Wonder Woman vs. Dr. Impregno  

By Dr. I

Wonder Woman vs. Dr. Impregno.

by Dr. I

Inspired by P. Mason and his Got-Gal character and also his Wonder Woman story I wrote this short stories about Wonder Woman's more unspoken adventures. This story is extreme and not for children.

The luscious and full figured Diana Prince sauntered into Steve Trevor's office for another briefing.

"So what's up Steve?" Diana asked.

"Looks like there's trouble on Morganthus island. The government was funding a research project there but one of our scientists, a Professor Copula, has gone missing. His two lab assistants are still there and you are to meet with them and begin searching for the professor." Steve explained.

"I'm on it Steve. I'll find that professor and the people responsible," Diana said leaving the office ready to solve the crime.

Lynn Wong, a cute, shapely Asian nurse and Nina Hart, a sexy blonde assistant, worked away at the their current assignments when agent Prince entered the research lab.

"Agent Prince I assume," Lynn Wong said introducing herself and her assistant friend. "We are continuing the professor's research while he's missing."

Diana Prince spent the next two hours interviewing the two women and taking fingerprints and photographs. From what she could gather, the professor just disappeared. None of the boats were missing and all his clothes and personal items still remained back at his room. All three of them slept in a large mansion connected to the research lab. It was old but in good repair. As the day wore on, the three women retired to the house and Lynn Wong showed Ms. Prince to her bedroom.

"Thanks. I am going to start a search tomorrow in the woods as soon as its day break," Diana told Lynn. "I need both of your help."

"Anything we can do to help we'll do," Lynn replied eager to help.

As Diana Prince got undressed and slipped on her panties and teddy, an eerie set of eyes watched her undress from a secret panel in the wall. The evil watcher snickered and grinned at the lovely site. "hmm, this might work out better than I thought," chortled the evil man.

The man closed the small panel and slipped down the maze of secret hallways till he reached an underground lab. He wore a ski mask, black clothes, black gloves and a black fedora with a cape. He walked over to a lab table and held up a vile of creamy white goo to a light.

"I think my special little mixture is just right. Now to test it out on the lovely specimens up stairs. This day Dr. Imregno will show the world my supreme genius, and have some fun to boot." The mad doctor picked up a bag full of medical supplies and a bunch of unique looking vibrators and headed back up the secret passages.

Nina Hart finished her shower and walked out of the bathroom drying her hair. She felt a breeze and looked across the room at a door-sized panel that was open on the far wall. Confused at first she slowly walked over to investigate unaware a shadowy figure was slowly soaking a cotton medical pad with chloroform.

Just as Nina was turning to go for help, a gloved hand clamped the medical cotton over her nose and mouth. The sexy blonde struggled letting out muffled screams and shocked cries. After a bit, her struggles slowed and the blonde slumped down with a sigh. Dr. Impregno hoisted the sexy blonde over his shoulders and carried her off through the passage, groping her ass and vagina as he went.

He whisked the blonde down to his lab and strapped her to a lab table. He taped her mouth shut just as she started to come around.

"Good to see you awake my dear," the mysterious man laughed. Nina screamed in shock but the tape kept her nice and quiet.

"You should feel lucky. You get to be the first woman to test my special semen formula," the Dr. continued holding up a large dildo connected to a mechanical arm and a machine. The tip dripped a familiar white substance and Nina glared in horror. The Dr. wiped a glob of KY jelly on her vagina and fingered the lubrication deep into the struggling blonde. Her then activated the machine which swung the arm around and pressed the dildo into Nina.

For several minutes Nina's hips wiggled and slammed on the table. Then, as she soared in climax, the machine depressed a plunger on the dildo and forced a huge dose of the doctor's special semen directly into Nina's womb. The blonde stared at the dildo as creamy, white goo oozed out from her vagina. Then her tummy glowed as life formed inside her womb.

