Sympathy for the Supervillain  

By Dangerguy

Lex Luthor

a superheroine story by Dangerguy

WARNING: This story is strictly fictional and is not intended to portray any real persons, living or dead, nor is it at all intended to encourage the type of activity portrayed here. It is not to be resold for profit. It is strictly a fantasy/parody, intended for the personal enjoyment of those who appreciate the superheroine in bondage/peril/sexual situations genre. The story depicts graphic sexual situations, including bondage, violence, and non-consensual sex, among a number of other nasty things. It is NOT intended, nor is it at all suitable, for minors. If you are under the age of 18, or if this type of thing offends you, you shouldn’t be reading it. Otherwise, carry on, and enjoy.

Chapter 1: Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself My name is Lex Luthor.

Any further introduction or explanation beyond that isn't really necessary, but I'd like to take this opportunity to set the record straight about a few...misconceptions people may have about me.

Let me start with a simple statement that will also serve as an example of what I'm talking about. I am the most powerful man on Earth. You disagree, don't you? You think that one of those costumed clowns, the so-called 'superheroes', deserves that title instead? Please.

Let's talk about power for a moment. Real power. It's the only thing that matters. You heard me. Not money. Not sex. Certainly not love. Power. Most people, you see, look at power the wrong way. The true measure of power comes not in its possession, but in its exercise. It's not whether you have it, it's whether you're willing to use it, and use it properly.

These garishly-costumed superheroes--how do they use their power? They squander it. They take a few muggers off the streets. Save a few inconsequential lives. Every now and then, they put a stop to one of these so-called supervillains and their hair-brained schemes to rule the world. As if any of those misguided, naive plans would have worked in the first place.

These 'heroes' don't really use their power, not to its full extent, and the continued existence of these supervillains is proof. If these crime-fighters were truly willing to wield the powers they possess, that would be enough of a deterrent to send all the supervillains in existence scuttling back under the rocks from whence they came. But they don't, and this ridiculous, tawdry dance goes on. It causes a damn inconvenient amount of property damage, let me tell you, and as one of the biggest landowners on the Eastern seaboard, I should know.

Forgive me. I shouldn't let my personal hobby horses get in the way of our discussion.

Now don't get me wrong; these superheroes do serve a purpose. When I won the Presidency, I could have forced a law through Congress outlawing every last one of the overgrown adolescents as vigilantes. But I didn't. You're no doubt wondering why not.

I didn't outlaw the superheroes because they provide a useful distraction, like the bread and circuses of ancient Rome. As long as these spandex-clad do-gooders are around, people feel...reassured. If they think there's some altruistic demi-god in a leotard that will look out for their interests, they feel safer, more content. It's a stupid and naive belief, of course, and it borders on being unfathomable to anyone with a modicum of intelligence. But don't underestimate the power of stupid and naive beliefs. The leaders of the world's religions certainly haven't, and I don't either.

As a result, a person such as myself, who is willing and able to truly wield real power, can do so with greater freedom. The common folk will believe that sooner or later, if I've abused my power, one of these boy scouts in tights will bring me to justice. As time goes on and that ludicrous possibility fails to come to fruition, these ignorant bumpkins then conclude that I must not have been doing anything wrong in the first place. Either way, I win.

I can tell you're not convinced. Intrigued, perhaps, but not convinced.

Very well. Perhaps an illustration of the concept is in order--of how I'm willing to use my power and these ridiculously-costumed superheroes are not. An example...a parable, of sorts. Oh, don't worry, it will be nothing like those self-righteous stories you heard as a boy. Do I look like a Sunday school teacher to you? No, I guarantee this little tale will hold your interest and prove far more instructive...

**Chapter 2: All Your Well-Learned Politesse **

"Sensors indicate a super-dense organism heading this way at approximately Mach 5, Mr. President."

I glanced up from one of my many briefing reports to give my full attention to the Air Force Major who had just addressed me. "I see. Can you determine who or what it is?" I asked nonchalantly.

"The data regarding the mass of the organism indicates...a female." The Air Force officer turned and shot an inquiring glance my way. "Should I scramble interceptors, Mr. President?"

"No, Major," I told him calmly. "That won't be necessary. I'm expecting her. And it wouldn't do any good anyway, as you should well know."

"Yes, sir."

I rose from my chair in the Command and Control center of the Air Force base. Two Secret Service agents, one male and one female, followed me. Damned nuisance sometimes, those people. They kept one pace behind me as I left C & C and walked to the entrance to the two storey building.

Mercy, my personal assistant and bodyguard, was with me as well, her honey-blonde hair cut in a short pageboy, wearing a dapper business suit that did nothing to hide her decidedly feminine curves. Many people assumed Mercy and I had a relationship that went beyond a mere business arrangement. Nothing could be further from the truth. I hired her purposely to avoid such a complication. You see, one thing Mercy and I share is a mutual interest in the fairer sex.

I opened the door and the hot, dry desert air enveloped me; I raised my hand to shield it from the bright glare of the sun. I looked in the sky to the east. I saw nothing at first. Then I saw her--she was just a dark speck against the bright blue sky at first, but given the speed at which she was travelling, before long I was able to discern that all-too familiar blue and red uniform. Within seconds, she landed before me.

