The Search for Batgirl  

By Comix_Fana

The Search for Batgirl

Note to purists, I pulled a Bruce Timm for this story and used serious (!) creative license. In this story; Cassandra Cain pulls a disappearing act for a number of reasons, but not to assume control of the League of Assassins. Several events are hinted at, but not necessarily in the proper chronological order. Tim Drake, Cassandra Cain, Barbara Gordon, Bruce Wayne and their alter egos of Batman, Robin, Batgirl and Oracle are copyrighted by DC Comics; ditto for Wonder Woman and any other DC character mentioned in the following story. Snake - Steven Quinn is my OC. This is pure fan fiction, and I receive no pay or other benefit from it.

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Chapter 1 - Maples Motel Bar and Grill, North of 42

"What a fucking day…I wasted precious daylight time due to road construction, the Customs Officer was being a prick because I'm crossing the border on a motorcycle and to top it all off, I get involved in a barroom brawl…Bruce, Barb and Dick must be really enjoying this…" Tim Drake thought; the knuckles of his right hand feeling sore.

He sighed. He was tired, hungry and thirsty; he needed dinner, a hot shower and a bed. He found his Motel room and entered it, giving it an appraising glance. The interior was drab but clean; the carpets still smelled new. He tossed his backpack and helmet on the bed and switched the lights on.

"I have to remember that Robin is officially on hiatus…I just can't jump in every time a waitress or barmaid is being goosed or groped by a drunkard…" He thought; pulling his PDA out of his jacket pocket.

"Oh well, at least it got me a free room for the night and they're supposed to bring me dinner on the house…" He thought; with a dismissive shrug.

He turned around and closed the door behind him, making sure it was locked. He switched his PDA on.

"Tim Drake's personal log, day 1, time 18:47…plenty of people seem to think I'm out of my mind for attempting this; save for Starfire and Wonder Woman who actually support my decision, as illogical as it may be. Then again, choosing the daughter of international assassins to become the next Batgirl was hardly logical either; now was it Bruce?" Tim said; with an annoyed expression on his face.

"I mean let's face it Bruce, we both know that you planted a bug somewhere in my stuff; I'm sure I have your full undivided attention, ditto with you Barb and Dick." Tim said; his tone taking a hostile edge.

Batman and Oracle had tried every trick in the book to convince Tim he was deluding himself. Nightwing agreed that it was a fool's errand but supported his "soul brother's" decision. Starfire thought Tim's intentions were noble, romantic and chivalrous while Wonder Woman had those few words of wisdom for him: "If she haunts you so, the fates are telling you to go to her. I believe in fate Tim, follow your dreams."

Tim drew in a sharp breath to clear his head and calm down.

"Anyway, back on topic. Cassandra Cain dropped out of circulation roughly two years ago; shortly after her final confrontation with Lady Shiva." Tim said; with a frown.

He looked through the window to make sure his motorcycle was still parked in front of his Motel room; and it was. There was no sign of anyone bringing him dinner; so he continued.

"No love loss between Lady Shiva and me…she tried to turn me into a murderer; so personally, I'm not sorry at all that Cassandra broke her jaw. To me it's poetic justice…in fact, it proved to everyone that Cassandra was fully reformed and worthy of stepping into Batgirl's boots." Tim said; nodding.

Tim looked through the window again and continued.

"So why did she leave? In my opinion, Cassandra's disappearance may have been due to a feeling of mixed loyalties…torn between Batman and Lady Shiva; she is after all Cassandra's mother." Tim said; with a sigh.

There was still no sign of supper being delivered; so Tim continued.

"My hacking of Oracle's system…sorry Barb…told me a few key facts: missing from Cassandra's personal effects were her passport, credit card and ATM card under her alias of Kasumi Wayne." Tim said.

He paused, giving the painting hanging on the wall facing the bed - sailboats on Lake Michigan at dawn - an absent-minded look.

"Her credit card transactions reveal that clothes, underwear, feminine necessities and a backpack were purchased from a Star City department store. Any bus tickets must have been paid for in cash, as there are no transaction records of bus or train tickets from Gotham City to Star City." Tim said; scratching his head.

"The first post disappearance ATM withdrawal was in the amount of $500.00 a few days later. Three days after that, her passport was scanned at the same border I crossed myself earlier today." Tim said; taking another look through the window.

There was still no sign of dinner being brought over to him, so he continued.

"In fact, she might have spent a night in this very Motel; cash leaves no trail. I'll be showing her photo at the front counter after I have had some supper and see if she did in fact sleep here." Tim said; opening his backpack with his free hand to look for Cassandra's photo.

It had been snapped by Alfred at one of the few Christmas receptions Cassandra had attended at Wayne Manor. Realizing that the picture was stuffed too deep down in his backpack, Tim interrupted his search for the time being.

"She resurfaced in Toronto a few weeks later, after a sizeable amount was charged to her credit card at the Office of a Doctor Geoffrey Thomas, plastic surgeon. The actual amount could not be confirmed, but I did find out that it was well in the five figures and paid for almost immediately by Wayne Enterprises. Thanks for sharing Bruce…" Tim said; frowning at the thought of Cassandra getting plastic surgery and of Bruce withholding information from him.

"After that, Kasumi Wayne's trail went completely cold. If she went for facial surgery, I might as well pack up and go home…but according to the vision I had, her hair was longer, her boobs were several cup sizes larger and her speech impediment was gone. Her face still looked the same." Tim said; pausing again.

Part of him wanted to dismiss "the vision" as a drug-influenced hallucination based on a repressed deep attraction he had once felt for Cassandra Cain. Accepting that as a logical explanation would have made his life a lot easier. But another part of him just had to know, did Cassandra Cain secretly love him?

"Damn Scarecrow and his experimental sex toxin anyway…" Tim thought; not wanting those words to be recorded.

The incident had occurred several months before. At Hawkgirl's request, Batman had created an ad hoc team comprised of Snake and Robin on a training assignment to hone Snake's Crime fighting skills.

They had landed smack in the middle of a trap laid by Scarecrow who had been experimenting with pheromones and toxin derivates, coming up with a gas that generated erotic hallucinations.

Snake's immunity to venoms and toxins had allowed him to knock Scarecrow out and administer the Bat-antitoxin to Robin; who had experienced the most unusual erotic vision. Rather than any of his ex's, Ariana, Darla or Stephanie; Tim's erotic vision was of Cassandra Cain.

In fact, Tim was still experiencing vivid dreams reenacting the vision; her words mercilessly etched in his memory:

"I've always been attracted to you Timmy… if my parents hadn't brainwashed me I never would have tried to kill you…and after I was reformed I always wondered how things would be if you were my boyfriend…how your lips would feel against mine… how your tongue would feel touching mine…how your hands would feel all over my body… how your cock would feel deep in my pussy…but you were taken. So I want you now Timmy…right or wrong I want you now!"

He would then wake up in a cold sweat, feeling frustrated. Tim sighed and continued.

"I may have to hack into the good Doctor's system like I did Oracle's before she shut me out. This way, I would find Kasumi Wayne's file to see what kind of procedures she had done and what address she left. Yes it's unethical, but it might be my only choice. No one in Gotham City's helping me; and with Doctor-Patient confidentiality, there's no way Doc Thomas is likely play ball with me." Tim said; feeling his stomach grumbling.

"Anyway, I'll unpack my laptop and get busy, unless I crash in bed first. I don't intend on sticking around here for very long but…" Tim said; interrupted by a knock at the door.

He switched his PDA off and put it in his pocket. He opened the door and smiled. It was Simone, the barmaid he had rescued earlier. She was an attractive hazel-eyed sandy blonde, dressed in a blouse one size too small that exposed her opulent cleavage and a leather skirt that barely covered her panties.

The obligatory stockings, garter belt and stiletto heels completed her barmaid attire; as dressing sultry usually meant better tips. She must have been eight or ten years older than Tim; who had recently turned 19.

"Got your dinner hon, it's the most 'diety' food our cook could muster. You did say you wanted fish and veggies, right?" she asked; walking in with a tray.

"That is correct Miss, hell, right now I'm so hungry that plain fish n' chips would do." Tim said; smiling.

"Please, don't be so formal, you can call me Simone like everybody else! How do you like the room?" She asked; putting the tray down on the table.

"A lot better than a lot of dives I had to sleep in; it's actually quite clean and doesn't smell like ashtray or mold!' Tim said sitting at the table.

"Good, Frank, our manager, will be happy to hear that! He spent so much money on renovations! Oh dear, look at your hand, it's all bruised! " Simone said; gently grabbing Tim's right wrist.

"Serves me right for throwing a punch without my Robin gloves…" Tim thought; the sight of Simone's exposed cleavage as she bent forward to look at his knuckles making him feel uncomfortable.

"No, it's okay miss, no need to fuss about it…" Tim said; with a slight blush.

Her massive chest was so close to his face that he could smell her perfume.

"Okay my ass, you hurt your hand coming to my rescue!" She said; straightening up with her hands on her hips, striking a pose that exposed her garter belt.

"Not my first scuffle, don't worry!" Tim said; in a voice he hoped sounded reassuring.

"Well we can't leave it like this, wait for me hon, I'll be right back!" She said; temporarily leaving the room.

"Wow what an ass she has under that skirt…and what a set of tits…if I wasn't so obsessed with Cass I'd…I'd…I'd what, fuck her and leave her the next morning to go after the woman of my dreams? That's not the way I've been raised!" Tim thought; angry at his own arousal.

He drew in a few deep breaths, hoping to reduce the uncomfortable growing bulge in his pants. He then looked at his plate. Dinner was simple but nutritious enough; grilled haddock, green beans and boiled potatoes. A tall glass of iced tea flanked his plate. Tim grabbed the fork with a wince, hoping he didn't have broken knuckles. Dinner was on the bland side but he did not care; he was too tired and hungry.

Simone returned as he was halfway done with dinner, with a plastic bag filled with ice and a bottle of Ibuprofen. She uncapped the bottle and shook out two caplets, handing them to Tim who washed them down with a sip of iced tea. She recapped the bottle and put it on the table.

"Here, put your fork down and put this ice on your knuckles." She said.

"Sure thing, as soon as I'm done with dinner I'll do that." Tim replied.

"Tut, tut, no arguments with your physician; ice your knuckles and let me do the rest!" Simone said; handing the bag of ice to Tim and taking the knife and fork from him.

She sat down in front of him and cut a piece of fish.

"Really Simone, there's no need to f…" Tim started; but was unable to finish as Simone fed him a forkful of haddock.

Tim chuckled. For all the aggravation he had felt all day, Simone was cheering him up with her sweet attentions. He winced at the contact of the ice against his bruised knuckles.

"There, that's a good boy!" Simone said; snickering.

Tim finished his supper feeling a little less crabby. Simone's good looks and smiling face were just what the Doctor ordered.

"So what brings you around these parts?" She asked; smiling.

"Man that's a long story…but wait; this might help me explain…I mean I think about it and I have a hard time believing I'm doing this myself…" Tim said; getting up, leaving the ice pack on the table.

He rummaged through his backpack on top of the bed and found what he was looking for. He brought the picture and placed it on the table in front of Simone. He sat back down and put the ice pack back on his knuckles.

"She's very pretty, is she your girlfriend?" Simone asked.

"We both…worked for the same employer. I was dating another girl at the time. I won't bore you with the details, but she pretty much dropped out of circulation without warning." Tim said; pointing at the picture with his left hand.

"Why, what happened?" Simone asked.

"I have a few theories about that, but no facts. Anyway, a few weeks after she took a powder, my ex and I broke up…and I recently learned through the grapevine that Kasumi, the girl in this picture, had a crush on me but didn't dare say a word because I was already in a relationship." Tim said.

"What a crock of shit…well just because no one ever told me doesn't mean Cassandra didn't have a crush on me…and it sounds plausible enough." Tim thought.

"You're a romantic! Now that you're a free man, you realize that you liked her too and want to find her at all cost!" Simone said; a glimmer of admiration in her eyes.

"Close enough…" Tim thought; satisfied.

"Yep, that's the just of it. You wouldn't happen to have seen her would you?" Tim asked.

"I can't say she looks familiar, but that doesn't mean much if she stayed in her room and never came to the Bar." Simone said; looking at the photo.

Simone's right hand discreetly reached under the table and rested on Tim's left knee, making him feel uncomfortably aroused again.

"Well I tell you what, her parents are a pair of obsessive control freaks too; which is probably why she pulled her disappearing act in the first place. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they planted a bug in my stuff when they learned I intended on finding her." Tim said; thinking of Bruce and Barbara, hoping that Simone would get the hint that trying to seduce him was a bad idea.

"Aren't we being a bit paranoid perhaps?" Simone said; with a teasing grin.

Tim gave her a tired, depressed look that turned her grin into an expression of concern.

"Oh my, you're not kidding are you?" She asked.

Tim shook his head no. Simone stood up and turned on the room's large TV set, flipping the channels until she found an all music station and turned up the volume to the max, smiling. Tim nodded, grinning, understanding what she had in mind. She took her stiletto shoes off, walked closer to him and bent forward; exposing her impressive cleavage again, to speak in Tim's ear.

"There, now they can't eavesdrop. Cards on the table hon, I've been fantasizing about you since you knocked Moose Cunningham out of his shoes earlier. I understand you're after that girl Kasumi…but whatever happens before the two of you hook up is fair game. For all you know she may have had a few boyfriends between the sheets since the day she left, right?" Simone said; in Tim's ear.

"Well yeah…" Tim said.

The fact that Cassandra could have had a boyfriend or two since leaving Gotham City had never crossed his mind.

"In fact, she might be in a relationship right now…so what do you say, unless you find me completely unattractive?" Simone said in Tim's ear.

"Hell no Simone, you're hotter than hell!" Tim replied.

"So are you hon; I'm asking for sex, nothing more. I want a young hunk to make me feel like a woman; I want a clean cock that doesn't taste like stale piss, are you with me?" Simone asked.

"Ye…yeah…though I might need a shower myself…" Tim said; heart racing, mouth feeling dry.

She put her hands at the back of his head and teasingly pushed his face into her cleavage; wiggling her boobs. She stopped to look at her boy-toy du jour. The wanting expression on Tim's face was extremely satisfying to her.

"Actually, I find the smell of your sweat pretty arousing!" She said in Tim's ear; guiding his hands to the buttons of her blouse.

Hands shaking from anticipation, he unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her upper body; dropping it to the floor.

"Holy shit…her tits are as big as Wonder Woman's…Bruce, you're a lucky bastard…and right now, so am I…" Tim thought; in awe of Simone's tits.

