Wonder Woman: Forbidden Love  

By Dark Wiccan

-------------------------------------------------------- Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, Queen Hippolyta and all other characters are owned and copyrighted by DC Comics. Any similarity between names, characters - places and events is purely coincidental. This story is written for the sole purpose of fun and entertainment, and can not be used or redistributed for the purpose of making money or profit. -------------------------------------------------------- Wonder Woman's Forbidden Love by DarkWiccan (address withheld) *** Princess Diana a.k.a. Wonder Woman is sent back in time, to the year 1942. Her mission: to prevent the death of her mother queen hippolyta. But a Nazi Agent and her partner, have other plans for the golden age Wonder Woman, and her daughter. Ancient Secrets come to light, when both wonder women are tricked into admitting their true feelings for each other and committing incest. (MMF, nc, rp, inc, v, bd, tor, preg, sn) *** Authors Note: The following story and it's material are based upon the wonder woman television series that aired in the 70's. Chapter 1: Journey Into The Past -------------------------------- Deep within the center of the bermuda triangle is the legendary paradise island, home to an immortal race of women warriors known to all in myth and legend as... the Amazons. For over three-thousand years, it has been their home. Cloaked by magic this sacred island is protected by the Olympian gods, and is unknown to the rest of the world. To ensure the protection of their race. As the sun reaches it's highest point in the mid-day sky, a young Amazon maidenwalks along a lush green hillside on this beautiful summer's day. Like her Amazon sisters she is tall, some would say statuesque. Many of her Amazon sisters regard her as the most beautiful Amazon on paradise island. Her name is Diana, and like her roman namesake she too is a princess. An Amazon Princess born of royal blood and blessed by the gods. Both her lavender colored toga and long wavy hair flow in the wind as she continues on her nature walk. Her ebony black hair, sky blue eyes, high cheekbones, slender nose, full red lips and stunning figure are all clear signs that she is the daughter of the legendary warrior woman: Queen Hippolyta. Another sign of her identity as both the daughter of the Amazon queen, and an Amazon sister was of course the Amazonian Bracelets she wore upon her wrists as a reminder of their former slavery. As the teenaged Amazon looked up into the mid-day sky, she noticed the position of the sun. Realizing that the hour was getting late, and that the sun would set in less than a few hours, the young Amazon princess made a fateful decision. Knowing that her mother will want her to be home in time for supper, the princess decides to head down into the valley below, and take a shortcut thru the southern plains that led to the enchanted forest. "Once thru the woods, I'll make it back to the royal palace within the hour." Diana thought to herself. With the speed of Hermes the young Amazon races to her intended destination, where she enters into the enchanted forest that leads to the sacred grove. As she walks thru the enchanted forest Diana senses the divine power of this most sacred place. Surrounded by lush green hilltops and trees, that assure privacy. Many different kinds of flowers also grace the beauty of this enchanted place, with fragrances sweeter and more seductive than any perfume. Adding to the beauty of this sacred place is a majestic waterfall that spills out into a large body of water, known to all on paradise island, as the lagoon of love. Throughout the ages all who have come to this spot, to pledge themselves to each other have been blessed by the gods with the greatest of joy and happiness, the likes of which few mortals will ever know. Compelled by a power she could not name, the young Amazon princess continued onward as she walked ever deeper into the enchanted forest. Guided by the sound of a soft feminine voice, she slowly began to realize that what she was hearing, was not one voice but two. Curious as to what was going on, Diana followed the sound of the voices. It was here that she came upon a large number of trees and shrubs that were so big, no one could be seen. Hidden from sight, the Amazon princess kneeled down on her knees, to peek thru the thick shrubs to see just what was going on. What she saw was a surprise that she would never forget. There in the clearing was her mother queen hippolyta, making love to her chambermaid Myra. Princess Diana watched in surprise and awe, as her mother passionately kissed her lover upon the lips, as she lay atop her Amazon lover's naked body. The two lover's trading kisses. Seconds later, the Amazon queen began to trail a series of kisses over every inch of her lover's body. Until the queen stopped at the juncture between her lover's thighs. To partake of it's sweet nectar. Queen Hippolyta said not a word as she smiled at her lover, before lowering her head to her lover's dark raven-haired pussy as she began to taste her love's most intimate treasure. The intense climax welling up in Myra's body caused her to cry out in passion. "AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Myra yelled as her first orgasm ran it's course. Queen Hippolyta worked her way back up to her lover's body, where she took her queenly bosom and placed the large gland