Wonder Woman vs. The Humanoids from the Deep  

By Dr. I

Wonder Woman vs. The Humanoids from the Deep.

by Dr. I

Inspired by P. Mason and his Got-Gal character and also his Wonder Woman story I wrote this short stories about Wonder Woman's more unspoken adventures. This story is extreme and not for children.

"What's up Steve?" the voluptuous Diana Prince said walking into Steve Trevor's office.

"Some odd happenings in a remote New England fishing village. They report strange monsters and girls disappearing," Steve explained handing the file folder to the super stacked female agent. "They're having a local festival there. I want you to impersonate a reporter and check it out. I've already cleared things with Sheriff Quimby, the local law there."

"Ok Steve. Maybe I'll bring back a souvenir for you," Diana replied with a smile.

"Only if its Wonder Woman's phone number," Steve shot back.

* * *

The village of New Lauder was small, quaint and very quiet. It consisted of a small fish cannery, a boat dock with trolling boats and a main street with small tourist shops and stores. Diana pulled up in her white BMW watching the town folk gather for their high school graduation festival and beauty pageant.

"Are you the … ehem… reporter?" sheriff Quimby, an overweight, balding man, said to Diana Prince as she got out of her car.

"Yes, I am," she replied with a slight wink.

"Well let me buy you a cup of coffee then," the sheriff said escorting Diana Prince to the local coffee shop. After an hour of explaining the mysterious happenings in his town, sheriff Quimby sighed in frustration.

"I'm the ex-shoe salesman here. I'm no sheriff. We never have any crime here. Now two young girls are missing and people are reporting odd creatures running around," he grumbled. "Plus this high school pageant thing is eating my time. I'm sure glad the government sent someone out. I'd hate a scandal to scare off the tourist trade."

"Don't worry sheriff. I'll get to the bottom of all this," Diana Prince said with a sure smile.

As the two talked, the town pageant continued outside. The four female contestants got up on a podium in front of cheering parents and made their speeches about why they should be the pageant winner. Each girl wore a nice string bikini to show off her fit body.

Suddenly Diana and the sheriff heard screaming coming from the small crowd. People began running past the coffee shop in panic.

"What the… Wait here Ms. Prince. I'll check this out," the sheriff said pulling out his gun and checking if it was loaded. Diana watched the sheriff leave then looked about the coffee shop for patrons.

"Ok, sheriff. I'll call for outside help," Ms. Prince replied.

"Good.. empty."

With a twirl and a ball of lightning Diana Prince transformed into the ever-voluptuous Wonder Woman. "Now to see what's up!"

Wonder Woman came out of the coffee shop and ran up the street. She stopped for a moment shocked at what she saw. Two human like creatures with fish heads, scales and webbed hands were on the stage grabbing at the four beauty contestants. They also had huge tube like members hanging down nearly a foot with large, fleshy sacks resembling testicles the size of grapefruits.

One fish man had one of the young girls in his grasp and was cupping his other hand over her face. The girl was growing more relaxed and disoriented as though she were drunk or falling asleep. The other fish man was grabbing another girl trying to put its hand over her face. Sheriff Quimby, untrained in hostage situations, sat with his gun drawn and completely confused.

Wonder Woman bolted for the stage and grabbed the second fish man. The two fought for a bit with Wonder Woman trying to hold the fish man's hands off her body. Then, with a burst of strength she tossed the fish man off the stage and against a stone wall.

"Now sheriff!" Wonder Woman yelled. "Shoot it!"

The sheriff emptied his gun into the creature. Some bullets caused damage while some kind of bounced off. The creature was dazed but still a danger.

Wonder Woman then jumped at the fish man and wrestled it some more. She tossed it again against the wall and over a car. The sheriff stepped up, this time with a shotgun and began pumping the creature with slugs. After eight shots the monster collapsed and fell still.

"Wow! That thing is tough!" sheriff Quimby gasped. "I'm sure glad you showed up."

"Yes, you might want to lock it up in the jail just in…" Wonder Woman started to say.

"MY DAUGHTER! Someone help! It took my daughter!" a woman screamed running up to the sheriff and Wonder Woman.

