The Curse of Morpheus  

By Comix_Fana

The curse of Morpheus

For some reason I submitted Powerful Ladies of Crime Syndicate first, but technically, it follows this one. So think of this fanfic as a prequel; PLCS will become clearer after reading this one. Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Hawkgirl and Martian Manhunter are Copyrighted by DC Comics. This is pure fan fiction, and I receive no pay or other benefit from it. Steven 'The Snake' Quinn is my OC.

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Chapter 1 - Batman's vision

Confused and foggy-minded, Bruce realized he was walking back to the dorm of the old Private School he used to attend. It made no sense, but somehow, someway, he was 16 again. This was all too familiar. A scene he had lived through so many years before. Or had he?

"I'm probably just dreaming." The rational part of his mind offered.

"Hey Wayne!" A voice called up from the second floor balcony.

He looked up, knowing instinctively what came next. His bedspread was thrown to his feet, cum stained. He clenched his jaw, staring at his tormentors.

"Your curly-haired girlfriend was horny while you were busy with the track and field team, so we 'entertained' her!" The first one said.

He remembered no names, just the faces and that vaguely familiar scene: four spoil-brat teens gloating, clapping each other on the back for taking the heir to the Wayne Empire down a few notches.

"Wait a minute," the rational part of his mind said, memories jumbled, "I'm not 16, I'm 36…I'm head of Wayne Enterprises, I'm Batman … the love of my life is Diana of Themiscyra; none of this is real, in fact, I don't think it ever happened, not like this anyway."

Bruce smiled at them sternly and addressed them in a calm voice.

"So you losers jerked-off on my bedspread. That girl you supposedly 'entertained' in my own bed isn't even my girlfriend. In fact, had you tried anything with my actual girlfriend, she would have handed you your nut sacks by now." He said.

"What ever little orphan Brucy; she said you weren't man enough for her anyway!" His nameless tormentor said, looking smug.

All of a sudden, Bruce was fuming. He dropped his gym bag to the ground and stormed through the front door. Insulting his manhood was a no-no; rubbing his face in his parents' death was plain suicidal.

"And this is the part where I beat the shit out of the snooty foursome and get suspended for the rest of the semester … I got suspended didn't I?" Bruce thought.

As he stormed through the door, the scenery changed. He was now walking on a countryside road. He noticed a man, a familiar looking man dressed in dark clothing with an acoustic guitar slung across his shoulder.

While his memory was fuzzy, he remembered his name.

"Quinn? I've had odd dreams before but this is over the top, even for me!" Bruce said.

Quinn smiled and played a few chords on his guitar.

"Answers you seek, yet none I have; but a guide I can be, to show you the path!" He sang.

"Am I dreaming?" Bruce asked.

Quinn was now fully dressed in his Snake suit, his guitar gone.

"Only a guide can I be, for the answers you seek, you must follow me!" He said, turning and walking away.

Bruce followed.

The scenery changed once more. They were in a room seemingly taken from the Tales of a thousand and one nights. Quinn was now dressed like a genie and comically bowed to Bruce.

"And now kind Master, shall I call the first wife for you?" He asked.

"First wife, Quinn, what on earth are you talking about?" Bruce said, confused.

"A Harem, form what twisted corner of my subconscious mind did that come from?" Bruce wondered.

"I do not know this Quinn of whom you speak; I am Hassan your humble servant." Quinn said, clapping his hands.

Dressed in belly dancer attire, came out the women in Bruce's life, past and present - Vicky Vale, Selina Kyle, Talia, Kathy Kane and of course, Diana. Bruce could feel his head spin.

"Yes Hassan, call the first wife, the only one!" Bruce said, looking at Diana; panting and feeling dizzy.

She smiled and walked to him. The lights went out.

"You have chosen well; and now, closer to the answer you seek you are." Quinn's voice said.

Gone were Diana and Quinn. He was sitting in his favorite easy chair in Wayne Manor, in front of the fireplace, book in hand.

"Quinn? Diana? Is the answer in this book?" Bruce asked.

As expected, the print made no sense.

"Dreams …the last time something like this happened I was in one of Mad Hatter's traps, and I snapped out of it by jumping off the Bell tower …" he mumbled to himself.

"That would be unadvisable Sir." Alfred's voice said.

Bruce turned to face him. Alfred looked a good 20 years younger. Bruce looked again and saw it was actually Quinn dressed as Alfred.

"Quinn, this is beginning to annoy me, enough riddles, is this a dream or not? Is Mad Hatter behind this or am I going insane?" Bruce asked.

"Not the usual dreams as you know them, not the usual fantasy as you understand it, not the reality you know and value. Forcing your way out may damage your brain." Quinn said in an Alfred-like voice.

Bruce looked at him, confused.

"Think Master Bruce, what was your last true memory? Why do you think it is that this plane of reality revolves around Quinn, Diana and Alfred?" Quinn-Alfred said.

Bruce concentrated. The last thing he remembered was being sent on an impromptu mission, some facts that needed checking, some hunch he needed to verify; an anonymous tip given to J'onn, which he stubbornly insisted to look into himself.

That was not all … as he concentrated he remembered an argument, a silly argument he had had with Diana before leaving the Watchtower. At Shayera's insistence, Quinn had been brought in as a consultant and he remembered dragging him by the arm on his way out as his 'official backup'.

His mind was still fuzzy about what caused the argument, but he did remember cursing at himself for his juvenile mood swing while arriving on site, and promising himself he would make it up to Diana, if he had to beg on his knees and kiss her feet for her forgiveness.

"Very good Bruce," Quinn's voice said.

Bruce looked up and saw Quinn was wearing his Snake suit minus the mask.

"I reacted like a hot-headed teen with Diana … thus the scene from High School. I forced Quinn to accompany me on this fact-finding mission, thus he is my guide in this reality plane. I realized on my way there how precious Diana is to me; and how I would do anything to apologize to her, thus I chose her in the harem scene. I usually speak to Alfred when I need advice, thus the scene in Wayne Manor." Bruce reasoned.

The Snake was looking at him, mask back on, nodding. Bruce noticed he was now wearing his Batman suit.

"If this is all in my mind; then … if I concentrate hard enough…" Bruce said.

"J'onn, can you hear me? J'onn I'm trying to focus as hard as I can, but give me a sign my friend! I'm not sure where I am or what is happening to me - it could be induced hallucinations or some sort of bad virtual reality program; but I'm stuck!" Bruce said, concentrating.

"Damn it J'onn, help me!" Bruce yelled.

Faintly, he could hear a voice in the background.

"I have sensed him, he is alive! He must be surrounded by a force field of some sort but we can locate him! I am not hearing Quinn however …"

Bruce smiled but looked at the Snake with worry.

"What about you Quinn? I don't know if we're hooked up to the same contraption, but J'onn couldn't sense you!" Bruce said.

"He who is me in your reality plane is in no immediate danger for now, but beware; your friends must hurry." The Snake said.

"J'onn, I hope you can hear me, Quinn might be in danger; you must hurry! Shayera would never forgive me if he gets hurt!" Batman said, concentrating

"I hear you my friend! Superman, Shayera, Diana and I are on the way; Green Lantern and Flash are minding the fort. Keep talking to me, we are trying to locate you." Martian Manhunter replied telepathically.

"J'onn my friend, I solemnly swear I will never complain again when you read my mind!" Bruce said.

He could hear J'onn laugh good-heartedly. Bruce saw his attire had once more changed - he was now wearing his first Bat prototype suit. Quinn was now dressed in gym gear.

"I am picking up Quinn's thought patterns too. He is very disciplined: as soon as he realized nothing was real, he assumed the Lotus position and shielded his mind from the illusions." Martian Manhunter said telepathically.

"That's great news J'onn! I'm glad to know you're okay Quinn, I dragged you into this mess, I'm sorry." Bruce said.

"Humble is this reality plane making you; apologies from you are not the norm. I am sure he who is me in your reality plane will appreciate!" Quinn said, grinning.

"Even in this reality plane you're a wise-guy Quinn!" Bruce said, chuckling.

"We are getting closer Bruce;" Martian Manhunter chimed in, "I still cannot communicate with Quinn, but I can hear his mantra: 'Nothing is real, it cannot hurt me.'" Martian Manhunter said telepathically.

"Thanks J'onn!" Bruce said.

Reality briefly swirled around him as he heard Diana's familiar voice:

"I found them! Batman, Quinn!" She said.

"Wait for us Diana, severing the connection might cause them brain damage." Superman's voice chimed in.

"Understood!" She said.

Bruce could feel her hand on his chest, even from his alternate reality plane.

"I'm sorry I yelled at you Bruce, it was a silly reason to argue, please be well? Please come back to me?" He heard her say.

"Princess, if only you could hear me from this reality plane! I am so sorry I behaved like a head-strong teenager, I'm sorry I stormed out in a huff!" Bruce said.

"And you too Quinn; come back to us healthy, Shayera was worried sick when you weren't responding to hails. It would kill her if you were injured." He heard Diana's voice say.

A doorway opened next to Bruce. The familiar form of J'onn appeared.

"Quick Bruce, take my hand. My Astral Projection has entered your alternate reality state. We need to find Quinn in his alternate reality. I will keep your consciousnesses safe as Superman and Hawkgirl disconnect your bodies from that infernal machine." Martian Manhunter said.

Bruce nodded and grabbed onto his friend's hand. They flew threw the doorway and into a dark corridor. A new doorway opened, they saw Snake, sitting in the middle of a Hexagonal ring with force field walls rather than cables; assuming the Lotus Position, the fallen figure of Solomon Grundy next to him.

An angry public was screaming "Fight damn it, fight you pair of wusses!"

The Snake was oblivious to them. In a cage suspended above the ring was a woman bearing a striking resemblance to Hawkgirl.

"Quinn!" Martian Manhunter said.

"Nothing is real, it cannot hurt me." The Snake repeated to himself.

