatever…we're busted anyway…the old fart's getting one!" The thief scream, attempting a roundhouse punch.

"Ssim!" Zatanna said, waving her wand.

The thief's swing missed by several inches; and he fell flat on his face as his two accomplices just stared, too afraid to move. In a few steps, Magnet Man picked him up from the floor.

"Big tough guy with a gun…" Magnet Man said; punching the thief in the jaw, making him reel.

"THAT was for holding a gun in Mr. Moran's face." Magnet Man said, grabbing the thief by the collar and punching him in the face again; knocking him to the floor.

"THAT was for endangering innocent people." Magnet Man said; picking the thief off the floor again.

Magnet Man punched him one last time, in the stomach; doubling the thief over, coughing.

"And THAT was for PISSING ME OFF." Magnet Man said; teeth clenched.

Zatanna put a hand on his shoulder.

"You've made your point Magnet Man; he's had enough." Zatanna said, in a concerned voice.

"You're right Zatanna…punks like him bring out the worst in me. You can let the police in Mr Moran; the situation's been contained." Magnet Man said; upset that he had lost his temper.

Nodding, Pops Moran picked up the cell phone that the police negotiator was using to 'mediate' the issue.

"Detective Swann; Moran here, everything's under control. The Justice League team was successful; nobody was hurt." Moran said.

A few moments later, Swann and his men entered the store and placed the three thieves under arrest.

"Magnet Man, Zatanna, that was great work. The situation was defused and nobody got hurt." Detective Swann said.

Zatanna reached for Magnet Man's hand, giving it a discreet squeeze.

"Yes, I'm sure glad I tagged along!" Zatanna thought.

Chapter 7

The following month, Magnet Man met Snake again; this time in the Watchtower Infirmary.

"Steven, how were the Bahamas; and how's Shayera?" Magnet Man asked.

"Wonderful Alex, and relaxing; Shayera's doing great…" Snake said, waving his hand at Magnet Man, indicating that he wanted him to come closer.

With a slight limp, Magnet Man moved closer to Snake.

"…Shayera and I had fun having sex on the beach late at night…holy crap that was awesome! Keeping quiet to avoid being bothered by the local police added to the excitement…I swear, for an Island that allows string bikinis so revealing that the women might as well tan naked; they're sure prudish about sex…" Snake mumbled, only to be heard by Magnet Man.

"Were you ever caught?" Magnet Man asked; also mumbling.

"This one time…Shayera deployed her wings and the two cops dropped to their knees, kowtowing to the nice angel not to damn them to hell for interrupting us; they then took off screaming like frightened little girls!" Snake mumbled back.

Snake and Magnet Man laughed heartily.

"So, what are you in for?" Magnet Man asked, still chuckling.

"Just waiting my turn to get an ECG; Doc Young wanted to follow-up with me to see if the rest allowed my heart to heal from the strain. Harley Quinn's Taser was potent! I'm just glad I'll be off the blood thinners, I felt like a hemophiliac! What about you?" Snake said.

"Sprained an ankle sparring with Zatanna in the Gym; ten minutes in the MRI and I'll be fine. A boost in magnetism heals me pretty fast." Magnet Man said.

"Looks like Zatanna and you hit it off pretty well, if I'm not being indiscrete." Snake said, smiling.

"No indiscretion bro, Zatanna and I are an item and I have you to thank for it! Agreed things are going slowly…being on the active roster will do that; but also, we don't want to rush in bed. She's been burned twice by fellow Leaguers and me by Stargirl; so when she's ready, we'll move onto sex." Magnet Man said, also smiling.

Snake nodded quietly.

"It is a wise choice I think." Snake said.

Magnet Man sighed.

"Between you and me I'm getting antsy; she's one gorgeous piece of womanhood and if I listened to my hormones I'd be all over her like a horny octopus." Magnet Man said.

"Sounds to me like you're ready and willing to go! Maybe if you swept her off her feet and showered her with romanticism she'd be ripe for the picking if you pardon the slang. Ever thought of serenading her?" Snake said, with a shrug.

"Snake, you're next!" Doctor Young said.

Snake stood up.

"Think about it. If she still isn't ready, she'll only love you more for being romantic with her!" Snake said, as he walked to the examination room.

"Serenade huh?" Magnet Man thought.

Much later that evening, Magnet Man was standing in form of Zatanna's quarters' door, acoustic guitar in hand.

"Obtained the chords and lyrics of our first slow dance with help from Dr Fate; got a nylon string acoustic from Pops, this way the strings won't vibrate out of control if I get nervous, and I practiced this song in my quarters all afternoon…" Magnet Man thought, knocking at the door.

The door slid open and Zatanna appeared, dressed in a red silk robe.

"Alex?" Zatanna asked, puzzled.

He began strumming the guitar.

"In the morning lights, feels so good, by me…" Magnet Man sang.

"Don't stand outside, come in!" Zatanna said; surprised, but happy.

"It could be so right, you and me, tonight…" Magnet Man sang, as he stepped in, the door sliding shut behind him.

Zatanna sat down, smiling.

"Artsehcro!" Zatanna said, a backup band appearing behind Magnet Man.

"Make me do anything you want, make me do anything you want…" Magnet Man sang; encouraged by the backup band and the smile on Zatanna's face. "Work hard in the daytime, for our dinner at night, comfort me at the right time, everything's gonna be alright…" Magnet Man sang.

