Titans Need Love Too  

By Comix_Fana

Titans Need Love too

A fanfic by Comix_Fana

Starfire, Raven, Wondergirl, Cyborg, Aqualad et al are copyrighted by DC Comics. This is pure fan fiction, and I receive no pay or other benefit from it.

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Very few Teen Titans Fanfics, so here's one! Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1

After taking a transport beam from the Watchtower back to Earth, Raven had insisted to take the scenic route back to Titan Tower, to which Starfire agreed wholeheartedly. There was something exhilarating about flying back home rather than being transported directly back.

"Talk to me friend Raven, you have been awfully quiet since we left the Watchtower!" Starfire said.

"Sorry Kory…you caught me daydreaming I guess…" Raven said, with an absent look in her eyes, smirking ever so subtly.

"Indeed…I must say I find myself rather aroused after sharing sexy secrets with our Justice League sisters. I might just have a surprise for Nightwing when we get to Titan Tower!" Starfire said, with a radiant smile.

"You lucky devils!" Raven said, this time with a full smile on her face.

"Smiling agrees with you Rachel, you should do it more often!" Starfire said.

"Oh stop it Kory, you make it sound like I never smile! Well, I never had much reason to I must agree…but what Wonder Woman said earlier hit a chord. I think Gar & I may have a chance…but he has to want it too." Raven said, as they approached Titan Tower.

They landed near the entrance and walked in. Impulse greeted them at the door, looking panicked.

"Oh thank God you're both here! Wonder Girl's been chasing Beast Boy all over Titan Tower! Nightwing, Cyborg, Aqualad and Superboy have been trying to break it up but that Wonder Girl's one tough cookie…" Impulse said, in one breath.

Starfire and Raven looked at each other, shrugged and rolled their eyes.

"Okay Impulse, lead the way." Raven said; her good mood now drained from her.

They flew, following Impulse to the main lounge area, where you could hear Wonder Girl screaming in a fit of fury.

"Hera help you if I lay my hands on you, you overgrown tadpole!" She screamed angrily, as Superboy and Cyborg held her back.

Nightwing and Aqualad stood in between Beast Boy and Wonder Girl, in a vain attempt to calm her down.

"Easy Wonder Girl, I'm sure Beast Boy meant no harm…we were playing touch-football after-all…" Nightwing said.

"Yeah, I mean geez, I don't get why you're getting all bent out of shape Wondie, I meant it as a compliment!" Beast Boy stammered.

"BB, ever heard of quitting while you're ahead?" Aqualad said.

"A compliment? Slapping my rear like a vulgar Aramaic whore was meant as a compliment? Were you taught no manners as a child?" Wonder Girl shouted.

A sudden hush fell upon the group. Beast Boy looked as if someone had dumped a bucket of cold water on him.

"All right that's quite enough, why don't you two calm down before you say something you can't take back?" Raven said, cutting in.

"Bit late now don't you agree?" Beast Boy said, repressing a sob.

He tried to walk away and go to his quarters, but Starfire grabbed him by the arm.

"Oh no you don't! Agreed friend Wonder Girl may have hit a nerve, but many of us had to grow up without parents Garfield, you're not alone." Starfire said.

"Hey, let go!" Beast Boy said, trying to squirm out of Starfire's iron grip.

"Not until you apologize to Wonder Girl for slapping her behind, you know how she fells about inappropriate touching!" Raven said, dryly.

"So there!" Wonder Girl said, triumphantly.

Raven turned her attention to Wonder Girl, who had stopped struggling.

"Oh you be quiet, you're as bad as he is! You and your Amazon temper, I can bet you got right into that touch-football game getting over-competitive as usual!" Raven said, casting Wonder Girl a dirty look.

Both Beast Boy and Wonder Girl looked down, embarrassed by their own behavior.

"You got that right, our friendly little game turned into a pissing contest between BB and Wondie." Aqualad said.

"After Wondie scored the nth touchdown against BB, he got up, making like he was a good sport and clapped her on the butt saying 'well played'…we've been trying to keep them apart since!" Cyborg said.

"All right, I…I apologize! Thing is I knew full well how Wonder Girl hates being touched that way, so I smacked her bum knowing it'd upset her and hoping her concentration would be broken…I should have known better and I'm sorry…I'm a real dog!" Beast Boy said, morphing into a Cocker Spaniel puppy.

Starfire and Raven chuckled in spite of themselves; that trick always seemed to work. Wonder Girl walked towards Beast Boy, picking him up, crying.

"Oh I apologize too Beast Boy, sob I over reacted, sniff I shouldn't have said those awful things to you, please forgive me!" Wonder Girl said.

Raven could not repress a slight twinge of jealousy as Wonder Girl held Beast Boy in her arms.

"Okay, I think you can put him down now…Gar and I have some things to discuss!" Raven said, taking Beast Boy from Wonder Girl's arms and putting him on the floor.

Beast Boy morphed back into his humanoid form and Raven grabbed him by the ear, leading him towards the living quarters.

"Ow, ow, ow, easy Rach, easy!" Beast Boy said, wincing.

"Now what was that all about?" Wonder Girl said.

"Either BB is in deep trouble, or he and Raven are about to hook up again." Nightwing said, smirking.

"Oh I seriously doubt that Beast Boy is in any trouble." Starfire said, putting her left arm around Nightwing's waist.

Nightwing smiled, putting his arm around Starfire's shoulders.

"Which only leaves…" Aqualad said.

"Them hooking up again…God I hope BB behaves himself this time around." Cyborg said, finishing Aqualad's sentence.

"If Wonder Woman's words have any weight to them, I have a feeling Garfield will indeed behave himself!" Starfire said, smiling, leaning her head on Nightwing's shoulder.

"By the way, do you have a minute Nightwing?" Starfire said.

"Sure Star, what's up?" Nightwing asked.

"Just an idea I'd like to discuss with you…" She said, leading him towards the living quarters.

"My idea entails undressing my beloved Richard, kissing him from head to toes and making the wild passionate love to him!" Starfire thought, with a mischievous smirk on her lips.

Chapter 2

In an unusual case of synchronicity, Hawkgirl was paying her lover-the man formerly known as The Snake- an impromptu visit in his Metropolis Condo suite, Starfire was busy seducing Nightwing and Raven was sitting Beast Boy down on his bed, for a heart to heart discussion.