Drawn to her massive breasts, his hands caressed them through her lacey bra; squeezing them gently but firmly. Smiling, Simone reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, freeing her massive bosom. Breathing faster, Tim fondled her large, firm breasts. Unable to resist, he pushed them together and began licking, sucking and gently biting her luscious nipples.

Moaning and grunting quietly with pleasure, Simone stood up, pulling Tim to his feet by the lapels of his jacket.

"C'm on hon…clothes off…go wild on me in bed!" She whispered in his ear.

Nodding and breathing hard, Tim stood up, slipping out of his jacket. His t-shirt was next to join the discarded items on the floor. As he unbuckled his belt, he stared gape-mouthed at Simone who discreetly pulled a condom from her short leather skirt's pocket.

She unzipped her skirt and let it slide to her ankles with a wink, kicking it aside. Her panties were next to sensuously slide down her legs as Tim toed-off his sneakers. Her hands went to her garter belt, but Tim stopped her, gently grabbing her forearm.

"No, keep 'em on; I like the hose and garter belt look!" He whispered.

"Dirty boy!" She whispered back; putting the condom between the garter belt and her skin. She pulled his jeans and shorts down to his ankles.

She knelt down and with a firm but gentle grip of her left hand, held his balls, giving his sack a gentle kiss that made him gasp. Then, she took the head of his cock in her warm, wet mouth; rubbing its hard shaft with her smooth right hand.

Tim threw his head back, reveling in the sensations; using every ounce of self-restraint not to let out loud moans of pleasure. What she did next blew his mind. Interrupting her blowjob, she pulled the condom from her garter belt, opened it and put the rolled-up condom in her mouth. Using her lips and tongue, she slipped the condom onto his throbbing boner; the increased suction from her mouth nearly making him blow his load prematurely.

With the condom unraveled all the way on his cock, Simone looked up at Tim with a satisfied grin. The teen was putty in her hands. She helped untangle his feet from his shorts and jeans and then pulled his socks off. She stood up and looked him in the eyes.

"I'm all yours biker boy; fuck me!" Simone whispered.

Tim swept her off her feet and began passionately French-kissing her as he took her to the large bed. He gently laid her on her back next to his backpack and motorcycle helmet. He shoved his personal effects to the floor and gave Simone a piercing, passionate stare that made her flinch.

He spread her legs open and buried his face in her crotch; rubbing his hot mouth in her groin, making her yelp in a mixture of surprise and pleasure. He then began eating her out; intensely licking and nibbling her clit, labia, vulva and anus. He could taste her love juice lubricating her tight twat.

Tim looked up and snickered, as Simone was hugging a pillow; covering her mouth with one end to muffle her moans and screams of pleasure. Tim took the pillow away, wanting to see her massive tits; wanting to see the expression on her face as he fucked her senseless.

"To hell with those Gotham City peeping Toms; if they don't like it, tough!" Tim thought; spreading Simone's legs in a quasi-split that made her gasp.

The intense look on Tim's face gave Simone a case of goose bumps.

"Kasumi's parents…" Simone said; breathing hard.

"Fuck'em…the music's loud enough. Besides, nobody asked them to spy on me…" Tim said; in an intense, husky voice.

He stuck out his tongue and went down on her again; his tongue tracing a sensuous line from her anus to her vulva, circling her labia, resting on her clit for a few licks, then moving upward to her shaved pubis, navel and in one smooth continuous motion, his cock slid into her pussy as his tongue reached her cleavage and he buried his face between her fleshy E-cuppers.

Gasping and chanting a chorus of pleasured moans, groans and high-pitched yelps, Simone ran her fingers through Tim's thick hair as he rubbed his face between her tits and pumped his hard cock into her love hole.

"You…gasp…have duh…ohhh…done this beh…before!" Simone stammered.

Grinning, Tim got up on his knees, keeping his dick deep inside Simone's hot pussy. He pulled her closer by the hips and rested her legs on his shoulders for a deeper penetration. He then began pistoning hard into her pussy while fondling her massive breasts; enjoying the feel of her hard nipples in the palms of his hands.

"Ohhh Gooood yeeeeeeessss!" Simone screamed.

Tim gave her one more hard thrust obtaining a loud "UHH!" from Simone, and paused. He let her legs back down on the mattress and leaned on top of her, feeling her firm E-cuppers against his muscular chest; bringing his face closer to hers. He gave her lips a gentle peck.

"Nah, my ex's weren't exactly cold fish but they weren't the fucky-fucky type either. Let's just say I've seen plenty of dirty movies and I'm a quick study!" Tim said; with a wink.

"I'm glad you are; doggy style now?" Simone asked.

Tim smiled and nodded. He rolled off Simone and let her assume position on all fours. He knelt behind her and spread her shapely ass cheeks apart; giving him full view of her pussy and asshole. In a slow, smooth motion to get maximum sensation, he slid his cock in her wet slit; obtaining a grunting "Ohhh yeahhh" from Simone.

He began pumping in and out of her, first slowly and then gradually faster and harder. Simone bent down to bite the pillow as her sensations were so intense that she feared her screams may alert the neighbors.

His thrusts had become so hard that she slid down onto her stomach. Tim put his hands down on the mattress for balance and kept on the same cadence; obtaining muffled "MMMHH! MMMHH! MMMHH!" Pleasured screams from Simone.

Overtaken by the moment, Tim moved his hands from the mattress back to Simone's buttocks and spread her butt cheeks apart again; eyeing her pink anus with lust. Still fucking her doggy-style, albeit on her stomach, he tentatively massaged her asshole with the tip of his left thumb, obtaining an approving muffled "Uh-huh! Uh-huh!" from Simone. She turned her head from the pillow, gasping.

"She'll take anything I do to her…God I'm so curious to try anal with her…nah…that would be plain wrong…" Tim reasoned silently.

"Oh yeah baby, stick a finger in my ass while you fuck my pussy! Do it!" Simone begged.

Tim suspended his pistoning motion, put his left hand's middle finger in his mouth to cover it with saliva then spat on Simone's anus for good measure. He gently inserted his middle finger in Simone's ass.

"Ohh yeahhh…baby you do it so good!" Simone said; in a husky voice.

Tim resumed his pelvic thrusts, turned on by the fact that he could feel his cock plowing into her pussy with the finger in her ass.

"Hmmhh…" Tim moaned.

"You like that baby?" Simone asked.

"Yeah…" Tim replied; in a grunting voice.

"Wanna try something real kinky?" Simone asked.

"YEAH…" Tim said.

"Wanna fuck my ass?" Simone asked.

"Oh baby you know it!" Tim said.

"Put plenty of spit in my small hole and go nice and slow…when you're ready to cum I want you to pull out and shoot your load on my tits and face!" Simone said; in a sultry voice.

She laid on her right side; raising her stocking-clad left leg up to rest her left foot on Tim's right shoulder. She spread her pussy lips open to give Tim full view. Tim spat on her asshole twice, re-inserting his left hand's middle finger in her rectum to spread his saliva in. He then spat in his hand and spread the saliva on the condom; to replace the lubricant that had dried up.

"Wait up hon…" Simone said.

She also spat in her right hand to add to Tim's saliva in her tight anus; first inserting her middle finger, then adding her ring finger, and lastly her index finger, wiggling all three inside her ass for good measure.

She then grabbed Tim's stiff cock with her left hand and guided it in her ass, sliding it in slowly and deep. Both breathing heavily, Tim grabbed Simone's left ankle with his right hand and began pumping mercilessly into Simone's tight ass as she played with her clit.

"Uhh…**uhhh…hmmmm…**yeah…**yeah…**YEAH!" Simone exclaimed with each thrust; with a squeaky voice.

The stockings and garter-belt look, Simone's pretty face, massive tits and the sight of her masturbating with her pussy lips spread open as he plowed into her ass, were sending Tim into sensory overload.

"Oh God I'm about to…baby I'm gonna cumI'm gonna CUM!" Tim grunted; sweat pouring down his face.

"Pull out baby, I want it right here!" Simone said; excited, pushing her voluptuous E-cuppers together and sticking her tongue out.

Tim pulled out and removed his condom just in the nick of time. He moved from between her legs and knelt near her right shoulder, aiming his cock towards her tits and face. He came in a thunderous orgasm, covering Simone's fleshy mounds, face, tongue and hair with his sticky cum; a few shots hitting the bed spread.

Surprised by the intensity of his orgasm, Tim began giggling uncontrollably. Smiling, Simone propped herself up on her right elbow and took his softening cock back in her mouth, sucking out the last few drops of his love juice.

"Whoa…that….that's sensitive!" Tim gasped; as Simone's talented mouth finished cleaning his cock.

"Man…now we both need a shower!" Tim said; looking Simone in the eyes.

She giggled and got out of bed, dragging Tim by the arm to the bathroom.

Chapter 2 - In the loop

After showering together, Simone decided to spend the night with Tim. Sleeping in her young stud du jour's arms filled her with a sense of indescribable peace and security. Tim slept soundly, with an odd sense of empowerment: he could have sex with her as many times as he wished; she would gladly satisfy his craziest sexual whims, including anal sex.

"For as long as I decide to stick around…after all, like she said, this is sex only..." He reasoned silently; as he fell asleep with Simone in his arms.

He awoke the next morning, the sound of his PDA's chime announcing an incoming video communication. He sat up with a grunt, noticing the note pinned on the pillow next to him.

"Thanks for the hot night Hon, I really needed that. Good luck with that girl Kasumi. She's one lucky gal; you're a magician in the sack! I hope she appreciates you. Simone XOXOX"

"You're pretty damn good yourself in the sack Simone…this is one night I'll never forget!" Tim thought; smiling, smelling her perfume on the note.

He crumpled the note and tossed it in the waste basket.

"Sorry Simone, but like you said: this was only sex. Keeping this note might complicate things with Cassandra." Tim thought; getting out of bed, the insistent chime of his PDA nagging him in the background.

"Awrite, keep your shirt on! Give a guy a chance to put his pants on!" Tim mumbled.

He dug out a pair of clean shorts from his backpack and slipped his jeans on. He located his jacket on the floor and pulled his PDA from the right pocket.

"Oracle…aw great…" Tim thought; rolling his eyes.

He pressed the button and Oracle's face appeared on the small LCD screen.

"Yes Barbara, what can I do for you?" Tim said.

"Oracle if you please, I'm on official duty." Oracle said; trying to put on a serious face, but the dimples near her pretty mouth betraying a repressed urge to laugh.

"And I'm on hiatus, _Oracle…_to what do I owe the pleasure?" Tim said; sitting in bed.

She smiled.

"So was it good? Things were getting pretty hot and heavy there 'hon'!" Oracle said; in a teasing voice.

"So I was right, you guys were spying on me! For pity's sake, I'm not an 8-year old!" Tim said; upset.

"But going after Cassandra based on a toxin-induced vision is real mature I suppose?" Oracle asked; arching her eyebrows.

"Regardless, I'm doing this as Tim Drake; not as you-know-who. What I do with my private life is not up for debate Barb." Tim said; firmly.

Oracle sighed, looking down.

"Agreed; point taken. In fact, Batman and I had a massive argument just after you left…we haven't exactly been forthcoming with information." Oracle said.

"I already know about Wayne Enterprises covering Cassandra's plastic surgery." Tim said.

"If it were only that…truth is, Cassandra kept in touch with me and with Batman via email; but we were sworn to secrecy. Since you had expressed no interest in Cassandra until the whole mess with Scarecrow, Batman had decided to keep you out of the loop; as well as Alfred, Nightwing and Starfire…everybody, even Wonder Woman doesn't know. Only Batman and I knew." Oracle said; her voice trailing off.

Tim nodded silently.

"Okay, I can understand that part. What did Bruce and you argue about?" Tim asked.

"I felt that when you told us that you were planning to go after Cass, we should have included you in the loop. Worst case scenario, you might have shot her an email, she might have told you to get lost and that would have been the end of it; you would have gotten it out of your system." Oracle said.

"But Batman disagreed…" Tim said; knowingly.

"You ain't kidding; 'my word is my bond', 'Cassandra's gone through great lengths to disappear, telling Robin would defeat the purpose;' blah, blah, blah…" Oracle said; rolling her eyes.

"Yeah, that's Bruce all right…" Tim said.

"So I told him that come hell and high water you deserved to know. Needless to say, he was a bit bent out of shape. But I wanted to help. So I shot Cassandra an email, asking if it was okay to tell you, since you mentioned to us that you really 'missed her' and wished that the two of you could 'hang out'." Oracle said.

Tim smiled.

"Well that's one way to put it…did she reply?" Tim asked.

"Yep, she admitted missing the whole gang…and especially you. In fact, she said she'd be delighted to see you again and 'hang out'. I'll email you her address; she bought a Loft in Toronto's Beaches district, in the East end. It doesn't prove that your toxin-induced vision was right nor that she has a crush on you…but it does show that she's interested in seeing you again." Oracle said; looking sheepish.

"Barb…I love you…in a brotherly non-sexual sort of way! And I guess I forgive Bruce too; you were sworn to secrecy after all!" Tim said; smiling.

"You're very welcome young man, the feeling's mutual! As far as your escapade with Simone goes…our little secret and she's right; Cass isn't your girlfriend yet and there's no guarantees you will become a couple at all. Like Simone told you: who's to say Cassandra hasn't been with a boy or two since leaving Gotham…or girl…" Oracle said; smiling.

"Say what?" Tim said; looking confused.

"Cassandra figured that by becoming Kasumi Watanabe, lesbian Japanese immigrant, none of Batgirl's foes could trace her; not even Lady Shiva." Oracle said.

"Seems like having sex with other girls comes with the Batgirl mantle; no offence intended Barb." Tim said; feeling a bit disappointed.

"None taken; I'm bisexual and I have no problems with that." Oracle said.

"And neither do Dick and Kory." She thought; smirking.

"Cassandra on the other hand is straight…which has made her life complicated to say the least. She's sent me a few emails asking me how to let her current 'partner' down easy…I told her that there's no easy way, best to be honest with her and make a clean break. She may hurt the girl's feelings short term, but it'll hurt her worse if she keeps up the charade any longer." Oracle said.

Tim breathed a sigh of relief in spite of himself.

"So what happened?" Tim asked.

"They had a knock-down-drag out fight; the lesbian lover crying that it can't be true, that Cass must be in denial, then screaming at her all upset that Cass was being a selfish bitch and a dirty 'cum-eating cock sucker'…and lastly that she hated Cass' guts and wanted to scratch her eyes out…" Oracle said.

