Wonder Woman: Wanton Woman  

By Disciple


Wonder Woman is Copyrighted by DC Comics. This is pure fan fiction, and I receive no pay or other benefit from it.

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By Disciple

Diana Prince sighed in contentment as she clicked away on her laptop. It was her first day off in ages, and she had spent most of it shopping, getting back in touch with old friends, and catching up on her favorite TV shows. Now, with about an hour or two left to kill, she was surfing the web in bed, searching for nothing in particular.

An idle thought occurred to the raven-manedbeauty as she scrolled through the latest news reports. It had been a while since she'd last had a peek at Wonder Woman's myriad fan-sites.

"Maybe it's time for another peek..."

Of course, between her day job and her career as a super heroine, Diana had no time to maintain any kind of "official" website for her famed alter-ego. Wonder Woman's legions of fans, however, were more than happy to pick up the slack. There were dozens - maybe hundreds - of sites on the Internet dedicated to chronicling her adventures, and archiving fan letters, fan-art, and fanfiction of her. Some of them had even designed little online games based on her.

Soon enough, Diana was browsing the pages of Wonderworld.com, by far the largest and best-kept Wonder Woman fansite on the web - and one of the oldest, too. In addition to the usual publicity photos of Wonder Woman, it also boasted an archive of every (or almost every) newspaper article in the country to feature her, stretching all the way back to Wonder Woman's debut years. Its message boards were quite expansive, too, with thousands of active participants every day; some of the leading feminist thinkers in the country were regular visitors, with one even being a board moderator.

Diana entered the message boards' General Discussion area, chuckling a little at some of the thread titles she saw: "Wonder Woman: E.T.?", "What Do You Think Wonder Woman's Favorite Soda Is?", and "How Good is the Invisible Plane's Mileage?",among others. One of them in particular caught her eye.

"Mm? Wanton Woman - must see?"

Curiously, Diana clicked on the thread title. The post at the top of the thread had no real text; just another link. Interest now fully piqued, she clicked on that as well. A new tab popped up on her current window, and a video began playing.

At first, Diana could see nothing but a rather poorly-lit set. There were a few large steel pipes placed here or there, plus other pieces of heavy machinery apparently meant to indicate that the setting was a factory. Some of the pipes were even belching out steam.

Then, she heard a series of loud, echoing noises - footsteps on the factory floor. A few seconds later, she saw a booted foot swinging into frame. The camera quickly panned out, showing a tall, buxom woman with bushy, dark brown hair and richly tanned skin strutting into the factory.

Diana raised an eyebrow. The actress was wearing heavy makeup as well as a passable - though somewhat cheap-looking - imitation of Wonder Woman's costume. The design and colors were mostly right, but the bustier and bottoms seemed a little small, and the lasso looked a little too much like ordinary twine. The actress also had a red cape tied around her neck, whereas the real Wonder Woman almost never wore capes of any kind.

Suddenly, a blast of background music rocked the actress' entry. Trumpets, mostly.

Another fan movie of me? This looks interesting.

Since Wonder Woman was a public figure, people around the country were free to profit off of her image (within reason). Wonder Woman merchandise, ranging from action figures to comic books to Halloween costumes, was far from unknown in stores around the world. Various Hollywood studios had even tried doing a big-budget Wonder Woman movie, though that had never amounted to much until recently; Wonder Woman had too erratic a schedule to play herself, and the long line of actresses Hollywood had considered for the role usually fizzled out for one reason or another.

As a result, most Wonder Woman movies in existence consisted of documentaries, the rare cartoon, the even rarer public service announcement (her only real "acting" experience), and fan-made material. The quality of the latter tended to differ wildly, but this particular video seemed like a reasonably competent production.

Diana watched as the actress placed her hands on her hips in a "standard" super heroine pose, and shot a glare at some off-screen place. The camera obligingly panned over to another area of the "factory", where three thuggish-looking men in black watch caps, T-shirts, jeans stood, glaring menacingly.

The actress walked in front of the men, standing tall and proud about eight or nine feet away. "Spare yourselves the trouble and give up, boys. You should know that you're no match for Wanton Woman!"

Diana found herself becoming a little more impressed. The actress certainly had a loud, clear voice, mixed with a slight Hispanic accent. Her choice of heroic alias, though, could have used a little more work.

Maybe I'll go discuss it with her as Wonder Woman if our schedules work out. I know she wants to preserve the alliteration, but surely there could've been a better word than "wanton"...

"That's what _you_think, super bitch!!" the biggest-looking of the three men growled. He and his companions pulled out large, black pistols and aimed them at Wanton Woman. "You're outdistanced, outgunned, _and_outnumbered!"

Wanton Woman just shook her head, as Wonder Woman herself would have done in that situation. Truth be told, Diana was a bit curious to see how the makers of the video would handle Wonder Woman's famed bullet-deflecting skills. Would they just have the "gunmen" fire blanks and use a little computer wizardry to take care of the rest?

To Diana's confusion, the video suddenly cut to a shot of Wanton Woman from behind. Then, without warning, a large black-gloved hand reached out from the edge of the frame and grabbed the actress' imitation golden girdle.

"Oh!" Wanton Woman gasped softly, whirling around. The girdle came loose almost instantly, straight into the gloved hand.

A spate of evil laughter suddenly echoed through the factory, right as the music dipped into a "dramatic" pitch. The shot spun around, showing a fourth man smugly grinning as he held the girdle. This man was about as big as the other three, but dressed a little more fancily.

Wanton Woman's mouth hung open in a perfect "O". Diana's did the exact same thing.

"That's what you get for underestimating 'boys' like us!" the fourth man - evidently the real leader - taunted as he waved the girdle.

Wanton Woman shrank back a little, her voice disappearing into a little squeak. "Oh, my."

Diana frowned. What is this? Sure, the real Wonder Woman loses on occasion, but she never goes down that easily!

"Get those hands up, babe," one of the other men said aloud, waving his gun a bit. "If you know what's good for ya."