Beast Boy sat nervously as Raven paced in front of him, hands clasped behind her back.

"You just can't help yourself can you Gar? You're a real trouble-magnet aren't you?" Raven said, in an even tone.

"Yeah, you might say that." Beast Boy replied, looking down.

"I don't just mean today with Wonder Girl; a few weeks ago you've been slapped in the face by Miss Martian for making inappropriate remarks …" Raven said.

"What, we're both green-skinned, I thought…" Beast Boy protested.

Unfazed, Raven continued.

"…and the only reason Starfire hasn't knocked you into next week for staring down her cleavage so many times is that she loves you like a bratty little brother." Raven concluded, looking Beast Boy in the eyes.

"Geez, what do you want from me anyway? You broke up with me I'll remind you!" Beast Boy replied, in an offended tone.

"Yes, I did; ever wondered why? Could it be because of your nonstop flirting with the other female Titans, making me feel like garbage? Could it be that I felt neglected? How many times did you say you loved me while we were together Gar, or ever even showed me a hint of TLC? I'm very fond of you Gar, but you drive me crazy!" Raven snapped.

Beast Boy stared at Raven gape-mouthed.

"I apologize about the flirting, it was rude and I'm very sorry. But how many times did you tell me you loved me Rach? 'I'm very fond of you' is as close as you ever got to telling me you loved me!" Beast Boy said in a cool tone of voice.

Raven stopped in her tracks and looked at Beast Boy with her eyebrows raised. She nodded.

"Okay, point taken, I have my share of blame in our on and off relationship; I'll even grant you I have a few things to learn about showing TLC…" Raven said.

She sat down next to Beast Boy shaking her head, a subtle smirk on her lips.

"What a pair we make!" She said.

"Sometimes…sometimes I wish you'd use one of your spells on me and fixed me, you know? I'm such a mess…" Beast Boy said.

"News-flash Gar, I'm an equally big mess! Trigon…remember?" Raven said.

Beast Boy nodded silently.

"In fact, so are most of the members of the Titans and Justice League. We all have our baggage to carry; plenty of us are orphans or come from broken families, like Star said, you're not alone." Raven said, putting her hand on Beast Boy's.

"Yes, it's safe to say the Titans are my family…dysfunctional and diverse…but I'd be lost without them. I'd especially be lost without you." Beast Boy said, on the verge of tears.

Raven gave Beast Boy's hand a comforting squeeze.

"I just spent an interesting after-noon at the Watchtower with Starfire and a bunch of our Justice League friends. Wonder Woman had a few words of wisdom for us." Raven said.

"What did Wondie's sister say?" Beast Boy asked.

"Love doesn't come easy for regular people. For people like us, heroes, it's nearly impossible. When you have the good fortune of finding love, it would be madness to let it pass us by." Raven said.

Beast Boy looked up with a sheepish smile on his lips.

"So you're saying…" He said.

"Let me finish Gar, please, before I lose my nerve. I know you're worried that if you ever admitted to me that you love me that I'll either leave you or die. Well relax; I'm powerful enough to defend myself, and I'm not going anywhere. I love you Gar, and I'm willing to give us a second chance if you're also willing." Raven said.

Beast Boy hugged Raven, tears coursing down his cheeks.

"Oh I'm willing Rach, I'm so willing! You don't know how long I've waited to hear you say you love me! And I love you too, so much I can't find the words to let you know how much I love you!" Beast Boy said.

"Then let your actions do the talking you animal, kiss me!" Raven said, grinning.

Eyes closed, their lips connected. Beast Boy loosened his hug as Raven unbuckled his belt. Still kissing, she tossed his belt to the floor. As their tongues sensually caressed one another, Beast Boy undid the clasp that held Raven's cloak together. They broke their lip lock, and Raven stood up.

Smiling, she let her cloak slide to the ground and pulled Beast Boy to his feet. She helped him slip out of his Spandex suit, boots and underwear.

Naked, shaking with anticipation and sporting a throbbing boner, Beast Boy got busy helping Raven out of her suit; belt, boots, leotard, tights, bra and panties.

Beast Boy soaked in the sight of Raven in the nude; her beautiful face, her smooth skin, her slim waist and flat stomach, her shapely B-cup breasts, her shapely, muscular legs and ass, her dainty feet and hands…

"God Rach…you're so beautiful…" Beast Boy said.

"You're pretty hunky yourself!" Raven said smirking.

With a wicked grin, Beast Boy began morphing into a boa constrictor. He recalled seeing a photo of a naked porn actress with a python covering her breasts and pubis. She said in an interview that she enjoyed the feel of her pet slithering on her skin; it felt cold, smooth and soft.

"No Gar, no morphing please…I want my Garfield, not some wild animal…" Raven said.

Beast Boy morphed back, snickering.

"I get it…I'm enough of a wild animal in my humanoid form!" He said.

"You talk too much, shut up and take me already!" Raven said, her voice sounding unusually rough and husky.

Beast Boy swept her off her feet and laid her on his bed a bit clumsily in his excitement. Raven laughed.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! When you get horny you don't mess around!" Raven said, teasingly.

"My wish is to pleasure my girlfriend…make her feel loved and wanted…" Beast Boy said in an almost hypnotic drone.

"That would be a refreshing change! Hey that tickles!" Raven said, as Beast Boy smelled her neck and that sweet spot behind her ears.

"Sorry…I just love that perfume you're wearing…you smell good…" Beast Boy said in the same drone voice.

"I guess I'll have to wear it more often…gasp...hmmm that's good Gar gasp…don't stop…" Raven moaned.

Beast Boy was busy at the task of pleasuring Raven; he teased her clit and labia with his fingertips while gently sucking on her right nipple. Raven reached for Beast Boy's stiff cock and with a firm but gentle grip, began jerking him off, fist slowly, then increasingly faster.

"Hmm that's right Rach…firm and fast…" Beast Boy grunted.

Feeling Raven's warm love juice on his fingers, he inserted a probing middle finger in her pussy.

"OH GAR…OH YEAH!" Raven screamed as Beast Boy now inserted two fingers in her pussy.

"You're so wet…" Beast Boy said, grunting.

"You're making me wet you animal! Fuck me Gar; I want your zucchini deep in me!" Raven said, angry at herself for begging but wanting Beast Boy in her love hole nonetheless.

"Zucchini… I love it! Wanna eat me a bit before I go in?" Beast Boy asked, smirking.

