By Comix_Fana


By Comix_Fana

I'm beginning to enjoy playing Bruce Timm and coming up with new "couplings"! Batman, Robin, Jason Todd/Red Robin, Talia al Ghul and any other Justice League/Teen Titan character mentioned in the following story are copyrighted by DC Comics. The Snake/Steven Quinn is my OC. This is pure fan fiction, and I receive no pay or other benefit from it. Enjoy!

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Chapter 1

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

In early January; an unusual pair of tourists went spelunking in the many caves of Mount Kilimanjaro.

"You sure you want to go through with this?" the young man asked; as they were about to attempt a dangerous descent.

"Yes…" his female partner replied.

"The fact that I find you gorgeous the way you are won't deter you?" He asked.

"You're sweet, but the throb in my knees is worsening and my back and neck have been in so much pain for the past few weeks that I've been abusing that special powder I told you about*…_so I'll try _anything* to heal my body and detox…you're positive there are no League of Shadows soldiers down there?" She asked.

"Positive…Ra's has entered his hibernation cycle. Half the League of Shadows is busy protecting him as he sleeps while the other half is guarding his main Lazarus pit in the Himalayas." He said.

"So he leaves his spares unguarded?" She asked.

"Not quite; according to what Talia told me, this location is still in its infancy, not up to its full potential, so Ra's keeps his eggs in the same basket so to speak by protecting the Himalayas' location. He figures that no one knows about this Lazarus Pit and that it's not quite worth his time and resources. My hunch is that it might still be potent enough to heal your body without getting you in that frenzied state that the Pit seems to bring." He said.

"Just in case I don't have a chance to tell you later…I love you Jase, you're the best! Now let's get this over with; I miss our feline clouder in Gotham City!" She said.

"I love you too Selina…make sure that harness of yours is secure and let's start our descent. The Lazarus Pit is one kilometer south east of the gorge. Hard of access and pitch-black dark….good thing those fluorescent lamps on our helmets are powerful." He said.

"What if I do go into a frenzy? Come out of the Pit like a wild woman; violent and sex-crazed?" She asked; grinning.

"Then I'll be there to fuck you back into sanity!" He said; with a smirk on his lips.

She laughed good-heartedly, giving his shoulder a playful swat. Jason gave the rope a hard tug to make sure the clamps and hooks were secure. Satisfied; he turned his helmet lamp on and began his descent first, Selina following him.

"You okay up there baby?" He asked.

"I've jumped off buildings with nothing more than my whip to grab onto flagpoles Jase; the Bat-gear you've borrowed is making this a breeze!" Selina replied; smiling.

"Yeah…if you think Bats was bent out of shape when I told him I was dating Catwoman, he wasn't too thrilled when he surprised me borrowing the gear…" Jason said; slowly climbing down.

"You didn't tell him what you were up to did you?" Selina said; keeping up pace.

"I didn't need to; Batsy's sharper than a razor…of all people, Wonder Woman told him to calm down…told him that we deserved the same chance at happiness as they did…" Jason said; his voice trailing off as they neared the bottom.

"Well thank you Wonder Woman, we haven't always seen eye to eye but I find that I'm liking her more and more!" Selina said.

Jason chuckled. He unhooked his harness and moved out of the way to allow Selina to touch the ground. He unhooked her harness and kissed her.

"All right then, we have a lot of walking to do…thatta way. Mind your footing, the ground isn't level and the rock can be slippery." Jason said.

"Right behind you Jase." Selina said.

Chapter 2

A few months earlier

Standing atop of the Gotham City Stock Exchange building, Red Robin brooded as he observed the streets below; November snow gently beginning to fall under the Gotham City lights.

"So let me see…Batman has Wonder Woman, Superman has Lois Lane, Robin#3's shacked up with Batgirl#2…and me, after being Talia al Ghul's boy toy for a while, I end up blue-balled and dropped like a hot potato since that mess with Batman and the Joker…I'm such a twit…" He thought.

While he still carried a small spark for Talia al Ghul, he knew deep inside that he was after all, nothing but a Batman substitute to her.

"What is it about him anyway? Batman seems to attract bad girls like moths to a flame…makes it hard for us second bananas to get any action! Then again, now that Wonder Woman's in the picture-lucky bastard-it might just level the playing field for the rest of us…" Red Robin thought, with a sigh.

Then, a subtle smile softened the stern look on his face.

"But… Barbara didn't exactly turn me down when I offered to take her out on a date…she's actually been pretty flirty since her kidnapping; but Oracle's a busy girl. I might just have to surprise her with some take-out one of those night! Grayson's with Starfire so he shouldn't mind…" He thought.

He fired his grappling hook across the street and swung towards the nearest bus heading towards the East end.

"Not much action around these parts…time to change sectors…" He thought; hitching a ride on top of the incoming Gotham Transit bus.

As the bus neared the old factory district, he fired his grappling hook again; hoisting himself atop the old Gotham Rubber factory. The blood curdling sound of a cat screaming in pain startled him.

"Gotta give this a closer look…Oracle says there have been reports of dogs and cats found bludgeoned to death in this area…if I could nab the sons of bitches responsible I'd teach 'em a thing or two!" Red Robin thought; fuming.

The scream had come from one of the alleyways that led to the factory's loading docks. As he approached, Red Robin could see a male Caucasian; 5'9" to 5'11", with a receding hairline, dressed in an out-of-date brown corduroy jacket and dark slacks; swinging a cane above his head.

"Hold still you flea-bitten feline…I ain't done with ya yet…" the animal abuser said.

Before he could take another swing with his cane, a powerful hand grabbed his wrist.

"How about you try that with somebody your own size asshole?" Red Robin hissed.

"Wha…aaarrrgh!" the man said; screaming in pain as Red Robin twisted his arm into a painful arm lock, bringing him down to his knees.

"Tough guy eh? I'd drop that cane if I were you!" Red Robin growled.

