Wonder Woman - Relatives  

By Dr. I

Wonder Woman - Relatives

"You wanted to see me Steve?" Diana Prince asked walking into Steve Trevor's office in her tight skirt and blouse.

"Yes, I have your next assignment. There's been some disappearances and thefts down at the docks I want you to check out," he said handing Diana a folder.

"So? Isn't htis for the police?" she asked puzzled.

"Normally it would but, the crimes all are strange. Boats are looted while the gangway is guarded. Works are clawed to death and some have even mumbled about sea monsters. All strange and so its our jusidiction." Steve answered. "I got you an undercover job as a dock checker. Its just paperwork but you can move around freely."

"Ok, Steve. I'm on it."

* * *

Diana arrived at her condo with the file for her new assignment. She was rather tired and barely noticed the door to her condo was slightly a jar. "Hmmm maybe Wonder Woman should check this out."

With a twirl and a ball of lightning Diana Prince exploded into Wonder Woman. The sultry, stacked Amazon pushed open the door and boldly rushed forth. There, standing in her living room and examining her stereo was a tall, full figured older woman with white hair pinned up on her head. The woman was naked except for a shear robe like cape covering her from neck to toe. She wore sandles and an ornate crown.

"Diana." The woman said calmly looking at the stereo remote without even looking at Wonder Woman.

"MOTHER! What are you doing here?!" Wonder Woman sighed walking up and giving the woman a hug.

"Can't a mother visit her daughter without a reason?" Hippolyte said accidently turing on the stereo and getting a barrage of country western.

"Yes,... of course mother," Diana said taking the remote and turning the stereo off. "But this is rather.. odd, that's all."

"Men... still terrible with music," Hippolyte sighed. "Still, their toys do seem rather interesting."

"Do you want something to eat? Drink? I have those tripple fudge cookies I brought back to the island last year," Diana said heading for the kitchen.

"I thought you would never ask my dear."

* * *

Hippolyte was obviously older. She was still amazongly attractive. More fuller figured than Diana but shorter, the woman was extremely beautiful and regal in appearance. Slight wrinkles in her eyes and face gave her the appearance of a woman in her mid to late 40s. Her body was less muscular than Diana's but more rounder and fuller.

Diana had transformed back and say with the Queen of the Amazons at the kitchen table eating tripple fudge cookies and drinking tea.

"So, I see you still insist on staying in the man's world. When will you realize that Paradise Island is your home?" Queen Hippolyte said smugly.

"Mother! You always do this! I am needed here. On Paradise Island I would just be toiling with chores or going to celebrations and ritual dances. Here I can fight for good and justice." Diana replied taking another cookie, "plus, show me the amazon who can make cookies like these?"

Queen Hippolyte picked up the package then glared in shock at the ingredients, "Great Hera! Are you sure these are cookies or the substance the wall is made out of?"

Hippolyte was always criticising Diana. The Queenship was a prestige but since nothing really ever happened on Paradise Island, the job was rather boring. Diana didn't understand that her mother was bore out of her mind and greatly envied Diana's exploits.

"So, have those Nitzies tried to kidnap you again darling? Did you get tied up again?" the Queen asked wetting her lips slightly and crossing her bare, tan legs. "Tell me about those big bad men."

"Mother! Those were Nazis and they've been gone for over 60 years. Keep up will you?" Diana rolled her eyes. "Besides, getting tied up is part of the work. It just happens sometime. You and the others have no idea how hard it is to deal with devisious opponents."

"Oh, please. These are men. How hard could it possibly be to defeat them?" Hippolyte laughed watching some men through Diana's window play ball in the park across the street and slam into a light post during a play.

"Well, for starters, they tend to... um... to... well grab me a lot... tie me up... I can't tell you how many times I've lost my top." Diana sneered. "Its like they have never seen breasts before or something."

"Indeed, well perhaps not breasts like ours," Hippolyte laughed mashing her large 44DDs together into a mound. "Come now child. You must really be remiss in dealing with such neophites. We are their betters, period. You must be falling down on the job."

Diana surged with anger. She knew this was coming. Her mother always did this. She would arrive unannounced, say she's just visiting the cut up Diana right and left about her roll as Wonder Woman and talk about how a real Amazon would have no trouble and how Diana should think about coming back home.

"AAARGGH! Mother! You just don't understand! Men are not push overs!" Diana blared.