"Oh I'd love to! Let's 69; eat me out at the same time okay?" Raven said.

"Kinky, let's do it!" Beast Boy said.

He lay down on his back, heart beating at double-speed. Raven sat on his face and unable to wait, he began lapping her wet pussy, moving his tongue from her wet opening to her clit, then circled her labia, then flicked his tongue on her anus; making her gasp in surprise. He then inserted his tongue in her pussy, making her shiver with pleasure.

"Ohhh yeaaahhhh…that's so good Gar…" Raven said, breathless.

She leaned forward, pressing her naked body against his, propped herself up on her left elbow and grabbed Beast Boy's cock in her right hand. The musty smell of sweat from the touch-football game would have turned her off under any other circumstances, but right now, that smell made her twice as horny.

She licked Beast Boy's cock up and down, making it glisten with her saliva, and making Beast Boy moan in appreciation. She took the head of his cock in her mouth as her right hand jerked him off slowly, tasting his pre-cum. He replied in kind by darting his tongue in and out of her wet pussy, making her emit a high-pitched "HMM!"

Following Beast Boy's rhythm, she began bobbing her head up and down his erect emerald shaft, nearly making herself gag and not caring. Beast Boy wrapped his arms around her waist and held her firmly as he complimented his tongue's movements by quickly moving his face sideways, passionately rubbing his tongue, lips and face all over Raven's pussy, driving her crazy.

She let his cock out of her mouth, gasping loudly for air as an orgasm was taking over her body.

"Oh Gar…OH GAR…AZARATH, YOU'RE MAKING ME CUUUUUUUM!" Raven screamed, her love juice oozing all over Beast Boy's face.

She lay limply on top of him, still absent-mindedly jerking him off; shaking from the intensity of her orgasm. She had needed that; badly. Beast Boy punctuated her orgasm by planting a firm kiss on her clit, making her yelp.

"Wonder Woman, wherever you are, thank you!" Raven thought.

"Want me in you now Rach?" Beast Boy asked.

"Yeah…for that orgasm…man that was off the charts…you deserve a reward Gar…anything you want, even _anal…_do me as you wish, just don't go overboard okay?" Raven said.

She rolled off of him and lay on her back beside him on his bed. Beast Boy sat up, excited like a young boy who got his first glance of a naked girl.

"I want your sweet pussy first…" Beast Boy said.

Assuming a missionary position, Beast Boy first teased going in her pussy, feeling her warm flesh against the head of his cock, rubbing it on her clit, making her moan loudly.

"In…stick it in me already!" Raven said, no longer caring that she was begging him again.

"Ah, ah…anything I want, remember? Patience my pretty one, patience!" Beast Boy said, with a teasing grin.

Raven groaned, as Beast Boy slowly slid his cock in her hot, wet pussy.

"There, was that so awful?" Beast Boy said, smugly.

"Don't over-tease me Gar; you never know how I might react!" Raven said, grinning.

Beast Boy increased the cadence, fucking her harder and faster, sweat beading on his forehead.

"Yeah…yeah…YEAH!" Raven screamed in pleasure, feeling another orgasm budding in her lower abdomen, and gradually expanding through her whole body.

"About to cum again?" Beast Boy asked.

"Yeah…" Raven replied.

"Go for it babe, I wanna make sure you're fully satisfied before I take your butt!" Beast Boy said, wishing he could have phrased it better.

"Yeah…suck my nipples while you fuck me Gar, bite them a little…that'll make me cum real hard!" Raven said.

Beast Boy leaned down and took Raven's left nipple in his mouth, massaging it with his tongue, licking it, sucking it and biting it gingerly, making Raven scream even louder. Beast Boy repeated the treatment on her right nipple, bringing Raven to the brink of her second orgasm.

She grabbed a pillow and buried her face into it to muffle her scream as the orgasm tore through her body like a bolt of lightning.

"HMMMMMMPF!" Raven screamed in the pillow.

She tossed the pillow aside, her face flush, and looked at Beast Boy in the eyes.

"Two record orgasms Gar…your turn, fuck my ass and shoot your load all over me!" Raven said; her voice hoarse.

Beast Boy reached for his night table and pulled a bottle of hand cream from the bottom drawer.

"Don't ask why I keep hand cream…it'll come in handy for this, I don't want you to have a sore butt because of me." Beast Boy said, lubricating his cock.

"I appreciate your thoughtfulness!" Raven said with a grin.

She gasped as Beast Boy proceeded to lubricate her anus with hand cream, inserting his middle finger to make sure the cream was properly spread.

"On my back or doggy?" Raven asked.

"On your back, I want to see your face…I also like to see your tits bouncing as I pump into you…" Beast Boy said, once again wishing he could have phrased it better.

Raven smiled, raised her legs in the air and spread her butt cheeks with her hands to give him easy access. Steadily and slowly, Beast Boy inserted his cock in her ass, surprised at how well it was sliding in.

"Odd, you must have lubricated me well; I was expecting this to be a lot more painful, and you have a big cock!" Raven said.

"Well I'm glad I'm not hurting you!" Beast Boy said, with a relieved smile.

Smiling, Raven put her feet down on the bed and spread her pussy open with one hand, rubbing her clit with the other and gave Beast Boy a mischievous wink. Beast Boy began rocking his hips back and forth, getting accustomed to the new sensation.

He increased speed and intensity, and to his surprise, Raven seemed to enjoy it as much as he did.

"Hmm, wicked…a big cock in my ass while I play with my clit…who knew it'd feel so good?" Raven moaned.

She squeezed her sphincter a few times, and smirked at the effect it had on Beast Boy.

"Oh God Rach, the way you squeeze my cock in your ass…so intense…" Beast Boy gasped.

"Cum Gar, CUM! Shoot your load all over me!" Raven said in a sultry voice.

That did it. Beast Boy pulled out of Raven's tight ass and showered her pubis, stomach and tits with his hot cum. Spent, he dropped face first in bed, next to Raven.

"Wow...you sure wore me out Rach…" Beast Boy said, smiling.

"Me too…" Raven said.

"Wait, don't move…" Beast Boy said, getting out of bed.

He rummaged through his closet and pulled out a clean towel. Smiling, he wiped his cum off her body.

"Well Gar, I'm impressed!" Raven said, as he took his place next to her in bed.