to Myra's lips and instructed her to drink. "Drink my love," hippolyta told her lover Myra. "Let me feel your lips upon my bosom, so that our pact will be forever sealed," she told her lover. "Yes, my queen," the raven-haired beauty said to her queen as she allowed hippolyta to gently grab hold of her head and pulled her to her queenly bosom. "Mmmm," Myra moaned as the queen inserted her nipple into Myra's mouth, as she began to suckle at her lover's breast, as the two amazons lay upon the forest clearing entwined in each others arms. As Princess Diana secretly watched the two women making love, she could not help but fall in love with her mother's beauty. How she prayed that someday she would find someone to love, as much as her mother loved Myra. Just then, the young princess realized that Myra was looking over in her direction, but the Amazon staring back at her was not Myra, but herself! Stunned beyond words, the young Amazon princess watched in silence as her older counterpart pulled her mother closer to her to suckle upon her mother's royal bosom. The look upon the older Princess Diana's face was a mix of both Shame and ecstasy. *** As Princess Diana secretly watched the two women making love, she could not help but fall in love with her mother's beauty. How she prayed that someday she would find someone to love, as much as her mother loved Myra. Just then, the young Amazon princess realized that Myra was looking over in her direction, but the Amazon staring back at her was not Myra, but herself ! Stunned beyond words, the young Amazon princess watched in silence as her older counterpart pulled her mother closer to her, to suckle upon her royal bosom, the look upon her face was a mix of both Shame and ecstasy. Without warning, the sudden sound of a clock ringing in her ear jarred Diana back to the world of the living. Causing the Amazon princess, to wake up. Diana Prince rolled over in her bed, as she reached across her bed to the night table alongside it. As she used her right hand to turn off the clock, that had awoken her from her restful sleep. The Beautiful Brunette, looked at the time on her digital clock, noticing that it was now six o'clock in the morning. She removed the covers from her body, as she got out of bed to prepare for the day ahead. "What, a strange dream," Diana thought to herself as she left her bedroom, and headed straight to the bathroom to take her morning shower. "I haven't thought about that day in years," she thought with a smile, as memories of her erotic dream filled her mind. "That was the day I fell in love, with my mother." "It was also, the beginning of my sexual exploration." thought Diana, as she recalled her early years as a young teenage girl on paradise island. "To this day I still remember all the night's that I pretended to be asleep as I laid in my bed, listening to the erotic sounds that came from my mother's royal bed chamber, and drifted into mine," recalled Diana. "What no one knew was that I was in my bed listening to mother and Myra, as they made love to one another all through the night," she thought with fondness. "Mother and Myra would always try to be quiet while making love, so that they wouldn't wake me up," the Amazon princess remembered with a smile. "But with women as passionate as them, being quiet was just not possible." thought the Amazon. "I will never forget what happened after I had seen mother and Myra making love in the sacred grove," she recalled. "Later that night as I slept in my royal bed chamber, I had my first erotic dream of my mother and Myra making love to me, when I awoke from the dream, I heard sounds coming from my mother's royal bedchamber." "The sounds of them making love filled my mind and body, as I lay in my bed, my hands beneath the silk bed sheets as I played with my womanhood as I experienced the sweet ecstasy of masturbation." the Amazon princess remembered with joy. "As a matter of fact," the Amazon princess thought to herself. "My current Erotic Dream seems almost identical to my memories of my mother and Myra, all except for one thing." thought Diana. "Myra had Blonde hair, just like her twin sister Mala." She thought to herself. "So who was the other Mystery-Woman in my mother's arms, and how is it connected to me?" wondered Diana. Once, in the bathroom Diana lowered the straps of her white nightgown, as she allowed it to fall to the floor. She then stepped out of the loose fitting garment, as she stood before the bathroom mirror, completely nude in all her womanly glory. Diana looked at her reflection in the mirror, as she prepared to take her morning shower. But first before doing anything else, the beauty took a long piece of silk material that had been placed upon the sink the night before. The Silk fabric was of course lavender in color. It had been made for her long ago by her Amazon sister Mala, who had designed and given the fabric to The Princess as a gift of love. Mala was Diana's first love, and the silk lavender fabric was one of the few items that Diana had taken with her when she left her homeland, to protect man's world as Wonder Woman. These days, Diana had taken to wearing it as a bow, to keep her hair up as she took her morning showers. Once again, she took the silk fabric in her hands as she held her hair in place high atop her head, and loop the lavender colored hair bow in place. A second later, the Amazon walked over to the shower to open the sliding glass door, as