By Dark One


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By Dark One

It is a beautiful September night. Wonder Woman smiled brightly and continued leisurely along the tree lined street. Her mind was filled with sweet memories of the ceremony honoring those young college students who'd made a difference in the community. It was just so refreshing to witness first hand, and celebrate, the good in life for a change. She saw too much of the evil on a daily basis.

The stroll was pretty much uneventful and quiet, until she reached the end of Fraternity Row. The Delta Omega Alpha House was in full party mode, very loud and brightly lit. Greeks were even spilled out onto the front lawn, drinking and laughing. The music was obnoxiously loud and rude. But she was not on duty, and "domestic disturbances" were beneath a super heroine of her stature anyway.

A woman's scream pierced the night air. Even the men and women in the front yard turned and stared at the house. Wonder Woman stopped, all her senses alert. Was it a genuine cry for help? Or just a play scream? The last thing she wanted to do was spoil everyone's fun, and come off as an old fuddy-duddy.

Another scream.

"That's a scream of fear," Wonder Woman said, taking off at a run.

Wonder Woman raced through the front door, and plowed into the frat party. The people were packed in the house like sardines. There was barely enough room to press forward with considerable effort. She called several times for someone to turn off the music, but got no response and the music blared on. She could feel the heavy bass beat hammering her breastbone. The air was hot and sultry, with the smell of beer thick in the air.

There had to be over a hundred young men and women pressed together, just in that room. When she tried to speak to them she could barely hear herself speaking. There was no way she could even find the woman in distress, for now she couldn't possibly hear the woman's screams.


Wonder Woman's bright blue eyes widened in disbelief. Someone had the audacity to smack her on the ass! She whirled around to confront the dirty dog, but it was not obvious who so callously disrespected her. None of the youths, either male or female, gave any indication anything untoward happened. Then a large, male hand cupped and caressed her shapely hiney, while running his middle finger boldly up and along her butt crack.

"Ohhh!" she cried, and thrust her hips forward to escape that most unwanted of contacts.

Turning around with a snarl, she was once again confronted with seemingly oblivious young adults. No one so much as cracked a smile or smirked to indicate they saw what happened. She began to think she'd made a serious mistake in charging in so boldly. Then the thunderous song ended and the silence was deafening.

Wonder Woman knew she only had seconds before another song blasted forth. She sucked in her breath to call out to them, to stop the party and the music. But she heard another scream, and saw a young man carrying a young woman up the stairs over his shoulder. And then the next song began, even louder than the last one.

She saw no reason to try and stop the party at that time. She had to help that poor girl first. So Wonder Woman started pushing her way through the crowd, toward the stairs. This time, when someone pinched her ass, she ignored them and kept moving. The University President would hear about how they treated her tomorrow. Let him deal with them. She had a woman to save.

"Wha -- !"

Wonder Woman fell. Tripped. She hit the floor hard, but wasn't hurt. For a second she lay there, propped up on her elbows and fuming. Such disrespect! She was beside herself. How callous and uncaring were these people?


"No!" she gasped as an unknown person unzipped her bustier, and her massive mammaries fall out. When she tried to use one arm to cover her naked breasts, a foot pressed into her side and shoved her sideways to the floor, so that her bustier was left laying on the floor before her and her tits exposed for all to see. "Bastards!"

Wonder Woman, enraged by their foul treatment of her, surged to her knees. She looked left, right, then over her shoulder, to try and make eye contact with anyone attempting to kick or push her again. But as she was glancing over her shoulder, some unseen person snatched away her loose bustier. She neither heard nor saw a thing, just found it gone when she turned back around and reached for it.

"No! Give it back!"

It was incomprehensible. Someone stripped her topless. Considering how it happened, she knew it had to be intentional. Some sick pervert was getting his rocks off humiliating her. Wonder Woman, face scarlet, vowed to make the bastard pay. He would not get away with this outrage.

Regaining her feet, but not without three hands reaching out to touch, squeeze and caresses her impressive 44DDs. Of course, she couldn't catch anyone red handed. It was not her night.

