Powerful Ladies of Crime Syndicate  

By Comix_Fana

Powerful Ladies of Crime Syndicate

By Comix_Fana

Hawkgirl, Green Lantern. Batman , Wonder Woman and any other Justice League/Teen Titans character depicted in this story are copyrighted by DC Comics. This is pure fan fiction, and I receive no pay or other benefit from it. Snake, a.k.a. Steven Quinn is my OC.
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Chapter 1

"All right you smelly cunt, where's Snake? I know you're involved, so let's cut the crap!" Shayera shouted; hovering near Giganta's face.

"Taking this a bit personal ain't you, feather brain? You'd think there was something more than professional between the two of you!" Giganta said; with a mocking smirk.

With an angry grunt, Shayera swung her mace in Giganta's face; knocking her down.

"The last discussion we had was me telling him off for snoring too loudly and being too laid back…I wasn't even upset with him; I was just too stressed out from Justice League business and took it out on him…if anything happened to him, if he was hurt or killed by those bitches thinking I hated him…I'd never forgive myself!" Shayera thought; as she watched Giganta collapse to the ground.

"I'm not going to ask again you mutant whore, tell me where you've taken Snake before I completely lose my temper!" Shayera hissed; with her teeth clenched and her mace raised above her head.

Now reduced to her regular human size, Giganta lay on the pavement looking up at Shayera, grinning in spite of the blood trickling out of her mouth.

"Like insulting me will make me talk! What more are you going to do, kill me? I'm no good for you dead!" Giganta said.

"You're no good for me now!" Shayera said; with a sneer that made Giganta feel uneasy; her N-th metal mace now glowing with a menacing halo.

"Stand down Shayera, there is a better way to obtain the information we need." Martian Manhunter's voice said; crackling through her Justice League communicator.

Looking disappointed at first, Shayera then nodded with a smirk. No one could keep any information from J'onn. Shayera had gone ballistic after the news of Snake's kidnapping had reached the Watchtower; vowing to find the man she loves on her own. She now realized that help from her fellow Justice Leaguers would not go amiss.

"Understood J'onn; transport for two." Shayera said.

Before Giganta could react, the transport beam engulfed them both; rematerializing them in a high security interrogation room.

Chapter 2
The previous day

It was not often that Quinn volunteered for stakeout work. He was after all a Justice League consultant only; he wasn't a full-fledged member, nor was he a flashy crime fighter per se. However, those few missions he had been on with Shayera, Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin had given him a taste of the fight against crime; and he liked it.

"Besides, Shay's been in a crabby mood from the time she went to bed last night…chewed me out all morning. Like a moron I went and mentioned pms…I never heard a door slamming so loudly! Being on stakeout is the safest place for me to be right now!" Snake mused; sighing.

He turned his attention to the street corner he was monitoring from an abandoned apartment across the street. Reliable sources claimed that an underground child pornography ring was recruiting "new talent"; his job was to observe, gather evidence and apprehend if possible. If outnumbered, his orders were to call for backup. One man, short and dressed in baggy clothing and a ski mask arrived at the rendezvous point, sticking to the shadows.

"Snoop to big brother come in?" Snake said in a low voice.

"Big brother here, what's your status Snoop?" Mister Terrific's voice answered through his Justice League communicator.

"We have movement at the rendezvous point, right on schedule; party 1 has arrived…though even with these night vision binoculars I can't get a good look - the perp is wearing a ski mask and a baggy jacket and track pants." Snake replied.

"Fits the description of the perps who robbed the First Gotham National Bank last week…our thieves might be branching out in Child porn; do you remember how to operate the laser mic?" Batman's voice interjected.

Mister Terrific chuckled as Snake let out a frustrated sigh.

"Yes Bats, it's pretty straightforward to operate! Our second party has arrived at the scene; Snoop out." Snake said.

"Shayera thinks I'm a jerk; Batman thinks I'm a complete goof…what a day…" Snake thought; switching on the laser mic and pointing it at the perpetrators.

"So you got the goods?" The masked man said in a metallic voice.

"Voice distortion module…that masked one is smart, even camouflaging his voice…I do detect a bit of a British accent though…" Snake thought.

"I got the goods all right; pictures, tapes, enough to make you a small fortune, many times more than what you're paying me for." The other man said; handing a gym bag over to the first man.

"Slick Garcia…so that's what he's been up to since breaking out of prison!" Snake thought; glad that the conversation was being recorded.

"You kept your end of the bargain Slick, here's your money and as promised we won't sell you out to the cops…" The one with the metallic voice said.

"Snoop to big brother, are you getting this?" Snake said; still observing the scene.

"Indeed we are; that character Slick, is it…" Batman's voice answered this time.

"Esteban 'Slick' Garcia Bats, yes indeed. He's our supplier; I, ARGH!" Snake said; ending his sentence with a painful cry.