"You're giving me a second chance…I better make sure I treat you right Rach, show tenderness and consideration to the girl I love!" Beast Boy said.

They kissed and fell asleep in each others arms.

Chapter 3

While Raven and Beast Boy were patching things up, Starfire had dragged Nightwing to her quarters, snickering charmingly. On this particular afternoon, she was exceptionally excited.

"Okay, okay, we're here! Stop pulling my arm so hard, I'll get a dislocated shoulder!" Nightwing said, as the door slid close behind them.

"Sorry!" Starfire replied, still snickering, looking coy.

"So what's the idea you needed to discuss with me?" Nightwing asked.

Starfire kissed him, holding his face between her hands; her tongue parting his lips and sensually caressing his. They broke their lip lock, gasping, and Starfire removed Nightwing's mask, dropping it to the floor.

"I see…" Nightwing said.

Her lovely green eyes fixed on his; she offered him a smile so pretty, so charming that Nightwing temporarily forgot to breathe.

Her smile turned into a mischievous grin as she knelt down, and pulled the bottom part of his suit down to his ankles. Earlier that day, he had decided to go commando, as if he had anticipated that Starfire would get frisky with him.

Starfire reached behind her neck and undid the top clasp of her suit. She then reached behind her back to undo the second clasp, letting the top portion drop to her knees; revealing her firm, shapely breasts. She smiled; satisfied with the effect it was having on Nightwing.

"Do you like my body Dick? Your chicken is getting hard!" Starfire said.

"That's cock Kory…and you know I like your body, I love it; I… I'm wild about it!" Nightwing said.

Starfire snickered again, holding Nightwing's cock firmly in her right hand, and rubbed its head on her lips, chin and nose, flicking her tongue at it; driving him crazy with anticipation.

Nightwing removed his top, tossing it aside, becoming plain Dick Grayson. Without warning, Starfire engulfed his cock deep in her mouth, deep enough that he felt her nose against his pubis and her tongue touching his balls, making him gasp aloud.

Starfire moved her hands to his buttocks, giving them a firm squeeze. It had been a while since she had last deep-throated him; Nightwing welcomed the opportunity as Starfire's mouth felt amazing. Moaning, he put his hands on the top of her head, feeling her silky hair.

Starfire began bobbing her head on Nightwing's throbbing shaft, swallowing him, licking his balls at the same time and making a humming sound, knowing that the vibrations from her mouth added to his pleasure.

"Oh…ooooohhhh…oh God Kory, that feels so good!" Nightwing moaned.

She released his cock and looked up at him, smiling.

"Wasn't this a great idea I had?" She said, stroking his cock with her right hand.

"Wonderful…I should listen to your ideas more often!" Nightwing said; breathing hard as Starfire had resumed her deep-throating.

"Oh, God Star…gasp…_that…_moan…you…_grunt…_it's too in-intense, oh…oh, oh God Kory…s-slow down baby I'll cum in your mouth!" Nightwing pleaded.

Rather than slowing down, Starfire increased the pace, wanting Nightwing to explode in her mouth and down her throat.

"Kor...Khhh…KORYYYYY!" Nightwing shouted; arching his back as his orgasm erupted down Starfire's throat.

She kept his cock in her mouth for a few moments longer, placing her hands on Nightwing's rock-hard abdomen, feeling him shake from the orgasm she had given him, feeling his manhood slowly returning to its normal size.

She finally released him and stood up, smiling sweetly and grabbed his hands, placing them on her suit's bottom part, wanting him to finish undressing her.

"What did you girls talk about all afternoon anyway?" He asked, grinning, inserting his thumbs between the fabric and her smooth skin.

Starfire snickered again, resting her forearms on Nightwing's shoulders as he began pulling her suit down, getting snagged at mid-thigh level, on the top of her boots.

"Oh we engaged in the Girl Talk…sharing sexy secrets mostly. Wonder Woman and I feel especially blessed to have considerate lovers who will stop at nothing to pleasure us." Starfire said.

"I am flattered!" Nightwing said, unsuccessfully tugging at the fabric of her suit, unable to get it past her boots.

"You have fans in the Justice League too; Vixen and Fire say that their lovers could learn a thing or two from you on the subject of romance!" Starfire said.

"Wow, I…I'm speechless!" Nightwing said, putting one knee down, hoping he would be more successful at removing Starfire's suit.

"Simply accept the compliment my love, you are as they say 'quite the catch'!" Starfire said, smiling charmingly.

"And you're my beautiful love princess! You know…we really should havestarted by taking our boots off!" Nightwing said, chuckling.

Laughing, they sat down on the floor, facing each other. Nightwing pulled Starfire's boots off, tossed them aside and kissed her bare feet. Finally, he was able to pull off her body suit and was glad to see that her g-string had come off with the suit without much further effort.

Smiling, Starfire repaid him the favor; she removed his boots, tossed them aside and also kissed his bare feet. At last, she pulled off his Kevlar and spandex tights, also tossing them aside.

They silently stared at each other a few moments, got up on their knees and kissed; long and passionately, their tongues playing a sensual game of tag.

They stood up and raced to the bed, laughing excitedly. In passionate bout of erotic wrestling, Nightwing grabbed Starfire in a bear hug, lifted her off the floor, burying his face between her firm tits, and let himself fall backwards on Starfire's bed.

"Hey, what's the big idea?" Starfire said, shaking with laughter, enjoying the feel of Nightwing's face in her cleavage.

"I thought wrestling in the nude was a mating ritual on Tamaran?" Nightwing said, smiling smugly.

"Trying to give me lessons on my own heritage are you?" Starfire replied, giggling.

Starfire gave Nightwing a playful bite on the shoulder, making him release his bear hug out of surprise. She pulled a reversal and pinned Nightwing on her bed, casting him an intense, lustful look. He was right: the nude wrestling was arousing her even more.

"I do realize that your Gorka will need some rest after I milked it so intensely…so in the mean time…you must pleasure me with your mouth!" Starfire said, straddling Nightwing's face.

"Your pleasure is my command milady!" Nightwing said, in a passionate voice.

His lips connected with Starfire's clit making her gasp. With the sweet, intimate fragrance of her hot, dripping pussy turning him on, Nightwing began eating her out, licking her clit, then flicking his tongue on her labia and then back on her clit again.

"Hm yes…that's a good boy making his lover's kitty feel good…sooo good!" Starfire moaned; fondling her breasts and pinching her nipples as Nightwing ate her out.