"Ok, Ok. I'm sure its a very hard job. I won't criticise your history of getting captured by men and tied up. I'm sure its what you want to do," Hippolyte said sarcastically.

"Oh, and mother, if you're going to hang around you're going to have to wear some clothes," Diana said pointing at her naked mother.

"Really? I would think these men would be happy to see me like this," Hippolyte smiled.

"Yeah, if you like being a magnet for every pervert in town," Diana said.

"Oh... is that bad?"


* * *

"How do I look?" Diana asked stepping out in overalls, a baseball cap and some boots.

"Like an Amazon warrior princess dressed in overalls, a baseball cap and some boots," Hippolyte said coldly, barely looking, and reading one of Diana's romance novels while eating more cookies.

"Thanks MOTHER! I'm supposed to be under cover. Its my job. And quit eating those cookies or you'll blow up like a balloon!" Diana barked grabbing the cookies and putting them back in the kitchen.

"Dear, I'm sure I won't get as fat as you did when you first arrived here," Hippolyte replied in her usual cutting retort, "I see you still have problems with your rear end. That's ok."


"Ok, look. Here's the TV remote," Diana said trying not to explode, "just press up and down on the channel button and watch what you want. I'll be back in a few hours."

Diana knew the woman had no idea what a TV was or how to use the remote but she didn't have time to teach her. Hippolyte seemed occupied and that's all she cared about. Diana grabbed her hand bag and headed out.

"And if you go out, by Hera put on some clothes!" She knew her mother was a flake and knew the woman would parade around in what she had on just to stir up the hornets nest of men. "I can't believe that woman is so damn narcisistic," Diana sighed locking her door and leaving.

Hippolyte flipped through the stations till she got to The View. "Great Hera! No wonder the men of this world are so disturbed." Hippolyte then went into the kitchen and found the cookies.

* * *

A two beadroom condo is a rather small world for a Queen of the Amazons. Her hyper intellect allowed her to read all of Diana's trashy romance novels in an hour. "Such misogynist filth. And why such a fixation on half naked pirates?'

After inspecting Diana's bedroom and remarking on how a real princess would actually hang things up she headed out into the living room. There she spied the case file Diana had left from the night before. Hippolyte read the files with interest.

"Hmmm... this doesn't look so tough. Simple thieves robbing boats. How can a princess of the amazons stoop to such a menial task." the queen sneered. Then she grinned as an idea sprung into her mind.

"So you're life is tough? I think I'll show you how easy men are to deal with. This doesn't look too difficult. I'm sure I can find these miscreants and capture them for Diana in no time. Then her and I can have some quality time together," Queen Hipolytte said heading to the door. On passing the mirror and primping her pinned up white hair she stopped and sighed.

"Clothes... such male constructs." The amazon queen thought for a moment then spun in place. She exploded in a ball of light and returned wearing a new outfit.

This new outfit wasn't much better than the old one. A silk white bikini bottom and top with white arm gloves and laced up open toed sandals over her tan smooth calves and feet. Her hair was the same but her royal crown was gone and a white eye mask covered her eyes.

"Hmmm... like any man is going to look at my face anyway," Hipployte smiled pushing up her large breasts to adjust them in her bra. "Now to catch some bad men."

* * *

It was a warm, September night at the docks. No moon meant seeing anything was going to be that much harder. Diana walked about with her clipboard checking off shipments, asking questions and spurning the occasional request to buy her a beer. "There are dozens of ships here. Its like looking for a needle in a hay stack."

As Diana worked, a shapely shadow loomed on a nearby warehouse roof. "So this is how the grand princess of the Amazons spends her nights. Disgusting," Hippolyte sneered. She lept across to another building and looked about trying to catch someone doing something wrong. So unfamiliar with the outside world and also so prideful she wouldn't admit it, Hippolyte had no idea what she was looking for. Then a male cry sounded off from the far end of the docks.

"Diana cannot hear being down in that crowd. No matter, I'll hand her those criminals myself, after having some fun with them." The buxom blonde Amazon lept down to the concrete and ran toward the noise. When she arrived she found a body laying in the shadows. The man had a horrid look on his face and his neck was cleanly broken. Claw marks were raked across his chest and face and bits of seaweed littered his clothes and the area. She could see no one about.

Closing her eyes, the Queen of the Amazons concentrated. Suddenly, her cleared mind heard a bubbling sound from the calm sea water. She looked out into the dark as best she could and saw some bubbles just under the surface moving toward a group of abandoned frieghters awaiting scrapping. "Ah, a watery escape. Not so clever."