I took a moment to appreciate her beauty. Long blonde hair, tousled by her super-sonic flight, flowed from her head and hung down well past her shoulders. Her face was lovely--high forehead, fair brows, eyes blue as crystal, her lips luscious even though they were pressed together seriously. She had her arms folded sternly across her chest, but it only emphasized her pert breasts, which were already easily discernible in that skin-tight outfit of hers. A red cape billowed behind her back in the desert wind, which also rippled the red mini-skirt around her shapely hips. Two long, slender legs in knee-high red boots supported her lovely frame.

She looked stern...nonplussed, to say the least. I suppose my leering once-over didn't exactly reassure her. Well, that was her problem, as far as I was concerned; I've enjoyed and appreciated the female form for all my life, and I'm not going to give it up just to seem 'politically correct'.

"Kara," I said, smiling warmly. "How wonderful to see you. The desert sun brings out..."

"Save it, Lex," she interrupted. "What are you up to this time?"

My brows rose in mild offense. "It's 'Mr. President', Kara. Please remember that, at least out of respect for the office if not the man who holds it," I corrected her. "It's funny...most immigrants to this country don't have to be reminded of that."

Her eyes opened a little wider, and her weight shifted uncomfortably. "I'm sorry...Mr. President," she said, slightly unnerved, which was exactly my intent. I wanted her off-balance, and it was so very easy to achieve. Sometimes I think I pursued the Presidency simply to see the looks on the faces of all these costumed fools when then confront me.

"That's quite all right, Kara," I said with a reassuring wave of my hand. "Why don't we step inside? I know the desert heat doesn't bother you, but we mere mortals don't find it that accommodating. Especially if we're dressed in black..." I ended with a glance at my Secret Service agents, who despite their unshakable cool were indeed beginning to sweat. That was another successful gambit on my part, of course. By surrounding myself with so-called 'ordinary people' who were 'just doing their job', I could play on her sympathies.

Supergirl's blue eyes glanced around warily, then she nodded. "All right, President."

Moments later we were inside the air-conditioned building, heading to its elevator. "You're no doubt wondering why I asked you here, Kara," I said matter-of-factly.

"If I'm to call you 'Mr. President', I prefer if you call me 'Supergirl'," she replied tartly. I couldn't help smiling. "And yes, I am wondering about it." She stopped and stood in front of the elevator, her arms still crossed beneath her enticing breasts and that infuriating S symbol, obviously refusing to take another step until I explained the meaning of my summons.

"Very well, Supergirl," I began pointedly. "As you know, the United States has periodically had problems with Kryptonians in the past. I'm not referring to yourself or your cousin, but to your troublesome compatriots who pop out of the Phantom Zone, or Kandor, or even other timelines with alarming regularity."

"Superman and I have always taken care of those people," she asserted.

"Yes, but what if a day comes when you don't or can't?" I posited. "The United States has a right to defend itself from all enemies, foreign, alien, and domestic. It should come as no surprise to you that your adopted country has acquired some small but significant stockpiles of Kryptonite." I saw her blue eyes go wide at the mention of that substance, and she began to glance around nervously. "Yes, there is some stored here in this facility. But it's safely secured in a heavily-guarded, lead-lined room several feet below the Earth's surface."

"I'm glad you feel so secure about that stuff, but I don't have that luxury, Mr. President!" she shot back. "Why on Earth would you bring me here?"

I raised my hands and opened them apologetically. "Let me reassure you that there is neither Green nor Gold Kryptonite here. The USA's supply of those are stored elsewhere, and I wouldn't dream of inviting you there, Supergirl. No, the only type of Kryptonite stored here is the red variety."

She glared at me angrily. "And I'm supposed to be reassured by that?! Red K is the most volatile and unpredictable of the different varieties! You don't know how each sample will affect a Kryptonian..."

"...which is precisely the problem you can help us with," I concluded smoothly. "What use are weapons if you don't know what they'll do in a combat situation? We need to find out what each sample in our collection will do. That's where you can help us, and by us, I mean your country, Supergirl."

I could tell she was not convinced. "You mean you want to...test these red K samples on me?! Forget it!!"

"Now, Supergirl," I said, adopting a reassuring, fatherly tone. "I understand your hesitancy. I'd feel the same way if I were in your shoes, or boots, as it were. But please think about it. Kryptonite is a rare substance. There isn't enough of it to be deployed to every unit in the US military that may encounter a renegade Kryptonian. How would you feel if some of our boys came face to face with someone like General Zod, armed only with a nugget of Red K that has no effect other than giving him gas? And super-gas at that--not a pleasant thought!"

Supergirl shifted her weight uncomfortably. "I see your point...but I'm not sure this is the best way to go about..."

"Come now," I said reassuringly. "We both know the effects of Red K, while unpleasant, are not permanent. Trained staff only need to give you the briefest of exposures to measure each sample's effect on Kryptonian physiology. There are no more than a dozen samples to be tested, so it shouldn't take long. Besides...I'm the President of the United States! Everything I do has to be above board and ethical."

I know...that may have been pushing it. It took all my self-control not to burst out laughing when I said it.

"I don't know," she said, eyeing me dubiously.

"It's all right," I said, with a dismissive wave of my hand. "This is strictly voluntary, of course. If you don't wish to assist us, that's your choice. Mercy," I said, turning to my gorgeous but lethal personal assistant, "have the Secretary of Defense contact Superman..."

"Wait!" Supergirl interjected at the mention of her cousin's name. "You mean, if I don't do this, you'll ask Kal?"

"Well, of course," I replied calmly. "He's the only other Kryptonian available. I'm sure he'll..."