The cane fell to the pavement with a clunking sound. Without making a sound, a feminine presence had just arrived at the scene of the crime and decided to discreetly observe. Red Robin punched the animal abuser in the jaw with his free hand; then picked him up by the jacket, slamming him against the adjacent building's wall.

"Wallet." Red Robin commanded.

The animal abuser shot Red Robin a puzzled look as the observer tiptoed towards the injured cat.

"Wallet!" Red Robin shouted.

The animal abuser fumbled his wallet out of his jacket pocket with shaking hands. Red Robin dropped the animal abuser on his ass, pinning him down with his booted right foot. He snatched the wallet and opened it.

"In case you're wondering, I ain't gonna rob you…but I'll take this; and this…" Red Robin said; pulling out the driver's license and a credit card. He tossed the wallet back to him.

"William Roberts…well Billy boy; this Vet's bill is on you. If that cat dies, the cops will be the least of your worries; I'll find you and break every bone in your body, just so you know what it feels like. If the cat lives, you get that credit card back; and the payment had better not bounce! There isn't a place on this planet you could hide from me so don't get any ideas! Now get the hell out of here!" Red Robin shouted.

Roberts got up, stumbled and ran off.

"Well done Big Red, but do you mean to tell me you won't arrest him?" A female voice asked from behind him.

He turned around and saw Catwoman kneeling near the injured cat, trying to soothe it.

"Catwoman…how appropriate…of course I'll call the Cops on him, but only after I know that cat's out of danger." Red Robin said.

Catwoman smiled.

"You have a gentle side underneath the tough-guy exterior Red; I'm impressed…_and I'm glad to see the Bat hasn't made you _too hard-assed!" Catwoman said.

"The Bat and I have our issues…but we believe in the same thing; justice. Animal abuse is a felony in this State…and it plain pisses me off." Red Robin said.

"You're all right Red! But we need to get her to a Vet ASAP, she's in bad shape." Catwoman said.

"I can fix that…emergency request, backup Batmobile to current coordinates." Red Robin said in his communicator.

He looked at Catwoman with a smirk.

"Batman's got more than one and we need transportation…how do you know it's a she?" Red Robin said.

"Those kittens behind the dumpster…she was trying to protect them." Catwoman said.

Red Robin's heart sank.

"Those poor, helpless little fur balls…" He said removing his cape.

"What are you doing?" Catwoman asked.

"Use my cape to wrap her up and keep her comfortable…I'll look for a clean box in the recycling bin." Red Robin said; handing his cape to Catwoman.

She took his cape, smiling, and gently wrapped the injured cat in it.

"I really like you kid!" Catwoman said, as Red Robin rummaged through the recycling bin.

He located a clean cardboard box and walked near the dumpster.

"Come here little guys…you'll be well taken care of I swear it!" Red Robin said in a gentle voice, as he gently picked up the kittens, one by one, and placed them in the box.

The spare Batmobile pulled up near the entrance of the alleyway.

"Quickly, let's get them to the nearest Emergency Vet clinic…there's one at the corner of 7th Avenue and 12th Street." Catwoman said; picking up the injured Cat as gently as she could.

It meowed in protest but remained mostly quiet, somehow reassured by Catwoman's presence.

"Impressive how she's quiet with you…good thing you know where the closest Vet Clinics are…" Red Robin said; carrying the cardboard box with the kittens.

"Many cats are empaths. Some ignore it, while others can sense people's intentions. She's in pain but knows we're trying to help. She reminds me of my late cat Isis…sweet, lovable and uncommonly intelligent." Catwoman said.

They boarded the Batmobile and sped away.

Chapter 3

Back in the Caves of Mount Kilimanjaro

Jason Todd and Selina Kyle were making their way through the dark cave. The beams from their helmet lamps revealed a rocky ground, rows of stalactites and stalagmites that seemed to criss-cross like so many jaws of badly decayed teeth and a narrow, walkable path. The familiar high-pitched chirp of bats indicated that they weren't the only living beings in that cave.

"Bats…no getting away from them is there?" Selina said; shivering.

"Fruit bats, harmless….they'll leave us alone if we don't pay them any attention. The path is sloping downward Selina; hold onto my shoulders for balance." Jason said; as the path took them deeper underground.

She complied; breathing slowly. While she was not claustrophobic; the surroundings could easily become overwhelming.

"How much further?" She asked.

"We're just crossing the gorge now Selina, and heading South according to my compass…which means there'll be a left turn down the path leading to the Pit…and that's another kilometer's walk. You're breathing sounds strained baby; are you okay?" Jason said.

"While I'm technically not claustrophobic I am finding it a bit hard to breathe…" Selina said.

"Okay, let's pause for a moment; I have something for that…" Jason said, reaching in his fanny pack.

He pulled out an inhaler and a small bottle of capsules.

"You know how to handle one of these; take a puff, hold it in your lungs for ten to fifteen seconds and exhale. Then repeat the treatment." Jason said; handing her the inhaler.

Selina complied; her eyes widening for a few moments at the effect of the mist, feeling light-headed.

"Whoa…that hits even harder than my special powder… what is it?" Selina asked; handing the inhaler back to Jason.

"A little Bat-concoction for oxygen-poor conditions; it has the regular bronchial dilator element with a slow release oxygen molecule. Not sure about the technology behind it, but it works. Pop one of those capsules and we'll continue." Jason said; shaking a capsule out of the bottle into Selina's hand.

She looked at the black and yellow candy coated capsule with a curious frown as Jason returned the bottle into his fanny pack.

"What's that for?" She asked.

"Same slow release oxygen molecule in a caplet form. The oxygen is slowly absorbed directly into the blood stream as it goes through the digestive tract. It'll prolong the effect of the puffer." Jason said.

Selina nodded swallowing the caplet with her saliva.

"I was wondering about that candy-coating but I know what it's for now: it makes the caplet easier to swallow without water! Okay baby-boy; let's get going!" Selina said; grinning.