"She took it well…" Tim said.

"At first, Cassandra tried to reason with her, saying that she didn't want to lead her on any longer and that she was sorry for hurting her feelings. When her lesbian lover became bitchy and verbally abusive, Cassandra's temper flared up and she called her ex a 'filthy tattooed pig who needed to use more soap and try an invention called a razor'…" Oracle said.

"Ouch…" Tim said.

"Then her ex-partner tried to physically assault her…bad move. Cassandra twisted her up like a pretzel and told her to 'pack her shit' and get the hell out of her place." Oracle said.

"I see Cassandra hasn't lost a step!" Tim said; grinning.

"No she hasn't…did you get the email with her coordinates?" Oracle asked.

"Yes, I see the attachment in the lower right corner of my screen." Tim said.

"Good, now if I were you, I'd program her address in your motorcycle's GPS and select the quickest route…if you haul ass, you should make it to her place in time for supper…she's expecting you!" Oracle said; with a wink.

Tim smiled.

"All I need is a quick shower; I'll grab my stuff and return the key to my room…then I'm on my way!" Tim said.

"Don't neglect breakfast Tim, it's a long ride between now and supper time; riding on an empty stomach isn't safe." Oracle said.

"No worries, the rest areas have restaurants and gas stations; I can make a few quick pit stops along the way." Tim said.

"All right then, be safe and good luck Tim; Oracle out!" She said; smiling, terminating the link.

Tim switched his PDA off, grinning; stuffing it back in his jacket pocket.

"Yess!" he said; excited.

He slipped out of his jeans and shorts and headed to the bathroom. He looked at himself in the mirror and shrugged.

"Nah, I'm still clean from the shower I took before bed; and as far as the pillow hair goes, I'll have helmet hair regardless…" Tim thought.

He picked up his dirty underwear and t-shirt from the floor and stuffed them in a plastic bag. He slipped the clean shorts he'd taken out of his backpack back on and put his jeans on. He dug out clean socks and a clean t-shirt from his backpack and stuffed his dirty laundry bag back in, along with Cassandra's picture.

He finished getting dressed, slung his backpack across his shoulder and grabbed his motorcycle helmet and the key to his room. He walked out and towards the Rental Office, which was still closed.

"Great…good thing my stay was on the house and that there's a mail slot opening to return the keys…" He thought; dropping the key through the opening.

He walked back to his motorcycle and securely strapped his backpack to the pannier rack. He put his helmet on and keyed in the electronic sequence on the control panel, unlocking his motorbike's electronic ignition. He pressed the ignition button and his motorcycle started, purring like a kitten.

He pulled out his PDA from his pocket and opened Barbara's email. He pressed the hands free control on the side of his helmet.

"Voice recognition command, Tim Drake, red bird 3." He said.

"Voice recognition command acknowledged." The onboard computer replied through the hands free device in his helmet.

"Gotta love Wayne Enterprises technology!" He thought; smiling.

"Access GPS, enter coordinates 7750 Triple Crown Way, Toronto Ontario; fastest route." Tim said.

"Coordinates entered, have a nice day." The onboard computer replied.

Tim returned his PDA to his jacket pocket and zippered his pocket shut, making sure his PDA was secure. He rode off, first taking the side road that had led him to the Motel and taking the first exit to the highway.

"I'm on my way Cass…Barb says it doesn't prove my vision was right but I disagree…I can hardly wait Cassie…" Tim thought; feeling excited.

Meanwhile, Cassandra Cain sat on her balcony, absent-mindedly observing the lake shore, daydreaming with a small cat-smile on her lips. She was happy, as Oracle had just emailed her that Tim was on his way. He might even make it on time for dinner.

"Don't really feel like cooking…I might treat him to the awesome Thai restaurant on Queen street, I think he'd like that…then maybe…I dunno…a bit of sensual dessert? Hell, just having that part of my life back and hearing my real name come out of his lips would make my day…" Cassandra thought.

She recalled the young boy turned teenager she once knew, dressed in the red black and yellow suit with the hair gel to give him that spiky look; his obsession with impressing The Bat at all costs and with living up to Nightwing's expectations.

Cassandra's smile widened, as she also remembered Tim's bravery, whether it was genuine or not. No matter how dire the situation or how mad he would get, he never showed fear and always downplayed the situation, frustrating his opponent.

"Even when I tried to kill him he showed no fear…thanks a lot Daddy dearest for brainwashing me..." She thought; clenching her teeth.

She leaned back in her chair, sighing.

"Funny how things worked out…Tim and I became partners as Batgirl and Robin…we even trained under Lady Shiva…until we realized who she really was…a mercenary, an assassin trying to recruit us as her pawns…and my estranged mother…as the French say; quelle famille… but even then, it was Tim who was the voice of reason and kept me grounded…" Cassandra thought; bringing her feet on the edge of her seat, wrapping her arms around her smooth shins and resting her chin on her knees.

She smiled again.

"I never could keep a boyfriend being Batgirl…it put them in danger and threatened my secret identity. Robin was the closest thing to a steady boyfriend I ever had! Loyal, honorable, dependable…a bit irritating at times but I was no prize either. In fact, I always did find him kind of cute…oh who am I kidding, if he hadn't been involved with another girl I would have cornered him in the Bat-Cave and French-kissed him into submission!" She thought; giggling quietly, her right hand reaching up to her left breast.

She could feel her nipple erect underneath her tank top.

"Thinking of you is arousing me Mr. Drake! Why did you have to be taken when I needed you anyway? Then again, I was too flat-chested and boyish looking…and talked like a five year-old…I wonder if he'll like my new tits?" Cassandra thought; slipping her hand under her tank top at the neck line, feeling the warm smooth skin of her breasts and perky nipples, going from the left to the right.

While the breast increase surgery and intense speech therapy sessions were meant to erase any remnants of the girl she used to be, she fully realized that her lesbian alias of Kasumi Watanabe was pushing things too far. Having Katie Lovitz move in with her as her same sex partner to "make the illusion complete" had been a bone-headed move.

"Katie was loud, obnoxious, overbearing and had atrocious personal hygiene…but her body was nice enough that men kept checking her out; and in her own way, she was fun to be around and cheerful… when she wasn't high or drunk. Ultimately, I'm straight; and going on like this was unfair to both her and me." Cassandra thought; giving her left breast a firm squeeze that gave her goose bumps.

"Playing with my tits on the balcony, Cassie what are you thinking?" She thought; realizing that she might be seen fondling herself.

Smirking, she stood up and went back inside; making sure the shades were pulled down. She stripped out of her tank top, shorts and panties, dropping them to the hardwood floor.

She laid down on her living room's futon, pulling a large velvet pillow under her head and shoulders for more comfort; her jet back mane fanned over the pillow and futon. She closed her eyes and imagined that her hands were Tim's. First, she fondled her enhanced breasts. She squeezed them firmly, pinched her nipples, first gently then harder, sweet sensations coursing through her body like a low electric current.

"Yeah Timmy…that's right, play with my tits…" She murmured; breathing heavily.

Then, firmly rubbing her nipples left to right then right to left with her left hand, Cassandra slid her right hand down to her pubis; spreading her labia apart, massaging it in a smooth motion.

"Hmm, yeahh…baby, do me…" She mumbled; as her fingers worked their magic.

She moved her right hand from her pussy to her mouth, wet the tip of her middle finger with her saliva and resumed masturbating. Breathing faster, she stroked her clit with her wet fingertip; first using a feather touch, and then gradually increasing intensity.

"Oh yeah baby…oh yeahhhh…" She moaned; in a high-pitched voice.

She gave her right tit a hard squeeze with her left hand and inserted her right hand's middle and ring fingers in her pussy; finger-fucking herself, sending a sharp bolt of pleasure through her entire body.

"AAHHH BABYYYY FUCK MEEEE!" She screamed; panting.

She took her fingers out and smelled them, strangely aroused by the scent of her own love juice. Fingers still wet, she began furiously stroking her clit at double speed; wanting her orgasm to explode.

"Oh God YEAAAAAAAHHHHH!" She screamed again; as the orgasm tore through her body like a runaway freight train, nipples feeling rock hard, skin covered with goose bumps and toes curling from the sheer intensity of her orgasm.

Catching her breath, she chuckled.

"God I needed that…the very thought of you makes me horny Mr. Drake! Then again, no guarantees that Tim and I will have sex for dessert, after all Barb said he simply wanted to hang out…but just in case…better safe than sorry…" Cassandra thought; standing up from the futon.

She picked up her clothes from the floor and got dressed.

"Just in case things do get romantic tonight…it wouldn't be a bad idea to take a little trip to the nearest Drugstore and buy some condoms; to be prepared, just in case…no thanks to the stupid lesbian alias I'm not on the pill…and if I am ever to return as Batgirl, returning pregnant would put a damper on things!" Cassandra thought; looking of a pair of sandals and her purse in her walk-in closet.

She found her favorite pair of leather sandals and slipped them on. As she grabbed her purse, she snickered mischievously.

"Hell, I might just have to corner him in the bedroom and French-kiss him into submission! Tim Drake, your ass is mine!" She thought; grinning, as she left her loft.

Meanwhile, Tim Drake had just left a highway Service Center to eat, take a bathroom break and refuel his motorcycle. Anxious to see Cassandra sooner than later, Tim was back on the road; using his radar detector to avoid the Provincial Police and drive above the speed limit as much as possible.

"Bruce would have my ass in a sling if he knew I was using the Bat-radar detector for my own personal use; then again he never was above bending a few rules himself!" Tim reasoned; silently.

Chapter 3 - Supper time

Pacing nervously, Cassandra Cain awaited Tim Drake's arrival. After fussing for hours over what to wear, dressed only in a matching set of lacy black bra and panties, she had finally settled on a peach colored sun dress and matching canvas shoes. She wore her long jet-black hair in a loose pony tail and had applied very little makeup; save for a bit of lipstick and mascara.

"Table's set; I placed an order of Pad Thai, coconut rice, Mango salad and Mango Chicken…plenty of food for the two of us. The order should be ready in about twenty minutes, add another ten for delivery…I did a trace on Tim's GPS with a bit of help from Oracle; he should be here momentarily…I can't wait!" Cassandra thought; smiling.

Outside, Tim Drake was obtaining a ticket to park his motorcycle near Cassandra's address.

"Hopefully, she has a parking space allotted to her Loft…" He thought; securing the ticket on the motorcycle's seat.

He picked up his backpack and removed his helmet.

"Okay…so here goes…" Tim thought; feeling nervous, walking towards the door.

He pressed the button that read Kasumi Watanabe.

"Yes?" Cassandra's voice answered through the intercom.

"It's me, Tim!" Tim said; his voice cracking from nerves.

"Hi Timmy, come on up!" Cassandra replied; in a happy voice.

The buzzer went off, unlocking the door. Tim entered and climbed the stairs.

"He's here…he's here…Timmy's here…God, is my hair okay? Is my lipstick on straight?" Cassandra thought; wiping her moist palms on her hips.

"Okay, that's her door…she sounded happy…" Tim thought; taking a deep breath. He knocked.

Cassandra opened the door. Smiling, they looked at each other gape-mouthed in mutual admiration. Before either one of them could say a word, Cassandra threw her arms around him; hugging him tightly, pressing her firm C-cups against his muscular chest.

"So good to see you Timmy; come in, give me your backpack, your hands are full!" Cassandra said; releasing her hug and taking Tim's backpack.

She closed the door and locked it.

"Thanks Cassie…you don't mind if I call you Cassie?" Tim asked; following Cassandra to the bedroom.

"I don't mind at all, I like it! It's good to hear my real name Timmy, you can't imagine…" Cassandra said; putting Tim's backpack on a chair facing her bed.

"I have an idea how it must have been pretending to be someone else. Say, I don't want to put you out; I could always make reservations at a Hotel…" Tim said.

"Don't be silly; I haven't seen you in how long, two years? I intend on keeping you around for a while!" Cassandra said; taking his helmet and putting it on top of his backpack.

"Thanks Cassie, that's very nice of you!" Tim said.

"Dinner will be delivered in a few minutes; I hope you brought your appetite! By the way, love your do!" Cassandra said; grinning, ruffling Tim's hair with her left hand.

"Helmet hair, I wish I looked a bit more presentable; you look gorgeous!" Tim said; apologetically.

"Why thank you Mr. Drake, how you do carry on!" Cassandra said; with a wink.

"Well it's true…" Tim said; blushing.

"Oh, you're so cute when you blush! If you like, you can take a shower and freshen up a bit before dinner. I must say you've grown into a very attractive young man Mr. Drake…very attractive indeed!" Cassandra said; with an affectionate look on her face.

"And you…you're smokin' hot Cassie…I confess, I always found you cute; but now you're like wow…drop-dead gorgeous!" Tim said; smiling.

"Thank you; you don't know how good it feels to hear you say it! I always though I looked too boyish and flat-chested…" Cassandra said.

"Don't ever believe you were unattractive Cassie; I may have been involved in a relationship with another girl at the time, but I wasn't blind. You always had a pretty face and a slender, athletic body. There's nothing un-sexy about that." Tim said; smiling.

Cassandra kissed Tim on both cheeks and then on the lips.

"I'm very, very happy you came to see me Tim Drake! There are clean towels in the bathroom. Don't waste too much time showering, dinner will be served soon!" Cassandra said.

"I shall be swift! Cassie…thanks for having me over!" Tim said; as he entered the bathroom, leaving the door open.

Cassandra observed him from the corner of her eyes as he got undressed, smirking.

"No, thank you…I was going a bit mental living a lie. I needed to be me again…and since we're confessing, I also found you cute…hell I had a secret crush on you, but thought it would never be…" Cassandra said.

Tim stepped into the shower's warm stream of water and began lathering his muscular body.

"Wanna hear something really nuts? And promise me you won't laugh." Tim said.

"I promise, what is it?" Cassandra said; getting an eyeful of Tim's cute ass from the transparent shower curtain.

"Has Batman or Oracle told you of the training mission I had with a new Justice Leaguer called Snake?" Tim asked.

"Yeah, you were trapped by Scarecrow and exposed to an experimental toxin?" Cassandra asked; as Tim was washing his hair.

"How much detail were you given? Now be honest!" Tim said; rinsing off.

"That the new toxin was pheromone based and intended on giving overwhelming erotic hallucinations…wait a minute, are you saying that you were hallucinating about me?" Cassandra said; smiling, discreetly walking into the bathroom and grabbing a large bath towel.