"Wee Heee! It works! I knocked her up!" the mad Dr. laughed patting Nina on her slightly swelled belly. He grabbed a medical gas mask and strapped it over the young girl's nose and mouth. Soon the hiss of gas began to drain the blonde's consciousness. Her eyes rolled up and she slipped asleep.

"And to think, in a few hours you'll be giving birth to my mutant creation," Dr. Impregno laughed groping the young girl's perky breasts.

Lynn Wong knocked on Nina's door but with no answer. "Something's not right here," the sexy Asian said. "I better get Ms. Prince."

Lynn knocked on Diana Prince's door and both were soon trying to get into Nina's room. Diana picked the lock and they went in looking for the young blonde. "Odd, the door was locked on the inside. How did she get out and lock the door?" Diana asked.

"I don't know but this is getting creepy," Lynn replied.

"Ok, you stay here. I'm going to call for help," Diana said leaving the room and leaving Lynn alone. Diana snuck out and around to her room. She spun in a circle and, after a flash of light, became Wonder Woman. The super sexy amazon ran back to the room but was shocked to see Lynn held by a masked man with his hand over her mouth and a gun to her head.

"Wonder Woman?! What are you doing here?" Dr. Impregno asked in shock.

"I'm here to pound you into the dirt and find out what happened to Professor Copulla!" the Amazon princess declared.

"The name is Dr. Impregno Wonder Wench and I suggest you do as I say or this lovely girl will get a new ear," the Dr. threatened pushing the gun into the side of Lynn's head.

"Ok, I yield. You win for now you degenerate," Wonder Woman sneered raising her hands.

"Good! First take off the belt and those bracelets and toss them over to me!" the Dr. ordered.

Wonder Woman was a little shocked but complied knowing she would be de-powered.

"Now, take off your top and pants!" he barked.

"What!?" Wonder Woman declared. The Dr. pushed the gun into Lynn and Wonder Woman reluctantly complied. Her top and her panties were soon on the floor and she stood nude except for her boots and tiara.

"Now, over to the bed. Lie down on your stomach and put your hands behind your back!"

As Wonder Woman complied, the Dr. released Lynn and handed her the magic lasso. "Tie Wonder Woman's hands behind her back with the lasso."

Lynn obeyed and tied Wonder Woman's hands tightly behind her back with her own lasso. The Dr. rolled Wonder Woman on her back and gazed hard at her super sexy body. He then gagged Wonder Woman with a thick terry towel and then tied and gagged Lynn to a nearby chair.

"Now for the fun stuff!" Dr. Impregno laughed. He climbed on top of Wonder Woman and began madly molesting her huge 44 breasts.

"Wee Hee! You don't see many of these to the gallon!" the mad Dr. laughed sucking the Amazon's motherly nipples. He pulled out his cock to Wonder Woman's gyrating objection and began tit fucking the heroine. He then forced himself on her and began violently raping her with Lynn looking on in shock and helplessness. The super stacked, super sexy Amazon was the best he ever had. She was so womanly and shapely that he wanted to knock her up real good. Finally, he reared back and shot his load deep into her frantically struggling hips. He pumped till every drop was deposited then withdrew groping her legs and ass as he got up and dressed.

"Nice screw Wonder Wench," the Dr. laughed. "Now I have a surprise for you." The Dr. pulled out a large vibrator from his bag and slowly inserted it deep into Wonder Woman's vagina. It was three inches wide and over nine inches long. After he inserted it, the Dr. tied the Amazon's legs together then flipped it on.

The wild vibrations sent Wonder Woman into a tizzy. Dr. Impregno watched the struggling sex bomb flip about like a fish knowing the worst was yet to come.

"What's wrong Wonder Woman. Can't stand the heat?" he laughed. "Well just don't climax. If you do, my vibrator will sense your climax then go off. It is full of my experimental, super seed rich, highly potent, mutated cum. When it goes off it will inject the entire load of pug directly into your ripe womb. It's almost guaranteed to knock you up."