"The oxygen release is making you feel giddy! Okay, thatta way!" Jason said; as they resumed their trek.

Half an hour later, they had passed the gorge and entered the path towards the Lazarus pit.

"Y'know Jase, those rows of stalactites and stalagmites look like we're walking through the inside of a dinosaur's mouth…or a giant 'gator's…" Selina said.

"Or a giant…" Jason started.

"Don't say bat Jase; don't say bat!" Selina said; rolling her eyes.

"Shutting up…how are you holding up Selina?" Jason said; grinning.

"Feet getting sore, knees starting to ache again but the back and neck are surprisingly fine. The extra oxygen in my bloodstream I guess…" Selina said.

"Okay baby girl, the path's getting even more uneven; the League of Shadows hasn't paved the way for The Master yet_…_in a sense that's good news; it confirms that we won't have any unexpected guests.

"That's great news…under normal circumstances a one kilometer trek by foot may take 12 to 15 minutes…on this rocky path, carrying all this gear we should get there in about…" Selina said.

"At our current rate, I'd say 24 minutes give or take a few minutes…we're almost there Selina." Jason said; feeling his own feet getting sore.

Chapter 4

A few months earlier part 2

In the Emergency Animal Clinic, the Veterinarian had worrisome news.

"I'll be perfectly frank; the mother has broken ribs and internal bleeding. She needs surgery and a battery of medication that will cost an arm and a leg; with no guarantee that she'll survive the surgery. Add to that the fact that she's a feral…" The Veterinarian said.

"At least if she dies, it will be while trying to save her life Doctor. Whatever she needs; do it!" Catwoman said; her voice taking an anxious, high-pitched quality.

"What difference does it make if she's a feral cat?" Red Robin asked.

"She's never had any immunization shots, probably has fleas and ticks - I'd have that cape of yours sanitized if I were you - and might have other parasites such as tapeworm or round worm." The Veterinarian said.

"Damn…I didn't realize…" Red Robin said."

"Few people do Red boy, thus the sterilization campaign to control the feral cat and dog population. It's not a healthy environment for them." Catwoman said.

"That's right Catwoman, and the kittens would need full examinations, to make sure they're healthy. Then, de-worming, delousing, full immunization shots…add to that the fact that we can't accept a credit card payment seeing that it's not yours…would the Red Robin really commit credit card fraud?" The Veterinarian said.

Red Robin shot the Veterinarian a furious look, to the point that Catwoman feared that he would take a swing at him.

"It belongs to the son of a bitch who did this to her. He ought to pay for what he did shouldn't he? But if using his credit card is too unethical for you…" Red Robin said; opening a compartment in his utility belt.

He pulled out a wad of cash and waved it at the Veterinarian.

"I have at least $1200.00 in cash here. Will that cover it?" Red Robin asked.

Catwoman looked at him with an admiring look.

"Yes, I really like him! And he's a hot male too…but I'm old enough to be his…his…hot older sister....." Catwoman thought; smiling.

"That…that's more than plenty Mr Red Robin. I didn't mean to come across as a massive dick; what you're doing is very commendable…tell you what, I'll wave the emergency fee and cut my rate in half." The Veterinarian said.

"That's very generous of you Doctor!" Catwoman said.

"Agreed; and I'm sorry if came across as snappish." Red Robin said.

"Forget about it…let's get busy, the longer we wait the slimmer that mother's chances of survival get. Please return in the morning, this may take a while and there's no point in you staying in the waiting room, worrying." The Veterinarian said.

"I'll personally adopt the entire kit and caboodle Doctor. There's a big hole in my world since my cat Isis died." Catwoman said.

"I'll do my very best, I promise." The Veterinarian said.

Red Robin and Catwoman left, feeling drained.

"They're only cats…why am I feeling so sad and angry?" Red Robin wondered.

"I'll repay you that money Red, I promise. I'm impressed; you really did everything to save those cats." Catwoman said; Red Robin's rolled cape tucked under her right arm.

"Forget it; I just hope they'll be all right. And you offering to adopt them…I'm impressed too!" Red Robin said.

"Listen, my place isn't far away…is your cape washer-safe?" Catwoman asked.

Red Robin chuckled.

"I believe so, yes!" Red Robin said.

"Then if you're not worried you'll get the Batmobile vandalized; you're welcome at my place." Catwoman said; smiling.

"…and in my bedroom perhaps? A girl can hope…" Catwoman thought.

"You know, I'd like that...I'm tired, I'm worried and I must admit you're charming company!" Red Robin said; unlocking the Batmobile's doors.

"You're not so bad yourself! So spending some time with this bad girl doesn't go against your principles?" Catwoman said; smiling.

"I confess, it took me a while to understand what Batman's known for a while: you're no common criminal. You're more of a female Robin Hood, like Hawkgirl's new BF Snake used to be…truthfully, I admire you." Red Robin said.

"Yes, Snake, we've met…twice. And I'm lucky that he testified in my favor after the whole Child Porn business blew up in Harley Quinn's face…I owe him my freedom. And that you admire me…I'm flattered…my place then?" Catwoman said; smiling charmingly.

"Yes…and I pity the lame-brain who tries to touch that Batmobile; they would be in for a nasty surprise! Oh, before I forget…" Red Robin said; picking up his communicator.

"Red Robin to Oracle…I have the identity and coordinates of the animal abuser bastard Gotham PD was after…" Red Robin said; as he and Catwoman boarded the Batmobile.

Chapter 5

Back in the Caves of Mount Kilimanjaro

As they progressed, the path became gradually wider and the ground had gone from rocky to pebbly, then pebbly to sandy with several stones poking through the sand. Finally, the path opened up into a much larger cave; seemingly hundreds of meters tall and deep.

"I think we're here Selina; we're at the edge of the Lazarus Pit." Jason said; taking off his backpack and dropping it on the sand.