Hippolyte decided to cut them off and ran around the inlet to the other side. She easily broke the chainlink fence padlock and ran into the abandoned scrap yard. She waited and was rewarded with the sounds of figures getting out of the water near a large frieghter and entering its side through a waterline hatch door. She made her way onto deck then proceeded down into the ship's bowels.

"What a monstrosity. I hope I can find these miscreants. I don't want to spend too long doing this." The shapely blonde queen moved through the dimly lit halls and down the steep ladders till she reached the bowels of the cargo hold. There she heard talking from behind a half open bulk head.

"Yessss.... this is a good haul," one of the voice said in an odd, slurring whisper.

"Indeed. We shall get some good money for these components. Maybe enough to get out of town," another voice hissed.

Hippolyte casually sauntered into the room and struck a firm and sexy pose. "Alright you two. I have caught you both and you will surrender now. Don't make me use force," she said calmly half hoping they would resist so she could have some fun.

The two shadowy figures stepped out into the light and Hippolyte was struck back by their appearance. These weren't men at all but human sized fishmen with blue scales, gills, fish heads and fins. They were bipedal and had hands like a human but their limbs were webbed liked a fish.

"Ahhhhh... look what we have here Gary," one of the fishmen said sluring his speach with his tounge.

"Yum... What a body!" Gary replied.

"Great Hera! I don't know who or what you are but you had better surrender or I will have to hurt you," Hippolyte repeated now somewhat confused. "Are there fishmen in the outside world?" she thought. "Oh well. I'll just catch them anyway."

"So who are you? You look like Wonder Woman only.... only... bigger," Frank the other fishman asked laughing.

Hippolyte sneered and planted her hands on her hips, "I am... I am... Amazon Queen!" she barked back rather proud of her quick thinking and clever naming.

"You sure are.." Gary hissed looking her firm thighs and hips over. "She will be perfect eh Frank?" Gary said.

"Yesss.... perfect! We couldn't ask for better." Frank replied.

Both fishmen then split up and moved toward Hippolyte's sides. The experienced blonde merely watched them out of the corner of her eye. Then, both fishmen lunged in at her from either side. The Amazon was quick. She grabbed their arms and jumped back, slamming each into the other with a loud crack. She then flung one across the cabin into some crates and then grabbed the other and threw him as well.

"Now if you both are quite done we can....HEY!"

As Hippolyte declared her victory, a fishman hand wrapped around her waist from behind. Then the other hand clamped down over her luscious face.

"Say goodnight blondie!" Laughed a pink skinned fishman who had snuck up on the otherwise gloating Amazon.

At first Hippolyte was confused by the attack. He wasn't trying to wrestle or strike her, just hold her with his hand over her mouth. She then smelled some odd fumes. The room began to grow fuzzy and dull. With a forceful twist, Hippolyte threw the pink fishman off her and staggered back clutching her head.

"By Hera, what kind of attack...hmmblmm!"

The two blue fishmen rushed in and grabbed her arms. One of them planted thier hand over her mouth and extruded more ether. She pulled at the two fishmen but they were obviously stronger than a human male. The third rushed back in and grabbed Hippolyte around the thighs trying to pull her bare legs out from under her. For several moments the three wrestled. As she shook her head free to take a breath, another anesthetic palm clamped down over her nose and mouth.

"This... one... is touch..." hissed Gary.

"Yes... she's holding her breath!" Frank replied.

"I think I can fix that," Merle, the pink fishman smiled. He reached up and began forcefully stroking Hippolyte's crotch with his hand.

The Amazon Queen let out an animalistc scream and reared back in shock. "HOW DARE THEY! NO!"

The woman was now frantic but the fishmen refused to yield. Merle rubbed Hippolyte into a hip gyrating froth. The amazon reared back and began to sieze in sexual agony. At that point Gary grabbed onto her belt to use as support. He pulled back as hard as he could. Then the magic belt pulled free in a shower of magical sparks and bolts. Hippolyte screamed in horror feeling her power belt come off. "GREAT HERA! MY BELT!"

Suddenly the shapely blonde was a whole lot easier to manage. The loss of her belt and her sudden depowering sent her over the edge. Hippolyte soared up under multiple pinning arms and screamed in deep, forced climax. She sucked in lung fulls of ether and her head spun. She swooned then collapsed back into the fishmen's arms. They watched as her arrogant fiery eyes slowly softened then close.