"My Astral Projection has penetrated your alternate reality Quinn; Take my hand, follow us; I will protect your consciousness while Superman and Hawkgirl disconnect your bodies from this infernal machine." Martian Manhunter said.

"Nothing is real, it cannot hurt me." The Snake repeated to himself.

"Quinn, we are your allies. You have nothing to lose by trusting us, and following us. This might be the exit from this alternate reality." Martian Manhunter said.

Quinn looked up at them and nodded. He took J'onn's other hand. They flew.

"Kal-El, Shayera; I have them. Pull the plug now!" Martian Manhunter said.

Bruce's vision became fuzzy and cleared as the Virtual Reality visor was removed from him. He smiled as he recognized Superman and Wonder Woman removing his restrains.

"Batman, I'm so glad you're okay!" She said, unable to hold back her tears.

She kissed him, leaving Superman feeling a bit awkward and looking away.

"Princess," he said in a near whisper, dropping from the table to his knees.

"Great Hera, what are you doing?" she said, giggling a little as he proceeded to remove her left boot.

"Apologizing, I acted like a head-strong teen. Please forgive me!" He said, covering her bare left foot with kisses.

"It was only a silly argument…but you can apologize to me like this any time tough guy!" She said putting her boot back on.

Batman got back to his feet and held her. Shayera was hovering over Quinn, worried.

"I don't get in J'onn, he's been removed from the machine but he's not budging from the table!" Shayera said.

"He is still not convinced the illusion is over; his mind keeps repeating, 'Nothing is real, it cannot hurt me.'" Martian Manhunter said.

"Oh, I'll show him real!" Shayera said, bending over the table.

She puckered him up with her left hand and kissed him, passionately, her tongue parting his lips, seeking its counterpart in Quinn's mouth, finding it and sensually caressing it. Quinn inhaled deeply and smiled.

"Now that was real! My Angel came to save me!" Quinn said.

Shayera snickered.

"I can't take the entire credit Casanova, this was a team effort!" Shayera said.

Quinn smiled at his rescuers, Superman, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl.

"Thank you all my friends for saving my hide!" Quinn said.

They smiled back at him, Shayera hugging him.

"So much for investigating a tip Batman, what the hell was this thing anyway?" Quinn asked.

"The combined technologies of Mad Hatter and the Riddler, wrapped together in a cruder form. The adaptable VR software had a few flaws, thankfully for us, it allowed us to reason our way out and to contact Martian Manhunter telepathically." Batman said.

"Whoever concocted this plan did go through great lengths to get you here Batman, the fake tip was sent to flush you out. What they had not counted on was that you would bring Snake along with you. From the size of the second table, they expected either Robin or Batgirl to accompany you. The last thing you must have realized while coming in here is that the room was filled with sleeping gas." Shayera said.

"Whoever indeed: Mad Hatter and Riddler are still in Arkham." Quinn said, giving Shayera a loving sideways glance.

"We will have to keep our eyes open, but for now we need to get you both to the infirmary and have you looked over." Superman said.

Wonder Woman cast Batman a look that meant, "Just you try to say you're fine tough guy!"

"A sound precaution," Batman said, giving Wonder Woman a wink from under his mask.

"Though there are only two people with the smarts and resources to pull this off, neither one of them are currently in custody." Batman said.

"And they are?" Quinn asked.

"Bane…destroying Batman seems to be his obsession. Mentally destroying me by exposing me to the many bullies and tormentors that crossed my path would be something I wouldn't put past him. The other possibility would be Ràs al G'hul. Both men highly intelligent and dangerous…" Batman said.

"And you will ask for Justice League backup, right?" Wonder Woman said, giving his arm an uncomfortable squeeze.

"I promise Princess. As soon as Quinn and I are cleared for duty, I'll put a task force together." Batman said.

"Good boy!" Wonder Woman said, giving him a smug smile.

Quinn put his arm around Shayera, reveling in the reality - it was indeed her, in the flesh. She smiled and returned his embrace.

"Superman to Watchtower 1, request a direct transport to Sickbay, Mr Terrific do you copy?" Superman said.

They transported to the infirmary.

Chapter 2 - The Curse

Back in Sickbay, Martian Manhunter was going over the results of several tests and frowned. Shayera stood by Quinn's bed, holding his hand; while Wonder Woman sat in bed next to Batman, to make sure he stayed put. Superman stood next to Martian Manhunter.

"Problems? You look worried J'onn." Superman said.

"I am perplexed, while Batman and Mr Quinn are physically sound; those brainwaves on their CAT scans are unusual to say the least." Martian Manhunter said.

"Brain damage?" Quinn asked, Shayera giving his hand a comforting squeeze.

"Not quite…based on the VR visions you both experienced, Batman and yourself were thrown into situations were you had to prove your manhood; and your faithfulness to your better halves. It seems to have increased your respective libidos." Martian Manhunter said.

Superman cast his friends a teasing smirk. While Batman tried to play it cool, the blush on his face betrayed his embarrassment. Wonder Woman also blushed, but giggled and kissed Batman's cheek. Quinn's face went pale then flush. He looked at Shayera gape-mouthed, and saw she was chuckling.

"Increased libido Shay…" He mumbled.

"I'm up for the challenge!" Shayera replied.

"Recommendations?" Superman asked.

"I feel that we should restructure the roster to allow our friends some alone time. Steven's services will be useless if impaired by consistent thoughts of sex, and Batman's efficiency would be significantly reduced for the same reasons." Martian Manhunter said.

"Not gonna happen, increased libido or not I…" Batman said, trying to get out of bed.

Wonder Woman pushed him on his back, smiling mischievously.

"Oh no you don't tough guy, until we can figure a cure; the only place you're going is to my quarters for libido treatment!" Wonder Woman said, pursing her lips.

He wanted to protest, but the look on Wonder Woman's face disarmed him completely. She was too beautiful, too sexy, and too attractive.

"Well if you insist…" Batman said, with a subtle smirk.

"Yes, I insist." Wonder Woman said, grinning.

Quinn sat up on his bed, and looked at Shayera.

"No need to convince me, after this last mission libido treatment sounds pretty damned good right now!" Quinn said.

"Get dressed, we'll transport to your place, your bed is a lot more comfy than mine!" Shayera said grinning.

"Actually, it would be more prudent if you reconvened in your Watchtower quarters Shayera. We do not yet understand what is causing the libido increase, or how Batman or Mr Quinn will react while…copulating." Martian Manhunter said.

"Oh go on J'onn, even if they are extremely horny; I don't think Steven would ever hurt me, or that Br…Batman would ever hurt Diana." Shayera said, playfully swatting Quinn's hand from her lap; nearly blurting out 'Bruce'.

"She has a point J'onn, even if they did turn a bit too rambunctious; Shayera and I are fully capable of handling them!" Wonder Woman said, giving Batman a curious glance as he was discreetly groping her left buttock.

"I am fully aware of that. I am more concerned with how their bodies will react to extended sex periods. According to those readings, their libido is now 10 times the normal levels. Increased desire and excitement could lead to increased blood pressure levels. I do not think anyone would wish our friends to have a heart attack or a stroke." Martian Manhunter said.

Wonder Woman and Shayera gave their respective man a concerned look.

"The Watchtower sensors include life sign monitors…could those be modified to monitor Batman and Steven's pulse and heart rate? This way we could keep track of their vitals without any invasion of privacy." Superman asked.

"Indeed, I will need a few minutes. In the mean time gentlemen, I suggest that you reconvene in your respective girlfriend's quarters and wait until I give you the go ahead to begin your sexual healing." Martian Manhunter said, smirking.

"Don't be a wise guy J'onzz! If I find out you spied on us there'll be hell to pay!" Batman said, in a tongue in cheek voice, grinning.

Martian Manhunter gave Batman a quiet, expressionless stare.

"I'm sorry J'onn…I should have known better!" Batman said, smirking, Wonder Woman repressing an urge to giggle.

"Well you heard our favorite Martian, get dressed already Steven!" Shayera said, pulling the covers off Quinn's lower body.

"Geez, good thing I was wearing underwear!" Quinn said, chuckling.

Shayera noticed the hard-on Quinn already had poking through his briefs and looked at it with her eyes wide open. He stood up, with his back turned to Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman and Martian Manhunter and slipped on his pants, hoping that no one else had noticed his boner.

He finished getting dressed and he, Shayera, Batman and Wonder Woman left sickbay.

Shayera moved her lips closer to Quinn's ear.

"Sorry Steven, I didn't mean to embarrass you; I didn't realize you were that turned on already!" She whispered in his ear.

"No worries angel…you couldn't have known! God, why can't I stop staring at your ass?" He whispered back.

"It's the increased libido, don't worry, I'll take good care of you once J'onn gives us the go-ahead!" Shayera replied in a low voice, smirking.

Walking next to Wonder Woman, Batman was having problems of his own.

"I'm not a pig, I'm not a pig, I'm not a pig, I'm not a pig…" He mumbled repeatedly.

"Are you okay?" Wonder Woman asked, in a low voice.

"It's overwhelming, my eyes are glued to your cleavage, and when they're not on your cleavage they're on your legs and ass…it's demeaning and wrong and I can't stop…" Batman mumbled.

She smiled charmingly and took his right arm in hers.

"Patience my love, as soon as the monitors are ready your princess will satisfy your every need!" She replied.

They parted ways as Batman and Wonder Woman entered her quarters and Quinn and Shayera entered hers.

In a seedy hotel room somewhere in Blüdhaven; three dark figures were having a meeting.

"So, did they fall for it?" The masked man with the Spanish accent and the thick muscular chest asked.

"Indeed they did, though the man who accompanied the Detective is unknown to me. I was hoping for either Nightwing or Robin, turn them into uncontrollable sex machines that would ruin their reputation and hopefully kill them from exhaustion…but this will have to do." The elderly man with the goatee said.

"Ha! Ha! Haaa! How deliciously perverse, death by orgasm, the sheer irony is hilarious!" The man with the green hair and white face said, laughing uncontrollably.