"So romantic…I love him so much!" Zatanna thought, with an admiring look on her face.

"Make me do anything you want, make me be everything you want; make me do anything you want…" Magnet Man sang, as he brought the song to an end.

"Olos!" Zatanna said; making the backup band disappear and applauding the man she loved.

Magnet Man bowed, and put his guitar down in a safe spot next to the door. Zatanna threw herself in his arms and kissed him with authority, parting his lips with her tongue, seeking his, finding it and playing a sensuous game of tag in his mouth.

Stopping to catch her breath, gasping, she shot him such a passionate look he thought her eyes would nail him to the wall.

"Oh Steven, I've never been serenaded before! I love you so much…I want you so bad!" Zatanna said.

Magnet Man could feel his knees buckle.

"And here I was taking cold showers!" Magnet Man said, wishing he could have phrased it better.

Zatanna laughed good-heartedly.

"We can remedy that! Why are you still dressed? Dekan!" Zatanna said, making Magnet Man's clothes vanish.

Gape-mouthed, he looked at his uniform neatly folded on the floor, next to his guitar. He looked back at Zatanna, flabbergasted.

"What about you? You're still wearing this silk robe!" Alex said.

Giggling, Zatanna released her embrace and untied the belt that kept the robe closed, and let is sensually slide off her body.

"You…are drop-dead gorgeous!" He said.

"Why thank you Mister Stanson, you're quite the hunk yourself! What have we here…" Zatanna said, getting on her knees, focusing on Alex's boner.

"…looks tasty, can I try it?" Zatanna said; teasingly.

Before Stanson could say a word, Zatanna was holding his balls in one hand and grabbing his left buttock with her other hand; as her warm, wet mouth licked, sucked, kissed and swallowed his stiff shaft, making him gasp.

"Hmm baby…" he moaned.

"Like that?" Zatanna asked, temporarily interrupting her lip service.

"Uh huh!" Stanson replied, his mind overloaded with pleasure.

Zatanna gradually increased her pace, and Stanson could feel an orgasm building up much too soon for his liking.

"Oh baby…Zah…Zatanna slow down, I want to pleasure you too!" He moaned.

"Okay baby, your turn to show me how talented your mouth is!" Zatanna said; lying in bed on her back, her legs spread open.

"With pleasure!" Stanson said, lying between her legs.

Zatanna spread her pussy open to give him better access to her clit. He kissed her labia, nibbled it a little, making her yelp. He then ran his tongue from her anus across her vulva, and stopped his tongue stroke on her clit, making her gasp. He began licking her vulva and clit with long, wet tongue strokes making Zatanna sing a song of her own.

"OH! Oooooohhhh…ooooooohhhh….hmmmmmmh…ooohhhhh." Zatanna moaned in pleasure.

As he was eating her out, Stanson moved his hands on her body, caressing her abdomen, making their way to her shapely breasts. He first caressed her breasts gently, then gave them a firm squeeze making Zatanna utter a surprised "OH YEAH!"

He began licking her clit faster and kneading her breasts, bringing her closer to a long awaited orgasm.

"Yeah…yeahh…yeahhhh…ALEX DON'T STOP I'M CUMMING!" Zatanna shouted as her orgasm tore through her body like a bolt of lightning.

"Stop for a second baby…too intense…lemme catch my breath!" Zatanna begged, breathless.

Stanson smiled and moved to Zatanna's side, putting his arms around her. Zatanna cast him a mischievous look and rolled on top of him.

"I hope for your sake that you don't mind having the woman on top?" Zatanna asked; grinning.

"Not at all!" Stanson replied, as Zatanna impaled herself on his boner.

"Oh God that felt good!" He said.

"Uh huh, you're a big boy Mr Stanson!" Zatanna said, straddling him like a wild horse.

She started bouncing up and down his shaft and kept it going for a few minutes. Then, she lay on top of him, grinding her clit against his pubis; kissing him. She then sat up, casting him a mischievous smirk and repeated the treatment.

Then, she stopped for a few moments; teasing him, letting her firm tits hang over his face. She allowed him to suck her nipples, and then sat up and rode him again.

"Damn baby, you sure have stamina!" Stanson said, trying hard to keep his composure and not shoot his load too fast.

"Don't I?" Zatanna said, squeezing his cock in her tight pussy.

"Unh...I love it baby but slow down, I don't wanna cum too fast!" Stanson said, breathing hard.

"No baby do it, I'm about to cum again!" Zatanna said, increasing her cadence.

"But I'll cum in you…" Stanson said.

"Don't pull out baby, cum in me; I'm on the pill…that's why I wanted us to wait!" Zatanna said, smiling.

"So you're about to cum" Stanson said, grunting.

"Yeah baby, cum with me! Do it! CUM! CUM!!" Zatanna begged in a breathless, high-pitched voice.

He bucked his hips forward as he came in her. Spent, Zatanna lay on top of him, nestling her face against his neck.

"God I needed that!" She said, her voice muffled by the pillows.

"Me too!" Stanson replied.

She straightened herself up; looking into his eyes, she smiled and kissed him.

"Stay with me? After making love it would be too sad to sleep in separate rooms!" Zatanna said.

"I'm not going anywhere!" Stanson said, smiling.

They kissed again and fell asleep in each other's arms.