The Adventures of Pulse: The Visitors  

By Doctor Droid

Wizards Lair Contest 2000

"Are you sure you have to go? Why are you the only one that can deal with this?" the tawny, naked man said as he caressed the cheek of the brunette beauty laying across his chest.

She was just as naked, except for the sapphire stud earrings that sparkled in the moonlight slipping through the lace curtains. "No one else can get up there in time. If I don't fly up there, Mir comes down." Her soft lips kissed him on his damp chest. "No one else can survive flying in space and also have the strength to turn it so the solar panels are facing the sun."

He watched his fingers as the knuckles brushed over the mottled, sweaty skin of her neck. "I know, I know," he said gently, "the world has to have Pulse, but there's times I want her more."

The superheroine nodded, then laid her head upon his chest. Thick folds of soft brown hair fell across his side. "I know baby, but you know I have to do this. When that satellite hits, they say it's going to come down somewhere in western Europe. It could kill thousands." She ran her clear fingernails gently across his tone belly. "Shadowstone has the south side of Megapolis, Pulse gets the rest of the world."

The hero sighed under his breath and stared up at the bedroom ceiling. "Yeah," he said as he ran his fingers through the mass of hair, "I know. Just promise me to be careful, Marie."

Pulse raised up and kissed his chest again. "Don't worry," she breathed as she kissed his belly and started to work her way down, "I'll be back in three days. But let me give you something to remember me by until then..."

Upwards she flew, rising quickly through the thinning atmosphere. Her powerful, curvaceous body was hugged by the royal blue costume and cape she wore as Pulse. The costume was a one piece affair, long sleeved, and covering her upper body. It was cut high on her hips and darted down between her legs, leaving the long, toned legs bare. A pair of high boots went up to just below her knee with a gold rim across the top that pointed up over the curve of her knee.

In the center of her chest was a golden yellow blazing sun with a lightning bolt beneath it that stretched from her right shoulder down to her left hip. Her sun-tinged brown, wavy hair went to the bottom her shoulder blades. Today it was pinned back in a tight ponytail so it wouldn't float in her face while working in the weightless environment of space.

'Just find the hatch with the number '34' on it,' the NASA liaison had told her. 'The Russians said the cosmonaut will let you in there so he can brief you on how to tilt the ailing satellite.'

Pulse had wondered why there hadn't been more of a briefing, but the NASA men had assured her that what she was expected to do involved merely her superhuman strength. The cosmonaut would give her a com unit and give her the simple instructions needed to tilt the blacked out satellite so its solar panels could face the sun. Since the spaceship had mysteriously drained all its batteries, the man-made satellite was completely dependent on the power it gained from those solar panels to both sustain life and orbit, not to mention recharge the batteries. Without solar energy, the orbit would decay and, from what the NASA man had told her, the estimated trajectory would bring the ship down somewhere around Eindhoven, Holland, potentially killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

The NASA man hadn't actually came out and said it, but his mannerisms gave Pulse the idea that the folks at NASA were exasperated with the Russians. It was obvious though that it galled NASA to have to ask for help from a superheroine to fix this problem. If it hadn't been such an emergency, she figured, NASA would have been happy to let the ailing ship simply crash into an ocean as had been planned in the next couple of months.

She could feel the atmosphere of Earth fading away as she continued to ascend. A faint energy trail followed in her wake. A natural battery in herself, all her powers, from her invulnerable body to her supersonic flight to her titanic strength and stamina, came from her body's ability to capture the natural energies around her and convert them into physical abilities. As she began to escape the confines of the Earth and took in the direct, unadulterated energies of the sun, her powers surged. This had always happened, which was why she could survive indefinitely in space. Her body simply lived off the sun's energy.

Forced to wait a day until the satellite was over North America, Pulse had spent the night with her lover, the hero Shadowstone. Many disliked his methods; some politicians called him a threat to the city and wanted him arrested. She didn't like some of his methods for capturing the scum of the darker south side of Megapolis, but when he asked what she would do to stop the drugs and gangs, she never could answer him. She had her ways and her duties, and he had his. They had left it at that, and for a year now they had met quietly. Her identity, while mysterious in that no one knew who she was despite not wearing a mask, was easy for people to point out on the street, while he was a masked man. Meeting for their trysts had not been easy, but they had managed, and had given each other comfort and strength during the many trials each had to endure at superheroes.