"That may take some doing, I don't know about his new sidekick; but the Detective is in tip top condition, he won't collapse after a few orgasms. However, the lust will impair his judgment and make him useless as a Justice Leaguer. Exhaustion may take months, but I want him to die slowly." The older man with the goatee replied.

The three Villains looked at each other smiling knowingly; their plan, while crude, was inescapable, no man can escape his baser instincts. Bane removed his mask and poured some champagne in three glasses. Rà's Al Ghùl and the Joker picked up their glasses and made a toast.

"To the dishonor and destruction of The Bat." Bane said.

They clicked glasses and drank.

Chapter 3 - In Wonder Woman's quarters

Batman and Wonder Woman stepped into her quarters, the door sliding shut behind them.

"The machine…" Batman thought, snapping his fingers.

"What's the matter Bruce?" Wonder Woman asked.

"Something that needs to be looked into before my mind goes completely sex-obsessed." Batman replied, pressing the intercom button on the cabin's wall.

"Batman to Superman do you copy?" Batman said.

"Superman here Bruce, what's up?" Superman said.

"Kent, while I can still think clearly…well, somewhat clearly…could you send a team to retrieve the VR machine?" Batman said; his eyes fixed on Wonder Woman's cleavage, struggling to concentrate.

"Can do Bruce, are you playing a hunch?" Superman asked.

"Just a…theory at this point…once it's aboard, have Atom supervise a team to dismantle it, analyze it…it might be a dead end, but it might also lead us to the perps and to a cure for this predicament." Batman said, his voice sounding absent, slowly undressing Wonder Woman with his eyes.

"You got it old friend, how are you holding up?" Superman asked.

"If you want the usual Batman response, I'd say 'I'm fine, now get busy'…but the truth is I can't keep my eyes off Diana…" Batman said.

"You normally can't…" Superman replied.

Wonder Woman blushed at that statement.

"True…but I can feel all rationality slipping away from me…too much lust building up inside me; I feel like I'm about to explode." Batman said, his voice shaking.

Wonder Woman put her arms around him, holding him tight.

"Sorry for cutting in Superman, but the monitors have been modified to keep track of Batman & Mr. Quinn's vital signs…let the treatment begin, I'll advise Shayera and Mr. Quinn next." Martian Manhunter interrupted.

"That's fine J'onn; I'll get busy with the VR machine and page Atom, Superman out." Superman said.

The intercom shut off and Diana released her embrace, pulling Batman's cowl back.

"There, there my love, your Princess will help you release that pressure!" She said, now removing Batman's cape.

He stared at her, afraid to move, shaking.

"What's the matter Bruce?" She asked; removing his utility belt.

"Can't think…I just want you so bad I'm afraid I'll be too beastly…" Batman said, watching her as she knelt down to remove his boots.

"I love you Bruce. Do your worst, I can take it; I'm a Meta remember? An Amazon Princess can handle the beastliest of beasts! Now raise that foot so I can pull your boot off!" Wonder Woman said, smirking.

He raised his right foot, allowing her to pull his right boot off.

"Love…you…so…much…want…you…so…bad…can't…think…" Batman said, grunting; removing his gloves.

He raised his left foot and she pulled his left boot off. She pulled his tights down and realized that Batman-Bruce- already had a throbbing hard-on, his cock drenched in pre-cum.

"Great Eros, you look like you're about to blow your load right now!" She said, grabbing his cock in her smooth right hand and his balls in her left, making him gasp.

"We've done this before Bruce, in my mouth, down my throat. Let's relieve some of that sexual tension!" She said, and took the head of his cock in her mouth licking it; and jerking him off at the same time.

"GOD! Dh…Diana…I…I…UNGH!" Bruce screamed as his cum erupted from his cock and flowed down Diana's wanting throat.

The humiliation he felt over cumming so quickly was outweighed by the pleasure and relief he felt. She stood up and helped him out of his spandex and Kevlar top. While his face looked a bit more relaxed, he looked exhausted and sweaty.

"You're amazing princess…you deserve better than this…" Bruce said, looking down.

"Will you stop talking nonsense and undress me already?" Wonder Woman said, pursing her lips.

Bruce managed a smile and raised his shaking hands to her head. He removed her tiara as gently as he could.

"The earrings can stay…they look good on you!" Bruce said, in a hoarse voice.

"Thank you!" Diana said, guiding his hands to the buckle of her belt.

He unbuckled it and let it drop to the floor. He then reached behind her back, trying to find that secret clasp that held her suit; her Amazon Armor tight against her body, and fumbled on the fabric.

"Damn Hephaestus and his secret designs!" Bruce said, angrily.

"Relax Bruce…computer, what are Batman's current vital signs?" Diana said in her intercom, undoing the secret clasp at the back of her suit, letting it slide down to her ankles, and kicking it aside.

"Blood pressure 135 over 86; heart rate 105 b.p.m.; normal readings for a man of Batman's fitness level while physically active." The Computer's electronic voice replied.

"Good, you were beginning to worry me there!" Diana said, bending over to remove her boots.

"No, let me…" Bruce said; clumsily dropping onto his ass, reaching for her ankle.

"Be careful my love, don't injure yourself!" Diana said; straightening up and raising her right foot, putting one hand on the cabin wall near the intercom panel for balance.

Her right boot slid off her leg and foot without much effort. Bruce tossed her boot aside absent-mindedly. He held her right foot, stared at it and licked it from her big toe to her ankle, and then up her smooth shin all the way to her knee.

"Hmm, that feels nice Bruce!" She moaned.

She put her right foot down and raised her left foot. Bruce removed her left boot; but rather than licking her left foot and leg, he tossed her left boot aside and his eyes zeroed-in on her Brazilian-waxed pussy. He grabbed her firmly by the buttocks and brought her pussy to his mouth.

"BRUCE!" She yelled out of surprise and pleasure.

His tongue probed her pussy furiously, her clit, her labia and her vulva. It teased, tasted and licked, making Diana coo with delight and making her love-juice flow.

"Taste…good…" Bruce grunted, adding kisses and gentle bites to his lip service.

Diana maneuvered him towards her bed, him never releasing his grip on her firm ass and still eating her out.

"B-Bruce, I'm going to lie on my back in bed, want to keep on eating me out in bed?" She said, shivering from pleasure.

"Yeah…" Bruce moaned; in a low gravelly voice.

"You're gonna have to let go for a moment..." Diana said, grabbing Bruce by the wrists and forcing him to let go.

He grunted, casting her an angry stare.

"Easy Bruce, let's just get in bed!" She said, in a soothing voice.

"O…okay…" Bruce replied.

Diana lay in bed on her back and spread her legs open, smiling.

"No…me on my back…69…" Bruce grunted.

"Great idea Bruce, climb in bed next to me!" Diana said, patting the bed next to her.

Nodding, he climbed in bed and lay on his back next to her. She noticed that he was fully erect again, less than two minutes after he had cum in her mouth.

"And the way things are going, he's going to cum in my mouth again…I'm getting my protein today!" She though, smirking as she knelt in bed with his head between her legs and lay forward on top of him.

The feel of her hot, smooth muscular body against his and of her ample, firm breasts against his lower abdomen made him utter an appreciative moan.

"Hmm…you…feel…so good!" He grunted again.

"Yeah Bruce, eat me out! I'll make you cum again in my mouth!" She said, her voice taking a sultry quality that gave him goose bumps.

He grabbed her buttocks again, spreading them open and inhaled the sweet fragrance of her love juice. He stuck his tongue in her love hole, tasting her; making her gasp.

She responded by grabbing his cock in her right hand, propping herself up on her left elbow and engulfed his cock in her warm, wet mouth; slowly bobbing her head up and down on his hard, throbbing cock.

"Mmmh! Mmmh! Mmmh!" Bruce moaned loudly, licking Diana's clit, labia and vulva at triple speed.

Bruce could feel that once again, he wouldn't be able to withhold his orgasm much longer; cursing the increased libido but enjoying the sex nonetheless. Diana let go of his cock momentarily as she could feel an orgasm of her own budding in her lower abdomen.

"Oh Bruce don't stop…don't stop it's too good…OH BRUCE…GAIA I'M CUMMING!" Diana screamed in ecstasy, jerking Bruce off with her right hand.

"I'm gonna cum…I'M GONNA CUM!" Bruce screamed.

Diana returned the head of his cock in her mouth just in time to accept its second offering, swallowing her lover's essence with passion. Almost simultaneously, their bodies went limp, basking in the afterglow of their shared orgasm.

Diana rolled off Bruce's body and lay next to him, placing her head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

"Shh, relax my love; let your heart rate return to normal. I'll help you heal." Diana said in a soothing voice, caressing Bruce's muscular chest with her smooth left hand.

"I can think clearly a few moments after the orgasm…then the lust just overwhelms me." Bruce replied.

"I am surprised and impressed by how quickly you were ready for action after your first orgasm!" Diana said.

"Just like a horny teen…fast orgasms, quick on the reload…that increased libido…kind of like…puberty…again…" Bruce said, the lust clouding his thoughts again.

He turned on his side to face her, hard and ready to go again.

"Again Bruce? My teen-aged lover is ready for more?" Diana asked, with a teasing smirk on her lips.

"I…want your tits!" Bruce grunted, firmly grabbing Diana's firm double D-cuppers and squeezing them together.

She put her hands on Bruce's shoulders, moaning as his hands kneaded her breasts tenderly, and as his mouth skipped from her right nipple to her left, licking, sucking and gently biting, making them rock hard.

"Mmmh, that feels wonderful Bruce…wanna fuck my tits? Wanna cover them with your hot, sticky cum?" Diana said, her voice taking its sultry quality again, making Bruce shiver.

"Oh baby yes!" Bruce replied, his voice shaking.

Diana blushed, Bruce wasn't much for terms of endearment, and "Princess" was the closest thing to a pet name he had ever given her. Being called "baby" made her feel warm inside, like the greatest of compliments.

