By CrimsonInHumanBlood

Wonder Woman

Training was usually intense, a heated mock fight that was taking quite seriously around the training facility. Since when it came down to having a real fight, it was a matter of life and death. There was no coming back from the dead. There was the new member in the training facility who had still to learn what everyone had learned quickly and had pretty much mastered since they had started so long ago. Everyone was a veteran. Except this new pretty thing. Wonder Woman; other known as Diana to closer friends, knew what everyone was frisking over. It was a fine piece of meat! Knowing the others would have her first if she didn’t take her as her personal side kick, she agreed to help train her. This cute little thing called her Liberty Belle’s in some sort of relation of being under Diana’s wing of training as well as a personal side kick.

Liberty Belle was quite the looker, luscious long blond hair that curled slightly; not too much, striking green eyes. Her skin was a pretty peach; complete with a perfect bust. Liberty Belle stood a few inches shorter than Diana. The contrast between the two of them with Diana’s long black hair that waved and curled slightly and her long legs that most girls would die for. They were almost like Yin and Yang; yet they were both on the good side. The young girl worked hard through training. She was good. Diana couldn’t help but admire her body and mind for everything it offered.

“Lets call it quits for now,” Diana said breathing hard as she landed across from Belle. Both of them were quite sweaty having worked out hard in training. All their muscles burned. The good kind of burn. There was something sparking too that burned elsewhere. Diana had been watching every movement the girl made. Such talent was unusual, that drew the spider to its prey. All that hard work of making that girl work was something that paid off at the end of the day. Now it was time to relax.

The young blond looked disappointed as she was told they were going to be stopping. It seemed like she was really enjoying this too as she came to a stop, “I could go on longer..” she complained.

“No, I don’t think we should since you might put yourself out for more training later. Taking small bites at a time is better,” Diana replied and moved in to mess the blonds hair up. She could feel how silky and soft it was. It was obvious that it was well cared for. Wanting to touch more she reluctantly dropped her hand down to her shoulder letting it rest on her frame. “You’re still very new to this and I don’t want you to pull something and be out of training.”

Though she was telling the truth, she was thinking more about getting some time together to get to know Liberty better. Since they had become partners Diana had really just observed, trained and hadn’t exactly spent a lot of other time knowing her quirks as she should have since her job required her to be just about everywhere. “Yeah alright,” Liberty Belle said as she put her weapons away. “Are you heading back to the facility?” The girl stretched her arms out to the sky slowly. Diana watched her closely, observing her perfect chest covered in an American flag’s white stars and blue on her left breast, and the red and white stripes on the other breast, rise and fall in that bikini top that Diana swore would pop a breast out one day. To go with her top, she couldn’t help but let her blue eyes slide lower across that smooth stomach straight to her groin where she saw the blue and white stars down the left and on the other side it was red and white the pattern was cut straight down the middle down to the crack in her pussy. Diana unconsciously licked her lips and directed her eyes back up.

“No.. I thought I’d cool off in the hot spring just a little ways away.” She knew of the hot springs that was rumored to be man made but whatever the rumor, she knew about it and liked to head there often to relax for a little while since it was rather secluded, not many knew about it other then a few other members of the team. “You can come join me if you’d like?” Walking over to a nearby tree she picked up a small bag containing a towel and a few other things that she wanted to try out. Especially since she picked it up just for this occasion.

The girl blinked slowly and smiled. “A hot spring..? Hmm..” she pondered with a thoughtful smile on her face. “Well, I guess it couldn’t help but try it out. My muscles are so tight!”

Diana had to bite her tongue. “Yeah, I could imagine.. Let me give you a special massage when we get there, come on.” Diana could feel a bit of heat pool between her legs as her out fit seemed quite too tight on her. Leading the way quickly through the tree’s, the girl was right beside her, Diana watched her move from the corner of her eye. She could see the bounce in her step as her breasts jiggled with every step, they were so beautiful she couldn’t help but want to grasp out to touch them as she could see the hard buds perking out of the suit, unashamed and proud. Diana could see her firm round ass too as everything seemed rather tight and perfect for squeezing. Diana must have done a lot of good to be rewarded so richly! Chewing at her tongue she picked up the pace.

It was a few more minutes until they arrived at the hot spring, Diana stopped and looked around. No one was there. Of course. She smiled a bit and walked into the clearing where she dropped her bag next to the rocks surrounding the pool. “Feel free to undress. No one is coming around here.” She smiled and carelessly began undressing herself. Her breast were full, not extremely large but not small. They were a perfect fit for her figure as she pulled her top off and dropped it to the ground, and then pushed down her bottoms. She wasn’t bushy down there, she was well trimmed with very little hair as she began walking into the water. She was unsure how her partner reacted as she undressed. Looking from the corner of her eye as she pretended where she was walking, she could see the girl blush and gawk at her before hesitantly pushing down her suit, unsure if she should be undressing. Diana smiled slowly to herself. Belle must have been a virgin. “Come on in.. its perfect!”