Pulse pulled herself from the reverie of the previous night with Shadowstone. The satellite was coming into view. Toppling in circles that wouldn't allow it to put its panels towards the sun, the Mir was a helpless deathtrap. Only Pulse had both the stamina to survive space and the sheer strength to stabilize Mir.

Getting closer, Pulse could see the damage from a collision that had occurred back in 1997 with a docking rocket. Mir looked as old as she had heard. Dodging a panel, she grabbed a ring on the side of the satellite and let the spaceship control her momentum. In a few seconds, she was matching the motions of the ship.

Working her way around in weightless space, Pulse finally found the hatch. As she reached a ring beside it, she heard a hiss of escaping air, followed by the locking bolts releasing. The hatch swung open.

Pulse moved inside and pulled the hatch closed behind her. After the hatch was resealed, she could feel pressure returning. Oxygen again encompassed the superheroine, not that she needed it.

The interior door opened with another, fainter hiss. Propelled by her ability to fly, the brunette superheroine flew into the heart of the Mir.

The ship looked like a junkyard. A terrible smell of burning ozone filled the stuffy air. She could see the evidence of many hasty repairs as she moved through the length of the ship. "Hello?" she called out, her voice echoing metallically back to her.

The ship was mostly dark, except for a few emergency lights. She carefully made her way through the Mir, ducking under a badly placed cable or around a bulging piece of poorly attached equipment. Finally, down a side passageway, Pulse saw the back of a man in a blue jumpsuit.

"Hey, I'm Pulse," she said as she wafted through the cabin towards the cosmonaut.

Slowly the man turned, hovering in the zero-G ship. He hadn't shaved in at least a week. Dark circles surrounded lifeless, dull black eyes. His skin, as well as she could tell in the faint lighting, was very pale.

He said a single word in a thick, Slavic accent: "Help."

Pulse's dark brown eyes widened in alarm. She was here to help anyway, but the way this man appeared gave her reason to wonder...

"Yaaagghh!!" she screamed at a beam sank into her blue-clad back. Stumbling forward, she bounced off a wide steel beam. A wave of weakness washed over her. She nearly passed out but forced herself to grab the beam for stability.

From behind her, Pulse heard a male voice speaking in a gruff, harsh language. She grabbed the steel beam to control her floating self as she twisted at the hips to look at her attackers.

What she saw made her pause. Whoever they were, they weren't human. Two tall, broad men with dark brown, swarthy complexions glared down at Pulse. They wore a body armor that looked like leather over their lean, strong-looking bodies. Their faces were as harsh as their language. They had sparse mustaches over grim, tight mouths. Thick noses and dead, dark black eyes were under foreheads that protruded out. That was what told Pulse that she wasn't dealing with people from Earth; their foreheads were ridged and high, with dark brown hair brushed back long.

They also held strange weapons in their gauntleted hands. "Frashg!" one barked.

Pulse got a shaky leg under her and forced herself to her turn completely around, right as the two men fired their weapons. She was too weak and stunned to have a chance to dodge; that was never what she did. Pulse had always been too powerful to worry about dodging bullets which would simply bounce off her body.

The beams didn't bounce. The first passed right through the front of her costume, burning a neat hole in the energy burst symbol and sank into her chest, making her entire body glow with the weapon's power. She shuddered and shook, her brown eyes rolling up into her head.

The second beam blasted a hole in her costume over her belly, then sank into her body making the superheroine's beautiful, lithe, voluptuous curves glow for a moment. Her muscles tensed and shook violently for a few seconds, then every one of them relaxed. As the glow faded, the most powerful superheroine on Earth slumped into a heap of lovely feminine flesh and cascading brunette hair floating numbly in the spaceship.

The two alien men barely paused. One kept his weapon trained on the downed Pulse as the other made some kind of adjustment to his. Raising it again, he pointed it at the sleep-deprived, numb cosmonaut. Firing the weapon, it neatly disintegrated a two foot hole in the Russian's chest, leaving the cauterized remains to float upwards.

"Grsh nxlaxn!" one barked, to the approving nod of the other. One alien holstered his weapon and grabbed the unconscious Pulse by her hair. The other lifted a small metal device and spoke more harsh words into it.