"Snake what happened? Are you okay? Snake!" Batman said; sounding worried.

"Well, well, well, who have we here?" A female voice with a familiar Queens accent said; heard through Snake's communicator.

Chapter 3

"Leaguer in Jeopardy, sending rescue team to co-ordinates; Black Canary and Green Arrow please respond." Mr. Terrific said in the console's intercom.

"Copy that Mr Terrific; will advise you of status once on site." Green Arrow's voice responded.

"That voice we picked up right after Snake screamed…that was Harley Quinn, no doubt about it." Batman said; morosely.

"On the run again; think the Joker broke out of Arkham too?" Mr Terrific asked.

"Possible but highly doubtful; he is still recuperating from the concussion, broken wrist and nose that Snake inflicted on him last time we tangled." Batman replied.

"Given Shayera's involvement with Snake, perhaps it would be best to keep her out of this?" Mr. Terrific said.

"When Shayera finds out, Superman himself couldn't keep her out of this." Batman replied.

"Keep me out of what?" Shayera said as she walked into the monitoring womb; startling both Mr. Terrific and Batman.

They looked at each other with unease, wondering how to break the news to Shayera that her beloved Steven was in danger.

In an abandoned warehouse near the Highway that linked Gotham City to Star City, a group of five women were discussing their newest deal while their prisoner, bound to a chair, was still unconscious.

"Well I say bringing him here was a big mistake; he'll lead the rest of the Justice League right to us!" One woman dressed in a black bodysuit said; sounding annoyed.

"I for one agree; we should ditch him on the City outskirts where his friends can collect him and avoid any further problems." The woman with the British accent and the Sapphire said.

"They speak common sense Harley; that personal vendetta of yours could destroy everything we worked for. The cops think men robbed those Banks; those pictures and movies will make us a fortune over the internet, you're jeopardizing our whole operation Blondie! I thought you said you were over your clown boyfriend!" The redheaded woman in the green leotard said.

"I am over him; SO WHAT? It's a matter of principle to me; when you wrong Harley Quinn, there's a price to pay, even if it's for brutalizing an ex boyfriend!" The woman with the Queens accent and the harlequin suit shouted.

"I may have a solution…let me go back to Gotham and cover our tracks, lead the Justice League on a wild goose chase. Just remember to spring me out of the joint if I get captured." The barefoot redheaded one said; with a thoughtful frown.

"And if the Martian questions you, then what?" The woman in the black bodysuit asked.

"Grodd's programming is still in my brain, he won't get anything out of me." The barefoot redhead said.

"Okay Doris, you got the homing implant so we'll know where to get you from. We better get busy doing inventory and setting up the goods on our Web store." The woman with the Queens accent and the harlequin suit said.

"Shouldn't one of us watch the prisoner?" The woman with the British accent and the Sapphire said.

"I'll do it…if the Bat trained him, he'll be out of those bounds soon after he comes to." The woman in the black bodysuit said.

"Good thinking, for a gal who wanted nothin' to do with us you're sure being helpful! Lets' get busy ladies!" The woman with the Queens accent and the harlequin suit said.

As four of the five women left, their prisoner was beginning to show signs of life.

"Holy fucking shit…and I thought Green Lantern's power beam packed a wallop…my entire body aches and I feel like someone detonated a blasting cap in my skull…what was I hit with?" Snake thought; regaining consciousness with a loud grunt.

"You're conscious! Thank God, I thought Harley'd fried your brain!" The woman in the black bodysuit said; in a low voice.

"Who said she didn't? I feel like Tijuana after Cinco de Mayo…" Snake moaned.

"Be thankful your suit provided a certain level of insulation; her Taser is loosely based on the Joker's joy buzzer! Are you in a lot of pain?" The woman in the black bodysuit asked; her voice sounding genuinely concerned.

"Tasered huh…no wonder…my vision's kinda blurry, my limbs feel numb, my back and chest feel like I've been kicked repeatedly with steel toe-caps and my head hurts like hell…you wouldn't happen to have an Excedrin or two?" Snake said.

His guard chuckled quietly as she rummaged through a small compartment on her belt.

"No Excedrin, but here's a little something I take after a particularly 'hard day's work' and my body is aching and tired…open your mouth and stick out your tongue." The woman in the black bodysuit said; in a soft voice.

Snake complied, wanting the pain to stop, knowing that his immunity to poisons and toxins would keep him safe.

"If this is a mind control drug though, I'm fucked…" he thought; as she sprinkled a crystalline substance on his tongue.

"It should help with the pain and give you a bit more stamina." The woman in the black bodysuit said.

Snake drew in a deep breath as the substance was quickly absorbed by his body. Indeed, his pain was receding and he could feel more alert and clear-minded. Not unlike one of his former acquaintances had described to him before he'd gone straight; said acquaintance was a cocaine addict.