"No!" she said. "You don't have to...I'll do it," she said, visibly steeling herself. That's another weakness these superheroes have: their sense of nobility and self-sacrifice. They'll eagerly offer themselves to avoid having someone else--especially someone they care about--suffer or die. Supergirl glanced at the Secret Service staff. "There'll be...other people present?" she asked, a little nervously.

"Didn't I just say that?" I replied with a reassuring smile. Moments later, we entered the elevator together and began our descent to the subterranean lab.

You see? For all her vaunted super-human abilities, she was susceptible to a far greater power: the power of persuasion. Blondes. Ya gotta love 'em.

Chapter 3: In Need of Some Restraint

"Is this really necessary?" Supergirl asked me.

I glanced at her, once again letting my eyes wander over her exquisite body, now made all the more exquisite by its restrained and bound position. She was in the middle of the underground testing chamber, a room about the size of a small school gymnasium and lined with gunmetal gray walls. To Supergirl's left were two large hydraulic drums, one resting on the floor, the other sitting about five feet above the other atop a thick column of solid titanium that rose out of the lower drum. Each drum had a long, heavy titanium arm extending from it. The lower drum's arm ran behind Supergirl's feet while the upper arm was above her head. Each arm had two heavy manacles welded to it; the lower arm's restraints were tightly secured around Supergirl's ankles while the upper arm's manacles encased her wrists. The restraints held her legs just under shoulder-width apart, while her arms were held above straight above her head.

"I assure you it is, Supergirl," I told her. "We don't know what effect each Red K sample will have on you. They may render you psychotic for all we know, hence the restraints."

Supergirl gently tugged at her bonds and raised one fair eyebrow. "You know these won't hold me," she said confidently.

"True," I conceded. "Even though they're forged of the strongest reinforced titanium, all other things being equal, they'd only slow you down a little. However, with your permission, I'd like to implement our other safety measure."

Supergirl's brow furrowed slightly. "What's that?" she asked.

I glanced up at the fluorescent lights that lined the ceiling. "This chamber can be electromagnetically shielded from the yellow sun radiation that is the source of most of your power. The lights can also be attuned to emit radiation consistent with that of a red sun. We can modify the shielding and lighting to marginally reduce your power levels." I could see her blue eyes widening and glancing around nervously. "Not enough to make you vulnerable, I assure you. Only enough to make sure you can't easily burst through the restraints as though they're tin foil."

I watched the young superheroine swallow nervously. I could see her wondering if she'd fallen into a trap, and knew I had to reassure her.

"As I said, we won't implement these safety measures without your permission. You volunteered, and I don't want you to feel vulnerable." That was a lie, of course. "I can evacuate all but the most essential personnel so in case there's a mishap; I'm sure the casualties will be..."

"It's all right," she said, then nodded. "Go ahead," she told me, her eyes gazing into mine steadily. She appeared calm and collected, but I had detected just the barest hint of an anxious tremor in her voice.

I turned to the observation window and nodded to one of the scientists watching us. "Set yellow rad shield to 45%, red rad level to 33%," I told him. I turned to Supergirl. "Test the restraints now, if you please." She tugged at the manacles on her limbs, then grimaced and tugged again with a grunt. There was a faint sound of straining metal, but the restraints held. I nodded, satisfied, then turned to the observation window again. "That should be sufficient," I said. I saw the scientist nod.

I should point out that the testing chamber was almost completely evacuated, except for myself, my assistant Mercy, and, of course, Supergirl. Most of the scientists, as well as my Secret Service agents, were behind a thick, titanium-reinforced wall, watching the proceedings through lead-lined glass half a foot thick. Actually, it wasn't just glass. Lexcorp, you see, had built the testing chamber under a government contract. I'd had an advanced flat plasma screen surreptitiously installed over top of the observation window. As a result, the people inside the observation room would see whatever image I wanted to project there; the readouts on the observation room computers were similarly under my complete control. This was all done out of consideration for Supergirl's privacy, of course. Heh. As if.

"Excellent," I said. "Now we can proceed. Mercy, adjust the restraints."

"Yes, Mr. President," Mercy replied, then her fingers tapped commands into a touch-sensitive computer screen on a console in front of her. The hydraulic drums let out a mechanical whine. The two arms restraining Supergirl began to extend, pulling her restraints further apart. I watched, my face impassive, as Supergirl's eyes went wide and she glanced at the restraining device anxiously as it pulled her limbs further apart. The arms came to a rest and the mechanical whine faded once they had extended enough to pull Supergirl's supple body into a spread-eagled X. I could see her chest rising and falling, her breath rate increasing with her anxiety.

"I'll get the first sample," I said. I nodded at Mercy, and she tapped another control on the console. This one began feeding false data and an innocuous image to the observation room. From this point on, we had complete privacy. I walked over to a large, heavy cabinet built of a lead-based alloy.

"Hey!" Supergirl exclaimed. "I thought you said trained personnel were going to do the testing?!"

I turned to my captive from where I stood in front of the cabinet. "I assure you, Supergirl, my assistant and I have been thoroughly trained in the necessary procedures. I wouldn't think of leaving a person as important to United States security as yourself to mere underlings. For something this important, the President himself has to be directly involved...and accountable. Now please, try to relax."

Supergirl cast a nervous glance over at the observation window, seeking reassurance in the fact that whatever I was about to do was going to occur in front of a number of witnesses. She had no way of knowing, of course, that those witnesses could no longer see what was actually occurring in the testing chamber. For the next hour or so, they would see me repetitively exposing Supergirl to Red Kryptonite while she passively described its effects on her. I had something similar, but far more interesting in mind for the Maid of Might.

