Krypton Powered Balls!  

By Dodgynubian

Wizards Lair Contest Summer 2013 Supergirl

"Welcome Back!" grinned news anchor Ched Rogers, "Here's the top news in Metropolis today!"

He removed his smirking face and replaced with his false serious one.

"No sign yet of the return of Superman. The Man of Steel has now not been seen for over two weeks! Where can he be, Marcia?"

Co-host Marcia Churchill effortlessly took up the cue.

"Metropolis Police say the Man of Steel had urgent business in another part of the galaxy, Ched. But not to worry he'll be back soon to punch out more bad guys!"

"Yahhh! Punch out bad boys!" cheered Ched moronically.

"We'll be fine, Ched" continued Marcia whilst shooting a look of utter contempt at her co-host, "Cos the Girl of Steel - the mighty Supergirl - is guarding our fine city!"

"Yeah, right," responded Ched sullenly, "A girl is protecting us. Whoop-de-whoop."

The blonde in the top-floor apartment glared at the TV screen. Sexist pig!

Supergirl was just as good as Superman. Having a penis wasn’t necessary to fight law-breakers.

"Now, Ched," chided Marcia, "Supergirl is just as good as Superman."

This drew a surprised and delighted smile from the watching blonde.

"Ain't been too good at catching the guys that gang-banged that girl cop last week, has she?"

This provoked a furious glare from Marcia.

"If the Mayor cuts the police budget then it's no surprise that if a 19-year-old rookie ends up patrolling bad parts of town on her own with no back-up bad things happen to her!"

The blonde looked away. Supergirl had to watch out for alien invaders, supervillains with death rays and sudden volcanoes. Not some humdrum crime that the local police could handle. That was reasonable. Wasn’t it?

"And now business," Marcia was saying, "With Alice Baxter."

There was a pause, the sort of pause where news anchors display their inability to think on their feet. Or think.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Marcia started up, "Alice is unavailable. So let's do sports with Mike-"


The TV screen seemed to fizzle, then went black, then seemed to be trying to recover.

In irritation the blonde sought out the remote control. Where was the damn thing?

Out of the corner of her eye she noticed the picture re-forming.

"Afternoon, Metropolis," said a deep voice.

Replacing Ched and Marcia on the screen was the face of a black man. Late thirties, bald with a goatee beard. He took a long drag on a rolled-up cigarette and exhaled, seemingly regarding the audience with detached indifference.

"I'm afraid Miss Baxter is gonna be a bit delayed with the business news. Cos she is hanging around."

The camera pulled back, revealing the man to be dressed in a long light brown overcoat and sitting in some sort of warehouse. Then the camera panned to the left. It seemed like from across the city the blonde could hear a gasp from all the viewers as the TV now showed a woman suspended from the ceiling by manacles on her wrists, her feet dangling a meter from the floor. The camera zoomed in on the woman's face. Though gagged the blonde bob haircut and

big brown eyes showed her to be Alice Baxter, the woman who does the business on the TV!

Alice blinked back tears and tried to say something but only succeeded in producing the classic 'mmmpf!' sound of gagged damsels.

The camera drew back again as the black man moved over to where the helpless woman swayed in mid-air. Oddly he was barefoot. In the background several man-shaped figures loomed forward in a menacing manner.

"As you can see," the man intoned, "Miss Baxter has kept her clothes on for longer than the cop slut we nailed last week. But nothing lasts forever..."

Alices' expensive shoes were pushed off and allowed to fall to the dusty floor.

An extra higher-pitched 'mmmpf' sound burst from Alice as she felt powerful hands run up her bare legs.

"A sight of heaven?" chuckled the man as he glanced up the womans' knee-length skirt, "The boys know what I'm talking 'bout, eh boys?"

Watching this humiliating display the blonde in the apartment felt righteous anger boiling within her toned figure. Someone should do something!

"Well boys," smiled the man, "Not long now before Alice Baxter gets a starring role in a new reality TV program we call 'Gang-banged Slut'. Unless of course..."

He paused as the camera went for a close-up.

"Unless some bitch, or dare I say super-bitch, comes to rescue her. Possibly drawn by this dog whistle I'm gonna blow."


The screen went blank and then Ched and Marcia reappeared.

"Is this shit real?" Ched was saying to someone off camera, "If they do her can we broadcast it? What about adverts?"

"Ched! We're live!"

"Oh shit...I mean...err...," Ched blushed and then jutted his jaw forward, "Who will save our beloved co-worker?"

"Someone should do something!" said the blonde in the apartment, "Someone will do something! I will do something!"

Her blouse was off before she reached her bedroom door. Pants and knickers were flung to the wall. She flung open the secret compartment at the back of the wardrobe and drew out something red and blue. One second she was naked, the next fully dressed in what she called her work outfit.

A full-length mirror afforded her the opportunity to check out her look before she left. And she looked good. A quick twirl to check her hair and a mischievous smile as the act of twirl made her short skirt fly up to reveal most of her pert bottom.

Then a sprint to the balcony, followed by a pause to ensure that no-one was about (in particular old Mr. Todd who was altogether too obvious at popping up when she was sunbathing), and then the blonde flung herself off into open. The blonde had left the apartment. Supergirl was speeding thru the air!

Thankfully before she realized that she had absolutely no idea where she was going Supergirl (and only Supergirl) heard a short whistle blast. Coming from the south part of the city. A blue/red flash shot across the cloudy sky as the superheroine tried to locate the exact source of the sound.

A second toot, coming from a decrepit industrial zone. A second later and Supergirl was hovering in the sky above an old abandoned warehouse adjacent to a junkyard of rusting cars. Near the gate were two reasonably intact cars. What did that mean - at least four guys? More?

Supergirl hesitated. The whole set-up yelled 'trap' in big fluorescent letters accompanied by fireworks. Earnestly her x-ray vision scanned the building beneath. Worryingly

there seemed to be a lot of machinery in there, the mass of metal making it hard to make out anything else. But there! Movement! And then more. There were several people in the warehouse.