Wonder Woman glared in horror and her struggles became even more desperate and intense. Dr. Impregno grabbed Lynn and carted her over his shoulder through the secret door in the wall. The Amazon princess was left wiggling about on the bed in feverish desperation.

"NGGH! Got to get this thing… got to get it out…" Her full, motherly hips erotically slammed up and down as the wave built inside her. Using all her will, Wonder Woman closed her eyes and began concentrating on the lasso. Normally she could command it like a tendril or snake but her abused virtue severely limited her power.

"All I need to do is loosen… THERE!"

The lasso loosened just enough to get her hands free. Wonder Woman pulled off her gag then pulled out the vibrator just as a wave of climax swept over her. She held up the vibrator, panting and clutching her head from the climax, and examined it closely with a superior, smug grin.

"Hmf! Sorry Dr. Impregno but your little toy was just a….."


Wonder Woman gasped in shock as a jet of creamy, white, pudding like goo squirted from the tip directly into her gorgeous face, dribbling down her massive breasts. It squirted several times with intense blasts convincing the Amazon it would have delivered its load in spades if she hadn't succeeded.

"Hera knows what that fluid would have done if it was shot into me. Now to get that freak Dr. Impregno! Nobody attacks me like this, especially some degenerate freak!" Wonder Woman decried as she got up and got dressed.

* * *

Lynn screamed some more staring down at the white dildo injector slowly pumping into her vagina. Bound and gagged in the secret lab she looked across at her friend Nina. Her friend's belly was swollen and surged as though some life was moving about inside it. She easily put one and one together and screamed some more. Moments later the Asian soared in climax and the injector exploded firing a thick stream of pug directly into her womb. Her hips struggled for a few moments then her lower tummy glowed as life formed inside.

"Wee Heee! I love it! Both lovelies are now making mutants for me!" Dr. Impregno laughed patting a distraught and angry Lynn on her tummy.

He walked over to Nina who was now breathing rapidly and slamming her hips. He ran his hand over her surging belly and laughed. "That's it! Come to POPPA!"

The young nurse's vaginal lips slowly parted and the head of a slimy, worm like mutant slowly pushed its way out. Nina screamed, not from pain, but from unwanted sexual excitement. The birthing was not painful and felt more like being penetrated from the inside out by a huge, rubbery dildo. Nina screamed in the most intense climax she ever had as the mutant larvae finally slipped out of her vagina and into Dr. Impregno's arms. The Dr. walked over to a row of incubators and placed the larvae into the first one.

Nina looked down and saw her body quickly heal back to its original form. "Whew! At least my figure isn't ruined!" she sighed with relief. Suddenly, a chloroform soaked pad clamped down over Nina's face. The young girl struggled but soon slipped away with a deep sigh. "Too bad its only one larvae to a customer. It'll take a few hours before you can have another round with my impregnator," the Dr. said carrying Nina to a nearby cell and laying her naked body on the floor.

* * *

"There must be miles of tunnel down here," Wonder Woman huffed making her way quickly through the stony labyrinth. Dr. Impregno watched the full figured Amazon with glee on a monitor screen and began working some controls. "You think you're so smart Wonder Woman? Well let's see your shapely ass get out of THIS!"

Suddenly, four mechanical, snake like arms with pincer hands came out of sockets in the walls and grabbed Wonder Woman's limbs. With Herculean strength, the arms pulled her arms and legs, stretching her into a standing spread eagle pose.

"Must get free! These arms are so strong! Must summon my…"

But before the buxom heroine could summon her strength, another arm lashed out, grabbed her belt and pulled it free. Wonder Woman was de-powered and easily restrained. Then two more arms grabbed her top and bottom. She snarled and gyrated trying to shake them off but a few quick pulls yanked her shorts down her legs and her bustier off her chest.

Then a small trap door opened on the floor between her legs. A special mechanical arm rose up sporting a large, bumpy, rubber dildo on its end. "NNGH! Great Hera NO!" Wonder Woman screamed as the dildo moved up toward her plump, perky vagina.