"Hera! The other fish man!" Wonder Woman gasped feeling stupid about forget it. "Which way did it take her?"

"Toward the cove beach! Please save her!" the woman cried.

"Sheriff, I'll go get the girl. You make sure the town is secure in case there are more of these things," Wonder Woman ordered running toward the moon lit cove.

"Yes Wonder Woman, I'll form an armed detail at once," sheriff Quimby replied.

* * *

The amazing Amazon leapt over a bank of rocks and landed on the soft sandy beach. Using her Amazon hearing she listened carefully and picked up the sound of a young girl screaming. She bolted for the sound and found the fish man grappling with the young girl. Her top was off and it was trying to force her to the ground.

"Oh no you don't!" Wonder Woman declared confidently. She grabbed the fish man and tossed him several feet into a rock cliff.

"RUN! Get back to town!" Wonder Woman ordered of the girl. The scared girl nodded and took off to the safety of the town.

"So, you're the big bad monster," Wonder Woman smiled striking a pose and planting her hands on her hips.

The fish man looked at the Amazon and stopped for a moment. This was a far better specimen than the other female it had. Large, globular 44 breasts, shapely waist and motherly size 40 hips with full, firm bare thighs and a nice, full rear end. It got up and started toward Wonder Woman slowly, staring at her large endowment and sexy figure.

Wonder Woman stepped forward and grabbed the monsters hands. "So, you want to play some? I would think you had enough," she laughed arm wrestling the creature but always maintained control. She was so busy toying with the fish man she didn't notice another coming up from behind her.

Suddenly, a webbed hand grabbed her around her waist and another clamped down over her face from behind. The other fish man pulled Wonder Woman back and tried to hold her. Wonder Woman struggled but her feet were off the ground so she couldn't get any leverage. Then a cloud of pinkish white gas spewed out from the webbed hand covering her face.

"Great Hera! It smells like… ETHER!" she thought in horror.

Using her muscular legs, Wonder Woman flipped the fish man off of her into the first one. The two crashed down into a pile. She staggered for a bit clutching her spinning head but refused to accept the gas affected her. She grabbed one of he fallen fish men and tossed him against the cliff wall hard enough to break its skull and kill it instantly. Then, without warning, two more fish men piled onto the Amazon from behind tackling her shapely bare legs out from under her and sending her to the sand.

"I am a warrior prime! No matter how many of you exist I will beat you all!" Wonder Woman bellowed sending one of the fish men off of her with a sidekick.

The first fish man she chased jumped up from the sand and grabbed Wonder Woman from behind around the waist while one of the other fish men rushed her from the front. All three wrestled for quite a while with the fish man behind her trying to pull her down. It grabbed onto her belt for leverage and began pulling hard.

Suddenly, ethereal bolts of energy exploded off her waist and Wonder Woman screamed in horror watching her belt yank free and fly off into the sand. Instantly Wonder Woman dropped to the strength of a six foot two inch athletic woman.

She immediately turned to get the belt but the fish man in front of her pulled her back against it and once more clamped its webbed hand over her face. A huge cloud of pinkish gas erupted from its palm and Wonder Woman's violent tantrum fell to dazed struggling. The other two fish men rushed in and corralled her gyrating hips and kicking legs. They carried Wonder Woman down the beach and into a dark, hidden cave.

They carted her into the back of the cave and forced her down on the rock floor. One of the fish men pulled her arms over her head and held them to the ground with her wrists crossed. It clamped its hand over her wrists and a gooey substance oozed out of its palm like toothpaste all over her hands and the rock. The fish man held her hands till the goo quickly dried. The stuff was like stretchy rubber and Wonder Woman found her hands firmly pinned. Then the fish man with his hand over her face did the same thing and secreted a batch of goo over her mouth and jaw effectively sealing her mouth shut and gagging her tight.

The three fish men then went to work pulling and tearing at her costume. Wonder Woman screamed in defiance and horror as first her bustier came off then her star spangled hot shorts. They then spread her kicking legs and webbed them down to the stone floor the same way they webbed her hands and mouth.