Her heart was beating faster. Excitement or Fear?

One thing was certain - if she did nothing then poor Alice Baxter would face an horrific ordeal. She had to make an effort and hope that her super powers would be enough.

Spotting a clear space within the warehouse Supergirl took a deep breath and hurtled downwards.

K-Rakkk! Smash!

Supergirl burst thru the outer wooden wall of the warehouse, reducing it to mere matchsticks and leaving a gaping hole behind her.

Swiftly she landed on her red-booted feet and waited for the dust to settle.

"Cough-cough What da fuck iz dat? Cough!"

Supergirl blinked her blue eyes to adjust her vision to the gloomy interior. Several people had been stunned by her entrance and were now slowly recovering and warily moving towards her.

Now Supergirl could see them - four mean-looking black men with attitude. Typical low-grade thugs, but none of them the guy from the TV. Used to hunting in a pack the four spread out as they neared the stationery superheroine. One produced a knife in a showy manner, another had a length of chain that he was swinging around. A couple were licking their lips - anticipating not the fight, but the spoils of victory.

Supergirl fought to suppress a laugh. For all their macho posturing these scum had nothing that could hurt her. This would be so easy it was barely worth doing at all.

"Boys," she said steadily, "Just think about this for a minute. Tell me where Miss Baxter is and I'll let you go home in one piece."

"Da only thing ya'll be doing is sucking dick, ya bimbo!" snarled chain guy.

"Yeah!" growled the tall, skinny one on the left, "You've made a big mistake coming here, girlie!"

Supergirl was about the respond with some witty banter but was stopped in her train of thought by the sight of the guy with a baseball cap clearly adjusting his crotch to accommodate what was obviously a growing erection.


With lightening speed Supergirl sprung forward and slammed her fist into the face of knife dude. Down he went and wasn’t getting up soon.


A pirouette and skinny guy got a roundhouse kick in the belly, collapsing him to the ground.


Chain man whipped his weapon round his head and moved to attack the blonde bombshell but a quick left hand seized it from him and yanked him off his balance before a right hook sent him hurtling back into a pile of boxes.


Crotch perv was so stunned by this blur of righteous justice that he didn’t move at all. He just had time to drop his jaw before the object of his lust ran at him and slammed her foot into his most intimate area.


Three seconds and four hoodlums were down. Satisfied Supergirl surveyed the scene of her victory.

"Not so keen to pick on a girl now, are we?" she smirked.

"You're not a girl, you're a woman. Judging by the size of those titties."

Supergirl spun round. Approaching her was the man from the TV, still barefoot and wearing his long coat.

Warily she scanned him with her x-ray vision. Beneath the coat he was naked. Ugh!

But as he clearly was no threat she could engage in some of the banter she enjoyed.

"Your boys regret not surrendering. Perhaps you will learn the lesson. Or must I teach it to you?"

With that she adapted her classic pose - feet apart and fists on hips.

"Quite the perfect little hero, ain't ya?" sneered the man, "It'll look good on the video."

With a nod he indicated a video camera set up on a tripod pointing at Supergirl. A little green light indicated that it was on.

"I'm not here to perform for perverts!" announced Supergirl, using a sudden blast of her heat vision to cause the camera to burst into flame.

"Fuckin' bitch!" shouted the man with genuine annoyance.

A blast of cold breath put the small blaze out.

"Our relationship is getting quite frosty," she quipped.

"Our relationship will soon be getting hot and steamy," replied the man recovering his poise, "Over there."

He pointed off to the right. Supergirl glanced over in that direction, keeping the man in the corner of her eye.

Behind a stack of pallets on area had been cleared and lying on the floor in the cleared area was a mattress - a dirty, torn mattress.

"You got a name, pervert?" snarled Supergirl, "After I've smashed your face in talking might be difficult."

"My name is Cobalt," answered the man, "Soon you'll call me 'Master'."

With that Cobalt whipped off his coat to reveal his nakedness. With a sly smile his hand moved to massage his stiffening cock.

Shocked Supergirl tore her eyes away from the (admittedly impressive) member. Metropolis villains really were going downhill these days!

"Last chance, pervert! Where is Miss Baxter?"

"Suck my dick an' I might tell ya!"

Furious, Supergirl launched herself at the masturbating Cobalt. Her intention was to grab his throat and choke him till he gave her the information she wanted.

But suddenly she stumbled and struggled to stay on her feet. Steadying herself she came to a pause right in front of Cobalt, dizzy and in a state of some confusion.

"Mmmm, mmmm!" smiled Cobalt an inch from her face, "Close up you really are pretty! It's nice to see that the face is a match for the legs and the rack!"

Supergirl was swaying, struggling to form words.

"An' them full red lips are soooo inviting"

Cobalt seized Supergirl's arms and kissed her tenderly on the lips. Then grabbed her hair and roughly yanked it back. As she gasped in sudden pain Supergirl felt Cobalt's hot tongue invade her mouth and roam around in there.

His tongue felt hot, then burning hot. Supergirl tried to pull back but Cobalt held her firmly in place before deciding to withdraw, laughing as he did.

"Wha-? What's happening...," the blonde gasped in paralyzed shock, "What are you?"

"Just a man," laughed Cobalt, "But a special man."

He moved to smell her blonde locks, then ran his tongue up her cheek. The touch of his tongue felt like a cheese grater was ripping open her face, yet no marks were made.

"My secret is simple, Supergirl," he breathed, "For several weeks now I'm had a diet supplement. Kryptonite!"

The word rang alarm bells in Supergirl's head. She was shaking.

"At first the taste was terrible. But then I learned to grind it up till it was finer than sand. I forced myself to consume more and more. Gradually my body learned to cope with it, to meld with it. Now when I sweat I sweat Krypton-flavored sweat, I piss Krypton-flavored piss, I shit Krypton-flavored shit. Then I consume more to replace what I have lost. My whole body is the antidote to your super powers."

Cobalt's big hands moved to Supergirl's breasts.