Her hips swayed like a belly dancer as she tried to avoid penetration. The arm waited patiently then plunged upward, pressing itself hard and deep into her ripe vagina. It took several hip pounding minutes till the bloated, rubbery dildo was fully inserted. Wonder Woman snarled and screamed with each violating inch.

"Ah Wonder Twat! So good of you to join me again," Dr. Impregno laughed over a speaker. "I see you survived my impregna-dildo upstairs. Good. Now I can test out my latest trap."

"You sick maniac! What have you done with Lynn and Nina!?" Wonder Woman screamed trying to hold back a moan from the dildo's impressive pumping.

"Never you mind! I'd worry about you. My trap works just like my other toy. When you climax, it will inject its load of mutated cum directly into your womb. I just hope you can resist climaxing. Hahahaha!"

"You fiend!" Wonder Woman cried biting her lip as she felt the wave of climax build inside her. "I must figure out a way… Wait! My lasso!"

Again the Amazon princess focused her mental energies into controlling the magic lasso. The lasso began to rise and move toward her left arm shackle. "That's it. Just a bit further…" Wonder Woman said with an arrogant smile watching the rope.

Suddenly, a large helmet came down from the ceiling and clamped over her whole head. It had no face visor and was completely solid with tubes running from it to sockets in the ceiling. Then, gas hissed inside the mask sending Wonder Woman into a desperate tantrum. Pinkish, wispy smoke seeped out from the helmet as the Amazon was deluged with gas.

"Not so fast Wonder Woman. Have a taste of my super potent aphrodisiac gas. This should help with your defiant attitude," the Dr. laughed watching Wonder Woman gyrate like a snake against the gas. The gas was very intense and the luscious Amazon soon found her defiant will slip away and her libido take over. The gas was like perfume only a dozen times more potent.

Wonder Woman moaned and her hips swayed about like mad while the dildo continued it's plunging. She then screamed as her body betrayed her and started to tighten. Her hips soared up and her body clenched in sexual agony. In futility she tried to reach down to get the vibrator out but her efforts were in vain. At the apex of her climax, the dildo sensed her defeat and pumps began forcing gooey seamen into her womb. Thick jets of impregnating fluid pumped away while Wonder Woman helplessly slammed her hips and panted in the mask.

Then her pants turned into questioning grunts. Her hips shuddered and spasmed. She surged once more as an odd feeling washed over her body. Her pelvis and stomach glowed as life formed inside her motherly womb. The dildo slowly retracted with a pop and a small river of semen dribbled from her vagina.

"Great Hera! I've been forcibly impregnated! This can't be! I'm an Amazon princess!" Wonder Woman snarled. She went wild pulling and yanking at the mechanical arms hold her limbs, trying to get free.

"Not so fast Wonder Woman. Taste some chloroform gas! Hahahaha!"

Suddenly white gas seeped out from around the mask. Wonder Woman screamed and wildly struggled as she was forced to breathe straight chloroform gas. Soon her struggles slowed and the amazing Amazon slumped down defeated and impregnated.

* * *

Wonder Woman's motherly hips rose and surged slowly as the life inside her pump belly moved about making her stomach giggle and bulge. The chloroform gas had worn off and Wonder Woman found herself strapped to a table in the middle of Dr. Impregno's lab.

"Wonder Woman! Wake up!" the Amazon heard from across the room. Nina and Lynn were locked in a cell and were trying to get the heroine's attention.

"Nghh… where… Great Hera! I'm pregnant!," Wonder Woman cried.

"Yes, Professor Copula is mad. He forced us to give birth to some disgusting worm things," Nina cried. "It looks like he got you as well."

"Ney, I am Wonder Woman. I cannot be so easily defeated! For what purpose has he done this?!" the Amazon blared trying to break her straps.