she proceeded to turn on the hot water. She then stepped inside and closed the sliding glass door. --- Diana looked at her reflection in the mirror, as she prepared to take her morning shower, but first before doing anything else, The Beauty took a long piece of silk material that she had placed upon the sink the night before. The Silk fabric was of course lavender in color, it had been made for her long ago by her Amazon sister Mala, who had designed and given the fabric to The Princess, as a gift of love. Mala was Diana's first love, and it was one of the few personal items that she had taken with her when she left her homeland, to protect man's world as Wonder Woman. These days, Diana had taken to wearing it to keep her hair up as she took her morning showers. Once again, She took the Silk fabric in her hands as she held her hair in place high atop her head, and looped the lavender colored hair-bow in place. A second later, she walked over to the shower to open the sliding glass door, as she proceeded to turn on the hot water. She then stepped inside, and closed the door. With both soap and washcloth well in hand, Diana began to lather up the washcloth as she washed herself from head to toe. Elsewhere, high above on Mount Olympus... Aphrodite the Goddess of Love secretly watches the Amazon Princess, as she allows herself a minor indulgence as she uses the wet and soapy washcloth to caress every inch of her royal body. While she continues to fantasize about her Mother and Myra. "But, was it Myra?" Diana thought to herself, as she ran a hand down her shapely body to her raven-haired pussy, as she began to gently rub her womanhood as she started to masturbate. Allowing that sweet joy to build up within her, until she could resist no more. As the Buxom Brunette threw her head back and cried out, "YES! YES! YES!" as she began to Cum just as The Climax claimed the Amazon Princess in her moment of sweetest joy. Little did the daughter of Hippolyta know that she was being watched from high above, as Aphrodite looked the Amazon Princess with both love and concern. Just then, an attractive woman with short Brown hair, and GRAY eyes walked into the room. She was dressed in a simple long White gown with gold trimming, her only companion was her pet owl who quietly upon the goddesses shoulder. She is none other than Athena, Goddess of Wisdom. Athena stood in the sun room and announced herself to her sister goddess, before entering in Aphrodite's personal living quarters. "Aphrodite, may I come in?" "Of, Course," Aphrodite replied, in answer to her sister goddess. "I'm Sorry, Athena." The Love Goddess quickly added. "I didn't hear you, come in," she told Athena. "I Can, See that," Athena said with a grin to The Goddess of Love, as She looked upon the image of The Amazon Princess within the well of destiny. "Oh." The Goddess of Love replied in answer to Athena's statement. While at the same time trying not to blush at the fact that her sister Athena had caught her in the act of pleasuring herself. Hoping to save herself any further embarrassment, Aphrodite did her best to change the subject of their conversation, to more important matters. "Seriously Athena, I'm just a bit concerned about Diana." "Why?" asked Athena. "All She does is protect people from harm as Wonder Woman, She has no Personal life." "Did you do, as I suggested?" asked Athena. "I, Did." Aphrodite assured her sister. "But a Dream, hardly seems like a big enough clue." the Blonde Goddess told her Olympian sister. Athena thought for a few moments, as she considered Aphrodite's words. "Very well," Athena told her sister goddess. "Have a Scroll sent to Diana at once, and be sure to inform her that she MUST return home to Paradise Island at Once, and Be Sure to tell the Princess not to worry about her Sudden Disappearance, We will make sure that Nobody questions her whereabouts." stated Athena. "As you wish, Athena." said Aphrodite as she bowed before the Goddess of Wisdom with respect. "Thank, you." Athena told her sister, before leaving Aphrodite's quarters to head back to the Great Hall of Olympus to inform Zeus and Hera that their wishes had been carried out. While at that same moment, back on earth, Princess Diana was back in her bedroom. She had just finished getting dressed, as she stood in front of the bedroom mirror to check her appearance. What she saw staring back at her, was a beautiful woman that appeared to be 25 years old, and wearing Blue Jeans, Red Sneakers and an old Red Sweatshirt that was slightly bigger than most of the other clothes that she wore, so as to give the impression that DIANA PRINCE was nothing more than a mild-mannered woman. Where as her alter-ego WONDER WOMAN was every bit The Amazon. To insure that her DIANA PRINCE persona was indeed believable, she decided to take an idea out of CLARK'S playbook, as she took to wearing glasses to make miss prince more demure and dowdy. It was at times like this, that DIANA saw the subtle beauty of JOHNATHON & MARTHA KENT'S idea to make CLARK'S Mild-Mannered appearance so normal and understated, was in DIANA'S opinion: Divine. Ready for the day ahead, Diana walked out of her bedroom and walked thru the main living room and into the kitchen of her Georgetown apartment. In The Kitchen on the Countertop, was the Coffeemaker. As Always the Coffeemaker would brew the coffee while Diana was in the shower. By the time she was dressed and ready for the day, The Coffee