* * *

The iron floor was cold and hard. Hippolyte's eyes slowly opened and she moaned in sleepiness. She tried to get up but found her hands secured behind her back with some rope. She got to her knees as saw the three fishmen playing cards at a table.

"How dare you accost ME!" Hippolyte cried. "I demand you untie me at ONCE!" So used to being the queen of the Amazons she honestly thought her orders would be obeyed immediately.

"So, blondie's awake, eh?" laughed Gary.

All three fishmen got up and encircled the fiery, angry blonde. "Sure is pretty but kind of older looking," Gary said grabbing her jaw with his hand and running his thumb over her lower lip.

"Yesss, this one will take a lot of softening up," Frank hissed running his had down over her ass.

"Softening UP! What do you MEAN?!" Hippolyte demanded trying to shift her hips and chest away from the groping fishmen hands.

"Like this!"

All three fishmen forced Hippolyte to the floor. A pair of hands grabbed her bra between her huge cleavage and began pulling her top open. Hippolyte screamed and snarled watching helplessly as her silk bra easily gave way and her huge breasts exploded free. Gary and Frank went wild sucking and mashing her huge tits making the queen burst into a tyraid of screams and animalistic yells. Merle grabbed her crotch with his hand and began vigorously massaging her vagina once more. This produced a series of hip slamming objections from Hippolyte.

For several minutes the Queen of the Amazons grunted, thrust and gyrated as she was forcibly accosted. Then the excitement and tention were too much. Hippolyte surged up and exploded once more in climax. But the fishmen didn't stop. They just kept squeezing and rubbing. Hippolyte glared down at her own betraying body. Again she soared in climax. Then again. And again.

"STOP IT! STOP IT! NO! I CAN'T TAKE.... NNOOO!!!" again Hippolyte screamed in climax.

Finally, after nearly an hour of abuse and nearly twenty forced climaxes, Hippolyte's devastated body collapsed to the floor and the three fish men stood over her.

"Pretty amazing Amazon Queen," Frank hissed. "That's the most prepping we've ever done to a girl. You must not get any," he laughed.

Hippolyte laying moaning and dazed, "If this is what happens everytime Diana gets captured I don't blame her for staying," Hippolyte thought drawing in the sexual barrage. She then looked up in dazed confusion and gasped.

The three fishmen were rubbing their lower bellies and crotch. Then, each man sprouted a foot long penis like tube with lumpy ridges down their lengths.

"You see Amazon Queen, we were once real human men but the goverenment forced us to try some experimental drugs to turn us into fishmen soldiers. We get these better bodies but we can't reproduce ourselves," Gary explained rubbing his cock to make it harder.

"Yes," Merle said, "I'm and egg carrier while my buds carry semen."

"My, that's got to be bad. What does that have to do with me?" Hippolyte asked innocently.

"We need warm human bodies to lay our eggs in then fertilize. Your body is perfect. Large breasts. Wide, full hips. You'll bare us many young," Frank replied.

"BARE! WHAT! BY HERA! That's... that's insane!" Hippolyte screamed.

"That's right Amazon Queen," Merle said walking toward a shocked but still dazed Hippolyte. "We forced you to climax to ripen your body. First I'm going to rape you and deposit my egg inside you. Then they will fertilize the egg."

"Yeah! But first you're going to suck us all off!" Gary laughed.

"ALRIGHT!" the fishmen cheered high-fiving each other. "I'm first Amazon Queen," Frank said pulling her up to her knees by her hair and running his webbed thumb over her trembling lower lip.

"Great Hera! NO! This is impossible! Please let me go .....HMMBMLM!"

Hippolyte's plea was cut off as Frank stuffed his cock into Hippolyte's mouth. He pressed himself deep into her mouth then slammed her head back and forth. Hippolyte, exhausted from the climaxes, merely went along grunting and moaning as her mouth was violated.

"NGGH! Can't hold it!!" Frank exploded making Hippolyte scream in shock and disgust. He held her head firm, refusing to let her pull away or pull off his erupting cock. Her cheeks bloated then the woman began desperately swallowing just to keep from choking. Pudding thick cum erupted from around her lips and dribbled down her chest. Frank finally pulled away but not without letting his remaining pug squirt like a fountain all over Hippolyte's shocked face.