"I don't know but I think it has something to do with breeding some kind of freakish army or something," Lynn added.

Without her power belt she was too weak to escape her bonds. She looked about and saw her belt on a table right next Nina's and Lynn's cell. "If you can toss me my belt I can get free and help you," Wonder Woman said.

"Well try but…" Nina quickly hushed as a figure approached.

"Ah so Wonder Woman is awake," Dr. Impregno laughed walking into the lab and slapping Wonder Woman's bloated breast. "You're as ripe as cow right now, too. And the name's Dr. Impregno!"

Wonder Woman snarled and screamed in objection while the mad Dr. groped her legs and tits and rubbed his hand over her plump belly. Then he stepped back as her plump belly began to bulge and shake. Wonder Woman arched back and screamed. Her perfect vaginal lips parted and a spray of fluid gushed out. The mass in her womb moved down her body and her vagina began to swell from the pressure. Her lips then parted wide and a white, vein covered mass began pushing its way out of her vagina. Wonder Woman panted and moaned in ecstasy being powerfully reverse fucked by the parasite inside her.

Dr. Impregno laughed joyously rubbing his hands like a boy waiting to open a Christmas present. Inch by agonizing inch the worm pulsated outward causing Wonder Woman to thrust and swivel her hips in sexual agony. Then, with one huge Amazon lunge, Wonder Woman let out a climaxing scream. Her worm squeezed out and plopped to the table in a puddle of white, syrupy uterus fluid.

"Gorgeous! Simply gorgeous!" Dr. Impregno beamed picking up the larger and more healthier larvae in his hands. He placed it in an incubator and watched it with awe. "Its far healthier than from a regular woman. A meta-human like Wonder Woman is the key!" he declared.

Wonder Woman lay moaning and devastated. Her super body quickly healed and her figure returned back to its super sexy, shapely form. Dr. Impregno quickly checked his instruments and chuckled in glee. "Not only have you bore me a far superior specimen than I have ever seen but it looks like your body can handle a whole lot more forced impregnations! I'm going to turn you into a breeding machine Wonder Woman!"

As Dr. Impregno set about programming his machine to impregnate Wonder Woman once more, Nina and Lynn worked feverishly to get out of their cell. "Must reach Wonder Woman's belt!" Nina cried trying to reach the belt through the bars. Her fingers barely touched the golden belt and she stretched with all her might to reach it.

A robotic arm came to life and lowered down between Wonder Woman's legs. The semi-dazed Amazon snarled seeing the bloated dildo on its end point to her perky mound. Then it advanced and pressed into her vagina sending the Amazon reeling in disgust and horror.

"Great Hera! Not again!" Wonder Woman screamed feeling the ribbed dildo see-saw into her mound.

"Resist all you like Wonder Twat," Dr. Impregno laughed. "A woman's climax is her weakest point. Then your body will be taken."

Suddenly, Wonder Woman's belt landed on her chest. The contact was all she needed. With a surge of strength Wonder Woman pulled at her straps and ripped her arms and legs free. She pulled out the dildo just as she climaxed. The device squirted a huge stream of potent semen all over her pelvis and chest.

"NO!" Dr. Impregno screamed running out of the lab.

Wonder Woman grabbed her lasso and secured the Dr. "Ha! Your nefarious deeds are at an end Dr. Impregno!" the Amazon proclaimed reeling in the Dr. and tying him.

"Oh God! We gave birth to those… those things," Nina stammered. Wonder Woman grinned and approached her with her lasso.

"Do not fear child. Just listen to my voice."

* * *

"So Professor Copulla has a split personality and becomes this sick Dr. Impregno?" Steve Trevor asked.

"Yes, Steve. Wonder Woman stopped his experiments and saved the two women. Plus she destroyed his creatures," Diana Prince said not mentioning what really happened to Wonder Woman.

"Well, I hope we've seen the last of the sick Dr. Impregno," Steve replied.

"So do I," Diana Prince said with a smile.