Belle blushed as she nodded and quickly waked in and sank below the waterline. It was rather adorable seeing that red blush pool up in her face. It had been some time since she had been with a virgin like Belle. Like every other one. They were quite obvious with the way they behaved. “What are you so shy about?” Diana asked as she slowly sank below the water, letting her head just rest above the water. The spring was rather deep in the middle but fairly shallow close to the shore; yet had enough water to cover most of her chest up as she sat down. The older woman couldn’t help but casually let her eyes roam across the supple body that had her mouth water and her ache for more. “How about that massage?”

Liberty looked away and slowly headed to one of the rocks on the other side of the spring. “I don’t know, I guess I never was naked like this in front of someone..” she said softly. “I’m sorry.. “ The girl leaned up against the hot bolder, she had to admit that the water felt wonderful. It was an amazing feeling as the water was warm.. Tingling. It was like it tickled her in all the right spots. “Erm.. Yes..I guess if you don’t mind that I’m naked..”

Diana smiled and gave a shrug. “I don’t mind. Let me get my bag. I have some oils for something like this.” The wonder woman smiled to herself as she went to get the bag and walked back over to the girl. “Lean over that rock..” Pulling out some oils she had concocted just for her, she spilled a generous amount of oil on her hand, it tingled her already and cooled in her hand as the chemicals mingled. It was a bit arousing on her part too as she moved over Liberty who had obediently draped herself over the rock. She felt a bit awkward but she knew if the other was comfortable, why should she be uncomfortable?

Running her hand along her back, she spread the oils around. Moving up to her neck where she pushed aside the long blond tresses and rubbed sensually around her neck in all the right spots she knew of. Rubbing her ears and slowly back to her back. She could feel the girl relax and give a soft moan as the oil’s tingled her skin and the other relaxed more. “Mmm.. Diana.. You’re really good at this..” she sighed softly as she allowed the other to lean over her to get her arms. Liberty could feel the other’s nipples and breasts rub along her back and the others privets. She knew that should try and tell her to try not to do that but she didn’t as she just decided to enjoy it. Having never explored her sexuality, she didn’t think she’d be turned on as those hard nubs of the darker haired woman’s chest rubbed sensually around her back and those hands slowly pull backwards into her back and slowly back down, massaging her. Those hands wandered a bit further, as they caressed and found their way to her ass where they rubbed rather inappropriately around her globes and finally down her legs. Belle could feel the heat between her legs and her face was hot. Diana managed to work her way up again and slowly stopped at her ass again.

“I’ve been in the practice for a while,” Wonder woman said quietly. She had finally managed to get down to the nitty gritty as she felt those sweet cheeks between her hands. They were so… perfect! “I’m sorry.. I have been watching you for quite a while Belle.. I must confess that you’re the most gorgeous young woman I have ever met. I have been drawn to you since you came here.” Slowly she began letting her oily fingers slip toward the crack. Diana’s nipples were hard as a rock and tingled painfully from the oils that coated them. She was so wet and aroused, she had to bite back a moan. “I want to show you something if you’ll let me. I want to show you how we really train our partners here..” Diana’s core clenched with longing and she continued to massage the other’s cheek’s.

It shocked Belle to hear Diana’s confession. Was the older woman really serious? She had to be! To say she wasn’t aroused in the least would be a lie as she tingled and ached herself. She needed to be satisfied. If the other woman was willing to help her she would do anything she asked. “I.. never did anything like this before. I am willing to try it,” Belle said softly as Diana’s fingers moved in for the kill, sliding down her crack to slit between her legs and began massaging the oils around her wet lips that were sensitive to pick up the oil’s tingling and cooling as it suddenly spiked things up. Belle could feel those fingers slide up against her clit and rub her roughly causing her to moan out in pleasure as the tingling caused her nerves to swell and become overly sensitive. Belle humped against that molesting hand as it quickly grew more rough as the training grew. She was amazed that tingles shot right into her sweet spot as Diana added her thumb to rubbing along her sweet soaking wet hole, sliding into it playfully; teasing her as it didn’t go deep but instead just rimmed and swirled. Belle moaned louder as the pleasure was quite intense and as it got too intense the hand withdrew.

The dark haired woman pulled her hips back and shoved her legs apart, kneeling in the water as she brought her head to the blonds clean shaved pussy. She licked along the crack and the folds, exploring Belle’s sweet flavor. The smell of arousal. The oil was almost a peppermint flavor as it was sampled. Diana didn’t hesitate as she moved to suck at the clit there, pulling and nibbling at it roughly causing the other to cry out in pleasure as more sweet juices flowed out of her pussy’s glory hole. Sliding her wet appendage around the clit, flicking it teasingly. Diana brought her fingers back up and slid them into the hole, stretching the hole out for her surprises. She worked her hard until she was begging; music to her ears! Pulling back as she thought that Belle might just come, she smiled down at her.