"N-no...don't...," she whimpered, screaming at herself to push this horrible man away.

"Ahhh!" she gasped impotently as her perfect boobs were roughly squeezed.

"Already we have seen the stinging sensation you get from my saliva," said Cobalt with a glint in his eye, "It'll be interesting to see how my other bodily fluids affect you."

With a snarl of hatred Cobalt grabbed Supergirl's shoulder and shoved her down to her knees. Struggling to comprehend her situation and gripped by lethargy Supergirl could do nothing as Cobalt jabbed his cock at her mouth. The glistening pre-cum - with a hint of green color - felt like a burning blowtorch as it touched her lips. Now chuckling Cobalt used his grip at her blonde hair to shove Supergirl's face into his balls. The stench made her gag, the feeling of his sweat bringing tears to her eyes.

"Thems not just the balls of a negro," breathed Cobalt, "Thems the Krypton-powered balls of your new master!"

He pushed her back, giving her the unwelcome opportunity to have a good close-up look of his cock. The superheroine's blue eyes widened as she dazed at the magnificent specimen inches from her nose. The thing seemed to pulse with a maleovant life force. It was hypnotic, it was her world...

"You're on your knees before a man, bitch! You know what to do!"

Supergirl's brain struggled to function, but somehow her mouth knew what to do. Her lower jaw dropped.

"Yeah Muthafucka!" sneered Cobalt as he inserted his manhood into the blonde's hot, inviting mouth.

The cockhead rammed into the top of Supergirl's mouth and slimed its' way towards her throat. Her mind screamed in a mixture of shock, horror and physical pain at the acidic sensation of the invader. Her little pink tongue alternatively tried to push it out and then recoiled in discomfort at the hot, sweaty touch. Grabbing at the blonde hair and grunting with effort Cobalt pushed on down into Supergirl's throat. He felt her gag and snickered with glee.

Supergirl was too stupefied to do anything about the erect penis now sawing away inside her mouth. She felt as weak as a newborn kitten. The longer she was exposed to Cobalt- his presence, his smell, his very touch - the more her strength was been sapped. Her spirit, too?

It took a mere nano-second from Supergirl suddenly realizing that she was about to get a load of Kryptonite-flavored fluid to Cobalt coming down her throat. Instinctively her hands shot out to try to push him away, ignoring the pain as she touched his bare skin. But it was hopeless, she was too weak.

"Yeah, bitch! Take it!"

The blast of cum felt like lava in her throat. Tears were now flowing down her cheeks as Cobalt pumped more fuckslime down into her belly. Desperately Supergirl swallowed as much as she was able. But still more came and she felt herself choking.

"That's it, bimbo," cooed Cobalt above her, "Swallow all the precious fluid."

He was less forceful now, giving the girl on her knees the time to swallow all he gave.

"Getting a taste for it now, ain't ya?" he sneered, letting Supergirl collapse to the floor.

She felt dizzy, her insides churning. Part of her felt sickened by what had just been done to her. She tried to rise to get away but Cobalt was on her again, seizing her arm and hauling her to her feet.

"C'mon bimbo," she heard him say, "Time to give you a proper introduction to your future."

He dragged her off towards another part of the warehouse. Supergirl dully noticed that the rest of Cobalt's gang were getting to their feet, faces bloodied and looking even meaner than before.

Now Supergirl saw where Cobalt was hauling her to - the dirty mattress. She planted her feet and tried to resist but the powerful black man took a firmer hold of her arm and easily pulled her forward.

"Please!" she whimpered, "I don't like black man that much!"

"Oh, you dumbass slut!" laughed Cobalt, "That was soooo the wrong thing to say!"

She was shoved on to the mattress face first. Landing heavily Supergirl managed to roll over onto her back. As she looked up she groaned in despair as she saw the other gang members crowding around her.

"Look at you, you fuckin' cock tease!" sneered Cobalt as he started tugging on the big dick swinging down between his legs, "That top is tight so everyone can see how big your tits are. That skirt is so short everyone can see those bright red panties. An' those boots are just frickin' kinky. You flaunt your body like a whore, so its' time you became one! Hold her down, boys!"

Two of the gang knelt down and grabbed Supergirl's wrists, pinning her down. She looked around stunned. She should be able to shrug these thugs off easily. The whole situation was incomprehensible!

"Time to remove the panties! I am gonna be so disappointed if you ain't a natural blonde!"

Supergirl may have felt physically weak but she still had powers. With a massive effort of concentration she was able to focus her eyes on the stiffening cock of Cobalt. A red flash of heat vision hit his manhood, causing Cobalt to emit a yelp of stunned surprise. Surprise that turned to snickering glee as he realize the power of the lasers were too feeble to hurt him. Moving his cock to one side Cobalt was able to place his balls in the line of laser fire.

"Oh man!" he breathed in ecstasy, "That's just making my balls boil! I can feels the Kryptonite in there, itching to nail your sexy ass!"

Supergirl weakened some more and the heat vision faded away. This was the cue for Cobalt to take his place between her bare thighs, toss up her skirt and start tugging at her knickers.

"No...," gasped Supergirl feebly.

At first Cobalt tried to pull the panties down carefully, but then his enthusiasm got the better of him and he ripped them off and tossed them aside.

Supergirl gasped in discomfort as Cobalt used his sweating hands to push her thighs apart, then cried out in pain as she felt his moist cockhead at her most intimate hole.

"Good grief!" she shrieked as the level of pain went up several notches when Cobalt inserted his cock into her.

"Yo is one tight little bitch!" Cobalt grunted as he pushed himself into the prostrate girl.

"White is always tight!" guffawed the thug on Cobalt's left.

Flat on her back, legs wide apart and held down Supergirl was helpless as Cobalt impaled her inch by inch. The pain was unbearable, causing copious amounts of sweat to erupt from her brow. She didn’t want to cry but she couldn’t stop tears falling from her eyes. She gasped in pain and gritted her teeth. All this accompanied by the laughter of the watching thugs.