Rather than correcting her by saying pussy, Nightwing grabbed her buttocks and spread them apart, licking her wet twat harder, now savoring the sweet love juice seeping out of her hot snatch.

"My bum hole too Richard…lick me there too, please!" Starfire begged in a breathless voice.

Sensually and slowly, Nightwing circled her pink rosebud with the tip of his tongue, obtaining a long, low moan out of Starfire, reminiscent of a cat's purr.

"Tamaranians did evolve from felines rather than primates; which explains why Kory sometimes purrs from intense pleasure…" Nightwing thought, as his tongue was now lapping Starfire's asshole.

"All over my kitty and bum hole Richard, please…_I…I'm about to _climax!" Starfire said, her voice reaching an almost unnatural high pitch.

Nightwing went wild, licking, gently biting, and sucking at Starfire's clit, labia and anus, and darting his tongue in and out of her hot, dripping pussy for good measure.

"Hmm, ooohh, yeeess…oh X'hal, don't stoooop…" Starfire grunted.

"Go for it Kory, cum for me!" Nightwing moaned; his voice sounding unnaturally low, almost an octave deeper.

He buried his tongue deep in her hot pussy, massaging her rosebud with his left hand's middle finger and squeezing her right buttock tightly with his right hand.

"Yes…OH X'HAL YES…oh Dick you're making me CUUUUM!" Starfire shouted in ecstasy.

Shaking uncontrollably from the orgasm, Starfire lost her balance and fell out of bed, landing on her hands and knees. Worried, Nightwing jumped out of bed to help her up.

"Kory, are you okay?" Nightwing asked, putting his arms around her.

"I'm okay; just hold me…that orgasm's made me all wobbly-legged!" Starfire said, giggling at her own clumsiness.

"You scared me there, are you sure you're not hurt?" Nightwing asked, feeling Starfire's warm, firm body shaking against his.

Starfire smiled and kissed him on the lips.

"You are a very considerate lover! Do not be concerned my Richard, the fall did not injure me! And I see your hot, hard Gorka is ready for action again…shall we make the sexual love like doggies?" Starfire asked, all innocently.

Nightwing held her tighter, smiling. The way she got sayings wrong was part of her undeniable charm.

"Like doggies, like rabbits, like cats, like humans and Tamaranian princesses too! I am, my dear Miss Anders, your humble servant!" Nightwing said.

"Oh you're so sweet!" Starfire said, kissing him again.

She climbed in bed and got on her hands and knees close to the edge. She lustfully wiggled her shapely ass at Nightwing.

"It worked for Wonder Woman…and if Richard pounds me standing at the edge of the bed, he can give me more powerful thrusts!" Starfire thought.

"You are so sexy…" Nightwing said, spreading her butt cheeks.

He slid his hard cock into her wet pussy, obtaining another low moan similar to a cat's purr from her.

"Sooo sexyyy…" Nightwing moaned, breathless, overtaken by the sensation of her tight, hot, wet pussy engulfing his hard cock.

"Hmmmhh…good…now pound me; pound me hard and fast!" Starfire said.

Eager to oblige, Nightwing grabbed Starfire's hips firmly and began pistoning his hard cock into her tight, wet love hole.

"Yeah…yeahh…like that…deeper!" Starfire begged.

Nightwing moved his hands to her shoulders and pulled, forcing her to arch her back, allowing more of his cock in her pussy.

"X'HAL YES! DON'T STOP!" Starfire screamed, her eyes glowing a menacing green.

"Watch those excitement levels Kory, you wouldn't want to blow a hole in the wall with an energy blast!" Nightwing warned, fully aware of the consequences should Starfire lose complete control.

"You…gasp…you're right…pant…stay…moan…stay in me but stop pushing for a few moments…let me regain a bit of composure…" Starfire said, panting.

She let herself slide onto her stomach, bringing Nightwing down with her. He lay on top of her back, putting his weight on his elbows and knees so he wouldn't smother her. He reached around Starfire's body to cup her breasts in his hands; his brain processing the multiple sensations and hoping he wouldn't blow his load too soon.

"Hot muscular body, warm smooth skin, firm tits and ass…her pussy's so hot, wet and tight…come on Grayson, keep it together…" Nightwing thought.

"Hmmh…glorious…I can feel you inside me…on my back, on my front…I am wrapped up and imbibed with you!" Starfire said, grinning.

Without warning, she decided to squeeze Nightwing's cock a bit tighter and began to slowly roll her hips.

"_Gasp…_oh God Kory…that's so intense…s…slow down baby you'll make me lose control!" Nightwing said in a shaky voice.

"Oh yes Richard I want you to cum…pump your stiff Gorka into me as I roll my hips…make me cum too; and shoot your cream all over my bum!" Starfire said, in a low, sultry voice.

Nightwing obliged, letting go of her firm tits and pushing himself up for better thrusts. He resumed fucking her doggy-style, his pubis slamming against her ass with each thrust, adding to Starfire's sensuous hip gyrations.

"Hmm yeah…that feels so hot!" Nightwing grunted.

"Ooooohhh…yes…glorious…so intense!" Starfire moaned.

"Tell me when you're ready to cum baby…" Nightwing groaned.

"Pretty soon my love…don't stop…soo deep…so biiig… so _haaarrrd…_so…so…HOT! OH X'HAL DICK, I'M CUMMING AGAIN!" Starfire screamed.

"Me too baby I'm gonna cum!" Nightwing said, pulling out of Starfire's hot snatch and erupting all over her firm ass.

Sweating profusely but happy, Nightwing laid down next to Starfire, putting his arms around her.

"Baby, you really should attend those girl talk meetings more often, I love how spontaneous they make you!" Nightwing said.

Starfire giggled charmingly.

"I just wanted to demonstrate how much I love and appreciate my considerate, lovable Dick Grayson!" Starfire said, smiling.

"Shouldn't we shower?" Nightwing said.

"Nah…we can do that later…change the bed, take a sensual shower together…but right now I only wish to sleep in your arms!" Starfire said.

"Another wonderful idea my love!" Nightwing said.

She turned off the lights.

Chapter 4

Meanwhile; Cyborg had dispatched Wonder Girl, Superboy, Aqualad and Impulse to Gotham City to assist Robin - Tim Drake - with an emergency. According to Oracle, Batman was unavailable and Batgirl - Cassandra Cain - was still MIA.