Tim turned the taps off and pulled the curtain back. He looked at Cassandra, showing no sign of surprise that she had stepped into the bathroom while he was still naked.

"But that's not the part I find nuts. If my vision was about you, it proves that I had a repressed, deep-rooted attraction to you." Tim said calmly; as Cassandra stepped behind him and wrapped him up in the bath towel, drying him off with a mischievous smirk.

"I'm flattered! Looks like we shared a mutual attraction…still do…" Cassandra said; her voice trailing off.

She covered his head with the towel and began towel-drying his hair.

"And I'm happy to know you're as attracted to me as I am to you…the part I find nuts is the accuracy of the vision." Tim said; as Cassandra draped the towel across his shoulders.

He turned around to face her.

"In it, your hair was this long, your boobs were this big, and your speech impediment was gone…I saw you as you are today." Tim said; looking Cassandra in the eyes.

"Unbelievable…your vision was precognitive!" Cassandra said; fascinated.

"I knew from that moment that I had to find you Cassie; no matter how illogical it may have seemed. While everyone else thought I was nuts, Wonder Woman and Starfire actually encouraged me to find you. Like Wonder Woman told Batman before they became an item…" Tim said.

"Batman and Wonder Woman are lovers? Are you serious? Oracle didn't say anything!" Cassandra said; interrupting Tim in mid sentence with a surprised smile.

"You know Bruce…The Bat must remain the eternal tragic hero. It took a lot of work from Alfred, Nightwing and Starfire to get Bruce to open up to her; but he finally did." Tim said; smiling.

"So what did Wonder Woman say?" Cassandra asked.

"'Love doesn't come easy for normal people; for us crime-fighters it's nearly impossible. When you have the good fortune to find true love; it would be madness to let it slide through your hands, especially if your true love can kick serious ass'…well, it was something to that effect anyway. I think that also applies to us…doesn't it?" Tim said; looking into Cassandra's eyes.

Cassandra kissed him, vigorously and passionately, her tongue parting his lips, seeking his, finding it and playing a sensual game of tag with it. The doorbell rang.

"That's dinner, get dressed sexy boy!" Cassandra whispered sensuously in his ear.

Heart beating hard and fast, Tim walked to Cassandra's bedroom to get a clean change of clothes from his backpack. He got dressed in light blue short-sleeved shirt and a clean pair of jeans.

"Oh, if you have any dirty laundry Timmy, just toss it in the washing machine! The laundry closet is the door adjacent to the kitchenette." Cassandra called; from the main living space.

Tim grabbed the plastic bag from his backpack and his discarded clothes from the bathroom. Cassandra's loft was spacious and well decorated.

"She has a bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, laundry closet, a humongous main living space that looks like a combination dining room, living room and Martial Arts School; complete with the heavy punching bag hanging from one corner, the Chinese Mok Jong in another corner and the chin-up bar in a corner next to the balcony door…big balcony with a view; huge flat screen TV mounted on the wall facing the futon…" Tim thought; flabbergasted, as he put his dirty laundry in the washing machine.

He turned around and smiled. Cassandra had set a handsome table, an open bottle of wine sat in between various dishes of Thai food; which smelled amazing.

"Come eat Tim! I wasn't sure if Thai food goes best with red or white; so I grabbed us a bottle of rosé!" Cassandra said; giggling.

"Sounds fine Cassie, the food smells amazing!" Tim said; smiling.

They sat down; helping themselves to a bit of each dish. Cassandra filled both wine glasses halfway and raised her glass.

"Cheers Timmy, here's to us and to feeling normal again!" Cassandra toasted.

"Here, here Cassie!" Tim said; also raising his glass.

They clinked glasses and took a long sip.

"Nice, I like this wine Cassie; good choice!" Tim said.

"A local product from the Niagara region; highly recommended! So how do you like the place?" Cassandra said; smiling.

"I like it; it's spacey and well put together. And it's all you Cassie." Tim said; taking a forkful of Mango Salad.

"What do you mean?" Cassandra asked with a curious frown; twirling her fork in the Pad Tai noodles to get a good forkful.

"Technically, this place was put together for Kasumi Watanabe, lesbian Japanese immigrant. But I look at the décor and this place screams Cassandra Cain: the Martial Arts equipment, the laptop with video cam hooked up to the large screen TV a la Bat-Computer…agreed for someone who never knew you before it wouldn't be so obvious, but to me; this is Cassie Cain's pad." Tim said; with a wink.

Cassandra nodded thoughtfully as she chewed.

"He knows me that well…good Lord we are meant for each other!" Cassandra thought; swallowing her mouthful.

"I guess that ultimately, I could only be myself, regardless of the alias! Agreed, the laptop hookup to the flat screen TV occurred after I threw Katie out…but you're right; there's too much of Cassie Cain in this place to look like anyone else! " Cassandra said; smirking.

They ate, making small talk, Cassandra toeing off her right canvas shoe to play footsies with Tim's bare feet and exchanging flirtatious glances. When dinner was over, Tim stood up and kissed Cassandra on the lips.

"Dinner was great Cassie, thanks!" Tim said.

"Glad you liked it!" She said; smiling.

They cleared the table and just then, Cassandra noticed Tim's right hand.

"What's with the bruised knuckles Timmy, were you in a fight?" She asked.

Tim sighed.

"Yesterday, before Oracle saw fit to give me your address; I'd taken it upon myself to trace you on my own. Since your Kasumi Wayne passport had been scanned at one of the Lake Michigan border crossings, I followed that route. The nearest Motel to that border checkpoint was…" Tim started.

"The Maples Motel Bar and Grill, yes, I'm familiar with it." Cassandra said; nodding, as they loaded the dirty dishes into the dishwasher.

"The rental office was deserted, so I went to the Bar; hoping to find the manager. Not sure where he was, but what I did see was some fat turd harassing the barmaid; lifting her skirt, pinching her butt, forcing her to sit on his lap, you get the idea…" Tim continued.

"Lemme guess, blonde hair, long legs, huge tits?" Cassandra said.

"You know her?" Tim asked.

"I know of her, I recall her picking up some young buck and having him take her to his room! His room was right next door to mine; I didn't miss a thing, they fucked so long and hard the frames were shaking on the wall!" Cassandra said; grinning.

"Well, well miss Simone…not as innocent as you appeared! No wonder she couldn't recognize Cassie on the picture; she was too busy playing Cougar in the making…or she plain lied to me to have her way…" Tim thought; rolling his eyes.

"Yeah…that would be her…anyway, I told the guy to leave her alone; seems that everybody else was too intimidated to say a word. He told me to go fuck myself and called me a faggot…before long he was calling me 'uncle'. Even when I'm on hiatus I can't help being Robin." Tim said; shrugging.

Cassandra gave him a mischievous look as she closed the dishwasher door shut.

"She made a pass at you didn't she? You're just her type: young, attractive and studly…" Cassandra said; grinning.

Tim's face turned red, feeling as if someone had punched him in the stomach.

"Oh my God she did make a pass at you!" Cassandra said; with a surprised smile.

"Oh fuck…this is it…she's gonna show me the door…" Tim thought; flustered.

"Relax Tim, it's cool if you did have sex with her; she does have a smoking body and not so long ago, I was having dildo-sex with another girl pretending to enjoy it, so I'm hardly in any position to judge you." Cassandra said; smiling charmingly, gently brushing her right hand's fingertips on Tim's left cheek.

Tim nodded and smiled, feeling relieved.

"But from this point on, you and I are exclusive; capice?" Cassandra said; putting her arms around Tim's waist, pressing her breasts against him, looking deep into his eyes.

"Capice Cassie, I'm your guy, you're my gal!" Tim said; smiling.

"Good, and don't you forget it!" Cassandra said; with a teasing grin.

They closed their eyes, kissing passionately.

"You're a great kisser Mr Drake; me likey!" Cassandra said.

"Me likey too! Oh, before I forget, does your Loft come with a parking space? My motorcycle's in the public parking next door but…" Tim said.

"Yes it does; tell you what, put your shoes on, we'll go move your bike and then…how about a stroll on the beach?" Cassandra offered.

"I'd like that, let's go!" Tim replied.

Tim grabbed his sneakers and put them on. He followed Cassandra through the front door and down the stairs. Once outside, she opened up her garage door using the electronic remote as Tim went to get his motorcycle. He returned, rolling it forward, holding it by the handles. He looked in genuine amazement as Cassandra stood next to another motorcycle; a near identical twin to his.

"Sweet isn't it? Probably not as advanced as yours, it is two years older, but I did keep the software up to date. You didn't really think I hitchhiked my way here did you?" Cassandra said; smiling.

"I wasn't sure exactly how you made your way, due to your electronic paper trail being so slim and to Bruce and Barbara being so tight-lipped." Tim said; smiling, wheeling his bike next to hers, and putting it on its kick-stand.

Cassandra closed the garage door and turned on the lights using her remote, grinning mischievously. Tim looked at her with a curious frown. As the door closed, Cassandra threw her arms around him; aggressively kissing him, their tongues resuming their sensual game of hide and seek. After a long, passionate kiss, they broke their lip-lock, panting; Tim feeling an uncomfortable bulge in his pants.

"Sorry…I can't help myself…I was closing the garage door so the neighbors wouldn't overhear what I had to say about the bikes; but I had this uncontrollable urge to attack you…" Cassandra said; smiling sheepishly.

"As long as I'm attacked with kisses and caresses I won't put up any resistance Cassie!" Tim replied; smiling, putting his hands on her shoulders.

"You better not! Anyway, like yours, the technology allows for several quick changes: road bike, city bike, dirt bike and…Batgirl Cycle. I'm assuming this is the Red Bird, right?" Cassandra asked; looking at Tim's motorcycle.

"Right on the nose Cassie; as annoyed as I may have been with Bruce's lack of cooperation, his tech is uber sweet!" Tim replied.

"Come Timmy, the crowd must have dispersed quite a bit on the beach by now; let's have that stroll!" Cassandra said; taking Tim by the hand.

"Right behind you Cassie!" Tim replied.

Chapter 4 - The Beach

Cassandra led Tim by the hand, crossing the street and making their way to the boardwalk. The orange sun reflecting on the waters of Lake Ontario as it bowed out to early evening was setting the mood. They walked eastbound, towards the dog park.

"I can see why you chose this area Cassie; it's so calm and relaxing…" Tim said; tentatively letting go of her hand to put his arm around her waist.

Cassandra smiled, leaning on him, putting her arm around his waist as well.

"It is…unless some of the neighborhood kids decide to throw a beach party. Toronto isn't Gotham City but it has its similarities…people can get rowdy! There's this secret spot I'd like to show you near the point past the dog park…" Cassandra said; as they walked holding each other by the waist.

They walked quickly past the dog park, the aroma of dog feces in the air giving them a good incentive to walk faster.

"Looks like some people didn't follow the 'stoop & scoop' bylaw…" Cassandra said; giggling as she pinched her nose with her free hand.

After a few minutes, they reached the end of the boardwalk and Cassandra led Tim, this time by the hand, through a small wooded area that led to a smooth, rocky plane with a good view of the lake.

"Wow…the view's amazing…almost as amazing as the view from your balcony!" Tim said; an expression of awe on his face.

Cassandra and Tim resumed their embrace, arms slung around each other's waist.

"I discovered this spot last summer as a result of one of my multiple fights with Katie…she was masturbating on my balcony; observing a pair of girls sun tanning naked on this spot with a pair of binoculars. Honestly, I couldn't have cared less, but I had to maintain the illusion of being a lesbian myself, so…" Cassandra said; as dusk took over, City lights beginning to reflect on the lake.

They sat down on the smooth rocky surface; first looking at the lake and then at each other. They kissed again, feeling that the moment could never be complete if they did not. Heart beating fast, they interrupted their kiss to catch their breath.

"This became one of my favorite spots after dark…no one to bother me, the sound of the wind in the trees, the sound of waves from the lake, the odd mosquitoes…I like relaxing on my balcony, but this is special…" Cassandra said; whispering in Tim's ear and giving the side of his neck a gentle love bite that sent shivers down Tim's spine.

"Cassie?" Tim said; wanting her to continue but worried they could be seen.

"Ah, ah; no resistance Mister Drake…nobody can see what we're doing from the balconies across the street; even with binoculars, it's too dark for that already…and I can't help myself Timmy, I want your cock, I wanna suck it so bad…" Cassandra said; her whispers sending more shivers down his spine, her hands busy unbuckling his belt.

"I…I'll cum in your mouth…" Tim said; breathing hard.

"That's fine, I'd rather taste your cum than dirty cunt juice!" Cassandra said; grinning as she unbuttoned his jeans and pulled his zipper down.

"And by the looks of the bulge in your briefs; you're in great need of tension relief!" Cassandra said; with an amused smirk.

Tim pushed his pelvis upward, allowing Cassandra to pull jeans and briefs down; allowing his erect cock to spring out like a fleshy switchblade.

"Okay…you talked me into it…but only if I get to eat your pussy!" Tim said; grinning mischievously.

"Deal! That is a nice, big, fleshy dick you have the Mister Drake!" Cassandra said; and then engulfed Tim's cock in her mouth three quarters of the way.

"HUHHH!" Tim gasped; out of surprise and pleasure.

Cassandra's mouth was warm and wet, and she knew to avoid having her teeth grating on his shaft.

"That's so good…" Tim moaned; as Cassandra's head was bobbing up and down gradually faster on his cock, tickling his balls with her left hand.

Smiling, she then began licking him up and down, balls to glans for seconds that felt like long, pleasurable minutes to Tim.

"Oh Cassie…oh yeah don't stop…" Tim begged.

With an intense look on her face, Cassandra took Tim's cock back in her mouth and taking it in deeper; gradually swallowing it, her nose eventually touching Tim's pubis.

"Oh Gooood…" Tim exclaimed; in a shaky voice, part of him wanting to cum, another part of him wanting the sensation to last longer.

Focused, Cassandra was now licking Tim's balls as she deep-throated him.

"Oh Cassie…Cassie…Cassie…" Tim babbled; the intensity of the pleasure bringing him dangerously close to orgasm.

Cassandra released his cock, gasping for air; thick saliva coming out of her mouth.

"Baby, are you all right?" Tim asked; worried that Cassandra was making herself sick trying to pleasure him.

"I'm okay…I'm just not used to…I mean, my last boyfriend from Gotham City…he wasn't as big as you…swallowing him was a bit easier; but I'm fine baby!" Cassandra said; pulling her sun dress and bra straps down.

"God…your tits look amazing…" Tim said; as Cassandra's voluptuous yet perky C-cuppers were released from their fabric cage.