"Then be a good boy and bring me that bottle of body lotion from my washroom. I want you to rub some all over that big cock of yours, then all over my cleavage; and then I want you to fuck my big girls until you make them all wet and sticky!" Diana said, looking deep into Bruce's eyes, almost hypnotically.

"Yes…mistress…" Bruce grunted, making her giggle.

He let go of her breasts and got out of bed, stumbling his way to the washroom. The light turned on automatically, and he spotted the bottle of body lotion on the edge of the vanity sink.

He grabbed it and returned to Diana's bed. He looked at her, marveling on how beautiful she was, and how he was such a lucky bastard that she loved him so much. He opened the bottle, lubricated his boner with body lotion and sat on the edge of the bed.

He poured a bit more lotion in his hands and lubricated Diana's cleavage thoroughly, obtaining an appreciative moan out of her. He recapped the bottle and dropped it on the floor.

He climbed back in bed and straddled her chest. Diana pushed her massive tits together, sandwiching his hard cock between them, making him moan. Unable to wait any longer, he began fucking her tits fast and hard, triggering yet another premature orgasm, his cum streaking and beading all over Diana's magnificent tits.

"Unh…ahh…Damn it! I got no self-control!" Bruce grunted, angrily.

"Relax Bruce, it's okay! This isn't one of our usual love-making sessions, this is treatment! Until we figure out a cure, you get to have as many quick orgasms as you need, I'm not complaining!" Diana said, smiling.

"Talk about a switch, this time I'm the one who's multi orgasmic!" Bruce said, chuckling in spite of himself.

Bruce got out of bed.

"Where are you going?" Diana asked.

"To get a wet facecloth, so I can clean you up while I'm still thinking straight! Just because my libido's 10 times the normal levels doesn't mean I can't treat you with a bit of consideration!" Bruce said, reentering the washroom.

"That's very sweet of you my love! I have to wonder how well Shayera and Steven are doing?" Wonder Woman said.

Chapter 4 - in Shayera's quarters

As soon as the door slid shut behind them, Quinn pulled Shayera closer and held her tightly; planting a firm, passionate kiss on her lips and engaging in a sensual game of tongue tag with her.

After a few moments, she broke their lip lock and gently made him release his embrace.

"I like this Casanova, don't get me wrong; but you really shouldn't over-excite yourself until J'onn gives us the go-ahead!" Shayera said, smiling.

Quinn gave her a disappointed look but nodded nonetheless.

"You're right…but it's getting harder for me to concentrate…butterflies in my stomach…reminds me of the first time I got laid…and the kinky shit popping in my mind right now…I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy!" Quinn said, shaking.

"Don't worry Steven; I'll take good care of you I promise! And I can handle it if the kinky shit as you call it gets out of control!" Shayera replied, looking in his eyes and putting her hands on his shoulders.

"You're beautiful…so beautiful…" Quinn said, his eyes straying from Shayera's face and staring at her chest, looking for a hint of nipple.

Shayera snickered at Quinn's straying stare.

"Hey Steven…up here; where my eyes are!" She said.

"Sorry…I can't help it…I just want to tear your clothes off and fuck…I can't believe I just said that…I love you…you deserve respect and consideration…" Quinn said, leaning his back against the wall, feeling dizzy.

"Don't worry Casanova, I was just teasing…come, lean on me; let's sit in bed until J'onn pages us." Shayera said.

She put Quinn' right arm around her shoulders, and helped him to her bed. They sat down, and she wrapped her left wing around his back in a protective gesture.

"Hy…hyperventilating…too horny…hands and feet getting numb…I'm losing it Shay…" Quinn said, sweat beading on his forehead.

"Shh…relax baby, breathe in deeply, nice and slow. Try to think of something else than sex…for instance, tell me about that new Snake suit you were wearing when we beamed you back to sickbay?" Shayera said in a soothing voice, rubbing his chest with her right hand.

"Re-remember when Batman volunteered me to be his ad hoc backup?" Quinn said.

"Vividly…Diana was nagging him to bring backup on a routine fact-finding mission and he made a stink about being able to handle it on his own." Shayera said, still rubbing Quinn's muscular chest through the fabric of his shirt, glad that his breathing was returning to normal.

Quinn nodded.

"Batman…Batman dragged me to this 'secret locker' near the Javelin bay. He had a surprise for me." Quinn said.

"Let me guess, the 'new and improved' Snake suit that you were wearing…so that's why he insisted to confiscate your original suit before we could allow you back in the Watchtower!" Shayera said.

"Somehow he …anticipated that I'd graduate from being your beyotch to becoming a Justice League consultant…so based on my original technology he made me a new suit…this one bullet proof." Quinn said.

"And complete with a GPS tracking device I bet…mind you, I'm glad he cared about your safety, I'm not as annoyed with him as I originally was!" Shayera said, grinning.

Unable to help himself, Quinn began kissing the left side of Shayera's neck, making her giggle and moan.

"Hmm, you sure know my magic spots! Please be patient Steven…" Shayera said.

Before she could complete her sentence, J'onn's voice crackled through the intercom.

"Shayera, Mr. Quinn; you may begin treatment, the modifications have been completed to the life signs sensors. Batman's and Mr. Quinn's vital signs will be closely monitored. Martian Manhunter out." J'onn said.

"Oh thank God for that!" Quinn said, breathing a sigh of relief.

"Allow me Casanova, let me stimulate you!" Shayera said, folding her wings to their most compact form.

She stood up facing Quinn who stared at her lustfully, shaking in anticipation. She deployed her wings and reached behind her back to undo the two small zippers that held her top together. She winked at him and pulled off her top, tossing it at him. He smelled it, inhaling her pheromones, wanting her.

She placed one booted foot on his lap, smiling.

"Pull!" She commanded.

Quinn complied, his eyes fixed on her firm, shapely B-cuppers. He pulled off her boot and kissed her foot.

"Good boy, now the other one!" She said; placing her other booted foot on his lap.

Quinn removed her other boot, kissed her other foot and began rubbing it against his crotch, panting.

"Oh you naughty boy, you have a foot fetish?" Shayera said, teasingly.

"Not usually…but today I do!" Quinn grunted.

Shayera pulled her foot away and he gave her his disappointed look again.

"Don't worry Steven, let's make this worthwhile!" Shayera said.

She turned her back to him; bending over as she removed her tights and wiggled her ass sensually as she let them slide down her legs all the way to her ankles. She kicked her tights aside and faced him again, pursing her lips.

"I'm surprised; you didn't grab me when I wiggled my butt at you!" Shayera said.

"Wanted to…couldn't…you made me cream my pants when you did…too sexy…too intense…" Quinn mumbled, embarrassed.

"Don't know my own strength! No worries baby; let me clean you up!" Shayera said, smiling mischievously and kneeling in front of him.

She bent over, untied his sneakers and tossed them comically over her shoulder, making them bounce off the carpeted floor. She pulled his socks off and kissed his feet as a response to him kissing her feet earlier.

She straightened up, unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants and pulled his zipper down. She sensually brushed her fingertips on his wet briefs and he clumsily stood up; allowing her to pull his pants and underwear down, tossing those aside helter-skelter on the floor.

He looked at her in genuine amazement as she got busy licking the cum off his cock, balls and lower abdomen. Her tongue felt good and tickled at the same time. As the lust once more clouded his thoughts he could feel his cock getting hard again.

"You don't know your own strength indeed…I'm hard again!" Quinn said, fumbling to unbutton his shirt.

Shayera smiled and stood up, helping him out. His shirt slid to the floor and they were now both naked, and staring at each other with a mixture of lust and anticipation.

"Now tell me about that kinky shit you were mentioning?" Shayera said, smirking, gently grabbing hold of his cock and stroking it, feeling its smooth skin, its warmth and hardness.

"You…don't want to know." Quinn said looking down.

"Tell me! I might be able to help you get it out of your system…literally!" Shayera said.

Quinn drew in a sharp breath, feeling a mixture of shame and excitement.

"Remember our first time, when I was nursing you from the toxin?" Quinn asked.

"Yeah!" Shayera said.

"You looked so sexy and…vulnerable lying naked on your stomach*…*" Quinn said.

"Keep in mind that I was playing paralyzed at that point…still, you made sweet love to me; with kindness and respect!" Shayera said.

"Yeah...such a beautiful love-making session…all distorted in my mind into some kinky version of it…first I fuck your face…but instead of following up by making love to you doggy-style in your pussy; I fuck your ass doggy-style*…_and then pull out and cum in your _mouth*…I can't believe I'm saying this…" Quinn said, blushing.

"No offence taken baby, it's just a kinky fantasy and your libido's askew. In fact, I'm willing to try; but you have to promise me to take it easy with the anal sex, I hear it can hurt like hell if done wrong." Shayera said, still gently stroking Quinn's cock.

"You're amazing! I'll try to be gentle…but the lust is just so overwhelming…don't hesitate to use brute force if I'm too rough!" Quinn said; his mouth feeling parched.

"Brute force will only be used as a last resort Steven! I'll even jerk you off with my feet if the foot fetish still tempts you!" Shayera said, smiling, stroking his cock more firmly and faster.

Quinn kissed her, moaning.

"Mmh…unhh…HUH…oh GOD!" Quinn said, shooting his load on Shayera's pubis, hand and forearm.

She looked at him gape-mouthed.

"What the hell's going on? I'm squirting like a wet-dreaming kid!" Quinn blurted out.

"It's okay Steven, no doubt a side-effect of the increased libido…what has that machine done to you…and to Batman?" Shayera asked, walking to her washroom to grab a warm wet towel.

"Turned us both into horny teens from the looks of it…man I sure would have creamed my pants back then knowing I'd be Hawkgirl's boyfriend!" Quinn said.

"That's so sweet of you to say!" Shayera said, smiling, walking back to the bed as she wiped Quinn's jizm off her body.