"YOU! YOU Barbaristic FREAKS! HOW DARE YOU!" she screamed in useless defiance.

"I know what I want!" Gary said stroking his cock to get it hard. He pushed Hippolyte to the floor and then climbed on her chest. He slid his long cock between her huge breasts and mashed them together over his cock. For several minutes Gary slammed his cock between her firm, globular breasts.

"Man! These must be full of MILK!" Gary exclaimed.

Hippolyte watched in disgusting horror seeing Gary's tip part her cleavage with each stroke and repulsed by this abomination mauling her royal breasts. Gary then surged back and mashed her tits together. White semen erupted from Hippolyte's huge cleavage and squirted out like a plugged garden hose in all directions. He let her breasts drop and proceeded to stroke himself, shooting ropey streams of pug all over her tits.

"Ok, boys. Its time for some seeding!" Merle laughed.

"NO! NO!" Hippolyte screamed as the buxom Amazon was turned over and her wide, motherly hips raised. Merle grabbed her silk bikini pants and tore them off revealing her plump ass and pear shaped vagina and exacting a haughty scream from the arrogant queen.

"First an nice egg to fill you with," Merle hissed aiming his cock tube at her plump lips. He held his cock and slid it over Hippolytes vaginal lips to cruely tease the woman. The Queen screamed in shock and thrust her hips like mad. Then Merle aimed and pressed his cock into her, driving himself deep.

"NNNNGGHH!!!! NOOO!!!! AGGH! HERA!" screamed Hippolyte. The older woman went mad trying to yank her hips free. Merle drove deeper and deeper and his huge cock was overwhelming. Hippolyte began panting in unwanted sexaul exctasy. Merle then began thrusting in and out of her to build up friction.

"Man! What a set of hips! I think she can take a whole lot of this and more!" Merle exclaimed pumping himself to tightness.

Frank lay under Hippolyte and mashed her hug, swaying breasts like they were toys. Gary grabbed her head by the hair and started pressing his hard cock against her lips.

"Don't you dare! I am a QUEEN! You can't... HMMBLM!"

Hippolyte's objections were stilled by Gary's cock driving past her red lips and deep into her mouth. Meanwhile Frank reached down while sucking on her nipples and began stroking her hard, protruding clit. This sent Hippolyte thrusting in wild convulsions.

"That's it Frank! Keep rubbing her! She's the best fuck I've ever had!" Merle exclaimed growing tighter with each thrust.

"Man! This bitch has got everything including a mouth that just won't quit!" Gary whinced getting tighter from Hippolyte's large lips sucking his cock.

The Queen of the Amazons grew tighter with each moment. She began moaning deep and loud with each piston slam of Merle's cock. The closer she got toward climaxing the more frantic she became.

"Oh man! I think I'm going to CUM!" screamed Merle panting louder with each thrust.

Hearing that, Hippolyte desperately tried to get up and away. "Grab her! Hold her down!" Frank yelled wrapping his arms around Hippolyte's torso.

"Hold still Amazon Queen! You're getting what you deserve!" Gary hissed holding her jerking ehad firm. "You got captured and this is what happens to femae prisoners!"

"I can't hold it!" Merle screamed. He thrust as deep as he could then tightened and froze. Hipployte screamed frantically and pulled her head away from Gary's cock. At that moment, Merle's eggsack convulsed and an egg discharged out his penis and fired into Hippolyte's unprotected womb. Queen Hippolyte soared up in climax. letting out a deep, erotic scream. Her face blushed from an unnatural rush of hormones. She then collapsed to her stomach while Merle pulled his cock out with a wet pop.

"That'll teach you to get caught Amazon Queen," Merle laughed, "now its your turn Gary."

"Alright!" Gary cheered. He moved around behind Hippolyte who was still moaning and dazed from the egg implantation and climax. Gary grabbed her swivelling, large round ass cheeks and pulled her hips upward. He then flipped her over on her back and slid down between her large, firm thighs. He aimed his cock and pressed it slowly into the dazed queen. Hippolyte's eyes shot open and she gritted her teeth in shock and sexual agony.

"NNGH! NO! Don' do THIS! This is unnatural! I am a Queen not breeding livestock!" Queen Hippolyte cursed. Gary dove deep into her then began pumping her like an oil well.

"Man! You're right Merle! She's tight and a great FUCK!" Gary groaned getting tighter with each moment.