"Thank you! I was hoping you'd like them! Fuck my titties and cum in my mouth! I can't wait to have you eat my pussy!" Cassandra said; sandwiching Tim's hard cock between her warm, smooth tits, made extra firm by the cohesive gel implants.

Shaking slightly, Tim began thrusting his pelvis back and forth, fucking Cassandra's gorgeous tits; punctuated by Cassandra's sexy tongue licking the head of his cock each time he pumped upwards.

"Yeah…oh yeah….oh yeah…oh yeah…baby I'm gonna cum! I'm cumin', I'm cuh…" Tim said; jizm gushing out of his cock and into Cassandra's pretty mouth, filling it with his man cream.

With a sultry look on her face, she greedily swallowed his load.

"Until I'm on the pill, this is how I get Tim Drake's cum in me! I bet that big titted blonde didn't do it this good!" Cassandra said; licking the remaining drops of cum from Tim's cock.

"Who?" Tim replied; with a silly expression on his face.

"Good answer!" Cassandra said; snickering.

The rocky plane feeling sore on his buttocks but not caring, Tim grabbed Cassandra firmly by the shoulders, pulling her closer, wanting her firm, supple breasts. With a greedy mouth, he began kissing them, licking and nibbling her dark nipples, making her moan in pleasure.

"My pussy's getting jealous Timmy!" Cassandra said; teasingly.

"Let's remedy that; I'm ready and willing to please!" Tim said; letting go of her.

She lay down on her back, propping her head up with the palms of her hands.

"Ow my back…" Tim said as he sat up.

"The rock isn't exactly comfy…but it is exciting isn't it?" Cassandra said; brimming with anticipation.

"Oh it is baby girl! It was just a long motorcycle ride is all…" Tim said; pulling his briefs and pants back up.

"We can give each other massages once we get back to my place!" Cassandra said; with a teasing smirk.

"I'm looking forward to it!" Tim said; lying on his stomach between Cassandra's legs, the enticing fragrance of her wet pussy filling his nostrils.

For a moment, he looked up at her from between her legs; her beautiful titties exposed to the early evening air, her dark erect nipples hard and pointing at the darkening sky, her flat abdomen rising and falling nervously with every breath she took, and her pretty face gently biting her lower lip as she awaited the touch of his mouth and tongue.

He lifted the bottom of her dress, exposing her black panties. He kissed her labia through her panties; making her moan.

"Hmm stop teasing me Timmy, eat me!" Cassandra begged; in a moaning voice.

He gently grabbed her panties by the waistband and started pulling them off; Cassandra raising her pelvis to make it easier for him. Tim got up on his knees, pulling Cassandra's panties off her ass, down her muscular thighs, past her knees, over her shins and with a bit of difficulty, past her peach canvas shoes.

"Your panties Miss Cain…" Tim said; smelling them, becoming aroused again.

He dropped her panties on her stomach with a teasing grin and lay on his stomach between her legs again; putting her legs on his shoulders, burying his face in her crotch, his hands moving up to her breasts, giving them a firm but gentle squeeze.

"OH!" Cassandra yelped in surprise.

"Shit, passers by might hear me…" Cassandra thought; grabbing her panties from her abdomen and putting them in her mouth, biting them.

Tim lapped her cunt ravenously, his tongue licking up her love juice, brushing on her labia and clit; his hands passionately kneading her firm breasts.

"Unnh…unnh…unnh…hmm..nhhh!" Cassandra moaned; her voice muffled as she bit down on her panties.

"Yeah baby enjoy…I want to pleasure you like you pleasured me…" Tim said in a low voice; interrupting his lip service.

Tim moved his right hand from her left tit and inserted his right middle finger in Cassandra's wet snatch, probing for her G-spot as his tongue focused on her clit and his left hand took care of titty massaging.

"Hm yhhh…hmm yhhh!" Cassandra exclaimed through the gag of her panties; feeling an orgasm budding within her like a ball of fire.

"Oh baby…she was already so wet before I even started to eat her out…Cassie's hot…can't wait to feel that wet pussy of hers squeezing my cock.." Tim thought; feeling her cunt greedily squeezing his finger, and her body quivering at the feel of his finger in her pussy, his tongue on her clit and his left hand on her tits.

He increased the pressure of his finger on what he hoped was her G-spot, increased the speed of his tongue on her clit and gave her right breast a firm squeeze; triggering an orgasm so intense that Tim felt Cassandra's entire body tense up and shake.

"HMMMMMHH!" She whined in a high pitched voice; as the orgasm washed over her body.

She sat up, spitting out her panties and holding Tim's head with both hands.

"Oh stop baby…stop, stop, stop, stop…lemme catch my breath…" Cassandra said; breathless.

Tim got up on his knees, his face flushed; looking at Cassandra with an expression that meant "So how was it?"

Looking into his eyes, she smiled. He put his arms around her and they chuckled. They had just had oral sex outdoors, risking being caught; they the crime-fighters by night…and they had enjoyed every second of it.

"Mister Drake…of course you realize I'm never letting you go!" Cassandra said; as they got dressed.

"Well that's a good thing 'cause I have no intention of letting you go either!" Tim said; smiling.

Now fully dressed again, they turned to look at the lake again, the Moon beginning to reflect off its surface.

"We couldn't have asked for a better setting could we?" Cassandra said; putting her left arm around Tim's waist and leaning her head on his muscular shoulder.

"No Cassie…it's like a dream and I'm afraid I'll wake up and you won't be there any more." Tim said; putting his right arm around her shoulders and holding her tight.

"Well I'm for real Timmy, this is no dream!" Cassandra said; smiling charmingly.

Tim looked at her, awed at the sight of the moonlight reflecting in her pretty eyes. They kissed again, more tenderly this time. If either one of them could taste their own bodily fluids from the other's mouth; neither one of them cared.

"Let's walk some more Timmy…then we can have a mutual massage session…and then maybe…something else?" Cassandra said with a wink; her voice a near whisper.

"I am intrigued Cassie!" Tim replied.

They made their way though the wooded patch back to the boardwalk.

Chapter 5 - Face-off

Walking hand in hand on the boardwalk, Tim and Cassandra made their way back in the opposing direction, towards the beach. They noticed a few small campfires lit on the sand.

"Oh shit…not her…" Cassandra said; her hand tightening on Tim's.

"Why Cassie, what's wrong?" Tim asked; frowning.

"Look discretely, don't make eye contact…my ex roomie's sitting at the campfire to our left…I can handle her, but I'd rather avoid a scene in public." Cassandra said; in a low voice.

Tim nodded quietly, taking a quick casual glance. Four people were sitting around the campfire. One of them was a boyish looking young woman dressed in a camouflage tank top and denim shorts, with multiple tattoos on her arms and thighs that Tim could not make out in such a short glance.

The firelight revealed that one side of her head was shaved to the scalp and multicolored streaks adorned the hair she did have on her head, long blue and white bangs covered her eye on the unshaved side.

Sitting with her were two burly men with long beards and denim outlaw biker vests and torn jeans, getting drunk on beer; a few cases of 24 next to them on the sand. A third man dressed in a matching biker vest and jeans sat in front of them, smoking; and from the skunky smell coming from their direction, Tim could tell it wasn't tobacco.

"So you ex is dating ZZ Top now? I thought she was a lesbian?" Tim said; in a low voice.

Cassandra snickered quietly, giving Tim's hand a playful squeeze.

"Now I'm going to have that image in my head for the next few days! Nah, she bragged to me a few times that her older half-brother was a member of a biker gang; looks like she's having a family visit." Cassandra said.

They walked a bit further and Cassandra smiled.

"Near that campfire over there, see that man and his dog? That's my downstairs neighbor Mr. Forsythe. He's a retired police officer who was on the Dog Squad. His dog Max used to be a police dog…they retired together. He's a sweet man who lost his wife to cancer." Cassandra said.

"That's sad, talk about a way to retire; your spouse dies…" Tim said.

"Come Timmy, let's go say hi! I'm curious to see the look on his face when he sees the rumors are true: I'm actually straight!" Cassandra said; smiling.

At the campfire, Chris Forsythe flanked by his faithful companion, a 6 year-old German Sheppard named Max, was adding wood to the fire. Max emitted a low growl, warning that people were approaching.

"Oh be quiet Max, you know we're expecting company! Well, well, well, not the company I expected but…" Forsythe said; smiling.

Max let out an excited whimper; wagging his tail, as he recognized Cassandra as she and Tim approached.

"…Miss Watanabe, what brings you to the Beach this fine looking evening? And who's this fine young man with you?" Forsythe asked; smiling.

Cassandra giggled charmingly, walking closer. She let go of Tim's hand and gave Forsythe a friendly hug. Max approached Tim cautiously, smelling his hands, then his crotch, then his hands again. Satisfied, Max sat down and licked Tim's right hand; allowing him to scratch his ears.

"Taking a walk with my boyfriend Tim…and the rumors are right, I'm not a lesbian…never was…long story…" Cassandra said; now putting her left arm around Tim's waist, affectionately holding him closer.

Forsythe chuckled, nodding.

"I knew it… I didn't mean to pry 'cause it was none of my business but…forty years on the force you get to notice stuff…something about you screamed hetero." Forsythe said; sitting on the sand, Max obediently lying down next to him.

"Do tell Mr. Forsythe!" Cassandra said; sitting on the sand, Tim sitting down next to her.

"Your body language with Tim here says it all; the smile on your face, the sparkle in your eyes when you look at him, the open displays of affection…none of which you've ever shown with your punky ex." Forsythe said; with a shrug.

"Very observant, you remind me of my employer Mr Forsythe!" Tim said; smiling.

Cassandra looked at Tim with an expression of surprise.

"He's right, I never noticed it before but could it be…nah…there's no way Bruce could have taken care of Gotham City and fulfilled his obligations with the Justice League and shuttled back and forth to Toronto to play the role of my neighbor…besides, Bruce doesn't have monopoly on keen observation!" Cassandra thought; smiling.

"Agreed, I had you pegged as a confused girl who was hurt by a man and decided to turn to women as a means of revenge…I was way off on that part." Forsythe said.

Cassandra sighed.

"Like I was saying, long story…but the short version is that I became involved with some unsavory people back home. I went through a long process to change my identity; I moved away…I even posed as a lesbian to assure that the person I used to be no longer existed. But you couldn't fool Timmy here!" Cassandra said; giving Tim a loving look, and then kissed him.

"Aren't you concerned that if Tim was able to find you, so could they?" Forsythe asked.

Cassandra shrugged.

"Let them, I'm done hiding. Tim's with me, and we have some pretty powerful friends back home. Time for this 'false Japanese lesbian' to come full circle…" Cassandra said; leaning her head on Tim's shoulder.

Max let out another warning growl as more people were coming closer.

Forsythe sighed, acknowledging the approaching visitors.

"Ah Christ…excuse my French if you're a Christian…speaking of unsavory people looks like we're about to have company…" Forsythe said; standing up.

Tim and Cassandra also stood up, brushing sand off their bottoms. They turned around and Cassandra clenched her teeth.

"Looks like there is gonna be a scene; whether I like it or not…" She mumbled.

"Sucks to be them if they try anything stupid…" Tim mumbled back; making Cassandra smile.

Katie Lovitz, flanked by her older half-brother Carl and his two biker buddies Frank and Connor, stood before them with her arms crossed; pupils dilated from too many beers and a few joints too many.

"So that's the little 'Miss Sushi pussy' you've been bitchin' about for the past couple of hours little 'sis? She's a hot piece of ass all right…but I'm sure glad she likes cock better than pussy…" Carl said; with a nicotine-stained grin, his voice made rough by too many cigarettes.

"Shut up Carl!" Katie said; casting her brother a dirty look.

She wanted to confront her ex lover, not see her insulted by her drunkard step-brother; let alone have him show sexual interest in her. Max's growling intensified; sensing the increasing tension.

"Yeah Carl, listen to the Goth chick and shut up! Better mind your mouth when you talk about my girl ZZ…by the way, which one are you supposed to be; Billy or Dusty?" Tim said; getting a giggle from Cassandra and a chuckle from Forsythe.

"My name'll be pain if you don't watch your own mouth nerd boy!" Carl said; in a warning tone.

"Oh wow…nerd boy? Gee…that really hurt my feelings…you really impress me with your witty repartee…" Tim said; mockingly clapping his hands with a bored expression on his face, getting more giggles out of Cassandra and Forsythe.

"Oh you're asking for a new asshole funny boy!" Carl replied; pointing an threatening finger towards Tim.

Tim and Cassandra noticed Frank and Connor in the background; reaching in their vests.

"Possible jack-knives from the wings…" Tim mumbled to Cassandra.

"Got them…tactic 204 from the Bat's book?" Cassandra mumbled back.

"Copy that…" Tim mumbled again.

Oblivious to this exchange, Katie shot Carl a furious look.

"Trying to start a brawl while you're on parole Carl? Really? All I wanted to do was to tell her off and walk away; but you wanna get physical?" Katie said; brushing the blue and white bangs from her eyes that the wind kept blowing back.

"Y'know sis, you're beginning to bore me…bitch, bitch, bitch, the whole time we've been here; and now you're tryin' to chicken out? Fuck you! I'm gettin' a hankering for sushi…so I say we get rid of the nerd and the old fart and we get a taste of Miss Sushi pussy…and you, Katie my dear, can either join us or piss off!" Carl said; also reaching in his vest with his right hand.

Forsythe discretely unhooked the leash from Max's collar.

"For fuck's sake Carl; what are you doing? Are you crazy? No blades!" Katie shrieked; grabbing onto her older brother's right arm vigorously.

Carl struck Katie across the face with the back of his left hand, sending her reeling with a loud "AHH!"

Almost simultaneously, three jack-knives were pulled, Katie hit the sand with a dull thud, Max bolted forward, jaws clenching like a steel trap on Carl's wrist, forcing him to drop his knife.

As Carl was taken down by Max's powerful jaws, Tim and Cassandra executed a pair of synchronized jumping heel kicks that struck Frank and Connor square in the face, knocking them out cold.

"Everybody FREEZE!" a female voice screamed as Tim and Cassandra's feet hit the sand.

Three police officers on bicycles had shown up; and with guns drawn, were taking control of the situation.

"Carol, Pete, Sam, you sure took your sweet time to get here! The Three Stooges here tried to pick a fight with my two guests, assaulted that young lady with the punky hair and pulled knives out." Forsythe said with a smirk; looking at his former colleagues.