"While I can still think clearly Shay, lie down on your back; let me pleasure you before I'm too horny to think again!" Quinn said, pointing at the bed.

Shayera lay on her back, smiling, and dropped the wet cloth next to the bed. Her wings were overhanging on each side of the bed and she spread her legs open. He lay between her legs and placed his hands on her hips.

He brought his mouth to her hot, wet pussy. His tongue traced her labia, brushed against her clit and then went up and down her wet vulva, savoring the sweet love juice.

"UUUUUH baby you do it so good!" Shayera moaned loudly.

He focused his tongue on her clit, licking it, kissing it, sucking it and biting it gingerly.

"Uuuh…oooooh…yeaaaahhh…YEAAAH!" Shayera said increasingly louder, feeling the fire of an orgasm building in her lower belly.

Quinn inserted a probing finger into her hot, wet pussy while still licking her clit; looking for that sweet spot that could trigger a massive orgasm.

"OH YEAH STEVEN, GO FOR THE G-SPOT!!" Shayera screamed out of pleasure.

He continued licking her clit while probing the inner-walls of her tight pussy with his middle finger.

"NNUUUUAAAAAAAAH!" Shayera screamed, as Quinn had found her G spot.

Quinn increased his finger pressure, licking her clit at double speed.

"DON"T STOP…DON'T YOU DARE STOP! NYAAAAAAAHHHH!" She screamed as she came.

Quinn licked the love juice oozing from her pussy, making her body and wings tremble and her legs feel wobbly. Overcome by lust, hard and ready to go again; he knelt up and pressed the head of his cock hard against Shayera's pink rosebud.

"HEY!" Shayera shouted, putting her right foot against Quinn's sternum and her hands on his arms, stopping him.

"WHA?" Quinn grunted.

"Cool your jets Casanova…Nice and easy Steven, no ramming that hard rod of yours up my ass…you must slide it in nice and smooth-like okay?" Shayera said, casting him a warning stare.

"O-okay…" Quinn grunted.

"Besides, you wanted to do anal while I'm on my stomach, right?" Shayera said, smirking.

Quinn smiled.

"Yeah, that's right!" He said.

"Good, sit back and let me get up!" She said, taking her foot off his chest.

Quinn complied, his eyes glued to her naked body. She got out of bed and opened her foot locker, rummaging through the contents. She came back to bed, smiling, holding a large jar in her hands.

"This is kum'phar nut ointment. It's known to humanoids across the galaxy as a great balm to heal scrapes and bruises. It's also nice and greasy and slippery; a wonderful lubricant." Shayera said, smiling, opening the jar.

She lubricated Quinn's cock with a gentle touch, trying not to trigger another premature orgasm. She then took a generous amount of ointment on her index and middle fingers and lubricated her asshole; by first inserting her middle finger in her rectum, and then both her index and middle fingers, gently stretching her anus so Quinn's cock wouldn't feel so sore.

She closed the jar and dropped it to the floor; and then lay on her stomach taking the middle of the bed, letting her wings overhang on each side once again.

"Remember Steven, nice, smooth and gentle. Once you're in and I'm relaxed, you can fuck my ass as hard and fast as you like." Shayera said.

"I'll try to be gentle…"Quinn grunted.

He straddled her rump, guiding his cock with his right hand, gradually increasing the pressure on Shayera's tight asshole and slowly sliding deeper into her tight ass; him groaning and her gasping.

He squeezed her firm ass between his thighs and began humping Shayera's rump faster and faster; feeling another orgasm building up much too quickly and not caring. Shayera was moaning with each thrust, leaving him wondering if she felt pleasure or pain. Without warning, he came right in her ass.

"OH GOD I'M CUMMING AGAIN!" Quinn shouted.

He pulled out of Shayera's ass, a trail of his cum oozing out of her butt hole. He grabbed the wet towel from the floor, cleaned Shayera's ass and then his cock. Shayera rolled on her side and Quinn lay next to her.

"God I hate this lack of self-control…was I hurting you?" Quinn asked, caressing Shayera's face.

"It was a bit sore at first, but as I relaxed I felt an odd stimulation from it…in fact I wouldn't mind trying it again once your libido's back to normal levels!" Shayera said, smiling.

Quinn smiled.

"You're the best! While I can still think clearly…you wouldn't happen to keep condoms in here, would you?" Quinn asked.

Shayera laughed, shaking her head in disbelief.

"Of all the times we've had sex, now you ask me this?" She said.

"I know Thanagarian women have some sort of built-in contraceptive hormone that's secreted when they don't want to get pregnant, that's not the issue. However, if Thanagarians have a similar intestinal flora as we humans do, there are certain bacteria present in the rectum that aren't welcome in the woman's vagina…" Quinn said.

Shayera smiled and kissed him.

"Even with an increased libido you're still concerned with my health! I love you Steven! No, I don't keep any condoms, but come with me, let's shower together, I have a good antibacterial soap, I'll clean you…and we might do something naughty in the shower too!" Shayera said, with a wink.

Smiling, she took him by the hand and led him to her cabin's bathroom. The light automatically turned on as they walked in.

"Shower, 38 degrees Celsius…" Shayera said in the voice command receiver.

"A few degrees above normal body temperature should be just right for a comfortable shower!" She said, looking at Quinn, leading him under the shower's warm stream of water.

The warm water washed over their bodies, soothing. Shayera reached for the bottle of liquid antibacterial soap and knelt down, smiling. Quinn looked at her, panting, once again overwhelmed by lust and his cock as stiff as a steel bar.

"Good, you're hard, that'll make it easier for me to clean you up!" Shayera said, grinning, sensually rubbing antibacterial soap on Quinn's boner.

She lathered his cock, pulling his foreskin back to make sure he was thoroughly clean and making him moan with pleasure. She returned the bottle of soap to its shelf, moving out of the way to allow the stream of water to rinse off Quinn's cock. Smirking mischievously, she knelt back down and licked the head of his cock.

"Hm yes, this does taste clean…" She said, wrapping her lips around the head of his cock and rolling her soft, warm tongue all over it, tasting a fresh batch of his pre-cum.

"Oh God Shay…you'll make me cum in your mouth if you're not careful…"Quinn said, putting his hands on top of her head to keep his balance.

She let go of his cock and looked up at him, the prettiest, most seductive sight he had ever seen.

"What if I want you to Steven? Wasn't that the second part of your kinky shit fantasy, cumming in my mouth after fucking my ass? Go for it baby, I said I'd take good care of you!" Shayera said, smiling, sensually caressing his balls with a gentle right hand.

"Oh God Shay, you're the greatest…" Quinn said in an ecstasied voice.

Still caressing his balls, she took his cock back in her mouth and bobbed her head up and down gradually faster, feeling it tremble, ready to fire.

"Ah…oh Shayera…oh SHAY I LOVE YOU! THAT FEELS SO GOOD! SO GOOD! SO G…" Quinn screamed, squirming under Shayera's sweet caress; his orgasm exploding in her mouth and down her greedy throat.

Smiling, Shayera stood up and put her arms around him, holding him close, pressing her firm, wet body against his. He put his arms around her -under her wings - and closed his eyes, trembling from that last orgasm.

She opened her mouth, letting some shower water in her mouth, gargled with it and spat it out.

"What are you doing?" Quinn asked, opening his eyes.

"Rinsing my mouth…you wouldn't want me to French-kiss you tasting like your cum now would you?" She said, winking.

Quinn chuckled.

"This was a great idea…it's the first time I have sex in a shower…thank God you have nice, wide shower stall big enough to accommodate two people! Say…I'd really like to try that bit where you jerk me off with your feet next…" Quinn said.

Shayera laughed good-heartedly.

"I'd be glad to; I'll probably have to lubricate you with that ointment again…but let's dry off first okay? Shower off, dryer jets on, body temperature." Shayera said; first addressing Quinn, and then the voice command receiver.

The water streams stopped and powerful jets of warm air began blowing their bodies dry.

Shayera took Quinn by the hand once more and led him back to her bed. She grabbed to jar of kum'phar nut ointment from the floor and they sat in bed face to face. She opened the jar and smiled, seeing how quickly her Steven had regained his boner.

"The orgasms may be quick but you sure recuperate fast! I have to wonder if Batman and Diana are having as much fun as we are?" Shayera said, giggling, lubricating Quinn's cock.

Chapter 5 - a microscopic intruder

As Batman, Wonder Woman, Shayera and Steven Quinn had begun their intensive libido treatment; Martian Manhunter relieved Mr. Terrific at dispatch so he could assist Atom with the VR machine. Entering the Lab, he noticed Atom examining one of the headsets attached to the VR machine.

"Hi there Ray, J'onn tells me you need my help?" Mr. Terrific said.

"Oh, hi Mike, indeed I do. The original plan was to have a team of scientists dismantle and analyze this contraption, but after what Superman and J'onn told me and knowing Batman; I'd rather keep the circle as small as possible if you get my drift." Atom said.

"Yeah, J'onn filled me in…there's an unusual means of revenge from one of Batman's enemies; increased libido? How can I help?" Mr. Terrific said.

"I removed the hard drive from the VR machine and mounted it into this makeshift PC. I'm no expert in VR software, but there's something about that particular program that bothers me and I'd like you to take a thorough look at it and analyze it; programming is more of your field of expertise than mine." Atom said.

"Will do…what seems to be the deal with that headset?" Mr. Terrific asked.

"I've just given it a thorough scan. At first glance, it looks like your regular run of the mill visor and headset combo; but that extra piece that covers the right temple got my attention. The scan revealed a microscopic opening that I'd like to investigate at the submicroscopic level, while you review the software." Atom said.

"Sounds like a plan Ray, good luck!" Mr. Terrific replied.

"Thanks, I'll page you if I find anything significant." Atom said.

"Ditto here." Mr. Terrific replied.