I retrieved a small lead box from one of the cabinet drawers and approached the restrained Girl of Steel until I stood directly in front of her bound and helpless form. I could see her pale skin glowing with sweat. Supergirl and her cousin don't sweat in response to heat, of course--but they do perspire when they feel nervous. I watched, careful not to show the inner sense of delight I felt when her tongue darted out from her luscious mouth to lick her dry lips. Her lovely blue eyes glanced anxiously at the lead box in my hands.

"Sample number one," I said flatly, and opened the lead box, revealing a small rock with a faint reddish glow.

Chapter 4: The Nature of My Game "AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!" Supergirl screamed, her shrill cry echoing in the testing chamber. Her blue eyes were wide with terror, her bound body quivering in its bonds but unable to break free of them because of her reduced strength. She tossed her head from side to side, her long blonde locks flying about. She took a deep, rasping breath and screamed again. "RAO!! NOOOOOOO!!! GET IT AWAYYYYYY!!!"

I let her scream and writhe a moment longer, relishing her obvious discomfort, then I closed the lid of the box.

"Ohhhh..." Supergirl exhaled in relief. Her pert, firm breasts rose and fell on her chest as she took several deep, rapid breaths and struggled to calm herself.

"Can you describe what you experienced, Supergirl?" I asked clinically.

The young heroine glanced at me, her blue eyes blinking in surprise, as though I had suddenly materialized out of thin air. She then squeezed her eyes shut and gave her head a shake.

" was...oh, Rao, it was awful..."

"I'm afraid you'll have to be more specific," I said apologetically.

She glared at me, then nodded. "It all my worst nightmares wrapped up together. I was..." she said, then stopped and looked at me hesitantly.

"Yes?" I prompted her. "What seemed to be happening?"

"I was...stripped, my costume torn off, and then..." she paused and swallowed, "...and then I was...violated."

"By whom, exactly?" I asked, my voice calm and detached.

"By...several different creatures, enemies," she answered, and I watched contentedly as her nubile young body shuddered. "Alien creatures with...tentacles. Brainiac as well. And..." She looked at me and paused. I waited patiently, an expectant look on my face. "...And you. You were there, raping me..."

I chuckled softly. "I assure you, Kara, I would never do such a thing. I've never forced myself on a woman--I've never had to." She nodded, but didn't seem all that reassured.

"Very well. Sample number one induces super-nightmares," I said, turning to Mercy. She nodded and dutifully noted the Red K's effect on a tablet PC. "That could prove useful. It could incapacitate a rogue Kryptonian very effectively, wouldn't you say, Supergirl?"

"Very effectively," she admitted, her voice quiet and obviously shaken.

"Are you sure you feel like continuing?" I asked solicitously as I returned the sample to the cabinet and retrieved the next one. "That seemed to take a lot out of you. Your cousin might have a constitution better able to endure..."

"I'm fine," she said insistently. "Let's just...get this over with."

"Very well," I said, approaching her while holding another small lead box. "You're a very brave young woman, Supergirl," I said earnestly. "I don't think I ever appreciated that before."

If she'd put her mind to it, even at those reduced strength levels, she could have--eventually--broken free of her restraints. That's why I reduced her strength but didn't completely inhibit it. Without the super-powers, she's just a blonde bimbo in a tight, flashy costume. Where's the fun in torturing an ordinary woman? It's much more rewarding to torment a beautiful superheroine. And her torment was only beginning. I knew she wouldn't leave, despite my offers to end the tests. I kept her off-balance with my solicitous and apparently detached attitude, and by reminding her that her cousin would have to endure these tests if she did not.

"Just do it," she said, her crystal blue eyes gazing warily at the lead box.

I opened the lid and let the Red K radiation wash over her vulnerable body. She gasped, then squeezed her eyes shut. Her head fell forward over her chest, then rolled backwards, and she let out a long, agonized moan. I could see beads of sweat forming on her pale forehead.

"What is it?" I asked. "What are you experiencing?"

" Rao..." she whimpered. Her body slumped in its bonds, and I could see perspiration beginning to run down her skin and stain her uniform. Her breath came in ragged pants. But I wasn't about to close the box just yet.

"Is it localized, or do you feel it throughout your body?" I asked clinically.

"Everywhere...oh God, please, make it stop," she pleaded. She lifted her head and looked at me through heavy-lidded eyes. Sweat now covered her body. The blue fabric beneath her armpits and between her breasts had turned dark with the perspiration that soaked it. I could see rivulets of sweat running down her bare legs.

"Very well," I said, and closed the box. Supergirl sighed with relief. "Sample number two raises the internal body temperature," I remarked to Mercy, who made a note of the Red K's effect. "Hmm. I wonder if prolonged exposure would lead to spontaneous combustion?" I speculated aloud. I turned to Supergirl, who was eying me warily. "Well, we won't have the opportunity to find out today," I said, and walked back to the cabinet. I returned the sample and took out the next one.

"Are you ready?" I asked the blonde heroine as I stood in front of her, my right hand on the lid of the closed box. Supergirl took a deep breath and nodded. I raised the lid.

At first, nothing seemed to happen. Supergirl frowned and looked at me quizzically.

"I don't feel anything," she said. "It might be a dud..."

I glanced at Supergirl's chest. "I don't think so, Supergirl..." I said with a slight smirk.