"Sweet time my ass, we're not officially off duty for another ten minutes! So we're technically early! Pete even ordered pizza for our little beach party…now I got to call backup to book those clowns!" Officer Carol Martin said; grinning, reaching for her walkie-talkie.

"Heel Max; let go…Sam can't 'cuff 'em unless you let go…and it's a good thing Miss Watanabe and her boyfriend are Karate black belts…those punks didn't stand a chance." Forsythe said; as Peter Johnson and Sam O'Neill handcuffed Carl, Frank and Connor.

In a gesture meant to show that there were no hard feelings, Tim walked over to Katie, followed by Cassandra.

"What do you want, you fucking dick on two legs? Leave me alone!" Katie hissed; face covered with sand, her cheek becoming puffy.

Without saying a word, Tim put a knee down and offered his hand.

"He's trying to show you that all men aren't like your brother and his pals. He's being a gentleman and offering to help you up...but that lezzy pride of yours won't allow it, right?" Cassandra said; arms crossed.

"Fuck you…I'll accept his help just to prove you wrong…sick Karate moves by the way…" Katie said.

Tim gently grabbed her by the forearms and pulled her up effortlessly. Up close, he could see the multiple tattoos on Katie's shoulders, arms, cleavage and thighs.

A topless Betty Page clad with red thigh-high boots, a red g-string, red gloves that extended to her shoulders, red Devil's horns and tail went from her left shoulder down to the length of her biceps. Three black butterflies adorned her left forearm. Rainbow stars of various sizes decorated her right arm and shoulder.

Smaller stars covered her breasts; based on the exposed skin of her cleavage. A python was coiled around her right leg; starting from her ankle and extending within her short shorts, indicating that its head must have been tattooed on her right buttock. Kiss lips and a rainbow flag were tattooed on her left thigh.

"Her skin seems to be pretty smooth…Cassie was saying she needed to use a razor? Maybe she decided to remove her excess body hair in hopes of getting Cassie back?" Tim wondered.

"Wow…strong…and kinda cute for a dude…" Katie said; giving Tim a coy look.

"Thanks…I think?" Tim said; Cassandra snickering.

"You'll need some ice for that cheek of yours…say we call a truce so we can get you cleaned up and put some ice on that cheekbone?" Cassandra said.

"Again with the B.O. shit Kaz, can't you give it a rest? I did try to stop him you know…" Katie said; in a whiney voice.

"Which is why I'm calling a truce; we ain't getting back together, and we ain't BFF's. But you're covered with sand, your clothes smell like smoke and I thought a shower and an ice pack for your cheek would do you good. If you'd rather just walk away, it's no skin off my ass." Cassandra said; sternly.

"Okay Kaz…all right…I'm sorry…but you can't blame me for having mixed feelings about you." Katie said; looking down.

Cassandra paused, looking remorseful. As obnoxious as Katie may have been, Cassandra still felt bad for using her as part of her cover.

"That's another reason why I'm calling a truce. I don't exactly feel good about…using you; let's call a spade a spade. But you must believe me when I say I never intended on hurting you." Cassandra said; putting her left arm around Tim's waist, to reinforce the fact that she was not rekindling her relationship with Katie.

"Mr Forsythe, you'll agree that this young lady had nothing to do with the brawl…is she free to go? She could use an ice pack and a few aspirins…" Tim said; looking at Forsythe.

"I was there just like you kid. If my colleagues need a statement we know where to reach you…make sure the young lady gets home safe." Forsythe said; in a comforting voice.

"Will do, come on guys let's get moving. Ciao!" Cassandra said.

Chapter 6 -Payback

Tim, Cassandra and Katie took a few steps towards the boardwalk as police reinforcements had arrived on the scene; along with a confused pizza delivery boy, wondering if he was at the right place.

"Ow!" Katie said; hopping on her left leg.

"What happened?" Cassandra asked.

"My ankle…I must have twisted it when Carl hit me…" Katie said; bending over to feel her right ankle.

Tim sighed and rolled his eyes. He was expecting to make sweet love to Cassandra until sunrise; but instead, he might be playing nursemaid to a Goth lesbian who seemed to be drunk and stoned on pot.

"Perhaps Mister Muscleman could…" Katie said; shooting Tim a mischievous look.

"Katie, Tim's not your personal man-servant!" Cassandra said; frowning.

"I got her…let's just get this over with…the sooner we do, the sooner I can take something for my back… " Tim said; putting Katie's arm across his shoulders so she could lean on him.

"What a perfect crutch; thank you Mister Karate Tim!" Katie said; shooting Cassandra a wicked grin.

"Katie Lovitz…is that little bitch trying to make me jealous or is she actually attracted to Tim? She better watch her step or she'll really need medical attention! Tim's mine! Mind you, based on the look on Tim's face he's thoroughly annoyed with her!" Cassandra thought; wondering what Katie was up to.

"Don't mention it…you're a frequent pot smoker aren't you?" Tim asked in a low voice; as they slowly made their way back to the boardwalk.

"A girl doesn't like to brag…how can you tell?" Katie said; with a curious frown.

"Yeah Tim, I'm curious to know myself how you can tell; I never mentioned her drug use to you?" Cassandra asked; smirking.

They climbed on the boardwalk; walking towards the street.

"It's not B.O. I smell off her; it's skunk. It's in her hair; well what little she's got left anyway, her clothes, her hands…a tell tale sign of someone who handles and smokes pot more than occasionally." Tim said; secretly wondering if Katie was pressing her left tit against his ribs on purpose.

"Busted…" Katie said; looking sheepish.

"I see you can't leave work at home, even when you're on vacation Mr Drake!" Cassandra said; with a wink.

"Geez what kind of work is that?" Katie asked.

"Tim and I met while interning for a private security agency…we had several…training sessions together*…*" Cassandra offered.

"Some of said training sessions were with Law Enforcement in Gotham City. I spent a few months with the Narcs…" Tim said; following Cassandra's lead.

"And me on cold cases…our employer also had us follow a strict physical training program which included Martial Arts…Timmy was a great sparring partner!" Cassandra said; grinning.

They got to the street intersection, waiting for the light to change.

"It explains the Karate moves…maybe it's the beer and buds talking but…was I part of a massive witness protection cover-up?" Katie asked; looking at Cassandra.

Cassandra looked at Tim and Katie and sighed.

"That's as close to an explanation as I can give you. Timmy already took a major risk finding me." Cassandra said; hoping to sound convincing.

"I understand…I was meant to keep you safe…I'm still hurt, but the whole charade wasn't your idea…you must have felt so alienated…away from a hot male like Tim; pretending to be a dyke…" Katie said; feeling an odd sense of comfort from leaning on Tim's muscular body.

The signal changed and they began crossing the street.

"Yes, alienated describes the way I felt pretty accurately. You can stop acting like you're attracted to Tim by the way." Cassandra said; giving Tim a loving glance.

"The fact that I'm attracted to women doesn't mean I can't appreciate a good looking man. Tim's got a handsome face, a muscular build and he's a sweetheart; being so kind to his girlfriend's bitchy ex…you're right; I was acting all flirty to make you jealous…my ankle doesn't even hurt…" Katie said; removing her arm from Tim's shoulders.

Cassandra grinned and rolled her eyes.

"Can we make our peace then?" Cassandra asked; pulling her electronic keys out of her pocket.

"Yeah Kaz…I don't wanna go on hating you for the rest of my life. And if I could be friends with Tim & you…nothing sexual; just friends y'know? I'll need all the friends I can get when I start detox…time for me to kick the habit…" Katie said; as they entered the stairwell.

Katie uttering the word "sexual" gave Tim the cold sweats. The thought of a possible threesome with Cassandra and Katie felt so wrong yet was so arousing.

"No way José…ain't happenin'… Cassie and I are exclusive…" Tim reasoned; silently.

"There's hope for you yet Miss Lovitz! Let's get you cleaned up and put some ice on that cheek of yours." Cassandra said; grinning.

They climbed the stairs, following Cassandra.

"You know where the shower is; I'll get a cold pack ready for you Katie." Cassandra said.

Katie toed her sandals off and walked towards the bathroom.

"Yeah…don't mind me lovebirds, I'll make myself all pretty…" Katie said with a hint of sarcasm; removing her top in front of Tim and Cassandra, revealing that she wore no underwear.

"Katie, quit the peep show!" Cassandra said; sighing.

"Sorry, old habits die hard…besides, it's just a pair of tits; I'm sure your Tim's seen tits before…" Katie said; as she entered the bathroom, not bothering to close the door.

She slipped out of her shorts revealing a round, shapely ass; complete with sexy tan lines, the head of her Python tattoo seemingly flicking its tongue on her anus. She turned the taps on and stepped into the shower.

"Yeah…I've seen tits before…not covered with graffiti but I've seen tits before…" Tim said in a low voice; with an annoyed look on his face that made Cassandra giggle.

They walked to the kitchen as Katie showered. Cassandra opened up the freezer door.

"I'm sorry about this Timmy; I fully intended to corner you in the bedroom and kiss you into submission… grab me a clean dish cloth from the second drawer please?" Cassandra said; smiling.

"Kiss me into submission…I like the sound of that!" Tim said; also smiling.

"You naughty boy…" Cassandra said; grinning.

He handed a clean dish cloth to Cassandra.

"Thanks. Once she's cleaned up and has iced her cheek I'll give her cab fare and send her home. We can pick up where we left off!" Cassandra whispered; in a voice that made Tim weak in the knees.

"Sweet…" Tim said.

She wrapped up a pile of ice cubes in the dish cloth and tied the ends into a knot.

"Maybe we should give her something for the pain too?" Tim asked.

"With the alcohol and cannabis in her system, I don't think that would be such a good idea…the shower's stopped; let's bring her the ice pack." Cassandra said.

They walked to the bathroom and could only find wet towels and Katie's discarded top and shorts on the floor.

"Where on earth…Katie?" Cassandra said; frowning.

Tim sighed.

"Follow the wet footsteps, Cassie my dear…" Tim said; pointing at the trail leading to the bedroom.

"Oh for pity's sake; she's so wasted that she just sleep-walked straight to the bedroom!" Cassandra said; walking to the bedroom, followed by Tim.

They entered and Cassandra let out a frustrated sigh. Katie laid buck naked on the side of the bed that used to be hers; mouth wide open, breasts and pussy fully exposed.

"Well I gotta give her credit; she shaved her legs and armpits; even got a Brazilian wax…" Cassandra said; walking closer to the bed.

"Ugly tattoos or not, that Katie's got a smokin' body…not as athletic as Cassie's or as well endowed as Simone's but…fuck I'm so horny…" Tim thought; once a gain a prey to the cold sweats.

"Wakey, wakey miss Lovitz!" Cassandra said; pressing the ice pack against Katie's stomach.

She woke up with a gasp; looking lost. She then remembered where she was; giving Cassandra a confused smile.

"Ice that cheek and get dressed so we can send you back home." Cassandra said; with a hint of annoyance.

Smiling, Katie took the ice pack from Cassandra and gingerly applied it to her bruised cheekbone.

"Thanks…" She said; breathless.

Her eyes rolled back in her skull and she passed out again.

"Aw man…Katie!" Cassandra said; unsuccessfully trying to wake her up by shaking her, making Katie's meaty breasts jiggle in the process.

"Uh Cassie…please cover her up…especially if you're gonna shake her that way…I'm trying my best not to feel turned on but…" Tim said; his voice trailing off.

Cassandra shot Tim a mischievous grin.

"Getting a bit hot under the collar there Mr. Drake? Tell you what, since she's too wasted to know any better and since she made my life miserable the whole time she lived with me…how about a little payback?" Cassandra said; grinning.

"You're not suggesting we take advantage of her are you? We're the good guys! Besides, you're straight and we're exclusive!" Tim blurted out.

"Batgirl and Robin are on hiatus, Timmy. I have enough condoms to last us until I'm on the pill and I want to make sure that she follows through with rehab. Being too wasted to realize she's having intercourse with a man should be a good incentive for her to follow through…just make sure you change condoms when the time comes to...penetrate me…" Cassandra said; grinning, removing her canvas shoes.

Tim observed Cassandra slipping out of her peach colored sun dress; nonplussed. Dressed in her bra and panties, Cassandra walked closer to Tim with a coy smile. She put her arms around him.

"Relax Timmy, this is just a parenthesis; you get to have sex with two girls probably for the only time of your life and it's my idea. After this, we will beexclusive; I promise. Agreed she's not that feminine looking, but she has a nice body doesn't she?" Cassandra said; in a gentle voice.

Cassandra began unbuttoning Tim's shirt.

"Yeah she does…but your body's way hotter!" Tim said.

"Good answer again Mr Drake!" Cassandra said; dropping Tim's shirt to the floor.

"I'll be damned…we are having a threesome…" Tim thought; feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Tim reached around Cassandra's back, unclasping her lacy black bra; releasing her gorgeous breasts while she unbuckled his belt. Tim toed his sneakers off, kicking them aside to allow Cassandra to pull his pants off.

With his pants tossed aside, they grabbed each other's undies with a grin and pulled them down; letting them slide down their legs and also kicking them aside.

"First time you see me fully naked Timmy; do you like what you see?" Cassandra asked; releasing her jet black mane from its pony tail.

She took a few steps back and spun around with the grace of a ballerina; stopping her spin to face him, a coy smile on her face.

"You're amazingly hot…drop-dead gorgeous…" Tim said; gape-mouthed.

"Thank you! And I see our 'little-big friend' agrees!" Cassandra said; pointing at Tim's boner.

He pulled her closer; hugging her firmly, planting his lips on hers, parting them with his tongue, seeking hers and finding it. Their tongues sensually rubbed against each other; Cassandra letting out an approving moan.

They stopped, looked into each other's eyes and then at Katie, passed out in bed.

"Let's move her to the middle of the bed…" Cassandra said; with a mischievous grin.

Tim slid his right arm underneath Katie's shoulders while Cassandra grabbed Katie by the legs, near the pelvis. They lifted her up and moved her to the middle of the bed; her tattooed tits pressing against Tim's face as they lifted her.

"Got a good feel there?" Cassandra asked; teasingly.

"Ha, ha…" Tim replied; embarrassed in spite of the fact that he would be having sex with the both of them.

Katie moaned in protest for being moved; but showed no other sign of awareness. Cassandra sat in bed to the left of Katie, Tim sat to the right.

"Time to get a real feel now…" Cassandra said; in a husky voice that gave Tim shivers.