"Effective stuff you gave me there Miss; even my vision's clearing I…you? I thought you'd gone straight after that mess with Rà's and the kidnapping of Barbara Gordon!" Snake said; as he recognized Catwoman as his guard.

"Yeah, me…I won't insult your intelligence and say it's not what you think…it is. But I'm a victim of circumstance. Since Harley Quinn dumped the Joker for good, she pulled several other female super-villains out of retirement under the threat of disclosing sensitive information to our Parole Officers and have us thrown in the slammer. I know you have no reason to believe me, but we've been blackmailed back into crime." Catwoman said; with a sigh.

"Well, you did make my pain stop; so I owe you the benefit of doubt at least. You realize that it's a matter of time until my friends of the Justice League come looking for me." Snake said.

Catwoman sighed again, nodding.

"I know that and you know that; and quite frankly, I want it. Star Sapphire, Giganta and me didn't ask to be dragged into this. But Harley and Poison Ivy got the dirt on us; shit, you'd think those two are a married lesbian couple the way they stick up for each other! Giganta said she'd try to lead the Justice League on a wild goose chase, but we both know it won't fool them for very long." Catwoman said.

"Why did you girls even bother to take me prisoner? I'm more trouble to you than I'm worth." Snake said.

"Harley seems to have a bit of a vendetta towards you…because you injured the Joker so badly. She doesn't get that this was a crucial mistake and personally I'm glad; this disgusting Child Porn business can be nipped in the bud. I'll keep you safe in the mean time; the way I did with Barb…I mean Miss Gordon. Just do me one favor okay?" Catwoman asked.

"Ask away." Snake said.

"I understand you're a hacker; once this morbid business is over, could you make those files on me, Star Sapphire and Giganta disappear?" Catwoman asked.

"And make it look like Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy were the only perps? I like the idea!" Snake said in a near whisper, smirking.

Chapter 4

Meanwhile at the Watchtower, an angry Shayera stormed out of the monitoring womb. She pulled her communicator out and dialed the emergency channel.

"Hawkgirl to rescue party, STAND DOWN, the first one to engage the perps before I get there will have to DEAL WITH ME!" She hissed; making her way to the nearest transport pad.

Facing the building in which Snake was on stakeout, Green Arrow gave Black Canary a nervous glance.

"Think we oughta wait for her?" Green Arrow asked.

"She just referred to herself as 'Hawkgirl', not a good sign…I say we go for a cup joe and come back later…much later." Black Canary said.

Back at the abandoned warehouse, Harley Quinn, Star Sapphire and Poison Ivy rejoined Catwoman and their prisoner.

"Good, we're set to go, as of 9am tomorrow we're in business…well, well ladies, look who's up and about!" Harley Quinn said.

"Our nosey little bugger finally woke up!" Star Sapphire said; hiding the fact that she was quite relieved that the murder of a Justice League collaborator wouldn't be added to their records.

"I guess it's pointless to try and reason with you Harley?" Poison Ivy said.

"Y'know what girls, I'm actually in a better mood that I thought…so I ain't gonna hurt him…" Harley said; smirking.

"Too late for that…" Snake mumbled; still feeling left-over pins and needles in his hands and feet from the Taser treatment he had received.

"…but I am gonna have a bit of fun with him; first…" Harley Quinn said; reaching for Snake's mask in a move too quick for Catwoman to react in time.

Harley Quinn stared at the unmasked Snake gape-mouthed.

"Harley, what's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost; he's nobody I know of, what about you gals?" Poison Ivy said.

"Me neither." Catwoman said.

"Nor I…cute fellow though!" Star Sapphire said.

Harley Quinn picked up a chair and placed it in front of Snake's. She removed her hat and domino mask; leaving a flesh-colored band around her eyes. Her blonde hair, usually in pigtails, simply hung down on her shoulders.

"You don't recognize me, do you?" She asked.

"I do, from mug shots and police files. Harley Quinn, former psychiatrist who had become obsessed with one of her patients and turned to a life of crime." Snake said.

Harley shook her head, looking down almost bashfully.

"No…think back further. 'I love you cousin Stevie, I wish we could get married one day; but our babies might grow up deformed and sick; so we can't…'" Harley said; her Queens accent disappearing and her voice taking an almost child-like quality.

Snake looked at Harley gape-mouthed. Her chestnut brown hair had been dyed blonde and she had definitely had a breast increase; but it was indeed her.

"Janice? Harley Quinn is my slutty cousin Janice?" Snake said, baffled.

She slapped Snake across the face, first looking angry, but then laughed heartily.

"Okay, so I may have grown into a bit of a slut in my teens; but I gave you that speech long before that, we were first-graders and I had a genuine crush on my handsome cousin Steven!" Harley Quinn said.

"Janice?" Poison Ivy said; repressing a giggle.