Selina followed suite, putting her backpack down and removing her harness. She then removed her helmet and stripped naked as Jason was pulling a set of compact halogen spotlights from Selina's backpack. He set them up in a half circle facing the Lazarus Pit and switched them on; lighting up the cave.

"Powerful spotlights!" Selina said, squinting, standing naked near Jason.

"God you look so hot…okay, so be prepared. I was clinically dead when I entered the Lazarus Pit so I have to rely on Talia's anecdotes of the rejuvenation process to tell you what to expect…first you go in, allow yourself to go under and let the waters do the rest. You may feel an intense tingling sensation; disorientation; a tickle in your chest as if you needed to cough…then you'll feel this uncontrollable sensation, hard to describe, to bolt out of the Pit…that's where the body is rejuvenated and when frenzy starts." Jason said.

Selina nodded; staring at the large pond in front of her; feeling nervous. She looked at Jason and kissed him vigorously.

"I love you Jase…" Selina whispered as they broke their lip lock.

"I love you too Selina…if you're having second thoughts…" Jason said; feeling his throat tightening.

"No way baby; not after going through all this trouble….here goes…" Selina said; walking towards the waters of the Lazarus Pit.

She walked in until she was ankle deep in the water.

"Water's kind of lukewarm…tingly…" Selina said.

"I'm not surprised; this deep down the water can't completely warm up or cool off." Jason said; sitting down in the sand.

He observed Selina as she was walking further into the infant Lazarus Pit, now knee deep. He removed his hiking boots and socks; hoping to alleviate his sore feet, as Selina was now waist deep into the Lazarus Pit. She walked a bit farther until the water was just beneath her breasts and turned around so she could see Jason.

She threw herself backwards as if she was doing the plank; sank in and floated back to the surface as the Lazarus Pit began bubbling vigorously around her; doing its work.

"Like a gigantic Jacuzzi…dear Lord please protect her…" Jason thought; observing Selina's rejuvenation.

Chapter 6

A few months earlier part 3

Red Robin sat down on a comfortable couch, facing a gas fireplace, above which a flat screen TV set was mounted to the wall. Selina's apartment was spacey, yet cozy.

As promised, his cape was in Selina's washing machine being cleaned of any flea or tick that might have crawled from the feral cat's fur. She had gone to her bedroom to slip into something more comfortable and returned, dressed in a plain pink bathrobe. She sat next to him, tentatively leaning on him and glad that he wasn't pushing her away.

"No point in keeping the cat suit on; it's comfortable enough but gets a bit restrictive if I wear it too long…besides, you already know my true identity." Selina said; looking at Red Robin, trying to figure out what was going through his head.

She chuckled charmingly.

"It's not fair you know? The entire Justice League knows my true identity but I'm not privy to anyone else's!" Selina said.

"That's what you get for breaking the law…agreed you've reformed, but trouble seems to follow you wherever you go…Barbara Gordon's kidnapping, then that mess you mentioned with Harley Quinn and those other female Villainesses…" Red Robin said.

"Yeah...I guess you're right…" Selina said; sounding a bit depressed.

"Then again, my own hands are hardly clean…when I used to be Robin, my temper often got the better of me; made me act rashly. Batman was losing patience with me…" Red Robin said; his voice sounding distant.

"Wait a minute, how many Robins were there?" Selina asked, with a curious frown.

Red Robin chuckled.

"Ever wondered why the Boy Wonder never seems to grow past his teens? There have been three of us so far. The first one became Nightwing; I was the second one…became Red Robin after another mess…the current Robin hasn't changed moniker yet." Red Robin said.

"Makes sense…so what's your story Red?" Selina asked.

He sighed.

"The mess I was referring to earlier involved the Joker, Ra's al Ghul, Batman…and my own mother. I'll cut to the nitty gritty: my Mom was no saint. Kept bad relations…got involved with the Joker…I tried to save her, only to realize it was a setup…ever been beaten within an inch of your life with a crowbar? I don't recommend it." Red Robin said; his voice becoming hoarse.

"Dear God; it's a miracle you survived!" Selina said.

"Who says I did? That sadistic punk had the place booby-trapped with enough explosives to send a rocket to the moon…killed me and my Mom instantly. This is where my memory gets blurry…I was brought back to life by Ra's al Ghul, using one of his Lazarus pits. The why still baffles me; but Talia told me that it was out of remorse…I wasn't supposed to die." Red Robin said.

"I've heard stories about the Lazarus pits…scary." Selina said; unable to repress a shiver.

"I supposedly came out of the pit like a wild animal; the only memory left in my broken mind was of the Joker's grinning face…it took Ubu and a few other Shadow Legionnaires to subdue me. Talia took pity on me and made me her pet project. Pretty soon I became her boy toy." Red Robin said.

"So you and her are an item?" Selina asked; feeling a bit disappointed.

"We were, past tense…you see, I blew it. Once my memory almost fully returned, I became obsessed with revenge against the Joker and full of anger towards Batman; for allowing the Joker to live after murdering me and my Mother." Red Robin said; eyes closed.

"Seeing what you'd gone through I'd say that was to be expected…" Selina said; brushing her left hand fingers against Red Robin's cheek and then resting it on his shoulder.

"Still, for whatever reason…maybe some sense of loyalty towards Batman -I hear he and Talia were once lovers…" Red Robin said.

Selina chuckled knowingly.

"Yes…Batman does have a powerful effect on us bad girls…" She said.

Red Robin nodded.

"…Talia gave me the usual ultimatum…revenge or hernow I have neither. You see, becoming the Red Robin is part of my atonement. My thirst for revenge nearly turned me into what I hate the most…Talia could see it…Batman could see it…and I didn't listen." Red Robin said.

Selina gently took him by the chin with her left hand and turned his head towards her. Tenderly, she kissed him. Selina interrupted her kiss, wondering why Red Robin wasn't kissing her back. She looked into his eyes and could see confusion and lust; as he looked at her, breathing heavily.