"You'll never get away with this," Wanton Woman shot back defiantly as she raised her hands into the air. The actress was pouring it on pretty thick now, not that Diana would've ever mistaken her peril as real in the first place. As Wonder Woman, Diana had _seen_true fear, and it was nowhere to be found in the video.

More laughter from the men. Then, the man holding Wanton Woman's girdle tossed it away. It landed off-screen somewhere with a loud **clang**while all four of the men closed in on Wanton Woman, hungry expressions on their faces.

"Wh-What are you going to do?" Wanton Woman asked, her voice still small. But now, there was a noticeable huskiness in it.

One of the men poked the muzzle of his gun right against the actress' breast. "Well, we're four red-blooded men, we're criminals with no moral hangups whatsoever, and we've got a hot, star-spangled piece of ass at our mercy. What do you think we're gonna do?"

Wanton Woman flinched, giving another little squeak. But her eyes were heavy with a come-hither look. "Oh, can't we talk about this?"

"Sure," another of the men said, setting aside his gun before reaching for his fly. "Which hole do you want filled first?"

By now, Diana's eyes were larger than saucers. Half of her brain - scratch that, ninety percent of her brain - was screaming at her to close the video, close the entire browser, and maybe throw her laptop out the window for good measure. But some deep, dark curiosity inside of her was egging her on, telling her to keep on watching to see just how much worse it would get.

"Oh, you wicked, wicked criminals!" Wanton Woman cried as she got down on her knees. Each of the men unzipped, and pulled out their large, erect cocks. "You'll never get away with this!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," sneered a man with a goatee. "Why don't you put that yammering mouth of yours to some REAL work?"

As soon as Wanton Woman opened her mouth again, that man pushed his cock right in. Wanton Woman made a muffled little noise, before putting a hand on the erect member and gently guiding it further in.

"Mmmmm," the actress hummed, sucking on that dick with relish. Diana looked on in mingled horror and fascination; the actress was not only a pro, but she was obviously enjoying it.

"You like that, super bitch?" growled the man directly behind Wanton Woman, not even trying to sound menacing now. He reached down, and began to grope her spectacular tits from behind.

Wanton Woman gave a short squeal, and kept on sucking the cock in her mouth with gusto. It wasn't long at all before the man she was sucking off came, loudly and proudly. His seed easily filled Wanton Woman's mouth, prompting the actress to drink it all down. Nevertheless, a few milky white drops escaped to drip down that red-and-gold bustier.

The man groping Wanton Woman's tits took that as his cue to unzip the bustier, and fling it away in one quick motion. Wanton Woman's big, tanned boobs bounced free, their nipples hard and erect like a pair of little jewels.

"Hot damn," the man laughed, fondling those bare boobs with twice as much glee as before. "These are the best tits I ever laid hands on!"

"Oh! Be gentle!" Wanton Woman moaned as the man in her mouth pulled out with a wet squish.

"Now don't you worry," yet another man said, stepping up to Wanton Woman's open mouth and shoving his dick in. "You just be an obedient little super slut, and we'll treat you real good. Got it?"

"Mm-hmm," Wanton Woman hummed meekly, nodding her head up and down as she began her second blowjob.

Diana looked on numbly as the sordid scene continued. Suddenly, one of the other men clapped a hand against the shoulder of the man molesting Wanton Woman's boobs.

"Yo, move aside! I want a shot at that super heroine pussy!"

The first man moved aside with a grumble, and the second man took his place kneeling behind Wanton Woman. He didn't bother with the actress' tits, but instead pulled Wanton Woman's star-spangled bottoms down immediately. That done, he spit on the tip of his index finger, and the camera zoomed in as he thrust that finger against Wanton Woman's bared pussy.

Wanton Woman yelped at the intrusion, but never stopped sucking on that big cock in her mouth. The man fingering her began a sweet rubbing motion, and the actress was soon shaking and quaking wonderfully. Even her booted feet were going ratta-tat-tat on the floor.

Eventually, Wanton Woman and the man she was blowing came at the same time. But this man, unlike the previous one the actress had blown, pulled out at the last second and whacked off all over her. He even got a glob of his cum right between her eyes.

Diana's jaw dropped slightly. Great Hera! This is so wrong!

And yet, despite her best attempts to ignore it, there was a warm wetness growing between her own legs. The confines of her sheets and bedroom suddenly seemed hot and stifling, and there was a strange tingle beginning to run up and down her skin.

"Okay, enough with the opening acts," the man fingering Wanton Woman's pussy growled. He shoved Wanton Woman onto all fours, and plowed his big dick right into her inviting cunt. "Oh, yeahhhhhh!"

Without her even noticing it, Diana's left hand crept over to her right tit and began idly caressing and squeezing it.

"Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!" Wanton Woman cried joyfully as she got royally reamed. Her big tits bounced and jiggled beneath her amazing body with every thrust, looking more luscious than ever. It wasn't long before a man crawled under her quaking, sweaty body and began to play with those tits once more.

Soon enough, the actress' mouth was stuffed with yet another man's cock, reducing her cries to muffled little squeaks. Then, the remaining man crawled under her body as well and began sharing her tits with the man who was already there, pausing occasionally to tease Wanton Woman's clit, too.

All four men had their way with Wanton Woman, and then some, for the next fifteen minutes. Every man came in every one of her orifices - pussy, ass, and mouth - at least once, usually while slinging degrading names at her. Occasionally, they would stop to inflict some more elaborate humiliation on her, like using her discarded bottoms to wipe up the mess only to stuff the soaked cloth into her mouth. Wanton Woman took all of those abuses with a big grin on her face, clearly loving every minute of it.

Finally, the men finished with her, leaving her in a gasping, sweaty, mostly-naked heap on the factory floor. The four of them began putting their clothes back on, idly chatting among themselves. When all of them had finished, the man who'd initially stolen Wanton Woman's girdle walked over to Wanton Woman, her "magic lasso" in his hands.

"Alright, Wanton Whore," the man grinned as he wrapped the unimpressive twine around the actress' body and bound her tight. "Let this be a lesson to ya. You mess with me an' my boys, your slutty ass is gonna pay the price!"

Wanton Woman said nothing. Just gave a little whine of pleasure.