Atom shrank to submicroscopic size as Mr. Terrific got busy with the makeshift PC, analyzing the VR software. Able to keep his full strength while in reduced size, Atom leaped into the microscopic opening, now the size of a large tunnel. He switched on a small flashlight from his belt and walked in.

He spotted what seemed to be a long telescopic spear with a hollow end right in front of him. He carefully walked around it and saw an intricate network of circuits hooked up to a trigger mechanism right behind the spear-like structure.

"Agreed this would be invisible to the naked eye; a microscopic hypodermic syringe that would pass right between the Kevlar weave of both Batman and Snake's masks. Fully extended, that needle would have enough length to make it through a capillary in the temple…" Atom thought, amazed by what he saw.

"Well Mike, this hole definitely wasn't a flaw in the material. I've come across what appears to be a telescopic hypodermic needle." Atom said.

"Which raises the question, to inject what? Well, well what have we here?" Mr. Terrific said.

"Found something?" Atom asked.

"Yes, a well hidden subroutine, programmed to kick in once the VR fantasy is well in progress…as soon as the recipient is good and disoriented, this kicks in…" Mr. Terrific said, still deciphering the stream of data.

"I'll take a wild guess and say said subroutine was meant to trigger the syringe mechanisms." Atom said, examining the circuitry behind the spear-like structure.

"From what I can tell on my end, you'd be absolutely right…but I'll ask again, to inject what?" Mr. Terrific said.

Atom seemed to pop out of thin air near Mr. Terrific, as he had exited the microscopic tunnel and returned to his normal size.

"We can rule out any drug or toxins as Batman and Snake's tox screens came out clean. We can rule out a virus or parasite as there are no known viruses or parasites known to increase the male libido." Atom reasoned.

"Which only leaves?" Mr. Terrific asked.

"Look at the symptoms Mike; J'onn told us of unusual brainwaves on the CAT scans, denoting libidos at least ten times the normal levels. Whatever was injected in their temples is actively stimulating the precise area of the brain that controls libido, lust, desire..." Atom said.

"Much too precise and specific to be a drug or a virus, you're right." Mr. Terrific said.

"My guess is that the subroutine injected a pair of well programmed Nano-bots, feeding off the brainwaves and turning Batman and Snake into sex-crazed puppets." Atom said,

"No wonder the VR program was flawed, it didn't matter; it was all about injecting the Nano-bots from the start!" Mr. Terrific said.

"Well, the good news is a well placed magnetic pulse would render the Nano-bots inert and our friends' immune systems will do the rest. As far as figuring out who put this elaborate trap together…" Atom said, shaking his head.

"We will need Batman to figure that one out." Mr. Terrific said.

Atom nodded and picked up his communicator. He conferenced Superman and Martian Manhunter's communicators along with the intercoms of Diana and Shayera's quarters.

"Atom here, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Terrific and I have figured out a cure!" Atom said.

"Could this wait another five minutes?" Batman replied; his voice sounding flustered, as Diana was straddling his cock.

"Yeah…kinda busy right now…" Quinn added in a hoarse voice, as Shayera was jerking him off with her feet.

Atom repressed a chuckle.

"Whenever you're ready, join us in the infirmary; one well placed magnetic pulse and you'll be back to your normal selves. Atom out!" Atom said, chuckling after the link was closed.

"Think you caught them in an awkward moment?" Mr. Terrific asked, grinning.

"Oh I'm sure I did! Say, I meant to ask you, who handles the roster when you and J'onn take time off?" Atom asked, as they left the Lab and made their way to Sickbay.

"It's similar to monitor duty, those who enjoy the task take extra shifts…it's mostly J'onn and myself but several people assist when they can. Dr. Light's taken a few roster management shifts, so has Superman…Power Girl has shown great organizational skills but her powers make her an asset on the field more than behind a desk." Mr. Terrific said.

"The same can be said of you and J'onn." Atom said.

"Thanks, that's a great compliment! Like the old saying goes, it's a dirty job but someone's got to do it!" Mr. Terrific said, grinning.

Atom snapped his fingers, remembering one source of information he hadn't considered.

"Oracle…if anyone can help us figure out who the perps are, she can!" Atom said, grabbing his communicator.

"Atom to Oracle, do you copy?" Atom said.

After a pause, a feminine voice responded.

"Oracle here Professor Palmer, how can I help you?" Oracle said.

Atom and Mr. Terrific looked at each other, surprised.

"I won't even ask how on Earth you know my secret identity…you're probably aware of the trap Batman and the Snake fell into earlier today?" Atom asked.

"Only the main lines, are they all right?" Oracle asked.

"They will be. We need your deductive skills; out of the list of Batman's enemies, how many of them are not currently in custody; and out of those, how many have the resources and knowledge to setup a trap consisting of Virtual Reality and Nano technology?" Atom asked.

"That is a lengthy list indeed…let me do a search, I will call you back once I have the results." Oracle said.

"Much appreciated, thanks Barb!" Atom said smirking.

"Now how on Earth did you know my name?" Oracle asked.

"I have my sources too! Atom out!" Atom said, terminating the link.

Chapter 6 - Turnaround

After Wonder Woman and Shayera wrestled Bruce and Steven back into their clothes, they dragged them to Sickbay grunting and struggling; still consumed by their increased libido.

"Want your tits again…want tits!" Batman grunted, restrained by Wonder Woman's magic golden lasso.

"Don't worry my love; you'll be your old self soon…once we've found the perpetrators I promise you'll get my tits again…all of me in fact!" Wonder Woman whispered; concerned that his lust was so powerful that her magic golden lasso could barely control it.

A few meters behind them, Shayera was dragging Quinn in a headlock; his wrists tied behind his back with one of her spare pairs of tights.

"I want your ass again Shay…can't help myself…I wanna ram my cock in your ass again!" Quinn said in a hoarse, gravelly voice.

"I told you we'd do it again once you're back to normal baby, please stop struggling, I'd really hate to hurt you trying to restrain you!" Shayera said in a low voice.

They made it to Sickbay and saw that Martian Manhunter had switched places with Mr. Terrific once again, and was flanked by Atom.

"J'onn, Ray, a bit of help please, their libidos spiked again just as we were getting them dressed!" Wonder Woman said.

"Yeah, kind of heart-breaking to have to tie them up so we can get them cured!" Shayera replied.

"They'll be fine in a few seconds. We modified the MRI machine to generate a short, focused magnetic pulse, Batman and Mr. Quinn will be fine in no time." Martian Manhunter said.

Atom assisted Wonder Woman with Batman and Martian Manhunter assisted Shayera with Quinn, prepping them for the MRI.

"All right, who goes first?" Atom asked.

"Have Steven go first; it's easier for me to control Batman with the magic golden lasso." Wonder Woman said.

Shayera gave her a thankful smile.

"Thanks Diana, I owe you one!" Shayera said.

Grunting and drooling, Quinn struggled as they tried to move him closer to the MRI machine.

"Wanna fuck again first! Wanna fuck again first!" Quinn barked, struggling.

"Hold him still; I'll give him a sedative." Martian Manhunter said, calmly.

J'onn grabbed a hypodermic needle and changed its molecular structure so it could go through Quinn's shirt without breaking the fabric and pulled the plunger, injecting the sedative right into Quinn's muscular right triceps.

"NO! FUCK FIRST! FUH…" Quinn screamed.

Panting heavily, Quinn stopped struggling and his breathing returned to normal.

"Oh my God…I'm so…sorry…" Quinn mumbled.

"It's okay Steven, it wasn't your fault…we'll get you better I promise!" Shayera said, untying his wrists and repressing a sob.

Stripped down to his briefs, he climbed onto the MRI machine's table with Shayera and Atom's help. The table slid into the MRI machine, taking a brain scan before triggering the focused magnetic pulse.

"Right there increase resolution by + 20…that tiny spec near the right temporal lobe, do you see it?" Atom said.

"Yes, it looks like a spec of dust on the screen to me…" Martian Manhunter replied.

"A Nano-bot would be much too small for a standard CAT-scan or even for the MRI machine to detect properly…the metallic surface of a Nano-bot would create a reflection off the MRI scan. That spec of dust as you call it is a Nano-bot; I'd stake my reputation on it." Atom said.

Shayera let out a frustrated grunt and brought her face closer to the monitor and blew on it.

"See? Not dust! Shall we proceed with the treatment already?" Shayera asked, in an annoyed tone of voice, crossing her arms.

Atom, Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman looked at Shayera, feeling awkward.

"Sorry…" Shayera said, blushing.

"Don't worry my sister, we are all very worried!" Wonder Woman said, smiling.

"Agreed Shayera, treatment beginning. Reversing polarity and triggering focused magnetic pulse in 4-3-2-1, now." Atom said, triggering the focused magnetic pulse.

Quinn's body buckled and the table slid out of the MRI machine. Shayera rushed by his side, caressing his face with her left hand and holding his left hand with her right.

"Oh baby, are you all right?" Shayera said, tears coursing down her pretty face.

"I'm fine angel…could you find me a rock?" Quinn said.

"A rock, what for?" Shayera said.

"So I can crawl underneath it and hide…I feel so ashamed…" Quinn said.

Shayera laughed; wiped the tears from her eyes and puckered him up with her left hand. She kissed him tenderly and helped him to his feet.

"Will you shut up with the guilt and shame already? You were under mind control, and now it's Batman's turn to get treated!" Shayera said, smiling.

As Wonder Woman helped Batman onto the MRI table, Atom looked at Quinn.

"I took the liberty of having your Snake suit brought to Sickbay, Oracle had some interesting info regarding the possible perpetrators; and I have a definite hunch you'll want in on it." Atom said.

"Only if I tag along!" Shayera said.

"Absolutely, I want you to tag along!" Quinn said, putting on his new and improved Snake suit.

"Batman is ready for his treatment Atom." Martian Manhunter said.

"Okay, reversing polarity and triggering focused magnetic pulse in 4-3-2-1, now." Atom said, triggering the focused magnetic pulse.