"Stop it! I mean it!" she shouted vainly. No one could hear her. "Shut off the music! I'm not playing games, people."

Giving up on that, Wonder Woman looked around. After a few moments, she spotted a flash of red and gold above everyone's head. Intently watching in that direction, a moment later her bustier was once more lifted high and flaunted by a dancing frat boy. She ground her teeth and pushed through the crowd with renewed determination.

Immediately, hands came out from every direction. They weren't even trying to hide it now. Almost every boy, and a few of the girls, was reaching out to touch her legendary tits. She did her best to ignore them. But a few got firm holds that slowed her progress, and the constant fondling of her normally untouched breasts was taking it's toll. She felt a tingle deep in her belly, as well a sweet erotic feeling in both tits, centered on the now growing pink nipples.

"Hera, give me strength!"

Besides her magnificent mams, they were grabbing, slapping and pinching her firm round hiney, and some were even touching and pulling her long, silky black mane. It was taking her twice as long as it should to move though the party crowd. But she set her face grimly and plunged on through the room.

A hand reached between her legs as she passed, grabbing her groin. That Wonder Woman did not ignore. She seized his wrist in a powerful, viselike grip and squeezed. The frat boy shrieked like a schoolgirl. Wonder Woman grinned fiercely, finally able to strike back at her faceless abusers. She jerked him in close, and smashed an elbow into his face. He fell bonelessly at her booted feet.

The other hands vanished. She smiled and charged forward. The dancing frat boy with her bustier was close, unaware she was closing on him like a hawk diving in to catch a mouse. He wouldn't be celebrating once she got her hands on him. He'd be lucky to be conscious to bemoan his pains after she kicked his butt. It wouldn't be a lesson he quickly forgot.

"Stop!" she cried, then surged between two girls, knocking both down, and seized the self-styled clown's left arm. "Gotcha!"

His shocked face whipped around to gawk at her. It felt good to see the fear in his wide, brown eyes. Then out of the corner of her eyes she saw another hand reach out and snatch away her bustier. The frat boy cried out angrily and tried to go after the latest thief, but she pulled him back and pushed him to the floor. Then she went after the laughing man brandishing her bustier over his head.

Wonder Woman caught him shortly. Tackled him. They went down together. She reached for the bustier and he reached for her tits. Both got what they sought. But his hands weren't the only ones on her body. Her body was almost instantly covered head to toe with grasping, groping hands. One slipped under the front of her star spangled bottoms, his fingers touching and massaging her twat. To her shock she felt that she was wet at that time.

"Stop! I demand you cease and desist this instant!"

No one listened to her. Few could hear her over the pounding music.

So hugging the long sought bustier close to her bosom, she began crawling. After a moment or two, which felt like decades, she came across a table and crawled on top. Standing, she found herself above the crowd and above their seeking hands. She was also the center of attention now, standing before them topless and disheveled.

The music suddenly stopped as Wonder Woman wrapped the bustier around her tiny waist and zipped up. Then she shamelessly plumped up her tits until they were displayed perfectly.

"So, I finally have all of your undivided attention," Wonder Woman then said into the stunned silence. "The party's over, boys and girls. If you don't live here, go home. Now!"

The air was filled with grumbling and groaning. College students cut sullen glances at her as they made for the front door. Wonder Woman stood atop the table, her fists on her hips and glared at them. She was not happy with a single one of them. She only wished she could have all their names to turn into the University President and all the school deans.

It took several minutes to clear the room. But soon she found herself confronting a sullen group of frat boys, all whispering urgently between themselves. She figured they were trying to get their alibis straight. They would need good ones, but she doubted any would be a student at that university by the end of the week.

"That me upstairs," Wonder Woman demanded. The looks of first shock, then carnal lust and eagerness told her they misunderstood her intentions. "I heard a woman's screams for help. We're going to search upstairs for anyone and everyone. Understood?"

"No problemo, Wonder Babe," a tall redheaded young man said. He stood in the forefront of the frat boys, and was clearly their spokesman. "I'm Gregory Straits, President of Delta Omega Alpha. I'll personally escort you upstairs. I'm sure there was a perfectly innocent explanation for any screams you think you heard."