Cobalt was now getting down to the serious humping. His thrusts matched by gasps from his victim. Wide-eyed she looked about. Surely they would realize this was wrong?

The skinny thug caught her eye. And winked.

"You can't do this!" she wailed, "I'm a superheroine!"

Cobalt's thrusting was faster. Supergirl had never felt so helpless.

"Ahhh! Noooo!"

The anguished cry of defeat was swiftly followed by the shrieking of pain as Cobalt fired his muck into her womb. The Krypton-flavored cum burned like a jet of acid inside her super sexy body.

Cobalt had his teeth gritted, grunting with hate-filled effort as he pumped still more spunk into Supergirl. The horrible power of the Kryptonite seemed to be spreading thru out her body, invading every limb. The pain was unbearable, reducing Supergirl to a sobbing wreck.

"You done it, Cobalt! You nailed Supergirl!"

The rapist pulled his deflating cock out of Supergirl and shakily got to his feet.

"That's the downside of the superheroine business, bitch!" he snarled, "You get beat, you get nailed!"

"Wheee-doggie!" squealed the muscular black with a firm hold on Supergirl's right wrist, "I'll do her next!"

"Wait a minute, Dex," admonished Cobalt, "I reckon I've got another in me."

He was stroking his deflated cock, slopping more spunk onto Supergirl's bare thighs.

"Strip her!" Cobalt barked, "An' do it carefully. I want her to wear that costume later."

Whilst Dex and the other thug continued to keep her wrists pinned down the skinny man and the fourth man moved to grab Supergirls' red boots. Swiftly they discovered and pulled down the zips. As the boots collapsed they were tugged off and tossed aside. One of the men - the one who had played with himself the moment he'd seen Supergirl - licked and then bit down on her bare, dainty foot.

"Jerome!" snarled Cobalt, kicking him, "Wait yo frickin' turn!"

Jerome slunk back, undoing his pants as he did.

"Ok, Dex and Ade," Cobalt continued, "Time to see the titties!"

Chuckling Dex reached down to the bottom of Supergirl's' vest while Ade took hold of both wrists. The big black yanked the top with its attached red cape up her torso and over her head, exposing first her mid-rift and then her bra. Sensing the lack of any resistance Ade helped him pull the distinctive top up and off.

Been raped had stunned Supergirl, leaving her floundering to accept the reality of her new situation. Her insides were still consumed by a burning sensation, and the sensation was growing. Getting flipped over onto her face hardly registered as Ade's big hands fumbled to undo her white sports bra. Then she was back on her back, her bra was gone and her breasts were free.

"Wowzers!" yelled a mean voice, "Look at the size of those beauties!"

"Yeah bro!" said another, "An' we'll be sucking on 'em soon!"

The feeling of cool air on her bare flesh momentarily brought Supergirl to her senses. With a gasp she realized she was topless. As she tried to rise she gasped again as she saw that she was surrounded by rough-looking men who were undressing.

"Looks like everyone is getting naked!" laughed Cobalt as he stroked his cock, "Let me help you join us!"

Supergirl froze in fear as she watched Cobalt undo her belt, pull it out of her skirt and throw it away. Her elasticated skirt was the last thing to go. Cobalt pulled it down and then stood up to pull it off Supergirl's bare sprawling legs.

Mocking the superhero pose with his fists on his hips Cobalt stood over the prostrate blonde with his cock swaying out in front of him. From the dirty mattress Supergirl gazed up at him, at his manhood.

'Good gracious!' she thought, 'That is an impressive penis!'

Cobalt pushed Supergirl's legs back and apart, and positioned his bulging cockhead at her pussy.

To his surprise Supergirl now laid back, her hands involuntarily moving to squeeze her breasts. She was panting, her pink tongue rapidly licking her lips.

'I'm too weak,' she thought, 'I'd better just let him take me. Let him do me...'

With a smile Cobalt slid his cock in, the early fucking making his penetration much easier. Supergirl responded with a groan. Cobalt ran his hands up her toned torso and leaned forward to kiss her erect nipples. Her mouth opened in a low moan and Cobalt took advantage of this to kiss her on the mouth and roll his tongue around inside. His saliva stung her but not in a particularly painful way. His powerful hands moved to her shoulders and took a firm hold.

Supergirl yelped as she felt Cobalt once again come inside her. Her body seemed to crave what was now issuing from that big dick. With a laugh Cobalt realized that Supergirl was bucking her hips in rhythm to his thrusts, encouraging him to fire more and more into her. She was moaning now, but not the anguished cries of a woman been violated. Supergirl was moaning like a whore who had a big cock inside her and was enjoying it.

With a groan of disappointment Supergirl felt Cobalt pull out of her, and groaned again as she felt his precious spunk dribble out of her pussy.

To the astonishment of the watching, naked men the naked blonde writhed about on the mattress in the throes of sexual ecstasy. One hand roughly squeezed her bare breast while the other moved between her legs.

"Jesusfucking Christ! The slut is fucking herself!"

Cobalt stood up and gazed upon his conquest. His plan to destroy this woman had succeeded far beyond his hopes.

"You've fucked her so hard you've made her into a superslut, boss!"

"No...," said Cobalt, "I've just revealed her to be the slut she always was."

With a sneer Cobalt turned away.

"Okay, boys!" he said, "Help yourselves!"

As he walked off he glanced over his shoulder at the skinny thug.

"Tembo!" he ordered, "Just make sure you don't kill her! An' use the ropes to tie her up when you're done!"

Supergirl gave a disappointed sigh as she saw Cobalt leave. Then she looked about her with a stupid expression on her face.

She greeted by a veritable forest of big black dicks. Initially she had thought that Cobalt had just recruited local trash. Now it appeared that in order to be in Cobalt's gang you had to be well endowed. This thought made her giggle.


The backhanded slap across the face was unnecessary and it sent Supergirl onto her back. Before she could recover Dex was on her, seizing her throat and choking her as his brown eyes bored in hers.