Wonder Woman lay struggling and pinned staring up at the three ghastly abominations looming over her. They groped her massive, sloshing breasts, ran their webbed hands down her sexy legs and over her smooth belly. Then, one of the fish men crawled over Wonder Woman's struggling body and moved in between her legs. Wonder Woman glared in horror at the fish man's now stiffened member.

"Great Hera! That can't be! That's not a …"

The helpless Amazon's fears were realized when the creature aimed its member at her perky vagina and pressed its tip into her lips. The monster grabbed her shoulders and, with a quick thrust, plunged the two-inch wide tube straight into Wonder Woman's defenseless vagina.

Wonder Woman went wild thrusting and slamming her motherly hips while the fish man slowly pressed his massive tube like dick deeper into her. For several minutes the Amazon screamed and writhed while the creature gained inch after inch. Then, when the creature was fully inserted it began to see-saw its member in and out of the helpless heroine driving her mad with unwanted sexual pleasure. For several minutes Wonder Woman's hips ground into the fish man. She screamed and shook her head violently trying to shake the nearing climax.

"Must fight… can't let it… can't lose like this…"

Then, with an animalistic female scream, Wonder Woman surged her hips up in a mind-numbing climax. At the same time the fish man arched up and let out a deep, echoing roar. The creatures tube like dick began convulsing like a snake. Ping pong ball sized masses migrated through the tube from its huge testicle sacks and into Wonder Woman's tight pussy. The creature thrust and the tube made a dull squishy sound as egg after pre-fertilized fish egg pumped into the Amazon's now climax ripened womb.

For several moments Wonder Woman writhed slowly while the fish man deposited both testicle sacks full of eggs into her womb. The creature finally got up, pulling its huge member from Wonder Woman's raped vagina and let her drop to the ground in defeat with a stream of greenish fish semen dribbling from her crotch.

Wonder Woman began to feel something odd. Her body began raging with hormones. Then an odd climaxing wave rushed over her. She tightened and surged her hips feeling the wave build. Then, a bluish glow showed through her pelvis skin followed by another, and another and another as each egg took to her womb and began to grow.

"Great Hera! NO! I've.. I've been impregnated! That thing filled me with its eggs! I have to get out of her and to a hospital before…..HBLMMMM!"

Before the buxom Amazon could finish her thought another fish palm clamped over her face and a huge cloud of gas blasted into her nose and her lungs. Wonder Woman's eyes fluttered, then she collapsed in total defeat.

* * *

Wonder Woman lay moaning. Anesthetized and daze she was helpless to escape. An hour or so passed and the amazing Amazon now lay with a nine month, distended belly. Her ripe belly sloshed and surged as the life inside it moved about. The fish men randomly left and returned as though they were checking up on their prize human host. They would rub her belly from time to time and play with her large breasts.

"Ngghh… so dizzy… so sleepy… must try and escape.."

Suddenly, her hips lurched upward as she felt an intense surge toward her vagina. Her pelvis ballooned and her vagina swelled. Then her pert lips parted and a spray of sticky, white goo gushed out. Wonder Woman screamed feeling the intense pressure and knowing full well what was happening.

"NO! I'm giving… BIRTH!"

The genetically perfect Amazon thrust and twisted her hips as the mass inside her moved down her canal toward her vagina. Then her lips parted and a black, slippery mass covered in fleshy sack like skin began pushing its way outward. Wonder Woman panted and huffed pushing the mass as hard as she could. She looked down and screamed in shock. The creature was a large tadpole with black eyes and smooth blackish skin measuring about 4 inches in diameter. Its body was soft so it didn't impose any major threat during its exiting. The sensation was like a huge slimy dildo being pulled slowly out of her making her more maddened by the sexual stimulation.

The fish men came back into the cave and watched Wonder Woman slowly birthing their young. They held the tadpole off the rock floor and also pressed on her stomach to force the creature free. Finally, with one last animalistic scream Wonder Woman slammed her hips and the tad poll slipped out. It was nearly a foot and a half long and covered in a skin wrapper that appeared to be remnants of an after birth.