"The first one to make fun of my birth name gets a double-shot of Taser, y'hear me? I legally changed it when I turned twenty and started University…" Harley Quinn said.

"Where she probably fucked and sucked every professor for A's…" Snake said.

Harley Quinn looked at Snake with a snarl; then giggled again.

"Yeah, so what if I did? It redefined summa cum laude!" Harley said; getting a chuckle out of everyone.

"And keep talking like this and I'll show you just how big a slut I am! Keep in mind I fucked the Joker…you don't know what kind of diseases he could have given me!" Harley Quinn said; staring Snake in the eyes.

"I have been warned!" Snake replied; quietly.

"You were talking about having some fun with him…you know he might be of use to us; our eyes and ears in the Justice League…" Poison Ivy said.

"Like hell!" Snake said.

"Wanna bet? With your permission Miss Quinn…" Poison Ivy said; stepping between Harley and Snake.

She put one knee down and held Snake's face between her hands. In spite of herself, she smiled.

"Don't worry, this won't hurt a bit." Poison Ivy said.

She planted a kiss on his lips; parting them with her tongue and sticking it in his mouth for good measure. Snake looked at her with a genuine expression of shock.

"In a few seconds, he'll be as obedient as a lap dog." Poison Ivy said.

"Woof, woof…I don't think so red; I'm immune to poisons and toxins too. Nice try though…has anyone told you, you taste like spearmint?" Snake said.

Poison Ivy slapped him with an angry grunt.

"We can still torture you until you're brainwashed 'cousin Stevie'! We got ways!" Poison Ivy screamed.

Catwoman and Star Sapphire stepped in, pulling Poison Ivy back.

"Easy there Nature Girl! I may have a better way to get him to cooperate!" Catwoman said; giving Snake a discrete wink.

Smirking, Catwoman began stripping; only keeping her mask on.

"Have you gone insane?" Harley Quinn asked.

"Trust me, a man is a man. Rub him the right way and he'll sell his own mother to get more. Four hot women, one handsome horny man; get it?" Catwoman said; now completely naked except for the mask.

"If you know what's good for you, stay off me!" Snake shouted.

"Miss Kitty I love the way you think, listen to him protesting!" Star Sapphire said; now also stripping.

Poison Ivy snickered and looked at Harley Quinn.

"Well, you said you had a crush on him as a kid; here's your chance! Sounds like fun to me!" Poison Ivy said; slipping out of her suit as well.

Harley Quinn laughed and followed suite.


"Let me warm him up for you gals!" Catwoman said; bending over Snake, pushing her breasts in his face and then seemingly kissing his neck.

"Look, it's either this, shock treatment or water-boarding; relax, you might have some fun!" Catwoman whispered.

"Shayera was already pissed-off at me…if she finds me with those four sluts screwing with me she'll leave me for good! Four hot women about to jump my bones…most men would say it's a fantasy but…" Snake thought; as Catwoman was undoing the bottom part of his suit and pulled it down.


"Now, now, be nice; I'm about to give you a blowjob! Your mouth protests but your body says fuck me!" Catwoman said; gently scratching his balls and holding the shaft of his cock with her other hand.

"My body's gonna say 'kill her' if you don't quit it now! I gasp! YOU BITCH!" Snake grunted; as Catwoman engulfed his cock in her mouth.

"I know she thinks she's helping, but she doesn't realize Shay and I are an item…Harley does though; Shay yelled at her to 'get off her man' last time we tangled with the Joker…GOD does she HAVE to make it feel so GOOD?" Snake thought; worried that his relationship with Shayera was now damaged beyond repair.

Chapter 5

While Shayera was facing-off with Giganta in Gotham City, near the point where Snake had been on stakeout; Snake was facing problems of his own.

"Can't you numb cunts understand PLAIN ENGLISH? I said QUIT IT!" Snake said; managing to thrust his pelvis forward, gagging Star Sapphire-who had swapped places with Catwoman-in the process.

"You jerk! I'm giving you pleasure and you try to make me lose my lunch!" Star Sapphire said; in a mocking tone.

"If I get my hands free I'll do more than make you lose your lunch!" Snake growled.

"You mean you'd hit a poor defenseless woman? You brute, what would your Mommy say?" Harley Quinn quipped.

"Shut your pie-hole Slutty Janice!" Snake replied.

Harley cast him a hurt look but laughed regardless.

"This is too awkward while he's strapped to this chair; we'd have an easier time persuading him if he was lying on his back…perhaps over there near the loading dock? With his wrists bound to that old junker's bumper and his ankles tied to that post? It would be the perfect spot!" Star Sapphire said; smiling.

"Sweetie, that is a wonderful suggestion!" Harley Quinn said; giggling.

"OH yes, PLEASE do! Untie them wrists and ankles to get me there and see what happens! UNNH!" Snake said; Star Sapphire knocking him out with a low intensity Sapphire beam.