would be done and waiting for her when she got to the kitchen. Thankfully, today was Diana's day off so she would be able to relax and enjoy her coffee. Or So She had hoped, She thought to herself. Sadly it seemed, that this was not to be the case. No Sooner had she poured herself a cup of Coffee and walked back into the living room, Diana noticed the Ancient Athenian Scroll laying on top of the Coffee table. "So Much, for Morning Coffee." Diana said to herself. As she went back into the kitchen, and poured her cup of morning coffee down the drain of the kitchen sink, and washed out her cup as she placed it back on the shelf. Less than a second later, Diana walked out of the kitchen, as she hurried into the living room. Where she sat on her sofa, as she inspected the Ancient Scroll that lay upon her table. "Let's See, What do We have here?" She questioned as she picked up the Ancient Scroll to inspect it more carefully. Upon Closer inspection of the Enchanted item, Diana had made a startling discovery. Tied around the Scroll itself was a Royal Red bow that indicated that the Scroll had come from the Gods themselves. And the Red Silk bow wrapped around the Scroll, was a clue that The Message was of great importance, and intended for Her Eyes only. Without a second thought, Diana Prince unwrapped the Silk bow and removed it from the Scroll. She then carefully placed the Scroll back upon the table, just long enough to place the Royal Red bow on a small tray that she had reserved for items such as this. Once again, Diana picked up the Ancient Scroll, and with both hands gently opened the centuries old Olympian Scroll in order to read it. The first thing that Diana noticed was the Handwriting upon the Scroll, it was without a doubt written by Athena herself. So without any further adieu, She read the Scroll and Gasped at the Urgency of the divine message. *** The first thing that Diana noticed was the Handwriting upon the Scroll, it was without a doubt written by Athena herself. So without any further adieu, She read the Scroll and Gasped at the Urgency of the divine message! Written upon the Scroll was the following message, Written in Ancient Greek it read: Dear Diana, Please accept our humble apologies, for interrupting your plans on your day off. But a Most Important Matter has arisen, and We the Gods all Agree that your Help will be needed. We Regret to Inform You, that Menalippe had a Vision of Your Mother Hippolyta, being Killed in Battle during the course of the Second World War, back in the 1940's. Both of us know, that Hippolyta is not supposed to pass from this world, until Much later. We The Gods, believe Someone intends to Kill Hippolyta before her time, in the hope that with Her out of the way Events as We know them could be Altered. Possibly to Change history, but for what reason, We do not yet know. We therefore request, that You Return to Paradise Island at once! Menalippe and The Other's will meet You at the Royal Palace, once You have Returned home. I will Speak with You later on, after You have Spoken with Menalippe about The Dream. Yes I Know about it, I was the one that instructed Aphrodite to Send it to You, to Clue You in that Something is going on. I also instructed Aphrodite to Send My Scroll to You, with all possible haste. Be Assured that We will make Certain that no one will question the Sudden Disappearance of, Diana Prince. P.S. A Word of Advice Dear Princess, even your Beloved Mother found Time for love, May I humbly Suggest that after this Current Matter is Dealt with, You take a little time off for Yourself. As I'm Sure You know Hecate's Festival is Coming Up, and as Princess Diana it wouldn't be a bad idea to Spend some time with your Amazon Sister's and Celebrate. Who knows what Might happen? You Might also want to Speak with Aphrodite, about finding You a suitable love interest. May The Glory of Gaea Be With You. ATHENA Having read Athena's Message, The Buxom Brunette places the Scroll back upon the table. Where Seconds Later, The Ancient Scroll Vanishes from Sight, as it is once again Returned to it's previous owner. Without a word she rises to her feet, and removes her glasses as she stretches her arms out to her sides, and starts to Spin around, until there is a Sudden and Powerful explosion of light! A Split-Second later the light fades away, and with it so has Diana Prince. Standing in her place is a tall statuesque woman, some five feet and eleven inches in height, with long dark shoulder-length hair that flowed both over her bare shoulders and down her back. Her long dark hair was as dark as the night itself. Her eyes as blue as the morning sky. Her high cheekbones, slender nose, and full red lips mixed with her Greek ancestral heritage were just some of the blessings, that added to her exotic yet classic beauty. Like her mother before her, She is adorned in the Red, White, Gold and Blue uniform of the champion of the amazons: Wonder Woman! Resting upon her forehead is, the Golden Tiara and Ruby Red Star that Symbolize her commitment to freedom and justice. As well as her Royal birthright as the daughter of Hippolyta, and Princess of the Amazon nation. Like her mother she too wears a form fitting Red Bustier that barely contains her proud Amazonian Bosom. Adorning the Top of her Bustier is a stylized Eagle emblem made of Amazonian Steel. But with a subtle difference, the overall size and style of the emblem have been created to resemble a