"C'mon, boys!" the man chuckled as he recovered the girdle and held it high in the air. "I think this'll fetch us a good price on eBay!"

As the four men exited the scene, laughing, the video faded to black. Two or three seconds later, a set of large, vivid green letters faded into view, spelling out a message.


And with that, the video finally, mercifully, ended. The "Replay" icon appeared in the center of the screen.

With a trembling hand, Diana slowly shut her laptop. Her breathing was now shallow and ragged; her cheeks were flushed red and practically radiating heat. To make it worse, she slowly realized that her nipples had grown so hard that it almost hurt, and the area between her legs was wetter than ever before.

Diana clenched a fist, her baby blues narrowing with intense emotion.

"How DARE they?!"

By now, the shock was beginning to wear off, and the reality of the video was beginning to sink in. Diana scowled, her entire, exquisite body burning in righteous fury.

"I am a RESPECTED super heroine, adored by women and girls the world over! And those-those PERVERTS dare drag my image down into all that perverted filth and profit from it?!"

Her breath caught as another, even more unpleasant fact occurred to her. The link to that video had been posted on a heavy-traffic Wonder Woman website, where thousands of young, impressionable fans might have caught sight of it. That thought was horrifying beyond words.

Diana hastily re-opened her laptop, and returned to Wonderworld.com's forums. She breathed a small sight of relief at what she saw. In the time it had taken her to watch the video, the site's moderators had caught on to the post, deleted the whole thread, and permanently banned the joker who'd posted it.

Her rage, however, still smoldered. Only the symptom had been dealt with, and temporarily at that. It was her duty to deal with the root of the problem. Permanently.

So, with her stomach turning, Diana typed www.pornasonic.com into her address bar and hit ENTER. She curled her lip at all of the nearly- and fully-naked women - and men - she saw, but she soldiered on, searching for the information she would need to track down the dirty little business.

Know thy enemy, the raven-manedbeauty thought darkly. That's the first law of any conflict.

Ten minutes later, she had found more than she'd ever wanted to know about that den of filth. It was supposedly the number-one source of super heroine "parody" pornography on the Internet, and "Wanton Woman" was its flagship character. The woman who produced, directed, and "starred" in the Wanton Woman videos was one Carolina Rojas, a Colombian-American with quite a lot of experience in the sex industry. And apparently, the video that Diana had just watched was a "free sample"; the site held dozens of Wanton Woman videos, most of them much longer and containing far more elaborate characters and special effects.

All for a fee, of course. The site charged a pretty heavy amount for those videos, and its membership fee (required to view the still galleries and photo-shoots) wasn't something to sneeze at, either. Ms. Rojas and her business partners must've been making a pretty penny off of it all. To Diana, that just compounded the indignity.

I hope she enjoyed her ill-gotten gains while they lasted, because they're not going to last much longer!

A few more minutes of research introduced Diana to a pleasant coincidence. Ms. Rojas usually lived and shot her videos in a separate city, but according to her blog, she was currently vacationing at the Leonard Arms Hotel, not too far away from Diana's apartment. A twenty-minute drive, at most.

Swiftly and gracefully, Diana closed her laptop and got up from her bed. She quickly threw on a set of fresh underwear and clothes, and then headed out of her apartment. In no time at all, she was behind the wheel of her car, and driving in the direction of the Leonard Arms.

Ms. Rojas had better appreciate midnight visitors, she thought with a grim smile. Tonight, she's getting one whether she likes it or not.

Fifteen minutes later, Diana found herself deep in the downtown area. She parked her car about two blocks from the Leonard Arms, got out and locked it, and slipped into a nearby alley. After making sure that no one else was around, she spun and let the Golden Light of Transformation take over.

Wonder Woman emerged from the alley in all her patriotic finery, and made a beeline for the Leonard Arms. Some of the passerby stopped to look at her, but she paid them little mind. She wanted the business over as quickly as possible.

Once she'd entered the hotel, she found the clerk to be rather helpful. One look at her, and he was left with no doubt that she was the real Wonder Woman, on official super heroine business. He told her Ms. Rojas' room number without hesitation, and asked no questions of his own.

Granted, he did request her to autograph one of his Wonder Woman comic books, but the Amazing Amazon found that a small price to pay. One signature later, Wonder Woman was stepping into an empty elevator, a smile tugging at her ruby lips.

Ms. Rojas' room was on the tenth floor. Given the elevator's leisurely pace, she was left with quite a bit of time and nothing but some horribly bland music to keep her company. Gradually, her temper began to cool as she realized that she didn't have any concrete plans for her meeting with Ms. Rojas. Would she simply demand that the studio stop the "Wanton Woman" videos? Use her influence as a super heroine to get them shut down?

Somehow, that didn't seem quite fair.

Perhaps I shouldn't be too harsh on her. The poor dear might not have any idea of the damage she's doing. She wouldn't be the first innocent woman being used and abused by the pornography industry.

As the elevator came to the tenth floor with a **ding**and opened its doors, Wonder Woman had settled on a plan. She stepped out into the rather gaudy-looking hallway, and turned to the right, her body language now much less aggressive.

Yes, the diplomatic approach is always the best to start with. We'll talk for a bit, and I'll try my best to seem like a friend. Perhaps I can even introduce her to some less degrading line of work.

Wonder Woman's booted feet stopped right outside Room 1038 - Ms. Rojas' room. Slowly, the heroine raised a fist to the lacquered-wood door and knocked.

To her surprise, the door opened in less than a minute. Sure, the porn actress had admitted to being something of a night owl on her blog, but Wonder Woman had half-expected her to have gone out clubbing or something.

"Hello, Ms. Rojas?" Wonder Woman asked softly.

For a few seconds, the Latina just stood frozen in the doorway, looking less than presentable. Her bushy brown hair was wilder, her face was almost devoid of makeup, and she was wearing little more than her underwear, slippers, and an untied robe.

Her brown eyes darted up and down rapidly, as if unable to accept what they were seeing. Then, finally, they settled down as she opened her mouth.

"Ay..." this is about the videos, isn't it?"

Wonder Woman simply nodded, feeling more than a little awkward.