"I want you so bad Selina…but I'm a jinx…bad news…I…" Red Robin said; panting.

"And I've been trying to get into your Kevlar pants since I brought you here Red. Never mind the past mistakes and blunders, I've made plenty of my own. If you don't expect me to play the Talia substitute, I won't expect you to play the Batman substitute either…I'm attracted to you Red; and I like you, a lot" Selina said; in a sensual voice that gave Red Robin goose bumps.

"Ditto…it's a Robin thing I guess…every Robin's had a secret crush on you…and if I may say so, you look much better without the mask and cat suit!" Red Robin said; smiling.

Selina kissed him again, more passionately; her tongue parting his lips and sensually wrapping itself around his. Unable to help himself, his hands reached for the lapels of her robe, opening it up, exposing her firm breasts.

"If the rest of your Red Robin suit is machine-washable, I could do a bigger load!" She said; smiling, hinting that she wanted him to get naked.

"It is, all but the utility belt…look; as a civilian, I've always kept a low profile so I don't think you'd know who I am if I took the mask off…until we're more…sure of each other, I'll tell you my name, I promise. Until then, just call me Red." Red Robin said; taking his mask off.

"Sounds good to me…my, but you're a handsome young man!" Selina said; ruffling his hair.

"And you're a drop-dead gorgeous cat Selina…pun intended!" Red Robin said; standing up.

He dropped his mask to the floor, then his gloves, utility belt, boots, Kevlar top and bottom. Stripped down to his briefs, he looked at Selina with a smirk.

"Say, I'm almost naked and you still have that robe on!" He said.

Giggling, she untied the knot that held her bathrobe together and let it slide to the floor. Red Robin followed suite, dropping his briefs to the floor.

"You're beautiful Selena; so beautiful…" He said; an expression of awe on his face.

"You really know how to talk to women! Couch or bed?" She asked.

"Both sound good…though making love by the fireplace is sexy!" He said.

"Sit down big boy…let me get acquainted with little Red!" She said; teasingly tickling his balls.

Smiling, he sat down, legs spread apart; his cock gaining in size and firmness.

"Nice package Red; me likey…promise you'll drop by and visit me after? For once in my life, I'd like a bit more that a one-night stand." Selina said; as she knelt between his legs; gently grabbing his cock with her right hand and his balls with her left.

"If you want me back Selina, you betcha…I should be so lucky to have the one and only Catwoman as my lover…besides, I kind of consider myself as those rescued cats' step dad…" He said; smiling, feeling Selina's breath on the head of his penis, pre cum beginning to ooze from it. Selina giggled charmingly and engulfed Jason's- the young man she only knew as "Red" - glans in her mouth; licking it sensually, tasting him.

"Talia had a nice warm pussy and magic hands…but she never gave me head…God that feels awesome!" Jason thought privately; running his fingers through Selina'ssilky strawberry blonde locks.

Seeing the effect her mouth was having on him; she let go of his cock and balls and placed her hands on his thighs. She began bobbing her head up and down on his hard shaft, gradually taking him in deeper and deeper, eventually swallowing his cock; making him roll his eyes back into his skull.

"Nnnh…uuuhhh…yeahhh…" Jason moaned; reveling in the pleasurable sensations.

"You like that you dirty boy?" Selina asked in a sultry voice; interrupting her blowjob and rubbing his shaft with a firm but gentle grip of her right hand.

"I'm under your spell you sensuous feline…" Jason said; breathing hard.

"Wanna lick my pussy next?" She asked; with a mischievous grin.

"Yeah, I wanna lick it, eat it, suck it…I want to taste you like you tasted me…" Jason replied; his voice a hypnotic drone.

She sat next to him on the couch, legs wide open. Grinning, she spread her labia with her hands; exposing her clit and dripping vulva. He knelt between her legs, giving her exposed clit and vulva a lustful look.

"You're so wet…" Jason mumbled.

"You make me hot and wet Red…c'm on hot shot; gimme some tongue down th…GASP!" Selina said; punctuated with a surprised gasp as Jason buried his face between her legs; his hands firmly grabbing her hips.

"Easy big guy easymore wet tongue, less hard sucking…" Selina said.

"Sorry…is this better?" Jason said; tasting her love juice, tracing her labia and clit with the tip of his tongue.

"Hmmm…purr, purr, purr…much better Red…uhh…yeah….like that…now stick your tongue in…" Selina said; gently grabbing Jason by the hair to direct his licking.

Jason complied happily; tasting more of her love juice, feeling the warmth of her moist core with his tongue; getting his face wet and not caring. Selina let out a high pitched hum, using every bit of self-restraint not to scream at the top of her lungs; the pleasurable sensations being so intense.

He relaxed his grip on her hips and began exploring her body as he ate her out; thighs, shins, feet, calves, back to the thighs, stomach and breasts. As his hands reached her breasts, he gave them a passionate squeeze, sending another intense wave of pleasure through her body; her skin covering with goose bumps and her nipples becoming rock-hard.

"OH!" She exclaimed, in a high-pitched, breathless voice.

Not missing a beat with his tongue, he massaged her nipples with his thumbs.

"Oh Red that's good…oh Red that's good…OH RED THAT FEELS SO GOOD!" Selina said, in a sweet soprano chant.

With a wicked grin on his face, Jason stopped.

"Turn around Selina…I want to eat you out from behind!" He said.

"Hm, you're so naughty…"Selina said; smiling.

She stood up, turned her back to him and then climbed back onto the couch, knelt and bent over, leaning on the back of the couch. She wiggled her ass teasingly at him.

"Here's your target Red; like it?" She said; snickering.

"I simply love it!" He said; giving her firm, muscular buttocks a firm squeeze before spreading them open.

"And just in case you're wondering; I am on the pill so you can take the plunge any time you like…and all of my Court Ordered STD testing have come out clean…mind you I would like more tongue first…" Selina said; looking at Jason over her shoulder.