large double "W" that proudly adorns Wonder Woman's ample bosom. Around her slender waist, is a Golden Belt that was given to the Amazon Princess as a Gift from The Gods, along with a Magical Golden Lasso. Some call it the Magic Lasso, while others such as Diana and her Amazon sister's call it by it's given name... THE LASSO of HESTIA! Named after the very Goddess who Blessed the Lasso with it's Divine Powers and bestowed it upon the Princess herself. As Many have come to learn, None can resist the Divine Power of the Magic Lasso, as it Compels Anyone who is Bound by it to Tell The Truth. Or Obey Any Command given to them. It is The Most Powerful Weapon on Earth. Upon her wrists are large Silver Bracelets, that were given to Diana to Symbolize her status both as the Princess of the Amazons, and Champion of the Gods. The best of her people to be called... Wonder Woman! Like her Amazonian uniform and weapons, the Silver Bracelets are also Indestructible. Zeus himself had given Hephaestus his Indestructible Silver Shield, and ordered the Master Crafts man to Melt the Shield down in his fiery forge. So that the Enchanted Steel alloy could be reconfigured, into the Indestructible Silver Bracelets that have protected the lives of Wonder Woman, and many other's. Made of the same form fitting material as her Red Bustier, is Diana's Blue Star Spangled Tights that both flatter her figure, and is pleasing to the eye as well. Last but never least are the Red and White leather Boots that had been designed to look like those worn by her Mother, but without the high heels. Before she does anything else, Diana checks to see that the Magic Lasso is safely secured to her Golden Belt, as it dangles upon her hip. Instantly, a large Blue Sphere of light appears out of nowhere, as the Amazon Princess steps into the light. Emerging a split second later, on Paradise Island. Just as Athena had predicted earlier, there awaiting her arrival was Menalippe and her lesbian lover Penelope. Also among the group that Welcomed her back home was Mnemosyne the historian, and Mala Princess Diana's closest friend and 1st love. "Welcome Back, Princess Diana," said Menalippe as she stepped forward to embrace the Princess and give her a hug. "Thank You, Menalippe," Diana said to her fellow Amazon Sister as she too embraced the Amazon seer, and returned the hug. "I Just Wish, That It Was Under Better Circumstances." "As Do We All, Princess," Menalippe assured her. No less than a moment had passed after ending their embrace, than the blind Amazon seer suddenly spoke again. This Time with a sense of Urgency to her voice that was but a shadow of things to come! "Come," spoke Menalippe. "There is Much to Speak Of, and Time is of The Essence!" She exclaimed as she led the small group up the large marble steps to the royal palace, her light blue priestess robe flowing in the wind. Meanwhile somewhere back in time... The Year, is 1942 and the Second World War rages on with no end in sight, as the Allied and British forces fight against the evil of the Nazi Cause, and their plan to rule the world. The Place, is Berlin Germany. The Time, is 12;00 p.m. Or as some call it, the Witching hour. As the Witching hour arrives in the mortal world... A Black Automobile pulls up, outside of a large stately mansion. As the car comes to a full stop, the driver of the car opens the drivers side door, to exit the car for a time. He then walks around the car, to open the passenger side door. A moment later, a person of unknown identity steps out of the car. The Person's identity concealed by a long Black hooded cloak that hides them from sight. Allowing the mysterious figure to blend in with the darkness, of this cold fall night. The German Officer, assigned to escort his passenger to the mansion says nothing. Instead he bows his head ever so slightly, in honor of his mysterious passenger, as a sign of respect. The Dark and Mysterious figure says not a word but returns the officer's gesture in kind, and proceeds to head up to the mansion, as the German officer gets back into his car and drives out of the mansions west side driveway. Once inside the mansion, the cloaked figure walks down the hall to the study. As the Dark figure walks up to the large wooden doors, two gloved hands grab hold of the brass door handles, and turns each one in the opposite direction. Allowing the doors to open inward into the vast personal study of it's owner. As the hooded figure enters into the room, a young woman can be seen sitting in a chair, not far from a wall sized book shelf, filled with books of every kind. At this time she had decided to take a well deserved break, after a day of hard work. To that end, she had taken herself a long and relaxing bubble bath. After which, the Norse beauty changed into a long blue nightgown, and matching bed robe. She then came here to the study, to lose herself in the pages of a trashy erotic novel. Until, now. No Sooner had the doors to the study opened, and the cloaked figure entered, the Blonde beauty stopped what she was doing, and placed the novel on a small table beside the chair. To be read, at a later time. She quickly rose to her feet, as she got up out of the chair, and walked across the wide room to greet the cloaked figure. "Welcome back," the blonde beauty said in German. "Thank you," the mysterious cloaked figure said to the young woman, as the dark figure reached up with both gloved hands to lower the hood, revealing