"Name's Dex, bitch!" he snarled, "You and your goody two-shoes cousin have put several of my brothers in jail! Today is payback!"

Then he was not just on her, but in her.

Ade, Tembo and Jerome whooped with joy as, like a pack, they pounced on Supergirl. She cried out in pain as her long hair was pulled back. As Dex pounded her pussy the others grabbed and pinched at her defenseless body. It hurt and left her bruised. Dex came quickly and was rapidly replaced by an eager Ade.


The punch in the face drew blood from Supergirl's full red lips. She gasped in shock and in some exasperation. She wasn’t resisting these guys. Her body wanted sex!


Jerome had grabbed Supergirl's ear and yanked it hard to turn her head.

“Remember when you kicked me in the balls earlier, you fuckin’ bitch?” he spat right in her face, “Well they still hurt so mebbe you should kiss my dick better!”

He placed his stiff prick at her mouth and nodded with glee as Supergirl gently planted kiss after kiss along his shaft. When she reached the bulging head she instinctively opened her mouth and took it in. His dirty pubic hair tickled her nose as he stuck his cock down towards her throat. Eager to please Supergirl sucked as much as she was able.

Her arm was yanked to the side and Supergirl sensed that her hand was been wrapped round a cock. An unseen hand encouraged her and she started working that dick.

The chance to hump a defenseless Supergirl made the men come quickly, but as there was four of them someone who'd finished was swiftly replaced by someone else.

The sex wasn’t as satisfying as it had been with Cobalt but there was a lot of it.

One thing Supergirl could have done without was the casual brutality. Even though it was obvious she wasn’t resisting - in truth enjoying it - she was repeatedly slapped, pinched and had her fingers and even toes pushed back. Simply to hurt her.

"I'm gonna nail her ass!" yelled Ade, "I reckon it's still virgin territory!"

He pushed Supergirl onto her belly and then pulled her up so she was kneeling forward.

Playfully and then painfully Ade slapped her butt before Supergirl felt his cock jabbing at her butt hole.

"Loosen yo ass, bitch!"

Supergirl did as she was told and soon felt Ade's dick pushing into her pert ass. She never had a cock up there before, had never even thought about it. She gasped in pain as the big brown sausage tore it's way into her tight hole. She felt stuffed and her guts were churning again. Not only her ass but her belly felt that it was on fire. Supergirl's head spinning in confusion. But then here was Dex again, sliding in front of her and pulling her head onto his cock. Supergirl tried to ignore the sawing pain in her butt by concentrating on sucking the dick in her mouth.

So it went on. Supergirl lost count of how many times the gang came in her various holes. A couple of times she passed out but was slapped awake by an angry thug, snarling hatred and demanding more sexual gratification.

Things took a brutal turn. The thugs weren’t content just to bang a superheroine, they wanted to humiliate her. If she let some cum dribble off her chin her face was rammed into the muck on the floor and she was ordered to lick it up.

"Make her lick my shit-hole!" roared Tembo.

Even in her addled state Supergirl hesitated at this. So Ade grabbed her hair, kicked her to her knees and shoved her nose into his fellow criminals' fat ass. Tembo reached back and pulled his butt-cheeks apart as Ade pushed her face deeper in.

"I ain't feeling your tongue, slut!" snarled Tembo, "Let me feel it!"

The smell of shit was filling Supergirl's nostrils but still she stuck out her tongue. Tembo wasn’t the sort of guy who used toilet paper and his shit-chute felt rough on Supergirl's little pink tongue. But fervent to please she got to work licking it clean. Above her she could hear Tembo cooing with pleasure. This pleased her.

"Man! Is there anything this slut won't do!?"

Inwardly this comment made her smile. She wallowed in the absolute depravity of her new existence. That inner smile widened as she felt someone getting to work on her own, cleaner back passage.

Finally the gang threw Supergirl the mattress, stood around her and shot their final loads over her face. She let them, basking in the fact that four men wanted her sexy body and smeared the mess into her mouth and over her lips. Then she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

When she awoke Supergirl had no idea where she was. She tried to rise and felt an aching sensation between her legs. She looked down at her naked body. Her breasts had bite marks as did her upper arm and even her foot. There was dried cum on her chest and on her inner thighs. She noticed that her mouth also had a taste of fuckslime. Her whole body ached, in particular her butt.

Lying next to her on the mattress was Ade. Naked, face down and snoring. Dex was some distance away. Flat on his back and smoking a roll-up.

"Looking for some Round Two action, slut?"

This was the voice of Tembo. He and Jerome were slouched in a couple of chairs. Jerome swigging from a bottle of beer.

Supergirl gazed at the two men. Both were naked with their flaccid dicks hanging down between their legs. Supergirl found the sight of these cocks hypnotic.

"We ain't got enough love juice in us just yet," continued Tembo, "Why don't you fuck yourself for a while?"

"Yeah," nodded Jerome, "Use this!"

He drained the bottle and threw it at the reclining Supergirl. It hit her bare shoulder and she ignored it. She didn’t want to fuck a bottle.

"Where's Cobalt?" she asked throatily, rubbing her jaw as it ached.

"Needing more of his cock, do you?" laughed Tembo.

"Man!" chortled Jerome, "The slut is addicted to black dick!"

"Where is he?" Supergirl repeated in a pleading tone, "I need him!"

Her belly was churning. She could feel herself getting hotter. Her hand went south and she inserted a finger into her pussy.

"Tell us what you want him for?" smiled Tembo.

"I want him to fuck me! I need him to fuck me! NOW!"

She looked at Tembo with pleading eyes as he and Jerome laughed at her and slapped each other on the back.

"He's out there!" laughed Tembo, indicating a door on the right, "But I think he's too busy for you!"

Straightaway Supergirl got up and went to the door, stepping on her discarded skirt as she did so. Her mind was in a blur. Her body was craving Cobalt like an addict needed crack. Tembo had told where he was and she had to go to him!

The door led to a corridor. There was a half-open door a few meters along. Supergirl rushed to the door.




