Stress Breaker  

By Comix_Fana


A Wonder-Bat fanfic by Comix_Fana

I thought I was done with writing fanfics, but the JLU fan in me clamored for another "Wonder-Bat" (here read Wonder Woman and Batman as lovers) story, this one X-rated instead of PG-13. I have added a few elements from my former stories ('Aphrodite's blessing' is a product of my imagination) just for fun. Enjoy!

Batman and Wonder Woman are Copyrighted by DC Comics. This is pure fan fiction, and I receive no pay or other benefit from it.

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For Batman, it was yet another long night in the Bat-Cave, buried in work. Night had turned to dawn and dawn to early morning. Still, there he sat at the Bat-Computer with his cowl pulled back; trying his best to ignore a throbbing tension headache. He leaned back in his chair, arms crossed, with a perplexed expression on his face.

"Bosses Falcone and Krakow have been bitter rivals for years, yet all of the evidence points to a budding alliance between them. Gotham may be looking at the most powerful drug cartel in recent history…but something doesn't look right, the links are almost too obvious…" He thought.

Batman heard a faint noise coming from behind. He smiled and stretched. Without turning, he addressed his impromptu visitor.

"Well hello there Princess, to what do I owe the honor of your visit?" He asked.

His visitor chuckled and walked closer to him, putting her hands on his shoulders.

"I know I shouldn't be surprised, but I was being as quiet as a mouse and held my breath, how on earth did you know I was there?" Wonder Woman asked.

He spun his chair around to look at his blue-eyed, raven-haired lover, giving her a smug smile.

"Oh, the clicking of your heels on the cave's stone floor, the unmistakable fragrance of the shampoo you like so much; the quasi mind-link we seem to share since Aphrodite blessed our relationship…your reflection in the Bat-Computer's screen…" He replied.

She laughed again, giving him a playful swat on the shoulder.

"Cheater!" She said, giggling.

She leaned towards him, her jet black hair brushing against his stubbly cheeks, and kissed him, long and tenderly.

"You need a shave Mr. Wayne! Well, my shift at the Watchtower is finally done; no major emergencies to report, I finally have some time off and I missed my Dark Knight." She said, with a coy smile.

Batman kissed her back and pointed his right thumb at the Bat-Computer's screen.

"It's a good thing you showed up Diana; I could use your input, this case is giving me a headache." He said.

"Another one of your tension headaches, Bruce?" She asked.

Batman nodded, turning his swivel chair to face the Bat-Computer again. Wonder Woman returned her hands on his shoulders, gently massaging him. She was getting worried, Bruce's tension headaches were becoming more frequent and he stubbornly refused to take any medicine for them. Her neck and shoulder massages had become the most effective way to get rid of his headaches.

"Thanks Princess, that feels great! Tension headache indeed, we're either looking at the most dangerous Crime Coalition Gotham's seen since the 1930's or…" He said.

"Or what? By the way tough guy, as you well know, this massage would feel a whole lot nicer without the cape and Kevlar top!" She said.

"Huh? Oh yes of course…" He said.

Still engrossed in his train of thought, he pulled off cape and cowl, absent-mindedly dropping them on the floor to his left. He removed his gloves, his utility belt and finally, his Kevlar top; his eyes never leaving the Bat-Computer's screen.

Smiling, the Amazon Princess resumed her massage of Batman's - Bruce's bare neck and shoulders. He moaned, feeling a mixture of pleasure, pain and relief.

"You see? Didn't I tell you it would feel nicer?" She said.

"Princess, you have amazing hands! As I was saying, we're either looking at a Crime Coalition or at one of the most violent gang wars since Prohibition if my suspicions are confirmed." He said.

"That is worrisome indeed!" She said.

"I know of another sure-shot stress-breaker Bruce dearest!" She thought, smirking.

She momentarily interrupted her massage, discreetly slipping out of her Wonder Woman outfit.

"I think it's time for some old-fashioned footwork…would you care to join me?" Bruce asked.