"I'm well aware of that…told you I had a Catwoman crush…good God Selina…this'll sound corny but you're gorgeous front, back, top and bottom…your ass looks so tasty…" Jason said; running his tongue from her wet slit upwards to her asshole and in her ass crack.

"Ohhh baby…you have a wicked tongue…_makes my toes curl! And don't stop with the corny remarks, I _love them!" Selina said; feeling an orgasm brewing deep within her.

In a passionate frenzy, Jason repeated the treatment, licking her up feverishly, clitoris, labia, vulva, anus, butt crack and back down. Feeling Selina's body quivering; Jason stood up and slid his hard cock into her dripping pussy, never letting go of her buttocks.

"OH YES RED IT'S ABOUT TIME, FUCK MEEE!" Selina screamed; no longer caring if the neighbors could hear her.

Jason obliged, sliding his hands from her ass to her shoulders; pistoning into her fast and hard, fully enjoying the hot wetness of her pussy on his cock and the smooth, firm cushioning of her ass against his groin and pubis. On the cusp of a massive orgasm, Selina reached between her legs with her left hand and stimulated her clit, while she fondled her left breast with her right hand

"Oh Red don't stop…d-don't s-s-stop…I'm so c-c-close…I…I…mmm CUMMIIIING!" Selina screamed as her orgasm spread through her body like a lightning bolt.

Jason punctuated her orgasm with one hard thrust; obtaining a loud "HUHH!" from Selina. She turned her head to look at him and saw that he was leaning over her; his face close to hers. She stuck out her tongue, silently demanding a kiss. Their tongues touched, their lips connected and Jason wrapped his arms around her; cupping her breasts with his hands; his hard cock still deep in her pussy.

They broke their lip lock, the position becoming uncomfortable for Selina.

"Neck's getting sore there Red…start pumping into me again but tell me when you're about to cum…I have a little surprise for you…I think you'll enjoy it. Okay?" Selina said.

"Okay Selina…just the way you squeezed my cock when you came brought me real close…" Jason said.

"You mean like this?" Selina said with a mischievous grin; squeezing his cock with her pussy and rolling her pelvis; pressing her ass against his crotch for good measure.

"Ohh God Selina that's so good…slow down baby you're gonna make me…" Jason said.

"Gonna make you cum?" Selina asked; not stopping, enjoying being in control of Jason's budding orgasm.

"Y-yeah…" Jason said.

"Gonna make you cum?" Selina repeated; teasingly.

"Oh baby I'm gonna…I'm gonna…" Jason said; his orgasm about to erupt.

"Hold that thought!" Selina said; releasing his cock.

With the grace and agility she was famous for, Selina pivoted on the couch so she could face Jason and slid to the floor; kneeling in front of him so his cock was directly in her face. She cupped his balls with her left hand and grabbed his cock with her right; jerking him off at double speed.

"NOW RED, CUM!" She commanded; opening her mouth wide, tongue sticking out.

"OH YEAH…OH YEAH!" Jason exclaimed; streams of hot jizm exploding out of his cock and flowing into Selina's wanting mouth.

Wanting to say something but unable to pronounce a syllable; Jason observed in awe as Selina swallowed his load and proceeded to clean his cock with her tongue.

"Uh…uuuhh…huhh!" Jason moaned as the sensations were becoming uncomfortably intense.

"Sensitive, Red?" Selina asked, with a coy look on her face.

"Yeah…sensitive and weak in the knees…do you realize you just fulfilled an old fantasy of mine?" Jason asked, as Selina stood up and hugged him tightly, pressing her firm breasts against his torso.

"And you fulfilled on of my own…seducing a young hero…Batman never went this far with me. I think I enjoyed playing cougar instead of Cat!" Selina said; chuckling at her own witty remark.

"You're not old enough to be a Cougar Selina…you're way too young. Besides, didn't you say you wanted this to be more than a one-night stand?" Jason asked.

"Yes, I did, and I meant it…you're very sweet Red. But I wouldn't complain if I could take ten or fifteen years of physical wear and tear on my body…being a cat burglar can take its toll on you." Selina said; hugging him tighter.

"Can't argue with the wear and tear part…knees and spine can sure take a beating…but for the record, you're a hottie Selina." Jason said.

Selina looked at him in the eyes, smiling sweetly. They kissed, long and tenderly.

"The bedroom's that way Red…come, we both need some sleep." Selina said.

She led him by the hand; happy that she would be sleeping in his muscular arms. In his mind, Jason was happier than a Schoolboy learning that School was closed due to a blizzard.

"I had sex with Catwoman…I did and you didn't Bruce! Catwoman likes me! I'm gonna sleep with her! And I might have something to heal whatever injury she may have…it's risky but if she wants…Catwoman might regain her full health and agility…" He thought, smiling.

They fell asleep in each other's arms. Many hours later, as Selina's alarm clock rang; they got up and walked to the living room to get dressed. Selina pulled Red Robin's cape out of her dryer. Red Robin grabbed her hands and kissed them.

"We might need to use a bit of stealth to bring the cats back here…I don't think you want your neighbors to know you're Catwoman." He said.

"Good point…" Catwoman said; reaching for a gym bag next to her couch.

Red Robin gave her a curious glance.

"I always keep a change of clothes just in case. I have a secret exit so we can get to the Batmobile unnoticed…" She said; with a wink.

Red Robin laughed when he saw what she had in mind. They took the fire escape and indeed, managed to get to the Batmobile unnoticed. She tossed her bag on the back seat.

"I can perform a quick change in the Batmobile when we're on our way back…God I'm so anxious…" She said; as they drove to the Vet.

Twenty minutes later, they were in the Clinic's reception area.

"Oh, Mr Red Robin and Ms Catwoman…Dr Floyd left a few hours ago, but left instructions for you. The kittens have been tested for parasites, were deloused, received a de-worming treatment and got their immunization shots; they are healthy kittens." The receptionist said; reading the chart.