a long golden mane of hair. "How was, The Meeting?" asked the young Norse beauty. "Did they, like Your Proposal?" she asked. "Yes." the other person replied, as the person in question continued to remove the long black cloak, and place it on a hanger in a nearby closet on the left hand side of the entry way that led into the spacious study. Having placed the dark cloak back in it's proper place, the mysterious character who walks back into the main room, of the study is revealed to be a woman! Her name, is Sheba. And like her American Counterpart: She has been Chosen, to act as Germany's new Nazi Wonder Woman. Born of Norse Blood, the woman called Sheba is Wonder Woman's opposite in every way. Yet in Many ways they are also the same. Just like her predecessor, Sheba was an Olympian-level athlete who had been handpicked by her mentor to serve as the new champion of the fatherland. Some even said that her resemblance to the late Fausta Grabels was uncanny. Like her former mentor, Sheba was a most imposing woman indeed, standing a good five feet and ten inches in height. Her long Golden-hair flowed down her back, and over her broad shoulders. And just like the legendary Valkyries of old, She tended to wear a single strand in braids, as was the custom at the time for the Warrior Women of their time. While Sheba's eyes were as Blue as her mother's. Her nose was straight and thin, while her pink lips were just right for kissing, as Many of Sheba's past lover's could swear to. But it was Sheba's Great Beauty and Stunning Body that She was known for. Even now, dressed in a Nazi officer's uniform, There was no denying Sheba's beauty. Her Silk White Blouse was filled to capacity, with her more than ample bosom. While her long black skirt, accentuated her slim waist and shapely hips as well. What little people could see of Sheba's shapely legs was more than enough to make any person drool. The Standard Black Boots that she wore with her uniform gave the impression that Sheba was a good six feet tall. Sheba was in every way the epitome of the Aryan ideal, and Aryan Womanhood. In short Men wanted to fuck her, While Women wanted to be her! Much like Sheba's young lover, who even now waits to hear what the High Command had to say. For a long moment there is silence, but a moment later, Sheba looks her lover in the face with a wry smile upon her face. She then took hold of the blonde beauty's hands as she told her, the good news. "The German High Command, was a little leery at first, but... Sheba paused for dramatic effect. "But?" asked Sheba's lover with baited breath. "But, the Nazi Spy Ring in Washington is taking too many losses, because of this so-called wonder woman." explained Sheba. "How many, losses?" the young woman asked Sheba. "Thirteen, in all," Sheba told her young lover. "Ten Captured, Three were Killed in a warehouse explosion." "That's awful!" said the young woman, with a sense of sadness, for those who lost their lives. "It's also the reason, that the High Command is willing to give us Anything we need, to achieve our goals." "Anything?" the blonde beauty asked curiously. "Didn't anyone, object?" "Oh a few people did, stated Sheba, Including that dumkoff, Captain Radel," she told her young lover. "He tried to convince Chancellor Kellis, that such an operation is Man's work!" she exclaimed. "This from a man who lost both his memory, and a German U-Boat, in the middle of nowhere," laughs the young woman. "But that's not even the best part," Sheba told her love with a wicked grin, as she pulled the blonde beauty to her. "Tell Me, What happened?" She asked Sheba, as she wrapped her hands around Sheba's waist. All the while looking into the baby blue eyes of Germany's newest champion. "Chancellor Kellis' friend, Colonel Reichman put Captain Radel in his place, by stating that Fausta's plan to capture Wonder Woman had succeeded, and that the American Heroine would not have escaped, had it not been for Colonel Kesselman's failure to follow the Fuhrers order's." Sheba told her lover. "And what did Captain Radel have to say, on the matter?" asked Sheba's lover. "Oh, He was outraged to say the least." Sheba stated. "He tried to convince the Chancellor, that this Operation would be no less successful, than the one before it." "And, the Chancellor?" questioned Sheba's lover. "He wanted proof, that our Plan was foolproof," stated Sheba. "So, I gave it to them!" The New Nazi Wonder Woman exclaimed!" "YOU, DID'NT! Sheba's lover exclaimed with both shock and disbelief. "I DID!" Sheba stated in a deadpan tone of voice that told Sheba's friend and lover, that she was serious. "And?" The young woman asked. "And, once I had shown him the item, Chancellor Kellis gave our Plan his blessing along with the rest of the German High Command, and the S.S. as well." Sheba explained. "Our Mission has been given the highest approval, Anything we need will be given to us to assure our Victory." the Nazi Agent told her young lover, as she ran her hands thru the young blondes golden locks. "How, Soon?" She asked Sheba. "We leave for America at week's end," stated Sheba. *** *** "How soon?" she asked. "We leave for America, at week's end," stated Sheba. "So, Soon?" she questioned. "Yes," said Sheba. "We need as much time as possible, to prepare for what is to come." "Did you do as I asked, while I was gone?" asked Sheba. "Yes." the young woman replied, in answer to Sheba's question. "Our Friends were only