Grinning, she resumed his neck and shoulder rub, making him grunt.

"You sure know how to spoil a girl Mr. Wayne!" She said.

"I'm sorry Diana, I realize I can be an awful lover…I promise I'll make it up to you, I…" He said.

He stopped mid-sentence and gasped as Diana's soft lips kissed the nape of his neck. She then pressed her firm, naked breasts on his muscular shoulders.

She laughed as he spun his chair around and looked at her in genuine shock. She had stripped down to her boots and tiara; her suit, golden lasso and bracelets had joined his discarded gear on the Bat-Cave's cold floor.

"Wha…Diana what are you doing? Alfred or Robin could walk in on us!" He stammered.

"Relax, I gave Alfred the day off; he was actually rather thankful! Robin and Batgirl are in San Francisco, attending a seminar hosted by Nightwing at Titan Tower." Diana said.

"Yes, the seminar, I'd forgotten all about it!" Bruce said.

"So I see! We have Wayne Manor all to ourselves Bruce; I will gladly join you in your investigation, but first, let us break that stress and get rid of that headache of yours!" She said, giving him a seductive wink.

Bruce stood up, smiling, looking into Diana's lovely eyes. He pulled her closer and their lips connected, his tongue parting her lips and intertwining with hers in a long passionate kiss.

He could feel her nipples getting hard against his skin. He could also feel an erection, growing uncomfortable in his Kevlar reinforced tights.

"That's a good start Mr. Wayne, but why are you still dressed?" She asked, smiling.

He smiled and nodded, sitting down to remove his boots. He then stood back up and slipped out of his Kevlar tights and underwear, releasing his throbbing hard-on.

"Better?" He asked.

"Much better!" She replied.

Smiling, she caressed his stiff cock with a gentle but firm stroke, making him moan.

"So you want to get down to business down here in the Bat-Cave or shall we reconvene upstairs?" Bruce asked, breathing hard.

"Consider this a prelude Bruce, you've been working hard all night and you deserve a treat…besides, I know you'll be ready to go again in a few minutes…we can reconvene uspstairs then!" She said, with a wink.

Diana knelt down and took the head of Bruce's dick in her mouth, using her saliva as a lubricant for her hand job. Bruce tilted his head back, moaning and breathing louder.

He arched his back, feeling Diana's warm, wet mouth taking in more of his cock; alternating between slow and fast strokes, making increasingly loud slurping noises.

"Oh Diana, slow down…ah…slow…ungh…down, you'll make me cuh…cuh…" Bruce stammered.

Rather than slowing down she sped up, making him shout a loud "AAAH!" that echoed throughout the Bat-Cave, making several bats take flight. To his amazement, she took the full load of his love juice in her mouth, swallowing it greedily.

"Wha…wha…it's the first time you…" Bruce blundered.

"Didn't think the snobby Amazon could get down and dirty did you? Huntress told me that swallowing drove Question insane…" She said, grinning.

"I'll have to have a word with her! It felt unbelievable, but I thought you were a vegetarian?" Bruce said.

Diana laughed out loud, her laughter echoing through the Bat-Cave, disturbing the slumber of more bats in the process.

"That's cute Bruce! Vegetarian yes, but not vegan. No innocent animals had to die to provide me with this liquid protein…_it pleasured you, it wasn't unpleasant to me…in fact I'd say being in control of your orgasm was quite a _turn on!" Diana said.

Bruce smiled and nodded, helping Diana to her feet.

"Shall I sweep you off your feet and carry you upstairs your highness?" Bruce said.

"That sounds wonderful but not yet…" Diana said.

She removed her tiara and dropped it on the pile of discarded items on the floor. She walked past Bruce and sat down on his computer chair. She extended her shapely, muscular left leg to Bruce.

"First I want you to take those boots off me, and I want you to rub and kiss my feet. Then, I want you to bring your stubbly face right here between my legs and give me a treat!" She said.