"What about the mother?" Red Robin asked.

"It was touch and go for the mother but she survived the surgery. Dr Floyd managed to stop the internal bleeding and repair the injured ribs. She also got her own de-worming, delousing and immunization shots…but she will need to be hospitalized until her ribs fully heal. We're not equipped for long term Hospitalizations and she needs 10 to 15 days on oxygen and antibiotics." The receptionist said.

"The kittens will need to be bottle-fed until she's better…" Red Robin said.

"That's not a problem; I said I would adopt the whole kit and caboodle and I will. Short term, can you keep the mother? One of my associates from Selina Kyle's Animals Rights Foundation can arrange for a transfer to a long term veterinary Hospital." Catwoman said.

"Of course; we can keep her for a day or two, but she'll need more than what we can offer over the full term of her recovery." The receptionist said.

"She'll be on her way to a long term clinic by the end of the day, I promise." Catwoman said.

"The kittens are ready to be taken home; Dr Floyd included a small feeding bottle, a supply of mother's milk and other necessities until the mother's on her legs again." The receptionist said.

"Very well, how much do we owe you?" Red Robin said.

"To my surprise, Dr Floyd opted to only charge you the cost of the medication and kitten supplies…waved the emergency fee, the surgery & consultation fees…he actually worked pro bono…I'm impressed! The total is $480.00." The receptionist said.

Red Robin reached for the cash compartment in his utility belt and pulled his money out.

"That's actually quite generous Red; this could have easily cost well over three grand." Catwoman said.

"Indeed…here, keep the change." Red Robin said, laying five hundred dollars in cuts of fifty on the receptionist's desk.

The receptionist nodded; writing up a receipt. She handed it to Red Robin and walked towards the back.

"Just a moment; I'll go get the kittens and the supplies…" She said.

Catwoman brought her lips close to Red Robin's face as if she meant to kiss his cheek.

"I'll have my friend Holly handle the arrangements for the mother's transfer…Holly's a staunch supporter of my animal's rights foundation…we just so happen to have the perfect Vet Hospital for the little guys' Mom…" Catwoman whispered to Red Robin who nodded quietly.

Chapter 7

Back in the Caves of Mount Kilimanjaro


Selina's body was moved back and forth, then closer to shore where the waters of the Lazarus Pit were shallower, settling on the muddy bottom. Without warning, Selina arose from the Pit; water coursing down her body, hair matted down and nipples erect, a crazed out look on her face.

"Selina?" Jason asked; worried.

She hissed and snarled like a rabid cat; and with a super human burst of energy, effortlessly leaped out of the Lazarus Pit, landing on its sandy shore. She stared at Jason with a nasty glare; crouching like a wild cat getting ready to pounce.

"It's me Selina, it's Jason! Please calm down…" Jason said, worried.

"Looks like the pit is more powerful than Talia though…God I hope I can calm her down…" Jason thought; his eyes focused on Selina.

"Come on Selina; please calm down, I love you and you love me, remember?" Jason reasoned; noticing no change in Selina's stance or expression.

Selina scowled, panting heavily.

"MrrrreeeeoOOOOOOOWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIE!" She shrieked at the top of her lungs; pouncing on Jason, knocking him down on his back, her scream reverberating through the caves and pathways leading to the Lazarus Pit.

Jason stared at her ferocious face, fascinated as her wet, naked body pinned him down.

"Please Selina; I don't want to fight you…" Jason said; as calmly as he could.

Selina's expression changed, squinting as if she was trying to comprehend what that man she was pinning down was saying.

"Well…then…you're no fun!" Selina said in a husky voice.

She then kissed him forcefully, parting his lips with her tongue, probing his mouth, locating his tongue and lustfully caressing it. Tongues still touching, she giggled charmingly. He frowned, wondering what was going on, other than the obvious. She interrupted her kiss and laughed good-heartedly.

"I had you going there didn't I? I had big Red all worried and scared didn't I?" Selina said, snickering.

"Okay…you got me, but I wasn't scared!" Jason said, looking smug.

"You were so, I've never seen you so pale Jase!" Selina said; smiling.

Jason sighed, smiling.

"Yes, I was scared…I was afraid I'd lost you for good. I could have defended myself had you gone completely mental; but that would have been the biggest loss ever…losing my favorite pussycat!" Jason said.

"You sweet talker you…care to have a quickie right here and now? It's a long way back to our Hotel and that rejuvenation is making me frisky…" Selina said; tugging at his harness.

"Always happy to oblige…though you'll have to get off me so I cat get undressed!" Jason said, with a wink.

Giggling, Selina sat up and knelt next to him. Jason stood up and unhooked his harness, removing it. He removed his helmet, then his t-shirt, then his protective elbow pads and knee pads. Shorts, briefs and socks were last to come off.

"I'm glad you suggested the quickie…my man-meat was becoming uncomfortable observing you get naked and rejuvenate!" Jason said.

"Yummy…lemme have a taste…" Selina said; kneeling in front of Jason, and taking his boner in her warm, wet mouth.

"Oooh yeah baby…you just know how to make me feel good!" Jason said; the sensations from Selina's mouth sending a sudden burst of energy through his body.

"Catwoman like man-meat!" Selina said; interrupting her blowjob and resuming it.

"Red Robin like Catwoman mouth on cock…" Jason replied; breathing faster.

Selina looked up lustfully at him, her hands grabbing his muscular buttocks as she bobbed her head on his hard shaft, driving him crazy. She then began jerking him off with her right hand as she licked his balls.

"Oh yeah…OH YEAH…" Jason exclaimed.

"Don't cum yet big boy…I'm already dripping wet and need that hard shaft deep in me like BAD…" Selina said; standing up.

Without warning, she jumped into Jason's arms and lowered herself onto his hard cock, impaling herself, using gravity to enhance the sensation.

"HOLY…" Jason exclaimed.