"Batman's likely on a hot date with Wonder Woman…lucky bastard…Nightwing has Starfire, Raven and BB are together again …I'm happy for them but itreally feels unfair sometimes. I'd settle for a good screw, no pun intended…" Cyborg thought, brooding.

"Where is everybody?" A quiet, female voice asked from behind him.

Cyborg turned his head and smiled, Miss Martian had returned from vacation.

"Miss M; how was the incognito Caribbean cruise?" Cyborg asked.

"Very relaxing, observing young humans engaging in their attempts to 'pick up a girl or a guy' was rather enlightening, though the concept of the 'one night stand' is fairly new to me…" Miss Martian said, smiling.

"The 'one night stand' concept usually applies to humans who think with their hormones rather than with their heads M'gann!" Cyborg said, with a smirk on his lips.

"I think I comprehend." Miss Martian replied.

"Titan tower's pretty calm right now; Wonder Girl, Superboy, Aqualad and Impulse have been dispatched to Gotham City to provide Robin some backup. Raven and BB have decided to patch things up and are in his quarters having a heart to heart." Cyborg said.

"Again?" Miss Martian asked, perplexed.

"Yes, again…and Starfire got into another one of her frisky moods and dragged Nightwing to her quarters…they should be back in an hour or two, if we're lucky." Cyborg said, looking somber.

"Something is bothering you Cyborg, what is it? Ethics forbid me to probe your mind, but I can tell you are upset." Miss Martian said.

Cyborg sighed.

"I hate whining about feeling isolated and lonely; this is something you're also familiar with…loneliness." He said.

"Indeed, though the Titans have provided me with a new family-like environment. However I don't think you mean lonely in that respect, am I right?" Miss Martian asked.

Cyborg nodded, looking embarrassed.

"You mean lonely in a more sexual context, am I right?" Miss Martian asked.

Cyborg nodded again.

"Yeah…I'm a bit embarrassed to admit it, but that's exactly it. Bumble Bee and I broke up last week." Cyborg said.

"Cyborg I'm so sorry…" Miss Martian said.

Cyborg shrugged.

"I'd rather not brood about it, long distance relationships have a tendency to end that way. She was spending more time with her Titans East Coast colleagues than with me…in the end she hooked up with Speedy. To her credit, she had the decency to be honest with me and have a clean break." Cyborg said.

"You are being very mature about it!" Miss Martian said, taking the chair next to Cyborg.

"What choice do I have? Making a scene sure won't win her back. This'll sound awful, but I'm not sure what upsets me worse; the fact that she left me for a pretty boy or the fact that she broke up with me before I ever got laid…" Cyborg said, looking down.

"You're just being honest with your feelings. We all have needs Cyborg, me included. For what it's worth, I think you would make a wonderful lover." Miss Martian said.

Cyborg chuckled.

"Thanks M'gann, I needed to hear that! You're not surprised that a man ¾ cybernetic can get horny?" Cyborg said.

Miss Martian smiled mischievously.

"Not at all, figuring it out was easy as pie; no mind-reading required! Your voice is low and manly, thus your organic body has been exposed to testosterone levels that would require a healthy pair of testicles." Miss Martian said, smirking.

Cyborg stared at her, gape-mouthed.

"I have seen you eat massive quantities of food and drink massive amounts of liquid. Thus, you must have a digestive system, complete with excretory system - a penis and an anus- likely hidden by removable metal plates for protection and public decency purposes." Miss Martian concluded.

Cyborg applauded, laughing.

"Amazing deductions Miss M, you're good! But seriously, thanks for hearing me out; talking about it makes me feel a bit better!" Cyborg said, smiling.

"Don't mention it; perhaps there is a way to make you feel even better, in fact… we could be of assistance to each other?" Miss Martian said, with a subtle smile on her lips.

"How do you mean?" Cyborg asked, frowning with his one good eyebrow.

"Even without probing your mind I can sense your lust, your need for release; and I can assure you I have the same needs. We are feeling equally lonely and isolated…so I am willing to help you if you are willing to help me." Miss Martian said.

Cyborg looked at her, flabbergasted.

"M'gann, are you saying what I think you're saying?" Cyborg asked.

"If you find me unattractive I won't be offended…" Miss Martian continued.

"No M'gann, that's not it at all, on a scale of 1 to 10 you score a 20, it's just that…" Cyborg said, flustered.

"Let me probe your mind, you sound conflicted and rather agitated…" Miss Martian said.

"Sure, go ahead…" Cyborg said, with a sigh.

Miss Martian probed Cyborg's mind and looked at him gape-mouthed for a few moments and then smiled.

"Victor, that's so sweet! You feel that we're kindred spirits and value my friendship so much that you're concerned things might 'get weird' as you humans say, if we did have sex!" Miss Martian said.

"Yes…I've already lost Bumble Bee and I'd really hate to lose you too, just because I felt horny." Cyborg said.

"We both feel horny Vic; we would be fulfilling each other's needs." Miss Martian said.

"Sex buddies…" Cyborg mumbled.

"Indeed, sex buddies. Not quite a romantic relationship; but more than a one-night stand or just casual sex. We get to satisfy our needs without things getting weird." Miss Martian said.

"And what if we do end up with romantic feelings? What if we fall in love?" Cyborg asked.

Miss Martian put a hand on Cyborg's metal shoulder.

"Then we cross that bridge when we get there. We need to be honest with our feelings and not be disappointed if the other one does not share those feelings." Miss Martian said, calmly.

"M'gann, maybe it's my hormones doing the thinking for me; some days I feel so horny I think I'll explode… but you're right, we can help each other!" Cyborg said.

"I'm glad to see you agree!" Miss Martian said, smiling.

Winking at him, she walked towards the living quarters. Cyborg watched her walk away with a dreamy look on his face.

"Well, aren't you going to come after me?" Miss Martian asked.

Cyborg typed a few commands in the main console so any incoming communications would be forwarded to his inner sensors and got up. He walked with Miss Martian to the living quarters, holding her arm in a very gentlemanly fashion.

"I believe the colloquial expression is 'my place or yours'?" Miss Martian said.

"Indeed it is…might as well make it my place: the regen table is the only structure sturdy enough to carry my weight when I sleep." Cyborg said.

"Splendid Vic, absolutely splendid." Miss Martian said.