too kind to supply us, with all that you requested." "Good," Sheba purred with a wicked grin. "In that case, I suggest that you turn in early tonight, we have much to do." "Ok," the blonde beauty replied, as she looked up at her lover, as she leaned forward to give Sheba a passionate kiss goodnight, before she left the study to head upstairs to bed. "Goodnight, My Sweet Serena," Sheba told her, as she watched her leave the study. Leaving Sheba with a smile upon her face, as she walked over to the study's small but well stocked bar. She then took a small medium sized glass, and poured herself a glass of brandy, before turning in for the night. After which, she then turned out the lights, before leaving the study, and Closing the doors before she headed upstairs, to the master bedroom that she shared with her love Serena. PARADISE ISLAND, the Year: 2007 Time: 10:00 p.m. The Present. City of: THEMYSCIRA The Place: The Royal Palace. Back at the Royal Palace, Princess Diana has just finished telling Menalippe the Amazon oracle of her dream. "And you say that the dream seemed to change?" Menalippe asked Princess Diana. "Yes," Diana told the Amazon oracle. "One Moment it was Myra, and the next it was me." "HMMM" Menalippe said as she rubbed her chin, as she thought aloud." Your Dream seems to be quite similar to the Vision that I had just yesterday, while I was meditating." stated the oracle. "And why did you not contact me, about this?" Diana questioned. "In truth my Princess, I thought it was you and Mala," explained Menalippe. "Now I understand," Diana replied, as she guessed why the oracle had decided to keep this bit of information to herself. "Due to the fact that both Myra and Mala were twin sisters, you thought that you had been given a vision of the future by Aphrodite," deduced the Amazon Princess. To which she added, "You thought Mala and Me were destined to fall in Love." "Yes my Princess." Menalippe replied honestly. "As both a friend and an Oracle, I thought that such an event should be allowed to happen, in it's own good time." "I understand," said the Amazon Princess. "Unfortunately, we still have more questions than answers," said Mala. "Maybe not," stated Menalippe. "What, do you mean?" asked Diana. "I mean, what if the dream is somehow connected, to whatever is happening in the past," Menalippe said to Diana. "There's only one way, to know for sure," Diana stated as a matter of fact, as she looked at Mala, Menalippe, Penelope and Mnemosyne. "You can't be serious," Mala said to her friend, with great concern. "I'm very serious," stated the Amazon Princess. "What if something happens Diana?" Mala asked with ever growing concern. "For the sake of Athena, You are talking about going back in time, you have to be careful!" She exclaimed as she took hold of Diana's hands, and looked at her closest friend as she told the Amazon Princess, "I Don't, Want to lose you!" admitted Mala. "You won't," the Amazon Princess told her dearest friend and Amazon sister, with all her heart. "I promise!" She told Mala as the Amazon Princess embraced her in a tender and loving hug. "I'm going to hold you to that, Princess." Mala said with conviction. Just before she pulled the Amazon Princess to her, to place a tender, yet passionate kiss upon Diana's lips. "Come back safely." "Only, if you do something for me," said Diana. "Name it," Mala stated with unwavering loyalty. "Serve in my stead, till I return," said the Amazon Princess. I would be honored," Mala told the Amazon Princess, humbled by the great trust her Amazon Sister had in her friend. The Princess ended their embrace to turn her attention back to Menalippe, Penelope and Mnemosyne. "Penelope, let everyone know, that until I return our Sister Mala will act in my stead, as Princess of Themyscira," ordered Diana. "As you wish sister," Penelope said with the greatest of respect. "Menalippe, if you have any further visions, advise both Phillipus and Mala at once," said Diana. "I will," promised Menalippe. "You have my word," she told the Amazon Princess. "Mnemosyne, is there anything that you can tell me about the 1940's, that may be of use to me?" asked the Amazon Princess. "Truth be known Princess, you probably know more about that era, than any of us," stated the historian. "The Queen, told you all about her adventures during the second world war." "If I were Athena, I would say let your Mother's stories, act as a roadmap," suggested Mnemosyne. "An Excellent idea indeed," said a familiar lady's voice, that caused the Amazon Princess to quickly turn around. Standing in the center of the royal palace, was a woman with short brown hair, and gray eyes, classical Greek facial features, soft pink lips, and a slender yet athletic body. Dressed in a long white gown with gold trimming, she looked like one of the many scholars that Diana had learned from enduring the course of her childhood on the island. Standing before them all, was none other than the goddess of wisdom herself: Athena. Having noted Athena's presence, the Amazon Princess knells before the goddess with love and respect. A second later, the buxom brunette raises her head to look upon the goddess of wisdom. "What is thy Wish, O Great Athena," spoke the Amazon Princess. "How, may I serve you?" asked Diana. "Rise Princess Diana, and heed well what I say," said Athena as she prepared to inform Wonder Woman of what was to come. Without hesitation, the Amazon Princess rises to her