"Am I too heavy big boy? Is this too uncomfortable?" Selina asked; rolling her hips to grind her pubis against Jason's.

"No…you caught me by surprise but it's okay…does this feel good baby?" Jason said; grabbing her by the buttocks to better hold her up.

"Yeah…intense…good thing you're a strong vigorous boy…if you can, try to reach and massage my bum hole…I need extra sensation…" Selina said; still grinding her pubis against Jason's.

She pulled herself up, allowing him to move his hands. He reached with his right hand, touching her anus with his middle finger, gently rubbing it.

"Yeahhh…cock deep in me, clit stimulated, ass stimulated, tits stimulated against your powerful chest…now kiss me!" She commanded.

Tim complied, once again playing a sensuous game of tongue tag with her.

"Hmmm…hmmm…hmmmm…" Selina moaned, nearing sensory overload.

"She's about to cum…" Jason thought.

Selina's body slipped a little, still wet from the Lazarus Pit combined with Tim sweaty skin; his massaging finger accidentally entered her anus.

"AH!" Selina exclaimed; surprised that the anal insertion was actually enhancing her pleasure.

"Actually, not so surprising…didn't Barbara Gordon butt-fuck me with my compact vibrator?" Selina wondered; on the cusp of an orgasm.

"You okay baby?" Jason asked.

"Don't stop Jase I'm gonna cum….I….YEEAAAAAAAAAHHH!" Selina screamed out of pleasure; as a torrential orgasm flooded her from head to toes, her orgasmic scream echoing through the caves and pathways leading to the Lazarus Pit.

She dug her fingernails in Jason's shoulders as her body went temporarily limp; extending her legs to the sandy ground. Her feet touched the ground, relieving the strain on Jason's back and legs.

"God damn Jase…I've had orgasms before but never this intense…_your turn now big boy, slide out and…_doggy me!" Selina said; with a sultry look on her face.

Jason crouched, sliding his cock out of Selina's tight pussy and the tip of his finger out of her ass. She dropped down to her hands and knees, lustfully wiggling her butt at him.

"By the way, your finger's too small…" Selina said; suggestively.

"Are you suggesting that I stick my cock in your bum Miss Kyle?" Jason said; grinning.

"This is the new and improved me; I'm more adventurous…_unless you're _too chicken!" Selina said; teasing.

"Is that a dare?" Jason said; spitting in his hand and lubricating his cock with his saliva.

"Yeah Jason Todd; I dare you to fuck my ass!" Selina said, with a mischievous grin.

"Don't have to tell me twice!" Jason said; kneeling behind her.

He grabbed her firm buttocks and spread them open. He spat a few times on her anus, and spread his saliva in her rectum by reinserting his finger in her ass; making her moan.

"Hmm Jase…I already told you…your finger's not big enough!" Selina said; breathing heavily.

"Just lubing you up…rejuvenated or not I'm sure you wouldn't enjoy a sore butt hole." Jason said; now rubbing the head of his cock on her anus.

"Good point…but I swear Jase; I haven't been this frisky since…GASP… shit…please warn me before slipping it in me like that!" Selina said; taken by surprise as Jason slid his cock in her tight ass in one smooth thrust.

"Sorry…shall I stop? Is it sore?" Jason said; apologetically.

"No baby…it's fine…I actually find the endorphin release very exiting…pump the hell out of my ass and fill me up with your man cream!" Selina said; in a husky, sultry voice that went through Jason like a sharp knife.

Jason moved his hands from her buttocks to her waist, grabbing it firmly and slowly rocking his hips back and forth; encouraged by Selina's heavy breathing and moans of pleasure.

"So tight…so hot…God I could learn to love this…" Jason thought; nearing an orgasm of his own with each pelvic thrust.

Selina arched her back, allowing him to penetrate her ass deeper.

"Yeah…**yeahhh…**YEAH JASE! DO IT! FUCK MY ASS!" Selina screamed; her voice echoing once more through the caves and pathways leading to the Lazarus Pit.

"Oh God, Selina…oh I'm so close…" Jason said, ready to erupt.

"Do it baby, do it…fill my ass, with your cum; fill it!" Selina hummed in a sultry drone; enjoying the G-spot stimulation from the anal penetration.

Jason squeezed Selina's waist to the point of discomfort; feeling that he wouldn't be able to hold back much longer. Selina didn't mind; seemingly enjoying the mixture of pleasure and pain.

"Oh yeah baby I'm gonna cum…I'm gonna cuh…UHH!" Jason said in one breath; his orgasm exploding in Selina's tight ass.

"Cum! CUM! Give it to me!" Selina said; in a high-pitched voice, egging Jason on.

Spent; Jason moved his hands from Selina's waist and dropped them to the sandy ground; resting his forehead on her shoulder blades. She giggled.

"Did I wear you out Mr Todd?" She asked; teasingly.

"Miss Kyle, you have a talent for understatement!" Jason said; pulling his softening cock out of her ass.

He lay on his back next to her, opening his arms. Smiling, she accepted his embrace; lying in the sand with him.

"Thanks are in order Jason; I haven't felt this good since, well…way too long." She said; looking in his eyes.

"You're well, that's all that matters to me." Jason said; in a low, comforting voice.

He laid his head back, closing his eyes for a few moments.

"Don't get too comfy Jason; as soon as you've recuperated I want us to head back to our Hotel; pack our bags and head back to Gotham City." Selina said; with an amused smirk.

"Why the rush, don't you want to shower first?" Jason asked.

"Point taken, we could both use a shower…but my point is that this is a new page in my life. I want to contribute to keeping Gothamites safe; with you, Robin, Batman and the whole gang…this Cat's gonna be a _good girl…_and watch your back. Plus I miss our kitties…" Selina said; smiling.

Jason kissed her.

"Let's not waste any more time then; there's a bunch of people in for a big surprise!" Jason said; grinning.

They stood up and begun getting dressed.