"What was that for?" Catwoman said; seeing that her idea was backfiring.

"Don't worry, I just knocked him out so he won't cause a fuss as we move him to that spot between the old car and the post…he'll be fine in a few minutes; a bit of help ladies?" Star Sapphire said.

Star Sapphire untied his ankles as Harley Quinn untied his wrists. Catwoman held him steady so he would not fall out of the chair and Poison Ivy removed his boots and the bottom of his suit.

"As you said Sapphire, it won't be as awkward with the bottom part of his suit off rather than just pulled down to his knees." Poison Ivy said.

With a bit of difficulty, they lifted him off the chair and carried him to the loading dock.

"Carrying him was easier with Giganta; I wonder how she's doing?" Poison Ivy said.

"Never mind her, we got some more convincing to do; put him down here girls and tie him up real tight before he comes to." Harley Quinn replied.

When Snake came to, he was on his back; his four captors standing around him in all their naked glory.

"Not again…" Snake thought.

"That Sapphire blast killed his boner; looks like we need to warm him up again!" Harley Quinn said.

"On it!" Poison Ivy said.

"Me too!" Star Sapphire said.

"We all get busy; c'm on!" Harley Quinn said.

Poison Ivy got on her knees and gently reached between Snake's legs, cradling his nut sack in her hand. She then lay down, pressing her tits on Snake's left thigh and began licking his balls.

"Oh my God she's good…such a talented mouth and she's a criminal…" Snake thought; feeling his cock getting hard again.

Star Sapphire put her right arm around Poison Ivy's back and joined her; licking the head of Snake's cock as Poison Ivy liked his balls.

"Double trouble…gimme strength…" Snake thought.

While his genitals were being stimulated, Catwoman and Harley Quinn were taking turns dangling their tits in his face, rubbing their nipples on his lips, nose and forehead.

"Don't kiss them, don't lick them, don't suck them…I love Shayera…no matter how damaged our relationship may be I love her…they ain't her…" Snake thought.

"Go on hot stuff, you know you want to! Suck 'em!" Catwoman said.

"Yeah Stevie, look at your boner! You know you want it; go for it!" Harley Quinn said.

Snake turned his head, giving Harley a glazed-over look and opened his mouth obediently. Smiling, Harley brought her left nipple closer to his mouth. She recoiled with a gasp as Snake clenched his teeth shut in what would have been a painful bite on her nipple.

"Hey! Man you are a snake, always ready to bite! This guy's gonna be a tough nut to crack!" Harley Quinn said.

"Yeah, well wait until he busts a nut a few times, he'll be putty in our hands; right Kitty?" Poison Ivy said.

"Right!" Catwoman said.

She brought her mouth to Snake's ear, and pretended to nibble it.

"I'm so sorry…" Catwoman whispered.

"Sorry she says! I'm gonna need about 20 antibiotic treatments, a full blood transfusion and a hot bath with bleach after this…that is if Shayera lets me live…" Snake thought.

"He's fully loaded and ready to go; who's first?" Poison Ivy asked.

"Me! I've been waiting a good 20 years for this…man, he's bigger than Puddin'!" Harley Quinn said; admiring her cousin's hard on.

"I'm pretty average-sized…the Joker must have a damned tiny cock!" Snake thought.

Snake could not repress a gasp as Harley Quinn sat on his cock. She was unusually tight, warm and very wet.

"By the way Stevie, I was only kiddn' about the diseases…I've been tested many times, I'm clean. You're my wild bronco and I'm gonna tame you!" Harley Quinn said.

"Thank God for that…wild bronco eh?" Quinn thought; thrusting his pelvis upwards, knocking Harley off him.

She yelped, rolling backwards to control her fall.

"He's a real hero; even tied down he still fights…Batman chooses his company well!" Catwoman thought; with admiration.

"This bronco bucks; cousin! I knew you were a slut even before you became Harley; but I'd never pegged you as white trash!" Snake said.

"Hold his legs down girls! Dear cousin, I'm gonna ride you and you're gonna shoot your load in me. Then I'll lick your balls to make you hard again and Ivy's gonna ride you. Then Sapphire's gonna ride you. Then Kitty's gonna ride you. Then you'll be too exhausted to resist us and you'll be our bitch!" Harley said; sitting on Snake's cock again.

"I'm already someone else's bitch…Shay where are you? What's taking the Justice League so long?" Snake thought; as Harley began bouncing up and down on his cock.

Chapter 6
This is where we came in

In a high security interrogation room, Giganta was being grilled by Shayera, Martian Manhunter and Batman. She was uncommonly calm, smirking.

"Wipe that stupid smirk off your face Jungle Jane; so Martian Manhunter can't read you…I can still get the information out of you the hard way!" Shayera hissed.

"Oh really?" Giganta replied; almost daring her.

"Now Shayera…" Martian Manhunter started.