Supergirl followed my gaze. She glanced at her chest and noticed that her breasts were slowly but surely getting larger. She gasped.

"Great Rao!" she exclaimed as her blue eyes opened wide. "My breasts...uhhhhhhhh..." she moaned and tossed her head back as her breasts continued to swell.

"Fascinating," I commented when her tits appeared to stop growing once they had approximately doubled in size. "Mercy, if you would be so kind as to measure her chest?"

My assistant grabbed a soft measuring tape, such as a tailor would use, from a tabletop and approached Supergirl, who continued to moan in response to the painful swelling of her mammary glands. Mercy walked up to Supergirl and began to pull up her bright blue tunic.

"Is that...really necessary?" Supergirl asked.

"This is science, Supergirl," I responded nonchalantly. "We need our data to be as accurate as possible."

Supergirl groaned as Mercy pushed the tight blue fabric over the heroine's sensitive breasts. Supergirl wore no bra--her usually perky breasts and the tightness of her outfit made it unnecessary. Mercy's actions revealed the blonde Kryptonian's now large breasts, and the pale pink areola and nipples at their peaks. Once Supergirl's breasts were revealed, Mercy set to work measuring them.

"She's now a 36DD," Mercy told me.

"Remarkable. Normally, she's what? A 32B?" I said. Mercy nodded. "Squeeze them, Mercy. How do they feel?"

Mercy couldn't suppress a salacious smirk as she reached out and groped Supergirl's enlarged tits. The girl of steel groaned as her over-sensitized breasts were harshly squeezed by Mercy's unforgiving hands.

"They're firm, but pliable," Mercy commented, her voice getting husky. "Like they've always been this way."

"Oh, Rao, please, stop!!" Supergirl exclaimed. "They...they're burning...they feel!!!"

Supergirl moaned as Mercy's latest squeeze made a spurt of milk erupt from the nipple of her right breast. Mercy gave a squeal of surprise and delight. She opened her mouth and her head began to descend towards Supergirl's breast.

"Mercy. That's enough," I said firmly.

My blonde, lesbian assistant looked at me with disappointment, but she released Supergirl's breasts and backed away from the captive heroine. She knows that though part of the reason I hired her is because her sexual orientation would prevent any romantic entanglements with me, she's also aware that I don't want to be exposed to that sordid part of her life.

I closed the lead box and watched with fascination as Supergirl's breasts shrank back to their normal size. As they did so, breast milk spurted from both nipples, spraying onto the floor and dribbling down the Maid of Might's chest and taut belly. The Girl of Steel moaned as the excess milk left rapidly left her body. I watched with satisfaction as a single tear of humiliation ran from one crystal blue eye.

"I think you should take a break, Mercy," I said to my assistant.

"But, Mr. President..." she objected. I merely glared at her. She usually knows better than to question my orders, but I suppose having a half-naked, helpless, beautiful superheroine in front of her made her judgment suspect. "Yes, Mr. President," she said with a sheepish nod, and walked out of the test chamber, leaving me alone with Supergirl.

I returned the sample to the cabinet and withdrew the next one. I approached the spread-eagled girl and suppressed a smile. You see, I had lied to her. I knew exactly what each sample of Red K would do. Lexcorp scientists had found a way to use the radiation levels from other varieties of Kryptonite as a baseline to accurately predict the effect of any Red K sample we obtained. The first three samples had proven their research correct. But the sample I now held before the captive Supergirl--it was the real treasure, the prize in my collection.

"M-my shirt..." a clearly-shaken Supergirl murmured when I returned to stand in front of her.

"Let's not worry about that just yet," I said. "Ready?" I asked, though I knew there was no possible way she could be prepared for this what this particular strain of Red K would do to her. She nodded, and I lifted the lid of the lead box. I left it open and placed the box on a table beside me, then returned my gaze to Supergirl, watching her expectantly.

" feels..." she said, her voice low and husky.

"Yes? Tell me how it feels, Kara. Tell me how you feel." I prompted her.

"Oh, GOD, I feel so horny!!" she exclaimed, as her hips bucked suddenly. Her naked chest rose and fell as she sucked air into her lungs. She licked her lips and moaned excitedly. Her head of light blonde hair rocked from side to side. "Great RAO...feels so STRONG...UUUUHHHHH..."

"So your body craves sex?" I asked her, my voice clinical, but with a salacious smile on my lips.

"Y-yes...oh GOD...please, close the box," she breathed, "...can't take it...can't resist..."

"Oh, I don't think we'll be closing that box anytime soon," I said as I began to loosen my tie. "Not when yours is wide open and itching to be filled..."

"W-What?!?" Supergirl exclaimed, her eyes widening. "Y-You can't mean..."

"Oh, in a few more seconds, you'll be begging for it," I told her as I tossed my tie aside and opened the buttons on my shirt. "And as the only person around who can satisfy you, I'll be happy to oblige."

"B-But those people!" she said, glancing at the observation window. "They're watching..."

"No, they're not," I informed her. I began to undo my belt buckle. "They're seeing an innocuous projection of a rather dry series of experiments. Only you and I will see what really happens--well, us and the video cameras."

"Video...? Ohhhhhhh..." she moaned as her nubile body writhed in its bonds.

"Well, of course--I want this moment recorded for posterity. There are a number of video cameras capturing your every move and sound from a variety of angles. It should make quite the little porn video when it's all edited together," I told her. "Tell me--does the idea excite you?"