Wonder Woman's bright blue eyes flashed at the impudent little twit. How dare him imply she didn't hear what she knew she heard. And she saw that poor girl being carried upstairs.

"Boy," she said, voice dripping with contempt as her hand dropped to the Golden Lasso. "How would you like to attend a meeting with the University President and my lasso?"

All eyes dropped to the lasso. Gregory's eyes widened and he swallowed hard. Then he licked his thin lips and shook his head.

"Ah...I think....I mean, follow me," he said, turning toward the stairs.

"Excellent," she said, grinning victoriously. They all looked suitably abashed and defeated. She knew they would think twice before risking her ire again. "Everyone come along. I want that poor girl found quickly."

Gregory proceeded her up the main stairs. Wonder Woman walked within a comfortable comfort zone. Gregory was arm's length before her, and the other Delta Omega Alphas followed a good arm's length behind, all crowded together and jostling for positions close to her. She just shook her head to see how eager and determined they all were to still get as close as possible to her after all that had happened.

Men! They are so pathetic it's funny, she thought.

Gregory paused at the top of the stairs, looking unsure which way to proceed. She frowned, wondering how he ever got elected their leader. Then as she took that last step up, someone behind her reached up and pinched her round white ass.

"How dare you!" she cried, her head whipping around and glaring down into the crowd. Before her foot touched the floor again, while she was looking over her shoulder and teetering on one stiletto-heeled foot, Gregory turned, placed his hands over her massive tits and shoved her straight backwards. "No! Aaiieee!"

Wonder Woman fell straight backwards. Her arms cartwheeled. She steeled herself for the impact on the hard stairs, and the expected tumble down to the first floor. But anger flashed at the same time. She knew that little tumble wouldn't hurt her, but it would prove very painful for the frat boys and their despicable President.

To Wonder Woman's surprise and gratitude, the frat boys on the stairs behind caught her. For a moment she was hefted up, floating on their extended hands. Some of her anger bled away, for they weren't all as wicked as their leader.

Then she felt something that froze her heart and soul.

"No! Don't touch my -- !" she cried, but her golden girdle came unfastened and was pulled away. "Stop! You don't know what you're doing. Give it back this instant!"

"Her super strength is gone now, boys!" Gregory cried triumphantly from the top of the stairs. "She wanted us all to take her upstairs to the bedrooms, so bring her up. It's party time!"

"No! I will not be manhandled and abused you little geeks and freaks!"

Wonder Woman lashed out with fists and feet. They held her up above them a moment longer, but then she smashed through and fell among them. A human avalanche to the bottom of the stairs, all the while kicking, biting and scratching at the little demons. The frat boys proved tougher that she expected, taking far more punishment than she thought they could handle. And they never gave up.

"Release me," she demanded when two frat boys seized her left leg and held on for dear life. "I will rip your arms out of the socket if you -- Hey! Let go of my arm!"

Her right arm was suddenly seized by another two boys. When she reached for them with her left, prepared to claw their eyes with her long nails, that wrist was caught by a frat boy. They struggled a moment, until another frat boy joined him and they pulled her arm back and held on. Before she lost that battle, other frat boys were wrapping themselves around her right leg. So Wonder Woman found herself depowered and held down by ten frat boys.

"Missing this, Wonder Babe?" Gregory said, leering down at her and holding up her golden girdle. The golden lasso still hung off the girdle. "You know, you've never looked more fetching."

Wonder Woman stopped struggling and took a deep, calming breath.

"OK, Gregory, you got me," she said in the most reasonable tone she could muster. But fire burned in her blue gaze. "But this has gone too far. This is no longer a fraternity prank, but a serious violation of my rights and the law. End it now."

Gregory regarded her a long moment. The other frat boys gawked at her, a few were drooling with eyes full of carnal lust. For a second she thought Gregory was going to order her release, but then a fierce grin spread across his boyish face.

"You're right, Wonder Tits, we're going to end it all right. But to our satisfaction, not yours," he said. "Strip her!"