"No J'onn, let her. I've been curious to witness a Thanagarian interrogation session!" Batman said; with a straight face.

"Hey, you're not just gonna let her…aaaAAAH!" Giganta said; as Shayera had grabbed her left-hand pinky finger and was bending it backwards.

"I will start by breaking your pinky. Then I'll ask again. And if I don't like your tone or your answer, I'll break your ring finger. And then your middle finger, and so on and so forth, until you tell us what we want to know or until you're out of fingers; whichever comes first. So I'll ask one last time, nicely. Who are you working with and where is Snake?" Shayera asked; adding an extra bit of pressure to Giganta's pinky.

"Okay, okay! Harley Quinn's recruited four of us under the threat of disclosing some compromising information to our parole officers…it's pretty much her shouting out orders with Poison Ivy as her main enforcer. Then there's me, Star Sapphire and Catwoman; that's all of us I swear!" Giganta screamed; on the verge of tears.

Shayera looked at Batman, who nodded.

"All five of them have been reported MIA by their parole officers and have stayed under the radar…so that's what they've been up to." Batman said.

Shayera looked at Giganta again and raised her eyebrows.

"Yes, yes…Snake…Harley insisted we take him along after we found him snooping; something about having a vendetta against him for injuring the Joker. We use the old Axel Warehouse on Highway 25 as a hideout!" Giganta said.

Shayera released Giganta's pinky with a satisfied smirk. Martian Manhunter began breathing heavily, his green complexion momentarily taking an unhealthy grey color.

"J'onn!" Shayera said.

"Are you all right big guy?" Batman asked.

"I…I am fine…I have just detected a strong emotional wave coming from Snake…he is alive but…" Martian Manhunter said.

"But what? What's wrong with him?" Shayera asked; worried.

"I sense great humiliation and disgust…they…they tried to use Poison Ivy's toxin to turn him into a mole…when that failed they decided to…brainwash him through sexual stimulation…" Martian Manhunter said.

Shayera became red with anger.

"Those bitches…that bastard…" Shayera said.

"Is tied down and still tries to fight them off regardless. Did I not say he feels humiliated and disgusted?" Martian Manhunter said.

"You mean those bimbos are screwing while I'm here nearly getting my fingers broken?" Giganta interjected.

Shayera swung around with an angry grunt and punched Giganta in the jaw, knocking her out of her chair. Fists clenched, Shayera was gasping; trying to regain composure as Martian Manhunter and Batman looked on, concerned that she would also take a swing at them. She then buried her face in her hands and wept.

"It's my fault, it's all my fault! If I hadn't been so awful to him he wouldn't have volunteered for stakeout duty and this would have never happened! Now he's in this predicament and those sluts are putting their slimy mitts all over him!" Shayera sobbed.

"So…you're not mad at him?" Batman asked.

"No; I'm angry with myself and my damned Thanagarian temper! And I'm livid at those bitches…J'onn do me a favor? You have the next dispatch shift…" Shayera said.

"Do you really think it's a good idea to tangle with them in your current frame of mind?" Martian Manhunter asked.

"I promise I won't kill 'em. But make the team that goes with me all-female; our men might hold back against female villains…and I want him to know I'm sorry…they jumped him because I was being a bitch; and I love him regardless of what's happening in that warehouse." Shayera said.

Batman and Martian Manhunter shared a smile.

"A commendable request; how would a team comprised of yourself, Wonder Woman, and Vixen sound?" Martian Manhunter asked.

"Bless you J'onn!" Shayera replied; smiling through the tears.

Chapter 7

Back at the Axel Warehouse, Harley Quinn was unsuccessfully trying to drive Snake into orgasm. He simply stared at her with a bored expression on his face.

"Does she really think that slamming onto me like this is pleasurable? For a girl who fucked her way to straight A's she's pretty boring…" Snake thought.

Tits jiggling merrily and makeup running down her face from sweat; Harley Quinn was showing signs of fatigue.

"Gawd Stevie, aren't you gettin' anywhere close to cumming?" She asked; panting.

"Nope." Snake replied; sounding annoyed.

"I'm gettin' sore here; c'm on!" She whined.

"My heart bleeds." Snake said; making Star Sapphire, Poison Ivy and Catwoman giggle.

"SHUT UP BITCHES! I swear…Hawkgirl's pussy must be made of steel!" Harley Quinn said.

"HAWKGIRL?" Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Star Sapphire shouted in unison.

"Hey, where d'ya think you're going? WHOA!" Harley Quinn said; as Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Star Sapphire let go of Snake's legs, allowing him to buck her off him again.

"ARE YOU SUICIDAL?" Poison Ivy shouted; reaching for her clothes.

"Hey, don't yell at me, it was Catwoman's bright idea…" Harley Quinn protested.

"Which I WOULDN'T have suggested if I had KNOWN!" Catwoman interjected; already slipping into her cat suit.