"You bastard!"

A woman's voice, coming from the room Supergirl was approaching. She paused outside and peered in.

There was Cobalt, standing in the room. He was naked with his magnificent cock standing erect and proud. The sight of that perfect pussy-pleaser made Supergirl's heart skip a beat and a smile to form on her face.

Cobalt was looking to the left.

With a gasp Supergirl saw that a woman was tied face down to a table. Her legs and bottom were exposed. Her bottom red with whip marks.


Cobalt was beating her with a whip!

"Let me hear you beg, Alice!" he roared, "Let me hear you beg for my cock and the whipping will stop!"

He was whipping Alice Baxter!

"Fuck off, you black scum!” yelled Alice defiantly, "I'll die first!"

Cobalt raised arm, intending to whip the helpless Alice again when the sound of a creaking door made him pause.

"Hello there, slut!" he smiled, greeting the naked Supergirl as she entered the room, "You needing some loving?"

"I don't understand," said a confused Supergirl, "Why are doing this? Why is she even here?"

"She is here cos I is intending to fuck her racist ass!"

"B-But, Mr. Cobalt!" said Supergirl pitifully, "You can fuck me anytime you like!"

She indicated her breasts and her superb figure.

“This is yours to command whenever you want! Just flick your fingers and I’l take you to new

sexual heights!”

Cobalt merely shook his head.

"You poor dumb bimbo!" he laughed, "Rape isn’t just about sex. It's about power. Showing your power by breaking bitches!"

Supergirl started to feel a pounding her head. Her knees felt wobbly.

"I raped you an' I broke you, " continued Cobalt, "So now I've kinda lost interest in you."

These casual dismissive words hit Supergirl like a sledgehammer. Her amazing body with her newly-discovered incredible sex drive was to be fucked, then cast aside like a soiled rag!?

She seemed to have been a lot of fucking today. Why? Did she like it? Memories of what Ade, Jerome, Tembo and Dex had done to her gave her surges of headaches. Memories that at the time she'd liked it magnified the pain.

"This bitch needs to be properly tamed!" Cobalt was saying, "I'm gonna get the tazer we took off that cop slut from last week. You wanna watch her so she don't run away?"

Supergirl was swaying on the spot. Her head hurt, her belly hurt. Pain was spreading thru out her body. She tried to fix her gaze on Cobalt's cock. Did she like it? Did she want it? Would she beg for it? Why?

"Don't look too sad Superslut!" smiled Cobalt, "I got plans for you. You're gonna help me with my master plan - to build the hottest harem on the planet!"

Cobalt was nodding in an excited manner now - clearly enthusiastic for his scheme.

"I got a list of ten hot babes," he continued, "There's you an' bitch Baxter here. Then there's that blonde opera singer with the big boobs, the blonde cutie who reads the local evening news, that skinny Olympic cyclist, the tall babe with the great legs who deals out cards on that brainless game show, the weathergil with the big brown eyes, the smart chick who does the science programmes on TV, the head cheerleader of the Metropolis Monarchs football team and finally the babe with the short hair who reads kiddies stories in the afternoon. Mebbe she could do a story called 'Cobalt eats some pussy!' for the kids?!"

From these vague descriptions Supergirl could recognize at least three women - she'd saved one from a gang of muggers and another from a maniac's bomb plot.

"You're gonna abduct them for me an' bring them here. One by one. Then I'll rape 'em into submission, just as I tamed your feisty ass. When they're all broken they'll be naked carrying me around Metropolis like an Egyptian Pharaoh an' everyone will see how fuckin' fantastic I am!"

Supergirl's head was spinning. Her insides were aching again. A sudden mental image engulfed her - Olympic gold medal winner Laura Talbot naked and screaming for help as Cobalt mounted her. And her escape was impossible because Supergirl was holding her down.

"Don't worry, babe," cooed Cobalt moving closer, "I'll still give you some good loving on a regular basis. Though most of the time you'll be the bitch of my gang - a role you seemed to be enjoying when I popped by earlier!"

Supergirl was shaking, feeling really ill. This was so...wrong?

She went weak at the knees and then collapsed to the floor. Her belly felt like it was on fire, her head pounding like it was about to burst.

"You need cheering up. I can see that," said Cobalt, "How about sticking your tongue up Baxter's shit-hole, hmmm? Later on you can have your pick of the babes when I'm not using them. You wanna lesbo fuck Rachel Reynolds, eh? Put on a show for my boys?"

Supergirl's vision was blurred, she had to fight for breath. Her stomach was churning. She was...


The volcano of vomit blasted out of Supergirl's mouth, covering the floor. A retch and then another torrent burst out. She was weeping, her nose running. To her shame she sensed that fluids were also flowing out of her other holes.

Her arms felt like jelly, like she would collapse face-first into the ocean of sick she'd just created.

"You bitch!" Cobalt was screaming from what seemed like a mile away, "You dirty bitch! This room was gonna be my sex dungeon and now you've ruined it!"

Supergirl ignored him. Her blue eyes widened in shock as she felt her stomach contracting, contacting so tight it felt like her rapidly-beating heart would burst out of her chest.

"Please....," she whimpered.

Not to Cobalt but to the gods to stop her pain.


This torrent of vomit was even greater than before. Supergirl's mind whirled as she tried to understand how it was possible for so much puke to emerge from her insides. She'd vomit out her internal organs next!

Dully she regarded the mass of sick. The usual red and yellow colors were present, but his time with more than a hint of green.

"Clean it up!" barked Cobalt as he threw a bucket at the kneeling, panting girl, "An' then I'm gonna make you eat my shit as a fuckin' punishment!"

He was about to launch another blistering set of insults laced with threats about how he'd hurt and humiliate Supergirl when he was stunned to be hit right on the nose by the bucket. He toppled backwards and smacked his head on the wall, knocking him out.

With a strange sense of satisfaction Supergirl smiled at the result of her throwing of the bucket.