Frat boys jumped on her from all directions. Within seconds her bustier was gone. Her star spangled bottoms were pulled down her mile long legs and fought over. Hands suddenly began touching, fondling, squeezing and otherwise violating every square inch of her magnificent body.


"Upstairs!" Gregory cried, and the others took up the call.

Wonder Woman was lifted up and carried to the top of the stairs. She was taken into a large bedroom and tossed upon the bed. Before she can scramble to safety, they seized her arms and legs again. She was quickly bound to the bed spreadeagle. Someone shoved a pillow under her ass.

"Guess who gets to go first?" Gregory said, leering at her from the foot of the bed.

He unfastened his jeans and pushed them down to his ankles. She stared at him wild-eyed, her long black hair tousled and half concealing her beautiful face. Then he removed his boxer shorts and she saw his engorged cock for the first time.


He had to be ten inches long. Not very thick, but extremely long.

"I'm a virgin! I don't want to do this," she said. "I demand you release me this instant."

"Hear that, boys? Wonder Bod wants release," Gregory said.

Hoots and catcalls filled the bedroom. She cried out "NO, not THAT!" but they didn't hear or didn't care. So with dread and horror, she watched Gregory move between her legs. But he didn't mount her immediately, as she expected. No, instead he lowered his face to her moist snatch.

"Hmmm, smells like tuna," he said, laughing. The others roared with laughter. Wonder Woman didn't think it funny at all. "Let's see if it tastes like tuna."

She felt his warm, girlishly soft hand touch her furry mount. He ran his fingers through her closely cropped, bikini waxed pubic patch. She writhed and tried to get out from under his touch, but was being held helplessly by her cruel bonds. Then his fingers found her labia, and parted the glistening lips with his index finger.


"Like that, did you?" he said smugly.

"Bite me," she growled through clenched teeth. So he bent over and bit her pussy lips. "Aaaiiiieee! You bastard! You stinking, craven bastard, you bit me! You really bit me."

"Of course. So I would be careful what you say, Wonder Idiot," he said. "It might be interpreted in a way painful or unpleasant to you."

Wonder Woman lay spreadeagle before him, spread out like a sexual smorgasbord before a sexually starved frat boy. She gasped and tensed her body when his fingers spread her labia wide, then stroked the pussy lips. The sensations his touch caused were shameful and confusing. How could she enjoy this? This was the worst outrage perpetrated against her ever. They were humiliating her in ways she never thought possible. The greatest criminal minds in the world never got her into this situation, never made her so terribly helpless and vulnerable.

"The bitch is wet and getting wetter fast," Gregory exclaimed. "She could cum at any time."

"I knew it," another frat boy said eagerly. "I knew anyone that dressed that provocatively was just BEGGING to be banged."

"No, you misunderstand -- Oooooo," she cried, just as Gregory's tongue started lapping up her love juices. She felt his hot tongue as it explored her pussy with wild abandonment. He worked her pussy lips over good -- licking, nibbling and sucking on them -- not stopping until Wonder Woman was writhing beneath him, gasping and panting. "I'm a super heroine! I'm YOUR heroine! Why are you doing this to me?"

In answer, his tongue ran up her slit to her clitoris. The instant that tongue hit her clit she cried out and tensed. So Gregory started to lick and suck on Wonder Woman's clit with determined enthusiasm. She was soon whipping her head back and forth, panting and crying out to Hera and Aphrodite. Then Gregory plunged two fingers into her pussy.

"Uhhhhh. Ooooo," she cried, arching her back.

"Ooo, Wonder Puss liked that," Gregory said, his voice muffled by her pussy.

Pumping two fingers in and out of her vagina, Gregory continued to suck and lick her clit. Her struggles and panting doubled, and redoubled. Soon Wonder Woman was making little animal sounds between grunts, groans and gasps. A sheen of sweat covered her shapely body as she lost the ability to even think of anything else but what Gregory was doing to her body.

Wonder Woman looked around as everything suddenly started going in slow motion. The bedroom was packed with glaze-eyed frat boys, watching their fantasy sex partner being finger fucked and pussy-eaten before them. And waiting their turn atop her. She knew each and every last one of them would fuck her that night. Indeed, there was a deep, dark part of her that looked forward to it, and it shamed her to know it. Then Gregory changed the way he was pumping his fingers into her vagina.