feet, as she awaits Athena's words. "There is great danger ahead Diana." Athena told the Amazon Princess. "Heed Mnemosyne's advice, as you do mine, and remember the stories that your Mother told you, to help guide you while you are in the past," stated Athena. "Be careful at all times, to insure that no person but your Mother, knows of your true identity." "I, Shall." said the Amazon Princess. "Beware Princess, there are some things that you have no knowledge of," warned Athena. "But most of all, know now that the Olympian Edict is in full effect." For the first time in her life, she feared for her life, as well as her mother's. The Olympian Edict, was a law that all Gods and Goddesses obeyed. And with good reason, the law was passed by Zeus himself to insure that nobody interfere with the historical events of humanity. *** In other words the Gods can not be allowed, to interfere in mortal affairs, lest the world fall to chaos. It is also the reason that once an event has run its course, Gods are not allowed to change what is now considered to be a moment in history. The Gods call it the Olympian Edict, but humanity calls it, free will. "I-I understand," The Amazon Princess said with great concern. "Due to the fact that we are not allowed, to interfere in mortal affairs, it will be up to you to protect your mother, and prevent your enemies from carrying out their plan." Athena told the daughter of Hippolyta. "It will be done," Diana assured the goddess of wisdom. "I promise." "Before you go, said Athena. Know now, that we have taken steps to ensure that you will be able to blend in with the time period of that era," stated Athena. "How?" questioned the Amazon Princess. "You, will see." Athena told the Amazon Princess with a smile as the Goddess waved her hand to open a temporal doorway, in the center of the royal throne room, in the main hall of the royal palace. Out of nowhere, appeared a large round Golden ball of light that glowed with the divine power of Olympus. "Thank You, Athena," Diana said with the greatest of respect. "You're welcome," Athena told the Amazon Princess. "Good Luck," said Mala as she put on a brave face, as she bid farewell to her beloved friend. "Farewell," Diana said to all those present, before she stepped into the temporal doorway that would take her back in time, to the year 1942! WASHINGTON D.C. OCT.1ST 1942 TIME: 5:00 P.M. THE PAST. THE PLACE: GEORGETOWN APARTMENT BUILDING, APARTMENT: 308 Yeoman Diana Prince returns home, to her Georgetown apartment, after having done a little food shopping at the local grocery store. As she walks down the hallway to her apartment, the mild - mannered beauty shifts her grocery bag to her right arm, just long enough for her to reach inside her shoulder purse to find the key, to the front door of her apartment. With key in hand, she places the key into the lock and turns both the key and the door knob at the same time. As the door opens, Diana steps inside and closes the door behind her. After setting her grocery bag down on one of the two end tables that are set against the wall, on each side of the apartments door way. A second later, she places the key to her apartment back inside her purse, which she then leaves on the other end table in case she has to leave quickly. But before Yeoman Prince, can take her grocery bag to the kitchen, she becomes witness to a sudden and unexpected event, as a Golden Sphere of light appears in the living room of her Georgetown apartment. From out of nowhere, the Sphere appears, growing ever larger as it suddenly opens! Allowing its sole occupant, to emerge from the sphere and tumble out onto the floor below. "So much, for an uneventful evening." Yeoman Prince thought to herself as she removed her glasses and twirled around in place, until there was a sudden and powerful explosion of light. Not a second later, the sudden burst of light had vanished. Taking Yeoman Diana Prince with it. Standing in her place is a tall statuesque woman some five feet and nine inches in height, with long shoulder length hair that flowed down her bare back and over her equally bare shoulders, her long luxurious locks were as dark as the night, her eyes were as blue as the morning sky. Her classical Greek facial features, high cheekbones, slender nose and full red lips left no doubt as to the woman's true identity. The Woman now standing in Yeoman Diana Prince's apartment is none other than Princess Diana's mother... Hippolyta! The Queen of The Amazons, known also as Wonder Woman! Who at this very moment stands ready to do battle, dressed in her famous red, white, gold and blue uniform. Curious and somewhat confused by this sudden yet strange event, Queen Hippolyta looks down at the young woman, who just now tumbled out of the temporal doorway, and onto her living room floor. The first thing to grab the Queen's attention is the fact, that the Young woman is wearing a red, white, gold and blue uniform much like her own. A split-second later, and the glowing golden light of the temporal doorway vanishes from sight. Leaving the famed Amazon Queen with more questions than answers. Soon afterwards, the Young woman slowly rises to her feet. As she does so she notices a very familiar pair of red and white Boots. Causing her to look up at the imposing form of the Amazon Queen looking down at her daughter, with her bare arms folded across her queenly bosom. "UMMM, Hi MOM." The young Amazon Princess said nervously. ---