"That would be a pleasure! Are you sure you wouldn't prefer I shaved first?" Bruce said.

"Normally I'd say yes, but I'm curious to see what kind of extra sensation your beard stubble may bring to my inner thighs!" Diana said.

Bruce smiled and knelt down; taking Diana's extended left foot in his hands and pulled her boot off. He tossed her boot on the pile of discarded items and kissed the smooth arch of her left foot, caressing her shin and calf with his free hand; obtaining a pleasured moan out of her.

He moved his lips down to her heel, and then back up; kissing each toe one after the other and flicking his tongue on her big toe making her gasp. His free hand moved up to her hamstring, then to her inner thigh and lastly to her thigh, sensuously exploring her warm, soft skin.

"Hmm, Mr. Wayne, you do that so well!" Diana said.

"You make it so easy! And your feet are so smooth, how does an athletic woman wearing high-heeled boots day in and day out not get calluses?" Bruce asked, giving her Achilles' tendon a playful bite.

She yelped from his bite and snickered.

"That's a Meta-human secret Bruce! By the way, my right foot's getting jealous!" Diana said.

"Let's have the right foot then!" Bruce said, smiling.

She put her bare left foot down and shivered as it touched the cold Bat-Cave floor. She then extended her shapely, muscular, booted right leg to Bruce.

He took her extended right foot in his hands and pulled her boot off, also tossing it onto the pile of discarded items and kissed the smooth arch of her right foot, caressing her shin and calf with his free hand.

He repeated the process of kissing her foot; heel, arch, and toes. As he kissed her foot, his free hand moved slowly from her shin to her calf, then to her hamstring, then to her inner thigh and lastly to her thigh; obtaining more pleasured moans from the Amazon Princess.

Still holding her right foot, he reached for her left foot with his free hand and kissed both feet. Her body covered with goose bumps as her cold left foot was being warmed up by Bruce's hands and kisses.

He moved his lips up to her ankle, and then to her shins, following the same path his hand had followed. Smiling, Diana spread her legs, giving him access to the sweet flesh of her pussy.

Bruce reached for the swivel chair and wheeled Diana towards him, placing her open legs on his shoulders and her wet pussy right on his mouth; making her yelp out of surprise.

He held her hips and began licking feverishly; first her labia, then her clit, back and forth, making her emit an unusually high-pitched moan of pleasure. Bruce looked up and noticed something that drove him wild.

"Did she shave her pussy for me?" He thought.

Going into a near frenzy, he began rubbing his stubbly face into her crotch, labia and pubis; making Diana pant loudly.

"Too smooth to be a shave…she went and had it waxed!" Bruce thought, giving her labia a gentle bite.

"Hmmmm yes…yes…oh yes, Bruce! OH BRUUUUCE!" Diana screamed, triggering another flight of bats and not caring.

He resumed licking her clit, then began sucking it gently, making her coo with delight. He then stuck his tongue in her pussy and flicked it a few times, making her shout a loud "AH!"

He looked up again and saw that she was fondling her breasts as he was eating her out; squeezing them, pinching her hard nipples and rubbing them sensually, adding to her pleasure. He flicked his tongue a few more times on her clit and probed her moist core with his right middle finger, making her grunt.

"Yes, YESSS, finger me at the same time! Don't stop Bruce, I'm so close!" Diana pleaded.

Bruce obliged, lapping her clit furiously and finger-fucking her at the same time. He added his index finger to the mix, triggering Diana's first orgasm.

"Oh, Bruce, oh BRUCE…OH YES…YESSS…EROS I'm CUMMING!" She screamed.

Bruce stood and took her in his arms, still quivering from her orgasm.

"Eros? Should I be jealous here?" Bruce asked, smirking.

"Oh don't be silly, you go 'oh God' plenty of times when you cum, why is it so out of place for me to call the name of the god of sexual love when I cum?" She said.

"I'm only teasing Princess, in fact I'm flattered that I gave you an orgasm that was so good you called Eros' name!" Bruce said.