"Oh! You found it," she cried as her body became super tense.

What he inadvertently found was her G-spot. Every time he shoved his fingers into her pussy, he hit that G-spot. Wonder Woman felt her body react. Warmth flooded her snatch, with a wonderful tingling starting to build behind it. Very soon, surprisingly quickly, she felt that tingle change into that exquisite rush to climax.

"Hera! I'm losing it!"

Seconds later an orgasm so powerful it left her dazed and gasping for breath ripped through her body. Wonder Woman cried out, eyes wide in disbelief and amazement. The bed frame groaned her body pulled at it so powerfully, all bound up spreadeagle. It lasted a full minute, leaving her belly quivering and her insides feeling like jelly.

Hera, he sucked my strength away. I've never felt so utterly helpless, she cried silently.

All the fight was washed away by that orgasm. It left her spent and helpless. Her will to fight was shattered. From the look of triumph in Gregory's eyes, she knew he realized it too.

"Now for the coup de grace," Gregory said. "Then the ONCE mighty and invincible Wonder Woman will be truly defeated and quite malleable for the rest of you boys."

Wonder Woman watched him with hooded eyes, exhausted and defeated. She heard his words, but barely understood or cared. There was no escaping her fate as it was, and she couldn't muster any more fight. All she had left was a kind of morbid curiosity to see what else he would do to her, before setting the rest of his lusty, horny dogs upon her helpless body.

He moved up between her wide spread legs, grinning hungrily down at her. She licked her dry lips and tried to get her wind back. Then she felt his engorged penis press against her pussy. The lips of her hot, moist labia were open, and the head of his dick easily and quickly penetrated her.

"Uhhhh," she gasped, arching her back. He pushed all the way in to her Hymen, then locked eyes with her. With a cry of victory and pleasure, he thrust forward and ripped deep inside her, smashing through her precious virtue and maidenhead. "Aaaaiiiiieeee!"

Something deep inside her snapped. The act of deflowering her took something deep and profoundly hers away. Wonder Woman couldn't describe what happened, or what was lost, but she felt as if her soul was stripped away.

"Who's your daddy?" Gregory demanded.

Wonder Woman gawked open mouthed up into his eyes, flabbergasted and speechless. She could not believe what had happened.

"Who's your daddy?" he demanded again, starting to fuck her even harder and faster.

She gasped and arched her back even more. It felt too good. Too horribly, wonderfully good. How could something so bad feel so good, so right? Her body was already a-tingle with pleasure. She knew the first orgasm opened her up to more and more. Each successive climax would come with less and less effort on their part.

"Mercy," she gasped. "Please, have mercy. I'll do anything you ask."

There was no mercy in Gregory's eyes. He started hammering that long, thin dick all the way into her quivering pussy. Her body, of it's own accord, was moving with his in perfect concert, to maximize both of their pleasure. She wasn't even aware she was doing it. Then the tingle became something more.

"Who's your daddy. Tell me!"

Wonder Woman's eyes flashed lustfully. She ground her teeth and started to grunt with effort and both her and Gregory intensified their efforts as both rushed toward climax. She ground her hips against his and cried out to Hera and Gregory.

"You are," she gasped. "You're my daddy."

"I thought so," he growled and started fucking her even harder.

Wonder Woman's toes curled. She felt every stroke of his long, long dick all the way down her legs, and up deep into her chest and arms. She'd never felt anything like it. It was an irresistible force, battering her resolve down. Smashing her faltering defenses that guarded her will and self esteem. She couldn't handle it anymore. Wonder Woman snapped.

"Fuck me!" she cried. "Oh, Hera forgive me, but fuck me harder!"

Gregory couldn't take it any longer. He shoved his cock all the way in and held it. Wonder Woman felt his dick convulsing and hot cum squirted deep inside her vagina. Feeling him cum inside her was too much for Wonder Woman, and she went over the edge, too. The orgasm scorched her soul and burnt away the last of her defiance.