"NO!!" she answered, shaking her head emphatically.

"I think you're lying," I admonished her. I reached out and ran my fingertips along the sensitive skin of her inner thigh. "It think you want it. You want to feel a hot, hard cock inside you, pumping away, don't you?"

"Uhhhhh...I...NO!! I don't...not you!" she responded, but I could see her resistance weakening.

With my left hand, I reached over to the table and pulled the Red K from its lead box. I held it up in front of her face. Her blue eyes went wide and watched the small red nugget, entranced and frightened by its power over her. I lowered the Red K to her chest. I softly pressed the alien rock against one of her breasts, swirling it around the tiny pink nipple atop her pert tit. She gasped as the sensitive bud became hard and erect. I then caressed her other breast with the glowing red rock, eliciting a similar reaction. Her breathing was labored and heavy. I could see her struggling against the base desires the Red K had unleashed, and I could tell she was losing that struggle.

I rolled the Red K down over her quivering belly to the yellow belt around her waist. I used the hand that had been caressing her thigh to lift up the hem of her red miniskirt. She understood my intent immediately, and shook her head in a pathetic attempt to dissuade me.

"No...please...not there! Don't do this to me!" she begged. I simply smiled and pressed the Red K against her pussy, which was only protected by her thin red panties. "OH GREAT RAO!!" she cried huskily as the small red rock unleashed its power on her most sensitive area. She began to thrust her hips back and forth against the rock, and my hand. I could feel how wet she was through the thin fabric that covered her vagina.

"What do you want, Kara?" I asked her. "Tell me what you want, and I'll give it to you..."

"No...I can't...I'm Supergirl...OOOOOOO..." she moaned, still protesting, though weakly.

"You're nothing but an alien whore, and it's time you started acting like one," I growled at her, pressing the Red K into her pussy. "Now tell me what you want, girl," I snarled.

"I...I want..." she said, her voice barely more than a whisper.

"Yes? Just say it..."

"I...I to...f-fuck me..." she finally admitted. Her voice sounded small and meek, like a little girl's. Tears of capitulation streamed from her blue eyes. "P-please, I n-need it..."

"Tell me again," I commanded, enjoying her defeat, her humiliation, her pain. "Say it louder."

"F-fuck me, Lex!" she said as a sob escaped her throat. "Y-you bastard. Fuck me. Fuck me hard...oh Rao...please..."

"Well, if you insist," I said.

I pulled the Red K from her pussy. I placed it back on the table, but left it out of its box so the lead couldn't diminish its effect. I then reached up under her miniskirt and yanked down her red panties until they were below her knees. Her head fell back and she sobbed loudly as she felt her pussy was exposed. I then rolled up her red miniskirt until it was bunched around her waist. I looked at the soft, golden fleece that decorated her womanhood with appreciation, and inhaled the musky scent of her arousal like it was a fine wine.

I placed my hands on her firm, perky breasts and gave them a squeeze. They were still slick with the milk the earlier Red K sample had forced from them. She groaned as I fondled her tits, then gasped when I pinched her sensitive, erect nipples between my thumb and forefinger. I leaned my head down and enclosed the peak of one breast with my mouth. She groaned hoarsely. I twirled my tongue around the hard bud, then nibbled it playfully, making her cry out. Her body bucked within its restraints.

I lifted my head from her breast and pressed one hand behind her head. I took a firm grip of her golden tresses and pulled her head forward. I pressed my lips against hers, forcing her mouth open. I pressed my tongue past her soft lips. She let out a surprised squeal, then her own tongue responded. Soon we were French kissing like there was no tomorrow, our tongues gliding and sliding wetly around each other. I reached down with my other hand and squeezed her bare, tender ass. She moaned at the sensation, then began to grind her hips against me. I broke the kiss and laughed in triumph.

"Wave a little Red K at you, and you become a superslut," I said.

"Y-yes...I want you, Lex. Fuck me. Take me..." she breathed. Her blue eyes were glassy and heavy-lidded. Her mouth hung open, her lips still wet from our erotic kiss. She was completely lost to the power of the Red Kryptonite, was completely in its thrall.

"I told you I'd never force myself on a woman," I said with a chuckle as I unzipped my fly. I pushed my pants and underwear down, allowing my cock to spring free.

Supergirl looked down and her blue eyes widened in appreciation of my huge member. "Rao!" she cried, "it's so huge! Oh, Lex, put it inside!"

"Very well, my dear..."

I reached down and took hold of my cock, guiding it to the entrance of her vagina. I brushed my fingers over her labia, and Supergirl gasped and shook as if I'd given her an electrical shock. I smiled. She smiled back. Then her eyes went wide when she felt the tip of my prick pressing against her hot, swollen pussy lips. I held her like that for several seconds, until her body began to tremble with anticipation, and a pleading whine escaped her lips.

With a single, violent thrust, I drove my cock into her hot, sweet pussy. Her head fell back, her eyes squeezed shut, and she let out a cry of equal parts agony and ecstasy.

"OHHHHHHH!!" she cried. "YES!! FUCK ME HARD!!"

I began to fuck the little superslut in earnest, driving my cock into her harder and harder with each thrust. She couldn't get enough. The Red K had made her into a complete and utter tramp who only cared about one thing. I kneaded her tender ass cheeks with my hands; my fingertips could feel the juice exploding from her pussy with each thrust of my prick. Her cries of pleasure echoed in the testing chamber. I was fucking her so violently that her firm breasts began to bounce on her chest.