"UUGH! You disgusting FREAKS! By the Gods I will have my revenge!" Queen Hippolyte proclaimed between deep pants.

"Shut her up Frank!" Gary barked.

Before she could utter another curse, Frank stuffed her own panties in her mouth and tied them in place with a bandanna. Hippolyte blarred in anger under her gag.

Gary quickened his pace making Hippolyte thrust her hips more frantically. "I can't hold it...!" Gary yelled pushing himself in all the way and arching back.

Hippolyte screamed and tried frantically to buck and thrust him off. Frank and Merle piled on top of her, holding her down and played with her huge tits.

Then, with a loud groan, Gary exploded. Huge streams of ropey thick cum shot out of his cock and into Hippolyte's womb. Hippolyte arched back and screamed in a horror driven climax. Gary pumped for several moments shooting nearly a half cup of semen into the amazon queen.

"Quick! Hold her!" Gary said pulling out and grabbing Hippolyte's thighs. He forced her smooth legs together into a shapely mass pinning the amazon at one end while Frank and Merle pinned her at the other. Hippolyte began convulsing wildly. Unnatural waves of hormones flushed through making her mad with sensation. Her body writhed like a snake. Her hips shot up and around erotically giving the fishmen a nice show.

"That's it. Hold her legs closed. She she's done for..."

Hippolyte's hips soared up and the woman clenched in an odd, unnatural climax. She screamed in her gag and tightened like mad. Then her pelvis and hips began to glow as the egg and semen bonded and attach to her womb. Her face flushed red and the woman collapsed exhausted.

Before the amazon queen could act, Gary's hand clamped down over her nose and mouth and he excreted a huge dose of ether. Hippolyte's eyes fluttered then closed. "Diana... help...meeee..."

"Too bad you're a heroine, babe," Gary laughed, "I bet nobody knows you're here. Hehehehehehe."

* * *

Diana sighed looking over the dock with her binoculars. "Damn! Where are they?!" I know that shipment of precious metals is got to be good bait.

I was now midnight and the docks were silent save for a bell or horn and the lapping of the cold water. She took another bite of pizza and sat in her car watching for any activity. "I wonder how mother is doing. I bet she's bored stiff. I'd call her but she probably doesn't know how a phone works." Diana continued to watch and sigh in boredom, "she better not have eaten all my cookies."

* * *

Hippolyte struggled slowly. She was tied with her hands behind her back and her mouth gagged on her back on the cold steel of the frieghter. Her shapely legs were tied apart to posts leaving her in a rather wide open leg position. Her belly was swollen to about six months size and slowly shimmied and sloshed from some sort of life moving about inside her. She was still dazed and weak but she was getting desperate. The thing inside her was getting a lot more active and she just knew something was going to happen soon.

Suddenly, a pressure pressed against her vagina and a river of fluid burst out, "GREAT HERA! NO!"

Hippolyte writhed in agony as the mass inside her began forcing its way downward. Her vagina lips parted and expanded. Hippolyte surged her hips upward then a sickly black, slimy mass began to push its way out of her vagina. The thing was like a giant dildo but worse since it pulsated and throbbed as it made its way outward. Hippolyte had bore two daughters so she knew the drill but this experience was different. If it wasn't for the fact that this was unnatural the sensation was actually sexually overwhelming.

She slammed her hips and panted while the creature gained inch after inch. Hearing the gagged screams and comotion, the three fishmen came in to watch.

"Look! She's giving birth! Amazon Queen is giving birth," Gary cheered.

"Yes, and it looks real healthy. I think we got a winner here," Merle added patting Hippolyte on her belly.

The amazon blonde screamed and cursed as the experience drove her mad with sexual bliss. The panting grew quicker until she held her breath and squeezed, climaxing in the process. The creatures final slipped out and onto the concrete floor followed by a spray of fluids. Hipployte lay exhausted, moaning slowly from the devastating event.

"Look at our little one! Its so healthy!", Gary beamed picking up the flopping tadpole and carrying it to a tank of sea water.

"Yes, far more healthy than from those street walkers and other women," Frank added. "This Amazon Queen must be of superior stock."

"And look! She is almost back to normal!" Merle exclaimed. Sure enough, the super amazon queen's body was quickly regenerating back to normal.

All three fishmen looked at each other for a long moment then back down at the dazed, confused and glaring heroine.