Gasping for breath, Gregory seized her face in both hands and kissed her ruby lips with gusto. Wonder Woman moaned and kissed back just as passionately. Their tongues played and teased each other as their lips slid over and round in that passionate lip lock.

"You belong to me," Gregory whispered into her ear.

"I am yours," she whispered back.

Gregory kissed her once more, then lifted his spent body away from her. Wonder Woman whimpered. Then he crawled up as she watched his dangling cock, only semi-erect now and glistening with her love juices and sticky cum. He moved up until that cock was directly above her face and dripping hot jizm on her red lips.

"Lick me clean, Wonder Lips," he said.

Wonder Woman didn't hesitate. She opened her mouth and sucked him deep inside. He tasted delicious! As commanded, she sucked and licked his cock and balls clean. It took the better part of five minutes, and was tougher that she thought it would be, but she cleaned him good. Everyone was impressed.

"My turn," the next frat boy said. He was the one that first stole her bustier downstairs. "I've been dreaming of this moment for all my life."

He was already out of his pants and crawling up between her legs. She wasn't sure what to expect next, but wasn't surprised when he went straight for her titanic tits.

"Mmmmm," he groaned, sucking one of her nipples into his mouth, as his hands seized it and squeezed. "So big and juicy and firm. Better than I ever dreamed."

Wonder Woman's breasts were extremely sensitive. They were engorged with blood and had swelled considerable due to her sexual excitement. She knew they'd never been so large and taut in her life, or so sensitive.

"Gregory! I'm willing to make a deal. We can work something out," she said as her body shuddered. "Oh! Be careful, pig! Don't bite."

"Pig, is it?" he said, grinning wickedly.

He released her tits and settled back on his knees between her open legs. The pillow pushing up her hips, exposing her vulnerable twat to the world to be exploited and used, also helped to block her view of what he was doing. But it didn't take direct sight or a rocket scientist to figure out what he was going to do.

He licked his index finger, winked at her, and started probing her anus with that wet digit. She squeezed her sphincter tight, denying his immediate access. But he wasn't so easily put off.

"Not that. Please, anything but that," she begged.

Ignoring her pleas, he instead tried a different tactic. Plunging his finger deep into her pussy, he caused her to gasp and tense. She felt a moment's relief, then his finger slipped out of her twat, covered in cum and her body's natural lubricant, and jabbed at her asshole again. Wonder Woman groaned and gritted her teeth as she fought to keep him out. If he got past her last line of defense, she would be completely helpless to stop anything he wanted to take from her.

Her bunghole was now sopping wet with her and Gregory's love juices. The perverted bastard was using them to violate her in the crudest way possible. The thought of it was beyond her comprehension. How could she live knowing she'd been so horribly violated and ravaged? How could she continue to be Wonder Woman? Could she even go back to Paradise Island after such a complete defeat and defilement?


His finger slipped in. She tried valiantly to hold him tight, keep him from plunging too deeply. But she failed miserably. The disgusting frat boy pushed all the way in, and then began to finger fuck her ass to the cheers of his frat brothers. She felt shame flush her entire body as her anus stopped obeying her and quickly adjusted to his finger. A few minutes later he thrust two fingers into her. Then three.


As suddenly as he started, he stopped. She took a deep breath and relaxed, her asshole throbbing from the finger banging it just received. Taking a deep breath, she prepared to try and strike a bargain with the frat boys. But he grabbed her hips and lifted. A second later she felt the sticky wet head of his dick press against her anus.

"Nike!" he cried to the Greek Goddess of Victory, and rammed his cock home. "Bear witness to your favorite daughter's shameful defeat!"

"To the victor go the spoils!" another frat boy called, then they all cried out, "To the victory go the spoils!"

And the victor of her asshole battle fucked her stupid. She lost it quickly. Whipping her head back and forth, long black hair flying wildly, she screamed and panted and gasped and cried out to Hera, Aphrodite and several other Gods. She begged for mercy, then she begged for him never to stop. Then she demanded he fuck her harder and faster as her orgasm neared, unstoppable.