Diana smiled and kissed him.

"You have my permission to sweep me off my feet now Mr. Wayne…but don't take me to the Master bedroom…I'd like to make love on that couch in front of the fireplace…" She said, smiling.

Bruce smiled and picked up the Bat-Computer's mic.

"Living room fireplace on; all Wayne Manor doors and windows locked." He said.

On his voice command, the gas fireplace lit up, and all doors and windows that had been left unlocked in Wayne Manor were locked automatically. He swept Diana off her feet and carried her to the Bat-Cave's exit to Wayne Manor.

"I could take the service elevator, but taking the stairs adds to the anticipation!" Bruce said, grinning.

"You are a passionate man Mr. Wayne…and a wonderful lover! The beard stubble did add some interesting sensation, but given a choice I do prefer you clean shaven." Diana replied, smiling.

"Speaking of clean shaven, is that Brazilian wax job also Huntress' idea? No, let me guess, Fire's Brazilian, it was her idea, right?" Bruce asked, giving her a teasing smirk.

"No…that was actually Black Canary's idea. She says it drives Green Arrow wild!" Diana replied, snickering.

Bruce rolled his eyes as he carried her further up the stairs.

"Well, do you like it?" Diana said.

"Like it? Why do you think I went so crazy rubbing my face between your legs? It looks so good, so sexy and smooth…" Bruce said.

"Good, looks like I'm sticking with the Brazilian wax then!" Diana said, chuckling.

"Just curious…you've been sharing our little sex secrets with how many people?" Bruce asked.

"Don't get upset tough guy, just girl talk amongst the female members of the League. Nobody gets a 'fail' mark amongst the men!" Diana said.

"No fail marks huh? So how do I fare on the Justice League's powerful women's score card?" Bruce asked, suppressing a chuckle.

"On a scale of 1 to 10…you score a 20! You're off the charts, lover!" Diana said, smiling.

They reached the top of the stairs and the automated door slid open, taking them to the main living room.

"A 20 huh? Well I'll have to work hard to live up to that score!" Bruce said.

The door slid shut behind them, returning the Grandfather clock in its place. Bruce gently laid Diana on the couch facing the fireplace, and went to the window to shut the blinds.

Diana made herself comfortable, flipping her hair over the arm of the couch with her hands. Bruce turned to look at her and smiled, soaking in the sight.

"Have I told you how gorgeous you are?" Bruce asked.

"Only a thousand times a day! Come here Bruce, I'm ready for the next round!" Diana said.

To his dismay, she pushed her ample breasts together and spat between them, to lubricate their cleft. She rubbed her breasts together to make sure her saliva was properly spread. He smiled, knowing what she had in mind.

"Dare I ask which male member of the Justice League is driven crazy by a…titty fuck?" Bruce asked.

Diana smiled mischievously.

"That one is Fire's specialty…Flash goes mental for it!" She said.

Bruce smiled and climbed on the couch, left knee first, against Diana's right arm. He swung his right leg over Diana's body and placed his right knee between the back of the couch and Diana's left arm, kneeling over her torso, almost straddling her ample bosom.

"Tight squeeze, are you okay?" Bruce asked.

"I'm fine, nice and comfy! What are you waiting for; slide that big hard cock of yours between my girls!" Diana said.

Bruce chuckled, still getting used to Diana's new- found dirty talk. He slid his cock in the warm, lubricated cleft of Diana's massive tits, inhaling deeply.

"Hmm…unusually pleasurable sensation…warm, soft, firm..." Bruce said, with a blissful look on his face.

"Glad you like it, to me it's warm, hard and soft all at once…I am feeling one of the most vibrant parts of your body, right here against my chest!" Diana said, lustfully.

She locked her fingers on top of her breasts and squeezed them together tighter, to make sure Bruce's cock wouldn't slide out from between them. He began pumping his hips forward and backward, moaning with pleasure.