"You redefine dumb blonde you know that? Ever heard of SHARING BLOODY INFORMATION?" Star Sapphire said.

From a remote corner of the warehouse, the cavalry had arrived a few moments earlier. Shayera smiled, Steven had been able to delay his orgasm and refused to give in. The way he had bucked Harley Quinn off him had made Shayera feel like applauding.

"Well HE's got a mouth, why didn't HE say anything?" Harley Quinn protested again.

"Why do YOU think numb cunt? I was stalling so you'd all get caught! If I'd said a word I'd be lying unconscious in a ditch somewhere along the highway while you bimbos set shop somewhere else!" Snake said.

"Satisfied yet?" Vixen asked Shayera.

"And then some, my friend! Shall we move in girls?" Shayera said.

"Let Vixen and I handle those wenches my sister, you go untie your man!" Wonder Woman said.

"Deal." Shayera said.

They walked in closer as the Female Crime Syndicate was busy getting dressed and arguing.

"Going somewhere ladies?" Shayera asked; freezing the villainesses in their tracks.

"Just wooonderful…more women show up while my cock's exposed!" Snake said; rolling his eyes; making Shayera, Vixen and Wonder Woman chuckle.

"A bit of patience my dear…there are a few matters to resolve here!" Shayera said, with a stare that made Harley Quinn squirm.

"My dear…thank God she ain't mad at me!" Snake thought, relieved.

Harley Quinn drew her Taser and aimed it at Shayera who knocked the electrodes back at Harley with her mace; shocking her unconscious. Shayera spotted the bottom part of Snake's suit on the floor. She picked it up and took flight to get by Snake's side.

Star Sapphire shot an energy blast at Wonder Woman who deflected it with her bracelets, making it ricochet onto Catwoman who collapsed, letting out a painful "AH!"

Vixen faced off with Poison Ivy who attempted to toss a handful of spores in her face; but possessed with the speed of the Cheetah, Vixen moved out of the way, circled Poison Ivy and knocked her out with a right hook to the jaw.

"Love that Talisman!" Vixen said, smiling.

While Wonder Woman was lassoing Star Sapphire, Shayera was untying Snake.

"Hi baby, missed me?" Shayera said; putting the bottom part of snake's suit down.

"You have no idea…please don't hate me Shay, I wasn't careful enough, I was captured like an amateur; I…" Snake said; on the verge of tears.

"Just shut up okay? This was all my fault; if I hadn't been such a bitch you wouldn't have volunteered for stakeout duty, or at least we would have volunteered as a team! They jumped your bones because of me! I'm so sorry! Please forgive me, I love you so much!" Shayera said; sobbing as she finished untying him.

"I love you too; I was so afraid you'd leave me if you found out about this!" Snake said, sitting up.

"I saw how you were resisting and fighting them off, even tied down; I'm so proud! Here baby, your boots, pants and belt; cover up your dick already!" Shayera said; chuckling through the tears.

"There is another problem though, physically there's nothing wrong with me that strong antibiotics can't fix; but even if I didn't cum in Harley, there's still a chance she might be pregnant from the pre cum; and they've seen my face and know my name." Snake said; as he got dressed.

"I'm sure the Watchtower's Infirmary can provide that bitch with a day-after pill…" Shayera said; putting an arm around Snake's back, walking towards Wonder Woman and Vixen.

"And my magic golden lasso can erase any memory of your secret identity from their minds before we beam everybody up to the Watchtower's holding cells." Wonder Woman said.

"That, my friend is quite a relief! Thanks for saving my hide, all of you!" Snake said; slipping his mask back on.

Smiling, Shayera grabbed Snake gently by the chin and turned his head towards her. They kissed.

"Let's start with Star Sapphire since she's already lassoed. You have never seen Snake without his mask, and you do not know his name." Wonder Woman said.

Chapter 8

Later, in the Watchtower's infirmary, Snake was getting a full checkup; with Shayera standing by his side. The Doctor on watch, one Jennifer Young, was going over preliminary results.

"Swab results are clean, no traces of syphilis, gonorrhea or herpes. The results of the HIV blood test should be ready soon. EEG is clear, no concussion or brain damage; you're one lucky man Snake, from what ballistics told me, that Taser could have easily electrocuted you." She said.

"God bless Kevlar suits and insulated boots!" Snake mumbled.

"On the other hand, based on the MRI and EKG, the stress from the Taser and Sapphire blast has strained your heart. Nothing irreparable mind you; but I recommend rest for the next 30 days and preventive blood thinner therapy." Dr. Young said.

Shayera held Snake's hand and gave it a comforting squeeze.

"I'll make sure he behaves himself and rests; I have plenty of unused vacation time!" Shayera said.

"Sounds good to me…then what Doc?" Snake asked.