Chapter 5

They entered Cyborg's quarters smiling and excited like children on their way to the amusement park. The door slid shut behind them and they looked at each other, feeling awkward.

"You are nervous Victor." Miss Martian said.

It was not so much a question as a statement, as she too felt a bit tense from the anticipation.

"I am…it just dawned on me that this will be a challenge: my hands are robotic and the little skin I have left is on my face, neck and…well…down there, under the protective metal plates you mentioned earlier. Pleasuring you will require a bit of creativity M'gann…" Cyborg said.

Miss Martian smiled.

"We will figure it out, don't worry…but first, you need to relax. Lie down on your regen table and leave the rest to me." Miss Martian said.

Cyborg nodded and complied, tilting the regen table up vertically so he could climb on, and then tilting in back horizontally so he was lying on his back.

"Done, now what?" Cyborg asked.

"Close your eye; shut off your ocular sensor and inhale deeply." Miss Martian said, holding Cyborg's face between her hands.

Cyborg complied. His sight went dark for a few moments and then he found himself on the deck of a deserted ship, lying on his back on a soft mat; Miss Martian kneeling next to him wearing nothing more than a skimpy string bikini.

"How's this for creativity?" Miss Martian said, with a mischievous smile.

"Sweet telepathic vision M'gann; is this scene a memory from your vacation?" Cyborg asked.

"Yes, minus the annoying passengers. Notice anything different?" Miss Martian asked.

He gave Miss Martian a good look and saw that she bore a strong resemblance to Vixen, with much longer hair and her tits a good cup size larger; barely contained by her bikini top.

"Vixen with triple D's…man!" Cyborg thought, lustfully.

"When I probed your mind I noticed you once had a crush on Vixen… using her likeness should help us to fulfill each other's needs." Miss Martian said.

"I like it, but I want to have sex with you M'gann, not some fantasy version of Vixen!" Cyborg said.

"But it is me Victor, look at my face again!" Miss Martian said.

Cyborg looked at her face and smiled. Indeed, while her physical attributes were based on an exaggerated version of Vixen, the facial traits were definitely Miss Martian's.

"I stand corrected, but still…" Cyborg said.

Miss Martian put a finger on his lips, smirking.

"Stop protesting, the probe showed me you are a tit man; don't deny it, the bigger the better. In fact, you're so aroused by my big tits right now that you wish my bikini top would just collapse under the weight of them. Just look at your erection if you don't believe me." Miss Martian said, pursing her lips.

Cyborg raised his head to look down at his crotch. His 9-incher was indeed fully loaded; but that's not what got his attention. What he saw made him stare in disbelief.

"I'm me…I'm me again! The Cybernetics are all gone, I'm me!" Cyborg said, sobbing with joy.

"I had a hunch you would like it! You were worried not to be able to pleasure me with your robotic body, case solved. Everything that happens here connects directly to our brains. Every touch, every caress; every sensation and every orgasm is perfectly real." Miss Martian said, sensually removing her bikini top, revealing her perfectly proportioned DDD breasts.

She straddled Cyborg's pelvis, smiling; feeling his throbbing boner between her legs, teasing him. He reached up and caressed her tits with a gentle touch at first. He then held them, feeling their mass, firmness and warmth; and finally gave them a firm squeeze, making her moan with pleasure.

"Booyah…" Cyborg mumbled.

"Hm yes…I must say I enjoy the sensations thus far…your hands are strong and smooth and send pleasure trough my breasts and all through my body…and I can feel your cock's pulse against my pussy!" Miss Martian said.

She leaned forward, pressing her body against his and they began French-kissing, eyes closed. She paused, looking into his eyes.

"How do you like it so far Vic?" She asked, smiling.

"Dream come true M'gann, everything feels so real! Direct brain stimulation is amazing!" Cyborg said.

His hands caressed the soft skin of her back from the edge of her string bikini bottom to the nape of her neck and back down, still wrapping his head around the fact that he could actually feel her body against his; her warm smooth skin, her soft, firm tits and her smooth, muscular legs.

She smiled mischievously and began sliding her body down towards Cyborg's groin.

"This particular movement seems to be a source of great excitement for Nightwing and Starfire; they sometimes think so hard about it that I can't filter it out…they usually feel quite aroused just thinking about it." Miss Martian thought, firmly pressing her massive tits in Cyborg's groin, sandwiching his cock and balls between them.

"Holy Mother of…" Cyborg exclaimed.

"Good?" Miss Martian asked, smirking.

"Delicious!" Cyborg grunted.

She moved her upper body in a circular motion, sensually massaging Cyborg's cock and balls with her tits, making him breathe harder and louder; and making the head of his dick wet with pre-cum. She propped herself up on one elbow and grabbed his cock with her free hand.

Slowly and sensually, she let Cyborg's cock slide in her mouth, deeper and deeper; soon deep-throating him in the same way Starfire did Nightwing.

"Boo-fucking- yah M'gann, that's so good it's driving me crazy!" Cyborg said, putting his hands on the top of her head, surprised that he could feel her hair.

Miss Martian let his cock slide out of her throat and mouth and focused her mouth and tongue on the head of his cock, jerking him off with her free hand.

"Oh God M'gann, slow down, p-please slow down I don't wanna cum just yet!" Cyborg pleaded.

Miss Martian stopped, rolling on her side, lying down next to Cyborg.

"Good, 'cause I've been doing all the work so far! Get busy with that mouth of yours; I've heard so much about cunnilingus I've been dying to try it!" Miss Martian said, grinning, pulling her bikini bottom off and tossing it aside.

She spread her legs open and winked at him. Smiling, Cyborg laid on his stomach between Miss Martian's open legs.

"Confessed virgin here, you're my first; so please be patient with me…" Cyborg said.

"Ditto here, though I had an unfair advantage…sometimes our fellow Titans think so hard about sex I can't miss the techniques they think of! Relax Vic, first kiss me here and here; and then lick me here, here and there. Use plenty of saliva and repeat the treatment as needed." Miss Martian said, pointing at her clit, labia, vulva and anus.

"Delicious!" Cyborg grunted again, making Miss Martian laugh.

She uttered a pleasured moan as he kissed her clit and labia.

"Hmmm, delicious indeed…" She cooed.

Cyborg began flicking his tongue at her clit, labia, vulva and anus, nice and slow, repeating the treatment with gusto and varying the order of the sequence.