In a sparkling of light and energy, the two aliens and one superheroine disappeared from within the now abandoned Mir.

Pulse slowly came around, and immediately wished she hadn't. She was sore from the tips of her toes to the ends of her hair. Not even after the titanic toe-to-toe battle with Mayhem had left her feeling this stiff and sore.

It got worse. Her arms were bound behind her in some kind of metal contraption. With each wrist meeting the opposite elbow, her arms were trapped in the middle of her back. She gave them a tug which made her muscles ache, but the metal binding was far too strong for Pulse in her weakened condition.

The brunette superheroine could feel a metal collar around her neck. Tiny cables trailed from the sides of it to a thicker metal band around her waist. In the front of the belt, a red light blinked.

She was lying on a metal bunk in what appeared to be some kind of very plain cell. Getting to her booted feet, she walked towards what appeared to be an open doorway in the cell. The opening was very large, far larger than a normal doorway, with glowing lights around the circumference of the doorway.

"Aghh!" she cried out in pain when she tried to walk through it. Lacerating pain shot through her from some kind of force field that struck her protruding breasts and foot. She leaped backwards and landed on the hard floor.

Heavy footsteps clomped across the metallic floor outside the cell. Three of the swarthy aliens appeared at the doorway. Pulse got back to her feet as one of them reached to the wall. The lights around the inside of the doorway faded away.

Pulse took her opportunity. She charged out the doorway, only to realize that she couldn't fly. By the time she was through the doorway, she knew she was powerless.

"Blggghh!!" she cried out as the nearest of the aliens swung the back of his black 'leather' gauntleted fist smashed into the side of Pulse's cheek, snapping her head to the side. Another grabbed her by the hair and jerked her to the side.

She nearly fell, but the hand in her wavy hair kept her on her stumbling feet. The room was spinning around as the second alien pulled her forward by her tresses and lifted his knee, burying it into the powerless superheroine's belly.

"Aughh!" she groaned, bent double around the alien's leg. She hadn't felt pain like this in years, since she had gotten her powers. These aliens had someone negated her powers, leaving her no tougher than an ordinary woman in the hands of these tough men.

The third wanted his turn at Pulse. Grabbing her by her blue cape, he jerked her back. Her hair released, Pulse stumbled back on her high heeled boots. A thick forearm slammed into her lower back.

"Angngnhh!!" she wailed, bent backwards around his arm. Her face was a twisted visage of agony. Dazed by the onslaught and her own lack of powers, she slumped to her knees. Pulse would have collapsed to the floor but for the alien holding her cape.

Her head hung low, her face hidden by the curly waves of brown as her chin rested on her chest. She gasped for air and struggled to recover from the three hammerblows to her now vulnerable, powerless body.

She wasn't aware of anything happening around her, only the pain, the spinning in her head, and the humiliation of being so helpless. Using her cape still, the third alien dragged her across the floor. Her head hung down, a few drops of blood dripping from her bleeding lip. The toes of her boots trailed after her.

The room was still spinning. She felt the alien drag her over a foot high step onto some kind of dais. A warmth emanated from the floor of the humming dais. Her nipples rose on her breasts, protruding tips pushing into her taut blue costume. Slowly she became aware that she was being drug across something else. Opening her eyes was almost a torture, but she forced her dark brown orbs to focus.

Under her was one of the aliens. His hands reached up to surround her breasts. His smile was horrible, his teeth yellow and pointed. Roughly he began kneading and grinding her breasts in painful circles on her chest.

"Nnhhh..." she moaned. Shock filled her. Sure, like any heroine in Megapolis she had been defeated, and raped more than once during her eight years of being a superheroine, but this was something else. She had no idea where she was, or even what this alien was that had her breasts in his callous hands.

"Ohhh..." she moaned. "Oh God...what's happening...?" she almost sobbed as Pulse realized she was getting aroused. Something about this dais, the warming glow, was exciting her. She could feel the cool dampness of her blue costume, snug over the melting mound between her legs.

Then she felt the slick material pulled to the side. "Oh God, please, no!" she begged the alien molesting her breasts. Her cape was ripped away to the sound of shredding material.

Suddenly she felt his thick cockhead pushing between her puffy nether lips. Pulse shook her head violently, bucking her body but easily held down by the other two aliens over her. One put his hands on her ass and shoved her down, forcing the great heroine to take the alien cock into her seeping sex.