She playfully flicked her tongue at the head of his dick when it would pop out towards her face, making him gasp each time.

"Now don't you lose control yet Mr. Wayne, I still want to feel your hot, hard cock deep in me!" Diana said.

Bruce moaned, nearly shooting his load on Diana's face and pulled out from between her breasts, drawing in a sharp breath, regaining his self-control.

"That…that dirty-talk of yours Diana, you nearly made me lose control!" Bruce said.

"Oops, don't know my own strength!" She said, coyly.

She sat up and knelt on the couch, leaning against the back. She looked over her shoulder and gave Bruce another mischievous smile, as she arched her back and wiggled her butt lustfully.

"Well then? Do you need an invitation?" Diana said.

Bruce put his hands on her shapely ass, giving her cheeks a passionate squeeze. Grinning, he gave her buttocks a few playful slaps.

"Ah! No spanking Bruce!" Diana said, snickering.

Chuckling, he spread her butt-cheeks apart, making her gasp. He placed his left foot on the couch near her left leg and slid his cock in her tight, hot, wet pussy, all the way in; until her rump was touching his groin; making them both moan loudly.

"Hmmm…yessss, oh Bruce, that's so deep!" Diana said, in a low, breathless voice.

Holding her by the waist, Bruce began pistoning Diana's wet pussy, gradually increasing strength and speed.

"MH! AH! YES! I LOVE IT!" Diana screamed.

Bruce gave her one hard, deep thrust and let go of her waist. He moved his hands to her upper torso and pulled her closer to him. He squeezed her breasts and moved her raven mane of hair to the side, so he could nibble her neck.

"Hmm, yes, getting creative aren't you Mr. Wayne? I like that, and before you ask; Shayera. No, doggy doesn't drive John crazy, but with her wings this is the only way they can have sex comfortably. She did tell me it feels _deeper…_she wasn't lying." Diana said.

"Getting close Princess?" Bruce asked.

"Keep up the multiple stimuli and I'll have an orgasm so violent the Vesuvius eruption will be tame in comparison!" Diana said.

"Then go for it Princess!" Bruce whispered, giving Diana goose bumps.

He resumed thrusting in to her hot pussy, his right hand fondling Diana's breasts and his left hand now caressing her clit, his tongue licking that sweet spot in Diana's neck that always sent delightful shivers down her spine.


Panting, she grabbed Bruce's wrists, her breasts and clit had become too sensitive from the thunderous orgasm. He pulled out of her, realizing that she wanted to turn around.

She turned, looking him in the eyes, with a sharp, intense look and kissed him hard and passionately, her tongue parting his lips and intertwining with his like snakes.

"You…your mark…just increased to 30 on a scale of 10…what an orgasm!" She said, smiling.

"I aim to please, Princess!" Bruce said, in a low, mellow voice.

"Your turn now Bruce, what's your fancy? Anything you like, I'll do it!" Diana said, in a breathy voice that made Bruce shiver.

He looked at her, overtaken by lust. He sat down next to her and looked her in the eyes.

"Straddle me Amazon! But when I tell you I'm ready to cum, kneel down on the floor and let me cum on your tits!" Bruce said.

He blushed, thinking he had asked something much too perverted to the woman he loves.

"Kinky! I love it Bruce, our own kinky little sex secret!" Diana said, smiling.

She moved on top of him, placing her knees next to his thighs and positioning his cock towards the opening of her pussy with her right hand. She slowly sat down, impaling herself onto his throbbing hard-on.

She put her hands on his shoulders to keep her balance and he put his on her hips. She began moving her pelvis slowly and sensuously in a circular motion, grinding her smooth pubis against his.

Greeted with an appreciative moan from Bruce, Diana moved her hips a bit faster, and playfully shook her upper body to swing her voluptuous breasts in Bruce's face.

"Yeah Princess…YEAH…" Bruce exclaimed.

"You like that don't you, you dirty boy! How about we switch to a trot?" Diana asked.