Ms. Rojas sighed lightly and turned around, waving a hand. "Come in, come in. I've got some coffee on already."

Somewhat hesitantly, Wonder Woman stepped into the hotel room. It was a large, posh kind of room - she would hardly have expected anything less from a hotel like the Leonard Arms, but it was also another reminder of just how much money Ms. Rojas and her studio had reaped from perverting the image of a beloved super heroine.

A bit of the old anger flared back up, but Wonder Woman suppressed it. She spotted two easy chairs with a coffee table in-between, and sat down in one of them. Then she squirmed around a bit, trying to make herself comfortable.

"Don't worry," Ms. Rojas called over her shoulder as she stepped into the kitchen area. "I brought my own coffeemaker. You can't trust the things they have in hotels these days."

The Amazing Amazon let herself relax a little as she heard the Latina pouring the coffee. It seemed that Ms. Rojas, despite her sordid profession, was an agreeable person after all.

"You take milk with your coffee?" the Latina called out.

"Black is fine, thank you," Wonder Woman called back.

Soon, Ms. Rojas had reemerged from the kitchen area, carrying two large ceramic mugs. She sat down in the other chair, directly opposite from Wonder Woman - thankfully with her robe now tied - and set the coffee down on the table .

"Lo siento," the Latina said sheepishly as she slid one of the mugs over to Wonder Woman. "I left the good china at home."

"No worries," Wonder Woman said, taking the mug. "Really, you didn't need to-"

Ms. Rojas stopped her with an extended hand. "It's only polite."

Wonder Woman smiled, and took a small sip of the coffee. It was delicious - better than any coffee she'd had at the office, to be sure. Just the right blend of bitter and sweet and warm.

Ms. Rojas sipped some of her own coffee, before setting her mug down and giving the Amazing Amazon a more serious look. Wonder Woman returned it.

"I am truly sorry for those "Wanton Woman" videos, Señora ," the Colombian-American said softly. "I began shooting them years ago, back when my studio was on the verge of bankruptcy."

Wonder Woman's expression hardened a little. "And I see you've lifted yourself out of that hole since then. With interest."

"Si," Ms. Rojas said, eyes drifting down. "My brother's a lawyer, and I asked him if doing the videos would be legal. He said that as long as it was an explicit parody of a public figure, it would be protected under the First Amendment."

"Ms. Rojas," Wonder Woman said, her voice low but stern. "Just because it's legal doesn't mean it'sright."

The Latina just nodded, before taking another sip of her coffee. Wonder Woman did the same.

"I have no idea of how much damage you've done to my image over these years," the Amazing Amazon said as she put her mug back down. "But what I do know is that tonight, one of your adoring fans posted a link to your promo video on one of my websites. Where everyone could see it, I might add."

Ms. Rojas brought a hand to her mouth, eyes widened in horror. "Madre de dios."

"So you understand why I wish for you to stop filming these videos as quickly as possible? Millions of girls and women around the world see me as an idol of all that is wholesome and good."

At that, Ms. Rojas smiled bitterly. "To tell you the truth? I would have stopped being Wanton Woman in a matter of months whether you showed up tonight or not."

Wonder Woman raised an eyebrow as she raised the mug of coffee to her lips again. "Oh?"

"I'm getting old," Ms. Rojas said. "I shot the first of those videos back when I was in my prime, and all I've done is get grayer since then. Women have a short shelf life in my job to begin with, and hell, I haven't even aged as well as some of my coworkers."

Wonder Woman swallowed her coffee, and blinked. "You look beautiful."

The Colombian-American actually snorted at that. "Not next to that first Wanton Woman, I don't."

Wonder Woman looked a little more closely, and realized that Ms. Rojas was right, to an extent. There were noticeable wrinkles on her face, not to mention a slight hoarseness in her voice. But aside from that, the Latina still seemed plenty attractive, in face and body alike.

"It... couldn't have been that long ago, could it? Three years?"

"Four," Ms. Rojas corrected. "In the porn world, that's practically an eternity. I'll be lucky to last another six months in front of the cameras."

Wonder Woman felt a fresh pang of sympathy run through her. Sympathy mixed with pity, and shame. She had come here tonight in search of an enemy - a small, irritating enemy, but an enemy nonetheless - to smite, and instead she had found a fellow sister in need of help.

The Amazing Amazon slowly extended a slightly trembling hand, and laid it atop Ms. Rojas'.

"If you ever need help seeking dignified employment, Ms. Rojas, I will be here for you. A woman like yourself shouldn't be exploited for cheap titillation and then cast aside when she's deemed old and unattractive."

Ms. Rojas looked up, her face brightening a bit. "Really?"

Wonder Woman smiled, feeling a warmth growing in her chest. "Really. It is my duty as both an Amazon Princess and a super heroine to provide for women in need."

The Latina gave a little gasp, and grabbed Wonder Woman's hand with both of her own. The two of them held each others'gazes for a long moment, Wonder Woman's baby blues locking onto the Latina's chocolate brown ones.

"Gracias," Ms. Rojas said in a breathless voice. "And... please, call me Carolina."

"Certainly," Wonder Woman smiled.

"But," the Hispanic beauty added as she let go of Wonder Woman's hand. "I don't think I'll be hurting for money anytime soon."

Wonder Woman blinked. "Oh...?"

Carolina shrugged. "In a matter of months, I'll be a little too old to act in porn. No reason I can't still produce and direct it."

Wonder Woman felt the smile sliding off of her face. She began to open her mouth, only for no words to come out. And suddenly, she felt her skull pounding, and a heard dull but powerful buzzing in her ears.

And was the room beginning to spin?

Meanwhile, Carolina was talking as if nothing were wrong. "I employ plenty of girls at my studio for other projects, you know. Plenty of them would be glad to step into Wanton Woman's boots..."

The Latina suddenly gave the Amazing Amazon Princess another look. A cruel, calculating look, complete with a predatory little smirk. Even through her hazy mind, Wonder Woman could feel her blood run cold.

Slowly, the heroine glanced down at her half-empty coffee mug with horrified baby blues.