"UH!! UH!! UH!! HARDER!! FASTER!!" she yelled. "OH RAO!! OH GOD!! OH LEX!!"

I obliged, slamming my hips harshly against her, driving my prick deep into her gushing pussy. She felt incredible--as hot and as wet as the Amazon on a rainy day, and as tight as a virgin. Her vaginal muscles were contracting around my cock, milking it. One day, I knew, I would show the video from this session to Superman. The thought of his mortified face watching me fuck his sweet little blonde cousin sent me over the edge.

"HUH!! HUH!! HUH!! HUH!! I'm...CUMMING, SUPERSLUT!!" I shouted. "I'm cumming..."

"OH!! YES!! CUM INSIDE ME!!" she screamed. "I want to feel your hot cum in my pussy!! I want it!! I WANT IT!!!"

"CUMMING...NOW!! AAAARRRRRRHHHHH!!!" I shouted as I came. My orgasm was long and glorious, my cum spurting into her defenseless pussy. Maybe I'd make her pregnant. That would certainly be the icing on the cake.

"OH LEX!! YES!!" she cried, and I could feel her body tense as she approached climax. "OH GOD...YES!!! OHHHHHH!! OHHHHH!!" she screamed as she came. Her head fell back, her long blonde hair sweeping against her bare ass. Her toned body writhed against mine as each wave of the orgasm claimed her. I could feel her pussy discharging its hot, sticky juices onto my cock and upper thighs.

Finally, I stopped thrusting into her, and pulled my cock out of her dripping pussy. Her blonde head fell forward, hanging over her heaving, naked chest as she gulped air into her lungs. I pulled a small remote control from my shirt pocket and pressed a button. The hydraulics in Supergirl's restraints came to life, and slowly the upper drum lowered towards the bottom one. I stopped the mechanism when the little blonde bitch was on her knees before me. I stepped forward and held out my wet cock to her.

"Clean it, superslut," I ordered her. Supergirl eagerly took my cock into her mouth, licking her juices and my cum from it. I grunted in appreciation as I felt her soft, warm tongue swirling around my shaft. I don't know where she learned her technique, but it was damn good. She nearly managed to make me hard again. Eventually, though, I became flaccid, and withdrew my cock from her mouth. I pulled up my pants and fastened them.

"Do you want to fuck me again, Lex?" Supergirl asked me in a low, sexy voice. I looked down at her and smiled at the wanton, lusty look in those once-innocent blue eyes. I smiled.

"Another time, my dear," I told her, and smiled even more broadly at the disappointed whimper she made. "We have a couple more things to attend to before the staff get suspicious."

I took the Red K nugget, placed it back in its lead box, and shut the lid. I then turned and eagerly anticipated her reaction. I wasn't disappointed.

"Uhhhhh..." Supergirl groaned as the effect of the Kryptonite faded. Her eyes opened, and she looked up at me in confusion, then growing alarm. "My God...Great RAO!! YOU BASTARD!! YOU RAPED ME!!" she screamed.

I couldn't help laughing as I pulled the remote control from my shirt pocket and made one more adjustment to the test chamber's settings. "No, I didn't, my dear," I told her. "You were begging me for it, and the carefully edited videotape will show that if you decide to push this. Which I don't think you will...imagine the humiliation you'd experience...ravished by your cousin's arch-enemy."

"You bastard, Luthor!!" she snarled at me, tugging desperately at her restraints. "I'll kill you!!"

"I don't think so," I replied calmly as I did up the buttons on my shirt. "You and your much-vaunted cousin have taken very solemn vows against killing. What would he or the other Justice League members think of you if you took the law into your own hands, eh? Not to mention the public humiliation you'd suffer if the videotape of our little tryst gets out."

She slumped in her bonds, the magnitude of her defeat finally dawning on her. "H-how could you do this? You're the President..."

I laughed at her naïveté. "That's just my job, Kara, and only for eight years. But accumulating power--that's my calling. And I have power over you now, don't I? And I'm going to make sure of that..." I said, turning from her.

I could hear her sobbing from behind me as I opened a special drawer in the cabinet of Kryptonite samples. The sound of her agony was music to my ears. I knew she'd be reliving this traumatic event, over and over again, for a very long time to come. I pulled out one more lead box from the cabinet and walked back towards her. I retrieved the remote from my shirt pocket and made the hydraulics separate the drums again. Supergirl gasped as she felt her body being pulled up, then groaned as she felt herself stretched tight into a painful spread-eagle.

"UUUUNNGGHHH!!" she cried through a tortured grimace. "W-what have you...done to me?!?" she demanded, surprised and frightened by the unaccustomed pain she was experiencing.

"I modified the settings--unbeknownst to the geeks in the observation room, of course--to maximize the yellow rad shield and the red rad lighting," I informed her. "You are, effectively, a normal woman right now...helpless and vulnerable," I said with a slight smile.

"W-what are you going to do to me?" she asked anxiously, her blue eyes wide with fright.

"Why, Kara," I said tenderly. "I wouldn't want you to think that tonight didn't mean anything, that you're just another conquest. And to prove my regard...I'm going to give you a ring!" With that, I opened the lead box and held it before her. Inside, she could see a small red ring, about an inch in diameter. It glowed slightly. I saw her body tremble slightly as she was exposed to it.

"Ungghh..." she said, her eyes closing as she felt the Red K radiation wash over her. "W-what is that?"