"In 30 days I want you back in here to be reassessed. If the tests are positive, then we can take you off the blood thinners and you may start progressive rehab, to get back into shape." Dr. Young said.

The computer printed out the remaining test results. Dr. Young picked up the printout and read it, with a thoughtful nod.

"HIV test negative; you're clean…though there are traces of an unidentified alkaloid…" Dr. Young said, frowning.

"The pain-killer Catwoman gave me…effective but it sure made my pulse race." Snake said.

"I'd love to have a word with Catwoman's pharmacist if you'll forgive the sarcasm. Miss Hol, may I have a word with you while Snake gets dressed?" Dr. Young said.

"Certainly; wait for me Steven I'll be a minute." Shayera said.

"No problem baby!" Snake said; reaching for his suit on the chair adjacent to the examination table.

Shayera followed Doctor Young to her office, closing the door behind them.

"There you go Shayera; 30 days uninterrupted for you to spend with him!" Dr. Young said; with a subtle smile.

"Thanks Jen, I owe you big time! I have a lot to make up to him; but those blood thinners…" Shayera said.

"A simple placebo Shayera, sugar pills, all in all he's in great shape; my only real concern was the risk of STD and HIV. He's clean of both. And Harley Quinn was given an ECP; so there won't be any nasty surprises on that front." Dr Young said.

"You are a miracle worker Jen!" Shayera said; giving Dr. Young a hug.

"I try my best! Now let's get back before he gets suspicious!" Dr. Young said.

They exited the office, making like they were pursuing a conversation about Snake's health.

"So keep a close eye on him Ms Hol; any odd symptoms at all, haul him back here." Dr. Young said.

"Will do Doctor, thanks!" Shayera said.

She walked to Snake, who was now fully dressed; and took him by the arm.

"Thanks Doc, I'm glad to know I'm still pretty much in one piece!" Snake said.

"Just take it easy, your prescription will be waiting for you at the Pharmacy." Dr. Young said.

As they made their way to the Pharmacy, Snake was unusually pensive.

"Something's on your mind Steven; what's wrong?" Shayera asked.

Snake sighed.

"For one, the child porn supplier is still on the loose; we stopped the distributors but Slick Garcia's eluded us thanks to my being captured." Snake said.

"You're only human Steve; Batman's on the case of locating Garcia with a little help from Robin, Oracle, Starfire and Nightwing. Don't worry about it. What else is bothering you?" Shayera asked; as they neared the Pharmacist's window.

"Pickup for Snake?" Snake asked the Pharmacist.

"Right here my friend, take one capsule before meals; avoid taking on an empty stomach." The Pharmacist said; handing over a small plastic bottle.

"Thanks. What else is on my mind you ask? I have a dilemma… Catwoman claimed that she, Star Sapphire and Giganta had been blackmailed back into crime." Snake said; as he and Shayera were heading towards her quarters.

"That corroborates what Giganta told us when we interrogated her." Shayera said; with a nod.

"Harley held a grudge against me after what I did to the Joker. Catwoman, Star Sapphire and Giganta wanted nothing to do with child porn or with Harley's vendetta; but she had the dirt on them. So Catwoman offered to 'keep me safe'…" Snake said.

"In exchange for what, looking the other way? If gang-banging you is her idea of keeping you safe, Catwoman has a warped mind!" Shayera said; as they entered her quarters.

"The alternatives weren't exactly pleasant either; a water boarding session or perhaps, having jumper cables hooked up to my balls don't sound very safe either!" Snake said; tossing the bottle of pills on Shayera's night table, pulling his mask back and sitting down on the edge of her bed.

"You have a point there!" Shayera said; sitting next to him, wrapping her left wing around his back and putting her left hand on his lap.

"At any rate, it's all pretty academic now; in exchange, she asked me to hack into Harley's computer-the one that was seized from the Axel warehouse-and to delete the dirt Harley had on them, said dirt proving that they were in breach of parole." Snake said.

"And it's all academic because?" Shayera asked.

"At this stage, breach of parole is the least of their worries: they've all been caught and are being charged with theft, larceny, possession of child porn with intent of distribution, kidnapping, aggravated assault, possession of illegal weapons and sexual assault. While it may be argued in court that Catwoman, Star Sapphire and Giganta were acting under duress, deleting those files would serve no purpose." Snake said.

"I see…and since none of them knew about the two of us other than Harley who kept it secret; Catwoman thought that she was protecting you by using sex to 'torture' you when in fact she knew you wouldn't be physically hurt…it was a twisted situation, but you're safe and that's all that matters to me." Shayera said; reaching for Snake's chin with her left hand.

She gently turned his head towards her and kissed him.

"I tell you what, let's get changed, beam over to your place, have a nice hot bath together and then I'll give your sore body a nice oil massage!" Shayera said; in a voice that gave Snake goose bumps.

"My love, that sounds like Heaven to me!" Snake said; smiling.