“Why’d you stop!?” the blond demanded as she panted, needing for the other to make her come. She had been so close. Those fingers rubbed her in the right spot just like that tongue that had her clit ache like nothing she thought possible.

Diana smiled slowly and reached for her bag. “Close your eyes. You’ll see!” Well feel. Diana looked at her as she reluctantly shut her eyes and hummed the rock. Diana reached for the strap on and two toys. One she put in the front of the strap, the other to the bottom. The bottom one was an odd looking thing that had large round bulges that were really thick. They were skewered on a shaft that pulled them up and down, vibrating and wiggling all around in every direction. There was also a little branch out that cupped her own clit and stimulated it. Turning it on she moved to the one sticking out for Belle. It was a nice thick beginners one that vibrated and worked in the similar manner to her own, however without the ears to tickle her clit. Turning the front on, she stepped into it and secured everything as she slid the dildo up to her pussy and moaned a bit as she clenched around it, her juices helped her slid home effortlessly. Snapping it shut the snaps closed she moved to push the vibrating toy against the blonds pussy. Great god, she was so aroused too! Diana’s nipples were hard and ached painfully as she pressed against the back of her, one arm coming around to rub Bella’s clit as she sank in to her slowly. The blond gasped at the sudden intrusion. Being stretched, there was little pain as the fake dick slid into her all the way and immediately began pumping her even though Diana had not moved herself. The vibrator in her own pussy was making her legs weak, she moaned and whimpered in pleasure as she concentrated on fucking the girl roughly.

Training for a fight wasn’t easy neither was this. The dark haired woman shivered as she rolled her fingers against the clit and slid back in the girls pussy. Bella cried out in pleasure and surprise as it felt amazing, the large balls that felt huge inside of her rolled up and down and vibrated violently inside of her, and against that sweet G-spot inside her wet core. As Diana began to thrust she could feel the pleasure increase. She could feel Diana’s breasts rub against her back. One hand had come up to cup her breast and rub her nipple into a taunt nub which sent hard shocks straight to her core. She could feel everything. She wanted to cum badly as it was quickly building up on her first orgasm She didn’t realize what she was getting into since the oils had really intensified things as every little movement had her crying out. Diana wasn’t going to let up as she shoved that vibrating toy up into her soft core. Bell could tell that she wasn’t the only one on the verge of an orgasm as she could feel and hear Diana’s moans of pleasure and her body quiver and tug at the nipple and clit with every thrust of those wonderful hips that struck her cheeks that jiggled on contact.

Diana could feel that powerful toy buzz away into her sweet spot and the sensitive clit that swelled and she could barely keep her self up as she leaned on the smaller frame, humping away feverishly. It felt amazing. That soft skin. The smell of those blond locks as she leaned in to suck on her neck and earlobe. She could hardly get enough! “Nn… Don’t hold back Liberty Belles. Let you voice ring out..” she cried as she thrusted with all her might roughly into that abused pussy and rubbing with all her might into that nerve of a clit. She could feel everything as suddenly they both gave a cry and the juices coated the phallus and the powerful pussy’s muscles clenched, milking the false shaft as they both came. She didn’t stop though as she was determined to give the girl the best first. She pumped hard again and pushed her body into another orgasm within moments. Bells screamed in pleasure as she clutched the rock for dear life as if they might just fall off the earth itself. It was mind blowing! The orgasm was nothing like the first as her muscles clenched and she was slowly ridden out. Diana panted and moaned sucking onto the back of Belle’s neck; nibbling at it as the pulsing stopped. If it felt so good like this just being with the girl, she couldn’t wait for more as she would defiantly be taking care of more.. Privet Training with this girl.

“Diana…I didn’t know you could move like that,” Bella moaned quietly as she felt Diana slowly getting up off of her and straightening. She wanted so much more from the woman. Her first time was definitely a good experience. Wonder woman slowly and reluctantly pulled away and turned off the vibrator, and the belt pulling the one free from her. It felt amazingly good. As she rinsed them off and tossed them to the side. “I can do many things, Liberty Belle. That is just a few of them,” Diana said softly and pulled the blond off the rock and close to her as she pulled them into the water for some serious relaxing. “If you like that we sure can do some more training later.” Diana smiled softly. “I don’t want to make you sore for tomorrow, Sunshine.”

Liberty Belle blushed and looked down, wrapping her arms and legs around Diana. “I wouldn’t mind that. We are partners right? We have to stick together and take it together. I am looking forwards to doing it again…” Liberty Belle leaned into her. It would be a lot more interesting with things being the way they would be now. Training would be far more fun!