"... but right now," Carolina continued, her eyes darting to the lasso hanging at Wonder Woman's side, off of the golden girdle. "I think I've found the perfect successor."

All of Wonder Woman's battle instincts urged the super heroine to action, but it was no use. Whatever knockout drug was in the coffee had now sunk its claws deep into her. She made an attempt to lift herself from the chair, only to sink back down into its soft depths seconds later. Even her well-trained muscles were now neutralized.

Oh, goddess...! the super heroine thought desperately as darkness began to obscure her vision. Help... me...

The last thing that Wonder Woman saw before passing out was Carolina standing up, and coming round the side of the coffee table. After that, the raven-maned crimefighterknew no more.


"Awaken, Wonder Woman."

With a gasp, the Amazon Princess sprang back into the land of the waking. Both of her baby blues snapped wide open at the same time, which proved to have unpleasant results. Bright light stabbed at her eyes, making her wince.

"Nnnngh..." she groaned, feeling a soft mattress under her. "Wh-where..."

"In my bedroom, chica ," a soft, Latin-accented voice answered for the heroine. "Well, for the time being, anyways."

Wonder Woman's mind clicked into immediate focus at that voice. She scrambled round on the bed, getting onto her knees. A few seconds later, she realized her surroundings were indeed that of a bedroom, furnished with a queen-sized bed among other expensive-looking furniture. Then, she promptly froze in place at what she saw in the doorway, only five or six feet away.

It was Carolina, all right. Only now, she was decked out in the full regalia she'd worn in that video - bustier, bottoms, boots, cape, tiara, and all. She looked every inch the Wanton Woman.

"Don't bother trying to attack me or escape," the Latina said casually. She lifted her right hand, showing off the golden girdle with the magic lasso attached. "I used your little toy on you while you were out."

Wonder Woman quickly glanced down to see her worst fears confirmed: her girdle and lasso were both gone. And no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't command a single muscle in her body to lunge at the Latina, or even to just carry herself off the bed.

"Your body is now under a subconscious command to never resist me. Only your mouth and mind are still yours. For the time being." Wanton Woman crossed her arms under her sizable chest. "Want a demonstration?"

The raven-maned heroine opened her mouth, but the Latina cut her off before she could say anything.

"Wonder Woman, I command you to change back into your civilian identity... Diana Prince."

Upon hearing that, Wonder Woman felt a new stab of fear in the pit of her stomach, and it quickly multiplied when she felt her body begin moving of its own accord. Unwillingly, she stepped off of the bed and onto the carpeted floor. Then, she began to spin in place until the Transformation took over again.

Diana Prince emerged from the brilliant light, tottering slightly. Her body soon settled in place again, standing proud and tall for her captor's inspection.

"Mmm," Wanton Woman murmured, looking over Diana's spectacular body like she was appraising a piece of meat. "You are beautiful in this form as well, chica , but I think I like your other self better. Change back, por favor."

Diana had no choice but to obey. One more spin, and Wonder Woman stood before the Colombian-American porn star once more. Her golden girdle and lasso reappeared around her waist, for all the good that did her; she couldn't make her hands touch either, since that, to her mind, would definitely qualify as "resisting" the Latina porn star. And soon enough, Wanton Woman had come over and removed both of them. Again.

"Y-You know my secret identity?" Wonder Woman asked in a small voice as she watched the Latina walk over to a chest of drawers, and drop the ancient Amazon treasures inside.

"Si," Wanton Woman smirked, closing the drawer and walking back over to the helpless Amazon Princess. "I know every one of them. I was VERY thorough with you while you slept, chica ."

"B-But why...?" the heroine asked, torn between genuine confusion and growing panic. And just the tiniest bit of anger remaining beneath it all.

"Why?" Wanton Woman said, grinning cruelly. "I don't expect you to understand, but I'm a natural-born NASTY GIRL. A puta to the core. I LOVE what I do with my little friends at Pornasonic, and the only thing I love better is inspiring other girls to follow in my footsteps."

"Y-You're insane," Wonder Woman whispered.

Wanton Woman laughed. A musical, tinkling, sexy laugh at that. "No, I think insane would be stalking up to someone's hotel room in the middle of the night to lecture them on the ethics of a porn parody." She cocked her head. "That might just be me, though."

The Amazing Amazon's eyes narrowed in rage. "I felt for you. I TRUSTED you!"

"What can I say? Most girls in this business just sit in front of the camera and look pretty. I actually try some acting every now and then," Wanton Woman cooed viciously, a toothy grin on her face. "Looks like my hard work and experience paid off, heh?"

"And the coffee?" Wonder Woman pressed, desperate to stall for time. "Do you keep knockout pills handy for everyone who knocks on your door?"

The Colombian-American beauty shrugged. "I've dealt with more than one stalker in my time. You won't believe how many of them will sit down to a cup of coffee if you ask nicely."

Wonder Woman saw her twisted double approaching again, and felt a cold sweat run down her back. She thrust her hands out, in one last desperate gesture.

"D-Don't do anything hasty, please... Th-This isn't worth-"

"You were about to shut me down, chica. You hoped that you could talk me out of it peacefully, but you were willing to force me to close down, weren't you?"

The Amazing Amazon Princess had nothing to say in response. Privately, she feared that Wanton Woman would use the lasso to drag the truth out - the ultimate humiliation.

"You want to know what I'm going to do now, don't you?"

Wonder Woman managed a slow, numb nod of her head.

"I was serious about my retirement from acting, chica ," the Latina said softly. Then her lips, coated in thick red lipstick, curled into a wicked smile. "But that doesn't mean I have to retire Wanton Woman with me. She's still quite the earner on my little site."

Wonder Woman just stood there, stock-still, as her mind put the pieces together. What the Hispanic beauty was saying sounded too horrifying to contemplate, but it was the only logical conclusion.


"Oh yes, Wonder Woman," said Wanton Woman. "Tonight will mark the end of one Wanton Woman. And the beginning of another."

"No!" the Amazing Amazon cried.

"Si, si," Wanton Woman said gloatingly, striking a pose. "What better successor for me than the woman who inspired Wanton Woman in the first place?"