Hippolyte went wild trying to roll or scury away but the three fishmen piled on top of her and she soon found her full legs spread once more. She screamed as Merle's egg laying penis plunged into her swollen vagina.

* * *

"I don't get it," Diana thought looking about the apartment for a note or a clue. "I can understand mother being curious but even she knows a naked blonde woman walking around DC is too suspicious. Where did she go?"

Diana went to the kitchen to sneak a cookie. She took out the box and shook it only to hear crumbs. "Fuck her!" Diana sneered tossing the box in the garbage. "She's the big queen! She can certainly take care of herself!"

Diana turned off the lights and went to bed.

* * *

Two, three, four? Hippolyte lost count. Merle said something about being out of eggs so Hippolyte just lay gagged and bound on the cold concrete waiting and devastated.

"By the Gods! This is insanity! I can't keep giving birth to these abominations!" she thought staring at the oil drum full of sea water the fishmen had tossed her spawned tadpoles into. She could hear the disgusting beasties sloshing about and the sound made her cringe.

"I wonder if Diana has ever had this happen to her? Great Hera if she ever finds out she will never let me live it down. My only chance is to escape and forget about this whole incident."

Hippolyte struggled against her bindings and soon found her hands coming free from the hours of sweating and pulling. She soon dropped her ropes to the ground and pulled her bikini panties from her mouth.

"Free at last! OUCH!"

Hippolyte crumpled as she got up. Her stomach felt like it had been beaten on with a sledge hammer for hours. She slowly got her costume back on, or what was left of it. She couldn't find her bra so she had to go topless. She saw several exits but bit her lip in indecisiveness.

"Damn! I must get my belt back. I can't leave without it," she cursed sneaking toward the other room where the three fishmen were playing cards.

The busty blonde peeked inside to see one of the fishmen sleeping while the other two played cards. Then she spied her belt on a table nearby. "All I have to do is..."

"Hey! Its Amazon Queen! She's lose! Get her!" cried Gary.

Hippolyte lunged and grabbed her belt just as Gary and Frank piled on top of her. The three struggled with Gary trying to apply his anesthetic palm attack. Suddenly, Gary exploded upward and slammed into the ceiling making an erie cracking sound. His body slammed to the floor still as a board.

"HUH!? She... she... SHE KILLED GARY?!" Frank yelled lunging at Hippolyte in anger.

One wrist toss and Frank ended up slamming against a bulk head door. Hippolyte heard a noise from behind and slid aside just as Merle plunged a fishing spear down. It missed the buxom blonde and plunged straight through Frank who exploded in a shower of green blood and goo.

"ACK! Oh NO! FRANK!" Merle exclaimed.

With expert skill Hippolyte fired a powerful side kick into Merle's face, snapping his neck and breaking it. The fishman slumped down dead. Hipployte clutched her head and gut and sighed in relief.

* * *

The fire was easy. Lots of things to burn. Lots of diesel fuel. The flames from the old freighter lept into the sky letting the whole city know there was a fire down at the docks. In the darkness, a half naked, voluptuous blonde staggered and swayed, clutching her head in dizziness. She wandered off into the darkness just as the fire trucks arrived.

* * *

Diana woke hearing her front door shut. It was early morning and she was about to get up anyway. "Mother? Is that you?" Diana asked walking out into the living room.

"Um... uh... yes... it is," Hippolyte replied sitting on the couch. The queen was dressed in a regular toga and sandals. Diana noticed the woman was a bit dishevled.

"Are you OK Mother? Where did you go?" Diana asked.

"Oh I'm fine dear. Really I am!" Hippolyte said in an odd, giddy voice like a school girl who just got screwed by the whole football team and can't admit she liked it. "I just went out to... to... to see how imperfect the man's world is. Well its imperfect. Got to go. Festivals to plan. Rituals to.. um ritual..."

Hippolyte got up and woozied around then headed for the door. "Mother, are you sure you're alright," Diana asked helping her mother to the door.

"Oh... um sure. Just so... um angry at... at how imperfect men are. Oh its dizzying!" she replied. "Now don't be a stranger Diana. Come back sometime."

Both hugged then Hippolyte looked down at Diana's hips and wondered slightly, "Nah!"

"Nah, what mother?" Diana asked.

"Oh nothing my pregnant.... I MEAN my precious."

Hippolyte left for the roof and her invisible jet. Diana heard her leave and watched the window and wondered. Then she grinned slightly, "Mother! You went to a bar again!"