Wonder Woman lay panting in exhaustion and then her head shot up and she glared in horror. "Great Hera! Not another one!"

Her lips shot out more fluid and another tad poll began thrusting its way out. Again Wonder Woman went through an unholy process of birthing the tad poll only to have another follow after that. Finally, her stomach flattened and regenerating back to normal, Wonder Woman sank down relieved she was empty.

"Must… be like… real fish… Only a few eggs… survive," Wonder Woman thought seeing the fish men cart three tad polls away deeper into the cave.

"Nghh.. now what? Do I get eaten?" she thought looking about the cave. She saw several barrels of waste labeled with flammable signs. Small rivers of liquid trickled from the barrels into the cave sand. "At least I know where these things came from."

Then, another fish man rushed up and sank down onto Wonder Woman. "NO! Not again!" she screamed under her resin gag. The fish man raped the daylights out of the amazing Amazon sending her screaming once more in an intense, unwanted climax. It held her for several minutes as egg after egg pumped into her super motherly womb. The creature finally sat up and Wonder Woman gazed in desperate hopelessness. Her misery was quickly quieted with yet another dose of ether gas from one of the fish men's hands.

* * *

"Wonder Woman's been gone a long time sheriff. And that Prince woman is missing too. Shouldn't we go out and look for them?" one of the town folk asked sheriff Quimby. The entire town was now held up in the school gymnasium for protection. The young kidnapped girl was now safe in her parents' arms.

"Wonder Woman knows what she's doing and can handle herself," the sheriff replied watching the street from the door. "Plus that Prince woman is a trained agent. My bet is she is getting help right now."

* * *

Wonder Woman huffed and screamed as yet another tad poll pressed its way out of her. Exhausted and devastated, the Amazon lay writhing in agony. Her belly was now bruise covered from the three other fish men that had raped her and impregnated her. Even her super body couldn't handle this much abuse. The final tad poll slipped out and she collapsed.

"Can't take anymore…. Too many…" she looked about and spied the barrels and an idea came to mind. "If I can get my bracelets free…"

A webbed hand came down once more over her face. "NNGH!! No! Can't let them anesthetize me…" Wonder Woman violently fought with what was left of her strength. Soon her tantrum stilled and she slumped down. The fish man walked toward the back of the cave with the others. The back of the cave had a small tide pool in it and they kept the tad polls there to let them grown.

Wonder Woman peeked out one eye then started pulling at her hand bindings as soon as the coast was clear. "I've been tied for hours. My guess is this stuff dies out after a while. By Hera, YES!"

The Amazon pulled hard on the resin and the material began to crumble. With one last tug her hands came free. She worked her legs free then stood up dazed and depleted. The fish men looked back and saw their fine catch getting away. They howled and ran for the exhausted Amazon.

"If I can just…" Wonder Woman smacked her bracelets together to create sparks. She whacked them together trying to toss the sparks onto the spilled waste. Suddenly, a roar echoed through the cave as a huge wall of flames burst from the sand. Wonder Woman staggered as best she could out of the cave and onto the beach. The fish men were cut off and roared at the searing flames. Then the fire reached the barrels and they began exploding like dynamite. Wonder Woman's body was thrown out onto the beach as a huge fireball exploded out of the cave causing it to cave in.

"Thank Hera! The fates were kind this day," Wonder Woman stammered pulling the resin from her mouth and clutching her sore belly. "Those abominations violated me beyond reason but they will hurt no one else."

She grabbed her belt, which instantly restored her strength, and she made her way back to the town.

* * *

"Good thing Wonder Woman was able to kill all those creatures," Steve Trevor said.

"Yes, they were a huge menace," Diana Prince replied.

"And to think, they use human females to reproduce with," Steve replied. "I know this is impossible but I wonder what would happen if someone like Wonder Woman was compromised by those fish men. She's definitely an Amazon."

"Oh I would hate to think of the consequences," Diana said with a smile. "But Wonder Woman would never let that happen."

"Well at least they are all dead," Steve said as he went back to his paperwork. Diana Prince walked out Steve's office and bit her lip, "I hope so too."