She began bouncing up and down on his stiff cock, making him grunt and moan louder and louder. The sight of Diana's expression of bliss, of her long hair and firm breasts bouncing and jiggling to the rhythm of her movements excited Bruce even further.

He caught Diana's right breast in his left hand and licked her nipple, making her scream in surprise and pleasure.

"Oh yeah Bruce, that's so good! Don't hold back tough guy, give it to me; DO IT!" Diana said.

Without warning, Bruce grabbed onto her muscular buttocks and stood up whilst still in her, punctuating the movement with a powerful pelvic thrust.

"GAIAAAAAAA!" Diana screamed.

Bruce tightened his grip on her buttocks, holding firmly onto her; his throbbing cock deep into her pussy. Diana had thrown her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, enjoying the new sensation of deep penetration enhanced by gravity; basking in the afterglow of an unexpected third orgasm.

Diana lay her head on Bruce's shoulder, panting.

"And another kinky little secret of our own, I love it Bruce! Where did you learn that one? It made me cum so hard!" Diana said.

"Being spontaneous…I just wanted to try it!" Bruce said.

"You can try that one any time you like!" Diana said, giving Bruce a gentle bite on the neck.

He gently put her down and slid out of her.

"Ready?" Diana asked.

"I am" Bruce said, nodding.

Diana knelt down, pushing her breasts together, lustfully licking her lips.

"Now then Mr. Wayne, do it to me! Let go of that legendary self-control of yours and cover my tits with your hot, sticky cum!" She said.

Bruce threw his head back and gasped, knowing he could no longer resist. Whether it was Diana's newly acquired dirty-talk, the irresistible lustful look on her face, or the fact that she was kneeling before him of her own free will for the second time that same day to pleasure him; the orgasm was overtaking him, uncontrollable.

He barely touched his cock to aim it at Diana's voluptuous tits, and the first cum shot erupted, making him loudly grunt a mangled "OH GOD!" and hitting Diana's chin, making her exclaim a surprised "OH!"

Before Bruce could even think of saying "sorry!" the following cum shot was right on target, making him grunt a loud "UNNH!", as it hit her square on the tits, making her scream in an orgasmic voice "OH YES, CUM ON MY TITS!"

A few smaller cum shots hit their target, as Bruce moaned in pleasure and Diana kept egging him on in a sweet, breathy voice, "Yeah, like that Bruce, all over me!"

Bruce's semen ran from her breasts down to her stomach and pubis, and dripped to the floor. She stood up, giving Bruce another mischievous smile.

"Now look what you did you bad boy, you made a mess on the nice clean floor! What's Alfred going to say?" Diana asked.

Bruce chuckled, pulling Diana closer and holding her in his arms, not caring that it was smearing his own cum onto his chest.

"Alfred's seen worse, trust me. I'm pretty sure that he gathered you wanted to have your way with me when you gave him the day off; so no worries there!" Bruce said.

Diana snickered.

"So how's the headache?" She asked.

Bruce looked at her, surprised.

"It's gone!" Bruce said.

"You see? Diana knows best, great Hera I'm good!" She said, with a teasing grin.

"That you are Princess; that you are!" Bruce said, smiling.

"So, ready for that 'old-fashioned footwork'?" Diana asked.

"Honestly…I know I need to investigate further, but I feel so drained…" Bruce said.

"I'm not surprised; you've been burning the candle by both ends again!" Diana said, with a bit of reproach.

"I know…old habits die hard." Bruce said, looking sheepish.

"Here's what I say; you are coming with me upstairs for a nice hot shower. Then you're giving Oracle a call to advise her of the budding Crime Coalition so she can request some backup to investigate for you*.* And then you are coming to bed with me; I'll personally make sure you rest!" Diana said.

Bruce smiled and nodded.

"I love it when you take charge! All right Princess, you got it!" Bruce said.

Diana smiled, taking him by the arm.

"Good, let's hit the shower then!" Diana said.

She led him to the staircase leading to the second floor.

The End