As Wonder Woman unconsciously staggered backwards, Wanton Woman confidently marched forwards until her body was pressed right up against the Amazon's. Mischievously, the Latina porn star gently cupped and squeezed one of Wonder Woman's tits.

"Before you can formally start your new career, however... I think we should have a little interview..._after all, as your future employer, I need to have a firm grasp on your _assets..."

"Don't," Wonder Woman gasped, feeling a little jolt of pleasure course through her amazing body. "Please."

"Just relax, chica ," Wanton Woman purred as she intensified her squeezes. "You have a porn star's body, if I ever saw one. You will learn to love pleasure, both giving and receiving it. This, I promise."

"No..." the helpless heroine gasped. "I was... g-given this body by the gods and goddesses of Olympus to... to do good in this world. I c-can't..."

"Can't?" Wanton Woman cooed. She then pushed forward with her well-manicured hands, catching Wonder Woman off-guard. The Amazing Amazon fell backwards, tumbling right onto the hotel bed.

Wanton Woman was straddling the crimefighter'sunresisting body in a hot second, gleefully rubbing her own body against it. Despite herself, Wonder Woman could feel a mildly pleasant tingle running over her skin. The heroine tried closing her eyes, but even that couldn't block out the maddening scent of the porn star's perfume.

"Ooooohhh," Wonder Woman groaned when she felt the Latina gently nibbling on her ear.

"What a Wonder Puta you are," came Wanton Woman's hot, heavy voice. "Oh, and feel free to scream and moan as much as you like. I've entertained many a lover at this hotel before, so they got a soundproofed room, just for me."

A bold, manicured finger slipped down to Wonder Woman's groin and began to rub itself against those star-spangled bottoms. Right against Wonder Woman's sweet spot, as a matter of fact. It soon stopped when its owner pushed a little harder, and felt an intact hymen.

"Dios mio," Wanton Woman murmured. "You're still a virgin! That explains so much."

"Y-oooohhhh... you're wrong, you disgusting pervert," Wonder Woman shot back through clenched teeth.

Wanton Woman gave the helpless heroine a smug smile, before grabbing one of Wonder Woman's tits with her other hand and squeezing with all her might. Predictably, Wonder Woman's body tensed up, and then started to rock and roll in sheer ecstasy.

"Just sit back and enjoy, WonderPuta," the Latina chuckled. "Because before this night is through, my studio and I will OWN you, body and soul."

That sent another chill through Wonder Woman's shapely body, but it quickly left the busty Amazon's mind when Wanton Woman dove in for a long, deep kiss. The two patriotically-clad women squirmed and writhed on the bed, their greasy lipstick kiss punctuated by no small number of moans.

During that lesbian liplock, Wanton Woman reached over to Wonder Woman's back and grabbed the zipper to the heroine's red-and-gold bustier. With a few maneuvers, the Latina porn star easily got the garment unzipped. When she finally broke the kiss, she stripped the garment from Wonder Woman's massive chest entirely, and threw it into a corner of the bedroom.

"I've always wanted my own authentic Wonder Woman costume," she giggled. "Wouldn't want it to get TOO dirty."

Wonder Woman seized what little defiance she had left, and rolled her eyes. She soon found herself regretting that when Wanton Woman took her big, rapidly stiffening nipples and pinched savagely.


"Looks like someone's getting a little sassy," Wanton Woman hissed. "That kind of insubordination will not be tolerated within the workplace, Miss Prince."

The reminder that Wanton Woman knew her secret identity was all it took to put out the super heroine's fire. With a reluctant whimper, the Amazing Amazon relaxed her spectacular body, inviting the sexy Latina to have her way with it.

Wanton Woman didn't need a second invitation. She went to town on Wonder Woman's tits, nibbling and licking and kissing them with unimaginable skill. The lovely porn star put every ounce of her experience in lesbian lovemaking - whether on the set or off - into it, leaving Wonder Woman a panting, sweaty mess. Of course, by the end of it all, Wonder Woman's nipples were more erect than ever before.

Great Goddesses! Wonder Woman thought. She... she almost made me come...!

Suddenly, Wanton Woman reared back, and shed her own bustier. The Latina's tits bounced freely and proudly for Wonder Woman's viewing pleasure; they weren't quite as big as the Amazon's, but they looked every bit as round and soft.

"In case you were wondering," Wanton Woman said with a wink. "Yes, these are all-natural. I was born with some pretty good genes."

Before she knew what was happening, Wonder Woman found a big, hard nipple being guided into her mouth. A pair of manicured hands grabbed her soft, silky hair from behind, keeping her head in place.

"Come now, chica ," Wanton Woman said huskily, her hands now pulling at Wonder Woman's hair. "Show me what that mouth of yours can do. You'll have to get used to this in your new job."

The thought of biting down briefly crossed Wonder Woman's mind, but her spellbound body wouldn't let her carry out that thought. So, she had no choice but to do what her depraved captor wanted. Her attempts were crude and hesitant at first - mostly a little teasing with her tongue - but every so often, Wanton Woman would give her some instruction or encouragement that made her continue.

Wonder Woman didn't know exactly when, but at some point, instinct took over. The Amazing Amazon just mindlessly sucked on that tit like a nursing infant, drawing louder and louder screams of pleasure from Wanton Woman.

Hera, if being a porn star is my fate, then I must be the best porn star I can be!

"Oh! Oh! You go-aaahhhhh ...!" Wanton Woman howled, head thrown back in pleasure. As Wonder Woman kept sucking, the sexy Latina began screaming out a rapid string of Spanish, all while violently rocking her body and the hotel bed.

Without warning, Wanton Woman put a hand on Wonder Woman's forehead and shoved the heroine straight back. Then, quick as a viper, she crawled up and planted her rapidly-moistening groin over Wonder Woman's prone face.

"Mmpphhh," Wonder Woman groaned. The thin cloth of Wanton Woman's star-spangled bottoms did nothing to keep out the musky smell of hot, fresh pussy juice. Especially when Wonder Woman's nose and mouth was mashed right up against the source of those juices.