The smile was wiped off her face when the memories of what she'd been doing recently assailed her.

"...oh dear God...."

Debauchery heaped upon depravity. So many different and dirty sex acts it was hard to believe she'd actually done them.

But she had. And more.

Supergirl started to weep tears of shame but swiftly pulled herself together. Kryptonite had corrupted her but it was gone. Mostly gone. She spat out some more.

She forced herself to stand, took a deep breath and hurried over to the bound Alice Baxter. Now Supergirl could see that police handcuffs secured Alice's wrists to the lower part of the table leg. It took a surprising amount of effort for Supergirl to pull the handcuffs open but eventually they succumbed to her efforts.

"Let me help you, Alice!"

"Thank you, but, ahhhh...," Alice grimaced, "The beating that swine gave me has left me barely able to walk!"

Supergirl glanced about. On the other side of the room daylight could be seen thru a window in a door. Gently, yet firmly, Supergirl helped Alice to this exit.

Thankfully the door was not locked and the two women - one naked, the other nearly so - found themselves in the motor junkyard. Ideally Supergirl would have carried Alice in her arms and flown off into the sky but she just couldn’t manage it. Hobbling the sexy twosome hurried thru the junkyard. Above and around them loomed piles of rotting, rusting vehicles rising so high they almost blocked out the sun.

"Boys! BOYS!" they suddenly heard Cobalt yelling, "Get here! The sluts are running!"

Supergirl and Alice exchanged worried looks and hurried on. But a mass of wrecked cars led to another mass of wrecked cars. There was no exit!

Suddenly Alice collapsed.

"I can't go on!" she wailed.

With feverish desperation Supergirl was able to pull her into some cover next to an abandoned truck.

"Please try to make another effort!" Supergirl pleaded, "I need to get outta here to recover!"

"I'm trying...," sobbed Alice, "I'm trying!"

"Find 'em, boys!" yelled Cobalt, still thankfully some way off, "I want 'em alive!"

“We’ll find her, Boss!” Supergirl heard Tembo say, “We’ll find her an’ then nail her good!”

“We would’nt have to if you’d tied her up like I frickin’ told ya too!”

"What happened to you?" asked Alice, now appreciating that Supergirl was completely naked.

"He somehow put some Kryptonite into my body," was the steady reply, "Somehow it changed me, weakened me. But thankfully I was able to expel it, though I'm still very weak."

The sounds of men searching was getting nearer.

"If they catch us they'll do horrible things to us, won't they?" said Alice, trembling.

It was true. If Cobalt caught them the first thing he'd do would be to give her another dose of his Krypton-powered balls. Then with her spirit broken again she'd watch while Alice was brutally raped. There was no doubt in Supergirl's mind that Cobalt would make her participate in that.

Supergirl now noticed that the top two buttons of Alice's blouse was been ripped off, exposing her ample cleavage. Impressive milky-white breasts in a lacy white bra. Nice. Supergirl felt her tongue run along her bottom lip. She reached out to Alice's breasts and gently squeezed.

"Oh my good grief!" Supergirl gasped in horror at her own shameful behavior, "I am so sorry! The Kryptonite! It corrupted me and I'm still not got rid of it all!"

"It's okay," responded Alice with a sympathetic smile, "I can see you're suffered much brutality. It's only natural that you'd crave some tenderness."

She took Supergirl's hand and gently kissed it.

"Yo frickin' dyke bitches!"

Supergirl turned to see Dex standing a few feet away. He was naked with a gun in his hand.

"If you sluts are gonna do lesbian stuff," continued Dex, "You can do it when we're all watching. Then suck cock cos you badly need it!"

"You filthy monster!" yelled Alice, "What did you do to this poor girl?"

With a snarl Dex raised his gun.

Terrified that Dex was able to shoot her new friend Supergirl charged at Dex and unleashed a punch into his face. Normally she was able to control her superpowers but in her current erratic state that was impossible. Dex may have appreciated this just before the punch snapped his neck. He collapsed to the ground, dead.

"Come here, bitch!"

It was Ade with a knife in his hand. Supergirl turned to face him, struggling to stay upright. Ade lunged at her and she tried to dodge. Too slow! The knife sliced into Supergirl's upper left arm leaving a bloody inch-long cut. Supergirl looked at her wound, stunned that a mere knife was capable of hurting her. Ade lunged again, but now Supergirl was enraged and ready. She grabbed his wrist and hauled him off-balance. As he fell forward she grabbed his ankle and swung him up and around. Ignoring his protests Supergirl spun Ade round and around. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed a wicked-looking spike jabbing out from a fork-life truck. With a flourish Ade was sent hurtling thru the air. He slammed into the spike, impaled thru his chest. There was a brief spasm of movement and then he was still.

"Let go of me!"

The squeal of terror was from Alice. Jerome had snuck up on her and seized her arm.

"Give up, Superslut. Or I'll snap her arm!"

Supergirl paused, provoking a smirk from Jerome. But in a flash she bent down, picked up Ade's discarded knife and hurled it at Jerome. The blade slammed into his neck and down he went in a bloody torrent.

"Boss! Boss!" jabbered Tembo, "They're here! The sluts are over here!"

With an uncharacteristic snarl of hatred Supergirl sprang over to a pile of motor parts, picked up a hubcap and threw it at him like a discus. It hit him in the throat, nearly severing his head. The man whose shit-hole Supergirl had licked clean swayed on the spot for a moment and then fell to the ground, never to rise.

Supergirl was breathing and sweating heavily. Part of her knew that killing these men was wrong. But another part was thrilled at the bloody revenge. She struggled to control and shrink her blood lust.

"How does this slaughter fit in with your superhero code?"

Cobalt walked into view. Naked, but carrying a pistol.

"Your gang are finished," replied Supergirl, ignoring his question, "And so are you!"

"Pah!" sneered Cobalt, "Trash like those dudes can be replaced in an hour. An' in three hours the new guys will all be fucking your bimbo brains out! Maybe you'd like that, eh?"