"It's a ring of Red Kryptonite, of course," I told her. "Not pure, unfortunately. It's damned hard to get Kryptonite into a pliable state, even under full red sun radiation. It's fashioned from the same Red K sample that made you so randy. That's why you're feeling that tingling in your loins right now--not as strong as before, but familiar, I'll wager. You, my dear, are going to wear this."

"Never!" she shouted back at me. "I won't wear some ring of yours! I'll pull it off my finger the first chance I get!"

I laughed softly as I walked over to one of the lab tables and retrieved a long, thin, needle. "Oh, my poor, naive won't be wearing it on any of your fingers..." I held the needle up for her to see, then let my gaze fall upon her breast. She frowned momentarily, then her blue eyes opened wide as she realized what I meant. I slowly walked towards her.

" can't!!" she cried, her body beginning to tremble in its restraints. "Please, Lex, don't do this!!"

"Hush, now, girl," I admonished her gently as I used my free hand to grasp her left breast and squeeze the areola and nipple so they stood out. "The pain will only last a moment." I pressed the sharp tip of the needle against the tender flesh at the base of her nipple. "But the effects will last a lifetime..."

"" she pleaded, tears streaming from her eyes, sweat glistening on her white skin. I pushed the needle through her flesh. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!" she screamed as she tossed back her head of blonde hair and squeezed her eyes shut. A trickle of blood ran from the pierced breast.

"Now, now," I cooed, "we're almost done..."

I took the Red K ring and pried it open; even under the red sun radiation, manipulating the ring took all my strength. I held it up to Supergirl's pierced nipple and pushed the ring through the hole I'd made.

"AAARRRGGHHH!!!" Supergirl screamed as she felt the ring pressed through her tender breast. "Nooooooo..." she moaned in despair as she saw me clamp the ring shut. I pulled a small tool, like pliers, from a lab table. The two tips of the tool were super-hot, and I closed them around the join in the ring. This had the effect of permanently closing the ring--a feat only possible with impure Kryptonite under red sun radiation.

"There," I declared, "now the only way you'll be able to remove that ring is by ripping it from your flesh. Which I'd hate for you to do, Kara, seeing as how you have such lovely flesh."

"Uhhhh...bastard..." she murmured. I saw her shake her head as if to clear it.

"Yes, you can feel it affecting you, can't you?" I said. "In its impure state, the Red K isn't nearly as effective as the other sample I exposed you to. But it will ensure that you're just a little aroused...permanently. Gradually, that feeling of sexual arousal will build, and build, until you can't stand it anymore. You'll be unable to keep yourself from copulating with the next man--or even woman--that you encounter. Unless you get some sort of release on a regular basis. I'd like to graciously offer you my services in that regard."

"Forget it, Luthor!" Supergirl snarled at me. "You may have had me once, but you'll never have me again! There are thousands of men I'd choose to be with before you..."

"Perhaps," I said with a shrug. "That's why I'm going to blackmail you as well." I was pleased to see those blue eyes open with shocked realization. "Yes, you remember the videotape I mentioned? I'll release it to every major news outlet and the Internet if you don't show up for some Luthor Lovin' at least once a week from now on."

"You wouldn't!" she breathed, her lovely blue eyes open wide. "You'd be ruined!"

Again, I shrugged. "I doubt it. Other Presidents have survived sex scandals far worse. Frankly, the carefully-edited video will probably just make me look like a bald, middle-aged stud who made it with Supergirl. You'll come out of it far worse than me, my dear: a hypocritical champion of good who's secretly a perverted slut who loves getting bound and shagged rotten. Imagine how the other superheroes, especially Superman, would look at you--if they could still stand to look at you. Face it, girl: I hold all the cards. Always have. Always will. That's why your Dudley Do-Right cousin and his costumed ilk have never been able to pin anything on me!"

A heartbeat later, Supergirl's head fell forward, and her ravaged body was wracked by sobs as the full magnitude of her complete and utter defeat hit her. Tears spilled from her eyes, running down her lovely face and onto her naked breasts, mixing with the sweat, milk, and blood there.

I relished every moment.

Epilogue: A Man of Wealth and Taste

So, do you see my point? She could have used her supposedly-formidable super-powers at almost any point to avoid the fate that I had in store for her. Or later, she could have used them to avenge herself upon me. But she hasn't. She clings to some naive sense of nobility and righteousness, even though it's cost her every last ounce of her self-respect. It makes me wonder if maybe she always wanted things to turn out this way.

So far, she's lived up to our arrangement. She shows up here in the residence every Sunday night for our weekly sessions. Yes, she'll be here shortly. She hasn't been able to bring herself to remove the Red K ring. Maybe she doesn't want to. It works like a charm--by the time she shows up, her engine in revved and roaring to go. It turns out she has a submissive streak that's proven mildly amusing.

Perhaps you'd like to stay and watch? Oh, don't worry, you wouldn't be the first. No? Some other time, then, perhaps.

Well, that's all for tonight. Mercy will show you out. I'll summon her...

Oh, don't look so agitated. Relax. Think, man--if I wanted you dead, they'd be dragging your body from the Potomac right now. As long as you keep to our agreement, and nothing in these interviews is published until after my death, you and your loved ones have nothing to fear from me. Though you would do well to remember what could happen if you cross me.

Ah, there you are, Mercy. Well, good night, Mr. Kent. Please give my regards to your wife. I'll see you next week. Maybe I'll tell you what I did to Wonder Woman then...