Dressed down to his underwear and mask, Batman's body also buckled from the focused magnetic pulse and the table slid out of the MRI machine. Wonder Woman smiled and helped Batman to his feet.

"And what did Oracle have on the possible perps?" Batman asked, putting on his Bat suit with Wonder Woman's help.

"Glad to see you're back to normal so quickly! Out of your enemies who aren't currently in custody, only three have the smarts and resources to have pulled-off that trap. Ra's Al Ghùl has the wealth and knowledge required to figure out every man's weaknesses." Atom said.

"I was right on that count." Batman said.

"Bane is next, highly intelligent and has the connections to obtain all sorts of equipment, including sleeping gas and black market Nano-technology." Atom said.

"I was right on both counts!" Batman said.

"And last but not least…and you won't believe me when I tell you…the Joker." Atom said.

Batman looked at Atom, head cocked sideways.

"The Joker? You're right; he's one I didn't anticipate." Batman said.

"According to Oracle, he has a photographic memory and has spent plenty of time sharing a cell with Mad Hatter and The Riddler." Atom said.

"Thus the knowledge of Virtual Reality and mind control…the circle's complete. Thank Oracle for me." Batman said.

"Already have!" Atom said, smiling.

"J'onn, advise whoever's in charge of the roster that Wonder Woman, Shayera, Snake and I will be busy for the next few hours." Batman said.

"I shall advise Mr. Terrific and Superman." Martian Manhunter said, smirking.

"Quinn, how quickly can you whip up a batch of that paralyzing toxin?" Batman asked.

"Ten minutes tops, I think your Lab already has the necessary components." The Snake replied.

"Good. Shayera, escort him to the Lab; I don't think he's familiar enough with the Watchtower to find his way on his own. Join Wonder Woman and me at the Transport pads once you're ready." Batman said.

Snake and Shayera nodded and left Sickbay.

"How do you propose we find our triumvirate my love?" Wonder Woman asked.

"Since the Joker is part of the mix, we might have a lead. Since getting her parole, Harley Quinn has been keeping her nose clean…most of the time. She stays out of trouble, but she has been in contact with the Joker on and off." Batman said.

"You had her line tapped." Wonder Woman said, arms crossed, smirking.

"Indeed I did. She's been in contact with an escaped felon, so she's in violation of parole. I don't think she'll sell him out to us…but the Joker has a libido too. We might want to keep her under visual surveillance…" Batman said.

"And she might lead us to our deadly trio…provided that the Joker feels horny tonight. Promise me you'll leave me a piece of Bane? I still haven't forgiven him for injuring your back!" Wonder Woman said.

In spite of Martian Manhunter and Atom being in the same room with them, Batman smiled and kissed her.

"As you wish Princess, being bested by an attractive woman…his Latin ego will never recover!" Batman said, chuckling.

As they walked towards the Lab, Shayera and Snake chatted.

"You never did tell me how you grew immune to the paralyzing toxin." Shayera said, casting him a curious glance.

"My mother nearly died after being bitten by a snake when I was very young, an anti-toxin saved her life." Snake said.

"That must have terrified you!" Shayera said.

"It did…I became obsessed with venoms and poisons, swearing to myself that what happened to my mother would never happen to me. I consulted various specialists; volunteered in various vaccine trials…next thing you know I was immune to most organic poisons." Snake said.

"Snake venoms?" Shayera asked.

"Yes, and to most venomous spiders, fish and plants. My paralyzing toxin is nothing more than a synthetic curare extract, in suspension in a transcutaneous gel." Snake said, as they neared the Lab.

"Curare…the same toxin used to simulate death…" Shayera said, as they entered the Lab.

"Yep, the very same one; when I touch an opponent's skin, he or she absorbs just enough to cause temporary paralysis…should anyone have the brilliant idea of wearing my gloves though; the paralysis would extend to the heart and lungs causing actual death." Snake said, looking at the shelves.

"Needless to say, I keep my gloves with me at all times." He concluded, grabbing a bottle of saline.

Chapter 7 - Payback

Snake and Shayera joined Batman and Wonder Woman near the nearest transport pads, discussing the finer points of self-defense; fully anticipating that there would be some roughhousing once the perps would be located.

"I guarantee you; one stiff thumb to the solar plexus with your right hand followed by a karate chop to the jugular with your left; your opponent will drop like a rock should you run out of your paralyzing gel." Shayera said.

The Snake nodded.

"Great tip Shay, that's one technique my old Sensei never taught me!" He replied.

"Good, you were quick! As I was discussing with Diana, we might have a lead to the Joker. Harley Quinn…you wouldn't happen to be related to her, would you?" Batman said with a subtle smirk, looking at Snake.

"I resent that! We might have a distant ancestor from a few generations back, but I wouldn't call her a relative!" Snake replied, playing along.

"Now boys, you behave!" Wonder Woman said, smirking.

"As I was saying, I've been keeping tabs on Harley since she was paroled. She has been in contact on and off with the Joker…while she's in breach of parole I haven't reported her to Commissioner Gordon…" Batman said, chuckling.

"…as she may eventually lead you to the Joker's capture, but now that we know he was one of the masterminds behind that increased libido trap; you have an incentive to move in sooner on him." Shayera said, finishing Batman's sentence.

"Precisely…in fact…" Batman said, pulling a communicator from his utility belt.

"Batman to Bat-computer, voice command Beta-Alpha-Tango, do you copy?" Batman said.

"Voice command acknowledged, how may I assist you Batman?" The Bat-computer replied, in a voice very reminiscent of Alfred Pennyworth's.

"Engage H. Quinn surveillance protocol; give me time and date of last conversation with Clown King." Batman replied in his communicator.

"Latest conversation occurred on current date, a few minutes ago, shall I begin playback?" The Bat-Computer's Alfred-like voice replied.

"Wait; let me put this on speaker…" Batman said, flipping a switch on his communicator.

"Proceed with playback." Batman said.

The sound of a telephone ringing was first heard.

"Hello…who is it? Puddin' is that you?" Harley's voice said.

"Indeed my pretty one! I have such delicious news! The Bat is finished! Kaput! End game! At this very moment he must be a sniveling, sex-obsessed, shell of his former self! He and his new sidekick must be holding their crotches with aching testes by now!" The unmistakable voice of the Joker said.

"What do you mean? How did you…" Harley's voice replied, sounding half-asleep and confused.

"Tut, tut, don't you worry your pretty little head about it! Papa Joker's in a great mood and living it up in style! Join me at the Cabana Hotel in Blüdhaven; suite 69…he! He! He! He! He! 69! That's too precious! Make haste and be sure you're not followed…Batsy may be out of action but I don't trust bird boy or his Nightwing 'Big Brother'…and don't forget the negligee!" The Joker said, laughing.

"Oh…okay…" Harley Quinn replied, in a hesitant voice.

The phone was heard clicking. Batman, Wonder Woman, Shayera and the Snake looked at each other, smiling.

"Now that was a fortuitous turn of events!" Snake said.

"I'll say; we don't even need to tail Harley!" Wonder Woman said.

"Have we all brushed up on the Rogues' database?" Batman asked.

"Yes." Wonder Woman replied, smiling.

"Ditto here, Snake and I had a few cramming sessions…he's well updated on Ràs, Bane and the Joker." Shayera said.

Batman stepped on the transport platform, followed by Wonder Woman, Shayera and Snake.

"J'onn can you hear me?" Batman said in the transport's intercom.

"Loud and clear Batman; how can I help?" Martian Manhunter replied.

"Requesting an outgoing transport for four; coordinates Blüdhaven Cabana Hotel, rooftop." Batman said.

"Coordinates entered transport engaged…now." Martian Manhunter said.

Their vision became blurry and the Watchtower surroundings made way to an outdoors scene at dawn, Gotham City's skyline visible at a short distance from their current location in Blüdhaven.

"Whoa…no matter how many times I've done this, the transport always makes me feel dizzy…" Snake said.

Shayera chuckled, putting her left arm around his shoulders.

"Okay, point of entry; the service door to our right. Let's all be careful." Batman said.

"First official caper Casanova, how do you feel?" Shayera asked, grinning.

"Nervous as hell, but Moe Larry and Curly have an ass-whoopin' coming to them." Snake said.

Batman pulled a lock pick from his utility belt and unlocked the service door with ease. They entered quietly, Batman first, Wonder Woman second, Shayera third and Snake last. They made it to the Penthouse and as they walked past suite 70, they could clearly hear a familiar voice boasting.

"Ah how perverse! Batman on the sidelines and I'm about to get laid! Not the brightest bulb that Harley, but she's a good lay! Ha! Ha! Ha! Haaa! I kill myself! Harley the good lay!" The voice of the Joker said.

"Can this pendejo keep quiet for longer than two minutes? He's really starting to grate my balls!" The voice of Bane said.

"Now gentlemen, please, infighting will be our downfall. It's only a matter of time until the Justice League figure out we're behind Batman's predicament and come after us. If we stick together we at least stand a chance." The voice of Ràs al G'hul reasoned.

"Oh who cares? Batsy's kaput that's all that matters to me! As long as I get laid before the League gets here I'll die a happy man! And as far as muscles-for-brains Bane goes, the steroids took care of his balls a long time ago, not much left there to grate!" The Joker's voice added.

"All right, that's it, he asked for it!" Bane shouted angrily.

"ENOUGH! I don't expect either one of you to apologize, but YOU WILL OBEY MY COMMAND! You came to me to put that plan into action under the strict condition that I'M IN CHARGE!" Ràs al G'hul screamed at the top of his lungs.

That is where the door was kicked open. Ràs, Bane and Joker stared gape-mouthed as their only escape route was cut-off by Batman, Wonder Woman, Shayera and the Snake.

"So the Nano-bots were foolproof eh?" Ràs al G'hul said, slapping the back of Bane's head.

"So the software was identical to Mad Hatter's and Riddler's eh?" Bane said, slapping the back of Joker's head.