Wonder Woman's orgasm claimed her the second she felt him cum. The feel of his cock convulsing, and the even headier feel of hot jizm deep inside her, was more than the gorgeous amazon could handle. The orgasm ripped her apart. It shattered her perfect little world. Everything she ever was, ever dreamed of being, was washed away in that most powerful of orgasms. All she wanted was to keep it alive deep inside her. Wonder Woman did not want that orgasm to ever stop. She was in heaven.

Then the darkness took her.

When Wonder Woman woke, another frat boy was fucking her. He rode her hard, but not very long. His seed joined Gregory's deep inside her vagina. The next boy was a repeat, quick and just enough to bring her almost to orgasm.

"She's starting to look desperate, and more than a little frustrated," Gregory laughed. He stroked her sweat soaked cheeks. "Who's your daddy?"

"You're my daddy," she said breathlessly, looking up with big blue eyes void of any defiance or fight.

"Boys, it is official. We've TAMED the once mighty Wonder Woman!"

Tamed. The word reverberated through her mind. She gasped at the pronouncement. But she didn't deny it. She WAS tamed. She was docile and helpless, and couldn't image ever being any other way. Wonder Woman couldn't remember being strong and victorious.

Her ankles and wrists were untied. Wonder Woman was pulled off the bed and forced to her knees. A frat boy in dirty jeans and rock T-shirt stepped up before her. He leered down at her, waiting. She swallowed, nodded and reached for his zipper.

"Damn right," he said. "You know what to do, Wonder Bitch."

Wonder Woman quickly began sucking his cock. She moaned and sucked, then teased the head with her tongue for a short while, before taking his full length back inside her hot mouth. His hands stayed entwined in her silky mane, as his head rolled back in erotic pleasure beyond description. And she kept it up until he exploded, shooting his wad across her perfect teeth, down her tongue to be swallowed.

"Mmmmm," she moaned. "Tasty."

During the next hours, the frat boys simultaneously ran lines on her mouth and twat. She took it in both ends at once. And loved it. They didn't stop until none of the frat boys could get it up again.

"Now for the icing on the cake, boys," Gregory said.

Wonder Woman knelt at their feet, all strength drained from her body. She barely had the strength to lift her head and look at the fraternity's leader. But when she did, he was holding her golden lasso and grinning wickedly.

"The leadership and I have been online and confirming all the facts," he said. He lifted the lasso high. "All Wonder Woman sites agree. Wonder Woman's golden lasso has magical powers that compel anyone wrapped within its coil to obey whomever controls the lasso. And that would be us."

"Please, there's still a chance to make things right," she said weakly. "Just let me go. I won't say anything."

Wonder Woman gasped as the golden lasso was looped around her chest. Gregory wrapped it around her several times. She gasped and tensed each time he put another coil around her shapely body. The power of the lasso penetrated and consumed her body and mind.

"Wonder Woman," Gregory said. "You will obey me."

"I will obey."

"We're going to let you go now," he said, to the moans and groans of the others. "BUT, you will not remember anything that happened tonight. All you will remember is having a wonderful night, full of fun and pleasure. Of course, you won't recall any of the details. THEN, you will return here next Friday, for an entire weekend as our sex slave. Understand?"

"I understand," she said quietly, but firmly. "I will not remember last night, but will return as your sex slave next Friday night."

"Perfect. Get dressed and get out of here. We have to go to classes."

Wonder Woman quickly dressed, then stumbled down the stairs. Out on the street, she headed for Diana Prince's parked car. It wasn't easy walking in those tall stilettos after being gang-banged all night.

"Hera. It's already daylight," she mumbled. "I'm exhausted. I can't believe I walked around campus all night. What was I thinking?"

Wonder Woman smiled. She felt good, but tired. So tired.

"I'll have to call off sick," she said, reaching the car. Looking around, she ensured no one was around to see. Then she spun around and was engulfed in the Golden Light of Transformation. In seconds Diana Prince opened the car door. "Hera, all I want is a nice hot shower and sleep for a week. But I did enjoy myself. Maybe I'll come back this weekend and have another stroll around campus. Yes, I think I'd enjoy that."