Cassandra grabbed Katie's left breast; sensually fondling it. Tim followed suite, fondling Katie's right breast. Cassandra and Tim resumed French-kissing as they fondled Katie's tits. Katie seemed to wake up, opening her eyes; smiling.

"What did I miss? We havin' a threesome…cool…you gonna fuck me Kaz?" Katie slurred.

Cassandra interrupted her kissing Tim and gave Katie a wicked grin.

"No…I'm gonna let Tim fuck you…serves you right; for being too wasted to get up and leave!" Cassandra said.

"That's rape…" Katie slurred.

Tim felt a bit sick to his stomach at the mention of rape. As caught up in the moment as they may have been; rape was a crime, something he and Cassandra were sworn to fight. Cassandra noticed the worried look on his face.

"Rape, _really…_be serious Katie! Just a second ago, you were all turned on by the thought of having a threesome with Timmy and me! If you prefer we can stop; we'll dress you up and send you home. I'd much prefer keeping Timmy to myself!" Cassandra said; in a strict tone of voice.

Tim smiled, feeling a mixture of relief and arousal; feeling Katie's right nipple getting hard in the palm of his hand.

"No…no don't stop…I wanna fuck…you feelin' up my tits is makin' me horny…" Katie said in a pleading voice; still too wasted to move.

"All right then, be quiet and take your punishment like a big girl; at least it'll be pleasurable! Why don't you lick Timmy's cock while we massage your tits?" Cassandra said.

"Yeah…okay…" Katie slurred; turning her head towards Tim with her tongue sticking out.

Tim presented his cock towards her mouth and moaned as her tongue licked off his pre-cum.

"Salty…" Katie said; then tentatively sucking the head of Tim's cock.

With a smirk, Cassandra added to the 'punishment'; fondling Katie's left breast with her right hand while her left hand slid down to Katie's pubis, spreading her labia open, pushing it together and spreading it open again.

"Hmmmmhh!" Katie moaned approvingly; with Tim's cock in her mouth.

Katie began sucking Tim's cock more vigorously, finding to her surprise that she actually enjoyed it. Breathing a bit faster, Tim resumed French-kissing Cassandra, fondling Katie's right breast with his left hand and caressing her clit with his right hand.

"Unnnh…uh huh! Uhhh huhh!" Katie moaned in appreciation; with Tim's cock still in her mouth.

"The thought of a man touching me usually makes me wanna puke…Kaz is right, I am too drunk and too wasted…I'm sucking cock, letting a man masturbate me and I'm getting off on it…Tim is kinda cute though…damn; am I actually bi?" Katie wondered; enjoying the combined touch of Tim and Cassandra's hands and the effect her blowjob was having on Tim.

Tim and Cassandra interrupted their kissing again.

"By God, I do believe she's enjoying this; see how wet she is?" Cassandra asked Tim; grinning.

"Literally dripping…and for a girl who never touched a man, she sure gives an adequate blowjob…not as pleasurable as you, but still pretty good for a beginner!" Tim said; chuckling.

"Hey, I may be stoned but I can still hear you!" Katie said; interrupting her blowjob.

"Only teasing Katie, turns out that for a girl who never did this before, you do give a pleasurable blowjob. I'm just glad I don't turn you off since you're not into dudes." Tim said.

"You're a nice guy and I see why Kaz loves you…maybe my taste buds are fucked up from the beer and buds, but your cock actually tastes good…this is the kind of punishment I could grow to like…" Katie said; taking Tim's cock back in her mouth.

Tim and Cassandra chuckled; this was turning out to be an enjoyable evening after all.

"Must be the soap Cas…Kaz uses; I showered here before our stroll on the beach!" Tim said; kissing Cassandra on the lips.

"I think she's wet enough; what do you say?" Cassandra asked.

"Let me double check; with your permission?" Tim said; looking at Cassandra.

"By all means!" Cassandra replied; now gently pinching Katie's nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and slightly twisting them.

"Hmm yeah Kaz, you know what I like…feels so good on my nipples…" Katie slurred; while Tim spread her legs open and lay down on his stomach between them.

"Hey, what the hell's he…GASP!" Katie exclaimed; as Tim's tongue began lapping her wet pussy.

"So Timmy; how is it?" Cassandra asked; twisting Katie's nipples a bit harder.

"Dripping wet…since it's her punishment; how about I make her beg me to fuck her?" Tim said; getting into the spirit of things.

"I like the way you think Timmy!" Cassandra said; with a wicked grin.

"What…what's he talking ab….ohhhhh shiiiiiiiitttt!" Katie shrieked; as Cassandra pinched her nipples increasingly hard and Tim's hot, wet tongue traced circles around her anus, labia, vulva and clitoris.

"One of the many things Kaz wouldn't do for me; oral sex…and I'm getting it from her boyfriend of all people! That should have tipped me off right there that she was straight: the only sex she ever allowed was dildo sex…and anal massaging sometimes…pretending she was with a guy…probably Tim…the same guy who's eating me out and driving me crazy…killer tongue on that dude,she's a lucky bitch! Damn that feels so good! I can't think!" Katie thought; her mind racing, breathing fast.

"Too intense Miss Lovitz? Beg him!" Cassandra said; in a teasing voice.

"Fuh… gasp …fuuh… gasp …fuuhck… gasp …f-f-f-fuck youI can take itgasp…do your worst!" Katie replied; defiantly.

Cassandra pinched and twisted her nipples harder still, and Tim focused his tongue on her clitoris, licking at double speed.

"Uhh…gaspnnhhgasp…uuuhhh… gasp…_NNNHH… _gaspUUUH!" Katie screamed in pleasure; gasping for air.

"Say it Katie…we're not stopping until you say it!" Cassandra said; realizing that her own pussy was getting wet, feeling her own love juice dripping down her inner thighs.

"Oh you bitchgasp…_if it didn't feel so good I'd… _gasp…_I'd… _gasp… gasp… gasp …f-f-fuck me…" Katie said; no longer able to resist.

"Excuse-me? You'll have to speak up!" Cassandra said; enjoying her revenge.

"Fuck me…I said it; fuck me!" Katie said; a bit louder.

"That sounded like request; not like begging, what do you say Timmy?" Cassandra asked; with a mischievous smirk.

Tim interrupted his lip service and raised his head; grinning.

"Nope…I want her to beg!" Tim said; inserting his tongue in Katie's pussy and flicking it rapidly.


Tim stopped eating Katie out and got up on his knees; smiling. Tim and Cassandra high-five'd each other. Feeling her bruised cheek getting sore again, Katie raised a heavy arm, looking for the ice pack. She found it, and applied it on her bruised cheek.

"I made her beg; we could go on, but she still seems to be in a lot of pain…" Tim said; feeling a bit sorry for Katie.

"Yeah…I think she's had enough…if the dope's wearing off, you're free to go Katie. The whole point was to prove to you that you were too wasted and needed to follow through with detox." Cassandra said.

Katie looked at them with a frown.

"Like hell; you've been building me up for the past twenty minutes and I've been expecting a fuck…you made me beg for one and you're gonna give me one! Don't leave me hanging so near an orgasm; that's cruel and unusual punishment! Or at the very least, give me my old dildo to finish me off!" Katie said; in a voice she meant to sound upset but instead sounded tired and sad.

Tim and Cassandra looked at each other.

"You took the dildo with you when I threw you out…all right; let's finish what we started. Timmy, the condoms are in the night table's first drawer." Cassandra said; giving Katie a sympathetic smile.

Tim got out of bed, opened the drawer and smiled. There were three boxes of condoms and a bottle of lube. He pulled out two condoms and the bottle of personal lubricant.

"One for Katie, one for Cassie…she wasn't exaggerating when she said that she had enough condoms to last us until she was on the pill!" Tim thought; putting the bottle and one condom on top of the night table.

He opened up one condom, pulled it out of its wrapper and slipped it onto his cock. He squirted a bit of lube in the palm of his hand and smeared it over the condom. He tossed the wrapper in the small waste basket near the night table and climbed back in bed; kneeling between Katie's legs.

"You'll find that a man's penis has less girth than that monster double-ended dildo we used to share…but it's flesh; it's warmer…it's alive within you…lesbian or not, you might find that it feels a lot nicer than latex." Cassandra said; in a gentle voice.

Tim raised Katie's legs to adjust the angle and slowly slid his cock in Katie's moist twat; making her grunt loudly.

"The dildo was bigger than this? Fuck…how high was I? Tim's cock is plenty big…do me muscle boy…finish punishing me…" Katie said; as Tim began rocking his pelvis back and forth, gradually increasing his cadence.

As Katie grunted with pleasure, Cassandra wrapped her right arm around Tim's shoulders and resumed French-kissing him as he fucked Katie. Tentatively, Katie slipped her right hand between Cassandra's thighs and began masturbating her. To her surprise, Cassandra accepted her caress instead of slapping her hand away as she usually did.

"We're all getting off tonight…I'll allow her fingers there; but no more than that…in fact…I don't want Timmy to cum as he fucks her…lemme see if I can't speed up her orgasm; she seemed to be close when Timmy was eating her out…" Cassandra thought; letting out an appreciative moan, reaching for Katie's clit with her left hand.

"Oh yeah… gasp…oh yeah! Oh Kasumi… _gasp… gasp… gasp…_oh Timmy… _gasp… gasp… gasp…_OOOHH GOOOOD I'M CUUUMMIIIIINNG!" Katie screamed; removing her hand from Cassandra's pussy so she could squeeze her tattooed breasts with both hands as Tim's cock and Cassandra's fingers brought her to an earth-shaking orgasm.

Tim knelt up; put his arms around Cassandra and held her tight. Then, he and Cassandra observed Katie as she basked in the afterglow of her orgasm; her body trembling with each breath she took.

"…must…must have cum five times…cock in pussy and fingers on the clit…that's so fucking intense…dammit…_maybe I've been bisexual all this time and didn't know it? That felt _way too good to be beer and pot induced only…" Katie said; breathless.

"Your turn now baby!" Tim said to Cassandra; smiling.

Tim pulled out of Katie and winced.

"What's wrong Timmy?" Cassandra asked.

"Stupid lower back of mine…you'd think the inner thighs would feel worse from the extended two-day motorcycle ride…but no; it's the lower back…" Tim said; pulling off the dirty condom and tossing it in the small waste basket near the night table.

"That's right; you did tell me your back was sore when we had our little romp on the rock…and I did promise you a massage!" Cassandra said; looking sheepish, as Tim got out of bed to get the other condom from the night table.

After slipping it on and lubricating it, Tim climbed back in bed and lay next to Katie who was icing her bruised cheek again. He looked at Cassandra and smiled.

"If Miss Lovitz could move more to the side..." Tim said.

"By all means…" Katie said; sliding towards her old side of the bed, allowing Tim to lie in the middle.

"I want to make love to you first Cas…Kaz. Ride me cowgirl!" Tim said; grinning.

Snickering, Cassandra nodded. She put her left knee next to Tim's right hip and swung her right leg over him; nestling her knee between Tim's left hip and Katie right thigh. She slipped her feet under Tim's legs and reached for his cock between her legs. She grabbed his cock with a firm but gentle hand and pointed it upwards.

Slowly, she sat down; impaling herself on his hard, fleshy cock, also letting out an intense grunt. She flipped her jet black mane to the side so it wouldn't cover her face and bent forward; putting her hands on Tim's muscular chest.

"Good God Timmy you are big!" Cassandra said; an intense, ecstasied look on her face.

"Told ya!" Katie said; purposely dropping the ice pack into the waste basket to avoid the melting ice to wet the pillows or carpet.

She rolled on her side and propped herself up on her elbow so she could observe the authors of her multiple orgasms making love.

"So you did Katie…so you did…" Cassandra said; bending a bit lower so her clit could make contact with Tim's pubis.

"…yeah…like that…" Cassandra said; her voice an intense whisper that sent shivers down Tim and Katie's spines.

Cassandra began rolling her pelvis, grinding her clit against Tim's pubis; feeling his large cock throbbing within her, relishing every second. Tim raised his head, catching Cassandra's right nipple in his mouth; gently sucking it.

"Yeaahh Timmy…that's right…suck my nipples…lick 'em…bite them…" Cassandra commanded; in the same sultry whisper.

"You heard her Tim…better bite those dark nippies of hers!" Katie chimed in; grinning.

Slowly raising his hips up and down while Cassandra rolled her hips and grinded her clit against his pubis, Tim gave Cassandra's right nipple a gentle bite.

"_Harder Timmy…_bite them harder!" Cassandra said; in a moaning voice.

"As you wish…" Tim said; pushing Cassandra's firm breasts together so the nipples were next to each other. He gave her left and right nipple good firm bites.

"Ahh! Better, but not hard enough…and pump harder into me…I wanna cum hard like I did on the rock…" Cassandra said.

"She's asking for it; better do it Tim!" Katie interjected; giggling.

Tim bit her nipples again; hard enough to make Cassandra cry in pain.

"Too hard baby? Sorry…" Tim said; pistoning Cassandra's pussy fast and hard.

"No baby…_gasp…_just…UUUUH…just right! Hmmmm…keep fucking me like that Timmy…FUCK MEEE!" Cassandra screamed out of pleasure; pressing her upper body against Tim's, who moved his hands from her breasts to her firm, muscular ass.

"Finger her ass, it usually turns her on!" Katie chimed in; with a mischievous look on his face.

"SHUT UP KATIE!" Cassandra screamed; in a mixture of pleasure and anger.

"What, that's possibly the only time you wouldn't slap my hand away!" Katie replied.

"Katie, I mean it; shut uuup…" Cassandra said in an ecstasied voice.

"It's up to you baby; I want to pleasure you. If it turns you on, I can do it for you. If not, I won't do it." Tim said; not missing a thrust, in a low drone that made Cassandra shiver.

"Uuuhh…baby…wet your finger first and go slow…" Cassandra said; hoping that Tim's finger wouldn't be too big.

"Okay baby…Katie, could you hand be the bottle of lube?" Tim asked; still keeping up the rhythm of his thrusts.

"Sure Tim…" Katie said; rolling to the other side to face the night table and reached for the bottle, grabbing it with her fingertips by the cap.

"This I gotta see!" Katie thought mischievously; rolling back to her right side so she could face her two sex pals.

"Here you go Tim; I'm very curious to observe your technique…in fact, allow me…Katie said; sitting up and moving a bit closer to Cassandra's rump.

Katie popped the cap open and dripped some lube directly on Cassandra's anus; gently massaging it with her left hand's middle finger.

"Hmmm…Katiieee…I wish you didn't touch me that way…" Cassandra said.