"Aaannnnhhhhooooo!!" she shrieked as the ridged penis sank deeply into her pussy. The brunette heroine thrashed wildly, but the three aliens were easily able to control her. Powerless, humiliated, bound, and aroused by the strange vibrations on the dais, Pulse clamped her eyes shut. "Nonononononono..." she said over and over, her light brown hair swishing around her face as the alien under her pulled her down to him.

The alien holding her hips down straddled her. His own codpiece was gone, revealing the dark brown, roughly ridged penis pointing like a fleshy sword towards Pulse.

The alien under her thrust, long, hard piercings that penetrated the depths of her sex. Her pussy seeped her juices, soaking the alien's cock along its length against her will. Gasping with each rough thrust, Pulse was slowly falling into a cloud of arousal. She could feel every ridge on the rough pole of flesh that was stretching her lips wide.

"NOO!!" she wailed as a second cockhead began to push into her. Stretched painfully wide, her pussy was parted by the alien straddling her ass. Like pistons, the two aliens alternated thrusts, leaving one constantly splitting her open with their meaty logs.

The thrusts drove Pulse higher along the arc of her arousal. The sensation of the hands twisting and pulling her heavy breasts, grinding her nipples between his knuckles, pushed her every higher. Rough hands gripped her hips as the two slabs of flesh drove mercilessly into her aching pussy. Her blue boots ground against the floor, spreading wide apart as her pubic bone rested on the armored codpiece of the alien beneath her. Her costume glistening in the dim, harsh lighting of the alien's ship.

"Fragsh!" the alien under her barked, causing the dais' strange vibrating power to reach a higher plateau.

"Oh Godddd...nooo...please...OhhGGOODD!!!!!" Pulse wailed. Her brown eyes rolled upwards in her head as her body tensed. With a gurgled scream of violently released passion, the powerless, formerly powerful, superheroine came like a cheap slut. Cum spurted from her pussy, puddling down between the alien's legs. Her body flushed, gleaming with sweat as it vibrated like a bowstring.

"Mmmmmmmmmmnnnhhhhhh...!" she gurgled as the alien under her, without doing more than muttering a brief groan, fired his thick wads of cum into her raped body. Pulse strained to control the orgasm that was rippling through her, but the sensation of the alien cumming within her only prolonged the climax that was shredding her.

As the second alien also thrust himself deeply inside her sex, both ridged fleshpoles were finally together, mutually splitting her wider than she could have ever been in her life.

The third alien grabbed a handful of her wavy brown hair and pulled Pulse's head back. His thick cock, dry and aching, was in front of her face.

Pulse barely saw what was before her. The room was spinning, her mind unable to comprehend the alien gangbang ravishing her. Trapped by the strange arousal, Pulse had no choice but to open her mouth. She even leaned forward, straining her neck to reach the dark brown cock beckoning before her.

"MMmmmnnhh..." she moaned as her face was filled with the alien's smelly crotch. His dick shoved down her throat, making his rough ball sac slap against her chin. Thick hair curled around her nose and poked into her eyes as the superheroine's throat bulged.

Trapped and helpless, Pulse became lost in the orgasms and arousal. Unaware of anything but the three thrusting, pumping shafts, Pulse gave in to the pounding, violent, raping orgasms that wracked her, body and soul.

High in the upper atmosphere, a lone figure appeared, simply out of nowhere. The green and blue planet's gravity pulled the figure towards the ground, sending the feminine form tumbling downwards. At first, a few liquids seeped out from between her legs and from her mouth. Trailing behind her were tattered pieces of blue costume and damp, cum-soaked brown hair.

Pulse's body immediately began absorbing the sunlight again as she picked up speed. Quivering from the multitude of ravaging orgasms and the constant molestings of her bruised but still shapely body, Pulse could only tumbled end over end towards the surface of the planet miles below. Unaware of anything around her, her brown eyes merely puffy slits of red, the most powerful heroine on Earth picked up speed, drying and evaporating the alien cum that stained her from head to thighs.

Somewhere, leaving a geo-synchronous orbit, flew a cloaked, invisible spaceship. Back to the future they would go, knowing that this lesson, taught during the course of this week, would be useful when they met the Earthling known as Pulse one day in the distant future...