The thought of three or four well-hung black men humping her momentarily sent a thrill of excitement thru Supergirl. She rushed to crush the notion.

"I'm better now," said Supergirl, "I have recovered my moral compass. The corrupting influence of your Kryptonite was been expelled from my body. I sure you remember that bit."

"This is a pleasant surprise, Supergirl," Cobalt continued with annoying causality, "If you can recover your feisty spirit it makes you more interesting to me. I can rape you, break you and then when you have recovered I can repeat the process. I can have the fun of conquering Supergirl every day!"

"You depraved monster!" barked the naked Maid of Steel, "I'm gonna bash you good!"

"How the fuck are you gonna do that?" laughed Cobalt with contempt, "You can't even get near me without collapsing! Before I got this gun I took a double dose of my Kryptonite food. Now accept your destiny. Get your sexy ass over here and suck my dick!"

How to beat Cobalt was something Supergirl was only now contemplating. She glanced around hoping to see a missile that she could use to beat him at a distance. Nothing seemed suitable.

Just behind Cobalt was a rusting gas tanker. Could she use that?

"But first, you need to be punished for this little act of defiance," said Cobalt, cutting across Supergirl's thoughts.

He raised his gun.

"You're gonna watch me execute Alice Baxter! But don't worry I'll still have a harem of ten hot babes. I noticed a busty dark-haired babe on a shopping channel last night. She'll look good sliding down my brown pole!"

In a desperate rage Supergirl charged at Cobalt, hoping to repeat what she'd done to Dex. But Cobalt was different. As the blonde superheroine got closer she got weaker. Cobalt coughed in her direction. Supergirl staggered and Cobalt was easily able to seize her by her throat with his free hand. He jabbed the gun at her temple.

"One day, bitch!" he smirked, "I'm gonna end your miserable life. But right now you're turning me on too much to waste!"

He swung Supergirl right and roughly slammed her into the gas tanker. With a laugh he noticed the cut on her arm and spat onto the wound. The Kryptonite in his saliva reacted with her blood causing Supergirl to shriek in pain. She tried to punch him but the resulting blow was a feeble slap that Cobalt ignored. She reached for the gun in his hand but he easily evaded her flailing effort.

The gun was tossed aside so Cobalt could take control of his burgeoning prick. He was between her thighs now. Supergirl looked down.


Cobalt's dick was huge, even bigger than before. It was thicker than his arm! It was big, it was impressive....

She wanted it.

"Nooooo!" screamed Supergirl, fighting to control her animal urges.

The scream was curtailed. Sweat from the pores in the hand gripping her throat was penetrating her skin. She could feel the evil influence of Kryptonite choking her, rendering her speechless.

Cobalt shoved her upwards, the exterior of the rusting gas tanker grating on her bare back. She was off her feet now, her bare legs stuck out either side of Cobalt's hips.

He entered her and lowered her whole body down, fully impaling Supergirl on his massive member.

Desperately Supergirl tried to free herself. But it was hopeless. Panic was building within her. She was going to be raped, then she'd grovel before her master. Alice would be subjected to an horrific sexual ordeal before getting butchered in the most painful way Cobalt could devise.

A mental image filled Supergirl's unhinging mind. Nine women, all naked and battered. Lined up and looking at her with betrayal in their eyes.

Cobalt was working his hips now, driving his cock towards Supergirl's womb.

Sobbing Supergirl tried once more to wrench free but failed.

She noticed the side of the gas tanker. If she could just...

Blinking away her tears Supergirl forced herself to focus on a specific square inch of the gas tank. Concentrate!

Cobalt was down to the short strokes. Soon he'd fire a massive load into her. It would break her, convert her to the worst sort of sex-crazed slut. She'd crave sex all the time. Sex with with Cobalt and his fantastic, awesome cock...



Another blink of her eyes.. Focus!

A simple blast of heat vision might cause a reaction with the gas. If it killed her, so what...

"Gosh, Alice! What happened then?" asked Marcia in the warmth of the TV studio.

"There was a massive explosion! Supergirl and Cobalt were engulfed in flames! The flames even had a greenish color to them due the Kryptonite in Cobalt's body."

"Now Cobalt's corpse," injected Ched, "The cops have identified the smoking body as that of this wannabe criminal boss. One less bad guy on the streets of Metropolis!"

"Thanks, Ched," said Marcia, resenting the interruption, "Please continue, Alice."

"Well thankfully someone noticed the blaze and soon the Fire Department turned up to complete my rescue."

"But what of Supergirl? What happened to the Maid of Steel? It 's been almost a week now!"

"I don't know," said Alice quietly, "We'll just have to pray she returns."

"Thanks, Alice," smirked Ched, "We'll look forward to your return to work."

Ched felt certain that Alice Baxter wasn’t telling the full story. She'd claimed that she'd been tied up and left alone until up popped Supergirl to rescue her. But his sources at police HQ had told him that at least two of the gang were found naked. And one cop had told him though the fire had spread to the nearby warehouse a firefighter had recovered a pair of red panties - the sort Supergirl wore and flashed as she flew across the sky. Take two good-looking blondes, add five black hoodlums and Ched predicted some gangbang action. Man, he'd have liked to have seen that! To have taken part in that! Sweet!

Across the city a blonde turned off the TV and then went out to the balcony to get some fresh air. It wasn’t long before a creepy pair of eyes were ogling her from the balcony next door.

"Afternoon, miss!" a man chortled.

"Good day, Mr. Todd," was the tired response.

"Looks like you've been out in the sun a bit too much! You should use more sun cream. Want any help to rub it into those hard to reach places?"

"Yeah, I got a bit burnt. I better go inside and lie down."

She left her disappointed neighbor with nothing to leer at.

Now inside she suddenly remembered that she needed to start cooking. A guest was coming round that night. Miss Alice Baxter. Hopefully it would be a relaxing evening after the recent stressful times both women had endured.

Perhaps 'relaxing' was the wrong word for how she was hoping the evening would go.

'Intimate' would be better...