Wanton Woman mischievously wiggled around for a bit, gleefully grinding her nether regions into the Amazon Princess's face, before getting up a little. Just enough to give Wonder Woman a breath of fresh air, while the porn star tugged the bottoms down her long, tanned legs to expose her eager - and very wet - pussy.

"Come on, Wonder Puta," Wanton Woman urged. "Your mouth was muy magical with my tits. I know you can do even better with my cunt."

Reluctantly - though not as reluctantly as she would have imagined - the Amazing Amazon Princess opened her mouth and peppered the Latina's glistening pussy lips with kisses. Then, about a minute in, she began working her tongue against Wanton Woman's clitoris, lost in the wonderful taste of the other woman's twat. Again, Wonder Woman's initial attempts were sloppy, and left much to be desired, but the porn star's careful and detailed instructions soon left the helpless super heroine quite skilled in cunnilingus.

It wasn't long before Wanton Woman tensed up, and sprayed Wonder Woman's face down with a loud, dramatic orgasm. That moment disgusted the more virtuous, dignified parts of Wonder Woman's mind, but it excited the more primal parts something fierce.

"Ahh," Wanton Woman mused, playing with her own tits for a moment. "How I love steering virgins through the wonders of lesbian sex."

Grinning, the Colombian-American porn star rotated herself a hundred and eighty degrees, so that she was still sitting on Wonder Woman's face, but was now facing the heroine's booted feet. Then, she reached out and began to push Wonder Woman's skimpy blue bottoms down those long, powerful legs.

"I lost my virginity to another girl, you know," Wanton Woman said conversationally. "First year of college. Sure, I like fucking guys, too, but I love pussy more than I'll ever love dick."

She reached over, and raked her nails through Wonder Woman's pubic patch. It was pretty strictly cropped, and bikini-waxed to boot. She would have to take care of that once Wonder Woman's employment at PornasonicPictures "officially" began...

"Good thing this job lets me fuck both. At last count, I've done it with sixty-eight women in front of the camera. You know what that makes you, Wonder Puta ?"

Wonder Woman made a muffled noise, her mouth still pressed up against that delicious pussy. Already, she was trying to lick the Latina porn star toward orgasm number two.

"Si," Wanton Woman "answered" for the crimefighter. She then bent down, and pressed her own lips to Wonder Woman's pussy. "Sesenta y nueve!"

The two women "sixty-nined" each other for the next hour or so, licking and sucking several orgasms out of one another. Wonder Woman was a quick learner, but still a novice; Wanton Woman quickly outpaced her, leaving her thoroughly dominated and stewing in a puddle of her own sweat and pussy juices.

"Better not pass out, chica ," Wanton Woman said as she hauled herself off of the bed. "The show's just beginning!"

Wonder Woman rolled her tired, sweaty, aching body over on the bed, following the porn star's movements as best as she could. By chance, her hooded baby blues caught sight of something sitting atop the nearest nightstand, which she hadn't caught the first time.

A camera?

It was one of those new-model webcams, sleek and round and white. Its recording light was on, too. Wonder Woman turned her head in a few other directions, and realized that there were more of them, scattered in various positions around the hotel room.

"Y-You're filming this...?" Wonder Woman murmured.

"Si," Wanton Woman grinned as she went rifling through one of the drawers in the bedroom dresser. "You might consider this my last appearance as Wanton Woman. Shame it won't ever make the open market."

The sexy Latina then turned around, presenting a big, black strap-on in her right hand and a jar of lube in her left.

"But it'll be nice viewing when we're all alone on a cold winter's night, no?"

Wonder Woman fought the lump that had suddenly formed in her throat. Not very successfully. "G-Great Hera... you can't possibly fit that in me!"

The Colombian-American beauty just chuckled. "Trust me, chica, this isn't close to the worst you'll be getting from your future co-stars. Boy **or**girl. I'm starting you off nice and easy."

Wonder Woman reeled back in horror, but couldn't tear her eyes away from the strap-on dildo. Much as she hated to admit it, the rubber phallus intrigued her. What would such a thing feel like in her virgin pussy? Would it be as good as the tongue work she had just gotten? Better?

Sweet Aphrodite, what am I thinking? M-My maidenhood is about to be stolen from me!

"Just relax, chica ," Wanton Woman cooed as she buckled the sex toy around her slim waist and rounded hips. She then opened the jar of lube, and smeared a generous dollop of its contents all over that big black shaft.

Wonder Woman's body moved of its own accord once again, forcing the Amazing Amazon to get on an all-fours position in the middle of the bed, that shapely ass raised high into the air. Just the right stance for the wicked Latina to ravish her.

"Ready?" Wanton Woman hissed as she put her manicured hands on Wonder Woman's silky smooth butt cheeks.

"No," Wonder Woman squeaked. A moment later, she felt the cold rubber tip of the dildo against her intact maidenhead.

"Good," the Latina growled, and THRUST with all her might.

"Uggghhhhhhh...!" Wonder Woman cried aloud, mouth opening wide and baby blues huge. Her hands clawed wildly at the bedsheets, while the rest of her body tensed and froze.

"Consider yourself... TAKEN!" Wanton Woman cried proudly, and pushed through Wonder Woman's hymen with one decisive stroke.

"OHHHHHHHH... Goddesses of Paradise Island!" Wonder Woman screamed, head raised high. "Forgive me, Hera! Forgive me, Aphrodite! Forgive me-"

"Save the mythology lesson for later, chica ," Wanton Woman said, and shut Wonder Woman up with an even deeper, harder thrust. "Starting right now, I am your only goddess, your only MISTRESS."

"Aiiiiieeeee!!!" Wonder Woman groaned, feeling that big shaft ruthlessly pump in and out of her pussy. Driving her insane with lust and NEED. "Y-Yes, Mistress!"

"Who's your Mistress, Wonder Woman?!"


Wanton Woman scowled, and swatted Wonder Woman's left ass cheek. Hard. "WHO'S your Mistress?!"

"You, Mistress Wanton Woman!"

"And what are you?"

Wonder Woman tried to put up one last front of resistance, but her mind was utterly scrambled now. The shock and humiliation of the night, topped with the loss of her virginity, was too much for her pride to handle.