"Hmmm, uuuuuhh, UUUUHHH…YEAAAAAH…" She moaned and groaned increasingly louder; caressing her tits with one hand and Cyborg's head with the other.

Encouraged by her reactions, he slid his right hand's middle finger in her hot, wet snatch.

"OH YES VIC DON'T STOP, FINGER ME AT THE SAME TIME!" Miss Martian shouted, on the verge of her very first orgasm.

Cyborg finger fucked her faster; eating her out the whole time. Overtaken by a mixture of lust and curiosity, Cyborg inserted his middle finger-still wet with Miss Martian's love juice-in her ass and replacing it with his index in her pussy.

"YEEEEEEESSSSSS!" Miss Martian screamed, overtaken by a thunderous orgasm.

Cyborg kissed her clit making her bounce up and down.

"Stop Vic, stop…gasp…too sensitive…sigh…just hold me for a few minutes okay?" Miss Martian begged.

"Sure M'gann, the more I get the hold that hot bod of yours the happier I feel!" Cyborg said.

"That's a very sweet thing of you to say!" Miss Martian said.

They laid down, holding each other.

"So…did you cum?" Cyborg asked.

"I did, my very first orgasm…and I owe it all to you big guy!" Miss Martian said.

"Good, I was afraid that finger in the butt might have hurt; but I couldn't help myself somehow…" Cyborg said.

"I won't lie, it was a bit sore at first, but I was on the verge of cumming and your finger was nice and wet…it ended up being my orgasm trigger, so no worries, it's all good!" Miss Martian said, smiling.

"I'll be sure to warn you first next time I want to get creative with the kinky!" Cyborg said, apologetically.

"That would be appreciated!" Miss Martian said, giggling.

"I'm getting antsy for a bit of PVI, you?" Cyborg said.

"That depends, what's a 'PVI'?" Miss Martian asked.

"Penis in Vagina Intercourse…wanna try?" Cyborg asked.

"Why do you think we're here? The cool part is that since I can morph in the same way J'onn J'onzz can, my pussy can stretch to accommodate the exact size of your cock, all pleasure, no pain!" Miss Martian said, grinning.

"Man…this could have only happened with you, you know? Only you could have made me human again, even if it is only in a telepathic world. And only you could make it all pleasure no pain; it's like…" Cyborg said, rolling on top of her, assuming a missionary position.

"…we were destined to be each other's lovers." Miss Martian said, smiling.

"Yes indeed…" Cyborg said, smiling; spreading her labia open with his left hand and aiming the head of his cock towards her vulva with his right hand.

"Hmm…you are big…very big…uuuuuuuhhhhh..." Miss Martian grunted as his cock slid into her pussy, until their pubes were touching.

"Ooh yeahh…all the way in you…so tight, hot and wet…" Cyborg moaned.

He started by gently rocking his hips back and forth, approaching sensory overload; she looked beautiful, her pussy felt awesome squeezing his cock…he took a deep breath to regain a bit of control and began pistoning into her pussy gradually faster and harder.

She put her hands on his shoulders, looking lustfully into his eyes, her massive tits jiggling with each powerful thrust.

"Ohh…OHHH…OHHHH…" She screamed in pleasure.

"Yeah baby…yeah baby…YEAH BABY!" He screamed back in a grunting voice.

"I'm about to cum again Vic…" Miss Martian said, in a shaky voice.

"Yeah…" Cyborg moaned.

"I'm about to cum again!" She repeated, louder.

"Cum again for me M'gann, cum again…I wanna know that I'm a good lover, that I'm satisfying you…" Cyborg said, in a low, grunting drone.

"Oh you are Vic, you are satisfying me! Fuck me harder Vic, please!" Miss Martian begged.

Surprised and excited by Miss Martian's newly acquired dirty talk, Cyborg began slamming his cock hard and fast into Miss Martian's tight pussy, making a loud thumping sound with each thrust. Her massive tits were now nearly slapping her in the face thanks to Cyborg's locomotive-like pistoning.

She dug her fingernails in Cybog's shoulders as her orgasm tore through her body like a jolt of electricity.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" She cried in ecstasy.

Feeling his own orgasm about to erupt, Cyborg pulled out of her, hoping to withhold it a bit longer, but overcome by sensation and visual stimuli.

"Oh God M'gann, I can't hold it…" He grunted as his cum erupted all over Miss Martian's Vixen-like body; pubis, stomach, triple D tits and face.

"OH! Yes Vic don't hold back, spray it all over me!" Miss Martian said, smiling, being showered with Cyborg's jizm.

Cyborg's sight went dark as the orgasm overwhelmed his senses. He came to back in his room, staring at the ceiling from his one good eye. He enabled his ocular sensor, wondering where Miss Martian had gone and realized that she was lying naked on top of him, her head resting on his metal chest.

A quick zoom revealed that her ass and lower back were covered with his cum. She seemed to be sleeping, spent from the repeated telepathic orgasms. He smiled, put one robotic arm around her back as gently as possible; and tilted the regen table back into its upright position, holding her still. She stirred awake, looked up at him and smiled. He kissed her tenderly.

"I could learn to like this!" She said.

"Me too…and you know something? I may be a 'tit man' as you say, but there's nothing wrong with your body's Martian humanoid form; nothing. I mean it M'gann, you look perfectly fine!" Cyborg said, casting her loving look.

"You're so sweet…whatever twist of fate joined us together I am thankful." Miss Martian said; morphing back into her costume and all traces of Cyborg's jizm disappearing under her skin, absorbed as nutrients.

Cyborg's metal codpiece slid back into place, hiding his cock and balls.

"I'm thankful too…I was starting to believe that sexual love wasn't meant for me!" He said, smiling sheepishly.

They held hands and made their way towards the door, returning to the Command Centre. In another unbelievable case of synchronicity; Cyborg and Miss Martian, Beast Boy and Raven and Nightwing and Starfire walked into the hallway at the same time, and stared at each other gape-mouthed; feeling awkward. After a few moments, Beast Boy broke the silence.

"I won't say a word if you guys don't." Beast Boy said.

Raven, Starfire, Miss Martian, Nightwing and Cyborg chuckled, glad that the awkward silence was broken.

"Agreed!" They all answered in unison, and made their way back to the Command Center.

"Raven and I must invite Miss Martian to the next session of the Girl Talk at the Watchtower!" Starfire thought, smirking.

The End