"So the plan was so foolproof they would have never traced it back to us too quickly eh?" Joker said, plucking a whisker from Ràs al G'hul's beard.

"Do you get the feeling we weren't really needed here?" Snake said, making Shayera chuckle.

Bane grabbed a table and threw it in the general direction of the doorway. Shayera took a swing at it with her mace, splintering it in a thousand pieces before it could hit them.

Batman leaped and hit Bane square in the chest with a jumping sidekick, sending him reeling. As Ràs attempted to draw his Saif from its sheath; Shayera knocked it out of his hands with her mace, breaking it in half.

"Why you winged harlot!" Ràs al G'hul hissed.

Ràs al G'hul stood up, knocking his chair over to face Shayera. Batman struck Bane across the jaw with a stiff right hook and looked at Wonder Woman.

"All yours Princess!" Batman said, smiling.

"Thank you!" Wonder Woman said, with a cold grin on her face, cracking her knuckles for good measure.

Ràs threw his cape at Shayera in an attempt to entangle her, but she ducked and he missed; getting a kick in the gut for his trouble. Ràs fell on all fours, clutching his stomach, gasping for air.

Trying to take advantage of the chaos and confusion, Joker also dropped to his hands and knees and crawled towards the busted door; wanting to give Batman and company the slip.

"The plan's a bust…if I'm getting thrown back in Arkham I'd rather go after getting laid…honey buns will get to my suite any minute now…oh crap…" The Joker thought, seeing a pair of black boots blocking his way.

He looked up and saw that the owner of those boots was not Batman.

"Going somewhere?" Snake asked; arms crossed.

Joker attempted a low blow, but Snake grabbed his wrist, twisted it in a tight Aikido lock; and brought Joker to his feet whining in pain.

"Ah…aaaah…I don't think we were properly introduced…" The Joker said; a stream of acid squirting out of his boutonnière.

To his shock, the acid fizzled on Snake's shoulder and chest without burning.

"Indeed we haven't, I'm The Snake, formerly known as the Snake bandit; fully reformed*…_and this suit is bulletproof _and* acid proof." The Snake said, pulling the Joker's wrist back in a swift, sharp motion; breaking it with a dull snap.

"Aaaargh my wrist, you broke my…" The Joker said; his screams of pain interrupted by a hard uppercut to the chin from the Snake, knocking him down to the floor.

Joker reached in his jacket with his good hand, looking for his joy-buzzer, but it was kicked out of his hand by the Snake. He picked up the Joker by the lapels and hoisted him in mid-air.

"Do you know what it feels like to have a nasty itch that only gets worse the more you scratch it?" Snake said, in a cold, gritty voice.

"He…he…ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Haaaa!" The Joker replied, laughing in the face of pain and defeat.

Snake head butted him between the eyes, knocking Joker out cold and dropped him to the floor.

"Puddin! You hurt my puddin'!" Harley Quinn screamed.

Seeing that the Joker wasn't in his Suite, she had gone looking for him and decided to get involved in the fray. She jumped on Snake's back, putting him in a choke hold, wearing nothing more than a see-through negligee.

Shayera leaped to Snake's aid and Batman took her place facing Ràs al G'hul. Grabbing Harley by the pigtails, Shayera pulled her off Snake's back.

"Oooow! Mind the extensions!" Harley winced.

"Get off my man you crazy whore!" Shayera said, punching Harley in the jaw, knocking her down.

"Thanks Shay!" Snake mumbled, massaging his throat.

"My pleasure!" Shayera said, as they stared at the unconscious bodies of the Joker and Harley Quinn.

Harley raised her head, trying to get up, but Shayera pinned her down with a foot to the chest.

"Ow…first the extensions now the implants? Watch it Hawkie; them Salines are 'spensive!" Harley Quinn said in a whiney voice.

"Just stay down and you won't spring a leak!" Shayera said, sternly.

Meanwhile, Wonder Woman was taking care of Bane.

"So the Bat is sending a woman to fight his battles? How _pathetic…_it will be a shame to ruin such fragile beauty!" Bane said, triggering a Venom boost.

"I have defeated men that make you look like a dwarf in comparison. Brute force will never be a substitute for skill." Wonder Woman said, pursing her lips.

"Famous last words Amazon…" Bane said, throwing a hard roundhouse punch at her.

She ducked and using his own momentum, flipped him on the spot where the table used to be. Bane hit the floor with a dull thud, uttering a painful grunt. She placed a booted right foot on Bane's throat.

"Up to you big boy; we can do this the easy way or the hard way." Wonder Woman said, giving Bane a disgusted look.

"iChingate!" Bane cursed at her in Spanish, grabbing her ankle and shoving her off.

Wonder Woman rolled backwards and recovered her balance with the grace of a gymnast.

"Now that wasn't very nice, after what you three thugs put Batman and our new friend the Snake through!" Wonder Woman said, smiling smugly, further irritating Bane.

"I'll crush the life out of you!" Bane growled, lurching at Wonder Woman, putting her in a bear hug.

He lifted her off the floor, applying as much pressure as he could. He looked at her face and a feeling of anxiety set in his stomach. She was smiling, looking at him nonchalantly.

"Oh, big baby wanted a hug? You should have said so!" Wonder Woman said, powering out of Bane's hold and placing him in a bear hug of her own.

Bane grunted in pain, breathing with difficulty, feeling his ribs ready to snap.

"There, happy now? You get to feel the famed Amazon Princess' DD tits against your chest! What's wrong big boy, aren't you enjoying this? Is the fragile beauty too much for you to handle?" Wonder Woman said, angrily.

"No…no más…I surrender…" Bane grunted before passing out from lack of oxygen.

Wonder Woman released her hold and Bane dropped limply to the floor, unconscious.

"That's what you get for trying to break the Bat's back…" Wonder Woman mumbled.

While Snake and Shayera handled Joker and Harley Quinn; and while Wonder Woman did short work of Bane, Batman faced off with his old nemesis Ràs al G'hul.

Ràs threw powder in Batman's eyes, trying to blind him, but Batman did not even blink.

"Is that your best shot? I've made some enhancements to my suit since our last face-off. Give it up Ràs; we've been through this before." Batman said, blocking a punch to the face.

"Indeed we have, and how many times was I incarcerated? None!" Ràs al G'hul said, managing to knock Batman off-balance with a kick to the chest.

He picked up the handle of his broken Saif from the floor. The Saif still had a few inches of sharp blade left to it. Ràs cast Batman a murderous stare. Batman was back on his feet, ready for the oncoming charge.

"I'll cut your throat yet Detective!" Ràs al G'hul said, taking a wild swing at Batman's neck.

Batman sidestepped Ràs al G'hul and greeted him with a solid knee to the lower abdomen, making him fall face first to the floor with the wind knocked out of him; near the now unconscious carcass of Bane.

"You've lost more than a step old master; there was a time where you would have bested me unarmed." Batman said, stomping on Ràs al G'hul's wrist to make him drop the blade.

Ràs al G'hul sat up, holding his wrist; looking at Batman with a cold smile.

"Yes, once more the pupil has bested the master…or has he?" Ràs al G'hul said, all color draining from his face.

Batman stared gape-mouthed as Ràs began decomposing into a pile of dust at an accelerated rate, leaving only a pile of clothes on the floor, stuffed with dust.

"A clone…the old bastard didn't want to take any chances and sent one of his clones to do his dirty work instead…Talia had mentioned to me that her father was an experienced alchemist…" Batman said.

"Now that was something you don't see every day!" Snake said.

"No it's not…is everybody okay?" Batman asked.

"Fine…" Wonder Woman said.

"Ditto…" Shayera said.

"Same here..." Snake said.

Batman nodded and picked up his communicator, tossing a pair of Bat-cuffs to Snake, another one to Shayera and one to Wonder Woman.

"Hi Jim, it's me…I have a pickup for your men, Blüdhaven Cabana Hotel, suite 70." Batman said.

Epilogue - later that night.

Much later, in the Watchtower's deserted Mess Hall, Batman and Snake were sitting down, talking. Batman was sipping a cup of tea, and Snake was enjoying a cup of coffee.

"I'm impressed, you've handled yourself well Quinn." Batman said.

"Thanks, it means a lot coming from you!" Snake said, pulling his mask back.

"You've proven yourself trustworthy and our…better halves are good friends, so…" Batman said, pulling his own cowl back.

"Bruce Wayne…no way…well it does make perfect sense! I'm one of your share holders Bruce!" Quinn said, chuckling.

"I know…" Bruce replied, smirking.

"Speaking of our better halves, I haven't seen them since beaming back to the Watchtower. Shayera mentioned that she needed a massage; I though she meant from me but…" Quinn said, taking a sip of coffee.

"She likely went to Physio; we have a few registered massage therapists there. Diana said she needed a hot bath…the way they had to accommodate our every sexual whim; I can't say I blame 'em." Bruce said, taking a sip of tea.

Quinn chuckled.

"Think we'll ever get laid again?" He asked.

"Not for a while I don't think…oh…we have visitors…" Bruce said.

Diana and Shayera had shown up, wearing high-heels and slinky dresses.

"If you're both quite done with the boy talk…" Diana said.

"You both have 20 minutes to shower and get dressed." Shayera said.

"Shay, your wings!" Quinn said, gape-mouthed.

"Stunning, isn't it?" Diana said, smiling.

"It's a gadget I asked Atom to whip up for me. It shrinks my wings to sub-molecular size. They're there, but under the skin, invisible to the naked eye; perfect for occasions such as tonight when the men who love us take us out for dinner…" Shayera said.

"Then dancing; and then…if you think you're off the hook from making love to us…" Diana said.

"Think again; we both want a night of hot passionate sex with multiple orgasms, for all of the orgasms we gave you earlier today!" Shayera concluded.

Bruce and Steven looked at each other, arching their eyebrows.

"Well, you heard the ladies; let's hit the showers and get dressed!" Bruce said.

The end