"What goes around comes around sweetie. You and Tim had your fun with me…and granted I enjoyed it, but you'll forgive me this small indulgence. This is the one thing you've ever allowed me to do to you other than the dildoing…so I know you like it, so just enjoy. Say Tim; interrupt the locomotive for a sec so I can lube up your finger…" Katie said; now squirting lube in the palm ho her left hand.

Tim interrupted his pistoning; grinning. He extended his left hand, allowing Katie to lubricate his middle finger.

"Don't worry baby, nice and slow…" Tim whispered in Cassandra's ear.

"Do it Timmy…let me feel you in both holes…" Cassandra whispered back.

Cassandra moaned loudly as Tim's finger gently massaged her anus, gradually stretching it open; eventually entering it smoothly.

"DP'd…I'm officially being dp'd…so intense…"Cassandra said; squeezing Tim's finger in her anus and his cock in her pussy.

"Oh that squeezing feels nice Cass…" Tim said; not bothering to correct himself.

"Fuck me nice and gentle-like Timmy…and keep your pubis against mine if you can; it rubs my clit at the same time…" Cassandra said; breathless.

Trying to keep his finger still so he wouldn't cause soreness to Cassandra's anus, Tim began rocking his hips up and down; enjoying the tight grip her pussy had on his cock, grinding his pubis against hers to stimulate her clit.

She resumed rolling her hips, assisting Tim's pubic grind and put her hands on his cheeks. She began kissing him; fist tenderly, and then increasingly passionately, their tongues sensually rubbing against each other.

"Mmmmhhh…" Cassandra moaned; feeling an orgasm of her own budding in the pit of her stomach.

"Look at them…is this the way people who are in love have sex? I wish I could help Tim make her cum the same way she helped him make me cum…" Katie thought; observing them as she propped herself up on her right elbow.

"Hmmmh!" Cassandra hummed in a high pitched voice; her body shaking as her budding orgasm gaining momentum.

"She's getting close…to hell with it, I am helping…let Kaz bitch at me all she wants, I want her to cum nice and hard..." Katie thought, bringing her lips closer to Tim's ear.

"Let me help Tim; she's getting close and I want her to cum as hard as you both made me cum!" Katie whispered.

"Katie…I'm warning you…" Cassandra said; without much conviction.

"You can hate me all you like Kaz…Tim and you gave me the sweetest multiple orgasms ever…I just want to repay you the favor is that so wrong?" Katie said in a low voice.

"N…no…" Cassandra said; her voice shaking, knowing that slightest touch in the right spot would trigger an orgasm that would have her shrieking at the top of her lungs.

"Swell…take your finger out of her butt Tim; I've been curious to give her a rim job and I know she enjoys her ass being fingered!" Katie said; moving towards Cassandra's muscular ass.

"A…a what? What's a rim j…" Cassandra said; breathing fast, feeling an odd sense of dread as Tim removed his finger from her ass.

Katie began flicking her tongue on Cassandra's sensitive anus, tickling Tim's balls with the tips of her left hand fingers.

"OH GOD OH GOD OH GOOOOD I'M CUMMING!" Cassandra shrieked; in an orgasmic sensory overload.

"Gasp…f-fuck… gasp…s-stop… gasp…p-please… gasp…s-s-stop!" Cassandra begged.

Tim put a firm right hand on Katie's head and gently pushed her back.

"Cut it out Katie, let her catch her breath!" Tim said; firmly.

"Sorry, I got carried away…if you didn't cum yet, I guess it's your turn Tim; shall we Kaz?" Katie asked.

Still trembling, Cassandra kissed Tim and smiled, sliding off his cock. She sat up and planted a wet one on Katie's lips.

"This is just a thank you kiss; don't read too much into it Katie." Cassandra said; smiling, removing the condom off Tim's cock and tossing it into the waste basket.

"I won't…but I can't lie; this has to be the hottest sex I've had…ever! I should have you and Tim teach me a lesson more often! So what's the plan?" Katie asked.

"Let's see…let me get out of bed so we can move around; Katie, lay on your back in the middle of the bed?" Cassandra said.

Tim moved to the side to allow Katie to move back to the middle of the bed; with a curious frown.

"Okay, now Tim, get on your knees so Katie's head is between your legs? Yeah, like that…" Cassandra said; climbing in bed next to them.

Tim grinned, understanding what Cassandra had in mind.

"Good, you enjoyed sucking his cock earlier?" Cassandra asked.

"I sure did! Quite a view from down here Tim; you have a wonderful muscular ass!" Katie replied; grinning.

"All right, lick his balls while I suck his cock!" Cassandra said; leaning over Katie with her left arm so she could lay her left elbow on the bed to the right of Katie, their plump breasts touching.

"Our tits are touching!" Katie said; teasing Cassandra.

"At this point it doesn't matter any longer…let's make this geyser gush!" Cassandra said; and then wrapped her lips around the head of Tim's cock.

Katie followed suite, lapping his balls with a warm, wet tongue.

"Ohh yeahh…I tell you what…this is one orgasm that's been building up for a while…might make a merry mess on your face, hair and Katie's abdomen…" Tim said; feeling an urging sensation emanating from his balls.

"Then warn me when you're about to cum; I'll make sure I wrap my lips tight against your cock so I can swallow every drop!" Cassandra said; interrupting her blowjob.

"I knew you were a cum eater!" Katie chimed in from between Tim's thighs.

"Shut up and lick his balls!" Cassandra said; in mock annoyance, resuming her blowjob.

Tentatively, Katie opened up her mouth wide and took Tim's balls in her mouth, rolling her tongue around them and then releasing them; focusing afterwards on licking his scrotum.

"Oh fuck…that's good…so good…it's all good…oh fuck I'm gonna cum! I'M GONNA CUM!!" Tim grunted; as Cassandra tightened her lips around his cock, swallowing his lot load greedily.

Weak in the knees, Tim sat down next to Katie's head; soaking in the sight of Cassandra still leaning on Katie's torso. Cassandra shot Katie a mischievous look.

"Want a taste?" Cassandra asked.

"Sure…his cock tasted good…" Katie replied.

"Open wide…" Cassandra told Katie who complied.

Tim observed in genuine amazement as Cassandra let a bit of his semen drip from her mouth into Katie's.

"Not bad…salty…" Katie said.

Cassandra sat up and looked at Tim, smiling.

"Intense huh? On your stomach mister, it's time for your back rub! Katie, since you're sobered up a bit it's up to you; would you rather go home or help me massage Timmy?" Cassandra asked.

"I need my bed…but after I help you massage Tim!" Katie replied; smiling.

Tim shrugged with a confused smile and complied.

"That was weird…pleasurable but weird…I'm glad Cassie and I are exclusive, I don't think I could handle more threesomes!" Tim thought; as smooth, warm feminine hands began rubbing his shoulders and lower back.

Spent, Tim fell asleep as Cassandra and Katie massaged him.

Chapter 7 - Epilogue

The following morning, Tim woke up with Cassandra sleeping in his arms.

"I fell asleep while Cassie & Katie were massaging me…how they managed to turn me around so Cassie could sleep in bed with me…I guess those two chicks are deceptively strong…" Tim thought; kissing the back of Cassandra's head.

Cassandra stirred and woke up with a moan.

"Hmm…what time is it?" Cassandra asked.

"Your alarm clock says 10:30 am." Tim replied.

She smiled and turned around; they kissed.

"Good morning lover…last night was pretty wild huh?" Cassandra asked; resting her forehead on Tim's chest.

"Yeah…you girls wore me out; I passed out on you while you were massaging me!" Tim said; looking sheepish.

"So I saw! I gave Katie Cab fare and sent her home. She asked me to tell you that she loves us both; and that she'll remember last night for as long as she lives. She promised she'd follow through with rehab and counseling." Cassandra said; smiling.

"Looks like we're doing good work regardless of Batgirl and Robin being on hiatus: three trouble-makers on their way to jail; an addict on her way to rehab…" Tim said.

"You know, I never thought of it that way! Part of me kind of misses being Batgirl…but part of me wants to enjoy having you to myself a bit longer…" Cassandra said; her voice trailing off.

"Are you planning to come back with me?" Tim asked.

"You weren't planning to return to Gotham City without me were you?" Cassandra asked; with a teasing frown.

"No…but I'm facing the same dilemma; I miss being Robin, but I'd be equally happy staying here with you!" Tim said.

Cassandra giggled charmingly and gave Tim a playful bite on the chest.

"Well now that you're back in my life I sure don't want to let you go…and I think I have an idea…get dressed Timmy!" Cassandra said; sounding excited.

She got out of bed and walked to her dresser to get some fresh clothes and clean underwear. Tim lay in bed, admiring her naked body.

"Come on you perv! Out of bed and get dressed!" Cassandra said; snickering.

Chuckling, Tim got out of bed and walked to his backpack for clean underwear and picked up his jeans and shirt from the floor. Moments later, they were sitting fully dressed on the futon, holding hands, facing the large flat screen TV hooked up to Cassandra's laptop. A window popped up in the upper left corner of the screen.

"Oracle here Cassandra; this must be something major if you're requesting a video conference call …hi Tim!" Oracle said; with a pleasant smile on her face.

"Hi Barb! Cassandra won't fill me in yet, so I'm patiently waiting…" Tim said; with a smirk on his lips.

"Patience boyfriend; patience…I'm waiting for our other participants!" Cassandra said; with an amused grin.

A second window popped up in the upper right corner of the screen. Wonder Woman sat next to Batman with a smug smile on her lips. In spite of his mask; Batman looked uneasy.

"Batman, Wonder Woman; welcome to my humble abode!" Cassandra said.

"I'm glad to be part of this conference call Cassandra; but I'm a bit confused about why!" Wonder Woman said.

"I will get to that; I promise…here are our last participants!' Cassandra said; as a third window popped up beneath the other two.

"Nightwing, Starfire, I am happy you could join us!" Cassandra said; looking excited.

"No sweat Cass!" Nightwing said.

"I am glad to see that your Quest was successful Timothy!" Starfire said; smiling.

"So am I Star…more that words can say!" Tim said; smiling, giving Cassandra's hand an affectionate squeeze.

"Indeed, you must feel vindicated against the naysayers!" Wonder Woman added; casting Batman a sideways glance.

"Not that I want to open that can of worms but…" Tim said; tongue-in-cheek.

Batman sighed.

"As Batman…I can never admit that a drug induced hallucination could have any premonitory qualities; let alone admit that the Fates…pagan deities, have anything to do with Tim and Cassandra hooking up. In fact; Batman would stick to the conclusion that it's nothing more than a coincidence, even if Batman ought to know better…" Batman said; as Wonder Woman stared at him in shock.

Oracle, Nightwing and Starfire rolled their eyes at Batman's little diatribe. But then, Batman pulled his mask off.

"But as Bruce Wayne, lover of Diana of Themyscira, Amazon Princess…I can openly admit that I was wrong. Diana was right; Kory was right, Barbara was right, and I should have followed Dick's lead and shown more support. For the record, I'm happy that the two of you have hit it off so well. And Barbara, I owe you an apology for the grief I gave you for setting them up…" Bruce said.

"Apology accepted Bruce…I'm glad to hear you say it!" Oracle said; smiling.

"Yes everyone; I hope you can forgive a stubborn old bat." Bruce concluded; looking sheepish.

Wonder Woman smiled and gently turned his head towards her. She kissed him tenderly.

"Wonder Woman, Starfire; I wanted you to be part of this conference call so I could thank you both for encouraging Timmy to find me. And Nightwing; well…" Cassandra said.

"Thank you for supporting my decision, even if you did think I was nuts!" Tim chimed in.

"No problemo bro!" Nightwing said; smiling.

"No thanks are required my sister, all I did was encourage Tim to follow his dreams. Love must always triumph as Aphrodite puts it so well." Wonder Woman said; humbly.

"Agreed friend Cassandra; as a fellow warrior and princess, I concur with Wonder Woman that the pursuit of love cannot be denied. It is the noblest crusade; the most righteous battle. Seeing you and Timothy happy together is all the thanks I'll ever need!" Starfire said; smiling.

"And let's not forget Barbara, Cassie; she made our encounter possible!" Tim said.

"Oh don't sell yourself short Tim; you were hot on her trail and would have found her regardless of my help. I just felt wrong keeping you in the dark." Oracle said.

"Regardless Barb; thank you…now here's the main reason for my calling this conference. Truth is; I miss my life as Batgirl. But…" Cassandra said; with a confident smirk.

"Uh oh…" Nightwing said; grinning.

"Shh!" Starfire said; giving Nightwing's arm a playful swat.

"Tim and I actually like it here. I understand that Wayne Enterprises has designed the technology used in the Watchtower?" Cassandra said.

"Indeed Cassandra; what do you have in mind?" Bruce asked; intrigued.

Tim smiled; seeing where Cassandra was going with this.

"Transport platforms Cassie?" Tim asked.

"Bingo, how hard would it be to have a transport platform installed in a discreet spot of my Loft? This way Tim and I could go from here to the Bat-Cave and back in a matter of seconds." Cassandra said; giving Tim's hand an affectionate squeeze.

Bruce grinned, nodding.

"It can be done; definitely. I'll need to enhance your power supply but yes; I can have a platform ready by the end of the month." Bruce said; smiling.

"Okay; and for those days time is short we can crash at your pad in Gotham City Timmy?" Cassandra asked.

"Absolutely, though your place is way nicer!" Tim said; giving Cassandra a loving look.

"Does this mean that I can expect the two of you back on active duty at the beginning of next month?" Bruce asked; smirking.

"Not so fast Mr Wayne…I'll need a new Batgirl suit…the current one may be a wee tight…" Cassandra said; letting Tim's hand go to cup her enhanced breasts to illustrate her point.

Oracle, Wonder Woman and Starfire snickered and Nightwing chuckled. Bruce bit his lower lip; trying to keep a straight face.

"Send us your current measurements; I'll make sure a more up-to-date suit is made for you." Bruce said.

"Cool, and do me a favor Bruce? I never complained about it before, but the old mask was way too hot and made it hard to breathe…if you could make a new Bat-cowl closer to the one Barb used to have? It would be a lot comfier." Cassandra said.

"It can definitely be done Cass." Bruce replied.

Oracle smiled. History was repeating itself; hopefully more successfully this time. For the second time; Batgirl and Robin fell in love, albeit with different people behind the masks. The glowing expression on Tim and Cassandra's faces said it all.

"Be happy my friends; and Cassie, don't mess it up the way I did…though in the end it did work out fine…" Barbara thought; dreamily.

The End