Soon, the words poured out of her by themselves.

"J-Just a pathetic little slut, Mistress! Just a hot piece of ass playing at being a super heroine!"

Wanton Woman intensified her thrusts, drawing screams for mercy - alternating with screams for her to never stop - out of Wonder Woman. It warmed her heart like nothing else to see the famed, haughty super heroine being brought down to size.

"So what are you going to do now?!"

"A-Anything you want, Mistress!"

Wanton Woman spanked Wonder Woman again. Harder, this time.

"Not good enough! I want SPECIFICS!"

"I-I'm going to be the porn star I was destined to be, Mistress! B-Being Wonder Woman is n-nothing to the glory of b-being Wanton Woman!"

"Now THAT'S what I want to hear!" Wanton Woman smirked, her hands reaching round to cup the Amazing Amazon's big tits once again. She expertly kneaded and squeezed that fine titty flesh, never once letting up her merciless hammering of Wonder Woman's twat.

That double dose of stimulation pushed Wonder Woman over the top. Eyes crossing, she threw her head back and screamed and screamed and screamed.

In the end, Wanton Woman turned out to have even more stamina than Wonder Woman would have thought possible. She fucked the Amazing Amazon through seven orgasms before tiring, and still had enough energy left to force Wonder Woman to give the sex toy a thorough spit-shine.

"Mmm..." Wanton Woman chuckled as she unbuckled the strap-on and let it fall to the floor. "Wonder Puta, you're even more of a natural than I thought. I think this is the start of a beautiful partnership..."

The Amazing Amazon said nothing. Just lay there, panting and trying to get her mind around all the pain and pleasure radiating from her stretched-out pussy. After what seemed like an eternity, her mind finally reassembled itself enough to listen to the next command.

Wanton Woman pointed down at her boots. "Lick. Then we can get some shut-eye. We've got a big day ahead of us tomorrow..."

The super heroine groaned, but did as commanded, crawling off of the bed and onto the floor. She carefully, lovingly pressed her shining red lips to the toe of Wanton Woman's boot, and began licking, knowing that her ordeal was just beginning.

# # #

Three weeks later, Diana Prince was kneeling on cold tile, her talented tongue licking away the last few drops of pussy juice with her new boss, one Ms. Carolina Rojas. Five-minute quickies were a regular part of her life now, especially since Carolina couldn't get enough of humiliating her. Preferably while pleasuring herself.

"Mmm... that's the stuff, chica ," Carolina purred as she wiped herself clean with a moist towelette and pulled up her panties. "Good to see you've remembered all of my lessons."

"I try, Mistress," Diana said humbly, slowly rising to her feet.

Diana had undergone many changes, not the least of which was her wardrobe. Instead of the conservative suits and blouses she once wore, she now wore a black leather bikini top, a small and impossible-to-button jacket, figure-hugging biker shorts, and chunky black boots. The whole outfit was skimpy as well as ridiculous-looking, which she was sure Carolina had intended.

Carolina had been smart enough to keep Diana's FORMER life as Wonder Woman kept a close secret. But she could, and had, publicly destroyed Diana's civilian life. With a series of careful commands via Wonder Woman's golden lasso, Carolina had made Diana quit her job and turn over all of her financial assets, thus making sure that the beautiful Amazon could NEVER become independent again.

Once word had gotten out that Diana was looking to enter the porn business, all of her friends and contacts had pretty much abandoned her. No one wanted to be caught associating with a "fallen woman". Of course, Pornasonic Pictures had swooped in and snatched her up in the blink of an eye, with quite a lucrative contract for a beginner.

None of that money, naturally, would be going into Diana's pocket. Thanks to a series of legal papers that Carolina had made her sign, Diana had practically become a slave to the pornographer. At any rate, any money she earned would be tightly controlled by her new "girlfriend".

"You'd better get going," Carolina said as she checked her cell phone. "Shoot starts at four."

Diana nodded, wiping away the last of the residue sticking to the sides of the mouth. She would shoot her first official video for Pornasonic Pictures today, but in truth, pretty much the whole studio was already familiar with her and her "talents". Once Carolina had finished her vacation, she had wasted no time in bringing Diana back and letting every single willing man and woman enjoy the special "assets" of an Amazon's body. In all, Diana thought she must have sucked and fucked a dozen different people.

And she was about to suck and fuck a whole lot more.

"Break a leg!" Carolina winked, and swatted Diana's shapely hiney. Diana gave a girlish little squeal of delight, and even wiggled her shapely ass for her new boss's viewing pleasure.

On the inside, though, Diana's mind remained in turmoil. Part of her mind LOVED the degrading, sex-filled life that she had been forced into - though she was still unsure of how much of that was the golden lasso's magic at work, and how much was her having genuinely been corrupted. And part of her mind, the only remnant of her days as an Amazon Princess and super heroine, was utterly disgusted and ashamed at her fall from grace.

Ironically, the latter actually seemed to feed the former. Shame turned out to be a big turn-on for the more decadent part of her mind, so the more humiliated she felt, the hotter and heavier her sex drive got. It was a nasty little cycle that ensured her porn career would probably alternate endlessly between Heaven and Hell.

Hera, it looks like this place will be my home away from home now.

Pornasonic Pictures shot most of its videos in the Harlot's Haven, a six-thousand-square-foot, professionally licensed bondage dungeon. The layout wasn't exactly friendly to newcomers, but Carolina had made sure beforehand that Diana would be familiar with every room. After all, if she was going to take over as one of the studio's most profitable characters, she would probably end up getting fucked in every single one of them.

In only a few minutes, Diana had gotten to where she needed to be: the third-floor "silk room". Her co-stars and the rest of the crew - cameramen, production assistants, etc. - were already there. And every one of them was leering at her body.

Diana struck a haughty pose before them, letting their stares linger for just a little longer. She had always relished attention, and if the attention she was receiving now was baser and more demeaning than the attention she'd gotten as Wonder Woman... well, it was better than nothing.

"All right, girls and boys," she said huskily. "Get mama her working clothes. Time for Wanton Woman to make some magic."